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Emotion Lost: Sexual Addiction in Zeta History Zoosh and Joopah Sedona, Arizona, January 15, 1990 All right. Now understand that even though tonight we [Zoosh, and later Joopah] will be talking about the Zeta Reticulans, we will in fact be talking about you, the Explorer Race, because your souls have originated through an experience of Zeta Reticuli and will return through an experience of Zeta Reticuli. I will explain that in the following terminology by way of a preface. The time loop you are now in will allow Earth to move through the experience of discomfort and tragedy — what you call negative energy — in order to season your souls and allow them to be more compassionate. You may not realize that the Creator’s exercise — the idea of creating Earth and all of its inhabitants now as they exist (resulting in you, the Explorer Race) — is a result of the Creator’s desire to give the souls associated with Zeta Reticuli more compassion. Those souls do not fully understand or feel the need for the heartfelt emotions that all of you have, regardless of how you use them. Therefore it was necessary to create a loop in time within the context of the time-space experience in physical life.

That loop in time allows souls to nourish themselves with a full range of understanding of suffering, struggle, love, joy, victory, hope, compassion and so on — a range of emotion — so that the decisions that they have to make in their future can be made on a basis that is more compassionate, more loving and more understanding. The Creator simply created a loop in time, which from your perspective would be like this [see above illustration]. The leading edge of physics knows and understands that it is theoretically possible to travel in time this way, so this is not new to your mathematicians. Its purpose was that the souls could make decisions that would allow the people of Zeta Reticuli, as well as all of the incarnations of those souls from that past time, in this case referring to past Zeta, to move forward through your time to create your world differently.

The Loop in Time to Uncreate Suffering People have asked, referring to another subject, “When you go into the third to the fourth dimension, what will it be like?” I have stated from time to time that all of the discomfort, all of the negative energies, all of the crises, all of the miseries and all of the sufferings will be uncreated. Your souls

will not be blemished with that suffering. How that occurs, physically speaking, is that this loop in time will take place and drop you back down before you left on your soul’s loop through this time. When the souls in that original point in time move forward, they will choose to create themselves and stimulate other cultures and civilizations from a heartfelt position of kindness, compassion, love and understanding. Even today Zeta beings seem to be ignorant of love and kindness as you understand it. Many of the sightings and contacts between people have seemed to be devoid of that. Oh yes, they are very wise and intellectual, and they have great understanding of technology and so on. They have created a technological empire. But when it comes to simple compassion, love, understanding and gentleness, they are ignorant — there is no other word. As a result of their ignorance, they have either created, stimulated, nourished or allowed many things to go on that, had their souls been more compassionate to begin with, they never would have done. This is by way of giving you some of the mechanics of how things will change so that you will understand the story you will hear tonight. I will allow Joopah to describe some of it, as he is now living in the far-flung future, as you might call it, in the ninth dimension. He has moved beyond the Zeta body to a lightbody. He will be speaking to his own people while he is speaking to you. This does not mean that you cannot ask questions from time to time, because the synchronicities of your souls are in total alignment with the synchronicity of their souls — they are the same souls! You are their representatives. All of these struggles, all of the refinements you have been going through for these many years, will allow you to bring your compassion and your lust for life, your curiosity and all the other wonderful qualities you have, out into space to contact other races who need these qualities. From your point of origin, in terms of your now-experience, you will also contribute soulfulness to the Zeta culture, which has not been known in the past for that. So that you understand the mechanics of this subject, I will allow Joopah to come in. He will discuss sexual addiction and destruction on Zeta Reticuli. I’ll say goodbye for now. •••

The History of Zeta Reticuli Good evening. Let me [Joopah] describe my planet’s history to you. My origin point in the system that is Zeta Reticuli has a quantum number; it does not have a name so much as a symbolic number, thus it does not have a direct interpretation as a name would. It is the planet where I have my last recollections, as far back as I can remember, of my incarnations in my race. What has occurred in the distant past for us? There was a point at which we were emotional beings much as yourselves, but perhaps more primitive in terms of those emotions — meaning that we were somewhat aggressive. If we wanted something, we did not have the culturalization that you have. I am not suggesting that we were barbarians, but we were overt with those emotions, perhaps a little less sophisticated. I will talk now about this time in our distant past, far, far back. From your point of view in time, even though it is not a direct correlation, it would be considered millions and millions of years ago. We had at that time a need to be as creative as possible. This was before the dawn of the desire to create the finest possible example of mentality as interpreted in the form of technology, which my civilization has been involved with for millions of years. We were then attempting to understand and experience the emotional body to its fullest. This has not been discussed a great deal, but I will discuss it now.

This was a different type of Zeta being, one that those of you familiar with the Zetas may not fully grasp. Compared to yourselves, we were more emotional than you. We were then expressing ourselves as emotional beings. It is now my understanding that the Creator was attempting to integrate the emotional body into our group of souls. That attempt was, well, a failure. I will tell you how it came to an end. There was the normal birth cycle as you would understand it. In those times we had sexual organs not terrifically unlike your own, with some minor differences, but essentially a similar process. Our race was having some difficulties in conceiving a new model of itself. There was at that time less of a brain mass, so the head was not as large as it is in the Zeta beings here in your now time, who have a large hemispheric head, large eyes and so on. The eyes and the head were not quite as large. There was an attempt at that time to create a new species that would, at that juncture of time, become the species you are now. So there was an effort to create a new genetic model. This I lay down by way of helping you to understand the whys. There was then also a need, seen by the scientific overlords at the time, for as massive a population explosion as possible. The genetic work that was done in those days was not done in technological machines, but with people or beings — us. So we were given various forms of what you refer to as aphrodisiacs, but they were laced with components that would stimulate various genetic abnormalities in an attempt to isolate that specific abnormality that could be used to create a new model of Zeta being. I might add that this is how the idea of abnormal birth became involved in your now race. So this stimulation came from these various love potions, for lack of a better term. Even though we had purpose, things we did, work as you understand it, life then came almost to a screeching halt because of this driving need to create a new model of Zeta being. What was difficult in those days was that the authority or the hierarchical order, who commanded respect, did not pass knowledge down to those they ruled. It was not a one-mind experience as Zeta has evolved into today for political as well as mental efficiency. It was hierarchical. So the people, having had relatively normal lives up to that point in time, suddenly found themselves in a breeding frenzy, for lack of any other way to put it. As a result, the population explosion was staggering and the available nutrients, as well as housing and all of the other things, were overwhelmed. It was as though we were breeding ourselves to death. We were literally out of control, because we were taking these love potions disguised within the nutritional system — we didn’t even know we were taking them — for a cause that we did not understand.

Seduction of the Government and a Race Gone Mad I now see clearly that the hierarchical government had been told by those whose orders they followed, believing they were speaking to beings from the future, that the race would soon die out, and that the only way they could preserve themselves was to create a version of themselves that had the mental capacity to design a way out of its own dilemma. They were shown the model — in other words, the people who spoke to them were more from your time in terms of the Zetas of this past. These beings had the large heads, big eyes and so on, and they told the government, “This is what you need to look like. In order for our evolution to take place, you must do so.” It was, in a sense, the seduction of the government. At the same time at a more subtle wavelength, a more feminine or gentle wavelength, was another source saying, “Do not interfere. Allow the

natural progression of your civilization. You will seem to die out, but it will simply reduce your numbers and begin to evolve into a race that will look very much different.” That race would probably have looked like a cross between what you now understand the Zetas to be and the human being. To those of you whose minds are racing: Yes, it would look very much like the hybrid that we have created now. That was originally intended, you see. However, there was a probability — possibility, we will say — that this technological revolution would create the technological mentality that was without compassion, Zetas who have existed for millions of years. As it turned out, they did develop. The souls of that time, the souls of the government and the souls who existed on the whole planet — the body politic of the planet, one might say — were given the opportunity to make a different decision. The entire galaxy has been affected by the work the Zetas have been doing for these many millions of years, as well as many portions of your own galaxy. In order to change that and to allow the souls to choose more freely and in a more balanced way, the Creator created the opportunity for extremes. This is why you exist, from our point of view. Of course, there are other reasons. I do not wish to sound egocentric. From our point of view, you are our saviors in many ways because your existence and the resolution of your existence will allow the originally intended race to develop. I know this is complicated. Previously I have mentioned that the Zetas of recent time were dying out again and felt they needed to create a race that would carry on for us. We have come back to your time to induce survivability, bring more emotionality and create a hybrid between us. I’ve described these beings as jet black in their skin, with heads only slightly enlarged and large eyes — essentially very much like you. Rather dramatic-looking, not really frightening from your point of view, but something that I can best describe as looking like a Frank Lloyd Wright design — modern and sleek-looking. That was the race originally intended, but it didn’t occur because of free will and because of the seduction of the government in those old days. So the technological beings came on. Now, there is no loss; there were other lessons learned. Of course, it allowed for souls to have twin flames, as it were. The souls went on into Zeta Reticuli, but a direct split of those souls came off and formed your reincarnations. Thus you are absolutely bonded with the Zetas, which is why we are constantly involved with you in some way throughout your entire evolutionary cycle. In this pell-mell rush toward creating the prototype of the powerful-minded Zeta and the mad rush toward genetically altering and stimulating birthing cycles, a natural thing occurred. You see, in the laboratory where one works on cloning, one works on the cellular level. One can have millions of cells within a single petri dish for simple efficiency in such genetic procedures. But this is completely different. When an entire planet is converted into a petri dish in a laboratory, the crowding is beyond belief. When you are experimenting with a race of beings to discover the many uses and possibilities of the emotional body, you have a crowded planet filled with highly emotionally charged beings. Naturally, what occurred was extreme violence. Fortunately, they did not have atomic warfare; there was not the developmental aspect of weaponry. However, there was a developmental budding stage of what could be referred to as psychic warfare. The emotional body has the potential to do many things. You have heard of people who can move solid objects by just looking at them, or of the well-known gentleman [Uri Geller] who can bend spoons with what is apparently his thought (though it is really his emotions). Well, at this time, that idea was beginning. It was possible in those days for a group of ten or twelve to stand around, make various tones, achieve a certain emotion and move mountains in order to create structures for people to live in — or for beauty, perhaps.

So we were dealing with an emotional time bomb there. The prototype being was discovered and the various government scientists who needed that being took that one being with them to another planet to get away from the crowd, abandoning the shambles of a culture they had created. It simply ceased to exist. It became what you would call a dark planet, in terms of its emotions. People killed others for the remaining resources. Perhaps the cruelest trick of all was that those original love potions were not things that would work only temporarily. People were altered permanently , having a constant, overwhelming need to breed until it finally drove them mad. This is why they used their emotions in destructive ways. The planet did not blow up, as you understand it, though I have said that from time to time because it is difficult to say what really occurred. It is as though the minds and the hearts of the remaining beings imploded. Imagine a breeding frenzy that would escalate to the nth power. The people had to breed all the time; even when someone was giving birth to a child, someone would want to breed with them in that moment. It was madness. They simply went insane, no longer able to fend for themselves, and died of starvation — a slow and agonizing death. This included those in the government who did not go off with the scientific mission with the new prototype being. To give them their due, they recognized their mistake. They wrote long journals in the safety of their bunkers for many years while watching the civilization they had destroyed die around them. They essentially set up the model for the new culture that the new prototype being would acquire and develop.

Elimination of Emotion They identified sexual ideas, sexual experience, as emotions gone mad. Since the emotional body was the intent of the experiment then, they identified emotions and the emotional body as something that was beyond control. So they set up the new covenants of the scientific government to eliminate emotion as much as possible. Every attempt would be made with the new prototype being to eradicate emotion, even though that being was the product of an emotional race. It took many, many years, but through selective breeding and cloning techniques that were eventually developed, emotions were, for all intents and purposes, eliminated. However, looking back on it now and understanding it, I can see that they were not really eliminated. The primary emotions that remained were calm and peace — a blend between those states — and that is about it. But compassion was not there. When the divorce, one might say, took place with the old civilization, a judgment was made about emotions and their elimination. The succeeding civilization was ironically created from the gift of the emotional body. This is why my civilization has, until recent times (from my point of view, which is millions of years in your now future), been starved for what you now have: a balance between the mind, the body and that which is the conductor of the inspiration of the soul — ergo, the emotional body. This is told to you so that you will understand why so many civilizations, why my civilization, is so very interested in your civilization, and why, when people are abducted — from our point of view, taken up into a ship — there is always at least one individual on board who can calm the frightened passenger. That individual is, of course, a version of that person’s soul — a future self and sometimes even a twin flame. This is told to you now so that you will understand in the coming days when you will be passing through somewhat of that experience.

Your Coming Challenges Since you are resolving now the irregularities and certain extremes that took place in Atlantis that were left unresolved, you will begin to see more genetic experiments. You will begin to see even

more science fiction novels and movies supporting fantastic ideas of certain races being created that are even now on the drawing boards in some of your more secret science laboratories. You must go through those times. It will be nothing like what my race experienced in those extreme days gone by, but there will be some challenges for you. You, however, have been created to have the best possible chance for resolving those problems of anyone who has ever existed anywhere in all time and space. As a race, you have, as much as I understand now, donated to all time, space and culture — by your own need to create it — the ability to solve problems. We have all had for many years the ability to create problems, but we have not solved them through the use of technology or even spirituality, as you understand it. We have simply created alternatives and avoided solving them. Partly because of the speed of your culture where things can be examined and compared, and partly because of your strength emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, you are not only able but willing to solve problems. No one has ever done that before. It seems commonplace and ordinary to you because you have grown up with the idea that there will be problems and you will solve them.

Your Reward Is Near: Home I wish to comment on this, because it is unique; already it has created untold, fathomless treasures for many civilizations, most of which you will never meet: You have already accomplished 95 percent of what the Creator has created you to do! Now you get your reward. Your reward will be largely the rejoining of your complete selves so that you will have all your memories, see all your true families, be with them all and no longer have the need to be born into families that will create the nurturing base for conflicts. This is why some of you will sometimes have the experience of being in a family — your blood relations, as you say — where you feel like a stranger or outcast. It creates problems and challenges for you that you resolve in some way because you have the ability to do so. But in the true normal way, as I understand normal to be, one is born within groups of people who feel like “home.” The desire and the urge and the hunger for the idea and experience of home is absolutely built into your race so that you will be constantly seeking something. Most of you are not even aware that what you are seeking is home. You think it is who you are, but who you are is within the context of home. When you are home, you know who you are, and if you forget even for a moment, you are surrounded by people who will remind you.

You are bidden, one might say, by various enigmas that surround you, such as the stars or the depths of the oceans, caves and other things, that demand that you explore them and find out what is on the other side. What is it, really? You have been created to resolve problems and to want to go home above all else. This is your reward now. You are going to be allowed to go home. You will have to give up one major thing, however. You will have to give up some, but not all, of your ignorance, some of the pleasures of forgetting, so that you will have the joys of discovering who you are. Many of you will not really miss it too much. You haven’t mentioned love. What is your concept of love, and how do you relate that to our emotional nature — the emotional nature that was bred out of the Zetas? My now understanding of love in my ninth-dimensional body is that which I can give without giving anything up. How do you relate that to the emotional nature that was bred out of the Zetas? Do you consider that an aspect of emotions, or something on a higher dimension than emotions? I do not consider it higher, but rather the constant. I am not a great mathematician, but it seems to me that the constant is that which is sympathetic to all other emotional vibrations and from which all other emotional vibrations would originate. That is the mental understanding. I am new at emotional understanding, so bear with me. It appears that the species of Zetas you are now dealing with and will continue to deal with for some time will not quite be able to grasp what I, as their advisor, have to

offer to them. Yet they will feel, simply through their own exposure and their own senses, that I am in effect giving them something they will observe. They will notice the change in their own persona even though they are of one mind. Since they will notice this change, they will want to find out more about it. In their desire to explore the phenomenon of emotion, which does not appear to feel in any way threatening — especially by one who is apparently an aspect of one of them, as I am — they will explore it mentally. However, simply by being exposed to me and the radiations that come from me — which derive from the Source, as I understand it — they will in time be influenced sufficiently to begin to allow themselves a wider range of emotional expression. It will take some time to encourage them enough to want to take those first steps. But I have begun, and I do have some assistance.

The Recent Zeta Crisis and the Unneeded Hybrid I have a question about the hybrid race. Is this the intended race that the Zetas were to become, and do they exist in our present time? The hybrids are a race created by my people to carry on for them. In recent times there was a serious concern that the people were dying out. They could create the cloned bodies, but the souls were not entering those bodies as they had always done. The race was beginning to shrink in numbers as well as in the length of their lives. People were dying before their time and there was no disease involved; it is just that the souls wished to get out of those bodies. So there was terrific concern that there would be an end to the race. Therefore, in Zeta terms, a rush experiment had to take place. I call it a rush because in the normal genetic development of any species that the Zetas might create, perhaps 1,000 to 3,000 years might be given over to that experiment. There would be no rush, since time would not be a factor of limitation. There would be a leisurely exploration of every possible ramification and development, genetically speaking. But it appeared quite pointed that there was no time for such things, so there has been what you would call a mad rush pell-mell toward creating an alternative species. Now, understand that this is complicated. Zetas can travel in time. The Zetas who live in your now time on their planet are not the people who were desperately trying to create that species. The people attempting to create the hybrid race were from around the time I now exist in. I have just recently moved into this ninth-dimensional version myself, but my civilization has not yet moved into it; they are still in their swing from sixth to ninth. So now, through the creation of myself, they see they will go on. They see that it is no longer necessary to desperately rush to create a race that could carry the best of their knowledge while having the sturdiness and stronger physical, and to some extent emotional, bodies that your race represents — in other words, 51 percent Zeta, 49 percent Earth human. It is no longer necessary to have that race. So that created race has simply been allowed to have its own planet and create its own destiny. Are these beings in communication with us now in our present time? Not very much. Just a little teeny bit. Are you, as Joopah, a hybrid? No. Would there be more incarnations before we will be able to “go home”? Of course, you go home to some extent in your sleep state — your souls do. And between lives you go home. But in terms of going home within an incarnation, perhaps in terms of years, incarnations is a good way to put it. Of course, an individual might have an incarnation of ten years or

fifty years, so it is difficult to say. In terms of years, even though there is a time bend on the end of that, maybe 460 years. It is odd to me to understand this, but it will be 460 years and then it will be much sooner, because when time bends and you have lives that are home, it will be as if none of this ever happened. So it will be 460 years and then millions of years back into the past, in a sense. If you understand the loop in time in which all of your now civilizations are taking place, that loop will close and you will be dropping back down to before the beginning of the loop. It is more easily understood in pictures. But this is taking place; it is not unknown. It is not the only time a loop in time takes place. Anytime a vehicle or anything travels — your souls, for that matter — considerably beyond the speed of light to beyond the speed of time, it is possible to go to another universe, another galaxy, and arrive before you left. Time does not move so much faster than the speed of light. By way of a joke — not a very good one, perhaps — the lights you see flashing from the stars happened either millions of years ago or haven’t happened yet. All right, it’s not funny.

Future Is Past, Time Is Nonlinear How would this affect your future state if we suddenly take that loop and go back, and everything is changed? Ah, that is the question! It affects us in that we will not have had our incarnations in the technological and purely mental society. Everything that we have known — from the point of our civilization coming to an end on that one planet that was destined to evolve into the hybrid species of you — will be completely different. All that my species has missed in millions and millions of years of living on a thin thread, on what you could call a starvation diet of emotionality, will be gone. Our souls will simply evolve into that original intention, which would appear to be the hybrid human-Zeta being. When you exist in the fourth dimension, you will begin to take on certain appearances that will not be so unlike that hybrid. It will be a little further on before you actually develop that appearance. You mean the black ones? Yes, though you will still have races as you understand them. In time they will begin to meld. It is hard to understand this, but it is possible to have sequences that are going on in apparent conflict. In time your race and my race will cease to exist as they do now, and will be melded in the form of that hybrid, but way back in time. In terms of the souls that you and we were then — the same souls — those souls will not be focused in this experience. Do you understand what I am suggesting? This experience will have happened, but it will not have been with our combined souls. That begs the question: which souls will have had this experience? It will have been the souls from that planet referred to from time to time by Zoosh as the negative Sirians. They would not have had to experience only negative energy; they would have had a balance and all of this other. That is what was intended for them. All of the situations would be altered that were grossly out of balance over the last millions of years — not totally uncreated, but altered, uncreated from the point of view of the souls. Dimensionality is beyond years, but I use the term for simplicity of understanding. If our souls pass through this, that experience will be uncreated, in large part. But it will still happen, but with others, as was originally intended. In a sense, you have been and are living lives right now that were intended to be lived by other souls. You are filling in for somebody else! But do we get to keep the experience? Where you are going there will be no need for this experience. All this experience was really intended for the specific knowledge that is gained from it, not the emotions or the compassion. That is

the intention of the experience. You will need to go on from that point in time as indicated — way in the distant past when that planet died out. The people who will need this knowledge will be the Sirian people. They will need it because they will be living it. They will go on. When you ease into the fourth dimension, they will come into this third dimension that you have known on this planet, and in time they will very gradually (ironic, isn’t it, since they want to take over now?) blend into your experience as your souls gradually move into that past time to carry on in the way it was originally intended. They will very gradually move into even your fourth dimension, and you as soul groups will cease to exist in that dimension. They will in time, as you like to say, walk into those bodies that you will have in the fourth dimension — and you get to go back and be who you were originally intended to be! So I don’t think you are going to be hanging around too long in the fourth dimension. That is a transition point. But as we go back, is the Explorer Race then coming forward? Or will the Sirians be the Explorer Race? The Sirians will be part of the Explorer Race, but you will benefit from their experience even though you are in the past. You will begin doing planetary explorations in this third dimension and will continue in the fourth dimension. Then the Sirians will take over. What about the whole Orion experience? You are resolving that now. Are we going back before that, then? Yes, you will go back before that, and it will all be changed. So many lives and incarnations will be changed that it is beyond zeros and commas. I’ve come to an understanding lately that no individual ever has a specific past or future incarnation physically, but that they are all collective and simultaneous. Do you think that is true? Yes. That is simply an explanation of vertical time. You have all heard and laughed, I’m sure, about the idea that someone has been told they had a past life as Mata Hari. How many Mata Haris can there be? How many thousands and millions of Mata Haris were there? Well, all of the genetic stuff that makes you up on this planet is constantly recycled. How many cells do you suppose passed through Mata Hari’s body and went … you understand? Using the example of vertical time, it is conceivable for someone to be told they’ve had a past life as Mata Hari in one cell or even in one thought, as well as a past life of many others. But in the context of vertical time, meaning now, it is possible that past lives do not exist because now does not account for then or even when. Now is now. Do the hybrids have a star system? They are in the Zeta system on a planet of their own. You mentioned the negative Sirians who plan on walking into our bodies as we leave. They will not be negative by that time. Oh, good. You mentioned that they are actually here on our planet at this time. Are they trying to become or create a hybrid at this time? Yes. And so they are using us in some dimensional reality, not the third dimension? They are not really using you. There are wonderful stories going around, very entertaining, that they are using you. They are not. They are using rudimentary — from my point of view — cloning equipment utilizing certain genetic samples from animals and combining them with their own, as well

as some genetic samples from a version of human being that does not exist in this now time, in order to create a more durable species of their own. But they are not creating chicken à la human. Those are very entertaining stories that I cannot support. Are there any humans who are cooperating with them, such as in our government? Yes, but they are perhaps more aware now of who they are working with, and are now not really cooperating the same way they once were. Those from the Sirius planet had passed themselves off in the past as being somebody else. The assumption was that they were in fact somebody else. So this 460 years with a twist … Is that a twist of lemon, or a twist of lime? I’m getting there! Then we could literally, at the close of this incarnation or not too far beyond that, certainly be back there? This incarnation? In terms of your now life? Yeah. You said 460 years, but with this … Oh, yes. As you understand it, at the close of any incarnation the whole purpose for your existence now is to go back before your existence. So one might say that if, at the end of this existence, you choose to have a life beyond the point of humanity, you might conceivably choose to be born in those times, yes. Certainly, since you do not have one life after another numerically. But that is not the time loop you were talking about? No. I am talking about the loop that plods along year after year. If one of you died, say, a year from now, the following day you would not be born again in that same soul and say, “On we go!” You are born in various time and place sequences according to what your soul needs to do. This, of course, is out of the context of the idea of now, in which it all happens at once, but you don’t really need to think about that at the moment. Does the hybrid have an emotional body similar to ours? Yes, similar. That is why they can in time interact with you effectively. Because instead of having the blank stare from the Zetas that you are now involved with, when you talk about things that are emotionally related, there will be a direct understanding, a sharing. You are sufficiently close as a species to be able to mingle socially, mentally and emotionally. Do the Zetas and the hybrids and humans share what we call the chakra system? Yes. Is that a common denominator among civilizations of different beings? As the idea of points of energy that relate to lessons and so on, it is a common denominator. But the actual layout of the system varies. One could conceivably, within a lightbody such as my own, have a commingling of all of the chakras, for example. Could we characterize the Zetas as having their energy in their upper chakras and humans having their energy in the lower chakras? In terms of what is going on now for you as a race and your development in the next few years, your point of focus — what needs to be worked out — is in your lower chakras. What the Zetas actually need to be doing is also in their lower chakras, only they don’t know it. If you didn’t exist, it wouldn’t get worked out. Their spiritual existence is very advanced, but it is also limited. Just as your own spiritual existence is very advanced, it is limited, but less limited. Your souls are here to learn something. What do you mean when you say that we have a basic desire to go home? Is that the mass galactic consciousness, the group consciousness we were a member of before we came to the

inception of this planet? All life, as I understand it, has an ordinary equilibrium, which is to say that home is a factor. If you remove life from the elements it recognizes as home, it will feel nervous even at its most relaxed moment. You have been purposely removed from it so that you would be constantly seeking it. This is what drives you out to the stars. Do we all have different homes? In terms of tribal life — that is to say, families of consciousness — your homes are within those sources. Even though you might give them planetary names, that is sometimes given only for your mind’s need to reference a geographical origin. Your real homes are within those families of consciousness. All right, we’ve drifted far afield a bit, so I’ll say that is about enough from my point of view, and I will say good evening. Can Zoosh sort of wind it up and give a synopsis? •••

Overview All right, Zoosh here. Understand that the apparently complicated discussion tonight will look perhaps less complicated in print, as it is intended to do, since it will be sorted out and pursued in other subject areas. The entire intention of their civilization is to work through many difficult unresolved problems of other civilizations. Tonight you have heard from Joopah, who talked about the problem you are working on for his civilization. But there are other civilizations and points of view you might hear that would be different. This is not to say that what Joopah had to say was not relevant, but even so, if you were to hear from Orion, for example — since that is significant — they might say that you are involved in something that would be specifically applicable to them. It is as though you are a tree with many branches, and yet there is one trunk that sources into a taproot that draws its nutrients from the Source, or the Creator. You have many expressions in all of the branches in the tree and each would be waving in the wind and basking in the Sun. Yet you were created as a species, as a source being. You are (how can we say it without giving you big egos?) the Creator’s body. In order to deal with the most difficult problems, the Creator calls on the most advanced and experienced souls. He/she/it will program the souls in the intended ways, and those souls will deliver. You have been blessed with this duty. I can assure you that everybody wanted to go, but as is normally the case, only some were allowed to, since only some were needed. So it is a great honor to participate, and you will get as much as you give. Those in residence in this experiment to resolve the unresolvable problems, both karmic and otherwise, from other points in your universe will find yourselves, as souls, able from this point on — after the closure of the experiment and a return to the time before the time (as alluded to by Joopah and by others from Orion or by others in the future perhaps) — to do literally anything you want. The Creator, according to my understanding, desires to expand and become more even at that level. The Creator wants to become more, and when the Creator moves on up, as it were, somebody has got to carry on. That is what you get to do. This creation that you are involved in, this aspect of your being the Creator, don’t you just know that you are being trained for something? You will all combine in time and become the sum knowledge. You will, when you move to that point, bring the knowledge of all that happened in the third dimension. It will not be lost. As you move into the becoming and recombining as a mass soul

unit, you will become the Creator so that the Creator can move on. You are like the vice president who moves up to be president. So you are in training to do all that the Creator has done so that the Creator, in its sum total of consciousness, can take all of what it will need in its next experience and leave all that it will not need to those who will carry on in its place. You will become the Creator . That’s what you get out of it. Not bad, eh?


Sex, Love and Relationships Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, February 11, 1990 All right. I will start off with a provocative statement, which is that the old joke about the war between men and women is not really a joke at all. There is a natural tendency for any people, any culture, any race, to believe that the conditions to which they are exposed are universal truths. You have laws associated with physics that are incomplete because the assumptions of science, religion or philosophy are naturally based largely on observation and experience. The isolation of your planet has enabled you to develop these limited philosophies. Why do I say “enabled”? It is because it has forced you to reinvent the wheel, to discover things about yourself and your world by the old hunt-and-peck method, yes? You have to learn by doing. You do not have millions of years of directly accessible philosophy, knowledge, religion and science passed on to you from your forefathers. You had to reinvent the wheel all over again. What isolation enables you to do is reinvent it in a new way. This planet is about the new. The only connection to the old is that which you have inherited to resolve. But when you inherit it, you do new things with it because you are not limited by the fixed truths of the past. Think about it. Even now, in as brief a time as your culture has existed, many of your young people from time to time will rebel against some form of society’s fixed rules. Maybe it is a rebellion against religion or philosophy, or maybe the culture of the time. This rebellion is available, and when you rebel you invent something new or you adapt yourself to some new option for yourself. You think of these as universal truths. They are not. This planet is about resolution and recreation. You all create in every moment. On this planet you have the opportunity to re-create, since you have inherited not only the karma of previous generations from other planets, but also their unresolvable problems. The reason those problems were unresolvable is because they were burdened with the knowledge — millions of years of knowledge — of how things are and how they worked, and they had the full access of the knowledge of their souls. You say to me, “But Zoosh! That is what we are going for here! We want to be fully enlivened and enlightened with the light of our souls in alignment with God.” I say, “Wonderful! You were created to strive toward that, to want to know more in your quest for personal knowledge and personal gratification.” And yet when you don’t have that direct line of complete knowledge, you have to experiment and try things in new ways. Any of you who have been parents know that your children are bound and determined to make the same mistakes you made and maybe a few new ones of their own. That is because they have to try it for themselves. That is because they, as individuals, do not have the direct connection that you all seek to the godhead with all knowledge and all love. Regardless of what another equal says to them — in this case the parent, being another human being in search of the God-self within — they must find out for themselves. As members of the Explorer Race it is your duty to reinvent the wheel and do things in a way that is new even for you. You are in constant search of the lost God-self. However, it is not really lost; it is purposely withheld so that you will strive and be driven to find the lost egg, as it were — the self that is seemingly inaccessible. This is by way of introduction to who you are. The Explorer Race was created to be curious, and

you have inherited all of the unresolved problems of your universe — not some, but every single one. So recognize that almost every single behavior that has been cursed by humankind and has been the burden of humanity and the evil that men and women do, is in every single case an inherited, unresolved problem from some other planet or ancient culture. They couldn’t resolve it because they knew “the truth” — and because you don’t, you can resolve it! How many people do you know who have created or invented something entirely new in a profession or in association with some idea — science, technology, anything — in a field in which they were completely ignorant of the formal training for that profession? To use an example in science, Leeuwenhoek, with all of his work, was not a scientist at the time but an upholsterer. This was not uncommon. Leeuwenhoek was not strapped with the “truth” of science. He could imagine how things might be. There are many examples in science. Fill in the blanks. The absolute truth is that the war between men and women is real. You assume that the coupling of men and women is normal and that on whatever planet you go to, you are going to find males and females together. But as those of you on the leading edge of biology or microbiology know, there are apparently asexual cells and microorganisms that reproduce themselves and are the combined effects of both male and female. This is by and large the rule — not the separation of the sexes, the male constantly seeking to fulfill or express its female and the female constantly seeking to fulfill or express its male. That is a big unresolved problem. Most societies have a different aspect of reproduction. Many of them are using technology such as cloning. Some of them simply reproduce themselves when the time is right; that is the standard program. You are still having contacts with certain societies. These contacts — that is, other extraterrestrial races contacting you — are allowed only when you are resolving one of their problems. So they are not only interested, but they are really interested in you.

You Invented Hope and Problem Solving I’d like to give the example that hope didn’t exist until you did, because other people didn’t need it. They knew the truth. Understand? You’ve had to create hope because you don’t know the truth and you hope to find out. You might say, “So what?” But when you created hope, right then and there you resolved the problem in a distant planet in another star system. They didn’t have hope. They didn’t know what it was to do without, and they didn’t know what it was to feel that there was some possibility of having what they were seeking. Every time even an individual resolves something, has the “Eureka! I understand it!” experience, it reverberates around the universe. Don’t you know that you really are the center of the universe in many ways? Galileo would know. These other people, all of these ancient scientists — from your point of view — had the right idea. Philosophically speaking, you are the center of the universe in many ways because you are the problem solvers. Also, you are going to go to the stars! Not maybe; you will go. And you will bring your culture, your desire to find out what is behind the next turn in the road, your lust for life — meaning you’ll fight to the last breath to stay alive because you don’t know that when the physical body dies you simply go on. Knowing it up here [intellectually] is not sufficient. Every one of you will fight to the last breath to stay alive. You were made that way. You will bring that, plus things that you will criticize about yourself — space junk, as it were, among other things — to all those other civilizations and show them what can be done when problems are encountered. Because to a completion — I want to say to a man, but I do not want to offend the women — they all do not know how to solve their problems. Interesting idea, that.

You know, you could take any five-year-old child on this planet and he or she could resolve problems that a thousand-year-old person could not resolve on another planet living in a society in which they know the truth. Ignorance can be bliss.

Earth’s ET Sexual Heritage The war between men and women is real. You have inherited that directly from an ancient civilization in Orion. It runs deep. There have been many physical wars between men and women. There have been many, many societies where the male/male were together and the female/female were together. There would be no meeting. If there was a meeting, it would be at the point of a spear. This is not that unusual. There are many, many other societies in which the reproductive cycle is within an individual, and there is no male and female directly. So here you not only have the pleasures, as it were, of male/female, but you also have the anxiety and the strife. What about other situations? What about, for example — to continue to be provocative — threeway relationships? Two men and a woman? Two women and a man? These things are beginning to become more well known, but it is not as if they are exactly new. After all, it is not at all uncommon

in older civilizations, and even in some current cultures now on this planet, for there to be marriages or living systems where men would have many wives and even some civilizations where a woman would have many husbands. This kind of relationship was inherited directly from the Pleiades. The unresolvable aspect had to do with this: There was an ancient civilization once upon a time in the Pleiades. They did not have a lot of people. The ratio at that time (male/female) was out of balance, so it was necessary for people to have more than one spouse. That went on for a time. Eventually there was no longer a problem. The usual thing occurred in this ancient civilization, in the sense that people began to feel jealous. The population no longer needed to be expanded. They didn’t know what to do about that. It was creating strife, and in the early stages in that ancient civilization, strife was beginning to be considered not okay. In the Pleiades as they exist today, they do not allow negativity as you understand it — discomfort. So the seeds of those ideas were forming. Since the Pleiadian culture and your own culture come from the same forefathers, they had the opportunity to do what you are doing: to live in ignorance and to reinvent the wheel. But they said no. So it was allowed, with the full and complete knowledge that they would do it eventually. They have been watching all these years. They have been relating to Atlantis and Lemuria; they have been around all the time that your civilization has been developed here — not the same individuals, but their culture. They’ve been watching, waiting: “I wonder how they will figure that one out!” Not exactly betting on it, but watching with eager anticipation because they needed to be reassured that it was possible to work things out and that it wasn’t just a dead-end street leading to strife. That is what happened in their civilization. It led to strife, and the founding fathers of that civilization said, “No! We are putting an end to this!” They essentially stopped it, culturally. And as all of you parents out there know, when you tell a child, “I’m sorry, you can’t do that anymore — not in this house, not anywhere,” that does not mean it is the end of the problem, only the end of the discussion. They had ways of controlling their society; they essentially bred it out genetically. It wasn’t the end of the problem, just the end of the discussion. And as you are aiming now toward your fourth-dimensional aspect, you know that they are going to have to begin where they left off.

So not only are they looking forward to seeing how you are going to shift into being more like them, but they are kind of nervous about being more like you. You know, you are the problem solvers. You will take your Explorer Race idea out there, fourth dimension or not. You’ll be going out to the stars. You’ll have the knowledge of how to resolve these things. But that doesn’t mean you are going to have to be living in the extreme polarities. When you get to the fourth dimension as you understand it, the next level of your existence as a planet, culturally speaking, will have only about 2 percent discomfort — just enough to give you the impetus to resolve something but not so much as to create

totally chaotic societal breakdowns. And at that time you will be an inspiration; people will stand back and say, “Look at them! They have done the impossible! We wouldn’t do it. We never would have tried. Let them do it. They have resolved the impossible.” And they will then very tentatively, as one might inch out into cold water, begin to try it out themselves. The Pleiadians have in the past considered themselves to be a very advanced and spiritual society. “Oh, we’ll go to the Earth, we’ll help them out. We’ll raise them up just as soon as they get over their negative energy. Then they’ll be like us, and we’ll put our arms around them and bring them into our dimension and our refined state of being.” Well, all I have to say to that is [Zoosh gives a raspberry]! That is the reality of the situation. They have recently been informed that that which they stopped doing they must do, so that their own society can expand and grow. Growth to you is apparently a law. Well, I say to you, growth is in reality a physical law everywhere, and a mental, an emotional and a divine law as well. On the Pleiades when they said, “No, we’re not going to do that anymore,” they also said, “No, we are not going to grow anymore.” They have been stunted in their growth ever since. They have been recently informed of this situation. They are not hanging around so close now because they are kind of nervous about it. They have had a little “attitude” about you. Now it is changing. They will have a little period of adjustment, and then they can carry on. There are other relationships, is that not so? What about the idea of male/male or female/female relationships on this planet? What about that? Was that inherited from somewhere? Yes, it was. Again, that was inherited from Orion. You’ve had a lot of connections to Orion. The main civilizations that you are resolving things for on this planet are Orion, the Pleiades and Sirius. There are other places, but those are the main ones. Male/male relationships and female/female relationships are not a problem; they are a resolution. It reflects a desire to do what is natural to the individuals who do it, and it has roots not only way back in the past, but roots now common even to the universe. The problem occurs in the eyes of those who judge them. The judgment of those relationships is also related to extraterrestrial phenomena. Judgment, for the most part in these cases of sexuality, is rooted in Sirius, so what you have, essentially, is a clash in consciousness between Orion and Sirius. You are now beginning to work it out. These types of relationships in the past were tolerated from a distance, but now that you have so many people and it is in your face all the time, you have to learn how to deal with it in ways that are not individually frightening. Mom and Dad or somebody told you that men are men and women are women, and a man and a woman get together, have families, and raise children and life will go on, and that you’ll be a big boy or a big girl someday. But the reality of the situation is that men are men and women are women, and sometimes they get together. And that is okay, too. So I am just giving you a few brief ideas about what we want to talk about tonight — sex, love and relationships — the extraterrestrial connections. Is the judgmentalism that stems from Sirius related to their perceived need of not dying out? No. The judgmentalism from Sirius has a different aspect. It is a perception of the value of their own culture. It relates really rather nicely to the idea of the “chosen people,” which has a religious context and is not the least bit oriented toward any single religion or culture. It is a coveted idea by many religions and cultures to believe that they have somehow been singled out by God either for great and powerful things or some terrible burden. It is more in alignment with the idea that the things that the rest of the world relates to, aspects of life, are unworthy for those “chosen ones” who are walking the pathway of the true cause. It is an idea that goes way back and is designed to build conflict into a society. So I would say

that even though it would appear to be something that would be survival-oriented, it goes deeper than that. You are saying that the Pleiadians have tried to cut out negativity. But on the other hand, our negativity here on Earth appears to be leading to planetary destruction. So what is it that they need to learn from us? Your negativity on Earth is leading to the resolution of negativity out of necessity. I am implying that our negativity doesn’t look, from my standpoint, like it is resolving. I say that it will. It may not resolve in the ways that everyone would like society to be. But if things were the way you’d like them to be, you might as well be on the Pleiades where everything is hunky-dory and nobody has to do anything and you have your whole lifetime to decide whether you want your nails to be green or blue this year. What I am saying is that although I understand the desire to be living in a society that is free of strife — and you are evolving toward a society that is going to be more free of strife, believe me — it is needed that you have this desire. The idea of freedom from strife — difficulty, negativity or whatever you wish to call it — would depend on the perceptions of the individual. So understand that those of you who have chosen to have lives here on this planet before you were born were all given the choice of where you wanted to be. Everybody wants to come here because this is where the most growth in the shortest amount of time is available. You can grow more in a single life on this planet as it is now, even a brief life of thirty-five years, than you can grow in ten thousand lifetimes of a thousand years on the Pleiades!

Your Souls’ Perspective Since your souls are highly motivated to grow and seek the godhead, you know that this is the most popular resort in town. That is why your souls want you to be here so much. They want you to be here because of what they have to gain. It seems a little selfish on their part. Oh, it is all right for them to say, “Go on down there and live in the pit,” as it were. You may say, “ You don’t have to do that! But I’ve got to get up every day at 5:00 in the morning and get into the trenches.” Your souls sit back and say, “Oh, well, but look what I’ve gained from it!” It is easy for them to say! But you see, your souls are here to learn how to think for themselves. They have been programmed by the Creator to have the eons of knowledge, to know the truth. And the Creator, in its inevitable whimsy, has put a little spin on the ball: the souls have been set up, literally, because it is their job to learn how to think for themselves (putting it in your terms) and to make just one (they have to do it only once) thought, action, understanding or realization of their own that does not relate to what the Creator has told them life is all about. You see, they are predisposed specifically from the Creator to believe that all negativity is bad, and that just as soon as you climb out of the gutter you are going to join them and live in paradise as your soul-self. But the true story is that when the souls realize that 2% negative energy allows you to grow and yet does not affect your society in destructive ways, then they will inherit the godhead. They don’t have it now because they don’t think for themselves. Only people/entities/individuals/beings who can reach conclusions on the basis of their self-contained knowledge and experience — whether they necessarily go along with others or not — are allowed to seek and be in the godhead. So the souls get to do it differently. When they come to that conclusion, and some of them are getting there, then things are going to be different. This means that they are suddenly going to realize: “uh-oh.” The judgment they have against negativity is no longer going to keep them far away. The souls are, in a sense, staying away from you. That is why it is hard for you. You know that you can

talk to your soul, but you don’t always hear what the soul has to say. There are meditative ways to do this — visualizations, psychological things you can do and so on. But your soul always seems to speak to you as the teacher with the attitude of “I know this! Sit down and tell me all about your problems and I’ll give you these wonderful, loving answers” — with an attitude! That attitude is “just as soon as you get out of negativity, everything is going to be all right.” In other words, they have conditional love for you. I’m not saying your souls are bad; I am saying that they have to grow, like you, and understand that the true purpose of negativity is to give you impetus, a get-up-and-go, as it were. The whole reason negativity was involved in this planet in the first place was to find a use for it, a positive use for it. When the souls understand that — and they are getting there — then you will have the union of yourselves with the fourth dimension. Your souls are keeping you from the fourth dimension because they are stubborn: “The Creator said this, God said this, and that is how it is, because God said so.” Sound familiar? “That is the way it is, and that’s how it is going to be” — that is their attitude. But they are getting there and beginning to realize that the reason why things aren’t working out, and the reason they are not merging with you in your daily consciousness in wholesale lots, is that they have something they must do. However, it is not just onesided, and there is something that you also must do.

The Orgasm and the Immune System Aside from the reproductive function of sexuality, what is the function of orgasm, especially as it relates to the immune system and the vitality of the cells? Orgasm, as you understand it, reaches — not just reaches, but breaches — through the four elements of consciousness: body, mind, spirit and emotion. It allows you to experience in physical terms the electrical union of all of those four levels of consciousness. Your emotions, as I have said many times, are felt physically as electricity. At some point your physicists are going to understand — and they are beginning to suspect — that electricity is a substance and that it is something that has method, means. Why does it go here, not there? Lightning, you understand, and so on. When you have an orgasm, it is a physical experience. It is also the total experience of your entire emotional body. It is the only time you are ever 100 percent emotional and 100 percent physical. Since the emotional and the spiritual are the feminine aspect and the mental and physical are the masculine aspect, it is right now the only guaranteed time when you can have absolute and complete union of the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself. Good question. What is the impact of that on the immune system and the cell vitality? It is health, yes. I am not going to say you should get out there and have all the orgasms you can, because in order to have these the best possible way, you will be doing so with another individual who wants to do so with you. In other words, it is like your soul reaching for the godhead through you, because your soul communicates to you primarily through your emotional body. Your emotional body is the electrical stuff that is the physical aspect — the conduit, one might say — through which you can reach the godhead self. I encourage those of you who are involved in the desire to expand your sense of safety and, mentally speaking, the immune system. You know what I am saying: it is important. Mentally speaking, the immune system is a physiological aspect of safety. As you expand your sense of safety, you are evolving out of a physiological need to have an immune system. That is why you are experiencing so many syndrome-type disease functions that seem to be related to the immune system. What they are really related to is the lack of safety. Thus the more that you can do — and I will be controversial, why not? — experimentally in sexual union with, as they say, a consenting partner to

experience orgasmic delights will impact more on your sense of safety in union with another. This will assist you to move beyond the need for an immune system.

Romance: A Lesson for Andromeda It is a given that there is an attraction between the sexes that has to do with romance. How is this inherited? Romance is the bribe. I do not wish to put it into such a context, but understand that the war between men and women is real! The powers that be — can you imagine them sitting around a table having a strategic meeting, the aspects of the Creator, as it were — “How can we get these two separate bodies of entities together? What is going to bring them together? We know that males and males are going to come together because that is so often the case in the rest of the universe. We know females and females are going to come together. But how are we going to get males and females together? We’re going to have to use the same element that brings males together with males and females together with females. We’re going to have to use a romance that goes beyond the bounds of reason.” How many times will you look at your friends or even yourself and say, “It must be love, because there is no sense to this at all!” That is it! This is an area from Andromeda — the seat of thought. Thought was invented there. The mental body did not exist before the cultures of Andromeda were thought. Everything that can be imagined, considered, dealt with or thought was created there. And romance is a thought, a feeling, a physical effect, obviously — and it is also a direct divine inheritance, an aspect of the godhead. Since you are human beings and since your souls give you conditional love, you don’t know any better, so you give each other conditional love. So what will pull you together in that circumstance? Something totally and completely out of the bounds of reason — romance. You inherit this from a place that invented reason, because their permitted path of growth is to do the unreasonable. Their attitude would be that to do the unreasonable is unthinkable. So their lesson is to understand the value of the growth that results when romance is involved between men and women; it pulls them together — in the eyes of Andromeda, an unnatural union. That attitude seems a little odd to you, for it doesn’t seem unnatural to you at all. But that is because you are the problem solvers, the Explorer Race. That idea, the unnatural union that they resist and that is their path of growth, is one you are resolving for them so they can sit back and say, “It is resolvable; we will go on and accept our path.” Believe me, they are really — from your point of view — evolved. They invented thought. Think about that! They are really evolved mentally. But they are stunted emotionally, and you are not. So understand very clearly that romance comes from the unresolved lessons from Andromeda. In the Creator’s infinite wisdom, it said, “We’re going to make things happen on Earth.” Then the Creator sits back on its duff, leans back in the chair, surveys all it has created and does — what? Ha,ha,ha! — laughs uproariously! Because I’ll tell you this: the Creator has a sense of humor. That is the only thing that could explain life!

Males and Females: Two Separate Species Can you look into the roots of the split of the sexes in Orion? What was the basis of it? Was it the extreme polarity? Where did it come from? Originally men and women were two separate species. You accept the fact that male and female are natural; there are male human beings and female human beings. But have you not wondered why they look so much alike, as in the case of Zeta beings, for example? You might have looked at

somebody from a different race when you were younger and less experienced and said, “Wow, they look a lot alike.” But as you grow older and more perceptive, you will see that there are plenty of subtle differences, and unless you are really looking at life with your hands over your eyes, you can sure tell the difference between men and women! So men and women are two entirely separate species. They relate back to Orion for men and to Sirius for women. You don’t come from the same place; you have a totally different origin. Many of your life forms associated with the sea and water species come from Sirius. There are a lot of water planets there. There is one negative planet in the star system of Sirius, but all the rest are very positive, loving and flowing. Orion has a lot of mountainous planets. There are many topographical features that you would identify as being masculine as well as technology, power, control — a lot of things like that.

Men and women are two entirely different races. You are fooled, you see, on this planet. You

have been complacently lulled into the idea that men and women are the same race because you have the same basic features. However, the original race of women in Sirius didn’t look at all like the original race of men on Orion, not at all. And believe me, if they were standing next to each other you’d say, “These people come from different places! They don’t look even remotely alike. They have two arms, two legs and a body, but that’s about it!” Going back to the roots of the female physiology, women originally had soft, downy fur on their bodies. What about the so-called hairy male, eh? Hair is originally a feminine trait; I mention that as an example. You come from totally different star systems. You are lulled into believing that romance must be okay, because “although she or he is my opposite, it is a human being, after all — I’m not bringing home a gorilla!” But it would be just like that. If you saw the original male race from Orion and the original female race from Sirius, you’d say, “These people don’t have anything in common!” But the Creator said, “Yes, they do!” Can you describe what the original males and original females looked like? A little bit. The females had downy, soft fur and originally had a bony ridge perhaps 2½ inches wide on their heads that extended back, reaching a height of about ¾ inch at the very top of the skull, then tapering down toward the neck to join the spinal column. We are describing an extension of the spinal column that does not terminate inside, but goes straight up, with all nerve endings and so on coming down and terminating at the third eye. You understand? Spirituality, emotionality — feminine traits! The feminine being is primarily the spiritual and the emotional. The masculine, that’s where the old spine screwed itself into the skull — a real big difference! That arrangement was adapted here because it was believed that the men would be too afraid as a species if they didn’t have a lot more like them on this planet. It was believed that the women could adapt — adaptation is a feminine trait, and you’ve inherited that here regardless of whether you are male or female. The male, to give you some clues here, did not really have fingers but what you would refer to as, nicely speaking, clublike paws — a solid little nub coming out on the side that you would now refer to as your thumb. But not refined fingers, no. Refinement came from the feminine. I’ve always assumed that AIDS was a product of males, with males being very unnatural. I guess this isn’t true, then. It ain’t so. As a matter of a fact, it is a gift to the divine that the males who are with males are showing to the world that there is a basic microbiological, physiological situation in human beings that needs to be changed. This disease syndrome — I’d rather call it a syndrome because it suggests there are a lot of syndromes about — draws attention to the immune system. I can assure you that for the next ten to fifteen years there are going to be a lot of strange little syndromes that turn up in association with immune systems, and the resolution of this will largely base itself on your discovery that pollution is at its core. But a lot of you know that. I will simply say that these beings who are in union together, male to male, did not begin this disease. It is a perception, of course, in the Western world that they began it, but they decided to carry that flag on a soul level — the unconsciousness level — into the Western world. You might say, “This disease, this syndrome occurs in other places largely due to sex between men and women” and ask realistically if there is an unnatural union between men and women! That is where it got its start! It’s not a popular thought among religious circles — and you are affected by the opinions of others. Regardless of the best of their intentions, they believe that they are saying the right thing; they believe that the natural union is man and woman. They have inherited the idea of being prejudged by their souls in relation to a certain idea. So it is not so strange that people have prejudgments.

This syndrome has to do with the need for an immune system, and as you evolve toward the fourth dimension, there will no longer be an immune system. You are not going to need it, because by that time you will feel safe enough in your environment and will not be threatened by men and men or women and women having sex within your vision. You will not be threatened by that. You may be walking down the street with your child, and a man starts kissing another man, and your child says, “What are they doing, daddy?” You’ll just say, “Oh, just expressing their love for each other.” You won’t feel at all upset by that. Your child will say, “Oh, that’s it? Big deal.” But right now you are trying to climb out of those preconceived notions. I am not advocating male-to-male sex; I am not advocating female-to-female sex. And equally, I am not advocating male-to-female sex! Or maybe I am advocating sex, love, orgasm, experimentation — expansion of the safety zone in all ways. I am saying (disclaimers to the contrary), maybe I am advocating it. I don’t like to advocate too much, you see, because there are those who would want me to lead, since they are so desirous to follow. It is not my intention to do that. I want to give you something to think about. Just think about it. I will take the heat for being controversial, all right? Since males and females each come from a different race, could there be such a thing as a soulmate? Well, yes. It doesn’t exactly relate, but I will say why not? I’ve always stated that soulmates are temporary. You are seeking this soulmate, but you are really seeking the masculine or feminine side of yourself that is lost, associated with the godhead and so on. You will find some person with whom you can have the most wonderful relationship and with whom you could have the most wonderful growth in these times. You are really at an accelerated level of growth, so growth is a part of a relationship whether you seek it or not. And since you grow at varying rates, you are together as soulmates for a time — not forever walking or dancing into the sunset like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Those days are gone in the sense that they had a time for that. Now you don’t. You are in an accelerated growth cycle now as a planetary race. I am not telling you to give up the idea of soulmates; I am asking you to understand that you may have a soulmate for a time and another soulmate for a time.

Sex and Kundalini How does sex energy relate to the concept of kundalini energy that wants to rise to the higher chakras? Again, what we have here is spirit naturally descending to humankind to offer a helping hand, as it were. It is not just that spirit can do this; spirit clearly understands that you go up the ladder to greater elements of knowledge, to the Creator. Spirit can offer only a limited assistance, and it is educating itself. Kundalini is humankind’s built-in attempt to help spirit, because spirit is limited and is coming from a prejudged, predisposed position: that the energy is moving up the spine because it is reaching for the godhead. In reality it is reaching to spirit, which is limited, to offer the assistance of what has been learned and what is known to be true in your physical reality. You think of God and the Creator coming down to help you, but the Creator, in its infinite wisdom, allows you to come up to help spirit in the language in which it can understand, which is the language of electricity, your emotional body’s substance! Good question. When you speak of spirit, are you speaking of the soul, or are you speaking of All That Is? I am speaking of the souls and the next expansion of the soul, what you would perceive as the oversoul, being that portion of the soul that is consciously aware of all the other aspects of the soul,

you understand? In regard to orgasm, you mentioned that when it occurs with two people it involves the four aspects of humanity. Is the same effect reached by a person experiencing an orgasm alone? It is reached to an extent, but it does not allow the emotional body to fully expand itself, for it does not allow the immune system to feel that it is no longer needed so much. Alone, your safety zone is not being expanded; it does not allow the physical body to receive the expanded safety and comfort of the love of another. So I am not saying don’t do it, because I’d rather have you do that than not do anything! I can assure you, despite protestations to the contrary, that monasteries and places like that are filled with people satisfying themselves and in some cases satisfying each other. That is the way it is. It is not evil. Hair is not going to grow on your palms! I would say it is okay. It is a whole different point. Allow yourself to think about the idea that you can have sexual union with someone you are not going to be with for the rest of your life. Because you are here to grow sexually as well as mentally, spiritually and emotionally. When I say sexually I mean physically, in this case. The body yearns for another body. Open up the line of communication with your physical self and it will tell you, “I want to hug somebody and I want them to hug me back.” Hugging is a form of sexual exchange. It is accepted socially. I will again reiterate: by all means bring yourself to sexual climax if nothing else is available, and open up your hearts to the idea of having sex with others who are not necessarily your life mates. I am not trying to encourage a totally promiscuous society, but for those of you who do not have a mate, consider expanding and growing in these areas if only for yourself. Think about it. How did the Orion beings with the lack of fingers and thumbs become technological? They invented great technology; did they do it alone? Or by that time had the Sirian women joined them? They had to do it. Putting it in three-dimensional terms, if you had a lot of appendages — fingers, as it were — you would do a lot of things. Their bodies were less refined than the female species. They had to develop technology; they had no choice because they needed something to assist them to do things, to accomplish what they needed to accomplish. The male body was susceptible to gravity. Although the male body’s source species was humanoid, its motion was very slow. It wasn’t just that the gravity on that source planet was ponderous; the body itself was ponderous, not so refined. The skeletal structure was different. The skeletal structure that you are dealing with now is largely a feminine one. They had to develop technology; they had no choice. Why did the Creator invest that particular species with intelligence, then? Because the Creator, in its infinite wisdom without the limitation of linear time, knew what was going to be needed. Understand this: You read books from the beginning to the end. In a sense, you will live your life from the beginning to the end. The Creator doesn’t have to do that. It can go right to the end and see what is going to be needed. If the end has to be rewritten to make everything turn out happily ever after, the Creator has the ability to do that. Let’s just say the Creator knew what was coming. I don’t want to seem to dodge the bullet here, making it sound like that’s one of God’s mysteries, but if the knowledge is known, what will be needed is given. What contributes to couples not having children? As opposed to couples who do have children? Understand that having children, carrying on the species, populating the planet and so on, relates to the Pleiades. So one might say that the urge, the drive or the desire to have children — whether it be one, six, seven or eight — is a Pleiadian desire. I might also add that just because the Pleiadians want to move away from negative energy, they sure didn’t move away from sex. There is abundant sex there, more than you could ever experience in a

single lifetime here. People who do not have children, on the other hand, would be sourcing an experience related to Orion. I do not want to sound like I am putting any judgment on this, because all seek the godhead in their own unique way. Orion would have to do more with seeking sex within the self and not feeling so much a drive or a desire to carry on the species. So those who do not have children, for whatever the reason — whether it is physiological, psychological, emotional, regardless — are carrying out an Orion directive (not to make it sound like an order). They are seeking the godhead in their own right, whereas those who have children are seeking the godhead within the family concept. In regard to relationships, the control issue in the past has been the battle of the sexes. What is this new thing? It is the regeneration of the feminine energy. Is that what you want to know? It is a regeneration of the feminine energy. It is freeing itself from the bondage of judgment. Where does judgment come from? Where does the feminine being come from? The feminine being is beginning to pull itself out of its own limitations. How is that going to be accomplished? It will be drawn out by the feminine aspect of all beings as well as the feminine within individuals — feminine energy moving beyond the need to fit in. Why is it that the female species seems to be waking up spiritually, to be more attracted to the spiritual, and to be leading the spiritual motion in this country and others? Because they are moving beyond prejudgment and judgment. They will continue to do that. They will move beyond the structures and strictures of society and will tend to be representative of the leading edge of cultural evolution. Look for new artists, new rebels and new scientists. You are going to see women coming to the fore. In Orion, was it totally a male society, and until when? How did they have the battle of the sexes when it was just male? The source male being was then in a totally male society. This is not the first time the mixture had been tried; many planets have blown themselves up — “let’s throw them into the same pot and see if it will work out.” It didn’t. That is why you inherited the battle of the sexes. So the Sirians came to Orion? What was the mechanics of it? The source male being and the source female being were put together on separate planets. The Creator does not throw away the baby with the bathwater. They were taken to a separate place as an experiment to see how it would work. To put it simply, it didn’t. This was done in various forms and formats throughout many, many dimensions. You are the first place to have a working example of male-female relationships — a working example. It hasn’t happened before. You may say, “But Zoosh! What about the Pleiades? They have male and female couplings.” That is fine. But they are living in a petri dish. They are living in an unnatural society because their society was designed to evolve into growth, which it avoided. Thus I do not consider that to be a real compatibility because they are not being themselves. You are being yourselves to the best of your ability, and you still manage to get along some of the time. Are the soul and the oversoul polarized into either male or female? The soul in an individual being is in existence in both masculine and feminine. So polarization takes place only at the physical level? The appearance of polarization takes place, but it is not real. All men and all women are 50/50. The illusion is that you are not. For example, if you take children when they are born and you bring them up in a society in which the boys are given traits of the women and the women are given traits of the men, you are going to see children who you don’t recognize. Girls are not born with the desire for

dolls! Boys are not born with the desire for trucks! This is all learned behavior. Well, there is some polarization wherein the soul has multiple experiences as either male or female. Doesn’t some of that carry over? Not really. I understand there is some thought believing that past lives have actual effects on you, but they really do not. It is that your soul is eager for something to be resolved. Your soul is always in balance, and in a given life will say, “You — the life in this certain chain of lives — are going to resolve this situation. These other lives can’t get it. They don’t understand it. You are in a better position to get it.” And you go ahead and get it. When you do get it, it resolves the problem for those other lives, and outside the context of time, they don’t need to deal with that problem anymore. That is my way of referencing the idea of past-life influence. It is not linear influence. It is the soul’s saying, “You are going to solve that problem.” Are we playing out the inner ability of the soul itself to integrate its masculine and feminine? It has already integrated the masculine and feminine, but it hasn’t integrated what you refer to as free will. So in that sense, the soul has somewhat divorced itself from the seat of thought or mentality. Mentality gives you the power of reason at its core. However, the soul chooses not to reason but to be a blind follower in total obedience to the Creator — and the Creator does not want that. So they have a misperception as to what the Creator actually wants? In a sense, yes. This is a built-in opportunity for them to grow. That is the universal law. Those of you who have ever followed a guru or a teacher or even a minister might have wanted to emulate that person, and that person has done something that seemed totally out of character to prove a point to you. In a sense, the souls on this journey are moving in total obedience to the Creator, they feel. But in reality the Creator is doing something totally out of character: The Creator is showing them the value of language, which they have been predisposed to believe is bad. The Creator is showing them the value of negative energy. It is true, the souls can say, “Look! People are being murdered. People are dying. This negative energy is terrible!” But on the other hand, souls also get to see — through the individual union of their direct extension, you — physical beings using negativity in a positive way. You might be terribly frightened of doing something, but you do it anyway, and you are no longer frightened of doing it. Your soul has to say, “That’s negativity working. God said that negativity isn’t good. I don’t understand.” That is the beginning of reason. God the Creator has given souls the power to reason, but he has predisposed them to believe that reason is not necessary for them. There is always a little spin on the ball.

Resistance and Growth You spoke of the feminine energy moving away from judgment and therefore going into its own growth. What about the resistance of masculine energy to giving up control and power, and its resistance to the feminine? Understand that resistance holds growth, and the male relates directly to Arcturus. Arcturus represents change, and the polarization of change is resistance. The masculine element of resistance also has an upside, because one can resist doing something that is really quite unpleasant, and by expanding the safety zone and by seeing things in a new perspective, sometimes resistance is really beneficial. In the playing out of that resistance, what will the men do? How will they get past it? As a planet you are now experiencing the energy of Arcturus, because it is about change, and you are all — whether you want to or not — changing, including your souls.

The feminine being responds more easily to this, since resistance is a masculine trait. The masculine being, however, will begin to lose that resistance as the feminine beings begin to show that they are moving beyond judgment and can survive the deed. In other words, the boys are kind of waiting for the girls to show them how to do it. In a way, they are waiting for Mom to give them permission. When Mom says, “Don’t cross the street because there is traffic,” tell her, “Come here. Now we’ll cross it together.” Men are waiting. They are waiting to be shown that you can live, that you can survive, and that you can live on the other side, beyond the veil. You can’t see beyond the veil, but you can go beyond the veil without an ability to use vision, without an ability to use what you call the five senses, which are all masculine. The sixth sense, now, that is feminine. But to go beyond that veil, one has to have faith, emotions and spirituality. So the men have to wait. Women are moving beyond the veil by dropping their honor and blind obedience to the judgments and prejudgments of others and saying, “I’m going to do it! I don’t care if it is an all-male job to be a roofer. I’m going to take that eighty-pound bag of shingles and I’m going to get it up to the roof if I have to kill myself.” Maybe she doesn’t do it more than once or twice, but she does show it can be done. There are not a lot of men taking risks like that. There are only two places you will find men taking risks of a feminine nature: either in the arts or in what appears to be, in your eyes, homosexual unions. You will find a lot of gay men in the arts. So that is a connection there as well. The concept of God as male implies a female Goddess. Is it possible to conceive of them having sex to create creation? In a sense, one might say that that is a reality, because the embodiment of the God energy is life for the emotional self. The auric field, you might say, is the fluid of the coming together of the male and female godhead. Everything without exception — even thought, although you do not perceive it — has an auric field. Those of you who see lights and so on moving through the air will sometimes see little spots of light, little bright shiny points of light. Some of you see blobs of light. This is thought. It can also be feeling. Sometimes they are entities. But very often it is thought. The auric and energetic field is the climactic stuff of the male and the female godhead. In a sense, one could say that is so. Zoosh, in your current state of being, what is your experience of sexuality? Are you polarized male/female? I am, how shall I say … I am him, her and it. I do not express myself in polarity, you understand. Channeling through Robert, though, there is a tendency to sound masculine. But I also channel through others, and when channeling through women sometimes I sound feminine. Channeling through rocks in the rock world, I have a tendency to sound like an it! Understand that my experience of sexuality is more of an emulation of the Creator, without sounding egocentric. The Creator has given me a portion of itself. That is how I express it. I don’t want to be too … say, don my gay apparel and twirl around the room. But I could, for some of you who are perceptive, image myself in the moment as a female, male or as an “it” being in energy. I usually do that from time to time within any given session. Watch for it in the future. Those of you who are perceptive will see it. You will get the impression. Sometimes you will think it is just your imagination. But there ain’t no such animal as “just your imagination.” Your imagination is your mind’s attempt to bridge the gap between mentality and spirit. It is the closest thing that the mind can do to emulate the godhead. Imagination is pretty important stuff. Was the decision to create our particular bodies on the Earth plane a result of failures on the other planets? Was it just the way it happened, or did they deliberately choose these structures?

In order for the male to accept the female as an equal and not be so frightened of the female that he would constantly attack in an attempt to wipe out the female, it was believed that there would be a necessity for the bodies to be very similar, with only the “best parts� being different. That was deemed to be the case. So the actual appearance has to do more with the males’ need to be safe. Also, the male body was given much of the feminine trait so that it could climb out of its absolute necessity to be completely technological. All technology is essentially a masculine idea. However, the male can utilize the digits now.


Sexual Violence on Earth Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, February 12, 1990 I stated in the last session [chapter] that men, as a species, were reluctant to come to Earth to be with women. That is because the wall between men and women is real. Before this Earth experiment, where there has been both positive and negative energy, there has been true strife — what you might call terminal strife. There has not been real resolution. What I call real resolution is that which exists in the testing grounds, and a planet such as this is a testing ground. I don’t consider peace and love between men and women who are living in totally positive surroundings to be any kind of a test for allowance or true growth. It is essentially peace at any price. Now, you know there are devas of trees and plants and animals; there is also devic energy of human beings, a consciousness energy. Breaking it down into subclasses, there is a devic consciousness of men and another of women. That consciousness is solely from the original source of mankind and womankind. Thus it is source being, total consciousness associated with that species. The male species was very reluctant to come here because it was understood that — from their point of view — they had suffered, for the male species has a built-in need to control environments. The male, representing primarily the physical and the mental, tends to be blended with the idea of technology and structure. And the male requires that the female not be herself to be with him. The female, being more aligned with spirit and emotions by her very nature, requires that the male drop his walls and remove his veils just to be in her presence, to say nothing of what goes beyond that. These are source issues that have yet to be fully and completely healed. The male was reluctant to come here, so he was bribed. The female, the actual source female species, did not really look a lot like what you look like now. Two arms, two legs, a head and a body, yes? Humanoid. But there were differences — large ribs and so on. The male has perhaps an unusuallooking body, but the skeletal structure of some of the basic functional physiology of the male has been adapted here.

Child Molestation and Rape You might ask, “Why was the male so reluctant to come here and cohabitate with the female?” That is simply a case of who won the last species battle. In the last war between men and women exclusively — not just political, religious or philosophical points of view, but between men and women — women won. And they maintained control by utilizing the male prerogative within themselves: a form of indoctrination with male children. I’m going to put it out here straight and clear: Child molestation is sourced to the time of the last battle that was won on Orion, the women coming from Sirius and repelling an invasion by the men. The women decided they were going to put an end to any more male influence and further invasions on their planetary systems. So they set up a ruling authority on Orion wherein all male children who were conceived, whether the conception was natural or artificial, would be molested in childhood — not physical pain per se — so that they would have doubts about their psyche. They were controlled, manipulated and put into a position of doubt, and they were left out of the

decision-making process regarding their own destinies. I’m not saying that you should blame all women on Earth for child molestation. It was simply something you inherited. You cannot in any way be blamed for what your lives have done in the past or even what your source beings have done in the past. This is my way of revealing layers to you so you can understand where this stuff that you deal with comes from. This is not to suggest that men have not become child molesters on this planet, but only to give you source information. When men as a species came to the Earth, when they were created on Earth by the Creator — the Creator’s people, one might say — there were already beings on this planet, some of whom live underground. The human being who was created here was created consciously, because those who were involved in the genetic experiment were conscious — not everyone was — and talked to the source energies, the devic energies of man and woman. The man and woman prototypes of whom you are representative were the net result. The males stated that they would be willing to come to Earth only if they would be allowed to avenge themselves. Since the beings who were involved in the original creation of the human on Earth were themselves escaping from a planet that had a great deal of strife, the idea of revenge was not foreign to them. And since the Creator in its ultimate wisdom knew that the problem of revenge is as worthy as many other unsolvable problems in the universe and could be resolved only here, it was allowed. That is where rape, for example, came from. Rape is a male creation. I know this is not an easy or pleasant subject, but to reveal it to you is like opening a crack in the door, you see, and others will fill in the details, I can assure you. It was my understanding that humanity originated from an androgynous state. What happened to that idea? Understand that the original people who were on this Earth and who were involved in the gene pool to create the human being could be referred to as an androgynous species [the Andazis]. They were fully realized beings. Those people are not the ones I’m referring to as the source male and the source female. They do not look like you, really. The beings you’re referring to are fairly tall and fully furred, as a physiologist might say. No, I’m referring to the prototype human being that you see around you. In fact, I’m referring to the human being for which there is no missing link. The missing link is those geneticists who came here and pulled a little bit from here, a little bit from there. They had to use some genetics from Earth in order to make the human being adaptable to Earth, to live here. They could not simply drop cellular structures from elsewhere onto Earth and say, “All right, survive.” It would be too difficult, you understand. There was some usage of that, but I’m not referring to these people.

The Priest and Priestess Prototype Is this female devic consciousness what has been referred to as the Goddess? Yes, that could be referred to as the Goddess. What would be the male counterpart? The male devic consciousness is not referred to as the God, but as the Priest. One might say that the female consciousness could be referred to as the Priestess, and I refer to the actual female devic consciousness in that way. I don’t care to use the term “Goddess” because it is more easily confused with being equal to the idea of God — and then people would become confused about who they are. I would prefer that we use Priest and Priestess. Is this like the Lady of the Lake idea? Yes; this is why I’m allowing for the Goddess interpretation.

The Amazons — is this an idea from Sirius? This is really a synthesis, with Sirius as its source. But the physical prowess of these beings, in terms of their abilities on land, relates to a distant star system beyond your immediate galaxy. The source is Sirius, yes, but the source galaxy could be called Tcha. This is not an unusual language; it is still in use in some places. It also has source-language connections to Sirius. Does this seeding predate Lemuria? Yes. I’m talking primarily about the contracts that went into this experiment. It’s as though the Creator and those who did the Creator’s work — social engineers, as I like to call them — before the human being as you are now came to be on this planet, had a meeting. And in the discussions everyone laid things on the table and said, “This is how it’s gotta be.” Giving birth to children was something that the female being demanded. The male being originally wanted that too in the negotiations, but since they were allowed to have their revenge, they were not allowed to also have children. They wanted to bear the children themselves so they could maintain control and protect the male child. They mistrusted the woman’s treatment of the male child. Male childbearing is an idea that is happening elsewhere, but on this planet you take it for granted that women always have the babies because that is what you know to be so. So the traits of the females’ control and abuse of the male child still continues? It does in the sense of attempting to pass on feminine traits to the male child, in all its worthiness. It is not an attempt to control or dominate the male child, but all feminine beings who raise children pass on the traits they believe to be the most valuable. As a result, some of what goes on can be traced to the idea of the mother simply not knowing what to do in terms of how to treat the male child in comparison to how to treat the female child. But the effect is abusive if it restricts the male’s natural self-expression.

Male Revenge and Male Fathering Yes, but this is really a responsibility of the male. The male has really given up the power. Because the males were not allowed to have the babies, it was as though they then said, like children having a tantrum, “Well, then, we’re not going to do anything. If we’re going to incorporate the ideas of revenge and rape and women are going to have the children, then we’ll just stick them with the children!” So I’m not going to say that women aren’t at fault in child abuse. It is simply that they know how to raise a female child better than how to raise a male child. It is really up to the male to have communion with the male child as a male. It is as though it is a forgotten holy rite. And in order for that rite to be reborn, the male will have to begin to remember the sanctity of maleness just as the female now knows that femininity is a holy order in and of its own. Male beings are only now beginning to get a glimmer that masculinity is associated with divinity. Feminine beings have had that consciousness for quite some time. So it is not the feminine beings’ fault that child abuse continues. It is largely because of confusion and self-doubt and so on, a result of ignorance. But the fact remains that the male child’s true nature is thwarted by the mother, intentionally or not. Can you recommend any way an adult male can make amends? It would be of value to touch the child and to allow the child to touch him. Much of what the mother does would be valuable for the father to do as well. There is a confusion about what a father does with a child and what a mother does. It would be advantageous for the male to father the children as women. The only reason that women are considered to be mothers is because they are raised to believe that that is their right, duty, honor and privilege. But I encourage men to develop traits of what you could refer to as the male mother, being not only an example of maleness in its

finest sense, but also allowing communication with the male child in the physical sense, without sexual overtones. In this way the male will understand his source identity. Many male children grow up distrusting their fathers because they have no idea what their fathers’ bodies look like. But they always know what their mothers’ bodies look like — they came from there, did they not? At the very least, they came from inside their mothers. I encourage more contact, not sexual, but loving. It may be up to the papas to give the bath, not as a duty but as a special time with the child. Sometimes the people who know these things are more likely to be the grandpa. It’s time for the grandpa to begin to speak to the son who is having the children. Communication between men is beginning, and it will take that to discover that men are a species unto themselves and are valuable without having to control women. Do men give baths to children in Orion? In their societies they either had clones or, in some Orion populations as well as others scattered around the universe, they birthed their own children. Were they self-propagated? As the question indicates, self-propagation with their own appliance. The idea of photosynthesis really relates somewhat to the man. When the male gives birth on other planets, it is related to the cycles of their sun. And as astrologers know, when the female gives birth and has her cycles, it is largely related to the cycles of the Moon. Is there any other system where the male has this relationship with the child? On Lemuria they did, since you brought it up. Because men understood that all men were priests and women understood they were the priestesses, they passed on the rites of masculinity and the rites of femininity to their children. On Atlantis, which is the society that prevailed, much of this was lost and separated into the idea of a priest and priestess class separate from the people. Even though the Lemurian society came to an end somewhat unexpectedly, it perpetuated itself not only interdimensionally, but through time. There is some existence left. In the case of Atlantis, it was terminated. Since it was terminated before its time, you are resolving that which they did not resolve. In time Lemuria will again prevail in terms of its culture and its civilization, and you are easing back to that now. These attempts, as well as the raising of women’s consciousness to understand themselves as a group of beings — borrowing that idea from the male consciousness and male beings — are to resolve the separation that took place on Atlantis. You see, a lot of the provocative acts and violence began during Atlantis, because that was essentially the beginning of the male-dominated society. When technology is pursued for its own sake, it is pursued with blinders on, without any real sense of the consequences of its acts. You are now healing the Age of Atlantis. Given the age of our planet — 4.6 billion years — at what times did the last war in Orion, the negotiation, and then the creation of the male and female beings on this planet occur? You’re talking about differences in dimensionality. If you’re going to talk about linear times, I would say that it is in the neighborhood of 100 trillion years ago that the last war between men and women took place. I have mentioned from time to time the difficulty of resolution outside of societies in which there is some conflict. I have said that a five-year-old child on this planet can resolve problems that a thousand-year-old Pleiadian cannot resolve, simply because the latter beings do not know how to deal with conflict and resolution. Even a five-year-old child knows that if you keep banging a square peg into a round hole, it’s never going to fit, but if you stick the peg into the square hole, bingo! I’m not suggesting a Pleiadian would not understand that idea, but you can see how that experience would develop people who could understand and resolve problems.

This happened so long ago and was unresolved simply because the societies of men and women pulled apart and chose not to pursue resolution but to live in harmony among themselves. Some of them did so in combined harmony — that is, as men and women together, but in totally positive surroundings where there was no possibility for conflict or conflict resolution. Conflict resolution, in terms of completion, has really been invented here on a practical level, meaning it’s something you can do with your daily life. So where would the date of the creation of humans on this planet come into that time frame? Again, we’re talking about dimensions, so it is as though you are asking me to grab something on a straight line that is really a circle. It’s a little difficult to describe that. Somewhat before the beginning is the best I can give you, since humanity was created before it was created. Is there a planet where they simply took the two races and created our hybrids instead of working with these conflicts? Oh yes, that has been a very common method of avoidance. But solution is taking place here. That is again another method of avoidance, because if one creates a physiological combination of masculine and feminine traits, one is necessarily going to create inner conflict, and that cannot exist on a planet where there is not positive and negative or comfort and discomfort. Almost every other planet that has existed with positive and negative energy has blown itself up. One exception that exists in your time-space is that planet where there is a lot of negative energy in Sirius. There is another planet where there is such a teeny-weeny amount of negative energy — not the 2% you will have in the fourth dimension that will encourage you to do things — that you would have to take it to many places beyond the decimal point. It is almost insignificant and is acting more in the plant and animal kingdoms than the dominant species there. So you cannot really say that the idea has been a success, but it has been tried.

Negative Energy

Then not all fourth-dimensional existences have the same degree of negativity? No, not at all. You are the unique ones. Negative energy has never been resolved, and I’m not referring to the Native American term of negative energy. Negative energy, negative and positive polarity, has never been resolved anywhere. The Creator has not been able to make it work in the

context of time. There has never been a valuable use for it. Here’s a perfect example of negative energy that you all like: You go outside, you get a little chilly, not cold, and you come inside and sit by a warm fire. It feels so good. That’s negative energy really working! It’s a slight discomfort that is immediately nourished with great comfort. If you’re in a hot house with a hot fire, it’s not comfortable, but when you get a little chilly and come in, a fire is wonderful. How is that 2% negativity that we’ll experience in the fourth dimension determined? I give you the figure of 2% for your conscious mind to understand. The Creator did not write down, “… pound of sugar, loaf of bread, 2% negativity.” It is an idea — a mental concept. It is just enough, a subtle bit of negative energy that will allow you to continue to have an experience like getting a little cool, then sitting down by the warm fire — that would be a 2%. Just enough to get you off the dime so that you’re not like some beings on the Pleiades and elsewhere. I bring up the Pleiades because many people think, “Oh I want to go to the Pleiades. Get me out of here!” Without the 2% negative energy, when something needs to be resolved, it never gets resolved because there is nothing, no subtle energy, no reason to change anything. There’s plenty of time to talk about it, plenty of time to think about it, but nothing gets changed because there is nothing encouraging you to change. Negative energy as a minor influence was always designed to act as an encouragement to get you going, get you out there — “come on, let’s do it, let’s go.” When you were kids your friends may have come over and said, “Come on,” and you said, “Naw, I want to stay home.” “Come on, let’s go play. Let’s have fun.” “No, I want to stay home.” “Come on, let’s go!” “Oh, all right.” And you go. It’s a little annoying, but you go and it turns out you have a good time. Is the concept of revenge of males against females an effective way of balancing out negative and positive? Has it been? It doesn’t seem like it would be the desired choice, but that’s what you’ve suggested that men have had as an impulse. Is there an alternative? Yes, understanding that they do not have to live by the doctrines of the past. How many of you can identify with the idea that you do not have to live by the doctrines of your parents, your culture and your philosophies, and that you can be happier, more comfortable, peaceful, more loving and allowing if you let some of those doctrinaire principles and dogmas go? Understand? That’s the direction the male species is moving in. The feminine species has moved in that direction because it’s easier to move in that direction. There’s been talk for a long time that if women ran the world there would be peace — not right now, but in time. You see, men are here to learn how to run institutions, world governments. That is why the men dominate. One could say, “Well, men have control built into their systems.” But control is an arm of fear, you understand. Men are here to learn how to get through fear to strengthen and broaden their fields of safety, which will make them allowing. That is why they continue to dominate governments. They’ve tried over and over again to get it. And as they begin to get it — and they’re beginning — you will not see so much masculine domination of governments. In time you will begin to see the allowance not only of the feminine traits within the masculine in these humanitarian governments, but you’ll also begin to see women in governments in positions of influence being allowed to be feminine with no social pressures put on them. They won’t have to put on masculine clothes to carry on the job of ruling.

Lemuria and Atlantis If the idea of male and female cooperation in romance was so foreign, how did the idea of romance get into the cultural mindset we were indoctrinated with? This was caused by the desire to create peace and resolve the war between men and women. The ancient cultures, going right back to Lemuria, knew what the lessons were for humankind here. The encouragement was always to get men and women together, even though in the source ideas men were with men and women were with women. But it was known that getting men and women together peacefully, lovingly, helpfully and so on had to be resolved. So the idea of romance was utilized and actually put into the genetic structure of human beings. For example, in the interaction of biological cells and so on, key little organs, male and female cells, play around together. Even though there are apparently androgynous cells, cells are predominantly male and female, with a masculine and feminine polarity. Even the structures give a boost to the attraction between the masculine and the feminine. It is as though there is an unwritten agenda on this planet, and every soul that incarnates here understands that. An individual soul need not fully grasp why, but it knows it is the Creator’s program to do these things, and being obedient to the Creator, they encourage that in their physical extensions. You have to go up the ladder. I do not wish to encourage you to believe, hierarchically, that “ up the ladder” means better. You could say “up the ladder,” “going down,” or “sideways.” It doesn’t make a difference. Romance is built in so that the masculine will be drawn to the feminine and the feminine to the masculine, toward the idea of resolving conflicts, eliminating doctrines and dogmas, and breaking down the old agendas that have created so much strife. The more you know about the enemy, the less they become the enemy. If significant progress was made in Lemurian society in achieving appropriate male-female balance, why did it come unglued in Atlantis? It wasn’t progress, really. Lemuria was a society apart. It was as though it was more closely connected to the true source nature of masculine and feminine. In Lemuria you had two subcultures — a connection to the higher godhead elements of Sirius and the godhead elements of Andromeda and the Pleiades.

Andromeda, being the seed of thought, or the origination of mental activity, created the idea that there could be an inception of a guardian race. This guardian race was allowed. Lemuria has not been around for a while in terms of interaction with the human being as you now exist; they’ve gone underground. They’re still here, but as this exceptional race of beings, they’re the observers. They’ve directly connected to the dolphins, who are the keepers of the flame. The dolphins as a species have the entirety of humankind’s species encased within their total consciousness, and every dolphin is always aware of the total consciousness. Lemurian beings have their closest alignment with the dolphin race. They cannot be in direct contact with you now, because they look very much like you. They would be revered as gods because of their knowledge, powers, wisdom and abilities. You can be in contact with dolphins because as a species you think of them as fish. That’s different, but they’re really equals. In order for resolution to take place on this planet, there has to be conflict, and because there was no conflict within the actual confines of the culture of Lemuria, they could not resolve what you have to resolve here. They existed here and they still exist. It was on Atlantis that the true nature of the residual conflicts came into play: power, manipulation, control, distrust, mistrust, and technology and its abuses. Technology is essentially an attempt to control totally. Lemurians did not need to build houses for their comfort. They could create comfort; they could allow comfort. They did not need externalized technology. The whole idea behind Atlantis was that human beings could learn how to control their environment externally. And since those were largely the issues of the source problems relating to the male and female, it was believed that the best possible resolution of these problems would occur through confrontation and the abrupt canceling of Atlantis so that you, in this specific time right now, could resolve them. All things that are canceled — that is, stopped before their time — must be resolved, must be completed. You are in a better position, genetically and spiritually, due to your emotion and spirit, to resolve those issues now

without repeating them completely. You will see in the next few years some things that you won’t like. You’ll see corporations — you’ve already begun to see this to some extent — patenting actual flesh and blood. You will see regional patents and forms of life created by corporations that say, “They belong to us.” But you are now going to be in a position to resolve this. Feminine energy is rising on this planet within not only feminine beings but masculine beings as well, so there will be a greater alignment of the ability to resolve. Our feminine energy is rising and we’re taking responsibility for ourselves, but I find that when I assert myself it becomes very uncomfortable for the male. In my relationships with men I tend to close myself to that person because most of the time they want to make the decisions, and then I’m really not myself, but what that person expects in a female. In the future, as women begin to realize the divinity of their species, they will be more themselves. The more that women are themselves and with self-assurance offer the value of their beingness in vulnerability (which is the power of femininity — it is the ultimate power of spirituality), then the males will in time realize the value of that. I’m not saying that vulnerability does not get you in trouble. I am saying that as the feminine being becomes more aligned with her spiritual powers — which she must express more physically now — through what she does in motion, then it will be possible through the uses of the rites of the temple for the feminine being to become powerful, safe, feminine and totally noncontrolling. But it will be necessary to use these rites. Look toward many of the present feminine groups to be calling in those rites. I’m not referring to witchcraft but to something that goes deep into Earth and could be referred to as Earth religion. It could also be referred to as the completion of the pyramid. Can we say that the masculine/positive element is electric and the feminine/negative is magnetic? That is an assumed quality. I will say, however, that as the feminine energy is rising, there is beginning to be a greater blending. Advanced research in physics will begin to fuzz the lines a bit. But generally speaking, yes. Will we resolve these issues before going into the fourth dimension and functioning there fully, or will they continue? You will not resolve them to completion, but you will put the structures in place for resolution so that if anything comes up, the resolution will be at hand. That is the main thing that you are here to do. You were designed to be people who can resolve the most complicated interrelationships and problems that result from those complications. As a result, you are going to be the Explorer Race to take this knowledge out to the stars and show others that they need not be reluctant to deal with their own evolution, because it must take place within the idea of polarity and the coming together of those polarities. Many evolutions in societies have stopped when they came to that point of dealing with polarities. They didn’t want to, so they created only positive societies. So in a sense you are the proving ground, the testing place to show that it’s possible. And once you show that it’s possible, you see, others will say, “Well, okay, maybe we’ll try it.” How long does the gender split last through the dimensions? At what point do we assume our souls’ androgynous nature? One might say the ninth dimension. However, it does not have to be that, understand? One can create at the higher dimensions an essence feminine and an essence masculine if that is desired, but it is not required.

