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THE CHOICE Your Your guide guide to to living living in in ‘The ‘The Quickening’ Quickening’ © We Are Not Alone, 2007/2009

‘The Quickening’ is a term coined by Art Bell to describe the way that everything in our experience seems to be ‘speeding up’. Those who study this speed-up now know that it is a real phenomenon. The quickening is due to the fractal nature of time. See the ‘About Time’ topic.

You don’t have to be a physicist or have six letters after your name to know about the Quickening. We all experience the ever more hectic pace of living and working in a world that we must struggle to keep up with. Nothing stays the same for long. Everything is changing, and it’s making less and less sense.

Governments have no answers to the stresses brought on by the Quickening. How could they? The very concept of government involves constancy and stability. In an increasingly borderless world, where whole technologies become obsolete in months rather than years, governments are becoming impotent and irrelevant.

Corporations have no solutions to the Quickening. If anything they are exacerbating the stresses on their employees, their suppliers, and their customers. Businesses need to change the way they think and operate. But they don’t ‘get it’. Instead, they redouble their efforts in activities that used to work but now don’t.

The mainstream media has no solutions to the Quickening. They sensationalise it’s cruel effects on hapless populations, without daring to acknowledge the true causes of the phenomenon. The media is the creature of the advertising industry, however there is no way to consume our way around the Quickening.

Religions also lack answers to the problems of the Quickening. They too stem from a background of constancy and stability. Despite the fact that every religion on the planet contains warnings of the ‘End Times’, in one form or another, few are well prepared for that eventuality.

Money doesn’t make the Quickening any easier to take. Real income levels in the US have risen more than 400% since WWII. But only 30% of Americans now feel “Very Happy”. Australia is similar. Aussies are earning more, and working longer hours than ever before, but they aren’t happier than ever before.

Throughout the West, people have more money, less time, and less control over their lives. The average person doesn’t want more ‘growth’ and ‘wealth’ if it comes at the expense of meaning, the destruction of the environment and harm to the Community of Life. Already, more than 200 species become extinct every day.

In the developed world, families are smaller and youth suicides are rising. The Quickening has brought alienation and despair. In Australia 60% of school children have thoughts of suicide. More young Australians now die by their own hand than in road accidents. Japan too has a suicide epidemic.

But we can not only survive the Quickening, we can THRIVE in it. Why? Because we are not alone. (1) We have each other; we must cooperate as Light communities. (2) We each have our self, and we must learn to love our Self. (3) We all have the blessings and support of Higher Beings.

To thrive in the Quickening we must better understand existence. Knowing precedes enlightenment, we aren’t aiming so high at first. If we can understand the core truths we become open to enlightenment. Understanding the truth about our existence is now entirely possible for the first time since Atlantis fell.

Three factors are now helping us to understand and remember. (1)The Internet is connecting information in ways not previously possible. (2) We are being bathed in cosmic energy. Consciousness is rising. (3) We have discovered how to distinguish truth from falsehood.

What the Internet has done is enable individuals to undertake research that would have previously been impractical. One such seeker is David Wilcock. His website is now: See particularly ‘Shift of the Ages’ under ‘start here’; ‘free books’.

Since 1998, David Wilcock has constantly researched physics, metaphysics, and the spiritual science that is well described in myths and legends. The papers and books he used in writing ‘Convergence’ or ‘The Shift of the Ages’ stands about 5 feet high. He has also drawn on authentic channelling material.

Another researcher and author to provide a mass of very clear and unarguable information about the true nature of our existence is Jan Wicherink. His website is: Download Jan’s free e-book, ‘Souls of Distortion Awakening’.

A most important contributor to a new understanding of our existence is the German chemist and mathematician, Dr Peter Plichta. See Plichta has ‘put God back into science’, literally.

Dr Peter Plichta’s 40 years of work is important because it completely destroys the probabilistic notion that everything happens by chance and that there is no ordered design at work in the universe. Plichta unarguably shows that the chemical elements are coded by the prime numbers.

The Prime Number Cross. Hydrogen is 1, and so on. Yes, that’s a Knights Templar (also St John’s Ambulance) emblem aligned with the prime rays. The Order possessed this knowledge.

