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Greetings from our award-winning shop, where the legacy of authentic

craftsmanship and artistry has thrived since 1958. As one of the world’s premiere purveyors of American Indian Art, we take immense pride in offering an unparalleled selection of the finest treasures—from exquisite jewelry and enchanting kachinas to intricate textiles, pottery that tells stories, and baskets woven with tradition. Each piece is not just an item; it's a masterpiece, meticulously created by remarkable Indigenous artisans, embodying the essence of American Indian heritage. In addition to the art, we have hand-picked selections from native owned businesses, further supporting our indigenous communities. Beyond the tangible allure of our gifts lies a deeper, more meaningful resonance. Each purchase from our museum's Holiday Gift Guide is a testament to your support for extraordinary artists, whose hands breathe life into every creation. It is a pledge to preserve the vibrant tapestry of American Indian culture, history, and literature, ensuring that these stories echo through generations. Your choice to shop with us becomes a thread in the intricate fabric of heritage, enriching lives and sustaining creativity. Join us in celebrating the spirit of gifting that goes beyond the ordinary—it's a gesture that preserves culture, supports artisans, and adorns your life with the richness of heritage.

Happy gifting!

Kelly Gould Director of Retail Operations

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Gifts for the Collector

Embrace the Spirit of Gifting with Unique, Hand-Crafted Marvels Welcome to Heard Museum’s Holiday Gift Guide, a meticulously selected collection from our Museum Shop and Books & More, that beckons to those who seek more than just presents but meaningful experiences, creations born of passion and skill, and gifts that resonate with the essence of artistry. Here, you’ll discover a treasure trove of unparalleled delights, where every product, embodies the spirit of authenticity and creativity. These are more than gifts; they are manifestations of the remarkable, reflecting American Indian art, culture, history, and literature. Welcome to a world where every gift tells a story. Welcome to the Heard Museum, where the beauty of American Indian art and culture awaits you.

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Gifts for the


Sterling silver & Egyptian turquoise cuff bracelet BY MICHAEL "NA NA PING" GARCIA (YAQUI)

1 1/2" wide x 5 3/8" inside circumference x 1 1/8" wrist opening, 6 1/2" total $7,000.00

Turquoise inlay wave bracelet BY EARL PLUMMER (NAVAJO)

1 1/8" wide x 5 3/4" inside circumference x 1 1/4" wrist opening, 7" total $8,000.00

shop@heard.org • 602.346.8190


Gifts for the Collector

Sterling silver dragon repousse cuff bracelet BY TOLPIYINE SIMBOLA (PICURIS)

1 3/4" wide x 5 5/8" inside circumference x 1 1/8" wrist opening, 6 3/4" total $2,100.00


2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •


Gifts for the Collector

Sun katsina doll BY ARTHUR HOLMES JR. (HOPI)

Hopi master carver Arthur Holmes Jr.’s carvings are highly sought after by collectors. An award-winning artist, he took home Best of Show at the 64th annual Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market in 2022. This year, he followed that up by winning Best of Classification at both the 65th annual Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market and the 101st SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market. • 16 3/4" tall x 17" base circumference $16,000.00

shop@heard.org • 602.346.8190


“Wolfgang” beaded soft sculpture doll

Gifts for the Collector


Jamie Okuma (b. 1977) is of Luiseño and Shoshone-Bannock heritage on her mother’s side and her father is Okinawan-Hawaiian. Okuma grew up on the La Jolla Reservation in San Diego County, California. She has received recognition for her beaded dolls, fashion and accessories, including Best of Show at the 2000 and 2002 SWAIA Market. She also won Best of Show at the Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market in 2004, 2006, 2018 and 2020. Jamie specializes in one-of-akind pieces that are hand-executed exclusively by the artist herself in all details of process, while also designing ready to wear fashions. • 22" x 7" x 5" on an 8" x 8" x 2" wooden base $20,000.00


2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •


Gifts for the Collector

4-strand, multi-stone necklace with turquoise, coral, jet, spiny oyster shell, and mother of pearl shell BY RODNEY CORIZ (SANTO DOMINGO)