Do the male/female issues carry over into the animal kingdom? Are they also working out some of these issues? They’re not working them out for their own sake, but they’re working it out in terms of example. If the animal kingdoms were to return to their sources, all of them, they would not have to be what they are here. They have had to adapt on this planet because this planet has been created to be a testing ground to create the Explorer Race. As a result, everything must fit into the framework of what you must now do. So in a sense, they are not so much working something out as they are showing options and possibilities, being an example, showing you where you are at this time and space and so on. But it is not in their nature and essence to be that. Most people who experience sexual violence as children seem to be emotionally damaged to an extent that it may or may not be healed in their adult life. Is there anything you can recommend to change that? For those who have experienced it, I will say, in the case of both masculine and feminine beings, seek within yourself the true nature of masculinity and seek it with others who are on the same path such as yourself. I will extend that by saying to begin to be more physical with yourself. Touch your body, do simple things and say, “I approve of you” while touching your body, stroking along the legs, stroking along the arms, talking to yourself in the way you would have liked to have been communicated with when you were a child. Appreciate yourself, love yourself: “Oh, thank you for being in my life,” speaking to your own body, petting your own arm, saying, for example, “I love you just the way you are. You don’t have to change a thing.” Understand? Say the most wonderful things you can think of. All children want to be appreciated for exactly who they are and not what parents want them to be. This is a simple exercise I’ve encouraged a lot of people to do. It has a profound effect because it helps the emotional body begin to gradually trust the mental body. The mental body, within the microcosmic aspect of the war of the sexes within every person, is a masculine aspect. Because the emotional body does not trust it, the mental body needs to allow and speak and be involved in thought and give the physical body affection, real affection — unconditional love. Love can stimulate the emotional body to reciprocate and speak through its true vehicle of communication, the physical body, causing the physical body to feel relaxed and more comfortable. [The incident that triggered Robert’s desire to go into this topic was a family in the news that was involved in abusing schoolchildren]: What is the source of males and females evidently abusing children? It would be the downside, the negative attempt, to create a bonding of the male/female toward the united cause of control. You are living on a planet where negativity is possible, more possible here than even on one exceptional planet where negativity is the predominant dynamic force. It is possible to seek not only a positive harmony — as you understand it, in the case of being comfortable — but to seek and fulfill a negative harmony, which would seem like the antithesis of harmony. The idea of harmony that you are attempting to resolve and defend, of course, is the blending of positive and negative, ultimately the masculine and the feminine. The overview is that this is simply an exercise in negative harmony. What about the incarnating souls of the children involved? Are they experiencing something they have inflicted on others in the past? No. This is the assumption that one makes as one gets through the reincarnational cycle, but it is not so in the case of any of these children. They have never been involved in giving what they got.

They have been involved in being an example of the highest form of vision. Without putting them on a pedestal, I would say they’ve been involved in their past and in their reincarnational cycles in sectarian orders that are devoted to the resolution of problematic behavior, every one of them. Because of this case’s publicity, because their private lives are disrupted forever, many of them will spend the rest of their lives seeking an immediate resolution of their own personal identities, and some of them will go on to make many contributions in the field. Would it be possible for us to resolve personally the so-called war between the sexes outside of mass consciousness and then proceed to the fourth dimension? That is the goal of every human being, to resolve within themselves every single issue that is deposited on humanity, reaching for the godhead, reaching for the path of power, reaching for the path of total responsibility to oneself and one’s society. One naturally must attempt to resolve all inner conflicts. Sometimes you do so externally, but internally is a value as well. I would say that is of value, and you will find you will need no other beings to do so, since you are your best teachers. I will not, however, say that you will necessarily be accelerated to the fourth dimension. You are here to go through whatever there is to go through; otherwise you would be deprived of the reward. And no one is going to take away the reward from you, because you’re doing a good job internally on yourself. Is the story of Eve being created from Adam’s rib in the Bible a reference to woman being created from the structure of a man? One might say that, yes. It alludes to the idea that woman was created in man’s image, so this suggests there is some manipulation behind the scenes in the biblical story there. That is not the story as it was originally given. The idea was that woman was created from God’s rib. In closing I will say that in order to understand the nature of sexual violence, you will have to allow those who came here to perpetrate and those who came here to be, from time to time, victimized — as you understand it — to carry out their agendas, some written, some unwritten. This is a planet of allowance. What you experience is not always fun, and I’m not promoting sexual violence as an activity to pursue. But do recognize that this planet is the advanced academy of higher learning, and you are struggling toward an ultimate goal that will pay off bountifully not only for yourselves in terms of the advancement of your own souls, but for beings in the universe beyond the powers of your own imagination. It is as though you’re in a theater-in-the-round and you’re being watched by many to see how you will resolve things. I can assure you that the prayers of countless individuals and societies are with you. That is why many of you survive situations that could crush you not only individually but even your society as it exists now. In my perception, you will survive, you will succeed, and you will achieve all that has been permitted and encouraged for you.


Moving Beyond the Mind Zoosh Prescott, Arizona, March 30, 1990 Let us define our terms. You will be living in your heart in the future, not in your mind. The mental power has been used largely as a buffer against your world or between you and your world, depending on your interaction with those around you. It is also a portion of you that is almost separate. What is native to the Earth are the emotional body, the physical body and the spiritual body. The mental body is almost exclusively associated with Andromeda and does not really fit into the Earth plane. It has functioned here to support the separation you have needed as the human species on this planet so that you would feel that you were not one with your world. You might ask, “But Zoosh, isn’t the point to be united and in harmony with your world?” Of course. Yet in order to create a race who could lead by example, it was necessary to feel, as individuals and as a race, isolated and separated from the rest of the beings who are your equals. So you’ve been raised, in many senses, in a vacuum. You have not been led by mass communication to know, appreciate or interact with beings and species from other worlds. You have been forced to live in a separate state of being. Even in your own world you have not been allowed to have direct communication with the species you refer to as animals, plants or minerals, or the elements, for that matter—the sun, the wind, the rain. Oh yes, there are groups of people who have done and are still doing this, but by and large the Westernized technological world, which is spreading, and even many portions of other cultures that exist around this world, exist in temporary isolation from the whole. This has been on purpose so that you would be forced to reinvent the wheel, as you say, to create new methods of resolving what has been resolved in many different ways in the past. Many different civilizations elsewhere — extraterrestrial civilizations, past civilizations and probable future civilizations — all have their own methods of dealing with their worlds, with interacting with all that is around them, and with interacting with beings from other worlds. For the most part they have developed cultures that are constant; their cultures are repeated over and over again by the generations that follow, never really expanding or growing as you understand growth to be. What was needed, from the point of view of the Creator, was to have something new, and the only way something new could be created was to isolate a species, much as your scientists do today when they wish to conduct a social experiment. They isolate a group of individuals, making one group the control group and the other the experimental group. In this case you, the experimental group, did not have the benefit of an inherited culture that goes back thousands of millions of years to help you resolve your problems. Your cultures go back, in terms of accumulated advice, evidence, and proof and so on, for only a short time, maybe a few thousand years. You do not have the belief that becomes faith, and that causes you to repeat things in a predictable fashion. This is by design, so that you will be forced, when confronting certain problems as the experimental group, to resolve them in new, unpredictable ways. For you are designed by the Creator to be the problem solvers and to go out in time, bringing your problem-solving ability to other races whose cultures are stagnating. You might say, “But Zoosh, some of those cultures I’ve read and heard about are far superior to what we have here on Earth.” That depends on your point of view. In terms of harmony, yes, that is

certainly true. In terms of longevity and peace, yes again, very true. But how about in terms of ability to confront and resolve crises? You won’t find any better abilities to confront and resolve crises than those that exist right here, right now on Earth. This is where that kind of stuff can happen, because you as individuals, even as societies, have to confront and resolve crises every day. You are being trained.

Evolving Back to Terra So what can you expect? You are evolving backward. You are not really, in a sense, evolving forward. You are on a swing, as people understand it, to the fourth-dimensional aspect of your existence, but that is not forward. You are returning to what was. The purpose of this entire swing of the evolution you are experiencing through a time of confusion is for you to reinvent the wheel, resolve problems that everybody “knows” the answer to elsewhere because they are stuck and strapped with the “truth.” You must resolve them or re-resolve them anew. You are revolving back into those same times. In the distant past, although in another dimension, your planet and your souls existed in a much quicker vibration, and in a quicker vibration individuals do not have the opportunity to study and create materially. That is, on planet Earth in this dimension one might build a model airplane very slowly and painstakingly, putting all of the little parts together one at a time to create a finished product, studying all the little parts and the directions and figuring out what to do when some of the parts don’t fit and you have to make some adjustments. Maybe at the higher dimensions you say, “Gee I’d love to have a model airplane,” and you instantly create one. You have a way to create it, but you don’t understand how it comes together or that some of the other dimensions have ways and means of materialization. You simply have the ability to do it. At those higher dimensions you are not material masters, because you cannot be the master of something you do not understand. Oh, you can be a craftsman, in a sense: You can create, you can invent, you can enjoy and you can give pleasure to others with the technology that exists. But if you are not inventing the technology, if you are simply inheriting it, then you are not a material master at all. You are all being trained here to be material masters, and this is why your dimension functions very slowly — so you can understand the process of creation. Creation is a process. The mental body has been used to keep you in what you might perceive as a prison, because the mind does not perceive creation in the same way as the physical, the spiritual and the emotional bodies do, which are always in the instant. Those portions of you that were in existence in the distant past and that you are evolving back into — the fourth dimension on Terra — are going to reconnect with that past and move forward. Your physical, your emotional and your spiritual bodies were dominant in those times. The mental body was primarily that portion of you designed to recognize the difference between a chair and a wall so you wouldn’t sit in a wall. The mental body was greatly strengthened — amplified, as it were — to give you a means of separating yourself from your world. For in that distant past life that was unexpectedly stopped and that you all experienced as souls, there was very little understanding of how material could be re-created using then-current technology. So how can things be re-created? The best way to create something is to be totally ignorant of how to do it, because then you will literally have to invent the tools, go out and find the products that you’re going to invent something with, and figure out a way to put it all together. I admit it is slow, but your dimension was designed to be slow so that you would have the opportunity to do this. You are doing something not only for yourselves, but for those past lives and for the universe as well. Many,

many other cultures, as indicated, are stuck in their cultural technology and philosophy. Even though those cultures might be producing beautiful surroundings and harmony, they do not know how to resolve situations that would simply fall into the unexpected here. So their struggle can be overcome, but in only one way: They need to have someone they can recognize to some extent as a peer show them how to do it. Voila! — the human race, brought along very carefully, nurtured over many years to become the master problem solvers. The genetic experiment on Earth has utilized many extraterrestrial sources to create the human being; the human being did not originate on Earth. The human being is what I’ve referred to as an extrapolation of many ideas and has pulled from many sources. The genetic structure of the human being is not something that originated on this planet as you now see it. There is a planet in the system of Zeta Reticuli right now where people simply do not understand how to deal with a problem. That is because the resolution for the problem lies primarily in expanding their emotional bodies. But they don’t understand that, because they are strapped with the most powerful minds in your immediate galactic system — the stars you can see. The people living on Zeta Reticuli have a crisis they cannot resolve with the most powerful minds available hereabouts because the problem can only be solved emotionally. Here you come into their lives. They have been working with you for some time. They think that because they’re cooperating in a genetic experiment on Earth as “objective” scientists, they are helping others learn about the human race. But in reality the Creator sent them here through its emissaries to work with the human being so that they could gradually realize the value of the emotional body. You see, they think they have managed to get rid of a lot of their emotional body, but what they have really done is suppress it because of some cataclysmic tragedies they have lived through as a culture long ago that caused them to decide it was necessary to get rid of the emotional body. Of course, they couldn’t get rid of it, but they think they have — and that is the key. The emotional body, the opening, can be strictured. But if one actually cuts off the emotional body, the being is dead. Life does not exist for anything without an emotional body. Even this table has an emotional body; you don’t understand it, but it has one. So you, in your work with them — they think they’ve been working with you — are showing them by your example the value of the emotional body, you see? Why are you here? You are going to begin to resolve this experience, the strange experience of conflict. The mental body has not been able to resolve conflict. It can study, analyze and predict conflict; it can even assist in the resolution of conflict. But the actual resolution of conflict takes place on the emotional, on the physical and to some extent on the inspirational level through spirit. The actual action takes place through those bodies. That is easily done here, you see, because your souls have perfected those bodies. So you are here to experience much that you have experienced, and yet you are also here to assist the mental body. The mental body has been bound, in other civilizations and cultures, to “the truth” because those cultures, evolving on their own, have come up with a form of cultural truth that works for them. Thus their mental bodies are continually burdened by a fixed truth. But here on your planet, with all of its different cultures, there is no fixed truth. There is always another truth right around the corner if you want to look for it — religious, philosophical, political and so on. Recognize that the evolution you are working toward in expressing through the heart is associated with the past. Why is that? There was a time, so long ago that it was before this dimension, that this planet — being the key planet in this universe — came to a problem it could not resolve. Oh, it could resolve it by utilizing the old methods of the old cultures of the old technologies, but — voila! — the planet was uncreated at that dimension. The Creator said, “I’ve got plans for those souls on that

planet. So how can we re-create that planet?” Of course, the Creator could just go poof! and everything would be re-created, but the Creator has desires as well.

The Earth Experiment: A Prolonged Moment of Ignorance You see, the Creator has discovered over the “years” that whenever it has inspiration, it is preceded by a brief instant of forgetfulness — very brief — followed by an inspiration that comes from some source that the Creator itself does not understand. All life grows; all life expands. The Creator expands; the universe unfolds. Thus the Creator is left with an enigma. It is receiving inspiration from somewhere, but where? It is not conscious of that place, but it wants to know, and it has analyzed it totally: There is a brief instant of ignorance followed by a flash of inspiration. Getting back to the story, the Creator has a flash of inspiration. Of course, knowing everything, it knows that to expand and become more, it must experience a prolonged moment of ignorance. It does not resolve it simply by going poof! saying, “Never mind, I’ll re-create the planet for them.” It said, “If I did that, they would have exactly the same situations and existences that occurred before. And what would they have? A culture that would make exactly the same mistakes. But these souls are the portion of me that is directly connected to my inspiration,” the Creator says. Bingo! The Creator being is pretty smart. It says, “The only way I can become aware of the expanded version of myself is to allow my cells of inspiration” — the Creator thinks of you as cells of its body — “who are now sourcing through Terra to help me define more of myself. And I want to be more.” It’s important for you to realize that you are a direct reflection of the Creator. You were grown through ignorance. When you don’t understand something, you make a mistake and then you get a chance to go back over it and do it right. But there are many different right ways to do it. That’s why you have many different lives and so on — but that’s another story. So the Creator says to itself, “I will create a great deal of time, slow down Terra, allow it to become Earth, and allow these souls and others to move through this third-dimensional reality. I will give them plenty of conflict, plenty of problems and plenty of ignorance” — ignorance to the Creator is wonderful stuff — “that precedes inspiration.” Everybody, even the Creator, loves inspiration — from your point of view the Creator invented it. Then the Creator says to itself, ”Then I can become more.” The Creator has realized that the value of ignorance culminates in the reward of inspiration. The Creator says, “I will create this for planet Earth. I will take them one step away from instantaneous decisions made by their heart, for the heart makes spontaneous, inspired decisions and is more directly associated with the soul, the emotional body and the physical body.” The Creator says, “If I take these people a little bit away from doing what is natural, being direct imitations of what they have always been, then I can not only resolve the difficulties on Zeta Reticuli and Andromeda and other places that are burdened with a powerful mental body, but I can also find a way to become more of myself, which I choose to do.” In other words, the Creator found a way to recreate its own existence using you. That is what happened. You have moved into a slower dimension, essentially stretching out the moment that the Creator feels is a gap of ignorance before the inspiration — which you all experience when you’re totally stumped by something. You’ve all had this experience at one time or another, being totally stumped when you don’t understand something, when you don’t know what to do. And then you have some conversation with somebody, or bingo! the idea pops into your head from nowhere. That is inspiration. Then the imagination takes over the mental body, and you’ve got something you can work with. The Creator is the same way. It just has more.

What happens, then, is that you are revolving — in a sense, cycling back — toward that existence. The Creator has created a loop in time, as it were. If this were time and it is moving forward inexorably, then imagine that you were to stop at this point. You just stopped; that was the end. So the way to allow Terra to go on would be to create a loop in time, so that time loops here and comes back and lands you slightly before Terra was uncreated [see diagram in chapter 10]. By doing this, with the new understanding of ignorance and the value of inspiration, you can become more of yourselves. You can resolve the unresolvable problem, and Terra goes on. So in a sense you are simply completing something. This is what you are doing now. The new social primer will involve decisions made by the heart, which is associated with the emotional body, the physical body and the spiritual body, decisions you can make without much difficulty. You will be making spontaneous decisions based on stimulations from the emotional body that will help you to exist in your spiritual destiny. The emotional body speaks primarily and immediately through the physical body and physical feelings. This is something you already know how to do. It is just that you are going to have to give up some of the bliss of ignorance. I put it to you like this to challenge your mind, because the mind still does not quite grasp the value of ignorance. Oh, it can see, analytically speaking, that sometimes ignorance is useful, but it still quests for “all knowledge.” And since the mind is on a quest for all knowledge, it is on a quest for the grail — that which is purposely being held back until the time is right. The mind is being kept out of it a little bit, because the mind is here for you to get over. It can create things very slowly and is very useful in identifying things, but it can also misidentify things because it is attempting to do the job of the emotional body, which the emotional body does much better. When you make instantaneous decisions based on inspiration, they will very frequently be correct in that moment, although they may not always play out to be totally correct in the long run.

Understanding the Emotions through Physical Feelings The new reality for you is to make spontaneous decisions. You get spontaneous feelings all the time, so how will you know that something is right for you? You will need to develop an understanding of how your emotional body speaks and use the mental idea through your physical body. Your physical body is an instrument no different from radar or sonar. It feels things; it sends messages all the time. Yet if nobody is watching the radar or listening to the sonar, those messages may not get through. But maybe there’s a record being made of them. If so, then later somebody can examine the strip of the magnetic tape and say, “Hey, you’ve missed something.” That’s the role of your subconscious.

The emotional body speaks through the physical body, but it has a back door into the subconscious. That’s why you sometimes get uncomfortable feelings where you don’t quite know what it’s about. It feels like you’ve almost got it, but it’s not quite there. That’s the subconscious working. The emotional body is trying to communicate with you, working full force. Maybe you’ve got all kinds of incredible feelings in your body and you don’t even know what’s going on. Since you’ve got such a power of communication being attempted by the emotional body, you’re getting vague feelings associated with thought, and your mind’s subconscious is being activated. The new way, which is really the old way, will be that you will understand what your emotional body is saying by understanding how your physical body is feeling. Those of you who are involved in spiritual methods that are philosophically oriented might even have conversations, imaginary or channeled — whatever you want to call it — with your body parts. Maybe your stomach has something to say to you, or maybe your intestines. This is the easiest way, the most direct way this could be understood mentally, but there are other ways. You can, for example, say, “Well, I’m beginning to understand how my physical body reacts when I’m feeling a certain emotion.” You could make a list of a few emotions, starting with happiness and ending with joy so you’ll feel good on both ends of the experience. You can start out with happiness, then quickly experience hate and anger and return to happiness. Then you experience rage and return to happiness. Understand? You do things like that by being the actor. “Oh, I’m going to be happy now.” Pretend, get involved in it; be happy, noticing how your physical body feels, then say, “Okay, now I’m going to feel rage,” and get involved in that. Notice how your physical body feels. This is your emotional body expressing physically.

Your Second Brain: Instantaneous Communication and Key to Manifestation Pay attention to these ideas because it will give you an opportunity to establish a second line of communication. It is like a second brain, a second method of thought or communication with yourself. You are seeking the answer; the mind is questing for the answer. But the mind is held purposely in ignorance so that it can begin to understand the value of its “second brain.” The second brain is the emotional body speaking through the physical body, which gives instantaneous communication. Inspiration comes from the Creator to the spiritual body — which the Creator identifies as a cell in its own body — which sends it in turn to the emotional body, and from there it goes to the physical body. The last one to get it is the mental body. It goes in that sequence so that the mental body will be somewhat cloudy about it and cannot understand the process, analytically speaking — the process of spontaneous decisions and re-creations of one’s life, choosing to do something on the basis of what your heart feels, the heart being an analogy for the emotional body. The mental body does not understand it, but it is forced to live with this situation. And the accumulated result of living with that situation over these many years of the human race’s existence on this planet as it now exists in the third dimension is that the mental body is demanding to see how the communication system works within the emotional and physical self. The mental body is beginning to grasp that it has this second brain; that’s how it perceives things. It perceives things mentally, just as the emotional body perceives things emotionally; each has its own language. To the mental body, the emotional body’s communication to the physical body is another brain it can actually use. As it comes to understand the value of that communication, it will come to realize — think, feel, put into action — the usefulness of the experience of spontaneous decision inspired by the soul, stimulated by the emotional body and put into action by the physical body. So your new social primer will put into action what you have always done, but the mental body

is going to understand it. It is already moving into line. If your emotional body, your physical body and your spiritual body were three dots, they could all be aligned fairly easily. The mental body has always been separate here, but it’s beginning to move into place by its own desire. And as it moves into place you will have the experience of now. You will move beyond the experience of time, and then you can create things instantaneously the old way. However, this time you will have the knowledge of how they are created. If you show a film greatly sped-up of somebody building a model, you would see the kit, and in the blink of an eye you would see the model. If you slowed that way down, you could see the person building that model and understand how it comes together. When you reappear on Terra in the distant past, which is the far-flung future to you, you will have the ability to materialize things, but you will also understand the materialization process. This understanding will allow you to not only resolve problems that were unresolvable at the time of the end of Terra, but to help others do the same thing. Your new social primer will allow you to be more of the self that you have always been, and it will also allow your mental body to function more fluidly and compatibly with your emotional body, which it has judged. One tends to judge something it doesn’t understand. But as the mental body appreciates the value of the emotional, physical consciousness, then it will begin to feel. You see, the mental body does not now feel; it is the objective observer. But as it becomes subjective — realizing experiences and understanding the full process — it will then begin to understand in its own way the total brain. That is how it will experience it. The mental body will feel decisions that are made through the heart — through the system of needs to the emotional self and through inspiration — as a completion of itself. It will then begin to recognize those portions of yourself — the inspirational spirit, the physical body and all of that — as its completed self and as the truth that it is seeking. When it does that, it will no longer need to be separated. For that matter, there will no longer be a need for separation of any kind. So you see, you are here to resolve something not only for yourselves but for everyone, including the Creator. That’s the way the Creator pays you a little extra attention. You can say, “But Zoosh, it seems like we’re suffering here quite a bit. We have to deal with a lot of disharmony.” The reason you have that disharmony to deal with is that the Creator knows you can resolve it. Take one example: You sometimes have a cold, as you call it, sneezing and so on. If you give that cold to someone on the Pleiades or some other idealistic place, they’re going to die from it; it will wipe out their whole race because they’re not able to deal with it. Not just because it is a microorganism you can identify but because it creates a different form of behavior. When you sneeze — they don’t sneeze there — you’re doing something completely different. Just the fact of sneezing would be unresolvable; they do not have an inherited technology to resolve it. It’s true. You can create a being to be perfectly healthy, but if you do not keep the mechanism that was used to make that being perfectly healthy, it will eventually be lost because it is no longer necessary.

Lessons in Species Creation You are beginning to realize, through material mastery, how to create species. By re-creating yourself and becoming whole and complete, you are receiving lessons in the creation of species — the creation of the human race. You are creating yourself — by re-creating yourself — through the most valuable tool that was ever invented to do that: ignorance. With this tool, you are receiving training toward becoming the Creator! Now, what happens when the Creator goes off after it has its opportunity to expand? Goodbye, Charlie, it’s gonna be gone. Who’s going to fill the Creator’s shoes? I can assure you that the Creator’s inspirational cells, all of you, are going to do that. I’m not saying

you’re gods. You’ve been told that before, and in a sense you are that in training, because in order to be the creator of species you must understand the process of creation from every possible angle. So you’re going to fill in for the Creator as the Creator becomes more. You could say, in another way of speaking, that you’re simply going to become conscious of being the Creator, but I like to say that you’re going to fill in because you like to see things in progression. So recognize that your new social consciousness will be largely an experience of what you have been in such a way as to be more, because that is what is intended — for you to be more than you have been, more than you ever were and also more than exists out there now — so that you can help other beings resolve their cultures’ challenges. Their cultures are not growing, and lack of growth will stultify, shrink and finish a species in time. Therefore they must be reminded of the value of growth; they must be reminded of the value of ignorance in the paradigm of creation. That’s what it’s all about. When you mentioned a time loop, were you speaking of a time reference as we know it? For your understanding, I have put it into that as an analogy. Reality, as I experience it, is more like a variation of now. In my reality time is not a law. It is an idea, something worth considering, something to observe but not to experience unless one desires it for a moment. Yet in your reality, since time and space are abstracts that you have put into your actual living situation, I like to construct analogies in the language of time and space for you so you can see more clearly. So a time loop is a construct, but not a fixed reality. As I would experience it, it would be like, “Here’s one choice for existence: the planet Terra simply uncreates itself.” And in that same moment you have another choice: the planet Terra does not uncreate itself but goes on to an expanded version of itself, meaning the culture expands, changes, understands the value of ignorance and moves through the barrier of “truth.” That is the choice I prefer, and this is how I would see it — as a constant, a variation in a recipe, as it were. But my truth is no more or less valid than your own.

The Ignorance of Many ETs about Your Value With all of the purported activity and messages around Prescott, when can we look forward to actually meeting and talking with ETs? It is like this: While many ETs are seeking to assist you, there are some who are associated or connected to your planet who are more ignorant than yourselves, in terms of their stultified or withered cultures. To my way of believing, a withered culture is one that is stagnant and not growing. There are some here who need to move on to a greater sense of understanding. There’s a necessary sequence. As any good cook knows, you don’t mix all ingredients together at once and stir; sometimes you add things later. The sequence, as it is unfolding, is to allow certain ETs who are present to move beyond their ignorance. Their ignorance is simply their assumption that they have a greater degree of valuable knowledge that can help you than you have to help them. One of the reasons there have not been large numbers of verifiable contacts is because of the attitudes of certain ETs. This needs to be resolved. Consider a being who comes to you and says, “I’ve got a wonderful way of life that works for me.” And you say, “Great. Glad to hear it.” Then another being comes to you and says, “I’ve got a wonderful way of life that works for me, and it will not only work for you also, but it will be better than the way of life you’ve got now. If you have any sense, you’ll do as I do.” That’s the problem you’re dealing with here. You’ve got a lot of ETs in that latter group. They’ve got a way of life that works for them and they think their way of life will work for you.

One of the reasons you’re not in touch with those beings is that they are essentially immature. Oh, they may have a great deal of knowledge that you’d love to possess — how ships fly in various densities, technologies that you could use, from their point of view, to resolve disease and discomfort and so on. Yet it is their very desire to give you this information, to resolve disease and make things all nicey-nicey on this planet, that shows their ignorance. They have been advised by the emissaries from the Creator that this planet is being protected. That is, it is not allowed to have any tremendous invasive influence, not only from outer forces that would want your destruction but equally from forces that would want to make things all nicey-nicey here as they are on other planets elsewhere. So you are being protected by your isolation. These beings who want to help you, even though they know this, are considered to be immature and are not allowed. You are protected from meeting them in this way: Their technology, their instruments, do not work all the time. They might tell you, “Well, we’re going to be on that mountain and if you come and stand on that mountain at such and such a time, we’ll land. We’ll come out and have a nice talk with you and tell you how to live your lives.” They might not say that, but that’s the reality. So why is it that the technology that can get them to a distant planet — mathematically speaking, through interdimensional cracks — doesn’t work here? Why don’t they meet you on that hilltop? It isn’t always just because someone got the message wrong. Sometimes it’s because their technology doesn’t work here — that is your protection. Using the cooking analogy, if you have a cake baking in the oven and you are so hungry you can’t wait for the proper time for completion and open the door too soon, the cake collapses. You’re being protected so you can complete what you came here to do. So even for those who would seek to help you — from their point of view, although they’ve been instructed why you’re going through these difficult challenges — their technology doesn’t work. They can’t find you. You may say, “But Zoosh, what about those people they do find?” That’s different. Most of those people are found by beings who need to interact with you and are beginning to evolve toward an understanding and appreciation of you. In the case of beings from Zeta Reticuli, they are from various times — not only from the farflung future, but from the past, from your point of view (the ones in the past being considerably less sophisticated than the ones from the future). All different times of Zeta beings are in contact with you. The ones from the future understand now what you have to offer them; they have put it into place and have evolved a change for their civilization that will work. But the ones from the past think they are working with lesser beings because they are so much more brilliant, so technologically “superior” to the “lowly” human being. You see, you have been protected. Those beings who need what you have to offer are allowed to contact you. But the beings who are going to come and help you out and save you and cause the cake to collapse — huh-uh. The Creator says, “Nope, thank you for the heartfelt desire to do a good deed, but never mind.” The Creator moves its etheric finger, as it were, and says, “I’m sorry, but that technology doesn’t work here. It works just fine when you’re doing something that isn’t interfering, but the moment you interfere, that system doesn’t work.” Believe me, that immediately gives them a challenge. The Creator’s trying to create a race of beings who are problem solvers and will go out into other planetary systems to help people enjoy resolving problems creatively through material mastery. So the beings who have this wonderful technology that works everyplace else and frequently works on this planet find that suddenly their technology doesn’t work. They ask why. Later, you see, it works just fine, and they can’t find anything wrong. It creates an enigma, a problem and a challenge for which there is no immediate resolution.

When they have to experience that enough, they don’t interfere with you. Many races who come here wanting to be involved, sometimes for very kind reasons, had that experience over and over again. Then they stayed at a distance. That contact is going to be limited until the cake rises all the way, gets pulled out of the oven at the right time, gets frosted, and the candles are placed and everybody sings Happy Birthday.

Speeded-Up Time and Time Travel When you talk about protection and isolation, that relates to free will and free choice, but when I use those words it seems contradictory to me, because time exists only on this particular planet or dimension, not in all the universes. Is that getting closer to what you’re saying? Time is something that exists in many places and versions. Rudimentary spacecraft such as your own, for example, will travel in space. But eventually, as civilizations become more evolved, they will travel through time because there’s no wear and tear. You experience time on this planet differently. Third-dimensional existence does not experience time exactly the same everywhere; there are different experiences of time according to the lessons, the experiences and the gifts of that place. Your time is very slow; it is a slow third dimension. In the recent past it was really slow, somewhat slower than the median speed of the third dimension. This is because the gift here was to show you how things are created. The tree grows in the ground, a gift from the Creator. It is watered by the Creator in the cycles of nature. The tree is harvested by the woodsman and cut up into boards by the craftsman. And the carpenter nails or glues it together to form a beautiful piece of furniture. That’s not possible just anywhere. That’s your treat, because you get to see the process of creation not only in its natural element but in all that humankind does, using either advanced methods or the rudimentary technology of the carpenter and others. Time as you have experienced it is a slow version of the third-dimensional recent past. It is now speeding up to be almost the median of the third dimension. In other words, things that took a long time to resolve a while back do not take so much time now. Equally, things that were problems you had time to resolve and could think about now seem to come at you like a twenty-ton truck. They are immediate: “Wow, I’ve got to do something about this because it almost overwhelms me!” That’s the impetus that creates action. So you see, you are beginning to understand that as the dimensions change and get higher — what I call quicker — you have fewer moments of experience to create the fix, the cure. You are beginning to be trusted; the cake is rising. You are beginning to understand sufficiently how to deal with problems and resolve them, so you are speeding up. Reflecting back on the purported mode of travel that the Pleiadians use to visit here, they arrive at a certain speed and then go into thought, transforming the entire craft. Then they rematerialize once they’ve arrived in … Not thought. They will describe it sometimes as thought because they do not know how to explain it to you. They enter a state of being that is largely spiritual and emotional, not very physical. But it is a state of being, an existence where one might experience a tremendous joy. Let’s say that your team does something sensational and you’re watching it and you say, “Oh boy!” and get all excited. The feeling of excitement and joy — that’s what they experience. It’s not so much a thought, but they will sometimes describe it to you as thought if they believe that your understanding will be improved that way. Where any type of a vehicle is involved, there would be a sense of time. However, in traveling in

the spirit or soul body, there would be an instantaneous arrival wherever one wanted to be. Is that a fair analysis? Yes. The vehicle has the ability to travel in space, but the bulk of the travel happens in time. That is done through a version of ecstatic consciousness. I describe it that way because traveling through time is a very pleasant experience. It is emotionally amusing, and one experiences at certain points a sped-up interaction with reality. The more conscious beings are and the more they understand material manifestation, the sooner they can actually begin to understand the time they are moving through. In other words, your souls are trying to be material masters. What you will be able to do eventually is travel through time and see, sense, taste, smell, feel and experience to a greater degree what you are traveling through, rather than simply having an experience — as the Pleiadians do in your example of the ship — of white light. They experience an energy, and their impression is of being in a very bright white light. But if they were to explain it to you, and if you challenged them with the questions, “Well, exactly how does it work? What do you see? What do you experience?” it would be very difficult for them to explain it in terms of thought.

Fourth Dimension: Mind Pushing and Destiny Pulling What is causing our dimension to accelerate into the fourth dimension? You have a destiny, and that destiny cannot be fulfilled in the third dimension because this is school. The third dimension is where you are learning how to become material masters, among many other things. So you must provide the resolution needed on Terra in the fourth dimension and to some extent the fifth dimension. The resolution is not needed in the third dimension for Earth. Since this planet is a polarized planet, you have propelling masculine energy pushing you, whereas in the predominantly feminine energy of Terra you were being pulled, attracted. You are needed, and where there is a need, there will be a resolution of that need. All needs are resolved; all needs are fulfilled. You are the fulfillment of that need, so you’re being inexorably drawn toward the fourth dimension. As a salmon swims upstream to spawn, you are being drawn to some extent while you’re being pushed upstream. But as you learn how to feel attraction and remember how to use the emotional, the physical and the spiritual self, this allows you to experience the spontaneous attraction. The mind, however, pushes you, saying, “Look at this mess! Pollution, the greenhouse effect — what are we going to do? We haven’t got the technology. What’s going to happen? Woe is me! We’ve got to do something!” The mind functions as the masculine energy in this case, with a woe-is-mewhat-are-we-going-to-do energy, and pushes you forward. Using the idea of a global brain with all of its ability, the collective mental consciousness does not have a resolution for the crises you are in. So it says, “Let’s go forward,” because the mind understands time as “let’s go forward into something else so we can either escape what exists here into some other dimensional aspect, or understand what to do about it so we can resolve it.” So the mind pushes. On the other hand, the feminine energy, which is based on its need — what you are being trained to do immediately — will resolve Terra’s difficulties, uncreate the thing that occurred and allow Terra to go on. Then your souls will evolve and go out in the universe in these various bodies, resolve other people’s crises, and experience the adventure of consciousness that you are seeking. You’re being drawn by the needs of the feminine energies. This is the functional aspect and to some extent gives you a little more background in why you cannot do it in the third dimension. That’s why you’re going to the fourth dimension; what you’re being trained to do cannot be accomplished here, but only here can you experience the training.

It is like this: Imagine that on this planet somebody sets up a school. They say, “In this school we will teach all of the mysteries that have been unsolved and unresolved that people have been fascinated by and worried about and wondering about for all time as you know it and understand it, historically speaking.” If they produce results, someone graduates and says, “And this is why suchand-such…” and everybody who’s a scholar beats a path to that door. It’s a mystery school. It’s the same for your souls. Your souls have the opportunity to learn something here on this planet as it exists now that does not exist anywhere else in the universe. So needless to say, there is a mighty big desire by souls to come here. It is a privilege to be here. Somehow I don’t see how human beings can be teachers in other parts of the universe. Why not? Because we work more in the physical than with the other aspects of beingness. Are you saying that this is part of the training and that we’ll no longer be totally physical? You will not notice the difference. What if I told you that you’re expanding even now? You’re becoming huge; you’re gigantic. You’ll say to me, “I don’t see any difference.” You look around the room and everything is in relative proportion. You will not notice the difference. You will, to all intents and purposes in the fourth dimension, feel essentially the same. You’ll be able to grab your appendages and say, “Feels pretty solid to me, Zoosh.” And if I told you that your 12-inch ruler is bigger than it used to be, you’d say, “But Zoosh, I’ll take you on a trip to the Bureau of Standards and I’ll show you rulers from way back when, and the ruler we’ve got is exactly the same length.” I’d say to you, “Well, I know it looks the same, but everything has expanded just a little bit. And if everything expands, there is no relative change.” The fourth-dimensional aspect of human beings will offer some of the greatest teaching that has ever been known, because you will have the benefit of the value of ignorance, which you will not judge. You will also have the benefit of negative energy, which in the fourth dimension you will not experience as your judge (negative energy in this case meaning discomfort). You will not experience much more than 2 percent of what you now experience as discomfort. But by that time in your expanded state it will be enough to give you an impetus to solve a problem. If a problem is hurtling toward you like a 20-ton truck, now that’s an impetus! “Gotta do something about that!” In the fourth dimension you won’t need a 20-ton truck; you merely need a vague feeling of discomfort: “I’m feeling uncomfortable about that. I’d better do something.” Understand? And you will do it by then; you will respond spontaneously, utilizing spirit, body and emotions, and do it through the heart, living by the heart. You will live, you will do and you will be. And you will be an example.

Teaching by Example Remember, human beings have always been created and trained to teach by example. Those you admire most as teachers are those who live what they teach. It is the same for you. Those who will admire you the most and who will want to do what you do will look at your cultures and say, “These people have survived what we assumed was unsurvivable. And they seem to be better for it! Perhaps we have been in error.” In the case of the Pleiades, many of their cultures do not experience discomfort at all. In the past their attitude has been, “Just as soon as human beings realize what we have to offer them, we’ll bring them into our fold, help them dump all that old negativity and discomfort and show them the way to live — like us.” But you see, the choice that they made long ago not to experience the challenge of discomfort described as negative energy has stunted their society. We’re talking about, in terms of time, millions of years of human existence and millions of years of their existence. Yes, the Pleiadians have a

beautiful culture (they have not had wars, so why not?); they have an interesting and dynamic technology. Yet if you had now the benefits that they have, you could evolve into their state of being in about a thousand years. What does that say to you about growth? You have been experiencing your life for millions of years and you’re just about there as material masters. But they have been existing for millions of years — and they’re only a thousand years ahead of you? Big deal! Understand this: I’m not impressed with their existence. You know, they hear all of this as I’m talking to you, but they hear it differently. I’m a little more gentle with them because they wouldn’t know emotion; it would frighten them. I want to be emotional with you to help you understand that it is of value. It’s important for them to realize that you have something to offer. The human being has more to offer by being a human being than any other being that is available — possibly aside from the Creator. You have a great deal to offer by example, so you do not have to go out and say, “We’re going to teach them English today, and tomorrow Spanish, and maybe French the next day.” In time you will mingle with them when they are ready to appreciate what you have to offer. They will simply be exposed to you when they are ready to appreciate the value of discomfort and ignorance, which stimulate the greatest degree of expansion and creativity known. When they’re ready to accept that, then you’ll have lots of contact. And you don’t have to teach them their ABCs. All you have to do is be. Now, understand that the challenge you have is to appreciate what you have to offer. It is a challenge only because you have been trained to believe you are less-than by people who, although they may love you very much, don’t know they are wonderful either. So you inherited the challenges and discomforts of your family and all the previous generations of the culture that you now exist in. But know that it has a purpose. It is not some horrible disaster built up by some diabolical person strictly for its own pleasure. The Creator allows this because it is your destiny to bring the knowledge of the value of ignorance and discomfort, although just a little bit. To the rest of the people on planets elsewhere I will simply say that the purpose of the Explorer Race is so they can understand the value of the lessons you have learned and that they have avoided. And when they see that you can come out of the other end of the tunnel and be better off as a result, they will think about it and then they will spontaneously try it. It will shake things up a bit, but that is the Creator’s method. After all, birth is not always lots of fun, even on other planets; it has its own version of strangeness — not exactly discomfort, but an alteration of lifestyle. In the case of planets that clone, it is different. It is not something they do in their daily life, but a special thing for which ceremonies have been built up. So you see, it is a change. The Creator utilizes the forces of dynamic creativity to make, to manifest and to resolve. You’re doing all these things. You’re right on time; you’re not dragging your feet. Everything is coming along just as it has been planned. And believe me, when the cake comes out of the oven, it’s going to taste really good. So live as if you were of value and were making a contribution simply by your existence. Your society does not tend to support the value of existence as such, which is understandable. This is because it has been cut off from who you really are in terms of your history. I am here to remind you who you are so you can appreciate that value and pass it on.


Fulfilling the Creator’s Destiny Hotep and Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, April 1, 1990 All right. This is Hotep. We will speak briefly. I have discussed with you before the idea of the Creators of the New Dawn. The Creator and humankind are the Creators of the New Dawn. These individuals, the Creators of the New Dawn, are essentially the 144,000. When that number given in the Bible is reduced — 144 followed by zeros — you get nine. The Creators of the New Dawn are nine source souls. Your source beings, the Nine, were made up of Pleiadian energy, Andromedan energy, Orion energy, energy from Sirius and a smattering of a few other things — that was their main body. Some of these source souls are scattered throughout all of humankind as it now exists. They have not always been scattered, but the intersection of their creation, of their imaging, of their reincarnation, will overlap somewhat over the next twenty years to restore the past/future. You all are involved in what now can be referred to intellectually as a probable past. That is to say, your existence is real, yet when your mission is completed, this existence and all that took place will simply be uncreated. The purpose of what you are going through is to give these nine source souls the knowledge they need, gained through heartfelt experience, so that they can make different decisions in the past. All life, as you understand humanoid life to be, ceased on the surface of Terra some time ago. This was because of a decision; the Council of Nine did not understand the heart’s involvement in decision-making. They were intellectual beyond any possible attainment in your now existence and they were highly motivated spiritually. They had also mastered physicality as you understand it. But they did not fully grasp the value that the heart, the feminine principle, makes in decisions. They decided in their time, which you could refer to as the past, to go ahead and allow Earth — which was then Terra — and the souls, the manifestations of all life on that planet, to be isolated. The experiment was already under way to give negative energy a form of expression and resolution, although negative energy had not yet begun to be expressed on Terra. The council was not fully aware of that.

The Creator’s Daughter and the Council of Nine The council was approached by a child, a young girl, who told them that their decision to isolate Terra just because the Pleiades chose to be isolated was not the best and wisest. She said, “If you allow the experiment to go ahead, isolating Terra from the rest of the universe, then the growth factor will not be present. The interactions between all individuals will not work. There will be disharmony even at the highest levels.”

Well, the council did not believe her. They felt that she was being overemotional, since she cried as she said this; it was a vision, you see. They made the decision to include negative energy in Terra and to isolate Terra so that the experiment there would not affect the rest of the universe as they knew it. The breakup occurred immediately after their decision, immediately after that confrontation with the child. Four went to the Pleiades — those who felt more Pleiadian in origin — saying, “We’ll have no part of this.” Four others went to Orion for a time and eventually returned. The ninth one went to the center of what is now the Earth, bringing Terran energy. At the time the last one went to the center of Terra, the Creator intervened and allowed Terra to experiment on an alternate, slower-vibrating version of itself — Earth. Earth broke off — was birthed, in a sense, by Terra — and Terra was frozen in time. The Creator wanted to show, through its daughter, as it were, what could happen when a planet is isolated during an experiment with negative energy. Thus almost all of what has occurred here that is negative is associated with the Creator’s intention to influence the Council of Nine to change their decision. The original intention was that the

Council of Nine allow negative energy to be experimented on Terra with no isolation. However, the Creator, not wasting anything, decided that since Earth was going to exist, it would simply create a species that could also exist beyond Earth. That is to say, in your now time as you experience the rush toward the fourth dimension, Earth as you know it will cease to exist and you will wind up back on Terra where you all started — sourcing from those original nine individuals. That is the pattern. The lesson of the Nine will be to understand that those who approach them and speak to them in a language not native to them can be heard, but also can be felt. You see, the daughter of God was radiating an energy that was not felt by the Nine, since they listened primarily to what she said. As you learn to release words as your primary mode of communication and begin to allow for feelings, both physical and inspirationally emotional, you will begin to learn the lessons that the Nine need to learn in order to make the correct decision. As always, many are being involved so that the Creator might experience variables and variations of its own experience. When you cycle back into the fourth dimension, you will arrive in energy on the soul level. The Nine will simply make a different decision. They will allow Terra to have its experimental experience with negative energy and not be isolated. You see, negative energy has always been isolated and not allowed free access. What will occur on Terra is that they will have negative energy, but they will also have total access to other civilizations. They will then be able to have the examples of other civilizations, including all of their histories, all of their experiences, and they will not make the same errors — as you might call them — or tragedies that you have had to live. Your entire existence, in this way of looking at it, has to do with giving nine individuals a lesson. Of course, there is more meaning for you, since the Creator wastes nothing, and you as the Explorer Race are learning how to live beyond a single planet. You will go out into the galaxies. You will bring your experience, showing others that growth with problems is possible by the inclusion of problem solving — something that was essentially pioneered here. Problem solving in other cultures is usually done by the priest class, separate from the ordinary person. But here on Earth you are all the priest class, since the priest class is the inheritor of the energy of the Nine. Thus the priest class has been allowed to commingle with the people and show that it is possible for ordinary individuals in a civilization to solve problems. Many other civilizations elsewhere exist in a vacuum, as you would say, and do not have the challenges that everyone on this planet has. Their cultures do not believe it is possible to survive those challenges. That is why they don’t have them. Recognize that for you to experience the knowledge of the Creator, things must simply be put back the way they are. Now Zoosh will carry on with the topic. Could we ask a question first? All right. Who was the one who stayed behind? Is there any historical connection we could relate to? The energy of the child represented by God’s daughter who visited the Nine was melded into that one, a male energy. This being has historically been known to the Christians as Jesus. He is also involved in the trine referred to as the trinity. You have portrayed the Council of Nine as being intellectual and spiritual but not emotional and, I presume, not loving as we know it. Is the Lucifer archetype related to this at all? ••• A moment. All right, Zoosh speaking. The transfer was taking place while you were asking the

question. I will ask you to repeat it. Is the concept of Lucifer related to the story of the Council of Nine?

The Origin of Lucifer As a Negative Influence Not exactly. Lucifer is a creation of the experiment of negative energy. It was necessary to have a Lucifer energy, an embodiment of an energy. Understand that all energies have a form of consciousness. Since negative energy did not have a spokesperson, it was deemed necessary to embody it. Therefore in the beginnings of the genetic experiment on Earth, the embodiment of negative energy was in some individual, a being who was a free individual who arrived on the vehicle from Sirius with the then-social engineer known as Jehovah. They arrived with many individuals, escaping from a very negative-energy planet on Sirius. Lucifer, who was a fairly negative individual himself at that time, inherited via the Creator the energy of negativity. On that ship designed for social engineering, Jehovah understood that they as a race could not really occupy Earth. Since he was called, one might say, to Earth, he knew that what could be created there would be a species of beings. He was involved in the beginning of the genetic experiment on Earth. He realized that since the creation of the human race was at its ideological beginning, allowing anyone from their ship in the physical form they had then to access anyone or anything on the surface of the planet would be a grievous error, since the inclusion of that energy would only bring negative energy in full power to Earth before its time. It was not Jehovah’s original intention to introduce their race’s negative energy until much later. I am not stating that Jehovah was a negative being, but as a person at that time, he understood the relationship between negative energy and positive energy, and the possibility of creating a polarized race of beings. That is why his destiny was on Earth and why the Creator led him there. Do you understand the ramifications of this? It suggests that Jehovah is someone; of course, Jehovah has evolved into an energy far beyond that form he originally took. Lucifer at that time did not approve of the experiment as Jehovah was running it. It was Lucifer’s belief that the intent of the experiment was to evolve a race that could serve with or for the creation of a hospitable atmosphere for those emigrants from that planet on Sirius to settle. It was his idea that direct contact was not really necessary, but it was vital to create a homogenous relationship with the human race that would be developed through social engineering tactics by the social scientist Jehovah. However, Lucifer did not agree and broke off with Jehovah and went to Earth. He decided that he would give the people, then in their very rudimentary stages, an opportunity not to be beholden to Jehovah for their sustenance, so he simply gave them tools, as it were. Lucifer inadvertently — it was not his intention — began the idea of separation on Earth by giving humankind something external to fulfill its needs. Up to that point in time it was Jehovah’s entire intention to give humankind the ability to fulfill its needs through the powers of psychic energy, telekinesis and so on. In other words, he intended to create humankind essentially in his own image without the need for technology. Lucifer, however, had another idea. And since Lucifer had inherited negative energy, he was actually functioning as another aspect of the Creator. Jehovah at that time did not realize that the Creator had a plan for Earth that was different from his own. He felt that he was on a mission, a spiritual quest, that he was there to fulfill a destiny. He did not realize that Lucifer was not interfering with the experiment, but was actually the crux of the experiment itself. Lucifer, then, introduced externalized forms of materialization through the use of tools. By so doing he introduced a separation from what Jehovah would see as internal creation or godship. Jehovah was very angry with Lucifer and cut him off from any form of support. Lucifer discovered

then that Jehovah fully intended to isolate Earth, and since Earth was being used as an example of isolation by the Creator to show the Council of Nine the disadvantages of isolation, the evolution thus began. You see, Lucifer and Jehovah were individuals. They both had their lessons and they have had billions of years to understand them. They have also had many moments of reconciliation. They are much closer to reconciliation now than they have ever been because Lucifer realizes the real reason for his being here. He realizes and understands the Creator’s original intention, and so does Jehovah. Jehovah has forgiven Lucifer, since he now understands that Lucifer was driven by the crux of the experiment. Lucifer essentially was the experiment. It was this understanding that allowed Jehovah to release Lucifer from being a force of evil. The force of evil, as it is now in its current exhibition on Earth, could be loosely referred to as Satan — essentially an extension of the Lucifer personality. Lucifer now has a light side, as you might understand it, and a dark side. You as individuals can understand this since you also have a shadow side and a light side, or soul side. Lucifer’s shadow side is Satan. Lucifer’s light side is blending with Jehovah. It is a long story that I am greatly compressing. Lucifer has had many opportunities to perform deeds that were considered very high. Lucifer, for example, in his light side was a deity called on by beings of the Black League on Orion. They called on someone who could help them fight the empire, and Lucifer’s light side was sent to them. They did not understand all of what Lucifer was, but they came to understand it in their practices of religion. That is simply an aside to help you to see how all things are connected. There is no simple isolation; isolation is an illusion that exists on this planet now so that you can begin to perceive its disadvantages. The world you are living in now is essentially the polar opposite of what began. You are living in a polarized world where polarization is possible, so opposites are possible. Before the Nine made the decision, there was no polarization on Terra; magnetic energy and electrical energy were of the same pole. It was then that the Creator’s experiment began — to find a way to allow the priest classes everywhere the vision to see the value of instilling priest-class virtues in all individuals. In other words, it was an attempt by the Creator to create less separation. The Creator chooses to move on to the next level of itself, you see. The Creator is not, strictly speaking, one all-powerful being. In your understanding of what exists, the Creator appears to be one thing. And for all that you know and all that you will ever need to know in this dimension, the Creator need only be one thing. Yet since education and growth is a given, the Creator desires to grow. The only way the Creator could create growth for itself was to create a boomerang effect — hence your species and your existence on Earth. In order for the Creator to grow, it was necessary for the Council of Nine to make that decision. Irony is the fire that fuels growth in the Creator’s mind, you might say. The irony in this case is that the apparent “wrong” decision by the Council of Nine is the right decision overall, since growth was the desire of all concerned, including the Creator.

Earth: The Creator’s Launching Pad to Home The Creator needed a boomerang energy, a launching pad to move itself into the next version of itself. The Creator has been, as you understand the Creator to be, isolated from the larger portion of itself. Those larger portions exist occasionally as gateways in your galaxies. Black holes, as they are referred to now, are essentially gateways to the higher consciousness of the Creator. Whatever goes into black holes is not reemerging, simply because creation in its higher, quicker, more total level is taking place on the other side. Things are being recycled, one might say. Things are being drawn to

the other side to the greater portion of the Creator. In the larger picture, the Creator created this entire dilemma for itself. The Creator, as with all life, learns through ignorance. And although the Creator knows everything, even it learns through ignorance, because in ignorance there is always the search for the truth, for the answer. How could the Creator find home — the greater portion of itself? The Creator reckoned that in all life — since life expands to create itself — the only way to find home would be to increase the pressure of creation so that the matrix of all creation would not be powerful enough to resist the expansion necessary for the Creator to move to the next level. In other words, the Creator had to up the ante and increase the pressure of creative forces. Hence the creative element was turned inside out, or polarized. This idea has been expressed before by other beings. The inside-out idea is to create a pressure in the creation zone — the matrix, that portion that allows elements of all to be created and re-created in the totality of its existence beyond any idea of decimal points. All ideas, all aspects of creation, can take place in this matrix. Yet it moves at a certain pace. In order to move at a greater pace, the Creator reckoned it would create the boomerang effect of this pressure, and then when it needed to move beyond the speed of creation — you understand the speed of light and sound and so on, but there is a speed associated with creation as well, a higher physics — it would be necessary to expand beyond the speed the Creator has been functioning at in its existence. So how did the Creator come to the decision to do this? It was understood by itself that it was incomplete, because the Creator had to learn. The Creator had to learn everything it knows just as you have learned what you know. You retain the knowledge that you need and discard what you do not need into your subconscious. The Creator began to understand gradually that it was really its own subconscious, and the reason it was learning so slowly — according to its own idea of speed — is that it needed to be complete with its conscious self that it was creating simply for the sheer joy of creating. But it did not understand, from its point of view, the total picture. I try to create this analogy for you so that you can see within your own framework the desire of the Creator to become more. You also have a desire to find the truth. The Creator had a desire to find the truth, and the only way the Creator could move beyond its limits, as it saw them, was to have a direct reflection of itself. You have been told by many of your great religions that you are in fact a direct reflection of God. This is true — and it is vital. You, the souls on this Earth, are not only serving to give the Council of Nine an understanding of their decision, but in the larger picture you are the direct descendants of the motive force that the Creator will use to move to its next self. Your subconscious minds are rising to the surface. This is why you have been experiencing from time to time difficulties and challenges that you thought you had resolved in the past. Yet these experiences are rising again to be dealt with, that which you thought had already been processed. You processed, you got involved with the experience, you retained what you needed to know and the rest was placed into your subconscious. How do you have the ability to expand and be more in the fourth dimension? Because your subconscious mind will come to the surface and your conscious mind will be expanded. The Creator is the same as yourself. You are not only the Creator’s image — you are the Creator’s child. You are also the Creator’s birthright. In order to move into its own total consciousness, the Creator has discovered that it is its own self’s subconscious. This is why it is possible to experience a new existence on your planet and, in your lives now, all that has been discarded by all of the other races. This is the mechanism of how it is possible. It is true that you have inherited as the Explorer Race all of the unresolved dilemmas and problems that have existed in your known universe and in the universe beyond that which you know.

You have inherited these things because the Creator’s subconscious is the place where discarded ideas — ideas discarded by entire civilizations, zillions of beings, and placed into the subconscious of their cultures — are played out in the Creator’s true manifested self on the physical dimension: Earth people! It is a big picture. The mechanism works this way so that the Creator can propel itself into its total consciousness. You are also propelling yourself into your total consciousness. When your subconscious completes its journey of rising to the surface, you yourselves will be propelled at the same precise moment that the Creator is propelled into its conscious self and reaches home. This is all about going home. You all have a tremendous desire — every one of you — to go home, to be home, whether it is your own home or a home beyond your own home. You are seeking a truth so that you can go home. This is what the Creator is doing. The Creator is seeking the truth so that it can go home. It would take the Creator, you see, to devise a plan to experience more of itself by cutting off a portion of itself from itself. Even the Creator that you experience, the subconscious self of the Creator — even with all that knowledge — is still cut off slightly from the total consciousness of itself, the conscious mind of the Creator. The Creator created you in its own image. This does not necessarily mean your appearance, but it does mean in your desires, your emotions. At the base of them is: “Where am I? Who am I? How did I get here? And how do I get back?” Those are the basic emotions of the Creator’s subconscious mind. This is why you are the Creator. I have told you for some time that it will be you who are training to fill the shoes of the Creator. In what embodiment will you do it? In the embodiment of the Council of Nine from which you are all derived. The Council of Nine will take over for the Creator. You are all a portion of that. You see, perhaps, why humankind is inexorably locked into the Creator. I do not wish to leave the impression that the other races are somehow not so involved with the Creator. It is just that, as those of you who have studied history might know, very often it is the voice that sings out with an apparent discordant note that gets noticed and creates enough of a stir so that things get involved and resolved. This is why, even though all beings are children of the Creator, you are so important to the Creator. You are judged by many extraterrestrials now, even with the new information that has been passed on to them. The stubborn ones who believe in their totally positive cultures are still clinging to the idea that you are somehow discordant beings who have been placed in the path of their cultures to make them discordant as well. It is not really so. Anyone who has studied music knows that when writing music — which is challenging and difficult, especially allowing for all that has already been written — it is the occasional discordant note that will spawn new ideas and new riffs to create entirely new songs or melodies. I mention this so that you will realize that you are not only the chosen ones — an idea that has created much strife on your planet — but that you are special to the Creator. You are the Explorer Race. You are designed to go out to space, spread your message that it is possible for individuals to solve problems and give other races a model of problem-solving techniques within day-to-day life. This is why you attract so much attention, because the model of that type of being exists nowhere but here in your current universe.

The Nine Could you give us a little more understanding of who the Council of Nine are and where they came from?

The Nine are the offspring of the higher conscious of the now-subconscious aspect of the Creator. The Nine are essentially offspring who the Creator birthed to allow itself to move on. It is as though the Creator said, “How am I going to move on? I must create the mechanism first, and that has been done. But who will provide what I have provided in my focus elsewhere?” The Creator knows that you will always be a portion of itself, the desire to have a special focusing portion of itself within your universe. So the Nine were created. That is the origin of the mystery of the number nine. Those of you who are mathematically inclined know that nine is a mysterious and unusual number. It has been incorporated in its symbolic presence as that essence of the yin and yang symbol. The Nine represent certain fundamental tribal forms of consciousness. It is true that you are now experiencing twelve tribes in your expressions of life. But if you were to source them back, they originate in these nine source tones. The tonal scale and the scale of colors can be reduced and expanded to nine. There are certain tones you are less aware of than others. There are certain tones that are actually aspects of other tones. I mention this because the universal language of energy, color and tone is the source of communication as you understand it. The Nine are really the fundamental building blocks of form and substance. In a sense, they are the molecular energy of the form of total consciousness that you experience. Total consciousness for you is mind, body, spirit and emotion. In order to create that in form and substance throughout all dimensions in this universe, it is necessary to have the proper combination of tones, colors and energies. The Nine represent aspects that are in tone — to make a pun — with all of that. Can you be more specific in your query? I take it, then, that they are not beings we would perceive sitting at a council table? There is no disadvantage in seeing them this way. They are no more than that, no less than that. However, my perception is that they are essentially focal presences of light moving in and out of different dimensional focuses. You alluded to the idea that human beings are to be absorbed into the energy of the Council of Nine. Are they our oversouls? Only in the sense that they are your source, and if one sources from a point of origin, one might say that they are your point of origin and that your oversoul sources from them as well. It would be as though you said, “Here’s a box of sand. In this box of sand is the origin, the soul and the oversoul, which are overseen by the Creator.” You pour out the box of sand and ask, “Which is which?” It is all sand. It is all made up of individual grains of sand, and yet it was all encompassed within a single entity for that moment. So although I would not affirm what you say, it is not removed completely from that idea, either. We would lose our separate identities as human beings, then, as we are absorbed into it. Your idea of a human being is an encapsulated individual. You are a cell in the body of God. You will have the cell of God’s personality as long as you exist. You are essentially a portion of the personality of the Creator. Even now, if you would imagine the Creator as a synaptic brain, the energy that could be measured in that brain could be equalized in the energy in your own brain. All of these energies have a slightly different imprint, as your scientists are now beginning to discover by way of creating a universal identification. They all have an individual imprint and that individual imprint is equal to the personality of that individual. It is the closest form you can now technologically imprint, a personality in the guise of physiological metabolic mathematics. Has the Council of Nine improved or become aware of or moved into their emotional body? They were in their emotional body; they simply did not understand that the daughter of God who appeared before them crying and moaning was a portion of themselves, an image of themselves. They

made a decision that was on the one hand wrong and on the other hand right, so that the Creator could reclaim its total self. The decision was really the correct decision in the larger picture. But in the smaller picture, the decision that was made could not be made without being changed. So the decision was designed for change in the first place. You will arrive back in the fourth dimension slightly before the council makes that decision within that energy; thus the decision will be different. But won’t we forget all of this? I’d really hate to have gone through all of this and not remember. In the sense that a computer retains information, to use your current technological analogy, it does not retain all the information. Data is stored on separate disks and so on, or separate laser data storage (this new method will take some time to percolate into your economy). All of these things are somewhat separate from the computer, but they are accessible. Similarly, you will not actually lose the experience, but you will not be influenced by its negative aspects. The 2% negative energy that will remain in your fourth-dimensional expression of yourselves will be only what is necessary to give you impetus to do things you might not otherwise do. The other races living on planets where there is only positive energy take a very long time to make their decisions; even one that amounts to “should I tie my left shoelace first or my right?” — an everyday decision on this planet — might take a lifetime to decide. On this planet, in creating potential uses for negative energy, annoyance became one impetus — for example, “Oh, gee, I’d feel better if I just did it” — that will give you an expression of negative energy in the fourth dimension. Personality would not be lost; since the Creator is everything and you are a cell of the Creator, nothing will be lost. Negative energy would simply be applied in a way it has not been applied before. I am interested in the created energy, as opposed to the electrical and magnetic. We are being bombarded now by particles smaller than neutrons, for example. What is the purpose of this energy? You are asking why people are being bombarded by apparently externalized energy particles? Yes. In order for humankind to move beyond the current state of apparent redundancy or repetition of events, it is necessary for there to be more than a push. You have been pushing yourself for some time to move beyond. It is necessary to have a pull. For some time physicists have understood that there would be some change of the magnetic relationship of Earth to its physiological self. The question has been, how will humankind and other life forms respond to this apparent physiological change? Well, the response is taking place now. To some extent the breakdown of the immune system is simply a desire of the Creator to help you move beyond the need for a physiological immune system. That motion will in time display itself as a renewed sense of safety through physical and emotional harmony as well as the mental and spiritual harmony that has been somewhat perfected in an isolated way on this planet. The particles are now being allowed to reach Earth through a change in the molecular magnetic structure. I refer to molecular magnetic, since magnetic structure is alive. It is someone and something just like electricity is someone and something. A quick aside: electricity is essentially a residual byproduct of all souls who have ever lived here. This energy will assist you to get where you are going, whether you like it or not. The human aura is being attacked, from the point of view of a microbiologist, for example. A spiritual scientist might say that the energy of the human being, the aura, is being attacked. Yet in reality the aura is being penetrated by particles — I am referring perhaps not to the exact particles you are referring to

— that are causing the auric fields to break down so that humankind’s energy can merge entirely with the auric field of Mother Earth, which extends beyond the zone of isolation. Mother Earth’s auric field radiates millions of miles outward. It comes and goes in pulses. Since the desire is to help you merge more with that energy, the new conditions are a way to speed you on your way. This may not necessarily refer directly to the particles you spoke of, but it is essential for you to know about this. The breakdown of the human aura will cause confusion in communications, since most confusion — 97 percent — happens through the energetic interactions in the auric field. What about the four of the Council of Nine who went to the Pleiades and the four who went to Orion? The four who went to Orion helped develop the civilizations there. At that time, cycling through the entire history of Orion, they allowed a certain amount of negative energy to build up. That planet blew up, and you know about the history of those people from there. I will simply say that they did allow the original intention of the experiment, as they understood it, to take place in Orion on a totally isolated planet. In their intention to move beyond that isolation, they allowed that planet to influence a few others, but it was done with too much control. They had good intentions, but it didn’t work out. This is why they eventually cycled back to being involved in the outer layers of Mother Earth’s auric field. They are nearby. Did these council members appear in any of our Earth literature or mythologies? Are there any allusions to them? Look for allusions to them in the Bhagavad Gita. We will not say where. Also look for allusions to them in the book Urantia. Is everyone here on this planet sourced specifically from those Nine? Ever y thing, every one, every idea, every possibility, yes. But sourced also from the subconscious of the Creator.

Earth’s Unique Role and the Value of Ignorance Are other planets not sourced in the same way as everything here? Your existence on this planet is essentially to show the Nine why control won’t work, so it is not the same elsewhere. You are the living example of the Creator’s attempt to move beyond limits. The limits exist here so that the Creator’s cells — you, who are cells of the synapses of the Creator’s analogous brain — experience limits. How could you understand the dilemma the Creator is in unless you were literally a mirror image of the Creator’s anxieties? I know this makes the Creator sound limited, but the Creator created a limited version of itself in order to move beyond what it was. Understand that ignorance is perhaps the most valuable commodity that ever existed, because it is in ignorance that one can move to knowledge. In knowledge, one cannot move to knowledge. This is why many of the races that are extraterrestrial in origin are limited and stuck; they have a knowledge that works for them, but it does not allow them to grow. Growth is built in on this planet. So if we are sourced from the Nine, are all of these other extraterrestrial beings in this part of the galaxy from the same Creator? Of course. All is of the Creator. It is that you are on a mission from God, as the movie says. You are on a mission, and it is directly connected to something the Creator wants to do. It is as though you are the river that moves through the matrix of life. The river connects. It is the river of time, the river of life. When the famous author [Thomas Sugrue, There is a River] spoke of the idea that there is a

river, you are that river. Rivers connect civilizations to each other not only symbolically but in reality, through transportation devices and so on. You are the river: You are designed to transport one style of life through storytelling, one might say, to the universe as you know it. You have been created to fulfill not only the destiny of the Creator, but your own destiny, which is to seek the truth wherever you go, but not limit the truth. Our destiny is also to become a Creator, correct? Yes. Through the source origin of the Nine. Would you say that the truth we could embrace more completely than any other civilization is the dichotomy of self? Yes, of course. Irony is the Creator’s wit; paradox is the Creator’s method of humor. So dichotomy is not surprising. As the human organism on Earth is related to the Council of Nine, I suppose we would have a special affinity to the one council member who stayed on Earth. Yes — in Earth. Will our collective experience go to his soul more specifically than the others of the Nine? Interesting idea, because it suggests that the representative who decided to stay with you has decided to represent your ideas as the spark of inspiration that will precede the Nine’s decision presented by the daughter of God. Yes. That individual will transmit the spark of inspiration from the Source that is beyond the Creator — the total consciousness of the Creator, since the total consciousness created this entire scenario that you are living through, including your universe and its own subconscious expression of itself. That one will transmit, as you say, the knowledge through inspiration coming from feeling, which is exactly what the daughter of God was attempting to inspire in the first place. She wasn’t speaking to them so much as transmitting a feeling, an energy. But they did not understand the value of the feeling. They felt it, but they did not understand it. They did not act on it. But they will understand it because the heightened energy of the inspiration will come not only from the daughter of God, but directly through the total consciousness of the Creator itself. Will that entity be more powerful than the rest of the Nine? Not exactly, because it will not remember where it got the information. It is not necessary for it to remember consciously. However, it does sit in the middle. It sounds like that decision will be made to allow negative energy onto Terra but not in isolation … Not to isolate Terra from contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. So it is like the scenario would be played, but with different playwrights, so to speak. It is a different scenario, yes, a scenario based upon different ideas. Okay, so we will not be participating in that as the Explorer Race? We will be farmed out as teachers elsewhere? Our own curiosity, having been bred up that way … You will exist in your own right. When you go to the fourth dimension and all this big stuff takes place, it will not really affect you. You will go on; you will have your own existence, your own adventures and your own lives. It will not directly affect you, except that all the negative things that have happened on this planet in the slower third-dimensional vibration will be uncreated, but they will be available through the 2 percent negativity sourcing device. It will be available to you so that you will not make decisions that will get you into 4 percent, 8 percent and so on aspects of negative energy.

Is the daughter of God the Earth? An interesting idea, that, since Earth is referred to as Mother Earth. Could you give her a name? I am not necessarily saying yes. I am leaving that as an enigma. Could you give her a name or symbol or anything? If you were to take an instrument that is set at a high C and strike it at the very end of its structure, it would be equal to the echo of that name. By so doing, you might experience the vibration of that energy. This can also be done with other instruments that are struck; it is necessary, since you are in a polarized world, to have two forces come together. All must be done in polarity while you are in it. How close are we to being out of it? Why get out of it? It will be very boring. I meant into the fourth dimension. As long as it will take the Creator to do that! [Snaps fingers.] It cannot be measured in years. Years are given from time to time to give you encouragement and hope, because in these different years events will take place that cause you to realize things are really changing, but you will not notice the change in your reality. How can you tell us all of this? Does it mean that you are sitting in the seat of the higher self of the Creator rather than its subconscious? I do not like to say that. It makes me sound very hoity-toity. I would rather say that I overhear the Creator’s thoughts sometimes, and my origin allows me to pass them on where they are needed. I will say this: Your outcome, your destiny and where you are going are all derived from the Creator’s thought — in terms of mental imaging — that it could be more. And as you become more, you will be not only fulfilling your own destiny, but equally the destiny of the Creator.


Material Mastery and the New Safety Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, May 27, 1990 Since the intention is to give you tools for adaptive procedures, over the next few years you will find that adaptation will be your number-one reality on a daily level. Even when you work out systems of allowance that work for you well on a given day, you may find that you will have to use more than one system. Individuals on this planet now have achieved a certain level of allegiance to simply adapting to be here. It is no coincidence that you individuals are present on this planet now. I am not going to say you are superior, nor am I going to say you are inferior. You are all here now because you have the ability, desire and willingness to learn adaptation in totally unexpected areas, or in areas where you have virtually no previous life training. No one will have an easy time over the next few years. Although some people might say, “It’s easy for you!” it won’t be so. It will not be because the times will be so depressed; it will be because you will have few of the old forms of feeling safe. It is as though the Creator, in its infinite wisdom, gave you a certain amount of protection for a time. But good parents protect their children up to a point and then urge them to get out of the nest, go out into the world and learn how to be strong and safe on their own. They may still worry about them and they will be available for advice and assistance, but every little child has got to fly on his or her own. This analogy works out in the womb as well. You have nine months to kick around in there, where you are pretty well taken care of. You don’t have to do much; you can just adapt to the idea of the physical plane in various forms. And as the baby grows inside mommy, it changes every day. It does nothing but learn how to adapt for the first nine months of its physical existence. That is the message — adaptation. What is occurring over the next immediate period of time — two to three years, starting right now — is that you will no longer have as much of a safety zone as you have had. Your aura and its ability to keep things away is going to diffuse. To some extent you see this in your modern diseases. The immune-deficiency diseases, as they are called — though they are in fact actually syndromes — are a direct result of not being able to fall back on systems that by and large protect you. The new level of strength and safety will come as a result of trusting — working with your innate powers and abilities. When you come here, your true self is denying you so that you can learn how to manifest physically what you can all spiritually do easily, like that [snaps fingers]! You are denied it so that you will learn every little bit and piece of the function of material manifestation. You learn it through the slow means of physical action. And yet while that is going on, you are — from the spiritual into the emotional into the physical plane — producing your reality all around you. It is as though you are working on a project so massive that each one of you, working on your own individual portion of that project, cannot see the project as a whole. This sometimes happens in scientific circles when security is considered important and portions of the project are compartmentalized. Here you are learning how to be material masters. In order to learn, you are purposely denied the knowledge that is of the spirit and of the infinite so that you will be able to learn the infinite ability of putting things together. You dig the rock, haul the wood, grind up the rock and mix in stones to make cement. You just don’t go [snaps fingers] poof! and the cement is there. Elsewhere yes, but not here.

You are learning to be material masters, so you’re onto the next stage of your material mastery.

Your Old Security Systems T h e immune system has been a portion of the security system allowing your individual, compartmentalized identity a form of crutch, a physical system that you could use for a time. But it is not permanent. In other dimensions the immune system does not exist as it does now for you. That is not just because all of the other dimensions are sweet and nice. It is because you will utilize that unique spiritual, emotional and physical power you have within that dimension. But you will also be aware of those things. You have recently had a breakdown in your immune system, and that will continue. You will need to begin to not only address your physical self as if it mattered — you will need to eat better, as they say — but you will need to be physical. You will need to honor your emotional system. And you also need to understand that philosophies that have lasted over thousands of years have some relevance even in the technological world. That is, philosophies, religions — whatever you wish to call them — that address the emotional body not as an enemy but as an equal; that address the physical body; that address the spiritual body; and that allow the mental body, will become much more in vogue — put into practice, as it were. Exercises that include all of these things will come into vogue not because it is a fad but because it is a necessity. I know this sounds like a disaster, but it is an opportunity disguised as a disaster. The auric field in the past has been another security system, a safety net designed not only to attract things to you and send messages out on the etheric about what you needed, but also to keep things away. True strength, however, comes not from keeping things away but from being exposed to fears — or even real dangers — and still being safe, inducing the power of safety that is physical, emotional and to some extent mental, using imaging techniques. Your auric field collapses within you not unlike a black hole. A black hole, as it is perceived by your scientists, appears to be an absence of something rather than some thing. It is, in reality, that which inverts. If you want to go through a black hole, you would feel at first very dense, and denser and denser. When you came out the other side, you would feel incredibly big. In terms of actual physical change, you wouldn’t be bigger; it is just that everything else would also be bigger in the same proportion, so you would not notice the change. That is the physical reality. How does that relate to your auric field? Your auric field is a microcosmic version — to put it in simple perspective — of the Earth’s auric field. Earth is an entity — a being, an individual — and has functions, and since you are a direct reflection of Mother Earth, you are made up of her stuff, yes? You will function directly in her image on a physical level. What is instantaneously manifested spiritually as a direct reflection of the Creator does not necessarily work the same way on the Earth. Earth mastery is different from spiritual mastery; it must be applied. There must be an embracing of the Earth. The aura is turning in on itself with the intention of expanding the physical mechanism. Getting you from the third to the fourth dimension will not be the Big Bang, but an inversion, and then you will snap out again not unlike a boomerang or slingshot. Tension is created, pressure is created, and from that tension and pressure things happen that would not have happened otherwise: you expand. Those things that happen, those powers that are applied, those interactions with human beings that go on because you are all jammed together — population explosion, all of this is no coincidence — all allow the expansion. Now the mental body will come into its own; up to now it has been like a poor cousin. It has not

had a real reason to exist. In struggling to find an identity for itself, it has been invading the identities of the emotional body, the physical body and the spiritual body by attempting to run your lives. Of course, you are surrounded with the success of such endeavors! That is a joke, yes? The mental body will be here for its true purpose, utilizing the one thing it has to offer that will actually strengthen the alliance, something that will come into vogue now, and in the not-too-distant future even be prescribed by medical doctors: imagination. Your imagination does not work unless you have had experience. You’ve got to be able to look around your world and say, “Okay, I’m getting by today, but what about tomorrow?” In other words, you’ve got to be able to see the problems. You use technology to see the problems. Your mental body will have its day. So consider the overview here. There is a clear intent to move beyond that which you have been. The auric field is coming closer to you because you are a little more crowded. The life that you live crowds you. The news that you hear or read about crowds you. You are concerned about pollution, and rightly so.

A New Safety There is practically no groundwater that exists anywhere on this planet that is not polluted to some extent. This will demand that your physical bodies become more powerful, because your immune system, mechanically speaking, is being worn down by the pollutants in the groundwater, primarily metals. You could say that metals are destroying your immune system, but in the bigger picture the immune system needs to be retired. You need to be able to create strength and safety by utilizing your imagination and your emotions working through your physical body. That is what is going to get you through this time. When you are in a crowded room, your aura somewhat shrinks around you unless you feel very safe. If you feel very safe, you can expand to include all of the other personal identities in the room. Their identities, regardless of what their problems or challenges are, do not in any way invade you. The key is adaptation and the goal is safety. The feeling of safety will allow you to move beyond the immune system and respond to the challenge of the collapsing aura. The auric field, as it collapses around you, will no longer keep things away. It does not mean that you cannot project it outward, but you will have to do so consciously. So how do you get more conscious in the fourth dimension? These are the mechanics: You’ve got to want to become more conscious. You can’t just kick back and say, “Well, the fourth dimension is coming. I think I’ll take a nap until it gets here.” You’ve got to want it. You’ve got to, as you say, go for it. So now we’re going to go for it.

Breathe the Natural Way and Practice Imagining I want you to do something right now. In this mini workshop you will breathe through your feet. Later on you will breathe through the top of your head, but a lot of you spiritual seekers already know how to do that. You are learning a new way of breath here. I want you to practice while I speak. Become conscious of the bottoms of your feet. Move your feet around, and focus your attention on the bottoms of your feet. When you take a breath, I want you to do it the way dogs do. When they bark they breathe in through their lungs, but they also breathe in Earth. Then they bark out Earth. Dogs bark not only in response to their acute hearing or because you are invading their space, but because they cycle Earth energy. When you breathe in, suck in the energy of Earth through the bottoms of your feet. When you breathe out, do it from your solar plexus, even if it means touching your hands to the solar plexus and

moving them out away from you. That is the natural method of breathing to create the material manifestation that will take you beyond the immune system. It will allow you to project all that you want and need, and it will speed your emotional interactions to create the manifestation of those things. Many of you say, “I want, I wish, I hope,” and that is desirable. But this is the action that goes along with it. Now the next step: I want you all to use your imaginations. Mental bodies, this is your chance! This is why you are here. You know, the mental body isn’t natural to Earth. Everything else fits in here — spirit, body, emotions — but the mental bodies are foreign. Now your mental body can have its chance — in imagination. Focus only on something you really want. Let this be for your benefit, and not in any way controlling someone else, all right? It must be pure, meaning for your greater good. It can be money, if that is what you want. It can be spiritual experience or emotional fulfillment or physical fulfillment. It can be anything like that. Use your imagination to picture how you would feel if you had it. And all the while you do this, breathe in. As you are breathing normally, breathe in from the bottoms of your feet. Pull that energy up into your solar plexus and breathe it out. Do that now, as I am speaking. You have already been drawing down spirit into your heart; you do that naturally — that is how it works. When you are breathing materially on this planet, it comes up from the Earth and goes out the solar plexus. That is its circuit. In order to keep the world going while you are learning how to become material manifestors, the spiritual bodies were sort of running things here. Your souls and your oversouls and the next level up, which is the spiritual bodies of the families of consciousness on this planet, have been running things while they’ve been diligently grinding away to learn how to become material masters. But you hadn’t begun consciously breathing in the Earth, as any dog would know how to do, and exhaling it energetically through the solar plexus.

You Help Your Spirits, Not Vice Versa Although the spiritual bodies have been running things, right now they can’t help you like that anymore, because they’ve got their own lessons. They’ve got to learn not only unconditional love, but that they have judged what you have been doing here, calling it negative. But those doings have been leading to something. When you get to the fourth dimension, you will have a couple of percentage points of negative energy as an impetus to get you to do things. When you are a little annoyed, you are more likely to act than if you are always happy and nothing ever bothered you. If nothing ever bothers you, nothing gets done. Since you are the Explorer Race and you’ve got a lot to do, you’ve got to get annoyed enough to get things done. Your souls and your spiritual bodies can’t help you with that, because the Creator in its infinite wisdom said to the spiritual bodies before they came here, “Just as soon as human beings get over their negative pursuits, they will ascend to your level.” You see, the Creator purposely told them something that wasn’t exactly true, because there would come a time when you would have to take over the Creator’s position. That is what you are doing now. You are training to take over the Creator’s position so the Creator can move on to the next level. Then you will have to know about the spiritual bodies. You see, the clock is in motion; the immune system goes away gradually, and gradually strange diseases come on the horizon. Then there is an attempt to build up the immune system — that will be

the short-term effort you will see on the level of genetic science that will not last. And then the aura will collapse. Things are happening that don’t fit into the spiritual body’s understanding of the nature of reality. So you are going to have to help them because they are not going to be able to help you; they’ll be out of their depth. They have a lesson to learn — that roughly 2% negative energy is okay. And they are beginning to get it, but as they get it, as a curious being or entity, they are going to do exactly what you did when you came here — play around with it. They are going to try to figure it out as any curious child would. They are going to smell it, taste it, and get in there and mess around a bit. That doesn’t mean that your souls are suddenly going to become satanic, but that they are no longer going to be able to run your world on the level of material manifestation with their predisposed ideas. Now you will have to learn the nature of reality. You’ve been playing around with those little devices that go boom in the atmosphere and now underground, as if to say, “Well, it doesn’t hurt down there because nobody can see it.” All of these things, including those elements that move from place to place and sometimes find themselves in places where they shouldn’t be — you call it pollution — are going to change the weather patterns. Any good observer or reader of the Farmer’s Almanac knows that the weather patterns are changing. They are changing sufficiently in some places that even the Farmer’s Almanac predictions are no longer adequate. Something is going to have to happen for those weather patterns to become more compatible. That something will be you material masters-in-training out there getting together and making it happen. Next step: Tonight you are going to help your souls understand the value of struggle. You’ve learned how to breathe in the energy and breathe it out through your solar plexus because that is where you take in the world. You don’t take in the world through your senses; that is only on the surface. Material manifestation on the physical level of Earth reality all happens in the abdominal area — including the solar plexus to down around the belly button and a little bit above the area of the pubic bone — otherwise known affectionately as your gut. Everything that you experience materially happens because of this abdominal area — everything! But you are going to have to consciously take over in order to create safety in this area. Why do you think people put on weight there? They don’t understand that they are unconsciously pulling in energy from the Earth, and instead of projecting it out consciously from their solar plexus, they are leaving it there, where it sort of gets congested. I know that sounds simplistic. “But Zoosh! Couldn’t it be because I ate three hot fudge sundaes in an hour?” But what about that guy that you all love to hate who eats three hot fudge sundaes in an hour and is as skinny as a rail? You have to say, “But Zoosh! That is just his metabolism. Science can prove it.” I say that is so; but why can’t science alter your metabolism? You all have that metabolism, and it really isn’t that difficult. Scientists are working on that now, by the way — the ultimate diet plan, yes? But how about taking a shortcut? How about just doing it yourself? Instead of creating fear in this area, create strength and safety through use of your imagination, through trust in Earth energy and through bringing down spirit energy. You now know how to use the machine properly. Therein lies the future.

Group and Individual Manifestation You’ve heard stories of how in past civilizations people stood around in a circle and sounded tones, and walls moved, buildings were built, weather changed, Earth changes took place, civilizations rose and fell, and so on. How do you suppose that took place? Was it just because they were adepts, because they were spiritually fully realized? Why do you suppose these stories are told, why your

imaginations are stimulated, why the artist paints pictures of this? Why do you suppose this takes place not with a bunch of lights standing around in a circle, but with people? It is because you know that is exactly what you are going to be doing. You are going to stand around in a circle because you are going to use the circle — the hole, the symbol for the O — as a symbol for Earth. That’s no coincidence. You are going to stand around that circle and breathe in Earth energy. You are going to blast it out of your solar plexus — your abdomen, generally speaking — into a center point where you will focus the energy of extended material manifestation at the same time you pull down energy inspiration into your heart. It goes down and in and up and out. That is how it works here. It doesn’t work if you try and go down and out and up and in. That is the inversion. You’ve been able to get away with that inversion for a while because the spiritual bodies have been running things. But they won’t anymore. Oh, you are still kind of struggling, like an eight-cylinder car working on six cylinders. It’ll get you there, but not without a struggle. No, they are still caught up in the old lessons now, so you are going to have to help them. You material masters are here to do many things at once, so, next step: Breathe in, sucking in Earth energy and breathing it out from your solar plexus. I know that conceptually it is a little difficult, because you are not used to breathing in from that area, so feel free to use your hands to help move the energy. While you are doing this, at the same time pull inspiration energy down from the Creator, sucking that into your soul, which resides in your heart. Feel it as a bit insecure, needing a little love. Pull energies down and in as well as up and out. Pull energies down and in [from above] as well as up and out [from Earth]. Now add to it that thing you desire, utilizing your imagination. Go ahead. Very good. Extra-credit homework for those of you who wish, when you are out and about: Go and find a tree, a rock, anything in nature you find attractive. It doesn’t even have to be near you. Pull in Earth energy through your feet and breathe outward — hard, soft, any way you want — sending your energy to that object. A lot of you might want to do it through your third eye, but you can already do that. I want you to try this, because it will take a little retraining for you to understand that this is something real and that you are materially manifesting. This will allow you to do the impossible!

You may say, “But Zoosh! How do we nullify radioactivity?” There are devices lying around in places on this planet that can nullify radioactivity, but you aren’t going to be able to get to them until you learn how to do it on your own. That is the teaser, you see. It keeps you going. It gives you hope. You’ve got explorers out there turning the planet over, digging holes in it, finding tunnels they did not know existed, looking for those devices that will nullify radioactivity, among other things. Since you

know it on the story level, you can also know it is true on the real level. Those devices are going to keep moving around in solid rock. Kind of a dirty trick, isn’t it? Someone says, “That device is right down there. Dig for it and you’ll find it.” When you are half an inch away, it moves away through solid rock. That is how things disappear in the Great Pyramid, you know. It wasn’t because everybody said, “Let’s bring those candles over here and move this stuff out.” They said, “Let’s disappear this stuff into the wall and keep it moving around so people won’t find it. Then we’ll tell them they don’t need it!” Remember, so many things have come to pass and are in existence on this planet now because in the past you needed to be taken care of and looked after. Material masters do not need to be taken care of! They need to be actively generating and creating materially all that they would hope for, wish for and ask for. You are in training. The Creator fully expects you, as you return to your original source soul, which is one soul, to allow itself to go on. Enough, already! The Creator is here to take care of you until you can take care of yourselves and can create worlds on your own. Then the Creator goes on to its next step. It’s getting a little tired. Imagine how bored you’d be if you knew everything! But you see, you are going to have the advantage in the long run. When you go to the fourth dimension you are not going to be the Creator then, although you will begin to be some of that. But in the far-flung future when you merge again into one soul entity from which you are all derived, you’ll be the Creator. The Creator will say, “All right! Thought it would never happen!” Then it will get to go on and do what it wants to do elsewhere. It wants to have no knowledge. It wants to not know what is next. You want the opposite! But when you know everything, life is pretty tedious. In any event, I want to give you tools to help you become better explorers. You notice that most of my homework has to do with your going out in the countryside, except for those of you who live in the cities; there you can pick something at a distance — a pleasant-looking tree, nice-looking park or even a pretty rock, if you like. Generally speaking, I like to encourage you to go out into the countryside if you possibly can, because there you learn how to be your natural self. That is the key. Some great things have come out of technology, but the big gift is that the byproducts of technology necessarily destroy the natural world. Since that happens, and since you are attached to your technology and don’t want to give it up, there is only one way to re-create the natural world: You will have to consciously take over what has been unconscious. You will have to consciously rematerialize your world. And you must, out of necessity, begin with your physical selves, because your immune systems are breaking down and your auras are collapsing, and you’ll have to learn how to get along in the world in a new way. Think about that. Do a little homework. If your aura feels collapsed inside you, what symptoms might you notice? You will become more easily agitated and annoyed by things that are happening around you, especially with other human beings. It is as though a buffer that had once existed between you and your world — meaning you and other people in your world, other material masters-in-training — is becoming much thinner; there is much less protecting density, naturally, since you are becoming less dense! You will notice almost an overreaction to something that is of a slight annoyance. You may not catch it right away, but if you are aware that that is going on, I’ll give you something to do about it. Breathe the energy in from the Earth, up through your feet, and exhale. As you exhale, you might need to push it away with your hand, because that is an action you know. The energy breathed in from above goes into your heart. When you breathe in, you are pulling in from both directions, the energy from below going outward and from above going inward.

