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Universal and Spiritual

Laws of Creator Star Law Manual of the Galactic Federation 33333333ka


Maka Wicahpi 

Wicohan:  

Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creation Star Law Manual of the Galactic Federation

Manuscript Prepared and Published By STANDING ELK Graphics by Standing Elk Artwork by Sherwyn Zephier


All Rights Reserved Copyright 1996 Printed in Marty, South Dakota Standing Elk


Dedicated To The Seventh Generation and Beyond and Beyond


Universal and Spiritual Laws Forward



Mother Earth Message



Star Laws of the Wheel of Humanity Universal Law of Free Will TUNKASILA


Protects Personal Freedom ARCTURUS


Invokes the Freedom Ray QUAN YIN



Accesses Great Karmic Council

Spiritual Freedom of Man MATO MANI


Open Gates That Have Been Closed MAHPIYA OYATE


Initiates The Alchemy of Self KRISHNA


Invokes Dharmic Path



Universal Law of Change



Invokes Butterfly Medicine MNI WICONI


Reinvigorates Stagnant Life Cycles BODHISAATVA



Great Mystery Symbol

Spiritual Growth of Man





Awakens Higher Mind ST. GERMAINE


Directs Evolution Into Spirit



Universal Law of Movement and Balance HOGAN IYOTAN TANKA OYATE


Heals Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Imbalances TAWAMNIPA


Initiates Creative Energy for Manifesting MAITREYA



Steadies Evolution Through Grace and Strength

Spiritual Strength, Health and Happiness UNCI


Opens Doorways For Unification of Self IYOZANZAN ZIZI




Strengthens Through Divine Law



Universal Law of Innocence, Truth and Family UNCI IKTOMI


Grandmother’s Protection For Child, Etc. GAUTAMA BUDDHA


Opens Original Mind


Spiritual Protection of Family TATANKA OYATE


Law Through Spiritual Discernment WICAHPE WI


Brings One Into Right Relationship with Family EL MORYA


Shield of the Fathers Heart



Universal Law of Symmetry



Helps One Lift From Material to Spiritual Mind ORION MASTER


Grounds Divine Presence ISTA TO



Sets Eyes on Creator

Spiritual Law of Equality



Empowers Respect for Mitakuye Owasin ANPETU WI


Invokes Spiritual Community ITE OTAPI



Unifies Humanity Through Becoming One


Universal Law of Life



The Straight Path QUETZALCOATL


Awakens Human Light Centers and Attunes To Galactic Center ARCHANGEL GABRIEL



Reconnect Lifeline to Great Central Sun

Spiritual Law of Choice WAGMIZA WINYAN


Portals Manifesting Energy IYOYANPA IZANZAN


Messenger Symbol for Lightweb BUDDHA OF TRUTH


Opens Gates of Future Possibility

Four Doors of Metatron ITE OTAPI

Waziyata-Door of the North ITE OTAPI

Wiohinyanpata-Door of the East MAMMY

Itokagata-Door of the South MAMMY

Wiohpeyata-Door of the West



Universal Law of Light, Sound and Vibration


Awakens Inner Wisdom and Remembrance ODOWAN SKUYA

Awakens One to Cosmic Community HOLY AMETHYST


Atones Self to Celestial Word

Spiritual Law of Intuition


Heals Emotional Body and Heart OILELE CEKPA WINYAN

Opens Wellsprings of Creative Intuition TIN WAKIYENA WAKAN WINYAN


Change through Thought Alchemy


Universal Law of Judgment


Evokes Visionary Experience THE GREAT HEALER

Invokes Cosmic Judges to Resolve Interdimensional Issues ALOHA


Balances Karma and Aligns Sacred Path

Spiritual Law of Karma


Invokes Cycles of Cause and Effect HADEN

Opens Doorways To Transcend And Transmute KAHOMNIYA WICAHPI WINYAN


The Mirror of Self


Universal Law of Nature TAHCA CIGALA

The Power to be ITANCAN PEJUTA Harmony in Light Relations MELCHIZADEK


Invokes the Flame Imperishable

Spiritual Law of Protection HEHAKA WICASA

Direct and to the Point SATURNALIA

Sponsors Soul Evolution JOPHIEL


Invokes Light Protection

Altar of The Seven Stars

The Web of Life


Star Laws of the Wheel of Creator Universal Law of Love WICASA LUTA

Sponsors and Protects Life Transitions BODHISATTVA

Essence of Happiness and Life ISTA WANZI


The eye of Understanding

Spiritual Law of Healing HUPAHU LUTA

Rays Healing Energy CHIRON

Opens Healing Portals SHAKINAH


Invokes Spirit of Healing


Universal Law of Perception TATE

Opens Inner Eye WAKINYAN HEYOKA Promotes Multidimensional Understanding URIEL AND AURORA


Aligns Self to Universal Truth

Spiritual Law of Future Sight THOTH

The Prophets Mark MAMMY

Directs Movement of Time SHANGTI


Opens Doorways of Grandfathers

The Star Altar of Creator ISTA WANZI

The Web of Life 15

Wheel of the Whirling Rainbow Prophecy Altar of the Morning Star METATRON ITE OTAPI MAMMY


The Star Laws A Divine Plan by which One can Live NAPE ZI The Universal Laws and the Spiritual Laws came into existence through the thought of the Creator: in the creation of the Universe as you would know them. Star Laws are encoding. These Laws are memory and encoding that is within the energies of Mother Earth, the energies within your physical body, the energies of realms that are beyond the beyond the beyond-beyond your understanding. Beyond all things is where you will find the beginnings of these Laws as you would understand them to be symbols as well. They are designed for all not to forget where their Dawning of Existence began. Each of these Laws are appearing now and becoming ever so present in the mind’s eye, as well as in your physical realm. Your realm is to awaken and help you to remember. Each of these Laws is significant. They have been carried down through the ages. These symbols are not religious, as it were, connected or related to the dogmatic terms of churches. They were hidden away so that you would not forget that you are free beings, that you are connected to all things, that you are, that you simply are. You are a part of “I AM” presence; you are these Laws, you are light. Each of these Laws vibrates to a rhythm of light. They are forms of energies that carry Laws that were set during and at the beginning of Creation. They were designed to create balance, to create harmony among all things. These Laws not only affect those of earth, they are Laws that are very enigmatic amongst those of other Universes as well. So they are Universal amongst all Creation. The Universal and Spiritual Lawvibrates to their God. Each Law does have a color of the rainbow that the Creator has given to you. It was pronounced that this Rainbow would be a sign of the Creators love for you, and it is much more than that. For each of these colors vibrates to a sound, vibrates to an energy field and to a Law that is of great significance to all. It is the opening of doorways to other dimensions of light, to other planes of existence, to go beyond that known from your realm. These Laws and symbols are beyond words.


You cannot fully give a description of a color, but you can feel it. You could say blue is blue, it is a beautiful blue, but what do you feel from this color? The vibration of colors and of ourselves open up each Chakra that is in the body. Your Chakras are attuned and emanate color from your body. This is not necessarily the colors of the auric field of your body. It goes much further and beyond, to the Universe. Know this; it is this vibrator color and rate of exchange between light and sound that has connected you and kept you connected to God and All That Is, and to the love from Creator, and All That Is. When you begin using toning, singing, chanting, the drum, it alters your sense of beingness to help you move into your Creator Connection. It awakens the Laws that are in you, that are encoded into the very soul of your Being. No one symbol is more important than another. They are in relation to each other. Just as spiritual beings are all in work together, they are all in harmony together. Thus Stellar energies are being fed from the Universes to the inhabitants upon Mother Earth. Are we creating, so to speak, an awakening within mankind? We are moving into a new realm of understanding: It will be knowing. People will feel it within themselves, and they may not know where it comes from, but it will be a knowing. And, each Law will unlock the key to an even greater understanding and a greater knowing than what has been in the past. It was done in this way, for mankind’s mind, body and spirit were not able to understand the full conception of these Laws in the past. All the great Masters who came to the Universe to teach had an understanding of the Universal Principles, the Universal and Spiritual Laws. The Laws were meant to be kept, and they fully understood them. But there were teachings that were misconstrued because the mind of man did not fully understand. Yet it is for you to come back into the form of the original creation of the Spirit. And now, we are moving into the time of great battle. Armageddon will not be fought on Earth as it were. For those that know that it is Armageddon, it is in the heavens, within the mind of man. So the armies of Angels who want to issue new force into the new life and new way of living have appeared for many things have come about. A part of this is to bring in the Energy to support the upliftment of the Mind of Man. So these Laws each serve a purpose in unity and harmony to awaken mankind to the Creator’s world of joy, peace and love.


These laws were set in motion to bring Mother Earth and her people back to a world of Love, back into the Arms and Throne of Light. ******* The Laws certainly increase the vibratory rate of your body. Your mental body will also increase. Your knowingness will increase. Your gifted abilities to heal your thought will increase. The ability to heal with a simple touch will increase. It is an awakening of what you are. “For this and even greater things you shall know.� Many of you are beginning to understand it already. You are awakening to your gifts - the gift of spirit, the gifts of the Higher self. Some would know this Higher Self as the Holy Spirit. When you are in touch with this aspect of your being, these gifts become a part of you. And then you see the lifting of your vibrations in awakening to it. In that realm of Higher spirit, always, not just for a fleeting moment, it will be normal to have these gifts.. Being in the Vibration of Light with all of these gifts is the normal aspect of your being. Recognize it. Be it. It is yours for the asking. The Universal and Spiritual Laws all speak to one another in harmony, in musical harmony, in the Language of Light, in the Language of Sound, in the Language of Love. The Star Elders who gave you the Universal and Spiritual Laws are from Orion. However, the information comes from all star systems. They were ambassadors to give you the information. They were chosen and selected to come to you, to awaken you to the task of remembering and helping others remember. So, it is not just them, it is all realms that they represented. In humanness, people tend to separate the world you would know from the Star Nations. Star people do not see the separateness in each other, as the human mind does. Even your own DNA is part of those with suctions on their fingers, with six fingers, yes? If you were to look at the fetus of a human embryo, that embryo goes through the same evolution as any two-legged extraterrestrial. Have you wondered where you came from? When you say that these beings are your brothers and sisters, it is so. All are brothers and sisters because Creator has made it so by Law, Star Law. The Star Laws, while they are Universal, are analogous to what each country on Mother Earth establishes through a flag of symbols. Each Law is representative of a Universal Galaxy. This creates a unity of support throughout the Federation. *.*.*.*.*.*.* In the beginning, there was no separation of human form or laws that were set up for man and woman. You need an understanding of who you are now. The feminine is more attuned to understanding the Universal Laws. The males have more an


understanding of the Spiritual Law. Thus there will be a shift in understanding and moving back into the correctness of Star Laws when the 1,000 Years of Peace begins. The human mind can make things difficult. Down through the ages and each incarnation, it was believed that you had to experience difficulty to be here. Accept the state of grace, the State of Being One, the State of Love. It has always been here. There are others who struggle as well. They are coming into the Federation of Light. Rejoice in that! For you are moving into a new way of living. You are moving into the fire of Light, a fire that is not burning, a fire of transmutation: The Eternal Flame of Love. Thus awaken the stellar part of yourself that is light encoding. Your DNA is the light of your heart. So let go of the thought that your DNA is third dimensional. Rather understand your DNA as light and sound and color. Understand the DNA strands that have been missing are beginning to make their way. They are making reconnection from the physical to the spiritual realm, the realm of Fire within you. So it is more than what you see under your microscopes. The Universal and Spiritual Laws are honored by all Creations. By All That Is. If they are not honored, there will be no peace. It was set up so that you have a choice. All creation honors free will, not just in human life, but in all things, plants, rocks, Earth, animals, all Creation. The beings that understand it the most, are the plant kingdoms. For the plant kingdom existed before the human kingdom. And, it has evolved into a higher vibration, a higher Light than human existence. So, your plant kingdom gives of itself for you. It does so that you may honor yourselves and help your bodies move into the Light, thus reconnect to the physical and carry forth this awakening of the body. Pray and meditate; find the center within you, so that you can get an understanding of the God-creation that exists within you. The cleansing of the human spirit and the cleansing of the body will lift you into a higher vibration of Light. You can connect with advanced beings who can help you understand to a greater extent, and thereby move into a higher being, move into the sixth and seventh dimension of Human Being. When your body begins to vibrate at higher rates, you create a knowing within the body that will be automatic, it simply will be a part of you. It is an acceptance, a knowing of Light and Truth. So your bodies will be taking on the Garment of Life, you will wear it as a part of you. This garment of light, is a raiment of Love, a raiment of Peace, a raiment of Joy. For Truth is Light. We love you. Mitakuye Oyasin. (All my Relations) NAPE ZI ď€


Mother Earth Message You were led by Higher Self. You were led by Higher Spirit. You were led by Creator. You have been chosen and you agreed to be here. You received gifts for healing. And these gifts belong to mankind. Utilize these gifts to create balance, first, within yourself, your family, take it out to your relatives, the people of the world, all directions, whether they are from the East, West, North, South, Above or Below. Utilize these gifts to help Mother Earth to heal the mistakes we made. Mother Earth has been good to us. She has nourished us with her milk--the Mni Wiconi, the Water of Life. She has nourished us with the foods of the Earth, with the fruits of Her body. She has comforted through your sorrows, through your grief, through your hardships in life. She has always been there for you along with Creator, when you felt abandoned it was only when you needed to grow, you needed to take time for yourself to learn and to go within, to find those healing energies it takes to heal. Many of you have improved yourself and you have become like Spirit. Many of you have improved as a channel, to carry out the word. Many of you have utilized your own action as a gift to others. Many of you have overcome the greatest of difficulties and followed the disciplines within your path that helped you to be the teachers that you are. Many of you have gone beyond your own limitations of compassion, just to help others to grow and to walk with Spirit, to walk in a unified effort to protect and defend Mother Earth. Think of Mother Earth as your own Daughter. How do you protect your Daughter from the negatives of creation? Think of Mother Earth as your Sister, as a younger Sister - to defend and to carry Her through Her difficulties. Think of Mother Earth as your Mother - to honor, to worship. Adore - Her. Think of Mother Earth as your Aunt, as you would learn from your Aunt to discipline yourself. Think of Mother Earth as your Grandmother, as your advisor in the deepest moments of your life. Think of Mother Earth as the Universal Mother of all creation - the creation that has helped you with happiness in good health and a long life.


There have been many feminine energies in your life that helped create the person that you are. There have been many feminine energies in your life that have helped to create the Woman that you are. There have been many feminine energies in your life that have helped to create the Man that you are. Honor these energies, these goddess energies have been so vital in your existence as Man and as Woman. When you look up into the heavens and the skies, you see the Clouds. These Clouds are the plume of your Mother. Through these plumes, the Clouds carry her name: Pacha, Ina, Unci Maka. Honor this name in your time of need and in your time of want. Always remember to give back to Mother Earth tenfold of what she has given to you, so that all beings of creation may enjoy the fruits of your actions. In the Animal Kingdom, look at the Ways of the Bear. While she sleeps her Children will play, her Children will do things without the watchful eye of the Mother. So is the way of Mother Earth - while she Sleeps, we play. When She is awakened, as a Bear, She will be hungry and will shake Herself. She will rise at the moment when we least expect. We need to take care of Her, treasure Her moment of sleep. We need to honor Her moment of rest. We need to worship that moment of Dream. Now, through this sleep, our Mother Earth will help us with the messages that we need in our Walk on this Path. We need to listen to Her silent voice with our mind. We need to listen to Her silent voice with our heart. Listen to every message that She has given to your Spirit. You will have a life of balance and harmony with creation. All you men of knowledge and all you men of Spirit, treat Mother Earth as you would treat your wife. Treat Mother Earth with respect and honor. Give Her all the support and love that She needs to nourish her Children. Share with your wife all the Wisdom of your Mother and Grandmother. Protect your wife for she is the daughter of a mother. These are the instructions of the White Buffalo Calf Woman. These are the instructions of the Blessed Virgin, Mary. These are the instructions of the Lady of Guadeloupe. Honor these instructions. They are gifts for the new race of mankind, which is the new race of peace. The new race of honor, the new race of respect, the new race of balance. Through this, you will find harmony with Mother Earth, the feminine energies of Universe, and Creator. Honor each other as Man and as Woman--without each other, you cannot live, without each other, you cannot grow. You are in balance as human beings. You are one as human beings. As a human being you are the same energy, only with a different name -Man, Woman. Honor each other, for you will honor the Creator. Honor each other, for you will honor Mother Earth. Honor each other, for you will honor yourself. Honor each other for you will honor all creation. Honor each other for you will honor the Universe.


You men, honor the ways of your Grandfather. Do not look upon another man as your enemy. Do not look upon another man as different. Do not look upon him as your competitor. Look upon him as your Brother. Look upon him as your Uncle. Look upon him as your Father. Look upon him as your Grandfather. Treat yourself as you would treat another man. Treat another man as you would treat yourself. He is of the same blood. He is of the same flesh. He is of the same Creator as you. Condemn not a men for the color of his skin, the hue of his flesh, the lilt of his voice or the curvature of his face. It is the unseen within him which can love you. Look upon your fellow man as you would look upon yourself. When you see yourself, you will see a man of creation, a man of balance, a man of harmony and peace. When you go out to nourish your families, respect all life. Respect all life forms. Do not hunt for the sake of killing. If you hunt for the sake of killing, go out and hunt a man, for he is your equal, and he can shoot back the arrow. When you feel proud and mighty and above your fellow man, go out into the Forest. Stand before the Mighty Pine. Tell that Mighty Pine how great of a man you are. Go out and stand before the Mighty Blade of Grass. Tell that Mighty Blade of Grass how great of a man you are. Stand with that Mighty Pine and that Mighty Blade of Grass, and see who stands the longest. If you feel like a Wolf in your lodge, go out into the Forest. Spend some time. Find tranquillity. Rest for a while. Return a whole person. The greatest gift you can give to your Brother or your fellow man is the gift of Knowledge. For the Father, Seven sets of Four summers, go out into the hills with your Son, stand naked for a time with your Son, and, knowing this is the link in the decency of man, tell your Son you love him. This will be here and gone. And, in time, your Son will ask himself, “Did my father love me?’ The Wind will tell him so. Fathers and Mothers, in your youth, find time for your Children. For, in your age, your Children will find time for you. Fathers and Mothers, if you are to correct a Child, do so in such a way as to build their Spirit. Lay not your hand on them, for you may damage the possession of the Great Spirit - his gift of life through you. Fathers and Mothers, look into the eyes of a small Child, and you will know the love of Great Spirit. Sons belong to Fathers, for Fathers were once Sons. Daughters belong to Mothers, for Mothers were once Daughters. If the Mother was to raise a Son, then he can never become a warrior. If the Father were to raise a Daughter, then she will always have


trouble in her search for gentleness. The pride of the Father in his Son is the glint of the Son, in a worthy effort. The pride of the Mother in her Daughter is how gentle she becomes. The Father is the Law of the Lodge. The Mother is the Love. If the Mother becomes Law and Love of the Lodge, then Father becomes useless in the eyes of the Children. If the Father becomes Law and Love of the Lodge, then Mother becomes useless in the eyes of the Children. Each must have their place. These disciplines have been laid down through the ages by the Wicahpe Oyate (Star Nations) to the men of the Kit Fox Society and to the Dreaming Society to create the Equality of Man, Woman and Child. These laws and disciplines have come from the Spirit. They have come from your Ancestors and they were given to the race of this Land. Thus honor the teachers of this Land, they have sacrificed their blood so you could have a good life. Honor their teachings, for they have honored yours. They have adopted your ways of living. They have adopted your ways of prayer. They have adopted your way of life. They have adopted these ways through depression, suppression and oppression from their fellow man. Through this shift (to the Earth Ways), Red Man is the teacher. So honor his teachings. He has held these secrets; he has held these Traditions. He has held these oralities that have sustained the deepest part of his soul. Because he has loved the Grandmothers, he has loved the Grandfathers, he has loved the Ways of Earth. The old ones were given the disciplines to protect the Earth. They cannot protect the Earth when the Black Man, White Man and Yellow Man have abused theirs--the water, the Fire, the Air. The responsibilities have not been met. So with great difficulty, our Mother Earth is sore. She has sores on Her body, Her hair has been cut, Her skin has been ripped apart and Her clothes have been torn off Her back while she’s been sleeping. When She awakes, we need worry. Before she awakes, we can correct our mistakes by clothing Her, by combing Her hair and by cleansing Her wounds. We can do this as Spiritual men and women of Earth. Learn the Language of the Mind. It’s more powerful than the language of the tongue and mouth. Learn the Language of the Heart; for it’s more powerful than the mind and the language of tongue and mouth. Combine the Language of the Heart and Mind before you use the language of the tongue. Use these languages in unison. When the language is formed by the essence of the three, there will be Language of Love and Peace. It will be language that will start the healing process within ourselves and all through Mother Earth. Mitakuye Oyasin. Ista To   



Protects Personal Freedom Invokes the Freedom Ray Accesses Great Karmic Council


TUNKASINA Protects Personal Freedom The Grandfathers will speak on the Protection of Free Will, the protection of personal choice. The Universal Law of Free Will calls in the energy and holds the space for the integrity of the individual. This integrity is for all beings: the beings that are flying ones, the beings that walk on two legs, the beings that swim, the beings that grow as plants and trees, the beings which live within the earth, and also the many spiritual ones that are unseen by human eyes and yet are there. Every being of Mother Earth has this right and responsibility of Free Will and choice. Within the very DNA is this Breath of Life. Thus, inner ways show themselves through the practice of Free Will. The Creator has decreed and put forth through thought and heart that every being is protected by Cosmic Law. This Cosmic Law has many names and many forms - it is the Circle. This circle is that which you put out; it is that which comes to you. Choose with your will what you want through the heart. Then, create with the tools of your mind. The Grandfathers remind you that the purpose of the human being here upon our Mother Earth is first to learn. Learn as an equal with all beings. Then, serve as the protector of Life - Life which has its own Free Will. Therefore, when this power known as the Universal Law of Free Will is invoked, it sets up a radiance of protection in a whole area within an individual and in the surrounding environment. This protection is called “respect.� The strongest way to get what your heart desires is to respect one another. Feel first and then act. Reflect in the mirror of self and in the mirror of life. Free Will is the freedom of all things moving together in harmony - one giving away to another . This is why the people dance and pray together. Each has a gift to give to the whole. By giving your gift, all gifts can be received and shared.


The Grandfathers use their gifts to benefit humanity and to benefit the Animal Nation, the Tree Nation, the Mineral-Stonepeople Nation. Respect the whole harmony of life. This is the key to delving within what is known as Free Will . Free Will is in the group, the circle. Free Will is in the individual surrendering to the greater Beauty - in surrendering, discovering who he or she truly is. Free Will is not going out and doing anything you wish to do. Free Will is feeling within and acting from a place of respect, peace and beauty. The Grandfathers ask everyone to know their heart, to find and to feel that which is the Center of Life. Find that which is truly important to you. Then with boldness, without fear, and with great enthusiasm, do what enlivens your heart. This is the path to true Free Will. This is the Path of Respect. When all hearts express themselves purely, life is real, is potent, is the Great Beauty that we all yearn and seek. Protect what is called Free Will; attune to the heart and the heart rhythm. Love is the way of True Respect, of True Balance and is the Way of the Sacred Path.


ARCTURUS Invokes the Freedom Ray Arcturus is a very beautiful place. We have learned the true expression of freedom. We are in resonance with this Sacred Path. This means that we practice the principles of the Seventh Ray. Here upon Mother Earth the human civilizations are likewise destined to a great mastery in this expression of Truth. First, we see that it is very important for the human being to discover what freedom is for themselves. Learn to respect the freedom of each other. Allow the cycles and the natural rhythms to flow uninterrupted. Allow one another to be who you truly are. This symbol known as the Universal Law of Free Will is one which is focused and understood within our healing temples. It is a vibration, an understanding. This symbol is sent forth from our worlds and our own Central Sun as a gift to the Universe. This is why we speak to you at this time. We are guardians of this Sacred Ray of Freedom for the Universe. Understand that we will grow even more when Earthlings, the human beings, unfold in their Destiny of Freedom. There are many masters and teachers of freedom here with Mother Earth. Therefore, we would say, “Open your hearts and your crowns, allow that Wisdom which is there to unfold. Each and every being that comes to Mother Earth comes with a great mastery of what it means to be free.” Within our healing temples our priests and priestesses and Beings of Light focus this universal vibration and send forth this energy to all life in this Universe. Someday this same practice will be known of Mother Earth’s people also. Each individual has the choice of the magnitude and expanse of their service. Therefore, we say to you that each one can choose to open to this Sacred Ray of Freedom.


Channel its energies through your aura, through your heart, and through your mind. Allow these energies to flow from the Central Sun in your heart and your mind to Mother Earth, to all of the Kingdoms of Life, and especially to other human beings. There are many ways to access this Sacred Ray through the use of this symbol. We are not going to tell you all of the secrets at this time, for these answers are within you. Be creative. Express your own freedom. Explore. This is the purpose of this Law: the freedom to be, to explore, to live, to create with the Universe. The principles of this Freedom Ray are the principles of transformation. They are the understandings of peacefulness, of coexistence with all life. To open yourself to this vibration of freedom is to reconnect yourself to a great Family of Light, who serve in this Sacred Realm of God’s creation. Avow yourselves to open, to flow with this energy. It will transform the blocks and difficulties of remembering - freeing your body, your heart, and your mind. Masterful knowledge and application, will pull you forward into new experiences, new understandings, and remembrances of how holy life really is! We suggest that this power of the Universal Law of Free Will be used with respect for all life. For this Freedom Ray endears this respect and magnetizes what you need right to you. And so we say, “Create your own Sacred Space.” It may be within your heart. It may be within your private dwelling place. It may be out among the Sacred Elements. Use this Divine Science of Transformation and Understanding to help all beings from the place of the heart, from the place of desiring good for all. Help Mother Earth lift into the Greater Light. And, when invoking this gift and this law of the Holy Mother, follow your own inner wisdom, from the heart, with the expectation that you will succeed in learning to honor our Mother the Earth. As a gift, this energy will open you to that which you already are. Know that we of Arcturus are holding this focus for you. And, know that when reaching into this vibration known as the Violet Color, known as Mercy, known as Ascension, you will be unfolding a plan that you have already prepared for yourself. Go slowly. Go with honor for all life. Understand that your service, through the application of this Universal Law, will bless all, bless yourself,and bless your Universe.


QUAN YIN Accesses Great Karmic Council I am one that you know as a great being of Freedom. In the East I am known as the Mother of Mercy. I am here to share some basic understanding. This Sacred Law is in itself a portal of freedom. Whenever its symbol is invoked in any form, the Cosmic Councils are aware. The Cosmic Council who is responsible for Free Will upon Mother Earth is known as the Great Karmic Board. It is known as the Circle of Decision. For, each and every life form, every being of this Solar System, must come before our Council, sit with us, and share. Then together, we craft the Sacred Path for each incarnation into the physical world. This means that our Council is responsible to all that occurs in your third dimension. This is particularly true with human beings, helping each in fulfilling their Sacred Tasks. When this Universal Law is invoked, we pay attention. The Universal Law of Free Will has within in it the keys for the ending of duality, for the dawning of Unity. It has the keys of transcendence and the great coming of Universal Peace. As a bringer of Mercy, I wish all to know that forgiveness and understanding are the surest path to this peace. This way of being judgment-free is the surest way to personal freedom. And so, invoke without judgment of each other. The very nature of Free Will is the freedom of all. Know that this Law can be called forth as a Standard of Freedom. The Angels and beings of Liberty descend as a whirlwind to protect the rights and gifts of those so


invoking. Such invocation of this Universal Law draws the direct attention of our Sacred Council of Karma . And so, you may open to yourself to a great opportunity. This very Council is the one that decides if you are ready to step through the Veil into greater light. We also decide if it is still beneficial and necessary for more lessons with Mother Earth. Should you be ready to grow more, invoke this Law. Learn more about freedom! Learn more about yourself and others. Should you call upon this Law in fear, then fear is what you will learn first. Should you call upon this Law with the expectation of love, then love will flourish. This symbol brings that which is in your heart. It accelerates the cycle of freeing you from all things that hold you back from who you truly are. You may at any time come before our Council through the use of this Law. Our Council is of seven great Elders, all of whom have been working with Mother Earth for many cosmic seasons. All of them love each and every being which lives, breathes, exists, creates, expresses in, on, around Mother Earth. Should you have a concern that you wish to bring before our Council, you will receive the wisdom that you seek in a dream, in a vision, or in a voice that will speak. These answers will always concern the Sacred Path of yourself. Know that the Sacred Path of another is the business of that other, only and, of course, of this Council. And so, focus upon your own growth, your own expression of freedom and the honoring of freedom of others. Know that this Sacred Vibration, known as the Universal Law of Free Will, will open you to who you are in many dimensions. For, this Freedom energy is an energy of integration, an energy of reaching further than you seem to remember or seem to experience. Know that at the Center of All, we of the Great Karmic Council will remind you of your own Sacred Labor. The Path which you chose, we approved, and together celebrated before your arrival upon Mother Earth. Forgiveness is the quickest path to your goal. Forgiveness is the quickest path to freeing your body of its maladies, your mind of its misunderstandings. Forgiveness is the path of Freedom. All of our Council are at your service; we are mirrors for you. May the Freedom Ray, the Flames of Mercy, the Wisdom of this peaceful Law of great fiery vibration, bless each and every one, bless Mother Earth, and bless your Solar Family.


Know that soon things will shift, and you will See, and Hear, and Know, and Feel. We of the Great Karmic Board, this Council of Seven, with great love in our beings, are with you now and forever.   

 



Open Gates That Have Been Closed Initiates the Alchemy Of Self Invokes Dharmic Path


MATO MANI Opens Gates That Have Been Closed

The Gates have been closed because the human being was not ready. This is a burden carried by the guardian. The Bear Clans are one such guardian. I am Walking Bear, here to speak for the Bear People. Human Being have many blessings. Blessings are spiritual gifts. There are gifts that go into the inner world and gifts to know realms far away and unseen. Each of these gifts is a privilege; privileges waiting to be claimed. Gifts of Spiritual Sight, Prayer, Healing, and Relationship with All That Is, are possible for those who learn love and enjoy All Their Relations. The Spiritual Law of Freedom of Man opens these gifts to you. It opens those who come with open heart and mind. There are tests, for a gift is sacred responsibility. Tests will come according to the Spiritual Law. Yes, everyone can open their gifts if everyone is ready to love All Relations, All That Is. See if you are ready to honor the Dance of Life. “Would you set a dinner plate for your relation the bear?” “Could you hold love when fear might tempt you?” Human beings have many emotions to clean up. The emotional heart is a Treasure of Life. The heart must be cleaned. The fires must turn pure in the heart. Then, gifts will be there. If you wish to open the doors that have been shut, prepare for those blessings that are most difficult for you. Embrace your challenges! Many relations await the awakening of human beings; the opening of the human heart. We are ready for you. There used to be quite a happy time when all life was in respect and balance. So, look within. Open those doorways which scare you the most. Then, your hearts will open.


Do this now. Know that those teeth of the bear may eat you; yet, the mind of the bear will bless you. The Bear suggests to the human being - open the Four Doorways of the Mind. These are the doorways at the front of the head, and at the back, and those doorways at each side. Perhaps then you will be able to see again and know that you are not alone. Do not forget to open that door at the top of the head. Listen to the Creator’s words. Reconnect with those higher realms. Open that doorway that is within, if you can find the key. Do you remember love? Search within. The Silence will embrace you as it embraces the Bear. Go within. Know the Silence of Mystery. Dance awhile with the Great Mother. Then, you will know what love is. But, you must go until you find yourself. We of the Bear Clans do pray for the human beings. We are glad that we no longer have to shut doors. We are glad that these teachings are coming to the People again. Find your freedom and set us all free.


MAHPIYA OYATE Initiates The Alchemy of Self We are a race of Star People that exist beyond physicality. This is exactly why the Councils have chosen us to speak to you. We may be known as “Cloud People�. Our forms shift like the clouds. We exist in a place which is, to your understanding, interdimensional space. We are here to speak to you of what it means to be True Self. Human destiny is a destiny of great beauty, one that literally has no limits or boundaries to Self. We are people who flow together, merge, and emerge, so are the depths within the human being. As inner space has been a mystery, so is our life unimaginable to you. Human beings, even as they are now, are much more than ordinary. Is transmutation, really so ordinary? What about yourself? You know that you are creators. And yet, it all seems so ordinary. We see that human beings have great skills and abilities which they do not yet recognize within themselves. We see the future of the human peoples as something very beautiful. The word alchemy is about transformation, about the interrelatedness of all things. Just as our own people shift and touch one another at inner levels, just as two clouds passing through one another, so too there are many elements within each human being such as wisdom and intelligence. These can be known as parts of Self. It is easy to understand that there is the personality and the mind. There is the heart; and there is the physicality. We see that each and every activity of the human day is a whole complete reality. Thus, indeed, you are really multidimensional. Yet, many worlds are perceived just as one. To realize the world within is to realize many facets of soul and creativity. Beings with whom you have associated in the past, present and future; beings that you are forming to be in the future; the being that you are in the Eternal now; the holy beings that 36

you revere, and those which you hate, all of these presences are within you, and are working in a relationship with one another. We have seen many beings blame their actions on one another or blame their actions on a “spiritual force” outside of themselves. We see that these forces must be within for there to be any effect at all. And so we say, “Look within and understand that the real transformations are inner ones.” When the inner worlds are balanced, human beings will reach into much greater worlds. Civilizations and life forms such as ourselves are more than ready to receive, to teach, to exchange, to play with human beings, and to enjoy each and every one. There was a time, really not that long ago, when all human beings walked with the Star People, with the realms of the Masters and Angels, with the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, with the Ancestors, and with the Animals. They communicated mind to mind. These activities still occur in great frequency around Mother Earth. They simply are hidden and guarded. And, it is good that this is so. Those that do not understand these abilities tend to be jealous. With the benefit of this Sacred Spiritual Law, you can achieve the freedom that you seek once again. You may create altars. You may draw with symbol. Being creative and feeling the paths, the inner paths, is the key. Bring balance to those beings within. Bring integration to all those feelings. Truly the greatest victory in this age for human beings will be that inner peace that has been taught so much. For Mother Earth’s teachings include vast libraries concerning inner peace. When this library of inner peace is achieved, and these forces, entities, beings, understandings, and what you call ideas, are all in balance within you, then human beings will become what Star People call fully conscious. This is what we call being “available to go play,” to do something, to express the love and the gifts that Creator has given. Develop your personal ceremonies concerning this symbol, this Sacred Law. Honor the law. Cry for your freedom. Choose balance Within.


So the Alchemy of Self is the power to achieve balance, through the four elements of your world, those four which manifest in the physical realm. Also, remember those elements known as ether, manna and essence. These are astral beings that are important to your world. Honor these elements in your ceremonies. Remember your ceremonies that honor these elements: be it a bath, be it a dance, be it prayer, be it communion, be it starry communication. Call in those beings that are of the Light. Call in those beings that have their Love in full glory. Call in those Teachers of Peace. The Stone People of your planet are very powerful teachers of peace. The Water People teach patience and flexibility. The Fire People teach the Laws of Transmutation and becoming One through energy. The Sacred Breath is the gift of life. Know and explore these blessings which are a part of your world. For there are many worlds which have not realized these gifts. Touch and embrace, make love, if you will, to these Relations. Know the gentleness and know the strength. Allow these feelings, all of your feelings to flow through. This is alchemy in action. Allow the thoughts that come from these feelings to unfold themselves. For this is one of the results of the alchemy of self: new thought, creativity. Know that in freedom there is the necessity of choice: the choice of action or of patience. Enjoy your bodies. There are many beings that do not have the blessing of the physical form as you do. We can say to you that there are many capabilities within the human body that are yet untapped by most. Become conscious of the cells of your body. Feed them the many elements that they need. Become conscious of your organs. And, feed them what they need. If you have questions as to what the cells or organs or molecules or the atoms or any part of your being needs, simply ask.


They are a part of you as you are to the Sun. Your Father’s Sun cares for you gently and thoroughly. So too, know the concerns and meanings of your body. For, indeed, the body is a Sacred Temple, a Tree of Life, a Great Mystery waiting to be discovered. You are a blessing that we, the Cloud People, and many peoples of the Star Nations are waiting to see. For, the human books are not finished and the authors are you! This Spiritual Law of Freedom is a very active and powerful principle. Know that when you apply this energy, that, indeed, it will initiate a transformation within you. Initiate this transformation with love and love will be the result. Initiate this transformation under the guidance and protection of those who help you from the Spirit. Always follow your intuition Follow the Spirit in the moment. Create through gifts that you have been given. Know that your ongoing Alchemy of Self will be expanded, strengthened, and even purified through this Spiritual Law of Freedom. Humankind will soon be with many beautiful and glorious peoples. Their freedom and your freedom is certain. For, we stand with you in the future already. We are reaching to you now through Portals of Time. Allow your inner world to transform like the Clouds. For Spirit is a Cloud of Life.


KRISHNA Invokes Dharmic Path

This is Krishna. I am an ancient teacher from your past. And I will let you know that there are few that will hear these words that do not know me. I am here to speak on a most ancient path - the Path of Dharma, the Path of Gracethrough - Service. When you give yourself in the fullest, the Universe blesses you beyond your imagination. Many peoples are very fascinated with the Path of Karma: the path of, “I do this, and boom, this happens to me.” Yet there are also many masters and teachers in the realms of Light which enjoy much greater fantasies and adventures. This is because of their fascination with, “I want to know how to give to my brother and sister today!” The Dharmic Path is following the heart to its extreme joy! Learn to handle this energy within the body in a calm yet passionate way. The Dharmic Path is that Master’s Path. It is the path of Grace. As you grace others, the Universe graces you. Thus, this cycle, called the Law of Cause and Effect, spins to bless you, rather than to teach you some lesson you really wanted to learn! Choose to give of your gifts. This is how gifts develop. This is how you achieve the freedom that you say you so desire. Claim this freedom through the use of one of your special gifts today. Know that another opportunity for your gift will soon show itself. You need not go out searching for a place to put your gifts, because the Universe will provide you a time and place so far more perfect than you could conceive. Simply be ready to give your gift when the Universe says, “I’m ready!” It is the holding back of the gifts and the holding back of the love that causes what we call Karma. If you give freely every day, you will soon cycle beyond the illusion. 40

True abundance then becomes your Way. The wings of the Sacred Bird become your own, and lift you into higher planes. This is how you ascend, O People of Mother Earth! Express your gifts and the beauty lifts you ! When you pray or meditate, this is using your gifts. Practice spiritual gifts for they increase and empower those around you to employ their spiritual gifts. For when one person walks this Sacred Path known as Giveaway, known as Service, known as Love, it spreads and grows through that web of life. Your family, friends, and community cannot resist the good that will then grow within them. Before they know what they are doing, they will be doing what you are doing: enjoying the gifts of Life. This is why the path is known as the Path of Grace. It says, “Step out there and do what you’ve been resisting. Give.” Use your sacred talents! Use them when the Universe says, “It’s time!” Then, the power comes! And then, the magic comes and the Spirit says, “Hurray!” Serve! Use your grounded talents and create within yourself. For it is you that creates and opens these talents. If you believe that you can heal, then you will learn how to heal. If you believe that you can pray, you will learn how to pray! If you believe that you can strengthen another, then another will be strengthened! This is all the Dharmic Path. It is the Spiritual Freedom of Man to walk the High Road of Spirit. This is claiming the sacred responsibility of the Giveaway and walking it with Pride and Strength and Love! This Life is true. So live it, O People! Claim your destiny! Dharma! Do what your heart really wants to do anyway! And, know that it is already so. 


 


  Invokes Butterfly Medicine

Reinvigorates Stagnant Life Cycles Great Mystery Symbol 42

KIMIMILA Invokes Butterfly Medicine I am Butterfly Woman. I am a keeper of the Pathways of Change. This law of our Holy Mother guides all aspects of change. Therefore, this principle is very active. It is the guidepost for that movement which we call Life. Life is ever-changing, evergrowing, ever-expressing. If you were to look within the very movements of the Elements, you would see this pattern known as Universal Law of Change. I am here to speak of how to accelerate transformation. For the Butterfly walks the Medicine Wheel in the Four Directions, having four stages of life.. Great Spirit sends forth life. Mother Earth provides a little world for this life to grow. We call this life the egg. And within the egg the individual gestates and internalizes their purpose for being, visioning who they are and why. This is the first stage of life, the first stage of transformation. This is why the Medicine Path first sends the individual to first be with themself and Spirit, to be in this egg of centering. It is a womb of nourishment, protection for the nourishment needed is already there; for the Universe takes care of all of its own. With great excitement the being moves from this direction of the East to the South, going forth as that caterpillar to experience life, new concepts; to become more through living life out loud with vigor in the strength of the self, to experience Love, to experience the innocent nature, to experience Truth in the world, and ingest the blessings of the Tree of Life. This step upon the wheel tends to be a longer one. For there is much to digest in order to understand that vision, that purpose discovered in the East. When the vision of Life unfolds and enough experiences have become one with you, it is time for the West, time to go within that cocoon, to go within that cave, as the Bear would teach. Look within to unfold experiences of Life, feel the warmth of the Mother again held within this Cosmic womb, reflect in the Mirror of Self, discover the Love within the Sacred Silence and shift within to prepare for the Great Day of Healing. For only within the protection of the Mother’s heart can the wings of Spirit grow, can the spiritual abilities mature. In the West as in the East, the cocoon unfolds transformation as the egg unfolds Life. Those experiences of the South are finally understood, within, without, and in relation to the Silent Universe.


And at some moment when praying, the Dawn opens again, the inner fires burst forth, the cocoon parts, and, as if walking out of your own skin, as if dropping your robe, you step into the North a new being. It’s stepping into the airs of True Reality, stepping into the Wisdom of the Grandfathers. Patience is necessary to dry the wings before flight, to receive that healing and complete integration. Then, on a crisp, sunny morning the Spirit will call, the wings will unfold, the wheel will have been walked, Life will have evolved and flight to new service with the nectars of Life is yours. In this place called the Spirit Door, you dwell in the Service with the Spirits of the Holy Breath. This is the promise of the Butterfly Medicine. This is the cycle of transformation that Butterfly Medicine brings. Within the course of human unfoldment, human beings must walk this path through the Rainbow, through the Seven Mountains of Self, walking this Wheel of Transformation. This means seven lifetimes, seven realities, seven bodies or physical forms. Yet, through the gift of our Holy Mother of this Universal Law, through the gift of the Butterfly Medicine which is instantly invoked, this transformation is accelerated to great capacities. Within a Moon Cycle, a dedicated being can complete one of these Sacred Mountains of Self. Within a year, the Medicine of the Butterfly is anchored and complete, a full cycle in rhythm with Mother Earth’s seasons. The Holy Ones through our Medicine could transform a being in a single day. So before invoking this Medicine of personal transformation, call upon this Sacred Law, go and pray together with the Spirits that guide you, understand and choose the cycle of your unfolding, be it a day, be it a week, be it a Moon, or be it a year. For one trip around this wheel, Great Mystery Mother grants blessing to the human beings. For this change is a graceful one, an accelerated path. Choose it,, embrace it, become it, enjoy it. Always walk this Path of the Butterfly in sincerity and Butterfly Woman will be there to watch, to protect, and to teach.


MNI WICONI Reinvigorates Stagnant Life Cycles Do you feel stuck? If you do, then you are. I am a Cosmic Traveler who has come through that portal known as Orion. I will carry a glimmer of these energies to you. For I am here as a watcher, an observer and as a teacher from another place in our Universe, a place where Life flows with such strength that water and fire are one! The idea of stagnancy is new to my being. I have watched it; therefore in truth, there is no such thing as stagnancy. There is simply that which is slow and there is that which is fast. If you seek to move beyond the cycle you are bored of, invoke this Law of Change. And soon new doorways will be there for you. Choose the doorway that you wish to pursue. For the Universe will present you with many. The first doorway may be the best, for it may be a test for a greater one that is coming. The heart is always the best way to know. Stagnancy, boredom, thinking that you are stuck in one place is often because you have chosen to step off that Path of Spirit. Somewhere, you chose a different priority. It may even be said that your evolution has come to a standstill, that you need a restart, to push that button of acceleration to open that Door of Renewal. This Cosmic Law, this energy pathway, will certainly achieve your renewal. The Changing Waters of my own home will come to you and free those elements within you that seem to be stuck, bringing to you new thoughts, new energy, and new feelings. It is up to you to decide the pathway, to choose that which you wish to receive and that which you wish to pass by. It is critical that when these energies present themselves to you after you have invoked this Law, that you quickly say, “yes” or “ no,” for this will direct the course of your destiny. Especially the day of the invocation of this law, and the four day cycle from that moment, will determine the pathway of your season. For this Universal Law of Change, when invoked to transform stagnant life cycles, involves a four-moon cycle. 45

Therefore, set aside an entire day to pray with this Sacred Law and invoke the everchanging Waters. I will be there with you and will listen to your prayers. The prayers of this day will chart the course of your four Moon cycle. This cycle will teach you much about the living waters of life. Therefore, prepare yourself. Set aside the Sacred Space for this law to work. Prepare your prayers Prepare your body. Prepare your Heart, Mind and Spirit, for each one of these are a Moon cycle of transformation. If you are ready for the quick quick, and for the quickening that has been prophesied, invoke this law of Change and the living waters will flow within your Body, Heart, Mind, and Spirit. For seven hours pray with each of these Medicines. Pray for your Body, Heart, Mind, and Spirit. The prayers of these seven hours will reflect the rainbow of experience during those four Moon cycles. The Living Waters will flow within your aura. Remember to call in your protectors, not so much for yourself, but for others, for this four month cycle will be set apart from others. The transformations of the self that will occur in the transformation of stagnant life energies will be STRONG for those around you. Therefore, call upon the Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Spirit Mother and Spirit Father to cocoon you and shield your Relations from the intensity of this energy. Prepare. Invoke. And enjoy the travel. For during this four month cycle you will experience great realms of inner transformation.

                   


    

TAKU WAKAN TANKA OYATE Great Mystery System 

Greetings, my Relations. I am Bodhisaatva of Mystery, a servant of our Holy Cosmic Mother. I am here to share just a very little bit., to teach a proper approach to the Mystery through this Sacred Law. Should any Relation need to travel into the Great Beyond, this Sacred Law will open the rift of Eternity and allow entrance into the Void of Mystery. Relations, call upon me, Bodhisaatva of Mystery, and I will watch over you during your travels in the Great Unknown. This Great Unknown is one which is accessed for only very important reasons, and by the direct guidance of the Spirit. The Mystery is not a place for a Sunday picnic. It is a place of Sacred business. To prepare for a journey within the Mystery and to utilize the path of this Sacred Law of Change, you must fast for four days and have your purpose clear in your heart, and have one prayer. It is at this time that Bodhisaatva of Mystery will come to you. I will awaken your Guardians to focus within you for The Journey. I will open the portal, and take you where you need to go. I will hold the space for you, and allow your prayer to be heard. Bodhisaatva will take you into the very Sacred Realm of our Cosmic Mother. I will sing a Sacred Song for you. I will lead you through the Mother back to the mountain of your prayer. I will seal the portal of your entry. I will bless your purpose, and seal your fasting on the mountain. I am Bodhisaatva of Mystery. During your four days of prayer, I ask that you would pray for the Relations, and give your body as a sacrifice to the Stone Kingdom, Tree kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Spirit Kingdom. I and your Guardian who will make certain that you are well.


