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Introduction Earthdrawn Studio is a brand based on the mid east coast of Australia, offering premium fine art prints and greeting cards featuring the work of watercolour & pencil artist Carlie Edwards. Growing up among the bush & beach in Byron Bay was the foundation and inspiration behind much of Carlie’s work. Starting off with a humble little market stall selling a small range of prints, Carlie was blown away by the love and support from the community, and what began as a weekend hobby around her corporate day job quickly blossomed into a fulltime business. Upon exploring the collection, you’ll be drawn into an enchanting world of colour, imagination and intricate details, all created with hundreds of coloured pencils and an enormous amount of love. From tiny strands of fur to the glisten in each animal’s eye, it all comes together one stroke at a time, and each artwork can take up to 60 hours to complete. The iconic Spirit Animal series began unintentionally, when an upcoming major surgery led Carlie to draw a regal bohemian lion piece as a symbol of fighting fear and being brave. After feeling the positive impact of creating the artwork and its symbolism, Carlie wanted to share this energy to uplift and inspire others in their own journeys, and this lion became the first artwork in the Spirit Animal Totem Collection. Every animal is carefully studied and selected for their beautiful meanings, which adds a personal touch and makes them a popular gift choice. This is what many children and adults alike continue to be ‘drawn to’, and this is what the brand name Earthdrawn Studio was later based upon. Thank you for your interest in Earthdrawn Studio, and we hope you enjoy exploring our growing range of products, all made with love in Australia.



Luxury Fine Art Prints Available in two sizes: A4 (small) 21 x 29.7cm A3 (large) 29.7 x 42cm High quality designer art prints, produced on a luxurious 270gsm fine art stock with an elegant colour range. A beautiful textured finish gives these prints the feel of watercolour paper, just like an original art piece. 100% FSC forestry certified and carbon neutral. Packaged thoughtfully with recycled card backing inside clear cello packaging. The print includes care instructions and an accompanying story & meaning (specific to Spirit Animal Series and Australian Bird Series).


Spirit Animal Totem Collection With special meanings that accompany each animal, these prints are so much more than just an artwork.

Bohemian Lion

Bohemian Giraffe

Bohemian Elephant

Bohemian Tiger

Bohemian Alpaca

A4: A4BL A3: A3BL

A4: A4BG A3: A3BG

A4: A4BE A3: A3BE

A4: A4BT A3: A3BT


Bohemian Deer

Bohemian Bear

Bohemian Wolf

Bohemian Fox

Bohemian Owl

A4: A4BD A3: A3BD

A4: A4BB A3: A3BB

A4: A4BW A3: A3BW

A4: A4BF A3: A3BF

A4: A4BO A3: A3BO


Pastel/Nursery Collection Soft, calming tones make these prints ideal for nurseries or children’s rooms, and are very popular as a set of three. Best seller

Bohemian Lion in Pink A4: A4BLP A3: A3BLP

Bohemian Giraffe in Pink A4: A4BGP A3: A3BGP

Bohemian Elephant in Pink A4: A4BEP A3: A3BEP

Bohemian Deer in Pink A4: A4BDP A3: A3BDP

Bohemian Alpaca in Pink A4: A4BAP A3: A3BAP

Bohemian Lion in Mint A4: A4BLM A3: A3BLM

Bohemian Giraffe in Mint A4: A4BGM A3: A3BGM

Bohemian Elephant in Mint A4: A4BEM A3: A3BEM

Bohemian Wolf in Mint A4: A4BWM A3: A3BWM

Bohemian Alpaca in Mint A4: A4BAM A3: A3BAM

Bohemian Unicorn in Pink A4: A4BUP A3: A3BUP


Mystic Collection The colours of this collection in person are stunning and captivating. Designed to mix & match as a set on the wall, these prints are well loved among children and are the perfect finishing touch to create a joyful, magical space to play, dream and imagine.

