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DATA CENTER FASTENING - EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESS First New Zealand was rocked, then Japan was dealt a massive blow, so are we next? All the experts say we’re overdue for a big earthquake, but as they can’t predict when, we need to be prepared and that includes data center fastening. If you operate a business in an earthquake zone, preparedness, and more specifically data center fastening, is a key element to ensuring that your business can continue functioning after an earthquake hits. Data center fastening should be right at the top of your to do list. And it doesn’t matter if you run a large business or a smaller one, ignoring the threat of earthquakes and the need for data center fastening could end up costing you much more than the actual fastening program itself. There’s plenty of video evidence now that computer equipment will topple over in an earthquake if it’s not secured in place, which is exactly why it should be fastened down. While the footage we saw from Japan was absolutely horrendous, particularly the tsunami crashing ashore and demolishing everything in its path, we also saw why it’s so important to take the time beforehand to secure everything in your data center and office. Did you notice in the videos shot in offices during the earthquake that computer and TV monitors perched on desktops, on wall partitions or on top of file cabinets came crashing down? Did you also see the bigger, heavier items falling over right where people had been sitting at their work stations? If that didn’t convince you of the benefits of data center fastening than maybe nothing will. Non-Structural Seismic Mitigation If you own a business or if you’re in charge of your company’s data center, you can’t afford not to

implement a data fastening program on your premises. If you don’t, what we saw going on in those offices in Japan could happen in yours. Mainframe computers, LAN cabinets and communication equipment racks should be fastened down. You can imagine what could happen if there was an earthquake and everything ended up on the floor. Years worth of valuable research and information could be lost, as well as the equipment itself and while that would be a big financial hit to a business, it is totally preventable. There are innovative and cost effective methods of data center fastening based on client preference and data center fastening programs can be custom designed for every aspect of your particular operation.

All data center fastening work meets Seismic Zone 4 standards and getting it done is not difficult. Continually putting it off is just rolling the dice hoping that nothing happens and can lead to costly and time consuming repairs that could have been avoided in the first place by going ahead with a data center fastening program. Seismic Protection Products and Services Earthquakes are unpredictable, so being prepared is the most practical course of action to take. If your equipment is unsecured it could be damaged or trashed and the best way to prevent that from happening is to take action now to avoid major financial and logistical headaches later. QuakeHOLD! Industrial is the leader in data center fastening and earthquake preparedness. Check us out to see our full range of seismic protection products and services. And regardless of the size of your operation, a free evaluation will determine how best to meet your needs. If you run a business in an earthquake zone you need to be prepared and we strongly encourage you to start the process of data center fastening today.


First New Zealand was rocked, then Japan was dealt a massive blow, so are we next? All the experts say we’re overdue for a big earthquake,...