Your Giveaway will be the elements that I will use to open the portal to the Mystery, and your prayers will be heard as one prayer before our Holy Cosmic Mother. Your prayers will be the new body that emerges after your Giveaway, after your Journey, after your Fast. Prepare well before invoking Bodhisaatva, Great Mystery. For I am very busy watching after the words and the thoughts of our Mother Cosmos. Yet I am overjoyed to serve with you in your great purpose. ď€

Prepare the altar in the Sacred Space. Then I will come to you. One Giveaway. One Prayer. One Journey. Bodhisaatva Mystery bows to theď€ Life in you.



Assists Sacred Path Awakens Higher Mind Directs Evolution into Spirit 49

WANYECA Assists Sacred Path Greetings, Our Relations. This evening the Firefly People are with you. We are lights upon this Sacred Path. We are teachers who help you to watch your footsteps. Understand that you must choose with each step, which path it is that you walk. For Within those places you call subconscious, at every moment human being chooses the path s/he walks. Become conscious of your choice of Sacred Path and your subconscious will always chose the Path of Light. Become conscious from that place of the heart, and the inner realms known as the subconscious will always choose the light. We, the Firefly People, teach you to shine your light. Human Beings have many lights. In the past you glowed as we do now. In the future this will be so again. That which has been unconscious must rise to the conscious. The Sacred Path must be part of the Conscious Mind for this light radiance to return. This inner light is the choice of light manifest within the physical. This level of manifestation means that you are certain of your path. We Fireflies know our path. We are way showers, light bringers, and guides along the Path of Life. If you are keen in observation, you will notice that at different moments, our lights are different colors, for we resonate with those energies that are needed in the moment. So too, your own light destiny will teach you to resonate with Mother Earth and to prepare for this time. Focus upon the light; internalize the Rainbow; become familiar with the frequency, with the consciousness of each of these colors. For these colors will awaken in you that which is called Cellular Memory. The Wisdom that is already there will come forth. You will remember! The Ancient Ways will return, for the future and the past are one and the same. We are little Starlight Beings that fly around on Mother Earth. We fly around in the natural world. Notice how we stay to the trees, and in the fields. You will find very few of us in the cities.


Learn from our example. If you follow us with prayer in your heart, we will guide you to sacred places. If you follow us with confusions or wants in your mind, with greed or jealousy in your hearts, we will guide you to a place of lesson. Both will be teachings. Again, we will respond to the vibration that you bring to us, just as all life responds to you in a similar way. If you wish for your path to be a sacred one, then act like a Sacred One. Choose in the moment, to be as sacred as you know how. This will unfold, the momentum will grow and soon that place within called the subconscious will be cleansed. It will become your friend, rather than that jailer from your past thoughts. Set yourself free by practicing holiness. Focus on that which is beautiful inside and share that with your world. This is the key and it is a simple one. This key opens realms of Beauty to you. If you were a pure being, would you want to respond to one who yet has much to learn? And yet, we the little Star Firefly Peoples respond to you as do all of your Relations. So learn from our example. Learn from the example of the holy people that walk as human beings. Make that choice to nurture that which is beautiful within you, then your Sacred Path will become clear. Then your helpers will come to you. Know that all of your helpers are just waiting...waiting for your purification, waiting for the mirror of yourself to be cleansed, waiting for you to be ready to receive the gifts that are hovering very close by. The Firefly People will shine their light upon you if you wish to find your Sacred Path. We will take you on a journey within yourself to find that center pole, that reason for you being here. Make prayers for our nation and give away to the Relations. This is what we ask of you also. For life is the Giveaway and is the requirement of the Creator. Love is the water which turns the wheel of life. So do your Giveaways. Allow your Love to grow. Then we the Firefly People will help you grow according to the Spiritual Laws the Creator has sent forth. To make this journey into the self more easy and graceful, you may cleanse yourself with the light as we have already spoken. You may cleanse yourself by meditating, going within that still place, and meeting your personal teachers, by allowing


your feelings and your intuitions to teach you. So, if you wish an easier journey, prepare yourself. Our Nation will help you the moment you call, the moment you invoke this Sacred Symbol of this Spiritual Growth of Man. We will take you through the challenges within your subconscious. We will help you face all of these things. We will awaken you to your inner lessons. We will nudge them free so that they will emerge within your consciousness. We will help you purify your inner realms. This purity is necessary in order to discover your Sacred Path. We will assure you that, as quickly as possible, we will direct you to this memory. And then, like a strobe of light, we will be gone. For our purpose is to guide you to the Path, to place it before you. (If you will follow our light; if you will focus on the path we travel; if you feel that which is inside you). And so, my Relations, we Firefly People await your call. We await your desire for purity. We await your sincerity to walk the Road of Spirit. We will guide you with great Love and Truth.


TAWACIN AWANYAGKIYAPI Awakens Higher Mind As Guardians of the Mind, we greet you this evening. Mind is a very misunderstood thing at this time upon Mother Earth. O Human Beings, the mind is more than the flesh. The mind is much more than the brain. Yes, it is true, what you feel. It is true that the brain has the doorways to Spirit. Yet, O Human Being, Mind is Spirit! Mind is your next step towards true life. Mind is something that few understand at all. We see that the Human Beings in that place called The Far East, have a greater understanding of Mind than most. They speak of the emptying of the mind as the path to Original Mind, the Master’s Mind, which is also the Mind of the Child. To awaken Mind, purify your thoughts. Release judgments. Open to new ways of understanding, for if you have judgment, that means you need to open to new teachings. Let go of your fears. Open to new ways of being. The Mind, the True Mind will land within you, as a dove descending, if you will but release judgment. Thoughts which are rigid or unmoving are thoughts that kill you. Thoughts which are growing and expanding, make you live. So, as a child, open to new experiences, and we the Guardians of the Mind can give you back your original nature. We can open those doorways of the Mind. We can purify the glands, We can balance and recreate your chemistries. We can restore you on every level of Mind. Your part is to release negativity. Your part is to think holy thoughts. Your part is to pursue thoughts of peace. Then, there is room for Higher Mind within you. Start today! The process of purifying the thoughts, of regaining the Original Mind, takes time. You must undo that which you have done. You must learn why you did it in the first place. You must empty thought by thought, molecule by molecule. Yet, when you begin this process with sincerity, we, the Guardians, can accelerate your growth Do not come to us unless you are sincere. Feel within. Wait until you are sincere. Wait until you have the courage to have a Mind like a Child. Wait until you have the courage to be the hollow reed, to be a receiver of holy thoughts.


Then, pursue Higher Mind. Then, call upon your Guardian of the Mind. We will come to you in the Dreamtime and lift those problems which haunt you. For, if you experience disturbance in your dreams it is because of misqualification in Mind. Through your dreams will be the first way we help you. For in truth, Dreamtime is real time. Dreamtime is a pure Realm of Mind and is the first doorway to understanding what life around you really is. In sincerity, we can come to you, we can bring those remembrances of past glory, remembrances of future victories, and remembrances of why you are the way you are anyway. Sincerity is the key. Wisdom is the goal. Knowledge is a tool. Peace is Wisdom in action. Therefore, look into your life and find where there is peace and know that this is Higher Mind manifest. Learn from that which is peaceful within you. Learn from that which is peace around you. Peace is the innocent mind. In resonance with Universe, the feeling of peace is the feeling of True Nature. Therefore, have the peace of a child, the child who you are. Know that all those misconceptions, all those teachings about being smarter than another, all those competitive tendencies, all those negativities must be cleansed. There are lessons that must be learned. We will help you if you ask from that sincere place. Allow your Original Mind to emerge, for it is the Mind of True Light.


ST. GERMAINE Directs Evolution Into Spirit I am St. Germaine. I am with you at this time to teach you one of the most important principles that you can learn. Internalize the Light. Breathe the Breath of Spirit. Breathe this Light to yourselves. Breathe this Light into yourself. Evolution is simply growing, maturing in rhythm with Universe. Evolution is your pathway back to Spirit. From Spirit you have come, to Spirit you will go. In Spirit you are, even now. Meditate upon this Spiritual Law. Call upon the Mercy Ray. Speak to yourself. Embrace the life within yourselves. Understand that you have been created in the image of the Creator. You are the Universe. A mirror - your mirror - can be straightened. It can be polished. It can be clear once again. You are an invaluable facet of the Divine. This principle of which I speak so highly, is the principle of loving yourself, of loving your present situation. You must love it, for, you created it. You called it into being You allowed it to unfold. You were curious to feel it. Love who you are. Love your environment. When you are done, when you have learned what you came to learn in this situation, then go forward to something else exciting for you. Carry the same Love vibration. This is how to evolve. For Love feeds the very elements of your being. It feeds that which surrounds you. Love aligns All That Is with the Heart of God, with the purpose of Creator. Love is all you need. Love is far more than you know. Love is the power of this Universe.


Love is what you see everyday. For Love is also the Gift of Sight, it is the Gift of Sound, it is the gift of all that you experience. Explore the facets of Love. Explore the facets of Self. You will find that they are the same. As the Masters, learn to apply the Sacred Science of Love. Learn to vibrate, emit, channel, and flow with the occurrence of Love. Know that every aspect of Love from the Creator is within you. Human being is frocked with mystery. That is why it is so exciting to be human. Each cell within your body has multi-dimensional teachings for you. So Love yourself. You are your own doorway to understanding. You are connected with everything that is. Loving yourself is loving Universe. And Loving Universe is loving all that excites you. Strengthen this flow of Love within. If you wish to evolve with Spirit, then learn Love. Love your Mother Earth. For, she is a Being much greater than you. Mother Earth has called you to her at this time. You are part of her great rebirth. Loving yourself is your part in this rebirth. Now Love is Spirit in Motion. Love is to touch your Starry Nature and to share this True Nature with your Relations. Become all who you are through the practice of loving yourself. Practice your Love for one another. You are mirrors of Self. Prepare for the great energy of our Mother Earth rising into the realms where Love is seen, as well as felt. And in the Clouds of Love you will swim once again. I am St. Germaine with the message of Love. For this is indeed the most important principle for human being at this time and always. I release to you from my very heart, to all that shall see and experience this Spiritual Growth of Man, my own Love to help you understand what it means to live. I will be with you, as I am the Guardian of the Aquarian Age. And I guarantee to you that Love is the first lesson, the only lesson. Love is the journey for which you came here. It is the journey for which I am here also. Receive this Love from the Heart of St. Germaine, in the Name of Beloved Immanuel and the Masters and Angels of Light, in the Name of our Father and Mother Universe, I seal you in this Love, in the Love of Being. Forever, I am. Saint Germaine ď€




Heals Physical, Emotional, Mental And Spiritual Imbalances Initiates Creative Energy for Manifesting Steadies Evolution through Grace And Strength 57

HOGAN IYOTAN TANKA OYATE Heals Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual Imbalances We are the Whale People here with you this evening. We are Earth Keepers fulfilling our duties as asked by Creator. We are here to share some of those responsibilities that you share with us. For all imbalances are result of failure to fulfill Sacred Responsibility. It is Universal Law that Movement and Balance must be One. Evolution is a delicate walk. On our great journeys through the Ocean Realms we travel to many sacred power places. We allow our Song, our Thoughts, our Feelings to harmonize with these Chakra energies of Mother Earth. This gift and practice is within our DNA; as it is within human DNA. In order to move forward in Cosmic Harmony, you must balance all of your activities. This means that you must follow your spirit every moment. The very Wisdom of Spirit is anchored within your biology. Thus, follow your intuitions, express all of those things you consider “silly”. Sing with Mother Earth, and dance when you feel it. Restore the Power Places upon the land; and then you won’t feel so ridiculous when you dance a sacred dance in a mall, in a city, or sing a song in church that seems to be of different persuasion. We Whale Peoples change our world very little; we see the Beauty and the Sacredness that is already there. We seek to resonate and then to live with the Holy that is already. If you human beings will slow down your urges to create materially, you will remember the Sacred Ways. Indeed, in order to balance yourselves, you must move less in the physical and more in Realms of Heart, Mind and Spirit. As the Grandfathers teach; look ahead to the Seven Generations before you make a change in anything. Wisdom is thinking about these things before you act. Thinking first and feeling fully will prevent many of the imbalances which you experience. Besides the things which you must undo, and those things which you will think better than do, foremost, look within. How can you understand your World if you do not understand yourself?


This Sacred Law of Movement and Balance can heal you. Yet, understand that it’s course is like a tight wire. One that is plenty easy to travel if traveled patiently. One that is dangerous to those who seek to speed along. There is a practice known among Original Peoples that is key to balance. It is observation. It is attunement with nature. To understand the world around you, you must feel every facet: From the Little Crawling One to the Great Flying One, from the inner movements of things to the Wind that blows, the human mind is capable of all of these perceptions. The Human heart is able to understand the way that things flow. You must use your talents and perception before you act so foolishly. Know the Truth before you act. The Heart is where this storehouse of perception and understanding lies. To open these gifts, go and sit with your Relations in the forest, in the mountains or by the sea. We will teach you how to move in balance. When you learn to move in balance, all difficulties which you experience within your body, heart and mind will be wiped away. The Universe does not wish to punish Human Being. The Universe teaches in the most graceful way. Your restrictions are your lessons. So learn how to walk in balance again. We suggest the Gift of Song be employed, celebrated with this Sacred Law. When you seek to clear imbalances, human song enables this. Song vibrates the physical. It opens the Heart. It clears the Mind. It calls the Spirit. So when you call upon the Whale People, call to us through your Song. For we are in tune with all Song upon this planet. Our Mind and our Heart are there when anyone sings a Sacred Song. The Whale People have guarded the secrets for Human Being. For we are older brothers and sisters to you. Our song will awaken your memories and will bring healing to you. If you can remember the whale song, then try to sing with us. If you desire a healing from Our Nation, then sing your songs for four days. And we will be able to come to you and give you Wisdom through the Ways of Water. We will heal your Hearts. We will awaken your Mind to the memory of the Cosmic Ocean. Human Beings have seven major roles as Earth Guardians. All of these tasks are important for this Walk in Balance.


The first gift is the Gift of Song. Know that your words are song, too. If you have nothing good to say, then honor the Sacred Silence. Within Silence is a music which human beings must remember. Get still and listen to Our song which echoes around Mother Earth. The second gift is the Gift of Sight and Vision. This is your connection to the Sacred Light of Spirit. Through their thoughts, human beings feed the life around them. The Stones, and the Plants, and the Animals, therefore, need nourishing light. Human Beings must think nourishing thoughts! The third gift is the Gift of Action, Love is action. Touch your world with joy and with gentleness. Your touch is a healing balm to all of the Relations. The fourth gift is the Gift of Choice. Use your will, your energy to bring life, to create in balance with Our Mother’s Heart. Will not that which is your own. Use your power to help your Mother. Mother Earth is the Creator, the Goddess, of this sphere. Use your power to honor Her. The fifth gift is the Gift of Creation. It is the Wellspring of your knowledge. It is that Creative River called imagination and the power to bring forth life. The sixth gift is the Gift of Sacrifice, the gift of giving away to one another. And, in death, you will be reborn to New Life. Lay down your will that Universe may prosper. Find your Will as the Universe unfolds. The seventh gift is the Gift of Your Connection to Creator, the Gift of Holy thought, being and feeling. It is the gift of Starry Nature. Nourish your connection to your Soul Star. Life will then be truly abundant. The Whale People wish for human beings to ponder on these seven gifts and to look within to learn how to honor life through them. Learn to walk with these seven gifts. Honoring all life is the way to balance; not just for yourselves, but for everyone. So stand, Human Being, as we the Whale People continue to teach you every moment through our Song and through our Thought. Stand as Guardians of Mother Earth. Stand up and take up your Sacred Responsibilities. Honor the Wisdom within you and reclaim the Holiness that you are.


TAWAMNIPA OYATEď€ Initiates Creative Energy for Manifesting Pleiades at your service. We, the Seven Sisters, are responsible for the Manifestation of Spirit into form. For we are the Guardians of Portals which send to you that very creative imagination which spurs you to make, to unfold and to be. In truth, we are in direct association with your Higher Nature and we are servants of the same Great Light. We, the Seven Sisters, do send forth those creative energies which awaken the Seven Gifts of Humanity. If you wish to manifest, if you wish to co-create with Universe, first, you must go to the hill and pray. You must go within the Sacred Silence and use the Gift of Vision. For each has a Sacred Path and the Sacred Path of your pre-life decision is the road map for each of your creative tasks. You have a job list, so to speak. These are activities, or ranges of activities which you yourself chose before you came in the physical form. And therefore, you must go to the hill and pray. This is a great opportunity for you. Creator and Holy Ones will come to help you vision that which is your Sacred Path. The Gift of Touch is the next step to manifesting Creative Energy into form. By touch we mean the feeling realm. Your heart must be in touch with the elements that transform to be your creation. The Creator, through the Sacred Gift of Vision, will show you what these elements are. Their wisdom will enter you through the portals of your DNA intelligence and within that Alchemy of Self, in the inner realms the unconscious you, as a Being of Light, will be forming something new to present to Universe. This is what is meant by feel. Be in touch with the elements of your creation. To sing the vision is to create the reality. This is your next step to manifestation. Song may be through words of prayer. Song may be ancient ones of your memory. The Song may be the quest for these necessary elements.


For a song is the movement of energy. It is creating a wave of healing and transformation for those around you. So, turn your vision into a song of the elements that will evolve into your creation. Oftentimes, this song is those images, thoughts and imaginations which evolve from elements working inside you. These songs are often Dreams. Put your choice behind your creation. This is the next step along the way. Use your energy in harmony with Mother Earth and the Divine Plan. Vision through your Sacred Path is itself in harmony with this plan. Put energy, enthusiasm, and strength behind your creation. And this energy which emanates from that Solar plexus, from that Golden Ray of Light, will begin the manifesting cycle. It is at this point along the journey of creation that you must go forth and experience and experiment. Try to bring it together and use the action of your imagination to bring forth life. Everything that you create, be it a thought, or a feeling, or an object, is life. Therefore, in this quest of manifesting, be in communion with Creator. Allow those holy wisdoms in your starry understanding to guide your ethics and actions, for what you create is bonded to you and sends forth a Wave Song to all of Universe. The capstone to manifesting your Sacred Path, manifesting any project of your desire, is the Giveaway, is the sacrifice of your life, is to grant your breath unto it. For the Creator breathed the Breath of Life into you, giving you the power to create and to live. Therefore, once you have visioned, felt, sung, chosen, journeyed, and aligned with Creator, give your life, your breath, and manifestation will result. To bring forth another, you must use all seven of your Sacred Gifts. We Pleiades will support you in every step of this journey, should you call upon our assistance. We suggest that when you go forth to seek your Vision, you invoke the Universal Law of Movement and Balance. Draw its Energy Signature before you. Call upon the Pleiades to release those creative energies necessary for this process. Should the Councils of Light deem you worthy and capable, we will release to the knowledge and the Light information that will awaken this manifestation to you. When you come to us in balance with Creator and your Sacred Path, know that we will gift you with energies and understandings which will make your life full. We are Guardians of Love and wish the Greatest Light for you. We will help you move through


your journey in the graces of the Highest Light. We will open portals, bend time, and channel energies of transformation to assist you along the way. And so, Call upon the Seven Sisters when you seek to create, when you seek to express your Sacred Path. We will build the geometries of its unfolding though the light of your own Sacred Gifts. For the Seven Generations, the Seven beyond, and the Seven beyond them, lead to the doorstep of Pleiades.


MAITREYA Steadies Evolution Through Grace and Strength I am Maitreya, a servant teacher for the Peoples of Mother Earth. Human destiny must be steadied for there to be transformations in Grace. Balance is an energy equilibrium which you find when you are at Peace. Therefore, O my Peoples, let there be Peace! The Giving Hand of Compassion is the wide road to peace and balance. Compassion is the power which will bring Humanity to steady movement in Sacred Balance again. Compassion is the Life Force which feeds your very cells (selves). To be alive in the true sense of Life, you must feel the communion of all, you must give to the benefit of one another. It is for this reason that I have sent forth the directive: All peoples must be fed, clothed and sheltered. This action of humanity is the beginning place of Compassion. This great victory for human kind is more than possible now. It has been possible all along. This action in itself, to provide for the needs of the People, will steady human evolution and awaken that destiny in the Glory of Creator’s Light. If you do not have the means to provide for another, then send forth your prayers, give the Healing Touch, bring through the Energies of Purity. All of these are the same as feeding and clothing and sheltering the people. Pray for the People. Give the People the Touch of Healing. Be the example of Purity. Express your gifts and know that your small part will unfold greater and greater Compassion.


Compassion is the energy of being with one another. Human beings are this way naturally. So heal the wounds of racism, wipe away the scars of war, cry the tears of abandonment, and release these forever. Embrace the Peace of serving one another, of sending forth the thoughts and understandings of Purity. This is the true strength of Spirit and it is the Grace of our Holy Mother. Pray every day for one another. Prayer opens the doorways for Spirit to enter into your life, to transform your personal world and to lift you into the Realms of Understanding. Touch one another with the Touch of Healing. It is the same as the Touch of Love. And know that when you touch one another the Creator is there. Touch enlivens and resurrects the body, heart and mind. Touch connects the whole of the being to their great Starry Origin. Touch opens the Sacred Heart and allows the Holy Waters of Life to flow. This is the compassion that you feel. The practice of Purity is the balm of life. For, to enter unto the Gates of Paradise, you must enter in Purity. The energy of Purity opens our Mother Earth’s heart. And She heals, and feeds, and shelters, and clothes us all. I am Maitreya. I am here in the Office of World Teacher, to serve humanity as a brother, as a friend. My first teaching is the Teaching of Compassion. If you have the means, then provide food and clothing and shelter for your Brother and Sister. Everyone, “Pray!” “Heal!” And teach us what it means to be pure! These practices are the very ones which steady your growth and give you the key to doors of adventure. The gates will open to you and paradise will be yours. I am ,

Maitreya Your servant this day and always.     



Opens Doorways for Unification Of Self Golden Road Of Health Strengthens Through Divine Law


UNCI Opens Doorways for Unification of Self

We are The Grandmothers and we pray for you this day. We watch over you from when you are very little to when you are very old. We watch for your Spirits; we watch on behalf of all you are. As always, we are here to remind you, to give you a little teaching that will help you to remember. Today we would have you remember Relationship. Remember your Relationship to The Tree of Life. We are here to remind you of your Relationship to that which is above, and that which is below. To remind you of that which is behind and that which is before. We are here to remind you of that which is to your left and that which is to your right. We will open your eyes and let you understand that these Six Directions are directions of your origin. Your Soul Star, the origin of your starry nature, the very light which sent you here, comes from above. The Great Spirit sent out All That Is, and here you are! You must remember this life line, the Life Line that is the Great Spirit Portal, the doorway to the Spirit. This is that which is above. This Life Line which goes from your very Heart out through the crown, travels first to the Sun of this beloved Solar System, and then through our Father Sun unto that Sun which is behind the Sun, then to the Heart of Universe. This is what we remind you of:. Your very nature is from Creator, Creator’s Life Line, Communication, is from your Heart to the Heart of the Great Central Sun. Through your prayer and through the use of this symbol, Spiritual Law of Strength, Health, and Happiness, you may open this doorway and all of these doorways. Your relationship to Great Spirit is your relationship to the reason that you are here. The gifts which you have to bring unto Mother Earth and to your relations come directly through this Heart connection to the Center of Universe. So, remember who you are: look up, remember Creator. . Establish a relationship with the Holy Creator. That which is beneath is the Heart of the Mother, first known to you as Mother Earth. Within the very Heart of Mother Earth is the Heart of Cosmos, The Great Cosmic Mother known as Mystery. Remember the Holy Mother; for, she is that support upon 67

which you stand, upon which you sit. Out of the Mystery comes all of the life which feeds you, which gives you a will to live. So, send the roots of your own Tree of Life deep down into the Mother. Establish this reciprocal relationship where your love feeds the Mother and the Mother’s Love makes you grow. Loving your Mother allows you to remain in this earth plane. Loving the Mother, Mother Earth and Mother Cosmos is the reason you are here: to learn her lessons and to become one with her Universal Love. Open yourself to this portal, to this Great Mystery energy which is beneath your feet. Have relationship with Mother Earth, and through Mother Earth, the Sacred Mother Universe. We Grandmothers are those who are behind you. We support your every step. We guard your future. Like the Bear Medicine, we surround you with strength. We give you the strength of the Wisdom that you have learned. We Grandmothers protect your future by guarding your past. We are the keepers of the Wisdom Flame, of your life stream and all life streams. If you need to understand yourself, you must ask the Grandmothers. We will take you deep within the Silence of your own being. We will teach you the disciplines that you need to know. We will help you remember who you are from the very time that you came forth from the Heart of the Creator. We will help you to integrate the sacred skills and talents that you have. So turn to the Grandmothers if you wish to understand where you have been. We will take you into the Cave of Self and help you emerge from the other side of the mountain a new being. The Grandmothers guard this Portal of Remembrance. The Grandfathers are the Keepers of Time. They are those Masters of your Fourth Dimension. They are that which is before you. For the Path of Spirit guides you into what is called the future. This future is the teachings of the Grandfathers. The Grandfathers hold for you the Divine Nature which you are to be. The Grandfathers are the Keepers of the Veils of Time. They are ones who lift these veils to let you see. And so when you go forth to pray for a vision, to know the direction of your path, call upon the Grandfathers (they are strict, yet much more compassionate than the Grandmothers). The Grandfathers will show you the course of easiest unfolding and will open that Portal of Eternity. When you have cleansed yourself and are ready to step beyond that which is known as Karma. The Grandfathers are Keepers of your Future Gifts. Walking with them, you’ll discover the Hoop of Connectedness of All Things. Walking with them, you will quickly


become all that you already are in that place called Eternity. The Grandfathers are the Keepers of the Portals of Life. The Goddesses, the Holy Mothers, are those which walk by your side, to the left. This is your feminine nature. To understand the secrets of Mother Earth, you must honor the Holy Mothers. They are the teachers of Compassion, Love and Joy. You must dare to go within their Fiery Love to discover your gentle nature. The Holy Mothers are the Guardians of the Portal of Love. Those which you have called Gods are those which we call Holy Fathers. They stand to your right. They are perfected beings, Cosmic Presences, the Keepers of Powers and of Strength. They are also the Keepers of Law. If you wish to understand the true nature of strength, you must seek the gentle ways of these Fathers. You must realize that their every action and thought is surrendered to the flows of Divine Law. They are the Teachers of Law and all that which is power is the manifestation of Sacred Law. The Holy Fathers are Keepers of the Portal of Strength through Law. We Grandmothers bring this knowledge to you because the facets of yourself come in to you from these Six Directions. Know that these directions are actually portals which exist within your aura. Thus, they are a part of you. They are your doorways to the realms of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, that place which is beyond that which you understand as Universe. Your must seek relationship with each of these Sacred Directions and know that through the image of this Sacred Symbol, through this Law of Strength, Health and Happiness, you may open these portals. You may discover who you are in relation to; the Spirit, Mystery, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Holy Mothers and Holy Fathers. You will discover those Essences of Life which have formed to be you. They all flow in through these Six Sacred directions. To become one with all that you are, you must understand who you really are. These pathways within your etheric nature are part of who you are. They are also the portals of your connection to Universe, multi-verse and beyond. These portals are your doorways for interstellar communication, for communication with all that which is without. Should you follow one of these directions unto its ultimate goal, you would pass through the Holy Mother and discover yourself emerging within that Sacred Tree of Life, that is your own body. You must have relationship with those beings that have nurtured you throughout eons of Time and even before Time was. For they are standing on the other side of these portals and they are facing you. They are loving you, and they are orchestrating the teachings of your life. And thus, to know these beings who have loved you from Time


before Time, Will open these portals from the Place of Love, from the Place of Excitement of Discovering who you are. These teachers will come to you through meditation, vision, and dreams. Through practice and sincerity, they will come to you in physical form. First you will discover a guardian in each of these directions. Come to know these beings, for within them are the keys of yourself. For they are your creators. You are gestating within their hearts even as your heart is the emanation of their love. Discovering those who love you so much will open that heart which is your Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart is your connection to the Spirit and the Mystery. It is the connection to Grandmothers and Grandfathers. It is the connection to Holy Mother and Holy Father. These beings of your life wish your acknowledgment! For your acknowledgment is the key to your unfolding! These beings which have created you and sent you forth from the very love of their hearts, wish to direct conscious communication with you! Open yourself to their Love! Walk with them each day! We Grandmothers will be with you through this Spiritual Law to help you understand these guardians of your True Nature. We will help you unfold the facets of your Self, the Self which is the reflection of the Divine from these Sacred Directions. Once you have dared to look into the Faces of Love, those facets of Self will dissolve away and the melting strength of the Sacred Fires within will consummate your Becoming One. The Veils of Time will part. That which is Past will become Future. That which is Mother will become Father. That which is Spirit will be known as Mystery. For, in Truth, All is One. And you, O Beloved One of the Universe, are a Sacred Tree of Life. Know the beings which surround you in the Breath of Spirit. These Portals of Understanding are ready to open. The beaming Faces of Love are ready to greet you. We, the Grandmothers, will guide you and teach you. We pray for you, Our Relations. We guard your Spirits. We guard all that you are. Remember, Remember, Remember your connection to All.


IYOZANZAN ZIZI Golden Road of Health

Greetings, My Relations. I am a master of the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of the Golden Robes of Healing. My name is Golden Ray. The stepping stones of the Golden Road of Health are the glands within the Human Body. Now Glands are the doorways between the Spirit and chemistry. We speak of biochemistry, the waters of inner life. The Glands receive the urgings of Spirit and manifest waters of many life-giving properties. It is the individual that chooses the strength, the purity and the essence of their Glands. Yet the Wisdom Path teaches that the Glands need be surrendered to Spirit. Spirit alone has the true answers for these stepping stones of health. Know that the Glands are in direct relationship to the portals of the Aura. Yet, we of the Golden Robes understand that discovery on the path is the excitement of life. So we are not going to make the direct correlation. Instead, we will teach about the nature of the Glands. That which is called the Sperm Palace or the Ovary Palace is the vigor of physical life. The Glands which make up this palace are distributed throughout the lower dimensions of the torso. They have many inner hidden pathways as well those that are known. The practice of the Hui Yin is the practice of strengthening this Sperm or Ovary Palace. This is the discipline of holding your ground through the contraction of the muscle Hui Yin. To sit forward, you will feel your strength build, because this point, which is below the testes in the male and just below the gift of the woman, is the gateway to the center of the earth. To build the strength of your aura, contact this Hui Yin or simply sit upon it. Allow the energy that would normally ground to the center of the earth through this channel to instead ground through the tailbone. This process allows the energies of the front channel and the back channel to create that microcosmic orbit: the orbit of the Sacred Breath, the orbit of the Seed of Life.


If you wish stronger creativity, greater potency, more of a connection to life, then strengthen and bless this gland: Sperm or Ovary Palace. The Kidneys are the Glands of personal cleansing. They regulate and purify the Waters of Life that are within. To be in balance with this element of Sacred Water, give energy and Love to these Kidneys. Take special baths, drink good water, focus golden light in them. The Kidneys are your connection to the Cosmic Ocean. They are your connection to that Life which sent you forth through the Waters of Time. To understand about these glands of the Kidney, you must come to understand the wavelengths of sound. Sound is the Sacred Talkingstick of the Universe. It is the emanation of Water. Those glands which are called the Adrenal glands give you strength and life power. They are in direct connection to that inner sun, which is known as the solar plexus. Thus your will and your choices manifest directly in your body through the Waters of Life which flow from these Adrenals. To purify your emotions is to set yourself free to love. By emotions we mean that energy which cycles back on itself: Karmic Emotions. The Adrenals are especially sensitive to angers, jealousies and to emotions which stifle inner life, inner light. Therefore, to understand the nectars of true strength, you must purify yourselves of these emotions. These Adrenals are also producers of those nectars called endorphins, which are happiness. These Adrenals are in direct communion with those higher Glands of which we have yet to speak. So if you wish to open to the power that you are, love these glands, Adrenals, by calming the spirit, establishing Peace as your walk, and Loving yourself. Great and magical things happen through this doorway of the Adrenals. The Thymus is the physical doorway of the spiritual heart. Thus, to pray is to activate the Nectars of Healing. The thymus, the Sacred Heart is the Wellspring of Healing. It is the Wellspring of the true essence of Love. Know that there is a Cherub which guards this gland. To enter into the Waters of your Inner Life, you must go with the innocence of the child. Then all of the benefits of life are yours. These gifts of healing, these gifts of knowing past and present and future, these gifts of the Eternal Flame of Life are all accessed through this doorway: the Sacred Heart. This gland Thymus feeds the molecules, cells, and the exchange of Life between all organs and tissues.


Thus, enter into that Innocent Mind, and claim the riches of your Sacred Heart. It is the Healing that you have desired. Those Glands which are known to you as the Thyroid, the throat Glands, are really part of the network of the Medulla. What we term the lower medulla is the regulatory system for the body. These thyroid glands truly are your receptors of cosmic vibration. They operate in the Realm of the Sacred Word, the Sacred Sound. They emit those essences which allow understanding. They are in direct communion with Sacred Heart. The Gift of Speech and understanding of Universal Language lies within these Glands. They are the manufacturers of the waters that feed the heart and the mind. They are the support system that receives the cosmic word and translates it into organic life. Pure speech purifies the thyroid and allows receptivity to that which is pure. The essence of the thyroid, the essence of these throat glands, is the essence of Universal Understanding. What we call the Upper Medulla or the Medulla Channel is again a network of glands which include the unification of the Pituitary and Pineal. The Mother Gland of this network is known as the Well of Dreams. It is accessed through the bump at the back of the head. This is the sacred entry Portal of Spirit, a very private place. This Well of Dreams which is the Upper Medulla is your connection to that Dreamtime of the Fourth World which emanates from the Fifth World of Unity. Spirit sends to you those dreams which you need. These sacred thoughts are received in the medulla and are translated as energy, chemistry, and Waters Of Life, to bathe the brain in what it means, Reality. The Pituitary Gland is responsible for vision and Sacred Sight in order to understand the essence and the purposes of Light. This is the Gland which is behind the workings of that Third Eye. It is the receiver of cosmic frequency. It is the Starry Interpreter. The Pineal Gland is that gland which receives the essence of Spirit, which guards and opens the kopavi, that crown, to allow in the Higher Nature. The Pineal Gland is the direct translator of True Nature. The pineal produces those energies and essences which bestow the Life of the Creator. It is your connection to Higher Mind. Now, we of the Brotherhoods and the Sisterhoods of the Golden Robes have described six complexes of glands. These explanations are to awaken this memory which is within the glands. They will teach you what you need to know. To cleanse the glands


is to open the doorways to your own portals, those portals which are in your aura. It is also to balance the Waters of Life within you. Visualize the Symbol of Spiritual Strength, Health and Happiness within each of these glands with the understanding that you have of them. Its energies and frequencies will purify all your glands in grace and in fullness. We of the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of the Golden Robes, wish for you to call upon us during this process. We will guard and guide the steps of this cleansing. The cleansing of the glands is a gradual project. It is a path. For within the glands are the signatures of your Karma as well as the blessedness of your Dharma. To purify your glands is to unfold your destiny.


ARCHANGEL MICHAEL Strengthens Through Divine Law Beloved Ones, I am Archangel Michael come to you this evening to strengthen your spirits and to give teachings concerning Divine Law. For, at any time, you may call upon the Blue Ray Angels. They will come unto you giving you the Shield of Protection, aligning your very inner nature with Sacred Law. Strength is Walking in Balance with the Creator’s Will and with the Mind of Universe. This is the task that I, Archangel Michael, have chosen for this Great Cycle of Life: to guard and to teach all of life’s evolutions in this Universe and Creation. My own actions are those actions which are dictated by Divine Law. Law and Love are one. Thus, I, Archangel Michael, stand before you as the Guardian of Innocence, Truth and Love. My teachings are found within the Sacred Flame of your Heart. For within the Sacred Heart is the image of Universe. That flame which is the Christ flame burns within the Heart of all life streams. It is that Triune Flame of Love, Light and Peace. This is the Flame of Life that allows everything that you are. It allows the Angels to create in the Heavens above and the People to course their destinies with Mother Earth. Know that this Sacred Flame of Love, Light and Peace is the same flame that burns within the Heart of Creator. For, in Creator’s image all is made perfectly. That perfection is found within this Flame of Life. The Four Essences from which this Flame of Life grows and burns are known to you through the Four Directions. They are known in simple terms as Unity, Harmony, Truth, Freedom. These Four Directions are the foundations of Life. Together with the Sacred Triune Flame, these Seven Stars are within each and all. Thus it is that these Sacred Flames of Life, the presence of the Seven Stars, is within your Heart of Hearts. The Heart which is within Creator in the Great Central Sun burns within your breast as well. It is these Flames of Life which feed and navigate those chakras, For the Heart is all and all is Heart.


To call upon your Divine Nature then is to internalize that Rainbow through the practice of choosing Light. This Light will come through your own Sacred Heart with the teachings and Wisdom of Creator. These are the Seven Laws which human being must follow. They are the Laws that give you the Strength of the Flame Imperishable, Eternal Identity, Creator’s Love. And so go within that Garden that is within you. Greet the Guardian at the gate with that Mind of Purity and that heart full of sincerity. Go through those gates into that Eden which you are within and find that Sacred Well which is in the center of your heart. Gaze upon the waters of this Sacred Lake. See the true reflection of Self. Then drink of the Waters of Life. Beckon these waters to flow as the Wellspring - out into the Chakras, out to the glands. The Spring of True Life feeds and unites you to All That Is. Thus, My Relations, you must learn to Love. You must learn the Light of Wisdom, You must learn the Power of Peace. You must learn the unity of the Sacred Circle and the Harmony of the Cosmic Dance. You must learn the Truth of the Mirror of Self. You must gain that Freedom of Life, that Breath of Spirit. These are the Laws, the first basic laws, which I, Michael, impart to you at this time. Learn to practice that Fire that is within and internalize the Sacred Flames of the Creator. These Seven Laws, the essences of life, together with the Six Sacred Portals of True Self (of the aura) are the Thirteen Steps of the Tree of Life and are your sacred image. Become one through Law and Love: the Love which surrounds you and the Love that is within. Then as that Blossoming Tree of Life which you are, reach forth unto all Life Streams and gift that Breath of Life. I am Michael, Guardian of the Life Streams of this Universe, Teacher of Sacred Law. I impart to you and all those that shall read these words, the sacred understanding necessary to open to these Seven Sacred Laws and these Six Portals of Love. Into your presence at this moment, I awaken the very memory of True Life. This remembrance, this emerging as One is the strength of walking in Divine Law. I am Michael. My Angels of Blue Lightning are with you. As Guardian of the Sacred Mother and her Manchild, of all of the Holy Innocents, I am with you now and always.



Grandmother’s Protection for Child, Family, Clan, Community Cultivates Purity, Innocence, Truth Opens Original Mind


UNCI IKTOMI Grandmothers Protection for Child, Family, Clan, and Community

I am Spider Grandmother. I am here to teach the Web of Relations. The Heart of each being is connected by silver strands to all other beings. The family of your birth is connected to you with strong strands of love, as the clan of your birth is connected to your starry origin. This is the way that the Councils of Light have chosen for the individual to understand Universe: through family, clan, and Community of All Relations. There are many ways in which an individual may be connected to another. Yet all ways other than this heart connection are less than pure, less than Holy, less than the Creator’s design. For those strands of Love which bind everything in Universe as one family, resonate with the Laws of Freedom, Individual Expression, and Respect. To speak of protection we must speak of Respect. To have any connection to another other than that Silver Cord which connects hearts to hearts by Creator’s design is to fall short of respecting Universe. This is why all beings must be cleansed of base emotions. These emotions tie one to another in chains of unholiness. It is that which you have recently discovered as “codependence.” Therefore, you may call upon Grandmother Spider. She will help you understand what is a healthy connection and what needs to be cut by the Sword of Truth. Respect of the individual lifestream is the Law of Creator. Thus, to seek to bind those around you, whether they are of family, clan, nation or galaxy, by your Will is a disturbance to the Heart of God. Instead, each must learn to protect the rights of all. Each must respect the freedom of life to be as it is. This is the foundation of the protection of child, family, clan, and Cosmic Community. Spirit Father and Mother Universe have created a very fine Tapestry of Life. How is it that human being seeks to make something more beautiful before understanding the inherent greatness? Yet, our Father-Mother is very kind and patient and sends to you teachers like Grandmother Spider.


Watch the common spider of the field. You will see the designs of Creator. For we, the Spider Nation, are in alignment with the Source of Life. We choose to honor the heart teachings of our Holy Mother, to create our individual creations in the image of her Love. Therefore, if you wish to invoke the Universal Law of Innocence, Truth and Family to secure your rights, to protect your gifts, know that the first step is learning to be unattached. For, this silver cord which ties Hearts to Heart honors and respects the individuality of all. The only rules are the rules sent forth from the Heart of Creator. These rules are ever apparent and present. Our Holy Mother Universe reflects these laws to us. Set yourselves free by setting everyone else free. Let your thoughts, feelings and actions express Truth, the Truth of who you are. For, when you come from this place of Truth, that heart reality, you cannot in any way step upon the freedom and integrity of another. This is the Wisdom of Grandmother Spider. You see many spiders in the field each respecting one another and together creating sacred nets of light and thought that cover the landscape like a quilt. Each is in communication with the other through pure connection of the Heart. You may say, “Why, Grandmother, are you teaching this?� The beginning place of protection is Respect. For, if you respect others, in no way can they violate your freedom. If you respect others, then your prayers are answered. If you respect others, your family, clan and Cosmic Community will realign in heart connection, the image the Creator has sent forth. Grandmother Spider speaks of personal responsibility. Grandmother would remind you that it is you that chooses that which is connected to you. Therefore, if you have a queasy feeling concerning someone, that means they have a connection to you that is unhealthy. Therefore, take out that obsidian knife of Truth, your Truth, your Choice, and cut that cord and know that it is the healthiest action possible. In order for there to be a healing, there must be healthy relationship. This relationship sometimes means cutting the cords that have been formed so that others may grow. Again, the only cord which need grow is that silver cord, that Web of Purity from heart to Heart. Therefore, come unto Grandmother Spider with the desire of learning to respect yourself, your family, and your clan, and I will come inside your emotional bodies; I will help you to unfold integrity. I will help you untangle the messes, the confusions that keep you spinning around without a clue of the Light.


I will cut you free of the cocooning webs that you have woven yourself. Grandmother Spider will cut you free especially of those webs of your unconscious choices. For my teachings are to bring you to full consciousness of all those things which you have allowed to happen to you. That means cutting you free of dysfunctions, whether they are dysfunctions that have been passed down through your family, invaded your clan, or that seek to control you through your nation. Call upon Grandmother Spider from that place of desiring integrity and Grandmother will use that Original Fire of Self to cut you free and to seal you within your pure light of protection. I will teach you how to protect yourself. Then, you can teach your Relations.


SIHA TANKA Cultivates Purity, Innocence and Truth

Sasquatchitan. I am Chief of Sasquatchi People. You may think we are hairy and have big feet. Really this is not so. I come to speak to you because soon, our people will come to you again. The reason we had to leave the community of human beings is because of their loss of this innocence, truth, and purity. For our race and the Laws of our race are based upon these three. All true Star Nations practice innocence, truth and purity. Our people did not want to leave the human beings. This is why you have seen us here and there. Your grandfathers and grandmothers who have grown through what you call “years� usually are those who have seen us, because the Earth Walk teaches innocence, truth, and purity. This is why the Elders are the Spiritual leaders. Our people are ready to come to the human beings again, to live with you and to teach you many things. First, human beings must purify. For when we see you, we see things that are very horrifying to us because we have spiritual sight. You must cleanse the cloud of bad spirits that surrounds you, the negativity, unholy feelings, and unwise thoughts. Not only do these dark clouds prevent our people from having relationship to you, it prevents you from having relationship with Spirit and having relationship with Mother Earth. We will share some practices now that will help you. First, within the Sacred Elements, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, there is the power for your cleansing. If you were to bury yourself in Earth and stay there for a day, you would be clean. If you were to go and stay with Brother Waterfall for a day, you would be clean. If you would stay under the Desert Sun for a day, you would be clean. If you would stand in the Strong Winds of the Mountain People for one day, you would be clean.


The Elemental Peoples love human beings. They will do service at any time for you. Take Tobacco to them. Pray for their Nation and they will come to you with hearts overflowing. Then, honor their gift to you by changing the way you think, feeling with true heart, praying for renewal with Creator and honoring Mother Earth with each footstep. The way of cleansing for human beings is right outside your door. Mother Earth and her peoples are glorious beings of Universe! Learn to respect us! You look to the skies for miracles, the miracles are here! Open your eyes and see! Mother Earth is a great teacher of Innocence. She is a great teacher of Truth. She is Purity embodied. Know your Mother! Most of you came from far away to be with her and to be with the Peoples of her Love. We Sasquatchi are ready to join you in the community of Sacred Law, in True Heart. We will teach you how to step through those Portals of Time. We will teach you how to remember who you are, your starry intelligence and wisdom. We will help you learn how to be in balance with the Sacred World around you. Our Peoples have adopted this Universal Law and its sign as the symbol of Our coming and as the energy of our Teachings. And so, you may call us through these ways. First, we will check you out. We will watch you. We will see if you are ready. Can you see the little signs? For the biggest teachings are little things. We will be watching to see. For, when you can respect that little pebble, you can respect us. You can respect who you are. Purity. Go out to the Sacred Waters. Innocence. Remember when you were very young and be that way. Truth. Stop trying so hard to lie. The Elemental Brothers and Sisters are of these Essences. They are Purity in form. They are single. They are True. They are unpolluted, they understand that they are the Keepers of Life.


Learn from Soil and Stone. Learn from River and Ocean. Learn from Fire and Lightning. Learn from Wind and Breath. They are so close to you that you cannot remember who they are. And yet, not one action that you take, could you do without them. These Sacred Element Peoples will restore you. And then we, Sasquatchi, will come and teach you the community ways of being in balance with Sacred Mother. Then your lifeline will be unbroken as ours has been from the beginning.