29" long, silver hexagon connectors are 1" long x 7/8" wide, largest links in hand made chain are 1 1/8" long x 3/8" wide $1,800.00

Reversible necklace with spiny oyster shell, turquoise, mother of pearl shell, lapis, and jet BY CHARLENE REANO (SAN FELIPE)

19" long $5,800.00

shop@heard.org • 602.346.8190


Gifts for the Collector

Sterling silver multi-stone collar necklace inlaid with turquoise, coral, lapis, sugilite, malachite, and spiny oyster shell BY EARL PLUMMER (NAVAJO)

Earl Plummer was born in 1975 and is from Thoreau, New Mexico and began silversmithing at age 14. He specializes in fine inlay work and has won numerous awards for his jewelry, including a 2nd place ribbon for a squash blossom necklace at the Santa Fe Indian Market in 2007. He uses all natural stones. • 13" long $2,800.00


2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •


Gifts for the Collector


This quintessential Al Q bowl in the classic Sikyatki shape is coilbuilt with thin walls and a smooth, stone-polished surface. This bowl features a large Mosquito Man design in matte relief created in repoussé, or pushed out from the inside. • 8" tall x 19" diameter $10,000.00

Blackware pottery wedding vase BY JASON EBELACKER (SANTA CLARA)

Jason Ebelacker (b. 1980) comes from a long line of renowned Santa Clara potters. He is the son of Richard Ebelacker and the great-grandson of exceptionally noted potter, Margaret Tafoya. Ebelacker was taught the traditional way of making pottery from his father when he began working with clay at the age of five. He is noted for his award-winning forms, figures, and gleaming stone polish that can be seen in numerous museums and publications. • 13 1/2" tall x 12 1/2" wide $9,000.00

shop@heard.org • 602.346.8190


Gifts for the Collector The Chief blanket is the earliest known pattern. The name derives from “the high status of those Pueblo and Plains people to whom the Navajos (who do not have chiefs) traded them.” - A Guide to Navajo Rugs

The Chief rug styles developed in 4 stages through the late 18th up to the late 19th C. The first phase rugs were simple banded rugs typically woven in blue, black, brown and white. The transition to Second phase blankets are noted by the addition of a red yarn which was procured by un-raveling an imported cloth known as bayeta. Second phase blankets also incorporated small blocks of thinner stripes within the larger stripes. Third phase blankets tend to be even more complex and traditionally were composed of stripes with diamond and half-diamond shapes. Weavers frequently added other elements such as zig-zags, crosses, thin lines and triangles inside these diamond shapes. Contemporary Chief Blankets tend to be variations of these phases although the red, blue, black, and white palette and stripes across the entire weaving remain characteristic.

3rd Phase Chief's Blanket BY JANICE VANWINKLE (NAVAJO)

26" x 46.5" $4,800.00


2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •


Gifts for the Collector

14K coral ring

14K necklace with sugilite and turquoise (Lone Mountain, Apache Blue, and Candelaria)


Ric Charlie is a member of the Black Street Wood People and Edgewater Clans and is originally from Tuba City, Arizona. He first learned jewelry making techniques in 1973 while in high school and studied jewelry making and design while attending Arizona State University and the University of Arizona. Seeing Preston Monongye's and Charles Loloma's work inspired him to learn tufa casting, which has become his signature technique along with his creative use of patinas. He has been in the art business for nearly 3 decades and has won many awards over the years. In 2007, his work won First Place in Jewelry, Best of Jewelry Classification and Best of Division in Jewelry at the Santa Fe Indian Market. • Ring size: 7.25


Don Supplee was born and raised near Kykotsmovi, Third Mesa on the Hopi Reservation in Northern Arizona. He is a member of the Sun Clan and has been actively making jewelry since 1989. He learned the art of silversmithing from his brother Charles Supplee and fellow jeweler Roy Talahaftewa. He is primarily known for his contemporary diamond, gold, and silver jewelry. • 24 1/2" long (including pendant), pendant alone is 2 1/4" x 1 1/4" $15,000.00


shop@heard.org • 602.346.8190


Gifts for the Collector

Sterling silver beads BY CIPPY CRAZYHORSE (COCHITI)

