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About the Book While the original print editions of The Explorer Race and ETs and the Explorer Race were arranged according to subject, this digital edition combines and rearranges the channeled material into chronological order to enhance the energetic flow and readibility for our readers. The descriptions below are the original “About� texts for the two books.

The Explorer Race [Book #1] You individuals reading this are truly a result of the genetic experiment on Earth. You are beings who uphold the principles of the Explorer Race. The information in this book is designed to show you who you are and give you an evolutionary understanding of your past that will help you now. The key to empowerment in these days is not to know everything about your past, but to know that which will help you now. Your souls have been here for a while on Earth and have been trained in Earthlike conditions. This education has been designed so that you would have the ability to explore all levels of responsibility — results, effects and consequences — and take on more responsibilities. Your number-one function right now is your status of Creator apprentice, which you have achieved through years and lifetimes of sweat. You are constantly being given responsibilities by the Creator that would normally be things that Creator would do. The responsibility and the destiny of the Explorer Race is not only to explore, but to create. —Zoosh

ETs and the Explorer Race [Book #2] In ETs and the Explorer Race , Robert Shapiro channels Joopah, a Zeta Reticulan now in the ninth dimension, who continues the story of the great experiment — the Explorer Race — from the perspective of his race. The Zeta would have been humanity’s future selves had not humanity recreated the past and changed the future. Fascinating information on: The true nature of the Zetas Abduction and contacts Who the different “Grays” are The three Zeta-human hybrid races How the hybrids will interact with Earth Our extraterrestrial chromosomes

About the Author

Robert Shapiro is largely known as a professional trance channel who has channeled several series of published books. But, as he is now, he is a mystical man with shamanic capabilities well and thoroughly infused into him. He also has many unusual skills that he is teaching through blogs, the Sedona Journal of Emergence!, and books. It is his intention to bring about the most benevolent change available on the planet now through sharing his personal inspirations as well as his channeling. His great contributions to a better understanding of the history, purpose, and future of humanity on Earth are his epochal works: The Explorer Race Series The Shining the Light Series The Shamanic Secrets Series The Ultimate UFO Series

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The Explorer Race This book is dedicated to all those of you out there who want to be more, who have requested to be more, who desire to be more and who are willing to accept the consequences of being more. — Zoosh ••• ETs and the Explorer Race For all of you who are ready to embrace your neighbors even though their appearance and mannerisms might be unusual. — Zoosh

Acknowledgment The Explorer Race Many people contributed their time, talent, love and effort to make this book available. Some of the more profound contributors are Maxine Appleman, Sue McCauley, Margaret Pinyan and O’Ryin Swanson. Also David Anderson, Bruce Johnson, Julie Rapkin, Mollie Nickell, Nancy Safford, Lorraine Shapiro and many others, especially in Colorado, New York and Arizona. Of course, a special thank you to my friend Zoosh, who with patience, love and humor continues to provide each of us a glimpse into our true selves. Robert Shapiro

ETs and the Explorer Race I’d like to thank Joopah, whose presence in my life since I was ten years old guided and supported me into my career. I’d also like to thank all my friends, both physical and nonphysical, who have guided me, sustained me, supported me, nurtured me and sometimes challenged me to stretch and be more. Robert Shapiro

Contents About the Book About the Author Acknowledgment Introduction to The Explorer Race Introduction to ETs and the Explorer Race Chapter 1: The Explorer Race Is Ready Zoosh The Value of Struggle and Discomfort You’re Ready Now Negativity and Compassion The Return of Joy and Self-Approval Appreciating Your Body and Emotions Trust and Appreciation Allowance Chapter 2: The Genetic Experiment on Earth Zoosh and Joopah The First Terra Curiosity and Struggle Earth: Planet of the Seekers The Zetas Need for a Zeta-Human Hybrid Human Evolution The Hybrid Race Experiencing Energies Projected from ET Vessels Feeling a Sense of Home — Being a Dolphin Chapter 3: The Great Experiment: Earth Humanity Zoosh, Joopah and Osiris Technology Is Not a Measure of Advancement Zetas, Watchers of the Experimental Stew Human Curiosity Emotions, the Fuel of Creation The Equality of Human-ET Interchange Violence, Anger and the Will to Live Need for Zeta Reticuli Hybrids Contact with the U.S. Government Zeta Reproduction and Race Consciousness The Process of Earth Human Being Cattle Mutilations: Sirian-Gifted Instruments Used by Humans Earth Devic Energy