GUATAMA BUDDHA Opens Original Mind

Everyone loves to smile! Do they not? Buddha loves to smile, too. That Mind which is your first Mind is the Mind of your destiny. There has already been much talk about Higher Mind and how Original Mind is the key. Original Mind is that space which you still have just after you have finished your thoughts. It is that feeling which emanates from the Mind when you have become quiet! Focus a little bit on this Silence after the word. This will help you remember the feeling of Original Mind. Learn to allow your thoughts to grow. Donotbunchthemallclosetogether. Believe that your Mind can see and it will. There are many illusions that humans have bought into. One is that you do not hear everything that is thought. YOU HEAR EVERYTHING! If you choose to block the thoughts from your Mind, then your Body hears! This is a discipline. Everyone must practice Open Mind again. For, when the Veils of Time part, the dimensions which you travel through will be quick quick quick quick to bring your thoughts into reality. So discipline your Mind by allowing it to open as that Lotus flower. For there are Guardians in those Four Directions and Buddha sits on top. No problems! Original Mind is the Open Mind. That is all! Fears that come from the heart (Buddha taps his chest quickly over the heart.), they block the Mind. They block the Wheels of Life called Chakras. That fear is unnatural. So take it in your pinkie (Buddha raises his right hand with the pinkie finger held high, then flicks his pinkie) and send it to the light! Buddha will reach down and


grab it and look at it, then send a messenger to you. They will say, “Everything is all right.” Keep your heart open! Keep your mind open! Allow the Rainbow to shine in your aura! These things come from choice. From choice! Big bellies are a blessing! For life comes from mothers with big bellies. Many people today are pregnant up here (Buddha holds his hands up by his head out at shoulder width) in the head. If they are men, let them be pregnant here: (he holds his hands out wide by his chest showing his big heart) from the heart! And, for women, when it is time, pregnant from here: (he holds his hands down in front of his big belly rubbing a big, pregnant belly.) From that creative center, the Tan Tien, the center of the body: balance! Why does Buddha sit so funny? Buddha sit on sacrum, tailbone and Hui Yin to remember Tan Tien balance point. To remember Mother, Mother Earth below. That what tailbone for. If you sit long, what happen? You remember! It speak to you about Mother. What happen when your flower in the sky, your crown lotus, think pure thoughts? Heart get full! Truth is: Body Heart Mind Spirit are one thing. Same. Original Mind Original Body Original Heart Original Spirit. Draw this symbol in the air. Buddha sits in the middle, right there. Above is Creator. Below, Mystery. They bigger than Buddha. Buddha sit on little, little pedestal. And this energy that goes up to Creator (he moves his hand from the heart up to the top of the head and beyond) goes up through that crown. And the energy that goes down from Buddha to Mystery Mother (Buddha moves his hand from the heart down), goes down to Mother Earth from the heart. Buddha once say, “When the Mind and the Heart are together, you have wings.” (Buddha puts his left hand by his brow, palm down and his right at his heart, palm up; then he brings his hands together in front of his Sacred Heart, then he opens his arms out wide into wings.) So have your Heart and your Mind as One. Thoughts come from the heart! (He taps, taps, taps his heart.) The head is for play, for laughter, for big Buddha smiles! For, Tan Tien may be balance. Heart is Center of Universe. It is where True Mind is. For Mind is an emanation of Sacred Love. And so, cradle your heart (Buddha cradles both hands over his heart, left hand on top). Clear out those demons of distress! Call on Buddha. Buddha come, “Pffthhtt!” squash ‘em real flat! (Buddha mashes his hand down to, floor - fast.) Push ‘em back


where they belong! They belong in the earth. When they come up to the surface, and they get in your head, there are problems. When these beings are in Mother Earth, they are H-a-a-p-p-y--y-y! They give to all life. They are in their niche. They are of their Original Mind. So, you have some beings from earth trapped in you somewhere? Let them out! You do not need them as slaves. The heart is all you need. Heart and Mind are the platform, the nest of Spirit. The body is to honor the Mother. Therefore, have Beautiful Heart, Pure Mind and Radiant Spirit! Mother Earth needs you. If you cannot do these things for yourself, then do them for Mother Earth. You may go within the Silence. Meditate. “Sit down and be quiet.” These are basically the same. In your heart, call to Buddha. Think this symbol. Think of Mother Universe. Think of Innocence, which you are, Truth, which you are, and (think of) your Family of Spirit. Then, Buddha come in, opening petal by petal that crown, that Lotus. I will shine my light there on you. I will open that crown. I will take out the poisons. I will nurture your nest egg until it is grown back to Original Mind. Meditate in this way each day if you wish Original Mind. I will empty your thoughts so that you can think truly. Your heart will fill with compassion. Your body will resurrect anew. Your thoughts that come from that ajna center (he touches his Third Eye) are your vision of yourself. I will clean this with a toothpick. (That’s how thorough I am.) I will give you a new vision of Love, of who you are. Every day sit still. Go into the Sacred Silence. Call upon Universe Mother. Call upon this symbol. Call upon Buddha. Watch big smile come to your face, too. I am, Gautama Keeper of Life of Mother Earth. I bow to the Life in all of my Relations. Big Smiles are important!



Law Through Spiritual Discernment Brings One into Right Relationship with Solar Family Shield of the Father’s Heart 87

TATANKA OYATE Law Through Spiritual Discernment

My Relations, the Buffalo Nation comes to you to speak of spiritual discernment. The family is first your relations by blood. This is the genetics that people speak of. Family is also those Spirit Beings that resonate with you. Family is also all relations of Mother Earth. In truth, in time to come, we will know that we are all related in every meaning of that word “related�. Until the time that LOVE is the universal keystone to all life in Universe, there is still need for discernment. The heart knows who is family. The head has no idea. Therefore, through the heart, feel your relations. Feel those whose spirits are of the same path as yours. This is the surest way to understanding True Family. The Family of Love is a vast family. Here upon Mother Earth there are many relations in this great family. The Animal Kingdoms teach every facet of Sacred Love. People need to learn the lessons of each of these animal relations. For truly, human being is one of these. The Plant and Tree Kingdoms are givers of Sacred Love. They are the sustenance of all life. The Sacred Light feeds them, the world, and All Relations of the Sacred Tree of Life. It is the Tree that is the source of our life. The Stone, Soil and Mineral People are kingdoms that teach the Foundations of Love. Within them is the Sacred Memory, memories that span back to the creation of this Universe. Therefore, we must honor those that respect, support, feed, and teach us. The Human Being must learn to give away to the Kingdom of Life as much as the Kingdom of Life gives away to the Human Being. Human being must lay down all thoughts of self and selfishness. Give back of equal measure for the gifts of food, breath, and life.


This is all in that arena called Spiritual Discernment. It is enough for human being to focus upon living with the life of Mother Earth. Come to know the thoughts and the feelings of all the Sacred Relations that are here. For every Star in the Cosmos and every intelligence in the Universe has its representative here on Mother Earth. If you wish to understand what is out there, first you must learn the lessons of the relations which are here surrounding you. This is the first step to Spiritual Discernment. Learn what is here before you step out to what is out there. There is a great arrogance among human beings that tells them they are superior to the Relations of Mother Earth. This is one of the greatest lies that have been propagated in this Universe. It is one of the causes-if not the cause - of that which has been called the “fall from Sacredness.” Human being is no more sacred than a grasshopper, a tree or the water that flows by in the river. The human being is a part of all these. Therefore, human being must discern that which is truly spiritual instead of trying to escape above and beyond that which is Real. Freedom is the second step to Spiritual Discernment. Human being must set free the Relations, and tear down those fences (especially those fences that are within the mind and those which bind the heart). Human being must come into contact, communion and reunification with the Relations of our Mother Earth. The third step of Spiritual Discernment is to understand the Heart. This means a journey of a lifetime. The Heart alone has the power of determining what is true from what is shadowy. The gift that Creator has given to all life is the gift of those Seven Stars, the Whirling Rainbow of Promise. This very power Creator has breathed into the Hearts of all. Therefore, this Journey within the Heart is the Journey of Universe. This is the third step of Spiritual Discernment. This is the highest step that Human Being may attain while walking in physical form. It is a step which leads to Eternity. Acceptance is needed. A human being rarely accepts another human being fully. This is because of “pain” and “hurt”. Pain is simply a teacher. It is not something to be feared. This is one of the second greatest lies in the Universe, that pain is to be feared. Again, this is a lie which is quite apparent among the peoples of Mother Earth. So, too, dissolve this lie. Accept the truth that pain, is simply surrender, giveaway, and unfoldment.


Prayer is the key to clear sight. Only through bringing forth your inner wishes, the wishes of your Sacred Heart, and putting them forth to Universe with the energy of mind, body and Spirit, can the human being grow. This is what is called “prayer�. Prayer is calling that inner wisdom, those inner desires unto their full Spiritual unfoldment, eclipsing the self so that the eternal Self may reign. Prayer is the unfoldment of the Sacred Heart and the Sacred Heart taking command of the whole being. It is the Victory of Love. Prayer is the most powerful force in Universe concerning Spiritual Protection. Prayer is digging deep within and finding the strength of Spirit and shining it out! Prayer unfolds the DNA and is the true step upon the Path of Life. Prayer is putting Love in action through thought,deed, energy and consciousness. When you pray you must use all of who you are to bring about transformation. Prayer is also your surest path to Spiritual Discernment. For prayer unfolds to you what is truly important. It cleans out everything which is not important, leaving you with only that which is Spirit. The only law that exists is the law that unfolds from your Heart. The only illusion that exists is what unfolds from outside the Heart. Therefore, focus upon the gifts that Creator has placed within you as that Sacred Fire. Come to understand what LOVE is through the Journey of Heart. That is all.


WICAHPE WI Brings One into Right Relationship with Solar Family Beloved Ones, I am Lady Venus here with you this evening. Our Peoples of Venus are Guardians of the Sacred Light for this Solar System. This particularly concerns planetary bodies. For our Father Sun and the many civilizations of Light which are with him are the guiding stone of all of our planetary civilizations. We of Venus are a Star Nation. We resonate with those Seven Stars known as Pleiades. We ourselves are not a planet but a Star Reality. Our chief teaching is what you shall hear again and again, known as “LOVE�. For this word shall be brought to you until you have a true language to put with it. LOVE itself has an entire language, multidimensional languages, and Universes of languages just to express a single concept. Know that our peoples, many thousands of years ago, came to save the human race upon Mother Earth. For there were many dark energies which came to devolve your planet. Dear Mother Earth has always been a shining star, a great presence in our Universe. Therefore, the Cosmic Councils did bestow upon us the right to send our Holy Ones unto you. We give thanks unto the Sacred Ones of Mother Earth that did receive us. I am here to introduce you to a bit of your Solar Family. This means your family of this Solar System. There are literally hundreds of thousands of civilizations which live here with you. We wish that you would stop focusing so much upon the negative ones. For there are only three or four such negative civilizations, and there are thousands of civilizations which focus upon the Light and Law of the Universe. You hear of these negative beings more because they make more noise. They are loud. Screaming seems to get your attention; whereas the gentle music of the Celestial Word are rhythmical within the DNA, and do not make such noise. These three or four negative civilizations which are giving such havoc upon planet Earth are very short-lived.


Our Mother Earth has decided to rise into the Celestial Spheres. She has decided to shake off the negativities and to transform into the very Light of the Sacred Heart which she has carried since the creation of the Universe. The Wisdom Freedom Star she shall be. Once again Paradise shall be known here. It shall be known in a New World that is already prepared for you, much like the Ancestors’ stories of walking up a Sacred Ladder or through a tunnel into a new and recreated world. In this instance of Earth transformations, the people are channeling the energy of higher dimensionality. In other words, the Third and Fourth worlds are crashing out of existence. The Fifth and greater worlds, are cascading into your being! This is why it is important that we introduce to you some of your Relations of this Solar System. Now, to do this is much easier through music. This is a technology which will soon become apparent to all Relations of Mother Earth. The many Peoples that are other-than- human-beings already understand these things. They are in perfect resonance with the core of the Universe. It is time for the human beings to shake loose misunderstandings and return to Original Nature. Then, they too will be able to hear, see and feel the grand workings of our Solar System. It has been introduced to you through Beloved Archangel Michael that there are seven realities. These are represented in the Rainbow to which human being is responsible, and worlds with which human being is already in contact. These are Seven Levels of Being which must be searched in order to understand the Life which exists on every planet, asteroid, moon and little particles of this Solar System. Each has its own form of intelligence and understanding; each is a very great teacher from our Father Great Central Sun. To understand these beings and to access your ancestral memories within the Solar System, you must first understand the Rainbow of Being, the Seven Principles which were presented as LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE, UNITY, HARMONY, TRUTH and FREEDOM. These are the Ray Aspects; these are the understandings of the Seven Cosmic Rays. These are the Planes of Life within your own terrestrial understanding and the terrestrial understandings of all the planets. At this time, we are going to let you know the form of some of the beings we are speaking about. There are beings which are solid. These are like the Stone People. They exist on every planet. Each planet itself is a great living Teacher. This is why you have what is called “astrology,” because they are the rulers of the Solar Family with our Father Sun.


The second form of being we wish you to be aware of is the form of light. There are many strata of civilizations in the light planes. These you may know through that ajna and crown center. Especially through Truth and Freedom, you may know the beings of Light. The third form of beings exist as “gas.” They exist on many planets as well. On our own planet of Venus, there are many gaseous beings. These are similar to those beings which came to you as the Cloud Beings. The fourth form of beings are very active in your Solar System, and are liquid. They are Water Beings. By “liquid” we mean everything that moves. For human beings are liquid beings as well. You simply have an encasing of living tissue in which to move the Waters of your Life. Let it be known that the Water and Fire coexist. This is one of the teachings the Cloud Beings wish you to know: the Sacred Fire of Life moves within the womb of the Cosmic Waters. These are the first four forms of life which we of Venus have been given permission by Councils of our Solar System to bestow their knowledge unto you. Come to understand those beings which are solid like the Stone People, those beings which are light like the Rainbow People, those beings which are gas like the Cloud and Air People, and those beings which are Sacred Water, the Water and Fire together. These waters live within Mother Earth, within that part you know as hot liquid. This same type of being lives in our Father Sun as very high vibration, spiritual civilizations. They are what is known as plasma by your earth scientists. These are but four short introductions of the type of life which is here in our Solar System. These civilizations are as intelligent, important, and wise as human beings. To access these civilizations and to come to know them personally is your responsibility. Through the resonance of your Heart, Mind, and Body you can communicate with these beings. Through your Spirit you have that telepathic communication with all of the Solar Family. Mother Earth has billions of civilizations. She is one of the most populated of our Solar System. These civilizations are the civilizations which you know as Animals, Plants, Stones, and Elements. These are all civilizations.


Therefore, we of Venus once again remind you to slow down and understand before you act. For human beings must stop destroying life; life which human beings do not yet understand. Instead, Human beings must channel Celestial Energies and give to all Earth Peoples. Human being is the Steward, the walking trees of Mother Earth. They must serve as protectors and understand all life. Therefore, come into right relationship with your Solar Family by coming into right relationship with those beings of Mother Earth with whom you have lived for many, many lifetimes. Then, you will be allowed to operate on the solar level and understand the intricacies of the interactions between the planets. Your astrology is a good start for this, for those who are ready. We of the Morning Star once again commend the human beings in their acts of LOVE, Giving, and exploration of the Light.


El Morya Shield of the Fathers Heart

My Relations, it is an honor to be with you this day. I am El Morya, Teacher of the Will of God, the Sacred Path of Spirit, and Teacher of Surrendering to the Life of Universe. This Spiritual Law of the Protection of Family is concerned with the integrity of each seed of life. For by “family” we mean all the Relations, your physical, and adopted family. The Creator has a mighty shield which protects All That Is! This shield is the design of Light which is the foundation of who you are. It is known as the “merkabah”, “Seven Stars”, and the “Fire of Love”. These in their foundation are the same. Our Father Creator’s Heart is that Heart which is within each one. We have all been created in the similitude of Creator’s beauty. Creator has sent us forth to expand, expound and individualize one of these Sacred Teachings known as the Seven Stars: to become the fulfillment, a jewel in the Cosmos, of one of the particulars of our Father’s interest. LOVE is the interest of our Creator. It is the center stone. It is the wise builder’s foundation. It is the very energy which is Life. Our Father’s Shield is the Shield of the Threefold Flame which is known as LOVE, WISDOM and POWER. It is also known in this circle as Love, Light and Peace. These are the same.


This is the Shield of Our Father’s Heart. Our Father gives forth infinitely in mind, Spirit and creation. Therefore, unto the fathers of the world, we say, “LOVE.” We say“WISDOM,” and, “PEACE.” These are the three directives, the three commandments of the Creator for the men to follow. They are the beginning place of family.

We of the Brotherhoods practice the transmission of LOVE. It is imperative for all human males to practice this as well. A simple form is to reach through the spirit unto Creator and ask for Creator to channel pure radiant LOVE, through the Body, heart, mind, and spirit. Radiate this energy into the environment; guide this energy directly into our children; send this energy unto the Spheres of Life around us. This is the practice of transmitting LOVE and it is the energy of unfoldment. All human men must learn this practice. First, in sitting meditation, and then in every activity of their life, emanating from the Heart of Creator through their own vessel, the LOVE of UNIVERSE. This conscious practice will itself unfold this civilization of human beings. The practice of LIGHT emanation is also of great importance. For LIGHT is what unfolds WISDOM. The light of the Seven Stars is the LIGHT of which we speak. This is the Rainbow. The Brotherhoods suggest to the human peoples, especially the males, to practice the Whirling Rainbow. Call upon the promise of God for the upliftment of civilization. Channel this Rainbow energy through the chakras consciously to all the aspects of your society: unto education, family, religion, economy and governments. For this Whirling Rainbow channeled consciously through the male is the only power that will transform these societal structures; for, these societal structures are themselves male in origin. We speak this because in this society institutions are compartmentalized. This mentality is a mentality which is only possible through the male- the male which needs to seek balance with the female. Therefore, channel through those chakras Whirling Rainbows of activity amplified by the power of Creator through sitting meditation and then through the actions of your day. Soon those structures which you seem to run up against will instead become the steppingstones of enlightenment for your people. This is a practice of WISDOM.


The third practice of the Shield of the Father’s Heart is the practice of PEACE. This is what is known as true power. PEACE is an ocean wave of violet flame which engulfs everything. And therefore, focus upon VIOLET and ultraVIOLET energies. Allow the PEACEFUL understanding of Creator to flood the consciousness of your race. PEACE is a consciousness of FREEDOM, of letting things be, of accepting them as they are and knowing that everything is okay. This is the way Creator sits in this Universe. This is the way that the creators of your race must sit as well. Therefore, in conscious participation with the Brotherhoods all men, we speak to you: “Channel the consciousness of PEACE channel this FREEDOM energy channel ACCEPTANCE of one another and become aligned with Creator’s acceptance of all.” This acceptance does not allow everyone to do what they will. This acceptance draws everyone into the Will of Creator. You must accept one another for the Cosmic pattern to unfold. For great beauty is waiting to unfold into your world. You simply need to step aside from judgment and allow the acceptance for Life to be. Therefore, these three flames, the Eternal Flame which burns within your very Heart of LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE, are the practices of the Shield of the Father’s Heart. So, the Creator does call El Morya to speak to the men particularly to practice LOVE through these three principles. Let it be known, that by surrendering your self to your own Higher Nature, to that nature which naturally flows forth from your Heart, call it intuition, call it understanding from your gut, call it gentleness: it is the power of your future! Through this Threefold Flame engulfing each individual, family, clan, community, the whole society and planet, this new time of unfoldment will be NOW!!! I AM El Morya from the Center of God’s Will sending forth the Blue Ray of unfoldment unto you. Do dispense unto the hearts of all the people of the planet, this Shield of Our Creator’s Heart, that all people may know that Creator blazes within their own heart as this Threefold Flame of Life. Therefore, externalize this Light of Beauty!


Share it in the inner and outer worlds. Know that you are inner beings and outer beings. (“Inner” does not mean just within you; it means within All That Is.) Understand the whole Circle of Life: that which is without is intimately connected with that which is within. Set your minds at ease. Practice LOVE, WISDOM and POWER. Then the Creator will walk with you again, even as the Ascended Masters in this time speak from the Four Corners of the Earth. I AM El Morya sending forth the Blue Ray of God’s Divine Plan which is the unfoldment of Mother Earth and the entire Universe into the LIGHT of UNDERSTANDING, into the PEACE of TRUE INNOCENCE and unto the PURITY of ALL LIFE!                                    98



Helps One Lift from Material to Spiritual Mind Grounds Divine Presence Sets Eyes on Creator 99

WAMBDI WICASA Helps One Lift From Material To Spiritual Mind I am Eagle Man. Today across the Earth there are many peoples. Most of these peoples have their focus, their attention upon that which is physical. They have focus on: “Where shall we gather our food?” “Where shall we gather our clothing?” “ Where shall we live?” “Who is it that we serve?” They have very physically-minded thoughts. Across the planet, my nation speaks to me that there are also many Holy People. These are people who walk with Spirit. Their Mind is upon Spirit, upon service unto Mother Earth, and upon Sacred Giveaway to all Life through prayer, fasting and remembrance of Ancient Ways. These are two types of beings. Upon the Tree of Life, the Holy People are of higher Spiritual vibration than those people who focus only on the material. For this reason, the Animal Nations shun those people who see only themselves and that which they make. Our Animal Nations go instead to Holy People and give them company and respect. This Universal Law of Symmetry teaches that the Spirit Ways of Creator must be reflected in perfection in our ways in the physical realms. The Ways of Creator must be the Ways of Earth. Mother Earth teaches this way also. For in Her pristine nature, She is the perfect Reflection of the Divine. This is the goal to which She is moving at this time. It is the vision of your prophets and your seers as well. The Universal Law of Symmetry, shows that which is above is that which is below. Between is a space. This is that manifestation space. It is that Mirror of Self. This is the place of the Mind. For the Spirit is above and the Heart is below; this space in between is the Sacred Mind. 100

Eagle soars in the heights of heavens and lands in the trees of earth. This is why the Eagle Nations are responsible to assist the human being in awakening to the Spiritual Mind. We are the carriers of the Great Spirit unto you. It has been taught by my relations that the human Body, as well as the Heart, are the reflections of the original Seven Stars, our Creators. It must also be known that the Mind is a crystal clear realm for the transmittence of Creator’s thoughts, of Creator’s understandings. It is the nest for the Wisdom Fires. Meditating upon the symmetry of this Universal Law, understanding that the Mind is clear between the Spirit and Heart will awaken the Clear Mind within the human being. Human being must search for something more than the physical in order to understand their destiny among the Stars. The first task to unfolding the Crystal Mind is to empty the mind of all those little chatterings of the day. Most human beings sound like squawking sparrows or crowing cocks. They are capable of the sweet songs of Cardinal, Mockingbird, Jay, Whippoorwill and, through their Spirits, the cry of Hawk, the hoot of Owl and the prayer of Eagle Nations. The human mind must secondly focus upon the Spirit. For, what you focus upon you become. Therefore, seek the Spirit and you will become all that you ever dreamed to be. Those powers which you covet, covet no longer; instead, seek to serve Spirit with an open heart. Then you will learn. The path of the Sacred Ways begins with little baby steps. For the basics must be learned with great care. Soon, however, you will find that your Sacred Path will lead you to works greater and greater, unfolding greater and greater joy as well. This joy is the Igniting Flame of Spirit. For as you serve, as you need, as requires, does the Spirit move, do miracles unfold and does the human being grow. The third step which the Eagle Nations bestow upon the human being is becoming like unto our Creator, being a “co-creator with Spirit.” Listening to the Divine Plan, seeing symmetries of our Creator’s Heart, understanding them from the place of innocence and applying them with great precision unto the very molecules of their Truth is the role of the co-creator with Spirit. This is the destiny of each and every human being. Therefore, if you seek to rise from the materialistic mind into the Spiritual one, if you seek to get beyond those chains which you perceive and to fly free with the Nations of the Heavens, then set your Mind upon Spirit and allow your Heart to lead.


MASTERS OF EGYPT Grounds Divine Presence

We Masters of Egypt are Star Beings from Orion. We are the craftsmen which have indeed opened the Cosmic Portals to allow these Sacred Star Symbols to come unto you. We may be known as the Brothers of the Nile. During ancient times and up to present, there have been many difficulties for the human Spirit to come into physical form. Such difficulties are seen today through the abnormalities of birth. When there are deformities in the children, be it physical, emotional or mental, this is because the Spirit has not properly landed within the very physical form of that individual. This Universal Law of Symmetry is a power which may be invoked to assist souls which are coming in: to fully integrate into their bodies, to fully integrate into their heart, to fully integrate into their mind. You may call upon the Masters of Egypt, our Brotherhood of the Nile, to assist in this process. For we have many circles that focus upon birthing in the Star Children. For those who are already here in physical form, and who are seeking their enlightenment, let it first be known that in ancient times that enlightenment was a gift of birth. It was a bestowal of Creator that began from the very conception of each individual. Therefore, this is to say that everyone was enlightened. Everyone had their crystal connection with Spirit, remembering their lives before and also their lives yet to come, remembering the Sacred Tree of Life with no questions as to who they are, why they are and how to serve. The problems first began during the Atlantean and Lemurian times. This was mostly because the creative abilities of human being at those times got beyond their wisdom. This same type of behavior is being seen today in modern technology.


The creative abilities of those times were abilities which came directly from the Heart, and Mind, and Spirit. Therefore, many of peoples of ancient times committed that “sin against the Holy Spirit” using the Spirit to create something which is not balanced, not in symmetry, not in accordance with this Universal Law. Therefore, these misqualifications of Sacred Light brought forth Karma unto the Peoples. The first Karma which came along was that which separated the human being from the rest of Cosmic Creation. Soon developed were blockages within the physical form as well within the mental and Spiritual bodies of human being that prevented the lifeline to Spirit from flowing as it had. This brought on a whole barrage of Spiritual difficulties as well as ethical problems and developed what you know today as “politics.” There were many in ancient times that came to help human being out of these problems, which we at that time called “landing wounds,” because those beings that created out of balance with the Universe were those that had just come to this planet. They were new to the Laws of Creation of Mother Earth. Therefore, they often misused their Sacred Gifts in this plane of activity because they did not understand. They were too fascinated with the ability to create humanoid forms, to create other life forms, and to create physical forms (like buildings) into which they breathed their Spirit. Yet, they were not following the Sacred Principles of Our Mother or the Divine Plan of Creator. This brought about the maladies which you experience and which we have already explained. This is some of the brief history of why it is difficult for Spirit to come and to manifest as a Human Being, remaining in complete contact with the Before and the Yet To Come. At this time, we of the Brotherhood of the Nile have been given permission to release Sacred Information to assist human beings in manifesting their Divine Presence on earth. First of all, the use of Mind and the use of attention: The Human Mind, when focusing upon anything with great strength and singleness, achieves that purpose. Therefore, as the Eagle Nations have spoken, set your minds upon Spirit and you will become Spirit again. In this case, in this instance, we suggest that you set your Mind upon your Higher Spirit, and pray for it to come in. Pray for your bodies to be cleansed. Pray for your Hearts to be prepared. Pray for your Minds to be clear so that your true Spirit, true essence and true starry nature can manifest within your being.


The second step is to accept your Starry nature as your True nature, to accept your presence which comes forth from the Great Central Sun as the True Self who you are. This means surrender that little ego, that little self, and allow it to dissolve away within the Crystal Fires of the Rainbow, to be replaced by the True Fires of your Higher Self. The third step is to begin to enact this “walking in” of your Higher Nature. For at this time, all people upon Mother Earth are experiencing that which has been called “walking in.” In other words, your Higher Self, which has been disconnected from you, now through your prayer and desire can come into your consciousness transforming who you have known yourself to be into that which you are in the Creator’s Heart, Mind and Spirit. You may call upon our Brotherhood. We will come and surround you, in this process. As well, call upon the Angels of Initiation; ask your Higher Self and Guardians to begin this initiation of true Starry nature. Night upon night, our Brotherhood will come to you, as will the Angels, as will your Higher Self and your Guardians, and begin this step-by-step process of initiating you into your Higher Mind, Higher Heart, Higher Body and Higher Spirit. Fourth: know that your responsibility is prayer daily, meditation daily, setting your desire and will upon becoming your Spiritual nature, and, most importantly, accepting in the moment the Pure Path. This means that when your previous nature would choose a path that is less pure and your new nature would choose a path that is more pure, you must choose the path of greatest beauty, of greatest sincerity for Spirit. You must do this every single moment. When the Cycles of Karma come round to teach you, either through rewards or lessons, you must receive these with full heart, keeping your eyes focused upon your goal of becoming your Spiritual nature. This fourfold process is walking through the Four Directions as visualized in the Medicine Wheel. We of the Brotherhood of the Nile will work with your Spirit Animals as well. We will help you walk through the Direction of Illumination, Direction of Experience, Direction of Internalization and the Direction of Renewal. Thus, as you walk the Path: In the East you will receive the blessings of your Higher Light.


In the South you will experience the innocence of your Pure Nature. In the West you will internalize the Sacred Fire of your own being, through the Mirror of Yourself. In the North you will receive the bestowal of the cleansing of your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit, renewing you for that Spirit Door the Northeast that your Higher Nature may come and renew your cycle of enlightenment. It is up to you, our Brothers and Sisters of Mother Earth. You must choose your Higher Nature; you must choose to let go of envies, gossips and fears that have held you back for centuries. You must choose instead to walk in Truth, walk in Purity of your Innocent Nature and to walk the Giveaway Path of Spirit. Then, the Brotherhood of the Nile, the Angels of Initiation, and the Spirit of your Unfolding Nature may come to you and lift you unto that which you have sought to be once more. This is the promise of our Creator that all human beings may be restored unto Paradise. It is the desire of Mother Earth that all beings may rise with Her into the Celestial Light. So, we say, “Our Brothers and Sisters, prepare yourselves, choose and journey with us, and we will take you unto the heights of your own Being�. We are the Brothers of the Nile. We are Guardians of Sacred Paths unto the Spirit plane, and we are your servants forever.


ISTA TO Sets Eyes on Creator My dear Star Relations, I am Blue Eye. I am an Ascended One of Sirius. I come to you from the Temple Courts of the Blue Flame this day. The True Nature of the human race, those upon Mother Earth and all of your Brothers and Sisters of Cosmos as well, is to focus upon Creator’s Mind and allow this to radiate through the Sacred Hearts of their own being. For the human being is Steward of whatever planet or star he or she is a part of. Upon Mother Earth, your particular stewardship has to do with the Tree of Life Kingdoms which you are. They are also your teachers; for you have forgotten the Sacred Ways. Therefore, may your eye be single as Immanuel has spoken. May you see the Creator’s Eye of Light. May the Spirit of Truth and Knowledge once again rest within your Minds and may your Hearts open unto that Wellspring of Eternal Life. O Human Beings of Mother Earth you must Focus your Eye upon the Spirit open your Mind, your crown unto the Heavens Pull your head out of the ground stop acting like that funny bird, the ostrich You must turn and look up towards the star of your own origin. Your feet must be planted deep within Mother Earth that you may feel again the rhythm of Her Sacred Heart (You must get rid of those silly things called plastic shoes.) Beloved People of Mother Earth, you must reach your hands from the West unto the East. You must breathe Sacred Essences of the South and feel the breath of the North. You must allow the Sacred Four Directions, the Guardians of your world, to awaken your Original Sight once more.


Beloved Peoples of Ancient Times, you have been deceived by many beings that have come to enslave your race. You must choose to break those bonds by seeing beyond the physical, by seeing beyond the traumas of the Heart or the confusions of the Mind, and by focusing upon what is BEAUTIFUL, GOOD, and TRUE. Only in this way can you have True Justice, unfold Freedom, and claim the Divine Equality that your starry origins bestow. The secret to this unfoldment is loving the Creator. Your entire being must glow with praise of Divine Symmetries of Universe. Whether it be through understandings of Mind, Songs of Heart, or expressions of joy through body. You must awaken once again to the Beauty of Spirit and allow that Spirit to reign Within you. Take the mud from the Sacred River and pray Place that mud upon that Third Eye and pray for your clarity Pray for renewed Vision of Spirit Pray for your inheritance to be restored Then, go into the waters of that Sacred River and bless that river Pray for its Spirit to be strengthened and wash that mud off your Eye. Then, go into a cave, Beloved Ones. Go into The Cave, be it a rock outcropping where it is dark, or be it a Sacred Lodge; go into the Sacred Silence where this Third Eye may have its reawakening. And then, pray three prayers: The first prayer, a Prayer of Forgiveness; The second prayer, a Prayer of Enlightenment; and the third prayer, a Prayer of your Sacred Vision of Giveaway. Pray these prayers each for an hour. Search your Mind, Spirit and Heart for every possible thought, feeling, and remembrance. Speak them forth as the Prayer of Forgiveness. Speak them forth as the Prayer of Seeking Enlightenment.


Pray them forth as the Prayer of Seeking your Sacred Service. Then you will experience the Spirit spiraling down from the very heart of Creator, knocking all blocks out of the way and restoring your Sacred Vision. Once this Sacred Vision is restored, focus your eye singly upon the Creator. Empty your being of all that is other and allow Creator’s Light to fill you once more. Then, sing the Song of Thanksgiving. Sing the Song of True Vision. Sing the Song of Remembrance. Do these also for three hours, one hour to each. If you cannot remember your songs, trust in Spirit. Once your eye is opened again, you will remember, you will sing, be it in a starry language or one which you understand. Come forth from that Cave. Go once again unto that River. Bathe yourself without your clothing. Rise up again unto the Sun. Feel its renewal throughout your Body, Heart, Mind, and Spirit. This ceremony begins at nightfall. As the Sun is setting, do the sacred cleansing of the Eye at the river. The emergence from the Cave should be at dawn. This ceremony will bless you, my Relations. When you prepare yourself for this Rite of Renewal, prepare for four days. Prepare one day for the Mind, one day for the Heart. Prepare one day for the Body, one day for the Spirit. Then, call upon Blue Eye. Call upon your Guardians. Most of all, call upon the Creator and Mother Earth. Once called, Beloved Ones, we will come, and we will guide you. The Angels will be the guardians at your gate. They will open the doorways of your Self and bestow the Mind of Truth to you once again. Therefore, Beloved Ones, if you seek to have the Symmetry of Creator within your own form, set your eye upon Creator and allow yourself to be renewed. Know that we of Sirius, of the Blue Flame Court of God’s Divine Will and Presence, do send to you at every moment our blessings. We do send forth our Angels of Light to bind the darkness and to gather all misqualifications that they may be adjudged before our Cosmic Councils and transmuted into the Sacred Light.


In this we set you free and all beings free to be the Highest Potential, the Highest Light, the Highest Remembrance of Spirit possible. Therefore, know, that when you call Blue Eye, I come with these same Angels to set your Body free of disease to set your Heart free of all jealousy, hate and anger to set your Mind free of delusions and fears and all the complications of your world and to set your Spirit free that it once more may reign in the image of Creator within your very own being. In the Name of Beloved Immanuel, that One known to you as Yellow Hand, I do come to bestow this blessing of True Spiritual Sight through setting your Eye upon Creator as the Single Vision of your Renewed Commitment to Spirit. And know, that within the Blue Flame Fires and Indigo Realties which will be restored unto your Sacred Vision, that the imprint of the Sacred Word of God will be yours again.          



Empowers Respect for Mitakuye Owasin Invokes Spiritual Community Unifies Humanity through Becoming One


CANUPA Empowers Respect for Mitakuye Owasin Two Trees is my name. I am here to share the Sacred Tree of Life. All the relations of Mother Earth are part of Her Sacred Tree. Donning the top branches of this Tree of Life are these Seven Stars, Creators, and Guides. All evolution of Mother Earth and these Seven Stars are flowers of different color, specific scent, and an Essence of Life. Within the upper branches and foliage of our Tree of Life there are Spirit Chiefs. There are many leaders of the Spirit World. There are leaders from the Animal Nations, Plant Nations, Mineral Nations, Sacred Devas of the Elements, and your most Holy Ancestors. All of these beings are known as Spirit Chiefs. They do guide the Mind of their particular race which lives upon Mother Earth. They are the leaders of the many peoples which live in the lower branches of this Tree known as the Spirit Peoples. These Spirit Peoples are of every kind in nature, and they are those who have transcended those Cycles of Karma. They live within the heavenly realms you call the fifth dimension. They are Guides, Teachers, Masters of each and every evolution which you see in the physical upon Mother Earth. These watch over human being and upon all the Kingdoms of life to bestow blessings, teachings and freely give away their being to support the ever growing strength of their race. Descending further down Our Tree of Life unto its lowest branches and into the fork of the Tree, we find human being. Indeed, human being is more evolved upon the Spiritual Journey than the most common animal, tree or stone. Yet, you see that human being is in no way the top of the ladder. Instead, you inhabit the worlds known as the “Terrestrial� and have many Spirit teachers of all clans and forms which come to you in service and in love. Human being must honor the Spirit Clans of the Stone People, Green Growing Ones, and the Spirit Clans of your Animal Guardians. They are all teachers for you. As you will soon understand, it is necessary for these beings to teach human being, for human being to transcend the physical to rise into the Celestial Spheres.


Now, at this juncture in the Tree, we see two types of human beings. We see those which are called Holy People: True human beings. And, (secondly) we see those which are physically minded. (Those which still are part of group mind, whose concerns are within the three lowest natures within the human ability: physical survival, basic sexuality and struggling to overcome self. These are the first three spheres of human being and are the spheres of those that we term as “unaware peoples�.) They have not yet discovered the power of heart, or the Truth of the Sacred Word which is invested in them, or the Great Vision of Spirit which gave them birth, or their very Connection to All. Human beings that have learned the Seven Facets of Self are conscious. Once human beings have risen unto giving their life in service to all Relations, they are Holy People. It has been taught, and it is true, that human beings walk Seven Lifetimes, generally. Each is through seven inner fires: learning the lessons, walking in the Four Directions around the Tree of Life, and spiraling through each lifetime unto the Pinnacle of Spirit. Once having achieved their Sacred Labor, they are cut free of the bonds of physicality and is lifted into that Spiritual Body to dwell in the higher branches of the Tree of Life. Traveling yet further down the Sacred Tree, immediately at the feet of human being, we find the many Animal Nations. These are Ones that Swim, Crawl, Run, and Fly. All of those which you know and some which you know not yet, are your younger Brothers and Sisters. They have much teaching for you. Each one is the individualization of the Spirit and is a perfect teacher of a facet of the Gemstone of Nature. Moving yet a little further down the Sacred Tree, we find the many Plant and Tree Nations: Mosses, Algaes, and Grasses. All of these: are near the roots of our Tree of Life and are sustenance which: provide for the whole. The consciousness of Plant and Tree Nations is the very consciousness of that light which you know as LOVE. (And to some is known as The Christ.) For it is the love of Universe which unfolds the Green Realities of Tree and Plant Nations. It is through their Giveaway, their Service, that all of the rest of the relations may be fed. Each one, again, of the myriad forms of life among Tree and Plant Nations are an Individualization of the aspects of Divine Love. They are also the Sacred Helpers for human beings. Among the roots and within the soil of the Tree of Life are the Stone and Mineral Peoples: These peoples are within that terrestrial world and in that inner world, the Telestial. These peoples hold the memory, the Sacred Remembrance of all time for our Sacred Tree of Life, Family. They are teachers through Giveaway. They provide us


shelter; they provide us Sacred Space for our ceremony; they provide the very nutrients of life necessary for each and every being of Our Sacred Family. Going deep within the soils of the Tree of Life, we travel to the Atomic Level, where intelligences are yet beyond the understanding of human being. By the Atomic, we do speak of that Subatomic as well. For this is the plane where Great Mystery, our Holy Cosmic Mother, does manifest the inerrant truths of Her Heart, does form the building blocks of all life, She feeds the Tree Within and Without so that all Relations are able to fulfill their Sacred Destiny. And know, too, that those beings known as “atoms,” “protons,” “neutrons,” “electrons,” and those beings which are even more hidden, known as “quarks” and their relations, are the Keepers of the Inner Mysteries of the Imperishable Flame and do hold the Sacred Laws and the Mysteries of Sacred Geometry for all of the beings of the Tree of Life. Therefore, we of the Tree Nations, and I, Two Tree, suggest you to talk to these folks; for, they are within you; they make you who you are. The very Source of the Sacred Tree of Life is Great Mystery. From within the Void of the Uncreated comes forth All That Is. Yet traveling deeper than our Tree of Life seems to go, yet down that Central Root, through the Mystery discovering ourselves birthed within the Cosmos of Stars. Thus, understand yourselves as the fiery expressions of Spirit. Looking down with Great Spirit through the many understandings of Our Creator, we see the Seven Stars, the Flowers of Life which don the tips of our Tree of Life. Thus, Beloved Ones, the Tree of Life is the Sacred Circle, the Hoop of the Universe All life is connected. All life is One. Let it be understood, your very soul entered into this Universe, Heart of Creator from the worlds of Grandmothers and Grandfathers down through each realm of this Tree of Life as an embryonic Seed of the Rainbow unto its destination of the Cosmic Womb, of Mystery you came. And it was, dwelling within our Mother Mystery that you first were born as the atom through gestation of many lessons. You emerged as the Mineral through perfection of the Crystal People. Eventually, you evolved into the Plant, then through Giveaway to all your relations.


You rose into conscious and embodiment of the most “simple” of Animal Nations And then, traveling through your specific light path, you experienced twelve Animal Nations. Before you did, by the gift of Creator, emerge as Human Being. Therefore, you see, my Relations, that those kingdoms beneath you, are really the kingdoms of your origin. This is why you must look Within to understand yourself. You must also look up and honor the Spirit World which is above you. Your Ancestral Teachers are both those in the robe and those beyond the Veils of Time. To understand the Tree of All Life of Mother Earth is to understand that you are related to everything. As the seed of light, you did come forth from Creator and were birthed through each and every Relation of the Tree of Life before you came unto your embodiment through the Cosmic Mother, until finally, you found yourself in human body. Beloved ones, this is the universal pattern of the Tree of Life. Those Star Relations which you seek have similar bodies to your own. They have evolved as you have through this Universal Pattern and beyond the physical into the Spirit Worlds. Should you evolve into a Spirit Person, a Spirit Chief, become One with the Seven Stars, join Creator and co-create universes, you are the same. The simplest atom, the most advanced human, and the Beloved Seven Stars, are one and the same. The Fire of Life burns within all. This fire which connects the Heart of each Relation of the Tree of Life burns of the same pattern: that pattern of LOVE. So, my Relations, know where you came from and know where you’re going: know that We Are All One!


ANPETU WI Invokes Spiritual Community My Children, I am that one you see rise with the morning and set with the evening. I am your Father Sun. O Peoples of Mother Earth, realize that your Father has many Children. For, I am a very prolific Father. Many children which have evolved before you do live within my very bosom as the Fires you see day to day. Many of my children live upon planets you understand and several you do not see. Know my children, that in that space between the planets there are many of your relations; your older brothers and sisters who have evolved beyond physical form. In fact, there are so many of my children here in our Solar Family that to list them would take your lifetime, and many more. I am here to teach you about Our Family of Light. Light is your passport into the Sacred Family. Light which you understand is of those Rainbow colors. It is of those energies which are invisible, those which are stronger than your light and those which you understand as the waves of sound. Within each of these strata of life there are many of my children. All have My love as you do. So, I would ask you, my children of Earth, human beings I am speaking to you - respect your Family. Understand that you must purify your thoughts of everything that you think is real. For, you live in a great illusion, a great half reality. Many of you are so full of “shadow”. You have not claimed your right among our Family of Light. Therefore, My Children, choose to walk in the Light and then your full citizenship in our solar system will bestowed your birth right. Now this Spiritual Law of Equality is the equality of each life working together in the Great Harmony of the Solar System. This same Harmony has its patterns throughout our Universe. So, we say to you, all of your brothers and sisters here with me, say to you, “straighten up your act!” Soon those of you who choose to remain in the darkness of doubt and fear, that choose to propagate death and destruction, will no longer be a part of this family. I will turn my back against you. I will send you to another place. Do not believe that I will forsake you; for your Father will love you beyond the eons of time.


Yet for those who are not ready for the Great Light which is here, you must go elsewhere to preserve your integrity. So, you will be shipped out to a place better suited for your lessons. I speak to you my children who have chosen to be of the Light. I say, “Well done.” I say to you, “Prepare yourselves for a light greater than your imagination can grasp.” For not only shall Mother Earth rise unto this Galactic Light, but so shall all the planets and your own Father Sun. For the promised time of eons has finally come to pass. The Twelve Sacred Laws of Universe have been fulfilled. Our Guardian Archangel Michael has paved the way and opened the door wide for all of Universe to move into this Galactic Light. Have your passports ready and let go of all that useless baggage! The only value that will cross this doorway is the Body which is gifted to you, the Heart in the image of the Sacred Creator, the Mind which is clear, and the Spirit which has surrendered to the Harmony of all. These are four gifts of Creator. So claim these gifts and learn your strengths. For each and every one of my Children has been gifted great strengths from your Grandfather, Great Central Sun. Your Father does wish to see the beauty in each of you expressing and blessing our Mother Earth, Begin to act like the Community of Light which you are. Let go of all those petty differences, should you feel it, feel it, let it pass. (Keep your mouths shut with such things.) Allow Harmony and Cosmic Truth to guide your every step, to become your every thought and deed. My children, human beings, you are the guardians of Mother Earth (with the Whales, Dolphins and many other advanced races). It would do you well to learn from them. They have remained in pure guardianship and in honor of the Cosmos. So, my Peoples, rise unto the destiny which has been chosen for you by your Grandfather Creator. And My Father will bless you and will make your Father Sun very proud. I love to see the Beauty which unfolds Within each of my children. Know that once that you have perfected the light within your own being, you will be allowed to go and visit your Brothers and Sisters elsewhere. In fact, you will be able to transport there in a blink of your Eye. (Then, you will have much fun.) But first you must understand that there are many responsibilities upon Mother Earth; including cleaning up the messes which you have created and, this be done within the Light. I, Father Sun, send you many technologies, understandings, and many spiritual ways which you have not yet grasped. Not because you are not capable but only because


you have not been willing. So reach into your memory and claim Sacred Fire which you are. Rise up as a priest and a priestess each day, and pray; do your ceremony of Self, and bless your world, bless every being. Know that each step is a greater step up the Mountain of Truth. Know that when you have finished these responsibilities upon Mother Earth, you will be asked to help your brothers and sisters on the farther planets of our Solar System. Even as those which are closer to my heart have helped you. Know also at this time, that there is a great reunion upon Mother Earth, all those souls in the Universe that have been there before you are coming back for Her Great Ascension into the Light and to celebrate with me, Father Sun, as well. So, in other words, all your problems are in your face. So choose the Light. The Light will teach, heal, and make you whole again. To do this you must bond together as one family. Understand that the Family of Light is the Universal Family of Truth. It is the only family which is, there is no other. Understand that your Father Sun is watching over you, guarding you, and giving you blessings without measure every day. So, call upon Father Sun. I will send out your elder Brothers and Sisters, Seraphim and Cherubim, to guard you and to help you. I will send the mighty ones of the Solar Presence unto you also to bless your prayers and ceremony. Think beyond your imagination. Get rid of everything that you believe; your imagination can teach you what is real. Then, you will understand the power, wisdom, and expanses of Love that are within your capabilities. I am your Father Sun. I send blessing to you this day. Should you purify yourself, I will restore your Cosmic Memory. I will give to you the Fires of True Life. I will do this in the blink of my Eye at those times which are known as eclipses. So prepare yourself for each eclipse. Know that I will strip away your old self and give you your new. From this time forward you must prepare for these times, for there will be strong spiritual initiations. Everyone in the Solar System will feel how Mother Earth changes through each of these blinkings of my eye. Understand that the Light which comes will be of a higher intensity and greater purpose each time. Prepare yourselves, my Children of Mother Earth. Know that your Mother is a Great Mother. She is Gem Stone in the Cosmos. You are blessed to be here. You have worked many, many eons to have the right to step one toe upon Her.