31" long $1,950.00

3-strand coral necklace with painted pottery pendant BY ALLEN ARAGON (NAVAJO)

Allen Aragon was born and raised in Ganado, Arizona. He was inspired by the designs of Acoma pottery but combines design ideas from Hopi and Navajo art as well in his intricately painted miniature pottery, which he sets in sterling silver. He was featured in the March 2011 issue of Jewelry Artist, a national magazine devoted to the promotion of hand made art jewelry. • Coral necklace is 18" long, pendant is 3 1/4" long x 1 1/4" wide $3,900.00


2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •


Gifts Under $1000

Sterling silver & Hubei turquoise bolo tie BY TONY CHINO (ACOMA)

Bolo is 1 3/4" x 1 3/16" with a figure eight slide in back, cord is 38" long including the silver tips $900.00

Sterling silver beads BY MARIE YAZZIE (NAVAJO)

22" long $945.00

shop@heard.org • 602.346.8190


Turtle coil basket BY REGINA KAGENVEAMA (HOPI)

1 1/2" diameter $500.00

Gifts Under $1000


9.5" diameter $750.00

Basketry is probably the oldest and most wide-spread craft and

art developed by the Native Americans. Baskets can be made from many kinds of materials, but generally plant stems, either whole or split, are used. In some cases the stems or stalks are peeled for the bark or interior fibers, or root fibers and leaves and grass stems are used. Basketmakers must be knowledgeable about which plants in their area are suitable for the kind of baskets the maker intends to create and the colors desired: where they grow, their special properties, the best season to gather them, and how they must be processed and stored. This kind of knowledge is passed down from one generation to the next.


2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •


Gifts Under $1000

Sterling silver stamped bangle BY KENNETH JOHNSON (MUSCOGEE/SEMINOLE)

Kenneth Johnson is a contemporary Native American designer and accomplished metalsmith working in copper, silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. His career spans over two decades and is recognized for bold combinations of stamp work and engraving often incorporating coins and bead set gemstones. Signature techniques include original dates of coins visible in the designs, Seminole patchwork patterns, rocker arm engraving and Southeast style concentric line designs. • 1" wide x 8" inside circumference (semi-adjustable with overlap) $825.00

shop@heard.org • 602.346.8190


Sterling silver 3-cross necklace BY CIPPY CRAZYHORSE (COCHITI)

Middle cross is 3" long x 1 3/4" wide and smaller crosses on each side are 3" long x 1 1/4" wide, leather cord is 33" long (not including crosses) $750.00

Gifts Under $1000

Zirconium cuff bracelet BY PAT PRUITT (LAGUNA)

3/8" wide x 5 5/8" inside circumference x 1 1/4" wrist opening, 6 7/8" total $850.00


2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •


Doug Hyde (b. 1946)

Gifts Under $1000

was born in Hermiston, Oregon. His bronze and stone sculptures frequently represent historic events and the stories told to him during his youth. As a student at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, he studied under and was befriended by seminal American Indian sculptor Allan Houser. His work is represented in collections throughout the country, including the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C., which permanently displays his 10 ½ foot bronze, "Chief Joseph." In 2003, Hyde was awarded the New Mexico Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts.

Southwest Summer Showers miniature bronze sculpture BY DOUG HYDE (NEZ PERCE/ ASSINIBOINE/CHIPPEWA), OPEN EDITION

8 3/4" tall x 3 1/2" long x 3" wide $950.00

shop@heard.org • 602.346.8190


Gifts Under $1000

Intertribal Greeting miniature bronze sculpture BY DOUG HYDE (NEZ PERCE/ASSINIBOINE/ CHIPPEWA), OPEN EDITION

3 3/8" tall x 1 3/4" long x 5 5/8" wide $550.00


2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •


Gifts Under $500

Antler & turquoise bear fetish carving BY CLAUDIA PEINA (ZUNI)

Known around the world for their work, Zuni people have traditionally used small stone carvings of animal figures as power objects and mediators. The body of the fetish can be shaped of bone, shell, clay, stone or other materials. The polished and carved stones can be found in the shape of eagles, bears, mountain lions, wolves, rabbits, fish, badgers, snakes, falcons, corn maidens, among others. The bear is one of the 6 protective or healing animals and is the protector of the west (direction of the Home, waters, and evening). Bears are especially considered to have curative powers. 4" tall x 1" long x 7/8" wide $440.00

Sterling silver & turquoise letter opener BY MILDRED PARKHURST (NAVAJO) These are one-of-a-kind items, so the quantity avaiable may differ slightly in design than what's pictured.