Chapter 4: ETs Talk to Contactees Zoosh, Joopah, Assan and Sigma Time to Take a Quicker Way Use All Your Senses to Manifest Earth Experiment Needed Your Veiling Your Personal Energy Harmonic Orion’s Role Soul-Braids and Imagination Exercises to Initiate ET Interactions Dolphins of the Future The Pineal Gland Converts Thought to Matter War and the Immune System Chapter 5: Becoming One with Your Future Self Zoosh and Joopah The Zeta Connection: Our Future Selves Simultaneous Lives Necessary for Phase Shift The Pleasures of Separation, the Importance of Integration Earth As an Axis to Shift the Universe Chapter 6: ET Interaction with Humanity Joopah Recent Zeta Returning Visit Changes in Earth’s Rotation and Water Distribution Zeta Contacts with Humans The Shift in Your Subconscious The Zeta-Human Hybrid The Earth-Pleiades Connection The Hybrid Explorer Race Chapter 7: The ET in You: Physical Body Zoosh Underground Beings and the Hollow Earth Earth Changes, Evacuation ET Power Broker Connection Cells and the Subconscious Your ET Chromosomes Chapter 8: UFOs and Abductions Zoosh, Joopah and Tsengey An Overview of the Earth Experiment The Zeta Reticulans The Hybrid Race Abductions by Other ET Races Billy Meier Contacts Cattle Mutilations The Negative Sirians

Ashtar Picking the Contactee: Genetic and Soul Lines The Second-Generation Hybrid Race Chapter 9: The ET in You: Emotion and Thought Zoosh The Heritage of Thought The Subconscious Being Fully Realized Specific Emotions Expression vs. Denial Chapter 10: The Sirian Inheritors of Third-Dimensional Earth Zoosh et al. Background of Negative Sirian–Earth Contacts The MIBs, the Vietnam War and Cattle Mutilations Dimensions Interrogation of a Negative Sirian An Overview Chapter 11: The True Nature of the Grays Joopah and Zoosh Earth School for ETs Negative Sirian Corrupters and the Men in Black The Zetas’ True Origin The Founders Changing Past and Future A Treaty with the U.S. Underground Tunnels Becoming One Chapter 12: The ET in You: Spirit Zoosh Soul-Braiding Multiple Soul-Braids Easing into Fourth-Dimensional Expression Chapter 13: UFO Encounters in Sedona Zoosh and Joopah Robert Shapiro’s Comments on Joopah’s Transition The Sirian Water Vehicle Earth Cleansing The Testing of Earth’s Hybrid Technology Current Human Changes The Dolphin Connection, the Role of Sound Local Sightings Chapter 14: Joopah, in Transit, Gives an Overview and Helpful Tools

Joopah A Zeta-Human Hybrid New Self-Identity for Both Races Technique to Expand Perceptions Vertical Time and Visits from Future Lives Using Fear As a Tool Your Fear’s Polar Opposite Imagination An Exercise for Imagination A Tool for Decision-Making Chapter 15: Answering Questions in Las Vegas Joopah Time Travel Expansion Exercise Excerpts from The Jerry Pippin Show About Joopah The Network of Planets Chapter 16: Coming of Age in the Fourth Dimension Zoosh The Uncreation of History Manifesting More Easily in Fourth the Dimension The Subconscious Mind A State of Consciousness Life in the Fourth Dimension The Dream of Reality The Change of Memory The Creator Reprogramming the Subconscious Computer Chapter 17: The True Purpose of Negative Energy Zoosh The Requirement for Pressure Humanity: God’s Unresolved Issues The Experience of Unconditional Love and Allowance Polarity: Choices Chapter 18: We Must Embrace the Zetas Joopah and Zoosh The Soul’s Imminent Breach of Contract with God Needed: A Fond Memory of What Was Current Mass Decisions Profoundly Affect the Future The Breakdown of Normal Information Systems The Zeta Role Joopah’s Role for Zetas and How It Helps Humans Creativity Needed for the Cosmic Leap Applications of the Genetic Discovery