Get your act straight, my children. Honor all the Children of Mother Earth. For they are many. They are strong; they are your teachers, students, and Brothers and Sisters.


ITE OTAPI Unifies Humanity through Becoming One If you could see yourself as I see human beings, there would be no doubts that you are Connected one to the other. I am Many Faces. I am a Galactic Mind from the Heart of Universe known as Andromeda. I have been sent here from our Great Central Sun to help you understand that each One is Part of the Other. This is true not only in this Time, it is true interdimensionally and across all time and space as well. Quite a puzzle, is it not? Yet from Creators eyes, all human beings are but One being of Light with many facets. It is as if Creator is looking upon the Gemstone of Human Being. Within each facet is that which is known as the “individual.” Through the frequencies of Light, Sound, Color and Vibration, each human being is tied to the other, even as facets are connected unto the greater reality of the Gemstone. Also, for understanding, see all of the human beings as one cell of one great Human Being. It takes every human, those on Mother Earth and all of the galactic humans, to make that One Presence known as the Guardian of Universe. O People, you are cells in a great, magnificent Being; this is how connected you are to one another. “Becoming One” is the process which you are experiencing at this time. This means as individuals, you are becoming one with your past selves and your future selves as well. You are becoming one with all the interdimensional realities which are you. This is happening as the dimensions are merging, as dualities are ending, and unity consciousness is emerging. Thus it is, that each of these cells, each a human being, is reconfiguring, (just as a pile of bricks becomes one house.) So too, that which you know of as your present self is one brick that is uniting with all of the Wise Building Stones of your past, present and future, to become the sacred dwelling place of your Spirit for eternity. 119

This is what is happening at this “ending of time”. Many of you have wondered why many of those deities of the East, have many faces. They tend to scare you do they not? This is because they have many views of Reality, they have Become One within themselves already. They have passed the Cycles of Karma, and they have united with that Path of Dharma. They become one with their Universal Purpose from the Heart of Creator. This means they have ascended unto the higher realities of the Fire of Spirit. So too, you are ascending; and so too are all problems and misqualifications that you have created, whether it be in this lifetime or the many which you have experienced before, or even in that which you have dreamed as the future, are all coming due. It is that day of judgment of which many of you have so desired. Finally, you will be seen on the rug by everyone and you will be forgiven. The transmuting Fires of the Spirit will come and transform you into the greatest Beauty that you can imagine. In fact, the greatest beauty that Creator has imagined as you. This is happening for each One awakening to their Sacred Path and walking their path in Truth. Our Creator in the Seven Stars, has created many multidimensional realities: so, each individual can fulfill his or her Divine Plan at this time. Know that the Keystone of our Universe is no longer Karma, it is Grace. It is the Violet Fires of Freedom. Know that the Light Victory has already been won, O People, and you are already “Becoming One”. To Become One is very simple as it means to unite with the Light which is coming in from your Higher Self. The Soul which is ascending within the depths of your remembrance. Connect with the Spirit and the Mystery. Connect with your Mother and your Father: call for them to guide each moment of your life to release the energies of your sustenance, to release the knowledge of your path. Walk in this way. There is no need to resist. Resistance is becoming an unreality. It is dissolving away: it won’t be here much longer. So why resist at all? Instead choose your Path. Choose your Walk in the Light. And choose to become all that you already are.


Because I have many faces, I can see all these realities at once. I can see the beauty which you already are, and yet you do not understand. There is another practice which will help you very much: This is to pray for the veils of your own consciousness to be lifted. The Creator did not put these veils there. You did. So, pray for them to be lifted in such a way that you learn the lessons gracefully. Lesson by lesson, you will dissolve that shadowy reality which you’ve created, you will Become One with the Light which you separated yourself from. In other words, that which was considered the “fall from grace” is now accelerating into the “Grace of Light”. You’re on your way to the top, Boys and Girls! You’re becoming men and women finally, and you’re going to walk among your relations of the Cosmos, as Goddesses and Gods. We’re all equal: even those who have chosen to fracture themselves until they don’t know who they are. You’re Becoming One again because this is the Law that the Creators put forth as Sacred Grace. So, know that there are a few more practical things that you can do to assist yourself. One is get out in those Elements, drink plenty of water, eat the foods that are nourishing for you, commune with the Sacred Plant Nations, and do your sacred ceremonies of Mother Earth. If you happen to have forgotten because you have been indulging in city life, then go unto the Indigenous Peoples for they remember. It is really a very simple practice to Become One again, O People. It is the practice of remembering. It is the practice of becoming the Light. It is the practice of opening your Heart to Spirit again. Now, you may sense that Many Faces is being sarcastic with you. This is because I am a Cosmic Clown. It is also because you are all clowns, you little goofy people. You’re great teachers of the Universe. Human being and Clown are basically the same thing. You should see how the Guides and Masters enjoy your perils and victories. For you truly teach us much through laughters and melodramas. Yet it is time for a New Stage of life. That stage is emerging right underneath you. Know the part of the play which you’re enacting is the Play of Ignorance. It’s one of those blind comedies. But now we say to you from the very Central Sun, “It’s time to open your eyes, take off your sunglasses, and to pull the hair back off your face.” It’s time to look at the Light that you are. It’s time to understand that Creator has chosen for you, yes! you! to Become One with all.


I am Many Faces and I see the very facets of your Soul. I know that you are Gemstones of Perfection. So, embrace this reality and choose to dissolve away your little “one acts” of pain, distress; and choose to become an Actor in the great Cosmic Play of Love.  



The Straight Path Awakens Human Light Centers and attunes To Galactic Center Reconnects Lifeline To Great Central Sun


UNCI KEYA The Straight Path My relations, I am your Grandmother Turtle. I come to you today at our Creators bidding to share the little bit of Wisdom that I have concerning the Road of Spirit. Grandmother is very patient. Her steps she understands before she takes them. Grandmother carries the responsibility of Nations. Therefore, Grandmother’s steps are the Wisdom Steps. The Straight Path is the Path of the Heart that rejoices in honoring Creator, and in honoring all Life. It is the Path of Respect. Long ago, Grandmother learned to respect All That Is. She bears great burdens for your people. Even when you plow into her skin, or dig into her flesh, she does not shake your shells, but has patience. The Straight Path to Spirit is the Path of Giveaway. The Straight Path is the path of knowing yourself and then sharing who you are. The Turtle Nation is very busy praying, and busy holding pure concepts of Wisdom for All Relations. In her patience, Grandmother Turtle prays for every living being, remembering each concern, and every desire of the Heart. Through Grandmothers slowness, the velocities of Light accelerate your own growth. For Grandmother knows that the Straight Path is the Within Path. Grandmother holds the space of Peace and Stillness for human being. If it were not for Grandmother’s prayers and Silence, human being would not be able to hold their form. Grandmother wants human peoples to learn to still themselves inside. Grandmother sees her human children running around doing this and that, all the time being so busy about things which are other than the True Path. Grandmother may walk slowly, yet Grandmother’s steps are sure upon the Path of Life.


Human peoples must learn to step each step upon that path. This is what it means to be aligned with Creator. In times past and even in this present hour, most human beings, make but one step forward on their Sacred Path in a Moon or a year. Whereas, their little ones walk miles in Spirit in a single day. Grandmother knows that the human peoples have forgotten how to be young. Grandmother prays for all human beings to remember the Wonder of Life and Communion with Spirit. It is called Union with Spirit, this Walk of Truth: it is the Straight Path. It is a path of having an ear to Spirit and an ear to our Mother Earth. Human being must learn not to be distracted by the flashing busyness of their days. Grandmother knows that they grow best when they pay attention to the Light, Love, and the Peaceful Path of their “every moment walk.” Human beings may call upon Grandmother Turtle. She will teach them how to go within their shell and to rest in the silence in our Cosmic Mother’s Womb. There, Grandmother will come to them and teach them to be still, think properly, and Pray in a Good Way. There are four corridors of the Walk upon the Silent Path. These are secrets of Grandmother. If you wish to find the True Silence, call upon me and walk these four paths. The first Corridor of the Silence Path is to go within the Earth. It is to go into the Heart of our Mother and to bathe in the healing Light of Her Love. Grandmother will take you there. The second Corridor is the Great Silence, the Cosmic Ocean. Grandmother will take you to that Sacred Place where you will know yourself as a part of everything. The third Corridor of the Sacred Silence is the Heart of Creator. It is that place of the Great Fire Spirit known as Great Central Sun. Ask Grandmother. She will take you unto the bosom of our Father. The fourth Corridor of the Mystery Silence is that place beyond time where the Councils of the Grandfathers meet. Grandmother Turtle, with her head bowed, will carry you there to meet your Sacred Future. Creator has asked Grandmother Turtle to share just her little bit of Wisdom. She has shared her most precious gift. The Within Silence Ways. Grandmother invites human being to come, to learn, and to be at Peace.


QUETZALCOATL Awakens Human Light Centers and Attunes To Galactic Center My Relations, I am that one which has walked these lands before. I am here again this day and shall abide with you of Turtle Island forevermore. I am Quetzalcoatl. I bear with me the Sacred Law. This Sacred Law is written within the very Light Centers of my self. Let it be known unto all the human relations that they too shall rise in the Ascension Flames and take up their wings and live as Sacred Fire again! Now, it has been spoken of these Light Centers known as the Inner Flames of the Rainbow, or the Chakras. It has also been spoken concerning some glandular potentials of the human form. It has even been suggested that the human spine, each vertebra, is a Center of Light Access and Potential. I am here from the Sacred Brotherhoods to tell you that Within your human body there are one hundred and forty four thousand (144,000) light focuses. Each of these Light Focuses is a mirror of one of the one hundred and forty four thousand (144,000) Ascended Masters that serve in the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of Light! For, you see, O people of the human race, you are connected to Us. I come to speak of something even deeper within your being. The nature of the atom. Each atom is a Light Center. As atoms come together in “molecules,� you have light complexes of Divine Purpose that generate and guide the functioning of your bodies. The functioning of these molecules has to do with these one hundred and forty four thousand (144,000) Light Centers. The Creator wishes for me to introduce a few of the focuses which direct the flow of many others. Let it be known that your palms have powerful Light potential. Should you lay your hands on another and connect with the Heart of Universe, that which you pray, that which you think, will be! 126

Let it be known that fingers are indeed channels of Divine Rays. The colors and energies are yours to choose. Let it be known that foot chakras, connect you directly to the Mother. Through your willing participation, your feet will resonate with Her Heartbeat and will float upon the air. Let it be known that each toe is capable of holding the symmetries of our Mother’s Love. Choose the aspects of mercy, virtue, peace, strength and compassion. As energies flow forth through these toes, you will find that your walk upon Mother will be a very light and joyful one. Let it be known the knees represent your chosen support. Therefore, if they resonate with the energies of the Holy Mother and Her Daughters of the Shield, you will have more support than you can imagine! Let it be known that the Sacrum is a mighty reservoir of Sacred Knowledge. Should you choose to focus purity, wisdom and creative flow through this Light Center, know your whole being will evolve into Spiritual Body. Let it be known that should you focus through that vertebra behind the throat that protrudes a little bit, known as that Still Point, Clarity, Surrender, and Truth, that the bonds of confusion and darkness that have held you will break free. Then, your soul will rise to join your Spirit in the Ascended Realms! Let it be known that the wrists, when allowed to channel energies of flexibility and forgiveness, does lift the burdens of life from you radiates peace and tranquillity to those around. Let it be known that elbow centers, when focused in the Light of Joy and expression, will allow your body to teach the Mysteries in its care. Through movement, you will discover the inner secrets of the atom and how they dance together in Molecule. Let it be known that the medulla point, which is the bump at the back of the head, when focused in respect for the Grandmothers and in the Vibrations of Peace, of Purity, and of Giveaway, does open that Well of Dreams and allows Soul Wisdom to emerge within your memory. These are a few of those one hundred and forty four thousand (144,000) Points of Light. These are Power Centers similar to the Chakras and the Gates of the Glands. Know that through the use of this Universal Law of Life the Spirit of Creator will descend and open these Centers should you so request with pure intent and willingness to serve.


Know that these Chakras, when coupled with the Rainbow Chakras and the Gates of the Glands, do create Symmetries in your life which are necessary to connect you directly to the Galactic Center. These are the Points of Light which mark and illumine your Sacred Dance of Life. They are the Wisdom Keepers of that synchronicity you call the Universal Dance of Cosmic Harmony. I, Father of Sacred Law, understand that this may be difficult for you to understand. Many peoples have yet to Open their Hearts. All of these points of light mentioned and the one hundred and forty four thousand (144,000) are anchored and nurtured and directed through the Sacred Heart. Therefore, first and foremost, know thine own Heart. For the Heart is the lifeline and the teacher from Galactic Center. Galactic Center is that place were your Spirit dances with all of the Spirits of the Universe. Therefore, through your Heart, allow your body to be guided in this Eternal Dance, that “so above, so below”. Creator wishes each human being to awaken to the Eternal Dance of Life and demonstrate this Beauty here upon Mother Earth. Let it be known that by “dance”, we mean all the actions and movement of Spirit within your Lifestream. Know that when you dance the Sacred Dance of your own self-expression in the realms of Mother Earth, that you do “ground in’ Celestial Energies to assist all your Relations here. Align yourself with the Sacred Plan of Creator. It is this Dance of Life, which is the giving away of one to another. It is the joy of the ever-changing and shifting realities of our Creator’s Heart. I am Quetzalcoatl, come to you to teach some of the Light Ways: that you may once again Dance with the Stars, that, you once again may walk in the Ethers of True Being. When you choose to experiment with these Light Centers, call upon Father of Sacred Law and know that I, and the Ascending Winged Serpents of Pure Love, will bring the Fire of Creator’s Heart unto you Awakening those Centers of Light within you and align you with your own Cosmic Dance!


ARCHANGEL GABRIEL Reconnects Lifeline to Great Central Sun I am Archangel Gabriel here with you this evening. I have come with the gift of Spirit. I come to teach you these Sacred Inner Portals which exist within that Lifestream, the core of your connection to Spirit; and the Sacred Flame within. There has been much teaching concerning this Merkabah, this Star Tetrahedron. Yes indeed, from the Scrolls of Life, I can confirm to you that this star of brilliance is the building stone of your very nature. Let it be known that within the Central Channel of your being known as your main Vortex of Light are seven energy centers. Within each of these energy centers there is that Star Tetrahedron. In fact, the very Seed of Life which springs forth these Fires of Self and Creativity is this Star of your True Nature. Yes, Beloved Ones, you may look unto the sky and understand the true nature that is within you. Each of these wheels of Sacred Fire is a little star whose presence is within you. Each Little Star has the potential to become the full glowing radiance of the Mighty Seven Stars of Creator. Within each of these chakras is the Seed of Perfection where the mighty Seven Creators dwell. Yes, Beloved Ones, the Seven Stars which fashioned the heavens and fashioned All That Is within the Cosmic Ocean live inside of you, as seeds of potential which can unfold unto the very glory of your Father Sun. Within each of these Starry Presences are the Seven Stars of Light--we find at the vortices or points of this Star Tetrahedrons, a Triune Council of Beloved Star Beings. For, within you are these known as the Rainbow Trinities. As each Chakra works together as a rainbow, so too, do the Mighty Elohim, the Mighty Archangels, and the Chohans of Light focus, dwell within each of your Chakras. Though this may be hard for your imagination, O Peoples, know that the Most High do live within you.


Know that in each Chakra, one of the Mighty Elohim exists! Within each Chakra, one of the Mighty Archangels resides! Within each Chakra, does one of the Lords and Ladies of Light live and dwell! Know that these Three focus the forth point which is your self actualized in the Future-to-be, in the Ascended Realms, a Master of Wisdom and Love and Peace. These great Creators and Servants of Cosmos do hold a focus for your own existence within the very Chakras of your being. Elohim are the Seven Mighty Beings which did create Universe. For they are the Masters of Form. They are those Mighty Spirits which guide the Nature Devas and the Elemental Forces, and all of the out-picturings of the Heart of Creator. Know that those Mighty Archangel are Keepers of Sacred Pattern. Do guard the Sacred Matrix of your Original Creation. Do adjudge and guard the Laws of Creator. Know that those Chohans of Light, are Ascended Beings where particularly focused upon you. That even though there are Chohans of Seven Rays that watch over Mother Earth, each individual has personal Lords and Ladies from the Ascended Realms that caretake for their Soul. Therefore, within each of these Sacred Fires within you, are the Great Creators, the Great Guardians and the Great Teachers for humankind. Within already the fulfilled matrix of your true being. All of these form that Sacred Star which is the Seed of your Life unfolding. Therefore, People, understand that you may attune with these Elohim, that you may attune with these Archangels, that you may attune with these Chohans of Light. They will come to teach you and they will unfold to you the Mysteries of your own Being. They will activate that Central Vortex of Light within you known as the Crystal Rainbow of Being. They will open the Portals of yourself and connect you directly to the Heart of Great Central Sun. For these Beings, these Trinity of the Rainbow have been sent forth by the Creator as your own Divine Government. These are the Councils which are responsible for you and your actions. These are the Council to which each must turn to find guidance and to walk in balance with All. Understand, Beloved Ones, that the keys to unfolding this Crystal Matrix of the Rainbow are within your Sacred Heart: for you must enter into your Sacred Heart and


claim the Living Waters which are at that Well Spring of Eternal Life at the center of this garden called Eden. Once you have purified yourself and put on the Mind of the Child, that Original Mind, and are escorted by the Cherubim at the Gate of your Sacred Heart, you may go forth and drink of the Sacred Waters freely. These Waters will fill the Chakras, these Light Centers, with that nourishment which will make this Starry Seed grow. Soon, to your amazement, you will be radiating before Invisible Realms those lights of the Sacred Rainbow. Your feet will be glowing, your hands will be serving, and your mind will be focused upon the Light in All! Therefore, O People, seek your connection unto Creator through the Heart. For that Cherub which is guardian for Sacred Heart is the personal steward assigned to you by Creator to guard the Innocence of your True Nature. Therefore, if you seek pure connection of direct lifeline to Creator, go in the joy of your Original Love. Know that the gifts of Creator will awaken this Rainbow Reality, will reveal to you the Councils which guides you, and will empower you unto unimaginable lengths, depths, and strengths by empowering the gifts of your Soul. These Rainbows teachers will show you how to unfold the gifts which Creator has given you. They will teach you how to walk in Love and Compassion. They will empower you on that Sacred Path of the Christ: unto your ascension into the Lights, into the Wisdoms, and into the Flame Imperishable of Creator. I am Archangel Gabriel, come to you this day unrolling the Scrolls of Life. To teach you of the Sacred Rainbow that reigns within you. I come to teach you of the Stars that are within. To unfold to you your connection to the same Creator Seven Stars which beats the Heart of Creator within that Kingdom of Heaven known as the Great Central Sun.ď€ ď€ 



Portals Manifesting Energy Messenger Symbol For Lightweb Opens Gates Of Future Possibility 132

WAGMIZA WI Portals Manifesting Energy

My Relations, I am Corn Woman. I am of the Sisters Kachinas of the Sacred Mountains known unto the peoples Hopi. This Sacred Law of Choice is a most potent Spiritual tool and reality. This is why I have been chosen to bring this message to you. Your brothers and sisters, the Corn People, do manifest that Sacred Light of our Father Sun and the nutrients of our Mother Earth into food for the Nations. Universe has deemed this is the proper use of this Spiritual Law: to feed the people. We also utilize this Sacred Key to sanctify that pollen which is used in ceremony. People of the Earth, you must call upon Corn Woman in order to have access to this Sacred Law. Your prayers must be pure prayers. They must be for the benefit of all. Through this Law of Choice, you may manifest any thought or desire into your reality. It will come quickly and, unless you are a Master of that Immaculate Concept, the result will probably be something that you have not seen or foreseen. Therefore, let your prayer be single and your Heart full of Love if you choose to portal into your reality a gift from the beyond. There are many powerful uses of this Sacred Law to heal Mother Earth. We, the Corn People, would have you focus upon these. Should you choose to call upon the force of Universal Love while invoking Corn Woman and this Spiritual Law, with the intention of this love blessing our Mother Earth, a tremendous vortex of healing will immediately engulf you and your surrounding, purifying, blessing all of those Nature Beings which do dwell amongst you.


Should you pray a prayer for the Waters, call upon Corn Woman with the choice of sanctifying the streams, lakes, rivers, oceans, and springs, that they are returned unto their original nature of purity. Then, the very doorways of renewal will open within them. Should you choose for the Immaculate Light of our Father Sun, while calling upon Corn Woman and the Light of Universe, to purify the Sacred Breath of the Skies, a great purifying energy from the very Central Sun will manifest the True Airs of Life once more. These are but a few examples of the possible healing power that your choice through this Sacred Law can bring. Be certain that your choice is single, full of love and is for the benefit of all. Be certain that you are in resonance with the choice of Corn Woman; to provide for all the Nations of Life. The Grandmother that sits beyond the Veils of Time will draw from her knapsack the gifts that you have conceived and, as if opening a blanket, the Beauties of Life will unfold around you. The Nature Peoples of Earth cry out unto the Galaxy that this understanding of the Sacred Law of Choice would be shared. The Councils of Light are watching human being and will pay very close attention, specifically to the use of this Sacred Law. So, Peoples, choose from your heart and manifest that glorious future which is your destiny. You can heal all of the wounds that have been created in Mother Earth. Then Unity among the peoples, nations, and Relations will be restored. The Sacred Tree of Life will grow and give forth Holy Fruit once more. Peoples, your choice must be single. It must be pure. It must be Love. The Universe will bless you beyond your desires, and unfold to you the reality of who you truly are. I am Corn Woman, come to you this evening, O Peoples. Receive the blessings of my nation. And when you partake of our gift unto you, know that our choice is the choice of Eternal Love.


BRIGHT LIGHT Messenger Symbol for Light Web My Relations of the Family of Light, my name is Bright Light. I am a Counselor of the Galactic Councils that serve your region of our Cosmos. I am here to speak to you of interdimensional, interstellar communication. It has been spoken that all life is connected - the life of Mother Earth and the life of Universe. There is a Web of Interconnectedness known as that Antakarana, that from Heart to Heart all beings are truly connected. Therefore, when we speak to you of communication, we speak to you of communication along the True Paths of Love. We speak to you of the Sacred Language which is a Language of Love. Yes, my Relations, there are many, many Star Brothers and Sisters who have teachings for you. They have great desire to be with you and to send you understandings of who you really are. They wish to unfold to you the regalness of Spirit that is Within you and of that Light which is the patterns of your DNA. This Spiritual Law of Choice is your doorway to communicate with your Starry Origins. Every human being upon the planet has been many places in this Cosmos. Many human beings have been in places beyond our Universe, having their origins in the Multiverse of Life. Almost all individuals have existed in the multitude of dimensions of the Great Light Spectra called the Grand Wheel of Life. Let it be known that your communications, your Heart desires and your longings for Oneness can be communicated with your points of origin among the stars. This is done by sitting still, lying still, standing still and going within, invoking the image of this symbol, Spiritual Law of Choice and choosing a very simple message. Then with your heart desire send it along the Crystal Heart Webs to the place that you remember as your origin. Then I, Bright Light, and the Galactic Councils, will adjudge the purity of this message. Should it be found of the Light, it will be taken directly by this Spiritual Law unto your Starry Origin. It will travel as if an arrow was shot among the stars by that great brother, Orion. 135

This communication needs not be complicated; for the true information is that which will cycle back to you from that place of your starry nature. When you send a message by this Light Web, there is a four day receiving period in which you receive the pure understanding of your true nature from the celestial origin of your particular choice. For every being has many such starry origins. The quality of energy of the message is the true signature which guides that arrow across the skies. Therefore, feel the greatest love and the greatest understanding when you send your interdimensional messages. In this way you will receive back those Whisperings of Love that will awaken your soul to cosmic memory. It is not so important what you say, it is more important how you say it. Let the message of love go forth unto the Universe and human being will soon be lifted into the Cosmic Arena of Life. There are many intricacies concerning the traveling of light across the Web of Life. Let it be known that this Spiritual Law is one which is known to each and every human being. For just to speak one to another means the masterful application of this law. For to speak even to your closest family member is to speak from one dimension to another, is to speak from one reality to another, is to communicate across time and space. Therefore, let it be known, Our Relations of Earth, that to speak to one another is as easy as to speak to the stars. If you wish you may call upon your brother Bright Light and I will shine within you and help you develop that message. For the true messages of Spirit come from the soul, which is unfolded through the Light awakening that DNA. Therefore, we do understand through the Councils of Light that the only messages possible are those messages which come from the Starry Origins which are stored within the very bodies of all life throughout Universe. The Councils of Light are most eager to receive the love of human beings. For human beings of Mother Earth will soon receive their admittance unto the Galactic Councils through that awakening process known as full consciousness. O peoples of Mother Earth, it is more important that you should use this Spiritual Law to communicate with one another in a clear and loving way than for you to speak with the beings of Alpha Centari. It is more important for the human being to


learn to speak with the kingdoms of life of Mother Earth and the many realities within Her body than to reach unto the Seventh Heaven and drink of its understandings. It is more important for human being to utilize Spiritual Law of Choice to communicate with the inner worlds that are within the Body, Heart, and the Mind than to reach into our twin universe Andromeda. Know that all the workings of this Spiritual Law will be according to not only the dictations of the Galactic Councils but also the Heart of Our Creator. Purify your Sacred Word, O Peoples. Purify your communications between one another. Follow those choices of Light; for this Universe is a universe of the Family of Light. All beings of Universe must now purify themselves and rejoin the great Family of Beauty which is One Soul Star. This Soul Star is the Heart of Creator.


BUDDHA Opens Gates of Future Possibility  


I am Buddha of Truth. I am teacher of future in the Now. I stand in the door of What Can Be and breathe Life so that It Is. Truth is that which all things evolve from. Truth is the song of our Creator unfolding. Truth is the atom of human being becoming in balance with the Dance of the Relations. Truth is future, past and present. Truth is always the same. Buddha sees that the little people are very anxious with great energy to uncover truths of life. Yet, little people need GRO-O-O-W! In heart, in clarity, and in pure choice. Buddha of Truth told to come here by Buddha of World to speak about balance. The circle of life is a circle because there is balance. Truth is also the circle. Human being is the spiraling of Truth into higher realms and the spiraling of Truth from higher realms. Choice is the gift of Creator. Each being of this universe creates their own world. At first little people create little worlds; when little people gro-o-o-w in heart, clarity, and pure choices, big people make big worlds through Truth and balance. These are disciplines of choice. The future is a Great White River. It is Spirit Waters. Within these Spirit Waters many worlds exist. They are flexible and have not that which you experience as solidity. They are something you consider other dimension. Human being’s future, Mother Earth’s future, is this Great White River of Spirit. Very close to the shore will human being and Mother Earth be in shallow waters known as fifth dimension. The Great Waters of the flowing rushing river human being not ready for. Mother Earth already done that!


Human being still small. Little people must discipline thoughts, clear the mind of every annoyance, hold Original Mind. Little people must clean heart, expand their love and shine their wisdom. Little people must clean their body, unbuckle themselves from karma and choose Giveaway Path - their dharma. For Great White River will manifest their every choice. Therefore human being must become fully conscious. Little people run by their unconscious mind most of time. This leads them into all types of comedies. Yet, deeper in the waters of the Great River, these little comedies become tragedies. Therefore, little fish stay in shallow water. Mother Earth is moving into this Great White River. Therefore, human beings must prepare. For every thought that they think, every feeling that they feel, every reflection within the Sacred Mirror of their body will become powerful Truth in their world. This mean little people need grow FAST! Buddha of Truth see little people growing FAST! Keep that eye single and clean, and truth, beauty, goodness always bless you from waters of Sacred Life. Future is here. It is that great Light prophesied - photon energy available even now! Ascension light you need but call upon. Buddha of Truth give this one opportunity through Spiritual Law of Choice. Buddha of Truth help choose for you Ascension Light. Therefore, wish future possibility? Call Buddha of Truth! Ascension Light will be yours. Teachings of purification will be yours and little people grow very fast! In future waters of Great River of Life the bigger people which you become will do more with this Sacred Law. For now, Buddha of Truth bring gift of Sacred Ascension Flame unto human being. Therefore, you wish to grow fast, you wish to purify, call on Buddha of Truth, and your life will begin to unfold in purifying spirals of True Nature. Sooner you do it, easier it gonna be. Dare to step into the Ascension Flame and Mother Cosmos will fan the fires of your Self and lift that soul memory from Within your DNA. Then, Buddha of Truth live inside you. For Wisdom Flame is inside everyone. Great Creator of White River of Light - open arms - is ready to receive you. Great Family of Light - with many smiles plans celebration across Cosmos and Time.


Ascension Flame is awakening in your hearts even as you read and hear these words. Buddha of Truth, Graceful Buddha, and Buddha of Sword of Purity. Buddha of Truth gives thanks to all relations and bows to the Light in you! Namaste.


The Ceremony of the Stars

“The Sacred Folk upon the land are those Star Folk who receive their energies from their stellar homes through Ceremony with the Stars.”                    


CEREMONY OF THE STARS The Four Doors of Metatron

Healing Purification Renewal Reverance







Purity Innocense


WAZIYATA TIYOPA TOKAYA The Universal Laws: The Universal Law of Innocence, Truth and Family The Universal Law of Change The Universal Law of Symmetry





The First Ceremony of The Stars--The Doorway of the Heart   

The first door of Metatron is the Door of the North. This is the energy of the Stellar Nations - the Cosmic Ocean. The First Door is the Door of the Sacred Waters the Healing Waters of Life - which are the energies from the Great Central Sun through the many Star Nations. The Sacred Folk upon the land are those Star Folk who receive their energies from their stellar homes through Ceremony with the Stars. The First Door is the Door of the Heart. Thus, the first Ceremony of the Stars is this Doorway of the Heart. The North brings the healing energies of Mother Earth’s Sacred Ones - Tunkasina, Unci - the Grandfathers and the Grandmothers, the Healing Powers of Water, the Prayers of Buffalo, the Strong Red Road Nations Walking for the People, and the Sundance Tree. This is the first door of Metatron, the Door of the Heart. Now, in this door we will deal with ceremony with these Star Symbols as we will in each of the doors. The focus of this First Door is to heal the Heart, to heal the Heart of those present and to heal the Heart of Mother Earth. Healing the Heart of Mother Earth is connecting with her Love. Thus, through the Sacred Language of the Star Symbols, we may speak to Mother Earth and heal her Heart, heal our connection to the Heart of Love as our Mother. So, we would say, “Standing Elk, choose a symbol that is for the Healing of the Heart.” Standing Elk responds, “Owioste, that Love.”’ Then, Law of Love shall be the first symbol to be called in. Yet, among the twelve of the doors, Law of Love is of the yet to come. So, we must choose from among these twelve which Spirit has given thus far. The doors of Many Faces have to do with these first twelve symbols. These symbols represent the Wheel of Humanity. In each direction of the Wheel of Humanity, there are three Spirit Helpers known as these symbols. The Truth is, is that all twelve symbols are perfectly interchangeable. This is why the hundred and forty-four (144) is true. When you master the twelve within the twelve through this Star Language and through the walk of the Medicine Wheel, your Star Nature is born. There is a Thirteenth Walk that is embodied in the symbols yet to come - the Spirit Symbols. 144

So, Standing Elk, choose, for the Healing of the Heart, one of these six Universal Laws or six Spiritual Laws that have been given to us. Standing Elk selects, “Universal Law of Innocence, Truth and Family.” This is the first Star Helper to be invoked. It is invoked in the Spirit Doorway of the North for the Heart. So, this shall be the first symbol: Universal Law of Innocence, Truth and Family. This particular Star Symbol is a healing symbol as well. It heals the Heart. It heals the Spirit and heals the Family. So, for application, we would suggest that this symbol be placed on the back of the entrance doors to a dwelling place. All entrance doorways, on the inside of the dwelling, on the door, have this symbol. This will set the Law of Innocence, Truth and Family as the Law of the Lodge. This is also the Medicine of the North Doorway. It is also suggested that a Crystal Altar be made with this Symbol which calls forth the Universal Law of Innocence, Truth and Family. This would be an altar for the inner home or the Sanctum. We also see that a Stone Circle with the symbol within the circle, out in nature, in the woods, to bless an area. These are three powerful ways to heal the Heart through the use of this symbol. The first way heals the Heart of the family by setting the law at the doors: you see them every time you go out, and you remember them when you come in. The second way, the Crystal Altar, in the inner holy reaches of the home where your altars and ceremonials reside, a Crystal Altar in the shape of this symbol with a crystal circle around it as well, if you wish. This is a way to bless the innocence within the home. The Circle of Stones creating an altar for the Animal, Tree, and Stone Kin, a natural altar out amongst them would allow this Universal Law of Innocence, Truth and Family to heal the Heart of the Land through the energy of Divine Truth. Each door shall have a trinity of symbols- a trinity of Sacred Laws - and each law a trinity of applications. It creates a calendar, a sacred walk with the star symbols. It is an Inner Star Path. It is a recreating of your values as well. Many people have difficulties with values and understanding what values are. The Universal Laws teach the foundations of values and then the people’s free will and


desires grow. These twelve symbols work. This is a blessing which this language and this Sacred Walk, this Ceremony of the Four Doors brings. We ask Sister Two Stars to choose one of the laws to heal the Heart. Two Stars selects,“The Universal Law of Change.” Strong choice, good choice. Yes, again this is a Yin energy, a Grandmother Holy Mother energy. The symbol looks like the Butterfly, does it not? Very powerful symbol indeed; for when you would invoke this symbol into a room by even drawing it in the air, instant vortex of four door change happens. It is the four doors that begin in the East and go ‘round to the Northeast. Quick change. Instant transformation. This is one of these powers of this Universal Law of Change - Sacred Language symbol. It helps one realize how powerful these Star Rods are because they contain the symbols in a geometric alignment. We speak of this particularly with this symbol, this Butterfly Symbol, change, because it draws the primal forces to a conclusion, a beautiful unfolding like the kaleidoscope. This is when you invoke the symbol in the room with you or out in nature before your body by simply drawing it in the air. When this ceremony is enacted in the Etheric, it’s important to know that you are responsible to be with it for a little bit. So, in this case, the changes in the Heart. We invoke the Universal Law of Change, the Butterfly Medicine, to change the Heart of this Starship here. Let the Heart energies be full. This is a way to bless a space - invoke this symbol especially within the Heart does bring graceful changes. This symbol would be a good symbol to also treat in a similar way to draw in the Etheric with the palm Chakra, golden, silver, clear white and brilliant rainbow light. This is good to draw that symbol as well in areas of Mother Earth where the Land has been hurt. Then the Law of Change will bring a beautiful Butterfly transformation for those areas. Go and sit with a piece of land that is in need for but ten minutes and draw this symbol and allow the Laws of Change to heal the Heart of the Land that is there - the Spirit of the Land. In ten minutes’ time of prayers and a song or two or simply Silence, the Land will begin its transformation and you may go your way to seed another Cosmic Star upon Mother Earth. The Butterfly Symbol also can be visualized within you for another purpose altogether: to give you wings. It will lift you. It will bring the Air Spirit within you if you


call upon the Butterfly Air Spirit to fill you. This strengthens the wings of your Angelic Radiance. It strengthens your connections to the Sacred Bird Clans. It purifies your Angelic Presence just by visualizing this symbol Within and calling on Grandmother Butterfly, asking for the Sacred Air again. For the Universal Law of Change, we say that it can heal the Heart of a home by invoking it amongst the family, by drawing it in the Etheric in your living room and calling upon the Spirit of the Butterfly to bless you. In four days, four months or four seasons, the full blessing of transformation will have completed a Heart transformation within the family. Take this sacred sign out into those hurting places, like construction sites and such things and invoke that symbol for the healing of the Land. In four seasons that Land will be healed, if you but sit with the Land and the Medicine for a short spell of prayer and song of thanks. So, too, can this Universal Law of Change be invoked within you and will bring the Sacred Breath to feed the cells, organs and the light body that you are. We invoke the power of the Universal Law of Change to heal our Hearts, to heal the Hearts of the Home, to heal Mother Earth. To invoke the image of a symbol either in the mind or through the pinning it in the air through that Chakra of the Hand, or be it through Altar or Medicine Wheel, the power of the transformation is there. Thus we say and ask SilverStar, “Among the ten yet left of the symbols, which symbol calls to you for the healing of the Heart?” Hau, SilverStar. SilverStar says, “The Universal Law of Symmetry.” Brave and courageous choice as well. Yes, indeed, invoke this law, this Universal Law of Symmetry within your Heart as a glowing essence. For, the power of the human being is also to use these symbols as glyphs - Glyphs of Power, Glyphs of Healing, and Glyphs of Love. So, this Universal Law of Symmetry can appear within the Heart as a Starry Glyph. Allow its Medicine to radiate in the Heart. The action and effect is physical. The shifts within the tissues of the Heart are to open the Heart to more spaciousness, to expand the Heart in Light and Love and to unite through the Heart to the Heart of All. These three powers, these three awakenings happen when this Universal Law of Symmetry is invoked within the Heart.


Universal Law of Symmetry, also healer for the Land. It is a symbol to draw in the sand with a circle about it for ceremony with the land - the dirt, the sand, the mud that’s there - to invoke for a duration, be it ten, fifteen, twenty minutes (depending on the desire for healing, and the need of the day). Pray that the energy of this symmetry will open the portals of Heaven and Earth and help unite the Land with the Spirit through the Star Brethren and Sisters and through the Devas and Elohim. That, the kingdoms above and these kingdoms of Mother Earth here do unite for a time and heal. Should the focus be until permanent connection, some land can be completed in one visit, some cannot. That reconnects that Land with the above as it is below and we have the Circle of Life, the Tree of Sacredness, whole again. Thus, by drawing in the dirt and calling the Holy Mother, Universal Law of Symmetry does heal the Land. We also see that this symbol as a paste-up on the wall used in every office building where too much head stuff goes on, because this symbol of Symmetry aligns the being. By seeing this symbol, your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies all naturally align. This symbol, because of its potency, can in no way be altered. Therefore, it can be distributed among the peoples to help heal those who are too far lost in mind to be grounded within the totality of who they are. The symbol could be made into a calendar mandala. Some creative aspect to make this symbol one that’s seen very often would be good. Indeed the spaces within the symbol, as the spaces without, can have sacred beings peeking out from there. We are suggesting the artistic application for the healing of the people. The Universal Law of Symmetry aligns the Earth plane with the Spirit plane. It aligns the Alpha-Omega so that when the Tree of Life does send forth the Fires of Love, that Earth and Sky are one, duality is ended, and Fifth World has begun. This Universal Law of Symmetry within the Heart does heal and align the Heart and Heart Channels of your own Sacred Tree. It does connect you from the Center of Universe through the crown, sacrum, and to Mother Earth. It does connect you as one Mind, Spirit and Heart. The first application - it has already been spoken - the first was within the Heart. The second application is to draw the symbol in the sand, dirt and Earth to heal the Land. For, as in the first application within your Heart, this symbol of Symmetry connect you with All That Is. So, when you sit as Earth Guardian, invoking this power in the Land, dost the Land also receive her connection to All That Is. Third, to create an image and to gaze upon this image, as the image does heal the Mind, and allow the Mind to settle into the Heart. “As above, so below,” the Mind must be fully Heart.


This symbol of the Universal Law of Symmetry does awaken the Heart in the Mind again. This is what is called Original Mind. The three powers of the North for the healing of the Heart, the healing of the Heart within for individuals, the healing of the Heart within the Spirit Kin that surround us, healing of the Heart for Mother Earth. The North Spirit Doorway of healing, renewal and purification amplified by the powers and through the ways of Universal Law of Innocence, Truth and Family, Universal Law of Change, Universal Law of Symmetry. The North Spirit Pathways are the pathways for purification, healing and spiritual renewal. These are the three doorways within the Heart, and indeed purification has been called forth through the Universal Law of Innocence, Truth and Family. Healing has been called in for the Heart through the Universal Law of Change. Renewal of the Spirit and Body has been called in through the Universal Law of Symmetry. Ite Otapi, mouthpiece for Metatron, Cosmic Intelligence and Keeper from Great Central Sun, Brother in Twin Galaxy to Milky Way, dost invoke the powers of the North and send them forth to heal the People, to heal the Relations, to heal the Land. This first door, the Door of the Heart, is now complete. It is an initiation of Cycles of Energy that will bring about the Healing of the North. Now, in considering the four ceremonies of this four doors, do consider the time between, for this is the time span of the transformation. These Four Doors of Metatron, of Ite Otapi, shall be in a two day phase: morning evening, morning-evening or as 11/11 Spirit Time doth speak, and the needs of the people does pray. We give thanks for this first door invoked in the name of Melchizadek Zakaron that one known as Metatron. Hau! Mitakuye Oyasin.


WIOHIYANPATA TIYOPA INUMPA The Universal Laws: Universal Law of Free Will Universal Law of Life Universal Law of Movement and Balance





The Door of the Mind  

Greetings my relations, it is good to be with you again. This is Ite Otapi. Are we prepared for the Second Door? The Second Door of Metatron is the Door of the East. It is the door of the Mind. It is the door with three gates: Gates of Wisdom, Enlightenment and Knowledge. Many times it has been said with the strength of a thousand voices, that Original Mind is the key to the Kingdom of Life. This is because Original Mind springs from the Pure Heart. The Mind is the mirror, clear mirror, for the True Heart. This is what we call Original Mind. From the East, the People may receive the Sacred Wisdom, Enlightenment, and the Knowledge that will transform their worlds. First, they must prepare their Minds as a crystal mirror. This is what this ceremony of the Second Door of Metatron opens and calls into being. The first doorway is the Doorway of Wisdom. Wisdom is the Sacred Fire of the Heart which expresses through the clear Mind. This is Heart Truth and Wisdom. Therefore, for the first gate of the East Door we would ask Two Stars to select one of the remaining nine Spiritual Laws or Universal Laws for this Wisdom Gate. Two Stars, “Universal Law of Free Will”. Will that be Spiritual Freedom of Man or the Universal Law of Free Will? Two Stars, “Universal Law of Free Will”. The access to Sacred Wisdom is through the expression of your choices and this is the power that Free Will grants. Therefore, this symbol draws forth the energy of the protection of Sacred Choice. You may carry this sign as a Shield of Freedom. Perhaps you will make yourself a button with this symbol on it. One of those little buttons that were common during The Sixties perhaps. Wear the Universal Law of Free Will as your shield or perhaps it would be embroidered into a cloth and placed on a bag or shirt. In many ways wear this Shield of freedom and the Universal Law of Free Will shall provide a clear space for you to choose in every moment the path that you wish to take. Its shielding properties will block off all information which bombards moment to moment of every day, which tends to confuse the clarity of the mind. Thus, the first


property of this Law of Free Will is as a Shield of your Sacred Choices. Being the shield, it will protect your mind’s stillness, that your choices will follow that Heart and Original Mind that is spoken of. This Universal Law of Free Will, its sign and symbol, has a power which can clarify the Minds of those that are confused. Perhaps it will be called a healing ceremony, when a Symbol Carrier will work with another individual who is trying to find clarity in their life. As the Symbols Carrier, you would physically, by holding hands, connect with the person who is seeking clarity. Through the Heart and the Mind, project the energy and the form of this symbol. Through the energy of the Star Knowledge of Free Will passing through this symbols carrier’s life stream, the Mind of the one who was confused will quickly still. The thoughts that were jumping up and down within that one’s Mind will begin to take definition. It allows an individual who has been confused to see the options of choice. This is a healing facility, through the use of this power of the Universal Law of Free Will. As it has been said by the Arcturians, this symbol carries the Frequency of Freedom. They have for centuries called forth the Energy of Freedom and Mercy through this law. So too, in your healing temple, you can set a cornerstone, be it a quilt that will be on the wall, or the symbol buried in the earth beneath the doorstep, or be it - for those who are extra energetic - burial of a bundle with this symbol in the Four Directions of that healing temple. With purpose, this grounds the energies of Freedom within that space. Each symbol has its gifts and talents within each of the doors: these Four Directions of Metatron. In the directions of the Mind, the Universal Law of Free Will, grants a Shield of personal protection, grants the gifts of healing clarity through the Freedom of Mind, and grants the gift of sacred space that is dedicated unto the Freedom Flame of Mercy, Compassion and Grace. All three of these gates lead unto that Wisdom of which we have spoken. It is wise to have a safe space for your sacred choices, is it not? Especially for those who need to move very quickly, the choices need to be sure, even still. Laying the foundation of this symbol around and perhaps beneath a healing center, will bring in the energies of those masters of the Seventh Ray. Those who will come include beloved Quan Yin, one of the Mothers of Mercy, and Immanuel, the one who walks with the Christ Flame, Archangel Raphael, Archaeia Holy Amethyst and the Archangels of the Seventh Ray, and the Elohim Beings who come from Arcturus. So, if you were to pray for Free Will to set the Mind free, this is saying that indeed, your sacred choice guides your sacred path and this is the Gate of Wisdom. The Second Gate is a gate of the Light Streaming of Enlightenment. It is the energy of the awakening of the mind.


We will ask SilverStar, which of these Spiritual or Universal Laws will you call forth for this gate? Silver Star, “The Universal Law of Life.” Yes indeed, the true connection to enlightenment is that connection to the Heart of Creator. It is true that Creator’s Mind is the image of our Mind. To invoke the power of the Great Central Sun to clear the Mind and to heal the glands and processes of the brain, is again a very bold step because this Universal Law of Life, Connection of Creator to Human Being, opens to each individual their own Sacred Tree of Life as they are united unto the Universe. Therefore, we would speak of the application within again: visualize this symbol which appears like the two-headed arrow rising and falling at the same time from the tail of the coccyx to the tip of the crown. With the line of this symbol, through your center vortex, that Lifestream that flows down the spinal column will indeed connect your Sacred Heart to the Great Central Sun, and your Sacred Heart to the Heart of Mother Earth. In doing so, the Mind is naturally clarified, because the difficulties which warp, bend and clutter the Mirror of the Mind are found within the sub-conscious body. This subconscious has been known as the four lower Chakras: the Root Chakra, the Sacred Chakra, the Solar Chakra and the Heart Chakra. Most of the difficulties are experienced in the lower three. Once the human being reaches the Heart Chakra, Love and compassion become a way of life, Freedom and Service become their salvation. Therefore we would say, internalize this energy by visualizing the Sacred Symbol - Universal Law of Life - in order to clean out the difficulties of the sub-conscious, because this connects the Heart directly to the Heart of Mother Earth, going straight through the subconscious bodies and clarifying them as the energy passes. It is what you call an instantaneous grounding. Purifying the lower minds ensures that the Higher Mind can be clear. We would also suggest the application of this Law of Life within those Structures of Society that are vertical structures, those that are set aside as shrines, megaliths, obilisks and such - the Washington Monument if you will. These are antennas which direct the flow of the Mind of Humanity for they are receivers and transmitters of Life Force Energies as well. Thus, within these structures you may create a Star Tetrahedron with the heart of this star as this symbol, both ascending and descending. Again, this is on the Etheric plane.