7 1/4" long x 3/4" wide $250.00

shop@heard.org • 602.346.8190


Gifts Under $500

Bullfrog katsina doll BY RYON POLEQUAPTEWA (HOPI)

10 3/4" tall x 5" $320.00

Longhair katsina doll BY WAYLAND NAMINGHA (HOPI)

13 1/2" tall x 3" wide $275.00


2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •


10-strand heishi pen shell necklace BY ROMONA BIRD (SANTO DOMINGO)

24" long $450.00

Sterling silver & turquoise ring Gifts Under $500


Ring size: 6 $350.00

Sterling silver & turquoise cluster earrings BY FELICIA YAZZIE (NAVAJO)

2 3/8" long x 1 5/8" wide, silver posts $480.00

shop@heard.org • 602.346.8190


Gifts Under $500

Sterling silver stamped cuff bracelet BY WADDIE CRAZYHORSE (COCHITI)

1/4" wide x 7" inside circumference x 1 1/2" wrist opening, 8 1/2" total, perfect for large wrists $300.00


2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •


Gifts Under $250

shop@heard.org • 602.346.8190


Titanium dragonfly earrings BY PAT PRUITT (LAGUNA) These are one-of-a-kind earrings, so the quantity avaiable may differ slightly in color than what's pictured.

3 1/2" long (including ear wire) x 2 3/8" wide $175.00

Gifts Under $250

Pat Pruitt lives on the Laguna Pueblo in

the village of Paguate, New Mexico. He learned the traditional art of silversmithing from artist Greg Lewis as a youth and later met Charlie Bird, who taught him different techniques and aesthetics. These two influences developed Pruitt's designs and inspired his current work. During college, Pruitt studied mechanical engineering and once graduated, opened his own steel manufacturing business. He then revisited his silversmith career, only now incorporating his steel machining knowledge to help develop unique one-of-a-kind jewelry. He is well known for his bold and dynamic contemporary jewelry pieces crafted in stainless steel, zirconium, and titanium.

Titanium tech feather earrings BY PAT PRUITT (LAGUNA) These are one-of-a-kind earrings, so the quantity avaiable may differ slightly in color than what's pictured.

3 1/2" long (including ear wire) x 5/8" wide $150.00


2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •


Gifts Under $250

Miniature textiles BY JANELL BROWN (NAVAJO)

4" x 4.25" $200 EACH

shop@heard.org • 602.346.8190


Glass spirit figure

Black marble magpie fetish carving

BY RAMSON LOMATEWAMA (HOPI) These are one-of-a-kind figures, so the quantity avaiable may differ slightly in color and design than what's pictured.


1 1/4" tall x 2 3/4" long x 7/8" wide $108.00

7" tall x 2" wide $185.00

Small pottery figure BY JOHN WHITEROCK (NAVAJO) These are one-of-a-kind figures, so they are all unique in design, color, and number of children.

John Whiterock specializes in these dolls which he makes in clay and bronze. He says of his work: "My mother, Cecelia, is still the center of our family, and it is to her remarkable strength and selfless devotion that I dedicate my work. My figurines represent her, as well as other female relatives, performing daily rituals in Navajo life, such as cooking, rug weaving, sheep herding, and pottery making. My work is contemporary in form, but the techniques used in its creation are entirely traditional." • 5.5" tall x 2" wide

Gifts Under $250

$50.00 EACH


2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •


Sterling silver & turquoise/ coral hair barrette BY PETER NELSON (NAVAJO) These are one-of-a-kind barrettes, so the quantity avaiable may differ slightly in color and design than what's pictured.