Picturing it in your imagination will help. These are material manifestation lessons in which you use your etheric body, manipulated by and in coherence with your imagination, to re-create your reality. So breathe in and perform the exercise. Now imagine the time, whether it be recent or past, when you have felt safe. Maybe it was in the arms of your lover. Maybe it was when your mother held you. Maybe when it was when your dog was with you and you just knew that everything was going to be all right. Imagine that and create the emotion of safety. Put that emotion right there into your abdomen. Feel safe inside your abdomen while you are breathing Earth energy up, cycling it through your abdomen, blowing it out of your solar plexus, and allowing spirit energy to come in through the top of your head and down into your heart. Now focus on that abdomen. Focus on safety. Focus on gold light, the Earth-mastery color. Permeate that gold light with safety and allow your auric field to fill with that gold light, radiating out around you as far as you can. Now add as a spice whatever thing you desired before. Spice it up with that, all the while feeling very safe. You are safe in here. No one can ever hurt you. Completely, totally safe. Material master trainees, understand this: As your world evolves there will be times when others, whether they be newspeople, well-intended friends or relatives, will be telling you about things that are scary. Maybe they will want to include you in that. When that happens, look not to spirit alone but also to the energy of the Earth, which will be under your feet. Earth supports you all the time because it holds your feet up. Just suck in that energy, blow it out of your solar plexus, pull energy into your heart from above and you get that safe feeling in your abdomen. Do your exercises, your physical exercises, and eat right. But do this too, because when the time comes when you may be tested, you will need to have safety. You will need to be able to adapt to that test, although it may not last long, and walk right through and be all right. The energy of safety can protect you. So the purpose of the collapse of the human aura is to force us to take on the responsibility of learning how to become a manifestor through the mental body? Is that what you are saying? Helped by the mental body, but primarily using inspiration through the soul from necessity. The soul cannot support you as completely as it has before, because it is in the throes of its own lesson. The inspiration is coming on the level of the soul’s need for you to take over. That inspiration will come straight into your electrical conduit, which is your emotional body, and go straight into your physical body. Finally, the mental body, which has been confused about that whole process, will be able to assist by utilizing imagination to picture what you desire by remembering those times when you have felt safe, and by using the recollection of that safety to allow your physical body to relax and embrace safety as an emotion. Emotions always stimulate your physical body. Yes, it is a time when you will have to be a manifestor; it is not a time when you can choose to. In order to have a comfortable life, in the next few years you will have to begin to consciously materially manifest your world, even if it is just taking five minutes of your day to do an exercise like this or another you like that uses both spirit and Earth. Earth is the place your souls have chosen, the Creators have chosen and your personalities have chosen to bring forth material mastery on a functional level. You will have to use Earth energy. You can’t be spiritual masters only.

Symptoms of a Collapsed Aura You mentioned that irritability was one of the symptoms of a collapsed aura. Could you give us some more symptoms? There will be a tendency to feel scattered; it will be more difficult to concentrate. There will also be the assumption that you are having hallucinations. You will begin to see more movement in the perimeter of your vision. It will be as though what you had previously entertained and enjoined, as it were, by sending your auric field out into the world has been reversed. Now your world comes to you, and those beings who exist in other dimensions and space will make themselves known. They will not necessarily invade you, but they will no longer have to deal with veils over your consciousness. Your perceptions will be different. This will require a lot more concentration when you are driving. You will need to know the difference between a car and the little gray object that seems to run across the road and looks like a piece of something. Now, you may not all have that experience, but you are all going to have bits and pieces of it. It will be misidentified initially as an optical disease. Not all forms of optical discomfort are misidentifications, but this one will be. There will also be a sense of urgency to resolve matters, whether they be minor or major. You will notice a sense of urgency, like a combination spiritual-biological time clock ringing, saying, “You’ve got to do it now! You’ve got to do it now!” I don’t wish to make it sound as if some invisible scythe is going to come whacking down on your population in two to three years, but things will happen that demand an ability to instantaneously create safety for yourself while utilizing Earth energy and spirit energy in a conscious way. Your world will change, especially for those living in the Westernized world and even more for those living in the United States, where the government will go through a little economic turmoil. You will need to be able to create safety because there will be some individuals who will either intentionally or inadvertently stimulate panic. It will be absolutely essential to be able to generate safety — not only to know the wise investments, but to know how to act, how to interact and, of course, how to react. What will a collapsed aura look like? Those of you who perceive colors associated with emotions will notice what looks like an envelope around the person of that immediate emotion — passion, anger (red, for example) — except that you will not see the usual electrical turbulence that goes on around them. You may notice a very thin line, highly compressed, of what was once the energy field around human beings. I might add that all auras are not collapsing, only those around human beings! You will see electrical fields around mountains, plants and animals much the same as always. But around the human being you will notice primarily the color of the emotion they are feeling, without the electrical movement. So the only way that you can distinguish it would be by its color? Primarily, yes. If you perceive a radiance, it is possible that the person is consciously radiating. But those who are not consciously radiating and are experiencing only the collapse, no longer having a buffer against their emotions, will not be able to use your old favorite, which has served you almost to the point of being addictive — denial. They will know that they are upset, for example. The days of denial are drawing to a close, so they will be consciously in the throes of whatever emotion they are feeling. It is almost as though a death experience takes place within life, because, you know, you are transitioning. It is very unusual that a species as a people would transition from the third, for example,

to the fourth dimension while they are alive. It is normal when the body sleeps or during the death transition, but while you are awake, while you are alive? That is not so normal. If a person dies with strong unresolved emotional conflicts, there will be an immediate turnaround — they’ll come back, because you can’t deal with that in the immediate level of the other side. However, emotions can now be resolved physically here on Earth because you are involved in material mastery. And material mastery demands intimacy with the emotional body in its physical expression. Does this relate to the coming together of the subconscious and conscious mind, where the separation is no longer there? Yes. The subconscious mind, although it has been necessary in the past and an integral portion of the auric field, is no longer going to be necessary. As you become conscious, denial will no longer be available. The subconscious has been used as a repository for what has not been dealt with, what has been denied. The subconscious is rising to give you an added level to expand your conscious life. The collapse of the auric field will necessitate and support that. It is as though the mother bird gives you a kiss on the cheek and shoves you out of the nest. You cannot avoid the confrontation of being shoved out of the nest, but it is a loving confrontation. It will be a benefit, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be scary. Are we looking at a change in the way we look at what our light is? Instead of seeing Earth’s light as something given to us by our spiritual part, we must learn to use it as a part of our spiritual framework? Yes, because it is now time to apply it. The big push in recent years has been to rediscover the spiritual self. The confusion has been that the idea was to then identify with the spiritual self and move away from Earth. In reality, it is necessary to re-form the bonds of connection with the spiritual self for those who choose to do so consciously, so that it can be utilized as a friend to embrace the Earth. Not only does the Earth insist that you embrace her in order to materially manifest, but she will need your embrace. Sure, Mother Earth can change herself and put herself back into the condition she was in before human beings got here — pristine, as you say — but she cannot do so without doing it dramatically, which would destroy the human race. The only way this can be done safely is for you to cooperate with her in rematerialization. So there is a gap in our understanding of the transition, which appears as a collapse of the aura between the time we are switching the focus of our life … Not exactly. The collapse of the aura is a necessary portion of the mechanism. The aura has been “around” you, as it were, because it was not necessary in the past for you to deal with things immediately. You know how the squeaky wheel gets the grease, how traffic lights are put at intersections where there are the most crashes? You are reactive as a civilization and as a people. So it is not that the aura collapses as a reaction to something; it is that you will react to the collapse of the aura so you can save yourselves in the short time available and also support Mother Earth in what she does by utilizing her energy, by bringing it up into you and not just trying to use spirit energy to change things. It doesn’t work that way when you are learning how to be material masters.

The Purpose of Material Mastery Why do we have to become material masters? So that you can go out as the Explorer Race into the stars to communicate with other civilizations who do not understand that survival is not just overcoming something, and also to show them that they

have become so focused on the perfection of their race identity that they have sacrificed much of what makes life worth living. There are certain races of which you are a portion. They are your cousins, in a sense: Sirius, Andromeda, Orion, the Pleiades — those are the main ones. They all need your help, every one of them without exception. It’s true that some planets are further along than others, and they will be more amenable to your assistance. But the bottom line is that they need to be exposed to someone who has been though the mill of survival and who knows what to do if they are dropped on an iceberg (put on something warm) or dropped into a steaming jungle (take off some clothes), or even what you will be learning in the coming years (exercises such as you have been taught tonight, to generate warmth for yourselves out of necessity). The whole purpose of material mastery is to be able to consciously generate what you need without waiting for the technology of the planet. For example, if you lived in the Pleiades, you would create a perfect artificial environment so that you never have to adapt to anything. All your needs would be totally met and you could live a joyous and happy life and never learn a thing. These civilizations that are your cousins need to know that survival, while it can be tough, creates flexibility and stimulates curiosity. If you are curious — and you are all born curious — you stifle that curiosity only when you feel insecure. But if you can generate your own safety on the Earth with the Earth, which is the most challenging place to live in nearby star systems, you can go anywhere. Will we be making this trip in a physical form? Yes. The first technique you gave us had us send that energy to a tree. Are we going to get a feeling when we do this? Is the tree going to respond in some way? That is up to you. If the tree responds, then you know it. But practice your exercise all the time. If the tree responds — meaning the tree likes you — or the tree is “hip” to what you are doing and is involved in the circuit, then the circuit is complete, which means the tree sends you energy. But the tree doesn’t have to do that. The tree naturally draws nutrients up from the Earth and sunlight down from the sky; it draws in its expression of the divine in every moment. The tree has an option; it can either complete the circuit with you or not. But only you will know. You might get some funny feelings while you are moving that energy through you. What about using the rocks and mountains? Same thing — rocks and mountains just have a longer life span than you do, no different. Their consciousness is exactly the same. They might have a different attitude than you do. It might be like an overview to you because of the length of their life in the personality they express physically. Why does the aura have to collapse now? When their auras collapse, people will need to do something. This information is meant to go out through all sources to everybody. Every person on this planet right now has received this information in their dreams. They got the information last Tuesday [May 22, 1990]. You will begin to see things in time that will be artistic, economic; it will develop through all of your methods of expression — ergo, communication. Will the collapse of the aura take place at different levels and stages? It will be exactly the same for everyone. Some people have been working on their consciousness, not so they can be ascended first but so they can help out. You have been driving toward some form of consciousness so that you will be there when asked. It is so that you will be there with an explanation in your own words of what can be done.

Is there a further technique or step where the energies that are brought into the heart from spirit and into the solar plexus from the Earth come together in the heart? They come together now inadvertently. The reason people build up this mass in the abdomen sometimes is because you breathe in the Earth naturally; I am not teaching you something you don’t already know. But it will go straight up, and then you will breathe the spirit straight down and it sort of churns around. You can breathe the Earth energy straight up into your heart. That is just fine. You can do that anytime you want. But it will not assist you in materially manifesting. Your heart is the circuit of love that is based on unconditional love. Earth energy is not unconditional. “Zoosh! Get off it, Zoosh! You know Mother Earth gives us unconditional love.” But it ain’t so! Mother Earth gives you conditional love, and I’ll tell you how. Do you think that Mother Earth, out of her own strange personality, out of her desire to be suicidal and self-destructive, takes a lightning bolt of her own energy, blasts a forest, burning down that forest that you and the animals love just because she is feeling vindictive that day? She does that when things aren’t going the way she needs to have them go. You know, Mother Earth could fix those holes in her ozone layer just like that [snaps fingers]! But because she loves you and understands your lessons of material manifestation, she is waiting around for enough of you to apply various means and methods of material manifestation so that you can help her do something over time that she could do like that [snaps fingers]! Any of you out there recognize that trait? It is that of a good parent. A parent gives you conditional love when they want you to do something for your own benefit. Spirit love is unconditional. You can be Adolf Hitler, and spirit loves you just the same. But Mother Earth says, “Huh-uh. I want you to come along conditionally. I want you to do it the way I see is best for you.” You know, Mother Earth is a very wise being, and she was created to give you conditional love. Why do you think it is Mother Earth? Why isn’t it God Earth? It is supposed to be an identity analogous to the parent. A parent says, “Well done, honey. You rode your bike real well. I knew you could do it. Here’s a big kiss.” Conditional love: “Thanks for not riding it out in the street. You are too young. Well done.” Conditional love. Bring that energy from the Earth. You can bring it up to your heart, but if you want to materially manifest it, you’ve got to run it out through the solar plexus. I was once in extreme danger and thought I was going to be attacked, when a rush of energy came out of my solar plexus and knocked somebody away. What was that? Someone might say, “Zoosh, that sounds like the aura.” But it isn’t. Your auric field is made up of spirit — etheric — energy and electrical energy of Mother Earth. The emotional self is on Earth electrically, but off the Earth it either doesn’t exist or you get stuck in it — if it’s in a stuck place — or else spirit energy takes over, which is essentially magnetic. When the aura collapses, the spirit energy comes into the emotional self. When an experience like yours happens — that either moves you away from something or moves something away from you to create safety — that is an unconscious act of focused, materialmanifesting power. Things like this happen so that they can be told, not kept secret. You are given enigmas. You are also given powers. None of you will learn something new from anything I or anybody else says, but you will learn how to reuse what you already have in a way that creates gods-in-training, otherwise known as material masters, those people who can construct materially without the need for tools. Right now you are in a time of “fixing” Atlantis. Atlantis was the beginning of using tools to externalize manifestation. This is why you are moving through another crystal age — witness your

computers and so on. You are fixing that period because it is time to learn that you don’t need crystals. Crystals are fine; they help to amplify, but you don’t really need them. They are good tools for training. On the Pleiades they use them to teach the children; sometimes you need an amplifier to know you are doing something, but once you know, you don’t need it anymore! The power comes through you to let you know that it is there. Most people will experience something like that as kundalini energy, but in an emergency, it can take place if you have the power. It comes through because you can do it. Remember that experience, because that is what you can do. When you are in those conditions at some point in the future and it is really scary, you are not going to have time to pull Earth energy up and pull spirit energy down. You are going to have to react in a moment. I give these exercises now — and you’ll get others from other people — so that you will react. It is like learning how to ride a bicycle as a child; you don’t ever really forget. Do this exercise enough, and it will be not second nature, but first nature. For the past several weeks my feet have seemed to be terribly hot almost all the time. Is Earth possibly trying to send this energy? Yes, it is part of it. You will notice that your feet get hot when you are doing these exercises. Your intention — heat — is not only love as an emotion, but also safety and strength — any physiologist can give you analogies. Mother Earth expands her feminine energy, but she can hardly do that without giving some physical demonstration of masculine energy. Even though Mother Earth has an agenda, she is in balance. So yes, heat is what you will notice. Use that heat. It is true that the future of your immediate world, what you experience for yourself, will be changed by what many of you do. In your immediate future you will have opportunities to experience not only the physical change that you can make, but also a new glimmer of understanding from your mental body for being appreciated and needed. The collapse of the human aura is going to allow your mental body to come home. When it does, it will display its natural propensity. Those of you who experience many of these exercises will notice your minds beginning to get clearer. Use your imagination to benefit you physically and emotionally. That is how you will create more mental clarity and compensate for the loss and transformation of your auric field and your immune system. Create safety as an exercise. Of course, do your physical exercise, eat a good diet, and use your herbs and so on. But focus on being safe and strong, even if it means that you are superman or superwoman. Be that character and send that safety energy out all around you. It will make a difference and it will allow you, the Explorer Race, to instill feelings of safety and security in others as well as allow extraterrestrial civilizations to be exposed to you. As you radiate your own safety, they will mirror it back to you. They will be able to see you, be with you, be nurtured by you, and feel not only that you are safe no matter what, but that they can be safe basking in your energy. And they will begin to identify you, the Explorer Race, as the coming of safety.


Etheric Gene Splicing and the Neutral Particle Joopah Sedona, Arizona, August 6, 1990 Greetings, Joopah speaking. Well, tonight we will discuss gene splicing. We will talk about what you can do for yourself to begin splicing your own genes, altering your physical selves through alterations in your fourth-dimensional selves. The purpose of your shift from third to fourth dimension is to harmonize and balance your world, but even now you can make modifications to speed things up and prepare your physical selves for this transition. The reason you are confronting so many personal crises in your lives these days is because of the urgency of the shift from the third to fourth dimension. As you can see, due to pollution your planet is becoming less and less of a habitat that supports human beings. This crisis in pollution will accelerate for a time, and there will be some challenges to the human genetic code. Even now, due to inadvertent changes made in laboratories, you are seeing some changes in your genetic code spontaneously appearing as AIDS and other genetic diseases. Now, I’m not going to promise life-saving techniques, but I am going to suggest that if you can begin to alter your fourth-dimensional selves by interacting with them, then you may have the opportunity to begin altering your etheric bodies. Your etheric bodies are in close contact with your fourth-dimensional selves. Because your energy field is in close contact with the etheric, the intention here is to create an alteration in your auric genetic substance. If even one of you can accomplish this, you can show it to others, and it may be of some small assistance in speeding up a more benign situation for your genetic situation as it exists now. Without further ado, I will ask you all to relax as best you can, and in a moment I will request that your fourth-dimensional selves be here so you can feel them. If you do not feel them physically, then imagine yourself sitting inside them, because within their construct, if you could see them now, they would appear to be just a little bit larger than you are now in your physical appearance. I will call for your future fourth-dimensional selves to be with you and talk you through the process in its initial stages.

Altering Your Auric Genetic Substance Allow yourself now to picture the double helix of your DNA. Imagine the fourth-dimensional world where disease is unknown as you experience it now. Begin to allow interaction between your auric energy field and that of the physical bodies of your fourth-dimensional selves who are here in your subtle-body fields now. In order to prepare the human race for the advances in genetics that will come hurtling at you, we will prepare a bed, a foundation — a matrix, if you would — to allow this to come with grace. Picture gold light all around and about you. Let it permeate all that is within you. Let your physical self rest now, and we will go on and do more of this later. I will ask for your fourth-dimensional selves to remain nearby, since the purpose is to seed you

with your future selves to prepare your genetic code for this radiation. When you have sufficient fourth-dimensional radionic energy in your energy field, it may be possible, simply by living, to seed that radionic energy into others to prepare them for the transition, which will continue to accelerate. The acceleration is increasing. Your personal crises, which may or may not be easily resolvable through mental processes, can be much more easily resolved through spiritual/emotional processes. Much of what you are experiencing in your day-to-day life has to do with the preparation for altering these genetic codes. One of the more unexpected but real situations that will happen in the not-too-distant future will be the arrival of the third sex. This form of yourselves, which is even now being prepared by your fourth-dimensional selves, will create a backup form of humanity in case the fourth-dimensional shift is altered in some way. The third sex has the ability to reproduce itself and would look very much like yourselves, but devoid of some sexual characteristics. I suggest to you that in order to appreciate the value of the contribution you make, it is only necessary to understand genetics in its complexities. Much of the unresolved crises in genetics on other planets in other galaxies are being resolved right now on this planet. You are forming a new genetic gene pool simply by your extremes of action and reaction. You have been made up of many different life forms, although there are predominant genetic structures from the Pleiades, Orion and Sirius. Within those predominant ones there are many variables associated with different life forms from those galaxies. There are other influences from other galaxies and star systems as well. The purpose is to create a dynamic being who by its very existence will shed, through the radiations of its energy field, enough etheric-genetic and electrical-magnetic material into your atmosphere that genetic resolution can take place outside of your physical bodies. It would not be proper to expect you as individuals to physically resolve the genetic crises of other worlds, and yet as your energy bodies expand and become more powerful, much of the genetic resolution will take place within your radiated energy bodies — that is, your auric fields. In this way it is not necessary for you to experience genetic disruptions in your physical self, but you can benefit in your physical genetics through the gains happening in your etheric bodies.

Helping the Pleiadians Even now there is a great resolution in your etheric bodies that is helping Zeta, Sirius and the Pleiades. For example, one of the challenges in the Pleiadian star system is their difficulty in their present — and much more so in their future — in dealing with polarity. Their physical bodies usually do not have the strength to deal with separation and polarity — in other words, opposition — as many of you can do. It is not only within the mental and emotional processing that one can deal with such struggles. Even within the genetic code there are structures, and structures within structures, that allow these things to take place. Some of what the Pleiades will go through in the coming years, from your point in time, will be a re-creation of some levels of polarity so that they can advance their growth without challenging their physical harmony. They will do this by expanding their auric fields, which at this time have a limited ability to expand. Much of what is going on in your auric fields right now will allow this. I will explain further: Your auric fields are what we might call musclebound. They have great potential. The Pleiadians who have visited your planet until recently will begin visiting again in the late ’90s. They will take some of you aboard their vehicles, and during those times there will be a radionic energy exchange rather than physical exams, which do not take place much on Pleiadian vehicles, anyway. There will be certain Pleiadians who will experience the Earth person’s radionic field, which you call auric field,

to the maximum of their ability, and even now they are training for this. This exchange, which they can have only with you, will allow them to go back to their planet and seed that hybrid radionic energy into their own people and allow them to begin preparations for polarity. You may not see any advantage to polarity, but the potential for changing and altering situations to assist all races to continue their evolution and growth is greatly sped up by polarity, and growth on the Pleiades has been very slow in recent times. If they continue this slow growth in the foreseeable future as well as the advanced future, their civilization in time will begin to die out. This information has been given to them recently so they can understand and fully grasp the importance of these exchanges with you on Earth. They have pulled away recently because of what they believe now and in the past is the great and powerful expansion of negative energy on this planet; as you say, negative energy is discomfort. Yet it is that same negative energy that will allow you to propel yourselves to your fourth dimension because of the boomerang effect. It speeds you up and makes great demands of you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. But you have all been prepared for this, and while you will go through some emotional and physical crises, you will get through it. For them, this is the future. It has been difficult for them to understand this. Now they receive this information from their teachers so that they can appreciate the value of the growth that must happen for them. In this way I give you the example of how you will assist people from other planets who have in the past mistakenly judged you. Many from the Pleiades have been waiting for you to become more positive. Now they understand much more that they must begin to create a matrix of their own and receive a little bit of polarizing energy so that they can grow. When you reach the fourth dimension you will be much more accessible to them. That future version of yourself will have been equaled by the Pleiadians’ gradual experience of polarity in their auric field through the contact with you Earth people. By the time they evolve to what your fourth-dimensional lifetime will be, they will be prepared for more steady contact with you. It is believed necessary that they also experience the 2% negative energy to stimulate their growth. You will experience the 2% negative energy in your fourth dimension, making it possible for the two races to be totally compatible and prepared to work together. This situation is being greatly stimulated by the work you do here today on this planet. So understand that etheric gene splicing is going on even now, and today we give you techniques for accelerating that strategy. When you do these things, prepare yourself. Put yourself in a relaxed or meditative state, whichever is easier for you. When you call for your fourth-dimensional future self to be with you, fill yourself with as much love, relaxation and harmony as you can so that you can create the most receptive field possible for your future selves, making it easier for them to access you, and you them. As they come here, they will bring back with them some of what you have.

In that way they will learn that much of the current history of the third dimension will be lost in the fourth dimension, not because of great Armageddon experiences — tremendous destruction — but because of a feeling in the fourth dimension that your present history is not applicable to their time. Thus even your fourth-dimensional selves will be learning from you how much you have to offer, so that no one will be giving more than they are receiving. This is important to understand.

Helping the Sirians Now that I have discussed a little bit of what the Pleiadians have to gain, I will discuss more briefly what Sirius has to gain. The Sirius galaxy has one planet that experiences much greater negative energy than your own. For them to interact with other species who have powerful positive energy is

impossible. One of the few species that they can interact with at all is Earth people of these days. They will inherit Earth in the third dimension, since their planet is so powerfully negative that it will blow itself up in the not-too-distant future. You, as incarnated souls, will all have moved to the fourth dimension by that time, so no one will be ousted from any planet. They are a very frightened people. They cannot grasp the value of spirit as you know it, and they are very negative beings. But even they are being prepared. I will not ask you to experience their energy; it is unnecessary and would be very uncomfortable for you. I will say that because a considerable portion of your genetic code is made up of an extract of the Sirius galaxy, you will have within your energy interaction, your auric field, the ability to leave behind on third-dimensional Earth an auric energy that will prepare them. Imagine this, if you would: Their souls will become discarnate when their planet blows up. As a body of souls they will move from their second-dimensional planet straight to Earth and find the residual etheric (auric) energy that you will have left behind waiting for them, and they will occupy it. This does not mean that you will lose anything on the soul level, nor will you be tainted or colored by their experience. It is as if you are leaving them a bequest. There will be more auric energy here than you need, and you will leave it highly charged in the third dimension when you move to the fourth dimension, as you might shake water off your hands to dry them. They will find it and reenergize in that energy, allowing them to move from their polarized negative position to the positive/negative polarity that you have known here on Earth. Hence you’ve helped them take a giant step in growth and in the ability to move beyond the struggles they have known. You will also leave behind a version of what I can only call a “water-being” energy. As physicians and scientists alike know, the human body is made up of a great deal of liquid. In fact, if one were to remove all of the liquid, there would not be much left. Many planets in the Sirius system are water planets — not all, but many. This is why you have such great oceans. Your energy, which interacts with your moisture — electrical and magnetic energy is greatly stimulated by water, especially saline or saltwater — will largely leave the planet. When you go from the third to the fourth dimension, you will leave some of that energy. It will also allow species now native to the Earth to return either to their Sirius origin or to come with you to your fourth-dimensional aspect of Earth, which will be called Terra. In this case, some, such as sea turtles and some species of whales, will go back to Sirius where they were acculturated. Some will come forward with you, such as some species of whales and many species of dolphins. There are many beings in the sea or elsewhere who are from Sirius, whether they are plant or animal. The work that you do here on this planet allows that — allows that, you understand.

Resolving Orion Karma through the Neutral Particle Orion is another case entirely. You have inherited a great deal of what could be referred to as Orion karma — that is, that which is unresolved. All of these things have magnetic and electrical, and positive, negative, and neutral charge particles within their genetic structure. Your Orion heritage has given you the positive/negative charge, primarily the positive charge. What you have inherited from Orion are essentially unresolved male issues — the male having the positive charge (in a sense), and the female having the negative charge (not discomfort but in the sense of electrical plus and minus). What you will be resolving for Orion has to do in great part with mental and emotional conflicts. Much of the karma you experience, to use that term loosely, has to do with your soul balancing itself not only in this time but in the time when your soul moved through Orion. The neutral particles that are even now being discovered by your geneticists and your physicists are the blessed event of what has

occurred here on Earth. It was known that it would not be possible to nullify and balance the karma of Orion-past that you have experienced within your genetic code without adding the feminine, so the feminine and the masculine were joined here on this planet for the distinct and special purpose of creating a neutral particle. Neutral particles are those particles that will be used in time by high technology by utilizing crystal and magnetic sources to neutralize radioactivity, for example. They have the ability to absorb ten million times their own weight atomically. They can absorb it without altering their structure. This particle is the blessed event, the birth of the combination of the positive/masculine and negative/feminine charges interacting here on Earth. All of this is going on in your genetic code simply as you march through time without doing anything else but interacting and reacting with your life around you! It is as though all of you are genetic and atomic dynamos, even now, as we speak. The neutral particles are spirit materialized into the material world. The materialization of spirit, the spiritualization of matter, equalizes neutral particles, particles with no measurable plus or minus charge. These gifts of growth that you allow for yourself and these dynamic energies on the genetic level allow many other worlds to resolve their crises. Understand that Orion of the present does not have these crises. However, they are left with a residual unsettled energy, because they do not have neutral particles on Orion yet. As you have been developing those particles these last million years of your existence, so they will begin to experience them. Again, how? Radionically. Orion ships are here, and they will remain here during the next few years. Understand that you will energetically experience massive, intensive changes. Those ships will be absorbing particles from your atmosphere, radiated radionically by human beings. Sometimes they will come closer to the planet; other times they will be farther away, especially if they are over either the north or south poles or any of the movable poles. (When the poles wobble, sometimes other poles are created as a transitory effect of the shift from the third to fourth dimension.) They will absorb these particles, and when they have collected enough they will take them back to Orion. The Orion karma of the past will be resolved, and they will no longer have to wait with bated breath and discomfiture about what might happen. You are resolving karma for them, and they are very grateful, I can assure you. They show their gratitude by nullifying some of the effects of the ancient beings from Orion of the past who sometimes come here and try to influence you negatively. These beings, sometimes referred to as MIBs (Men in Black), are being nullified even now to a great extent by Orion beings from the present. This they do freely. Although it actually represents a degree of interference, they are allowed to interfere with the radiated energy for a very special reason: In order to attract and vacuum up the negative energy particles — which you are producing simply by living — that they need to resolve their karma, they must radiate a beam that you do not really feel on Earth. This beam, radiated on very subtle and etheric levels, is of their present time. It forces those Men in Black from the past, who occasionally get in through windows in time, to become energized with the present balanced, positive and comforting energy, a spiritual energy from the Orion present. As a result, they are forced to be more balanced, although they do not want to be. It erases some of their past memories, and they can experience their negative programming, in terms of desiring to negatively influence you, for no more than three days, after which they become very involved in Orion-present energy. So you see, in order to vacuum up the negative particles, they must thrust down a beam that will absorb those particles, which will also bring these MIB beings into a state of balance. This is why

they are allowed to do this, even though it is technically interference in your interaction with your present state of being. I mention these examples so that you can understand and appreciate the value of what you are doing here as atomic dynamos. You are altering your own genetic and atomic structure, and this affects people who you will never even meet. So begin to appreciate yourselves, for what you are doing is giving the greatest gift to many other civilizations, most of which you will not meet in this life. Your etheric bodies even now are expanding and will continue to expand as you move closer to the fourth dimension. Your physical bodies are also expanding, though since everything else is, it is not apparent. Your bodies, when they experience your fourth-dimensional selves, can create curious memories from the future. Pay attention to your dreams for the next couple of nights. You may have odd juxtapositions of memory in which you may not actually feel a distinct connection with this time and space. Equally, your fourth-dimensional selves will dream your dreams. Let it be pleasant. On the personal level, they are the real future you.

Meditation for Neutral Particles If you can experience this energy now, let yourself go into the atomic structure of your genetic code. Feel yourself absorbing the extra quantity of neutral-charged particles from your future selves. These neutral-charged particles can stimulate much more accelerated change in your etheric bodies. Pretend to be a giant vacuum and suck in these charged particles that have no plus or minus charge; they are neutral and will have no particular feeling to you. In fact, neutral-charged particles represent a charge in themselves. In time, as your atomic chart expands, there will be a new subcategory referred to as neutral charge, and this is why I refer to them as a form of charged particle. Bring in as much as you can absorb and know that they are bringing in you as well. Now relax. If you have questions, this is the time to ask them. Are crystals made of those neutral particles? No, not as you experience them now, but they have the capacity to amplify neutral particles without being destroyed in any way. If your physical bodies were to be so filled with neutral particles that the positive- and negative-polarized particles were to leave, it would be very difficult for you to maintain life as you know it unless you were the third sex, for the third sex will be made up largely of neutral particles. Crystals have the capacity to handle those energies and even amplify those energies if desired.

AIDS: A Laboratory Accident You said AIDS was caused by an accident in the laboratory. Can you amplify that? My understanding is that in laboratories that were seeking new forms of life, there was an accident wherein some of the energy in searching for these new microbes was inadvertently leaked. The compounding of that mistake occurred thereafter within laboratories associated with individuals

and groups who were trying to develop new life forms for both constructive and destructive purposes. After examination of those individuals exposed to this microbe, it was initially concluded that there was no inherent damage. At that time the pursuit of this microbe, now classified as a virus, was an attempt to make something that would be beneficial — an antitoxin. It was not fully grasped that it had its own toxic effect. Because of the pursuit of an antitoxin and the value placed on it, there was more experimentation than was perhaps called for by the results. In other words, a controlled experiment was set up. Initially, because of the now-classified virus’s long incubation period, there was no immediately observable destructive effect, and those who were exposed were believed to have no particular side effects. In fact, everyone thought they were working toward creating an antitoxin that might be beneficial in affecting disease in general. That is, there was an attempt to create a universal antitoxin that would work on the genetic level, creating, as was intended for the experiment, a group of people who would be resistant to all disease. This was the intent as I understand it. Thus one might say that there was innocence. It was only much later that the long-range negative side effects were discovered and there was, as you say, a cover-up. It took almost ten years for this to be understood. Recognize that this research took place years and years ago. One might say they were playing with fire, but they did not know this. It was their intent to do something worthwhile. By the time the mistake was noted, the original subjects in the control group had gone back to their lives, and the virus — for which there was no immediate method of resolution available, medically speaking — had spread. Many, many people were exposed to it within those first ten years. I am not going to give credence to the idea that it was a biological warfare experiment designed to destroy people, but I will say that it was a biological experiment designed to create a universal antitoxin to save people. I’m not going to create good guys and bad guys. I’m going to say that it was an accident, and by the time the error was discovered, it was literally too late to do anything about it. There have been follow-up studies that followed those original people in the control group, many of whom have passed away by now. Those studies have not been revealed to the public, nor would you expect them to be, since the nature of the research was highly secret. There have been further studies with groups of people in the constant attempt to derive a new form of antitoxin. One might say the mistake is compounded by not letting people know how it began. Yet if you understand the reason why it began, it does not sound like the bad guys dreamed up a new germ to kill off certain groups of people. What is the probability, in your view, of developing a universal antitoxin? It will take the neutral particle in abundance. This is why I am encouraging you tonight to drink in as much as you can on the etheric level, because the more neutral particles that can be broadcast onto Earth simply by your experiencing them, the better. It will take a form of radionic energy, both magnetic and electrical, saturated with neutral-charged particles, to alter the genetic structure into something more benign. The research into an antitoxin, to come up with a liquid, will not work sufficiently quickly. But those of you who experience and work with radionic energies, be they crystal-amplified or simply radiations from the body, can begin to work in this area now. Energy felt on the spiritual plane is saturated with neutral particles, so know that these works are of value as well. I do not exclude organized religion, for ofttimes in religious fervor, people will open up to energies, and those energies from the spiritual plane are laced with negative particles, positive particles and a heaping tablespoon, as they say, of neutral particles. The negative and positive particles are necessary to make the neutral particles compatible with your energy, so do not be concerned that spirit sends you negativity. They send you the energy of which you are made,

atomically speaking, with a heaping dose of neutral particles. In order for AIDS and other genetically encoded diseases to be resolved, the acceleration into your fourth-dimensional experience is happening even quicker to assist that. If all goes well, it will be quick enough. If it does not go as quickly as is desired to change the desirable future into a more desirable future, it is possible that the frontiers of physics will create a machine that can broadcast these neutral particles along the airwaves, one might say. This is likely to occur with an interaction with certain rare energy waves — light waves. The residual effect of the light waves will leave behind a waste product, and that waste product will be neutral particles.

These structures, which may be built within the next ten years by your governments, will look very much like the microwave towers you have now, only they will emit a light that will be very washed out. It will be possible to see it at nighttime as a dim light. It will appear that the light is the purpose of these radionic energy emitters, but the purpose will in fact be the waste product, the neutral particles, which will assist in destroying that which is dangerous to you now as well as amplify spirit and emotional bonding. This will strengthen the emotional bodies of all individuals and will allow you to move beyond the limits of disease, whether that disease be demonstrating itself physically, mentally or emotionally.

Your Role in Resolving the Recent Orion War The war that took place on Orion in 1985, was that Orion past? It was a conflict that would have to do with the present and the past, yes. This conflict had to happen, since the struggles that occurred in the past created an amplified light wave that could move through time to the present and to all future existences of Orion, with the intention of observing and controlling all future civilizations. The way that control from the past was cut off was by reversing the polarity of that ray and using the ray itself against the point of origin. Reversing the polarity neutralized the ray. Those who reversed the polarity did not attempt to destroy the point of origin of that ray, but simply used the point of origin and the ray itself to disseminate particles from its own future of Orion. Those who continue to broadcast that ray from the past of Orion into Orion’s futures do not realize that they are broadcasting benign energy from your now future! The benign energy is saturated and nourished by the neutral particles you are creating here on Earth. When the ships return and spell each other, they will dump their cargo of neutral particles into their own civilization and also into that ray. So the past-Orion attempts to control their future are actually neutralizing their own energy. An interesting irony. The relatively negative beings from Sirius’s and Orion’s past that occupy the underground

areas, did that war affect them, and in what way? They cannot be exposed to the energies of Earth for any great amount of time and remain negative. They will simply evolve. Any beings who exist on Earth, whether they be in an atmosphere they control to some extent or in an atmosphere open to the interchange of energies, will experience a gradual evolution into the energies of this planet. They will be modified simply through their occupation here. Those negative beings do not run around on the surface of the Earth, because their suits for maintaining their own environment cannot resist neutral particles! Their societies did not have a technology to even be aware of neutral particles, much less build devices to keep them out. So they will evolve past their negative energy into the positive/negative polarity of Earth, and those negative beings from that small planet in Sirius will inherit it when you leave. Not all of humanity will pass into the fourth dimension, is that correct? Will many remain in the third dimension in the present Earth who will then be peers of the Sirians and the Orionpast? Some may choose to stay. It is the intention, however, that all go in time. Since the beings who will inherit this planet must learn how to adapt to the energy on their own, even those beings identified by one group or the other as being very negative, destructive or criminal will all go in time to the fourth dimension. There they will no longer be classified as that, since what they do that is classified as criminal now will simply no longer be required of them, for no one will subconsciously invite that experience. Can you give us the year and the place of this experiment that inadvertently created AIDS? I will not say the exact place because then you could trace the people. Some of them are still alive, and you would blame them. I will say that it happened in more than one place. It happened in the Soviet Union and in the United States, but it happened to a greater degree in the United States, since there was more money available for such a program. As much as I am able to observe, this experiment began in full force — that is, physically, not just theoretically — in 1972. What took place in the Soviet Union had to do with the search for a universal antitoxin; the control group was not exposed to such a powerful version and were not immediately experiencing the negative side effects. However, since people go here and there and interact with each other, they are not experiencing their genetic alteration through this so-called virus, AIDS. The reason I’m calling it a so-called virus is that it is so classified, but it is really an energy. Did it have anything to do with an extraterrestrial underground base at Dulce in the ’50s? Not directly, but it had, you might say, an indirect impact. The scientists who interacted with Zeta beings and somewhat with other beings — since a base existed in northern New Mexico at that time and still does, to a lesser degree — were made fully aware that those beings from the other planets could not tolerate much exposure to the energy of human beings. Being thinkers, they considered the possibility that it might go both ways, that microbes from Zeta Reticuli, the Pleiades or even Sirius — as they allowed their imaginations to speculate — could negatively affect human beings. When they realized that they were in the age of ETs, there was a crash program, not the least of which focused on the military need for controlling germs that the “enemy” might send toward them. So in a sense it indirectly affected that base, but I will not support some of the wilder rumors.

The Effects of Neutral Particles What effects do the neutral particles have on the present quality of life or emotional experience? If you were to experience, say, 10 percent neutral particles, which is probably the outer limit of

what a human being could handle at this time, they would initially, as they expanded in you to 3, 4, 5 percent, give you a feeling of bliss, comfort and joy — all those experiences you like to have. As it reached your tolerance threshold, you would begin to feel distracted. It would be very difficult for you to focus your thoughts. It would be a challenge for you even to remain physically active in your body. You would become very forgetful. This is an idea of how you might experience it. That is why I encourage you to bring in as much as you can, but to allow it to affect you on the radionic level, the auric level. As you accelerate toward the fourth dimension, the neutral particles, which even now are affecting your auric fields, will be more easily accessed and experienced. On Earth we experience polarity and also have had a veiling process whereby we forget almost everything. Is this a result of polarity, and will other civilizations like the Pleiadians choose to experience the veiling? To some extent the Pleiadians will experience the veiling, and of course the veiling is total in the case of the negative people from Sirius (the rest of the people from Sirius are positive or at least in balance). But the veiling is somewhat partial, as you have suggested. This is what allows growth. It has been very difficult for the Pleiadians to accept veiling, since their cultures readily access the past and the future in their abilities to resolve anything that comes along. So the idea of giving up the past and the future is very challenging for them to accept. Their rituals — their religions, as you understand it — have to do very much with other times and other places, and they influence their current experience of life. In giving these up, they would feel that they were losing a sense of their identity. And yet as you experience life here — not being conscious from moment to moment of all of your past lives, any other present lives you might have and any future lives as well — it is possible to exist and grow. Yet you often pursue the knowledge of those lives. So you see, in a way it has been hard to sell the Pleiadians on the value of these veils. Yet if they are allowed to experience it subtly in their energy bodies and have time to come around to the value of it, then it will not be as challenging. Yes, they will experience the veils to a lesser degree, since they will be experiencing only about 2% negative energy, but veils will be there. So yes, to some extent it is part of the package. And vice versa, as we move into the fourth dimension, the veils will be lifted? Yes, they will still be there, but in the same way the Pleiadians will experience them by that time. Thus you will not have as much of a veil. You will be able to experience more; however, it will be the future rather than the past. It will take effort to access the past. This effort will essentially be to experience the energy of one of your past lives through mutual allowance, something we are doing here tonight and something that will occur in other places as well. It will take an effort to come into knowledge of the past, whereas the phantasmagorical possibilities of the future will be readily available. It will be a little more seductive to experience what the future might bring, and it will take a little more work to experience the past. That is why I encourage that work tonight, since much can be gained, as you all know, by not repeating past mistakes. What would I look at as a feeling of this neutralness you speak of, and how can we increase that type of experience in our lives? How can one accelerate the feeling of neutral energy within oneself? It is to be done very carefully. If you were to accelerate it beyond your body’s ability to handle the neutral particles passing through — not lodging within, but passing through — you would be what you call “spacy” and would have difficulty in interacting in your society. So I do not wish to encourage you to accelerate it.

How do you recognize when it is present? When it is present it is moving through the physical body. It is energized in your auric energy field, and this field radiates all around and about and through your physical body as well. You will recognize it because there will be a subtle sense of relaxation. That is, if you begin to do this as a meditation to bring in your fourth-dimensional self, you may feel a slight tingling; you may feel a sense of numbing that goes beyond what you might normally be able to produce in a relaxed meditative state. You might also feel a stronger sense toward distraction, so doing the meditation will require a little more discipline, a little more relaxation and a little more constant awareness. Because of that fourth-dimensional aspect of your future selves stimulating the neutral particles, it will bring along — it cannot be helped — the “memories,” one might say, of the future. So if you start getting odd thoughts, do not resist those thoughts, but observe them from the outside while you continue the meditation of drawing in those particles. This is the best I can describe it to you, and I do not encourage you to speed it up.

Gene Splicing Is this the gene splicing you refer to in your title? Yes, those neutral particles will create a different charge within your body as they pass through. It creates a more benign charge, and it also creates a greater effect of radiation from your auric field in those moments. It allows your genes on the atomic level to alter and move more quickly, speeding up the motion of the particles ever so slightly. This has to do with the fourth-dimensional aspect of the atomic structure, which moves a little quicker. The splicing occurs in the brief moments of time that those neutral particles pass through your body, creating a matrix or foundation that will receive those particles on a more accelerated level. When you begin to accelerate toward your fourth dimension, it will also allow you to radiate those particles simply by their being within you. We are talking about a temporary splice that occurs in a much shorter time than ten millionths of a second. But because it occurs over and over again, it has a long-lasting effect that builds up over time. Is just the fourth-dimensional body active here? Should we call in the fifth or the sixth? Please call in only the fourth-dimensional body, since it is this portion of you that needs to be in touch with you. The fifth dimension does not need that at this time. Let it be, as Zoosh says, “simpatico,” a relationship that benefits all. In the sense that the Zetas have male/female and yet they do cloning, are we talking about our third sex as an androgynous being that would be perfectly balanced? Is that what you mean by the third sex? Yes. One that can reproduce itself. Before the sexes split initially and when the planet was called Shan, wasn’t it done that way? Wouldn’t this be just full circle? Exactly. It would be full circle. Those of you who are aware of the more ancient cultures know that some beings of the third sex still exist inside this Earth at dimensions different from yours so that you cannot stumble into them while you are drilling for various things. They exist interdimensionally within the Earth now. Of course, all civilizations that have ever existed on this planet or in this space from the distant past have residual effects here, whether they have come and gone or whether they have stayed. When I have had the experience of a higher-dimensional being coming into my auric field, I

have felt spaced out afterward, like I could hardly deal with being on the planet. Is that because of those particles? Exactly. It is because of the particles that are left over for a brief time. At times like that it is valuable to take a moment to allow that energy, that spacy feeling. If it is not convenient, then of course do something physical to allow yourself to come into your present state of balance; do something physical or mental or both. Yes, it is the residual effect of the neutral particles. Vywamus has spoken about a dispensation of particles that have never been on Earth before. Is that the same thing you are talking about? Yes. This is the particle referred to by Vywamus. We can play tonight’s tape ourselves as often as we want to? Certainly. Thank you very much for attending tonight. Let us finish the session by again calling for the fourth-dimensional future selves to be present with you here in this room and with all those who may be attempting this at home at a later date. Let us ask that those energies be present within you, giving you their blessing while you give them yours, all parties sharing equally that which is offered, all parties equally blessed.


The Third Sex: The Neutral Binding Energy Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, September 23, 1990 You are confronted with many unsolved dilemmas in this day and age, not the least of which is the sexual revolution. The sexual revolution is not so much a matter of change as it is a matter of awareness. Many years ago people simply did not talk about sex as much as they do now. So what you are confronted with now is more a matter of coming into a state of knowledge of what already exists. This is the groundwork to allow you to re-create certain self-images to stimulate your imaginations into being an agent provocateur of the coming reality and also, in a sense, to roll out the red carpet to welcome the coming age of sexual oddities. You need to understand that what has worked in the past will continue to work. The male sex and the female sex are working all right. However, their relationship is, as you know, incomplete — it is not something that can be joined at the hip comfortably; there is always the feeling that something is missing. There is, in fact, a missing element; that’s where the third sex comes in. I mention the third sex right off the bat because it is important to understand the nature of polarities and how to go about balancing them. Physics has not been able to quite understand how to put the masculine and feminine polarities together in a benign way, although they figured out how to do it in an explosive way. Both poles function like each other, but they tend to repel. What will get those polarities together? What will iron out the differences between the polarities? What catalyst will it take for opposites to be attracted and remain together, not just be attracted, dance around for a few years, then go their separate ways? It’s going to take something extra — a spice, as it were — to sweeten the pudding.

Society’s Neutral Particle The third sex represents the neutral particle. I’m not referring to atomic structure in this case as much as social structure, that which can allow opposites to attract and become bonded. Scientists for years have attempted to make certain metals and compounds attract, bind and solidify. It will take this new neutral energy to make those things happen. It will open up a world of reality in science and at the same time open up a social revolution. The third sex is not going to be androgynous. It will be, physiologically speaking, of both sexes, able to reproduce itself autonomously. Its purpose is to help resolve many unsolvable situations that have remained unsolvable for many years. Your civilization is aligned more closely now with the past and future of your souls’ evolution than ever before. And some of the extraterrestrial races and civilizations you are dealing with are representative of your souls and their ever-meandering path to gain more knowledge and experience. I have talked to you in the past about how the Zeta Reticulan civilization is in the future, a place your souls will meander through, spending some millions of years there. Their civilization has had difficulty in perpetuating itself and has created various subgroups, subclassifications of beings, forms of themselves that could carry on should the parent race die out.

You are experiencing the resolution of many ancient civilizations. At the same time, though it may be a little difficult to comprehend, you are also experiencing the resolution of many future civilizations. You are resolving the future while you are resolving the past. You are, as a representative of the universal problem solver, resolving not only your own souls’ destinies, but the destinies of many other souls at the same time on other planets and other times and other places. You experience the resolution and are involved in clearing up Atlantis and what happened there. You are involved in resolving and clearing up future civilizations such as Zeta Reticuli and that which they are unable to resolve. You are the experimenters, showing the Pleiades how it can be done. In other words, you are involved in so many projects that you are a bit overwhelmed. You are overwhelmed with how to resolve your own problems. In being over-involved with helping the other guy, you have been distracted from your own crisis. You have become so polarized in what you can do and how you can do it, not only as individuals but as societies, that you need a little extra help! That extra help is going to be the energy between the two polarities that allows them to come together. The effect of all this problem solving is that your souls are crying out for you to pay attention to the here and now: “Pay attention! Your home is in trouble!” Mother Earth is also crying out, “Pay attention! I’m in trouble!” So you, in the center of this pressure, are attempting to respond while you are somewhat enslaved to the past, to the future, and to all these other civilizations and what you’re doing for them.

The Gift That Binds: A Vehicle to Source

What to do about it? Here comes the third sex down the pike. It is not only going to offer you an out by being the legacy bearer, that which can carry on for your race should your race be called elsewhere — you know you are moving from the third to the fourth dimension, so your race is even now being called elsewhere — but it will also be that element that will allow you to come closer together. It will not be an invasion in the sense of people falling out of the sky. When it comes along, it will be misdiagnosed by physicians and others as an unusual number of abnormal births. Some of it will be attributed to pollution, both atomic and toxic. However, in reality it is coming along as a gift. It will be here en masse by the year 2050, but you will begin hearing about it within the next fifteen years. I’m bringing this to your attention now so you can understand its importance. I have stated that the third sex — the neutral binding energy — is the physical vehicle to return to Source. What is Source? Source is All! It is everything! If one is going to come together, be total, complete, one needs to have positive, negative and neutral binding energy. Right now you are working with positive and negative — or comfort and discomfort — as polarities, as opposites. You’re already in your little vehicle — but how to return to Source? Neutral energy is the slingshot to get you there. The sexual revolution has other counterparts, partly caused by a sense of urgency that most

people feel for not only immediate gratification, but for completing what they need or want to do. They are feeling a clock ticking away, counting down, a pressure to be all that they might be in the now. This sense of dissatisfaction with what is, is spreading out all over the land. In the big cities there have been open sexual variations — male to male, female to female — for some time. It has also been going on in the countryside, but it has not been so open. In the next ten years it will be much more open, partly because people are feeling an urgency to have their sexual dreams fulfilled because the end feels near. Many things will come together to support that sense of urgency. Many people will predict that Armageddon is at hand, that Revelation is coming true, that Nostradamus’s and others’ predictions are happening. Now, I’m not going to say this is false, but there is an option. You have the choice for it to happen or not happen. However, you must actively participate in the choice. This is known by the world’s great religions as well. This is why they are attempting to get you involved, because they know action is necessary now. It is not okay to sit back and say, “I’ll watch, wait and see, and when I see which way the bamboo is swaying, I’ll go along with the crowd.” There’s not a crowd situation anymore; there’s not one winning polarity to go with. There are many different tendrils going out. People will be trying new things, expressing new things, advocating new things. This will be seen politically, but it will be seen in the politics of the home first — which is, for purposes of this discussion, sexual gratification. I don’t understand the difference between an androgynous race and the third sex you speak of. People have been expecting for some time an androgynous race, one that is neutral and that does not really need sex. Many feel that this is desirable because of the reality of many relationship situations, especially long-term ones. Such ancient religious concepts as “sex, money and power are the roots of all evil” make the prospect of an androgynous species look good. However, as those of you know who follow the animal world, the androgynous species don’t seem to reproduce themselves very easily, albeit miracles happen now and then. Therefore, it is necessary to have a species that can function on Earth as it is now, that can interact with Earth as if Earth mattered. In the past, the desire was to reach the skies, to push oneself to the highest levels of spirituality and to deny oneself the “basest” elements of humanity. But in reality, those basest elements, although they may be abused from time to time, are what keeps the race going; if it weren’t for those base elements, the race would have died out real quick! Your history could have been inscribed, without special talents, on the head of a pin. In order to fulfill your destiny as the Explorer Race that goes out to other civilizations with problem-solving abilities plus a lust for life, you have to be lusty and full of life yourselves! The physical vehicle’s return to Source has to do with living life to its fullest and not removing oneself from the temptations of mortal man. Confront this idea, because what you have done has not worked in the past. If this monkish type of spirituality has been divinely graced on this Earth, why are so few humans practicing it? There has been a great misunderstanding about sexuality. The assumption is that what other people say about sex is important if they are authority figures — unlike Zoosh, who is strictly opinionated and not an authority at all. In a society out in the bush, for example, where there is not overwhelming hierarchical government and political structure, sexuality tends to be something of the imagination, trying different things. The rules are not so rigid. Of course, I understand why the religions and political establishments of the past enforced these rules; they did not want to have chaos. So while it’s all right for the past, what will make the future come together is not going to be who’s bigger, who’s stronger, who’s tougher or who’s got more missiles; those tend to eliminate, not

support, the future. It’s going to be that which allows human beings to be more than themselves in the most nurturing way. It is that simple.

Sacred Sexuality It’s important to have sacred sexuality. What is sacred sexuality? Is it something associated with spirit only? Well, it is something akin to what children might do in playtime. Sexuality is one of the few things adults can do that approach play and is approved of by society — almost. At least it is tolerated — after all, you have to have children; “so go ahead, but don’t tell anybody what you’re doing — and please close the doors and draw the blinds. Don’t talk about it, because it’s kind of uncomfortable.” Sex is pleasurable as long as people are raised to believe it is pleasurable. It is the last vestigial remains of childhood allowed to adults. And it is this theme that will build the new society — sacred sex. Sacred sex is not something to be considered divinely holy, something to be separated from the mainstream of society. If it is separated from the mainstream, it is strictly separate sex, which says that the mainstream of society is not sacred. It damns society and says society is base. I bring it down to Earth, because that is where you are. You are not on Terra, in the fourth dimension; you are on Earth, and you will seem to be on Earth even when you are on Terra, in the fourth dimension. You will hardly notice the difference. Most of you will not be around, but there will not be an apparent difference because you are all expanding at an equal rate — planet, people, everything. It is relative. There has been entirely too much separation from the sacredness of the physical self and the physical world. What will get you through to the year 2000 under all this pressure will be an honest understanding of the physical self in its own right, to understand that anything and everything the physical self does is sacred. Now, you might say, “But Zoosh, what about criminal acts, mean things people do to each other?” Okay, I’ll give you that exception for now because that is your reality. But even many things that are considered uncouth are sacred because they represent something the human being can do physically. It is time to redefine yourselves and understand that the nature of the human being is not something that is coming up from the slime. I must say this over and over: You are achieving something here that has not been achievable anyplace else! You are resolving not only your own problems but problems of other people who cannot resolve their own! Are these [third-sex beings] hermaphrodites physically? The third sex will initially be the offspring of males and females, so they would be judged to be that. They will probably be judged as something that does not naturally occur, an anomaly. Then they may be referred to as a kind of strange new birth defect and given a name or a number. Eventually, people will begin to realize that what is happening is all right. It will take some time, because as you know, the wheel of science moves slowly — although you’ll see it moving much quicker in the future. Will they appear as both male and female and participate sexually with both sexes? They will appear somewhat like both sexes. They will have sexual organs somewhat similar to both sexes; for example, slightly developed breasts (maximum B cup); they will have an unusual combined aspect of the male/female sex organs. They will be able to reproduce themselves through internal mechanisms, but they will appear, at a quick glance, to have the external apparatus of both. They will be able to interact sexually with either species. It will be important to nurture them because in the beginning they will be very confused. They won’t know who they are, and of course they’ll be treated as if they had some strange disease. By the year 2050 they will be recognized as a subspecies in their own right — “sub” not meaning “less than,” but a new classification.

What percentage of the population will they be? In the beginning, perhaps one-half of one percent of the population, but that is quite a few in number. They will be scattered around the world. Will they suddenly be a majority? Oh, no. They will simply be the energy that allows. They will exude an energy simply by being. You all exude a certain energy; you all have your own pulse, which is around and about you within your auric field. As long as you are alive, you are exuding this energy. Third-sex people, simply by being, will exude tremendous amounts of neutral energy, which Joopah referred to as neutral particles [see chapter 27]. And by jamming, one might say, all these neutral particles into your field of energy, your knowledge and expansiveness on the conscious level will be greatly enhanced. It will be as if someone took a needle and jammed into your veins the ultimate brain food that expanded your mind. You will be able to be so consciously aware that you could use the auric field as an element of mind. The love level will be expanded in the same way. It will allow you, by densifying your auric field just a little bit, to experience your auric field as if it were a function of your physical-emotional body — an acceleration, one might say. That is the mechanics of it. Are the people we know as bisexual the forerunners of this new model? In the sense of their behavior, one might say yes. As all forerunners do, they are taking the heat. Even though it is still pretty much underground, it is something that people know about, although they say, “Don’t tell me about that.” Or if it is in the tabloids, “Do tell me about that.” Understand that they are the forerunners on the behavioral level; they are not the biological forerunners. I’ve been intensely interested in the process of integrating the polarities and don’t want to wait fifteen years or be an onlooker. I want to participate in this process. What is the possibility? You’ll have to wait. Nobody gets any executive passes to this process; I’m not handing out any gold keys to the executive washroom. If you want to prepare yourself to receive this process, the best thing you can do is come to peace with your own masculine and feminine. When I say peace, does that simply mean no war, or does it mean an embracing? For the female, it means embracing your masculine energy. For a man, it means embracing your feminine energy. What does embracing mean? It means that you allow that side of yourself to express itself in ways that you might not normally allow. You do so in the way that comes most natural to the human being, which is emotionally. You don’t suppress it; you express it. In the case of exercise, you express it in play as best you can. The older generation really had restrictions. The younger generation has fewer restrictions in terms of male/female gender roles that one must act out, although they’re still there. For instance, you might see a little girl standing on the pitcher’s mound throwing the ball. I’m not sending you to the minor or major leagues here, but let women think about the idea of participating in some playtime activity that is essentially masculine. Understand that you cannot suddenly prepare yourself to contribute to the third sex. You can only come to peace and embrace the polarities within yourself. What I’m really suggesting here is not something that the human being as you now experience yourself, male and female, will actually be doing. It is something that is coming to you; it is a gift from elsewhere, in this case. Oh, you are participants in the Creator and All That Is, but this is not something you yourselves are doing. You cannot speed it up in any way; you can only become comfortable with it. So the more comfort you can come to in your civilizations with various forms of expressing sexuality — especially those that do not harm anybody and are with “consenting adults” — the better, because it all paves the way for the arrival of the neutral-particle generators that will do a lot to allow you to exist. They will give you the extra added boost.

Now, you might say to me, “But Zoosh, suppose we don’t want to put up with all this stuff. Suppose we don’t want any homosexuals or any lesbians. Suppose we want to just stick it out and be who and what we are, where a man’s a man and a woman’s a woman!” And I will say, “That’s nice.” Many civilizations have come and gone where a man’s a man and a woman’s a woman. But your civilization is not now, nor has it ever been, about anything other than change. Now, you might notice that change is upon you whether you want it or not. You might also notice that even if you try, you can’t really avoid the news — unless you go into the backwoods and put earplugs on. It’s in your face all the time. In this age of information you are being forced to consider things that exist, not necessarily to participate in them. Previous cultures have had the luxury of avoiding, of putting things off for the next generation: “We’re having a hard time resolving that one, so let the kids take care of that.” Well, guess what? You’re the kids. You’re taking care of it right now, no matter how old you are. That’s why you’re assailed. You can’t go the supermarket now without being assailed about sexual things you not only don’t want to know about, but things that weren’t even mentioned when you were a kid — because adults didn’t talk about it. They didn’t even think about it; they thought someone might hear it, and then they’d be sorry. You are assailed with this information now, not so that you will become cold to it, but so that you will no longer be reactive to it and no longer feel that you are personally assaulted by other individuals living a lifestyle unlike your own, albeit not destructive. The nature of your experience these days is necessarily confrontational, regardless of your state of education, your state of political awareness and your sense of humor — no matter what. It is confrontational so that you can purge out every last vestigial remain, like an ultimate tossed salad of everything that holds on to some rigid idea of the past. This doesn’t mean that you must suddenly say, “All right, I’m throwing my marriage on the rocks. I’ve decided to come out and say I am going to be a homosexual (or a lesbian or a bisexual); I’m going to wear it on my shirt to let everybody know, and I’ll write on the side of my car: ‘Homosexuals forever. I am one of the gang.’” It does not mean this at all! It just means that it is time to say, “Okay, if that’s what they want, all right!” It’s as simple as that. There are gay people — to use their term — who are the same way. They look at heterosexuals and say, “What is it about that? How can they stand it?” It is important for the gay people also to say, “Okay, if that’s what they want, it’s all right.” It’s got to be both ways, you know; it won’t work to say, “The poor, suffering minority is forgiven for their horrible sins.” It’s got to be: “The majority is forgiven for their horrible sins,” because then people will eventually understand that there ain’t no sins there. It’s all just children in adult bodies doing the last vestigial element of play that is allowed to an adult, albeit it has variety.

Their Source: Lemurians inside the Planet Where is this energy going to be coming from, and why haven’t we had access to it before? The energy, referring to the third sex, has been here before. The third-sex people are still living in different dimensions underneath the planet, and in one case, in your own third dimension, in an area where there are prototypes of beings in laboratories far enough beneath your planet that it cannot be invaded by curious individuals. This energy is coming, essentially, from the past. It is, of course, coming from the Creator, All That Is, whatever you wish to call it. But it is routed through the past because you are resolving something here and you need help. It is as though the amusing hand of the Creator has leaned down from time to time and simply touched that magic eraser to direct lines of past reality.

Very often the creations of the past will help you because of their familiarity. You might say to me, “Come on now, Zoosh! What do you mean by saying the third sex is familiar?” But you know, anything you’ve experienced in the past in this linear-science society is going to be much more ingrained in your soul’s memory than anything that’s experienced in the future, because you are in linear time. If you were not in linear time, the future and the past would seem equally familiar. But because you are in linear time, it has to come in through the past so there will be some sense of familiarity. It’s coming in from Lemuria, but not the Lemuria you read about in the books, where “they existed with Atlantis and had a fight with them” — not that. It is the Lemuria that existed before the Lemuria that existed before the one that you know about. In that society they had not only the male sex and the female sex and the third sex we’ve discussed, but also the androgynous — the one that is not of anything. But you don’t need the androgynous now, because those of you who have been attempting to escape from sex might find refuge in the androgynous sex, and you’re not going to be allowed to escape physical reality. So that’s out. You get the third sex; it combines both. So that’s where it’s coming from, the ancient society (with a little help from the Creator, always) that created all of the prototype beings who would ever be represented on Earth, from then into the near future (near, in my frame of reference, being from this point until about 50,000 years from now) — all that would be necessary for processing all you came here to process and evolving into all that you came here to evolve. So basically this is coming out so that everyone can express themselves and learn allowance. Are they going to work with genetics — of course, there’s going to be an inner permission — or is it going to be some kind of immaculate conception? It will be, as indicated earlier, a combination, an offspring of male and female. I will answer these questions: “What is the genetics of this species going to be like? Is it going to have a double helix? Is it going to have some kind of a single helix? What would it look like if one could put it under the microscope right now?”

Genetic and Emotional Characteristics It is not going to look like your present DNA code. It’s going to have three strands; there will be a third braid. If one could look at it under the microscope — highly evolved microscopes that don’t exist now, although they’re almost here — it would look like many different little balls, chromosomes that seem to be almost not there because they represent potential. Only the first three or four chromosomes will look like anything at all. The next ones will seem to be an unknown factor. Just because the third-sex people are allowed to exist once they are accepted as a natural subspecies does not mean that they will be embraced. How they are allowed to proceed and exist on this planet will be the final test: Are you ready to allow yourselves to interact with species of beings who are different from yourselves? Are you ready to allow yourselves to say, “Okay, black and white

together, fine”? Are you ready to allow yourself to say, “Okay, men and men together, women and women together, fine”? Are you ready to allow this third entirely new being? When that “okay, fine” comes forth from around the world, not just where you have socially advanced, sophisticated groups of people who say, “Welcome! You certainly are different! What do you have to show us?” — only then will the chromosomes fill in. As they begin to fill in, do you know what happens? Lo and behold, all the men and women who are born after that will have three loops of chromosomes. That’s how you get back home. Think about that for a moment, because everything I say is to encourage you to consider and question, not to accept my golden opinions as the word of All. All right, let us plow on where no man has gone before. Question? Since the third sex is neutral in charge, will they come here with an emotional body, or will they experience emotions as we do? They will experience an emotional body; however, their emotional body will not be exactly like your own. When you experience joy, happiness or even anger, for that matter, something that is essentially a projective situation — fight or flight, any of those things — you blast energy outward. However, when you feel lonely or withdrawn, your energy is sucked inward. Perhaps the major difference between you and the third sex is that they will always be blasting. They will have a tendency to be usually cheerful. But because they can be aggravated or agitated or angry, they will be perceived to be unusually emotional. This is to your benefit, you know, because they will blast energy all the time. It will not be uncomfortable to be around them, but you will, without being particularly sensitive, usually know what they are feeling because their energy will be so powerful. It will be the ultimate experience of “he/she walked into the room and commanded everyone’s attention.” People will turn when they walk into a room as adults, because they will be able to feel them enter. And since their natural demeanor will be cheerful, they can walk into a room, circulate a bit, and everybody else will cheer up without their even telling a funny joke! In the early days they will tend to gravitate toward the entertainment industry more than any other field, because it is there that they will be allowed to be themselves. The entertainment industry is perhaps well known for encouraging people to be who they are, even though on cue. How about the mothers who bear these different people? Will they have difficulties? No; they will not be, for the most part, difficult births, and that too will draw the attention of physicians. A given percentage of births are breech, for example, but all these babies will just come sliding out, as it were. There will not be too many unusual circumstances. This is because their good cheer will also be a devotion to life. They’re going to be happy to be here, so they’re going to come into life without too many ifs, ands or buts. (Esoteric joke, there.) So birth will be easier.

A Love-Centered Source, More Chakras Are the souls who occupy these forms coming from a different background than the souls who have chosen to incarnate into the Earth over and over again? The question is, are they coming from a different source than the source that you are all weaving through? Would they be coming in from a different tributary, one might say? Yes. They will be coming from the future and from the past and from your hearts. It is a little difficult for you to understand, but I will give you a comparison. Children nowadays born with what is referred to as Down’s syndrome are known for being very cheerful; they radiate cheerful energy. However, because they have established themselves over many, many years as being born with a birth defect, it’s too late for you to accept them as simply cheerful beings. Your society, I might add, is doing a good thing now by

bringing them into society more, because just being around them makes you a little bit cheerful, you know? So they are coming from a source that is very love-centered. This is why I say they are coming from the past, from the future, and perhaps most important, coming from the present. Your souls, as they incarnate, are very often past-oriented, which is why you have what is called karma — not things you must do, but things you could do to make all the other lives easier. These beings will not have any karma because they will be very present; when you are with them they will seem to be very much in the moment. When you have a conversation with them, they won’t get distracted, their eyes won’t wander and you won’t get the impression that they’re focused on anything other than yourself. They will thus get the reputation of being intense, and that is why they will ease into the entertainment industry. They will have a commanding presence even though they are cheerful. So yes, they will be coming in from a very powerful love source from the present. They will definitely feel like a gift. Thank you. Will these beings have an additional chakra? An eighth chakra? Thank you. Sharpies tonight! They will not only have an eighth, but they will have a ninth. They will have one more they can actually access and use that is above, and another they can actually access and use that is below. It will take some time to learn all the things these chakras are doing, but the chakra that is below is essentially what allows them to be present in the now without any karmic ties to the past or future. It is a — dare I use the word? — purifying energy. The one that is above will allow them to do something on the q.t. They will have the ability, though they will not immediately express it, to produce things out of thin air. It would be easy for them to be magicians because they will have the ability, as you perceive it, to do magic. Except that instead of pulling it out from some clever technological place, they will pull it out of thin air! This is not telling you that they are somehow spiritually beyond you. The major reason they will be able to do this is that they will be so involved in the present. The only reason you cannot do these things right now is because it is so difficult for you to remain in the present all the time. I am not suggesting that you should do this, because you are resolving all of that. You cannot be a problemsolver as you all are, men and women, without drifting into the past and the future. But they are not here to resolve anybody’s problems. They are really here to simply be. Regardless of stresses they will undergo, they will most likely not produce any golden eggs for anybody — mostly because golden eggs aren’t fun. But pulling flowers out of thin air is fun, and anything that can delight a child they would be willing to pull out of thin air. So you will see them with children a lot. And they will seem to have childlike personalities.

Will these beings feel guilt? No. Can they be induced to feel guilt, since you don’t feel guilt naturally, but you can be induced to feel it? They will not feel guilt. This is why they will gravitate toward the entertainment industry. None of the ploys that induce guilt in a human being — as you live now — for manipulation will work, whether it’s conscious or unconscious. They will simply not be manipulable, all right? You said the third sex is the physical vehicle to return to the Source, but that we souls incarnating now will not inhabit those bodies. Will their energy facilitate all of us to return to Source? Source, you must understand, is love. Source is not some place geographically located within the center of the universe. One might say, physiologically speaking — or physics-speaking, in terms of your universe — that there are many more universes. Source is here. The Source is very simple: Source is love; Source is heart; Source is caring for yourself and for all those around you, whether they be human, plant, animal, rock or stone; caring for beauty, appreciating beauty, nurturing beauty and recognizing the beauty in all things. That is Source. They will be love beings; they will initiate you all about love. So in that sense they are the physical beings who will allow you to return to Source because of their energy. When their energy saturates the Earth sufficiently, even by a small percentage of their number being here, your double helix will become a triple helix, and it will give you the potentials mentioned. You can then use your auric fields and so on. It will allow you to move beyond your own limits, although you will not be producing golden eggs or even flowers from thin air. It is important for you to move beyond the desire to do so and to simply appreciate what’s around you. That’s what I mean. When you described this helix, I understood that there would be a social acceptance or attitude change on our part that would result in a biological change. It goes from social or mental to the physical? In a sense, yes, because if one truly tolerates other people, that is a beginning. The next step must be loving them, allowing them to be, enjoying what they think is funny — things that bring people together, that make interracial marriages, for example, appreciating the humor of the other race, the other nationality. So yes, it will create in time a greater sense of love and obviously a greater sense of humor. And you know, humor will generally get a lot of people together who wouldn’t get together otherwise. Will it affect the helixes in time? Yes, but not as much time as it would appear. As some of your authors have stated, laughter is a

good medicine. It may not be the ultimate medicine, but it helps a lot. It is really that simple. Even though they existed in the past as neutral entities, in the present are the new ones who are coming fully accepting the male and the female energies? Did that happen in the past? It did happen in the past and yes, they will fully accept the male and the female in them. But they will do that one better. They will love the male and the female in them, and since they don’t do anything emotional halfway, they will be radiant with the love energy. Did they do that in the past? Yes. We’re talking about the very distant past here, but yes, they did. If we could say that in the ancient past there was a soul split — as many of us believe — and we’ve been in a twin-soul state ever since; and we’ve known that in this future time, even though it’s actually going on now, that we do get back to the Source and become whole again, could we say that the future of the past soul is what’s coming back to show this now? It is one way to refer to it, and yet it is more than that. If you were to say that it is strictly your past, present, future and alternate selves reaching to help you and bring you along, you would be correct; yet it is much more than that. They would be like the first row in the theater, where there are rows and rows and rows beyond that. So it is a portion of that. There are layers of truth here. Since this third sex is not going to be attached to karma and will live in the now, will they have the same lifespans that we have now? How will health be affected? They will likely have much better health. In terms of their life expectancy — depending on the reaction to them, if allowed to live, if accepted — they may have the potential to live to 250 years, but their average age is likely to be about 175 years. This has a lot to do with being totally in the now. It also has a lot to do with allowing the emotional body to be totally expressive. This is not to say that you should all do this; it is simply that they will not have the same lessons as you. They are coming here to be. They’re not arriving in golden chariots to be gods; they will not be treated like that at all, although eventually they will be treated like equals. But they will have a longer life expectancy. I might also add, will they accumulate knowledge as you do? No, they will not. It is an interesting thing. This is part of the reason why they will not be perceived as magical miracle beings. They will be perceived during their lifespan as children — big children as they grow up — because they will not accumulate knowledge, they won’t read the encyclopedia, and they won’t overhear conversations and log information. They will be present in the now and no place else, so they will not have as active a mental function as you experience. This is actually two questions: Will they have free choice? And will we have an opportunity to incarnate into these bodies if we choose to do so? They will have free choice. All beings who come here have free choice, on the unconscious level, on the soul level, all right? In terms of the social interaction with the beings of the time, they will not have as free a choice because in the beginning they will be considered some kind of subclassification or subgroup, although they will eventually be accepted. So they will not have as much lateral movement or even vertical movement on the social scale as you do. But in the sense of a freewill being, they will have free choice. In terms of your second question, no, you will not have the opportunity to incarnate into them, because it is not an opportunity for you to do so. These people are like a catalyst thrown into a chemical stew to allow the elements to come together that would not ordinarily join. So they are a gift to you to allow you to be more, to do more — not a gift to allow you to become them. You are here to become all that you can be in terms of the problem solver, the Explorer Race — to gather knowledge,

to perfect the mental body into the physical body, to embrace the mental body, and to give it a home where it is lovingly cherished and approved of. No, you will not become them on the soul level.

The Lost Tribe, the Missing Link This sounds to me like it’s a new family of consciousness, in an accepting sense. In the sense that they represent the Lost Tribe, yes. They are the Lost Tribe, which appears, I might add, in more than one form of literature (religious, philosophical). They are the missing link. You mentioned Inner Earth, and that there were some who were dwelling within the Earth at this time. Only on the prototype level. Not to suggest they are in a zoo, but there are a few physically inside the Earth now, in a place where beings — male, female, third sex and androgynous — reside. Not as file cards in a Rolodex, but they are identifying factors, like someone going to South Dakota and seeing Mount Rushmore. ETs might come to Earth and go to this place of greeting, where instead of zoo animals or stuffed beings or busts, actual beings representative of the surface of the planet are present. It is a very limited population that is allowed to reproduce itself there, to be part of the meeters and greeters, one might say. Is it a hybrid race of some sort, a mixture of their parents? Just like those of us on Earth now have some form of extraterrestrial influence? No. It is not a hybrid race in terms of something that was biologically synthesized elsewhere; it is not that. It is something that comes from the present moment, something that comes from life itself. Again, it is a gift of the Creator. It is as if this Earth were populated only by males or females and suddenly the other sex came along — it is a gift from the Creator in that sense. It is not something that is coming from some external, extraterrestrial source that you now know of or ever will know of. It is really something that is coming more from a divine center than anything that is geographically located elsewhere. That’s the best I can do for you now. Will this third sex, by what it brings into this planet, be the energy of the Source that will make it possible for us to physically interact with the ETs? It will not, because you are already interacting with them now, but in secret. By the year 2020 or 2025, there will already be low-key, but a little more visible, stuff going on. Even now your governments are paving the way for your acceptance. Are these people to serve as catalysts for the “right use of will”? Not exactly catalysts, but they present the right use of love. Love has been seriously convoluted on your planet. Love has been restricted and not allowed to flower in all of its vast potential. Yet it has been necessary to allow you to form and re-form all that you are in the multiple ways available to you, to try the full range of experience. You have shared all that is available to you now, so it is necessary to reinstigate the Source. Consider it to be reinstigating the Source energy in which all love is centered. Recognize that it is a gift from God or from the Creator, from the Divine Now. It is a gift to you — no more, no less. And instead of being a single gift of a single being who cannot in its own right save everyone, it is a gift of many beings who in their own right can prepare you to save yourselves.


ETs: Friend or Foe? Joopah Carlsbad, California, October 13, 1990 Reasons for ET Presence All right, Joopah speaking. Well, I would like to open by defining the words of the topic. If we assume that “friend” means “those who would help us, benefit us or enjoy our company” and that “foe” means “those who would strike us down, keep us from our desires, or simply manipulate us and work toward keeping us in bondage,” then let us understand that those words in and of themselves are not a complete summary of the extraterrestrial experience here on Earth. There is another category: those who would study or simply observe. On your world, observation is as normal a daily experience as watching interesting people in a public place or in scientific situations where various controlled experimental groups are observed to see if an idea or substance has value. I mention this because in order to understand and appreciate the interactions between extraterrestrials and Earth people, it is necessary to recognize that just because individuals or societies are able to build high-technology equipment and travel to other planets does not mean they are beings you would want to meet and experience in your backyard. That is — to make a joke — you may not necessarily want one to marry your sister. This is important, because for many years there have been two diametrically opposed opinions about extraterrestrials. One, they are here to help you and offer advice; or two, they are here to interfere with you in some way. I want to offer the idea that there are other categories: those who are here simply to observe you, and those — perhaps more of these than even they realize — who are here only to learn by your example rather than study you. You must understand that in the overall scheme of things, the race that I represent — Zeta Reticuli — has had a history over millions and millions of years of being the scientific observer of our own kind. As a result, we are known and appreciated throughout the universe as being objective scientists who can study and who do not make up their minds before the results are in. In other words, we are very patient. As a result, we have learned through the scientific method that anything that is being studied is to be studied physically, mentally and spiritually to the best of our abilities. In other words, what is being studied is to be studied in as many ways as possible, as any good scientist might, in order to maximize the amount of information that can be reasonably examined at a later date and perhaps correlated with other information. Therefore to recognize our scientific method, you need only recognize that your own scientific method on this planet is modeled after these universal models. We as a species — speaking for the Zeta species in general, not only my own race but the people from the Zeta influence — were invited to participate in the genetic experiment on Earth here and help you understand your own reality by gathering data to be presented at a later date in your evolutionary cycle so that you could understand how you arrived at your position and be stimulated and invigorated by your own accomplishments. This is really why we are here. We are not here because we are trying to interfere with you; we are not even here because we are trying to love you so much. We are here to study the entire history of the human race on an experiential level. Our race has been able to travel through time for millions and millions of years, far beyond the acculturization period of your own race — for the human being has been evolving on this planet for six or seven million years. We have

been here as a race during that entire time to observe the actions of evolutionary experience and genetic alterations that have taken place to produce the Explorer Race, as you are called elsewhere in the galaxy. Our participation in this experiment was requested because of our abilities to observe, deduce and gather information. We did not understand when we were originally contacted that there was any more to it than that. We are ofttimes invited to participate as scientific observers by many different groups and races of people, and we know we are appreciated as scientists simply because of the quality of our work. We thought it was that and no more. In the past two to three years, we have come to realize something completely different, and we have had to look at the human race in a new way. We have been told by our advisors that you represent our past lives. This is quite an amazing and even astounding realization for us. We did not examine it, you know, because we could not correlate from our point in time our souls’ journeys through your bodies. This is because of the experience that you are all going through now. You are living according to the plan and its variations. The plan has allowed for certain interruptions in its evolution. The interruptions will occur when all potentials are at their ultimate point of possibility, and when these potentials are met at various times, it is possible for you to make an evolutionary leap in consciousness. This has happened within your race two or three times before, depending on how you calculate time and space. It is happening again, and you are all working toward making an evolutionary jump from the third to the fourth dimension while you are embodied instead of doing it between lives, as is often the case. So we have not had the tools or the capacity to understand that you are our past lives. This has revolutionized our way of looking at ourselves. Until recent times we have experienced some of the most difficult crises in our race’s evolution. We came to believe that we were dying out as a species because we were unable to reproduce ourselves. We had been using cloning for millions of years to create our own offspring, and the body has always had a life expectancy in terms of your years of about 700 to 750 years. But speaking from my point of view in time — which is millions of years in your future — we have begun experiencing in recent years a decrease in the time our bodies would last. We experienced this to the point where a physical body would last no more than 250 years. To you this might sound like a long time, but just imagine that if the life expectancy of a human being were 75, then suddenly dropped to 25 — you would have plenty of concern. We have been very concerned, and since we are primarily geneticists, we have been experimenting with a number of offspring races that we have created from ourselves that would perpetuate our culture, our ideas, our sense of self, our accomplishments and our intelligence for other races to inherit and access should we die out. This is what we believed would happen — that we were going to die out, cease to exist as a race. What we did not understand was that we were also going to do exactly what you are doing: jump into another dimension while we are embodied. What we have come to realize in the most recent of times is that the bodies we made for our souls to inhabit were not working because the souls were not being attached to the bodies. The Creator, who provides the soul, was not investing the body with the soul — not because we were to die out and cease to exist as a race, but because our entire race was going to jump dimensions while we were still alive! You see, if this had not been your experience, we would not have known. This also helps us to see how you are so closely related to us. It might not be obvious to you because you are so caught up in your own lives, but everything you do on this planet Earth has critical importance to other parts of the galaxy. Really, what you are, on this planet, is problem-solvers. Most races, including my own, do not have anywhere near the problem-solving capacity that any regular, day-to-

day citizen on Earth has. This is because our societies by and large have no conflict. As a result, there is no need to resolve dilemmas — reinvent the wheel, as you say. The technology that was developed millions of years ago is still sufficient because it has not been blown up in any war, and thus there has been no necessity to evolve our social or technological consciousness or intelligence based on the destruction of past civilizations, as you have experienced. We have had the opportunity to see how you help us simply by your existence.

What “Abductions” Are About Now, how is it that human beings are abducted, picked up and utilized in various ways? I have already stated that part of the picking up, part of the medical examinations, has been to see how the “soup” was coming along physically by sampling, not unlike the yearly physical exam you experience in a medical facility. Some of the beings who were involved in these scientific observations were unsophisticated; they did not have the capacity your bodies have to tolerate extremes of emotional interaction. In other words, they did not have the emotional stamina you have, so they seemed aloof, cool and distant. This is by way of explanation so that you will understand the context. What about other contacts, ones in which there would be some interaction of the species? As indicated, our race is known for its desire to create viable species that are offshoots of our own. This is partly fueled in recent years because of our fear of not surviving as a race, but it also had to do with the fact that we simply had desires of our own to understand more about crossbreeding and so on. This is not an unusual desire in your own scientific civilization, which is always looking for new life forms that can contribute to your culture. Other experiments were done. We will not claim that these experiments were invasive, frightening or painful. I know that there are some who say they were, but in my understanding as an architectural historian, I am not aware of any violent acts on human beings done by our race or any of the Zeta-influenced beings. I am speaking here only of the genetic experiments. People were picked up without their permission, but we had their unconscious permission. When these people were picked up, fluids might be taken from their bodies, but we always asked their souls if this was all right; we were always working with our God, our Creator, saying, “Is it all right?” and always with the best of intentions: to create different beings. We perceive you as being highly durable and with a survivability far beyond our own. So we have created different offshoots of our own race that combine your genetic structure. Of course, when you consider the big picture — that you yourselves are made up of the genetic structure from Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion, Andromeda and a smattering of other places — it is, as you say, no big deal. But that is not widely known on your planet. I bring that up so that you will see this in context. In creating these races, perhaps the most successful race — that is, the one that was the most viable, that has developed its own culture and has been in existence for many years — is a race of beings created for multiple reasons. One, we believed that they would be the most durable and would have the most to contribute on the largest number of levels. Two, these beings would be able to communicate with us and with you in the best possible way for both species. Three, we thought that they would be the inheritors of our race culture. Now we see that that is not necessary, so we have simply given them their own planet where they can create in their own way. They are a viable race of their own, representing about 51 percent Zeta, 49 percent human. They do not look exactly like us; they are much taller. We would be about three to three-and-a-half feet tall; these beings would be five to five-and-a-half feet tall. Their skin is black, not darker tones of brown,

but actually black. Their heads are just slightly larger than yours. Their eyes are somewhat swept back and, as I like to say, they are beautiful people who are somewhat reminiscent of modern architecture in their appearance. They have two arms, two legs and a head; they are not that different from yourselves. They are very sensitive and artistic; they have tendencies toward culture, and they enjoy the many and varied experiences of human life. Although they do not generally interact with you directly, occasionally they interact with people who have come aboard a ship. This is perhaps our most viable contribution to genetic species. Now we see that it also even more viable than we understood, because they will have their own lives, live their own destiny, and in time will be the spokesmen for the Zeta-influenced races with your own society. You, when you adapt to their appearance (which is not so very different from your own), will find them most attractive, and they will find you attractive. They will be able to meet you on the grounds of emotion and passion and compassion, and there will be a healthy and pleasant exchange between you. It will be for them to pass on all the information we have gathered over the years about who you are for yourselves and for others; you will be more comfortable with them than with us because our appearance is still foreign to you. Although we have two arms, two legs and a head and body, we look sufficiently different from you that we would definitely stand out in any crowd. Therefore, it is believed that these beings will be attractive to you and find you attractive as well; we see the value in that. I give you this background information so that you can understand who I am within the context of my own race, my own race’s culture, and within some context of your own. I have mentioned earlier that you are the problem-solvers. This is so. I might also add that you are not strictly solving problems for Zeta Reticuli as some unwritten manifesto. You, of all species we have ever come into contact with, are perhaps the most elegant in the sense of your day-to-day experience being both evolutionary and revolutionary at the same moment. Only those races that can benefit not from you, but as a result of your experience are allowed to physically interact with you. Races that are unrelated to you, in terms of genetics or problems you are solving for them, are not really involved here. You have never had contact with human beings from any race other than those you are benefiting — inadvertently, I should mention. It is not so much that you have been visited with the pain of others’ unresolved problems; it is that you — you souls who are manifesting here on this Earth now and who have ever been here in Earth lives — have chosen the most difficult training program that can be accomplished because of its high rewards. All souls who live a life on Earth will evolve into other lives where they will be teachers and share with others the value of learning under stress. Most extraterrestrial civilizations do not experience stress. As a result, they do not have to grow. If you were given a lifetime of a thousand years, for example, on the Pleiades, and you were told that you had a thousand years to learn how to tie your own shoelaces, there’s a good chance that many of you would take the full thousand years to do it. Now, that is just a joke, but in terms of a life on the Pleiades, it is not so different from the truth. On your planet one must learn to tie his shoelaces in much less time. So I am suggesting that while you might live one-tenth of a Pleiadian’s life span, you will accomplish more in one hour of your life than is accomplished in a hundred years of a life there. This is not to put down the Pleiadians; it is just to advise you not to elevate other races and species as being more valuable than you, but to recognize that they have not learned how to deal with stress or even to grasp its value.