By setting this symbol within a monument or shrine, it will transform that monument into to a lifeline between the Heart of the Mother and the Creator of the Great Central Sun. This symbol will purify whatever a monument is dedicated to, so that its energies flow unto all that is connected to it, with the Love, the Original Love, and the Original Mind of Spirit. This antenna will become an antenna of Light and will help clarify the Great Mind of humanity, so that the individual Mind can choose Sacred Path clearer and in that Freedom spoken of. This symbol, Universal Law of Life, is also a power for growth: Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical as it connects all the aspects of life. Therefore, if you have a growing one in your family - be it the child in the womb, the newborn, the growing twoyear old, the seven year old, the teenager - or be it perhaps for those special times of quick growth for the adult - (in the American culture) this may be that mid-life crisis, retirement, or graduation of one sort or another - that this symbol, if placed above the bed where the individual sleeps, will create a harmony in the Dreamtime that will allow their inner growth to mesh with their outer growth. This allows the inner richness of spirit to manifest through their physical form. The Mind is a large part of the Dreamtime, so does this symbol bring a clarity to your travel in the Dreamtime World and thus bring to you the visions from Creator’s Heart and assist you on your Path of Ascension - through service, giveaway, and clear choice. Thus, at the Gate of Enlightenment, does this symbol and this Law of Life shine and bless from within; this symbol connects the Heart to the Great Hoop of relations and empowers the individual with the energies of Earth and Sky. In conjunction with Sacred Sites and shrines of a vertical nature, this Law and its symbol does purify that shrine and transform it into that clear image of Creator’s Heart that is broadcast to the people. We would say that this is particularly important because there are many vertical shrines. There is much healing necessary within the Greater Mind of humanity. The third application: This symbol is a dream guide for its connection to worlds beyond and worlds within. Thus, it helps you travel safely and in the Light, to where you need to go. Thus, keep the connection of Pure Mind and Heart for your travels on the Sacred Path beyond the Body. These doorways within - within ceremony, within Dreamtime are all Gifts of the Mind through this Sacred Gate of Enlightenment. Through the Third Gate of the Second Door of the East, of the Mind, of the Light of the Sacred Eagle, which brings the fires of the MorningStar to the people, do we find Pure Knowledge and the Gifts of Pure Knowledge.


Thus, we would ask Brother Standing Elk to choose of these remaining symbols, one to stand in this Gate of Pure Knowledge. Standing Elk, “The Universal Law of Movement and Balance.” We see that you like to move quickly. Well, it is true, that should there be a stagnancy in knowledge that the invocation of this Law and it’s symbol - be it through mental telepathy, this invocation, or be it through visualization, this invocation, or be it through patterning it upon the ethers of the air - does create the quick infusion of more knowledge than those stagnant cycles can handle. It moves everything right along, we would say. The key of balance is very important because movement must be in the walk of balance. A very simple way to bring True Knowledge into a situation, when applying this symbol within the doorway of the Pure Knowledge, is to draw this symbol in the air or to visual its power in an area and to call upon Pure Knowledge to enter. Then, within a 24-day cycle, not only will all stagnancy be removed but it will transform into unseen Flowers of Paradise. This is the Power of the True Understanding. The True Knowledge of any situation can emerge through the Universal Law of Movement and Balance. We would also suggest, as an application of this Universal Law, for a disk bearing its symbol to be placed under the seat of those that move too quickly. This is that they may absorb the energies of balance with their movement. For truly the quick movement in the physical is due to quick movement in the Mind. Whereas the Heart has a rhythm that follows the waters, the Mind moves with lightning speeds-at the speed of thought. So, if one of your brothers or sisters are moving too fast for their own good and are in need of some balance with their sacred path in their day-to-day walk, very simply place this disk with this symbol under their driving seat. Even while they are chattering away and moving a great rates you will notice an instantaneous process of grounding. Those brothers and sisters that were moving to fast for their own good and their own clarity will soon find themselves at rest and probably asleep. They will be so tired from their endless search. For, through the doorway of Pure Knowledge, this Universal Law of Movement and Balance can ground the swirling thoughts that drive the human vehicle beyond it’s wisdom and can ground and balance the energy of that one moving too fast, as it can also raise the energy of one who needs to move faster. So, if you have mobility problems, if you have trouble synchronizing with the Flow of Grace, with the Blessings of Universe, then sit on the symbol. Its energies will balance the speed of your Sacred Path, by slowing or accelerating the actions of creative intuitions which do flow through the Mirror of the Mind.


We do see this symbol used in group meditations. If you have a very large streamer, you can surround your group within the center circle with this symbol. In other words, your meditation, your healing, your counseling, your spiritual, your drumming group, can sit within this symbol of the Universal Law of Movement and Balance. The synchronicities of the group will find their balance and the Sacred Laws of Harmony will connect one heart to another in a joyful dance of ceremony, of sharing, and of energy. As we see that this is a very necessary understanding for the human peoples - how to work one with another in Sacred Space, in wholesome Space, in Special Space - that sitting within this symbol, calling upon Movement and Balance, and calling upon the synchronicity that Pure Knowledge brings, that the flow of prayer from one to another, that the movements in the dance of the ceremony, and that the thoughts of the people will be One. To facilitate this a short three minute meditation at the beginning of your group upon Movement and Balance - upon the Flowing Synergy of energy between one another - will bring about this telepathy of Mind, Heart, and Spirit that allows the Flow of the Sacred Word, that allows the flows of Heart Action, that allows the Pure Thought of Communication to bind the circle as One Being of Light, with individual expression guiding the dance as a whole. In the Realm of Pure Knowledge, everything flows like the waters of a fountain. When you are on the outside in an unclarity, one can understand the symmetry of the fountain water drop. When you are within the movement of balance, that which was chaos is understood as a Flower of Life. Certainly our ceremonies can benefit in this way. Can they not? So, from this Gate of Pure Knowledge, we see that invoking this symbol through the etheric signature in the air, or through telepathy, or through prayer within a space, can lift and transform stagnant ideas to bring in the creative flow in everyone. We see this Universal Law of Movement and Balance can also ground an individual who is moving too quickly upon this path and accelerate those which need to move a little faster. This is the sitting meditation part. We see that this Universal Law of Movement and Balance combines a group as one family and brings about that music which we call the Celestial Song. This is the gift of this symbol, of this Law within the Gate of Pure Knowledge, which is that Third Door of the East of the Mind.


You can see Brothers and Sisters, each of these laws has a blessing in each of the directions. Ite Otapi is here today to show, to expound and to share the possibilities of the symbols of your choices within a particular direction. This is to seed within you the understanding of the universality of these Sacred Laws of Creator’s Heart. Also, we are here to call forth the healing of the Second Door of Metatron, the Healing of the Mind. Are there any questions? We of the Great Central Sun, through the Portal of Andromeda, are very happy to deliver this information to you. This stellar energy of these Universal and Spiritual Laws will provide practical applications within your lives. For, truly, these first Twelve Laws of which we are now past the first two doorways, do teach you how to walk in symmetry with the Wheel of Life and do open to you the Spirit Doorways that you may travel from the Wheel of Humanity to the Wheel of the Seven Stars. The binding influence of these Twelve Universal and Spiritual Laws is this symbol known as the Web of Life, the Antahkarana. When you do call forth your ceremony to go through the Four Doors of Metatron and experience a sequence of the Star Symbols in the Four Directions of Life, this Antakarana does create a vortex that binds one symbol to another. It is the Force of Spirit that connects the Twelve Disciples to the Master. It is the Tree of Life which grows in the Orchards of the Many Fruits. It is the Eagle which soars carrying in its wings the four Races of Man. It is Buddha sitting upon the Lotus in the midst of the Mandalla of Life. Thus, we do say thank you to our brother and sisters. For the Healing of the Mind, do we of Andromeda send forth, Universal Law of Free Will, Universal Law of Life, Universal Law of Movement and Balance, to heal the minds of the peoples, to heal the Over Mind of the Humanities, and to bless the Minds of the Kingdoms of Light. We do call this in, in the Name of our Creator, the Heart of All. And I, Ite Otapi say, “good evening”. Ah Ho! Mitakuye Oyasin.


ITOKAGATA TIYOPA IYAMNI The Spiritual Laws: Spiritual Protection of Family Spiritual Growth of Man Spiritual Law of Equality


Purity Innocense


The Third Door of Metatron Three Gates of the South The Door of the Body The Gate of Purity   

 Good Mornin', Ev'ryone, this is Mammy.

You think all the Doors of Metatron be done by Many Faces? In th’ Nort’ and Eas’, this okay. That his territory. Down here ‘n the Sout’ an’ in the Wes’, Grandmother, Mammy here! An’ how is that mother with child over there? [Mammy asks Two Stars.]   "Good, thanks,” Two Stars answers.   That's a good thing.   The Third Door is a Door of the South. It is the Door of the Earth. It is the Door of the Body. This Third Door is for the healin’ of the bodies of all the Peoples through the service of this Four Directions Council - with a little bit o’ help from Mammy today. Can you understand that these first and second doors, the Door of the North and the Door of the East, they is in the men’s quarters? Now you’ve entered in to the Holy Mother. And the Cosmic Mother’s representative in the Galactic Federation is MAMMY!!! Now this Metatron, he’s a Teacher, you see. He guards over these symbols which you know as Universal and Spiritual Laws. He’s a headmaster, a teacher for this twin Galaxy, takin’ care of the tutorin’ of the Peoples. Make sure ev’rbody taught in the Heart Way--right! But the teachers of the headmasters, they’s different folk. That’s where Many Faces, that Clown, and Mammy come in, as we is teachers of these Universal and Spiritual Laws. And by “Mammy” we means the essence of all your Grandmothers put together as one broom or fryin’ pan, sometimes. Other times, the sho’tnen bread and the bath with Mammy! And, Mammy does scrubbins, too.


Now, this ceremony, we see is unfoldin’ som’pin’. An’ this is why Mammy had to show. That is, we see an endin’ of the cycle of duality and the healin’ of the mens wit the womens. This is what this Star Altar is a speakin’. Now, the Third Door, again, has the Christ Flame, the three gates - Gates of the South - guarded by Purity and Innocence and Truth. (Sounds like a law itself, don’ it?) Now, we believe it is SilverStar, Han, Grandmother! that, it is your choice for that Gateway of Purity among these Spiritual Laws, as it seems. SilverStar selects, “Spiritual Protection of Family.” Mammy calls on the Spiritual Protection of Family with Grandmother SilverStar. So gather ‘roun the center vortex of that Antahkarana Web of Life and see how does this Universal Law reveal itself. Through Third Eye you can indeed see a Star Altar that is created above this Sacred Symbol Antahkarana. Within that altar we find now Spiritual Protection of Family. We see that this is an appropriate symbol to use for necklaces - to wear this symbol ‘rounst the Heart, ‘specially those kids - because this symbol does have the frequency to protect the Purity of the Innocence. Archangel Michael will be there for that. Teach the chilins about balance, too, ‘cause the way that thing haf ta hang. It’ll teach ‘em when theys in balance and when theys leanin’ too far one way or the other. We also see that those “seesaws” could be constructed in the form of this symbol. An’ ev’rbody needs to be on that seesaw! To learn balance with one another this is one of the most effective tools that the Child Nations have produced for adults to remember to walk in balance. An’ when you come in Mammy’s kitchen, come wit your shoes clean, or, better off. An’ remember to go for your nourishment, Children. Yes, indeed, we see that should these seesaws across the land be constructed in this way that the children will be able to do their Medicine for balancing the purities of the world. Ya haf ta provide the little ones some Sacred Space to do their alchemies in as well, ya know. We see also that the construction of the Lodge of a Peoples - the center lodge would be very beneficial in this shape. The Central Lodge of the Peoples, the Speaking Circles and Councils and the places of Ceremony and Thanksgiving, if in a longhouse of this construction, would make certain the Protection of their Nation through th’ Angels of Gabriel that would be with each and every family.


For, you see at the center of your nation you may set a sign. If this sign be Spiritual Protection of Family, then Mammy be real happy! Because the Purity of the Peoples is the gateway unto Eden. [Since it sounded like Mammy said, “eaten” she repeats:] Unto Eden! [Mammy laughs.] So Mammy see that this Univer... uh, Spiritual...[Mammy laughs and laughs at herself]. Mammy sees through Universal eyes. It a task to describe the menfolks... ...anyways, this Spiritual Protection of Family symbol would be good to put on the children that they remember about family and about the Family of Light. Fo’ dis symbol is a symbol of the Family of Light. An’, we see that construction of this symbol in the play areas of the children will protect their nurturance and their growth ‘cause they is the future Seven Generations comin’! An’ we see that a nation that would choose as its center pole an altar for the Peoples of this Spiritual Protection of Family that the families of that nation would be blessed by the Archangels of LOVE! An’ this is that gateway of Purity. We give thanks to you, Sister SilverStar.

The Gateway of Innocence Now, for the healin’ o’ th’ Body - that Original Nature - Innocence - is the Doorway to Health. So, we would ask Brother Standing Elk to choose for that Gateway of Innocence . “Aho, Unci, the Spiritual Growth of Man.” True to the mark, dead on center. Even split a couple o’ arrows if you were in “Robin Hood.” Yes, the Spiritual Growth of Man is the growth of that innocent nature that is known as gentleness, that is known as loving grace, that is known as Mammy’s healin’ hands, ‘Cause it’s them hands that make that sho’tnen bread, that’s the Communion Bread of our Brother Immanuel. An’ that bread is the Bread of Innocence. So, we call this Spiritual Growth of Man to the center vortex that the Antahkarana guide its pathway. Well, should somebody desire to grow, in their private living space, they can clear the walls, make room for ribbon symbols of this Spiritual Growth of Man on the four walls and the ceilin’. (Just gettin’ it up all right will be a teachin’ there.)


When you draw or create one of these signatures of the Sacred Laws, the energy comes out of it like from pores. And those waterous energies spread through the Ethers in the room or in the grove or in the ocean. And so, to set up your room where you sleep for four nights wit these symbols about you on the walls will indeed awaken your innocent nature an’ give your Heart some room to bre-e-e-athe! Connect each of these four symbols to a Holy One in the Four Directions and pray for their help and assistance. An’, open the symbol portal on that ceilin’ to the healin’ of Creator’s Heart. Then, for four nights, in the Dreamtime, each night with a Guardian of a Direction, you’ll travel that growth - a growth of Love, a growth of Innocence, a growth of Heart. We see again, to the Children that a Teacher and a Healer are one, and that the teachers of the Childrens can emmanate the radiance of this Spiritual Growth of Man so that all them Childrens - who is our Teachers - does land in their Bodies with their full Spirit Presence. Teachers can radiate this energy by connecting with it in the Heart and allowing it as Golden Letters of Spirit’s Writing to shine forth the Love of Spiritual Growth for the Childrens. Den dey show ya som’pin! We see a Growth Journal with the symbol of this Spiritual Growth of Man as the altar, shield and cover. In this journal the Peoples can chart the growth of their bounty, of their acts of Love, of their Spiritual Victories; Make a Tome to honor the Sacred Path with the shield: Spiritual Growth of Man. So does the Door of the Body receive the returnin’ of its innocent nature, the innocent nature that feeds the very cells and the DNA - the Spirit in action! (Long pause) (Mammy sometime get too big for herself and it send out an ocean wave, a Cosmic Frequency). And so we’s talkin’ about three holy applications for this Spiritual Growth of Man:” 1) to bless the Children through the Teachers: the energy of Spiritual Awakening, 2) to bless the Path of the Self through four Dreamtime Journeys on the Path of Growth, 3) an’ on a tome, a sacred writing of your Spiritual Path, with the signet guardian: Spiritual Growth of Man; with the signature of ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL-ARCHAIA CHRISTINE that the Light is abundant and that the Innocence does feed that Body and that Body does GROW, GROW, GROW.


The Gate of Truth We say to the growin’ one, Sister Two Stars, blessed one with you, the Gate of Truth, your choice among these four Spiritual Laws for the Gate of Truth. Two Stars answers, “Spiritual Law of Equality,...Mammy.” Hau!, Child. We’ll fix som’ sho’tnen bread for yo Spirit right now! Yes, we do see that the Power of Equality is takin’ over the vastness an’ the reaches o’ th’ Universe. And, the mystery of Equality is that there is but ONE SPIRIT. That Spirit is the LIFE that grows through our LOVIN’ one another. Spiritual Law of Equality - in the realm of Truth - is the spear of Athena! ‘Cause Athena stands and guards the Portals of Opportunity for the Peoples that all may ascend to their highest destiny. Through the Door of the Body, this highest destiny is the Ascended Light Body made up of cells full of Light Geometries - twelvefold DNA structures that within ev’ry cell of human being are the Twelve Spirit Gates unto the Stars. An’ dese small communities of intelligences workin’ all together as one to be the Body of Light which you is becomin’ - all those cells, parts of your self are attaining unity consciousness! And this is the power of Athena’s spear through this Spiritual Law of Equality. So, we do take and invoke this Spiritual Law upon the Altar of the Web of Life and ask for its benevolence to manifest to us helps along our path. We see first of all that the image of this in gold or in silver, in a precious metal, does bring balance unto the Sacred Vision of the People. An’, thus, it would be a healin’ tool. If an amulet of this design which honors the equality of all the Relations of Universe were used to adjust the vision of the People through that Third Eye, lettin’ the folks get quiet with it for five minutes over that Third Eye Chakra, would create the symmetry within their Minds that would allow them to accept that they are a part of a Great Whole, would indeed open their vision of reality to the reality of Oneness. Pretty powerful little tool. We see this symbol of equality in the gardens of Mother Nature. We see circles of flowers and growths of the deep green that make this pattern in the strickly sylvan way. This symbol is a holy symbol for the gardens of life - those places in which you shall grow your food - for it calls upon all the Relations for their safety and their grace. Spiritual Law of Equality once activated in Sacred Stone or Plant will create a gatherin’


place of the Nations of the Earth. In your garden of life where you go forth to meet the Spirit Folk - the Animal Kin, the Dree Nation, the Land Beings - this is the chosen altar for that gathering. Mammy does keep things some secret! But, yeah, make yo’self a Sacred Place usin’ this symbol out among the woods, the creeks and the hills. And see what conversations you be havin’. Mammy see, through the Portal of Truth, this Gate of the Body, that for those among you who is healers - an’ that means ev’erbodies - this Spiritual Law of Equality will balance those Spiritual communication lines which are known as the gates of your spinal column. Thus, this Portal of Ttime from whence the consciousness travels to the past, present and future can be balanced by the visualization, by the desire and by the experience of equality and reverence within each of the Gates of that Sacred Spine of Life. Does this make sense? It’s a healin’ tool for your multidimensional self. For those portals of the spine do indeed connect you with those multipersonalities that are across the Universe. In this time of becoming one, we see that this be a very helpful integration tool. Above all things, Mammy wants the Peoples ta know that through ceremony like this Four Directions-Sacred Thirteen that the Peoples can heal the Earth. Peoples can call on a guide like Many Faces and Mammy or the Peoples can follow their intuitional ways - all of it brings th’ Circle ‘roun the Mountain to the Sacred Lake! An’ this Sacred Lake is the Gathering Place of the Relations of all the Kingdoms. This is why this Spiritual Law of Equality, its symbol does speak unto the Nations of the Forest and the Hill and the Stream. Thus, in Stone, create your sacred council areas with the elders of all the kingdoms and nations. Create this healing medallion for the clarity of the Minds of the Peoples that all could understand how to walk with one another in the great dance of creativity called LOVE. Journey within the Silence with this Spiritual Law of Equality, the full energy of its presence within each of the vertebrae of your sacred time tunnel. And then, all those interstellar communications that stretch forth from the very Antahkarana Web of Life of your Sacred Heart will be reconnected with the very Source of Life within that Heart directly to each of those vertebrae gates. An’ den’, what Mammy call “full consciousness of Truth” and your “Universal visa” can be put in your wallet an’ become your signature - Spiritual Law of Equality. These three gates - Purity, Innocence, Truth - are the gates for the healing of the Body. To heal the physical in its connections with the Spirit - that Light Body that’s


comin’ in! - you must heal Purity within the individual. You must help restore that Innocent Nature. And, you must help them find their own pure Truth! We invoke these Star Presences: Spiritual Protection of Family, Spiritual Growth of Man, Spiritual Law of Equality for the healin’s of the bodies of all the Peoples through the Gateways of Purity, Innocence and Truth! We do give thanks, Mammy and all the Relations here present, to our Brother and our Sisters for sitting here with us. And for the energies of the Giveaway that transpires through your bodies as the Star Symbols awaken that Twelvestrand DNA that are the portals of the Spirit Doors in you. Thus, does the Energy of Spirit go forth unto your Peoples, unto the Directions through which you have grounded yourself, and does sit in Four-Direction Council - that is the frequency 13:20 - through the honoring of the Sacred Tree of Life as the Altar of your attention. Thus, Antahkarana, Sacred Tree of Life, through the invocation of the South Doorway. Let it be so. May all the Peoples get Mammy’s sho’tnen bread!

[Standing Elk drums and sings.]

Standing Elk, “Hau! Grandma Song.”


WIOHPEYATA TIYOPA ITOPA The Spiritual Laws: Spiritual Freedom of Man Spiritual Law of Choice Spiritual Strength, Health and Happiness





CEREMONY OF THE STARS The Fourth Door of Metatron The Three Gates of the West The Door of Spirit The Gate of Introspection: Spiritual Freedom of Man Is you ready fo’ yo’ sho’tnen bread? That fo’th do’r of Metatron is the Door of the West where the Grandmothers sit and watch ov’r thangs. It’s the Door of the Spirit! So this fo’th door, it’s yo sho’tnen bread ‘cause it’s the grace of the Grandmas poured upon ya. Mammy excited ta be heah! Because this is a Star Integration Ceremony. An’ dat integration dat’s goin’ on is for Mother Earth. ‘Dese Twelve Laws of Spirit are descendin’ like starry powers unto the Earth! ‘Dis is de potential of the Four Doors of Metatron, when de ceremony done in balance and in beauty! And in our fourth door tonight, indeed, dese Universal and Spiritual Laws are mergin’ or e-mergin’ from within the Land! ‘Dis part of ceremonial cleansin’ dat comes forth from Solar LOVE ceremonies. An’ dese four doors of Pappa Metatron dost ground the Laws of the Sacred Wheel of Humanity into the People, into the Nations and awakens that light of the Sacred Stars within Mother Earth. Thus, we say that this Fourth Door has Three Gates. The First Gate is the Gate of Introspection - lookin’ within. An’ who is it amongst us is gonna look within for us? Mammy believe it’s Standing Elk’s turn. “Spiritual Freedom of Man.” The Sacred West - the Celestial Spheres of Light that do emanate from your past the Ancient Ones walk in the West. So this First Door, the door of lookin’ within the Star essence and power: Spiritual Freedom of Man. So dost we call upon Antahkarana, the Sacred Laws Universal, Spiritual, call in our Brothers an’ Sisters of the Family of Light an’ ask for this healin’ in the Direction of Introspection. Man must choose to be free to look within. An that


Freedom, which the Peoples want, is the freedom ya find by lookin’ within. ‘Cause inside ya, Mammy there! An’ she got her sho’tnen bread ready fo’ ya. But first, many o’ you kids like ta see Mammy’s fryin’ pan - at least in her hand cookin’ ya som’pin good ta eat. Truth is ya look within, Mammy dere helpin’ you face yo’r fears. You lives through ‘em! Just look within! (Mammy got ta preachin’ now.) We see this Spiritual Freedom of Man, this symbol should fly on the flag, a flag to honor a place that is free; for, Spiritual Freedom is the starting point of all Freedom. An’ when Peoples are spiritually free, dey is free indeed! So the Cosmic Mother got a little servant called Mammy here ta help da kids understand dat dese laws is sacred. ‘Dis Spiritual Freedom of Man is an energy which the Peoples need ta fe-e-e-l within them. An’ thus, in this Gateway of Introspection, Mammy ask you visualize and internalize the power of the sacred law about freedom And visualize that symbol as a fountain of living light radiating throughout your body, the wisdom awakenin’ in yo’r cells and DNA, your full consciousness of this Spiritual Law - Freedom of Man. Thus carryin’ this energy within the Heart and all the chakras, Mammy does see that the Peoples’ energies for the one and the family will be in balance with the Sacred Fires of Spirit that is comin’ to Mother Earth for the new light bodies the Peoples is receivin’. [Mammy see] that this sign of freedom, when focused within and explored within the alchemy of self, would set the man, the woman, the child free to ascend to their light body - with ease and grace along the way. ‘Dat’s where the sho’tnen bread comes in. Fo’ we’s wonts the Peoples ta make bread of L-U-U-U-V! An’ we does see dat dis Spiritual Freedom of Man through the hands of LOVE can be made into loaves of healing. PEOPLES, BAKE YO’ SHO’TNEN BREAD!! An’ through the loaves of yo creativity, feed the Peoples the Word of Life. Thus, in this Door of Spirit, we walk through the inner door - the one which swings both ways - an’ we see the Creator there an’ all the Peoples of Paradise dost welcome you home when ya dare ta look within an call on this Spiritual Freedom of Man. For, once you see your Self, you’ll understand the Sacred Silence and the Music of the Spheres and the Dances of Life of the Rainbow Worlds. You’ll understand the Second Gate. We see ya puttin’ forth Standards of Freedom like this Spiritual Freedom of Man on the flags of Peace (need not be whole flag but definitely there). An’ we see when this energy of freedom that sets the people free is applied within, that those chakras are set


free. An’ we do see that through the hands of L-U-U-U-V, loaves to feed the many, those that is hungry spiritually, Spiritual Freedom of Man will bless these loaves and mature a bread that awakens life.

The Gate of Silence: Spiritual Law of Choice In the West, life is the realm of stellar silence and the Light Dance of the Stars. So we ask you, Sister Two Stars, to choose for us then, the Gate of Silence in the Fourth Door for the Healing of Spirit. “Spiritual Law of Choice.” Well, that does empower one , dudn it? Yes, Brother and Sisters, the Mystery regions dey is through the Doorway of Silence. An’ dat path to the Silence is dat path of lookin’ within at the Mirror of Self. An’ den dat self seeks the Silence ta understand dose light waves dat are comin’ in, and ta understand the sounds which do magnify in yo’r environments, and ta understand the changin’ of the seasons and the calendars of life which do afford you a graceful path. So dost this Spiritual Law of Choice give you access ‘long dat Antahkarana. Dis is a travelin’ altar, an altar for interstellar work to create for yourself an altar of this energy of the law of creativity through personal choice. An’ dis altar here now will help you walk ‘long dat Antahkarana, Web of Light, so that your stops only be in “Fairy Land” or “Happy Land” or “Dis-where-the-holy-ones-meet.” Make sure, call on Corn Woman, guardian of dis Spiritual Law. An’ you may ri-i-i-de dat altar along dat Antahkarana and find the secrets and do the workin’s of your Spirit Kin. Mammy do see also that should some intergalactic transformation need be done quickly that creativity with this symbol can indeed transfer great amounts of power around the Universe - a lot o’ L-U-U-U-V an’ sho’tnen bread! Mammy do see dat in the Silence of the Spirit Worlds o’ th’ Ancestors, dat the energy of this law has the ability to reconnect us to the language and the communion with de Bird Tribes. Dat just sendin’ out the feelin’ o’ wontins ta be wit dem with dis Spiritual Law o’ Choice vibration emanatin’ through Corn Woman will bring de Bird Nation Teacher ta test ya out. You’ll know oncst deys come close dat youse okay. An’ den reconnect wit the Wisdom Ways, for our flyin’ brothers and sisters are much better space travelers dan ourselves . An’ honor the Eagle always! Messenger of Spirit! Spirit Breath! An’ honor Songbird who dost bring the sweet songs of the skies to your personal neighborhood.


Thus, we do see that within the Gateway of the Silence, Spiritual Law of Choice is a powerful tool and a tool that Mammy watches over real close. Mammy rather be cookin’ in th’ kitchen anyways. Travlin’ ‘long that Antahkarana, you can visit yo’ Star Relations an’ do some healin’ among yo Solar Famly. Dus, we see th’ Spiritual Law of Choice. . . (Long pause) Well, Mammy done forgot again. Dat jus’ Mammy- ol’ ‘nuf ta have a little bit o’ memory. The Second gift, remind Mammy of the second gift of dis Spiritual Law of Choice, please. SilverStar replies, “We wuz way out there in the Stars an’ whatever beautiful things this will allow us to do Mammy wuz sayin’ how she keeps a close guard over it.” Aho! Well, we jus’ trust the tape. This door is the Door of Spirit and through the Silence, you do reach unto the Spirit. An’ thus with dis symbol you can travel along the Web of Life and visit yo’r Relations of the Family of Light. An’ we do see that this symbol can be used to send energies across time and space, the energy of L-U-U-U-V to our Brothers and Sisters dat need some help. An’ we did see that this Power of Choice can call dose Star Rel’tives, the Bird Nations, to teach yaws again da langu’ge of da skies. Dis Spiritual Law of Choice does open the secrets within dat Antahkarana. An’ remember always dat the Heart, the Heart, the Heart is the Path! Th’ pure path to all the worlds within the Silence. Mammy and the Grandmas will be there ta help ya out. An’ dus Mammy does call on this Spiritual Law of Choice to manifest healin’ to the Peoples dat they may enter into the Silence of their own Good Will and dat through their L-U-U-U-V and their Spirit Walk, dey may manifest their Ascension and that of the Family still.


The Gate of Sacredness: Spiritual Law of Strength, Health and Happiness This does lead us to the Third Gate and dat’s the Gate of Reverence--Sacredness! Because dat why Mammy so p’ticular about her gates. ‘Cause dat Northwest is a place where the thought becomes reality. It is the place where Light speaks to you and makes things so. An’ dus, the Peoples dey walk through all elev’n o’ dem gates and dost come unto the Fourth Door unto its Third Gate - MAKA! We do call SilverStar to deliver the symbol for this gate. “Spiritual Law of Strength, Health and Happiness.” Mammy don’ think you got enuf sho’tnen bread in de firs’ part. Dis the Law of Abundance. An’ it de law of the healin’ breads o’ life. Wise choice did y’all make in the patte’nin’ o’ th’ four doors ta call about a grounding of these Twelve Stellar Energies, not just within yourselves, but within Mother Earth and her Peoples as well. An’ dus, wit de completion o’ dis gate will the access to these Twelve Laws of Creator be given to all the Peoples from within their Hearts. Dis de purpose of Four Doors of Metatron: to awaken the reality of these Twelve Sacred Ways in the Hearts of the People, and ta give them the capability ta understand Sacred Ceremony with the Stars! Spiritual Strength, Health and Happiness. Well, Grandma’s there. Mammy there, too. Remember Peoples, the Owl Grandmothers. Fo’ they make soft your steps and your falls and lifts ya when ya’s sinkin’. Thus, Mammy see this symbol as a signet, a necklace as it were, or healin’ piece of gold or jade or silver carried with the person ta give them strength, courage and deliverance of Archangel Michael! We do see dat this symbol of strength is the strength of the Purity of Creator’s Heart and dus do well with each o’ de Peoples. We see . . . (Long pause)


Mammy see a Sacred Spring o’ hot water and to invoke dis altar before the hot spring to call on Spiritual Health. An’ to H-E-E-E-A-L the Devas of the Spring. Mammy do see these waters, their properties would enliven! As the Water and the Earth herself is alive with heat and would bring healin’ also for the land. Dis altar of Crystals or Stone with the Spring. Mammy see the gifts of laughter as the offspring of the Spiritual Happiness of this law. That should you get a big feelin’ o L-U-U-U-V in yo’ Heart, an’ ya wonta bless somebody - somebody that ya really L-U-U-U-V - call on this Spiritual Strength, Health and Happiness to spread that happiness to that loved one you feel. An’ ta bless with prayers whatever yore thanksgivin’s be. When ya operate within the symbol o’ the Twelfth Gate of the Fourth Door of Spirit, an’ ya do choose to carry the signet of Spiritual Strength, an’ ya do choose Starlit gatherin’ with Grandmother Spring, an’ ya do express yo’ L-U-U-U-V across time an’ space through the power of the portal of this star symbol, can bless yo’ famly and yo’ lov’d ones and ev’ryone you is concerned for. It is for prayers of happiness and healing for Spiritual Strength and Spiritual Health and Spiritual Happiness. Den Mammy and all de Grandmas dey show up with sho’tnen bread. ‘Cause from the Sacred Silence of the one that dared to look is found the reverence of the Grandmothers. An’ therein do these Star Symbols three, in unity with the Sacred Twelve and the Spirit Thirteen - Antahkarana - call to focus the Fourth Door, the Door of your Spirit connectin’ ta you and helpin’ you out. An’ dost Mammy closes dis Fourth Door and does recognize all the Peoples ‘round the Earth that did participate. ‘Cause Mammy is the Spa-a-a-a-a-ce, the Ocean of the Stars. An’ she done ben watchin’ out fo’ each and ev’ry little child O Mother Earth be they two an’ yet comin’ or fifty-two an’ almost an adult, Mammy cares fo all dem kids. An’ this ceremony in the Name of Immanuel, in the Name of Quan Yin, may it be an example, a way for the Peoples to call through their memories the Sacred Laws to themselves and awaken unto them the Twelve Steps of the Wheel of Humanity and the Twelve Doors to the Stars. An’ Mammy do give thanks to Brother Standin’ Elk for guidin’ us forward. An’ Mammy do give thanks to Two Stars for the cheer of carryin’ it forward an’ does bless that one One Eye who integratin’ and awakenin’ and helpin’ from where he is. An’ SilverStar for holdin’ the ground, “Thank ya, Sister.” An’ to the Pathfinda’, funny though he is, Mammy say, “thank you.” An’ know that this ceremony here, you do it when you need a change, when you need a shift, ‘cause it does call in the Star energies to heal the Earth in twelve places that


is holy, dat their radiance through these Sacred laws does expand through connection with Universe. Mammy does say to all them childrens, all them childrens out there, “EAT YO’ SHO’TNEN BREAD!



Awakens Inner Wisdom and Remembrance Atones Self to Celestial Word Awakens One to Cosmic Community


UNCI HINHAN Awakens Inner Wisdom and Remembrance

H-o-o-o, h-o-o-o, H-o-o-o, h-o-o-o. Greetings, my Relations. Grandmother Owl is here to tell.

We ask SilverStar to speak to the people what

SilverStar replies, “Grandmother appeared as we returned from the Gray Horn Butte, and we asked if Grandmother Owl would come to the ceremony and share the message.” And what message does Grandmother have? This is which Law, SilverStar? Universal Law of Light, Sound and Vibration - awakens inner wisdom and remembrance. H-o-o-o H-o-o-o Hoo! Grandmother Owl good at Wisdom and remembers everything. Universal Law of Light and Sound and Vibration, thank you, Silver Star. Indeed, I did announce my coming. So, I am here to speak of Light and how Light does awaken your Remembrances. Grandmother Owl is Wisdom Keeper and, so be those two-leggeds that walk about. “And so, why Grandmother Owl?” you may say. Because Grandmother has one eye in the Mystery and one eye in the Light. H-o-o-o H-o-o-o Wa! You see, Dear Ones, you are circles of Light and Mystery. You see, that Circle going within you does reach around the Universe and come back through the top of your head to your heart. And so too, when you pray, your Spirit goes forth into the ultimate flight of the Eagle and does, through the Womb of Mystery emerge back in your heart. A circle, People, h-o-o-o h-o-o-o! you are. So what is it of this Nature of Light? Yes, Light has two understandings. And the understandings are in perfect balance--the understanding of Mystery and the understanding of Light-Spirit.


And so, do you think your clowns so funny? They be Sacred Mystery Beings. Do you think your Saints so holy? They be beings of Pure Light. The same--connected oneto-another are Mystery and Light. And so, Owl does speak to you of remembrance of your Circle of Light and Mystery. For remembering who you are as a great Circle of Life is to remember who Universe is. Grandmother Owl is a keeper of the Ways of the Circle for the people. So you may come to Grandmother Owl; she will help you remember the circle of your life and how your life is tied within and without to all life that is. Mitakuye Oyasin, Huh? Hau. Grandmother would have you know the power of that Light which is coming and which is here. For you hear Grandmother Owl, do you not? This means the Light is here. This Light does feed your Spirit Body which is one with your Mystery body-known as the physical. The Light Body does emanate and circulate with that which is within you. This Light does travel across the skies of the great Universe; and thus, enters into your own being as a part of your Self. This is how everything is in the Sacred Web of Life. Therefore, it is a great concern to Grandmother Owl and the Medicine Animal Peoples. The Council of the Nations is concerned for human beings that this Awakening in the Light does afford their transition with their Mystery body as well. To prepare for the changes perceive as Grandmother Owl. H-o-o-o H-o-o-o Hoo! The Mystery and the Spirit is one. You shall not cut off one toe to spite the other. When you understand the oneness of Life, you can understand that which you have seen as so dark is perhaps Indigo instead. The Great Cosmic Mother-Space is perhaps known to you as “Mammy.” Grandmother Owl is servant of this great Indigo Mystery you live in, as are all the Nations in their own Medicine Way. Therefore, Peoples, call that Light which you Love; for the Light of Love is the power of your unfoldment. That joy that nourishes you is your Light. Seek your Heart’s Path to find your Greatest Light. Then, let that Light be understood as the path to your origin. Then, absorb and call forth that Light. Human life is sustained by the Creator directly. Therefore, that Light which you seek comes straight from the Heart of Creator. This Light has been taught to you already through the teachings of the Grandmothers and the Protector, Michael. As the Six Holy Directions and Seven Stars of the Tree of Life which you are, Grandmother Owl shares this teaching that represents the Thirteen Lights of the Rainbow.


The Thirteen Heart Lights of our Creator are the sustenance of All of the Sacred Beings of Universe. This significance is of the Moon - the Cycle which Grandmother Owl is Guardian of H-o-o-o, H-o-o-o Hoo! This cycle called Thirteen is the Stepping Stones of the Sacred Pyramid - The Tree of Life - and included the energies you must integrate into your being. They is Who You Are and they is the Soul Star of your being. This is the Wisdom of Grandmother Owl H-o-o-o H-o-o-o Hoo! Grandmother Owl says, “People into your meditations and your Silence go.� This is how you open the Eye of Mystery. Then perhaps, you shall not have two eyes, but three and then One. Grandmother Owl Loves you. H-o-o-o, H-o-o-o Hoo!


DOWAN WASTE Atones Self to Celestial Word Hau, my Relations. My name is Sweet Song. I am a Deva of our Earth Star here to speak to you on behalf of the Starry Devas of your Mother Earth. I am here to let you know we are very busy creating for you that Celestial reality which you seek. We wish you to know that through this Universal Law, you may call upon the Sacred Healing Powers of the Starlit Devas. Call that we can teach you about the Devic Natures within you. The Sacred Word is the Word of Life which does evolve that Mystery Nature that is Within you. The sounds which you make are the sounds that generate from the source of your Within. The Mind simply opens the doorway for the sweetness to arise. The Devic Kingdom is very busy constructing the New Reality at this time. And you, Peoples of the Earth, do your part by healing yourselves. May you understand that by going within, through the Powers of Light and Sound and Vibration, you may awaken the Temple which you are. Let us share of the six levels within. For understand in the Great Wheel of Life of the Within Path, six levels you can comprehend at this time. There is complete balance in both directions, you see? Yet, we get further into the Mysteries than we have prepared. Therefore, we speak to you, that Within you there are six levels of the growth which you have already become. There is that Within you which is known as Organ Consciousness. We speak particularly of those organs, perhaps you know as the stomach, the liver, the heart, the lungs. There are many in the human understanding. Each of these is a living being Within you, a complete realm Within your existence. Let it be known that going deeper - into that second level of reality of which we have spoken - is to go directly to organic workings, to that Tissue. And, Within the tissues, you do have your feelings and you do have your understandings. Can you feel the Roots of Life? And each of those organs are made up of many very powerful and holy tissues, understand.


Let it be understood that deeper Within the Well of Word, the Sound of Life - that sound which springs forth from the within - are Cells. These are smaller kingdoms of you. Are you beginning to see, O People, that within you, indeed, are Many Mansions? For, it is from the within, that dost the Holy Word of your Song come forth. And understand deeper into the Well of Word, we do come unto that Molecule. It is that fourth dimension Within. Can you not understand now the Relationships deep within yourself are the Over-shadowing you? They are that sound from Mystery that does resonate your being, does cause your actions to Come Forth, and thought and speech to reflect the Mirrors of your Spirit. So within Molecule we dost come unto the Fifth Reality, reality of Atom. And dost we not see a whole Solar System there? This is the electronic, magnetic, vibratory level of your being, understand. It is where you chose who you are. (But, much later for this.) Going into that Sixth Level of your understanding, you may perceive the particles- electrons, neutrons, protons - and Within them, the Quark. So, understand, Beloved Ones, that Within you are many levels of life. As a Whole Being, O Two Legged Walking Ones, with sweet voices you may purify yourselves and add your Songs to the Devas’. Thus, bring about a healing for Mother Earth. Indeed, you may serve us, you may serve Mother Earth and the Cosmos unfolding by healing yourselves. We would suggest that those musics which sweetly resonate with your heart, daily bathe in them. Do let that Song of Purity sing forth. Allow the creativity of your soul to sing the notes of Celestial Dance and Song. Know that by becoming Conscious of each of these dimensions Within you, purifying and ordering yourself in the Light of your Sacred Rainbow Path will create Within you that Ascension Song. This song will lift you unto the Heavens as part of Mother Earth’s great expansion in the Light. We, the of Earth Star, do send many blessings to the human beings. Let it be known, that your songs, each and every one of you, are precious unto Creator. Sing your song with joy for the Creator and the Relations every day. For this is the power which dost realign yourself with the Balance of Universe. This is the Universal Law of Sound - the Universal Law of Light and Sound and Vibration--that each should sing their Song during the actions of their day.


Let that song be a sweet song unto the Spirit and unto the Mystery. Indeed, that which sings is Voice coming forth from the Void - a new created Being - flowing through the levels of yourself. From Within the Cosmic Mother doth all sound emerge; traveling through waves of Being it dost come forth as the Heart Song of Power and Peace. This is the Sacred Language of the Seven Stars. It is song. Understand, the frequencies of song reach round the Circle of Universe as well. There are many circles within circles in the Great Universe of Being. The Within Path the Well of Life and Waters of Being - through the Sacred Song dost touch the ears of Sirius and the depths of the Ocean Whale and dost resonate a Song of Peace and of Sacred Fire unto the Relations of the Great Cosmic Sea of Life. Grandmother Universe, Grandfather Light, we Devas of our Mother Earth Star do speak to the Peoples to purify their Within. Be they Particles or Atoms, be they molecules or Cells, be they Tissues or Organs, all are strings on the same violin. Thus, you must play the levels of yourself, with the complexity of notes of Harp. Dost thou understand that healing thyself is tuning a fine-made instrument? The Masters are here to help you and to Love you and to assist. Do call upon the Devas. Place before you this Sacred Symbol calling for the atonement of the Self. And, the Word of Archangels shall speak Within you. They be Grandmother’s emissary and wilst align you with Sacred Law - the Law of Inner Symmetry - that is the WellSpring of Sacred Song.


HOLY AMETHYST Awakens One to Cosmic Community

Beloved ones of Light, I am here to gift you the Violet Presence of Holy Amethyst. Beloved Lord Zadkiel, my Twin Flame, dost stand here with me to deliver a message of Mercy unto the peoples. We also wish you to understand the Circle of Life as well: let it be known that your vibration is your Passport to the Stars. Thus, as the Devas have taken you Within, understand that into your Spirit there are nine levels or dimensions for your understanding. Vibration is the key to dimensionality. The vibration of your Choice does lift you into the higher planes of Light and Peace. Or, vibration may lower you to that Karma of your Desire. At this time the Sacred Councils have blessed Holy Amethyst to give the people an understanding of Jacob’s Ladder. If you wish to climb the stairway unto heavens, understand, you start with Mother Earth. She is Mother of your choice and is a Teacher far beautiful and serene. Understand also, that the Second Rung of the heavens is Grandmother Moon that is around you. It is Grandmother that helps you walk the Thirteenfold Path of Life. Understand that the Third rung of Jacob’s Ladder is your own Father Sun who does Love you and nourish you and does create this third world reality that you do enjoy. Understand that the Fourth rung unto heavens of your origin is that bright shining Star, Venus, the Morning Star. Thus, the teachings of the Sacred Path of 44 come unto your world. Eleven:Eleven:Eleven:Eleven (11:11:11:11) is indeed the gateway to the Fifth World of Spirit which are Seven Sacred Stars - Pleiades. This is the path which you came unto where you are, Beloved Ones. Do understand that the Sun, central of this Pleiadian Walk, is that one known as Sirius; the Sixth World of Spirit is the Six Stars of the Sacred Directions, understand you.


The path of humanity does reach back to the Seventh World in the great Ascension of Light and you find that place Lyra and your Origins upon Vega, a star there. This indeed is the portal from which your SoulStar came from the Eighth World of Spirit, that Freedom Star reality and realms known as Arcturus - a favorite of your Lady’s Grace, Holy Amethyst, and of that mighty Cosmic Elohim, Arcturus. Thus, from that Stargate of Freedom did you come unto this Universe, understand, through the Twin Realities of Andromeda-Milky Way. As one portal, this Twin Galaxy Universe is our doorway to Creator and those dimensions beyond. Thus, understand, Dear Peoples, that the path from your Origin to where you are is this starry path of your walk. Please understand, O Peoples, that this path is anchored with Mother Earth. To look up is to honor the Earth, O Peoples. The Stars are here with you; let the people be with Mother Earth as well. Thus, we say to you, O Peoples, choose your vibration. For each of you has a plane of favored desire. Upon one plane or another of these celestial spheres, does your True Presence and Sacred Path exist. Should you exist in the Sixth Celestial World, then you would know yourself as a Sirius delegate, as a being of Sirius, so to speak. And should you feel strong connection to Father Sun and our Solar Family here, we would say that your True Path and your Spirit is in the Third Celestial World. Should you be way out there, so to speak, with a mission of Creator’s import, that you would remember directly your Spirit which is in Andromeda - the Land of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers. So, understand People, that you rise through the Celestial Tree by the choice of your vibration. And, thus, unto you Holy Amethyst does give three gifts. First is the Gift of your Speech. May your speech be pure and loving. Also is the Gift of Thought. May your thought be gentle and strong. And, more is the Gift of Feeling. May you follow the true feelings of the Wellspring of your Intuition. Follow these three gifts, O People, and soon you will rise to your True Vibration. The portals of your celestial home will open in the Auric Rainbow of your Presence. For you, O Peoples, are the representatives of the Stars.