1 5/8" long x 3/8" wide $99.00 EACH

Sterling silver, multi-stone cufflinks BY VERONICA BENALLY (NAVAJO) These are one-of-a-kind cufflinks, so the quantity avaiable may differ slightly in color than what's pictured.

1/2" x 7/8"

Sterling silver & turquoise stamped key ring Gifts Under $250


BY PETER NELSON (NAVAJO) These are one-of-a-kind key rings, so the quantity avaiable may differ slightly in color and design than what's pictured.

2 1/4" long x 1" wide $150.00

Peter Nelson (b. 1954) has been actively making jewelry since 1977 where he is predominately known for his traditional silver jewelry, often with the inclusion of precious gemstones and geometric patterns in unique silver finishes. He learned silversmithing in high school at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is a member of the Tsinnijinnie (Blackgoat) and Copah (Water) Clans.

Sterling silver overlay turtle key ring BY ANDERSON KOINVA (HOPI) These are one-of-a-kind key rings, so the quantity avaiable may differ slightly in design than what's pictured.

2 1/2" long x 1 3/8" wide $168.00

shop@heard.org • 602.346.8190


Substance of Stars exhibition catalog This catalog was published to coincide with our new exhibition, Substance of Stars, which is on view now! • Hardcover, 136 pages

Gifts Under $250



2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •


Gifts Under $50

Heard Musuem Art Fence Puzzle


72 pieces, Finished puzzle measures 7.25" in diameter

500 pieces, Finished puzzle measures 21" x 15"

$24.00 EACH

shop@heard.org • 602.346.8190



Home: Native People in the Southwest EDITED BY ANN MARSHALL

Softcover, 192 pages $35.00

Living Full Cookbook: Making Family Meals Abundantly Good

Hopi Kachina Tradition: Following the Sun and Moon



Harcover, 202 pages

Softcover, 135 pages



Winter Dreams CD

Gifts Under $50

Have You Heard CD

The panoramic harmonies of R. Carlos Nakai's flute with William Eaton's guitar, harp-guitar and lyre create visions of canyons and plains in these fifteen songs. • CD

This distinctive compilation of music provides a musical experience that reflects the diversity of cultures and expressions of Native people. • CD $15.00



2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •


Stuffed Mountain Lion FROM WILD REPUBLIC

4.5" tall x 4" wide $12.99


6.5" tall x 7" wide $12.99

Gifts Under $50

Stuffed Bighorn Sheep FROM WILD REPUBLIC

7.25" tall x 8" long x 3.5" wide $12.99


5 1/2" tall x 9" long x 3 1/4" wide $15.00

shop@heard.org • 602.346.8190


Navajo Folk Art Chickens These are one-of-a-kind chickens, so the quantity avaiable may differ slightly in color and design than what's pictured.

Navajo folk art follows in the tradition of folk art of many cultures in that the individuals making the work are primarily self-taught. These artists work in a wide variety of media: found objects, painting, drawing, sculpture, weaving and assemblage. Folk art is nonutilitarian and non-ceremonial. It can be fantastical, personal, tell a story or comment on topical events but it still reflects the culture and daily life of its people. • All different styles, colors, sizes, artists listed on website

Gifts Under $50



2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •



14 sachets $16-17

Gifts Under $50


12 oz $18-20

shop@heard.org • 602.346.8190



4.5 oz - 8oz $7-8

Gifts Under $50

Blue corn pancake mix & Prickly Pear cactus syrup BY CHERI'S DESERT HARVEST

1 lb. 3 oz $14.95


2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •


MudHead Soap & Skincare Co.