Your Gift of Ignorance They are being instructed about this even now, and many of them are recoiling somewhat from their

former attitudes about you. Many races over the years developed the idea that just as soon as you rose up out of your negative energy and became more positive, that we “extraterrestrials” — in quotes — would embrace you as one of us. But in reality, these races of beings from the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion and many other places had cultural problems that were unresolvable within a culture that does not have stress or conflict, that does not have urgency to resolve things. As a result, these ideas had to be resolved somewhere else because they were backlogged and there was no space for them in the room of the unresolved. You as souls volunteered to resolve the unresolvable by learning how to reinvent the wheel through the simple use of what is now recognized intergalactically as the most valuable tool that was formerly unrecognized for its value: the gift of ignorance! When you do not remember who you are in your existence in these lives on Earth, you do not consciously — most of you — remember your former lives. You do not consciously recollect other lives you have lived or people you have met; you do not remember the things you have learned. In other words, you must learn from scratch at the beginning and throughout any life. You have to constantly reinvent things that have already been invented, and you will frequently invent them in new ways. You have the gift of ignorance. Other civilizations such as my own and others have been, as one of my chief advisors says, “strapped with the truth.” That is, we have been led to believe that what is true for us has always been true, is true and will always be true. This, while it might create peace and harmony of a sort, it necessarily creates a no-growth situation and also perpetuates any unresolved problems within the culture because there is no need to resolve them. I am reminding you of these ideas within the context of this discussion so that you will realize completely and fully who you really are. It is true that your lives are a struggle here. It is true that you do not always appreciate or understand the connections that you have on an extraterrestrial level. But if you can see more clearly into the idea of your value as it is recognized by many beings, not only those like myself in the future but more enlightened beings of your own time, then perhaps you will appreciate yourselves and each other.

Implants, Contracts and Underground Bases I have three questions. The first one is, why are the ETs putting silicon chips in various parts of the bodies of certain people they contact? Not all beings do this, all right? These chips, as you say, are not implanted by any ETs I know. Recognize this: All that is ever implanted in the body of a human being that is not a natural portion of that body are devices that are not physical. That is, if they were physical, they would interfere with your body and cause problems. It is not our job to cause problems; it is our job to observe. As a result, neither our race nor any other race that I am aware of installs any chips. This would suggest to you — and I hope you understand the ramifications — that it would be of value to look to races of your own planet who are involved in this! I will, however, broaden that answer. I will say that there are people living in the past on your own planet who have the ability to travel in time, as well as some individuals — to make one exception — who live in a past civilization on the star system Orion — perhaps an unsophisticated civilization that does not understand the true value of your race to the universe — who are involved in such things. But for the most part, any intrusion on the physical body by a physical device is not extraterrestrial. Do you know anything about the contracts made between your race and the United States government, and the various cities that are built under Arizona to house upward of 15,000 ETs? This is a reality; however, we are talking about more than one contract. When our race was beginning to be observed by the government of the U.S. — to say nothing of the governments of other

countries — and the opinions of those observers became more respected, the governments began to develop a rudimentary electronic surveillance of our activities. We then deemed it valuable to make some type of formal acquaintance with all governments, not just the government of the United States. For example, we have had an agreement with longstanding cultural people from China, Japan and other countries that have the ability to trace a history back farther than your own. But that is an aside. We did make a formal agreement with the United States government to allow us to do what we have been doing for millions of years. That is, we felt it would be appropriate to encourage your race to begin to understand its intergalactic heritage and nature by exposing those who rule you to us. We did not do so to purposely intimidate, but as a result of our technology, our appearance and our unusual way of life in comparison to your own, there was a level of intimidation that we did not intend. This is an important factor to understand, because when people feel intimidated, they often react in ways that they otherwise would not. In the case of our race, we suggested that we had many bases around the world; that we would be continuing to monitor the human race as we have always done; that we would like to have cordial arrangements with various governments so that they would know that we did not intend to disturb or attack or take over your governments or in any way invade; and that we were simply on a largely scientific and diplomatic mission. This was, I believe, understood and appreciated by the best of the governmental representatives of the time. But there was an intimidation factor that we did not quickly see, because we misperceived the way your race socializes itself. That is, sometimes you will say that something is true when it is not — not to suggest that those representatives were lying, but perhaps they did not even fully realize themselves that they were intimidated, to give them the benefit of the doubt. So there were reactions on a military level. You must understand that if someone comes along and shows you, by way of sharing on a friendly basis, a glimmer of technology that looks startlingly futuristic — though it was really ancient to us — there would be a certain level of envy in various areas of those military circles. There was that; but there was also, unfortunately, a level of threat. This we did not see right away. In terms of the envy, we felt it only appropriate to do what we do with all other civilizations: share some of our most benign technology that would be least likely to fuel conflict on your planet and most likely to contribute to a better quality of life. So we shared some of our knowledge of genetics, medical methods and some scientific tools and instruments, as well as certain representatives who stayed for a time with your governmental and scientific people to explain more fully the techniques and so on. We did not share things that could be used destructively — I want to emphasize that. This was the agreement that took place. I’ll get on now to your question about these underground bases in Arizona. They are also in northern New Mexico, southern Utah and Colorado and are beginning to snake into — in terms of a tunneling system — extreme eastern California and northwest Texas. These bases — some of which are above Zeta Reticuli bases because the technology that creates them is not as sophisticated as our own — are associated with beings you would call negative in nature. You might ask, “Why are they allowed to be here?” It is an irony of nature. They are much more negative than your own race of beings; their planet experiences about 97 to 98 percent negative energy compared to your own planet, which fluctuates between 45 and 55 percent. They are allowed to come here because, among all the races that I am aware of in the universe, the only race of beings they can have any communication with is your own, because that which they respect and value — the negative aspects of fear and power — is represented in your own civilization. Thus they do not feel as threatened by you as they would by others.

I would also say that these beings have an interesting history with you. They come from a small planet in the Sirius galaxy. Although most planets there are positive and enlightened, this one is small and mainly keeps to itself. They represent something to you that is quite amazing — they do not know this because they are not willing to accept information from any source outside themselves, though in time they might accept it from you. As you evolve from the third to the fourth dimension while you are alive — not between lives — you will leave behind the third-dimensional Earth. You might say, “But we are leaving behind something polluted.” As polluted as it may be, you are leaving something that is a Garden of Eden compared to their own planet, and it will be sufficiently polluted so that it will feel more like home to them. They do not know that they will inherit third-dimensional Earth, that it will be given to them as a gift. They believe that the only way they can escape from their planet, which is gradually imploding on itself, is to take over this planet. Now, do not be frightened; they have almost no capacity to injure you in any way. I cannot emphasize this too much. However, they do use intimidation with your government. When they came here, which was not that long ago, they represented themselves to be like us. They have a rudimentary form of cloning wherein they can make a body that looks like other races as long as it is kept in a very isolated atmosphere. They were able to produce a body that looked very much like our own, and when they approached the government of your United States, they attempted to pass themselves off as us and stated that they would like to begin to share technology with your government that your government desired to have and that they would be willing to use any means necessary to get what they wanted. That is a key factor. Within the military of your government, this type of threat and negotiation is not unknown. This is not by any means a criticism on my part; I am simply saying that your government knows how to deal with threatening forces. I would also state that your government did not at the time desire to have these beings here; however, they were bribed, one might say. This is not to suggest that they were people of less value, but that they felt threatened geopolitically by other powerful countries in your world at that time. It was the height of what you call the Cold War, and they felt that unless they could develop weapons much more powerful and accurate than atomic weaponry, your government would be, as the Chairman [Khrushchev] stated, buried. You can thus understand their motivation for allowing this type of treaty between your species and their species; they would never have done it without that pressure. So these beings from this small planet on Sirius told them that they would like to develop these underground bases in the American Southwest and that they would not interfere with the civilian population in any way. They would simply be here conducting various experiments, and for that privilege they would share with your government their technology that uses focused proton radiation — their name for it — which was developed into your high-energy lasers. However, these laser energies were highly condensed and focused, and could be used for destructive purposes — that was their intended function. Your government acquiesced to the idea of having a weapon that would be a considerable deterrent if your country were ever invaded by a foreign power. That was the context at the time. Even though these beings lied to your government and misrepresented themselves — which your government now knows, though it did not know it at the time — these beings really cannot interfere with you. They lied to your government in many ways; they said they had a weapon that could totally destroy your planet in the twinkling of an eye. Threats like that were believed when they were firing their laser weapons in the fifties. What they did not say, of course, was that this weapon could not be used on Earth! Not because of any intergalactic treaties, which they did not honor at all, but because the circumstances on Earth would not allow it. The circumstances that would allow it are something

unique: If negative energy produced by human strife and struggle reaches a level of 75 percent or greater of your total experience on Earth, their weapon would be effective. But you see, it is going in the opposite direction; negative energy is actually gradually shrinking in terms of its impact on your lives, although you might not realize it fully until the year 2000, 2003, 2010. So your intimidated United States government representatives believed that they were up against a race of beings that could utterly destroy the United States as well as the whole world, and that this race was offering them this great gift of technology, saying they were not really going to interact with your population at all — that’s what the representatives thought. So it was an uncomfortable treaty such as one might make with someone you’d really not like to have living next door. Your government has recently — within the last ten years — uncovered the ruse and knows that these beings are not, in fact, from Zeta Reticuli but from Sirius. This has caused the utmost alarm about the spread of these underground bases in the American Southwest. They have now come into the knowledge of who these people are and of their desire to take over the Earth. These are the people who have been involved in what is referred to as cattle mutilations, because they are attempting to clone — with their rudimentary cloning technology — a body they can use that would be inhabited by one of their own personalities and that could tolerate living on the Earth’s surface. You see, they are really unable to affect you directly because their bodies cannot tolerate weather extremes. You might ask, “What about protective suits?” That wouldn’t really work. They do not have the level of technology that some Earth people have, much less the level of technology that some extraterrestrial civilizations might have — and I’ll tell you why. They do not have warmblooded bodies, so they are badly affected by temperature extremes. They do not generate their own heat, so they cannot tolerate extremes. They have discovered that the blood and various organs in cattle can be used to synthesize a body that would, on casual examination, pass for human and into which they believe they could insert one of their personalities. However, they do not understand the law of creation, and this is to your benefit. They attempted in recent times to inject several of these bodies that looked pretty human into the flow of your population. The law of creation, however, took effect, and they — not being very enlightened — did not understand it: Regardless how you construct a body, it is always entirely up to the Creator to provide that body with a soul. If the being is living in a negative environment, it is likely to be a negative life, but if that being — no matter how negatively it has been programmed, no matter how technologically controlled it is — is placed into a society where negative energy and positive energy is in balance, largely speaking, such as your own, it will necessarily become what it is exposed to. So these “spies” were unleashed on the surface with high hopes — if these Sirians could be said to have that emotion — and within three days they had become almost exactly like any other Earth person. This is why you have almost nothing to fear from these people. Why do I say “almost”? It is because they do have some rudimentary abilities: they can frighten you, but they cannot actually harm you — that’s important to know. There is a lot more to this, but I’m sure you want to talk about other things. Question? Do the negative ones who are underground have ships that get the cattle and so on? Can they travel in ships out of their caves or whatever? Yes, but only through certain access points, and they cannot get out of the vehicles. I know that some people have reported seeing extraterrestrials in the area where such things have gone on, and it is true that some Zeta beings have been present. We have races of beings from Zeta Reticuli who are being innocently used by these people from Sirius because of their own lack of education and inability to see clearly the negative impact of these races of beings among you. They are few and far

between, these unsophisticated Zeta clones. They do not actually help the Sirius beings in their work, but they will be with them from time to time as scientific observers. They are not used as slaves, but they are treated with disdain by these negative beings, and will at times be observed in the area. It will be clearly noted by observers that the Zeta beings have an air of innocence about them, while the other beings are clearly involved in some dastardly act. What is the appearance of these negative beings? Do they look similar to the Zeta Reticulans? They can create a similar body — again, that is a disguise — but it cannot function in your actual atmospheric conditions. It can function in an enclosed atmosphere of its own, a synthetic atmosphere. They have fairly large, bulbous noses that do not function as noses but are actually protrusions of their spinal fluid. They are short and squat. They are not particularly pleasant-looking by your standards of beauty.

The 1992 Wormwood Planetoid Are these draconians heading this way — is Wormwood really their vehicle? Are these the same type of beings you’re talking about? You are referring to what species? They’re called draconians or dracs. Are they headed this way in what has been called Wormwood, a planetoid that scientists supposedly can see? These are your names for these things. This is not the same thing, but it is related. This is the theory, you say, of the planet that is coming this way and would possibly crash into your own planet, yes? Scientists are seeing this thing coming; they say it’s going to be here in 1992. I would like to tell you something interesting about that. Again, this is not the same thing — let me start off with that. An interesting thing is occurring here. This approaching body has to do with a level of negative energy that is compatible — not that this approaching planetoid is negative, but it is beneficial to anything negative. It is going to have an experience with the law of creation; it is not going to crash into your planet, now or any time. It will, however, pass close by — close enough to experience the radionic field of Mother Earth but not close enough to really affect your surface populations. The reason it will amuse you is that those who would utilize the cyclic motion of this planet to increase the amplitude and frequency of negative energy on Earth — those beings from Sirius would use it — would actually be investing in their own balance of positive and negative energy. That is, they would inadvertently call forth positive energy for themselves. Believe me, they would not do this on purpose. This is what’s going to happen: This planetoid, smaller than your own Moon, will skip by Earth’s energy. It will be, as it were, inoculated by Earth’s energy because the balance, the power and the focus of Mother Earth’s radionic field is much more powerful than the energy of this planetoid. It will skip off of Earth’s outer radionic fields, becoming inoculated with Earth’s energy of balanced positive and negative.

Those individuals [negative Sirians] who attempted to draw this planetoid toward Earth with the intention of causing widespread surface destruction — to increase the negative energies here to 75 percent or more so that their weapon would work — will find that their tactics have backfired. They are even now drawing energy, their own, from that planetoid. Although they are not directly connected with the energy of that planetoid, they are using it. Imagine their surprise when this planetoid, inoculated with Earth energy, passes close by and does no damage to the surface of your planet — except interfering somewhat with weather patterns — and they draw positive energy to themselves! They will believe that they are experiencing a disease, because the pain that has existed in their bodies as long as they can remember — they are born with it — will begin to decrease. Their pain level will reduce from about 75 percent to about 55 percent. They will believe that it is a disease when it is in fact the inoculation of positive energy. Even though they are living below the surface of the planet, they cannot avoid the law of creation.

The Negative-Sirian Manipulation Are they being supervised by the United States government? You didn’t get into the nature of the contract or the specifics. Where does it stand right now? Oh no, the government of the United States is not supervising or directing their activities — certainly not! You mean they can do whatever they want in there? They can do what they want, yes, because they misrepresented themselves. And just because they gave the government of the United States some things the government could use does not mean that they allowed the government of the United States to have any authority over them. They have instead always intimidated and threatened your government, and now that the government knows who they really are, they are beginning to release a little bit of information through various channels — trial balloons — to see how it affects the population and whether the population will believe it. They are putting out some things that are true and some things that are not true, just to see how it would affect you. This is, I might add, a scientific methodology used in social studies to study the impact of ideas on people, so it’s not something that they’re inventing. Thus I would say that your government is not tricking you, but it is beginning to let out a little information because it feels that it might have to take action. However, it feels that its hands are tied because any weapon the United States has is equaled or surpassed by this race of beings, though they cannot utilize their weaponry on your planet as they would like the government to believe. Your government is not fully cognizant of this, but even if they

were, they would necessarily be cautious with such a foreign power. How can they frighten us if they have to stay underneath the Earth? You said they can frighten people; how can they do that if they can’t live on the surface? They can exert what could be referred to as an influence of energy that functions on the psychological/emotional level to distract and disrupt a human being who is not focused within his own energy and feeling happy to be here. That is, they cannot affect in any way anybody other than someone who is in that moment angry, depressed or feeling other aspects of negative energy. However, the military — which would likely inherit any invasion of these underground bases — in order to invade, would necessarily be in negative energy to battle a considerably superior force, militaristically speaking. One would have to pump oneself up with anger, hate and so on in order to charge into that battle to survive — and these Sirians can influence people who feel those emotions. So it will be a tough battle trying to get them out or blow them up? If you do, yes, it would be very difficult. Blowing them up is extremely unlikely, since they are so entwined with underground aquifers — and remember, I stated that their bases are fairly close to the surface, and if any attempt is made to blow them up, there would be serious problems with your own life-sustaining forces of Mother Nature. Earthquakes and what have you? Yes. This has already been caused inadvertently by your governmental powers. Would they like to be able to use their weapon, and are they trying to pursue that goal by increasing the negativity of the planet to 75 percent? Exactly; that is their intention. They would like to use it, but you must remember that they do not have the power to do this. Just so you understand, it is extremely unlikely that they will have any influence on your own energy, since your evolution in consciousness is moving away from negative energy. However, as in any good inoculation, you must experience it fully before you can ward off its invasive elements. Are they influencing the governments to take away our constitutional rights in order to try to increase that negativity? No. Why, then, is the Constitution being destroyed? This has nothing to do with them.

Advanced Spacecraft and the Orion Men in Black How about the spacecraft? Are they involved in developing the spacecraft that we supposedly have now and are testing at our bases, or is that a different … ? They are not. Has your race helped us build those spacecraft? There has been some assistance, yes, but not only from our own race. Do we have spacecraft now that can disappear into the etheric levels and astral levels that the government knows about? Not that you have produced on your own. But they know they exist and are down here on Earth as trial crafts? Oh, yes; just because there is an Official Secrets Act does not mean that the people of your government are foolish. I have another question. Could you tell me what your race knows of the Men in Black? And why

they try to influence people who are known as UFO investigators? Thank you; this is a most appropriate question for this evening’s topic. The Men in Black are actually from the past, an Orion civilization that existed many, many years ago. They have occasional opportunities to obtain a one-way visa to your planet through windows in space and time. They have not been able to come here much recently, so those who exist here have managed to survive, though somewhat debilitated in health, since their arrival in the 1940s. The windows — as your own scientists might call them, in terms of your present space travel — are not so different from the mathematical windows that NASA might compute. They are simply windows in the factor of time travel. These people come from a civilization that is warlike. We are not talking about a civilization that is as extremely negative as the one in the case of the negative planet from Sirius, but it is a warlike planet and they believe that they have a right, politically speaking, to influence you because of your ancestral genetic influence from Orion. We do not have time to give the entire answer, but as a brief overview I will simply say that in the distant past this civilization blew up its own planet. It moved to various places around the galaxy, blowing up other planets. Eventually — though not immediately and not intentionally — vestigial remains of the civilization would escape, and at one point came to a planet [Maldek] within your own solar system. They had their wars and blew that up, too. That planet was at that time a trinary group of planetoids; it is now what you refer to as the asteroid belt. Vestigial remains of that civilization came here to Earth. Well, after the genetic experiment on Earth, the Explorer Race had begun. They believe that they can change their experience of all these planets blowing up if only they can come here to Earth in your time and change their past. Essentially, they are attempting to change their past by changing your present. Of course, they must experience the law of creation. These beings can operate more easily on the surface of your planet than can those beings from Sirius, but it is not completely easy. They must always use certain technological supports; if they are denied the use of these technological supports for any length of time greater than nine hours, they begin to experience debilitating diseases. They do not die out, for they have a long life, but they gradually get less effective, because the diseases affect their mental power. They become too incapacitated to interfere, much less to have free thought. It is important for you to know that these beings do exist, that they can easily pass for human — though a thorough medical check would reveal that they are not — and that they do not represent a significant threat to you. It is true that they have attempted to manipulate your societies, but at this time they do not represent a significant threat. Could you explain why the Men in Black are trying to quiet people who have seen UFOs? It is their intention to maintain as much ignorance as possible about their own kind, who traveled here one way in a UFO, as you say, so that they might go on undetected. One might say that they have had some influence in the general editorial policy to “make all this UFO stuff into foolishness,” but they in their own right did not make policies. They have attempted to manipulate others and peddle as much influence as they can, but they do not have as much influence as they would like. Because they could travel only one way, you can see that their technology is not sophisticated; they are not true time travelers. Are they going to eventually die off and no longer influence the Earth? They will not exactly die off; they will simply cease to exist. I will explain the difference. You on your planet are now moving from the third to the fourth dimension even as we speak. You do not see any changes in magnitude because you and everything in your world is changing at precisely the

same rate. These beings are not. If you could observe it through high-speed photography over several hundred years, you would see that they gradually disappear, because they will remain in the third dimension while you make your rapid swing over the next twelve to fifty years, depending on your point of view. They will simply cease to exist because they will stay in the third dimension. They have had increasingly less influence due to the fact that you are changing, and they can have almost no impact on you now. Within a ten-year period will we all be in the fourth dimension? No, no; I say it will happen within twelve to fifty years, depending upon your point of view. It will be possible to do this sooner or later, depending on the evolution of the human race and its synchronicity in terms of full spiritualization and, as you would experience it, friendliness — the acceptance and allowance of the differences in your own cultures. Could you explain some of what’s happening with the crop circles in England and who is behind it, why it’s taking place and why it is increasing? This is a programmed enigma; that is, in order to encourage the race of human beings to believe in the value of extraterrestrial contact outside the context of the fictional and the dramatic, it is necessary to produce effects that would enlighten, entertain and amuse, which these circles are doing at the very least. They are caused by vehicles that are unseen due to their ability to fold time. Who specifically is behind it, and what will it accomplish? This is a multiple inclusion; one of the races is from Andromeda, and since Andromeda is the seat of thought, it is not unexpected that they would want to stimulate the flood of ideas associated with this. How close are we to time travel, and can you give us some suggestions on how to do that? No, I will not. I will not encourage you to do this now; it would be perhaps several hundreds of your years, if one could measure time on the third- to fourth-dimensional shift in the context of years. No! If you were to travel in time, you would bring all of your discomforts with you. It will be quite some time before you are allowed by the Creator to do such a thing consciously. Of course, when you are asleep and you use your imaginations, you can still do so. This is allowed because you do not bring your discomforts with you then. What year will we see UFO people among us who will publicly come to the government and present themselves? Will that be in the nineties, or can you give us a year? It will be a little time; this is because it would be interference if someone walked out among you now and said, “Here I am! Am I not wonderful?” This would interfere in the experiment here. I would say it is not likely that this would happen in terms of widespread public and governmental acceptance and a promotion of its reality for at least fifty years. This is not to say that there will not be people out there among you who are ETs and are benign — that is, people who live among you without any negative interference — or that there will not be other extraterrestrial influence of a benign nature. But in terms of someone arriving in a golden chariot — that will be a while, because for that to happen, you will have to believe sufficiently in your own value as individuals and as Earth people so that you will not be bowled over by these ET beings who will seem to be so grand. If that occurs, then you simply create another hierarchy wherein you believe that you are less than someone else. This will not happen. During Atlantean times, we were able to fly to different areas like Sirius, I believe — that’s the information. Can you explain what was going on then with the ETs, and how advanced we were in interplanetary travel and communication? Recognize that within the context of time Atlantis still lives because they did interact with

extraterrestrial civilizations and utilized that technology. Sometimes you will even see actual Atlantean ships. To give you a specific example, the sightings in the Gulf Breeze area — not so much the pictures, but the sightings most people saw that were similar to the pictures — were from a past Atlantean civilization. I received a voice contact from ETs, I presume, and the message that they gave me was something like “bulk hemite.” Would you happen to know who these ETs were and what that expression means? Spell that word out — though you have placed it as two words, it is one word — and look at each of the letters. Write the letters in as many different ways as you can, then place your hands on each of the letters. Then you will know. You think communication is mental, but it is really symbolic. Communication between races and species of beings is more than thought and feelings. You say that sign language is a substitute for the spoken word, but in reality the true motions of language allow you not only to experience another means of communication — be it from extraterrestrials or more terrestrial sources — but to experience on other levels of yourselves. This can help you understand new meanings behind the actual intention and purpose of communication. When you begin to fully express your language in motion as well as emotion, you will begin to appreciate and truly understand the dance of life.


ET Presence within Earth and Human Genetics Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, May 9, 1991 Can you tell us about the huge ship surrounding itself in a cloud that was seen here recently? Many times children, perhaps with their parents, look at the sky, watching the clouds and enjoying the different shapes. I can assure you that most of the time the shapes that occur are there by design. It is not an accident. It is not something like, “Oh, isn’t that an interesting coincidence?” It can be seen only if the vehicle or being or spirit desires it. This kind of thing can be real, but in the recent case of this so-called ship, the vehicle was not there then, but it had been there. The interesting thing about the interaction with vehicles such as you have described — UFOs — is that if they are freestanding, floating in any specific place for more than ten minutes of your physical Earth time, they will leave enough static charge in the air to be measured scientifically for at least a half hour to fortyfive minutes after they depart. Your government has such devices; this type of electronic countermeasure has been available for some time. They can trace UFOs on the basis of where they’ve been a lot easier than where they are. A natural effect of cloud vapor is sometimes to take on that form. If a UFO has been there, a cloud usually stops moving across the sky until the energy dissipates, then it might move on. If the cloud is created by a vehicle, it will also remain in place, but will dissipate more quickly when the vehicle is no longer there, since it is artificial. What kind of effect did that large craft have on us in Sedona, if any? You must understand that vehicles from other planets, as well as planets that are versions of your own — that is, the future and the past — are here most of the time; it is not rare. It is perhaps rare that they are observed. It is no more unusual than a bus going by in a big city, but the effect is not always felt. If you are very close, say fifty to one hundred yards, you might feel something. You might have an amplification of your own perceptive abilities that will either be temporary or long-lasting, depending upon your soul’s allowance for that. But was the vehicle radiating something to make people more spiritual or to perhaps annoy them? No. Long before the city of Sedona was here, the rock structures and the terrain, the geography, was here. The city of Sedona is a relatively recent addition to the landscape, and vehicles were already coming then. They have been coming for millions of years. Civilizations that live underneath the ground here have in many cases been here much longer than the surface civilizations. Surface civilizations come and go, but that which is underneath the ground is very often of a more permanent nature. They perform functions associated with their civilizations regardless of whether you are here or not. And they will continue to be as unobtrusive as possible, to interfere as little as possible with your civilization. But they were here first. There is ofttimes a radionic effect from these vehicles. If it is a benign radionic effect, it can be advantageous. In such a case they are allowed to hover for a time. But if it is something that by its nature is harmful — perhaps an old vehicle with some form of gamma radiation, for example — then it is not encouraged to hang about where it might inadvertently provide some discomfort to a plant, animal or person.

Are you saying that some of the UFOs we have seen have a civilization inside the Earth? Indeed yes. It is not unusual. On many other planets, the idea of having a civilization living underground is normal. I might say that by and large, underground civilizations are more frequent than civilizations living above ground. It is much easier to control or adapt to a climate within a planet than on its surface; there is considerably more predictability, and one can maintain a balanced, harmonic recycling of matter inside a planet. So yes, there are civilizations living inside this planet that have been here millions of years and that for the most part do not originate on this planet. This is allowed, since there is generally very little contact between you and them other than what is unobtrusive. It does not interfere with your civilization. Can you be specific about where they are, who they are and why they are here? Many of them are associated with planets and civilizations of the distant past — that is, they were founded in the distant past. They are not in another time; they were here before you in many cases. The human being was not the human being as you now know it, being relatively recent in terms of geological time. Many of them are from planets associated with Andromeda; some are from planets associated with the Pleiades, Orion and Sirius. This is normal, because anyplace that has a genetic structure associated with your own is encouraged to have an outpost here — to say nothing of a developed underground civilization — since you are involved in resolving some of their problems simply because of your genetic structure. There is a physiological need to resolve these things.

Of course, nearly every civilization that has a vehicle that comes to these parts is allowed to have some kind of crew available just in case, and usually to have a certain amount of scientific apparatus. The science from other planets is very closely enmeshed with philosophy, though you might call it philosophy/religion. This type of scientific outpost is definitely allowed to exist. There is something here from Zeta Reticuli, even though you are not resolving their genetics. They are allowed to have a base here. And of course we cannot overlook the fact that there are underground civilizations predating the human being that are associated with the beings who lived here before you were here: Terrans are here, living underground. They’ve got a life of their own that doesn’t have anything to do with yours. Are they in a dimensional reality that we can interface with?

Yes. There is a barrier very much like your own television that can create an illusion of reality around most of these civilizations. This is not unknown in your own military parlance, where a false echo or a false reading might be purposefully generated around a particular object in order to create the illusion that the object is something else. I compare it to television or video because it uses a similar pulse frequency to create the effect. I’m not talking about a different dimension so much as an electronic measure used as a disguise. If necessary, these civilizations can pulse at a different frequency — fourth, fifth dimension. They do not choose to do so very often because they get pleasure from the third-dimensional experience. But these days with more experiments going on in the field of ultrahigh frequencies being radiated through the planet, to say nothing of geological exploration to find minerals, oil and other things, it is often necessary for these civilizations to remain at a higher frequency so that they are not disturbed by these unintentional invasions of their civilization. So they live within the Earth? Or they’re just not affected by matter the same way we are? As long as they are at a quicker pulse, they are not affected by matter, just as you would not, in your third dimension, be affected by second-dimensional matter. When you leave this room and walk out to enjoy the fresh air or go to your vehicle, you are passing through what people in the second dimension experience as solid matter. Understand that I’m not talking about some kind of superhuman beings here. I am simply talking about people who are phasing in a different perspective of life. When beings are at the fourth or fifth dimension, they are not easily affected by matter. If they choose to experience the third dimension, then they are in fact within an actual dome or cavern. There are a great many caverns inside the Earth, some of which have oceans and some of which have a form of sun — as you experience your small star, your Sun. They have a form of radiant glow, a natural energy, and therefore they can have a civilization. They can grow food, they can eat and so on. But they can also alter these places so they are not found. They have the ability to change dimensions for a time. This was always available — meaning for several million years — to them through their technology. As a result, they have phased enough electrical energy to be able to move on their own — as people without technology — between the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. This has come about simply as a result of being exposed to this technology for several million years, just as changes occur in you as you are exposed to technology.

The Soul Complex You’ve discussed before that humans are actually a hybrid form, not a real species per se. Does having no roots, as it were, create spiritual or psychological anxiety for us as humans? Yes, in a sense. You have all had lives on other planets because souls are eternal. You have all had lives in which you were the pure essence of one thing. But since you are now many things and are the genetic experiment on Earth — of which the human being is the result — you are obviously many more things than you would normally be, so you need a more complex soul. That soul, however, is like all souls: when it desires to know something, it will seek it out. Sometimes you experience this physiologically, as if in a daydream. You are perhaps at work, and for a moment you daydream, not even being physically aware of your surroundings. Then suddenly you come back into your body with a start and become aware that some portion of you is missing. I’m not saying that your entire soul was gone, but you might have been focusing enough of your attention that the bulk of your soul matter was elsewhere. At these times the possibilities for anxiety are most profound, because you have so many portions of you within your physical, emotional and soul self clamoring for attention, and the soul is

essentially the chairman of the board. When it calls the meeting to attention and says, “All right, we all work together toward several predetermined lessons,” everybody pitches in and gives their support. But when the chairman leaves and focuses most of its attention elsewhere, what happens when the teacher’s gone? It is not unlike a nursery school or even third- or fourth-grade class when the teacher goes out of the room. Things happen and sometimes it creates disharmony for a moment within self. In those moments there is a desire in those who can yell the loudest to take over and put the full focus toward whatever lesson that particular energy, molecule or gene wants to experience.

Your Extraterrestrial Chromosomes As science shows you, the normal number of chromosomes is forty-six, so it doesn’t take a scientific wizard to know that there are forty-six — for most of you — portions of you from elsewhere that make up the human being. The interesting thing is that there is not a single portion of a chromosome from Earth within your chromosomes! Everyone who is born here — with few exceptions — who has forty-six chromosomes is living in a foreign place, genetically speaking. The basis for inner anxiety is not only because the portions of you that come from elsewhere, extraterrestrially speaking, are clamoring for attention, but also because those portions all have other agendas. Every chromosome has certain functions, and those functions are all related to one place. I’ve said that the bulk of the energies that make up the human being is from Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades. But I’ve always added, “and a smattering of other things.” That “smattering” makes up the rest of those chromosomes. Every one of you has at least forty-six points of origin. Sometimes those chromosomes are almost asleep, in that they are not doing as much as other chromosomes, or at least have a great deal more they could do. I’ve talked at times about what I call soul-braiding, where an energy that comes into a person’s body has a connection with some other point in the universe. It has to do with another life of your soul, which is associated with your oversoul, or your main soul energy. It becomes a permanent part of your soul and thereby brings with it not only skills, interests, desires, wishes, hopes and dreams, but also unresolved lessons that it hopes to resolve when it joins its friend-soul on Earth. So where does it go? Specifically, it finds its native chromosome and sometimes amplifies the energy of that chromosome, affecting all the others. This is why, when there is a soul-braid involved with you that goes into the chromosome and amplifies it, it is sometimes physically demonstrable in terms of increased activities and abilities. For instance, something that was very difficult for you to do before that braid came in suddenly becomes easier. It’s actually an effect of genetic change. I go through this whole business to show you that there is something going on here on a physiological level. There is a great deal of research into genetics right now. This is not at all surprising, because science not only has its own interest, but your governments and ruling bodies, your influential groups, have been in contact with extraterrestrials for about fifty years. The bulk of interest has been in genetics, not only because certain individuals among those groups found out that humans are the result of a genetic experiment, but also because they were exposed to the idea of what can be done with genetics.

Genetics as a Problem-Solver There is virtually no level of physical or mechanical science on this planet that cannot be done with genetics — nothing, not even air conditioners. One might say, “But Zoosh, that is a mechanical effect.” Even so, everything can be done with genetics. Understand that these things have been developed by other civilizations, not because it could be done but because it was necessary.

It was not unusual in the distant past for civilizations to go through an experience such as your own — that is, to develop through a farmlike or agrarian interaction with its world, then gradually develop a form of technology. And as a result of technology in its rudimentary form — which you have slightly passed now, but not much — there would be a sufficient amount of pollution to cause disrepair to your own home. That is, the toxic stuff that was created accidentally as a byproduct was literally thrown into the same basket — into the water or into the ground where you grow your food and bring your water up to drink. Technologically speaking, there was no place else to put it. Where are you going to put it if you cannot transform energies? Where are you going to put radioactive waste if you do not know how to transform it into something benign and then recycle it? Recycling is an old idea, but sometimes it goes out of vogue. It has been out of vogue recently, but it’s coming back because people are becoming increasingly aware that what goes on on the other side of the world does affect them. There may not be anything they can do about it individually on a physical or mental level, but there might be something they can do emotionally and spiritually, hence eventually affecting the physical and mental. There is a need to change. You gradually discover that you are a planetary citizen, and as a result you must have a planetary economy. This is beginning to happen for you as has happened for other civilizations elsewhere who have for the most part fallen back on genetics. So when these other civilizations got here — meaning in the last fifty years, when they were beginning to be allowed to have more interactions with different influential groups — their focus was on genetic solutions. Here is something you can do. If you focus your maximum amount of attention toward where your tail might be, you would feel it because you have the genetic energy in your chromosomes: You have at least nine chromosomal influences from beings on other planets who have a form of a tail! Tails really do affect the life of a being; they are not only tools for communication — antennas, as some have stated — but they actually form a greater portion of a consciousness. It is as if you were Doberman pinschers and somebody, without understanding the sanctity of the physical structure, lopped off your tail and said, “Oh, that’s much prettier” — without the consciousness of realizing that tail was doing something. It is difficult for the human being to be fully grounded because the tail has allowed that so much. You have to work toward it. Sometimes some of you are very grounded because the energy of your tail, phantom or not, is very strong. The tail is a very big thing, much more than you realize. I can assure you that by the time you evolve your understanding of time and space into the fifth dimension, you will all have your tails back.


The Goddess Energy: The Soul of Creation Zoosh and Amma Prescott, Arizona, May 10, 1991 Zoosh, could you tell us, what is the Goddess energy? That which is nurturing and creative by its very nature, from my point of view. The essence of the soul of creation is the Goddess. And that which is carried within the female being is the anointment of that Goddess energy. So the female being comes in already anointed. That is to say, she can access that Goddess creative energy just by her being. This does not exclude the male, but the male must be anointed by the female. This is precisely why the birth method exists on planet Earth as it is: It is possible for male children to be anointed by physical, spiritual, emotional and to some extent mental initiation only by passing through their mothers. If and when the cloning method comes on line there will be a challenge. Even though there are the best of intentions and it will be done initially for medical purposes, there will not be the initial anointing by the female. So you will see for a time beings who are seriously out of balance running about. But that’s in the future. Are you saying that the Goddess and women are closer to God? Not quite. I’m saying that women are closer to the Goddess energy and that the Goddess energy can in certain circumstances be a feminine version of God. But to say that women are closer to God, no.

The Priestess Class

Could you address druids, witches and the powerful women of ancient times? They portray the Goddess energy more than the average human.

In the case of the witch I see no negative aspect unless negative power or control is attempted or used. The portrayal of woman as witch is somewhat of an attempt to adapt the ancient priestess class into the societies of those times — which includes now — when there was and is no equal existing. There is no predominant establishment of organized religion, certainly in the Western world and most of the rest of the world, that is sufficiently influential where the priestess class can practice. Therefore a class of witch or shaman or medicine woman or mystical woman is an attempt to reestablish that natural form of order into your societies. Your societies are out of balance today because the feminine energy has no formal input into society. There is only informal input, that is, the personal. But without a formal input — meaning philosophical, religious and political — the feminine energy is not being sufficiently represented on this planet.

The Lonely, Masculinized Machines What you have are projects, including technology, that are essentially incomplete. Technology does have a soul. That which makes up technology is largely the creation of the male being; this is not to say that women do not contribute to technology, but it is a function of the male being: it is thought; it is physical. And it is lonely. I have discussed before that machines and technology are seeking their souls. As a result there is an inbred loneliness in these machines. They want something. On the one hand they want to be imbued with a soul, with a walking, living, breathing soul as human beings are because they are a creation, a form of offspring of human beings. But they do not have a soul in their own right as an embodied thing. A typewriter may have at one time been metal; it may have rubber or synthetic rubber in it. The different parts might come from different sources, places where it was mined, modified and other processes. The ore has its own essence when it is mined from the hills and the ground, and it can be reminded of this by the human being. The human being can transplant some energy into that machine by sending it a picture of itself in its original state of being. This can be done for all of the component parts — not a picture after they’ve been machined or even smelted, but how it looked originally. This will help the machine, but it is not enough. That which originally exists on Earth is in balance. It has its masculine and its feminine. But once it is removed, changed, altered or put into a different shape, its composition is altered and polarized to the masculine. This means that the Goddess energy has not been a part of technology for some time. What can you do to help machines and technology in general — computers, calculators — feel the Goddess energy? They do not feel it, nor are they good at promoting the Goddess energy. Oh, they can reproduce words, even images and sounds. But can they really provide you with their own experience of the Goddess energy? Each individual woman on the planet can talk to the best of her ability about the Goddess energy once she has her own definition for it. But how can a machine refer to its definition based on its own experience? It’s very difficult. This will change in time, but for now it is difficult. Here’s what you can do, all you goddesses out there: The next time you are alone with a machine — which is often, because even a simple switch on a wall is technology — picture as best you can where the materials came from originally. If it is plastic, then originally it was oil or chemicals. Send those pictures into that mechanism. This is what you goddesses can do, but men can do it, too. Now we’ll ask you goddesses to do something. There is an essence of your own Goddess energy, your feminine energy located about three inches below your navel. That’s where it is in

residence, although you may feel it elsewhere. To the best of your ability, project from there all that you are as a feminine being into that machine. Even though you may not get an acknowledgment from it, that machine needs to be shown that there is something it is missing. Right now all machines, all that is of technology, are lonely for their own souls but also for other things. The best you can do is project or imagine a picture, or touch a machine and treat it as if it were somebody. Because in its original state, be it a rock — which is what a lot of ore looks like — or sand in the case of glass, or other origins, it has its own essence. It has access to the feminine energy through the auric field of Mother Earth, but once it is machined, it loses a lot of that access.

The Priestess Back to the Goddess energy in former times, the priestess class. There are many old cultures — some of which survive today, but not easily — for which there are very specific rites that only the female can do. The females initiate other females in that culture. That is an aspect of the Goddess energy, but it is not what I’m referring to in the case of the Priestess. The Priestess has the mystical skills associated with the spiritual self and the emotional self. That is to say, she is the keeper of the flame of psychic energy. In the older cultures this was honored as well as it could be within the context of that culture. We are talking about ancient Egypt before the times you now know, before there was a written history passed down that you could freely access. We are also referring to the more ancient cultures that existed here — Mu and the early days of Atlantis, to name a couple. These cultures were designed to be as freely expressive of the beings who lived in them as was possible. This did not take into account discomfort or negative energy, as you call it now, but it did take into account every conceivable free expression of creativity. For the feminine there was the ultimate expression in the psychic, emotional and spiritual, because there were virtually no limits. So priestess magic is different from priest magic? I will say yes, because in the case of the priest class one is dealing primarily with ramifications of thought as well as the physical. What was going on there was more a materialization. This is why in the Bible you often see the prophets doing amazing things as was the case in the masculine portrayal of Jesus — materialization and so on. But in a feminine version of Jesus you would not see materialization so much; you would be involved in a felt experience. That is, were there a feminine version of Jesus, you would experience heightened emotionality. Sometimes when people have after-death experiences, there are visions, just as you might have in dreams or meditative states or prayer. You see things; you experience things. Now, what you see would be an aspect of the masculine: It is the mind’s eye , and also an aspect of the physical vision process. But what you feel is an aspect of the Priestess or the feminine. People will, in the case of an after-death experience or a deep meditative or religious state, burst into tears or laughter over what they feel. That essence is missing, especially from Western culture and the technological societies — the predominantly powerful societies affecting your world now. They are missing the essence of felt happiness and joy and the essence of transformational sorrow. Crying can be a very transformational experience if it is deeply felt. But when an actor sheds a few tears for a role, it is a performance.

The Two Marys In the terms of the historical Jesus you mentioned, can we assume that the two Marys portray different portions of the Goddess energy?

I’ll stop you for a moment. Any Mary — or Joan or Elizabeth, for that matter — will portray her version of the Goddess energy. But I’m not going to say that the two Marys — in reference to the Christian story — were the feminine Jesus. Restructure your question. Could you compare and contrast the different archetypal energies that Mary the Mother and Mary Magdalene might represent in terms of the Goddess energy? In terms of the Mother, there is that essence that all feminine beings have. That is what we have talked about, the deliverer of life and that which sanctifies life. This is an experience of the initiate here tonight, recognizing how you’ve all been initiated simply by being born. The Mother represents she who initiates. In the case of Mary of the Magdalene, as I would prefer to call her, you have the woman as the modern woman. The way she is portrayed in this story is an attempt to make her less-than. You have in your possession now a version that did not exist originally. I can assure you that Mary of the Magdalene wrote a book, too. Where is that book? Not in the New Testament. But it exists. It is out there; there are a couple of copies. She has been portrayed by men as being less-than, a woman of the street. But in reality she was the modern woman — a businesswoman, if you like — a career woman at a time when there was only one career acceptable for woman besides motherhood and being a good wife. This version was accepted because there was an audience eager to participate in what was offered. So you might say that the churches, the faiths and the religions of the time turned a somewhat blind eye as long as they got theirs. Very simple, because human beings are human; they can be nothing but. What you see in the biblical text is largely a judgment passed on women who do anything other than be wives and mothers. In reality, you must understand that the essence of the courtesan is the basis of what women must do today in their careers in varying degrees. If they do not have to do sexual favors for their bosses, then at least they often feel like they’re being used and not getting equal pay for equal work, for example. I mention these things because these issues relate right back to that time and before. Christianity and the Christians of the time did not invent prejudice against women. I mention this only because it is very important for today’s women to understand that Mary of the Magdalene represented the original career woman. If she were here to talk about the feminine Goddess energy, you would hear her say that it represents the explorer, because she was an explorer in her time. Many men will say, “That’s what men do; they search for new things.” And I will say yes, but even so, the career woman represents the anointed explorer, because within her is naturally the feminine energy and she explores new frontiers. That is what Mary of the Magdalene would say about the essence of the Goddess. Did she receive knowledge from Jesus as a disciple of his? Yes. So besides being a career woman, what does she represent archetypally as a recipient of esoteric knowledge and possibly as a teacher of that? She represents a high priestess of drama. That’s one thing that managed to slip through in the Bible, that she’s essentially a dramatic person. So she’s the real patron saint of the arts. She also represents the essence of divine adventurism. One can seek out adventure in one’s life, and this relates to the explorer. One can seek out an adventure, but to make that adventure divine, one must be on the spiritual path. That spiritual path might differ quite a bit from somebody else’s, but when one is on one’s own anointed spiritual path, one is perhaps in a position to appreciate the teachings of Mary of the Magdalene. It was exactly this subject that Jesus spoke about to her at length. I ask those of you

out there who are channeling Mary of the Magdalene to begin to let more of this type of information come through, because the gods of career women now are not their equals. I will be controversial in that idea. The career woman cannot feel fulfilled, though she might argue with me. The career woman will feel more fulfilled with the Goddess energy that represents her and is her advocate. For Mary of the Magdalene was not simply an adventurer, she was a dramatic adventurer. She never did anything the quiet and serene way if it could be done dramatically. Permission to be dramatic while also being a career woman adventuring in new areas is exactly what is withheld from women. Oh, it is all well and good for men to have adventures and to go out and do things, but in your societies is it really all right for a woman to have adventures? Is it really accepted by your formal societies for a woman to talk about how many guys she made it with? And how she was breaking hearts left and right? It’s not really considered too acceptable. This is because the woman is not raised as a child with the idea that being a dramatic adventurer is all right for her. The man is given permission to do this because “that’s what men are like.” But you know that’s what women are really like, and men have usurped that role. Oh yes, the usurpation of this essence of the female has been put to good use by man. They have perhaps utilized the Goddess energy in this way better than others. So one might ask, where is the Goddess energy in men? I will say, out there philandering about! This does not mean that women are essentially philanderers. It just means that those who sow a few wild oats are experiencing the dramatic adventure. If they’re out philandering with other people while they are in marriage, then they are not on the divine Goddess path. Sowing wild oats, while it is a dramatic adventure, runs against the grain of the Goddess when one is in holy matrimony in your societies. Speaking in terms of fitting the Goddess into your formal religions — and philosophies, to some extent — the dramatic adventure must take place before marriage, in the case of sexual adventure. But certainly it can take place after marriage in the case of other types of adventures, such as a career.

Jesus’s Daughter, Amma Do you understand that Mary of the Magdalene had any sexual adventures with Jesus or bore him any children? I am aware of one child. This female child — interesting story — was taken in by the Essenes of the time, who exist in a secret society even today. They took her in and protected her and kept the lineage going. That chosen child, the firstborn — the child of Jesus with Mary of the Magdalene was their firstborn — kept going in that lineage, which still exists today. The rumor you hear sometimes about the fact that the Second Coming is just around the corner and that the child is here already; that child is here already and has always been here since the appointed time, speaking from the Christian reality of messiah. She is still guarded by the Essenes. Those who would do harm to her will never find her. And I can tell you that people have looked; they have used lots of instruments to look, but they haven’t found her yet. And they won’t until it is time for her to emerge. It’s always been a feminine being, always. You understand, we are talking about God’s physical daughter. You mean that she is re-created every generation, or has she lived … ? Every generation she is re-created. So we’re talking about the offspring of Jesus, where Jesus is the great, great, great — add as many as you like — grandfather of this child. But allowing for Jesus’s lineage, I guess you know who the grandfather is beyond Jesus. Does she have a name?

There have been many names. Perhaps the most consistent name has been Amma. The grandfather you refer to — are you suggesting that this is a virgin birth each time? Thank you. That makes a difference; and it’s got to be in the question. Every time it has been that. You understand, we’re talking about the essence of the life form. Each time one might say, “Well, if Jesus was your great, great — add a few greats — grandfather, and if God was the godfather, then if there were a normal birth, a physical birth, then that energy has been somewhat removed or diluted over the years.” But it is not so. There’s been a virgin birth every time. In this way the energy remains exactly the same as it was for Jesus, the male. This allows the purest possible essence of the feminine energy to be represented physically on your planet at all times. And I can assure you that many times when you’ve come through tough scrapes as a civilization, not the least of which were World Wars I and II, just the essence of that energy being present on your planet made the difference. So Amma is essentially in hiding. Will she appear in any of our near generations? It is not likely. But she will appear in spirit form. Every time she is born from one generation to the next, she is trained very much the same way Jesus was trained — not with the specific religions of the time but with the philosophies and the full knowledge of the priestess as well as the priest class. She is given it all. She has the ability to appear here through materialization as well as a felt radiant energy. She not only can materialize, but she can create a feeling within an individual, even if they are not, we shall say, spiritually active in their lives. This is why someone can simply be exposed to that energy and have an incredible spiritual experience no matter who they are, no matter what they are doing with their lives. It makes no difference. Are there other daughters of God? Well, of course, all women are daughters of God just like all men are sons of God. Are there other children by Jesus and Mary of the Magdalene? No. Were there other female disciples of Jesus at that historical period? There has been written from time to time the idea of followers of Jesus who were women. It was a little different, probably because the times would not allow for that. It is one thing to have a man walking around with a bunch of men and say that they were involved in a religious sect, which is a reality. But it is quite another thing to be walking around with a group of women. That would not have been allowed. However, Mary of the Magdalene, as well as Mother Mary to some extent, trained the feminine apostles. Of course, they were inspired as well. So when Mary of the Magdalene wandered around with Jesus from time to time, she was training the others, reinitiating the priestess class within those times. What about a lot of the archetypal feminine energies like Isis and Cleopatra and Nefertiti? What would you say about them? Great gals, a bunch of great gals. Let’s have a question. They weren’t born of this particular lineage, so are they simply beings who came into their own Goddess power? They were trained for the most part in some element of the priestess class. Now, why do I say “class”? Because in a sense it is something that you’re born into according to your social structure. There is a certain amount of allowance for it to take place regardless of the structure of society, even if it’s totally male-dominated. That is why I refer to it as a class. I understand that it may not fit directly into your social structure in the West right now, but in many senses it does. Even within certain religions, to say nothing of philosophies, there’s a certain amount of acceptance for some people doing something and other people not. Those who practice these things are essentially of this

class, but it never had anything to do with income. In the case of these other goddesses you refer to, Isis and so on, they were trained in their times. They were born able to do that. But most people are born able to do that. Women, in this case, could be trained to some extent in one element or another of the priestess class. According to their ability to achieve, they would go through various levels. So we’re not talking about something that is really exclusive. It just depends on what is practiced. For example, in the case of the Catholic sisterhood sometimes called the nuns, an order would never expect every nun to be able to do everything. People are specialized. I might add that in the case of the Catholic Church, this is really an effort to anoint a priestess class. However, since it did not have equal status with the priests, they have not really formalized it. But they will. Give them a hundred years and they will. Believe it or not, there have been efforts to do that in the past. It has just not been accepted. Is the Catholic Church aware of the physical presence of the daughter of God? There is no acceptance of that in the dogma, of course. Is there such information in the underground that the Vatican may have? The hierarchy of the Church has a great deal of information, and they might very well be aware of that. But I’m not going to say specifically, since they are human beings and they have a right to their privacy and security.

Amma and the Essene Sect Is the Essene sect that takes care of Amma composed of women only, or has it both men and women? It is equally balanced, never more than or less than, always precisely equal. Is there an analog to Amma? A male god that is her equal in physical form? That will come only when the actual Second Coming takes place, which I have referred to as taking place in each and every individual. But there will in fact be a Second Coming, at which time there will be a male/female. That is to say, there will be an energy that will be able to show itself, just like Jesus did, as a woman as well as as a man. Could there be a male Jesus and Amma at the same historical time? Yes. Would they be brother and sister, or would they be father and daughter? They would be one and the same. Take out the separation. Right now it is only necessary for Amma, as we are calling her, to be feminine and to hold the flame of the Goddess energy here regardless of how bleak things might get from time to time. But it is not necessary for her to be the masculine energy herself, though she could manifest that for a time. But she could not hold it comfortably at this time. Do they keep her underground somewhere? If I told you, it would be easier to find her, would it not? She is alive and living here? Yes, alive and living on the planet. What is the difference between a goddess and a priestess? None. No difference. Is she integrated externally and internally at this stage? Do you mean is she physical as well as being spiritual — divine?

Yes. Yes. She’s integrated her internal and external self? She’s fully realized. Is this related to some of the people experiencing Mother Mary? Is this some of her materialization? Not really. The Mother Mary experience would be directly connected to Mother Mary herself. In terms of the goddesses represented in the Essene sect, do they have a particular nationality or orientation in terms of East or West as we know it? They represent every single race, color, nationality or combination thereof. If you were to take them and combine their essential energies, you could produce any color, race and so on, on the planet. So they are source beings. In that sense, their lineage is maintained as well. Now, there might be other people practicing the Essene way of life. but I am not talking about those. I am talking about a specific sect that does nothing else but look after this person. In our Christian belief system, angels, for example, are usually portrayed as men. Is this just a situation of our culture imposing that on them, or are there archangels who are goddesses? Angels are not always portrayed as men. If you look closely, especially at some of the frescoes that have come out of Italy and other places, you will notice that it is hard to tell whether angels are male or female. That is because there was an attempt made by the artists of the time to suggest that angels are essentially the essence of both. Most angels are the essence of both, except those closest to Earth. Those who are still sufficiently polarized by an Earth experience they may have had in some form of their energy in the past, or even the possible future, may still have some lingering polarity. But those who have moved beyond polarity and are melded with their total selves would not be androgynous but rather of a combined masculine and feminine energy. How does the Goddess energy manifest in gay women? Exactly the same as it manifests in any woman. Just because somebody is practicing the mystique of Lesbos does not mean that they are somehow singled out to have an imbalanced energy. It is precisely and exactly the same. Are we moving toward androgyny, then, as a race? I would not say that, but there is a third sex, which you have been deprived of for some time. It did exist some millions of years ago, but it was not possible for you to experience sufficiently the polarity that you have to work out on this planet while the third sex was present. By their very nature, by the emanation of their energy — even walking down the street doing nothing but just going for a stroll — they are going to emanate energy that balances all polarity. Therefore you could not have worked out polarity if they had been around. But as you are working out polarity now, they will return.

The Goddess Energy within Men If we presume that the Goddess energy is threatening to men, why is this so? I do not perceive that at all. I perceive that men are not trained to accept their feminine sides unless they are informed at a very early age. We’re talking about the time when they can begin to understand words and learn that it’s okay to be emotional and spiritual. In other words, it’s okay to be imaginative. Let’s convert “spiritual” to a word that you can deal with on a daily level: It’s okay to be imaginative. How often do you hear parents say, “Oh, my dear, that’s your imagination; isn’t it

wonderful?” You will hear it for a while, but as the child gets older you will hear, “Oh, that’s just your imagination.” This is said with the best of intentions, very often with the desire to soothe the child after an uncomfortable imaginative experience. But the imagination is the closest that the mind can come to the divine. Thus it is a kernel of hope for the mind. In terms of the physical male aspect, it’s about as close as the essentially masculine gets to the feminine. Whenever imagination is discouraged, the female is essentially discouraged. So men are trained in many societies, including your Westernized world, that it is not all right for them to experience the essence of spirit — labeled psychic, as we’ve called it before — or to be very emotional, except in certain societies where it is encouraged. However, it is always encouraged in ways that do not include nurturing or what is sometimes referred to as gentility. When I apply the word “gentility” in this case, I take it out of its class context and apply it to the idea of being a nurturing, gentle and nourishing being. In other words, the male is not trained to be the female in your present cultures because you have very definite roles. The male is not prepared to give birth, in that sense. Young girls must be trained at a very early age to expect the menarche. They’re not always trained, but when it arrives, there it is. And they are confronted with the fact that they are different; they are women. So they are being trained at that stage to be the essence of the feminine initiator, that which brings in life and gives birth. It is acknowledged to them that they will be the laboratory of life. Men are not trained to give birth because there is no physiological happenstance other than, we shall say, when the male comes to be twelve, thirteen years old. There is a change for the male then, but he is not trained at that time to give birth, to be the initiator of life. But in ancient societies, including some tribal cultures, the male was equally trained to give birth so that when the female is giving birth, the male is giving birth as well. To some extent the Lamaze technique of breathing has allowed the male to participate more in birth, but it is not this I am talking about. I am talking about the sanctity of being the living chamber of life. There is an equal counterpart for the male, and it is not simply being trained to be a good father and provider. It is very much the same training that a woman has when she is being trained to be a mother by being her mother’s daughter. In order to be sufficiently initiated by the best of the priest and priestess classes, one must be initiated by a priestess. The closest thing that any child has to a priestess is her own mother. Thus equal training for the mother and the father creates the balanced being for both male and female children. For those of you who have children, it is important to remember this, because the mother has a tendency to give a different training to the son than she gives to the daughter. But in ancient cultures that were more balanced than you are, my friends, it was important for the mother to pass on the training that she gives her daughter to her sons as well and trust that the father would train the sons from his knowledge. It is not important for the woman to try to be the father substitute. Now, I know in your societies that this often has to happen. But for those of you who are single parents: Women, if you have sons, if you don’t have a good male friend or an uncle or somebody, find a male who can give him the training to be a male; and also give him the training that you would give your daughters — the essence of being a female. It is not to train him to be a female, but you pass on your wisdom in this way, what you know to be true. You don’t have to reach out and imagine what you should pass on to him as a male. Do the best you can.

Mother Earth I’m interested in the relationship between the Source, the Mother of All and Mother Earth.

Thank you. Mother Earth is referred to in that way because she is essentially the giver of life and provides everything. She is the giver of physical life by giving of herself. That is a good enough definition of a mother, so we accept that.

Mother Earth is the essence of the Goddess energy in practice. This is perhaps the most important thing for you to keep in mind. What is often most difficult in discussing the essence of the male God energy and the female Goddess energy is that while it portrays a model of what could be, there is rarely a practical application one could look at and say, “Look, see this is how to do it. It can be done.” But Mother Earth is always there, omnipresent in your now life to show you exactly how. Very often it is easy to miss the signs of how it can be done. I would suggest that the environmental movement — perhaps devoid of its political aspect — is a perfect example of an attempt to imitate Mother Earth. Thus there is some effort being made to imitate Mother Earth. So Mother Earth, as she lives her life — and she is someone — is portraying a practical application of harmony in her own right. What she does for herself on her own is of the Goddess and at the same time practical. It’s reality. If part of her needs water, she sends water down there. If part of her needs more sunlight than water, she withholds some of that water. In other words, she has found a system by which she can live on a day-to-day level that does not require that she do any more or less than she normally does. Of course, when you throw in humankind, male and female, then she must do more and less for herself. Mother Earth, if she were to exist in her prime — that is, before human beings were here but after animals had arrived (for the sake of this model) — would be a lot different. The weather patterns would be erratically different and earthquakes would be more frequent. Mother Earth has earthquakes of their recent strength because for her to have the earthquakes all over her body — her surface — that she actually needs in order to keep herself comfortable, just about every place on Earth would have a 2.0 or 2.5 every day. But this is not always practical for you, so she holds back, compressing and focusing that energy into certain places. Geologists as well as other observers are aware of these places. So Mother Earth is a practical, living example of the Goddess energy, and there she is for you to emulate as best you can.

Are there a goddess Mars and a goddess Saturn? Has every planet got a goddess? From your point of view, living in a polarized world, yes. But from their point of view, if the societies that live on the individual planet do not need to have a polarized energy, it will be an energy combined with perhaps a few others. If you were to take a trip to Mars and bring yourselves as you are, you would experience a polarized God/Goddess energy. So could we say that the Goddess is matter and God is spirit? I would rather say it the other way around — that God, as practiced through the male being, is matter; and Goddess, as practiced through the female being, is spirit. And yet we call the Earth a goddess. You have to understand that when I look at Mother Earth I do not look at her as you see her. I look at all of her, which goes way out into space. Mother Earth’s auric field I count as Mother Earth, so I’m not just counting the matter. The matter of Mother Earth would be her God energy, but the spirit and emotional aspect of Mother Earth, the feminine Goddess energy, is essentially her auric field, which is inside her matter but also greatly extends beyond her matter. Her auric field, or energy body, might at any given moment radiate out well past two or three planets. It might go out and touch Jupiter. It doesn’t usually go out much past that point, but it can radiate out quite far if she desires to do so. Understand that I speak to you of Mother Earth from my perspective. We think sometimes that Mother Earth has not been very well treated, and she has often seemed angry or upset with humankind. Is that true? Within the context of your question you could say yes. But let us have more than questions that can be answered by yes and no. Any individual can claim to be mistreated by any other individual at any moment. Mother Earth is bigger than that; she might look on the human beings who live on her surface as gods and goddesses in training, but not fully realized in what she has to offer. There have been realizations in the past, when there was a more sacred approach to life on this planet, and it still occurs in some travel situations in which the mysteries of life are portrayed as part of its beauty. In the past it was possible to become fully realized within the allowances of the culture you were living in, which is considerably more than you have now in your Western world. Mother Earth looks on you as you are now and says, “Well, they do not have the training systems that have been handed down from generation to generation because they are fully immersed in their polarity, so I do not really expect them to treat me as I would like to be treated. But I will hope for that in the future as it has been in the past.” We are talking about perhaps a more spiritual tribe that would never even consider for a single moment dumping any of its waste products into the water they will drink. You might say, “Well, it flows downstream and someone else will drink it,” but they don’t think that way. They look at the food they eat and the water they drink as being the same all over the planet. And if they are going to have waste products, which you all do, they will put those into the ground. But they will not ever think of dumping their sewers into the rivers. It would not even occur to them to do that. They believe that all the water is affected. If you dump the contents of one sewer into any river near which a tribe practices sacred life, they’re going to decide that all water has become tainted. They have a context of “all” within their culture. This is something in your world of alienation that you do not now practice, and Mother Earth is aware of this. Is there a color of light that most represents the Goddess energy? Let’s take that to its extreme. The glowing portion of anything that emanates or glows could be called the Goddess. Light has a substance; the arc of electricity between the filaments of a light bulb

has a substance. It may not be something you can comfortably feel, but it is a substance, the masculine element. But all that glows is the feminine element, or the Goddess element. I would rather say that than define a specific color. Were there always two energies, the God and Goddess? Or was one begotten? No. It was split for the purpose of allowing men and women in their polarized states, as you experience yourself on this planet, to learn how to get along together successfully — which has not been done much in the past. It is possible for men and women to get along on other planets, but they do not live in polarized worlds where you have discomfort as well as comfort. Men and women living in a polarization of both pleasant and unpleasant experiences has not been done successfully in a way that is divine. You come about as close as anybody, and I think you’re going to do it. Are there more and more becoming empowered? I’m looking for a new way of creativity with the Goddess to empower each other in a creativity I’ve never seen fully expressed here on this planet. Can we expect to achieve a state of empowering each other? Yes, because Mother Earth is taking care of her needs. She is discarding the things she does not do well — absorbing your toxic pollutants, for example. She doesn’t do it well because it doesn’t work within her bioorganic sphere of self. She is no longer attempting to do that. She is also no longer attempting to take all of your discarded energies and transform them. She will be able to transform some; but all the sadness of the bulk of human beings, all of your disappointments, she can no longer transform it all. So you as the children of Earth are somewhat required to do that for yourselves. That is why people these days feel the need to let go of that which is not essentially their own. The process requires discarding certain dysfunctional aspects of your behavior and roles you’ve taken on that are not appropriate to who you specifically are. When these things are discarded or transformed, forgiven and allowed to become a recovering portion of yourself, and when the commitment is made to that recovery, then new things are available for you. It is not possible to go into recovery — as you call it in many of your encounter groups these days — without forgiveness. The energy of forgiveness bonds the male and female or the Goddess and the God. And that bonding allows the essential strengths of both essences to come to the fore and be utilized. You experience this as waking up or becoming empowered.

Sexuality What is the purpose of sexuality for the human goddess beyond conceiving a child? That comes under a three-letter word; it begins with F and it ends with N. That is and has always been the purpose of sexuality beyond conceiving a child. It has been a gift from God and Goddess in your polarized world. It has been a gift of pleasure that is available at any moment you choose to access it. It is true that in many of your societies you have structured it and made it less accessible. But take away the structure and it is very accessible. Take away the connotations of evil and it is essentially pleasurable. Now, I’m not trying to remove all of your protections, because some of them are valuable and important and worthwhile. But the essence of sexuality is pleasure. And because many of your societies, including your religions, have condemned pleasure, pleasure no longer has the god- and goddesslike stature it was always intended to have. If pleasure is a crime, then why are different forms of sexuality pleasurable? Let’s take it into a topic that is not as controversial. Why don’t apples and oranges taste alike? Because it is pleasurable that they have their own unique flavor. And God and Goddess know this. All That Is knows this. The Great Spirit knows this. Pleasure is provided for your pleasure. It is given

freely and as a guest that you know. Sometimes a good guest must learn how to gracefully accept what is offered if it is appropriate for them. Sometimes it is difficult for you to accept pleasure because of your culture. By understanding the different tastes and flavors that are available to you in food and so on, learn that these things are available because God/Goddess holds pleasure to be sacred. How does a goddess integrate her internal and external self to experience alchemy totally? You are referring to the transformation of one physical matter to another physical matter? Define your idea of alchemy. I see alchemy as understanding the energy of the Goddess from your higher self. That is the feminine aspect of alchemy. What is the masculine aspect of alchemy? Magic? All right, inspired magic. Take magic — which is the physical presentation of something — and the divine inspiration, and it becomes the divine. Magic is real. I know that magic tricks as practiced by your magicians are illusion, but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about real magic. And when magic is divinely inspired, it is more than the grand illusion; it is life itself. It is not my job to provide answers so much as to stimulate questions by which you can provide your own answers. It is my job to stimulate your clarity and understanding on all levels. Continue your question. The Goddess energy and emotional energy have been suppressed for a long time on this planet. How can we heal that now? What do we need to do for ourselves personally and for perhaps the planet as well? Be emotional if you feel it, because people need examples. They have been trained from childhood to be this way or that. In some societies emotionality is allowed for some people, and the more examples of it people can receive that are pleasant, the more likely they are to give themselves permission to have some aspect of that as their own. So the best thing you can do is to be that. If you are that, be it. If you are that in anger, people are not likely to look on emotionality with pleasure. So be your anger transformed and be your anger elsewhere. To the best of your ability, accept it as it is used in personal growth and relationships. No punching! What purpose does it serve for the human goddess to experience sexual abuse? Good question. All aspects of discomfort, every single one without exception, are always there on a polarized world so that you can seek out their equal opposites. If you do not accept the sacredness of life, and if you are not trained to accept that within a sacred culture, you will have the opportunity in a polarized world to learn your lessons pleasantly or uncomfortably, but you will have a chance to learn them. I am not suggesting that sexual abuse or abuse of any kind is okay. I am suggesting that it is possible to be what you came here to be, and if you do not become that, the discomfort is available to drive you toward becoming that. It is not a pleasant taskmaster; it is the taskmaster with a whip in its hand. That is here on this planet because all of you who came to this planet said before you came here, “I want to learn these lessons because I know if I don’t learn them now, I’m going to be stuck with them for quite a while.” You wanted to expand your spiritual consciousness into the material world affected by polarity. You wanted planetary training in spiritual godship, so you were put into a hotbox, as it were, where you would have the opportunity to learn to become, no matter what. In other words, you requested it. This is not to give license to those who would abuse. It is to suggest that be you the abused or the abuser, you are on the wrong track for yourself. The next time you abusers out there feel those emotions that cause you to want to hit somebody, feeling somehow that will make it all better, flip that

over onto its opposite side as though it were a record. I’m not saying to deny your anger, but that your lesson, abusers, is to learn how to nurture. You can receive that only from the Goddess. If you did not have a goddess in your life as a child, then seek one out, because that’s what’s missing. Or you can create that within yourself. Begin by forgiving yourself and others. That will create the embrace and the support to allow this to take place. We’ll see if we can get some message through from Amma. I will say good day. •••

A Message from Amma The essence of the female energy is radiation. All that radiates, all that gives love silently and provides good will in form, in deed, in action and in feeling is essentially of the Goddess. There is no need to seek me out, for there is within you all a place I call home. When you feel discomfort in your solar plexus, it is because I am working with you to dislodge that discomfort. Dislodging it always causes discomfort; it is a causal effect. You can hold discomfort for many years, but you do not feel it until it is being dislodged. Understand, then, that your feelings of pain in your solar plexus come when I am with you the strongest. Do not identify me as pain, but it is at those moments I work with you to bring it out. If you can picture an energy or a cloud emitting from your solar plexus at those times, you will be helping me and yourself. If you wish to picture it as green, that is fine, but always end with pink to heal the spot. Discomfort kept in your solar plexus is largely that which you cannot resolve because it is not your own. It is the discomfort and unhappiness of others that they have wanted you to resolve for them by your becoming somebody you are not. It is almost always defined by the word “control.” When others have tried to control you or when you have tried to control others, that energy goes to live in your solar plexus. When it is trying to get out to be transformed so that you will not attract control or want to control others, there will be a dull ache in that area. At that time I will come and be with you and help you to dislodge it. If you want to do some homework, begin to project energy out from your solar plexus. Feel it as an emotion of letting go. If you have a hard time understanding letting go, then just hang on to something physical for a time, even the arm of a chair, and gradually let go of it. You can do that while you are doing this exercise, if you like. You can clench and unclench your fists, and when you are unclenching, broadcast energy straight up into the sky where it can be most easily transformed. That will help.


The Heritage from Early Civilizations Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, May 30, 1991 Now let us discuss some of the civilizations that existed on this planet and a little bit about their sources, which are perhaps some of the most interesting civilizations that have had lasting impacts. Atlantis and Lemuria have some impact, but they do not affect your daily life much, your interaction from person to person.

Early Orion Influence But what about the idea of authoritarianism? Children are raised by parents who must be authoritarian to keep the children’s fingers out of light sockets and so on. There is a certain necessary amount of pointing the fingers and saying, “Do this, do that.” This came from a civilization earlier than Atlantis or Lemuria, which you have heard about. This civilization was founded largely by the Orions. The Orions in this case were those who had arrived from their root in the Orion constellation, circuitous though it may have been, into the planet that used to exist where your asteroid belt now exists — Maldek — and in turn came here. When they came to this planet it was still in a relatively pristine condition. They found some beings here but did not feel that those beings would interfere with them. When they confronted those beings, the Andazi, there was no resistance to the Orion settlers founding their city. Now, this city was set up with certain elements of dogma. The Orions were already quite clear that rigid dogma does not make for harmony. They had learned this due to difficulties on Orion as well as the problem with their recent home [Maldek] — that is to say, “boom!” There was a full range of sects that ranged anywhere from mild dogma to total liberation. There was still a general appreciation for authority, however — the idea of elevating one or more individuals to an exalted status so that people could hear proclamations that would be true. Very often I have been asked to make this type of proclamation — that is, predictions — and although I do it now and then, I try not to do it too often because I have seen the results of too much exaltation. You see, although that civilization existed long ago, it still is felt today on a daily basis in your civilization’s expression of family. That is why parents must be authoritarian. You can say to me, “But Zoosh, you’ve got to keep children’s fingers out of places where they don’t belong,” and I will say, “That is certainly so. Yet why are children born without the instinctual knowledge to know where not to put their fingers?” Perhaps some of you who have spent time in the country will see a very young animal approach fire; the animal will get very close to it and then pull back, and it will learn. Why don’t babies do that? Those of you who are observant know that they do do that. So animals and babies have something in common — instinct. Why isn’t instinct fostered by your civilization? Because you do not trust in the quality of your animal heritage. You do not believe that that is enough to allow you to survive in society today. You were born with this instinct because it will make your lives much more pleasant than any authoritarian or exalted speaker might. Understand the ramifications of what I’m saying, because many of you would like to have predictions; you would like to know what is going to happen in the future.

But if I were to tell you that your instinct will lead you to a much clearer present than you are having right now, then I am simply suggesting that you can let go of that Orion need — from the past, not the current Orion civilizations — to have the rigid hand of authority tell you how to do it. It is seductive, that desire. There are some religions that are affected slightly by it. They desire to have an authoritarian figure they can pay homage to that will be so strong in its image that if one wavers even slightly, there is direct punishment. Most religions that affect your world are not that severe these days. Only some of the most ancient religions, allied with what perhaps might be called satanic forces, have rigid attitudes: if you do not follow certain behaviors, literally off with your head! I’m not promoting that, as you can see, because the satanic energy, while it has other aspects from other extraterrestrial civilizations, is largely enriched by that old dogmatic Orion energy. I do not want to talk too much about who they are and what they’ve done, but rather to place them in a spot that existed before Atlantis. Of course, you would like to have a name, but it would not relate to what they called themselves because in those days language was different. You could simply call them Q. How’s that? I use the letter Q because for you it is the sound that comes closest to representing the word for their civilization. There are other civilizations. I do not want to give a totally linear account, because you are moving through a time of change, and some of the civilizations are so attractive you will want to go back and reclaim them. But it is necessary for you to go forward and claim that. I’ll give you one just so you don’t feel cheated, all right?

Tooonm: Past/Present Underwater Civilization from Sirius There was a civilization that existed at the bottom of the sea. This is the civilization so often pictured in fictional material that has pyramids and mermaids and mermen and so on. It was a civilization that did not have a language that we use today. Their entire communication was done with a sort of raspy humming sound. So you might say it was a musical language that used energies to exchange feeling. People were involved very closely in their feeling and senses. It was a sound not unlike what you might hear from whales, though not the highest register of whale sounds — closer to the lower sounds of the musical scale. These beings were amphibians and existed entirely in a water environment, so of course they owe their heritage to Sirius, because there are so many water planets there. It would be convenient if I said that the dolphins and these people were the same, but they’re not — that’s another story. They existed in a time before Lemuria. I mention Lemuria here because Lemuria was closely connected to the sea. These individuals living at the bottom of the sea would have called their civilization Tooonm [toom] (this is my best phonetic approximation). One of the more interesting aspects of their civilization was not only that the surface of their world was what is now the bottom of your sea at some of the deepest trenches, but that it was connected to inner seas — ocean environments and vast lakes that exist inside the planet that you are now living on. An individual could swim below the surface through a network of inner canals into the inner planet and interact with undersurface dwellers there. If the distance was too far, they could take a vehicle that would look a lot like a manta ray, only very, very large. It would be in reality a cross between a vehicle — a technology — and a life form. These beings had what you would call heaven on Earth, an idyllic situation, no problems as you understand them. All nutrients were provided simply by swimming through the water. You understand, then, the ramifications here. The pollution that has been inflicted on the oceans

has made it essential for these beings to move inside the planet. But what about the pollution inflicted on underground waters? This is creating serious problems for them — no pun intended — and it is possible that they may have to return to Sirius energetically, using a form of light energy, a maser, which is like a laser associated with music and tone. This may happen within the next four years. You see, when they swim through the inner oceans, they pull nutrients out of the water. Ocean water is full of nutrients before it is befouled by oil and chemical pollutants and so on. When a being can simply pull in those nutrients and process them, it gets all the food it needs through its body. Gill-like structures are not the primary means of their air intake. Air is primarily taken in through what look like rather large sweat glands all across the chest area and down the body, across the front of the legs and down what you call the feet. The feet are webbed and have a long, almost talonlike apparatus at the end, which you would call toes. They have about two more joints that extend down. They still exist, but they’ve changed a little bit since they’ve been inside the Earth, and they no longer require as many nutrients. They have had to change this a little bit. Any questions up to this point? How many thousands of years have they lived here? Well, humankind can date its evolution back to about seven million years, although evolution in my thought does not mean a change from one race of beings to another, but conscious evolution. Even though surface beings began to be viable on the planet seven million years ago, these people were here about ten million years ago. Then they weren’t having to deal with surface conditions and could function inside the planet as well as at the bottom of some of the deepest oceans, which in those days were so full of life you can’t even imagine it. What was their lesson? What was their purpose for coming here, their evolutionary process? It was really to anchor the Sirian water energy here, because the energy of water is life-giving to you even today, although most of the nutrients are screened out of it. I couldn’t really say that they had a lesson. Then you’re implying that the water is here partly because they were here? Yes. How does that work? Does their consciousness create the water that will be their environment? Yes. When you have interacted with something as a part of your life, by necessity you must have that here. So they came here with the full knowledge that the beings who would follow them would also have water in their bodies as you do. If your body were to be fully dehydrated, there wouldn’t be much left. Before they came here, water was a minor aspect of this planet. There was some ice, but it was largely frozen carbon dioxide. They brought water here out of necessity. They can create water, not the way you do, but they can create so many cubic yards of water. One of them needs x cubic yards of saltwater to survive; their population at the height of their civilization was about 13,000, so they required oceans. They made it out of hydrogen and oxygen that existed on Earth; they didn’t bring it with them? Exactly. They synthesized it through their bodies. They had to first come here in their energy for about 1,000 years before they actually manifested physically, before the planet was ready to receive them. Was the original Orion energy that came here from Maldek the warrior race and warlords who colonized Earth? I don’t like to pigeonhole them so much. In a sense they had warriors, and they had the source of the warrior energy. But they were not the only source of warrior energy on this planet. There was also

that energy from Sirius. This is not very well known, but there is actually even a smattering of that from the Pleiades. Before the Pleiades rejected polarization, they had their own warriors, so there is some of that energy from there as well. I might add that the warrior energy from the Pleiades is interesting in that it was like a “judicial” warrior, that is, one who developed negotiation as a means for resolving disputes in wartime. This is now used, of course, in your courts and everyplace else. This came from the Pleiades as a necessity. So those civilizations from the Pleiades are quite old on this Earth, though not as old as Orion and Sirius. They were the original combat lawyers — how’s that for a term? Were the Tooonm beings humanoid at all, the water beings? Yes, they were humanoids. I’ll give you a little bit better idea of what they looked like. They would appear to be gilled like fish and scaly on the surface. But the interesting thing is that when they were in a position where sunlight could bounce off their bodies, you would see light rays like you see from crystals. They have a covering like skin that is not only iridescent but has a light-refracting quality almost as if it had a clear crystal coating. You would see rainbows around these people. It was the most amazing effect. Of course, they formed their bodies simply for beauty — and also, of course, to recognize each other. Could they come out of the water? Were they amphibious? They could, but they did not choose to very much. They could exist out of the water, but it was not really comfortable for them. Perhaps thirty to thirty-five seconds would be the outer limits of what was comfortable. They could be out of the water longer and stay alive, but after that, damage occurred. Their heads have a streamlined effect. The shape is little more oval than your own, and there is a sort of pointed ridge that passes across the top of their head, down the spine and tapers down to the small of the back. This is a prominent feature. They have what you would call somewhat of a fish-eye, a somewhat heavy lid not like an eyelid, but like several clear eyelids on the inside that are slightly almond-shaped, a little bit bigger than the human eye. There is a bony ridge where your nose would be, but there are not really nostrils as you understand them. There is the ability to have this ridge to create a humanoid shape. There is a form of a mouth, naturally, to make these sounds; and there are also sound ducts backing up to the nose, where the nostrils would be, that operate only on an outward sound. They do not take anything in, but they make sound. The mouth is the same way; it operates outward, without taking anything in. Thus the mouth to you might seem somewhat expressionless; smiles and frowns would not be part of the program. Were these beings gender-polarized? Not so much. They had the ability to try that, but mostly they experience love in other ways. They can rebirth themselves, but they can also function with what you now use as a birthing system. They are not rigidly attached. But of course you must remember that their life expectancy is much greater than yours is now. If you took even your human body and put it into an environment of absolute bliss — which is what they have been in, essentially — your body, without any stress at all, would live over 800 to 900 years without change. Their bodies are very practical for their environment as well as beautiful. It is very rare for them to live less than 25,000 years, so birth is not as frequent as in your human race. But they are more closely associated with the female, as we would understand them today? In the sense of being able to give offspring by one’s own experience, yes. No eggs, but they would be born into the seawater as miniature versions of themselves in a clear saclike device that

would be filled with seawater while the gestation was taking place. The young one, the youthful version of itself, would come out swimming in that sac, and then as the sac slowly decomposed it would be swimming in the seawater. It was a very calm and comfortable way to be born. This is not unlike your own, because the child lives in a comfortable solution as liquid inside you as well. And there are some people experimenting with water births. This is a good thing; I encourage this to go on. I remember when you described the female race that was to come to Earth with its contribution. You described them as very much like what you are describing now. Is there a relation between that race and that which became the female here? Yes, there is a relationship. I can’t go into the exact details of the relationship, but there is a distinct relationship. These beings are first cousins to all females, but they are not the source. Are these Tooonm beings the ones you said were instinctual as opposed to authoritarian? Oh, yes, yes. Are those Tooonm beings the genesis of the instinctual philosophy? Yes. The Orion authoritarianism is the origin of the male authoritarian philosophy? Yes, it is as I have stated. The female comes from Sirius, and the male comes from Orion. Yes, this is the point of origin. But of course, the energies existed before these beings took shape, you understand. So the energy was directed here because the Creator understands that things must be made to feel welcome before they arrive. In other words, a human being would be hard put to survive in an environment where there was no food and no shelter, etc. So the energies and the environment existed before the extraterrestrial-sourced male and female beings began to take shape on this planet, as you are. However, the Andazi were here through the whole range. The Andazi lived in a beautiful environment, but they could also live in what you would call inhospitable terrain. They were very flexible. Are our lines of evolution totally separate? Have we as souls, excluding the body here, incarnated in either of those races in the past? Since you are all everything, of course. But not everybody has one of those beings in their past. But some have? Yes, because there is free choice.

The Andazi I’m interested in the Andazi. Were they meant to be like a constant observer who could absorb and integrate all of the various experiences and races? Is that why we needed an observer, someone who lasted all that period of time? Thank you. Good question. Yes. They are able to synthesize anything and everything. This is part of the reason they have been undetected on your planet. One might ask, “If the Andazi have been here since before the beginning and they are still here, where in the heck are they?” They are able to synthesize any life form. And when I talk about life forms, I’m talking about anything that has energy and soul — even a rock has a soul of its own. They can appear as anything. A bunch of them can get together and pretend to be a stream! This makes it possible for them to be here and not be affected by anything. Even the most extreme toxins won’t affect them at all. Good thing for you that they’re benign!

Did they associate with a particular race on Earth, historically or currently? They’ve interacted a lot with beings from Sirius, with both those you would consider friendly and those you would not consider friendly. But in terms of whether they are oriented toward any specific race, no; they can assimilate all. How can we interact with them? Would they be able to help us in the synthesis process, which is what I’m interested in? If you can interact with nature, you will necessarily interact with them. They are perhaps most clearly associated with what you define as Mother Nature. It’s possible that they could incarnate as one of us, for example? They do not incarnate. They have always been incarnated. I understand what you’re saying. They could appear to be human, but they would not hold that form. They would be bored. Is it possible that any of them ever got stuck as humans? Stuck is not something that exists in their reality. They are fully realized, as you understand it, fully realized. Is this a little bit like the concept that all space is consciousness, or is it only on Earth that this is so? They are consciousness as all existence, rather than saying space. Yet they do have a form that they prefer on this planet. That form is quite tall and of a honey-gold color not unlike the Sun’s rays with a slight golden yellow. They are fully furred; it’s a downy fur, very soft. Because we can’t see them, I presume that they are other-dimensional, say fifth dimension? No. Why would you even think that they would be one dimension? They are fully realized. What does that mean? It means that everything they can imagine, they can be. Your imagination is the divine part of your mental consciousness. They are total beings, so their imagination is even beyond your own. They have no limits. That is a working definition of a fully realized being on this planet. You have said that the Explorer Race is the culmination of Earth history, because it’s going to be changing into Terra. And you’re talking about the Andazis as a kind of integrative factor somehow, an observer, and perhaps now even more than that. What kind of relation is there here? Thank you. If something is integrated and it is an observer, that is necessarily a paradox, is it not? Because if you observe, do you observe best from within or without? If they are fully realized, why can’t they do both? Does that mean then that we have some of their consciousness within us? All right! How can we use that part, then? To help you to interact with nature. If they are fully realized — and they are fully realized on this planet, choosing to be here all the time — then they know how to interact with everything harmoniously. You actually have that ability, and the closest part of you that can interact with nature is your human instinct. I’m not talking about your sixth sense — that’s included in instinct, but it’s not all of it. There are also actions stimulated by feelings. Would they be associated with what we know as either Elohim or devic or oversoul energy? Why not? They are also fully realized, and are associated with everything else, though they may not choose to reflect that in themselves. Well, maybe this is the part of our consciousness, then — I have to say “our” because I’m not sure how we can separate it — that is in the end going to enable us to fully integrate all these

things. Thank you. Exactly. There needs to be something that stands as a synthesis, a substance, an energy that can synthesize everything, pull from it the best that is offered and bring it together to make something wonderful or desirable, depending on your values and your needs. This is that energy. In many ways, that’s your definition of the Explorer Race energy. But as the Explorer Race you have a destiny, and your destiny as embodied beings of the Explorer Race is not only to pull the best from things and make the best of it, but also to necessarily pull in some of the uncomfortable parts (the 2% negative energy) so that you have the impetus to grow. Even now you are pulling some of the uncomfortable stuff to spur you on. The more discomfort you have or the more problems you have, then the more you must seek the solution. And the solution exists. The group consciousness that says they’re ascended and are the white light around the planet, is this part of that? Those who ascend are welcome to ascension, but the real action is here. I do not wish to sound as if I’m preaching at them. Ascension is fun. It is pleasure, but it gets tiring after a while, and one says, “Well, what’s new?” Up there everyone says, “Nothing. Everything. That’s the answer.” But in order to physically experience what’s new you’ve got to come down here and join the action. So while ascension has its values and it feels really great for the first thousand years or so, it gets tiring. I have some questions. If this cosmic day is 4.6 billion years long, doesn’t this planet go back much further than 7 million or 10 million years? Yes. There have been many, many, many civilizations seeding here, falling apart, mutating, seeding again, genetically changing, haven’t there? Yes, but a lot of them don’t really relate to you. So our mind goes back only ten million years? I would not really say that so much. It is that your soul line goes back countless … Oh yes, of course. Let’s put it in terms of the Explorer Race body. In the early days the body was not exactly the way it is now, but let’s say that in terms of the action for you here, the primary social interaction to develop the Explorer Race on Earth, let’s give a little leeway and say from about twelve million years ago to the present — and beyond, of course. I know that seems to conflict paradoxically with the idea of the race of water beings I mentioned earlier at ten million years. But your energies had already begun to penetrate the planet. It is not unlike the example of the beings from the negative planet who are going to inherit your third-dimensional Earth. They are even now assimilating the energies of this place. They have been assimilating those energies for thousands of years, and they have the experience of them in different ways. It is necessary to arrange a place energetically so that the molecular structure of the planet will provide the basic building blocks of life on a cellular level to make it possible for your future body to emerge full-blown with two arms, two legs, a head and so on. It is also necessary to arrange the atomic structure in a way that will support the cellular structure. Your souls were energetically reaching out to this planet for a couple of million years before there was any means of support for beings of your actual heritage or before there was any correlation to your present action. At least that’s what I’m going to say for now. When you form some kind of a purpose such as that of the Explorer Race, your mind goes out ahead of time to where you want to create that purpose? It’s like the mind reaches out more

than anything else. Nope, it’s not mind. There is a miscalculation here. It’s a good question up to a point, but the question assumes that mind has some function beyond its present encapsulation as you experience it in the body. That is, that it has a builder effect, meaning it is the city builder that creates environments. But in reality it is the physical energy that reaches out. Is that desire, then? The purpose is in the desire? I am saying that before the energy of the human being arrived here, having been streamed through Maldek, the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion and all that good stuff, there were bodies. Your souls inhabited bodies. You may not necessarily always be able to see those bodies because of their dimensional impact; that is, they weren’t all at the third dimension. Some of them were at the second, fourth, fifth and so on. But there were bodies — matter — within their own dimensions, and those bodies were ranging out.