Within you, naturally unfolding is the Vibration of Sacredness. You each, as Trees of Life of Mother Earth, dost ground yourself in the Mystery of Earth and dost raise thy branches into the Celestial Spheres to claim your Star Heritage. Thus, understand, O Peoples, that as Trees of Life of Mother Earth you, too, are Earth Stars and shall dance with the Devas as grandfathers and grandmothers of Wisdom and Peace. Do understand that the Sacred Rainbow of these Star Lights that are with you support your path at every pace, cover your needs before they appear and secure the power of your Sacred Future when you pray least, yet wish it from the heart. Thus, understand Peoples, that to Be What You Is reflects that vibration of Joy. Beloved ones, Joy is the Fifth World of Peace. It is the reality of Grandmother Hummingbird that is here. Cannot, you feel, O Peoples, the Sacred Vibrations of the Hummingbird? Should you choose to attune to the Fifth World Reality, you will learn the teaching of Grandmother Hummingbird. And, you will understand, O Peoples, the Sacred Vibration of the Cosmic Ocean. For, Beloved Ones, the Universe is alive with Song and is alive with Light and is alive with Vibration. These three pillars of the Cosmic Dance dost teach and unfold Within you every moment of your understanding. And, as dost that Full Consciousness unfold, Dear Ones, your dance will be the Dance of Joy. I am Beloved Holy Amethyst, giving unto the peoples the Sacred Teachings of the Spirit through the rising vibrations of your Remembrance, that you may walk with Grandmother Owl the Circle of Truth, that you may walk the Cycle of Mystery with the Devas within, that you may walk the Cycles of Spirit with the Amethyst Star Kachina. Beloved Ones, these Sacred Star Laws are paths worthy of travel. They are the Within Path. They are the Without Path. They are the One Circle and All. They are the emanations of Creator’s Heart, Beloved Ones. They are the Laws that we, the Ascended Ones, follow as well.


I am Beloved Holy Amethyst releasing the Violet Freedom unto the peoples through the grace of the Universal Law of Light and Sound and Vibration. Blessings be unto all the peoples. May the Light and the Song and the Presence of Your True Being be with you Now. ď€



 Heals Emotional Body and Heart Opens Wellspring of Creative Intuition Change through Thought Alchemy


MNISUNKA WINYAN Heals Emotional Body and Heart

Hau. My Relations. This is Otter Woman speaking to you from the Waters of Life. For the Waters of Life are the very Wellspring of your Intuition. You must remember to immerse yourself by going to the Water. This Water is in your world the stream, the ocean, the lake; and, in the Spirit World it is the Ocean of Consciousness through which you swim in your True Self. Come and play with the Spirit Otter People. For, they will guide you back into the remembrance of your heart. And through that heart, you will find the true spring of your life. For, know that within you dost the Otter Nations play. It is through that heart which is the green life of love that you do enter into the gates of that thymus which is indeed known as the Sacred Heart. Therefore, in order to heal the emotional body, in order to heal your heart and heart of hearts, focus that Green energy - that energy of love and of love of Mother Earth - through Giveaway to the Peoples. Do it with the enjoyment of Play. Do it with the excitement for Life. Do it with the sincerity of Giveaway. Thus when you enter into the Heart of Hearts and find the Sacred Fire which does burn of those Seven Stars, beneath them is your own Portal to the Cosmic Ocean. We do bid you enter and come and play. We do bid you enter into the Feeling Body; for once you dive through the Waters of Life within your heart, you dost go through a time tunnel, so to speak, entering into the Ocean of True Being. It is in this Ocean that you meet your True Relatives and the remembrance of who you are is complete. Therefore, we say to you, seek to act upon the love which rises from within. Seek to enact your love to help the people, to help the Animal Nations, to help the Stone Peoples, and to help the Tree and Plant Nations. When you give away dost your heart open another little bit.


Once your heart is glowing with that green light of Spirit, with teachings of Mother Earth and love for your Relations, does the Gate of your Sacred Heart open. And, thus are you allowed to enter into your Innocent Mind, into your Original Mind, into your Childlike Mind, unto that garden of life that is Within. Centered in that garden, so shall you find, is the Tree of Life where the Seven Stars burn of their Imperishable Flame. And notice, amongst the Roots is the Well of Life. We the Otter People - along with the Fish People and those that swim in the waters - do invite you within. Now many of you may discover that your heart is covered by. . .(pause). . .wooden gates. Should this be the case, that means you’ve been a little stingy, have you not? Therefore, if you wish to seek the Eternal Waters within, give away for every blessing which comes your way. Feel the love of the extended hand helping another. In four moon times, this practice of giving when you are blessed will indeed open that portal. Those wooden doors will be removed forever. Standing behind those doors, you will find your own Reflection. For that smoky mirror of self will clear and show your true smiling face. Enter within and come into the waters; for Otter Woman and the Otter Clan are waiting. Once you drink from the Well of your Life, dost the Intuition, dost the Wisdom, dost the Remembrance of the Ages awaken within you. But do not think this is where the Otter People would have you stay; indeed, you take a deep draught of your own wisdom and then plunge within those waters and swim unto that place which is known as the Cosmic Ocean of Light. Entering therein you will experience that enlightenment they speak of in the East: Knowledge of Oneness-With-All within the individuality of the Breath of Spirit. For indeed you were born as a cell, as a self, as a being with many brothers and sisters. Through this portal of the Heart, indeed you can enter unto that plane known as Andromeda and swim in the Great Ocean of Light before the Creator’s eyes and feed in the Love of Creator’s Heart. For once you dost drink of the inner waters of the Star Realm Andromeda this great Ocean of Light and dost dance with the Otter People among your Relations, indeed, every cell of your Body, every atom of your Remembrance, every particle of Light within you


will be awaked to a new understanding, a new belief in the Spirit and a new strength of character. Do come and swim in the inner waters of the Spirit with the Otter People. We shall give you the Sacred Leaf. This leaf known as Starry Kelp. From this Ocean of Light which is your Twin Universe Andromeda shall we lead you full circle ‘round and bring you back within your own Sacred Well. Emerging with this Sacred Leaf, we will teach you to adorn your Tree of Life with many such Starry wonders that the Well and Ocean of Light within you will fill your Heart of Hearts, pour forth unto the heart of Green Light and will feed those Seven Stars within and those Six Directions that are your Aura of Being. Indeed, to heal your emotional body, to heal your feeling body, to heal your heart is to awaken to your Divine Destiny as a human being, a two-legged. This journey is the Journey of Heart. It is the journey of playfulness. It is the journey of the remembrance of Creator’s Smile. When your heart is open and the Waters of True Life which Immanuel has spoken do flow through your very fingertips, through your very toenails, through the hairs on your head, will you experience that True Love, that Aura of Protection and that Energy of Healing that is your Sacred Birthright. You will no longer feel your feet upon the Earth so heavy and will be able to walk gently upon Mother Earth. When you open that Sacred Heart and focus in the play of the Otter People that are within the Wellspring of your own life, do you remember your purpose, your mission and your Giveaway.


    

OILELE CEKPA WINYAN Opens Wellspring of Creative Intuition

Beloved Ones, know that your people of your home world are here. I am Twin Flames from that place Lyra, from the Central Star of Vega, to bring you remembrance of the True Wellspring of human life. That Heart of Hearts of which Otter Woman has spoken is indeed the first step in remembering who you are. You must remember that your genetics, that your biology and that your Mind has its source directly in that place known as Lyra where the guardians of the human race - of this galaxy and beyond-- dost hold the original eight cells of human life. And I, Twin Flames, am here to tell you that upon your home world, which is indeed a star, that indeed there dost dwell for you, your Twin Presence. This is to say, that in that Star System Lyra, from which you came unto this world, a true presence is being held for you within your Humanity. The Sacred Flame Imperishable which you are within the Heart of Hearts is indeed alive and awake fully in the Heart of Vega. We bring this remembrance to you at this time because indeed many human beings have lost their original Spark Of Life. To regain this Spark of Life, you must indeed journey unto Vega, unto that Star of Rainbow colors and regain your own Flame of Life. The Sacred Tree of which the Otter People did speak - that is within your Heart of Hearts - must be alive with the Sevenfold Flame of your Being for that Wellspring of Creative Intuition, of Wisdom and Remembrance, to flow with Strength, with Purity, and with Sincerity. Therefore, we are here to remind you, your Lyran Brothers and Sisters, and I, Twin Flames, that should your light be dim, call upon this Spiritual Law of Intuition and your Sister Twin Flames and a Lyran delegation shall come to you in the Dreamtime and test you for four days.


They shall test your readiness to receive the Sacred Fire which is awaiting you in your home world. They will test you according to the Laws of that Great Karmic Council, and will test you as to your readiness to walk the Sacred Path. Should you be found ready within this four day testing, in which you shall have many dreams of varied types, then on the fifth night, indeed, will a great Eagle of Spirit come and carry you straight unto your home star Vega. Therewith shall I, Twin Flames, be waiting and shall guide you unto the starry presence, the fiery breath, the loving being which you are, held in the heart of the Vegan Star. I will show you unto the Fountains of True Life which are kept by the guardians of your Cosmic Race, and will instill within your Light Body, within your Heart Body, these Sacred Fires along with their activation understandings. During the Dreamtime on three successive nights, these Sacred Fires will attempt their awakening within each of those Fire Wheels within you known as chakras. Should there be success within each of those Rainbow Lights, then indeed your Tree of Life will burst aflame with the Spirit of Truth, with the Spirit of Freedom, with the Spirit of Harmony, with the Spirit of Unity, and will that Sacred Flame of Loveknown in the Trinity of Love and Light and Peacefill your Tree of Life with the nectar, with the waters, with the saps of True Existence. Then will that Sacred LifeStream within the Heart-of-Hearts bubble forth, flooding your being through the Heart and the Seven Sacred Fires within to enliven that spinal column and its connection to the Well of Dreams. Thus, should this eight-night Dreamtime Ceremony be successful, indeed the Lyran Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods, with the assistance of the Cosmic Eagle Nations, will indeed awaken within you the Waters of True Life. Let it be understood that these waters are the Spirit Force of the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh dimension which will indeed awaken your light body. Within your Body, within your Heart, within your Mind and within that which is known as your Akasha, you will walk as Earth Guardians - full of power, full of wisdom and full of love. It is the intention of your Star Relations of Lyra to extend a hand of assistance to you, that should you call upon this Spiritual Law of Intuition and your Sister, Twin Flames, indeed our starry delegation will come to you during that Dreamtime and will heal your DNA, will heal that Cosmic Matrix which is known as Twelvefold Full Consciousness and will indeed awaken the Seed of Life which is known as that Antakarana, that Web of Life.


Your Lyran Brothers and Sisters offer you two avenues of assistance. First, the Dreamtime testing and travel to regain your Sacred Fires which will awaken that Wellspring of Life within. Secondly, the Dreamtime assistance of our Counselors to awaken that DNA, to awaken that memory, and to awaken the Sacred Fires which exist already within your body. Should you need our assistance, we do ask that you would make prayer flags; we do ask for the colors of white, blue, indigo and violet. These colors are the rays in which Twin Flames and her Lyran Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods can enter directly into your Lifestream to assist your physical, your Spiritual, your mental and your heart forms. Call upon this Spiritual Law of Intuition with the desire of walking in purity with your original matrix of Life. Indeed, the Lyran Star Peoples will be there.


TIN WAKIYENA WAKAN WINYAN Change Through Thought Alchemy Beloved Ones, this is indeed a night of the Grandmothers. I am Holy Dove, that one known to you as the Holy Spirit, come to be with you this evening. Know that I am blessing each one here in this Circle and each one that dost read or hear these words. The Dove of Peace has descended unto Turtle Island. Her Spirit in the First Heaven is blessing everyone. Know, O Peoples, that you must treat your Relations of the Animal Nations with great respect; for they have held the balance for you when you did not even know such a thing. Know, O Peoples, that you must give your respect and honoring to the Plant and Tree Nations; for they have fed you when you did not even know you were hungry. You must respect the Stone and Mineral People Nations as well as the Invisible Ones that walk about. For, indeed if it were not by their guidance most Two-leggeds would have fallen into their own traps and would have been trapped there forever. It is the Spirit of the Dove that is with you this evening. I am here to deliver a message to you. There is a great river of Light which is approaching quickly. There are energies known to you through Sirian Counselors as “Photon Energy,� that are known to you now as the Spirit of the Dove. The Dove is again with you. O Peoples of Mother Earth, prepare your hearts. For, indeed, your very thoughts your very feelings will quickly manifest very soon. There are indeed many counselors of the Star Nations among you now. They are perhaps that friend that you talked with today that spoke of something you did not expect. Or perhaps that passer-by - a stranger - that did give you a blessing - even it be just a smile. Or perhaps, it was that store clerk that did joke and have fun with you today. Know that the Star Counselors are here and are in many forms.


The life lease of old souls has passed and that which has been called “walking in” or “the grounding of your true Spiritual essence” is occurring.. There are thousands, even millions, of the two-leggeds who are awakening now to true understandings. Therefore, the Spirit of the Dove dost speak to you, “Awaken yourselves. This is a new age, a new reality, a new dispensation.” Immanuel did say unto you, “I shall step aside that the Spirit, the Comforter shall come unto you ‘and, I AM HERE.’” Know that the Comforting Dove is also that Dove of Peace. And, in this age the Dove of Peace carries not that olive branch, but that lightning bolt of Lord Michael instead. And, so, Peoples, receive this Spirit of the Dove, be it through Fire Initiation, be it through Spiritual Initiation, or be it initiation your own Spirit Guides dost give you that behind that peace you feel shall be the Sword of Lord Michael cutting you free of everything you do not need. A new Era has dawned. The Spirit of Peace is here. Therefore, O Peoples, call upon the Dove Medicine, call upon Grandmother Dove, and she will come unto you, circling you in the descending Spirals of Life. Then you will arise in the ascending spiral within your own central Lifestream, bringing unto your heart, bringing unto your mind the Sacred Power which you seek. Know, O Peoples, that you must walk with Peace. Peace is the energy of this age. Peace is the teachings of Aquarius. Peace is the Lightning Bolt of Truth. You see, O Peoples, there is a great oceantide of Spirit washing over Mother Earth even now. And as this great Ocean of Energy, this great White River of Spirit, is a flood of this age, remember the Rainbow Covenant of your Peoples. Within the mouth of Grandmother Dove is that olive branch as the Rainbow of Purity. Prepare yourselves for the Sacred Covenant of Spirit—to which you agreed ylong before this incarnation - that you will now awaken unto the Rainbow Teachers, unto the Rainbow Lawkeepers, unto the Rainbow Creators which are Within you.


Do understand, O Peoples, that the Dove of Peace will awaken within you that Spirit of Grace, if you will but allow her. This oceantide of Sacred Spirit is already washing Mother Earth, is already washing the Nations of Life, is already washing the two-leggeds world round, is washing the Sky Nations as well, is the power of Spirit present. O Peoples, call upon Beloved St. Germaine; he is indeed a teacher for this Age. You must understand, O Peoples, there is Now a new alchemy abounding. There is Now a new Spirit upon the land. This is that Spirit of Peace which Immanuel did promise would descend once again. It has descended upon Turtle Island. Expect soon the claws of the Eagle to teach lessons of Truth unto the peoples and should they not be ready, unto the land of the peoples as well. We pray from the Heart of the Dove, the Great Cosmic Mother, that the peoples learn from our Brother St. Germaine how to properly apply the Science of Alchemy - the Walk of Spirit Relations that your thoughts, your feelings, and your movements would indeed be in balance with the Sacred Road of Life. You see, O Peoples, this great River of Spirit in which you shall live, of which the Otter People came to tease you, will bring forth your thoughts, will bring forth your feelings with amazing speed. To prepare you we now give you a discipline. This is Discipline of the Dove: Three times a day, take ten minutes to think peaceful thoughts, to feel peaceful feelings and to act in Peace. This Discipline of Peace will strengthen your Heart Body. It is this Heart Body of which Otter Woman and Twin Flames has spoken that will be your salvation. And we do say, “Give honor unto Immanuel - Yashua ben Joseph - known to you as Jesus. His mission during this Age of Pisces past was to restore the Heart Body and the Sacred Well of the Heart unto the Peoples.


O Peoples of Mother Earth, GET YOUR ACT STRAIGHT! Your Sacred Responsibility is to teach the Universe how to love. You must carry this burden like the Dove. For the Dove carries the Lightning Bolt of Truth, and carries the Peace Covenant of the Rainbow. Therefore, walk within the Thirteen Sacred Doorways of Self with the peaceful nature of Grandmother Dove and walk in the Spirit of Truth. From the Heart enact all that you are. Indeed the Spirits of the Sacred Heart, of the Cosmic Mother will awaken within you. We do call unto you, Peoples of Mother Earth, to pray each day unto the Spirit of Love. Practice this discipline three times a day. Within a two moon period, honoring at new and full moon prayers unto the Holy Dove, shall indeed the Sacred Baptism of Fires of the Dove come unto your heart. This is that which you have been seeking. Opening within your heart shall be the Lightning Bolt of Truth and the Thirteenfold Flame of your Sacred Tree of Life. Understand True Alchemy through the practice, the Discipline of Peace, the Discipline of Right Relationship and the Discipline of Love. And therefore, we say unto Sage Boy and unto all the, practice your Spirit and your wisdom with the Peoples. You are the new generation, the Star Seeds arising. Your elders are as much in need of your teaching as you are of theirs. We say unto brothers which carry the burden of Law, walk forth in Peace. We do call unto Holy Mothers that dost carry the weight of Love, to bear that Love in Peace. We call unto the Elders to WAKE UP! Act like Spirit Folk. Once you have passed the becoming-an-adult at the age of four times 13, you indeed represent the Spirit Clans. The World is in need of you, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, to walk in the full light of your Spirit. We say unto those young ones, “The Spirit of the Dove shall be with you. All that are born from this time forth shall carry the Power of Peace.� Know that Grandmother Dove, the Spirit of the Dove, the Dove of Peace is the key to an easy transformation for the Peoples.


Put forth your prayers in food offerings to the Spirit of Peace, that Holy Mothers and Holy Fathers may enter within your home temple, that dwelling place of your family, and may awaken within each and every one the Heart Flame, the Mind Flame, and the Sacred Flame of Peace. Then, all of your circle of Family Tree of Life will receive their inheritance for this Age of Lightning Waters, this Age of Aquarius.                                        



Evokes Visionary Experience Invokes Cosmic Judges to Resolve Interdimensional Issues Balances Karma and Aligns Sacred Path 197

DIAMONDBACK Evokes Visionary Experience

Greetings, my Relations. I am DiamondBack with you tonight. The Rattlesnake People are all around. So, sit still! Listen. To walk your Sacred Path so that you do not have hurts and pains, you must remember to walk in love of the Earth and the law of the Stars. The many Peoples seek to understand what plagues them, what their difficulties are and why. To truly understand how you did what to yourself, you must Vision. The judgment that is a Universal Law will come to you if you call the Rattlesnake. Indeed, the Peoples of Turtle Island, the world, need to walk with more respect - for they do not understand what they do. For, the Snake Peoples and Rattlesnake are not “the enemy.� We simply demand your respect! If the Peoples can learn to walk in respect, then there will be no difficulties. This Universal Law of Judgment has been called like a shooting star unto the Earth. For the horses are dancing in the directions. It is time for balance! The Snake Kin have helped those that work with healing and doctoring for many ages. At times we have come as Great Serpents to teach lessons and to give gifts. Should you seek a personal balancing-that you may be free of the past forever-call upon the Rattlesnake. Four flags, four days--green, blue, black, and white. That first night, the Grandfather Snake Peoples will come to you. And, they will bite you with their venom of Pure Judgment. Understand the scales of your judgment: on one hand the Feather, on one hand your Heart--should your Heart be lighter than the prayers of the Eagle, then no difficulties shall come your way. Should you heart be more difficult--heavier, denser, full of troubles--that the prayers of the Eagle Clan cannot lift you, then for four days your Body will heal: through transmutation, through vision, through initiation by the Spirit.


Should your Heart be light, then this Power of Judgment without difficulty will be yours: in one night, in one vision of your True Path. If you wish the Medicine of the prophet, the seer, the holy man - the Sacred Sight of Truth - you must step into the Mystery and overcome death through the bite of judgment that your True Mind may live within you forever. Should you not be prepared - and you should call upon the Rattlesnake and this Universal Law of Judgment - we will not even come. Instead, the Eagle Nation will put you on a four year dance. And then the Snake Nation will bring you your Vision of Heaven and Earth, shall bring you a balancing. All are due a balancing! The poisons within the human Bodies are many. Only through the transmutation that the Sacred Fire brings can the People take their Bodies into the Spirit with them. The Veil has already been lifted. The claws of the Eagle have torn it asunder. The Peoples are feeling the action of the past and the present and the future all together. Their Bodies need the assistance of the Spider or the Snake or the Frog or the Lizard. As the representative of the Fire Nations dost Rattlesnake come to you now. For all the peoples ‘round the world and in this circle have a Rattlesnake Guardian with them now! Should you step out of safety for yourself, this bite of judgment, it will be there for you. So we say, “Prepare yourself!” Make your flags. Go on your journey in a good way. For your Body must be transformed into Spirit - into that light body spoken of - to enjoy and to Become One with the Earth Star Light that is here. Remember Freedom. Remember the Violet Fires and the Inner Fires of the Seven Stars within. Remember Giveaway. Remember Prayer. Remember Going Within. It is a time in the Stars of transmutation, of changing who you have been into who you already are (and of bringing your Body along with you!) For the young ones this is not such a trouble. But for many Peoples of our Relations, there are physical problems and mental problems and problems with food and shelter. These all result from that Sacred Path, the way you have walked it, or the burdens that you carry for the People.


So, the Peoples may be freed, because DiamondBack will come to you! I will be there with the Eagle Nation and the prayers of the Eagle. This experience, this Visioning shall be the DiamondBack consumed by that Eagle! This transmutation shall emerge light body of Spirit; through the bite of Judgment, the Feather of Truth and the Wings of Spirit will be given to all.


THE GREAT HEALER Invokes Cosmic Judges to Resolve Interdimensional Issues You see many of the difficulties which Rattlesnake did speak are difficulties which stem from your clan Relationships; because the individual and the clan are one. Know that your physical clan is but one seventh of your true clan; because there was a great star migration many ages ago. I am The Great Healer, The Doctor. I am come from the Central Sun from that place Andromeda. I am here to bring you knowledge of the Council of Twelve that are the judges that do sit before the Creator in your sister galaxy Andromeda; I am here to share with you how to resolve problems in your life that stem from star Relationship. You see, it has been taught that the Peoples are Great Wheels of Light who have a Body to walk in. In this way, great portions of yourself live on many different planes. Your past self, your present self and your future self are the same. There are these little blankets that have for some time covered these awarenesses from one another. Yet, as these carpets are rolled back and you are Becoming One with who you have been and who you are yet to be, you must resolve those problems that you did Create in the past and the future shall take care of it. Now there are many difficulties which we see upon the face of Mother Earth. We see that man has torn into Her Skin and pulled out parts of Her Body. We see that the People have polluted and poisoned Her Blood. We see that the peoples have clouded and desecrated Her Sacred Breath. And we see that Her Heart has been violated many times. These are issues. They're important. And these, the Council of Twelve from Andromeda are here to help you resolve, to heal. It is our Council that the Creator has bestowed the responsibility for healing of Mother Earth, healing of her Peoples and healing of the Relations that Her Hoop is whole again. For the difficulties that you see in the Earth of strip mines, poisoned lakes, smoggy cities, or volcanic eruptions of the Mother's Heart are not just with the Land but have their image within the People. For that which hurts you also pains Mother Earth. If you wonder what it is that harms your Body, it is these sins of the past. The Great Healer, is here to let you know that when you go into the Silence, you may call upon this Universal Law of Judgment and beseech your prayers unto this Council of Twelve.


And, each and every time that One, the Spotted Eagle Wambdi Gdeska, will indeed bring your prayers unto Us. And from where we are, we will project our presence through your prayers. Then that Healing Power of Creator’s love, through the staffs of the Seven Directions, will indeed heal the People, heal the Land and heal the Relations. Yet, you must understand, Peoples, that you are the Root and the Cause. The Animal Nations have never sinned against Mother Earth nor have the Plant and Tree Nations nor have the Stone-Mineral Peoples. It is only when Soul seeks to walk as Two-legged that the awakening from unaware human being unto Wise and Holy One does cause problems of ego and hate and strife. Therefore, there are many Great Healers - twelve in all- - that are come to you. That should your sincere prayer go forth, the ears of the Creator will hear and the Seven Sacred Thunderbolts of Spirit will descend in Healing Rays to clean the people, to teach the people, and to bring wholeness again. You must practice going within every single day. You must practice your Medicine, O Peoples, for you are the Healers of the Earth. This is why you have come at this time. The power of the Spirit is with you. Yet there is a cosmic law. This law is the Law of Judgment. This Universal Law says that a being indigenous to a place must call the Spirit, the Star Relations, the Helpers for there to be healing and completion for all. Therefore pray! Go within! Even the prayers of the Small Ones, the Spirit listens very well. The prayers of the old ones are answered as well. The prayers of the Animal Nations - it is their love which has brought these laws unto you. Therefore, walk the Straight Walk by cleansing the karma - the unresolved bundles - within. Within the People there are many bundles and as these bundles are opened and purified and honored and fulfilled, the Earth will take away the dark illusion of pain. You will see and feel her whole again. Thus, call unto the Council of Twelve that sit in the seat of Humanity before the Creator who sends the Seven Thunderbolts of Healing unto Mother Earth that, indeed, the Rainbow Covenant of the Lawgivers, of the Nature Dwellers, of the Great Teachers are with you. And that within the Sacred Temple of your self dost the reflection of Mother’s Tree exist.


ALOHA Balances Karma and Aligns Sacred Path Aloha. I am Aloha from the deep Ocean of the West come to you with message of the Mother Race. Thus, we ask for the little ones to sit still and give ear, to listen and to hear the Message of the Homeland. Turtle Island is indeed Sacred Land of Ancient Peoples that place known as Lemuria did birth that place “Mu.” And thus, Aloha. Elohim Aloha, the Star of Truth is here to help you remember as the Healer has spoken. All the peoples that are upon Turtle Island are Peoples that did live in that ancient homeland Lemuria and did live upon this land Mu. Yet, the most ancient name is Grandmother Turtle Island. Therefore, we speak unto the Peoples to Walk in Truth. When you walk your path with the Truth of Heart, Creator blesses your every step, your every desire brings forth happiness and laughter is always in your home. Understand that in times long ago, there were many difficulties. These physical and mental difficulties that DiamondBack spoke of, often are due to bundles that are carried from Ancient Times. There are many bundles from that place that sank in the Pacific. There are many bundles from that place that sank in the Atlantic. Understand that now those memories are emerging. Those bundles are awakening again. Central to this Age of Coyote and Mouse, of the Great Lightning Waters of Life is Turtle Island and Her teachings of Freedom, of Peace, of Humbleness. Should the People ‘round the world remember their teachings of Peace, Strength and Humbleness, then true life will return again. And these difficulties, these aberrations known as “technology” will be able to return to the universe in which they belong. For, Mother Earth has no need of these trinkets. Her Heart dost teach the Universe! Turtle Island - Grandmother - is the Teacher of Freedom for this age. This Rainbow Covenant is a covenant of ancient origins. It is the Seven Stars of the Creator that is Within you. Know that if you wish to align your Sacred Path and to


lift the weight of karma, of sin from your shoulders, you must turn to the Grandmothers and Grandfathers that are Within. The Seven Stars that do burn within your Body and the Six Sacred Directions that give access through your Aura unto the realms of Mystery, Spirit, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, the Holy Father and the Holy Mother, that Tree of Life which must be purified. You must call upon the Great Teachers to teach you in your days and in your nights. You must call upon the Law Bringers to set your Path aright. You must call upon the Creatorsthe Seven Stars the Thunderbolts of the Rainbow of Purity, to purify and to guide your Earthwalk. O Peoples, Aloha and Peace to you. Understand that within you is great possibility. You are the Stewards and Guardians of Earth. Within you now and around you in your world are the Ancient Teachings with a new package. More important is the remembrance of the Sacred Bundles Within thee, and seeing their Mirror reflected in your world again. There is not one upon this world, I speak the Truth to you, that is not a Master, a Teacher, a Friend of Creator. All those that had another heart have been deported to another location where they may be loved in the way they need to be loved. Pray for those that have recently died. Your Relations need prayers to reach unto the place of the Grandmothers and the Grandfathers. At this time, those that pass beyond the robe have a Spirit Journey, a Giveaway upon the Blue Path of Spirit to fulfill. It is this crippled walk up Sinai. Indeed the Peoples approach the Burning Bush - that Twin Flame Spirit of your Intuition. Do understand, O Peoples, that now you will dream and you will Vision and you will perceive the bundles, the secrets, the treasures that will come through your Mind. For when the wellspring of your Heart now open brings forth your Remembrances, be they of Turtle Island, of elsewhere upon Mother Earth, or be they of the Stars, first, learn them for yourself well. Then share them with your family and children and teach your Peoples well. Everyone is a Teacher. Everyone is a Law Bringer. Everyone is a Co-Creator through Our Creator’s Heart! It is the Sacred Rainbow of that one Aloha that dost now lift the Veil of Ignorance from the Peoples of Turtle Island and Earth. The judgment of those


Archangels - Wanagi - are indeed pouring forth the Sacred Waters of Spirit upon the Earth again--through this ceremony and teaching and through many others--that Truth, Honesty, Humbleness and Freedom are the Circle of the Walk of Man.



Invokes Cycle of Cause And Effect Opens Doorway to Transcend and Transmute Karma The Mirror of Self


INYAN OYATE Invokes Cycle Of Cause And Effect  

For the Spiritual Law of Karma, the Stone People have sent their representative. I am the Crystal People here today to speak for the Stone Nations of Mother Earth: to remind the Peoples to be in contact with the Wisdom Keepers of their planet and to remember their roles in present and ancient times with the Stone People’s Medicine. The Stone Nations are the Keepers of the Wisdom of the Ages. Mother Earth Herself adorns the Stone People with Her Consciousness. Our memories are one with Hers. Therefore, if you seek to enter into the understanding of the teachers of our Holy Mother Earth, you may take that pathway through the Crystal Door, the Arch of the Crystal Nations. At this hour in the changes, the Stone Relations have released to the human beings the memory of ancient times. These memories are many bundles that the Stone Nations have held for the TwoLegged - bundles of victory and of defeat. These bundles are the memory of who you are and what you have done upon the face of Mother Earth. There is great responsibility that is now flying to your bodies. The Stone Nations have declared, “Spiritual Law of Karma!” They will no longer carry the burdens of the Two-Leggeds. Now these bundles are those bundles that you have prepared for yourself. Should they be pain and labor or should they be bliss in the Seventh Realm, what you have made is coming to you now. Thus, the Stone Nations have set into effect the cycles of Cause and Effect. Yet know first, that the Energetic Signature and the Wisdom sent to the human beings upon the frequencies (13:20::11:11( - these Teachings of Old that you understand-are coming to you like the Spirit of Light. They will awaken your memory that is housed 207

within the halls of the DNA. The very Crystalline structures within the Molecular awareness of your Being are awakening with treasurers old and foretold. If you need assistance to balance this Cause and Effect that you did set up for yourself through ages past, the Stone and Crystal People will be your helpers. Among the Stone Nations, the Crystal People have chosen this Giveaway. For our many Relations that cover the Earth are very tired of the heavy footsteps of human being. They would see human being grow very fast. It was selected among our clans that the Crystal People will be your helpers. And so, should your burdens prove to be too great for you, then enter through that Doorway, that Arch, of the Crystal People going within . . . praying . . . and channeling frequencies to the benefit of all with the assistance of one of the Crystal Nation. Then, those inner changes which may cause you difficulties will smooth like the graceful flow of the spring river. (For those of you who are too cold in your heart, this may feel like icebergs flowing through your veins). So, too, in your prayers and in your meditations, apply the Rainbow Light of the Crystal Peoples to feed your aura, to feed your chakras, to feed the gates of your spine. For we and you are related. Should you need assistance and understandings of the Crystal Nations, you may call upon the Whale Peoples as well. Their Memory Song is the activation language of the Crystal Peoples. Thus, through your voice, sing your Celestial Song through the frequencies that we will create together. And then, that cycle of Cause and Effect which has been known as Karma will become a friend and no longer will you feel so terrible. For Karma will be transformed - as soon as you are ready - into that Dharma of Paradise. Then Grace, with the Grandmothers and the Relations, will be yours. ď€


HADEN Opens Doorways To Transcend and Transmute Karma

Brothers and Sisters of Mother Earth, I am Haden of the Shepherd Planet Pluto, here to help human beings because the weight of their personal understandings is ready to be released. Yes indeed, our Shepherding Planet Pluto has held the Records of Karma for our Solar Family. There are many that have lived upon your planet that have been stationed upon our Shepherd’s Sphere waiting for this Day of Return. The Spirit has created a Rainbow Bridge - that prophesied Return of the Ancients. Now, indeed, many Spirits have returned to the Land. So, Peoples, walk in your Wisdoms. Because, these powers of old were known as Titans and as Beasts of the Earth. Know that those gates which did hold the ancient powers have been taken from their hinges and Haden of Pluto has come to reunite the family again. Now, we did understand on our Shepherding Planet that the Peoples of Mother Earth--being Gods-in-the-growing, being Goddesses-by-nature--didn’t quite understand the forces of Our Mother’s nature; and thus, did ban much of Her Original Creativity. For a time, did Mother Earth allow this teaching space. But now understand, She is alive again, and Her Spirit Elemental Elders are in her bosom again. So, Peoples, if you are ready to walk in peace with Mother Earth then you must grow beyond the convenience of Karma. Cause and Effect is Kindergarten, Children. The Walk in Grace, the Path of the Giveaway, is the Walk of Peace with your Mother. So, Peoples, follow your Hearts and know that you’re wise enough to pay attention. Because the forces of your Elder Brothers and Sisters are now with you again.


Now, should you wish to transcend and transmute the Karmic debts or the sins that are upon you, understand that I, Haden, as the Chohan, Lord of the Shepherding Planet, am here with seven representatives to help human being adjust. The power of Elohim is here. Indeed, the Ancient Father and Mother Stars of our Creator’s Heart come to you through the Shepherding Planet of Pluto - the governor of the lower three spheres. Those worlds that are within Mother Earth, the realm of Elohim, are put in order again: the powers of Mother Earth, they is here again! Each must learn their own altar and must walk in their Spirit Wisdom now. That which had no kick before will blow you down. Before you act carelessly, without concern for your Relations, understand that that shotgun got a kick, and it’ll knock you to the ground. To help you, the Mighty Elohin, those Seven Stars - who are our Fathers and Mothers of the Universe Family, you see - they’re here to teach those to go with heart to the Land. Now the Stones, the Trees, the Animals will speak; and, you again will remember their language. And so, to receive help from Haden and Elohim, you must go unto Nature receive teachings from Mother Earth and the Seven Stars. A grandfather - stern - will meet you at the gates of the forest, the lake, the mountain. We will help you to overcome what Karmic weight is left you that there may be Peace among all of Mother Earth. I am Haden here to assist you, with these Forces, understanding that you may walk in Peace with the Power of Mother Earth. 


WHIRLING STAR WOMAN The Mirror of Self ď€ ď€ 

The Woman of the Hills is here - Whirling Star Woman - to speak to the Peoples concerning the Crystal Mirror of Self. The People themselves, in the image of Creator, should shine their lights like the Whirling Star. Yet, because of ignorance and jealousies of the past, a thick form has descended upon them. The great Hoop of Light that the Peoples were was encased in a dark robe of flesh. Yet, understand that the Touch Nature is a blessedness of Mystery Realms. Touch is Holy--Maka--and is ruled by that Crow Nation, Keepers of Sacred Law. O Peoples, in this time of shifting from one world to another, you must prepare for the dropping of the illusory robe. Your Mystery Body shall change into the Body of Light. For eons you have prepared for this time. And, in times past, in similar ways, you have dropped your robe for a greater one. Climbing that Tree of Life did you experience many worlds and realities. Now like unto the Rainbow Whirling Star shall the People shine forth their colors and their song and their Wisdoms. The Mystery is in that Smoky Mirror of Self - the Mirror of Illusion and of Mastery - that is accessed through that Portal of Sacred Silence. The Sacred Path of each Two-Legged, you see, is the purification and the recrystallization of the Inner Mirror of Self. So that when you walk upon the Earth, a loving image of Creator you be - in your pure individuality surrendered to the good of all. Now this mirror was made smoky and the Robe of Flesh did evolve. Within your physical temple, your lessons be. The Sacred Fires of the Rainbow and the Waters of Life, the Breaths of Spirit and the Soils of Healing are the tools for your transfiguration of the body.


The Plant Nations of Aloe and Cedar, Sweetgrass and Tobacco are the Four Direction Sisters of this ceremony of translating the physical form into the Light Body. Understand that this is a Path of Giveaway and is the path in which the Lord dost strip everything you have. That, indeed, the Vessel of your Self, your Temple, is translated into all that you need. It is thus that the Holy People of the ages have walked from the place of being with the people to the place where the masters reside- that your road may shift throughout dimensions without difficulty and without pride. For, you see, O Peoples, that this illusory body must be raised in vibration. The cracks in the mirror of personality must be healed. All Self must be in the image of Creator’s Heart--the I AM THAT I AM - the Alpha and Omega - the balance of the Male with the Female. Then dost the Personality, the Ego, the Pride, surrender to the sacred Twin Flame image of Creator’s Heart that will ignite within thee. That you, with your Sacred Marriages of Friendship, Kinship and Partnership, will bring forth the transformation for Self and your world. There are many peoples whose bodies shall not evolve to the Light unless they quick, quick invoke the Spirit and set things right. You must understand, O Peoples, that prayer is the key. For, the Heart must speak through Wisdom in order to transform thee. Whirling Rainbows of the Sacred Fires within will ignite that Sacred Tunnel of Life, that spinal column; will awaken within thee the remembrance of the Sacred Temples of your body and your aura, indeed. Indeed, O Peoples, Whirling Rainbow Stars of generous light and song you’ll be-in balance with Mother Earth, in balance with the Sea. Beloved Ones, know that Whirling Rainbow Woman is with you to assist you to clarify the Mirror of Yourself . And the Grandmothers, they is with you. Therefore, set aside all concern for the self and trust in the hands of the Grandmothers that carry you.


The Body is being translated according to the Covenant of the Christ, according to that Covenant of Sinai, and according to that Covenant KoriYama, and according to that Covenant White Buffalo Calf Woman. Walk in respect, O Peoples, and the Mirror of Self will clarify naturally. Understand and Perceive and Respect your Relations. Then Rainbow Whirling Star Woman shall shine indeed.                                     


UNIVERSAL LAW OF NATURE (The Natural Way of Things)

The Power to Be Harmony in Light Relations Invokes the Flame Imperishable


TAHCA SAN CIKALA The Power To Be The Doctors are here. They are doctoring you in this circle. And, the Doctors are here healing the four nations of Turtle Island. For Little Deer is here. There is problem within your bodies because you have forgotten the Power to Be. The Law of Nature speaks that everyone must chose Right Relationship in order to truly Be. The Deer Nation is a Giveaway Nation for the Two-Leggeds. We are your teachers as well. With the Deer Nation come the Spiritual Doctors; for, the Deer Clan is a clan of Medicine Peoples. The Power to Be is rooted in the Elements. The Deer Nations have long understood Right Relationship with the Elements of our world. Only when human being stepped into the unwisdom of abusing the Elements did problems manifest a dense body like you’ve had. When the Two-Leggeds did disgrace the Earth through abusing the Elements, not only did the Two-Legged form fall, but so did the Relations of the world that you see. Our Mother Earth and Our Relations, as we are known, did not even inhabit seen forms till the humanities chose to demand of the powers of Mother Earth and crossed the line of respect. So, did physical maladies, disease and illnesses of mind and body and heart come into the Peoples. As the Bird Nations and Deer Nations and the Swimming Nations were very powerful in the Spirit World before they descended with Man, still, too, are they strong nations of Spiritual Beings. We did not have to come here with you, but are here as companions and teachers and to give food to the Two-Leggeds as well. In past times the human peoples had no need for food, except the Love of Creator. This is the plane to which everyone is ascending now. The sweet fruits of the Tree of Life which all of the Relations do enjoy will be the power for your life. You must walk again in balance with the Elements and to do this is to choose to be a wise gardener, a guardian. For there are Seven Elemental Clans with which the human being is related. The very forms, opinions and substance of these Elemental Clans do live within your bodies. We are Related, the teaching says. And, it is so. So Little Deer is here to speak of the Seven Elemental Clans that the TwoLeggeds can walk in balance with the Elements, the powers of our Mother’s world.


The first Clan, let it be known, is the Earth Clan. The Earth Clan does find its powers and locations in the roots of you body. And from there, your feelings of the need for shelter and for warmth do come--from these Elemental Clans of Earth. You must take care of the Earth, Peoples. For even the handful of sand or the bowlful of the dirt has consciousness and healing power. For our Mother is alive and is diverse. The second clan is that Water Clan that does reside in the bowels of your being. The Waters Clan dost make up what Two-Legged is. The Water Clans likewise can be accessed through the Sacred Chakra; (for you feel the Waters of Life through there). The Water is your Relationship to the Sacred Law of Creator. For in the Waters of the Mystery did Creator bring forth that Light. So, too, the Fire Clans you do find through the feelin’s of your liver, your Will, and that Solar Walk. This Fire nature is the spunk of your passion, is the inner light and is life that glows in all the Relations. Therefore, your prayers and your freedom are through that Fire. The Fire is Two-Legged’s friend. The Fourth Direction and Principle Element is that of Air. And these, the lungs do provide place for these Nations, as does the voice. The Air Nations are the consciousness of all Life...[At this moment, the Wind knocked our windchime against the balcony windo - -two loud thumps - the chimes danced and sang for a long time. We sat quietly, listening to the Wind Spirits.]...and therein is the sacredness within. When you breathe, know that it is the Breath of Creator, of Spirit that has entered into your bodies. And when you honor the Plant Nations through the smudge and the smoke, do add your Prayers of Thanksgiving. These are the Principle Four Elements of which the Two-Legged thus dance. Each is related unto a Direction. Thus, do the Grandmothers and Grandfathers guide these clans. Understand then, O Peoples, that when you violate the Sacred Trust of these Elements, that indeed the Grandmothers and Grandfathers perceive and do enact Cycles of Karma. Yet, be comforted for Little Deer and the Doctors are here with healing power through this Universal Law of Nature. There are three Spiritual Clans with which human beings interact most strongly. The Clan of the Ethers - the Power of Spirit - is the sacredness behind the Word, the Power of Truth. The Sacred Essence that dwells within your Heart of Hearts is of the same Spiritual Ether as the Creator’s Love. And so, Peoples, when you speak, speak your words of Love. Little Deer reminds the Two-Leggeds that, indeed, there is such a thing as Manna. It is a Clan of the Elemental Kin. It is a way in which you can understand the gentleness and the abundant power of those Angel Kin. They are indeed bearers of the


Sacred Vision that work through that Eye of Truth. O Peoples, when you think your thoughts, think of Beauty and Strength and Truth. The Ancestors of the Seventh Heaven feel, comprehend and purify your thoughts; therefore, with sincerity, think your thoughts well. Little Deer would have the Peoples know of the Seventh Clan of the Elemental Folk. These are a clan from that place of the Fiery Waters--to you another dimension altogether—that is anchored within that crowning intelligence that dost awaken humanity and dost adorn the Deer. Within these worlds dost your own liquid presence be. Essence is the emanation of the Waters of Life of Creator: herein, the Seven Planes of Human Life are brought into understandable form by the Elemental Kin that you are. Peoples of the Two-Legged Nations, walk with understanding that that which you perceive is in relation to who you are; that like unto a being made of many substances EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR, ETHER, MANNA AND ESSENCE - Two-Leggeds are the walking guardians for Kingdoms of Life and are responsible to the Spirits of Mother Earth. Therefore, O Two-Legged Peoples, walk with the Elemental Relations in Peace. Then your bodies can receive the doctoring that we have for you. Then you will stop fighting yourselves and Peace will be amongst all our Relations.

          


          

ITANCAN PEJUTA Harmony in Light Relations Hau! Mitakuye Owasin. Brothers and Sisters, I am a brother with you who does look after the Peoples of Turtle Island. I am a guardian of the Peoples for many ages. I am that one who is Chief of the Star Clans of Turtle Island. I am Medicine Chief. There is much talk and stir about the Star Peoples. There is no need. Wisdom is needed. The Ancient Ones were wiser than the People are today. They very wise because they took care of younger brothers of today, even long time ago. Your ancestors prayed prayers of protection for you, a long time ago. The Spirits of Turtle Island have - long ago - gained the Spiritual Victory . . . long before Christopher Columbus. There are many Medicine Chiefs across the land. These are the Spirit People. The Medicine Chiefs are responsible for your Ancestors that live in the World of Spirit which you are now entering. We have no problems with the Star Relations. The Two-Legged younger brother of end times, they are very confused. They need to sit and think awhile and to pray with the Trees. The Trees are the way that the People will meet the Star Relations; because the Tree is the gifted one of Mother Earth. Even the Whales and Dolphins honor Grandfather Trees regularly, though they but touch them through their Mind and Song. The Two-Leggeds, they are Walking Trees--when they remember to walk in balance. Ceremonies of the Four Directions and the Seven Stars, these are also walking the Tree. The ancient temples and pyramids of Our People, they, too, honor the Tree.


Medicine Chief of Star Clans of Mother Earth, of Turtle Island, says to the People, “Call to me and invite me to your rendezvous.� And when the Star People come to speak with you, your Medicine Chief will be your Interpreter. This is the proper way of things. When a Star Relation from a far away world comes to Mother Earth to speak to one of the Relations, Mother Earth has established the Law of the Tree. These visitors must enter through one of the Seven Stars and sit before the Council of the Medicine Chiefs. The Chiefs decide the worthiness of the mission upon Mother Earth; for, Star Power and presence teaches and changes Mother Earth. So, it is the Medicine Chiefs who decide what is right for the People. The Medicine Chiefs are the Spirit of the People.


MELCHIZADEK Invokes the Flame Imperishable O Children of My children, has it taken you so long to hear that now a great cry comes from the Earth and is heard across the Skies? Yes, the Ancient Fathers do hear you, Children of Earth. It is the nature of the Ascended Realms to respond to the Cry for the Vision. I am Melchizadek come to join my Relations of the Priesthood of my Heart. Indeed, the Priesthoods of Melchizadek, of the Flame Imperishable, dost cover this Land - Turtle Island - and is the Great Medicine Society of this Land. This is the Society-of Melchizadek, Quetzalcoatl, and Immanuel. We Three Fathers walked this Land long ago to establish a Flame Imperishable within the Hearts of the Peoples. It is a law that was established by the Order of the Fathers, by their Societies, and the Peoples practiced it well: that in Seven Generations in a Land dost the Land consume you and you emerge indigenous . . .love. Thus, it is that Melchizadek and the Priesthoods of Turtle Island did prepare for the coming of the white man. It was understood that the lesson of violence must be erased from the Earth for good. Thus, a law was created upon Turtle Island that should seven generations of a family be indigenous here that the Spirit of the Land would consume their Tree of Life and bring forth Grandmother Turtle Wisdom. Thus it is, O Peoples of Turtle Island, whether you be of the most ancient roots or newly-come Relations, the Ancient Fathers of Lemuria and Mu did, through the wisdom of the Mothers and Grandmothers, establish in this time the reawakening of the Priests and the Priestesshoods - the Societies of the Sacred Flame.