Rick Strassman, Mitsuo Hiramatsu, Fritz-Albert Popp David Hawkins, Rupert Sheldrake,

There are m any others.

Are all scientists and researchers whose work and thinking, in one way or another, bears on the existence of consciousness fields.

Many bona fide researchers have performed repeatable experiments that indicate the existence of such phenomena as external information fields and biophoton emissions from the cells of our bodies. Science is now beginning to uncover what spiritualists have always said is true.

One of Rupert Sheldrake’s experiments, on telephone telepathy (knowing who is ringing before you answer), shows the existence of this phenomenon to have odds against chance of more than a billion to one. Researchers at the University of Amsterdam have been able to repeat his experimental results.

When we look deep into the Milky Way on a clear night, we experience a sense of awe. We all feel this consciousness - every one of us.

Consciousness is the true source of meaning. As used here, consciousness is about our awareness of the Divine.

Consciousness is common to spirituality and religion. But consciousness is not, of itself, spirituality or religion. Atheists and agnostics experience consciousness along with everyone else.

It is true to say that spirituality and religion are well used gateways to higher consciousness. But it is not the case that they are the only ways to consciousness. During the second half of the 20th century our understanding of consciousness was greatly advanced by science.

Dr David Hawkins, a Psychiatrist and Physician, has developed the use of external information fields to experimentally determine the truth or falsity of declarative statements. e.g.

“I am a body” = Not Yes “I have a body” = Yes

Dr Hawkins’ experiments tap an external information field via a well known (kinesiological) muscle response. A true statement causes muscles to remain ‘strong’ whereas a false statement causes them to go ‘weak’. Kinesiology involves the study of the mechanics of body movement.

Applied kinesiology is not new. The same principle has been used for centuries in Asia, to test whether fruit or other produce is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Hawkins’ work extends kinesiological testing to external information fields – the realm of consciousness. Hence, CFK Consciousness Field Kinesiology.

Dr Hawkins’ CFK experiments meet the normal scientific criteria for repeatability, and have been validated in many different cultures and locations. However, it is thought that consciousness field kinesiology cannot be used to predict the future; only truth or falsity in the present or past.

Dr Hawkins has used CFK to ‘map’ levels of consciousness on a log scale of 1 to 1,000. Others, such as Vogt and Sultan, have their own models of the levels of consciousness. The issue of which model is best is less important than the fact that science is beginning to accept that such external fields exist.

Some CFK tests and calibrations on the 1 to 1000 scale (where 200 is the start of truth) are: Multiple universes theory = Yes Parallel universes = Not Yes Prayer increases healing = Yes Neuronal theory of consciousness = 140 Morphic resonance = 460 Quantum mechanics = 460

One vital benefit of CFK is that it reduces psychic powers of truth determination to a straightforward procedure. There is no esoteric ‘overhead’ involved. With a small amount of instruction, and some practice, anyone who has a level above 200 on the Hawkins scale can use CFK.

The second vital benefit of CFK stems from the way it can change established beliefs. There is a tactile connection with an information field. A person performing CFK can feel the circuit break for each ‘Not Yes’. The ‘Field’ seems to be external to the body because it is. Our mind is not in our brain!

When we access our local mind we similarly tap into the species mind of humanity. This realisation dawns on people who practice CFK. It leads directly to the understanding that all our thoughts and experiences continue to exist beyond our physical death The mind/soul is immortal!

People who have an insight into the immortality of their mind/soul completely lose their fear of death. They begin to accept the reality of reincarnation and cycles of existence. They find and begin to travel the true spiritual path.

It takes time for the local mind to shake off the illusions of a ‘physical’ world and realise the truth. The reality is that seemingly solid matter is composed of standing waves of light energy - stabilised by nested geometric forms. This fact is confirmed by recent science and testable using CFK.

This is how a football might look if we could see it at the vibrational level. There is nothing there but waves of light energy that are shaped by geometric forms.

Standing waves form as imploding energy meets expanding energy. The electron shells of the atom are formed this way.

A geometric pattern generated by sound in a fluid. From Dr Hans Jenny.

Dr Jenny’s work demonstrated that vibrations – tones – produce geometric patterns in fluid particles. These are always 2D representations of 3D Platonic solids.