Scents: Earth (Patchouli), Sunshine (Lemongrass) • 8 oz $30 EACH


Scents: Hopi Tea (Chamomile), Peace (Lavender), Sunshine (Lemongrass), Love (Geranium) • 8 oz $20 EACH

Gifts Under $50


Scents: Herb Garden (Rosemary & Peppermint), Love (Rosewater & Geranium), Peace (Lavender), Energy (Eucalyptus & Spearmint), Pure (Oatmeal & Honey, scent-free), Holy Smokes (Juniper & Cedar Wood) • 6 oz $16 EACH


Scent: Peace (Herbs & Lavender Buds), Love (Geranium) • 8 oz $30 EACH

shop@heard.org • 602.346.8190


Salve/Balm by Medicine of the People Scents: Sore Joint Rub (Healing), Pinon Sap Salve (Soothing), Greasewood Ointment (Natural), Sage Lavender & Juniper (Beauty Way), Peppermint Lip Balm (Refreshing), Insect Bite Salve (Relief), White Sage Balm (Purifying), Sage, Lavender & Orange (Enlightening) • 0.75 oz $12.00 EACH

Gifts Under $50

Soaps by SHIMÁ of Navajoland Scents: Grandmother Mountain, Clear Sky, Mint Clan, Navajo Tea, Blue Corn, Prickly Pear • 4 oz $12.00 EACH


2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •


Multi-stone earrings BY MARY TAFOYA (SANTO DOMINGO)

Gifts Under $50

These are one-of-a-kind earrings, so the quantity avaiable may differ slightly in color and design than what's pictured.

Mary Tafoya, born Mary Coriz, learned the art of mosaic inlay by helping her parents, Frank and Anita Coriz, make jewelry. She first learned traditional bead (heishi) and depression style stonework and has since taken those techniques and created a unique style of her own. • 1 1/2" long (including ear wire) x 1/2" wide

Heard Museum logo hat Heard Museum logo lapel pin pewter • 5/8" x 7/16" $12.00



shop@heard.org • 602.346.8190

Flexfit | 63% Polyester | 34% Cotton | 3% P.U. Spandex • S/M or L/XL in red, maroon, blue, and green


Shattered t-shirt BY ACONAV

The name ACONAV represents the cohesion of cultures between its founders Loren (Acoma Pueblo) and Valentina (Navajo) Aragon. ACONAV is a couture fashion brand that celebrates the strength and empowerment of women worldwide. The brand strives to evoke the empowerment of women with positive ideas that are embodied in designs that tie culture to modern style. ACONAV is a respectful representation of the Acoma Pueblo whose traditions and world renown pottery art culture are reflected in unique luxury designs. • Sizes S-XL

Gifts Under $50 see pg. 17

see pg. 16



2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •



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Enjoy Free Shipping on Purchases Over $250 We’re pleased to waive the cost of shipping on total purchases that exceed $250.* It’s our way of saying thank you. *UPS Ground Shipping, excludes international shipping. Items ordered after Dec. 15 may be difficult to deliver by Dec. 25.

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Ornament Marketplace NOVEMBER 24-26, 10 AM TO 4 PM Decorate your home this holiday season with handmade American Indian ornaments acquired at the Heard Museum Shop’s Annual Ornament Marketplace. You will find beautiful ornaments in a variety of styles and mediums for each person on your holiday list or each branch on your tree. This year’s featured artist, Brad Panteah (Zuni/Navajo) has created 40 limited-edition Signature ornaments for this year’s Ornament Marketplace. Each Signature ornament is signed and numbered by the artist. The 2023 Signature ornaments will go on sale at 10 a.m. on the first day of Ornament Marketplace, Friday, Nov. 24, for $195 each.* *All ornaments are available while supplies last, so visit early for optimal selection. Because of the handmade nature of these items, there will be slight color and style variations between ornaments. Signature ornaments cannot be held for purchase prior to the event.



Maiden Ornament

“Holiday Blessings” limited edition ornament



Approximately 2.5" x 1.5"

Brad is a fifth-generation silversmith, who was surrounded by the art of silversmithing growing up. His father is Zuni, of the Bear Clan and his mother is Dine, of the Water Clan. He states, “the inspiration for my designs comes from many different sources which I then merge into unique pieces.” For 2023, Brad has created a sterling silver corn maiden that he has titled, “Holiday Blessings.” Each signature ornament is signed and numbered by the artist. • Approximately 3" x 1.5"




2301 N. Central Ave • Phoenix, AZ 85004 •


602.346.8190 shop@heard.org @heardmuseum 2301 N. Central Ave Phoenix, AZ 85004

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