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Earth Odyssey Contributors in our environment makes all my time and effort worth while,” she said.

An educational guide to sustainability and spiritual well-being Our Mission The mission of Earth Odyssey is to encourage individuals to develop a sustainable lifestyle and healthier well-being by providing educational information needed to make wiser choices. We envision an extended community of individuals who care passionately about their environment and their own spiritual well-being and recognize the symbiotic relationship between the two.

Etan Doronne is a native of Israel. He received his Bachelor of Fine Art (B.F.A) from Bezalel Design Academy in Jerusalem in 1996. He is a lecturer, educator, environmental artist and professional developer. Etan speaks English, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian and Hindi. He has backpacked through Egypt, Tanzania, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Britain, France, Spain, USA, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Nepal and India. For more information about Etan, see

Magazine Staff Publisher/Editor Ann Haver-Allen Martin Klabunde is a light worker, cosmic walker and dance maker, who has more than 20 years of teaching, performance and class and workshop facilitation. Martin has been walking a shamanic and spiritual path since the age of 15, when his guides first appeared to him. Through ritual, ceremony and visions Martin has been able to remain devoted and committed to a path of awakening through music and selfless service to others.

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Subscriptions Annual subscriptions to Earth Odyssey are $36. Payment may be made using a credit card online via PayPal or sending a check to: Earth Odyssey, 1042 Willow Creek Road, Ste. A101, PMB 486, Prescott, AZ 86305. Earth Odyssey is published monthly by Pinon Pine Press LLC and is available online at Send comments and suggestions to: Phone: (928) 778-1782 Sharon Ehrlich has always been interested in wildlife and conservation. She “stumbled upon” The Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center in 2005, attended an orientation and became a volunteer. She said that thanks to the support of the center director and the supervision of experienced volunteers she has learned how to do a little of everything at the Center—from the fun of working with the raptors and other animals and participating in educational programs to the more mundane but necessary tasks of cleaning cages, clinic work, food preparation, paperwork and fundraising. “The satisfaction of watching a rehabilitated animal go back into the wild or knowing you helped someone understand the important part wildlife plays Page 4 • January 2010

William (Wes) Ozier is the Camassia Institute Director. Originally from Detroit, Wes is a LEED accredited professional. He was the program administrator for the Arcosanti Project for four years and the assistant director for the Ecosa Institute. In addition to educational and construction work at both Arcosanti and Ecosa, he has worked on a strawbale construction crew building the Mountain Meadows Permaculture Bio-Shelter, a two-story greenhouse, as well as four DIY scale “eco-machines” created by John Todd and a host of other DIY scale eco-design projects. E-mail Wes at

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Earth Odyssey January 2010 Issue  
Earth Odyssey January 2010 Issue  

An Educational Guide to Sustainability and Spiritual Well-being