All the Platonic solids nest perfectly within each other. Sacred geometry can scale from an atom to a galaxy and beyond.

Energy waves travel as spirals. A double vortex forms a torus A torus can conserve energy permanently

The consciousness field is made up of permanent thought forms in a holographic structure that is never erased and is constantly maintained with energy from the background aether. None of our thoughts or actions go unrecorded and we must ultimately come to terms with them. We are then forgiven!

This stuff hurts my head!

Don’t worry, it will all come to you if you let it. ‌. The advanced knowledge of ancient civilizations has now been uncovered to the extent that it cannot be doubted. The next series of frames give just a few examples of this rediscovery of ancient understanding.

The Fibonacci series; 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, ‌.. Can be expressed as a sequence of squares which produce quarter-arc circles that form a Phi spiral.

Jain (he only needs one name) is a teacher of Vedic mathematics, who lives in Australia. He took the Fibonacci series: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, ‌. and found a hidden sequence of 24 infinitely recurring singly-reduced digits within it.

Jain’s numbers are: 1,1,2,3,5,8,4,3,7,1,8,9,8,8,7,6,4,1,5,6,2 ,8,1,9. These reduced numbers (only 1 through 9) repeat endlessly within the Fibonacci series. Singly-reduced digits are obtained by adding the digits of a number So, 13 = 1+3 = 4 and 21 = 2+1 = 3

Conventional mathematicians may ridicule Jain’s principle of digital reduction. They say “How can 21 = 2+1 = 3 ?” Jain says they fail to understand that: 1 = 10 = 100 = 1,000 = 10,000 = 100,000 = 1,000,000. Etc “Conventional math isn’t wrong, just clumsy” … Jain.

Jain correctly argues that the entire digital age is based on the laws of digital compression. In binary code the number 21 becomes: 24


16 1



4 0


20 1



“This simple Law of Mathematical Reduction that rewrites Base1021 as 10101 is also a Universal Law of Base2 Numerical and therefore Vibrational Compression. This Computer Age that we have been born into, is pure Numberology. This Digital Age is pure Compression.” … Jain

Thousands of years ago, in India, mathematicians used a one-line system of calculating. They could mentally compute answers that today require complex calculation. These people had 16 basic Sutras that can solve all known problems in mathematics. Jain believes that NASA is secretly using the same one-line systems.

To square 108 in Vedic math Jain teaches us to think only of the excess 8. So, “How much is 108 more than the Base of 100?� It is 8. This is added to the 108 and then the square of the excess is tagged on to the end. 108 squared = 108 + 8 and 8 x 8 = 116 and 64 = 11,664

Certainly, we can do this math with a digital calculator. But the 1082 example is kindergarten stuff. The 16 Sutras system was used for far more complex astronomy and calendrical work. If the Vedic masters had been around in 1969 they could have calculated the moon landing in their heads!

The number 108 wasn’t used here as an example without purpose. It was very important to ancient mathematicians and astronomers. Jain has found 108 concealed within the 24 singly-reduced numbers in the Fibonacci series. He says 108 is ‘the hidden pulse or rhythm that is the essence of the living mathematics of nature’.

Remember Jain’s 24 repeating numbers? Split them into 2 series of 12 numbers. Then add them. 1,1,2,3,5,8,4,3,7,1,8,9, 8,8,7,6,4,1,5,6,2,8,1,9 9,9,9,9,9,9,9,9,9,9,9,18 (1 + 8 = 9) Yes, after reducing the last result to 9 there are twelve nines, and 9 x 12 = 108 … doesn’t it.

The number 108 relates to both the ‘9-based’ lunar zodiac and the ‘12based’ solar zodiac. When a circle is divided into 5 equal pieces (the Pentacle again) each piece is 720. Thus 1080 is equal to 1½ pieces of the ‘pie’. Since 72 + 36 = 108 We breathe 12 to 18 times per minute: 720 to 1080 times per hr.

The external angles of the Pentagram (five-pointed star) are 1080. And there are 108 beads on a Hindu rosary. This number has been revered through the ages. The five numbers (including 108) of the dodecahedron are keys to our ascension.