The Divine Physical If you were to be able to examine instinct under a microscope scientifically, there is an energy associated with it. Instinct is a thing; it is not just a feeling that you associate with the mind. It has almost nothing whatsoever to do with the mind. There is an energy. If one could examine it, it would seem fluid, silky; it would flow through the fingers, very adaptable to anything. And this energy comes from the physical mass of the body. The physical body, you understand, is the form that spirit chooses; the mind has almost nothing to do with it. If we gave a percentage, I would say that two to three percent is mental energy and the rest of it is spiritual-physical matter. You know, spiritual-physical matter right now can go way, way out. Why do you think that certain mystical men and women can live here on Earth and talk about other planets they’ve walked on? They’ve described the Moon very accurately without your being able to disprove they went there. Because of the spiritual or godlike physical ranging effect, they send out their physical matter, what you would call a form of auric energy. The emotional energy of your body is sometimes referred to as your auric energy, but that is generated by an interaction with the Divine Physical and its environment. I am trying to nudge you into the idea of accepting physicality as divine. Instinct is associated with the solar plexus in terms of its action in the third dimension? The point of the unfolding of spirit into form begins within the abdominal area, naturally, because you’ve got the bull’s-eye there, the navel. Is there any way you can demonstrate how that energy is used in the human being? How do you make it function? Is it like a muscle or is it like a thought? I don’t understand how we manipulate with that. It isn’t mental. It’s a feeling? Exactly. How can you make it do something? You don’t make it. It is functioning all the time, but your mental consciousness has almost no awareness of it. Your unconscious mind, which functions to keep things going smoothly here for you, is aware of it. Your subconscious has some vague understanding, because the subconscious has a relationship to the emotional body, and the emotional body has a relationship to the Divine Physical. So the subconscious has an ability to grasp that there’s something going on. It is only your conscious

mind that does not understand it, because the conscious mind desires form, shape and structure. The mental body, coming from Andromeda, seeks structure. To understand how divine physical energy works as a substance were we to solidify it, perhaps a practical example would be to focus your total attention on a wall or a rock somewhere (not a person yet). Focus your total attention on it. Don’t think about it, but just imagine yourself being inside. What does it feel like? You can begin to have feelings such as the denseness inside the rock, to be dark for a time. How would it feel to be inside that rock physically? The rock would be dense. When you begin to have physical feelings, feelings you can feel in your physical body, you would be accomplishing the conscious use of the Divine Physical. Understand that the unconscious Divine Physical creates all your world around you all the time. This would be an example of accessing it consciously. There’s no danger of getting lost in a rock? No, no danger. Your unconscious will keep that from happening. But you can spend some time in there. In terms of actually having physical feelings, you might experience visions as well. We’re talking here about an exploration of the Divine Physical. At what point in our evolution do the conscious and the other layers of consciousness become one? In the dimensions and the time ahead of us, is there a point, a dimension, a … ? No. They’re not separated now. The only thing is that the mental body — which exercises so much control in your life, and you support it so much as a race of beings — gives you the illusion that it is separated. Put a human being, for example, in a tribal situation where he has to live by his wits, as you would say (in reality, people live by their instinct), and he would tell you there is no separation. None. It is the illusion of the mental body, because the mind desires to be thinking its own thoughts and to create its own structures. It is a long way around, but in reality there is no separation. How do you think it is possible for some human beings to display amazing feats, teleport themselves from one place to another, and bring things out of thin air and make them happen? Is it because they are somehow superior beings, or is it because they have consciously realized? Think, feel, do, I used to say; now I would say feel, do. I used to say “think, feel, do” because you were more mental then. Now you’re beginning to allow for the fact that the physical body may have some practical value after all — beyond the obvious pleasures! I mention it to you this way because the realization — putting into practice — of the Divine Physical is most easily accessed by you through the use of your instinct. You can understand this, having animals for an example. I say it this way because I do not wish to ever tell you that the mind is the enemy; it is not so. But you have elevated the mind to a much greater degree of importance in your life than is necessary. Right now, the mental body as it exists for you does not assist you to live in the moment, but seduces you to live in the past or in the future because of its desire to explore the unexplorable “what if.” Do we use the auric field to manifest anything we want? Do we use it when we pray to beings for help? Not exactly. You can measure electrically the interaction from one neuron to another synaptically within the brain. If you were to take that energy out, though it’s not possible to capture it now, you would find more than electricity there. There would be, of course, magnetism, because magnetism is a portion of electricity; but there is more than that. There is something that I would describe as a nutrient, almost a food. Your physicists have been unable to identify some of the particles because

they are looking at them as charged particles. But they are actually forms of food that go from one place to another to feed particles. Without getting unnecessarily esoteric, the energy of instinct, which we are allowing here to be the auric field, is two parts of the same thing. When you call on someone to help you or if you pray to someone, it creates a sympathetic vibration between you and that thing. You may in fact reach out with your auric energy, but that which reaches back will reach back with its own nutrient energy because you are asking to be nourished by this being in some way. It is as if a tube of your energy of need reaches out. Another tube comes out and fills your tube with nutrient energy. Having free will, you can utilize it or not. If you were totally instinctual beings living in the now, it would simply nourish you and you would benefit from that nourishment. But caught up in the seduction of the mind right now, you will weigh whether you got something back or not, because you are still looking to experience telepathy or the gift of consciousness by thought alone. Thus if you do not feel anything different in your body or think anything different in your head (as you call it), then you might deny or cut off the supply of that nutrient on the basis of your conscious awareness. If you were instinctual beings, you would simply react. So the instinctual is more associated with the magnetic than the electric? Not exactly. When I referred to the synaptic interface from one neural intersection in your brain to another, I said: “Yes, there is the electricity; there is also magnetism. But there is something else, and that something else breaks down into a form of nutrition that can provide food to support particles that might be charged plus or minus.” Okay, it can feed a plus or minus particle, but it can also sustain — which does not mean the same thing as feed, if you analyze it — a neutral particle by its presence, by its interaction of being. Is it depleting to the giver? Not at all. It is strictly a sharing of what exists from an inexhaustible source. These nonphysical energies, however you might describe them, is this part of what we are about to learn to do? Yes, you are learning how to absorb nutrition from your world around you. I’m not saying that you’re going to have to give up chocolate ice cream sundaes or hamburgers. What I am saying is that it is possible to be strengthened and enriched simply by being, by existing, by breathing in the world around you. Any expert on yoga can tell you this, but I will not go into all of that because that’s something else. I will say that you can stand in front of a mountain and look at it, and if it feels good you can breathe it in and feel strength and energy. So it’s prana? Yes, prana. I do not say to stop eating, but one can bring in food that supports oneself — strength from a mountain, for example. What about love, wisdom, joy, beauty? All right, where can you bring in wisdom? Stand in front of something ancient that is alive — an old tree, an old creature, an old person. One must be careful about taking in energy from an old person unless they are blissfully happy, so watch that. Wisdom, yes. Happiness, where can you get it from?

A happy baby. Joy like from birds. All right. Find the innocent, happy child. It’s safe to pull from their energy, but you can’t do it too much because they need it for themselves. You just take a little taste — never from the same child twice within a week. Doesn’t the elemental kingdom have many kinds of creatures that are really joyful and happy and innocent, too? Of course. That is a better and more appropriate choice. Pull in happiness from fairies. But you must believe that they exist first. Flowers are a way to do that indirectly. Yes, as long as they’re blooming. When their buds are closed, they are retaining their energy for themselves and they are interacting. It is as if you were to sit down and think for a long time. They are interacting with their oversoul energy or their elementals, if you like. How does one pull in the energy, then? Through different chakra systems according to what is desired, or is there a technique you can offer? Strictly when you are breathing. Breathe it into your chest, as it were, your lungs. If you want some particular energy associated with some idea or experience and you feel it is more appropriate in some part of your body rather than another, then when you exhale, after you’ve pulled it into your chest and your heart, thrust it into that part of your body. I have said before that you take your world in and out from your solar plexus, and I’m not denying that. I’m just being whimsically paradoxical. Do take your world in and out of there, but you can take your world in and out of other places as well. You don’t have to be attached only to the solar

plexus, because it is an area that is close to where grief is held, and if you breathe that in, you might suck up some of that grief and totally discombobulate its energy. Doesn’t the human physical body have dormant mechanisms that can breathe elements we cannot now assimilate from the air? For example, your appendix. What the heck is that supposed to do, anyway? The appendix is actually the beginning of something, not the end of something. It’s the beginning of what will come in time to be a close-to-the-surface organ. The appendix, while it appears to be reaching out from the intestine, is actually an organ in formation. It is diminutive now because it is not being used. But once it is used it will expand, and not through inflammation as it sometimes does now. It will expand and give you a means by which you can direct energy into your bodies. You will use it initially to build up your bone structure, to make yourself stronger. Will we become the Explorer Race in our lifetime? In the sense of learning how to use the facilities and functions you already have, such as instinct — which I am grinding on these days, because it is readily accessible to you — yes. You are laying more stones in the foundation. In terms of a large-scale interaction with extraterrestrial races that need you as an example, not in your lifetime, but not so far off. On a small scale, yes, that is happening right now, but not in the large scale. There will be concerns at home, and it will take a while for you to get a space technology into mass production — an engine, loosely speaking, that would not consume fuels. The fuels you are using now for (we can say roughly) interplanetary travel are impractical to move large quantities of people or things from place to place. It will take a vehicle that essentially produces its own inexhaustible supply of energy. By that time you will be able to see that there is a direct kinship to atomic power; it will not use atomic power, but the principles by which atomic power functions. The reason it works will be seen clearly as a third cousin. Well, I had thought that we were the Explorer Race and we were going out to the stars, but we’re just going to die like any old bodies and reincarnate here or there, and it’s a process. You are the Explorer Race. But you do not become everything right away. If it has taken millions and millions and millions of years for you to get to this point, what’s the rush? Do you want to be a member of the Explorer Race now? No, you miss my point. What can you do now that the Explorer Race will do when it’s exploring other planets? You can begin by behaving as if you were one of them: explore!


Explorer Race Timeline, Part 1 Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, June 6, 1991 We settled on the last ten million years out of the total amount of this cosmic day as the period of the drama of the Explorer’s Race on Earth. If we take the ten million years and divide it into segments of half a million or a million years, can I ask you specific questions about things I have heard about — mythology, other civilizations — and have you place them on that graph? I will place them. Others may not agree, but I am perfectly willing to hang the decorations where they may land on the tree.

Atlantis: Individuality and Polarity Let’s start with Atlantis. Where would you place that in the last ten million years, counting backward? I would prefer to place it about six million years ago. I understand that people have not done so, but I would prefer to place it there at this time for the purposes of this book, because in this case I am talking about a different landscape that existed on this planet. If one were to take a picture of this planet from space, as many people have done, and then simply reverse the land and the water, you’re talking about a long time ago. This planet is now more of a water planet than it used to be, but that is because of the positive influence from Sirius. In the case of Atlantis as a continent, let’s reverse land and water and place it somewhere near Australia/New Zealand. New Zealand would have been essentially a landlocked lake at that time. This is an oversimplification, but it is easier to understand than to talk about the structuring and restructuring of atomic action and interaction and all that scientific mumbo-jumbo that really makes it harder to understand. So Atlantis, in terms of a civilization, began about six million years ago as a reaction to Lemuria. I do not like calling it Lemuria, but that is what you call it. Some people would call it Mu, some people would call it Muffff, but some people would simply not use language or sound because the people of Lemuria did not in their own right find it necessary to make verbal sounds in order to be understood. They were telepathic, and the sounds that were heard would for the most part be perceived by you as music. Let’s place Lemuria, or Mu, back about eight million years ago. Let’s place it there in terms of its beginning civilization and say that Atlantis was a reaction to Lemuria, Atlantis representing the physical and the mental thrusting out to say, “We can do it better. Manifestation and magic and all of that stuff is fun, but it’s boring.” I’m not saying that it’s boring, but the Atlanteans and the souls that still cling to the Atlantean energy started with the idea that they would rather build it themselves. So the key words in English for Atlanteans would be rugged individualists. The idea was attractive partly because it gave them the experience of control. They did not have to pray to anything. They did not have to acknowledge anything. They did not have to work within the collective. So it was the beginning of what you now know as the idea of individuality. It was also the beginning of the experience of what you know as polarity. Polarity existed before

then, but it was not experienced on an individual basis. It could be utilized in the process of group manifestation. So, we’re talking about a gradual motion toward your present society. Atlantis was, in that sense, groups of individuals striking out to have some say-so in the way manifestation occurred, because in Mu manifestation always took place for the betterment of the group — everybody benefits, nobody loses. If any one person loses, then something else is the solution, you understand. But in individuality, there is the possibility, as you know, that an individual might find it amusing or stimulating to have some experience that would not be shared by the whole or even anybody else. So arose the need for a separate culture that could not live within the culture of Mu — hence Atlantis. When was the pyramid of Giza built, and was that at Egypt’s height? It was built about seven million years ago. If you’re talking about the Egypt that now exists in terms of its culture, I would have to say, not really. It is true that some materials within the pyramid can be dated to a later date. However, try and date the King’s Chamber to a later date, and you’ll have a little trouble with the carbon test. That’s the answer to an unasked question. Now, in terms of the culture that existed then in the area known as Egypt (we’re referring to the time when water and land mass were reversed), you’re talking about the upthrusting of a continent. Allowing for the focal energy point, the Great Pyramid of Giza was built from the inside out, not from the outside in, as was assumed. It was originally hard to distinguish what was the inside and what was the outside if you were not on one side or another. What I’m saying is that the material used on the inside, specifically the King’s Chamber, was all over the inside, and the material used on the outside was equal to that in the King’s Chamber. We’re talking about resonant harmonic “stone.” Then it was more organic in terms of a life form. It has densified since then and does not appear to be a life form, though it still has that capacity. The upthrusting of the continent then took place by utilizing the machine that has come to be known as the Great Pyramid of Giza. Since the civilization in that area was living under the sea and was involved in interaction with priests, priestesses and integrated magic training, it was the arrow, you might say, that was shot up out of the ocean as if to say, “Here lies this future continent,” and the continent began to grow out from that point. I’m not talking about a volcano; I’m not talking about physiological, geological changes in land masses at that point. We’re talking about a light matrix of energy that says, “The future continent of which Egypt will be a part has not yet been developed here, but it will be.” So the pyramid was being used to create a map rather than to function as a map, which any navigational instrument — which it is — still can do. So this undersea civilization gradually became an underground civilization. We’re talking about seven million years ago, or allowing for a puny couple thousand years, we could simply say 7,000,000 BC. You can slop it around either way you want, because you’re only talking about a couple thousand years. The civilization that developed there was essentially an underground civilization that gradually began to train the priest and priestess class aboveground when it surfaced. We don’t know how old China, Japan, India or some of the Aryan civilizations are. Are there any civilizations before Lemuria in this ten-million-year chart? Yes, because I said Lemuria started about eight million years ago. Then there was a two-million-year period of growth and evolution in the seeded beings, the genetic experiment, until Lemuria? It was required that the densification happen very subtly and slowly ten million years ago. We’re talking about a planet that was occupied by the Andazi and was beginning to have interactions with certain beings from Sirius, Andromeda, Pleiades and Orion — otherwise known as the Big Four,

since their influence is profound even to this day.

The Early Sirian (Tone) and Andromedan (Ficé) Civilizations The interactions for those couple of million years or so involved only two or three major civilizations that affect you now. The original Sirian settlement, which was almost ten million years ago, happened within the midst of the Andazi and gradually became known as — I need a xylophone or something — let’s call it “Tone,” because I can’t make the tone. The people were involved in those days in using tonal structures to alter genetic structures, so they were beginning to fool around genetically here on Earth. Sometime if a xylophone is handy, I will make the tone, and then you can try to figure out how to spell it, but it would be within the key of C. Now, there was another civilization that was essentially Andromedan. It was short-lived, its influence lasting only about 150,000 years. Of course, I’m talking only about surface civilizations; I’m not discussing under-the-surface civilizations because some of them are still intact and most of them don’t interact with you directly. So within about half a million years from the establishment of Tone there was an establishment of the Andromedan civilization that for your sake I will call Ficé. This civilization was entirely feminine. There was no need for them to have offspring in the usual way; they cloned essentially from one being. This might be a joke about the beginning of boredom, because there was not a lot of interplay. Every single being in Ficé was cloned from one prototype — one. Everyone looked pretty much the same. They might not have worn the same apparel, but can you imagine trying to distinguish one person from another? Individuality, in comparison to Atlantis, was not happening there. I might add, however, that since sameness was suitable at that time, to some extent it had an influence on Lemuria. Even though Lemuria had variety, the overall group being was essentially more important than the individual. So Ficé had some effect. Ficé had a second effect on Mu: it helped establish the idea of the arts of magnetic receiving, sometimes called the feminine energy, to be the dominant theme on Mu until the end — stop, bang, finis.

The Ancient Mineral Civilization We’ll talk about one more. Not that far before eight million years ago, there was another civilization that has left almost no traces on your planet, and that was a life form based upon what you now call minerals. I’m not going to say it was like rock, because rock is often a matrix when looked at in its usual state. It was more like an animated, refined ore. I mention this only because the overlying and underlying experience of this thoughtful race — though thought is not the exact description — is influential. Gold and silver, yes, but other fine elements like iron are involved here. They had a form of existence that involved some motion. They were beginning to densify elemental atomic structures from the atmosphere, to interact with the auric field of Earth and also to transfer some elemental structures from a galaxy about 450 trillion light years beyond the Pleiades. This mass was then densified into this refined ore, and traced itself (pun) into the Earth where it remains today. Most ore veins have not been discovered because of the thickness of the crust and mantle; you don’t have even laser drills that will go that far yet, but you will someday. That civilization still has a form of beingness, thought, energy. It has a lasting effect on your bloodstream, muscle tissues and the interaction of certain minerals within your physical bodies. I mention it only because it has had an effect on your physiological makeup.

The ETs in Dimensional Terms What dimension was there ten million years ago? The Andazi, fully realized beings, can function in any dimension. We are talking about a dimension that for the sake of mathematical simplicity would range between 5½ and 4½, because there was a pulse frequency then. When the Andazi alone occupied the planet as surface dwellers, they would have been bored if they experienced only one density. I also might add that they had the capacity within their group dynamic to shift their actual presence, to shift the planet, to shift the experiential, moment-to-moment aspect of “Earth” all the way up to the seventh dimension and down to the second dimension just for their amusement and without disrupting the structure or elemental congruity of this planet that you now know. When the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Pleiadians and the Orions came for the experiment, what dimension did they come from? In terms of the negative Sirians — we’re talking about polarity here — they really came from something that would be a slightly denser version of the third dimension. They were really the first third-dimensional beings to set foot on Earth, and their arrival created a certain ripple in the fabric of time that tended to focus Earth more toward third-dimensional life. T he positive Sirians came from a wide range of dimensions, anywhere from the second dimension positive —meaning pleasant second dimension, which exists— all the way up to about the seventh dimension. For the Pleiadians, we’re talking about an average of fifth dimension, but there would have been some spillover toward the sixth and fourth. Ten million years ago the so-called negative Orions weren’t here yet, so we’re talking about the Orions at the seventh dimension to the fourth dimension. The Andromedans were at the tenth to the ninth dimensions. It’s never been much different for the Andromedans; they’re still about that range. They can access other dimensions, but of course we’re talking about the ones who came here then.

As an aside on the second dimension: Do you know the means by which you will actually be able to see the transfer interdimensionally of one being into your third dimension? Not the being itself or the culture of the being or the vehicle itself, but the actual means by which access is possible — the functional aspect of the doorways — especially in areas that are highly reactive energetically, such as Sedona and other power points on the Earth? They all have a second-dimensional makeup! To be able to rip a hole in time or access the fabric of time opening, one has to create almost a bounce effect. Even if you come from the eightieth dimension, you’re still going to have to bounce off the second dimension to get into the third. I mention this because there is a tendency to badmouth the second dimension. Woe be it unto you if there weren’t a second dimension. No one would have ever been here, including you! Then how did they get to second dimension? Is there a first dimension? Why not? How about minus? Your usage of numbers is based primarily on an assumption that this is the third dimension. Your numbering system is totally arbitrary. Did these beings all come at one time — the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Pleiadians, the Orions — to interact with the Andazi? No, they did not all come at one time. Who was first? I would say that the Sirians, both positive and negative, were here about the same time. They were the founding beings. Was Jehovah from Sirius? Yes. When Jehovah was embodied in a physical body, he was from the negative planet in Sirius.

I must add, however, that Jehovah and his friends and followers and companions were escaping the negative planet. They were not as negative as the beings there. They had been tainted by the experience, but they were the escapees. They were at a higher level, from your point of view. Were they the ones who then interacted with the Andazi and the primates and basically created with seeds and clones and genes and DNA? How did it start? A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Yes, they started the ball rolling. I’m feeling witty! And their purpose was? What it always is for sentient beings — to re-create themselves in a new form. But didn’t they know they were starting the Explorer Race? They had no conscious idea, though the person on that vehicle (which still exists) who was closest to understanding the big picture was the chief social engineer, Jehovah. He had a pretty good idea not only of what was going on but of what would develop. As a social engineer it was his job to understand potentials.

The Greek Heritage I’ve always felt that the Greek civilization was much older than is thought. Can you place that? Let’s say that the ideas the Greeks have so nobly contributed to your present system were in existence before the Greeks were. They were the last chance for those ideas and experiences to be accepted into modern society, using perhaps the Oxford idea of what modern society would be. Zeus, the archetypes of the gods and Apollo — the gods we know in mythology — were they on the planet, and when? They have always been here. They have different names based upon different cultures. They are called different things in African tribal relationships. They have always been here. They will be here. They are part of the universe. It is no accident that star systems were named after them and were placed where they are. They thought that was amusing; they still do. Can you talk a little more about them? They are beyond time and space. They represent ideas, archetypes, ideals, the bulk of them. They were humanized somewhat, but those interactions — those creations in “mythology” (I’m putting that in quotes because there is less myth than theology in it) and their humanness, their anthropomorphic adaptation — were not real. It was allowed so that people would have an example. It was not designed to make them gods so much as reference points to understand the highest ideals of human consciousness. So one might say that it was an attempt to structure morals, principles, values not unlike what the modern Greeks have left you in their literature. So why were the modern Greeks connected to these myths, archetypes and ideals? What was the connection? Along the soul line, a resident soul line, it is a family of consciousness. I don’t like to elevate people too much because “the chosen people” comes up again in both pleasant and unpleasant ways. Did they actually walk the planet in human bodies, the entire family? They walk the planet now; they are the planet. They are the stars. They exist energetically as they always have done. But if you are asking, “Did they take the form of human bodies to interact with human beings?” then, no. They could, but to do that would be the total antithesis of their intention, which was to inspire. How are you going to inspire someone to be like you when there is a chasm of difference? How can someone actually feel like you? The entire reason for the stimulation of Christianity, in terms of Jesus, was to show people how they could do these things — wise up,

become like Jesus. It was the same thing with these Greek “gods.” The whole idea of all these things is to give you an example of what you can now do. The trouble is, the more involved these gods are with your societies, the more your societies see the chasm of difference. If you put them in actual bodies where they are flying around and walking through rocks and eating sand and all of that, people are going to say, “You are a great, superior being, and I must kiss your feet because I can never be like you.” What good does that do? Were they like celestial beings, like angelic beings on different dimensions, planting ideas in the consciousness? In a sense, yes, but they also are a portion of the physical matter of Earth. Using the idea of Earth as an atom or a molecule in some larger body of being, they are what one might refer to as basic portions of the personality of the Creator. We’re talking about energetic beings who go beyond individual embodiment but can take form if it is desired by those who would be the scribes of what they have to say, do and stimulate, in order to give a model of what you can be. Like channeling? They could channel ideas through to others from other dimensions? I would rather say they are essentially energetic, but they can simulate the idea of form. Did they begin a form that would later be what Jung called the collective conscious, which has the archetypes embedded within it, so to speak? Yes, and in this case Jung is talking about something that functions not only on the mental level but accesses the emotional level. Jung, being a spiritual person in his own right, also saw that accessing the spiritual level was necessary to assimilate transformation. I would like you to do a list for us, a list of the factors involved in the current transitioning. There are so many levels of it.

Resolving the Conscious Mind

This is the most important thing to understand: It is as if you are a gear in a clock and someone else winds the clock. Collectively, your souls have wound the clock, and collectively your souls have been wound up by the Creator. So we’re talking about something that you can do in order to please your conscious mind. But we’re also talking about something that is happening regardless of whether your conscious mind is pleased or not. This is a river; it is an ocean; it is a tide. Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t stop it, because the only part of you that would want to stop it or slow it down is your conscious mind. The reason you are in the third dimension, as you call it, which is slowed down, is because of your conscious mind or because of the mental body. The mental body is here to be resolved, and since you are the great resolvers, you have been elected for that role by the Creator, and you have equally volunteered. The fact that the conscious mind wants to understand at all slows down the process. I understand this sounds paradoxical, because all these words you desire from me stimulate the conscious mind — but they also sidetrack it. So we are talking about something that is paradoxical. Even making a book is a paradoxical thing. Yes, even now. This statement now, the tone now, is paradoxical. But it is not to deny the conscious mind its fulfillment. Even though it will not be fulfilled with you as a human race, it’s getting its start. So we can’t deny it its capacity to slow you down. It is important for you to understand that, because it is irony. And I do like irony. Part of the irony is that on one level it wants to not cooperate and on another it wants to know how to do that. It doesn’t know how. It will not learn that with you. That is the thing that will be left over. That is the big thing. The conscious mind does not know how to flow. The physical, the emotional, the

spiritual — all these things know how to flow. But the mental, no. It attempts to manipulate, to structure. It does all of the things that slow the flow. A hydroelectric dam is a good example of slowing the flow. You could say, “Well, it performs a function. It makes life more pleasurable and so on.” But in the long run, when you pull back a ways and look at it, there is a river and the flow is being slowed. In your fourth-dimensional and fifth-dimensional experience of your future evolution you will just not be thinking so much. When you lock into the fourth dimension as an actual experiential element of your lives, the mental body will no longer be with you as you have experienced it — it will be inherited by others. So thought will be a very minor factor in your existence. However, you will not be stupid; you will be using instinct instead of thought, and instinct is the energy that forms the foundation for telepathy, not thought. It never has been thought. There is an important thing in terms of focus of attention, and it’s not clear to me how thought is related to focus of attention. Thought is related because it attempts to clarify and structure and say, “This is this and that is that.” So, very simply, if you are going to focus on your thumb with your eyesight, you create a target in space and focus on that. If you think about it, it is a mental act, but if you do so out of inspiration, it is a spiritual and physical act. What is the fulfillment of the Explorer Race? To synthesize an understanding and appreciation of the great gift of curiosity as it is blocked by the mental body. Curiosity is the force that drives you and pulls you in a balanced way toward all knowledge, which is represented as some target on the other side. What stands between curiosity and knowledge is the mind, because the mind wants to make everything sequential. All knowledge exists at once, totally, and accessibility is too much for the mind. The mental body cannot handle all knowledge at once because it cannot orient itself into the group consciousness of all knowledge. You are living in individual personality because of your mind. How does the Creator handle or relate to its mental body? The Creator is made up of all things, so one might say it handles the mental body the way it handles a wheelbarrow or a fishhead or utilitarianism — as a philosophy. It is a part of the Creator. Thought creates — first you think about something and then you create it, so how … ? No! Fallacy. First you are inspired energetically, then you think about it, whether you are aware of the inspiration or not. First comes the inspiration; then you can build on it using your imagination and your thought. If you want to take it further, there are emotional interactions, and then there is the physical. Inspiration can arc over into your imagination, but it doesn’t always. Sometimes it just comes in, goes into the emotion, goes into the physical, and then passes through in the subconscious — subconscious, meaning not directly into the mind. Most inspiration — at least 97 percent and ranging higher — is never acted on because it has a direct root in the emotional. Since the mental body stands in the way and says, “Nothing gets done without my participation,” then most things don’t happen because the mental body’s access to the subconscious is not immediate. How did this situation arise? Because you are the problem-solvers. I know that’s how we got involved, but how in creation did it come about that the mental body is at odds with … ? What did I say about the Andromedans? Andromeda is the seat of thought. The Andromedans function around the ninth or tenth dimension. Since Andromeda is the origin or focus of thought, then it does not function well in material society, otherwise known as the third dimension. It has no

experience in the third dimension. So we’re just helping it gain experience? Yes, you are giving it a base — a foothold, if you like — in materiality so it can learn the divine aspect of materiality, which it now judges. At the source point of mental energy on Andromeda, you would hear some kind of attitude about physical divinity. So it’s the mental body that actually grounds on this physical level? Not actually. Grounding would be the physical and emotional body. The mental body is the challenge; it is the seduction. Does what we call ego, negative ego especially, come from the mental body? It is the mental body’s attempt to grasp physical reality, but of course positive ego, if we’re going to use those terms, is really more of a function of physical reality, divine physical reality. Positive ego is essentially that portion of you that keeps you from leaving your hand on the hot plate when you first touch it. Positive ego leaps in to protect your body. Being a structure of immediacy, it is slowed down in the third dimension so you can examine it, and it functions through the neurological system of the body. It is physical, it is emotional, but it isn’t mental at all. The negative ego, as it has been misascribed psychologically, is not really an aspect of ego at all, as I understand ego. It is more an attempt of the personality of the mental body to grapple with the unknown, otherwise known as the Divine Physical. At what point did we as a monad come into this attempt at relationship with the mental body? When you said, “We’re willing to go to Earth in the third dimension,” you inherited the whole can of worms! Anything left over that hadn’t been resolved came here on Earth with you. Let’s say we had a million cosmic days or something … Beyond that. … where we’ve been active. At what point did we come into connection with the mental body? At what point did you never have a connection to it? You have never lost it, if you are part of the Creator, if the Creator is part of all things, and if the mental body is part of the Creator. That comes from the idea of linear time — your favorite. Jehovah had a mental body and he brought it here for the Andazi to experience. The Andazi were not burdened with a mental body, nor did they particularly interact with that Sirian genetic experiment, although they did allow some of their genetic makeup to be used. Jehovah knew that any aspect of a fully realized being is simply going to be a microminiature of itself, in terms of the genetics available to him at the time. In other words, an amplification of something is more of that something, which is a basic idea and description of genetics. Okay, that’s ten million years ago and that’s the Explorer Race. But my curiosity says we’ve been on a million planets and in these other interactions we’ve had mental bodies. Is that correct? You can have a form of mental body, but you would probably not be at peace with it unless it was on Andromeda. You might have a percentage of a mental body. You understand, I’m not saying that the people on other planets cannot put words together and say good things, but they don’t think about it. They don’t fret about it. The words are forthcoming, almost like what you would call the channeling experience or inspired speaking that comes from trust; or taking speech out of the realm of thought and attaching it to the idea of instinct, which is an emotional, physical and spiritual entity. So a mental body on another planet would be a different type of mental body according to that dimension or … Yes, as it adapts to that civilization.

You used the word “instinctual.” Where does intuition come in? Intuition would be associated with the spirit’s effect on the auric field — otherwise known as the energy body or the emotional body — with a synaptic relationship to the imagination. I’m not attempting to mislead you; synapse means the beginning of the connection here. Higher than the instinctual? Not higher. Instinct is an aspect of the Divine Physical. And the other is Divine Spiritual? An aspect of it. “Aspect” is used here so we do not get too focused in “this is this and that is that.” There is a lot of spillover. Can I bring in this point? We have many references to the Zeta Reticulans as our future selves and how the mind became the total focus. That is the negative result, one possible avenue that mind could have taken and which we are now changing, right? Yes, and which the Zetas are helping you to change through the use of influences — that is to say, helping you do what you like to do. So we have this fascinating concept that ten million years ago the Explorer Race was created … Begun, say begun. We have experienced lives as Zetas in the future and have come back now to change that; and we will pop back into that time with the Zetas not being as they are now, but a richer, more fulfilled and complete being as a result of that change. Yes. That is possible. Anything is possible, but many things are more fulfilling. What you are doing here is very fulfilling because it impacts everything. So of course if it impacts everything, the levels of fulfillment cover every dimension, every form of life. And since you are a portion of everything, you not only have all the individual levels of fulfillment and all the individuals’ lives — if we are going to say individuality — but you also have the greater experience of bringing portions of yourself into synthesis. Of course, taken back all the way, the Creator exists in synthesis now, all things being equal. But since that’s not much fun and kind of boring, then it’s more fun and a lot less boring to not know about that. Were any of us on that ship with Jehovah? In terms of the direct soul line? There were about 100,000 people on that ship, and I would say, of course — you must know this — there were a little bit more than 100,000, actually. How many people would you think it was? 144,000. Say, that sounds like it! So it’s safe to say every soul that is in existence now can trace itself back to the 144,000 soul lines that were on that ship when it arrived. The beginning of the genetics, when something was done here genetically, had to be transplanted through them. So even though other things have been added, it began there. Thus everybody is connected. Are there any beings who can, in a reincarnational process, feel a connection to that as a past life, or is it so split out that … ? Everybody can feel a connection to it if they want to. A recent book came out about certain people being put under hypnotic trances, and so many of them had UFO feelings and experiences that the assumption was that the UFO idea had, through mass media, so penetrated the bulk of people in existence that it was not possible to get a clear reading on other levels of consciousness tapped by the process of hypnosis. That is an interesting idea, not invalid. If one defines the vehicle that Jehovah et

al. arrived in by your current terms, it would certainly be classified as a UFO. You said it’s still out there. Can you describe it? It has been seen from time to time as “the V” because when the lights are shown (though it does not have to be physical) it appears as a V. It is about ten miles long in terms of its chosen size of relationship to this Earth. Although Jehovah as a being is no longer embodied, he is energetically associated now with Earth. And there are beings still functioning on that ship; it’s still operating? Yes, but not 144,000. How do you feel about the mental body? It’s my job to help the mental body find its way home. Where’s its home? In all of you. But it is not fulfilled yet, and it takes fulfillment to feel loved and embraced and accepted and appreciated in relationship to the Divine Physical. Is there something that we can specifically do to assist the mental body at this time? Nope, just stay curious and don’t stifle that curiosity. What about imagination? That’s good. The mental body must be itself and not be rejected for it — that’s the basis, after all. When you are rejected for being yourself, how do you feel? The mental body is the same way, only it’s groping with the idea of feeling. It’s kind of difficult to keep from rejecting it when it seems to reject our emotional and physical bodies. When you can accept it, then you will really move beyond limits! That’s why I give answers that stimulate questions. That was a profound question. That question requires profundity and a need to know to get you an answer you can really understand. You all want to move beyond limits. That’s how. The overachievers! I have never met a human being who is not one of those, taken within the context of what you all have to deal with, which is pretty big stuff compared to some of these other namby-pamby civilizations. But we seem to have a lot of namby-pamby people on our planet as well. Well, when you can love them, you will get past limits! You don’t have to embrace them, but you can love them from afar.


The Sterilization of Planet Earth Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, June 6, 1991 Sterilization has begun. These comments refer to the idea that the current geomagnetic storm associated with the solar flare you will have experienced in two or three weeks is accessing the Earth right now. Even though the height of the waveforms has passed by, a process has begun that is important to understand. For some time your scientists have been curious, and some beyond curious, about the thinning of the atmosphere above the polar regions. Of course, they are more than curious about the thinning elsewhere, but for this session I will focus mostly on the polar regions. The purpose of this big wave of magnetic energy is to begin a sterilization process that will start with the axis of the Earth and radiate outward. Even though I understand that there are scientific proofs about CFCs and their effect on ozone, I will still say that nothing happens without a larger purpose. There is a form of energetic turbine that will be switched on literally tomorrow and begin to revolve slowly. The interesting factor about this is that it will revolve clockwise at the North Pole and counterclockwise at the South Pole, because you are in a polarized world. The purpose of sterilization is not to destroy human beings on the surface or animal or plant life as you know it. The purpose is to create a seedbed of magnetic energy that will not only welcome the new race of beings inheriting the planet after you move on to its next dimensional version, but will also nudge you to stimulate your creative-energy balance with the masculine and feminine. It is as if the fire is turning up just a bit. This was predicted a few years ago, and now is the actual mechanical or physical beginning of the fire. There have been a lot of emotional things going on up to this time, and those have been stimulating physical things. But this is a physical thing and is not designed to stimulate the emotional but to create a more quiescent atmosphere for the emotional body, to soothe the emotions. It is, however, possible that some people may react uncomfortably to the energy, since it is intended as a physical stimulus to evoke a response. But by and large it will act to soothe. Does the term “sterilization” mean purification? I’d rather not say purification, even though that is not too far off. Sterilization refers to the changing of the molecular structure on Earth very slightly, beginning with the innermost portions of Earth — which are least likely to have an unpleasant impact on the surface dwellers — and to create a gradual shift in the atomic weight of Earth so that the planet can gradually become denser. Now, you might say to yourself, “Who would want that?” It is true enough that the human race does not need to live in a denser place, but it acts on a twofold front. On the one hand, since you are attempting to lighten up or expand your molecules, if you are exposed to density nowadays you are likely to recoil from it. Thus it gives a boost along the light path to expand yourself toward the fourthdimensional aspect of Earth and the fourth-dimensional aspect of your lives. On the other hand, it acts to prepare Earth for those who will inherit it when you go on, because right now Earth is too light, too quick, too “jolly” for the next race that will come along. They actually need it to be denser; they are dense themselves. And it is true enough that when they incarnate on third-dimensional Earth after you are gone, they will incarnate in bodies slightly different from the

ones they have had where they now reside in the Sirius star system. They are doing this en masse; that is to say, everybody is leaving their planet at once and incarnating at once on this planet. This is not an overload, you understand, because there are not that many people on their planet, and if they all do it at once it will still leave lots of room between neighbors. So they will require something more akin to their surroundings as they have known them. The process that will take place from their planet to this planet is going to happen in about as much time as it takes to do this [snaps fingers], so we’re not talking about your kind of birth. If everybody disincarnates and incarnates within the same moment quite a few light years elsewhere, there’s not much time for the birth process. So it is very simple, in the sense that the process referred to as sterilization is really not only preparing the densification of the atomic weight of Earth but also slightly altering the structure of the actual molecules that make up everything physical on Earth. It’s not going to affect the auric field of Earth at all, but everything physical will have to be altered somewhat. It will take some time for it to be felt on the surface, and by the time it is felt on third-dimensional Earth, human beings will not be so much involved in third-dimensional Earth, so you will not be affected by it. I will simply say that the molecular structure will have a few more of what you might call metallic structures. Now, these metallic structures, were they to be passed in and out of your bloodstream and in the water and so on, would be detrimental to you. They will not be detrimental to the health of these people because they now have, and will have in their new third-dimensional Earth bodies, blood — or liquid, you might call it, since you might say, “I don’t know if that’s blood because it’s green” — with more of a metallic content. Thus they will naturally require a more metallic content in the water, because they do not eat health food and take vitamins and minerals. They will also require more metallic content in plants — specifically, more chromium. They will also require more lead in their diet, the antithesis of what you require, and a few more heavy metals. Interestingly enough, metals that you utilize well, such as iron, they don’t like at all. So to some extent there will have to be an alchemical transformation of some of the metals already here so that there can be enough chromium, for instance, to seed their bodies. That’s what I’m referring to when I talk about sterilization. How does it relate to us? It does not relate to you directly. It is only important for you to understand that nothing happens without a purpose, and that the magnetic energy that will radiate down here has this as its main purpose. It will affect you somewhat, but not to discomfort. It’s not going to cause people to grow hair on their faces and bay at the moon. It is more likely to create a calmative affect, but perhaps not on electromechanical appliances. What does that mean? Radio, TV, broadcasting, telephones and so on. That’s what you have referred to before as the rebellion of the telephones, communications — that’s the magnetic effect. You had predicted that would be relatively soon. Possibly. This magnetic effect you say is coming from inside the Earth and will take time to surface … 1

Back up on that a little bit. It is starting on the Sun because there is an intrinsic relationship between the Sun and Earth, just like there is an intrinsic homeostasis between the Sun and all of the planets in your solar system. We’re talking, then, about a personal relationship. What the Earth cannot do for herself, or what the Sun can do better for the Earth while she is busy doing things for herself now, she has requested the Sun to do for her. So I would rather say that it begins on the Sun, and then the rest of your statement is correct. Not having happened in our history before, it’s unknown how long this will take. But magnetism is something that doesn’t obey laws of density, as far as I can see. The effects of this magnetism obey laws of density. Magnetism in its own right passes through density, yes. But the effects on the atomic structures are a portion of this density, to split a hair. When we set up a transition like we’re involved in right now, it appears to me as though the collective community of Creators, ourselves included, would create some fail-safe devices that would boost us through our present into the next. Yes. And you’re describing one of them.

Yes. 1 For further information see the bulletins Zoosh issued from August 30 to October 2, 1995, in Shining the Light III, Light Technology Publishing, 1996.


Explorer Race Timeline, Part 2 Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, June 13, 1991 Could we start at the point when the ship that had the 144,000 was sent or agreed to go or volunteered? Can we go back to the point just before that? What was the drama? What were they told? What was their mission? Can we recreate the setting at the beginning?

The Sirius Escapees They were escaping. They were escaping from that negative planet on Sirius, literally looking for a new world. They had no idea where to go because that planet was even then out of touch with other planets around it. Jehovah, who was the commander of that ship and the most visionary person of the time and place, had managed to create a more balanced and spiritual being for himself and his followers, who were with him on that vehicle, under the worst possible conditions. Being a person of faith, he requested to be led to the place that would be the best for them. He put his faith on the line, not unlike Moses wandering in the desert. I might add that he was inclined to allow Moses to wander in the desert because he had to do so himself; it was a familiar scenario. That is really the setup. Of course, the Creator wanted Jehovah right here on Earth, so when Jehovah extended his faith to be led to where it was best for them to go, that’s where he was led. Describe their facial features. If I were to look at one of them, what would I see? What dimension were they in?

Within the context of their time, they wouldn’t have looked that much different from present Earth people. You could say that by today’s standards, if you would see them on the street they could pass for human. They would not pass a thorough medical examination, but they would at least pass a cursory glance. In terms of their dimension, well, when they left that negative planet they were ill at

ease, because that planet at that time was the second dimension struggling to make its conversion to third dimension. They had to get out, so when they reached light speed, they jumped to the fifth dimension. However, they slowed down their pace so that when they arrived at the Earth they had achieved the third dimension again. So they arrived at the planet and, as you said, used the Andazi and the highest primates they could find and set about … Excuse me, but what do you mean by the highest primates? Are you making an assumption? I think so. Earlier you said that the seeds came from all over the galaxy. You’re saying this first beginning just came from that negative planet, right? Yes. They were the first to be allowed to come to this planet, which was occupied by the Andazi, who were the most advanced beings. But when you refer to primates, I ask you, who are you referring to? What was here? Some mutated humans from the last experiment? No. What besides the Andazi was here? That’s it! There weren’t any cavemen running around then. Cavemen were essentially experimental people, but they are not the human race. I do not support the idea of evolution at all, though I will not rule out the fact that social evolution within a person’s life is real and so on. But I do not support the idea of people evolving from one species to another. Ridiculous! I had the idea that there had been many, many, many civilizations on this planet in several billion years, and that there were some descendants of some of them here. Not true? True enough, true enough, but in terms of time and the schedule here as we’re making it up for the purposes of this book, Jehovah and the Sirian expedition was the first. Ruling out, of course, the fact that there were already people here — the Andazi. Where did they land and what were their next actions? They landed at the North Pole, specifically. Then they accessed Inner Earth from the North Pole, although not the whole ship, you understand. Jehovah and his right-hand man and a couple of others accessed the Inner Earth and made a statesmanlike advance to everyone who was in a position to have some say-so, from their point of view, saying, “This is what we would like to do here. Is it all right?” Even though they felt they had been led to the promised land, Jehovah was enough of a statesman to discuss it with Inner Earth beings, who Jehovah felt were the highest form of life here. Understand that Jehovah identified the Andazi as being a high form of life. He also knew that as fully realized beings they would not object, in any event. So he was not inclined to ask their permission; he had felt their benign approval. So then they set off to create a colony or create a place to live? They really were not looking for a place to live so much as looking for a way to reproduce themselves. You must understand that they were coming from that second-dimensional planet in Sirius, and even then the idea was prevalent that that planet wouldn’t last forever. So Jehovah was also concerned about their physical mass, their physical bodies. At that stage of the game he was still functioning at that level. He wanted to reproduce a body that utilized Earth energy and elements in place on Earth, crossing it with their genetic structure to see if he could come up with a body that would be more comfortable to inhabit. Their bodies were not easily adapted to Earth without technological support. So they wanted to create, through genetic engineering and hybridization with offspring, a body type they could inherit. At that point in time Jehovah understood that the souls could be projected into another body, so

he wanted to create a body that would be the best place for the souls of the people on the ship. He understood that the journey had been stressful on their bodies, and that walking around on the surface of the Earth in space suits wouldn’t give them very much pleasure. There would also be a shorter lifespan than he wanted, which was several hundred years. He knew their present bodies could not tolerate Earth conditions, so he expected to use Earth elements — minerals, aspects of Earth, genetic structures of Earth — combined with their own so they could have durable Earth bodies. So they succeeded? Yes, but that being then is not fully what you are now because of other expeditions that later followed, and they continued to experiment. That’s part of the reason you have different races — but I’m getting ahead of myself. The Sirius-created beings here [the Tone civilization] or their offshoots, including Jehovah’s group and other representatives from very positive and loving places on Sirius who followed Jehovah millions of years later, all have one thing in common: dark skin. You paleskins didn’t come along until a whole lot later. Dark — like African or Indian or … ? Like African, and ranging all the way to lighter-skinned people from India and possibly as light as olive, like people from the Mediterranean. We’re talking about a range from dark to olive. No palefaces until much later. Do you know why? They felt that not only were they already that color, but that the Sun’s energy was so strong — this being the third planet from the Sun — that dark-skinned races would be more durable. I might add that light-skinned races were really never intended to be on this planet — Johnny-come-latelies! Did Jehovah come from the same planet that the negative Sirians who will inherit this planet are coming from? That’s right! And the reason the so-called negative beings from Sirius believe they have a claim on this planet is that even though they would have liked to bump off Jehovah when he escaped with his crowd back then, they look at it as if they were here first. Sure, Jehovah was somebody they were not happy with, but they were perfectly willing to accept the idea that Jehovah established a colony from Sirius, that he was here first, and therefore Earth is theirs.

Andromedans Welcomed by the Sirians How many years until the next major influence? In terms of your years, it was about a million years before Andromeda hit the streets, as it were. They had a different attitude. Most of the races from Andromeda were not fleeing anything, so they were here strictly to see what could be done, knowing what was already here. By then there had been a solid, long-lasting establishment from Sirius here. They had looked for the most fertile land and had occupied certain continents. We have discussed the fact that continents are different and so on, but for convenience and to not get too esoteric, I will simply say that the influence from Sirius largely permeated through Africa and Australia, as well as through some regions of Central America (very small groups of colonies in the last named, considered outposts). In that sense, Sirians — people from Sirius — were interested in those areas as places to explore; they were curious, so they were there. Andromedans arrived and were welcomed by the Sirians — their hosts, as it were. The Andromedans said they would like to establish a few surface outposts as well as a couple underground [the Ficé civilization] and they were welcomed, encouraged and assisted. They established one colony not too far from what is now known as the Hawaiian Islands, setting up the

bulk of their research group within that area. They had another area of research in what is now known as the Galapagos Islands area and did a great deal of animal and plant research, some of which has lingered. They also were interested in the area of Australia, where they also did much plant and animal experimentation. They were not interested in creating a hybrid race of people, as the Sirians had been, but intended to stay pretty much in their own bodies within their environmental suits and chambers. They were mostly interested in experiments with the flora and fauna of the time. Did they bring and establish here flora and fauna from their planet? No, they did not. They brought along some things from their planet, but those things were not allowed to enter the system. What they did, however, is combine certain things. They also experimented with the plants they had hybridized and, by using those hybridized plants as well as animals, attempted to do some experiments with volunteer beings from the Sirian colonies to see if injections of certain genetic substances from the plants or animals could improve the Sirian bodies’ durability. Essentially that’s how the Andromeda influence funneled itself into your genetic code — not very much, but a little bit. Is there any lasting residue of the body we occupy today from this Andromedan influence? Not from that influence. However, I have stated before and will hold to the idea that the mental body is from there. However, the Andromedans who came here did not do that. The Creator had already established that as the plan for Earth before the Sirians got here, so the Sirians, you might say, inherited a mental body that originated on Andromeda. That’s how the Andromedans could find Earth. They followed the mental body? That’s right. They followed the sensor effects of the radiated mental body, and the radiation they could pick up was from Andromeda. Of course they wanted to find out why, so they came here. They were not informed that their mental body was going to be experimented on, from the Creator’s point of view. They just found their way, as a dog would sniff out good things to eat!

Arctureans Brought Accelerated Change So what was the next influence and what time? Understand that we’re not covering everything; it would take an encyclopedia to do that. But skipping over to the point of about 8.5 million years, let’s talk a little bit about the first arrival here by Arctureans. Arcturus was exploring then the creation of an accelerated state of change. This is something the Sirian culture here found very interesting; they had actually invited the Arctureans to come and bring that with them. They were looking for a way to better adapt to this planet and found that if they had an ability to accelerate change within their physical matter, that could work. Well, it didn’t work so well. It created a reduced life cycle. In other words, they didn’t live as long. They had acceleration in areas they didn’t want. So acceleration was more easily adapted to the mind, and its influence was left with the mental body as well as some with the emotional body. That was felt to be safe. Arctureans did not develop a civilization here at that time and really never have. They have been here only in outposts to observe, collect data and so on. Is there an effect now on the physical bodies we occupy from that influence? Not really, no. But I mention it because it’s interesting.

The Astrological Civilizations

What was the next major influence on the Explorer Race from beyond the Earth? About 7.5 million to about 6.5 million years ago you experienced in perfect succession one sign after another (find an astrologer, find the point at which everything begins on their cosmic wheel). These societies each established a culture. Understand that some of the galaxies we’re talking about are portions of some of those astrological groupings, Capricorn and so on. Some of those galactic influences are sometimes identified by their association with those astrological formats, but I’m not going to pay attention to that right now because they had their own interests as well. Groups from various areas coming here as an astrological format, who were sometimes surprised to find others here, established long-lasting civilizations, every one of them. Almost all of those “astrologicals,” who arrived here millions of years ago in perfect sequential order, have residual energies here today. They all established surface colonies first, but they gradually moved underground. Some of them found the sea more interesting; some found the underground more interesting — all the way through the astrological explanation of what the signs are, you understand. They established these colonies and remained true to their point of origin while integrating a little bit of the Andazi energy. (Although the Andazi by that time had already gone underground, they were still coming up to consult with the surface populations.) The astrologicals were here to establish themselves so that their unresolved problems could be worked into the life cycle of the Earth human. That was really the first awareness any of the outpost groups here had that the population on Earth would be resolving problems from other places. Before then it was strictly a colonization effort. After that everybody caught on pretty much at once — if a million years can be at once — that there was something else going on here, something larger. About that time, Jehovah was no longer in the body he arrived in but was still here in energy, and he was accelerating his expanded understanding of himself and all that he is/was. He began to grasp the whole purpose of the project here on Earth and move beyond his original intent to establish the angelic kingdoms. Now, he didn’t create the angels, but he created a matrix that invited them to be here. This all happened during the grounding of the astrological influence. Before that time he felt that what was going on here was essentially scientific, emotional, educational and so on. But after that he was really clear about what was going on here. It was also at that point that “he” (in quotes) became much clearer about what must be done from time to time. That’s when he began thinking of messiahs and so on, that it was necessary to have spectacular guides and prophets for the people to be reminded of their true purpose. When the astrological components arrived here, he began to realize that Earth as it was being experienced then would become considerably denser. When he arrived here he had seen Earth in both its fourth-dimensional and its third-dimensional aspects, but he wanted Earth to be third-dimensional so that they could work out physical phenomena. When the astrologicals got here, he understood that the Creator was actually helping him to do that. That was his point of view. Even though he arrived essentially at fourth-dimensional Earth, he immediately set about to create third-dimensional Earth because he felt that was an improvement for what needed to be accomplished, and he was right. Is there a correlation between the astrological water-sign civilizations going into the water and the earth signs going underground? Yes. Where would the fire signs go, close to volcanoes? Yes. Also, the fire signs established themselves not only closer to things that were hot, but they also made underground missions beneath the volcanic areas and looked for the warmth.

And the air signs — on top of mountains?

Yes, but they did not remain on the surface that much. They established some of their civilizations in the sky above Earth, usually above Earth’s atmosphere but close enough so that they could access both the surface and the stars directly. Are there civilizations now that specifically trace their origins to these different galactic influxes? Are you referring to Earth tribal consciousness — Africans and so on, that kind of idea? Not really. The first races — ruling out the Andazi — that really concern you were the African race and others. The astrologicals influenced everyone because they were the first ones who were enthusiastic about blending everything together. That’s why when they got here the Jehovah being — the Jehovah energy, the entity Jehovah — understood that the planet was going to get denser in its experience. He saw that as a good thing so that people could learn what needed to be learned. He did not pass judgment on the astrologicals, but he could clearly see how the experiment that existed then — the idea of creating a very clear line of genetics within certain civilizations — was going to be disrupted because the astrologicals wanted to do everything. That amused Jehovah, but he could also see where that would develop, that clear lines would be blurred. So there was intermarriage and cloning and mixing of all these galactic beings with the race that was here? Yeah. All heck broke loose! Expand on that. From Jehovah’s point of view, which I’m trying to integrate into this book a little bit because he’s so influential here, he thought that the astrologicals were indirectly attempting to create a synthesized Earth being, a being who would represent all things — not one being, but a synthesized race. Jehovah knew that wasn’t going to work out, because there would be others coming from specific points after the astrologicals. So what was the heck that broke out? What was the manifestation, or the acting out of it? That was my joke! It just means that clear genetic lines were blurred at that point. That’s when a lot of the bits and pieces got into your genetic code that are still there. But that brought the unresolved conflicts that came by personality models or DNA or … Well, in terms of personality models, the twelve tribes and all that business relate back to Jehovah and his group, in terms of their personalities. The twelve tribes come from Jehovah? Yes, the twelve basic personalities. Were individuals’ specific personalities on that ship? Yes, but they broke down into basic personalities under the basis of their family of

consciousness. They deliberately created twelve specific matrixes for cloning? You could say that, but it is more like Jehovah made up his mind what would be the best personality types for this planet, and then he also asked the Creator to have an influence as well. So the Creator kind of changed things a bit, too. So the astrologicals left. What is the next major — No, no, they never left. Oh, we have today outposts from these various galactic origins? It’s ridiculous how many outposts are here — hundreds, thousands sometimes. I would say hundreds because hundreds are always occupied; sometimes thousands are occupied, but they are not always occupied all the time. They come in and out through our atmosphere constantly today, now? What is the joke? Grand Central Station! Your skies at any moment in any place on Earth, no matter where you are, will never have less than seventy-five ships zooming around. If you could see them it would drive you crazy, but you can’t. They’re not allowed to show themselves, though it happens now and then sometimes; they’re not encouraged to show themselves because they are so many of them. In the fourth dimension or third? I mean, we can’t see them because they’re etheric or they’re going too fast or they’re cloaked or what? All of the above and more. So shortly, then, we’re going to be able to see them? Not until you’re ready. If you saw them now, you would be intimidated. They would seem like superior beings. How soon? When you’re ready! I’ll tell you. I’ll give you a formula. When you are no longer intimidated by your fellow Earth beings, then you will be ready. By any Earth beings? Right. When you can allow and accept your fellow Earth beings to be what they are. It doesn’t mean you have to embrace them. Then you’ll be ready to receive visitors from elsewhere who, if they came into your midst now and looked the way they look, would either be rejected or would be made deities. A fine mess that would be! How do they look? How do they look? How does anybody look? Anything — what can you imagine? From the most horrifying to the most beautiful, from your current point of prejudice. Like the Star Wars cantina? Well, I have never personally seen an embodied being you could interact with who is slimy, or any of that Hollywood hocus-pocus, or really disgusting by your standards. Most of them are pretty attractive in their own right. Of course, the ones who come here are mostly humanoid, or they would have no reason to come. It would be pretty boring for them. Why do the people in the outposts come here? What is their interaction at this time? Who? All of the outposts. What do they do? Do they trade? Do they research? Do they look at us? What do they do? They study you. You’re interesting. You’re strange. You’re totally different from them, even though some of you look rather like them. They’ve never seen such diversity on a single planet anywhere. You’re a social phenomenon. They are allowed to come here to study you. They develop a

lot of solutions for their own civilizations by being exposed to your solutions for your day-to-day problems.

The Orions Contributed Survival Energy The astrologicals came and had anchored their multitudinous little outposts by 6.5 million years ago. Then what happened? The next major influence is at about five million years, when we get the first tentative outreach from Orion. When they came here they essentially brought music. No one had ever thought of bringing it before, although other civilizations were aware of it. Orion brought music as a language as well as its celebration and its pleasure. They brought color. It’s ridiculous how boring people’s outfits were before Orion got here. Pretty dull stuff. And they also brought, we shall say, dedication. Are these beings on Earth still dark? The influence from Orion had lighter skin. At that time we were getting into Mediterranean colors. The whites had still not arrived. But there is interaction, there is intermarriage, there is more mixing of genes? They arrived in a situation that was already established. Those who were here were still doing pure-line genetic experiments; it’s not that everybody must come together. When Orions arrived they were then mostly interested, beyond the culture that they brought (no one had really thought to do it until Orion got here), in creating physical specimens that could survive under the most rugged conditions. That’s where your caveman idea started. Orions were largely responsible for creating durable beings of perhaps less mental consciousness. The Orions were not too thrilled about the idea of having an Andromedan mental body thrust upon these beings, so they did everything they could to discourage it, giving them less thought capacity and hoping that they would have more instinctual capacity, which is something they observed and admired in the animals — personally admired. But I’m not saying they were combinations of animal and man, as you understand it. It’s like they increased the capacity … They purposely created a situation in which the personal experience of the individual was greatly diminished, not for everybody, but within their experiment. They essentially wanted to show the others that mental understanding and mental adaptability to Earth was eliminating perhaps 90 percent of what Earth really had to offer. Thus they were the first to really show, by the creation of beings who were — from your point of view — underdeveloped mentally, what could be done if one was not burdened to any great extent with a mental body. So these beings had an influence; compared to your present influence from Andromeda, meaning the mental body, they had about 1 percent of that mental body. They didn’t get distracted much, the minds wanting to analyze. They themselves, did they possess a mental … The Orions? Brilliant. Okay, so they were doing something that was radically different from any of their own experience in the past of themselves? Yes, because they understood that Earth was radically different, and they wanted to take advantage of the unusual blending of elements and life forms here. With all of the rugged stuff going on on Earth — volcanoes and so on — they could see that something different was going on here. It was a planet that was creative and constructive — there are still volcanoes going on. They could see it was something that was not a passing thing. Yes, they wanted to take advantage of that. The Orions wanted to prove that the other races who had come here had missed the boat, in

terms of the potentials the physical body had to offer. So they were attempting to show the value of instinct and the Divine Physical as being, from their point of view at that time, superior to what the mental body could do in terms of survival. They created a lot of the so-called primitive races, many variants, to see which one would do best. Were they dead-end experiments, or were the qualities that they created instilled into our bodies now? About 90 percent of them were dead ends, from your point of view, meaning that they were controlled groups who were not allowed to intermingle too much, who were given a certain space and encouraged to stay there through various primitive means of spiritual influence. By primitive and spiritual I mean that they were encouraged to experience nature as their gods. That’s not really primitive, but they were primitive in their forms of action and interaction with nature. However, about 10 percent of the best of what was learned in those experiments has filtered down and is intermingled in various places in your experience today. I’m not saying 10 percent Orion; I’m saying 10 percent of that experience has filtered down. That is why the human being has a reputation of being able to survive mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally in the most extremely hazardous environments as well as those that are comforting — a wide range of capability. You owe a tremendous amount of your ability to survive today to that original Orion visit. Before that, you didn’t really have the ability to withstand a lot of the rugged aspects of Earth life that you now have. You inherited from them and those experiments the will to live. So this 10 percent became part of the gene pool and became a potential and a capability of everyone then on the planet? Yes, it is an inherited aspect. You don’t come here without that. In other words, they proved not only to their peers at the time but to everyone that this was something worth preserving. So it was integrated fully. The term of their experiment ran for about a half million years, and after that they had a pretty good idea of what was working and what wasn’t. Did they actually combine a lot with animals? Is this where we get centaurs and all the different part-animal beings, or is that somewhere else? That’s somewhere else. They did experiments like that, but those were terminated. I’m not saying the animal-man beings were killed; they were just allowed to die out naturally. It was recognized that that would not work. They did some of it, but not very much. Is that where our mythology comes from? No. Okay, we’re at five million years now, and while this is going on, we have passed Atlantis and Lemuria, right? Well, it’s so difficult. We’re really making up a mythology of our own here, in the sense that Atlantis and Lemuria were really happening around those times. Both Mu and Atlantis were fully conversant with the settlements coming here from other places. Mu was perhaps most interactive with Orion at roughly around that time. There’s been a lot of thought that the two civilizations had been interacting with the Pleiades, but that didn’t come until much later. They communicated with the Pleiades, but it was direct. We really are not dealing with white influence yet. I’ll get to that later. Were the civilizations of Mu and Atlantis composed of the descendants from Jehovah then, or were they other experiments or outposts from other galaxies? The astrologicals had arrived by then, so the idea of a synthesized being had already taken place. Thus they were a synthesis that existed at the time between the astrologicals and, if they desired it,

with many influences from extraterrestrial origins. The establishment of Atlantis was essentially an outgrowth of the formal break between Jehovah’s right-hand man Lucifer and Jehovah himself. Lucifer had inadvertently created polarity by encouraging the Atlanteans. He inadvertently created separation, too, but he didn’t mean to do that. He just wanted to show that it was possible for people to externally control and support their environment. The civilizations that were there, including Mu, still functioned from the idea of materializing what they needed. They were still materializing in Atlantis, but toward the end of the reign of Atlantis, in terms of their survivability, adaptability and so on, the Luciferian influence was much stronger; technology had come on strong by then. Technology really was not a factor, from your present understanding — technology that functions as a means of some extension of what you do, you understand. I’m not talking about thought technology here, meaning what you think or what you feel or what reacts to you. I’m talking about machines. Extension of your senses? An extension of your physical action, an extension of something you do consciously. Hear, see, manipulate. Typewriter, that type of thing. That’s all Luciferian. Some of the more old-fashioned Christian influence used to say that technology was from the devil, as it was gradually invented and reinvented in some of your civilizations. It really was! Kind of ironic. Earth is the irony capital of the universe! So Jehovah is playing God and Lucifer is playing the devil? Not playing that, but when they had a break like that, Lucifer wanted the people to have a sense of their own ability to control and manipulate their immediate environment. We’re talking about the people who were beginning to be essentially Earth people at that time and were no longer actually outposts from anyplace else. They were colonies who grew up on Earth and who were a synthesis of various beings. So Lucifer wanted to offer an option. Jehovah was dead-set against it. He could see where it was going and didn’t like it. They had a break. For a long time Lucifer was still a lightbeing and was considered a great being. It’s just that Jehovah was at that point annoyed with him; he didn’t get angry at him until much later. Lucifer now knows all these things; he understands. Lucifer’s darker side (we use those kind of references for ease of understanding) is Satan, yet Satan still isn’t all that stuff. So he’s still attempting to help the people or to control them? What is Satan’s role? Control. Let’s not wander too far off our map.

The Pleiadians, the Last Major Influence Okay, we’re at five million years, and Atlantis and Mu are behind us and now we are continuing. Is there another star system that’s coming in to influence? We’re talking about major influences here. There are so many that I haven’t named already; it would be kind of hard to count that high. But in terms of the next major influence, now comes the Pleiades — Johnny-come-lately. And these have light skins?

These are the first real light-skinned arrivals. Not all the Pleiadians are light-skinned, you understand, but those were who came here from about 4.5 to 2.5 million years ago. They were a strong influence then. They didn’t come, you understand, until the Orions had established music and color. Then they thought, “Well, maybe there’s some hope for this place.” And when a cultural environment was established, they felt, “Well, all right.” They established outpost colonies and so on — observing, the usual thing. They caught the tail end of some of the experiments from the Orions of survivability, or primitive man, as you call him now. They tried to establish their own version of a primitive being, which didn’t survive too well, but it was the first being who was integrated in terms of spiritual/mental/physical/emotional. They wanted to have that, too. They established the lighter skin and the light-colored hair and all that — that’s when all that came in. They weren’t into genetic experimentation, so they asked the Orions to do this for them, and they did. They cooperated with the Orions, and still do today to some extent. They looked at the idea of tools and technology that existed in Atlantis — a control group within an experiment — and thought maybe that was worth a try here. It seemed like a pretty good idea. So Lucifer was not a bad guy from their point of view. At that time the dark side of Lucifer (Satan) had not really emerged as a power. What has been pictured as the end of Atlantis was not really the end. Atlantis was essentially uncreated by “accident”: it was dematerialized, essentially. Some of it still exists, but not enough to … but that’s another story. So they created genetic experiments. Their traits from their culture, their DNA, was transferred into the stock that was here and spread where? That’s changed. Initially it was spread all over the South because it had already been established as the most fertile area, the most easily adapted-to area, the most beneficial area. The spread to the North didn’t happen until much, much later. The Pleiadians were the last major influence of magnitude.

Origins of Certain Earth Races Is it productive to ask specifically how we have these very unique civilizations such as the

Chinese, the Japanese, the Indian, the Mongolian? Do they have roots that trace back to specific experiments or star systems? Some of the African tribes can still trace themselves back to the water planets in Sirius. I don’t believe any of them at this time can trace themselves directly to the negative planet; that has strictly become a blend. Those first beings have largely lifted off and are still energetically functioning in the vehicle that Jehovah arrived in. They have essentially become a portion of the vehicle, and they also occupy the angelic kingdom to some extent. So the only pure, direct line would be some of the African races. This is beginning to blend a bit, though, and in time may not be direct anymore. But they are the last of the pure line from the positive planets on Sirius. How did some of these races get to be so distinctive — the very small four-foot Japanese or the … Many of the oriental races relate to Inner Earth. They were created by very high (from your point of view — knowledgeable, loving) lightbeings from inside the Earth. For the purpose of … Variety. We have the red-haired Irish. Are there other particular groups? Red hair is an influence from Saturn. There are physical beings on Saturn now? From my point of view there are, inside the planet. Just because the planet’s surface isn’t hospitable doesn’t mean that the inside of the planet, at some dimension … At some dimension? Third dimension? Third dimension is happening here. Only here? Well, no. It can’t happen only here, because if you went someplace you would be in the third dimension. The third dimension is happening in a lot of places, from your point of view. In this solar system? Yes. If you were to fly to Orion right now, the third dimension would be happening there. Anything that you can see or sense in any way from your physical selves is happening in the third dimension or has a third-dimensional equivalent you can interact with. It doesn’t mean it would be like you. So all we see when we look out there are stars or planets in the third dimension? Yes, but you see physically; you see the third-dimensional equivalent. That’s why when you land on Mars it looks kind of like Earth in a lot of places, but you don’t see people walking around even though there are people walking around at the higher dimensions. It’s a good thing, otherwise they might intimidate you. You might think they were pretty special and that you were pretty stupid, even though you’re not. You’re the experimental group. You’re not allowed to see things that will threaten you or your self-image, you understand. Because? Because if you think that everybody is superior to you, you will think that there is no hope for you. There’s already some of that going on. Yes, there’s already a lot of that going on, and it’s not very beneficial. That’s why that’s ruled with an iron hand, rigidly.

There’s so much activity, so many stories, so much interaction, so much memory from astral levels. Yes, there’s a lot of that, but it isn’t widely accepted as real except by some of the more magnanimous religions and cultures. So in our lifetimes we’re going to interact with these beings? Is that true? Interact more — largely, yes. That means we’ll be able to see them, so there will be a dimensional shift in our lifetimes. It also means that the obvious will be so — they will create third-dimensional equivalents of themselves for you to see. This begs the question, does it not? If you look at star systems through your telescopes and see their third-dimensional equivalent, what will you see? For a higher-dimensional person on this Earth, will you not see their third-dimensional equivalent? But shortly we’re going to be able to see them fourth-dimensionally or higher, aren’t we? How shortly? In our lifetime? You keep baiting me on that one. If I said yes, you would say, “Oh good, then I don’t have to do anything.” If I said no, then you would be unhappy. So I will not commit myself. We’re assuming that spaceships are flying in and out up to 2.5 million years ago. If the Pleiadians were the last major extraterrestrial genetic influence on the Explorer Race, are the people … ? They’re still flying in and out. Okay, but were the beings at that time aware of these spaceships? Oh, yes. There are people living on Earth right now who are aware that the spaceships have always been flying in and out. It is only in social systems that are rigidly controlled in terms of what is acceptable knowledge that people become unaware. You get a group of people who are aware, and they will see things. It isn’t just that people with “amazing spiritual abilities” can see ships and lights and so on. If people give themselves permission to see these things; if they don’t wait for proof; if they surround themselves with others who also have permission and create a culture that makes these beings equals and friends from afar, treating each other like friends, it is much more likely you will see them.

The Last 2.5 Million Years Okay, my point was that 2.5 million years ago there seems to have been a higher cultural and consciousness level than now. Can you describe the dips in the last 2.5 million years to get us to where we are now and why? At that time it was already understood by everybody that Earth was a place to resolve problems. The Pleiadian influence was allowed because they had problems you could resolve — that’s why they’re here. They wouldn’t come before Orion came, but because they’ve always had pretty good relations with Orion, they figured that if Orion said okay, then it was all right. But in terms of the densification, as you understand it in terms of people’s interaction, that was actually an inadvertent offshoot of the Orion experiments with primitive beings. They were trying to create the will to survive, and in the process they accidentally instigated a little bit more violence. It wasn’t their intention; they weren’t violent. It was kind of an accident. They didn’t mean to — oops! So we had what — cultures of war and nuclear disaster? Not really. They could just see it coming. At about the 2.5-million mark, when the Pleiadians

pulled back to underground bases, got rid of their surface civilizations and essentially made themselves less apparent, that’s when you started having the idea of property — “mine, yours.” That was also inadvertently started by Lucifer, the idea that whatever you created was yours. That was an accident, in terms of Lucifer’s intent. But it was part of the divine plan? Of course. Understand that Lucifer was like the child who was expelled from the house and had to learn things on his own, so he made mistakes. But a lot of the mistakes he made were problems that had to be resolved on Earth because they’re unresolvable elsewhere. So he created a system, a basis, a place for them to be resolved, a mechanism, or … ? He inadvertently stimulated a lot of the things that needed to be resolved from elsewhere. Would you speak a little of this? At what point did it go down from this cultural level? We’re talking about the third dimension all along here, you know. So the violence, the selfishness, the separation, come in at 2.5 million years, then? That really doesn’t come in until about one million years ago. Then you start seeing real conflict. Technological conflict or just fears or … ? You start seeing conflict as being integrated within every individual as a potential for survival. There had been inadvertent conflict; there had been the end of civilizations; there had been destruction, violence and stuff like that, but that was accepted as part of Earth herself — volcanoes, hot lava, civilizations covered up, this kind of thing. That had been understood to be part of Earth herself. But the longer these civilizations remained on Earth, added to the primitive influence resulting from the experiments, they themselves became more imitative of Earth. “They” meaning the civilizations? Yes. And that is when the Pleiadians began to pull back. It was too much for them.

The Human Soul Line We’ve discussed these genetic experiments conducted by so many people in so many places. I’m interested now in where the souls came from who inhabited these bodies, particularly at the time when Jehovah’s ship arrived here, and from that point forward. Can you give us that information? Your soul line, in terms of what has been involved in Earth, essentially arrived here with Jehovah and his followers. Those who came here from other points and were not involved in setting up experimental colonies — ETs who remained so, keeping themselves apart from any of the experimental civilizations that were going on — were not part of your soul line. However, any civilization that was part of the experiment was connected with your soul line, including extraterrestrial outposts that encouraged the idea of Mu or Atlantis and a couple of other experimental civilizations. These were also involved in your soul line. But to trace it to its point of arrival, I’ve always stated that everybody can trace their roots back to the 144,000. That isn’t a total of 144,000 people; that idea is ridiculous. As indicated, Jehovah arrived with all the basic personality groups that were going to be on this planet. Those personalities were the basis for the soul tree that developed here. I have stated, as has Joopah, that you were involved on Zeta in the past, but that’s something else. Your souls had evolved from many points before they got to Earth; we’re not talking about that here. But for the sake of clarity, before your souls got to Jehovah and his tribes, they evolved through Zeta and several other places before they went to Sirius for a taste of negative energy and got with

Jehovah and his tribes and came here. In a nutshell, your souls arrived on Earth with Jehovah. Has there been an incredible fracturing or splitting off? How do you get five billion or ten billion souls from the 144,000?

That’s why I referred to the idea of the soul tree. Every tree comes from a seed, and that tree might grow and have limbs, which might have leaves, and the leaves would go through the change of seasons and fall off, you understand. All souls can trace back to a point of origin — being the Creator, One. So we’ll say that the Creator is the seed. Some like to say the Creator is the creation of the seed, but let’s not split hairs. Is this the ship that is up there now, and are the souls still connected in some way? Those original souls that were then embodied as people are now beyond the point of being people — although that ship is still peopled — but they make up the energetic substance of the whole. The whole of that ship is now condensed residual soul energy. That is, souls go on, but they may choose to leave some of their energy here. Some might leave it on the landscape, some might leave it in the planet and some might leave it in Mother Earth’s auric field. Some might even choose to leave it in the hull of that ship, which has been here from the beginning, from your point of view of the genetic experiment on Earth, of which you are the result. So everyone on this planet can trace themselves somehow to one of those 144,000 souls? That’s correct. Would that be an oversoul or a higher self? How would we put that into our terminology now? I would not wish to limit it to that. It’s like the top of a family tree of the human race. You would not say that your grandmother or grandfather is your oversoul. Do you understand the analogy? It is your personal family tree. Are those people your oversoul? No. You asked where the souls came from, and from your point of view I would rather convert that to how they arrived here. They arrived with Jehovah and his people. But another part of our soul line went to Orion or the Pleiades or one of the astrological communities that were here as well? I mean, we would be a lot of different lines other than the 144,000, wouldn’t we? No, you all relate back to the 144,000. Those who came here from these other places inherited the influence of the 144,000 by being here. If they remained apart from those outposts and so on and

returned, not putting themselves into this planet, understand, then there was no connection, no influence. If they put themselves into the planet, however, by establishing an experimental civilization here long enough, they would have absorbed into the 144,000. In other words, they would have absorbed into the trunk of the tree. Let’s call the 144,000 the trunk of the tree. I’m not trying to create an exclusive club. I’m trying to stamp out once and for all the ridiculous idea (third time I’ve used that word tonight; I guess I’m sounding kind of judgmental!) that only one group of people relates back to the 144,000. It ain’t so! How does the Jewish race fit in here? What are its roots, its antecedents? In terms of the Jewish culture, I would say that it is largely associated with Orion and Sirius, not so much from the Pleiades. They were perceived to be traced back to the idea of Yahweh. Yahweh and Jehovah are different beings? Yes. Who is Yahweh? Yahweh was the person who replaced Lucifer and became Jehovah’s … you understand, Jehovah is beyond body but he still has an ethereal personality at this point on our linear ruler of the Earth history we are making up for it to be understandable. Yahweh took Lucifer’s place at Jehovah’s side. A lieutenant? He could have been a general. Maybe he didn’t have a hundred stars. I mean like second in command, that kind of right-hand man? No, I don’t want to say command. At that point in time command was not a factor. Yahweh became the inheritor of the idea of the beloved child of Jehovah, to put it into a human context, and Lucifer became the child of disappointment. I’m interested in the recruitment of the 144,000. Were they more or less scientists who had already dipped into some civilizations and somehow became interested in this experiment? No, they’re not scientists. There was only one scientist, as you understand scientists to be. Jehovah was a social engineer. They were his followers, as one might be a member of a church or a group that had a certain philosophy. In terms of their inclinations toward different careers, as you would call it, they came from all walks. Were they the most adventurous, brave souls then on that planet, because they had the nerve to leave? They were willing to, yes. They were willing to leave all they knew behind. This is not to say that there were not what you would call scientists among them, but they were not all that. Well, I think of a scientist as someone who is intensely interested in the outcome of an experiment and wants to participate. What is a scientist by today’s standards? Mental. All right. So while your definition is valid, we’re trying to create a book here that helps people to understand who they are now. How does the breakdown of those who became more female and those who were more male relate to the 144,000? I have stated that the point of origin of the female is Sirius and the point of origin of the male is Orion, so it’s almost a secondary line we’re talking about here. The idea of polarization was already established; the beings who made up the 144,000 were polarized.

Some were male and some were female. Yes, even though they’re from Sirius — with the exception of Jehovah. Was it perhaps at that time a little more female, and then when the Orions came it created more of a distinct polarity? No, they were already that. Did they reproduce the way humans reproduce or did they clone? Not exactly. I’m trying to avoid some of these areas because it’s going to be mighty hard for you not to deify these people if I tell you what they did in their nitty-gritty. I’m not telling! So you basically don’t want us to deify them? That’s right. And Jehovah was not polarized? He was not male or female? Jehovah was the most balanced being. That’s part of the reason people followed him. He was quite balanced in all of the known sexes. I call him “he” essentially for point of reference — she, it. Leadership was visited upon Jehovah; he did not seek to be a leader. It was visited upon him because it was felt that he had the broadest depth of character, that he could be the most flexible and that he usually had a pretty good answer for most questions. So he was highly evolved before he became embodied on the Sirian planet? Yes. I wouldn’t exactly say he was a messiah, but it is not far from that idea. He’s always been in the Sirius constellation? No. He was born on that planet and led those people away from it, out of bondage. Like Moses? Yes, that’s why he was inclined to repeat that story. It worked for him, from his point of view. He saw no reason not to reproduce it. All right, let’s go back to the million years. At the million-year point we’ve got more violence, more disunity, more selfishness … Let’s not get too enthusiastic. What we have is justification of violence in order to survive. We’re really done with our clock now, our timetable. I haven’t really mentioned that question yet about male/female. It would sort of be an overlay on that, and I’m trying to figure out how to put this in without it sounding too deified — which, as you can see, I’m studiously avoiding. In terms of the arrival of the male/female, let us simply say that male/female arrived with Jehovah. The point of origin for the human race, however, still remains male/Orion, female/Sirius. We’re talking about the creative concept of male/female, something that was established long before Jehovah. Since we’re dealing with a ten-million-year timeline here, I’m really forced to say that male/female arrived with Jehovah, even though we take it back much further. We really can’t even deal with years here. This is a mythology. You talked about the Tooomn race and the Q race who were beneath the Earth and the sea. Did they have anything to do with Jehovah’s race? Did they interact with them? No direct contact.

The Zetas of the Present We’ve come from ten million years to the present. We don’t want to deify Jehovah and his people. We are here now at this point in this density. This is part of an experiment deliberately set for us to arrive now at this density? Yes.

And yet if you go ten million years in the future, we are the Zetas; we are these beings. “We” meaning your souls. Our souls, then, chose to go back in time to inhabit those bodies in the negative Sirian planet and come here to change the future. Yes. The whole thing that is going on here is not because of the Zetas. That is strictly their point of view; that is how they fit in here. They see it that way quite clearly, that it was necessary to recreate their current present — ten million years hence for the sake of simplicity in terms of timeline — and the only way to do it was to allow violence and polarity and all those things to be much more thoroughly experienced. The best could then be culled from it (of bravery and such) to survive. But when emotional stuff ran rampant, from their point of view, they judged it and cut it out and it never had a chance to culminate and provide the value (all of these extremes distilled to something valuable). So part of them had to go back in time and then come forward again. That’s the way they see it, yes. That’s the way they see it? Everybody sees it from their own point of view on the basis of who they are. That’s why so many truths are true, why there is no “one truth.” I would love to get rid of the idea of there being one truth. Every individual and every culture will have its own truth on this planet. The total sum of all truths of all souls of all things, everything — that’s the Creator. The Creator thinks the idea of one truth is pretty funny, but the Creator allows that. Do other planets have more of a consensus, where everyone agrees on truths? Yes, there is less variety on many other planets. That’s how they manage to keep the peace. That’s also how they manage to not grow, but that’s another story. So if we look at this ten million years back and forth, it’s like an infinity symbol, and we’re now in the center.

If you like. That’s a good model; it could make a good illustration. It’s also, as an aside, roughly the shape of Mother Earth’s aura, putting Mother Earth in the middle. Her auric field tends to range out not unlike a propeller. It ranges out bulbously this way, then bulbously that way, you understand. All right, what is our position, our truth? Each person answers that for him or herself. I do not tell you your truth. But we’re here in what seems for some of us like a prison at this little center point. And yet you are more liberated now than your souls have ever been because you have the gift of ignorance. When we get out of the seemingly little cage at the point where we accept nonjudgmentally everything and everyone, we see the Creator in everything and everyone? There you go. I’m feeling colloquial tonight. What is our path right now? Integration, isn’t it?

Yes, quite. I have seen parts of self going back to the past and making changes, then going to the future, making changes there, then bringing them into the present, thus making changes in ways I don’t understand and that seem impossible, by an integrative process I don’t even know. I can accept that. So that would be parts of us that don’t operate in the mental and the conscious? All right! If the Explorer Race experiment had a nominal beginning ten million years ago, are we within ten years or twenty years of the Creator saying, “Okay, the experiment is over.” Is that what’s happening now? Yes, the experiment is over, meaning all that you came here to do you have done. As I’ve stated not too long ago, the book of karma is closed. All that needed to be done has been done. Things will continue to happen on the basis of momentum, but there is no pay-back or pay-to anymore. The cashier closed up his office and went home. Yet when we look at what’s going on in Europe, it looks like a lot of craziness and a lot of pain and so on. Among? Among a lot of joy and a growth and a lot of changes. Thank you.

Back to the Beginning If Jehovah is basically the one who started this experiment and energetically interacted all the way … The Creator started it, but Jehovah was invited to participate and to be the vessel of the souls. You want a name for Jehovah’s ship? Call it the V, the Vessel of the Souls. When you gave us this information about the Order, it dated back to the Founders. Are the Founders these 144,000, or are they the Andazis who live in the center of the Earth? Neither. They are beyond. They are fully realized. They can form as bodies; they can be mass energy. They are the Sun, they are the Creator and they are all things. You might say they are the extension of the purest form of the Creator that you can have here inside this planet. Are they the same as the Elohim? They are; they are not. They are all things. They are the Creator. The Founders are your current representative Idea and Experience of Creator (capital letters). Can you help us put the Order into a perspective? They were trained by the Founders. How do Jehovah and the beginning of the souls there fit into … A separate line. Unrelated completely? No, nothing is unrelated. It is like this: If you take a pile of twigs and sticks and lay them on top of each other and just let them fall, they will arrange themselves in a random pattern. So they are related through the random pattern, although nothing is totally random. Things are. We’re talking about paradoxes here, you understand. You want a rigidly defined means by which to fit all things, and it does not exist. I’m talking to you now largely about the influence of Sirius and Orion. One could create an entirely different history of Earth if viewed solely (pun intended) from the point of view of Pleiadian influence.

The end result is that the human race — our society, our economics, the systems — are controlled quite rigidly. Do we trace that control back to the Order’s mistake in understanding, or does it go back to the Jehovah influence? No, no, no. No mistakes. Control was perceived as a means of seduction. The epitome of seduction is control, because it seems like one can benefit oneself by controlling, until you evolve through enough of that and have the full-bodied result of that idea. The Order was prepared to believe that control was of value for the development of the human race, and it has been just that. It isn’t always fun, although sometimes it is for some of you, depending on what point you are standing on the control fence. But it is necessary for you to have that experience so you can see it in every conceivable way as your souls evolve from life to life. Thus you can socially evolve on the soul level and see the actual validity of control in terms of practical day-to-day life. Is there a connection, then, between Jehovah’s energy interacting on etheric levels over the course of this ten million years down to Moses and the Brotherhood? Did Jehovah and this Brotherhood interact to their mutual benefit; were they connected? Everything is connected. Some things appear to be disconnected only for the sake of our model, but everything is connected. Was there interaction and interplay between Jehovah and the Brotherhood? Between Jehovah and everything else. Yet he was not a part of the system that controlled humanity — or was he? He is. He was. It is not his intention to establish, maintain and project control, but he does see how it has been valuable for the souls. I’m not, you understand, advocating control. I’m saying that as one of the means of trying something out in every possible way to see if it has value, it takes a long time for all of the different personality groupings that came to go through every possible experience. Are each of us now a representative of one of those personality groupings, or have we integrated the twelve? Representative. You have integrations of the aspects of the personality, but you will usually have a prominent version of one or the other, and I would be willing to let stand that which has been channeled by Janet McClure as being the basic groupings of personalities. Those types are the ones who are the original twelve? Classified within twelve. There were 144,000; 12 is divided into 144,000 12,000 times, so you’re talking about 12,000 people who ran the full range of whatever that personality trait was.

