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Hazard mitigation, safety and security in Maui County Earth Foundation Presentation to Maui County Council April 1, 2003

Earth Foundation 

A non-profit, national media specialist team

Mission: 

Preserve Hawaii/Maui culture

Protect Hawaii/Maui natural resources

Foster best practices for energy and water use

Protect beaches and lands

Preserve the international public health of Hawaii

The Project in Two Parts 

Maui Digital 3D Comprehensive Plan 

Creates a dynamic new way for decision makers to VISUALIZE how Maui can implement hazard mitigation, safety, security

Maui Agricultural Digital 3D Visioning Model 

Incorporates:  Statistics  Statistical analysis  Information on increasing crop


Benefits to Maui 

Creation of reliable, local supply lines to sustain Maui in times of war.

Job creation 



Proposed Budget 

Over a two year period – to be awarded to the Maui County Planning Department

Maui Digital 3D Comprehensive Plan


Maui Agricultural 3D Visioning Model


Total (over two year period)


In Closing: 

We respectfully request the County Councils consideration of the plan including: 

A $100,000 grant to fund the plan for one year  Given to the Maui County Planning Department  The Planning Department will find a hire a company or individual

to do the work 

A second $100,000 grant in year two to complete the work.