Two Tetrahedra define a cube. During mitosis our first 4 cells pack into a cube defined by 2 interlaced Tetrahedra.

A tetrahedron has 7200 of angles to the sum of its planes. An interlaced tetrahedron (below) has 1,4400 of angles to the entirety of its planes.

Ten Tetrahedra fit within a Dodecahedron, but they share some vertices. On eliminating this redundancy, Form, or shape, 5 Tetrahedra fit into the form, as determines memory. shown.

This shape now premises a spiral vortex flow in each of the Dodecahedron’s faces. Function follows form.

In the Mystery Schools operated by Pythagoras and others, initiates had to swear on their lives never to reveal their true understanding of the 3-Dimensional form of the Pentagram – the 12-faced Dodecahedron. Now we begin to understand why. It leads to the spiraling vortex structure that shapes all ‘matter’.

The geometry of the 5 ‘Platonic’ solids is SACRED because it gives form to waves of energy from the background aether. Since we’re dealing with waves, harmonics are important. Ray Tomes holds that: “The universe is a standing wave which develops waves which are harmonics, and each of these does the same.”

The New Zealand researcher, Bruce Cathie has unmistakably shown the existence of an energy grid within the Earth, with tracklines that are exactly 30 nm apart; that’s 1 minute of arc on the Earth’s surface. Cathie also succeeded in solving the unified equation which had (allegedly) eluded Einstein.

Instead of working with the speed of light in miles per second, Cathie used minutes of arc per grid second. On this basis the ‘Grid Speed of Light’ is EXACTLY 144,000 minutes of arc per second in free space! This shows a direct connection between light and sound frequencies, as twice 144 is 288, the first value of the Diatonic scale.

David Wilcock points to important harmonic parallels between the way we measure time on a clock and the Sun’s apparent 3600 movement. It turns out that one second of our time is 1440 times faster in its movement through its arc than the movement of the Sun through the arc it traces in our sky.

Without going into detail here, it is now clear to scientists that light and sound are the same thing. In fact all energy is really light. Time itself is the reciprocal of energy, or light. Daniel Winter found that if the speed of light is compressed by a factor of 34560 the result is the speed of sound.

The work of Ray Tomes and JB Stoneking shows that harmonic vibrations of the number 34560 precisely separate spherical bodies throughout the universe. So, the average distance between moons, when multiplied by 34560 gives the average distance between the planets. And that’s just the start.

The average distance between planets, times 34560, gives the average distance between stars. The average distance between stars, times 34560, gives the average distance between galaxies. The harmonic relationship also holds for smaller scales.

Compress the average distance between moons by two factors of the 34560 harmonic and the result is the average distance between cells – animal or plant. Compress the average distance between cells by the factor 34560 and we have the average distance between atoms. This isn’t chance, it’s GEOMETRY.

The design of the universe, from the cosmic to the subatomic scale, is geometric. And everything is timed to the second! The work of an astrophysicist on the number known as the Nineveh Constant reveals this astonishing precision. His name is Maurice Chatelain.

In the 1840s many clay tablets covered in cuneiform characters were discovered at Nineveh, in Iraq. They formed the vast library of King Assurbanipal who ruled from 669 to 626 BC. Nobody could read the tablets when they were discovered, so they sat in a basement of the British Museum for twenty years.

In 1872 an Englishman, George Smith, began to translate the Nineveh tablets, and dated them to around 700 BC. Many told stories of events that occurred several thousand years before that time. Among the tablets was one containing a huge number: 195,955,200,000,000

195,955,200,000,000 is a truly big number. What were the Sumerians and Assyrians doing with it? Maurice Chatelain deduced that the number relates to seconds of time. On this basis it signifies: 2268 million days or 6.3 million yrs.

The Nineveh constant is obtained by multiplying 70 by 60, seven times. It is 70 x 607. Modern astronomers had realised that there had to exist a very long period of time that represents, in even numbers, the revolutions of all celestial objects. Now they had it, 195,955,200,000,000 seconds. This is the ‘Grand Constant’.