The Mayan Legacy Many people have said that the Mayan civilization has a critical contribution for this time. Is there anything we need to know that would assist us in getting a clear picture? The Mayan civilization was greatly involved in instinct, and they encouraged more development of instinct through the heart as an aspect of love and kindness to oneself and one’s brothers and sisters. You can see where that might fit in: instinctual love. How does that fit in with the bloody sacrifices of human life that were part of their celebrations? How do you know they had that? Well, this is what we’ve been told. Is this only due to later deterioration? As was Atlantis, yes. But that was not the intention. All this stuff that is not too pleasant comes up toward the end when a civilization is breaking down and the fabric wants to expand into something

greater. Since you are in a polarized society, it also has to compress into something lesser so that people can see clearly which way not to go on the basis of their feelings, if nothing else. Or on the basis of their instinctual love, which goes through the physical, the mental, the spiritual and the emotional as an “experienced experience,” if we can use the redundancy there. I feel it would be helpful to give us a few paragraphs about that civilization so it could be better integrated into people’s understanding. Many say that the Mayan calendar indicates some tremendous transitions very shortly. Three people of the Mayan civilization were given the knowledge of what would likely occur in the future. Each one was given a certain part of the knowledge so they could pull it up from their recollections of the experience in which they were given that philosophy and clearly shown a picture in symbols they could accept. They were given that calendar, which is 99.5 percent accurate. The inaccuracy does not affect your current times; it has come and gone already. So I would say that their job was to create relics for the future to stimulate a cohesive desire to pull pieces from all the world’s religions and philosophies and find similarities. That is why so many people, religions and philosophies, and educational institutions have found certain basic similarities running through various cultures. That was the intention. That was their legacy. As an aside, I might mention that the founder of the religion now known as Latter Day Saints [Joseph Smith] was a direct soul incarnation or reincarnation of one of those original Mayans who got that knowledge. This person has done that more than once. Who gave the three the knowledge and at what time in our timeline? They were given that knowledge from a group of three representatives from Orion, Sirius and Arcturus — change! When in our timeline? About 10,000 years before the civilization was supposed to have begun, according to current research. The civilization began under ground before it came above ground. What happened to the civilization in the end? It went back under ground, where it remains today. They went back where they started because it is safe there. Very simple, nothing complex.

The Future Sirian Inheritors Will they come back up again? They may come back up to be instructors when the next race from Sirius inherits this planet. Will there be as much interest in the Sirians and their evolution cosmically as there has been in our evolution? Will there be as much focused flying in and out and research and experiments? No, they will be allowed to evolve on their own. They will not inherit all of your stuff. The only thing they will really have to inherit is the mental body. That will be a happy marriage? Very, very happy. The mental body will be fulfilled with them, as it has not been with you, nor was it intended. It was with you strictly in order to be educated. It will apply that education with them. They will really be somewhat isolated so they can evolve without interference. Will they mostly have an emotional body? You said once that they had no spiritual … They do not include the idea of spiritual body. Of course, everybody has it or they wouldn’t be alive. But mostly they use their emotional body?

Yes, mostly they are emotionally and physically active. Of course, they have souls whether they allow for them or not. They have mental bodies, but they are functioning at about 10 percent of their capacity, and with the addition of the residual-Andromedan fully educated mental body that you will leave behind, their mental capacity will greatly accelerate. This will allow them to deal with their newfound experience of positive/negative balance of polarity. The mental body will in that sense help them. It is interesting to me that our human race does not have any genetic commonality with the new Sirian inheritors. That is correct. It was unnecessary. This implies that the energy alone on the planet creeps into the beings here, just like the ancient colonies began to feel the effect of the human Earth experience. It’s almost as though an exchange of atoms at a third-dimensional level (you might not call it that) takes place. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with literal physical bodies as we think of them, or with souls; but just by being in the same place, essences are exchanged. Yes, in the same way that a civilization like Atlantis or Lemuria — which was essentially at a higher dimension — could exist, in order to protect itself, on an Earth that was basically at the third dimension so that it could evolve as an experimental group without interference from the beings who were living in the third dimension. Oh, I understand. So Atlantis interacted with beings from other planets but didn’t really have a lot of social, trade or other interactions with the other experimental groups on the Earth? That’s right. Only toward the very end were they getting anywhere near the third-dimensional aspect that was desirable for them to experience; but their civilization came to an untimely end. So of course, it has to be somewhat resolved. What they did not resolve has to be resolved by you now, and you are doing it. Your genetic experiments now, your experience with computers, all this kind of thing, has more to do with them than it has to do with you. So that’s why we can’t find Atlantis — because it’s not in this dimension. That’s right! And when you get to be in the fourth dimension … We’ll find it. That’s right. Everywhere any one of us goes, we are there, too? That’s right. It’s just this particular timing in our choice of evolvement when we’re semi-blind to who we really are? You are experiencing the Gift of Ignorance (capitalized). In my picture of reality each of us will become a Creator, a Source. As you have been. You will simply have more potential, greater heart, and greater forgiveness and understanding because of the Gift of Ignorance, which you will fully appreciate along the future timeline, and which you have fully appreciated along the past timeline. You talked about the Andazis being fully realized and able to live on many different levels. Could they also be physical in the way we are physical? If they choose. And would they have the Gift of Ignorance? No. So they could be physical, but they wouldn’t be able to grow in the same way we could grow?

They have done that. They understand that ignorance is a gift, which is necessarily true if one is fully realized. You understand the ramifications of what I’m saying, do you not? In my analogy of the Andazis as being fully realized and understanding the Gift of Ignorance, I’m simply saying that before you arrived here on your soul’s journey through the Earth experience, you were not fully realized. Yet you were, since you are a part of the Creator. But as you approached Earth you were not fully realized because you will experience the Gift of Ignorance in the future. You will then have the inclination to practice full realization if you choose in any embodiment of any individual soul personality. What I’m saying is that the Andazi had already done that before they arrived here, before they imaged themselves in the mass that is referred to as Earth and other names at other dimensions. Thank you for humoring us!


An Andromedan Perspective on the Earth Experiment Om-Ran Sedona, Arizona, June 27, 1991 All right. I am Om-Ran from Andromeda. We would like your point of view on your interaction with the Explorer Race from the beginning. From our experience, we did not see at the time any purpose in the Explorer Race experiment at all, nor did we understand why we should even be involved. When any race, culture or system of belief — anything anywhere, not only on Andromeda — found that some behavior or activity or experience was not appropriate for them, it was sent someplace else. We did not realize that the Creative Spirit desired to have some means of resolving everything, because after all, no one race or group of people was expected to resolve everything from everywhere. Certain races and groups were expected to live up to certain principles, according to our understanding.

The Story of Our Involvement But one day the Creative Spirit, in the form of a vision to many of our elders, came to us and said that it was time for us to participate in an experiment to resolve all of the unresolvable problems from everywhere, and that our contribution was somehow going to be involved in the processing of the mind and the mental power — as the Visitor stated to us — as something that was more benevolent. We had never considered that we were not benevolent. We just know how to do things and have always done them in the most appropriate way for us. So we did not know how to react to the Visitor. But since the Visitor had the authority of the Creator — that was quite clear — we cooperated. We were told that the mental power would not, in fact, be resolved by the genetic experiment on Earth, the human being.

And so again we questioned the Visitor, the representative of the Creator, as to why we should even participate at all. We were told that the human beings could benefit from the challenge of the mental power, since they would not be given the extent of the mental power’s abilities as we have. They would be given what amounts to a sliver of it, from our experience, as a challenge. So we took it to mean that we were participating to help the human beings perceive how all the vast knowledge of the mental ability could benefit their understanding of life. Again the Visitor reminded us that it was not our job to expect the human beings to cooperate with us in any way. We were somewhat nonplused by that. We did not understand, nor do we to this day, what the intention of the Visitor was, but we are complying, of course. We have been told that shortly after the human beings leave Earth and go on to their future work, whatever that might be, the next race that inhabits Earth will be the one we will have more interaction with; and the gains the Creative Spirit had in its intention for us will be processed as a result of what the human beings were doing on Earth. Somehow they would leave a legacy for the next race, and that would continue the process. It is there we will achieve some new form of benevolence in the mental power that had not existed before. The Visitor from the Creative Spirit looked at the mental power within us — because we on Andromeda represent the seed of thought — and found it wanting, that it did not have all that it could have. Of course, this came as quite a shock to us. We thought that we had developed it to its greatest advantage, but the Visitor from the Creative Spirit apparently thought and still feels that we are not as benevolent as we could be mentally. We did not feel injured by that attitude, but we are curious about it, naturally. That is what we know so far. We do not feel that we are directly participating, though we have had many expeditions there and still have some. It is really our job only to observe, report and accumulate any data of interest in an attempt to correlate whether there is anything going on with the human being that is associated with us. As a representative of Andromeda, I am not speaking about all in our civilizations. I am not talking about all the wonder and all of the variety that we have here in all of our civilizations; I am only speaking to you about the direct aspect of our civilization that is associated with you. I do not wish to sound pompous. It is just that we do not feel particularly involved, because the Creative Spirit has indicated that whatever it is that we are going to gain is being processed through you, but

the gain won’t come about until the next race has inherited what you choose to leave behind on Earth. Do you have a mental body, an emotional body, a physical body or a spiritual body? Who I am right now as a representative of Andromeda is no longer embodied. In the process where the mental body was represented by Andromeda, how did that interactive fit get connected to the human? Well, since the Creator asked us to participate, it expected us to be present at the beginning of the experiment, so we were. Was it like giving part of yourselves as a subtle body that could be incorporated into the matrix of the prototype of humanity, or was it genes and chromosomes? What were the mechanics of it? We emanated a radiation to those original experimenters from the star system Sirius in their vehicle; we also sent an emissary to interact with them, presenting the appropriate proof that the Creative Spirit’s representative had visited us. When that was accepted, the genetic structure of the human being and the initial experiments were altered by genetic chromosomal factors. These factors were representative of thought and were included in the code that was the part of the original experimental matrix used to develop all of the various stages of the human being within the experimental range of development. The human body that we inhabit is connected to the mental body. How will that be disengaged when we go to the next level and leave it behind? How does that work? I do not fully grasp how it will be disengaged. My understanding is that it will not be completely disengaged. I believe what is occurring is that you are cultivating your own mental body from a stimulus from us. But when you accelerate into your next dimension, you will have what amounts to a hybridized mental body that was originally stimulated by us but from which you have grown your own. So it’s like a mutation — a hybrid? Yes. So it’s not that we’re going on without a mental body. It’s just that what was available at that time was your model? You have adapted it to your own needs, so it will interact on the level most appropriate for you. The mental body you have created as a result of our stimulation would not be appropriate for us, but it will be appropriate for you at that level. The Creative Spirit thought mind would become more benevolent, then? For us. Is it an apt analogy to say we’ve taken your mind and souped it up? Well, I would not use it myself. I understand that from your point of view it is necessary to see what you have done as an improvement, but I hope you do not expect me to agree. I’m sorry. It is all right. It is fine. I can understand.

Your Mental Functions I don’t understand the particular mentality that you have nor its difference from ours. You said we were given a sliver of it and that it’s been adapted. I do not understand the nature of the adaptation from your point of view. What kind of characteristic does our sliver have that is so different from what you experience?

What kind of a characteristic your mental body has? It is influenced directly from your physiology in the way that it functions — not thoughts, but in the way that it functions. It is quite the opposite for us. Our physiology, our body, is influenced by the function of our mind. Your mind, its actual function, is influenced by your body. So in that sense, your mental process is an effect of your physical process. Your world is a study of the physical level of creation, so the Creator would have you develop a responsive mental process that would react and grow and change through the actual cellular experience of the application of physical knowledge. So your mental process evolves on the basis of applied evolutionary experience on the physical level. Your mind constantly changes its capacity on the basis of the applied physical wisdom that you learn. Is there more interaction emotionally here than on your home system? I would say that that is so. You are … Like when we get emotional, we can’t think as well. When you get emotional, your physical process becomes very strong, and since the method by which you learn is that which is applied physically, it supersedes any instructional level and any energetic command and response that you might receive from your mind. From our point of view, your physical/emotional short-circuits what your mind would have to offer. But of course, that is because our mind, our mental powers, are in charge. Your mental powers are not in charge. It is as if your physical/emotional body is the parent and your mind is the child, and it remains so. It is set up that way. It can never change at this current level of your experience, from our point of view, so your mind has only a certain capacity on the functional level — not knowledgewise — to evolve into change and to increase its capacity. So our evolutionary thrust into the next dimension is to lose that limitation because our hearts and our instincts will be more developed, thus interfering with the mind. Is that how you see it? It is one way to put it, but I must modify that a bit. I am not privy to all of your knowledge about the experiment because it has nothing to do with my world, but from what I can understand, your experience will be to create heart decisions and physical decisions from actual physical knowledge as a bedrock foundation so that the mind is no longer really involved in your knowledge. This way you will create a direct link with your spiritual self and the Creator itself to pass all knowledge directly into your emotional self, where, as appropriate, it will be acted out physically, shortcircuiting the mind completely. My understanding is that the mind, as I understand the mind to be, will no longer even be present. You will no longer have a mind, as I understand the mind. You will be without a mental body, from our point of view. Does the Creative Spirit not have a mind, from your point of view? The Creative Spirit must have a mind or we would not have one. So we would not have an individual mind but one from a Creator mind level. Is that the way it looks to you? Yes, that is a way to put it. The Creator will send all knowledge through spiritual inspiration, but it must come into practice through applied love, and applied love will be emotional/physical action. If it does not work in application, it will be filtered out. Jehovah, the creator of this experiment — how would you interpret his mental capacity compared to the humans’ mental capacity? He was, of course, vastly superior mentally to any version of human being. This is why he could have the range in understanding to know that he would be with you always during this time of the experiment. He could clearly understand that his physical body was merely a fleeting apparatus to

create an accessible social function between him and the other beings on his ship, but that his total self would be with you energetically throughout the experiment. He could grasp the variables of past, present and future within the concept of your time and could utilize all possibilities in creation. He was quite brilliant, certainly beyond anything that you have achieved — through no fault of your own, of course.

Jehovah’s Blind Spot and Lucifer’s Anger Jehovah was perhaps given the benefit of a small amount of ignorance so that he could have the pleasure of gaining something personally from your experiment. I do not wish to sound judgmental, but he did have a blind spot, which I believe is no longer present in his consciousness. From what we perceive, he didn’t understand that the best of intentions is not always an excuse for what’s done. So tell us about that best of intentions, then. Well, the best of intentions would simply mean that Jehovah’s desire was to accelerate the growth of his own people on that vehicle by creating the best possible benevolent relationship between a god and that god’s subjects, something that was actually separate from the genetic experiment on Earth. He involved this desire inadvertently by allowing one of the members of his crew to go to Earth, since he wanted that member of the crew — whom you know as Lucifer — to understand the relationship of responsibility that a god would have to his subjects. He wanted all members of the crew to gain as well as to give, so he allowed Lucifer to go to Earth and make his mistakes in the hope that he would thereby learn. From our point of view, this was an error. When you look at all that was created, some of it was intentional by Lucifer and some of it simply got out of hand. Lucifer was not capable; he could not live up to the task. He could not integrate his good self with his dark self. He lost all perspective, and Jehovah did not interfere. Jehovah knew this when Lucifer was getting ready to go to Earth and bring his ideas to Earth. He could have simply stepped in and allowed those ideas to filter in in some other way. But when Lucifer, who was in his ability, took his small vehicle to Earth, he would appear to be an all-powerful god who no one could resist, and his influence became an experience that people could not resist. They did not have a choice. I understand that Jehovah had the best of intentions for Lucifer to learn his lesson the hard way, but from our point of view, the best of intentions was not enough. What were Lucifer’s ideas? What were the ideas that he wanted to put into action? He wanted to simply show the people that they didn’t need God to have what they wanted. What was his alternative? He gave them tools, even though at that stage all they had to do was create a feeling within themselves of something they needed and it would be there. But in order to create that feeling they had to create a sense of sacred bonding between them and their God. You all seek that bonding because it is missing, even though you pray and hope. This actual connection where you can feel God in you in the moment of requesting something or offering something to God, this wonderful connection that we all know, was broken up by Lucifer. He came and said, “You don’t need this God, this person outside of you. Here are tools. Build these things for yourself. There is material around you. Here, build this for yourself.” Lucifer created separation from the Source. From our understanding of the genetic experiment on Earth, that was a variable the Creator allowed for, or naturally it would not have happened. But we think the experiment has taken infinitely longer, with much more chaos and struggle and pain and anguish and agony than it would ever have had to if Jehovah had understood that the experiment on Earth and what he was trying to teach his

people were incompatible. I don’t wish to sound too judgmental about Jehovah, but we believe he has learned this now. The Creator gave him that blind spot because the Creator obviously thought that Jehovah had something to learn, which he has learned. So I cannot say that what Jehovah did was wrong, because that was his lesson and he learned it. But at such a price! You don’t think that the Creator itself wished to have an experiment in separation? I would not in any way question what the Creator would do, but since I am a mental being, I must question what Jehovah did. Has Lucifer integrated his two selves yet, his dark and his light self? He’s still working on it because he didn’t understand the lesson. He is much closer now, from our point of view, but he will still never understand the lesson until he is totally melded with Jehovah. Jehovah is waiting for Lucifer to do that simple thing you all desire to do: have a need to be sacred and to be infused with the Creative Spirit; do the thing that Lucifer knows how to do even though he’s no longer in a body (he can create a body, but he is no longer embodied as he once was); create the sacred bond of need and love and desire and connection with God, the Creative Spirit; and ask for what he wants, ask to be returned to that melded place that we all have. Until he does that, Jehovah is waiting. Jehovah wants him to do that simple act, which will take less than a millisecond, but Lucifer feels that he has been cast out and not given what Jehovah could give to him, so he wants Jehovah to ask him to come back. It is up to Lucifer to make the natural creative energy connection with the Creative Spirit, and then all will be in balance. But Lucifer does not know. He knows mentally, but he does not know through the value of being the observer. All these years Jehovah has been the observer and he has seen the results of everything, all of the good things and all of the things that were not so good. He has seen it as an observer, not as a participant. And over the years Lucifer has become angry; he resents Jehovah not reaching down and interfering with the experiment and lifting him up and welcoming him back to the fold, saying, “I don’t blame you for what you did.” He wants forgiveness, you see. So he is waiting, and there is so much delay. From our point of view, so much unnecessary delay. Does this have to be accomplished before we finish the experiment? It does now, because it was an introduced factor that didn’t have to be introduced. But since the Creator obviously wanted Jehovah to learn the lesson I have stated, the Creator waits. I believe this will be resolved soon because you are accelerating now toward your next level of evolution. I expect that what must be going on is that the Creator itself, the Creative Spirit, must have taken a hand. I believe it was almost as if the Creative Spirit reached down into the auric and physical energy that is Earth where Jehovah and Lucifer live and struggle, and said, “Time to make up.” So our very accelerated evolution is going to force them to come to this conclusion? Gently, it will. The Creative Spirit does not believe in force. Om-Ran, from your perspective, was Lucifer the inspiration for some historical Earth gods, like the Egyptian god Thoth? Could he have inspired certain religions? I would not like to say inspired. I would rather say that he has greatly colored or affected the avenues some religions have pursued. Any religion that has to do with suppression, control, and the infliction of any form of fear and pain has been affected. There are very few who have escaped this effect. Perhaps the purest religion — in terms of its tenets, of course, not the human beings who might be involved — that has been around for some time, in terms of your history, would be Shinto. So he is not connected with Thoth, then? I did not say that.

Is there anything about Lucifer and Thoth? Lucifer made Thoth more polarized. The idea of good and evil became unnecessarily exaggerated in terms of the instructions of the original Thoth. I’m not talking about the way you have received most of your influence; I’m talking about the entity personality Thoth. You understand that over the years a lot is lost from the actual personality, and what tends to live on is the perception of the personality or the mythology of it. So you have brought considerable influence to us. Good.


The Twelfth Planet: Return of the Heart Energy Zoosh and the Goddess Sedona, Arizona, June 30, 1991 All right, this is Zoosh. I will open, but there may be others. In your conscious exposure to the Twelfth Planet idea, there have come to you many different possibilities of what this thing is. From my point of view it has always been a vehicle rather than a planet, and I have always referred to it as such, since referring to it as a planet would suggest a body not unlike your own Earth. It is a vehicle within which are beings — people, if you like — who are involved in experiments that are always set up in one particular way: Whatever they induce or create is always bipolar. If they create something that seems to be freestanding, it always feels as if something is missing — and it is themselves. This feels the same for them; when they leave a creation to create something somewhere else, they feel that something is missing. It is a bond of the heart, not the mind, since the creations they are involved with require their full-time attention and cannot be a mental distraction. So they tend to make creations that are focused in the heart energy. Twelfth Planet as a vehicle moves in an unusual orbit, not one like those in your solar system. It is a predetermined route not unlike one a bus might take, moving from point A to point B, then to point C and so on, along a totally predictable route. It has over the centuries moved through the galaxy [star system] of Orion, through your own galaxy and through the galaxy of Sirius. It is something that could be seen as a V, although it is not exactly that, but has loops on it not unlike a probe. It is important to understand this, because there are associations with the Twelfth Planet vehicle that connect to Sirius, Orion and you. In this session we will hear from occupants of that vehicle. They, or perhaps just one spokesperson, will then be able to discuss with you what their intention is and what they are. So I am here mostly to be somewhat a master of ceremonies to pave the way for the goddess who is in charge of directing the vehicle’s route. Her voice will come through strong, so it will not sound like a woman. But a goddess she is, directly connected to you through the heart and associated with the depth of all you feel you are missing and all you seek to embrace — that is what she is. We will hear from her, and perhaps I will be back later. ••• Goddess: Good evening. It is time now to discuss with you the reason for being. Our voyage has been long and arduous because we have missed you so. When we leave something of ourselves behind, it is a seeding not unlike giving birth, and yet because of who we are and where we must go and because we must remain in motion at all times, we must give birth and leave. So we leave portions of our heart in all places we have seeded.

The Heart Energy from Orion Let me begin at the beginning, from your point of view. Many millions of years ago we began orbiting around the galaxy Orion. We understood that the souls who comprise the full body of heart energy of what is now you here would be departing from Orion to come here. And in order to travel here as a soul unit, you would require a place to reside, a vehicle. The Creator could send you on your own

through space and time to come here but preferred to send you in our vehicle, which would create a synthesis between all of your souls. You came from many different points, and what was required was to create a bonding among you in all of the soul branches with those originals who came with us. This bonding would create a desire in those souls to be on Earth, regardless of the fact that they would be incarnated on other planets in other places.

It was our job to bring the heart energy of your souls — not the total sum of the energy, but only the heart energy, since we are of the Goddess. The responsibility was given to us by the Creator to create a heart connection between all the souls that would ever incarnate on Earth so that a human being would always know another human being by that connection. You began your journey with us in a silver vessel that counter-rotated within our vehicle. Our vessel rotated on its axis to the left; the counter rotation was to the right to create balance and harmony in the polarized world you would occupy. We moved very slowly, allowing all the souls to achieve a heart connection. When we arrived at what would be your planet, we seeded deep inside the planet all heart energy that we brought, where it now remains, encapsulated in a smaller version of our vehicle that turns to the left in a new container of gold, which turns to the right.

It is not that your souls are incomplete. You have heart energy in your souls, but only a small amount. That heart energy is of the Goddess, and all of you have been deprived of about 90 percent of it for some time. This is because it was necessary for you to explore all that is of the mind so that you could discover that the mind is a false god for you, although it appears to be so wonderful. The mind as you experience it here would not receive its full range of experience if your souls were fully embodied with all of their heart energy. But with the 10 percent of heart that you have in your soul bodies, naturally your souls are constantly seeking that which is missing. This was not done for the purpose of cruelty, to deny you what is your own, but before you came here your souls were determined to prove that in a rigidly maintained society — such as the society you came from on the soul line in Orion — it would be possible to have the perfect world. This was a fallacy created by thousands of years of conditioning that caused you to believe that what you experienced as control was really peace. It appeared to be peace, for there were no wars or conflicts from person to person, but the society was so controlled and behavior so rigidly in place that it was not possible to distinguish true peace from the absence of war.

The Andromedan Mentality Thus the Creator deigned to allow you to explore your infatuation with the mental body and included a very powerful source for your mentality from Andromeda, a mental body purposely designed to be incompatible with your needs. Your natural mental body, the one that is true to you — were you to have 100 percent of your soul’s heart energy — is a function of your heart and acts with your emotions and your physical body to produce knowledge based on inspiration, feeling and love. That is your true mental body. The Creator, however, felt that your desire to explore a rigid mentality would be fulfilled more if you were given a rigid mental outlook such as is available from Andromeda. This you were given, for on Andromeda, the source that was tapped by the Creator, was a mental body that attempted to rule the physical and the heart, thus giving it a strong aspect of control, which supported your need to explore control as a means of peace. You have experienced some confusion and difficulty in achieving true and permanent fulfillment, because your heart is the source of your true fulfillment and the mental body can never be for you what you perceived it could. We passed through to seed 90 percent of your heart energy and project the other 10 percent to be available as a heart-energy matrix for every soul that would be here. What we missed, because we could not see you develop, was a seeding that happened very quickly within the center of your Earth at the ninth dimension, but there it remains to be discovered when you can tap it. From there we moved on to Sirius, where we have orbited until recently. When we seeded your energy, we left behind a portion of ourselves because we are all heart, not even possessing a mental body as you understand it. Half of your 10 percent of heart energy is our own. This had to be done in order for us to bond with you. This is a lot for you to deal with, but it is worth it. In our travels around Sirius we sent delegations to many of the water planets not unlike your own, and we took aboard many of the native soul energies associated with the most advanced forms of life on your planet. You must understand that your planet abounds with advanced forms of life, even though some of them have gone into a deep sleep state and exist now only as soul energy occupying Earth’s auric field. But there are still some left — notably, sea turtles, dolphins and whales — and as long as they exist on Earth, their hearts and their souls support your own. This is how your souls survive. They are in the sea because they are safer there. The saline solution of the sea is not unlike that in your own body, giving rise to your scientists’ belief that you came from the sea. That is

not so. I recognize that what I am saying does not fall neatly into line with other things you have read, but this is what I know to be true. And I can tell you that we are moving now again toward your Earth and will arrive to orbit in the position of what you refer to as Twelfth Planet within about nine years [the year 2000]. When we arrive we will reclaim our own heart energy, and by so doing we will release the energy from the inner ninth-dimensional aspect of the Earth for you. Then will come your true state and no longer will you seek the mental body as your savior. Then you will quickly adapt to being what you are — a heart-ruled species. The lessons for your souls and your souls’ energy have been long and difficult. To be deprived of 90 percent of a soul’s heart energy would seem very cruel if you did not understand that it was your soul’s desire to explore mentality as the greatest gift. But your souls understand now that it is not for you. They have moved beyond any desire to seek fulfillment in the mind. Many of you now experience the phenomena of forgetfulness and occasional confusion because you have been reared your whole life to believe that the mental process is the ultimate fulfillment, and that whatever can be achieved will not be done without the mind. So the mind even now, because of your soul’s knowledge, begins to let go of you. Those from Andromeda are willing to take that back, but it will not be necessary. It will be passed on to those who will inherit third-dimensional Earth, and for them there will be fulfillment, since from their creative aspect they will have a mind not unlike that of Andromeda, a mind that rules the body. For them it will be appropriate. This last decade before the year 2000 begins the release of the mind that you have known and the embracing of the mind that is you. Your natural mental functions do not involve worry or any thought extraneous to what you are doing. They are not involved in the future. Your natural mental body is totally in the now and is totally interactive with your heart, your spirit, your emotions and your body. That is its natural state. These days if you feel confusion, know that it is time to center straight into your heart, for that will be the source of strength for your real mental body. Know that this will come and go as an experience until the year 2000, when your celebration for the coming of that millennia will be heightened by your hearts. The reason there has been so much difficulty medically with all of your hearts is for the reasons I have stated: your soul heart has not been present. It will begin to rally itself for that arrival. It will not, in likelihood, gradually seep up to that level; it will all come in at once. You see, you are being prepared now. When the year 2000 comes, you will have gone through nine years of much confusion and mental agony by hanging on to what you have known as the mind. But if you can be informed that it is the mind’s job to learn from the heart, the spirit, the body and the emotions, then you will have very little difficulty. It is not the mind’s job to teach the heart, the emotions, the body and the spirit; that is foreign to you. So when you have confusion, center straight into your heart and send your mind, your curiosity, into your heart and feel your heart. Feel the warmth that is ever available for you. When you have heard other entities say, “It is time to love yourself,” this is what they mean, because you have identified your personality as something to do with your mind, but that is not so. Your personality has everything to do with your heart and nothing whatsoever to do with your mind. This is why people get confused about who they are. When they are children, they are very heart-centered, and sometimes when they are very old and preparing for their transition with senility, they also get very heartcentered. But between those times, they are taught to believe that what they think has to do with who they are, so during that cycle they lose themselves and are driven to find themselves. But you see, you

never really do find yourself until you come into your heart. The heart is of the Goddess, and you are people who are actually of the Goddess energy. The reason women have been denied power not only in your society but in many societies that came before you was because the Creator understood that you were here to explore all the possibilities of the mind, even if that mind was foreign to you, not of you at all. So you were granted this, and in so doing, all that is native to you, man and woman alike — the Goddess energy — was taken from you almost completely. Enough was left so you could dream about who you are and visit your heart center at the deepest levels of your sleep. The reason you don’t remember those things when you wake up is that the energy that is here is foreign to you and does not feel safe to occupy. Oh yes, the reason that women, who are your natural judges and your natural leaders, have not been empowered here is so that you could explore all of those things left over from your souls’ desire from Orion. But as I say, your souls have now acknowledged that that was a false lesson, and you are on a ten-year cycle to let go of the Andromedan mind and claim your own Goddess mind.

Male Energy from Present Orion I do not wish to suggest that the male energy is not associated with this place, for it is. But it is not associated with Andromedan mentality. The male energy comes from the present Orion, not from the past, for that was a confusion. The male energy, then, comes from a time that is very balanced and nurturing and loving. It is in its own right the physical and the mental, but it is not the Andromedan type of mentality that rules the body. The mental you have been living with is something foreign to you. The male of the present-Orion energy is loved by the heart. Oh yes, this you will find out. Even now, men in the men’s movement are finding out that the way they achieve fulfillment is through the heart, not the mind. In fact, they will sometimes even discover that they are uncomfortable when they attempt to learn about men’s fulfillment if they do too much of the mind. They will be repelled by that and must become physical and heart-centered to be fulfilled. Oh, it all falls into place when you understand that what makes sense to the Andromedan mind is seeking to be the boss, but what makes sense to your natural mind is seeking to be the partner. Oh yes, it is all coming back to you, and by the year 2000 many of you will know. So do not be concerned when you have confusion. Do not assume that diseases that seem to attack the mind in their initial stages and then go into the body are permanent. No, these diseases that are with you now that seem to cause people to lose their minds are a result of your being in a polarized world where you must have both discomfort and comfort. All of those who are now experiencing Alzheimer’s disease as well as variations that seem to attack the mind have offered their souls the option of embracing their normal mental power, which is passionate and is associated with the body, the heart, the emotions and the spirit. This is why so often doctors will notice that Alzheimer’s patients suddenly become very passionate and do not think rationally. This is not to suggest that they are prepared to use their natural minds, for they will not be available for some time yet. But you see, even in discomfort their souls have decided to be polarized to show you that something is going on. This is important for you to understand so that you will know that this dis-ease will not be with you forever. These times, then, will necessarily have confusion, and it is important for you not to feel that there is something wrong with you when that confusion is present. It is a letting go so that you can prepare the path to embrace what is truly you. Are there any questions? When is the last time your vehicle was near the Earth? Many billions of years ago. There has been a shift in dimension, but if you need a timeline you can relate to, it was about 15 billion years ago.

I understand about Alzheimer’s disease. What about epilepsy? This is a tendency one is ofttimes born with, though your science is not yet able to pinpoint it in all cases. Epilepsy is actually not a function of the mental; it is, however, your natural soul crying out for its true mind. What about schizophrenia? Again, people are born with genetic coding that makes it possible for them. In the case of epilepsy and schizophrenia and all other disorders that affect the mind, geneticists will profit from exploring your genetic code, as they are doing now, because all people who display anything that is a dis-ease or even an abnormality associated with what is usual will be born with that genetic potential. Your society is in a time of massive exploration of genetics not only in the field of medicine for humans but in the field of computers and data storage. Researchers are going to inadvertently create certain codes that can be inserted through flooding the DNA with a form of energy (for lack of a better term) that will make it receptive and cause it to imitate what they will decree as the normal genetic. It is not unlike the process of twins, in that the imitation will take place in a process similar to the function of photosynthesis but will utilize your own matrix of nourishment. It will be very similar to and an outgrowth of the experiments in cold fusion — not unusual, as those in basic research know. Sometimes the most startling scientific discoveries are accidents.

The Next Nine Years When is the next time you will be close to this planet? In nine years [2000 AD]. Will we interact with you? Your space probes will not reach that far by then, nor will ones already launched directly intersect with us either. But when your heart energy is impregnating your souls, you will feel us. You will become much more feeling-toned people on Earth — on the surface, you understand — and as a result you will begin to use the sensing ability that you have been attempting to use as a function of your mind. No sensing is part of the function of the mind you have been trapped with. It can be processed through your natural mind, but it is truly a function of the heart, the emotional body, the instinctual body. These things will be clear to you very soon. You will feel us and there will be much greater security on an individual level as a result. Communication with each other will be greatly enhanced because there will no longer be the struggle to communicate verbally with a mind that is foreign to you, and there will be the heart communication you have all been seeking. I know it sounds strange to say that you are a people of the Goddess, but it is really true, and the reason you ofttimes feel so abandoned or lost when you are alone, not when you are with loving companions, is because it is that energy that is missing in you — 90 percent, from your soul’s point of view. Another reason your souls jump in and out of your bodies is because it’s uncomfortable for them. They know they are missing something and they don’t seem to find it in your body, which is impregnated with something foreign, from their point of view. It is very difficult for you, but you will achieve communication, security and happiness in much greater degrees once you are complete. What is going around our solar system that Sitchin and the other writers call the Twelfth Planet, from the records in Babylonia and Sumeria? There are two planets orbiting beyond Pluto. This, I might add, is also a difficulty with your astrologers, since they do not have this data. The Twelfth Planet does not compute in your astrology, but the Tenth and the Eleventh do. The Tenth and Eleventh Planets are there. They are in orbit, but

both orbits are very elliptical and take very long. Their elliptical orbits are diagonal to the plane of orbit of your known planets. Seeing them is an occasional thing. It is true that computers that are programmed properly to detect magnetic and pulsar energy can detect the presence of where they have been, but it is very difficult to detect their actual presence due to the fact that neither planet has very much iron or dense materials that would enable a magnetic scan. Did these planets interact with the Earth and influence the creation or the mutation of our race? All planets in your solar system are a portion of your racial heritage. These two planets are components of your being, but in terms of having a direct effect on you, something that you experience day to day, perhaps not. They cannot have their full effect until you have your full effect. When you have your real mental body, then they will have their effect. What effect will that be? You will have a greater sense of clairvoyance and a naturally cheerful disposition not unlike that of a child. Children have this, but not all the time. Babies cry on their own. After your solid connection with the Eleventh Planet, a crying baby will be a thing of the past. Also, parents will know what a baby needs at the exact moment the baby knows it, so there won’t be any delays in feeding or getting a pin out of the baby’s side. Is this is a result of our connecting to the rest of our heart, or is this a result of our interaction with the Tenth and Eleventh Planets? Connecting to the heart. Are there any notes in the scale that bring forth what you can bring forth as the Goddess energy? Thank you. In every musical octave, within the exact center are the most heart-centered notes. You might try to make music that incorporates those notes. It might be background music with a melody to keep it from being too boring, but it could also be nourishing for your heart to have just the tones. So we can look forward to nine years of loneliness and confusion? You can look forward to confusion more than you have known, because you are being separated from your adopted mind — but this mind never wanted to be with you in the first place, and you made the best of a difficult situation. It will seem almost as if you have your shoes on backward — very uncomfortable, but you get used to it and after a while discomfort becomes normal. When you put your shoes on the right feet, it will feel strange; it will feel like something is missing. Where is that feeling you have gotten used to? It’s the discomfort that’s missing. It’s not unlike that. Because it is so clear-cut and thus can be understood without so much struggle, it will take only ten years. When you think how long you’ve been here in your situation, ten years isn’t long. So very much of your souls have evolved here that you do not need any more time. I understand that those who have written about the Twelfth Planet are attempting to explain the nature of reality here, and I must say that within the mental concepts they have used they are not incorrect. It is just that one must allow for a mental concept that is not native to you. All mentality and all of the results of mentality until the year 2000 will always be slightly askew because you are not complete. Within the boundaries of what is possible, that is why so many mental things are “true.” You have heard from many entities that this is true and that is true, and you might say, “But that is a paradox. How can that be true when it is diametrically opposed to something else?” If you understand that the mental power you have known is in diametric opposition to what is you, then all mental

aspects that have existed until the year 2000 are naturally true, even though paradox is a result. After the year 2000, paradoxical mental theories and so on will be less of a factor. Can you amplify who wrote the Babylonian and Sumerian tablets? Who were they writing about? What gods came and did the things that are written there? What beings and what time? I will say this without getting too elaborate: They were energies associated with the Tenth Planet, so maybe someday you will channel one of those, eh? They will have a different point of view because their orbit is not on the same plane as the other planets that orbit in what you know to be your solar system. They are not stuck with an Andromedan mental body, nor are they stuck with any of the rules that your solar system is dealing with. Their orbit is totally different, so they are a function of a different energy. I might add that when you begin to feel these energies and know they are there, then they will flatten out and be in the same elliptical plane as the orbits of the other planets. Also, their energy and influence will be felt. But you see, because they are associated with knowledge that is known on the basis of faith and heart and love, they will not flatten out those orbits until you acknowledge by faith that they are there. That will make them feel welcome to your solar system. Now they are in those orbits because they do not feel welcome from a people who must have independent proof even when they view something with their own eyes. That is the Andromedan mental body saying, “Don’t believe it until you hear it from me.” Is this soon after we get … It will begin. It will take some time, naturally, for a planetary body to change orbit, but it will begin. And they have the ability to do this? The Creator has ability beyond anything else. It is an aspect of the Creator allowing you to come into balance. You must ask yourself, “Why is the number twelve so often a mysterious number?” It is this: our joining with you for several thousand years as an orbital planet, counting out to the twelfth to create total balance. When Andromedan energy is let go and roots itself in third-dimensional Earth, which you are moving through now, then the Tenth and Eleventh Planets will come into alignment with you and you will be more complete. And so the Twelfth Planet vehicle actually allows the Tenth and Eleventh Planets to come into balance, giving you more of your natural selves. The Twelfth Planet does not do it but makes it possible, just as a mother is not her child’s life but she makes that life possible. Will the approach of your planet affect our relationship with the Terrans? Speaking of people on fourth-dimensional Earth, they are your future selves, of course, so I do not see any effect except that you will feel them more. Faith, as a function of heart rather than a function of dogmatic mental capacity, does not need trust. Faith is a function of knowledge and wisdom. Trust is a function of what is learned as a result of repetition, so trust is not even a factor. You will feel them there, and they will begin to be like a magnet drawing you toward them as if you were iron filings. And it is only natural to proceed forward in your sequence. So it will create a better bonding without actually influencing directly. Are you an agent of the Creator? Is this your business or your pleasure to go around creation feeding hearts in planetary vortexes that will later take form? We are an agent of the heart of the Creator, yes. You do this all the time? Yes. When we are done with the Earth project, we will go on elsewhere to next the project. Guess where?

Andromeda? Yes! That’s where we go next — to help them to understand that the true nature of the mental body is not to rule but to learn.

Connecting with Heart Energy If you’ve been focusing on us for 15 billion years, what has been our unconscious interaction with you? Do we visit you in our sleep state? How do you influence us? When your body is at its deepest rest, then the heart energy of your soul comes to the well of our love to be refreshed. This is why you must sleep, because your soul’s heart energy is functioning at such a small amount of its capacity. You must drink at the well often, and those who do not sleep regularly feel their hearts depleted. So when we’re connected to our hearts we won’t have to sleep as much? You can sleep for pleasure, but you will tend to sleep less. You will not likely be sleeping much more than four hours at a time. If you sleep more, you will have a hard time waking up. Can you talk about yourself? What is your function on this ship and this project? I am the ship. The vehicle and myself, it is of one body not unlike your own body. If you walk from place to place, you could classify your body as a vehicle. I fly from place to place. My body is a vehicle. Your name? My name can be most easily heard by striking the middle note in your musical octaves. Then you will feel the energy move that is all around and about you, and you will feel my name. Are there beings in this vehicle, and what do they do? What is their function? Not encapsulated beings like you, but there are other personalities who are a function of my own self. What do they do? Enjoy harmony and love, and by giving, as is natural for love, so receiving. Is there anything I can do to connect more with you and bring you in more? Focus into your heart. Touch your heart as much as you can and put your energy in there. It is best to make those tones with instruments that actually move the air rather than a secondary effect from a recording. Make tones, perhaps with an instrument with keys and tubing. Focus in your heart; that will help. Did you come through the human evolution or were you created as you are now? Did you come through an evolutionary path? Not evolution as you know it. I have always been the heart of the Creator. I cannot see before that. I do not feel there was a before. Is the arrival of the Goddess heart energy on Earth the arrival of the fourth dimension on Earth? Not specifically, but it does pave the way. It is not possible for you to move into dimensions you would normally occupy without being complete, so it paves the way. You as a race are unique. You must get there one step at a time, but it is infinitely easier to get there with all of your proper fingers and toes than with ones that are inside out. You will have more tools and be able to find your way. All of you will be able to find your way because instinct, which is a function of the heart, will be greatly amplified. Human beings could be taken out to the woods or the desert in the fourth dimension and, not unlike the animals — who are fully connected with their souls’ heart energy — be able to

find water that is pure, find food that is right for you and find your way home, just like a pigeon — even if you’ve been blindfolded and spun around several times. Are all souls on planet Earth going to integrate with their hearts in this fashion, or are some going to make a decision that they’re not ready and postpone it for some other time? From my understanding, it will be all. Those wishing to remain behind will incarnate as the next race to occupy third-dimensional Earth, but they will not remain behind as human beings. That would be incompatible with the next race. They will be allowed to incarnate as that next race for sheer adventure if desired. It is normal for you to seek adventure. I would like to comment that Zoosh and others have stated that gold light is the Earth-mastery color. My vehicle is of gold light, and it is sometimes difficult for you to achieve that gold because your soul’s heart color is gold and is stored away. In the year 2000 you will feel more of that gold light. Sometimes a mastery color is something that seems difficult to obtain, but that is your normal color. When you came here in the soul vehicle, the chamber was silver because your energy was of that tone. Most of your soul’s heart energy is in a gold chamber inside Earth now. That which is soul heart in you is gold. Many of you, however, have clung to the silver light, which is not of Earth — that is why the silver path does not work well here. But soon you will be able to access the gold light much more easily. The man Jesus has been equated with the heart energy on Earth. What is his relationship to you? His embodiment on the Earth plane was as a male, but his body was of Goddess energy, so there was direct correlation. The reason he was able to do many things was because his body was the prototype for the children who will be born when you are complete. New children will have a slightly different masculine body but will still be masculine. Feminine children will look almost the same as they do now, very little different. Their hairline might be a little higher. How did he have more heart energy? Did he have a special relationship with you? He had a special relationship with the Creator, and since we are the heart of the Creator, yes, he had a special relationship with us. But he was really here to show you your capacity and who you really are, even though he knew that it would be some time before you would have the heart to understand who he was and is. Your heart was incomplete then and could not accept him as being equal; you had to make him either greater or lesser in order to accept what he was. Do you have a special relationship with all the avatars who come to this planet? If that is a word you like, yes. Most who speak truth that you can feel in your heart — yes, them. The ones who speak truth that you do not feel in your heart — no, not them. Sometimes avatars come to challenge you, not just to give to you. These are also avatars, but avatars of the mind. I’m just a little confused as to our origin. Are we supposedly a race all from Orion, or was that just a … That was a focus not unlike a lens through which you passed. But no, you are not all from Orion. Life forms were passing through Orion then, but no one is from any one place. You might experience a focus based on a life from Orion or other places, but no, no one is from Orion only. But we have all had experiences on Orion? Yes, all. When we have geniuses, is that more concentrated Andromedan energy or … Yes, genius people have expanded mental power, but it is expanded Andromedan mental power. It is sometimes difficult socially for geniuses because they have more of this foreign thing, but they

can do more within your mental society. It is a struggle for them because they are experiencing something that is in opposition to their heart’s desire. Therapy of tonal energy discussed before would be very helpful for people of genius classification. How are they chosen? Soul and the Creator are always all things — short people, tall people, all this. The Creator oversees the contract, if you would like that term. There is apparently a way back to the Creator that goes outside of the heart chakra. Would that be considered a negative path, and does it work? Not really negative, since it is possible to be a portion of the Creator no matter what. After all, the Andromedan mental energy that you inherited is not only mental energy on Andromeda but is of the Creator. So it is not possible to exist in any way without being of the Creator. Is it a successful route back to the Creator? You cannot go back to something you never left. You can feel more distant when the heart energy is not fully in you, but that is because you do not have now the full capacity for feeling that you will have. But in reality you are surrounded by the Creator now. You are the Creator. You cannot go back to something you are. It is important to understand this so that you do not accentuate the idea of separation. Separation is illusion. Illusion will no longer be as much of a factor when you are complete. What is your perception of why the Creator instigated this particular experiment? My understanding is that those souls at that time, of which you are all branches now, were associated with the need to prove the point that was mentioned. It is not that the Creator said, “I will deny these people their heritage just because I feel like doing this.” When souls said, “Let us do this,” and there were so many, Creator said, “I will send you all to a place where you can do this together. There you will experience everything that is possible, not only as individual fragments of my personality but as a group, so you will have something in common and can discuss your search among each other.” This is the reason as far as I know. Do we have a mission or a purpose or something we are to do when we leave here? You know what you have to do. You will go out to the stars and show those who believed their confusions could be inherited by others and resolved that their confusions still remain, and that even though they might deny it, even though they might say that the absence of war is peace, you will show them what it really is and inspire them to do so as well by your own willingness to grow and change. Is there a correlation between the restoration of the heart and the DNA glitch we’ve heard about that was put into the animal body? Is there some correlation between all of this happening, coming together at this time? Look at animals. They are complete. They have instinct, all of them, from the tiniest gnat to the biggest elephant. They all have instinct. This you cannot deny. Instinct is a function of the heart, not a function only of the body. The heart and the body are companions, so I will not state that the glitch was designed to be destructive. I will say that it is natural that when you are exploring something that is not your own, as we have discussed tonight, you will attract people to help you do that. After all, as Jesus learned — and we all have our lessons — no matter how great the gift that is offered, it may not be received if it is not recognized as a gift, because those who would be the receivers of that gift do not recognize it is their own. How can one possibly expect that balance will result? Those who would come here seemingly to interfere have been appropriate for you so that you could complete your journey exploring something that is not your own. Do not blame them. If you pretend to be something, whether you are conscious of pretending or not, you will constantly attract

things for you to face. But if someone like Jesus comes and says, “Look, I am not different from you. I am you as you are when you are complete. Look, see. You can be this now.” But you see, then he is appreciated by only a few, only those who can feel who he is and drink from that well while awake, not just asleep. They were just a few, but those were not the people in power. Those who were in power did not seek to drink from that well, so naturally they rejected the gift as something foreign even though it was native to them. They had adopted the foreign as their own and were confused when confronted with themselves. It was as if he walked around carrying a mirror saying, “Look, see what you are.” But they took the mirror down and said, “No, that is not us. We are this other thing.” He seeded the idea. That was a good beginning, but that was all that he could do. Much of what he is credited for is what you are. Could the substitution of the mind for the heart be considered the Fall, then, in Christian terms? I do not wish to discuss that too much in terms of a religion that is so young. It will have to survive another seven or eight thousand years, this young religion, to discover its true purpose. I will not say it was the substitution of the mind; I would rather say it was confusion about the source of the mind. The beings who control this planet, the ones who own the property and are the government behind the government, are they residuals of Orion control? In ten years are they going to change? What is their future? They are in change now and have been in change for some time. This is like a club. The club, if you understand it, is in change, and they have been given the opportunity to change for some time. This they know. They will accept the redistribution of power in time because they will learn that the trust they have come to place in their original empowerment has changed its focus, and they no longer have to trust only the past. What about the creatures you mentioned that were advanced species — the sea turtles, the dolphins? Are they going to join us on Terra? Are they a separate evolution? Will they become human or have they been human? Oh no, not human, never what you call human. They are not involved in your genetic experiment. They are observers. They are their own beings. They have their own bodies. They have bodies on Earth greatly disguised from their own so that they will not be revered as gods. If you could see them as they really looked, you would bow down and say, “Save me.” No, they are disguised. They will not join you on Terra unless you want them to visit. By that time you will feel your own heart energy as equal to theirs and will no longer bow down to them. I can assure you, if you saw them in their real bodies now you would revere them. But you see, in time you will revere all life. It is difficult for you now since you do not even revere your own! What is the value of human evolution? Is it specific training that some beings can choose? It is my understanding that the purpose, the value, as you say, of the human experience is to discover the fallacy of attempting to be that which you are not. I will say good evening and let Zoosh come back. And I say to you that it is all right to be inspired. For men, let your natural feminine energy come up without questioning the form that it takes. For women, your feminine energy is omnipresent. You, not unlike us, have a natural connection to the male. Do not feel it is your job to save the male; they will take care of that themselves. Rather, when you choose to seed your feelings with the male, let the male know that it is feeling you are seeding in him from you. It is not your job to change their minds. If you want to do anything, help them to change

their hearts. ••• Well, all right, Zoosh here. I hope you enjoyed your visitor. She has enjoyed it much, as I am able to observe her vehicle glowing a little brighter than usual. We’ve been told to await the Golden One. Has this vehicle anything to do with the Golden One? The Golden One is really closer to an aspect of your own heart, as I understand it. I don’t like to single out the idea of you awaiting the Golden One, though that was really the reference. You see, I would sound too much like a messiah if I encouraged that. The Twelfth Planet vehicle is not coming here to save you but to help you create your own balance. You are doing all right. Let your curiosity flow into veins it does not always flow in. Learn that the new level of exploration you will be doing over the next eight to nine years will have just as much to do with your own bodies as with any of the mysteries of life. Your own bodies contain the answers to all the mysteries of life! You have received some information on that tonight. So let yourself be, and take off the yoke of criticism. Criticism is always rooted in regrets, and regrets are rooted in the past. So let some of that criticism go, all right?


The Perspective of Orion Past on Their Role Zoltec Sedona, Arizona, July 4, 1991 All right, I am Zoltec from the Orion system, and I will discuss what you would like within the thematic structure of this book. I have knowledge of Orion’s future, although I am associated with Orion past and my frame of reference is from Orion past. I am involved in the coordination of the Warrior League, and it is my job to provide the living space for our population as it grows and expands. What would you like to know?

The Initial Contribution and Recent Monitors What was your interaction with the experiment that culminated in what we call the Explorer Race? It was our job to help model the human being into a format in which those who would not rule would be amenable to the laws and ruling of others; and in which those who would rule would have the ability to be omnipotent and have the wisdom to know how and when to use that omnipotence. The purpose of the warrior-ruler is to maintain order and control and to keep the peace on the basis of those two all-important bywords: amenable and omnipotent. We provided, then, not only the energy of the masculine in terms of our coloration of it that stimulated your planet and its people, but we also provided a controlling element on the feminine so that the wisdom of the feminine would not interfere with control and power. In that way we hoped to make it possible for the warrior to dominate the feminine wisdom. I understand that the Goddess instructed you that you had less heart-soul energy — 10 percent — to begin with as a race, and that it is still not enough in terms of making you strong. It is one thing to have less heart energy, but it is also necessary to create a stronger focus on the ability to create vision and to know when to say yes for something that would benefit all the people, and to say no when something would benefit only a select few. So that’s what we did. And from our point of view in time I understand that we may have overextended in terms of continuing to provide monitors on your Earth from our time to very recently in your time. The last monitors from our time in Orion past to your time arrived in 1957, and their influence has been steadily decreasing with the world governments ever since. It has reached a point now where our monitors have been unable to produce any influence in your world governments at all. Our monitors are the people you have referred to as the Men in Black, associated with an extraterrestrial point of reference. We have come to understand gradually that our influence is no longer needed, and so we accept that. What was the condition at the time that caused the people to want an experiment that would focus only on the mind and not the heart? We had had so much strife for many thousands of years, so terribly much. Our people had always been passionate, and while that led to many wonderful relationships and even comrade-in-arms experiences, it did not make for an orderly society. For a society to make goals and live up to them in the future, it must be possible to have some level of predictability. This was not possible. It was too

much of a struggle. So the Warrior League was formed, and many people, including many family lines, had to be eliminated. Some were simply sent to other parts of the galaxy and told to do their business there. They were exiled, never to return. My understanding is that because of the places they were sent to, they either changed or died out. But that was considered to be a very benign thing to do. Other people would not stand for that, so they were simply eliminated along with their entire family line so that there would be no future unexpected strife. I realize this is hard, but it was necessary to find means other than passion to create our lives. So we began to use our mental power more. Our mental power, as we have discovered, is very orderly and can create an existence that is very carefully structured. We require careful structure in order to have a predictable society. I might add that when we sent some energy to your planet, certain societies received more of our passion than others. So you inherited not only control and power, but much greater levels of passion. I might add that the entire purpose of the communist form of government was to control people who were overly passionate. This was most effective in Russia, you see, for the people there are very passionate. Now, however, it appears that they have evolved and don’t need us anymore. Can you help us understand your definition of passion? Is this heart or unevolved mind or irresponsibility? Passion has nothing to do with the mind. Passion has everything to do with body desires and emotional commands. Passion is something that is reactive, based solely on how a person feels, and has nothing to do with thought. This is what I believe. You can tell I am still very passionate. All our people are, in Orion past, but we now vent our passion through conversation, and that is how we have managed to maintain our society in our time. Conversation instead of fighting? Yes. That is why we always needed new worlds, because sometimes when one establishes a society on a different world, as your souls did when they focused through our time, one has a tendency to destroy the old worlds by a miscalculated act of passion and thus need new worlds. Were the souls sent to Earth because you needed more room? Were they exiled? No, when the souls focused through us, they apparently had an intention of utilizing some of our strength. After all, the human being with as frail a body as you have needs all the inner and outer strength he can command. What kind of body do you have? Our bodies are bigger, stronger and thicker-skinned — not so fragile as yours. So our understanding of your souls’ focus through Orion was that it was not only to have some lives here to benefit from what we have to offer, but mostly to pick up the energy on your way. It was not that you came and lived here. From our point of view you passed through here on the way to Earth and picked up some of our strength in the process. After all, different human beings have different strengths, but you all have the potential and the capability to be very strong. You must exercise to make it so. Was there a gain for you from your participation in this experiment? Did you gain genetic material from this experiment? We did not do this for personal gain. Although we thought at one time that we might have to use your world for our society, once we established order, it was not necessary, and we had already begun to do that when your souls arrived to pass through. So it was a freewill gesture on our part. We felt that you would benefit from our energy, and we saw no reason not to give you the benefit of our experience genetically as well as stimulate your emotions and your desires to succeed as we have.

Did you feel that we could resolve some of the conflicts that were unresolvable in your civilization? No. But we have been informed since then that this was the intent of the All-Powerful. The AllPowerful’s intent was to work things out in a different way than we had resolved it, and we do not question that. We were asked to participate by the All-Powerful through his missionaries. They convinced us that there was every reason to do so, so we cooperated. We did not gain anything directly. We did not see that anything you have to offer us would be of any great value, but we are interested in the All-Powerful’s plan for you and we cooperated. If there is something that we may gain, we shall hear about it from the All-Powerful through his missionaries, certainly not from you directly. If the souls came through and focused through you, what is your understanding about where they came from? That is none of our business. You weren’t aware of where they came from? I suppose we could look into it, and I do not wish to sound hard-edged, but it is none of our business. We really don’t care. In the same sense, do you not care where they went after they passed through your area? [Speaking very loudly, as usual.] No. They came to our area. Your souls came to our part of the galaxy for your benefit. It was up to the All-Powerful to decide where you would go. We understood from our experience that it was our job to guide you, so we sent representatives until now, when it is apparently no longer necessary for us to guide you. I am not angry with you; I am speaking as myself. Did it take a period of time for us to pass through? I’d like to understand what it looked like to you, what it seemed like to you. For a time it was very uncomfortable. We felt that you had never really had any true warrior experience, and it felt very weak, very malleable. It felt like there was no pride there at all, no sense of purpose. So we certainly could see how you could benefit from what we had to offer. That’s how it felt. And the sooner it was over, the better. We were happy to see your souls leave. In terms of your time, maybe the experience lasted three weeks — it was three weeks too long, as we felt it. But we were not going to question the All-Powerful. The All-Powerful knows always what is best. Many of the souls on that ship had had many lifetimes in Orion, so some of them were familiar to you, were they not? It’s not my job to know all these souls. I am a member of the Warrior League. That is my job. So it was not for me to pay attention. But I know that there were others who felt some familiarity. Some of the souls felt like their wives in previous times, so there was some familiarity, and that is why it was tolerated. Of course, we had to because of the All-Powerful, but the All-Powerful told us if the experience would be too uncomfortable, we would not have to have it. But we felt a duty and we acceded, and we have continued to do so. Our people who went as monitors to your planet had to be trained for years and years of your time to tolerate your energy. Even then they had to access underground bases and sometimes ships in order to be filled with our strength. They were drained. They could stand only so much of being on the surface of your planet because you are so weak. I do not wish to sound angry, but this is where I am. We, as the members of the Warrior League, are not the rulers. Sometimes we had those who seceded from our league and became warrior-rulers, and when they were, those societies lasted a long time on Orion. A long time with much success. There was no war, not even mortal conflict — total peace, as we understand it, and the people

thanked us for it. You can believe they did. I tell you, so you can believe it. I can understand that, because of the amount of strength within the passion. Yes. I understood that there were some dissidents who did not like the single power structure, which gave too little freedom for their liking. Is that part of what your experience is in your time? There are some foolish ones. They would put it back the way it was, without one authority who says, “This is how it will be!” Once you start to give this one authority, then it goes right back to the way it was. You cannot do that with one; you cannot make the exception. If only a few benefit, then what good is it for the all of our society? No, they are foolish, and they would put it back the way it was. They will be expelled, and they will be allowed to survive or not on the basis of their own merit, but they will not receive any help from us — nothing! Nor will they be allowed to take anything that we have to offer when they leave our world. If they can survive on their own, then so be it. But they will not be allowed to take anything with them — just what they need to survive to get to their next world, that’s all. And we will not help them. We will not send any monitors to help them. They will survive on their own or not.

Orion Earth Monitors Past and Present Ah, but you sent monitors to the Earth … That was different. … and that was to help. What did they do, basically? What were the monitors’ purpose and function? To steer any governmental bodies once they started getting too involved. Some of these governmental bodies would give power to this group, to that group, to this group, to that group. We tried to steer them toward having a central authority and maintaining power within that central authority, to show them the value of that. Sometimes the monitors would simply allow the chaos to take place and then go to the strongest one, saying, “Look at this chaos. How can you plan for your future?” and then use our society and our success as a model and show them how it works. Your societies that have survived for a long time have used that form of government. I understand that that is not the plan for you now, so we are no longer needed. And that is all right. Who were some of the strongest beings that you worked with to help create these civilizations? Are there any that we have historical reference to? There was some success in the Roman Empire, though there was a problem in communication in their civilization. Some of the emperors were wise, wise men. But their decisions did not always go out to the field where their commanders were, or when they got there they were corrupted. It was a good civilization and it lasted a long time, but there was a problem in their communication. They were one of the more successful. Megrah, who ruled in Atlantis for the last thousand years, was another strong one. He had vision. He could have ruled the world for years and created order and predictability, and all the people would have lived well. But there was treachery in his midst, not unlike the treachery that’s in our own midst — the Black League! They are aptly named, and they were there. Their descendants were there in Atlantis. They are the ones who brought Atlantis down. From my point of view, your terrorists of today inherited their drive for anarchy from the Black League! [Spits.] It is my understanding that some of the Black League escaped to the solar system here and were pursued by your warriors in spaceships. Is that correct?

Only because of what they did to the planet they went to, which they destroyed. We did not let them go, as I said; we weren’t going to help them. But they went to a planet that was occupied, and the planet that was occupied had a very orderly system and was well-run. We were not involved, but we had observed it, and we thought it was a model society. And they started right up again — the planet that used to be. Maldek. Yes, right where your asteroid belt is was a small planet. It was obvious after what they did there that they could not be trusted. Yes, we pursued them because we felt we had a job to protect you until you got strong enough to protect yourself. So yes, one of our jobs was to root out the so-called Black League. We felt we were protecting you, and we still feel that way. Now we’re no longer allowed to help you. You will have to deal with your terrorists, who have their point of origin in the Black League. You will have to deal with them on your own. I hope you have the strength to do it. They will have to be destroyed and their family lines destroyed for you to keep up an orderly society. The All-Powerful tells us that is not the plan for you, so I can see where we can no longer help you. You are taking another course. When you had visitations from the All-Powerful, were you there or did you hear them? What was the system of interaction? Was it a physical being?

Only one question. How we heard from the All-Powerful was a way we could respect; we heard from the All-Powerful’s missionary. She was a feminine warrior. She was wonderful! We love it when she comes. She’s the ultimate in feminine beings. She wears the shield of the All-Powerful and glows wonderful gold light. Oh, it is like food. We love it! And she has a gold sword — ahhh, to be touched by that sword! You never forget it in your life, never forget it. It’s a wonderful thing. She’s a wonderful being, yes. That’s who comes to see us. Sometimes she brings her party with her, nine others not unlike her, but she is in charge. Ahhh, it’s a wonderful thing. Does she have a name? Have we ever heard of her? She does not use a name when she comes to see us. Her arrival is heralded by a golden beam of light. Ahhh, then we know she is going to come. That is how we recognize her. Names! Names, what’s in a name? It can be changed. It can be falsified. No, we recognize her by the gold light, that

gold tone. It’s a wonderful thing, filled with strength and purpose. Anyone who has that light could rule for a million years and provide a lifestyle for the people that they would love. She’s very — what you would say? — uplifting. So we do not know her by a name. But when she comes, there is usually a change in your life or your thought or your understanding? Yes, we feel more complete, more of ourselves present. Yes, wonderful change. Only the privileged are allowed to attend. She comes directly to the league first, before she sees the ruler. If the ruler is a warrior-ruler, then he is present. But if he is not a warrior-ruler, she comes to us first because it is our league that has been present from the beginning of our society. We are the ones who brought order to chaos, and she respects this, of course. So she comes to us first and touches us all with the sword unless some of our members are out doing work elsewhere, then those who are present are touched on the shoulder with the sword. Oh, it’s a wonderful thing! Can you tell us what planet in Orion you are from? Vivinau, one of the planets near the center. It’s not too close to the center of the galaxy, because there is quite a bit of chaos there of unfolding new planets, new material and so on, but as close as we can get and be safe to have a fairly central location. I know a new planet near us is being called Darsuk. You would probably spell it d-a-r-s-u-k. Darsuk, a good place. Do you have a memory or history of where your ancestors came from before they came to this system? They were weak. We do not care. They were weak. Before they came here, they were like you when you passed through us. They were weak. We do not chart our history back any further than when we came to Orion — Orion, a name that will live forever as strength and honor. Is there something in the electromagnetic energy of the particular space you occupy that is part of your strength, or is it strength of character? There must be something here, because we had been in existence for so long but never evolved into what we are now until we came here. So it must be here — this place. The All-Powerful has blessed this place, and we have been privileged to receive his blessing. Does your physical being, while larger and thicker-skinned, have the same basic features and appendages that we do? Yes, aside from being quite big by comparison to you, we are not unlike you. We eat meat like you, those of you who know how to eat. We draw strength from that which we eat. And you have the basic male/female reproductive system that we have? I think we might have a little more than you have. [Laughs.] Can you say more about that? This is a G-rated book, eh, as you call it? Not too much more. Are you saying two or so feet taller than we are? Is that what you mean by big? Tall? We vary like you, but our average height compared to yours is about 16 of your inches taller. Sometimes some of us are 24 of your inches taller than a person of average Earth height, but on average 16 inches. I’m picking up a weight of about 250-300 pounds average? Yes, 257 to about 310 pounds, yes. Sturdy.

What is the mechanism when the Men in Black come here? Do they create a body? Do they walk into a body? No, they must be created on our planet, and one of your frail bodies is provided for this purpose to the league. We train this fragile warrior. We honor the warrior, you understand; we honor the monitor because he must be in this puny body and do all he can. We train him in the arts of the warrior and teach him to respect the code and himself. From a child he is trained until he is a young man equal, in terms of your life span, to about twenty years of age. When this “young manâ€? (in quotes, put it in quotes) is about twenty of your years, then he is encapsulated in a small vehicle and sent to your planet and received in a station. It is not a particularly fast means of travel, so by the time he gets there he is about twenty-seven. It takes time. And then he is further educated by those at the station and begins to move about on the surface of the planet. It takes time to acclimatize. Even though he has one of your bodies, he is one of us. So it takes him time to get used to your ways, to be able to tolerate them sufficiently so that he might have some surface missions. And by the time he is twenty-nine to thirty-one of your years, he goes out among you to bring our way. I lost the mechanics of the process. A human child is brought to Orion ‌ No! We would not want one of yours. It is that a body is provided by one our allies. You call them Reticuli. Their job is to make the body, and then it is given to us.

Okay, that’s why the Men in Black tend to look alike, very similar? Perhaps this is so. They do look very much alike. And they don’t always get their shoelaces tied right and their ties quite the right color. There is always something that shows they haven’t assimilated totally. It is not their job to assimilate. It is their job to be superior and to lead. However, your means of … shoelaces, ugh! … your means of clothing is so inefficient. Within our place we don’t have anything like shoelaces. How do you see their mission? They tend to come to people who have had experiences with ETs or UFOs and scare them. What is the point of that? They do not scare them. They teach them how to live, as I am teaching you to speak up. We do not scare them. If that is scaring you, then you need more strength. Well, that’s curious because from what little I have read about this, they have always been threatening, telling people not to speak of these things to any others — or else! Certainly not! It would disrupt your society to hear about intelligences from elsewhere. You are to be protected so that you do not become subservient. It is not for you to be subservient; it is for you to develop your own society and to be protected from such silly ones who come here and invade. I know the Reticulum must come; that seems to be their job, so we accept that. They help us, too. But they do not interfere with your society. They do not tell you how to live. They do not act as if you should imitate them. They strictly observe, and that is right. No, it is the others. The Pleiadians. Yes, the Pleiadians! Ugh! These Pleiadee-ans, as they call themselves, they’re trying to get you to imitate them. You must be protected from these people. They are totally chaotic. So our monitors come to tell you of these things. Sometimes perhaps they speak a little harshly, but it is their job to discourage that, and of course, it has not always been successful. It seems that the All-Powerful has something else planned for you. Is it only the Pleiadians you try to keep away? No! Anybody but the Reticulum. Anybody. We have done a pretty good job of protecting you from what you call negative Sirians, eh? Yeah, pretty good. You know who has kept you from being influenced by them? It’s us! Well, thank you. You’re welcome. What are you going to do in the future without our protection? That’s what I want to know. But it seems that the All-Powerful has something else planned. So all right. Maybe he thinks you’re ready to handle them yourself, so we’ll see. I hope you can. You said you could look into the future. You said you were familiar with Orion’s future. Can we move into that? I don’t like to. It’s not like us. No, I will not. It is uncomfortable. I understand the All-Powerful has this plan for us. Maybe it has something to do with you; I don’t know, but this feeling I get when I look into Orion’s future is the same feeling that I get when I am exposed to you. Weak? Yes. The All-Powerful assures us through his representatives that it is not what I feel. So there must be some plan, but as long as I am in the league, I am hopeful that I will not have to be affected by it. Thank you very, very much. I have a very different impression now, and I do thank you for it. You’re welcome. I will salute you because you have part of us. So you must be worthy. Good

luck to you all. You shall need it.


Retrieving Heart Energy Goddess and Jesus of the Light Sedona, Arizona, August 1, 1991 Become as comfortable as you can. I [Goddess] want to bring you to me in your imagination or etherically or energetically, whichever is easier for you. So take a few deep breaths and relax.

Meditation on the Heart Love I would like you to picture space as best you can, stars and so on. Move into deep space so you do not see things that are familiar in shape or form. Now, in the distance you will see approaching very slowly a golden sphere. From a distance it looks quite small and even insignificant, but as you approach it and as this sphere approaches you, you can see how huge it is. It is much larger than your own Moon. It is as large as your Earth. It looks like it would fit right into your own solar system [the Twelfth Planet]. As you approach, feel yourself beginning to orbit as if you were a space center around the poles in a north-south orbit. As you circle, the golden sphere radiates an energy of gold light and unconditional love. Feel this as best you can. Now you see at the southern pole, the bottom of this vehicle, a door slowly sliding open, and you feel attracted to come closer and fly inside. Within this chamber is the greatest amount of unconditional love and acceptance that you have ever felt; even though you may not be able to take it all in, you sense its presence. There are even sounds that remind you of music, though you cannot identify the tune. These celestial sounds are actually the music of your own heart energy that is native to your soul.

Find a comfortable space within the sphere and absorb as much of the music of your heart as you can. Feel yourself there. Make yourself as present as you possibly can in the sphere while you absorb and drink in as much of your heart’s energy and music as you can. Now it is time to bring this energy into your physical bodies. Take time now to do this. Before you leave the sphere, there is a gift for you. Look up and see floating down toward you a golden heart. Take that golden heart and physically place it into your heart. Feel it being absorbed. Now the door slides open again. As you exit into the stars, bring all of this love and heart energy with you and move away from this vehicle. Come back, back, back to the place where your physical body is. Feel yourself slip into your body, bringing all of that heart energy and

celestial heart music. Focus on that energy in your body. Focusing only on that energy, move around in your seat a little bit. Now touch your heart with one of your hands. Then reach up and touch your crown, then back to your heart. Focusing again on the wonderful heart energy in your body, touch your heart, then your third eye, then back to your heart. Now touch your throat chakra and then your heart. Focus on your heart. Move to your solar plexus now, moving your hand from heart to solar plexus, then back to your heart. Now place your hand a little lower on your abdomen, then back to your heart. All this time you are anointing yourself with this heart energy. Next go to your root and then back to your heart. Focusing only on your heart energy that you have received, very gently stand up. Gently take your hand from your heart and move it down over your whole body, as if you were dusting yourself lightly with golden heart particles. Shake the particles from your hand onto any area you cannot reach easily. Move your hand to your heart from time to time to bring more particles. Now be sure and touch both of your knees with the energy, your hips, your ankles and your feet, in any order you like. Rather than make this too mental a process, this is what I suggest: When you feel like bringing in more of your heart-soul energy, I suggest that you do this again. Now that you have done so once, you can repeat it at your leisure. Bring this in for yourself and it will help you to focus your true heart-self into the world. When you anoint yourself in this physical manner and create the visualization, you bless your physical reality with your heart-soul’s capabilities. It is good not to get too mental with this exercise, because it is something that allows your thought process to observe rather than to interact. If you desire to include your mind, be sure to infuse your mind with golden heart particles — heart dust, if you like. We were told that 90 percent of our heart energy was locked up and we couldn’t experience it. Could you explain that? Was that symbolic? It is not symbolic. It is quite true. It is just that you have become used to living with 10 percent of your heart-soul energy. When you have never experienced the full level of your heart-soul energy, you don’t know what you are missing. If you had been exposed in this life to it and it had been taken away, you would have withered and died. But not having been exposed to it, you do not know what you are missing and you can subsist on what is provided. Who has the power to have taken our heart energy away from us? No one else has the power to do this. It was in the interest of the Creator to support your desire to explore polarity; without polarity, all of your heart-soul energy is present. It was you who requested this from the Creator. It is like someone who is on a diet or trying to avoid an addicition; if it is within your reach, you will say, “Oh well, I will eat it or drink it or use it just one more time.” But if you take it far away where you cannot reach it, putting it in a vessel where it will be safe and

nurtured and not be lonely, then you will complete your experiment and the exploration of polarity as a tool for growth. You were saying that we could never feel complete within polarity, so does that mean we could never feel complete on the Earth then, even with our heart energy? If your full heart energy were infused to you all right now, you would not be here. You would go to the next level at the very least. Do you understand the implications? I am suggesting that in the year 2000 there will have been sufficient progress for you to feel that Earth has changed, which simply means that the integration of your heart energy will be more complete. The reason I am giving this experience to you is for you to prepare yourself to receive that energy. The better prepared you are, the more quickly you can integrate and experience less of polarized Earth.

Using This Energy Is there something creative we can do with this situation? If you like, take the meditation or exercise to the next step. When you do the exercise again, just go on about your life afterward and feel as much of that heart energy as you can. As you hearken unto that energy and become aware of your heart, your heart can transform many of the fears and annoyances of daily life. Not only can it keep many experiences away from you, but when you are focused in your heart your perception of your experience will be altered to your benefit. I am not saying to become receptive in your heart in an uncomfortable experience; I am saying to become aware, focus in your heart and allow the gold heart light to project. Do not broadcast it, just allow it to escape into your auric field as gold energy will do. There are times in my life when I feel tremendous amounts of my own heart’s love. Is that more available now? No, it is the full expansion into the 10 percent that you have available. Most often you do not experience even the 10 percent; you keep it shielded. When you can expand into the 10 percent, you will feel very powerful and focused and loving of yourself and accepting of the foibles, frailties and

behaviors of others, not allowing them to abuse you but allowing them to be self-abusive if that is their choice. Is that why it’s so powerful when two people fall in love, because there is more heart energy available between two people joined together? No, it means that when they feel love and attraction, they open up the love center in their hearts to the full 10 percent and each feels his or her own love. Since this happens when they come together, they think it is caused by the other person, but it is not. It is caused by the safety, love and happiness of being with the other; thus it is as if an aperture opens and you experience it for yourself. Since we know that the full heart energy will be available in the year 2000, could we assume that everyone loves us and the Earth loves us and gradually open our heart? Yes, as long as it is not a mental process. The seduction here, the pitfall, you might say, is to function in this process mentally. You can use your mind for visualization, but it is important to become aware of your heart in focusing into this area.

Generate Heat in the Heart, Visit the Silver Sphere The suggestion is to generate heat in that area. If you cannot feel warmth as a stimulated energy in the heart area, then place your hand there. Do what it takes to feel warmth in your chest to show yourself what the heat feels like. It is not a heat that will cause you to become hot and uncomfortable and sweaty, but a warmth physically felt inside your body that causes your mood, your emotions, to feel at peace and accepting of yourself and your world. It is not knuckling under or giving up; it is a genuine shift that is a felt physical reality. The warmth you feel means that your heart center is opened to its full capacity. These types of exercises will prepare you for the year 2000. Is there a color associated with heart energy or opening the heart chakra? Some people like pink. To open, pink is useful but not required. I also suggest gold and green. Mostly it is focusing your total attention, your physical awareness, into that area of your heart. Sometimes just doing that will allow the warmth to be felt. Do you have any other suggestions for knowing and being guided by our hearts rather than our heads, for knowing who we are? Knowing, as you say it, has to do with the head. When doing the exercise to become aware of your heart, touch that area with your hand or even cross your hands over it when you begin. You may do this exercise as a meditation lying down, sitting, standing, whatever you like. Touching your heart can be helpful. If you can generate heat in your hand, run it into your heart to create physical evidence for you. It is a simple, no-thought process. What would it feel like if we were able to experience 100 percent of our hearts? That is a mental concept, of course, so I can only say you would feel warm, comfortable, at peace, and on the basis of your now understanding of this emotion, it would feel like bliss. Is there any time during our sleep state or meditative state when we are able to be with our heart energy nonphysically? If you can program your dreams, you may go to the center of the Earth at the ninth dimension and find the silver sphere, which is a link to where your heart energy lives. As a meditation, you may find it difficult to penetrate this sphere to feel your heart energy. In a dream it may be easier because there will be no attachments in the dream. Try whichever one works for you.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene

What about someone like Jesus? How was he doing all those healings? Was he using that energy? Jesus had 100 percent of his heart energy. He did not do healings. He touched people, and for a brief moment they would have 100 percent of their heart energy. The healing also activated their heart center to open to its fullest capacity — 10 percent. The healing remained as long as they remembered to focus into their hearts, which most did. Because of their exposure to this love being, they knew that love, in its versions of self-love and service, is the natural healer. That’s why true healing is such an emotional experience. Did other people around him have a larger amount of their heart energy, or was it just him? He instructed his followers, though most of them found it difficult due to their upbringing. Yet Mary Magdalene was able to do so. I believe she wrote about this at length, but this information is not readily available. Perhaps it was because she did not write it herself. She spoke about it and instructed the person she said it to to write it down. There was difficulty in terms of his mental concepts, yet he put it down word for word as she stated. The document, I believe, is still in existence, though not accessible by people just now. It was rolled up and placed inside a hollowedout branch to protect it, sealed with the sealing substance of the time — tallow, I believe it is called — and placed in a cave where it would be safe. I believe it is still there. Was it 100 percent of her energy that she was writing about, or was it 10 percent? The 10 percent, of course. The 10 percent you have is the part most compatible with the mental self. She could not write about the other 90 percent. None of you could, either. It is not something mental. It is something that you are, that you feel, that you experience. That is why, when those who experience greater amounts of their heart energy come to visit your planet, these visitors have a difficult time explaining it to you. Your flirtation with fulfillment through the mental body has created a difficulty in your understanding of true communication because of your attachment to the spoken word. So Jesus was able to be embodied on Earth and still have that energy. How was that possible? He was not a man as you know him to be. He was more than one. He was complete, which you are also, but outside of the range of this now experience. He was like yourself, but complete on Earth, so he could be many things in many places and in many different forms. To the people of the time, of course, this made him either a god or a magician or even something hated or feared, an idea that is still somewhat prevalent today. Most people have not yet grasped the full meaning of his philosophy. However, you can be forgiven for that because you do not hear/feel him speak in your language. What he might say in your language now would not resemble very much what you read in your testaments. Would it be possible to hear from him tonight regarding the heart energy?

Perhaps. Does the coming of the heart energy relate to the coming of the Christ consciousness — the Second Coming, we call it? I would prefer to say that the Christ consciousness is related to the heart energy, for heart energy existed before the concept of Christ, of course. How do we benefit from having lived on Earth without our heart energy? You will be compassionate to other civilizations, as well as those who resist the expansion of the heart. You will no longer judge. You will release all of those restrictive things. You will lose the superior attitude you had before you participated in the experiment of polarity on Earth — all those things that you were before your Earth experience that would cause others to feel you were superior and distant from them when you were incarnated in positions of authority. All these things will be gone and the past will be changed in its authoritativeness and lack of love. You will change the past, present and future with this infusion. You will remember. You will have compassion. You will forgive. You will change. It will benefit all times, all places everywhere — everything, all. Is one of the primary experiences for the Explorer Race this compassion and release of judgment? The best explorers seek with compassion and kindness and love. They do not assume that their mission is to change others, but to explore and see what others are doing. How can we use this heart energy to heal the pain and disease in our bodies, both for ourselves and perhaps even for others? It may not be realistic to expect healing of all diseases. Your bodies were created to have diseases so you would experience polarity. Just focus into the love without being attached to the miracle of redemption. Your understanding of redemption is being allowed back into the kingdom. You have never left the kingdom; you simply do not know which way to turn to see it. Now I will bid you good evening. ••• I am that energy that calls itself Jesus of the Light. I would comment on what the Goddess referred to. When I was born here on Earth so long ago, I was born with all my heart energy. The glow reported

around my child body was real, not something interpreted only by artists. This was why the church fathers instructed artists very specifically to create these pictures, so that what was portrayed, to the best of the artists’ abilities, was real. I am not trying to glorify myself. I am simply saying that when you have all your heart energy again, this glow will be noticeable to beings who do not have it, although not to those who have it. If someone happened upon you they would see this golden glow about you, just as those of the time saw it about me. Even when I was young this glow was noticeable. I had a teacher among the Essenes who showed me how to keep the glow in a different octave. In this way I could speak to people as an accepted human person so that I would not be revered. This is why those years of my life when I went out to be with my teachers are unknown to you. I could talk, I could discuss, I could argue — as was popular in those days, about philosophy and the practical art of living as a loving being — without being decreed as a god. This was taught to me for my benefit as well as those I was attempting to reach. The teacher who taught this to me was endearing. She was in the form of a child then. I like to think that maybe she was connected with Goddess because she was always laughing, as is Goddess’s true nature.

Exploring and Recording the Extremes of Polarity How were you able to come to Earth with all your heart energy when everybody else here has only 10 percent? There was an opening at that time when you could have left the planet, stating that you had learned the lessons you wished to explore with polarity, but you here did not. You chose instead to make a written record of your lessons. This is important, because so many documents were lost during the time of the Dark Ages in the English-speaking world that it delayed your time here. It was those who would go on to establish the dynasty of the English-speaking world who felt it necessary to create those documents to have a written history of the value of suffering, or polarity. This desire prevailed with the Creator, and thus you were allowed to explore the utter extremes of polarity as you have in the past 2,000 years since I have been with you. I did not agree with the Creator then, but looking back from your now over the past couple thousand years, I see clearly why souls felt so strongly that these documents — in all languages as well as English — which were destroyed in the Dark Ages, be reproduced not only through inspiration and channeling but also through stories, as is being done now, and that they be reproduced after the souls lived through some of the most extreme polarized times that have ever been known to human beings on Earth. I see now that this was indeed necessary. How can we today heal in the way you did? Believe that you are equal to me and make your connection with me — either religiously or spiritually — standing shoulder to shoulder with me through your heart. That would help, though I do not offer promises. Why are some healed and some not healed? The mind and the heart and the soul frequently desire healing. Sometimes the spirit, the eternal spirit, knows that if the healing takes place genuinely, then the lesson of the life would be aborted and would have to be lived again in another life. When the lesson is critical to the advancement of the spirit, then the healing either does not take place or does not remain. Do you perceive any of our other chakras to be functioning higher than 10 percent? Yes, but mostly you keep them closed. If they were all opened and functioning to their fullest

capacity, you would be able to produce many miracles. But the heart, the missing 90 percent, acts as a safety valve. If you were able to produce these miracles, an equal number of miracles of misery would be produced in your polarized world. You would be able to make people, continents and worlds disappear or be destroyed in a fit of rage. So you see, the 90 percent missing heart energy is, possibly for some occasions, a good thing for now. When you were incarnate on Earth, did you know anyone named Jehovah or Lucifer? I am aware of these spirits. Were they some central part in your play? They do represent the polarities you experience on Earth. Not exclusively, but for those who participate in this life in some version of religion focused in that story, they do act as polarities to hold polarity on Earth. On this planet you thoroughly explore all that you are not . Someday you will say you have had enough exploration of what you are not, and when that happens perhaps you will quickly be what you are!


Origin of the Species: A Sirian Perception Joopah December 18, 1988 I [Joopah] would say that the origin of your species of the human race on this planet has more than one apparent purpose. Not only are you here to achieve the finest that your race can achieve, but you are also here to become the finest of the different parts that you are. There are different apparent races of human beings, and they all have slightly different origins, galactically speaking. You know about the Pleiades and Andromeda and so on as being influential here, and you have heard of places such as Orion and Sirius and so on. Although Sirius claims to have been the originator of the species on this planet, of course there were beings here with whom you were originally crossbred. What is the origin of the beings here when the Sirians arrived? They come from the very highest dimensions, but the Sirians did not perceive these beings to be advanced, because their idea of advanced was expressed through technology — externalized, that is — machines, apparatus and so on. The beings on the surface of the planet whom the Sirians judged as weak and inefficient were living in grace in what you might refer to as a Garden of Eden.

The Angelics The planet provided all the indigenous beings needed. They lived simply. They were in total telepathic contact with each other and their universal energies. In short, they were at the zenith of their development when the Sirians arrived. As you know, it is all in the eyes of the beholder. The Sirians saw only a simple nomadic people living on the surface of the planet in complete simplicity and without any external sign of developed technology. Their assumption was — as is yours in the case of the animal kingdom — that these beings were less than they. It is the heritage of that judgment or attitude of the Sirians that has kept you away and apart from realizing the benefits of the animal kingdom and those who live in harmony with nature. These original beings, then, were simply living at the zenith of their expression, their potential. What about their origin? It has been stated that within this planet at the highest dimensions are the Founders of this planet. Those Founders are focused. Any physicist can tell you that a beam of light shot through a lens expands and shrinks. In that double-pyramid effect, the beings who are focusing here at this high dimension and allowing themselves to be created as those angelics on Earth [the Andazi] are the Founders of your planet. These master allowers are inside the planet right now. They have the energy holding the focus that keeps your planet together so that it can return to its natural state of grace.

For your understanding, the origins of Earth’s indigenous race might be conceived of as the auric Earth energy expressed in its highest purpose. In other words, they are physicalized angelics. Angelics come from what is generally referred to as an etheric expression of the masters. The angelics in this case would choose to experience a form of physical reality perpendicular to their direct expression spiritually or etherically. The Earth auric energy would allow their energy to become somewhat physicalized. In order to appreciate the highest purpose of physicality in their dimension, they would be on the Earth in order to experience the ultimate that you are working toward right now: total physical as well as spiritual alignment with the universal One living in the absolute now, while also intersecting the material plane of time and space. Since the angelics are involved in the Earth energy, if that high spirit of the masters is going to interpret itself physically, it must do it through the Earth’s auric energy, since Earth is a place. And since it is a place of allowance, of manifesting anything without judgment, the Andazi/Founders simply allowed themselves to be a portion of the developmental Earth by focusing their energy through the Earth’s auric field. You were created as a crossbreed between these very high beings [Founders] expressed physically [Andazi] and these technological and somewhat philosophically stunted beings [Sirians]. It is your desire to re-create that physicalized angelic kingdom on this Earth. Your intention is to do this by raising the vibration of Earth.