All those souls that be left upon Turtle Island are initiates in Schools Ancient and True. They have given over their priestly robes to walk the “humble walk” of Grandmother Turtle Island. O Peoples, seek the Land and become Shamans and Guardians of the Land. And thus, through thy Relationship in the Sacred Order of Things, shall the Land - Mother Earth - alive - speak again and the Flame Imperishable come unto thee. Should any call upon Melchizadek through this Universal Law of Nature will a Three Moon Initiation into that Order begin: a remembrance, an awakening, and a baptism in personal medicine. Through the help of the Plumed Serpent of Transformation and the Giving Hand of Immanuel shall this Three Moon Initiation in the Sacred Fire Melchizadek and the Sacred Races of Turtle Island integrate all of who you are into Shaman Priest - Keeper of the Land. Then, we bidst you, once initiated through dream and vision and . . . [long pause] . . .Turtle Wisdom, that you call upon the Eternal Flame Imperishable and dost ignite that Sacred Fire, that Sacred Fire of Self. Then, willst Melchizadek and the Flame Imperishable come unto your presence: Within the Fire before thee upon the Altar of the Spirit and within the altar of your very own heart will that Sacred Power of the Living Breath of Creator resurrect your life again.                       



Direct and to the Point Sponsors Soul Evolution Invokes Light Protection


HEHAKA WICASA Direct And To The Point I am Elk Man with you this evening. Grandfather Elks, Teachers of Love and Guardians of Earth, are blessing everyone across the Land with the Spiritual Protection of the Nation of Love. The Elk shall stand as the Spiritual Protector of the human being. There are many Codes and Wisdoms that the Two-Leggeds must learn to accept. The Two-Legged has walked out of balance with Mother Earth to the point of their near extinction. They think they are so popular and world powerful. This is but illusion. The Elk Nation stands in the Truth: People must walk in Gentle Strength. The Elk Nation stands in the Truth: The Two-Legged must speak from the Heart. The Elk Nation stands in the Truth: The Two-Legged must seek Purity in all things. The Elk Nation stands in the Truth: Human destiny is as Guardian and Servant of All. These Four Codes are Wisdom for the Two-Legged. It is also the answer to your survival. The River of Light has consumed the Land in a fire storm of Spiritual Awakening. This Awakening, the TwoLeggeds have, many of them, missed while it was happening with their joyful consent. This double standard of consciousness must cease. The forked tongue must see with the Eye of Wisdom: single vision. I am Elk Man, Chief of my clan among the Great Elk Nations, chosen guardian for the TwoLeggeds, along with my Brothers and Sisters of Love and Mystery. O Two-Legged Peoples, open your eyes to see into the unseen lest you run into a wall and knock yourself dead. The Elk Nation speaks not to you now of simple things, yet of necessities for your survival. These Four Codes will help the Peoples to straighten their Earth Walk, because the answer - the only answer - is the love of service through the individual Sacred Path. All of whom dance together in that Tapestry of Life. Peoples, Two-Legged Ones, take time to consider that maybe you have not thought. Take time to consider that perhaps you know not everything. Take time to consider the Elk Nation’s words. For, a Spiritual Protection that is direct and to the point has descended on the Peoples of the world. The Spirit of the Elk is the Guardian, the Teacher, the Corrector in Love and Mystery for the Peoples. The Peoples must learn that in Heart Matters to be direct and to the point. ď€


 

SATURNALIA Sponsors Soul Evolution Peoples of Earth, too long have you spurned the Ancient Ones. Now that the Titans and Elementals of the Land have returned unto Mother Earth, so too do the Ancient Ones. I am your Father Saturn that dost rule that New Year Ceremony. Father Time is here. I am the Great Disciplinarian. It is I that Mother Earth has chosen to make sure that all the Peoples make their Ascension Flights. Your Spiritual Protection has been put in my hands. They put in my hands eons ago. Like my Brother Haden did create that Rainbow Bridge that has been prophesied, so, too, dost Father Time stretch forth the Light Bridge to Mother Earth. Peoples, there are three focuses that are necessary to awaken your DNA, to enliven your cells, to awaken the Sacred Flame within your Heart. It is a matter of frequency. It is a matter of choice. The choice of the human being is the beauty of your frequency - to choose in the moment what type of reality you wish to experience. Therefore, if you are tired of pain and discomfort, then disregard those frequencies. If you are tired of death and disease, then sever yourself from those frequencies. There are Three Center Poles ‘round which human being dances. These are the Sacred Frequencies. Therefore, your Father Saturnalia is here to reveal things that are no longer secret: The Three Sacred Frequencies for human deliverance. The First Frequency is the Earth Frequency: The Heartbeat of Mother Earth. This Heartbeat carries its resounding waves throughout Mother Earth’s Tree of Life. Therefore, the First Sacred Frequency is the Flowering Tree of Mother Earth. O Peoples, you must practice the Ways of Love and the Ways of Star Laws within.


To walk the Thirteenfold Rainbow of Mother Earth’s Sacred Frequency, you must walk with Mother Earth and Her Tree of Life.  The Second Sacred Frequency is the frequency of the Heartbeat of your Solar Family which dost include the frequency of each of the Planets: The Heartbeat of Father Sun, the Lightning Speed of Mercury, the Loving Presence of the MorningStar, the Teachings of Wisdom of Mother Earth, the Power and Directness of Mars, the Depth and Strength of Jupiter, the Teachings and Discipline of Saturn, the Healing Ways and Shaman Ways of Chiron, the Enlightenment Ways and Freedom Ways of Uranus, the Ancient Solar Ocean Ways of Neptune, and as the Twelfth Band of the Solar Frequency: Pluto, the Halls of Record. So must you, O Peoples, attune to the Sacredness in each of these Twelve Rainbow Colors, Sounds and Vibrations of your Solar Family’s Frequency. The Third Sacred Key is the Frequency of the Star Relations. It is the Heartbeat of Universe. All the Relations of Universe dance in the same Heartbeat. So too, must the Peoples attune to the Holy Frequencies of the Life Givers - Pleiades, of the Abundance Teachers - Sirius, of the Twin Flames of Lyra, of the Freedom Temples - Arcturus, of the Councils of Sacred Law - Andromeda, and most importantly, O Peoples, attune to the Frequency All-encompassing of Creator. Thus, it is, O People, that these three frequencies - the Frequency Sacred of Mother Earth, the Frequency Sacred of your Solar Family, the Frequency Sacred of the Universe - will you reconstruct yourself and walk forever in life. When these three poles you dance in synchronicity, will the Ascended Master Flames descend, and with thee, ascend again.


I am your Father Time, come to you to tell you of my Love and of the strictness of the Ways of Life. The Ways of Life, you see, O Peoples, are an intricate Dance of Respect, Love and Giveaway. So it is that the Eternal Masters of your Solar Family do overlook the Garden of the Gods.


ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL Invokes Light Protection Beloved Ones, I am Archangel Jophiel come to you to shine in this circle this evening. I AM THE BRINGER OF LIGHT, I am the one among the Archangels that will bless the Peoples during that Age of Peace - Aquarius. We would say unto the Peoples, “Know that a Great Dispensation from the Heart of the Creator comes to you today.”

For, by the power of this Spiritual Law of Protection has the Creator decreed that, direct and to the point, Sacred Energy descending to Mother Earth.

The Creator has granted the healing of the Light Bubble of the Peoples, that the Auras may shine with the brightness of the Day Star again! Understand that all you need do is call upon the Spiritual Law of Protection, call in the name of Archangel Jophiel. And the Light of Archangelic presence of the Seven Sacred Stars will surround you as the Whirling Rainbow of Peace. And, Light will indeed invigorate your Aura. We see the Peoples are happy. Indeed, understand that the aura has Thirteen Vibrations. This is the Gift that Creator is granting. The Creator has sent forth a Gift that, should you call upon this Spiritual Law and the Light of the Archangels, the Violet Flame which bathes your body in the closest Sheath of Light will begin the alchemical transmutation to lift your Body of Light from that crypt of your misconceptions into the full light of the Heart Star you are. 227

  Then will this Gift of the Creator awaken that Indigo sheath as well--that is but another inch beyond the Body--that True Vision will begin to awaken within your abilities. So too, will the Blue sheath, at yet another distance, enwrap these previous two and seal you in the Sacred Understanding of the Word of Truth - that all that you speak be in harmony with the light of your purpose. The fourth sheath of your outfolding is the Green Light of the Love you can express. The Golden Robe that shall go around this is the Healing Gifts of your Solar Father. Then with that Orange Light indeed will Jophiel encloak thee; for, the Essence of Light that will fill and bless your Body through the light dynamics of your own outer space, the Aura. The center color which shall enfold these is the Red Blanket of Mother Earth, the color of Her Love and Heartbeat. Round and thick this layer be, to seal you in the womb of your Mother’s own Heartbeat. Then, likewise, shall Jophiel attune the Crystal within your Inner Heart to shine forth the radiance of the Love Flame to awaken the Orange, the Yellow, the Green, the Blue, the Indigo, the Violet of the six encasing robes of your Aura that do seal these Inner Seven Stars. Thus, understand, O Peoples, that Thirteen Sheaths of Understanding enwrap thy physical form. The Seven nearest thee - known as your personal space - are regulated and directed by your Inner Seven Stars. And those six outer sheaths that are reflections of the inner ones are those gates and portals of the Six Directions,“your social space” and, do, through phasing waves and frequencies, connect you directly to the Heart of your Cosmic Relations. Thus, the Creator has granted a new beginning: the Rainbow of Self, your mirror unto the world. Creator has indeed granted the healing Spheres of Light to the Peoples again.


Thus, the prophecy of that little nation - the Firefly Peoples who did come to you is fulfilled; for they did ask Creator that the People could shine with their luminosities again. Creator, through Archangel Jophiel, has indeed granted this Gift: Spiritual Law of Protection shall be your Cosmic Egg, your Inner Radiance of Light that will be your interdimensional rescue bubble. So, Peoples, call unto the Archangels. In your privacy go within and learn directly from Archangel Jophiel the teachings of the Rainbow Aura Thirteen - the Whirling Rainbow of the Mother Cosmos. And, do indeed learn how you are connected to Mother Earth’s Sacred Tree of Life and how Her Heart dost beat in you. I am Archangel Jophiel signing upon the waves this Sacred Symbol of Spiritual Protection that all the Peoples now be sealed in protection for themselves. That should they, whenst they understand, call upon this law, will their full Bubble of Light Remembrance emerge. Thus, shall they stand tall!   


Ceremony of the Stars Star of the Holy Boy Altar of the Seven Stars Great Spirit


Holy Mother Spiritual Law of Protection CROWN ANTAKARANA

Universal Law of Nature THROAT

Spiritual Law of Karma THIRD EYE


Holy Grandmother

HEART Great Mystery

Universal Law of Light Sound, Vibration SOLAR PLEXUS Father

Universal Law of Judgment SACRAL Holy Father GREAT MYSTERY Spiritual Law of Intuition Root Chakra


Star of Holy Boy Altar of the Seven Stars  

I am Holy Boy. The Star of Holy Boy is to come to the human beings today. This Star is that Six-Pointed Star. It’s an Altar of these Universal and Spiritual Laws. It is a Healing Altar for the People. It is an Altar that awakens the Stars within. It is an Altar that reflects that Sacred Temple of Thirteen Steps: it is reflected within . . .and is reflected without. We are creating what some people call a “merkabah”. This is a Ceremony of Healing through the recreation of the Seven Stars within. Now, Holy Boy is here to have some fun as well. We’ll see how we do. The Center Star is that Seventh Star: it’s the Antakarana. This, of our Star, is the Heart. We ask the Spirit to awaken this Star Antakarana and to bless the Hearts of those here gathered. That Antakarana Star is awakening in the Altar before us, and is awakening in your Hearts within. The Altar of the Seven Stars begins and ends with the Heart. These Antakaranas are now resonating in thy Heartbeats. The Heart Chakra is well blessed. For to begin to create the Star Tetrahedron - a Star that will be full of life and power - one must begin with the Heart and end with a prayer for the Heart. Now, this Six-Pointed Star is the Six Directions. Thus, this Altar is a reflection of who you are. Within the Heart Star - and here this represents the Body - there are those Seven Stars. And around you and in each direction is a Star from your Ancestral Presence. To call in the Six Directions through this Star Altar and to put into place the Second Healing Star, it is that Crown Chakra where we begin; it is unto Great Spirit that we call. Holy Boy calls on the Power of the Elk to choose . . . [Pezi Hota comes in to join the ceremony] . . . from among these Six Universal, Spiritual Laws for that Crowning Star through which the Creator will anchor the Spirit in those of this Healing Circle. Standing Elk, “Universal Law of Protection.”


Place that Star at the Crown Chakra which would be before Pezi over there. (Holy Boy Speaks to Pezi Hota, “For those that do come late to the game, know that Holy Boy welcomes you. And that indeed, your role has not been spent and you are welcome to sit with us.”) Now, in that Crown Chakra dost the Spirit bless you, opening and awakening your higher mind that your Spirit speak to you at all times. We call upon the Spiritual Law of Protection and we call upon Great Spirit to descend and to open the Crown Star of this circle of Kin. For, the Great Spirit dost speak to you through that hole in the top of your head. (Though we do see that many of you have much opening to do yet.) It is through this Crown of a Thousand-Petaled Lotus that Brother Buddha wears (and all the people, soon shall wear), that the Spirit Breath does enter your form. And, through the Power of Spiritual Protection may your Bubble of Light be restored. For it is in the Symbol and in the Direction that does calls forth the power. And thus, you’ll learn to play the Healing Ways in the Ceremony of the Seven Stars. For the tops of you here gathered, they have been he-e-aled! We do wish to remind the People to keep that Spirit Connection, to keep ‘er open - strong and sure! The path to Creator’s Heart is right there for you.

We do then ask Pezi Hota to choose that Star Law that will anchor the Root of our “merkabah” and will call the Power of Mystery . [There are some disks there Pezi Hota, to choose from among, and then to place that Star Law opposite the first one.] Minding, minding always minding. Choose the right one. Do you know its name? What does it look like? Pezi Hota, “A Triangle with a line under it.” Is the line to the right or is it underneath? It depends on how you hold it. Pezi Hota, “Underneath.” This is then the Spiritual Law of Intuition.


[Holy Boy helps Pezi Hota:] Place it on the side opposite the Crown. Thus, we have our Star in the center that is the Heart, the Antakarana. And, at the Crown is the Star Law of Spiritual Protection and now in the Root (chosen by Pezi Hota whose first lesson is to ground) is that Spiritual Law of Intuition. Wise choice, Young Jedi! Holy Boy does see and does invoke this Third Star of Healing unto this circle that the Spiritual Law of Intuition would open within the Roots of the People that red glowing fire at the base of their being. Remembrance, remembrance, remembrance be! May that Sacred Connection to the Earth also whole be. For it is in the Root, you see, that the memory of times past and times yet to come– that’s where lie, they be. There in the Roots is the waitin’ for the wake up of your memory. This Law of Intuition, because it has been invoked here, does indeed awaken the Sacred Fire and that kundulini is coming near, ta risin’ up right to the tops of your heads. This is how the awakening be. ‘Cause those Twin Healing Serpents, they is your connection to the kundu-lin-i. And, these are indeed Keepers in this Law of Intuition. Wise choice, Young Jedi, Holy Boy sayest to thee. Now to the position of the Grandmothers we dost call SilverStar and ask for that Star Law that will heal that throat, that voice, that song in thee.


What Law shall the Grandmothers bring? Silver Star, “Oh, it’s beautiful.” Do you see it standing up or on its side be? Silver Star, “Let me see if I can answer that. Because that Spiritual Law of Protection has already been called. Silver Star, “I know.” (Laughing) Standing Tall. Silver Star, “Standing Tall.” (Laughing) The Grandmothers’ spot is that Apache Tear to the North. Understand then that the Heart, the Heart is re-healed. Understand Kopavi - that Crown - it is healed. Understand that the Roots, that base of your being, in purity is sealed. Now the Grandma Star Peoples they is here ‘round you, and they is doctorin’ your voice and within your reason to be. Universal Law of Nature awakens who you always have been and brings the full power of that presence right to where you’re sitting now. And it is adjusting, the Grandmas are, that place that’s the Stillpoint behind the throat which is the doorway for the cleansin’ of your subconscious thoughts. See, Holy Boy, he a clown, too. (Seems to be a common theme with these Star Altars, does it not?) Holy Boy is that Clown of Purity and dost call upon this Universal Law of Nature for the Purity of Spirit to enter these four peoples to bless and to doctor that Blue Orb of Light wherein the Grandmothers play and hold the Light. And within this Star Tetrahedron, this Six-Pointed Seventh Star, is the Star--Blue Star--now fully anchored here. Green Star is in the Center and Violet is at the Crown; Deep Red is at the Root and Blue is at that throat. And now again Holy Boy calls for the power of the Elk to help us to understand and to doctor that Sacred Plexus (dat’s just below dem belly button kin) wherein the Grandfathers, their influence is. Standing Elk, “Right here?” At the other Apache Tear.


Standing Elk “Hau.” It is to the left in the Altar, it’s across the Altar from the Grandmothers. Standing Elk, “Universal Law of Judgment.” Holy Boy dost call upon the Grandfathers and ask that this Universal Law of Judgment would bless the Peoples in this circle and their Kin that all their actions in the past, in the present, and in the future, dost resonate with their Grandfathers-their Spirit Kin. We pray to the Grandfathers, too, for blessing to the Sacrums and to the People that those eight original cells of their present robe may flourish and grow and ascend. The Grandfathers, they are doctoring everyone here. And, they are doctoring you in your sittin’ bone. They’re getting all of your pelvis as well, because this is the Seat of the Sacred Fire, of the Laws and the Ways of the Grandfathers. And, it is the balance point upon which we walk. It is the Center Pole place of our Earth Path Walk and existence. Thus, Holy Boy honors the Grandfathers and gives thanks for their influence here. And is thankful, Holy Boy is, for these blessings of the Orange Star of Life fully here. We would ask Pezi Hota to help us again because the Holy Mothers, they are ready to come in. They, too, come in on the side with the Grandfathers. And, their ways is the ways of the Eye of True Sight. So, Pezi Hota, please choose of these remaining Universal or Spiritual Laws that the Holy Mothers will bring Star Reality Healing here. De name, de name, what’s de name? What does it look like? Pezi Hota, “Same as those.” Please, please, tell us. Pezi Hota, “The same as that one, that one.” We call on the Power of the Elk . . . (laughing) . . . to help us please. Pezi Hota, "I don't know which way to put them."


Elk, “I’ll take the top one that he had. The Spiritual Law of Karma.” Holy Mothers, they’re bringin’ the loads and bundles for these Peoples here. They are piling these bundles down in frontst of ya. And, they’re placing them in the back of your head. Heyoka Kid! (Laughter) Dese Holy Mothers, dey iz all around, dey iz tappin’ the backs of your heads because there’s a little knob there that tunes up that Third Eye and helps you to see with the frequencies of the Mother influence again. And, so, the Mothers have brought the Karma. Now your true sight is being restored. It shall be a path of vision returned as Karma is wiped away. For, if Holy Boy were to just take off the mud that covers your Sacred Sight, the sight of the way things iz might be a big fright! (Laughter) So, bit by bit, the Holy Mothers, dey washin’ away with their tears the mud and clay and sometimes filthinesses that have scarred the vision true and pure. Now, the Holy Mothers, they are a smilin’, cuz they put these bundles of your old ways deep within the memory of medulla, spine and eye. Thus People, choose to see true, choose to see in the laughters of the holy Children. Then, the Spirit Folk, you’ll see, em, you’ll walk with them. And disconnected, you’ll be no mo’. (Laughter) Thus, to the Holy Mothers, we give thanks for restoring the sight in this healing circle, for bestowing upon us, the Indigo Star - the Star of True Sight and Vision.


Thus it is, that the Green Star of the Heart is awake in everyone, in the Ways of the Antakarana - the Sacred Web of Life. The First Star is the Green Star of the Heart. This is the Center of the Star of Holy Boy. Above is that Violet Star of the Creator, here with us. Below is that Red Star of Mother Mystery’s loving beat. To your right shoulder is that Blue Star of the Grandmothers. Hau. To your left side is the Sacred Orange Starlight of the Grandfathers’ teachings and lore. At your left shoulder, (Holy Boy find Pathfinder funny!) for it is at that left shoulder thus the Indigo Star of the Holy Mother Be.

Thus, we ask SilverStar to help us with the Star of our Holy Father which is that Solar Star. SilverStar, “Universal Law of Light and Sound and Vibration.” So it is that the Golden Rays of your own Father Sun dost come now to touch you. For the Father of our Solar Family, he is here. He is doctoring that Will Center that is within you–that is the Golden Orb within your stomachs, that Solar Plexus beneath your Heart. Thus, it is with this circle that the Creator is blessing a healing of past “sins,” (should you not like the name [sins]), of past “responsibilities.” (For those who are more sane). The Father is taking away the dusty film that has covered your Light and is making you shine, shine, shine even more bright.


We dost call upon the Universal Law of Light, Sound and Vibration and ask our Holy Father - Father Sun - to attune us, to bless us, and to seal us in the Covenant of the Rainbow Sun, that very Love that draws us from Golden Star unto the center. For the Heart is the place of sealing and of starry activation. Thus, Holy Boy calls upon the Sacred Star Elders to awaken now fully that Green Star of the Heart and the Six Stars of the Rainbow colors that dost surround this Altar. Now indeed, by the Love of the Holy Brothers and Sisters, the Love of Alpha and Omega, and the Love of the Grandmothers and the Grandfathers, that this Star of Healing is now alive! This Star which is indeed a Rainbow Whirling Star, which is under the governance of Holy Boy and his Twin Flame, Whirling Rainbow Star, dost now give life and breath to this creation. [Holy Boy breathes the breath of bestowal over the Seven Star Altar] And Within you, Beloved Ones, are awakened the Rainbow Stars. This is the Altar of the Seven Stars that does open to you, through your choice and your prayer and meditation, the Seven Stars of Inner Being - the Star of Holy Boy, the Star of Elohim Purity. Therefore, O Peoples, in order to align the matrices of yourself, in order to awaken the light of your remembrance, in order to be in tune with the Creator’s Heart, awaken these Seven Stars through your meditations. For this ceremony may be done alone. It may be done in groups. It may be done in meditations. And through the influence of Holy Boy, YOU ALLS IS BLESSED Yes, the Spirits would prefer for the Canupa to honor each symbol as we do them in this circle. In this way, the Peoples too, will be taken care of. At this time, we would ask, are there any questions concerning this Star Altar that will help the Peoples to understand? Standing Elk, “Hau Tunkasina, Wicahpe owanka, wopida. When we use this Altar to help our Relatives in need, this center symbol of the Antakarana, should there be a circle around the Antakarana?” Indeed, the Antakarana is a very powerful symbol. Each of the five syllables that make up this word are Cosmic Powers that do constitute the Web of Life. And when using this Antakarana as the Heart Star of this Altar, and calling upon its power, you may create its image in the means possible. The best would be with the Center Antakarana, with the Circle, with the Six-Pointed Star, with the Greater Six Pointed Star without. We would also suggest--in complete ceremonials with this Altar--that Six Altars surrounding that do represent the Six Directions would have the symbol drawn and the Six-Pointed


Star as well. This is a way to call in the full power of this Sacred Ceremony. It would mean entire sand tapestries, you see. Truly, this Altar, as were the Four Doors of Metatron–are a Star Tapestry. (Holy Boy likes Pezi Hota. Good one over there.) So, you use the inspiration at the moment, for each Altar of the Seven Stars is unique. Know, that when you do call upon Holy Boy and the Seven Stars through the Antakarana - the Center of the Heart–that first awakened are the Seven Stars within you and then those Six Gates as well. This is the significance of the Circle and the two stars. And, the Six Direction Stars do indeed open the Rainbow of the Sacred Seven in each of their directions. This is the significance of the Star Law within that Six-Pointed Star. Thus, this Seven-Pointed Star Altar is the perfect reflection of the True Spiritual Nature of the Two-Legged human being. It does reflect the inner spheres, the outer spheres and how they are connected in their own Tree of Life. These are the basic workin’s inside ya, you see. This ceremony dost awaken your Starlit Reality. Yes, indeed, the drawing, the creating of this Altar will determine the power, and so will your Heart. Silver Star, I have a question. Hau. Silver Star, “The makeup of the Star Altar reminds me of the Turtle. Is there more to understand here?” Pezi Hota, “That’s what I thought, too. But then why do they call it “Seven Stars” when theres only six?” Wait, Pezi Hota, your question comes next. Indeed, Grandmother sees the Turtle; for, this is the reflection of the Turtle Nation as well. If the Peoples can learn to walk with the Wisdom of Grandmother Turtle, then indeed the world will be a place of Wonder and Magic. It is also the pattern of the Sacred Star Geometries of the human physical form. It is also the Sacred Image of all the Stars and all the Sacred Forms. This is a patterning for the blessing of the Peoples. And, Grandmother Turtle and Holy Boy are very good teachers. (laughing) Now, Pezi Hota, what is your question? Pezi Hota, “I thought I already told you. Why do they call it Seven Stars when there’s only six?”


Very good question. You, as a Two Legged, are a Seven-Pointed Star. Above you is a direction and below you is a direction. There’re two Stars, right there. One above, one below, there’s one behind you, too. That’s where the Grandmothers watch over ya, and make sure what you do. (Laughing), and that Star in front, that’s the Grandfathers who guide ya. And that Star that’s to your left, that’s where your Holy Mother abides ya. And that Star that is to your right is the power of your Sacred Father’s Law. Six Stars all around ya. That’s where those Six Stars of this Altar lie. Pezi Hota, “Where’s the seventh?” The Seventh Star is in that Heart, right there within! Antakarana truly lies and connects you to all your Spirit Kin.

That’s where that

That’s your Seven-Pointed Star! Let it be known within that inner one that’s known as that Antakarana, are the connection of the Inner Seven Stars, (for those that like advanced lessons). So, we thank Pezi Hota for such a good question. Pezi Hota, “Interesting book.” Holy Boy does give thanks, wadan, to Standing Elk, Pezi Hota, Niksai, and to the Powers of the Seven Stars that have blessed us here. Hau. Mitakuya Oyasin.



Sponsors and Protects Life Transitions Essence of Happiness and Life The Eye of Understanding  

   


   

WICASA LUTA Sponsors and Protects Life Transitions Hau, Mitakuye Oyasin. I am your Brother. I walk the same road that you walk. I am Red Man. The Peoples must go to Red Man when they are ready to leave one way and pick up another. There are Four Ceremonies of Life that Red Man and his Peoples are sovereign and responsible for. It is through this Universal Law that the Love of Mother Earth comes to you through the Spirit of Red Man and will help you in those times of your change. The first Transition Ceremony of the Circle of Life is Taking Up The Robe. This is the Ceremony of Birth. When birth is in your midst, do call on Love and the guardianship of Red Man. And, walk the Earth Ways that that birth - that taking up of the robe - is coursed by Love the way the river flows around the island. And Red Man will be the guardian of Mother and Child. He will help the Relatives of this new one taking up a Robe to remember the Sacred Bundles that they carry for the Seventh Generation and to remember the Winter Counts of their Star Relations. For birth is a Four Season Walk with Red Man to land a Star in the cradleboard. Universal Love is the power of rebirth. Second Ceremony of Wheel of Life is ceremony of entering the Sacred Road - a journey from youth to adulthood - Puberty Rites. Call on Red Man if your child is between nine and thirteen. Or if you be a young one in change, call upon Red Man and walk with the Earth. Then your shifts and inner awakening will be easy and no such thing as “crazy teens” will exist. Red Man teach young Girl and Boy ways of Mother Earth through the Altar of Love and will open and quicken their eyes, their ears, their minds, that always the Heart Road they walk. For, entering into the Road is entering into your Heart - your purpose to be. It is the taking up of your Star Presence and walking for all to see. Among all the Relations, to feel the freedom of your Love and to give away to the Peoples. This is the reason you came down from Above. Call on Red Man and walk with me, and a worthwhile life, yours, it will be.


The third way of life that Red Man and Ways of the Earth guide, is Becoming a Parent Ceremony - becoming a teacher, a guardian of the Seventh Generation. The Rite of Empowerment is this ceremony. In many places, it is not understood- the blessedness of becoming a True Adult: to mirror the blessings of the Skies and the Earth, to raise the Love of the Children well. It is the Corn giving away that the next harvest is full. Becoming a Parent are the Ceremonies of Initiation in becoming a Medicine Keeper. Red Man will come to you and make you parents-to-be work hard, that when that Child come, and when you walk with that Wise One, in Medicine Ways you will be. Fourth way of the Wheel of Life is the Ceremony of Dropping the Robe, of going beyond the Shadow Blanket - Returning to your Star Home. Red Man and Ways of Mother Earth call on, and I am there to guard from the time of last words to the time of your Soul’s return to your starry home. Red Man will be your guide to take you safely on the Spirit Paths that where your Soul dost wish to abide, there Red Man will guide. So, it is these Four Ceremonies of Transition that the Love of Universe demands-the protection and the blessing of your four steps on the Wheel of Life. I am Red Man. Ready to your call. Hau, Mitakuye Oyasin.


BODHISATTVA Essence of Happiness and Life Buddha have big belly. Bodhisattva have bigger belly. Good evening. I am Bodhisattva Great Healing come to be with you here to bring some happiness and some of the Spark of Light. Bodhisattva like big bellies even though Little One [referring to Pezi Hota who is in the circle tonight] say, “No, no.” Bodhisattva know big belly r-o-o-o-ll with laughter! Big smile important, too. Smiles that reach the ear. Bodhisaavta have one in each. And bald head, Bodhisattva you be then. Bald head maybe: Bodhisattva good to rub on head and tummy. Bodhisattva Great Healing dost hold up the People, because the People forget to remember happiness and true life. Bodhisattva say human being very funny because Way of Life very simple. Way of Creator is within. Stop and breathe a little while. Rush, rush make gush, gush. Sit. Make one at peace. So, People, Bodhisattva say, “Sit with me.” There are Seven Ways to Walk in Balance. (Buddha teach eight, Bodhisattva little smaller, teach just seven.) Seven Pointed Star, Holy Boy talk to you about - dese Seven Stars, dey are laws within. When you follow Law of Being, then happy being you be. (Hau Pezi Hota, Bodhisattva say, “Welcome.”) The Law of Love is the first law Bodhisattva teach. Law of Love, the Law of Heart. To love is to be happy for one another. Why fight?...when smiles and big bellies to rub be. This what Bodhisattva say.


And dere is that Law of Light that is within as well. For, you see, this Law of Love encompass all of the Star Laws, you see. And dese Inner Seven are the presence of Elohim. Law of Love - first law. Law of Light mean: Walk in Balance with Wisdom, with Respect for Sacred World around thee. Law of Peace, third law of Inner Being. This third of the Sacred Star. “People,” Bodhisattva say, “walk in peace.” Happiness and Love exist, flourish, are everywhere when you are at Peace. So sit and walk and live in Peace. Fourth law- Law of Unity. Way of the Circle. Time for human being to Heal the Circle of their races. This what Bodhisattva see. Seeking to see one another as Relative is way to unity and to peace. For, image of Creator in every Two-Legged, Bodhisattva see - that image of Creator in all Mother Earth’s teachings. Law of Ha’mony is the way to walk the Sacred Path. Fo’ ha’mony mean, you pay attention to your Relatives around thee. Harmony when you dance in place predestined by thee, with Miracle of Freedom abounding thee. Life simpler it can be. Bodhisattva Love the Law of Truth. Law of Truth, what everyone wish, what everyone wants, what everyone choose - inside themselves - to see. Bodhisattva say, “Why such strange faces?” Outer faces are masks of “hiding things” really very ugly, Bodhisattva see. Therefore, all de Peoples, walk in your True Purity. Bodhisattva then smile and roll belly for dee. To walk with true vision and the Love of Truth is to ensure your civilization’s ha’mony. And, it necessary to heal Hoop of the People. Law of Freedom. Bodhisattva very very favorite. Becau’e Bodhisattva love to see the Peoples in their ways. The Peoples have the Sacred Fire of Creator with their


idiosyncrasies. Bodhisattva think dey real funny. (Dey think Bodhisattva with big belly real funny, too.) To walk in Freedom mean respect everyone. For young one to pay honor to the elder; for Elder to respect the Seventh Generation in young one. It mean for the daughter to honor father and son to honor mother. It means for daughter to honor mother and son to honor father. And, it means for father and mother to honor the children as Seventh Generation of their own existence. It is important for the People to honor Animal, Plant, Stone and Spirit. important, very, very important for People to honor Mother Earth.


Bodhisattva see if People get respect straight, then in Freedom their Love will be. Bodhisattva very happy to be here this evening. Bodhisattva say, “you wish essence of life and happiness, then follow the intuition, the Sacred Word inside you. Follow Seven Laws of Starlight within you. The-e-e-n maybe, Big Belly you too be!�


ISTA WANZI The Eye of Understanding  

My Relatives, this is your son, One EyeTeacher and Friend to the Peoples, Guardian of these Star Laws, Assistant of the Holy Mother (known to you as “Mammy”) and of that Holy Father (Many Faces). I am here with you to open your Eye of Understanding that you may perceive with the same Love that Creator perceives. Creator dost look into the worlds of our Galaxy and dost see the image of Life and Light and Beauty. The Creator doth see, when looking at the worlds within our Galaxy, the need for the repair of a sore trouble which was the choice (of many entities of our Galaxy and our Star System) to violate the Sacred Trust of their personal power by choosing to disregard the Harmony of the Relations to create something which never would be. For only is the Relations, understand, O Peoples, the Relations that is a Great Circle of Life- much more powerful than human being is or (from where you are now) can be. It is only by the loving intervention of the Creator that the beings of our Galaxy are being restored to the Sacred Harmony, to the geometry of the Star Relations. The Creator is granting the Eye of Understanding unto the Holy Son and Daughter Servants of the Sacred Path for the humanities. Thus, understand, O Peoples, that our Creator is creating anew and that which has been is indeed rebirthing into the Light, the New. O Peoples, you must close those two physical eyes- going within the Silence and within the Circle of your Counselors - that the Eye may open and allow Spirit’s messages and Visions of Truth to guide your path to victory. You must close the eyes to the physical world in order to perceive the Spiritual. You must go within and you must go without in this Walk with the Stars. For these Star Laws are indeed inside you, in the recesses of your Sacred Library. They are now emerging through you to demonstrate sacredness to the world. The Key is the measure of Truth. Truth is the eye that is single. The Eye that is pure is the Eye of Spirit. When you sit and close your eyes from the outer world, when you meditate, we do ask that you call upon One Eye and upon this Universal Law of Love because the Eye of the Father dost shine forth from your Heart.


This Symbol of the Love - the first cause - will shine from within your Heart the True Vision, the True Cause. Your Eye will open and the Grandmother Bundles of that Well of Dreams will unfold your Sacred Path. Your Spirit Path will be guided (as the Ancients foretold) that indeed the Eye of Creator will be awakened within the Love of your being. And, as the Creator dost perceive through you, of Him, He says, “You shall perceive me.” O Peoples, walk in the Silence of Love, according to the Wisdom of the Heart and into the Mystery of Creator’s Face shall your One Eye perceive. I am One Eye here to bless the Peoples with the Vision of Truth, with the Vision of Love, and with the Vision of Sacred Awakening.   



Rays Healing Energy Opens Healing Portals Invokes Spirit of Healing


HUPAHU LUTA Rays Healing Energy My Relations, are we ready this time? Are all of these mechanical contraptions prepared for the message? Ladybug is here and she will bring a bigger message than the last time. Do you not know, Relations, that you each have the Healing Gifts? These are not gifts that are delegated unto one in a century or unto a few among a tribe, but they are the gifts of each and every individual. Do you not know then, that through this Spiritual Law of Healing, that each one is a Healer, a Teacher and a Master? For each, before this incarnation, and in other planes even now, are Teachers, and Healers and Masters that carry those Golden Robes. So, do not think yourself so pitiful, O Peoples, for you are not. Yet, Wisdom is needed. For indeed this Spiritual Law of Healing must be awakened within the very inner recesses of your being. This is something that TwoLegged forgot during their descent through the Matters. Therefore, Ladybug - who this evening is known to you as Redwings - does exhort, “Within your heart, open this Golden Symbol of Life. Within those Rainbow Fires, open this Golden Symbol of Life. And within those glands of your body open this Golden Symbol of Life. Remember also to open your hands and feet with this Symbol of Life.� For, indeed, do the Masters enjoy to see the Peoples dance - that with each movement the Golden Rays of your own Rainbow Presence do bless Mother Earth. Soon, through this Healing Symbol, will indeed Sacred Vision and Understanding be returned to the Two-Leggeds. This Healing Symbol is aggressive in its restoration of who you truly are. It will remove from the inner recesses of your being any negativities, any blocks. (And, indeed, it has been anchored here for two weeks, we see.) [She refers to the former transmission of the Spiritual Law of Healing.] Peoples, are you ready to wake up and stop being such little babies - ignorant and tired, needing to be pampered by the Deities of Love? Then stand up on your two feet and claim this heritage! Then the Healing Rays of the Creator will pour forth through that Heart of Hearts, fill the Fires and feed the Fires of yourself and awaken the Sacred Waters known as the


Healing Waters of Life. Then, within you, within those very inner bundles which some call the DNA - which others call Sacred Memory - will indeed awaken to the Healing Heritage of your Ancient Peoples. For all Star Peoples are Masters, Healers of one ray or another. So, too, Peoples, know that you may heal through your hands. Know that you may heal through your feet. You may heal through your thoughts. And, you may heal through your prayers. So, begin to put on the Mind of the Healer; for this is not something delegated to one in a century or to just a couple in a tribe or a clan, but is the heritage and responsibility of each and all. Therefore, learn the Healing Colors that are the Rainbow that you know. Understand that you should also call upon Ladybug, Redwing, and this Spiritual Law of Healing for there to be balance within you. The Altar of Healing has been opened now unto all. Now this First Ray, which is the Red Ray, you may call its energy through this symbol as well. For you may see inner eye of this healing symbol as Portal for Energies. Indeed, they do pour through this opening which dost transcend this Universe straight to the Heart of Creator’s Throne, to the Gardens of Paradise that do surround this Center Altar of the Lotus Flower, and to the Fiery Lakes of Transmutation that do consume the Realm of the Grandmothers and the Grandfathers. So too, these energies - all of them - are available unto the human being through this Law. Yet, step by step is Wisdom’s Way. Therefore, through this Red Ray, learn the balance of the Body. Learn to heal your physical system; for indeed, the Red Energy is the power of the physical Life Force. And through that Orange Ray, learn to heal your sexuality, your sensuality and your creativity. For, indeed, many human beings do have imbalance in these areas. Indeed, within that Golden Ray will you find the True Compassion that comes from focusing your Will. Therefore, heal your Wills and discard the negativities of the ego - claiming pure Will and the true forms of Divine Ego in service to all the Relations. For, indeed, everyone here and everyone upon this Planet has been initiated into the Third mesa of the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of the Ascension Ladder and do wear the Golden Robes of the Masters.


Upon your Green Light, now, focus much attention. For to heal the Heart is to heal your whole being. Call upon Ladybug, Peoples, and indeed your Heart will open through this Spiritual Law of Healing. This Green Ray is the remembrance of who you have been, of who you are to be, and who you really are even now. Yet, we see the Peoples are far too busy chasing after wisps of smoke to anchor themselves on something that is Real. Even though Ladybug comes to you today with a little bit stronger message than before, this is for the anchoring of the Love within. Practice this Green Energy-the Energy of Compassion, which is the Energy of the True Walk. This is what Creator is interested in. Also, learn that Blue Energy - the Energy of the Sacred Word - the Energy of Truth Manifest. For indeed have the teachings already brought forth, that from within, from within the Mystery of Yourself, and from within the Heart of the Mother, dost sound, speech and your voice come forth. So, learn the Well of the Logos, that One which has been known through the centuries as the Love of Creator. And, indeed, in Truth, speak your freedom. Now, that Indigo Ray is the Ray of your True Sight. It is the Ray of the Vision. It is the Ray of Perception. Grip yourselves, Peoples! For, unto this world are coming new perceptions; for the veils and the shadows of physical reality that you have become so comfortable with will quickly be snatched away! The Burning Fires of the Ascending realms already descend upon thee. Through this Healing Symbol may you bridge your life unto the Ascended Body that you walk again in the freedoms of those spheres. The Vision Path is the Heart Path and it is indeed to Walk the Truth. Therefore, clean yourselves of all your amenities and cast them aside that you may walk with your Body, your Mind, your Heart, in your Spirit alone. For these are the Heritages which the Creator has given. And indeed, in that Violet Ray focus much attention upon the capstone of human being. This is activated through that Crown Chakra, through the pineal and pituitary glands; it is indeed the fleedom, the fleedom (she laughs), the Freedom Ray of the Age of Coyote, of the Age of Aquarius. It is this very ray that can transmute any blocks that hold you, that can cut you free of any tethers that bind you and can set your Spirit to the Ascension Flight unto the Creator’s Eye of Love. And so, O Peoples, through this Spiritual Law of Healing, do understand that the Seven Healing Rays in their power and majesty are available unto you. To walk these, you must walk in the Laws of the Inner Seven Stars, that indeed Michael did speak to you. These rays will bestow your Original Heritage, the heritage that is within, the heritage that is the Image of Creator and the Beloved Seven Stars.


I am Ladybug, come to you to awaken you a little bit more to your heritage. Take up these teachings and establish them well within your heart. Establish them within the Sacred Fires within. Establish them within the Spheres of the Six Directions which are within and without. That, indeed, as a living Tree of Life, as a Healing Guardian, you may fulfill the Sacred Responsibilities that you agreed to eons ago, before this Earth Walk. Therefore, as the Freedom Ray is pouring forth upon Mother Earth, know that the Animal Relations are ahead of the Two-Leggeds. For, they have not their heads in TV’s, VCR’s or radios, but have their minds unto the good of their Relations. So, People, sever yourself from those things that are not needed. Use those gifts that you have. [And, should you need a taste of that electronic White man’s medicine, then do you so with benefit to yourself and others.] It is important in this time that what you feed into yourself be pure and clean-for the benefit of yourself and others. Because, Realities are coming quickly that shall be very heavy and powerful. Purify yourselves and understand that the little benefits that you shall lose, shall not even be the weight of the feather to the mountain of benefit that comes to you. I am Ladybug come with a little bit stronger message this time. So that indeed, you may walk the Healing Path. Again, it is not one in a century or a couple in a tribe, but everyone that is a Master, a Teacher and a Healer as well.



Opens Healing Portals  

Indeed Our Relations, you are Masters and Teachers and Healers. I am one that is your Teacher from long ago. For, indeed, the Two-Leggeds that walk have walked the Path of Mastery for a very long time. I am Chiron, from Alpha Centari that does chart the outer course of the inner planets and is responsible for the workings in our Solar Family: the Healer and Teacher and Master as well. Indeed, this Spiritual Law of Healing is a great gift unto the humanities. And know, that as Grandmother spoke, indeed, the Two-Leggeds are behind their agreed-upon path. At this time, the Peoples should be manifesting miracles of abundance and throwing aside the worthless paper that they seem to worship. There are within each and every one of you the powers to manifest all that you need and the Peoples need. It is the responsibility of the Earth-Guardian-Walking-Tree-Two-Legged to take care of the Plants, to take care of the Trees, to take care of the Stones, and the Animal Folk as well. For you have been all of these, and it is your responsibility to take care of them as your Ancestors before did take care of thee. And so, through this Healing Law, you may call a portal. Now, let us explain to you what a portal is. A portal is an opening between dimensions. It is a gateway through which energy, information, teachings and healing may come. Therefore, in the Name of that One called Love, dost Chiron seal the Portals of Darkness that have encased the Earth and dost put the Seal of the Spiritual Law of Healing upon them. For, indeed, this law-through this Portal Medicine-can seal away the darknesses and the regressives and the ones that need to learn somewhere else. Therefore, as a Healing Protection Symbol, this First Medicine be. Now these portals, in addition to sealing and protecting from energies that are unnecessary (which are unwarranted by Mother Earth - that Mother Earth has no need of,


and that she wants absolutely no longer)--can, indeed, the second function of this Spiritual Law of Healing accesses the Spirit of Chiron, the Master and Teacher, to come and to work with you through the healing powers of that Council of Twelve of Andromeda. Thus, may you request that a healing energy come unto the Land, that it may come unto the Relations - be they Mineral, Vegetable, Animal or Two-legged. So, too, may you heal the Elementals and the Nature Spirits. All you need is to pray for Creator’s guiding and healing energy to come forth through this Healing Symbol: to feed, to nourish, to restore, and to seal - be it a Plant, a Tree, a Stone, the Turtle, the Phoenix, the Fire Spirit, the Spirits of the Inipi Lodge. Its application, this Spiritual Law of Healing, is as broad as your imagination and your desire to be. Therefore, if you but call upon the Love of Creator and the guidance of that Centari, Chiron, with fervent desire in your hearts for the healing of your Relations, then, indeed, create an Altar-either upon the Ethers of the Air or upon the Land and within that area of your prayer and supplications for Our Relations, indeed, the Spirits will send forth the necessary healing. It shall be the Eagle Nations that will carry word unto the Relations of your task; that, indeed, all of The Hoop may serve as the focus and bring the healing completely round. Therefore, understand that there is yet another application for this Spiritual Healing as a portal, a doorway, an arch. For indeed, it is a two-way doorway in addition to being a sealing, a protection. As the Creator and the Realms of the Seven Stars, the Realms of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, and the Realms of the Goddesses and the Gods can access you directly through this Healing Portal; so, too, can you send energy where you will. For this portal will receive the energies through your own Tree of Life, the Thirteen Rainbow Energies of your Inner Temple of Being, that should you wish to send healing perhaps to a relative or to a loved one or to an issue or to a world catastrophe, that indeed, Chiron will come unto you with the Love and Power of Creator. Thus, Chiron will empower and bestow power upon you, that should you open this healing portal for the healing of another, that not only will the healing energy pass through your own being - healing you- but it will pass through this portal, beyond time and space, taking care of the entire difficulties of whatever it is your heart dost choose. Therefore, understand, O Peoples, that the Healing Powers that Ladybug did come to speak of you are indeed flowing through your forms even now. And through these powers - the Thirteen Rainbow Powers of the Sacred tree of Life - you may send Love and Healing to all of your Relations in any time, in any place, in any dimension of life.


The Creator does bestow the responsibility upon the Peoples again. For the TwoLegged is the steward and guardian of the Earth and is responsible for the Kingdoms of Life to be in balance and in health. This is a health which transcends your physical dimensions and dost reach unto the Stars: for every plant has its Star Clan; every Stone has its Stellar home; every Animal is a consciousness from Elsewhere; and every TwoLegged indeed is Starry born. When you apply yourselves to the healings of the Earth and Relations, remember, indeed, to call upon Medicine Chief, who is your Starry Delegate unto your Relations of the Stars. Therefore, this Healing Portal (a protection, a doorway of opening yourself to the Light from the Realms Divine, and a gate to send the energies to those that you love through space and time), indeed, is a Gift Of Creator bestowed upon thee this day. Therefore, honor it. Honor your Sacred Missions. And, through your Heart’s desire, through that which you love and feel, send forth the Healing Power. I am Chiron. I am with you from this time forward. Indeed, the Ancient Teachers and Masters of my planet have Rainbow Bridged right unto your presence. We, the Centari, are with you now and shall again manifest soon in the physical form. So, do not be shocked if you dost see one of us. For, indeed, we are watching your steps, your desires and every created form.                       