The Nineveh number is a ‘ready reckoner’ that fits the orbits of the planets, evenly, into the Master Cycle of the Solar System. Down to the second! “For an ancient or extraterrestrial culture that possessed knowledge of the properties of vibration the Nineveh Constant would be the only number one would ever need to keep on hand.”… David Wilcock

The Nineveh Constant is entirely built on the harmonic vibrations of the numbers 6 and 7. Calculating a planetary orbit or cycle merely involves division of the Nineveh Constant by small, easily remembered numbers. So, finding the precession cycle requires a divisor of 240. For Halley’s Comet use 81000. Etc.

David Wilcock suspected that there is a Galactic cycle with the same principles as the Nineveh cycle. A cycle for the whole Galaxy rather than the Solar System. Wilcock learned that a modern astronomer had already found the time for a galactic rotation to be about 225,000,000 years. This gave him a starting point.

David Wilcock took the galactic cycle number, turned it into seconds and sought a derivation from vibrations of 6 and 7. He found that 0.7 x 60, nine times, gives a cycle of 223.5 million yrs. Close to the modern estimate of 225 million yrs. The next step was a major leap forward in knowledge. ‌

David Wilcock had to see whether the exact length of the Nineveh Constant, in years, fit precisely into the ‘master harmonic number’ for the Galaxy (derived from 0.7 x 609). Amazingly, the result is 36. “Our planets come into a perfect straight line exactly 36 times for every rotation of the Galaxy.”

It all makes me wonder why I’m here.

We’re here to learn a single, profound, spiritual lesson. It’s not a mathematical or science lesson; not the secret of antigravity or time travel. But a simple realisation of Oneness. The Maya, even today, have a way of describing it. They look at any person, animal, or plant. And they say, “You are another myself”.

We are not our physical form. We are our immortal soul. Our mind exists outside our brain, in a field of consciousness. Ultimately, there is no distinction between the cascading vibrations that make up you, me, a horse, a butterfly, or an olive tree. Everything is the same collective consciousness. Oneness!

The Maya believed that, rather than being linear, time is a circle. The end date of their Long Count calendar (see About Time) is 4 Ahau 3 Kankin (,0) or 21 December, 2012 in our calendar. The last period of the Mayan Long Count Cycle is termed ‘The Warning’. It began in 1987 and will end in 2012.

The Mayan period of ‘Warning’ corresponds to Art Bell’s Quickening – it’s a wake up call. Another term for it is ‘The Choice’. This description comes from 1960s channelled material now published as ‘The Law of One’. How can we trust a channelled source? Simple, we can CFK it.

According to the ‘Ra’ entity contacted by physics professor Dr Don Elkins, via the medium Carla Rueckert, the choice we face in the remaining years of the cycle is between: (a) Service to self (STS), or (b) Service to others (STO). The Law of One calibrates above 950, i.e. upper level Divine Truth.

The STS path is the path of separation – of seeing others as separate to the self. The STO path is the path of unity – of seeing all others as the self. When following the STO path the self is not neglected. We must learn to love and forgive ourselves.

As we grow our self-knowledge we are able to open to others and share it with them. We are living in a unique time when consciousness and our ability to learn and grow spiritually is rising exponentially. There are also higher entities concerned to help us.

We are not alone!

We need not preach to others. No words are necessary. Once the self has high consciousness its energy radiates to others. The energy of consciousness is LOVE and Light. The STO path is about giving. And what is given always comes back.

The more LOVE we give the more we will get back.

The giving here is not material giving, although that’s also a positive thing to do. The giving of consciousness is about understanding, hope, and the spiritual wellness of unity and belonging. The gift of raised consciousness is huge, because it prepares us for ascension.

Whether we can ascend to a higher plane of existence at the time of the Galactic Convergence will depend on how we live out the next 3 years. We can continue along the consumerist STS path. Or we can embrace the STO path and qualify ourselves and others to ascend.

The Choice is ours.

The Maya believe that the alignment of our Sun with the Galactic Centre, in 2012, will open a gateway to other realms, as well as all the consciousness that has ever existed in our Galaxy. The Ra material concurs with this understanding. The gate opens precisely, timed to the second, whether we are prepared or not.

The End Think on it all and remember

We are not alone Lothar Viridis


Your guide to living in ‘The Quickening’ Your guide to living in ‘The Quickening’ © We Are Not Alone, 2007/2009 ‘The Quickening’ is a term c...

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