Sirians’ Need for External Control vs. the Law of Allowance The reason you are experiencing some difficulties and personal challenges — challenges that go beyond what you would expect in a spiritual evolution, that is, physical-emotional challenges — is

because of the residual effect of one of your groups of forefathers, the Sirians. These people are not to be blamed. These beings were coming, geographically speaking, from a planet that was much more negative than your own as you now experience it. From their point of view, they needed to do one very important thing in order to feel safe: they needed to absolutely and totally control their external environment. This is the big challenge for you. Controlling the external environment is causing perhaps the greatest polluting effect, philosophically, on this planet. As you know, it is in total allowance — or, as a friend of mine states, in the loving law of allowance — that the Garden of Eden effect was created by those high beings who lived on this planet. So the need to control externally is your heritage from the Sirians, who fled a planet much more negative than your own. How to achieve, then, the loving law of allowance? The best way to achieve this is to begin to create a sense of external as well as internal bonding with that high race of beings. What you can begin to do is concentrate on the energy of these beings as a persona. It is important for you to have an image. What might they look like? When the beings from Sirius arrived, the Andazi were on the surface of the planet. They were a meld of what you would call the human body (two arms, two legs, a head, a body and so on) and a soft, acculturated version of an animal (soft, flowing beautiful hair that went down as far as comfortable). They had some furring effect on their bodies due to the fact that they enjoyed allowing the seasons, and it was comfortable to have this body warmth without needing to destroy something to keep warm. The loving law of allowance allows you to be warm with your own given traits. These beings are not the so-called missing link or Abominable Snowman or yeti or Bigfoot. The Bigfoot are a residual race that is also in contact with these Founders. These Andazi/Founders are very graceful. They are quite tall, rather plump by your standards because body fat is very insulating. Very much of what you judge today is really the expression of those Founders. How to be in touch with them? Align yourself to this rough idea of their image: a face that is almost catlike in the sense of the softened face of a lion. The lion, known as the king of beasts, is actually a descendant on the animal level of these beings. They are very highly attuned to this energy. Most of the animal kingdom involved in the energy of total allowance are very much more attuned to their spiritual selves twenty-four hours a day than human beings, because of the human beings’ residual need to control their world by external force. So it is a challenge, that one. Now let us focus our energies on this light energy inside the planet. Just relax for a moment. Allow yourself to focus your energy there, and let us feel for a moment the energy of these beings inside the planet who, in their great love, allowed their development of civilization to its zenith to be corrupted due to the needs, requirements and prerequisites of the loving law of allowance on this planet. Focus on them and know that their energy is what you would perceive the God-forgiving energy to be. They are of the God light. Allow yourself to feel their energy right now. Understand that your desire to re-create the highest spiritual expression on this Earth is really a desire to re-create one side of your parentage. Your real expression, being made up of the stuff of Earth, is from these [Andazi] beings. You might say that you are attempting to throw off the secondcousin effect of the Sirians, as well as other individuals who came here to improve your society, from their point of view. Know that you have the traits of these Andazi. When you attempt to create safety from fear by externally controlling your world and thus experience either end of manipulation, know

that you are attempting to throw off the effect of these energies by being in them. Do not judge them. Know that the human being’s challenge is to choose a total experience both mentally/physically and spiritually/emotionally and then apply the desire for allowance internally as well as externally. This is revealed by the history of the obsession to create a peaceful and loving place within yourself [Sirian] as well as allow it to occur in others externally [Andazi]. It is necessary for you to be obsessed, because those Sirians were obsessed as well. Do not blame the Sirians; they were coming from an extremely negative planet and their natural approach to life was from fear and for protection. The others who later came here from Orion and the Pleiades had different aspects they attempted to create. But those original beings who are your true forefathers express the total loving law of allowance. This means that you can too. In this cosmic day is there a way to fix a time period on the arrival of the Sirians? Was it the very first civilization after the Founders? It would have been the very first civilization, because when you are in total allowance it is unnecessary to create historical civilizations. This can be proven today simply by the fact that you will not find any trace of a historical civilization left by any in the animal kingdoms. You can trace the fact that they have been here, but you will not find their writings or musings about their philosophical approach to the world. So it was in the billions of years ago. It was not recent. If you wish to say billions, all right. It cannot be measured in time, however. You might say that the Sirians brought the experience of time with them to this place, for those who were expressing that angelic life on Earth were not involved in time or space. Is that related to the gods and goddesses of Olympus? I would say that the desire to create such images owes its heritage to your origins, yes. But it is related specifically to the desire to create a separate entity who knows all and can provide all — essentially the externalization of God — which was really begun by those individuals who originally came here.

Honoring Both Heritages Is the way to be loving and really allowing learned in the face of adversity? You must recognize your heritage. In the face of adversity you allow others to be what they are and at the same time recognize what you are. But you are more than that. You have been created genetically to become a species that would go out into the universe and bring your ability to survive and your ability and desire — really almost an obsession — to make more of yourselves to other civilizations that have become an infrastructure and are no longer really attempting to expand themselves. So I would say allow others to be as adverse as they choose, but do not abandon your other parentage: Be willing to survive and do what you must to survive. In other words, honor your physical vehicle as it has been created; otherwise, the loving law of allowance could simply remove you physically from this planet in the face of threat. Do what is physically and emotionally natural to survive that situation — honor the negative, in a sense. Now, recognize that you believe in and experience polarities through your Sirian heritage. Most planets in the constellation Sirius are very positive; however, these particular ancestors came from the planet Arvahda, a really dominated negative planet. So I will say, allow — that’s fine. But recognize that your heritage is also to struggle to create the best for yourselves. So do not disenfranchise that. The challenge I place before you here is that the gift of negativity, as I understand it, is to create

a sufficient force of resistance so that when you achieve victory over it, when you rise above it — not necessarily breaking through it but going around and above it and achieving your goals in the face of that resisting force — you can have the exultant feeling of this victory. The idea of the soldier of God was thus born. So with that heritage and with our destiny as the Explorer Race, is our path then to meet together, to meld, to somehow bring both of those parts of ourselves into balance — the God-self with the technology and the polarities? It is to recognize your heritage as you might in a family tree. You might study a family tree and see why your nose looks the way it looks and why you have blue eyes and so on. It might be interesting, and you would acknowledge it, yet you would go on with your life. It is essentially that. You must go on with your life and yet know where you have come from. Use the tools that you have. Understand why you have desires that are not traceable to your life and why you want to have something better. Why not want to have something more victorious? Why not want to feel 100 percent the desire to dominate and control? Even people who express that to a great extent still wish that things were better. Recognize that some of your desires are inbred. You have a rudimentary psyche that you were born with — psychologically speaking, you understand. And you must be that as well. Do not deny or abandon the total you in order to desire upliftment. You as souls have chosen to become spiritual soldiers, warriors for God or other purposes, in order to achieve the highest level of expression in any given life. It is possible that the highest level for one person would be the best safe-cracker anywhere around; and for another, the most acclaimed yogi. What attracted the Sirians here? Was it by accident or were they directed here by the Creator? In a sense they were directed because they needed to come to a place that would be totally allowing, totally forgiving of their frailties, their difficulties, what created them and what formed their total experience of life. Even at that time they were so technologically advanced that it would take you thousands and thousands of years to achieve that level. They were that way then and have improved on that somewhat. They came here because of the magnetic effect of the loving law of allowance. They knew on the soul level that they could develop and contribute to the future race here because whatever they were would not be resisted. They knew that they could control and create here whatever they chose without resistance.

The Original Sirians Still Present So what happened to the technology? Is it gone? Not at all. The ships, the vehicles they arrived in, are still here. They are perpetual, from your point of view. The people occupying them of course have changed over. But it was their desire to create a socially engineered society that could in time be the inheritors of that technology. Their concept of time is rather more eternal than your own. It is their desire to bring you along slowly. They are, in their now expressions, almost a form of the gods. Now we’re back to Mount Olympus, because the gods on Mount Olympus have been known to fight among themselves, as anyone knows who knows mythology. If we are a combination of these two facets, then we should strive to understand our source here as well as the influence of the people from Sirius, then do what we have to to fulfill our needs. Am I making sense? As well as strive toward becoming the spiritual warrior. We are talking about the melding of

total spirit expressed physically and the warrior, which is what they were. Believe me, in order to escape that planet they were not simply sent out on a mission. That planet was totally, absolutely and completely controlled! In order to escape they had to fight their way out. Many of the things that they did, have been and are, even to this day, are expressed in those aspects of your human nature that are ofttimes judged. Yet those aspects, when expressed in certain ways, are often some of the highest expressions — such as laying down one’s life for one’s friends, for example. Those original masters [Andazi] did not lay down their lives for their friends because they were in total allowance, you understand. But the Sirians would have done so in a moment. So you must recognize that the loving law of allowance may not always achieve some of your current moral standards. What happened to the Sirians when they laid down their lives? Did they reincarnate with their memory intact? Do they avert the natural process and keep their awareness? They have evolved somewhat. They are more aligned now with Spirit. Time has allowed them to become more positive and have less need for an iron-fisted, externalized control. Many of the original beings who were on that craft have incorporated themselves into the angelic world, and some have even become revered as gods in many cultures. The originals have become melded into this planet’s society. Their physical extensions — their children, in a sense — who still exist on those vehicles near this planet have achieved a much higher level of spirit and are now much more aligned with most of the other planets that exist in that Sirius system. People on the craft — are you talking about ten or a million? How many of them are there? There is a society that is somewhat controlled simply because the capacity of the vehicle is no more than 100,000 to 110,000. How do the Zetas fit into this, inasmuch as the Zetas have been here forever watching? How does your [Zeta] society connect with the Sirians? You’re our future selves and they’re our past selves? There are others who are your past selves as well. The Sirians may have arrived first, but they were followed by many others due to the residual energy of the loving law of allowance. I will say that we fit into that — as best as I can understand at this point — as the inheritors. We are still involved and controlled to some extent, from our point of view, but we are no longer involved in strife, though that did occur in our past. I will say that it is a broad question you have asked, but since it is a general question, our understanding of our past, which is your present and your past, is that all of this is leading toward the eventual expression of mastery in physical life as you understand it. It has been necessary for us to observe it all. It still appears to be in bits and pieces and fragmented in many ways. How do we fit in? In many ways. Did you colonize the planet at any point in time? We did not. You were never on the physical plane of this planet? I would not say that. I would say that we have never induced our genetic code into any one species that has physically materialized on this plane. Then how are we your past? Very simple. Genetic codes change. The soul does not have an exclusive genetic code. Is it true that the soul is that part of the Creator in each of us? Certainly. And the Creator is involved in allowance and does not have any aspect of exclusivity at all.

The Wormwood Vehicle

There’s a word in Revelation: “wormwood.” In a recent book by Tuella, readers were requested to ask channels about this. They say this object is actually a comet that will collide with Earth in the very near future and that it is necessary for our mass consciousness to be aware of it. Is this true or not? Thank you. I will say that you now come to the crux of the matter of the loving law of allowance. One might say, in looking back at that allowance, that when the Sirians came, wouldn’t it have been nice to protect the civilization by having some mitigating factor built into the loving law of allowance? On the other hand, you would not be here if that were the case. So let me suggest that this particular vehicle does exist. It can collide with the Earth physically, spiritually or etherically. If you experience a collision etherically or spiritually, it will uplift. You will feel it. There will be a moment in which you will generally feel a shift. So it is designed to be a shift and an uplifting in consciousness. If the Earth continues to deteriorate and become more negative, then it could deal a glancing blow sufficiently devastating to disrupt surface life for many thousands of years. So what can you do? The best thing you can do is to become aware of the need to reach for the highest level in yourself. Allow that to be there, and at the same time think about the idea of having a shield that deflects physical matter but allows etheric matter to come into this planet. You really have that right now in your atmosphere. Many, many vehicles such as this one have been deflected simply due to the atmosphere. If you can imagine the atmosphere sufficiently heating up, then this vehicle will enter as its highest form. That is what you can do. Put your energy into a concept you can actually understand. Imagine the atmosphere becoming warm and imagine that vehicle is like ice. As it melts, it dissipates its energy and yet remains in its highest form etherically. If it impacts the Earth etherically, you become happier, more fulfilled. If, on the other hand, it impacts the Earth physically, then you must heat up the atmosphere sufficiently so that it will melt, becoming benign and being experienced as an unusual form of rain. Let it be like a story. I will say no more. The responsibility is your own. Is it two months or two years? Is there a time limit on it? I will not give a time element. I will say that it is possible anytime within the next four to forty years. I will continue to refer to this object as a vehicle because this vehicle had an origin, and it is going from someplace to someplace else. The reason it is referred to in Revelation is because coming back to its source will be the test that will allow that source [Earth] to prove what it has achieved since the moment of departure. That vehicle departed this place when the Sirians and the original angelics were brought together. And in the form described in Revelation, it returns to test you and see what you have learned in the interim. If you pass the test, you will learn more about yourselves in the form of faith, trust, ability, strength and uniting for a cause that bonds you together. The value of that union might have taught you if the challenge had not been present. Can we ask where it’s been? Did it go someplace or is it just … ? Since it is both physical and etheric, it has been everywhere and nowhere. If received as a gift, it will give greater cognizance, greater powers of universal perception. If received as a test and a trial and a burden, it will stop many things. The word “wormwood” — in your understanding, what is the significance of that term? Or is it even important? I will say that it is the name of the vehicle as well as a location of source energy.

Definitions Joopah, I’d like to ask some questions about the structure of an atom. Can you tell us what the substance of an electron and an atom is? From my understanding, it is a form of plasmic energy. It holds together essentially because it is a form of liquid magnetism. If one could use a microscope to look at things smaller and smaller, one would eventually be looking at more of a sensation than an actual object. It is magnetism, one might say — the residual ray of the bonding element of all physicality. In order to see what it really is, there has to be a whole-body experience in looking at it. It must be more than mental, so I will say that it is essentially the stuff of life and it is a force of energy. That is the best I can do. Okay, then how would you define the substance of what science calls a neutrino? Is that the same thing? This is almost an element of individualization, one might say. Speaking genetically, which is closer to my field, this would be the element that allows for individuality and almost a quirk of personality. Again, it is a substance that is more of an energy and is not tangible. This is why it is not always seen, even though the same procedures are taken every time to observe it. Then could it be said that the atom is a unit for connecting pure unseen energy into substance on the physical plane? Yes, because it functions as a magnetic force to bond or meld the energy of inspiration into the energy of physicality. Are there any words in our vocabulary for you to give us a concept of the term “energy”? I realize I’m getting into things here that are kind of difficult to explain. We come back again to the idea that energy is essentially the creative force in absolute allowance, devoid of all judgment. This is my understanding. Then a planetary electron is just a big conglomerative mass of this same energy solidified into matter. Yes, the neutrino giving it its individual form. I’d like to understand the structure of matter. Scientists say that a hologram can be cut up into any number of pieces, and each piece will still reflect the whole. That means each of us must then be a hologram of the Great Hologram? Yes, it is an atomic paradigm. And even when we’re reflecting things we don’t want to reflect, we’re still reflecting the whole? Absolutely, due to the lack of judgment in the loving law of allowance. The allowing aspect is interpreted through materialization in whatever way is available. If there is a pursuit of the idea of identity and if there are polar opposites available, it is possible to define identity with both light and dark. As an analogy without judgment, one might say an artist would be hard-pressed to create a picture if the artist could not utilize light and dark.

The Soul’s Dimensional Expressions We are creating bodies in the third dimension. Our soul is going to go into the fourth dimension. Are we as souls, in whatever body we wear in the fourth dimension, the Explorer Race that is going out into possibly the thirteenth galaxy out there? Or are we creating bodies here for someone else to inhabit for that purpose in the third dimension? Let me correct a flaw there. Your soul is in all dimensions at once; it is not locked into the third dimension. As you know, when your body rests at night or whatever, your soul occupies other

dimensions in its own consciousness. It is just that the screening effect of this planet’s physicalization does not allow you to recall those experiences. This is so that you can have the joy of self-discovery; although it’s not always a joy as you perceive it — another joke. Outside the context of time, of course, you are now in that soul experience doing those things we have discussed, as your question infers. Yet since you as a linear being on your physical, conscious level are experiencing time, you will have the joy of discovering those aspects of yourself in the future. How would you define space, which appears to be nothing? It is a density as yet unfelt by the untrained hand. Space is simply less concentrated energy. Since you grow through your reaction to what resists you, you will ofttimes find yourself in the physical experience of less resistance when you are walking along a path and not feeling anything deflecting your journey. Yet if you reach a point where there is a tree or a big limb in the way, you may have to become creative in order to get around it. It is those momentary elements of resistance that cause you to become more than you have been as you move through space. It looks like all matter is mostly space; that’s why I was asking for the definition of space. Is that really the supreme intelligence of All That Is? Space, as you now formulate your question, is allowance. That’s the Creator, then. All is, even that which is judged. What lies before us as we perceive ourselves in this physical body going into the fourth dimension? Will we have a different body? Will we be on a different planet or in a different living situation? Is that the Explorer Race, or is it the other souls or other parts of our souls that inhabit the third-density bodies? You would see little difference as you move into the fourth dimension as you understand it. When you become something, you change and leave behind that which no longer has any value for you. Does the blue remember becoming green in combination with other colors? Or does it simply become that green as a colorized effect? If you were to shine a light through a prism, it would come out as a refracted array of colors. Do those refracted colors remember that they were once white light, or do they experience themselves as individual colors? They will experience their color spectrum as a part of their family, but they may not necessarily remember that their origin was white light, which contains all of them.

Since you are in time and since in the fourth dimension time, though modified, will still be a mitigating factor in your experience, you will likely not recollect your third-dimensional aspects. Out of the context of time, your fourth-dimensional aspects exist now. They are not 100 perccent of the time aware of you, nor are you 100 percent of the time aware of them. It is mostly through your imaginations that you will become aware of them consciously. And it is through their dreams that they will become aware of you! Broadly speaking, the Explorer aspect of your experience will perpetuate itself in the fourth dimension as well. But that’s another question. If the soul moves into the fourth, everything shifts up … And down. … and back around? There is no back around. When you move up in dimensions, your focus does not do only that [gestures upward], but it does this [gestures outward]. When you expand your perception you will be able to be more and become aware of more. The focus of onward and upward only is a thirddimensional effect. Denser dimensions will become more recognized, more appreciated, and there will again be more allowance. The changing of the focus and dimension simply means the expansion of allowance as an act practiced more consciously. I can assure you, when a trait within yourself or a separate individual outside your immediate self is loved, appreciated, accepted and allowed, it is more likely to benefit you than to create discomfort.

Relationship to Other Dimensions I had thought that multidimensional consciousness meant we were operational, functional and aware in the third, the fourth and higher. But you’re saying to go through the doors of the fourth and then forget this life that we’re living now in the third dimension? Not forget — you will become less focused on it. You will become less aware of its pursuits. You will not need to be focused on it. You will focus in a more magnanimous way, but you will become capable of doing what third-dimensional beings do. You will become capable of what second- and first-dimensional beings do. You will become allowing and trusting in doing what fifth-

and sixth- (and so on) dimensional beings do. And yet you will contain that focus in the dimension you are in so that you can achieve its level of understanding and experience. Which will be the fourth? As you understand it. Which simply means that instead of its being this expansive [narrow], it will be this expansive [wide]. And the fifth is that … And then you will be that expansive and so on. When you focus your energy in any one groove or expression of life, it will be focused there and you will experience life consciously there. But as you become more expansive you will have the potential to see and perceive more parts of yourself that are constant. Not only sequentially but simultaneously? Specifically, yes. Does that mean that you folks are capable of expressing on various dimensions yourselves? If it were our choice, we could physicalize here and be totally physical. It is possible for us to do so, though we do not normally choose to do so. From time to time we will leave physical remnants here to challenge your scientists and others. But we can focus in certain denser planes as well. And we always, as you do, look toward those who are more expansive than ourselves to give us advice and guidance. How far do you see that it goes? If you’re in the eighth dimension, how far do you perceive? To the ninth? Tenth? How many dimensions can you perceive above you? We’re only now beginning to have a vague glimmer of the idea of infinity. I do not see a limit at this point. I cannot say that there is an end. But I can say that it seems to be curved rather than vertical. One might assume, then, that if it is a sphere it will go around and become united. But perhaps it is not a sphere; it could be a braid and go like this [gestures], in which case it could be that there’s no end. Take the concept of the Bailey books. Are you still in what they call the cosmic physical, as differentiated from the cosmic astral and mental? In our expression of life from our higher spiritual selves we have the potential of being both, since we have a separated expression of spirituality, though we would be the etheric. But from our actual expression of selves we would be closer to physical from our experience of self. So you might say we are talking about a duality here where we are constantly aware of both expressions. So rather than one or the other, we are both. The planet that you live on must not be a physical planet like this one. It must be of light substance, too. Is that correct? One might say that it has more spaces in the molecules or that it is made up of more allowance as an experiential aspect of our life — an answer designed to stimulate a question rather than to give a specific answer.

Conceptualizing the Founders Let us end tonight on the energy of those Founders. It is important for you to have a mental concept of these individuals. At this time let us do something different. Rather than key in to the energy of the Sirians as they arrived, let us also infuse the energy of those original people who came from Sirius — not the energy they brought with them but the energy they have now, which is of the angelic. They have a clear understanding now about who they were in those lives. They also have an understanding about who they are becoming, since they have increased their amplitude in dimensional force.

So let us braid in their energy and imagine for a moment that feeling you call the “eureka!” experience: “Oh, at last I understand!” This is where they are. They understand their lives completely and what they came here to do. They have that experience. Let us induce a little bit of the energy of “eureka, I have found it!” into your physical realm as well as the stimulation and loving, allowing energy of those Founders. So when you have the “eureka!” experience — a word I like — you will be able to appreciate that this experience is not specifically with those Founders but is also the joy and heritage of those Sirians. Much of what you appreciate in your life as well as what you judge is a direct legacy of those Sirians. Do not judge them harshly. They have given gifts as well as challenges. Now let us for a moment key into the energy of the Founders. Relax and feel it as best you can. Some of you might recognize something you have felt before. Now feel the excitement and enthusiasm of the Sirians. Feel their new sense of awareness. In the coming days trust that your curiosities will lead you toward uncovering parts of yourselves for which you too can say, “Eureka! Now I understand.”


The Eleventh Planet: The Undoer, Key to Transformation Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, May 22, 1994 All right. Zoosh speaking. Hey, welcome back to us! You said you’d see us in the fourth dimension. Did you come back early, or are we in the fourth dimension? I came back early. I want to talk about the Eleventh Planet because it is actually functioning. Now, that might sound like a strange term to apply to a planet, but this is a planet unlike others. It is out there between the Tenth Planet and Twelfth Planet, but it is something that is literally being activated from an ancient time. In ancient times the length of life of not only Earth as you know it but all the planets in your solar system was decided — how long they would last and what would be their maturity (just like the human being, who has childhood, maturity, old age and death) as well as the time for the death of your solar system and its rebirth. It was plugged in, as it were. The Eleventh Planet is not really a habitable place, nor has it ever been inhabited. It is a strangelooking thing; if scientists were to look at it, they’d say that it is too big to be an asteroid. It’s also a totally abnormal planet for your system. You know that the planets orbit the Sun and also spin on a vertical axis. The Eleventh Planet does orbit the Sun, but it spins on a horizontal axis [shows how Earth rotates and how the Eleventh Planet rotates]. Around the equator of the planet? Exactly. It spins on a horizontal, not vertical, axis. If you understand the purpose of it, it makes good sense. In those ancient times they decided that this now time was when the solar system was going to transform itself. You know that your experience of the solar system is going to go to the fourth dimension, taking you with it. But what about third-dimensional Earth? What about all these other planets in the third dimension? They are designed to be transformed. That is why all the books, all the ancient texts that are still around, all of the prophecies, say that this is the time of destruction. This Eleventh Planet, if you could look at it, has a sort of knobby look to it, if that’s a word — knoblike. If you were to see it clearly, it is like a bunch of fragments stuck together in what looks like a sphere.

Jupiter Collisions: The Countdown Begins This comet that’s going to hit Jupiter in pieces [Shoemaker–Levy, in July 1994] is like a single flare, saying, “Okay, this is the beginning!” As I see it, since third-dimensional Earth and the other planets are going to have to become different in appearance — activated, if you will — in six years, pieces are going to begin to break off of the Eleventh Planet. They’re going to hurtle toward the Sun, since it is basically magnetic. The intent is for at least one of those pieces to get through and impact the Sun before it burns out. In its completion, some but not all of it will burn up. What is left will act like an egg, and the Sun will utilize that material to give birth to a different version of the solar system. I’ve talked at length before about how Earth has been borrowed from Sirius, where all the water

planets are. Several of the other planets in your solar system have been borrowed from other places, so your solar system is somewhat unnatural. This egg is going to rebirth the solar system, but here’s the challenge: The pieces are going to come hurtling off the Eleventh Planet like a fragmentation device and whiz toward the Sun. And although that is not the ultimate intention, they are going to hit different planets. I haven’t talked much about the Eleventh Planet before because I was hoping that this could be averted. But it appears now that it cannot be averted without the assistance of almost everyone on the planet. If 98.5 percent (but at least 98 percent) of the people want to live in the bodies they have now and enjoy their lives — no more complicated than that — then the fragments, instead of hurtling toward the Sun, will hurtle back the other way where they will be harmlessly deflected out into space. The reason I wanted to discuss this is that it’s important to encourage people — your friends, anybody — to choose to have some kind of pleasure in life so you’d want to continue. But I’m not going to be foolish; I know that the chances in the next six years of 98.5 percent of the people wanting to live in their present bodies and be happy is not likely to occur. It’s possible that 55 percent might want to do that, but that’s about it. You see, the same biorhythmic connection that exists between Earth and your body also exists in space between all living bodies. Your solar system is like a portion of a larger being, not unlike the soul in your body. This form of life is essentially reclaiming itself to restructure itself. So it may be necessary to use extraordinary means to divert this fragmentation process. Diverted from Earth, you mean? Diverted from fragmenting toward the Sun. Most of those pieces will impact various planets, and it will be difficult for those planets to get along after those impacts. At least three pieces have the potential for coming close enough to Earth to seriously affect you. One of them might even glance off your North Pole. It might be hard to imagine that a piece going through your atmosphere and impacting your North Pole could “glance off,” but the poles don’t actually work like that. The poles extend well above your atmosphere. If it glances off, say, 20,000 miles above your North Pole, it would cause a magnetic storm on Earth like you’ve never had before. And that would not be good, as they say. I’m going to call on everyone, not only those with healing energy, but those with powers and magical abilities, children with imagination — because it will be easy for children to do this — and adults. When you are an adult, you get to visualize the pieces hurtling off into space.

Prefragmentation Symptoms and the Collisions

Now, I have to give you some landmarks. As a result of this thing preparing to fragment itself toward the Sun, people here who are sensitive will have feelings from time to time such as the following: you will feel lost, abandoned, without purpose, without hope, depressed and disappointed. You will look at your life and see no reason to feel this way. When you are having these feelings, it is because your body’s biorhythmic time clock is connecting to this potentially destructive event. Some people are feeling those things now because of this asteroid — I’m not going to call it a comet — hitting Jupiter. You cannot have a situation in which such a large mass strikes a planet in your solar system and you feel nothing. Four hundred million miles away is not far. If it’s in your solar system, it’s going to affect you; it will certainly affect Jupiter profoundly. You will have bizarre dreams; some of you have already begun to have them in the past year and a half. The odd ones, the really weird ones, are being caused by Jupiter’s letting go of her fears about it, because Jupiter is alive; she is a being. You will also have times — this is very important for women — when you will feel like you’re having your menstrual cycle and then the feeling leaves, and it will come and go. It will be very strange. That will be one of the symptoms. Some will have a feeling like morning sickness; that is a high level of sensitivity. I’ll tell you why this is happening. The impact of this matter from space is bringing with it not only massive rock, but biological organisms deep within the rock. Without putting too fine a point on it, it’s going to impregnate Jupiter with a new biological soup, if you would. Jupiter is not — repeat, not — just a blob of gas floating in space. Underneath that gas there is a planet. This is almost like a birthing situation, but it’s not hitting Jupiter where it was originally intended. Initially it was intended that this mass of rock would strike Jupiter in its south pole. If it did that, it would have performed the function of a genuine birth. It would have gone into what might be

referred to as the birth canal of a planet — the poles are like that — and it would have gone through mutations and transformed Jupiter. This would have become a transformation of your entire solar system into something quite wonderful. But because certain forces have interfered — I don’t want to call them evil, so I will just say they are unenlightened — this mass is hitting Jupiter in the wrong place to be destructive. Earth’s weather will eventually be affected. There will be storms, strangelooking sunsets and little sparkly things in the sky. People will probably be told to stay indoors for a while at some point. There will be gravitational effects, although scientists haven’t been talking about this. The gravitational effects will be strange. After the impact on Jupiter there will be days when people will feel big and heavy, like they can just barely drag themselves out of bed. Then there will be other times when you will literally feel like you’re jumping out of bed, because the gravity wave will rush past and then rush back. When the gravity wave hits you, you will feel heavy. When it bounces back off the Sun, you feel light. It can’t hurt you, so don’t worry, but it’s a strange phenomenon and will go on for a while. Now, there will be other effects that people will feel. Men are likely to feel confused for a while. This is the strange part (I have to give you some signs, otherwise you won’t know what it is or why its happening): Men will feel, for no reason they can imagine, personally violated sometimes, almost as if a complete stranger walked up and touched them someplace they shouldn’t. This is a strange feeling for men. Men on your planet have a very strong connection physically and biorhythmically to most of Jupiter. Women have a strong connection through the pole of Jupiter. Something this big striking Jupiter will be very weird. So try not to get too upset at people. It’s as if someone is sneaking up on you and wants to hit you; you’re feeling strange for a while, but it will pass within two to three weeks of the impact. Do not be fooled — it is a major event; it will affect Earth. It has the potential to bring people closer together. If the pieces strike Jupiter, the fragments will be making themselves known over the next twenty years or so. If one of them comes close enough to Earth, that will be the end of all that. Even if you’re in another dimension, this is your opportunity to do something. Those who would inherit the Earth wouldn’t be able to live here. The deal is that you go into fourth-dimensional Earth and they come to the third-dimensional Earth. But if they can’t come to the third-dimensional Earth, they’re going to want to know why you get to go to the fourth-dimensional Earth. You see, they can interfere with your emotions in fourth-dimensional Earth. So do it for them; but do it for yourself if you can’t do it for them. Any questions? Who were the ancients who decided when the solar system would transform? Let’s put a name on them — I’ll ask them how they want to be presented. Okay, they want to use their original language. I’m going to try to translate that. It’s like the Guardians of the Core. It sounds like an apple “core,” but they don’t understand that. To them the core would be the point of creation in this part of the universe, so you could call them the Guardians of Creation here. In all the discussions we’ve had about the creation of the solar system, you’ve not mentioned them before. No, because their job is only one thing: beginnings and endings. That’s all they do. They get things started, they initiate things and then they finish things. It isn’t their job to run things; they couldn’t do that. Is this the Nemesis that we once talked about and that you said might be the eraser? Yeah, this is it. All right, this is Nemesis. At the time you mentioned it, it wasn’t expected to do this. I know. That’s why I was so vague about it before. There were attempts to make it something

different, and I felt it could be changed.

Interference from a Parallel Universe Okay, who interfered in impacting Jupiter in the wrong place? That’s right; that’s important. These people are not only ETs — you’ve heard about negative ETs here — but an old order of people from which things have been passed down from generation to generation, sometimes unconsciously during very light and loving times and other times consciously during more dismal times. It is an old order that perceives, rightly or wrongly, depending on whether you look at it from their shoes or your shoes, that the only way to purify is to destroy. If you look at your history, you can see countless examples of people purifying through destruction. Even your planet will sometimes cause floods that will purify the bed of the river but will also destroy the surrounding area. So this runs deep, purification through destruction. Rivers can flood without being destructive, such as in India when they know they are coming. They can actually do the land some good. That’s how it can be. What do you mean by “old order”? Is this in reference to the Order that came down from the Founders, or is this some other order from someplace else? No, this is someplace else. It is an old and ancient order — I will have to get permission here — associated with human sacrifice and all this other business. I don’t want to call it satanic, because that has many faces, and this order is not, in its essence, evil. But everything that it does is evil. How could somebody do something evil and not be evil? It’s in the perception. They are not doing something for the sake of being evil; they think they’re doing a good thing. How many times in your history have you come across people who felt they were doing something worthwhile and good that caused other people to suffer?

The Uncreation of the Shadow Universe You mean they’re humans on this planet? These are humans on the planet. The core being who directs this order is not located on your planet, but in an opposite, parallel universe. I’m talking out of school, but I have to say it: There is a parallel universe that needs to be uncreated. One of the main things you are doing here on this planet is uncreating things. By being alive and going from the third to the fourth dimension, you are literally, right now, uncreating your past. But in the process you also are putting out a tremendous amount of uncreation energy and you are literally — it cannot be stopped, so I guess I could say it — uncreating this entire parallel universe , which is sort of the equal and opposite of the universe you are in. In your universe there are one or two planets where negativity exists, and most of the rest are benevolent. In this parallel universe you have the opposite. It’s a shocking thought, but true. Now you are literally going to uncreate that parallel universe. The entity who controls this old order has had many names, and I can’t say this name because there are people using this name right now who aren’t of this order. The entity lives in this parallel universe, and when sufficient uncreation takes place — right now that universe is about 30 percent transformed — when it’s 55 percent transformed, that entity won’t have any power and won’t even affect you. But now it’s fighting for its life. What kind of time are we talking about from the now 30 percent to the 55 percent — days, weeks, months, years? About seventeen years. Why is this being allowed?

Remember, equal and opposite is allowed. This parallel universe represents such a threat to love and the existence of love itself that it’s like a cancer, something that grows and feeds off its host until it kills it, you understand. It is something that exists. Now, I have to tell you something, and it is not a pretty thing: in your universe, the Creator is a benign being — allowing, yes, and allowing can be rather uncomfortable at times. God will allow you to suffer; God will allow you to love. In this other universe, you have the dark side of God. People like to say, “Well, the evil being is Satan, the devil.” In reality that’s not true. I have to say that the being you know the Creator to be has a dark side. And because the Creator is a loving being, it has rejected it and pushed it away. But look what it did: it created an equal and opposite parallel universe that is essentially a negative place to be. So how does the Creator bring this back together? It has to create a planet polarized between positive and negative that can, by its very existence — by what people are doing, living beings transferring from one dimension to another — literally change both universes! So you’re looking at inoculation, like getting a shot for typhus so you don’t get the disease. In this case, people have the disease and they’re getting their shot, and it’s going to cure it. Is that only in our local universe, or is it constant everywhere? It’s constant everywhere. Only in your universe, however, can you change this. I bring this up because people sometimes feel this sense of foreboding. That’s because you have had lives in that other universe. You didn’t live very long, but who’d want to? It’s really something you can identify with on a personal level because it’s like a shadow side. Everybody has a shadow side; so does the universe. But our going into the fourth dimension is going to uncreate that whole universe? Yes. Not because you’re getting away from it, but because the mechanical function of the way you’re going in will produce such a tremendous energy for uncreation that the Creator will be able to reunite with its dark side in a loving way. It can embrace its dark side, and when that loving being envelops its own dark side, it can evolve. What way are we going into the next dimension that will cause so much energy to … ? It’s like a slingshot effect. It’s sudden, but sudden in terms of my time, I suppose I should say. You’re on the voyage already. It cannot be stopped. The primary symptom of the voyage is that your memories are becoming dimmer because your past is being uncreated. At some point your past will start getting re-created, but you’re not there yet. If you live long enough — seventeen, eighteen years and beyond — then your past, which you won’t be able to remember, by the way, will start to be recreated. When it’s re-created, you’ll know you’re in the fourth dimension because you won’t remember or be impacted by any negative stuff. Your physical body will transform because it will no longer be carrying around negative stuff. When people work on your bodies now, they release all this negative stuff, but it is only temporary because there is negative stuff around you that you absorb, plus you have a sort of magnetic attraction for it because of all the negative things that have happened in your life. But when you get to the point where all that stuff has been uncreated — it creates the symptoms that have been uncreated and you begin to have the re-creation — then you won’t be carting that stuff around. That’s how your body will change. It’s not going to be changing through some cosmic event because that anchor won’t be there anymore. If you could see people from a different point of view, you’d see dark cords coming out of most of them because they’re dragging around negative memories from the past that are not just mental and emotional, but physical and to some extent spiritual. All that’s going to be changed by the Creator. You’re going to snap back like a slingshot into the place from whence you came.

Okay, so if they can’t stop us, then was this a diversionary tactic? Yes. As you know, people who are fighting for their lives, as they see it, will do anything to slow down the process. But one thing is for sure: They will act. They won’t just sit there and say, “Oh, okay, we’re doomed.” No soldier who works will sit there; they’ll fight. You can’t fight them with their own weapons — you can’t shoot bullets at them or get angry at them or hate them — because it will make them stronger. But if you generate healing energy, benevolent energy, loving energy, it will make you feel better and it will take away their power. They get all of their power from anger, but not their own, because they don’t have any. If you plucked them out of Earth and put them someplace else, they’d seem like blank slates. They live off of the anger of other people, obtaining their power from the unexpressed — meaning not physicalized — anger of other people, including depression, because depression is anger turned inward. That’s why they can have power in a polarized universe where there is anger and depression. Okay, these fragments are going to hit. Jupiter is the first thing to be hit in July? That’s right. What is that going to do to Jupiter? It’s going to impact its orbit, the way it turns on its axis. If that happens to any one of your planets, they’re all affected. You will feel almost like somebody hit you. Everything is alive, and in terms of life as it has been known, that portion of Jupiter will change, never to be the same again in your time. It will also be a difficult thing because right now Jupiter, as a living being, is crying out for help. That’s what a lot of people are responding to. Within the three weeks or so before the thing strikes Jupiter, if it hasn’t been deflected out into space, a lot of people are going to feel like something is sneaking up on them. Jupiter is tied to you biorhythmically, so it affects the way you feel, the way your body runs, the way your blood flows in your veins. This can’t happen without you being affected physically, emotionally, spiritually, instinctually — everything. And the technological ETs who are out there parked everywhere on stations can’t do anything about it? They could, but they are not being allowed to. You see, this is really a test of your power. You have to be able to move beyond what science, godless science, tells you is possible. Science produces its god in its own image, so of course it is technical and has no human values. Science tells you that you can’t do something, and people buy into that; they won’t do it. On the other hand, if you go beyond what science tells you that you can do and consciously attempt to deflect this thing so that it either moves as fragments into an orbit around some other planet, becoming a harmless asteroid, or so that it deflects off the gravitational field of Jupiter — which will be difficult for Jupiter, but she can survive that — then it will probably skip out into space where it will go on until it is rounded up. Believe it or not, there are people who round up these bits and pieces. So how did it get so far into the system without hitting any of the other planets? It’s starting at Jupiter; is that the only one that it’s expected to hit? The object as it’s described is coming to hit Jupiter. It is not a portion of the Eleventh Planet, but it’s like a signal flag or a starting gun at the beginning of a race. It’s a sign, as they say. I understand. Then the Eleventh Planet will start throwing off pieces. Yes, after this happens, then the Eleventh Planet starts releasing the fragments. And if it doesn’t happen? Even though it’s going around the Sun, it can either spin the pieces this way, toward yourself, or … Underhanded or overhanded …

Overhanded, exactly, perfect analogy. What’s the time frame on that? About six years.

Remnants of Maldek Six years. That’s not much. Where do these pieces come from that are going to hit Jupiter? This is actually an asteroid that was intended, as I say, in a smaller portion of itself, to strike Jupiter from the southern pole, and it has been deflected into striking Jupiter in this place that won’t be good for it. You’re not going to like this, but it’s a leftover piece of that planet that some people call Maldek. You said earlier that Maldek was a trinary planet, three planets. I know, but this is a piece left over. Are you saying that what’s in the asteroid belt actually was three small planets? Yes, yes. This is a piece of something that was originally here, but it’s carrying biological as well as spirit and egocentric formulations that would tend to re-create another period of strife here in your solar system, something I personally would not want to see. If it went into the southern pole as originally intended, only the benevolent organisms would have been fostered. But striking on that oblique surface is not a good thing. On one hand, it’ll be destroyed and probably won’t do any negative thing; on the other hand, by the time it does do something negative you’ll all be long gone. Still, it would be better if it didn’t strike Jupiter. How many humans would have to … Even if 98.5 percent of people wanted to remain here happily, we have to have at least 50,000 people on the day before — which is, depending on your calendar, right around July 16 — deflecting, visualizing and imagining to do less damage to Jupiter. So it’s not going to do any damage to Earth or the other planets? It’s not going to hit Earth. How will it affect Earth in other ways? It’s likely to affect your weather eventually, and it’s likely to have a tremendous emotional impact. You see, your auric field extends billions of miles when you dream. Sensitive people — healers, physicians, nurses, priests or therapists — can help other people because their energy bodies range out very far. Right now as you sit here, bits and pieces of your energy body are ranging out into the cosmos. You know this. Sometimes life on Earth gets a little boring because you’re feeling things out there that you’re not living here on Earth, and it’s annoying. Annoyance is actually a physical thing. Since many sensitive people have their auric fields way out, when that thing hits Jupiter, it will be literally hitting your emotional bodies. Your emotional bodies and your auric bodies are interchangeable, you understand; it’s going to be like some mountain slams into your emotional body. It will impact your auric field, so you have to treat it gently.

Protective Measures against the Destructor Here’s something you can do: A few days before this happens, concentrate on trying to pull your energy body closer to Earth. Most of you won’t be able to get your energy body’s outer perimeter any closer than say, eight to ten feet from your body, at least not people who are sensitive, who constantly range into the cosmos, who are connected with the stars. But try to get it closer to Earth so you will not be as emotionally shaken up from the Jupiter impact. Afterward, go back out and try to help

Jupiter — soothe it, sing to it, love it, do all the healing things you do. But don’t be personally impacted if you can help it. How long ago was this set up? We didn’t know about it five years ago. I couldn’t talk about it five years ago. Remember, I’m the end-time historian. That hasn’t changed. So when was it set up in terms of our timeline? It was set up, although this is not precise, about eight-and-a-half billion years ago. Long before humanity ever came. Yes. That’s the key factor. It’s as if you walked into a party that was already in full swing and you changed the world to suit your own lifestyle. Yet this world has its own natural cycle; you can extend that cycle a little bit, but that’s all. You have to go to the fourth-dimensional cycle of Earth to survive because the third-dimensional cycle is going to be considerably transformed in preparation for others. Yes, of course. Transformed is usually considered expansive, spiritual, upward. This is simply revised, changed. This is physiological transformation. The inheritors of the third-dimensional Earth are not going to be breathing oxygen, so your entire atmosphere has to change. So there’s a potential that we can stop this, but not a high degree of probability. Yes, the Eleventh Planet is the destructor. Okay, so, it’s going to come in six years … It’s there now, but it’s going to begin to fragment in six years. It’s been orbiting forever? For eight-and-a-half billion years it’s been out there — actually before that, but then it was unformed, as a cell and an egg would be relatively unformed compared to a human body. It could have been anything. To that Eleventh Planet, fragmenting and sending pieces to the Sun will feel like fulfillment. What causes this? Is it some shock effect in the solar system? It’s like an alarm clock. When this thing hits Jupiter, it’s not only going to send gravitational energies toward Earth; it’s going to send them all over the place. The gravitational energy is going to slam into the Eleventh Planet and then it’s going to be like, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick for six years and then the Eleventh Planet is going to start letting go of pieces. Now, a lot of those pieces will just bounce into the Moon and fling out every which way, but eventually some of those pieces are going to find their way close to Earth. We want to do what we can; other people, other life forms in other dimensions and all that, will be working on this. You will not be alone. But you must also work on it. It has to be man … This can be affected … Yes. It has to be unanimous, in the sense that life forms on all of the planets in your solar system, whatever their dimension, must work on this. If one planet is left out, it won’t work. So everybody has to make a difference. What does it look like now? Like it’s going to fragment and come toward the Sun. That’s why we’re waving a flag; it looks like it’s going to be the end. So let’s change it. I was hoping that other things could happen, but you are going to have to participate to change it. Do you see that all the life forms on all the planets will participate in trying to deflect these

pieces when the Eleventh Planet starts fragmenting? Oh, yes. You are actually the last ones to be informed as a planet. Your lives are complicated, much more complicated than any of the people on any of the other planets. So we wanted to spare you any more complication unless necessary. So that planet has never held life, never served as a school, never done anything except just be an orbiting rock? Odd, isn’t it? It had a planetary purpose that is primarily self-destructive, and its moment of fulfillment will essentially be self-destruction, but it’s also to destroy other things. It wouldn’t be a suitable place to nurture life; it would be like living in the barrel of a gun. We’ve got the Twelfth Planet coming here and stimulating us to get our hearts back, and we’ve got the Tenth Planet possibly getting ready to land or show our dark side or whatever it’s doing. How is all that going to interact within these six years? It will be as it should be. The Eleventh Planet is sort of the outsider. This scenario can be transformed if the Eleventh Planet throws its pieces out into space where they can be rounded up in a nondestructive way. Another Eleventh Planet will form there in time, because if a planet disappears from your solar system, everything changes. So my answer to your indirect question is that the desirable outcome is that this planet will be self-destructive but not totally destructive of everyone else, and that with interactions between the Twelfth Planet (the heart planet, as we can call it) and the Tenth Planet (the subconscious or the shadow side), since we have two polarities there, we can create a new Eleventh Planet that will, along with beings attracted to it, benevolently express its dark side. This should become a planet of positive adventures. You love adventurous things like mountain climbing that trigger excitement and a bit of fear and entail taking risks. In a way, we’re sending out some of what happens on Earth. It’s going to be a planet of initiation. And that would be in the third dimension? Yes. For future people who want to come to live there? Exactly. Which is sort of like a version of Earth. Between now and six years, though, we’re going to become very powerful. We don’t have to deflect these pieces from our present level of consciousness. You’re very powerful now, but what you really are saying is that you’re going to be more aware. There’s a lot better possibility that in six years we can allow these pieces to go back out into space than if it were coming tomorrow. That’s exactly right. But as you go, you have to be aware of it. If enough people are aware of it and talk it up enough, and it goes out and other people talk it up, then people will get together and do it. You can make it a party. Is there a name other than Nemesis for the Eleventh Planet? Yes, that’s not the best name. I have always thought of it as “Undoing.” And I’d like to see July 16 as a special time in which people direct all this healing energy or just Earth energy toward deflecting this thing or causing it to have as little impact as possible — or at least making Jupiter as strong as possible in the area that is going to be impacted. You can do that, too. Before you left in 1991, you were quite vague about these planets that nobody knew were there at that time. Were the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Planets the ones you were alluding to? That’s true. I wasn’t elaborating at that time because if you tell things too early, they become accepted facts. Sometimes if you’re told something when you’re already having the feelings and the

physical evidence associated with the feelings, then you can really feel the truth and value of it and act on it. But if we told you this stuff 2,000 years ago, it would have become cryptic through many different writings. The Book of Revelation is difficult for people to understand because it’s been changed so many times, even though it’s all there. Maybe we should get you to do a Zoosh story of Revelation. We ought to do that sometime just for fun, just to decode it. Are other countries on this planet being given this information now by channels such as you? Is this being broadcast right now? It is. And interestingly enough, the conventional journalists, just by broadcasting a story and talking about it, are pushing an unconscious button, and everybody’s saying, “Well, do something about it!” Even though they’re giving it a lot of hype in some places, in other places they are not hyping it at all. So there is a signal going out. What about the plan by the secret government to use atomic or nuclear power on Jupiter to turn it into a sun? Has that been eliminated? I believe it has. I don’t think that could happen. They were trying to send stuff through space to make it happen, weren’t they? I don’t think it could physically happen. But they were trying. Yes. The Space Command took care of disarming and destroying them, didn’t they? I believe that even if all this stuff had gotten through … It wouldn’t have worked anyway. It wouldn’t have worked. I don’t think it would have been possible. But it could have damaged Jupiter? Yes, right. When you said some time ago that the teachers were going to leave by 1997, did you mean they would physically die and ascend? Well, not necessarily die. Those who reach the end of their natural cycles will die, but the teachers themselves may not continue to teach. They’ll just stop. If they stop, won’t that be an incredible wasted asset to the planet? No, no, it’ll stop because the people will then be prepared to act on the teachings. You can pour only so much into a vessel before it begins to spill out what’s been poured in. Oh, but I just keep expanding, and I just want more and more and more … You are applying much of what you are learning. Many people are not. And sometimes teachers have to pull back at a point and say, “Okay, now go out and do it yourself for a while.” That’s what this is about. It’s to encourage people to apply what they know, not abandon them.


Creating a Benevolent Future Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, June 26, 1994 Well, all right. Zoosh speaking. Tonight we’re going to go on an unofficial ride. Because many years ago in the forties, fifties, and early sixties, many people were picked up by flying disks — flying disks from other planets. This is not to say you’re not being picked up now, but they were being picked up more frequently then. One of the overriding features of the experience was that people were comfortably shown — none of this rough stuff, that’s the movies — in a very comfortable seat, not only the past but also the future of Earth history, well into the future, sometimes as far as the year 2,500 and on a few occasions even further. The people were shown the worst-case scenario for the past — the past and the future are both flexible, believe it or not — and the worst-case scenario for the future. They were also shown the best-case scenarios for the past and the future. I’m going to give you an overview of what people who were on those ships saw from their single-seat screening rooms, as it were.

A Common Fifties Visit to a Spaceship Now relax for a moment, if you would. You are all on board a benevolent spaceship and you are surrounded by beguilingly pleasant people from other planets. You want to know everything there is to know about them. But they have a task for you, which is that when you return to your Earth life and get off the ship, they would like you to anchor the best possible scenario for Earth’s past, present and future. They picked up so many people because they wanted to anchor the possibility of the best possible scenario. So you are settled in your chair, kind of wishing you had a bowl of popcorn or a soda. In front of you is a screen, in some cases much like a television screen — however, there is no radiation that comes out toward you. In other cases, you are in a theater in which the past, present and future appear holographically. It is such a performance that you can smell the smells, taste the tastes and so on; it is quite involved. You have special grips on the chair, and if you feel it’s getting to be too much, you begin gripping your chair, whether you are aware of it or not. Then they calm things down a bit. They don’t play New Age tapes, but it’s something like that so you do not become overexcited. Next they show you the future from those times as it would have happened. [The background for the information presented here can be found in chapter 2 of Shining the Light I: The Battle Begins, entitled “Global Shadow Government.”] Let’s take, for example, the idea of the fifties. Let’s say you are all in that vehicle in the fifties and they show you a future that is quite benevolent. It is exciting with its ups and downs, and in the mid-sixties an amazing man comes along. He makes peace over the world. I will say more about that later because this was the future you were intended to be in now. Your projectionist shows you a benevolent future in which the peoples of the world come together, appreciating their differences and noting their similarities. He also shows you a future wherein a form of universal language acts as a bridge to telepathy, which you will begin using in that particular future — not the one you’re in now — around the year 2100. This bridge language sounds a little bit like French and a little bit like

Spanish. There are a few other things in it, but it doesn’t sound too much like English. It has not only a beautiful ring to it, but it has musical qualities. The way the words are used, in terms of their tone, changes the meaning of the words, not unlike some of the languages you have now. You are looking forward to this and thinking, I’m going to live through this. I’m going to be here in these happy days. That was supposed to be your future. That was the way it was supposed to be right now. Then they show you the negative future, the not-so-pleasant future. They don’t let it get too intense because they don’t want you to be upset. They don’t want you to feel the pain of it all, because it is very involving. You are seeing your own people on Earth going through things. They show you earthquakes, violence, floods. However, while they show you these things, it is quite obvious that life is going on. The earthquakes, fires and floods are not coming much more frequently than one might expect; however, people are constantly being bombarded with images of these things so that they are whipped into a frenzy of anxiety and thus are more easily manipulated by those who would choose to run their lives or, putting it their way, remove the burden of responsibility of life, of having to make so very many decisions. Any dictator might use that particular rationale to support what he does. They will also show you lightships — not ships from other planets, but ships that were mostly created on Earth. They do not fly out of your solar system, but they can fly to nearby planets. They are primarily localized, these ships, and they are time-travel machines. They do not fly so fast in space, but they can travel in time with some ease. These vehicles in this not-so-pleasant future go back into the past and alter events that do not meet with the approval of the rulers of that not-so-pleasant future. More about that later. Then they show you the benevolent future, saving that for the last, because they wish to encourage you. They have already shown you the future that was supposed to come and that sounds pretty benevolent; and you wonder in your mind why they are showing you this other benevolent future that is very similar, in which you see very much the same thing you saw in the first benevolent future and that you expect to experience. However, in this particular benevolent future, this form of it, time travel is not done by machine but by individual experience through spiritual attainment. And since it is done through spiritual attainment, no harm can be brought to anyone through that time travel. It is used primarily for study, for appreciation of other civilizations, past and future. It might present ideas or cultures that would benevolently influence your own in this benevolent future. It is a tremendous culture having to do much with interplanetary travel, and Earth becomes a cosmopolitan place, a meeting ground for civilizations in different times as well as from other planets. The different races of people on Earth all experience frequent contacts with their core origin people, and this is good. They discover not only why they look the way they do, but also why certain innate feelings are present. The subtle differences in the racial and cultural groups become quite obvious when meeting your brothers and sisters from other planets, and that is good. One experiences, as it were, heaven on Earth in this benevolent civilization.

The Urge to Expect Benevolence Your projectionist waves a hand, the screen of the hologram disappears and they take you into another room. You assemble in this room, and in it are human beings like yourself you did not know were present. There might be forty or fifty people there at most, usually no fewer than fifteen. They sit you down and a speaker communicates telepathically. You hear individually, not only in your own language but also in the idioms you use, meaning that if you use certain slang terms, you hear that slang so that you will understand every possible innuendo. Everyone is clear about what is being

stated. Then the speaker tells you, and I will repeat the speaker’s words: “My friends,” he says, “you have been invited to be on this ship today so that you will, when the time is right, feel the urge of expectancy that a benevolent future will be coming to pass. You have been seeded not only with things to be avoided but also with things to happen. We hope the first future we showed you will come to pass, but there is a threat that it will not. “There are those among you in your civilization right now who are experimenting with time travel and are very close to building machines that will travel into the past. For their own purposes of greed, manipulation and control, they would like to change the benevolent future for which you are headed. If they accomplish this and take you into a not-so-benevolent future, then there will be only one alternative to bring you back into this benevolent future. “Those who would manipulate and control you do certain things, and those certain things offend your brothers and sisters from whom you have all descended here on Earth. If we are sufficiently offended and fear for your safety, we will suspend our rule that has to do with not interfering an any substantial way in your evolution.” Now, you notice the speaker says “in any substantial way.” At the time, they were allowed to interfere in a minor way as long as it didn’t affect the outcome of a person’s life. How did they do that? Most people would forget their experience on the ship until they were supposed to remember. The speaker then says to you, “There is a danger to a wonderful man who will not only be the president of the United States but will also come to be titular head of the United Nations, and as a result will be able to benevolently create a value system that perpetuates itself throughout all peoples. This will be done through the United Nations, and before long will spread all over the world.” So what happened? The person who was supposed to be president in the early sixties didn’t become a lasting president. This person — it will be hard for you to grasp this, but I will say it — was uncreated. His life was uncreated by those interests, those people who are not in the government but who manipulate it. They sent their vehicles back in time and essentially uncreated that person. It was not a killing as you know it. The person was uncreated — an easy thing to do without injuring anyone. The soul of that person was deflected from Earth and went elsewhere; he lived a life elsewhere and will return. Now, this is part of the reason many of you are feeling so much confusion today — because part of you is being exposed to energies that are designed to activate these old memories that you got aboard the ship. What about those of you who didn’t go aboard the ship? About half of the living population today had that experience either on board the ship or in a dream state, so it is not everybody. These energies are being radiated by Mother Earth, and people feel they know that something is wrong, not just in your society and the way it’s going, and they feel confusion. You feel confusion because you’re being activated by that energy resonating within Mother Earth to anchor that benevolent present, yet you are living in a present manipulated by those who manipulate the present by changing the past. It’s being done right now. You are being activated into a future in which you were not intended to live.

This Is the Not-So-Benevolent Future So what can you do about it? That is what we are going to work on tonight, largely, but I had to give you a little bit of the future. I didn’t tell you a lot about the not-so-benevolent future because you are essentially living it. The not-so-benevolent future is not, nor was it ever intended to be, total destruction of all life on Earth. Think about it: Those who would manipulate you for the purpose of

keeping control, making money, having the power and so forth, gain nothing if civilization is wiped out. They need consumers, as it were. Now, this is not to say that all business people who have you consume or use their products are part of this shadow government. Only a very small group of individuals are consciously involved in this. That is the key: consciously involved. Most of the people who are involved in this manipulation do not know what they are doing and think they are working for somebody else. In some cases what they are doing seems very patriotic and exciting. They have no idea what they are doing or who they are really working for or what is the real purpose. If they knew that, they would not do it, of course.

Changing the Future Now, what can you do to change that future and move more into the benevolence? That person who was supposed to be president of the United States actually became president, and you moved quite a way into that benevolent future, believe it or not! Then the whole thing was changed and it simply didn’t exist except as a dream. I might add that some of you, when you have dreams of this benevolent experience of benevolent times here are dreaming a dream of the way things are actually supposed to be here now. So I’m going to put you to work tonight. I’m going to ask you to make a picture for yourself, just as if I were the speaker on that flying disk in the fifties. I’m going to ask you to imagine as best you can so that you can almost smell the experience, almost taste it, almost touch it — use as many of your senses as you can. Imagine doing something that’s really benevolent, such as interacting with friendly ETs — maybe attending a meeting of people who are supposedly the enemies of the United States and everybody’s happy to see you. “Welcome to Libya, we love you.” I might add that most of this is a fight between governments.

Think of something that is benevolent. I’m going to give you a little moment to think about that, and then after you have thought of something simple, try to experience it with all your senses. Be in it, don’t just see yourself in it. After you do that for a few moments, then I’m

going to talk over the experience. I’m going to attempt to move this picture of yourself, perhaps with family members, and anchor it into the benevolent future that I see. By anchoring it, you are creating potentials that would allow that future to come to pass. Does everybody understand? I’m going to give you a moment to create that. Go ahead. All right, you can relax now. Thank you. Now, tell your friends or the people who might not be present if they would like to change the future into something more benevolent, to use their imaginations and image that future in as much detail as they can, imagining how benevolent it could be. Tell them to see themselves in that future. When you see yourself in that future, try to touch things in that picture you’ve created for yourself. Try to have the feelings of what it would be like to touch those things. Try to use all your senses, for when you use your senses you are bringing as much physicality into that picture as you can, and in that way you will truly be helping to bring about that benevolent future.

Stop Imagining Negative Scenarios I’m going to give you dis-homework, and I’m going to call it dis-homework because in a sense it is. I want you to stop doing something. Now, I know it’s hard for you to stop worrying, so I’m not going to ask you to do that. I’d like it if you’d do that, but I realize that’s almost impossible. I would like you to stop imagining, in general, scenarios of the future that could be awful. And whatever you hear about the future, whether it’s from me or anybody else, I want you to immediately correct it and picture something in the future such as you did with your homework. See it as benevolent. See yourself in it, be in it, have your friends there. Everybody is happy. This is not airy-fairy; this is magic. This is the foundation of magic, because it is done with permission. True magic works because it is done with the permission of all concerned. It is sorcery when it is done without permission. I am talking about something benevolent. So when you hear a future that is not benevolent from anyone, even if it’s on the news — “Oh, this is going to happen; this has been happening and thus we can expect that to happen” — I want you to tune that right out. I want you to picture your future, I want you to feel your future. That’s your dis-homework. Don’t get involved in negative futures of other people. As you say, don’t buy into it, all right? Is there anything you would suggest we visualize that might help our future? I’m sure we have our own feelings and ideas, but you might suggest something that could be all-inclusive. I feel that the most important thing to do is to see everybody as being friendly with each other. This does not mean that people lose their cultures, but that people see their similarities and laugh about their differences — something like that. Your future is not cut in stone. Perhaps you see yourself communicating with the animals and the plants and all life around you, so there is a free communication. Can you imagine digging the foundation of a house if you could actually hear the rock protesting being dragged out of the Earth? How many people could actually dig the foundation of a house if they could hear the rock screaming? Not many people I know. Imagine yourself actually being able to hear and feel and understand.

Future Visions

Imagine children being raised everywhere as if they were beloved all the time by people who innately knew how to raise them, even though they themselves weren’t raised that way. Imagine all people having a chance to do many valuable things, such as teach the universal language. Consider things such as this to be added to your picture of the future, all right? I envisioned extraterrestrials and humans interacting, traveling back and forth, feeling no difference. Is this possible? Certainly. And that’s a nice vision. Anybody else care to share his vision? I saw all the people in the shadow government being presented with the truth. They stopped and read it and listened to it and considered it. Very good. I saw the radical right, the conservative anti-everything. And your visualization was benevolent? Yes, communication between them and the rest. Very good. A practical application of people of different points of view finding common ground, yes? Thank you. Anybody else? I saw all the black helicopters rise in the sky into the light. Indeed, they’re going to get a paint job, are they? I envisioned all the people in the ground who weren’t meant to be there taken away, uplifted, also toward the light. Very good. See how your theme is of cleansing. After all, conflicts between people are essentially cleared up through cleansing, meaning that misunderstandings, corners where there is no illumination, are cleaned with light and love and understanding and, perhaps most importantly, appreciation for the other person’s experience. This does not mean that you allow people to trample on you, but if you appreciate what they have experienced, then it is quite easy to find common ground. Thank you for those offerings. Any other questions? When is that president coming back? Thank you. This particular being will come back — in the next incarnation the being will be female, by the way — when she feels welcome. Now, understand what it would be like to feel welcome. If you went someplace, and if someone were pleading and begging you before you even arrived on the scene to save them from some horrible thing, you might, if you were very brave, show up for a few of those people and do what you could. But to show up for many people who were pleading, “Help save us!” you might not feel so welcome. You might feel overwhelmed and say, “Maybe I’ll wait for a while.” How can you make this person feel welcome? She will feel welcome when she feels not only your desire, not only your intent, but also your application of the valuable tools that work for you to create that benevolent future — be it meditation, be it imagination, be it actually going out and creating something worthwhile, big or small, to create that future. In other words, prepare to welcome this person by not needing this person to do it for you. That is the key. Thank you for that question. How do things look right now in terms of the possibilities, the probabilities of that benevolent future? Thank you. How likely is that benevolent future to come to pass right now, according to the possibilities? Don’t let this discourage you, because it is actually a pretty good sign: a 35 percent chance of that coming. Now, you might say, “Oh that’s about one in three.” However, if you look back just two years ago, it was 22 percent. It’s getting better partly because many more people exist on

Earth. While that’s creating problems of its own, when you have so many people around, one of the inevitable side effects is that people simply have to learn how to get along on a daily basis. I’m not talking about wars and skirmishes that break out, I’m talking about on a day-to-day basis. If the bus is crowded and you’re riding that bus with essentially the same people every day, you get to know their faces after a while, and certain unspoken agreements take place. Maybe you help each other out. Maybe someone has a birthday and she’s riding home with her friend. Her friend says, “It’s your birthday, and they have forgotten.” She says, “Oh, that’s all right.” Then the friend says, “I’m just going to sing happy birthday to you real quietly.” And the birthday person says, “Don’t do that, someone might hear you.” The friend says, “I’ll be real quiet.” She starts singing, trying to be really quiet, and then someone next to her hears. Everybody knows that song and pretty soon the person next to her is singing, and before you know it the whole bus is singing. Now, that’s the picture of a benevolent future. Because what happens, even though there are certain unspoken agreements between the frequent riders and the people who see each other on that bus, is that from that day forth, they will always remember that shared experience and be that much closer. New friendships will come out of that. Why? It is having common ground. One of the first songs people learn when they come to the United States is not “The Star Spangled Banner.” It is “Happy Birthday to You,” just like one of the first words they learn is “okay” or “yes” or “no.” That song is going to be “Happy Birthday to You,” and they’re going to know it within three or four months of coming to the United States. It is common ground, and it can be very simple. You know, in your world, in your experience of your world, perhaps one of the biggest challenges for you is to maintain an ongoing effort to create a benevolent future, to say nothing of being a benevolent person. But you know, one of the biggest threats to that, really, is in looking at someone, be he friend or stranger, and assuming that the pain or discomfort or disinterest or unhappiness that you see or feel in him has something to do with you. It is an old one, but I will use it. Many people are unhappy sometimes. If you see these people and they look at you unhappily, please do not assume it has anything to do with you. Also, please do not assume you can rescue them from their unhappiness. If you are a professional, that’s different, if they ask. The best thing you can do, perhaps, walking by in the street, is to say a cheery hello or “Have a nice day” or “Sure is hot, isn’t it?” — something like that — and then go on. At the very least they will be reminded that people are still friendly. It is the simple advice that is enduring. Is this increase that has occurred in the past two years due to light and energy coming in? It is primarily due to what people are consciously doing, human beings such as yourself. It is also due to what Mother Earth is consciously doing. All of the light that comes in to Earth will be extraterrestrial; since Earth is Terra, it is extraterrestrial light. Now, you can say, “But Zoosh, that extraterrestrial light is filled with love, unconditional love.” And that’s fine, but if you wish to change things to a more benevolent path, unconditional love is not enough, for unconditional love loves the pain as much as it loves the love, the pleasure, the enjoyment. It accepts the pain. While that sounds good on a spiritual level, you need to change and transform.

Transformative Golden Light Transformative light is best done by the best-known material master in these parts, which is Mother

Earth, and transformative light for her is gold. Gold light does not come from extraterrestrial sources. Gold light does come from sources in the past on Earth, parallel dimensional sources on Earth and in Earth’s atmosphere, and the same can be said of benevolent futures. Benevolent past civilizations might be sending portions of Mother Earth’s gold light to you now, with her permission. That is where it comes from. But primarily what is happening is that many people want things to get better, whether they are radical right, as the questioner said, radical left, or the mass of the people who are just trying to live their lives and don’t have time for radical right or left. Many people want things to get better, but they don’t know how, so they do the best they can and that’s all they can do. This invites Mother Earth to do what she can, for Mother Earth is a material master for sure. On that note, let’s do a little more to create that benevolent future, shall we? Let’s end on that note.

Meditation to Anchor Benevolent Energy Let’s relax again with the ideas and suggestions brought up by you tonight. I want you to imagine not only as much of that benevolent future as you possibly can, but I want you to see yourself in it. This time I will be quiet. I will wait for a while, giving you a chance to imagine it quite thoroughly. Then I want you to open your eyes but stay in that imagination. You can do it. I want you to do what I do. I will show you. It’s essentially taking the energy from that imagination. I’m going to put it in the future and tie a knot into it, and I want you to watch me do that, but for right now I’m going to let you perform that imagination. I will let you know when to do the rest. Go ahead … Now open your eyes and stay in the future. Stay in that future, see yourself in it. I’m just going to scoop up some of your auric field. Watch me. Do as I do. You take that, move your arm to the right, tie a knot in the air and pull it tight. Now you can let go of that imagination. See if you can do it one or two times in the upcoming week. That will help you. Remember — to the right, tie a knot and pull. Why to the right? The left side of your body is concentrated in spirit. The right side of your body is concentrated in form. Since we want to create something in form, a physical fact, move your right hand, starting at your root chakra, move up your chakras across the top and over to the right side as far as you can reach, down. You tie a knot in here and pull the knot tight. Then at the end you say, “I would like that — or something as good as that or even better — to come to pass.” That is good enough, or you can use other words if you’d like. Now let me just say this before we close. On that ship, after those people were taken up and shown the past, the future and different things, they walked around among the people. They had time, most of them, to talk and to see how life was lived there, to see the gardens, the space, the plants — exotic plants with exotic fruits, nutlike. Imagine for a moment, for example, something that tastes like a cross between a cashew nut and a mango. It’s about the size of a golf ball, and you could pluck it off a tree and eat the whole thing — not the stem, of course. It supplies you with all the essential nutrients plus the energy you need for a twenty-four period. This particular tree exists in the Sirius star system. Maybe the ship is from there or from some other place that has visited there. You walk around the ship and meet people. You make friends, and some of them come to visit you in your dreams later on. The ship lands in some deserted spot or possibly lands near your home, but time is suspended

briefly in the neighborhood so no one sees the ship, but all the people in the ship can move about and you can move about, too. Maybe you walk back to your home, and maybe they escort you back. If you see other people, they’re all frozen in their positions because you’re suspended in a moment of time. Then they tell you the thing that you don’t want to hear — that you won’t remember any of this for now, but you will remember it later on. It will come back to you. Then they give you a form of universal greeting, which I will give to you now. It is given not only when you say hello but very often when you say good-bye. This is the universal greeting: Extend your right hand with your thumb up and your index and middle fingers together pointing forward; your ring finger and little fingers are together and pointing toward the left side. Now I will say good-bye.


Bringing the Babies Home Joopah Sedona, Arizona, October 30, 1994 I am Joopah. I am from the ninth dimension of the Zeta Reticuli star system. I will give you a little background. Some time ago my race was having some difficulty reproducing. We could clone, as we had done for years; we had found a body that was perfect for us through many years of waiting to get the right one. We were cloning, but nothing happened. Oh, we could create the body, but a body is only a body until there is the soul personality. And the soul personality was not entering. We waited, we went to our high priests, we did our ceremonies, we talked to our teachers, we asked our advisors, we did our prayers — nothing helped. So we thought that it was the end of time for us. But we knew we needed to perpetuate our race because not only are we important to ourselves, but we monitor, support and sustain a great many other races and cultures throughout the universe, many of whom could not exist without our sustenance. So we were perplexed. After waiting for many years for a soul personality to enter one of the bodies — we tried different variations, but it didn’t happen — we decided that we must do something. So we went back in time and tried to find the most durable and versatile expression of our souls’ past incarnations. That’s how we came to visit you here. You are our past lives in terms of higher-dimensional expression for Zeta Reticuli. So we thought we could work something out. Genetics is our foundation. We talked to our teachers and asked, “Can we make a hybrid race between human beings and us?” And they said, “Yes, if you are gentle. And you must not harm anyone.”

The Hybrid Experiment Well, in the beginning of the experiment, sad to say, our people were very unsophisticated. Think of it: During the thousands of years in our own culture as well as during the assistance we gave other cultures, we still had little contact with others. We did not mingle with those cultures; we just assisted them, sometimes unbeknownst to them. So by way of apology, in the early days some of your people were not treated any differently than we would treat our own kind. We would land — in the early days it was possible to do this — and find a soul volunteer. Everyone who has ever cooperated in providing genetic material volunteered on the soul level — we know this, because we asked. If someone comes along for us, taking our hand to take us somewhere, we go. It did not occur to us that on your planet this is not so. So I apologize. We committed some social blunders in the early days. People were taken aboard without our asking, “Would you mind?” or “If you please” and all of those things. Years later, the proper teacher was found for our people. It had to be someone like us so they could speak in our tongue. We use not only telepathy, but we also have a sound that converts to action. This is not unlike your own way when you speak abruptly and shortly. Sometimes between a couple or between good friends, you’ll say a word or two and the other person will know your meaning. That is very much our spoken language — a word or two, and the other person knows exactly what we want or need. So the person who could come to speak for us had to speak our language. At that time I

was not in the dimension I am in now. Those teachers came from the ninth dimension, where I now am, and told us many things, some of which we could not accept right away. You have to understand this about our culture: Unlike you, we are not raised to be individuals. We are raised to be like a co-op; we are raised to live by consensus, so what gets told to one is not sufficient. That’s how the original contact was; Earth people came and talked to my people on the ship: “This is not a good thing; you ought to do this,” and so on. After a while, this accumulation of lectures to our faces, as it were, added up and some of these problems in contacts between my people and your own became apparent to us. So an intermediary was put onboard ship, someone who relates more directly to your culture, who looks like you so you would not be frightened by our appearance, which is different from your own. You see, that was one of the biggest challenges for us. We could not understand your reaction to us because we have never had a reaction to others on the basis of their appearance. We have always thought, Oh well, that’s what you look like, and that’s fine. Our teachers finally convinced us to bring someone onboard that Earth people could see and identify with. They said, “You can still do your work, but these people have to see one of their own kind onboard so they’ll feel all right.” So we asked for volunteers from the Pleiades and they came, one per ship. They didn’t like it, so it was a short tour of duty. They would be with each ship for maybe three, four months of your time. Eventually our teachers realized that if they were going to help my people to understand, they must speak to us in groups. So in recent years they asked us to step away, and we had large meetings in the great halls on our planets. They spoke to us of these things and had people come from the ninth dimension — which now includes myself — to speak to people to educate them, to help them to become more sophisticated. You on Earth are perhaps the most sophisticated people we have ever met because you can adapt. We, I am sorry to say, are not very adaptable. So the teachers explained. When my people come here now — though they can’t land anymore — and make contact, they are more careful. Know this: Our race is not what you call Grays. I don’t like that; that’s not who we are. Those who are so-called Grays are a tiny little minority. Most of what you hear about so-called Grays — and I know these people firsthand, I see them every day — is not true. You, as a race of beings, are currently being conditioned by those who are in control on your world to reject extraterrestrial visitors. Many of you ask, “When are you going to land — you know, come out and mingle among us?” Well, there are difficulties — governments and so on as well as your reaction to us because of our appearance. We learn slowly, but we learn. Perhaps we should wear a big Halloween mask and a big badge that says “Have a Nice Day.” But we won’t wear masks. We’ve been waiting for you to accept each other. You have to at least be able to tolerate each other. My people were afraid years ago that they were going to die out, so they collected lots of genetic material from women and men on your planet and also from people on our planet. And over the past forty-five to forty-seven years, our people have created a hybrid race in case our culture died out, which we thought it was doing. We did not realize that we were going to jump dimensions. We understood that you were moving from one dimension to another and that almost everybody else in the universe was moving from one dimension to another. But we did not understand that as a race of beings we were also going to jump — from the sixth dimension to the ninth. Some of our people will go from the sixth to the seventh very quickly and then to the ninth. But we did not understand that. Being slow learners, it took us a while to catch on. But when we caught on, we realized we had a hybrid race of people who will someday be wonderful connections between Earth people and my people and also other people. They are a little

taller than us, maybe five feet tall; they are artistic and somewhat passionate, though not as much as you; they are intelligent; and they are — how can we say? — stylish.

Two Groups of Babies But what about the babies? At the same time that we were desperately trying to preserve our race, one of our teachers had said, “As long as you are doing this, why don’t you preserve some human beings, too?” This particular teacher said, “There is just a chance, not a big one, but just a chance — 1.5 to 2 percent — that they won’t make it on Earth.” And we said, “But we thought that was already happening, because here we are; our souls used to be Earth people who evolved and evolved.” Our teachers said, “That is true. But there will be people who will want to change the evolutionary cycle on Earth from something that is benign, loving, godlike, of the light, into something that is baser and controlling, warlike, fear-based.” We said, “Is that not something that is changed, transmuted?” And they said, “Probably, but just in case, would you also be willing to create an alternative human being who has just a little bit of your characteristics at the same time you are creating the hybrid race between you and human beings?” We said, “Of course.” So here we have two groups of babies. One group has about 49 percent human and 51 percent Zeta genetics. This is the race we thought would inherit the sum total of our consciousness — all that we knew, all that we’ve done — and still have durability. When we created this more durable race, those babies were never intended to come and live here but to be those who inherited from us. Here was our teacher saying, “Have another group of babies; human beings cannot raise those.” We said, “We know how to raise our own kind and even beings like our own hybrids that will represent our culture with the passions of human beings past. But we don’t know how to raise human babies and give them what human mothers and fathers give them.” Our teacher said, “That’s all right.” So we did it — what could we say, no? But we did not know who we were raising. We are not the sort of people who are emotional and passionate like you. So when things didn’t work out, we were disappointed, at least to the extent that my people could have emotion. The times when you would feel deep sorrow, terrible grief and tremendous, crushing disappointment, our people would just look downcast, appear to be a little sad, kind of down. We are not emotionalists. We have evolved toward the intellect rather than the feeling, though that is coming into greater balance now. So here we were, trying to raise a group of beings that we didn’t know how to raise; it was like asking a child to raise a puppy or a kitty and not telling them anything. We didn’t know what to feed them; we didn’t know what to do when things came out: “What’s this?” We had no idea. So sometimes we would bring up human beings from whom we had removed genetic material with their souls’ permission, and we would ask their advice. We would bring them into a room that looked to them like an incubation room. Babies would be in incubators everywhere. We had to keep them in incubators because they could not breathe our atmosphere. The human mother would come into this incubation room and want to pick one up, feeling that motherly energy. But she would not understand that there was an envelope around her. She’d feel like she was breathing, like there was oxygen in the room, but there wasn’t. (We don’t breathe oxygen; it is toxic to us.) So she would say, “I want to hold one. I want to touch one.” But you couldn’t do that with these babies. We would have her lie down, and we would pull pictures out of her memory to get an idea of

how babies are treated. But you must remember that human memory is not a simple thing. In our culture, people are all raised alike. They don’t watch television, they don’t get images like that. They are acculturated in a very precise way, so when thought pictures are pulled out of their minds, it is very precise. But here we are trying to pull out thought pictures through telepathy, you understand. Out of the mind of that person, in addition to how they were raised, we would get all these mistakes, things that were done to them by their well-intended parents that were not good things to do and also strange pictures seen in movies and on television. We didn’t know the difference. But there are some things we won’t do. We’re not going to hit the children; that goes against our grain. We didn’t know what all this was about, and our teachers were being very mysterious with us. They were not telling us why this group of babies that they had asked us to maintain and support to the best of our ability even existed, except that the human race might not make it. So there we were, stumbling and bumbling through this parentage. Maybe we would have more than one woman, and men would come in and pull thought pictures out of them. You could say, “Joopah, why didn’t you ask them?” But it was a problem. You can think to yourself now, in these times when you are more sophisticated about this, “Well, sit down there and we will talk.” But sometimes even today when some foreigner sits down, doesn’t speak your language and doesn’t look like you, you can get a little uncomfortable. With children it’s different. But we can’t just sit down in front of adults on our new couch and have them sit in our new chair. They would not look at us and say, “Well, how are you doing?” because we really are different-looking, strange-looking to them. And the moment they get frightened, we can’t pull thought pictures out. We can pull thought pictures out only when you are relaxed, in a meditative state or when you are totally at ease, like you might be with a good friend, when you can be yourself. I can assure you that in the forties and fifties and sixties when they sat down opposite us, they weren’t at ease with us. The next best thing was to have them lie down on a table, and we would sometimes show these lights in a certain sequence, which would take them into a deep state of consciousness, like a deep meditation. While they were watching the lights, they would have nothing attached, but there would be receptors on the back of the skull behind the ears, at the soft spot on both sides. Then we would pull thought pictures out.

The Third, Hybrid Mother Race Eventually we realized that this wasn’t working. We were getting all these strange images, and we thought, It’s not possible that human beings are raised like this or they would be a big mess. We were befuddled. During this time the mortality rate with the human babies was high, not because the proper atmosphere and nutrients were missing but because we did not understand how to do what has never been done with us and we have never been taught. We didn’t know how to pick them up, rock them and love them, because that’s a feeling. Remember, our feelings are very subtle. So we finally had to create a hybrid mother race. We had to get special permission from our teachers and our Creator Spirit to create a crossbreed between human beings and a little of us. The human babies were about 90 percent, maybe 85 percent human genetics and 10 or 15 percent Zeta genetics and a little bit of other things. We had to create the mother race — just mothers — who could learn. Primarily, we had to be able to communicate with them, so they were created with 40 percent human genetics and 60 percent our own. This was actually the beginning of the creation of the race you now call Grays, although I don’t like that term. Sometimes we ask for volunteers on the soul level because we can’t go down and sit in front of these people and say, “Would you volunteer to come to a planet where almost everybody

looks like us?” “Eek! No, let me out of here!” We got permission on the soul level. When we would contact a person maybe forty times, they would at least get used to us and would not be as afraid, or at least would be resigned when we showed up. We didn’t understand at that time the subtleties between resignation and acceptance. Fine lines in emotions were not a strong suit in my people. So we brought someone up, traveled in time. We picked about sixty people over the years, mostly women, because it was clear to us that these are the nurturers. We asked them to teach the mother race that we had created how to be mothers. And they did. They would stay for two, three weeks at a time and then we would return them to their own time. From their point of view maybe five minutes would have gone by, but they would have spent three weeks experiential time training our mother race, which is actually the root race of what is now called the Gray people. This is important for you to know because they were created to care for people who are mostly yourselves.

A New Purpose for the Race of Human Babies Now, in recent months, to put a time sequence on it, I and other ninth-dimensional counselors who counsel our people in the sixth and seventh dimensions have been informed more clearly as to the purpose of the human babies — why and what will happen to them. For now we have several who have grown up and are adults, starting their own race and living among us in huge rooms with the right atmosphere in it. It’s getting a little crowded. They can live in your atmosphere, and because of the training they’ve had, they can also live in your emotional atmosphere and are totally immune to all disease. It now appears that you will not have to have these people inherit your planet to begin a new cycle, which had been the thought of the teachers who spoke to us when they asked us to create this race because they thought maybe you wouldn’t make it. If that happened, they wanted you to start all over again in bodies that would be a little different, a little more intellectual, a little more accepting. I won’t go on with that too much lest I begin to be called Joopah, the egocentric. But now we have been told that these people are going to come back. You might ask, “Do they look different from Earth people?” Yes. Some of them look very much like you and could pass easily. But some of them have a little bit bigger skull structure on the top, though not looking like that anomaly you call hydrocephalic. Just a little bit bigger, discernible by a physician, but otherwise healthy — just wearing a bigger hat size. We were told that they will now begin coming here, visiting and maybe ensouling some of your young. Why? Because you have now evolved past the absolute desperate need to remain who you have been. Even though you struggle and have a hard time letting go of your personality parts that don’t serve you, you are doing it. You’ve shown a lot of success in this. It’s not easy. So these people are going to come. They are going to live on a planet nearby — not in your solar system — but with the vehicles they have they can get here really fast, in two minutes. They are going to start contacting more Earth people. They are rather amusing, because they have kept up on lots of your slang in different languages. They will be able to talk to a teenager and be understood. How many adults can say that? So they are acceptable ETs, people who look almost like you but different enough for you to say, “You’re not from around here, are you?”

Physical Variations How different? Well, the eye cavities are about two to five centimeters farther away from the nose and extend the same distance farther on the side. Their noses are a little smaller than yours, on the average; it could be measured. They have all colors, all the races. If you put four or five of them in a

room, even if they are different races, you would say, “You must all come from the same family.” What will they do? Their energy is infectious. But they cannot get any diseases. They are 100 percent immune to all Earth diseases, whether they be mental, physical or spiritual. Why? After all, they are made mostly of your genetics. It is because their energy is entirely projected. They do not receive energy at all. Yes, they have telepathy; they don’t have intuition like you do, because your instinct requires that you be receptive of energies around you so you can say, “This way, not that way.” They won’t do that; they’ll do it with their intellect only. Their job is primarily going to be to mingle to the extent that they can. Some of them in certain cultures will be able to pass. They look a little different, but if they wear a hat, a wig, maybe one of these sweatshirts with hoods, they would pass. They have ears, they have chins. They don’t have face hair, none of that; they won’t be able to grow beards, but then you have some people like that here. Their internal organs are a little different, but not critically so. One lung is a little bit bigger than the other. You have that, too, but as an anomaly or as a slight variation. With them it’s a little more significant; part is a little smaller, a little more efficient. There are other differences: their kidneys are smaller and the distance between their kidneys and their bladders is very short. Basically they are the same as you but with variations. Their job is primarily to exist with you, to just be with you, to be exposed to as many of you as possible, because they will, just by their existence, be radiating energy that will inoculate you. A person with a psychosis, regardless of how ingrained or untreatable it is, could be with one of these new people for five minutes and that person could just sit with them and stroke their shoulder or their forehead, and in just five minutes that psychosis would be reduced to a neurosis. After twenty minutes all past pain, all wounds, even all karma leading to the psychosis or neurosis would be eradicated. The psychotic person would not feel anything other than an extreme sense of relaxation. When they are their true personalities once again, they will feel very much like children. Although they will know how to feed themselves and go to the bathroom, they will need to be protected for a time. Why do I tell you this? You will find among you in about two to three years and for many years after, people who are all grown up, who have intellects but seem childlike, very naive. You can help them — be understanding, be patient, know that maybe they are just that way, or maybe they were visited by one of these new beings. What they had done before, they don’t do anymore; they are safe to be around. More than that: People who have been irradiated with this energy will pick up some themselves. Like you who both receive and project, they will project a little bit of that energy — from 3 percent to 12 percent. It might be good to be around them. Being around someone like this might be a little annoying sometimes; but at other times when you are unhappy, depressed or have had a tough day at work, after being around these people for a few minutes, suddenly you’ll feel fine and want to go out and play basketball or go for a hike. You might say, “What’s going to happen with these people? What are they going to do?” They will be on this mission to just be here for about thirty years, and then they will probably begin their own culture in the interior of Jupiter, which will by that time be healed from her recent wound. That is what’s happening with the babies.

Other Zeta Activities What was the assistance Zetas provided to the other cultures before they started working with the Earth? I’ll give you a very brief overview of that — because I’m sure you all have something to do tomorrow! We have made room on and in planets for cultures to flourish if the planets desired it.

Sometimes a planet — they all have consciousness, you know — might wish for people in the form of what you call animals — which are people to us — but there is no place for them because the surface is inhospitable. There are not the requirements that people or animals have, like water, air and so on. So we, among others, would be sent by our teachers to some of these planets to see what we could do within the parameters of maintaining the planet’s life cycle. We would also provide a chamber within the planet that has access points to the surface or even surface areas that could be adapted for the kind of life that could be there. We would be planetary sculptors. We could not harm the planet; we would have to get her permission. Usually it’s because they are lonely; thus they would put up with a little discomfort to bring someone there whose lives the planet could share. We did a lot of that. We even did some of that here. Many of your animals who were here, not all, were not suitable with large groups of people — small groups, maybe, but not large groups. Some of them were not hostile to human beings and were also very shy, but because of their size would take up so much space and need so much vegetation to eat that it was not practical for them to be here while the human population was growing. So in the case of some of these creatures, we moved them to their own place where they still live happily on a big planet. You mean dinosaurs? Yes. The big ones, not little ones. The little ones we left, most of which are still with you — you call them lizards, alligators and so on — because they don’t need much space. We were assisting civilizations that could not assist themselves. These people on other planets could not create a hospitable atmosphere on the planet and then be born there. Someone had to do it for them. Just like early humans could not remove the dinosaurs to a place of safety for all concerned. Someone had to do it, so we were asked to assist by those who were working with your planet. You said you came here forty-seven years ago. That was the time of the Roswell crash. Is that when you first came to planet Earth to begin the hybridization project? That’s when our people came, yes. There were others who preceded us, of course, but that’s when we came. Other Zetas or other cultures that were hybridized? Other cultures. Who was in the Roswell crash? What planet were they from? I can’t pronounce it in your language. But not Zetas. Little people, though. I have read a book channeled by Bashar, who represents a group mind from the planet Essassani. He said that they are the future of human beings and are half human, half Zeta. Is there any connection between them and the hybrids you mentioned? They are the hybrids that we created to inherit our culture, but they are not the human babies. They are the 51 percent Zeta, 49 percent human. And they are the expansion of your race on another planet? They are the result of it? Yes. How many of these human babies are there? Not many. Right now maybe 2,000, rounding it off. Male and female? Yes. Do they have hair? You said they needed a wig. Short hair, not long. This is sometimes passable for women, but not in all circumstances. So they might need wigs sometimes. It would be hard to tell those wigs from the real thing, though. Your hair

stylists and beauty shops have not got those wigs yet — advanced wigs that can grow, something you put on your head and it grows. Not yet, maybe someday. Are they reproducing themselves now? They are not reproducing, no. But they will when they go to Jupiter? When they go to Jupiter, but no need until then. So they will live much longer than we do? Oh yes. Remember, they will be unaffected by any discomfiture here. You are all affected by the discomforts of others, to say nothing of your own. It is not just what people say or do to you, but just being in a room with people who are uncomfortable affects you. They are not affected. From our point of view, most disease on your planet, in your culture, in your times and sometimes in the past too, is caused primarily by stress, a big word that covers a person’s interaction with the environment — which, of course, includes other people. Will they mate with Earthlings? No. Did you have something in mind? How long will they be here before they go to Jupiter? Thirty years. Will they mostly go to people who are ill — mentally, physically, emotionally — to heal them, or will they also speak to others? They will just go at random wherever they are. They will be sent, many of them, to big cities and to places where people are suffering. Some of them might even be incarcerated; there are lots of people suffering in prisons though they have not committed serious crimes — maybe being present in a car that is stolen, nothing serious. They would go inside the prisons where all the people are suffering, including those who work there. Are they conscious of their mission, or are they going to be doing this unconsciously? They are completely conscious of it. They know who they are, why they are here, what they are doing. They are very enthusiastic about it because they’ve been training their whole life for this. Only recently have they found out what they have been training for. We didn’t know, so we couldn’t tell them; now we can. They are very excited. Have they been educated in specific fields, like nursing or psychiatry or engineering? Do they know how to drive cars? Do they know our technology so they can be among the people and not stand out? They know how to drive cars. They know how to eat a hot dog so they don’t dribble it all over. But they are probably not going to be MDs or police officers or professionals. They will be, maybe, working at Burger King. Is there a deliberate confusion? You have mentioned earlier about propaganda, conditioning. Are there those who look slightly like them, and are they being deliberately used to confuse the public about the others who are Zetas? Yes, thank you. That is quite so, although much being put out is being put out by people who do not know they are putting out disinformation. So it is not a conspiracy in that sense. Maybe 1 or 2 percent of the people have some idea that this is not true, aside from those who are simply skeptical. These people underground are not my people. They have been artificially created to pass for us, if not in a lineup then in a vague description. So yes, they look similar. Zeta people are not really gray. We might appear that way sometimes, but if you could see us in bright light, we’re more whitish.