Passion: Your Greatest Achievement Animals Are Aspects of Mankind’s Potential The Status of the Hybrids Chapter 19: Roswell, ETs and the Shadow Government Zoosh Chapter 20: The Order: Its Origin and Resolution Hotep and Zoosh The Passing of the Order The Reawakening A Day in the Life of a Novice of the Order The Illusion of Hierarchy and Ascension The Breaking Point The White Brotherhood and Polarity Chapter 21: The White Brotherhood, Illuminati, New Dawn and Shadow Government Zoosh The Illuminati The New Dawn The Atlantis Abortion The Shadow Government Chapter 22: The Challenge of Risking Intimacy Zoosh Making Natural Connections Curiosity and Secrets As Stimulating Challenges The Challenge of Danger Substitutes and Alternatives You Are the Problem Solvers The Rewards of Having Problems: Working at the Creator Level Earth: The Ultimate Expression of Source New Hope for Growth in the Universe Chapter 23: Influences of the Zodiac Zoosh Completing the Sagittarius and Capricorn Cycles The Missing Signs and Planets The End of Zodiacal Influence (Undoing Negative Energy As Harmful) An Enigmatic Planet Earth in Transformational Space Capricorn and Sagittarius Lessons Chapter 24: Emotion Lost: Sexual Addiction in Zeta History Zoosh and Joopah The Loop in Time to Uncreate Suffering The History of Zeta Reticuli Seduction of the Government and a Race Gone Mad

Elimination of Emotion Your Coming Challenges Your Reward Is Near: Home The Recent Zeta Crisis and the Unneeded Hybrid Future Is Past, Time Is Nonlinear Overview Chapter 25: Sex, Love and Relationships Zoosh You Invented Hope and Problem Solving Earth’s ET Sexual Heritage Your Souls’ Perspective The Orgasm and the Immune System Romance: A Lesson for Andromeda Males and Females: Two Separate Species Sex and Kundalini Resistance and Growth Chapter 26: Sexual Violence on Earth Zoosh Child Molestation and Rape The Priest and Priestess Prototype Male Revenge and Male Fathering Negative Energy Lemuria and Atlantis Chapter 27: Moving Beyond the Mind Zoosh Evolving Back to Terra The Earth Experiment: A Prolonged Moment of Ignorance Understanding the Emotions through Physical Feelings Your Second Brain: Instantaneous Communication and Key to Manifestation Lessons in Species Creation The Ignorance of Many ETs about Your Value Speeded-Up Time and Time Travel Fourth Dimension: Mind Pushing and Destiny Pulling Teaching by Example Chapter 28: Fulfilling the Creator’s Destiny Hotep and Zoosh The Creator’s Daughter and the Council of Nine The Origin of Lucifer As a Negative Influence Earth: The Creator’s Launching Pad to Home The Nine Earth’s Unique Role and the Value of Ignorance Chapter 29: Material Mastery and the New Safety Zoosh

Your Old Security Systems A New Safety Breathe the Natural Way and Practice Imagining You Help Your Spirits, Not Vice Versa Group and Individual Manifestation Symptoms of a Collapsed Aura The Purpose of Material Mastery Chapter 30: Etheric Gene Splicing and the Neutral Particle Joopah Altering Your Auric Genetic Substance Helping the Pleiadians Helping the Sirians Resolving Orion Karma through the Neutral Particle Meditation for Neutral Particles AIDS: A Laboratory Accident Your Role in Resolving the Recent Orion War The Effects of Neutral Particles Gene Splicing Chapter 31: The Third Sex: The Neutral Binding Energy Zoosh Society’s Neutral Particle The Gift That Binds: A Vehicle to Source Sacred Sexuality Their Source: Lemurians inside the Planet Genetic and Emotional Characteristics A Love-Centered Source, More Chakras The Lost Tribe, the Missing Link Chapter 32: ETs: Friend or Foe? Joopah Reasons for ET Presence What “Abductions” Are About Your Gift of Ignorance Implants, Contracts and Underground Bases The 1992 Wormwood Planetoid The Negative-Sirian Manipulation Advanced Spacecraft and the Orion Men in Black Chapter 33: ET Presence within Earth and Human Genetics Zoosh The Soul Complex Your Extraterrestrial Chromosomes Genetics as a Problem-Solver Chapter 34: The Goddess Energy: The Soul of Creation Zoosh and Amma

