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EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESS NOT A STATE OF MIND This article is an exponent concern of the potential parameter of Earthquake Preparedness Mechanism built with “non – structural seismic mitigation” portability to safe-guard human used valuable equipments & resources if located at intense earthquake zone. Earthquake Preparedness is much more than a state of mind. It’s a combination of many things geared to get you and your business through an earthquake and these days many more states are taking it much more seriously. Authorities in states in the South, including Tennessee, Kentucky and Arkansas, and in the Midwest, such as Indiana, Illinois and Missouri, realize the very real threat of earthquakes and are becoming proactive about educating residents on the importance of earthquake preparedness. In case you’re wondering why this is, there’s a little matter of the New Madrid Fault that runs through or near those states that’s the reason. If you’re not familiar with the fault’s history, back in 1812 it ruptured in such a major way in a series of shocks that it caused sections of the Mississippi River to temporarily run backwards. Nearly 200 years later, emergency management authorities throughout that part of the country are doing what they can to get people prepared because outside of the West Coast, it is the nation’s most active seismic zone. On top of that, earthquakes of magnitude 7.5 or greater strike along the New Madrid every 200-300 years and experts say there’s a 25% chance of that happening by 2040. Non Structural Seismic Mitigation So, if you own and operate a business anywhere within the New Madrid strike zone, or in any earthquake zone for that matter, you ought to be thinking about how you can protect your investment. Non-Structural Seismic Mitigation is the solution and it’s really the only way to safeguard your data and equipment against damage or loss in an earthquake. It will also enhance your business continuity plan. What it entails is a program of seismic mitigation of your valuable equipment. You start the process by identifying all the potential hazards on campus and then securing them. A professional earthquake preparedness company can take all the stress out of that process because they will have the solutions.

Equipment in data centers, server rooms, labs and such like that could crash to the floor need to be secured. We’ve been in the business of seismic mitigation for a combined 50 years. You can may also research the full range of seismic protection products and services that are available to you by visiting our website Risk Assessment To help determine your needs you may contact a professional earthquake preparedness company to schedule a free risk assessment of your business. As we’ve been reminding you repeatedly this year, if you run a business in a seismically active zone you need to become pro-active about earthquake preparedness and we strongly encourage you to start today.

Earthquake Preparedness Not a State of Mind  

This article is an exponent concern of the potential parameter of Earthquake Preparedness Mechanism built with “non – structural seismic mit...

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