We don’t have much pigment in our skin; we don’t need it. We evolved past that because our environment is very controlled. I, personally, in my ninth-dimensional self, am like a gold-light being. Who artificially created these people? Getting into secret government stuff now. Tune in next time. I have limited knowledge only. Question for Zoosh, eh? Were all the hybrids creations — are they all part Essassani, or are some back on Zeta Reticuli? There are at least 50,000 races of beings we have been involved with, helped, guided, even worked with genetically. They are all over the universe. Essassani were created because we thought we were dying out; it is only one race. The hybrids that are half Zeta and half human — are they all the Essassani race or are they other races? All in that race, yes, but they have to be 51 percent us, 49 percent you to be what I call hybrids. They have evolved to the point of naming themselves. How many are there of the first generation? Oh, many. First generation, about 65,000; but some might say from 40,000 to 100,000. They have no motivation to reproduce themselves in vast numbers, though there is motivation to do what it takes to reproduce. But they have the equipment to reproduce. That’s the important part. Oh yes, they can reproduce. They are not mules. Why have they selected Jupiter? They want to stay close, but it is also because Jupiter represents throughout this galaxy — and astrologically — thought in action. This is really their byword. We could represent, as our portion of the parent race, thought. Your race also has this, yes. But your race represents thought in action because you are more individualistic. So they are attracted to the homeland of that theme. What about the people who are on Jupiter now? Big place. Lots of room. They say, “Come, welcome.” So they’ll intermingle and help them? Not intermingle; they will live separately. But it will really enhance the vibration of Jupiter, won’t it? Oh yes. We will help to make Jupiter more hospitable on the interior. We are helping now to repair her from her recent wounding. Now I am ready to say good night. It is wonderful to have you here with a sense of humor. Yes, I am enjoying this. Those of you who remember me when I first started out — oh, I was very much talking like this [spoken in exaggerated monotone]. But now I, after years of practice, can almost make a joke, maybe. So I will say good night and I hope you have found this interesting.


The Creator’s Mission and the Function of the Human Race Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, December 11, 1994 This time you are living in now is what you’ve all really been training for, no matter how old you are. Those younger than others have been training in other lives. Those who are older, well, you’ve been getting prepared here on the planet and, of course, in your previous experiences. This time you’re coming into requires all the discernment you’ve been able to muster, because almost all of your buttons will be pushed in the next three or four years. But because of your preparation, you will have accumulated enough experience to handle it pretty well. However, you are going to have to understand that you will have moments when you catch yourself, recognizing that you’re saying something, doing something, responding or not responding to something in some old way. Part of the reason this will happen is because the thought process you have been using until the past couple of years has been one that was designed to keep you separated from your moment-tomoment contact with spirit. Now, it might seem kind of strange, maybe even cruel, that thought would actually stand between you and inspiration. And yet it has been necessary. Your true form of thought, which you have in other places — not here, not in these times — is one in which you operate and function in total alignment with spirit. What you now experience as inspiration would be your true definition of thought — meaning that you wouldn’t think about or analyze something, you would just respond to instinctual patterns, not unlike the animals do, and you would also have words or some level of functional understanding going on in your mind. That’s your true thought.

The Creator’s Gift: The Veil of Ignorance But in order to bring you into a complete awareness of what can be attained by achieving material mastery in the material mastery school you are now attending on Earth in these times, it has been necessary — and deemed so by the greatest thinkers of my time, the Creator and its friends — to achieve responsibility and awareness of consequences and an ability to accept the outcome of all events. That’s very important, that last one. Therefore you would have to have something between you and that which you know to be true. So the veil of ignorance was wrapped around your true thought structure, giving you the opportunity to make mistakes. Now, if this veil of ignorance had not been wrapped around you when your souls came here, you would have created no corruption, no damage to the psyche, no violence, no anger — in short, you would have created heaven on Earth, as once existed here. But you would have learned nothing. You would not have been able to achieve, through this struggle, the knowledge and wisdom that the Creator has achieved. This necessarily tells you something about the Creator, and that is that the Creator has achieved its knowledge and wisdom by making mistakes. So this suggests to you that the Creator’s allowance for you to make mistakes is a gift.

Now, you could say, “But Zoosh, wake up there! Why would you even suggest that all of the tumult, all the suffering that has existed in our civilizations over these many years, would be a gift from the Creator? That is not a gift!” The gift is ignorance, which allows you to reinvent and recreate and, yes, to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes that an outcome has consequences, ramifications. Sometimes it takes a long time to resolve that outcome. I’m giving you this background about thought so that you will understand not only the evolutionary aspects of thought, but that as you evolve into what you’ve come to think of as higher thought or inspiration, you need to know that you are actually returning to your native thought. Now, I’ve discussed thought at length before, so I’m not going to go into detail. I’m going to give you a brief background so you’ll understand where I’m leading. To entertain you further with the idea that I hinted at, the Creator has achieved its great wisdom, love, knowledge and, yes, power, by having had the opportunity of learning from its teachers. Yes, the Creator had teachers and followed a path just as you did. So you understand, I can’t really talk about thought without talking a little bit about the evolution of the Creator itself.

The Origin of the Creator Once upon a time, the Creator had an opportunity to emerge out of chaos, which is the moment before creation, and become embodied as what you know and experience as All That Is. But All That Is is also limited by your mind’s ability to grasp the infinite. You have been set up that way on purpose so that All That Is is necessarily confined to that limit of your imagination. In this way, what you think, what you fantasize, what you dream of, whether it be good or bad, literally cannot affect All That Is. It can only affect what you can imagine, which is not everything. So once upon a time, the Creator emerged from chaos with its teachers and, instead of becoming individual bodies like yourself, became planets, became star systems, became the space between the star systems, became all life as you know it, including those who lived on the star systems. And yet the chaos the Creator emerged out of was a portal to a much larger All That Is. So the Creator was given a playing field on which it could explore exactly what you are exploring now. In the Creator’s case, it had to learn spiritual mastery, material mastery, and mastery of teaching. This was essential; otherwise the Creator could not pass on its wisdom. What you have here is the origin of the Creator as you know it to be and the nucleus of the Creator’s desire to re-create itself. All beings have the desire to re-create themselves in their own images. The Creator became aware of its individual identity when it emerged from chaos and discovered itself as form and substance and

could feel itself as a “separate” being from what I’m calling chaos. I’m calling the portal that the Creator emerged from “chaos” because from your point of view, if you were to move beyond that portal, your minds as they exist now could not withstand it. I’m calling that door “chaos” also so that those of you who wish to explore the nether regions of space and time do not become attracted to go too fast too soon.

Individuality and Separation So there came a time when the Creator felt it had accumulated all the experience it had come here to accumulate. What did the Creator come here to do? What did the Creator not have the opportunity to do where it lived before? It had not had the opportunity to experience, in any way, individuality or separation. That was new to the Creator. So naturally, when the Creator was re-creating itself with planets, star systems, suns, people and animals, the Creator built in that which it came here to experience: individuality and separation. That which you have in common with all that exists in your imagination, which is limited, is individuality and separation. Oh yes, some of you might feel united with the Creator. Some of you might have moments when you are united with humankind, with the animal world, with everything. But by and large, since the Creator wishes to reproduce itself in its lessons and its image, the primary thing you have in common with the planet, with the star system, with a bear or with an ant, regardless of how cooperative you are, is individuality and separation. Now, the Creator was not kicked out of some heaven to learn this individuality and separation. The Creator was told upon its exit — and it took teachers with it — that it was up to it. “It is up to you,” they said. “We have created out of our point of chaos all that can be done. All our hopes for creation in the future lie with you. It will be up to you to experience not only all that can be created as you have seen here where we are, but you must also reproduce yourself and you must reproduce yourself in something that is bigger and better than you, because you, coming from us, will necessarily be limited by what we are.”

The Veils As any parent knows, you not only want the best for your child, but you want that child to achieve more or be more than you in some way. So those who sent out that which you know as the Creator to come and to exist as everything, gave the Creator a task that they could not accomplish. They had achieved all that they could achieve, so they sent one of their own kind out beyond the veil. Yes, they created a veil, but that’s all they created. They did not create all that you see, all that you can imagine, all that your mind can grasp within the limits of your mind’s ability to grasp infinity. They did not create that; it was up to the one you know as the Creator to do that, and that being was well-trained for the job. So here we have your Creator, who had all time as you know it, different levels and existences of time, everything, who could reproduce all that it had known because it had come beyond the veil of chaos but did not in its own capacity have the means to be more. Once the Creator had experienced all that it could, it said to itself, “It’s time now; I have done all that I can do here. I have achieved all that represents that which I am from. I have no capacity to do any more, to understand any more, to be any more. I only have the capacity to create some offshoot of myself that can do more. How can I create that which can be more when I myself have been limited by that from which I was birthed?” You see, the Creator was birthed through the veil of chaos, came from another world where all the beings there are, like itself, creators. And the Creator has this conundrum: if it simply reproduces

itself as it had been doing — with beings, planets, animals, space and dimensions — that which it produces is going to be necessarily limited by the knowledge that the Creator itself possesses. So how to do more? The only way the Creator could do it was to essentially create an artificial veil that would keep you from knowing that which it knew. This meant that your souls, which sprang forth at that moment, were necessarily handicapped, because when you embodied, when you incarnated, when you became beings of one form or another through your infinite journey through space and time, there would always be a slight veiling. Even if you achieved great spiritual mastery or material mastery or even teaching mastery, there would be a little limit, a veil that would keep you from knowing what the Creator knew so that you would not just reproduce the Creator. In other words, the Creator gave the gift of ignorance, veiled your thought processes — and particularly so when you came into this recent time and space. For the past five to six thousand years you’ve been more veiled than ever before, because that place that the Creator came from is expanding, becoming more. But it cannot go on and achieve its next level until it is whole and complete. I don’t have to tell you what that place is missing. Well, of course it’s missing that which it spawned, that which it sent through the veil of chaos — what you know as the Creator. So you are here now getting the finishing touches, because it is intended that you replace the Creator.

Discovering Something New, Becoming the Pulse of Life Itself Now, the thought that is naturally yours is that which you know as the Creator’s thought — meaning infinite to the limits of your imagination, infinite even to the limits of the Creator’s imagination — but that’s its limit. How to take you beyond that point? Is it simply quantitative? After all, think of the capacity that the Creator has quantitatively: the Creator can be aware of all things, all times, all places, everywhere, everything. Being the Creator’s offspring, you also have the ability to do that. You can achieve it; it is your natural state of being. Quantitatively it’s far beyond the capacity of even your largest and best computer — far beyond. And yet is that what is desired — simply an increased quantitative quality? No, you know that isn’t it. If that was it, you wouldn’t have created computers; you would have just expanded your brain power, your thought power. No, you created something extra, something separate from yourself, to do those functions for you. It is intended that through trial and error — and you have had millions and millions of years to experience trial and error — you would discover something new, unknown to the Creator. I’ve told you before that you are in training to replace the Creator so that it can go on to the next level. How will the Creator and its friends get to where they are going? Not only will it be possible for the Creator to return home because you have replaced it, but someone also needs to lift up the Creator and its creators. Yes, expansion is natural; growth is normal. They thought, in creating what you know to be the Creator, that your expansion would necessarily propel them upward, but it is more than that. Since they were necessarily limited also, they knew there was more, but they didn’t know what and they didn’t know how to get there. They had tried everything else, so they tried this experience by sending one of their number to become the Creator as you know the Creator to be, hoping that you would simply expand and propel them up. But there is more to it than that. You will expand beyond the Creator. Yes, you’re becoming totally spiritual masters; yes, you are becoming totally material masters; yes, you are becoming teaching masters — and what else? What else is there? Is it heart masters? Yes, it’s that. What else? You are becoming creation itself! You as creators will have the

ability to use creation, to aim it, as it were, to be it in a moment. When you experience inspiration and feel wonderful and you act on that inspiration, you are utilizing inspiration. Creators use creation this same way. They feel inspiration all the time, and they use it, but they are not creation itself. You have had the opportunity through trial and error here to experience all that can happen as a result of whatever you do. From all of your incarnations and all of the individuals who have incarnated since you came out of the Creator itself, you have literally been able to experience everything and all the ramifications and subtleties thereof. You have thus been able to move beyond. You will return greater-than, not less-than. And as a result, you will, by your expansion, not merely push everybody else up, but because you will become creation itself, you will pull them up. You will become the matrix that is the pulse of life. This is not what your Creator is. The Creator can aim this force, the Creator can use this force, the Creator can love and be loved by this force, but the Creator is not this force. So you see, when various individuals tell you what a good job you are doing because you are cocreating with the Creator, it is more than that. You are becoming what all parents want their children to be: better than they are, whether they know that or not. And sometimes, when your teenager tells you how much smarter she is than you, you’re not ready to hear that at that moment, but in your heart you want her to be more. You all know that. I give you this background so that you might understand a few things: Thought is evolving to become not only instantaneous, not only absolutely responsible, not only merged totally with heart, not only inspiration itself; it is becoming the stuff of life, which words alone cannot describe. So where your souls are focused now — on Earth — becomes a very important thing. Yes, all of the people living on other planets are also creations of the Creator, but Earth is where the action is. This is where the veil is at its most definite, its most dense. This is where ignorance and its rewards are most striking, and yes, also its downfalls and punishments and suffering. But as a result you have been able to accelerate the learning curve here by being able to make spectacular mistakes and see the results very quickly. Now, you might think the Creator is a little ruthless, but that’s not really true. It’s just that you’re veiled and you don’t remember that you are absolutely immortal. Your personality as you know it does not die when your body dies. Everything that is the essence of your personality goes on, shedding its earthly limits and suffering. You will go on, so know that. And you did volunteer for this job, though many of you might have declined to acknowledge that. You volunteered for it because it is of the highest calling. If God were to come to you and say, “Help me,” would you look away? No one would. So when God, or that which I call the Creator, birthed you, it was with love and respect and good wishes. Understand that. That is where thought is going; that’s the intention of thought; that’s the experience of thought; that’s the future of thought. Let’s take it to the next step. What’s all that got to do with the future as we know it? After all, the time in which you are living, packed with people everywhere, has forced you into the corner known as “learn how to get along.” You know, when your civilizations have risen and fallen, risen and fallen, risen and fallen, it’s almost always been because there came to be lots of people, and people couldn’t compromise. They had to be right. But since the veil of ignorance is loosening, you are going to see some pretty startling stuff happen in the next ten to twenty years. And a lot of you will be around through that whole time.

Future Events and the Loosening Veil I am not one of those people who say that there is going to be an Earth-crushing, end-of-the-world

scenario. You’ve done that before, many times. And you have learned from it; you’ve picked yourselves up and started all over again many times. This is not to suggest that there won’t be hurricanes and floods and conflicts and wars, but you will survive. They won’t last as long — and they will bring you together! In the past, to go right to the tough part, wars have — in a sense — brought you together, but only on different sides. How can one or two or many different factions come together, battle with each other, and as a result of battling feel better about each other? You are going to have the opportunity to see that. Because as the veil of ignorance loosens, soldiers and civilians — it doesn’t matter what you call them — are going to have to see more of what they have in common than what is different. Also, there is going to be less of a tendency to blindly follow orders. You’ll go through a period of radical fundamentalism on the basis of nationalism, religion and so on, but that’s coming to a head and is just about over; it’s going to pass in the next ten or fifteen years. I predict that in about seventeen years, radical fundamentalism — regardless of what it is generated from, whether it is about law, government, religion or whatever — will be gone. What you will see is the general acknowledgment of true things, that which you know to be true, that which we have in common. When the veil begins to be moved off, you’ll not only eventually have about the level of veiling that might be experienced on the Pleiades or Orion or someplace more benevolent, but eventually you won’t have much veiling at all. After the veil of ignorance is lifted, you will have a tremendous amount of inspiration, and the stuff of life will pour in, which is creation. You also have heart, Source, back with you. When you walk into a room full of people — whether you are a gang member from one side of town or from the other, whether you’re a pious, religious person or a radical atheist, whatever color you are, whatever language you speak — when that veil is removed and you walk into that room, you’re going to feel an immediate brotherhood, sisterhood, personhood with everyone in that room. You’ll feel it. Those who hang on by their fingernails to the bitter end will be doing something that is kind of amusing, in a way; they’ll have to meditate on anger to hold it. Now, meditating on anger is a conflict in terms, but in order to hold their anger, their hate and their separatism — yes, their individuality — they will have to meditate on it. They will have to put their heads down and slam them against a wall. They will have to artificially create pain that only they, but not the people in the group, can feel. When the veil of ignorance is removed, what happens? Since creation pours in — which is what you are becoming — you are no longer limited by the Creator’s lesson, which is individuality and separation, and you necessarily will feel connected to all others. This is going to happen in the lifetimes of most of the people reading this. What a wondrous thing! This is where I’m supposed to say that if you can just get through the next ten years or so and don’t get too upset by it all and learn how to let go, you’ll be all right. Yes, there will be some lastditch efforts by those who would take you on a path of self-destruction. But I and others have every confidence in your ability to notice your common ground and your commonality. I have mentioned recently that a movement akin to the term “common ground” will be springing up all around you. Now, you have to remember something: Since the Creator itself came here to learn and experience all levels of individuality and separation, and since you are the offspring of the Creator, it is only natural that you would be reluctant to let go of individuality and separation. But those lessons are coming to a head because the Creator has understood all that the Creator could understand about individuality and separation. And because you are becoming something more than the Creator — becoming creation itself — even though there will be some reluctance to let go of those two

fundamental lessons of the Creator, you will not only do it, but you will do it in what I can only call a stylish way.

You Will Become Magicians If you are going to become creation in a stylish way, what form might that take? Well, to begin with, it will take the form of what you would perceive now as magic. Do you know that real magic is heartcentered? It is not illusion, you know; illusionists, those you call magicians, understand that what they do is not magic, but illusion. No, real magic is to be affected by or affect the world around you in a benevolent way with the total cooperation of everyone. That’s my definition of real magic, and it is your nature to be that — to be magic. The Creator is magic, and creation itself is the ultimate magic. So how might that happen stylishly? What might you begin to see as the veil of ignorance is moved away from you? Starting in 1995 and increasing very slowly through about 1999, a little quicker for the next couple of years and then increasing at a phenomenal rate, you will see these things: you might notice that you not only have the ability to move through what is apparently solid and has mass — and individuality and separation, yes, of course — but you do so in a way that is benevolent to that other object or person and you feel all that he, she or it is. Now, I’m going to use as an example a person who is not here tonight, but whom many of you know. This person I’m going to call A. Once upon a time not too terribly long ago, A made a sudden gesture and A’s hand went right through another person without harming him or A. A was somewhat overwhelmed by this experience, but right after this experience, A not only had the feeling of the experience but in that moment knew everything there was to know about that other person. And although A did not retain every last vestige of the knowledge of that person, in that moment A was completely in union with that person. Even though the other person did not initiate the motion of A’s arm in that moment, the other person also came into total union with A. Now, this happened a few years ago. I bring this up because A will not only be having more of these experiences, but so will you. And how might that take form? Maybe you’re a strong, physical person out climbing a mountain. You’re feeling your way up the side of the cliff, and suddenly you have a strange experience. Maybe your left hand is reaching up for a handhold; you can see it or maybe you’re not even looking at it. And you have the odd experience of your hand moving through what feels like a membrane, a thin, not very restrictive curtain, like a coating. If you have ever poked your finger gently through the skin that forms on pudding when it cools, it’s a similar feeling. And you will perhaps look and see that your arm is inside the rock. Now, hopefully — and part of the reason I’m talking about this is so that you will be forewarned — you won’t hit the panic button. Most likely when you look at it, the energy of complete union with that mountain will sweep over you and you will experience all that the mountain is, all that Earth is — an amazing mystical experience. Conversely, that mountain, that planet, experiences all that you are in that moment. You will gradually withdraw your arm, and you will seem to be light, maybe a gentle light, maybe a sparkling light, and your arm will feel kind of strange for a while. Oh, you’ll be able to use it; you’ll still be strong, but you will never be the same. Once you have had the mystical experience of total union like that, you are never the same. You will have joined a club, and it’s the club of true magicians, which is your true nature. You are magicians. You are just living in the magician’s hat for the moment, living in the world of illusion, temporarily pretending to be an illusionist. That is one way it may happen. How else? Maybe a husband and wife will be making love — a natural thing to do, an enjoyable thing to do. And in the process they will suddenly become each other so completely, without breaking stride, as it were, that after the experience they will be so close that they will utterly and completely

know each other. They will not only know what the other person is thinking and feeling, but they will experience the other person’s body as if it were their own. They will know how the other person’s heart beats. They will know how the bones feel. They will know everything on a heart and feeling level — total union, which, I might add, some individuals have tried to create. These two examples I pick out for you are but a slight mention of what you will be noticing in 1995 and beyond. It’s important to put it within that context because although there will be dramas, sometimes spectacular ones, you will notice that the outcome of these dramas is quite different from the other dramas in the past, even if there are wars and spectacular accidents. People will come together who you would have sworn would never have come together. You are already beginning to see some of that. The Middle East is a good example. Yes, it’s only a slight example right now, but it will happen more, maybe not immediately, but most of you will live to see it. You know, many of you want to go home. Home is like heaven as you might imagine it, whatever heaven is to you. Yet in truth, the true intention is not only to create heaven on Earth, in which you live on a day-to-day basis, but to create home. Home for some of you is beyond description. Although it might seem like home and heaven would be the same place, for some of you home is even more. Although you can imagine what heaven might look like, you can’t imagine what heaven might feel like unless you can imagine what it might be like to have the feeling of home. This you are creating here and now. What a wondrous thing that is! Now, there will be other things that happen in 1995, some of which will be unsettling. You will see a rise in what I call radical fundamentalist religion, but that’s no surprise to you. I’m not talking about what goes on in the Middle East, but about people hanging on by their nails, as it were, to their separation and individuality. The need to be right at all costs is how worlds are destroyed. After a life like that, you go talk to your guides, review that life, see your other lives, are reminded of why you came here in the first place, and you say or think to God, the Creator, your guides, your soul, everyone: “Why didn’t you stop me? How could you let me do that?” And everyone says, “If we had stopped you, you would not have had the cocreation.”

The Creator’s Interference Will Decrease After all, your guides and the Creator itself know that you are becoming something more than they are, and they are reluctant to interfere with your process here. They know that in the final analysis, since you are becoming more than they are, if they interfere they are imposing their limits on you. So they are in a position of assuming that if they reached down and interfered and said, “Not that, this,” and just kind of bumped you into another direction — which they do a little bit now and then to help some of you out — as soon as they did that in a big way, somehow they would just be perpetuating the limits that they have known. Now remember, guides in the All That Is that you experience were all created by that which you know as the Creator. Since they do not have the veil of ignorance, nor have most of them had the experience of it much, they are necessarily limited by the Creator’s lessons. So here the Creator finds itself with the prodigal child, as it were. It’s not sure when to interfere and when not to interfere, especially when things are coming to a head. So you will find in the next fifteen years that at times when you ask for the Creator to interfere and come and do something, the Creator will be noticeably absent. Yet many good things will happen. Is it because you are greater than the Creator? No, no. You were birthed by the Creator, and yet the Creator wants you to be greater, so it will be hesitant to interfere. Unless the Creator is absolutely certain that its interference will not mess up your evolution

to be more than it is, it will not interfere. Now, how can the Creator be absolutely certain of this? Here’s the Creator living in a world it created, including you; and yet you are here to do more than the Creator can do. If you begin doing something about which the Creator has ignorance, the Creator will necessarily not interfere. It will take that as evidence that you are doing something, being something, becoming something more than itself. So you will have moments when the Creator does not interfere with your path no matter how much you cry out for the Creator to come: “God, help me.” No response. Don’t ever feel that it’s because the Creator does not love you. I can assure you, the Creator loves you more than life itself. But beyond the Creator’s love for you, the Creator ultimately has faith in you. And when you begin to do things that the Creator has no knowledge of, the Creator’s faith — not unlike your own faith in a situation in which you have no knowledge — will come over. The Creator will trust in that faith just as you do when you are in over your head and don’t understand what to do, and you just give up — let go and let God. The Creator will do the same. Yes, the Creator will be talking to its teachers, praying, if you like, asking for the very best to happen — but will not interfere. In the next fifteen, sixteen, seventeen years, you’re going to be more on your own than you’ve ever been. But this is because you have come so far and you are so close to becoming creation itself. You have more tools now to resolve your dilemmas than ever before. You are almost at that point of becoming more than the Creator. And the moment you become that, the Creator not only expands and rejoins its point of origin, but the Creator goes up and you go up a little farther. You pull the Creator up and you create the world; you create the planets, you create the animals, you create the beings, you create everything, All That Is, in your own image and the process starts over again. The one thing I know for sure is that growth is infinite. Now, I don’t want to sound vainglorious; that isn’t my intent. But I was there when the Creator came through the veil, and I’ve been with the Creator and all of you all this time. I’ve seen you up and I’ve seen you down. I must admit, I’ve seen you up more than down — because that is your nature. And I have every confidence in your ability to achieve creation. Because I have so much confidence, that’s why I am sort of bringing you along, giving you little bits and pieces. You said to me before, “But Zoosh, why didn’t you tell us that before?” You know, I can tell you just a little bit. A chef might add spices to the stew at this or that time; everything is added in its own time to bring out the best of the flavors. You don’t necessarily throw it all in at once. As you evolve, I tell you more to encourage you and, yes, to entice you to become more, to do more, to be more, because I know you can do it. And without revealing too much of who I am, I will say this much: I have not only seen what you will do in the future, but I’m proud of you for doing it.


Roswell, ETs and the Shadow Government Riodhdah January 14, 1995 This is Riodhdah, elder of the Pleiadian society, in charge of the project involving this person, Edward. In our time, we have been informed that we must make a greater attempt to be involved with you. We have been told that the connection between us is stronger than ever, but in practical application, we cannot bring our ships as close as we once did to your place and your time, because your people have developed a means to deflect us and keep us at a distance. So we have had to use time. So far your people have not figured out how to deflect our missions in time. 1

A Pleiadian Project of the Forties and Fifties We contacted a scientist from your world and brought him aboard a ship, told him our purpose, asked if he would help us, and he said he would. To repay him for his cooperation, we shared with him freely the wisdom we had accumulated — no wisdom that could cause harm, only what could cause good. And he was told he could not overly influence your society with inventions coming out of this discussion, but that he could plant the seeds of the discussion, the seeds of our wisdom, in time sequences by placing Pleiadian energy, through the use of a codifying device, into certain children. This person was not known as a scientist in his time, but as a physician, an obstetrician. He was given a device. It looks a lot like a crystal, and occasionally, because of his sense of humor, he would leave it lying about on a counter with some pretty rocks he had collected — he liked rocks. He felt that hiding it in plain sight was the best thing he could do. This crystal could be held over the abdomen of a pregnant woman and, with her soul’s permission, would function to insert a Pleiadian timeline and Pleiadian energy, light and love into the child. It would not replace the child’s soul; it would embrace the soul, nurture it. And with that Pleiadian timeline and energy, the person’s sequence of ordinary Earth life would be altered. The birth time would usually occur later; it might go past term by a week or two. And when the child was born, regardless of the timeline that its natural Earth birth would have taken, that child would also have been on the Pleiadian timeline. In the case of Eddy, his death did not coincide with the death time of his Pleiadian timeline, so he was reenergized and lived. On one of your ships? Yes. And at that time it was explained to him who he was, how he came to be here, and what was best for him to do from that point on — that he could speak of these things when he was ready, but that certain things were not safe to speak of. So although it was explained to him there, these things were extracted from him, using a time process; thus it would not even be in his unconscious and could not be removed by any means. Nevertheless, his body chemistry had the knowledge installed in it, and since you do not yet have interrogation methods that can analyze the DNA and the cellular chemistry of a person’s body for memories — you’re working on it, but you’re not there yet — it would be impossible to extract. It would create in a person a sense of relaxation, a sense of knowing without having words and knowledge and pictures to support it. So the person would feel better and there would not be a means by which to divulge the information. In this way all parties are protected.

So Eddy and many others were created in this way, as long as their souls gave permission. The device that the doctor used looked very much like an ordinary crystal — not a rock per se but a polished crystal, except that it had a rounded end and was faceted and pointed. And the doctor would sometimes explain it away when working on his patients — you have to remember that it was in the early days then — as being a special device that made it easier for him to feel the child, or some other simple excuse that didn’t require a lot of technical explanation. So the pregnant women, the mothers, didn’t know? They didn’t know. It was felt that it would be better not to involve them any more than was necessary, for their own protection — remember, in those days people did not speak so freely about UFOs and ETs. This is forties, fifties, thirties? I’d say late forties or fifties. The doctor-scientist spoke of it as little as possible to protect the people. He influenced the births of about 200 people. Some of these individuals are no longer on Earth. Some of them have ended their natural cycles, both within the Earth and the Pleiadian timelines. Some have been picked up from their locations and taken into the future. This is still a possibility for Eddy, though it might just be that he will end his Pleiadian timeline — he has already ended his Earth timeline and is living his Pleiadian timeline right now — and simply end his cycle and pass over. But it is still possible that, under ideal circumstances, he might be picked up and taken to the future and live out his life there. It depends entirely on his attachments here and his friends and so on. He’s saying that he was adopted at one month of age because of who he was and how he came into being. Did the doctor arrange for the adoptions of these children? You must remember that in those days when a young woman would get pregnant out of wedlock, it was not tolerated so well on Earth. So a lot of these pregnant women were not married? This doctor would volunteer his time to what were then called unwed mothers. You remember these homes … Yes. And this doctor would then have the opportunity. He would give the best medical care; the young women would not have to pay anything, and he would not bill the state. It was a donation, a service. And in this way most of the children were adopted out. Occasionally one of the mothers would keep one, but that was rare. So when he talks about his “sisters,” it’s because of the way they were created, not necessarily that they all had the same father and mother? That’s correct. And he has many others, people who are his cousins in that sense — sisters and brothers and also a cousin — living in the future. This is part of the reason that sometimes he has dreams of a beautiful place. He has not discussed this too much. He doesn’t always remember those dreams, but very often he is connecting with his family in the future. So his father, Apra, who’s on a spacecraft here, is from this planet named Treshuis in the future? It is the future from my perspective. But is that the planet you live on, too? I do not live on that planet. I am currently living on a small … it’s like a planetoid that houses the Council of the Elders of … it’s a long title in your language: the Council of the Elders Arranged to

the Ascent of Time. This Council of Elders works almost exclusively on projects associated with time, timelines — which is why Zoosh called me in — and projects of this nature. And because our work is so erudite we do not live with the other people. It’s a project. So you are an elder for the entire Pleiadian system, not just one planet. But is this the correct name of the planet where Eddy’s father came from: Treshuis? I think that’s pretty close to the phonetic pronunciation. When Eddy says that the government paid for him, it was because there was some program to pay for the children of unwed mothers then, not because anybody understood who he was? Yes, because in those times … Yes, I understand. He mentions the name Rigel. Is that the Pleiadian version of God? I think it would be a word that would be acceptable, yes. Why Rigel? I mean, we don’t have a name for God here — how did you get that name? Well, it is, from the Pleiadian perspective, a feminine connotation for God. It’s also — how can we say? — how God presented herself to us, and what could we do? We must call her by her name. And this is systemwide, this is seven planets wide, this is for all the Pleiades, right? It is evident. Stars, yes. But all of the Pleiades would say that was their God? Well, they might use different words. But you know, everybody’s God is the same God, just sometimes with different disguises. Yes. Eddy said his father, Apra, who is on a spaceship up here, is about five feet tall and looks very humanlike. If I looked at his father, I would not be able to tell him from a human? No, I don’t think you could tell him from a human being. Put him in a three-piece business suit and a tie and give him a briefcase and you’d think he was an insurance salesman. Well, maybe not, but he could pass very easily.

Agents of the Shadow Government Who has been beating up Eddy Page’s sisters and following Eddy? The father in the spaceship evidently took up some of them to make a point. Took up some of what? Some of these operatives, these agents, who had been following Eddy and beating up his sisters. Agents follow orders based on what they are told. Sometimes they just follow orders, and other times they are given a story to motivate them. You make the target into some kind of horrible person, and then the agent is motivated. But these agents that attacked the sister were not what I would call … well, they were subcontractors, as the government likes to call them — your word, I think, is “thugs” — who would perhaps be less inclined to have more upstanding moral values. Believe it or not, many agents do have moral values. But what was their purpose? What were they trying to do, scare Eddy into talking more? I think they were trying to scare Eddy into not talking so much. Ah-hah! So now they have come to some kind of agreement after the Pleiadian father took the agents, took the thugs? They took up one agent and several of the bully boys, as we’ll call them. When you are picked up by people in a flying saucer, as you call it, and taken aboard, the people show you nothing but kindness and love. Of course, these people, the rough, tough ones, would have been taken into a special chamber and irradiated with certain colored tones that would eliminate all their violence and

aggression so that they could freely mingle with the Pleiadians on the ship, because they could not mingle otherwise. You know, you can be the roughest, toughest, baddest — whatever you want to call yourself — but when you have an experience like this, it changes you. Unlike most circumstances, these people were not deprogrammed. In other words, the material experience they had — the agent and the rough, tough people — they were allowed to retain all of that. They remembered everything they saw, everything they heard, all of this. And they were changed. You cannot go through an experience like this without being changed forever. So you might say they were redeemed. And that is good. You cannot say who hired them? I am constrained, as Zoosh likes to say, because I feel that it could create tensions between your country and another. Another country acted as a middle man, like an agent, to set that up. And I think you don’t need tensions between yourselves and that country right now. Is there anything else that it would be beneficial to say about this? Mostly a word to Eddy: We appreciate all you have done. Most of what you have done has been done in your sleep, in your dreams, in your meditations and in your quiet times. Even thinking allows you to perpetuate the value of our society and intermingle it with the values of your society on Earth. We know that for you and for all of the others, it has been so very difficult. And yet when we are all together again, it will feel so very much worth it. Thank you very much.

An Arcturian Relation Leah Haley has been picked up by certain spaceships many, many times, and once evidently was shot down off the coast of Florida while she was in a craft. She continues to be taken up by the spaceships, and the government also keeps abducting her, trying to find out why the spaceships pick her up. Can you tell me who picks her up, why they bring her onto the spacecraft and what the government is trying to do? I think that people picking her up would be from the general area of Arcturus and that their planet or their base in that area would be referred to as … I’ll call it Cyclo; I don’t want to use its full name. I believe that she is considered not just a specimen — if she were, they obviously wouldn’t keep coming back to her — but a relative along the soul line. As a result, they started picking her up. You know, many people were picking up many people: Extraterrestrials were picking up Earth people all the time, and probably nothing would have come of it if the ship hadn’t been shot down. But you can imagine their amazement when the government discovered a human being onboard the ship, and of course their first thought was, “Where’s she from?” It didn’t immediately occur to them that she was an Earth human, because by that time they had had enough contact with extraterrestrial civilizations not to jump to conclusions like that. So their question was, “What star group is she from?” And this is the key to understanding it all: Even though she said she was from Earth and she could prove it — paper trails, as it were — they didn’t believe her. From the view of the government and any military agency, even if people generally consider it might be true that she’s from Earth, if there’s even the shadow of a doubt that she might be involved either with a Pleiadian society, an Arcturean society or a Zeta Reticulan society, or might even be an extraterrestrial imitating this person in that body, they’re going to keep an eye on her. Their whole issue is that they are not 100 percent certain that she is who she says she is and that she’s an Earth person. That’s why the government keeps picking her up.

So she’s going to have to understand that they are not going to be convinced that she was born and raised on Earth — even though the individuals that she talks to and that talk to her might make it sound like that. They would also love it if she would cooperate. It’s hard for them to understand why she doesn’t willingly cooperate with them … With the extraterrestrials … No, that she doesn’t willingly cooperate with the government by telling them about the extraterrestrials. But she doesn’t know that much about them. Well, that’s just it. She cannot access the memories, and to their great frustration, the government cannot access the memories, either. And they’ve tried drugs and all types of … They’ve tried with every type of technology they have at their disposal that would not cause permanent harm. They’re willing to make her feel uncomfortable. They’re willing to cause her to have temporary discomforts. But because they want to follow up after every contact — and they are aware when they take place, they can track these things now … They can track every ET-human contact? Yes. We’ll talk about that in a moment. But since they know it, they want to keep studying it, they want to keep in contact with it. They just want to know more. And they are the ones, I might add, who are fervently working — though it will take them some time to perfect it, perhaps even twenty years — on a genetic means of memory retrieval. Like with Eddy, this memory is in her body cells, you’re saying. That’s right. The memory of the entire contact, with the proper genetic analysis hooked up to the proper devices beyond that — I can’t really tell you what they are without making complications — the entire experience can be pulled out of the body’s tissues. This includes what she saw and felt as well as everything she was thinking at the time — everything that her unconscious and her auric field could extrapolate about what the ETs were thinking and feeling — all of that. But there’s only one thing that has to occur. I’ll give them this little hint, because this means of extrapolating information is worth knowing: The cells have to be analyzed while they are alive. So the key is, the tool of analysis cannot be threatening, harmful or painful; it must be attached to the living person while the analysis is going on. If there is any threat, any harm, any pain, the tissues will be electrified by an emotion that will essentially make it impossible to read it. That’s an interesting factor there. The government wants to know, and they’re not going to interfere with the process, because the extraterrestrials want to keep picking her up. They hope they’re going to learn more because they want to know what’s happening, so they keep trying new things to extract information. But why do the Arctureans pick her up? Just to say, “Hi, how are you? Good to see you”? No. From their point of view, she is a relation. She has within her soul and within her light energy, her lightbody, a cord that connects to them. Everyone who has a connection to other planets has one of these cords connecting them to other planets. This cord allows the other planets to access a tremendous amount of information, knowledge and wisdom about the evolving emotional state of being of Earth people. This is being monitored, of course, to see whether Earth people are becoming more or less spiritually attuned and to know when Earth people can accept the presence of extraterrestrials as well as etheric entities that the extraterrestrials can help you see and interact with. You know, even if people are less spiritually evolved than they might be, there is a device by which, just by slipping your finger into it, you are able to see the devic energies, the fairies — you can even in some cases see angelic presences with your regular vision! I don’t have to tell you what an

astounding effect that would have on the general population. Who has this device? Several extraterrestrial civilizations have it, including the people who contact this woman. And this is a version or a cousin of the device they use to extract the preponderant mood of Earth people. Like reading the temperature. So other civilizations also pick up people they’re connected to — Pleiadians, Zetas, all these — and kind of read the Earth temperature? Yes, if they have that device or if they have that agenda. Many of them do, yes. Not all, but many. So that’s one of the reasons for the ongoing picking-up of various people then. Yes, it’s like sampling the soup: “Is it ready yet?” Now, to get back to something we talked about before. The government now has a means … The shadow government … Yes. A means by which to emit a sound-light frequency that acts as a matrix, or what you would consider a sieve — it essentially sieves, or strains, all contact from known ET sources interacting with Earth in any way. So if a ship lands — even if it doesn’t take a person aboard — they know where the ship landed. Anyplace on the planet? Anyplace on the planet. This is how they are very quick to know who interacts with whom. And this is also why very few ETs are taking chances by contacting their friends now, because they are so easily detected. However — and I can talk about this, because the secret government has not developed a counteraction to this yet … They can come back in time … They can come back in time, plus they’ve got another wrinkle: They go way back in time, then come forward on a different timeline that intersects this time, making the detection of a contact like that almost impossible. The only way it might be detected is randomly — and that’s with an almost infinite amount of possibilities. So which civilizations are able to do this? All of them? Almost all of them. The Pleiadians do not often use this technique, but they can access this technique by working with their teachers, their guides and some of their allies. So right now the abductions are past, right? What is the reason, other than testing the emotional climate of Earth, that they would want to pick up anyone? Sometimes it’s diplomatic — making friends, influencing people, not unlike in any diplomatic situation. That has been largely the purpose. But that has been significantly constrained by the secret government’s efforts to block that action. The other thing — sampling the soup, as we say — has been a bonus. But there have always been diplomatic contacts with people for whom they felt a kindred spirit. But right now there’s very little of any of that? Very little because of the complications of detection. So they’ll make those contacts only if it’s an emergency situation — something they feel responsible for because they established the contact — or a situation where the person they’re contacting can help them and does so willingly. 1 Edward Page. This is in response to questions about Page’s report at the UFO Congress in Nevada at the end of November 1994, printed in the March 1995 issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence!


The Experiment That Failed Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, March 31, 1995 The world that you’re living on now — where you are residing, as it were — is, as I’ve said before, not the first place your souls have been. It’s important for some of you to understand how this voyage through life is accomplished. Some of you are here to serve others because of your prior experience. You might ask, as you have asked before, why are there women and men? Why not just one sex? Why not one or the other? Long ago there were souls who had an opportunity to evolve as one sex or the other. There was an entire planet of feminine beings. They looked somewhat androgynous by your standards, but they were feminine. These people took the entire journey of the Explorer Race, but they did not go out into space to become the explorers, as is intended in the future for women and men on this planet. Because of their polarized femininity, they stayed on Earth and continued to nurture and be nurtured by her. “Feminine” is a word that essentially means nurturer, whereas “masculine” is a word for activator.

An Ancient Feminine Experiment The ordination of this planet came about as a result of the polarized feminine experiment that took place in one of those ancient civilizations long ago on Earth — but it didn’t work. It was incomplete because the beings were mild-mannered and benevolent; they didn’t have the sense of will that has been needed for the culture (using the word in its chemical application) of a species of beings who would be tough enough to never quit but keep going forward. At some point feminine beings have to stop to nurture and be nurtured. I’m not saying that feminine beings do not have the will, but will is not something really associated with the feminine; it is associated with the masculine. So once upon a time there was a world of feminine beings entirely polarized as feminine beings. They peopled a planet that no longer exists in your solar system. They performed the function of being the seed race for a future race that I have come to call the Explorer Race, which is you. These original seed people were living on the planet called Maldek.

This planet was nurtured and beautiful; it wasn’t a big planet. When they left, it was still there. But they did not achieve the goal of the Explorer Race because their civilization was nurturing and benevolent; and because they could nurture, they were not accessing the negative energy sufficiently to utilize will. Will, in my definition, is that which forges ahead in spite of everything. But these people, being primarily magnetic, would not forge ahead without good reason; if something didn’t feel right, they didn’t do it. They would do only something that did feel right. This suggests to you that the Explorer Race needs to be both magnetic and electrical, or bipolar, in order to achieve its goal. I’m bringing this up now because I have been getting chided lately by some of my compadres who tell me that I am not providing enough encouragement. I have told them, “Well, it is not exactly my job to encourage; it is my job to awaken people.” It is my job to remind you of where you have been, where you are and where you are going, but it is not my job to sing you lullabies. Still, I took their comments to heart, and I decided you need to be reminded that once upon a time there was a group of you who did succeed — to the extent that you could — as the Explorer Race. As I said, these polarized feminine beings did not go on to achieve the goals of the Explorer Race, but they went

through a lot of the stuff you have gone through. Now, why do I bring this up? Not only is it necessary to have polarized or bipolar individuals — masculine and feminine — here to achieve the goal of the Explorer Race, but it’s also necessary to have individuals polarized as feminine beings who will know that it is their job to initiate. Since women have the children, and since the creation of physical form through women is truly an initiation, then even the most casual observer might objectively see that women play a role of initiation. I’m not trying to say that women are better than men, because they didn’t achieve the goals of the Explorer Race as polarized feminine beings. But I want women to be alerted, supported and reminded now that it is their job to support all beings, both masculine and feminine, toward the goal of achieving not only spiritual awareness but the values associated with the Explorer Race. What are those values? The need to know, the willingness and desire to share that accumulated information, and the absolute ability and will to survive and to nurture survival in others. Now, you may have a lot of other qualities, but if you do not have the qualities mentioned, you will not make a good candidate for the Explorer Race. The Explorer Race, you understand, is a group of people who have gone through a lot of stuff — genetic, spiritual, inspirational and mental. I’ve talked a lot about where you’ve been. I’ve also talked to you a lot about where you’re going. I’ve even talked to you somewhat about what you’ll be doing in the future. But I haven’t really talked to you too much about how you will be doing it.

Your Job: Disturb ET Civilizations In the future, the hows of your job as the Explorer Race will be — and this is going to shock you a bit — to go out into space and essentially disturb other civilizations. It may be shocking for you to think about it, but it is true that many benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations sometimes need to be disturbed a little bit in order to grow. Some of these civilizations will not welcome you with open arms because they will know that the larger purpose for your contact with them is to disrupt their society so that their society will no longer be so benevolent that it has ceased to grow entirely. So you might say that you are designed to stir up the pot. You are not really designed to go out there and teach others how to survive, though that would be your desire. You are designed to go to other civilizations, present alternatives, and be perceived of by some as invaders, though you will not be invading, and by others as saviors, though you will not be saving.

Picture this: Astronauts from Earth will go to another planet, bringing with them the cultural diversity of your planet, and find themselves on a planet where there is no cultural diversity; where everybody is basically the same, though they don’t all look alike; where they have a totally shared culture; and where, as a result of a shared culture, there is no question about what is true and what is

to be done at all times. Then you show up, you who are not even absolutely certain of your culture because of your diverse background: mom was this, dad was that, you were raised in something else, you were surrounded by people of all different cultural backgrounds, you were exposed to these ideas, those ideas — in other words, you’re an internal mass of contradicting information! So you might say something or other to an ET and then turn around the very next day or the next moment and contradict what you just said. Do you know that most ETs cannot handle that, because they are raised with a consistent cultural program? If they say something, they believe it is so. They do not know that there is another way of looking at it, and if they hear about it, they reject it out of hand. However, because you will be so dynamic — and you’re pretty dynamic now compared to many ETs — what you say and what you do cannot be ignored. So in a sense it will be your job to go out and be a microorganism that invades a species, creating much tumult, and that eventually causes that race or that species to become stronger and evolve. Looking at this in the cold light, one might say that your job is to go out and disrupt. And that is not too far afield, because you cannot go to these advanced spiritual civilizations and share the rudimentary religious aspects of your lives with them, because they are far beyond that. So what do you have to offer? Can you offer some great and powerful technology? No. Most of them you contact are far beyond your technology. What you have to offer is an accelerated growth cycle that comes about as a result of their meeting you. For even if you don’t go to their planet, if you meet just one of them on a ship, that one will be affected. It will alter that being’s perception of reality, and he or she will go back and talk about this among his or her people. It will accelerate change; it will accelerate growth in their culture, and most importantly, it will accelerate acceptance of anomalies. Do you know that in most extraterrestrial cultures anomalies are not only not accepted, but they are rejected out of hand? You here on planet Earth at this time are the ultimate anomaly. You are made up of a mixed bag of many things, and as that mixed bag you cannot be typed. There is no individual on planet Earth who could be genetically typed as being, say, all Orion — assuming your geneticists had the genetic code for Orion beings of this time, which they do not (although some of your scientists may have some of this information). If scientists had the genetic code for the Pleiades, Andromeda or anyplace, none of your people could be typed and identified as only this or that. Your genetic codes can be seen sprinkled about in the form of what is called a genetic anomaly, meaning a combination of various genetic codes that have created something new.

ET Culture Is in ET Genetics This is why you will tend to have first contacts with certain individuals from planetary civilizations of which you personally have some portion of their genetic code. This means that there is some basis by which they can relate to you, because to them the genetic code is totally interlocked with their cultural program — who they are, what they perceive themselves to be, what they pass on to their young and what they talk about in their contacts with others. In other words, their cultural philosophy. The cultural philosophy of many ETs is integrated with their genetic code. What does this suggest? It suggests that if an ET child were born and taken to some other planet, it would have ingrained within it the cultural philosophy of its native planet even if it were raised differently. How many parents say on your planet now, “We raised him a certain way. He was given all the opportunities to be this, that or the other thing, and he turned out totally different”? I’m not saying that this is entirely the result of a genetically coded cultural philosophy from an extraterrestrial culture, but it is a contributing factor.

I’m opening a can of worms here for you to pursue in the future. It’s important for you to know that you are not going out into space to become saviors. You are really going out to shake things up! Your neighbors in space have had a significant amount of time in which they could experience beauty, or the polarized feminine life, but they have not had much time in which they could experience growth. And your planet stands for growth if nothing else. What you’re dealing with here is an accelerated growth curve, and it is going to be your job to go out and bring that to others — that’s about it!

How Females Can Genetically Access Knowledge Now, I mentioned the feminine because I was initially going to talk to you about the idea that feminine beings have within them genetics that are not associated with masculine beings. Instead, all feminine beings on this planet now and in the future — and for that matter, in the past — have within them genetic forms and substances by which they can pull forward information, knowledge and wisdom from all extraterrestrial races who can support and sustain you through these final days of your thirddimensional experience on Earth. I’ll tell you right now how to access it: No matter what faith, culture, religion or nationality any feminine being is, if you can sound out loud the highest note or tone you can, then gradually move down the scale — it doesn’t have to be perfect pitch — to the lowest note that you can sound, doing that every day at least once a day for two or three weeks, you will find that you will begin to have ideas, dreams and visions you have not had before that connect with knowledge from other planets. This will not work for masculine beings, only feminine beings. So the mixed bag of this subject today is designed to not only encourage you, to give you help and support, but to let you know that your job in space as the Explorer Race is not that far afield from the way your adventure writers perceive it now! As I say, you’re not going to educate people about anything other than internal conflicts and contradictions that lead to growth. As such, a lot of extraterrestrial civilizations will perceive you as not very advanced, but they will find you very likable because you’ve been able to assimilate things that no other extraterrestrial civilization has been able to assimilate: contradictory attitudes, opinions and genetics that have yielded an anomaly that survives at all costs. You are the anomaly! Any questions?

The Feminine Race in Inner Earth At one point you said this feminine race came from an ancient civilization on Earth, and then you said they came from Maldek. They didn’t exactly come through Maldek. They left it in pretty good shape. You mean they had a culture on both Earth and Maldek? Yes, and on Sirius, because Earth as we know it is from Sirius — the Earth you know now. But they came through Maldek; they existed there for quite a while. You see, not that much is known about Maldek. If you were to visit there you would say, “This is the Garden of Eden.” It is essentially what Earth was when it was pristine, but without the volcanoes, without earthquakes, without the violence that is associated with Mother Earth’s will, because Mother Earth is a material master. Maldek as a planet was more of a spiritual master. I will take that a step further to say that spiritual mastery is a form and function of the feminine energy, whereas material mastery is a form and function of the feminine and the masculine energy. So Maldek was a Garden of Eden of total beauty, but a Garden of Eden without trees of knowledge and snakes and all this other business.

None of the good stuff? Well, none of the contradictions. It had no contradictions, and it didn’t have rigid rules, you know — do this but don’t do that. That didn’t exist there. It was “do whatever you want.” So they came from Sirius, established themselves on Maldek, then came to Earth. Where did they go when they left? Where are they now? Thank you. I have spoken some time ago of a race of beings living inside the Earth called the Founders. Is that who the feminine race is? They merged with the Founders, and that’s where they stay. They have at times gone out and mingled. The Founders are such profound beings that they can give forth beings of another form, as these feminine beings were, and still remain as forms of light themselves. So they would at times go out from the culture of the Founders and mingle with the other people who lived under the surface. But they’re not doing that right now because most of the Inner Earth beings have left or are still in the process of leaving due to the tumultuous change on and in Earth. They didn’t actually leave. What about these Inner Earth beings? The Inner Earth beings are being evacuated, not unlike the so-called liftoff. They are being lifted off because their energy balance is such that they cannot deal with the changes that Mother Earth is going through to restore her physical body. Mother Earth’s energy is creating an ultrasonic wave and, compounded with all the stuff the secret government is doing, they cannot handle that wave of ultrasonics. So some of them have permanently migrated, some have temporarily migrated, and they continue to be lifted off in humongous (as you like to say) ships that can take 100-, 150-, 200 thousand people at a time. What kind of numbers are you talking about that are being evacuated from the Inner Earth — millions? Yes. So it’s going to leave just a few who will be encapsulated in special instrument pods that will protect them and have the capacity to get them out of here should it be necessary to escape. They can travel interdimensionally. But there will be a few who will stay to monitor in case Earth comes into a state of balance and the people can return. Is that soon? It is, from their position, hoped for. I would say that they probably will not be returning, however, for a while. Because as you ease into the fourth dimension and as this third-dimensional Earth restores itself to its original condition, they may have to return to fourth-dimensional Earth with you. Third-dimensional Earth will probably remain a place of vibrations they would find uncomfortable for a time, but there is a 10 percent chance they will return to it. But they’re not third dimensional. No, but they have jobs, you know. Before, their jobs have been to relate to the people in addition to having a civilization of their own, things that they do. It was their job primarily to relate to thirddimensional children in the form of dreams and visions that children could see. Some of these people are what is known as the Blue People. Children have seen these people and have related to them as invisible companions. These Inner Earth beings would come to play with babies and children up to about seven years of age and sometimes older. So they do have interactions with you. But because they are leaving now, those who come to play with the children now are mainly ETs, not associated directly with Earth as you know it. It is interesting to note that this planet Earth and the cultures here are so complex compared to extraterrestrial civilizations. You know, most extraterrestrial civilizations are very simple, not

complicated at all. That’s why when they speak their truth, they speak it as if it is universal truth; they will even state that it is universal truth even though it isn’t. That is because their society has been stuck in a groove, albeit a benevolent groove, for so long that they do not perceive something as universal if it is in any way uncomfortable for them. You must remember that while extraterrestrial civilizations and ETs will talk to you from time to time and tell you that this or that is a universal truth, if it feels like it’s in conflict with something you know to be true for you as an Earth person, then do not accept what they say out of hand. Just take it as part of their cultural philosophy, but not necessarily as a universal truth. The only thing that is universally true is chaos and creation — as far as I know. But then, you know, I may not know everything. It’s always possible.

Your Expanding Genetic Coding and Soul Force You know, the times you are living in now are unbelievably complex, because so much is going on. I’ll give you an example. Right now the genetic coding of people is expanding; you know this. New strands of DNA are forming to support and sustain you in your growth cycle. You might ask whether these new strands of DNA have the capacity to change the other DNA or simply support it. Is it going to supplant it? No. Is it going to support it? Maybe. But all of the genetics of your present culture — all of it, not just what is known by your scientists, which is about 1 percent (and I’m being generous) — is expanding at an accelerating rate. This is associated with a time of creation; it’s also perhaps more associated with the expansion of the soul force, which is beginning a combined capacity. The combined energy of all souls here — the soul force — is expanding with such energy that it will allow this experience in the not-too-distant future (though probably not people in this room): Future generations will have the capacity to experience a trinary soul. It is not even going to binary, but straight to trinary! This means that more than one soul — a benevolent soul, I’m not talking about possession — will occupy an individual body at the same time. Now, this might seem like it could be conflicting, but it won’t be, because the trinary soul will be a split of your own individual soul, where there will be a past version of the soul (the soul’s evolution as it was in the past), a present version and, most importantly, a future version of the soul’s evolution. This aspect of expanding genetics will cause you to inevitably — at least in future generations — move forward, because you will not be able to resist it. It will be a proverbial siren song to pull the soul force of all beings forward. The soul past will be affected by that in such a way as to expand, erasing all that is not benevolently supportive of the core soul, and move into the present. Right now you have one soul, but future generations will expand for a short time into trinary souls, then back into singular souls. You’re talking about the fourth dimension, right? We’re talking about a fourth-dimensional experience. It will take about 250 years of experiential time. This final flush will allow the experience of this loop in time to be assimilated and ingrained into your genetics — but not retained in your conscious mind. This is because at higher dimensions of yourself you cannot be motivated by fear and loathing; you cannot have hate in your conscious mind and emotions; you cannot be driven by things that might drive a third-dimensional person. But you must somehow retain the lessons of your third-dimensional experience. So you will retain it in your genetic code and it will be accessed by your instinctual body. Since you will be returning to your natural mental body — which is vertical wisdom, wherein you always know what you need to know any moment you need to know it — then the instinctual self, which is directly associated with vertical mind, will be able to access through instinct, through gut feeling, what to do and what not to do. At

that time you will not need to explain or analyze or justify not doing something; everybody will have the gut genetics, as it were, to know that a particular something is not what they are going to do. But there will not be direct memory of hate, violence, corruption and all this kind of stuff. It will be coded. I mention these things now because it’s important for you to realize that there is a tremendous amount of support going on, but you can’t always see it because of the conflicts between the shadow government and the forces of spirit that are happening all the time. The support is constantly coming in for you at an increasing rate. And no matter what the shadow government does, they cannot stop the soul-force expansion and your trinary soul experience. They cannot stop the genetic coding as it advances. Their hope is to control your conscious mind, but since decisions will be made in the future on the basis of the unconscious mind, or instinct, it really won’t make any difference. The conscious mind as you know it will no longer be part of your day-to-day, moment-to-moment existence. It will drain you to think, so you won’t do it. Therefore the secret government’s control of the conscious mind will essentially be the control of nothing. I mention these things now because I want to encourage you, and I want to let you know that there is support. It’s not always something you feel now.


Conversation with a Zeta Joopah Sedona, Arizona, October 23, 1988 In your world there is a prevailing attitude of inner conflict with one’s own truth. It is a difficult time for many of you because you will find that what you are speaking and what you are feeling will sometimes be somewhat in opposition. It is now time to resolve that. What has been spoken and what has been done have ofttimes conflicted, so this is an opportunity to bring to alignment the true purpose. You will find that sometimes the energy of what you wish to do seems to take you without thought in some direction. That is, you may feel pulled toward an action that may not consciously be in alignment with all that you have said and done all your life. It is a time of the calling to arms of your true purpose. Sometimes it will be something bold and adventurous. Other times it will be something calm and peaceful. It will, however, seem to conflict at times with all that you have said, all that you have felt or all that you have done. Yet alongside that conflicting feeling within you will be the feeling of your true purpose. It is important to know this, because the energy that is upon you now is both vertical and horizontal. You are in that intersection where they have joined and the acceleration now will be out of your control. It is the time when the façade of control will fall away, and there will be no stopping the progress. As you might know, when the vehicle speeds up and you do not have your hands on the steering wheel, the brakes or the accelerator, you can become a little frightened. That is an issue for you now. The fear that has been disguised as control or justification or withdrawal will come to the level where you can feel it for what it really is: a limit of fear. This is advantageous; since it will not be disguised, you will no longer feel it is necessary to justify your limits. This energy is upon you now. The justification of limits has held you back, and now your souls, working in concord with the One, will pull you inexorably toward your finest hour. So you must begin to realize that the structures you have created for yourself, regardless of how apparently fulfilling or entrapping, will necessarily have to be expanded. Know this and understand that all other experience will fit into this framework for now. It will help your perception of yourself. A recent article tells how lead is appearing in the water, the food, the soil around us — virtually everything. Thorium, the primary fuel used in nuclear reactors, decays into lead, so it appears that our nuclear reactors are polluting the planet with lead. If true, what can we do to correct our error? Ofttimes what appears to be a severe crimping in the physical evolution of the human being, such as a polluting element, will sometimes act as a negative force to synthesize a new body biochemistry. Even though it will create short-term discomforts, in the long term it will stimulate a slightly different body chemistry that will make it possible for the physical body to decompose these elements and to exist in an atmosphere of a slightly higher radioactivity. So it is not as disastrous as it seems. The reaction of bones to lead and so on that have created the diseases in the past will begin to lessen as the evolutionary cycle of the physiology catches up with the new environment you find yourself in.

Your new cycle will create a more adaptable physiology. What appears to be an error might eventually prove to accelerate your ability to survive. The human being has been created as a survivor, and I can assure you that polluting elements, though they will take their toll, will add to the survivability of the human being and create a resistance to disease that will be much stronger. This may be an opportunity disguised as a disaster. Joopah, you mentioned the last time that you have what you call a plasmic body. Can you tell us a little more about a plasmic body? As you could understand it now — since the idea of compressed light is a little difficult — if our bodies were physicalized slightly, they would appear to be made up of compressed electricity. If they were sufficiently compressed on this planet now, it would create a fluid. This has been photographed from time to time. This plasmic vehicle that sustains our personalities is similar to that. From our dimensional aspect it is closer to what we call compressed light or compressed energy. Energy that contains the nucleus of thought as well as preconception will essentially make up almost everything that you ever experienced. And we are essentially a compressed energy, as we experience ourselves.

Zetas on Earth Are you aware of the TV special last week that publicly identified as Zeta Reticulan those beings who were involved in so-called abductions? Do you have any information you can give about the Zeta being from your race who is actually living in this country? There are, in fact, three. That program you referred to [“UFO Cover-up? — Live” on October 14, 1988, hosted by Mike Farrell] is essentially a public relations development. I will not suggest in any way, shape or form that it was not privately produced. But as it fits into the plan, it is essentially a public relations release to allow you to feel a little bit more incorporated as a universal being. There are more than one of us on this continent and several others scattered about in other areas where scientific interest is sufficient to create inquiring minds. Those who are here have been here for some time. It said there is something called a Yellow Book written by the second Zeta Reticulan who was here. It gives information about your home planet — very complete information, in fact — about Zetas. Is there any chance that this information might become available? Most of this information is largely available now through various transcripts and so on that have come through individuals. I will say that this “book,” as it is referred to, is actually a compendium from many different species sources, not only from Zeta Reticulans. This program as it was presented, including the information from the government individuals, was likely a condensed format. That is, some things attributable to other races or cultures were condensed to suggest that all of the beings the government is talking about are from Zeta Reticuli. This is not the case. The book is not likely, as a volume, to become available soon. There is a primary reason for that. This book predicted the future, naturally not difficult, since it was written from the point of view of beings to whom your present is their past. Because it predicts the future — variables suggesting the desired and undesired futures and so on — it is unlikely that you will find that book in your local library in the near or even distant future. But it will be available in various formats from different individuals in methods not unlike this one, as well as through fictional formats that will become widely available in many representations. In large part it simply states who you are, where you’re from and where you’re going from the orientation of people of the future. It is a volume that incorporates knowledge and wisdom from several different races as well as some knowledge gained

through contact with members of our species. You mentioned that this TV program fit into a plan. Whose plan is that, and can you describe it? To the limits of my understanding, the plan essentially has to do with the universal unfoldment, the awakening of the universe and the allowance of the universe to come into its true power and its true balance. Each of you is a microcosm of the universe. Each of you is a microcosm of the plan. As you go through your changes and develop aspects of yourself — empowering aspects that give you true power and letting go aspects that restrict your power — the plan is also in effect for the universe. What you experience as an individual has a direct correlation to what the universe experiences. You will be unfolding, becoming larger selves of your former selves; this is essentially the microcosmic application of the plan. On that TV special they showed a drawing that indicated the internal organs of a Zeta. Could you say whether that was accurate or whether it was a combination of different beings? This was, as you suggest, a combination. The internal structures were more akin to a variation of a Pleiadian. I would say that in the beginning, when the government sources found it necessary to take apart some of the Zeta bodies that they believed were dead, they discovered a form of internal structure not dissimilar to this. But in large part those beings were disguised to create an effect that would make the Zetas seem more humanoid. If they were simply in what is reality for us, the plasmic form, that would have frightened those individuals and delayed their development. It is ofttimes perceived advantageous to stress our similarities rather than our differences. Are the people who made the film and did the research aware that they’ve mixed things up? No, they are not. The juxtaposition is largely the creation of those who have influenced them, as well as the so-called government agents. Will an investigation of government files follow this film, do you think? Not directly. It will take a few years for a real congressional investigation. There might be one that borders on sham, but for a real investigation there will need to be a little bit more evolution in individual personal power so that the government does not feel the need to protect you, something that has been expressed for many years. That need is not their own need they are creating justifications for; it is a mass-populace need they are aware of. They do have a patronizing attitude, encouraged by many of the people they are governing. It is not something they will rush into until they are certain that the mass of the public can, as they say, handle it. Has their attitude, then, not been so much an attempt to delude us as to protect our mind system? Exactly. The governments have attempted to protect and isolate. This dovetails rather nicely with the plan in the sense that you have been isolated here so you could develop a society free from influences of universal thought. You have chosen, all of you in your incarnation, to forget who you are. And since so much of who you are has to do with incarnations elsewhere, it is naturally necessary for you not to have direct contact with those incarnations. So your government’s attitudes fit very nicely into that. They are, in all of their attitudes, a portion of the plan. Joopah, you once mentioned that your race is dying out. Is there anything we can do as a race to aid and assist you folks? Thank you for asking. I will say the very best thing you can do is to seek to empower yourselves and expand your consciousness level so that your conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds are functioning as close to one unit as possible. In other words, as you begin to clear out those portions of you that are disenfranchised, those that restrict you, those that keep you isolated and believing you are

alone in your dilemma, you will begin to realize the larger portion of you. I’ll use the description of the word “realize” as Zoosh uses it — Zoosh says “thinking, feeling and doing is realizing.” So I will reiterate that beginning to think, feel and do what you feel is the truth for you will be the most helpful thing. Because of your lack of incorporation in the united racial planetary systems, you must do this on your own. It is perhaps the most difficult way to do it, but you would not have chosen to be incarnated on this planet if you did not appreciate the advantages of difficulty. Of course, growth is phenomenally increased through struggle. Even though most of us and other races do not experience struggle, we appreciate your willingness to do so. The reason so many other planetary beings are here to study you is because most of our cultures have forgotten or misunderstood the advantage of struggle. This is why some of the cultures are not doing as well in the perseverance of their desire to create comfort. There has been a tendency to do the opposite of what you have done. Rather than go a little bit too much to the negative, as you have experienced, we have gone a little bit too much to the positive, not allowing our individuals or groups to experience distresses that necessitate growth. Many cultures are here to study and to pick up, as you say, some aspects of conflict and struggle that will fit into a society at a very minor level to allow people to call on their larger selves to expand and become more to meet the situation. What you ofttimes perceive as a difficult or challenging situation — regardless of how you solve it and even if you sometimes feel that you are avoiding the situation — will inevitably come up to be solved in some way in this life. It is that willingness and that allowance toward the solution that makes you a great culture, a great species. Know that this is appreciated and that it is the best you can do. Thank you.

Mars Mysteries As Enticements In reading The Monuments on Mars by Richard Hoagland, it seems to me that science is now proving that humanity is present elsewhere. What bearing does that face on Mars, the city that seems to be there and all the pyramids, if any? It is an enticement, just as the so-called “man in the Moon” is an enticement to get you there to see what it is all about. This is a further enticement. These enticements will continue as you send these automated machines out into space to send back pictures and magnetic resolutions. These forms of enticements will continue to draw you to these places. It is as though you are being drawn out of a hole and encouraged to expand your frontiers and your horizons; as it is happening for you in your individualism, so it is happening in your race consciousness. You have been invited for years now. As long as the human being has existed here, you have been invited by the face on the Moon. You have been invited by the twinkling stars to come and find out what it is all about. Apparent mysteries such as this, which we speak of as previous cultures, will continue to invite you farther and farther out into space. The desire to explore space and what it is all about will become the driving force of your next millennium. That desire will unite you as a group. This is what is going to help us become that Explorer Race, which you said last time this universe needs. Exactly. Things such as that. Can you say who actually built the structures on Mars? Can you tell us anything about that? You must understand that the face, and other things more easily apparent from closer to the planet, are clues for travelers as they go by about the dominant racial characteristics of the planetary

beings present there. Most of the beings who have left signs — on this planet as well — are associated with you. There are some Mars individuals still living deep inside the planet where they are safe. But for the most part, there is no longer surface existence on that planet. The interaction between you and the Mars people is a continuing reality. Mainly it will happen through the reflective light of their planet, as you perceive a star. The Mars influence on Earth, as all astrologers know, is that of strength and growth through conflict. Thus the influence of Mars now is very powerful, individually speaking, on this planet and, of course, astrologically speaking, on all of the planets. All of the people who have lived or now live on the other planets of your system are portions of you that can be accessed. Right now you are being urged to experience and resolve inner conflicts, so the next seduction, as it were, will be toward Mars. You feel that the Moon is something you have already done even though it has yet to be explored. It will be a launching pad, so to speak, for the exploration of Mars, where you are likely to discover true ruins of previous cultures and beings. This experience will revolutionize your race and will contribute largely to that burning desire bordering on passion to explore the rest of your solar system and universe.

Readying You for Your Future Can you tell us anything about who the people are who are being sighted in those ships in Gulf Breeze, Florida? This is in large part an element from your planet’s past, associated with the highest evolutionary cycle of Atlantis. This is an attempt to restimulate the highest visions of Atlantis through the effect from those vehicles’ energies. Those vehicles are shaped almost like jellyfish. This is something that has been created to stimulate the balanced energy of the masculine and feminine. This is a visitation from the past. Who’s flying them? How does it work? As we can visit you from your future, so it is just as simple — since time is not a straight line but a circle — to visit our future. You see, it is because we have visited our future that we know we must rearrange our past. It is common to visit our future, and in visiting our future we discovered a void. This is why we have attempted to reconstruct the past, from our point of view, so that our future would become more than a void. Thus it is possible for the Atlanteans, whose highest development occurred rather early in their cycle, to visit their future so that they might see what would happen. Is it now a part of the plan for all of us now to be remembering who we were in other incarnations so that we may come into our power? This is a way of coming into your power. It is not essential, but in large part you will be having dreams that will feel like you are there. They would be, as we say, vivid dreams. And when these vivid dreams take place, unless they are messages from your soul suggesting a possible course of development, very often they will be overlay experiences. You will wake up and remember things vividly that don’t necessarily follow in the dream, meaning that it was a sequence. In these vivid dreams now you are beginning to remember, as you perceive it, the past and the future incarnations that are the most important for you to remember now. This is so you can access the residual energy of unfulfilled and unsolved emotional distribution into the strength of the physical body and stimulate the powers necessary to feel comfortable about those dreams. You mention that a lot of this information is coming through channels like Robert. How much of this information was revealed through George Van Tassel?

Some of this information has been revealed through individuals such as that one in the past. A great deal, of course, that’s been revealed has not found its way into the hands of the public. Some has been revealed through that individual and many others as well. Understand that the nature of this program is to fit into a format and structure that will allow you as a species/race to gradually come to understand that you are a portion of something larger. Those of you who are here tonight understand that for the most part. But there are others who might find that difficult to comprehend. This is why the TV program you mentioned and other programs will be presented in a format that is not threatening. It is advantageous to do this, just as you might wish to meet people from France before you went there so that you would have some understanding of what the people are like, what they might expect of you, what you can do for them and so on. This is no different. It is, you might say, the beginning. Through George Van Tassel in the fifties Zoltan informed us that our solar system is in the shape of a coolie hat, traveling edgewise through space at 12.002 miles per second. He said that as we approach the final phase of the “line of no change” into the fourth density, we would change our course as a solar system, and it would be like glancing off a flat plane. And as a result of that change in our circular course, our planets would be momentarily thrown out of orbit. They weren’t going to put a date on it because they said they were just simply observing us being prepared for the time. What did he mean by a “line of no change”? Generally speaking, I would say that the overtone changes will occur very gradually and will not be something that will upset life. The “line of no change” simply means that since all is growing at once, the temporary change to what is referred to as the fourth density will create enough of an alignment so that evolvement can continue. The “line of no change” refers to what has been the lack of growth here in the recent past. But accelerated growth is now taking place. As revealed to this particular individual in that time, that change was not yet an unfoldment of any felt level. Is the scientific information given to some of these early channels still valid now? Is it the foundation of true scientific information? Loosely speaking, yes. Of course, when any interdimensional change occurs there will be an expansion on your original idea that will sometimes make an original idea appear to be less true than it once was. But if those original ideas are closely examined, you will see that they have room for expansion.

Your Current Physical Changes There was a reference made during break time by an individual about periods of lethargy that seem to overcome you. I suggest that this has to do largely with the molecular, biological and physiological change that is occurring in all of your bodies. It has been a time of intense soul travel as well as intense physiological and emotional travel or acceleration for your planet. Sometimes the physiology of the body must expand and go through the changes that will incorporate some of the microorganisms that in the past have been considered by medical science to be destructive. Since some of these microorganisms can assist your physiology in becoming more versatile and more survivable, then what will occur is this unusually deep sleep. The microorganisms that sometimes cause disease or discomfort will be able to mutate while your body is in the sleep of almost suspended animation, during which time the breathing will become unusually shallow and infrequent. These deep sleep states will allow changes to take place in the physiology and microbiology of the body over a period of time.

This will make you more adaptable as a species, as you will become involved in travels to other galaxies and planets. This will be a cumulative evolutionary change. The physiological changes occurring to you as individuals now may not make it possible for you to be those travelers in these physical bodies, but the changes that take place on this physiological level will allow greater soul travel and expansion in your experienced self, and will also add to the conscious evolution of this human race. Are there any dietary practices that might be helpful right now to assist us in the changes we’re going through? Generally speaking, moderation is the key. There are no absolute rules for all people. The only suggestion I would make is to drink more water. Are there any times in the near future when we will have conscious interactions with you on the physical plane, or will it not be until we begin functioning in the fourth density that we will interact with you? For my comfort and the comfort of my species, it is less likely now, simply due to the fact that the nature of the need to purge the emotional, physical and mental bodies as a conscious experience on this planet — as well as a semisomnambulatory dream-state experience — will necessitate some distancing on the conscious level for a time yet.

Earth Humans on Zeta Reticuli On the television program referred to, they said it was an exchange program. Do you have humans from planet Earth on your planet? A good question. Yes, we do. They are all volunteers from the scientific circles that we are involved with. We have a few from the country of France. We have several individuals visiting us from the area referred to as the Soviet Union. We have four to five people from this United States area. We also have several individuals from Brazil and Argentina, as well as one from Chile, who are in semipermanent residence. There are a few others, but they come and go. Yes, we are hosting several of your humans in this student-exchange plan. [Chuckles.] How is their survival facilitated on your planet? What’s your planet like? It is a bit of a challenge to create a survivable atmosphere for a human being on our experiential version of our planet. For you to approach an understanding of reality, since you are living in linear time, you naturally expect any interaction between densities to be predictable. You expect, as a result of experience, that a rock, for example, will be something that will deflect your touch. Our reality is one at a higher dimension, so the framework of your understanding as to what life is, is greatly challenged. No one who has volunteered for semipermanent or temporary visitor status on our planets — there’s more than one — is allowed to come without a rather intensive orientation to that change. There is a necessary expansion in the frame of reference, so that when people experience delivery to their point of destination by traveling through solid rock, they are not frightened but rather encouraged to be fascinated. Most of these scientists are placed in circumstances that are sufficiently different from their Earth lives so that they will be encouraged to be fascinated. The biologists are encouraged to be

involved in genetic areas of research, since that is the primary element of research we are involved in now. Zoologists will be involved in the physiological areas, since we do not have animals. However, since we have traveled extensively to other planets, we have a vast zoological library of information they can experience holographically, and they can also study the effects of the interaction and involvement between animals and more conscious beings. This keeps their attention. All of the different scientific specialists that you now have, including metallurgists and even an occasional engineer, are stimulated in areas so that they can desire to study, yet not feel overwhelmed by having too much to learn. They have a schooling apparatus in which they can tap knowledge at a comfortable rate, rather than having something placed in their paths, as sometimes occurs in interactions between our species. They have had to bring with them samples of the types of food they like to eat. We are not able to reproduce what you would call meat. We are able to reproduce vegetables and fruits through synthesis. Through our exchange with the Pleiadians and several other galactic areas, we are also able to obtain forms of fruits and vegetables and so on that are supporting to life. The meat aspect has not been something we are quite able to grasp. And since it is rather uncommon from other galaxies and solar systems to be involved in that type of consumption, then it is something they usually have to work around to create other sources of protein. It is rare for any individual of the human race to experience visitation on our planet by themselves. Sometimes they will have an outing, so to speak, in which they are experiencing some element of our culture as a visitor, but most of the time they are with at least one other of their own species. If there is some difficulty in language communication, then a technological device known as a translator — your term — is available so they can have direct communication. They are also encouraged to be involved emotionally. This is for our advantage, so that we might study emotions on our home planet for our convenience as well as for our interest. There is a sufficient amount of care taken to provide these individuals with comfortable places to eat and sleep and so on. It is very much like a visitor in an isolation chamber. While they are allowed to interact, and do so quite commonly, they do not interact with our society at will. Because there are elements of our society that are highly complex and evolving at their own speed, the distractions — as we call it — of visitors are not always encouraged. But there is a tremendous amount of scientific and technological interchange. Some of our scientific and technological knowledge is withheld; were it to be believed, it could alter your future if given too soon. However, the greatest element of study has to do with our historical interchange and ambassadorial relationships with other planets and cultures so that the human being might have some preview of what he or she might expect in the coming days of space travel.

How do you transport the human bodies to your planet, and how is that set up? This is largely done interdimensionally, even though it is done in a vehicle. There is interdimensional travel in a standard type of vehicle that exists in this planet and at all other outposts.

It is easiest for us to move through time, but we will move individuals from a reference point not too far from your planet Saturn to our galaxy and very close to our planet. We will not move them directly — we have discovered that these beings appreciate some sense of motion to accommodate their time/space reality. We move rapidly, but on what would appear to be a physical trajectory from this planet to an area near Saturn and then travel through time, which happens very quickly, and then again have a trajectory to our planet. This allows beings to feel a sense of easing into or easing out of a situation, giving them a time-space reference. What does one have to do to qualify for an interchange between our race and yours? In order to physically reside temporarily or semipermanently with us, it would be necessary for you to be in what your governments refer to as the inner circles of scientific research. Very few individuals are really aware of our existence, this being a rather thoroughly well-kept secret until recently. It would have to be from that group. So you have direct contact with our government’s scientific circles? What is the process? Not exactly scientific circles as you understand it, but many scientists and engineers work for the government at high levels, as you say, and are working in sensitive positions in which they are trusted. They are chosen from this small core of people who your governments feel are the most acceptable. We have broader standards of those we would accept, but we do not wish to offend your governments and will accept what is offered. Are your people here studying in a similar manner? No. It is unnecessary for us to study the past, as we are familiar with it. We do not, as a group here with our representatives, study so much as provide information. So you’re providing information for various governments? Yes. Of course, we would be desirous of providing it at a wider level of dissemination, but I will agree with your governmental institutions right now that the mass public is not yet ready to experience what we have to offer more directly. Could your planet be considered an etherian planet, made of light? It would be a variation on that theme, in the sense that it is at a quicker dimension as I experience it. There are, of course, slow dimensional variations of my planet in which the developmental aspects of our culture are evolving. But for my idea, that description is correct. There are other descriptions that are equal to the task, but that is as good as any. Are you residing on this planet now, or what is the process whereby Robert can contact you? I am not in residence; I am on assignment here, and involved nearby. I rarely set — what can I say? — foot on this planet. Occasionally I am near the ground, very near, but I rarely have direct contact. I’m involved in what is a current assignment as far as the contact with your species goes. I have been here quite some time. Are you on the Pleiadian spaceships? Is that where you’re residing? No. We have our own vehicles, though we are willing to assist the Pleiadians in advanced scientific research. We are perhaps a little beyond them and their development. Also, we are willing to do things that they find difficult to do. Ofttimes we will cooperate and be with them, but we have our own vehicles. Here in the Sedona area? We visit the area ofttimes. Are any of your individuals, in terms of bodies, beginning to experience emotional individuality as a result of your contact here? Yes, especially those of us who have been here for some time. We’re expanding on our basic

emotional existence that we have always, or at least for some time, known as calm and peace. We now identify those. We are expanding. We are beginning to experience the level of curiosity. We’ve always been rather fascinated and have rather inquiring minds, but curiosity — being a little more of a childlike experience — is somewhat new to us. So this is an expansion of our inquiring minds. Those of us who have made connections through physical mediums such as this one are also able to appreciate the value of certain emotions and are beginning to experiment with them as well. Of course, we experience love as you understand it in a different way. We experience love as allowance. But we are beginning to experiment with the idea of a loving allowance that goes beyond simply an acceptable behavior. We are not ready to become interpersonally involved in a loving way, but we are experiencing a different variation of love. Yes, we are beginning to gradually experiment with that. Are any of these new experiences disturbing to your collective mind? It is a challenge. This is a good question. It is a challenge because since there is nothing within the one mind of our original consciousness to relate to the experience, one necessarily experiences individuality for the first time. Since we have no frame of reference for individuality, the greatest challenge is in experiencing something that is so new and different that one becomes aware of being an individual. This is a bit of a challenge. Then we’re all learning as we progress into this new age of interrelationship between our brothers and sisters from other realms. The unfoldment of the plan is a universal experience. No one is either protected or prevented from unfoldment. Some races and cultures would like to protect their unfoldment, but in the plan the allowance for unfoldment is absolute. In other words, the Creator is experiencing itself and it will ultimately know itself. It knows itself. It will know itself in different ways, let us say. I was interested that you are a future us. How do the Pleiadians connect with you in terms of time experience? Are they also out of time? Not out of time so much. They are a parallel evolution of yourselves, you might say. Since you can be traced back to the same individual creators, then their existence, which has been devoid of the stress that your race has had to experience, could take the time to accelerate in areas that are out of this stressful origin — education, science and so on. But generally speaking, with the exception of the higher-dimensional aspects, there are some so-called lower-dimensional aspects of the Pleiadians that are rather close to you in your developmental aspects. But they are in a similar time. Perhaps, technologically and spiritually speaking, they are several hundred years ahead of you; their technology might even be beyond that, depending upon the dimensional aspect they represent. However, they represent the evolutionary parallel closest to the development of the human being. When you say lower, you’re simply talking about slower in evolution; you’re not talking about lower in any other way? I refer to their experience of the density of matter as well as their evolution beyond the idea of reaction. The first time I ever heard you speak, you said everyone in the room was either a past or future Zeta and that between now and Atlantis many of us had incarnated as Zetas. Can you amplify on that? We spent a term of embodiment? It is not uncommon, naturally, since all of the original seeds — souls that came here — are involved in the reincarnational experience in our world in some form. Therefore you’re all related,

whether it be directly or as cousins, you might say. Some aspect of your soul or branch of your soul tree has been involved in the Zeta experiences. It is absolutely a reality, since your souls are moving, meandering on the path of appreciating different ideas of reality. If you are our future selves, are you positively our future selves or our probable future selves? We need to be very concerned with your lack of emotion, your weaning of emotional traits, if you are our future selves. From our point of view at this time, recognizing the fact that as you grow we grow — and the opposite, as we grow you grow — I would say that we are absolutely your future selves. Not possible, not probable, but absolutely. That attitude might be open to change, but for now this is my understanding. We are in fact your future selves. In some cases we are your past, meaning you have had past forms of Zeta life. But absolutely we are your future selves.

Changing the Past, Thereby the Present and Future: Becoming Fully Conscious And you are changing your own self now by incorporating some human aspects that you value. Is that correct? Yes. So you are changing your own present and future as well? Yes. Which implies that we can in some ways go back and change our own present by changing our past. It is desirable, yes. And since there is a change that is encouraged to create the desirable future, so there is a likely change that will create the desirable past and eliminate much of the suffering. It will not eliminate the struggle, but it will eliminate much of the needless suffering for the creation of the human being — the excessive suffering, as you understand it. Some personal suffering and struggle and conflict is necessary to create the finest aspects of the human being, but there has been entirely too much suffering, and it is desired that this will be uncreated. How did this excessive suffering start? What was the catalyst? How did we get off course? Pursuit of the destructive element of separation. As you pursue individuality to the extreme, you necessarily feel separate from your world and find that it is necessary to control your world in all aspects, not just physically but mentally, emotionally, and even through some mental discipline by forcing a narrow spiritual focus. Could you tell us what density or dimensional reality within your planetary system you reside on? What you would say is seventh. You mentioned earlier that you don’t have a point of reference for individuality, and it causes struggle within you. If you are our future, have you lost that trait in the future? It is not so much lost as that we have chosen to experience a conscious one-mind so that anything that any one of us learns, we all can learn. But during that point of experience — for which there is no framework in the one-mind — when one individual struggles with the idea of some knowledge until that new knowledge is understood and applied into that individual’s life, the one-mind does not appreciate that valuable experience. So I would say we have chosen to experience our reality from a position of having a united mind, a united consciousness. This is a long story, but generally speaking, we have found it to be of value. And even though we are discovering the value of individuality, we do not plan to change that.

We have certain evidence that on unconscious levels we too are all connected. You probably know more about our own mass consciousness than we do. It looks like our oneness is a fact, but it’s separate from our conscious knowing and our conscious use of this connection. Because we are separate in our levels of consciousness, how can we skip across and become fully conscious? By doing exactly what you’re doing now in slow increments. Since this is the physical reality, even though it is changing, it has been set up to allow you to scrutinize your experience very clearly. Some things must re