The Priestess Class The Lonely, Masculinized Machines The Priestess The Two Marys Jesus’s Daughter, Amma Amma and the Essene Sect The Goddess Energy within Men Mother Earth Sexuality A Message from Amma Chapter 35: The Heritage from Early Civilizations Zoosh Early Orion Influence Tooonm: Past/Present Underwater Civilization from Sirius The Andazi The Divine Physical Chapter 36: Explorer Race Timeline, Part 1 Zoosh Atlantis: Individuality and Polarity The Early Sirian (Tone) and Andromedan (FicÊ) Civilizations The Ancient Mineral Civilization The ETs in Dimensional Terms The Greek Heritage Resolving the Conscious Mind Chapter 37: The Sterilization of Planet Earth Zoosh Chapter 38: Explorer Race Timeline, Part 2 Zoosh The Sirius Escapees Andromedans Welcomed by the Sirians Arctureans Brought Accelerated Change The Astrological Civilizations The Orions Contributed Survival Energy The Pleiadians, the Last Major Influence Origins of Certain Earth Races The Last 2.5 Million Years The Human Soul Line The Zetas of the Present Back to the Beginning The Mayan Legacy The Future Sirian Inheritors Chapter 39: An Andromedan Perspective on the Earth Experiment Om-Ran

The Story of Our Involvement Your Mental Functions Jehovah’s Blind Spot and Lucifer’s Anger Chapter 40: The Twelfth Planet: Return of the Heart Energy Zoosh and the Goddess The Heart Energy from Orion The Andromedan Mentality Male Energy from Present Orion The Next Nine Years Connecting with Heart Energy Chapter 41: The Perspective of Orion Past on Their Role Zoltec The Initial Contribution and Recent Monitors Orion Earth Monitors Past and Present Chapter 42: Retrieving Heart Energy Goddess and Jesus of the Light Meditation on the Heart Love Using This Energy Generate Heat in the Heart, Visit the Silver Sphere Jesus and Mary Magdalene Exploring and Recording the Extremes of Polarity Chapter 43: Origin of the Species: A Sirian Perception Joopah The Angelics Sirians’ Need for External Control vs. the Law of Allowance Honoring Both Heritages The Original Sirians Still Present The Wormwood Vehicle Definitions The Soul’s Dimensional Expressions Relationship to Other Dimensions Conceptualizing the Founders Chapter 44: The Eleventh Planet: The Undoer, Key to Transformation Zoosh Jupiter Collisions: The Countdown Begins Prefragmentation Symptoms and the Collisions Interference from a Parallel Universe The Uncreation of the Shadow Universe Remnants of Maldek Protective Measures against the Destructor Chapter 45: Creating a Benevolent Future Zoosh

A Common Fifties Visit to a Spaceship The Urge to Expect Benevolence This Is the Not-So-Benevolent Future Changing the Future Stop Imagining Negative Scenarios Future Visions Transformative Golden Light Meditation to Anchor Benevolent Energy Chapter 46: Bringing the Babies Home Joopah The Hybrid Experiment Two Groups of Babies The Third, Hybrid Mother Race A New Purpose for the Race of Human Babies Physical Variations Other Zeta Activities Chapter 47: The Creator’s Mission and the Function of the Human Race Zoosh The Creator’s Gift: The Veil of Ignorance The Origin of the Creator Individuality and Separation The Veils Discovering Something New, Becoming the Pulse of Life Itself Future Events and the Loosening Veil You Will Become Magicians The Creator’s Interference Will Decrease Chapter 48: Roswell, ETs and the Shadow Government Riodhdah A Pleiadian Project of the Forties and Fifties Agents of the Shadow Government An Arcturian Relation Chapter 49: The Experiment That Failed Zoosh An Ancient Feminine Experiment Your Job: Disturb ET Civilizations ET Culture Is in ET Genetics How Females Can Genetically Access Knowledge The Feminine Race in Inner Earth Your Expanding Genetic Coding and Soul Force Chapter 50: Conversation with a Zeta Joopah Zetas on Earth Mars Mysteries As Enticements

Readying You for Your Future Your Current Physical Changes Earth Humans on Zeta Reticuli Changing the Past, Thereby the Present and Future: Becoming Fully Conscious Chapter 51: Origin of the Species: A Sirian Perception Sri Bonato and Zoosh