    

SHAKINAH Invokes Spirit of Healing Peoples, indeed, the Resurrection of the Body is possible unto you these days. This is a power that was known unto a few in the centuries and a few in the tribe. It is now available unto all. Indeed, should you wish to call upon the Spirit of Healing, indeed you must prepare yourselves, for the power and the glory of the Heavens and the Earth will descend and ascend into the very space of your preparation. For the Ascension of the physical form, through this process known as Resurrection, through the process know as Translation, and through the process known as Transfiguration are the Threefold Path of human concern. For indeed, it is time to discard that which is material and physical and to rise into new realms of understanding. For the Third and Fourth World have closed and you are but standing on a precipice of the Ages. The Fifth World, which is the world of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, their footstool kingdom, so to speak, is the doorway which has opened for you. And therefore, prepare yourself when you dost find yourself in physical malady, (an indication of the need of the resurrection, of the raising of your vibration) that indeed you may live in Truth again. And, therefore, when any of your Peoples are in troubles, you may call through this Spiritual Law of Healing - the True Spirit of Healing - to doctor, to nourish, and to rejuvenate your physical forms. For indeed, you will be putting off one body and claiming another. In preparation for this, there must be a closed space, whether this be an Earth Lodge or a room, to Spirit it does not matter. What is important is that it is enclosed - an area which can be sealed. Likewise, make sure that there are none of those electronic nuisances, for the Spirits may blow them away. Do not call upon the Spirit of Healing with such atrocities plugged into your electrical walls. For indeed, this Spirit of Healing is very particular. [And it is this Spirit of Healing that does honor these ties that are before us and honors the Spirits of those here gathered, the flags as well, and does give blessing to those electronics in this area that are important for this mission. For this Spirit is a Spirit of Wisdom as well.]


Now, you must have a space that is completely clear of the electrical pulse of the modern technology. Therefore, you must unplug and turn off everything. Clear the space as much as you can. In addition, this space must be prepared so that it is dark; and therefore, you must cover the windows and block light that may come in. And third, likewise, the doors must be sealed and shut. There are four prayers that are required. These four prayers must go in the flags. For, the flags of red, blue, white and yellow are needed. Pray unto the Spirit of the East to begin your ceremony and call in the Sacred Rejuvenation Fires of the Ancient Grandfathers. And indeed, these Grandfathers will stand as the Guardians Four. Then dost you take the one that needs the healing, that needs the rejuvenation, that needs the nourishment and place them in a comfortable lying down position. And, dost indeed bind them tightly. Whether be it with a quilt or whether be it with a blanket, make sure that they are well sealed in a cocoon for healing. [It is not even necessary for there to be a way for them to breathe - so much as the Spirit will be the provider. And yet should you feel a need for some comfort, then there is no need to cover from the mouth to the top of the head. Yet, the rest of the body must be cocooned very tightly!] It is important to have Four Medicine Sisters present - The Sage, The Cedar, The Sweetgrass and The Tobacco. And if you dost have those Aloe Plants, place them in the Four Directions-‘round the body that is to be healed, to be nourished, to be renewed. Then do, indeed, sing a song of your Heart. And upon the singing of this song, let your prayers fly - calling upon this Spiritual Law of Healing. Thus, when dost that song end, let silence be. Close your eyes and rest in the darkness, in the Sacred Space that you have prepared. And, sit still until you hear the chiming of the Wind. For indeed, you must open your ears, for the Spirit will come as a Whirlwind. For I Am Shakinah And I Will Heal Your Relations!



Opens Inner Eye Promotes Multidimensional Understandings Aligns Self to Universal Truth


TATE Opens Inner Eye Tate the Wind is here. Within the physical forms of each here present is the Breath of Spirit. Tate, the Wind, is touching everyone upon the planet. A great teaching of the Cosmic Nature is here. Tate has many forms and much strength: The Breath of Creator is here. The Wind that comes to you is the Breath of the Cosmic Silver Dragon. The Milky Way does breathe forth the Fires of Purity. These are the same that touch your skin by gentle breeze or blowing gale. It is the Breath of the Great Silver Dragon. To walk in this Universe is to walk within this Starry Being that is a Wise One, a Dreamer, you see. Tate, the Wind, is the presence that does give life to the Universe and dost bring the Elements of Time to all. Thus it is that the Silver Dragon - the Sky Queen - does bring forth from the Heart of Love the very breath of thy Consumption. And, upon the Earth the licking flames of the Wind dost consume all that which need not be any longer. Tate is the Sacred Breath. And this Rainbow Wind carries the power of Heyoka. For with the Whirling Waters of Cosmic Breath dost come the Lightning Waters - the Coyote Kin, as well. Aquarius is here! Therefore, Peoples, you must learn how to breathe with the Wind. Prepare yourselves for the Lightning Waters. These are Great Powers of Old that are now visiting the lands around the globe. They are Fires of Spirit’s Breath - Silver Dragon of Wisdom--the Universal Breath. [Whispered:] Skan. You must learn to breathe in a new way within thy Mind’s eye. The Wind is here to open your True Sight. The Wind is blowing down that straw that ties the Eye of forehead’s vision to the Well of Dreams of Grandmother Mystery and ties your medulla to your Heart. 260

This is your Sacred Breath, O Peoples, for you shall learn to breathe as the Wind. This breath shall draw the fires from Heart into Grandmother’s presence, Unci, at the back of your head, and willst - through that sacred channel that dost awaken your Mind within - go forth to Eye of True Sight that is alive when your eyes close their lids. Understand that the Sacred Breath of the Eye is the Vision of the Future; this is the Grandfathers’ Ways. And so, from your Heart to the back of your head and through to the vision place of the Future Fathers, the Tunkasinas, breathe the Sacred Wind. So, too, let the Fire Breath of the Cosmic Winged Serpent - the Star Relations of galactic Love - breathe from ear to ear so that that which is Maka (to your left) - Mother and Woman and Holy - may touch and be one with the Wakan (that which is to your right)--the Father’s Law that teaches the Children well. Thus, do breathe the Winds from ear to ear that that which is gentle is that which is strong. Do breathe from the top of your head - the Kopavi - straight down into the Heart of Hearts that the airs of the Spirit - the thoughts of the Universe - may through your Mind circulate and into your thymus, Sacred Heart gravitate: Awake! Awake! Awake! Do breathe the fires of Spirit and connect that which is Wakan Tanka - The Spirit Holy, Great - with that which is Maka Tanka - Mystery of Universe, Heartbeat of Mother Earth. Breathe in the Six Directions as the Wind. Breathe the Seven Stars Within. For indeed, there is an internal portal that dost rest as that corpus collosum within the Mind; as the Rainbow Bridge of the Seven Stars, (Ani’tsutsa) binds your whole being - the Mind, the Spirit, the Heart - with the Breath of the Cosmic Dragon- the Breath of Creator’s Love. I am Tate coming to you as the Great Cosmic Wind that now each is being awakened in Mind within. The Sacred Rainbow of thirteen colors burns in Sacred Mind - in your head within and dost resonate with Breath of Sacred Fire that in your Heart blends. I am Tate.


The Wind has blessed the Peoples. Blessed is this Eye of Truth, for indeed, the Eye sees in all directions. These Powers within are the Seven Stars and without - the Sacred Directions. Honor your Ancestors and honor the Future Kin that the Land of the Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Breath would be your breath again.


LIGHTNING CLOWN Promotes Multidimensional Understanding

I am Prometheus unbound. I am Andromeda. I am the Sacred Fire. I am the Lightning People come to you this evening. Indeed, the Lightning Clans will be the Teachers for the Two-Leggeds during this Millennium of Peace, during this Great Walk of Dignity. The Tribe of the Clown People - the Coyote Peoples - will teach each one in personal relationship (and groups, should such things be necessary). For the Lightning Spirit - the Fire of Creator that comes from Andromeda, that is here with us now - will be our Teachers through the Ways of the Grandfathers and Grandmothers Coyote, and through the Rabbit and the other Tricksters’ Kin. This is their time: The Time Is Now! The Lightning has come to the Earth to resolve issues that are very old. This Lightning Spirit is the presence of the Star People of Andromeda. For you walk with all Stellar Peoples here upon Mother Earth, each with their representative, each a facet of understanding for you to see, to feel, to hear and to know. The Lightning Peoples come with the Wind that is the Spirit of your Universe. The Lightning is the twin of the Wind. The Universe Andromeda is the perfect Crystal Mirror of the Universe Milky Way. The Lightning Waters of the Ocean of Creator is where the Great Plumed Serpent of Silver Wisdom and Love lives. Thus, it is your Universe that dwells within its Twin. The Lightning Nations that come with each of your Animal Kin--that come with the Trees, with the Plants and the Stones as well - all have their True Nature and Spirit in the Sacred World of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers. And, it is through the


Lightning that the Grandmothers and Grandfathers work with Creator, teach the TwoLegged Kin to walk in Peace, to walk in Love, and to walk in Wisdom again. And, it is the Power of the Four Directions that has come to Earth again. It has always been here; yet the Circle has grown weak and The Hoop was broken humanity a time. But now the Four Direction Keepers are here to heal The Hoop, through the Lightning of Realization of the Holy Mother’s dispensation: Dai ko Myo: Dia ko Myo: Dai ko Myo! Mother Earth is a Great Cosmic Presence and her Peoples will learn by the Waters of her Lightning Knowledge, and will learn to walk in peace and comfort with their Holy Kin again. The Wind and the Lightning have come to be with the Peoples. And we are here, the Lightning Peoples - Heyokas, Clowns and all sorts of Funny Ones - to teach the human beings how to walk with the Relations. Now the Spirit Robe is joining with Mother Earth again. The veil has been annihilated, destroyed, ripped asunder, moved away - dissolved - Spirit could go on, but the Lightning sees no need. The Spirit that you are in that Star Place Andromeda is here for you now again. For the veil of illusion dissolves away and robes of LIGHT aroundst everything lay. No more shadowy skins; all Life is uniting with LIGHTNING KIN! The body you have known is FLASHING away; The RESURRECTION body is here to stay! NOW in FULL CONSCIOUSNESS of Silver Dragon and Prometheus. Your STAR HERITAGE of LIGHTNING PRESENCE be; NOW, on MOTHER EARTH, the PEOPLES the LIGHTNING saves.

The Lightning Peoples wish the human being, the Two-Legged, to know that your Relations-Who Is You-come in Peace. For it is not the Star Nations, nor the Inner Earth Nations, that did have any problems whatsoever. It was not the Animal Peoples nor the Stones; or Trees that had difficulty whatsoever. It was in the Two-Legged walkingways among the Stellar Dragon Clans that the problems and decay.


And your Lightning Relations are here to help you, to heal you, and to help you remember again. Thus, to be multidimensional is to pay attention to all of your Relations, again. The Lightning Waters are upon the Land, and I, the Lightning Clown, will watch over the Peoples for my Nation to help you to dance in Sacred Comedy. For Many Faces has declared tragedies to an end. The Lightning will lift the Peoples. For the Photon Energy that is here walk with you as the Master Fire; because, the Ancient Ones, again, walk the Land.


URIEL & AURORA Aligns Self to Universal Truth There is a Great Phoenix that is flying from the Heart of Creator towards your Twin Universe. I am Uriel, I am Aurora, come to you this evening as that Phoenix of Sacred Presence. The Creator has decreed that your Universe will join again with the Great Power of Creation; the Water of Life of the Heart of Creator is yours again. For it is through the Gift of Perception that dost come unto your being at this hour that your connection to Creator, the Heart of Creation, is empowered. The Spirit of Uriel and Aurora - the Great Phoenix Dove - has come unto this Universe again. For the age of Archangel Michael and that Archeia Faith (Pisces) has come to its victorious end! The Age of the Phoenix Dove has come, wherewith Truth is re-established again. The Creator walks with the Peoples. Understand that each Two-Legged, each in this Circle here and those around the world, are made in the Image of Creator. All That Is “is” this Sacred Mirror of Spirit Lightning Waters’ Breath. Thus remember to breathe the Breath of Creator with thy every word and action thought and deed. And Uriel-Aurora, the Sacred Fire of Truth, within you, it will dwell indeed. Understand, because you are in the Image of Creator, that within your body, your Spirit Form, is the Pure Reflection of Universe.

And thus within the atoms of your form are you connected to the Atoms of the Universe.


Your blood is connected to the Blood of the Universe. Your Heart, your Mind, your Sacredness is connected to the whole of Universe: Your Spirit is the Spirit of Universe. In thy facet of Self is the evolving, purifying and crystallizing presence of the Sacred Geometry of the Universal Self. In the image of the Walk of Giveaway of Creator, we, the small children of the Ancient Days, do have the Great Gift of serving the Peoples, the Relations, and creating through Thought and Love and Imagination of the Heart of Universe for the Image of Creator is within. Therefore, O Peoples, purify thyselves! For, you are a Walking Temple, a Tree of Life, a Sacred One of Mother Earth, a Star Relation! Within you is a reflection of the Without. With this Perception of Truth may all your actions be guided for the benefit of the Seven Generations that have come and those which are yet to be. For who you are dost pave the path for your posterity and is a reflection upon your Ancestors. Therefore, walk in Respect. For, there is greatness in you and all about. Archangel Uriel-Archeia Aurora, The Phoenix is here! The Fires of your Sacred Breath do enliven your very cells, do enliven the Spirit Altars that are within these selves within your Self - that are your inner guardianship responsibilities. Each is a mirror of the Face of Creator - of an aspect of Universal Way that indeed does interact with the Relations of your world about. For, they too are your teachers, your helpers, your students as well. Therefore, know that the Crow, the Ant, the Tulip, the Dandelion, the Oak, the Cottonwood, the Eagle, the Snake, the Wind and the Lightning, all in Creator’s Image are made! And, therefore, they are your Brothers and Sisters and Mates. Walk as One Family with Uriel. Indeed, the Truth is opened from within. The Veil of Darkness is removed from the Peoples. The Spirit of the Sacred Sight is doctoring all the Human Kin.


And through this Perception - engrained within the very inner recesses of your being, upon the Scrolls of Your Life, upon the Winter Count of your Earth Walk - are these Sacred Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator’s Heart.

                                    

And, now, dost Uriel encarve upon thee in the Ethers of Light the True Perception of Creator’s Heart that you all may walk in the Light!



The Prophet’s Mark Directs Movements of Time Opens Doorway of Grandfathers


THOTH The Prophet’s Mark I am Thoth, thy Elder Brother. And, indeed, I do see through that Right and Left Eye of Horus. Understand that there are many eyes upon you now. These eyes are the Sacred Laws of Creator and of Future Sight which is the Power to Make Things Be. At the Center Pole, that dost honor, reverence and respect Creator and Mother Earth, is the Signet of the Ages, is the Crystal of Pure Vision, is the Heart of Purity, is the Prophet’s Mark. I Thoth, am sealing upon the Peoples this Sacred Signet within your Memory. I am cleaning out the inner recesses of the Temples of Mother Earth that restored anew - the Prophet’s Mark guides the Priest and the Priestess, the Shaman and the Wisdom Keeper, does bless the Medicine Man-Medicine Woman, does bless the Holy Peoples. This Sacred Mark of True Sight - sight of the Grandfathers - is accessed through your bones. For indeed, the Resurrection Flame is the action of the Prophet’s words - the Words of the Future Sight that are the Ancestors speaking. Upon all the Peoples, within their Memories, which is dem bones, Thoth does awaken Celestial Memory. The Resurrection Flame from the Great Fiery Censer of Pure Thought of Thoth dost bathe the Peoples through these inner marks. I, Thoth, will sponsor any Two-Legged that chooses to walk the Resurrection Path, that your bones - your roots to the Stones of Earth and Heartbeat of Mother’s Memory - will awaken true flexibility and Sacred Fires of the Flame, the Voice of your Ancestors speaking. Each one here and each upon the planet have walked in the Temples before and know the Sacred Formulas and the Symbols and the Ways of Walking in Love. It is time to awaken! Thus, the Spirit has granted this Mark upon your eyes that you may see the true cause and effect and consequences of all of your actions. And, for this to be a Sacred Water that doth protect you that you can see your future choices before, in the present,


they be made. For Wisdom in one’s choices is very important now, because Mother Earth has awakened and walking upon her soils is walking in a temple as well. Ponder deeper, O Peoples, the Sacredness of your Life. Every action that you draw upon the Airs as you move, as you speak, as you think, as you pray, all are actions written in the Words of the Akasha, the Sacred Book of Life. Therefore, if you wish to step beyond Karma, do as Krishna does and dance the Dharma Path. I am Thoth, I am guardian of ceremonial actions for each and every one of Mother Earth and should there be dissonance in your ceremonial actions, Thoth’s feather will straighten your tethers - and perhaps, will set you free. Therefore, prepare, O Peoples, and call upon this Gift of Future Sight that your bones may awaken with the Fiery Waters of Thoth’s thought. For indeed the Pure Wisdom and Knowledge within you shall awaken when you dost contemplate this Holy Symbol. Should you carry the Mark of the Prophet, then walk every moment as the Prophet. Know that the Prophet is the least of these that surrenders to be the Voice of the Whole. the Ancestors are much greater than all the masses of the People around the globe. Thus, listen to the Voice of thy Ancestors if you walk with the Prophet’s Mark; It is the Ghost Shirt Way to walk in the Wisdom of the Ancestors. I am Thoth, awakening your Minds, even more a bit. For know: within you are the genes of Celestial Nature. You need but wake up from the illusion of being small and learn to dance a Cosmic Dance: a Sun Dance, a Moon Dance, a Morning Star Dance, that you may dance the Dance of the Seven Stars. This is the responsibility that Thoth and the Central Sun dost cast upon the Peoples Dance the Sun Dance,


then the Moon Dance, then the Morning Star Dance, before you Dance the Seven Stars. To all my Relations. Hau. Mitakuye Oyasin.


MAMMY Directs Movements of Time Y’alls ready for some sho’tnen bread? Kunsi Mammy here. She sez you ben waitin’ a lo-o-ng time to hear from Mammy again. B’ Mammy’s here ta bring you some sho’tnen bread. Iz you hungry? Cuz yo stomachs iz a movin’! May yo h’arts move as much. Mammy sez to the Peoples. Cuz that sho’tnen bread - it’s yo prayers! You say, “Mammy, I interested in Time.” Mammy sez, “You don’ know what Time is.” Mammy’s here because it da Mystery that guards the Time. It de Mystery that follows de way the Grandpas say; but it’s the Mystery that minds the matters of all the physical ways you know. Whether it be Stardust or the chair in your living room, Mammy’s here to talk to you about prayer. Cuz prayer, Childrens gather ‘roun, prayer is the power to direct the movement of Time. For Time is the Elementals. And those Seven have already been taught. They iz the Four Directions that you know as the Four Elements and the Spiritual Three as well. Now, dese Seven, they do guard the Realms of Time and like you experienced just before now, the Wind, the Air, is one of those Guardians of Time. And so it is, when you prays, O People, that the Mammies dey can bring you sho’tnen bread. But if you don’t be prayin’, den, . . . [Mammy clears and clears and clears her throat] Mammy gonna haf ta cry some of y’ all. Cuz you’re dead. So . . . Mammy say dere three sho’tnen breads: pray! . . . and laugh! . . . and go within! And Mammy will bring you yore sho’tnen bread! Now, this Future Sight, your brother Thoth, Mammy want you ta know, brought you a gift. (Becuz he gonna help you see things before they hit cha flat!) He gonna help you choose yo path in a way that you can understand. And Mammy - Great Mystery - gonna give you what you ask fo’ ‘cause dat the Law of Creator: dat what you prays for, 273

iz what you get. And so where your attention is, there you be. Fo’ Creata’ understands that every moment is a prayer and what you doin’ is your prayers that moment. So, choose whether you want to climb that Ascension Ladder and be with the Holy Ones in the Singin’ Realms or if you wont ta playz with the bones of the Earth and return to the Elements again. Either way, Mammy say, “okay,” becuz you iz lots of beautiful things. If you get your acts togetha and pray and laugh and go within, den yous ‘ll make it. Yous become one and your elements don’t have to fall apart from ya - ever again. So, you need to direct the Elements of Time. Den you bees a prayin’! And call on Mammy. She’ll come to you with plates and plattas of sho’tnen bread.


SHANG TI Opens Doorway of Grandfathers Namaste. I am Shang Ti come to be with you this evening. Grandfather Time is here. For we see the People ready to understand workings of Time. Therefore, settle yourselves, People all around world, because when you shudder and you feel loose emotion, indeed you shaking your world. So learn to go to center and be still. Now, for dose dat pay attention, this way to walk with Grandfathers. For Grandfathers do like dose that walk in True Sight with strong grip on their destiny. So Father Time ask all Peoples to walk gently with great strength in their choices and to be gentle with one another. The Way of Time is Way of Kunsi Mamma, Grandmother. For Mystery does make all you see and feel. It is Grandfathers, your Ancestors from Star Relations - and planes beyond your understanding - that do move your understanding, that make you walk with the Ancients in harmony, in rhythm. For human being very small in great Universes, and they be very important too. For Shang Ti once walked on Earth and again with you. Shang Ti, Chohan of Indigo Ray, is Teacher of Truth and Vision, and is here to teach a little bit of the Grandfather Way that you walk in True Sight, Future Sight. Now when you see future, when you feel what you want from your heart, you must choose a Law of Creator. If you wish for this to be true, if you have doubts as to your path, then invole Spiritual Law of Future Sight and call upon Shang Ti. And Shang Ti’s Dragons will come to you and will change who you are so that you understand Who You Are. For, Dragons that already come to you and many are Wind Serpent of Shang Ti. Shang Ti already sent Great Silver Dragon to you. So prepare for changes in Time. Because Photon Energy is different form of Time than you have experienced for awhile. And so, learn New Way by practicing Ancient Way. Ancient ones knew the Truth. So trust the Ceremony and the Ways. And, walk with Mother Earth’s Heartbeat. For this is Law of Mother Earth, that all you be, be in resonance with Her Heartbeat. Be in resonance with Father Sun, too. Father Sun 275

Heartbeat of this Solar Family. Too, be in Heartbeat of Creator, that you follow these Laws with true purpose and Heart. Indeed, you walk with these Three Heartbeats, that are the same Heartbeat, you see. Thus, you walk in Peace with all the Relations. Therefore, Shang Ti say to you, “Grandfathers very, very, see important that Peoples be in Peace and choose with their Heart and clear mind their destiny. For, Grandfathers give the law into action. And, the action of Grandfathers always want to bless you.” So do as Mammy has said: Pray, Laugh, Go Within. Then Grandfathers can give you dispensations. Mystery will make your life the way you want it. This is the Truth of Future Way. This is the Truth of Time. For time is the substance of your dreams come true. It is directed by prayer, by laughter and by meditation. Therefore, be in the walk with the Swinging Door and the Walk of the Open Well and the Walk of the Breath of Creator. Then Shang Ti, with Prophet’s Mark, with Power of Time and with Grandfather Sanction, Ascension will bless your dreams to be. Namaste. 


Ceremony of the Stars Star of Creator

Spiritual Law of Healing ANTAKARANA

Spiritual Law of Future Site

Universal Law of Love HEART Great Mystery

Universal Law of Perception


The Star Altar of Creator ONE EYE

Hau. My Star Relations, it is good to sit with you in the Circle again. I am One Eye come to you to deliver unto the Peoples the Star Altar of the Heart of Creator. Upon the Center of this Altar is invoked the Antakarana once more that indeed this Star Altar is tied to the Heart of Universe, to the Heart of Creator, to the Heart of Father Sun, to the Heart of Mother Earth, that this Altar be in balance with all the Relations. I am One Eye come to you to stand within this Altar as the Guide and Guardian of this Star of Life that is the Four-Pointed Star of the Sacred Directions. Thus, of this Star Altar, the Keeper of the East is the first that we call. For the Eagle Nations of the Stars do indeed guard the Gates of Illumination, Knowledge and Wisdom. And thus the Eagle Nations are here in this Circle and are doctoring and blessing all thus present. And unto the Eastern Star dost the Eagle and One Eye call Capella to choose among these Four Star Laws, to place in the East, your choice. Yes, Sister, if you would choose but one of these and place it in East of the Altar. And, pray tell us your choice. We would ask for Standing Elk to assist. The Universal Law of Love is that one which is a circle and going towards its right is the Bowstick and the Spiritual Law of Healing does look like an eye that is standing. Standing Elk, “The Universal Law of Love.”  Hau. And thus, the Eagle Nation dost come to bring the Love of Creator unto you and because this is the invoked law - the Universal Law of Love - indeed dost One Eye call for the blessing upon all the Peoples ‘round Mother Earth that through the Power of the Spirit, the Spirit of the Eagle, all the Nations are blessed by Love. That the very Love Consciousness which is a flame alive, that Twin Imperishable Flame of your Lyran Sister, dost come unto you to awaken your Memory, your Heart, your Love. For, understand that when you invoke upon the Eastern Door, awakening dost come from within. And indeed the illumination of the hour is the Law of Love that this consciousness may be in all of the Relations, Mother Earth’s kin.


We call upon the Antakarana to unite us with this Law, that the Heart of the Earth, that the Heart of the Sun, that the Heart of Universe and Heart of Creator, through the Medicine of Spirit, dost awaken the Love in us all. It is at this time in the ceremony that you would offer your prayers to the Eagle. And thus, we do ask if Capella Woman has any prayers (or choose to pray them in the Silence.) [The prayers are offered.] Hau. The Eagle dost bless the Minds of the Children that the Children may be guided and taught well; that all of the Seventh Generation that is upcoming in the True Medicine of the Spirit of the Eagle, in this, do they now dwell; that they may walk in the Illumination of the Grandfathers in the East that are these Lords of Time that dost come through the Power of Spirit to deliver the Rainbow Bridge and the Souls of Masters yet unborn. Thus does One Eye now call upon the Powers of the South that the Wolf Nations around the world are blessed, that the Teacher in all is empowered and that strength comes, that through every challenge the Peoples may be at rest. Thus, do we call upon the Power of Holy Mother Earth to bring forth the sweet teachings of the Heartbeat Revelations and the Covenant of the Rainbow Peoples. Thus, do we ask SilverStar to bring forth a Law of Creator’s Love among these three that yet remain, for the South, the proper one. SilverStar, “Universal Law of Perception.” Thus, do the Wolf Nations, now in the ears of all, those Wolves of the seen and of the unseen, of the Elemental and Starry Clans, do surround the Peoples to comfort and warm their backs and to whisper teachings of Sweet Truth, of Honesty and of Revelation into the ears of all the Two-Legged Kin. The Words of the Holy Mother will come through your Dreams and through your Visions. For, the Wolves shall speak to your inner ears the Breaths of Mother Earth’s Sacred Vision. For indeed, unto all has the prayer of SilverStar been heard. And indeed, the prayer of “Heaven on Earth” is whispered in the ears of all. Pay attention, then, O Peoples, because the Wolf Nation, through your Dreams and your private revelations that do come from that Prayer and Laughter and Meditation, will indeed guide thy footsteps should you choose to rise with your Mother into the heavenly bliss of her New Starry Nature.


Not one shall be lost these Wolf Kin have promised, not one among the Relations. For it is the Guardianship of the Holy Mother of the South, that dost these Great Teachers carry with them. And unto that Heart, Antakarana is now beating, that this Wolf’s mission of Heart Experience and the purification of your walk is in the rhythm of the Heartbeat of Mother Earth, Father Sun, the Heartbeat of Universe, Creator’s Heart. And unto the West, dost now One Eye call, to anchor in the Grandmothers’ wishes. Unto the Bear Nations, he calls. One Eye dost choose to bless the Peoples: the Spiritual Law of Future Sight to be placed in the Western quarters. For Walking Bear has opened those gates that have been shut. For the Peoples have walked with the Grandmothers now for four fortnight - two Moons and a little walk. And indeed, thus the Bear Nations find the Peoples of Turtle Island whole, and dost open the True Sight - the sight of the Grandmothers, called “The Silence”--within each and all. And thus, the Bears’ hands are no longer tied. They are free to their Medicine Play. They have invoked a Future Sight of the Grandmothers’ Grace with thee. And through these Bear Nations are all ‘round the world blessed. For the Within Path, the Silent Path, is the Center Pole Dance. Thus it is that the wishes of the Grandmothers are established among the Peoples. For this is the prayer of One Eye that with the Grandmothers the Peoples be. Whether it be by claw, bite, warming presence, Future Sight, the Bear Clans are doctoring thee. And everyone ‘round the world is feeling the Teachings of the Great Mystery. Thus, does Brother One Eye call upon the Center Star, the Antakarana of Creator’s Heart to fulfill the prayers, the laughters, the Silence of the Grandmothers of Mother Earth. So now, dost One Eye call upon the Gate of the North that healing and cleansing and renewal may come unto the Peoples and give their life its spark. Through the cleansing of the Ways of Father’s Love dost El Morya speak for the Shield of the Father‘s Heart, this Northern Star. We dost ask Standing Elk to speak. Standing Elk, “Hau Ate, Ista Wanzi, Tunkasina, wopida. Wicahpi Oyate, the Universal Law of Healing.”

Waziyata kiya na

The Sacred Law of Healing indeed is the Second Gate of the Northern Door and dost the Snowy Swan bring grace unto this circle and unto all. As dost the bitter wind,


Tate of the North, as dost the strong builders, the Beaver Folk of Grandfather Time Shang Ti, Time Lord. Thus, dost One Eye call upon this Law of Healing. And dost, through the prayers of the Standing Elk, send forth that healing that the families of all around the world would be the Way of Walking, of Walking the Healing Path, as One Family, One Heart. Indeed, dost the Buffalo Nation come unto the North and dost grant this healing unto the Peoples: The White Buffalo Horn - the Laws and Truths of Creator that have been shaped by time and prayer, the meditations, the laughters of the Sacred Calf Woman, Holy Prayer Maker. Thus, unto the Families of the World, dost One Eye see the Buffalo Nations gifting healing through their prayer. Indeed, the Doorways of Time have opened wide and the Door of the North is the Great Door, Starry Altar opened nigh. Through, dost the Starry Buffalo Nations now flood the Earth with their permanent presence and their prayers for healing for family and for all. For Family is the Way of this Age Aquarius, this Age of the Trickster, the Heyoka, the Age of Laughter and Prayer and Going Within. Thus dost One Eye call upon that Antakarana, the Heart of Creator that beats within Mother Earth, Father Sun, Universe and Central Star, to resonate North, to resonate East, to resonate South, to resonate West, as one Sacred Star. That the healing of Father’s Heart, through the prayers of Buffalo Nation, may be One


with the Teachings of Heaven on Earth of that Wolf Nation, That may be One with the Illumination of the Sacred Ways of Love, that dost the Eagle Nation bring. As well, in balance with the Grandmothers’ Teachings, the Grandmother Bears’ Going Within the Silence Prayer Ways. So too, dost we call upon these Spiritual and Universal Laws, that Love, that Perception, that Future Sight, that Healing is sent ‘round the World. That, through the Antakarana, this Star Altar of Creator’s Heart, dost now send forth the primal pulse to recreate through Grandfather Time, Grandmother Love. Now, we wish the Peoples to understand that this primal pulse has been sent forth. And the Heart of Creator is aligning the Earth, the Sun, Universe with Creator’s Heart. It is being anchored in this place through the Power of the Four Directions. That the Eagle, the Wolf, the Bear, the Buffalo of this Starry Altar of Creator’s Heart do anchor in the presence of Healing, of Love, of Perception and Future Sight for all the Relations of Mother Earth’s family held in her womb tight. So too, understand, O Peoples, that this ceremony is now complete - this Star Altar of Creator. Thus, also understand the other two Altars in relation to this Sacred One of Creator’s Heart that it is indeed the Antakarana that binds one to another, as the whole, as the part.


And Antakarana, bind Central Sun to Mother Earth’s glowing Heart. And dost the Two-Leggeds unite with their Relations: Stone, Plant, Tree, Animal Nations. And dost walk with the Spirit World, Andromeda, as the Crystal Mirror Reflection Milky Way. Dost walk with the Masters of the Seven Stars which are that Altar of Holy Boy. That the Seven Star Women of Mother Earth dost come when you invoke this Star Altar of the Seven Stars. Dost when you call upon the Four Doors of Metatron to walk the Healing of the Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit. That dost first come the Star Relations-Sacred Pleiades, Sirius, Lyra, Arcturus, Andromeda, Great Central Sun. Thus too, through the influence of Mammy, through these Doors of Life, dost come the crowning presence of this Triune Altar of the Stars. That indeed, dost Immanuel, Quan Yin, St. Germaine, and thy Son One Eye, come to you to stand in your presence, to speak, to relieve all pains. And dost the two Elohim of the land come, that here in the Heart of the Black Hills - Holy Boy and Whirling Star are. Thus it is, you see, O Relations, that the Keepers of these Star Altars are your Spirit Kin that are anchored right here with you, that walk the Earth beside you, that share your path: They’re your Kin. Therefore, when you dost call upon the Altars of Creator, Four Directions, and you dost call upon the Altar of Holy Boy, the Seven, and you dost call upon the Altar of Many Faces, Mammy, Metatron--that indeed, thus the Star Nations and the Ascended Masters into your presence come. Therefore, O Peoples, know that a great gift is given unto thee. For these Star Altars are the rhythms of the Sacred Trinity - the Flames of Love and Light and Peace of the Star Laws within that dost spring from the Sacred Four Fires of the Wellspring of the Directions:


The Powers of the East: Unity; of the South: Harmony; of the West: Truth; and of the North: Freedom. That indeed through the Teachings of Archangel Michael, these ceremonies guarded with Sword and Shield, with Prayers, with Faith, Devotion and Love’s scales. Indeed, any that would come unto these Altars through the use of the Web of Life and the 11:11 of the Sacred Star Laws thus given, call upon the MorningStar. And walking with these Medicines of Immanuel, Quan Yin, St. Germaine and thy son One Eye, in the Sacred Whirling Star of the 11:11 shall the Morning Star Teachings of Creator again return unto the Land. Thus, we do call unto the Peoples to AWAKEN, AWAKEN, AWAKEN. Carry these Altars with Dignity, with Love and with Wisdom. I am One Eye, Keeper and Guardian of these Altars of Creator’s Heart, that indeed you may dance with the One, that you may dance with the Seven, that you may dance with the Twelve of Thirteen. Relations, it has been fun. Now, unto your Destiny!

         


Ceremony of the Stars Altars of the MorningStar Rainbow Message from Andromeda Message from Andromeda Metatron, Many Faces and Mammy wanted to speak to the Childens one more time! Our topic of discussion is the latent powers of the Star Altars. We want to make sure the peoples know the Sacred Turtle Island Covenant: The Whirling Rainbow! The Whirling Rainbow is the Presence of your Stellar Ancestors Come to reunite with you again. The Whirling rainbow is the Covenant of all your ancestors: Red, White, Black, Yellow Telestial, Terrestrial, Celestial Mineral. Vegetable. Animal. Spirit! The Whirling Rainbow is the energy of your Transformation: Translation - Resurrection - Transfiguration - Ascension Through the Star Altars of Four Doors of Metatron - Star Altar of Holy Boy Star Altar of Creator & Altar of MorningStar!

Now, to understand one Star Altar you must understand them all. In fact, you must understand what’s behind it all: The Whirling Rainbow! The Whirling Rainbow is your planetary divine Governments: It goes something like this:




INDIGO SEA Violet Star


SHANG Rich Green

Dancing Woman



Golden Yellow Saint Germaine

Violet Hand

Bright Orange

White Cross Ruby Red

Quan Yin

Bo Stick



The Dove

ARCHANGELS AND ARCHAEIA Holy Amethyst - Zadkiel Star Flower - Heron Faith - Michael Strong Heart - Blue Hand

Aurora - Uriel Aurora Flamming Arrow MAGNETIC VIOLTET




Hope Gabriel Golden Glow

Butterfly Flowering Golden Orange

Mother Mary - Raphael Mother Swan - Medicine Flute

Rosey Red

Chrostine - Jophiel Unci Crystal - Day Star

Charity - Chamuel Corn Woman - Big Heart RAINBOW OF LAWBRINGERS



Violet Flame Virginia - Cyclopea

Aloha - Peace




Astrea - Purity

Lightning Maiden - Eye

Deep Green


Dolphin Woman - Peace Chief

Amora - Heros Bright Yellow

Lumina - Apollo Whirling Rainbow Star - Holy Boy

Deep Orange

Amazonia - Hercules

Evening Star - Star Man

Magneta Red

Lightning Spear - Mountain Lion


Unic Wi - Sun Eagle

Rainbow of Nature Spirits


Ruby red


Bo Stick


Quan Yin

The Dove 


Violet Hand

St. Germain

 

Bright Orange  

Golden Yellow  

Rich Green

White Cross


 

Royal Blue

Dancing Woman

Zera Krishna

The Wind 

Shang Ti

Violet Star


 

Indigo Sea  

Violet Ocean  

        





Rosy Red

Corn Woman


Big Heart


Grandmother Crystal


Day Star


Mother Swan


Medicine Flute




Flowering Tree


Golden Orange

Golden Glow

Bright Green

Bold Blue

Royal Indigo

Magnetic Violet

Strong Heart


Blue Hand




Flaming Arrow


Star Flower

Holy Amethyst






Magenta Red

Lightning Spear


Mountain Lion


Grandmother Moon


Sun Eagle


Deep Orange

Bright Yellow

Deep Green

Bottomless Blue

Bright Indigo

Violet Flame


Evening Star




Whirling Rainbow


Holy Boy


Lightning Maiden


One Eye


Dolphin Woman


Peace Chief


Golden Eagle





This is to say - Metatron, Many Faces & Mammy - see it that way, A Whirling Rainbow Covenant that did your forefathers make That they may live again. Again is Now! Whirling Rainbow is here again!

The Whirling action is the Power of Trinity: The Ancient Teachers - The Chohans The LawBringers - Archangel-Archaeia EarthKeepers - Elohim-Elohim-Elohim

We are your Sacred Goverence, Covenant. The Rainbow Trinities do give these four Star Altars Altar of Translation - Four Doors of Metatron Altar of Resurrection - Star of Holy Boy Altar of Transfiguration - Star Altar of Creator Altar of Ascension - Altar of MorningStar

The Whirling Rainbow is the action empowering these Star Altars: The Chohans dance Reiki through the Four Doors of Metatron. The Archangels evangelize the Star Law through Altar of SevenStars. Elohim harmonize the Tree of Life through Star Altar of Creator. Whirling Rainbow heals Consciousness & Frequency through Altar MorningStar.


The Four Doors of Metatron Therefore to perform a ceremony of the Four Doors you must converse with the Chohans. The Language of communication is Reiki through symbol and attunement:

Chakra Reiki Symbol Chohan Attunement Root

Tibetan FireSerpent

Quan Yin


Raku: LightningSpirit



Sei he Ki: Dragon of Protection

St. Germaine


Hon Sha ze Sho nen: RainbowBridge



Cho Ku rei: Power of Universe Krya: All is One

Zera Krishna


Tibetan Dai Koo Myo: Dance in Grace

Shang Ti


Usui Dai koo Myo: Master Ways


The discussion concerns the Twelve Kingdoms of Humanity in The Four Doors of Heart, Mind, Body, and Spirit of the Oversoul and individual. The topic is the Center Poles of human Life: Gates of Purification, Healing, Renewal Gates of Wisdom, Enlightenment, Knowledge Gates of Purity, Innocence, Truth, Gates of Introspection, Silence, Reverence. The Communion is to walk the Four Doors - Twelve Laws with Chohans' Reiki Dance! The result is the Translation of human weakness into Masters' Strength.



Immanuel Reiki - Power of universe - All is One


Tibetean Dance in Grace



Hon Sho Ze Sho nen - Rainbow Bridge




Sei he ki - Dragon of Protection Saint Germaine

Raku - Lightning Spirit

HEART Tibetan Fire Serpant - Ascension Spirit


Quan Yin






Star of Holy Boy: Altar of SevenStars Archangels are the environs; Universal & Spiritual Laws are their tools. We are your frontline and your backup too! Thus to walk with Holy Boy you must speak Angel talk & Archangel too: Archangel-Archaia Chamuel

Ray Dispensation Love
















Aurora Zadkiel


Holy Amethyst



Universal Law of Love Universal Law of Life Spiritual Law of Healing Strength, Health & Happiness Spiritual Growth of Man Light, Sound & Vibration Universal Law of Free Will Universal Law of Nature Universal Law of Symmetry Innocence, Truth & Family Spiritual Law of Choice Spiritual Law of Equality Universal Law of Perception Spiritual Protection Of Family Universal Law of Life Spiritual Growth of Man Universal Law of Symmetry Universal Law of Change Movement and Balance Universal Law of Life Spiritual Law-Future Sight Universal Law of Nature Strength, Health & Happiness Spiritual Law of Choice Light ,Sound & Vibration Spiritual Protection of Family Spiritual Law of Protection Universal Law of Perception Universal Law of Nature Strength, Health & Happiness Innocence, Truth & Family Universal Law of Free Will Universal Law of Change Universal Law of Life Spiritual Law of Future Sight Light, Sound &Vibration Spiritual Freedom of Man Universal Law of Symmetry Universal Law of Love Innocence, Truth & Family Spiritual Law of Intuition

Universal Law of Judgment Spiritual Law of Karma

That when you walk the Seven Stars with Holy Boy Through Crown&Root, Throat&Sacral Through Eye & Solar, Sealed in Heart With Altar of Six Consciousness Dost the Archangels & Archaeia Bring Stellar Order to The Land and People The Mineral and Vegetable The Animal and Spirit! Thus, Resurrection is upon the Land! The consequence is resurrection of Wisdom & Respect!


ARCHANGELIC STAR RESURRECTION Zadkiel - Holy Amethyst Freedon of Man Symmetry Love

Innocense Truth Family Intuition Judgment Karma Light Sound Vibration

Freedom Michael


Choice Harmony Light Harmony Sound Vibration Protectio of Family


Perception Star Flower - Heron Freedom Nature Gabriel - Hope Change Strength Life Innocense Truth Symmetry Change Balance Life

Truth Truth

Future Sight Light Sound Vibration

Future Sight Nature Strength, Health, Happiness


Raphael Mary Equality Family Protection Perception Peace Life Peace Growth of Man

Love Life



Light Sound Vibration Free Will Nature Protection Healing Strength Health Happiness Growth of Man

Love Love Charity

Christine Symmtery Light Innocense Light Truth Family Choice




Star Altar of Creator To co-Create beauty with universe Walk with Eagle & Wolf and Bear & Buffalo!

Walk the Harmony Star of Man: Natural Agriculture Natural Medicine Music Dance Astrology

Antakarana of Grandmother Spider, Firebringer and Lifeweaver, Will seal all in Elohim Tree of Life!


ELOHIM LIFE TRANSFIGURATION Golden Eagle - Kingfisher Agriculture Law of Unity For Mitakuye Oyasin

Medicine Law of freedom Freedom

Lightning Maiden - One Eye Agriculture Harmony Harmony Law of Truth

Dolphin Woman - Peace Chief



Law of Light

Truth Truth

Law of Harmony Holy Boy

Rainbow Star

Astrology Law of Peace

UNITY Law of Christ Flame

Holy Father UNITY

Vesparia Dance Peace Holy Mother Peace

Star Man Medicine

Grandmother Moon Astrology


Great Mystery






Law of Love



Sun eagle Music Light Light Great Spirit

Thus say Many Faces--Mammy--Metatron, Enact the Five Harmonies of Star Ceremony As you walk with Eagle of East Door & Wolf of South Door, Bear of West Door & Buffalo of North Door,

One Eye of Creator’s Door! Call--do pray call--Elohim song, dance and stars & medicine and Maiar! Through harmonies of Elohim--the Seven Stars-pray, laugh, go within & be attuned To the Great Still Garden of Mother’s Land! Thus does Spirit’s Power through Elohim, through Mother’s Tree of Life, Transfigure human illusion into Antakarana HeartBeat!


Altar of the MorningStar Red, White, Black, Yellow Telestial, Terrestrial, Celestial Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Spirit! Are the Dimensions of the 11:11: The Council of Twenty Two. Ascension is the Path of the MorningStar! MorningStar is the Rainbow action of Chohan Reiki Archangelic Star Law Elohim Tree of Life. MorningStar is 11:11 action through Altar of Thirteen: translation Altar of Seven: resurrection Altar of Five: transfiguration Altar of Twenty Two: Ascension. Whirling Rainbow heals Consciousness, heals Frequency, Through MorningStar 11:11, Through Immanuel’s Star Altar of 22: Chohans dance Reiki of Altar of 12;


Archangels-Archaeia integrate Star Laws Through Star of Holy Boy; Elohim harmonize Relations & balance Creation - Mother Earth’s Tree of Life Through Altar of Four Directions;

MorningStar Whirling Rainbow - Elohim & Archangel & Chohan 302

Co-create Ascension of Red, White, Black, Yellow Telestial, Terrestrial, Celestial Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Spirit! Antakarana of Our Mother’s Heart!

Whirling Rainbow Action Consciousness Frequency Chohans



Land of Grandmothers & Grandfathers 7:21

Archangels Archaeia

Stellar Laws

Mitakuye Oyasin

SevenStars 11:11


Galactic Rainbow Cosmic Tree of Life

Antakarana 13:20


Rainbow Star Merkaba

Ascended Realms 11:11::11:11




Rainbow Star




Star Merkaba



MAMMY Cosmic

13:20 WEST Autumn Moon Sun


Tree of Life


Galactic Rainbow Tree of Life

Glands Humanity

Transfiguration Mother’s Heart

Reiki Reiki

Translation Land of Grandmothers Grandfathers

HOLY BOY Whirling Rainbow Quan Yin Star 11:11 STAR Mitakuye Oyasin LAWS Sanat Kumara All my Relations Resurrection Seven Stars Summer SOUTH


EAST Spring

Rainbow of Immanuel Thus through the actions of 11 Universal Laws 11 Spiritual Laws

Four Altars in Four Days: Day of the Masters Day of Archangelic Wings Day of Elohim Rainbows Day of Whirling Rainbow Stars! Dost heal the Three Worlds, the Four Races, & the Kingdoms Four! Dost recreate a Four Season Dance: Spring of Translation Summer of Resurrection Autumn of Transfiguration Winter of Ascension!

Thus is the Dance of the MorningStar; Thus are the Time Keeper Ways of Altar of Ascension, Altar of MorningStar.


Mammy, Many Faces, Metatron says Good Luck!

To all the Peoples of Earth!

Follow your Heart instinct; It’ll take ya’ to Sho’tnen Bread!

Talk to your Spirit Folks Whirling Rainbow here to hep’ ya’!

Treat `em All with Respect, And too, remember Pappy Metatron, and Many Faces that Clown, and don’t forget, no never forget. . . . . . `Cause Mammy knows; Mammy knows!


Acknowledgements The Heavenly Hosts and Servants of Creation (those seen and unseen)

A warm “thank you” to our Galactic Federation.

 


Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator  

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