Mystic Mermaid

Mystic Unicorn

Mystic Fairy

Mystic Dragon

A4: A4MM A3: A3MM

A4: A4MU A3: A3MU

A4: A4MF A3: A3MF

A4: A4MD A3: A3MD



Wildlife Collection From rich textures, to meticulous details in every feather, this collection adds a burst of colour and joy to any room. The newest range of Australian Birds have become some of our most in-demand prints, and also include special meanings. Best seller


Best seller

Best seller

Rainbow Lorikeet & Grevilleas

Pink Galah & Banksias

Kookaburra & Gum Blossoms

Black Cockatoo & Proteas

Blue & Yellow Macaw






Humpback Whale

Whale Shark

Green Sea Turtle




Hummingbird A4: A4HBD A3: A3HBD



Greeting Cards Card size: A6 (11.4 x 16.2cm) High quality greeting cards, produced on a smooth SplendourGel stock. They are the perfect size to frame in standard 6x4� photo frames, allowing them to be repurposed after giving. Packaged with white envelopes in clear cello sleeve. Cards are blank inside for your own personal message.

Bohemian Lion Item code: CARDBL

Bohemian Giraffe Bohemian Elephant Bohemian Tiger Item code: CARDBG

Bohemian Alpaca

Bohemian Deer

Bohemian Bear

Bohemian Wolf

Bohemian Fox

Item code: CARDBE

Item code: CARDBT

Item code: CARDBA

Item code: CARDBD

Item code: CARDBB

Item code: CARDBW

Item code: CARDBF

Mystic Dragon

Mystic Unicorn

Item code: CARDMD

Item code: CARDMU

Rainbow Lorikeet & Grevilleas

Pink Galah & Banksias

Kookaburra & Gum Blossoms

Black Cockatoo & Proteas

Bohemian Deer in Pink

Bohemian Alpaca in Pink

Item code: CARDRLG

Item code: CARDPGB

Item code: CARDKGB

Item code: CARDBCP

Item code: CARDBDP

Item code: CARDBAP

Mystic Mermaid Item code: CARDMM


Terms and How to Order BECOMING A STOCKIST Earthdrawn Studio is committed to building great relationships with our stockists, and as the brand continues to grow, we value & appreciate the integral role our retailers play. We know exclusivity may be important to you, and we will consider geographic exclusivity on a case by case basis.

In the unlikely case an item(s) is out of stock, we will contact you with a new timeframe. If this is unsuitable, you can choose to select an alternate product or remove the item(s) from your order.


Our diverse collection of products are designed to give retailers versatility to suit your preferred target audience and display theme. We pride ourselves on offering the best assistance and support, and we welcome you to get in touch if you have any questions.

Products cannot be modified for resale (framing excepted) but please contact us if you’d like to use our products for a certain purpose.


If you require a change to your order, please notify us within 24 hours of making payment and we’ll do our best to help. We do not accept returns on unsold items. We only accept returns if an item arrives damaged.

$250 minimum for first order. $100 minimum for following orders. To order: Via phone: 0433 150 835 Via email: Complete an order form (provided separately), and email to You will receive an itemised tax invoice with payment details. Payment methods are via Bank Transfer or Credit Card. Orders are processed and shipped once payment is received.

SHIPPING AND TURNAROUND TIME $10 flat rate shipping Australia-wide. International shipping rates vary depending on weight. We aim to process orders within 1-3 business days. Orders are dispatched from our studio in Brisbane, Australia. Tracked Delivery (AU): eta 2-8 business days*. Tracked Delivery (International): eta 2-3 weeks*. *these numbers are a guide only. Actual delivery times may vary.


PRODUCT APPEARANCE All efforts are made to ensure that products are represented accurately, however colours may differ very slightly to the actual product.

COPYRIGHT All designs and images in the Earthdrawn Studio range are © copyright and remain the intellectual property of Carlie Edwards. Modifying, replicating or using the original products without consent is prohibited.

AGREEMENT OF TERMS By placing an order, you are agreeing to the above terms & policies. Terms are subject to change. We reserve the right to discontinue sales with retailers that fail to comply.


earthdrawn studio M 0433 150 835 /EarthdrawnStudio