Introduction to The Explorer Race You individuals reading this are truly a result of the genetic experiment on Earth. You are beings who uphold the principles of the Explorer Race. I want you to know that the information in this book is designed to show you who you are and give you an evolutionary understanding of your past that will help you now. The key to empowerment in these days is not to know everything about your past, but to know that which will help you now. If you were to know all about your past, many things would confuse you and sidetrack you. But now you must take the express — the bus that goes from point A to point B without stopping in between — because so much of what is going on now commands your immediate action. Time, as you’ve heard, is changing. It is not growing short; it’s just changing. This means that you are on an accelerated pace of responsibility. Your souls have been here for a while on Earth and have been trained in Earthlike conditions. This education has been designed so that you would have the ability to explore all levels of responsibility — results, effects and consequences — and take on more responsibilities. You have done this. Even as I speak now, you are experiencing more and more intense energies. These energies are associated with creation and creation energies. This is why you must be very clear these days. You must not have casual fantasies that are negative! If you notice them, change them immediately to something else. You can’t really erase what you’ve fantasized or thought, but you can immediately change it. As I’ve said before, it takes a tremendous amount of energy to change the past, but only a teeny little bit of energy to create something new. Because your responsibility is growing day by day, you need to have tools. Yes, you need some understanding of the past; yes, some understanding of what is to come; yes, an understanding of what to do now — all these are very good. Yet you must know that your number one function right now is your status of Creator apprentice, which you have achieved through years and lifetimes of sweat. As Creator apprentice, this means that you are constantly being given responsibilities by the Creator that would normally be things that Creator would do. Now this responsibility is thrust upon you. So in your explorations in this lifetime as well as in the future to the stars, you will know that your responsibility lies very strongly and significantly in applying the wisdom you have learned, because that which you do through wisdom must work! You must know it works. It can’t be a “maybe” anymore; it can’t be a “might be”; it can’t be “we hope.” You have to apply what does work. Now, this doesn’t mean you cannot experiment, but that you will experiment at times when there is not much riding on it. You don’t experiment with mass events that affect many, many people; you experiment with friends who know you’re experimenting. It’s something you’re trying out: “Let’s try this,” you say. Or your friend says to you, “Let’s try that.” So you experiment, and if it works, then you try it with a larger group. And if it works with a larger group, then you try it with many, many. But only apply to the many what you know for certain is benevolent and works. These intense energies coming through now are only the precursor to what the Creator apprentice must work with. So here is homework for you, Explorer Race individuals! When you are feeling energies recognizable to those who are not specifically tuned in to feeling energies by their extra nervous energy — those who are will know what they’re feeling — I want you to focus on visualizations with that energy. In the past you’ve done visualizations somewhat out of your body, or when putting your body into a relaxed state. This time I want you to do your visualizations a little differently. Since you will tend to feel the bulk of this physical kinetic energy, which is creation energy on this level, I want you to hold a beautiful visualization and put it right into your solar plexus. Not inside your body, but take the image and rest it at the base of your sternum, where your upper abdomen begins. This will be

somewhat physical for many of you. Create something beautiful. It can be simple, such as color and waves of color, or it can be a feeling — peace, happiness, joy, whatever is easiest for you to attain — but it must be a full-body feeling. Then focus it on your solar plexus, as if you were laying it on the surface, and then project it outward. You see, in Creator apprentice training you learn how physical reality is created. You’ve often wondered whether physical reality is some vague consensus of unconscious thoughts, but it really isn’t. It’s a physical creation that is focused through the physical being, as if each of you are lenses of the Creator’s focus. So it is time to consciously begin to use yourself as a lens! Many visualizations and meditations have been designed to create relaxation or certain goals within your body. Now, this picture that you hold in your mind’s eye, imagine it up by your head and between your hands. Then bring your hands down, resting your wrists on the lower rib cage. Hold this vision between your hands right where your solar plexus begins, and then aim your fingers and this vision of beauty and peace and wonder — whatever you can create — out into the world at large. You can put gold light in it if you wish, or white light. I recommend a combination of the two because gold light is permanent and white light is consumable. You may use other colors — I would recommend pink, or you may use light blue if you like. Be creative, imaginative. Try what you will. Hold that for a few moments and broadcast it outward. You have no idea yet how strong your Creator potential is. This is a wonderful thing to do in your meditation circles with many people. You might even create a consensus of a picture of beauty by looking at a picture or a painting that you find beautiful. Hold it, imagine it between your hands in energy, then aim it outward from your solar plexus to your planet. As a Creator apprentice, it is literally your job now to create what Earth will look like in the fourth dimension. You are still parked at 3.47, as I call it [between the third and fourth dimensions], but the time is coming soon when you will begin to move forward again. Before the end of the year you will most likely begin to move forward again incrementally. This is why you need to set your intention: to create the world you’re going to move into. The more you focus on your fears, your anxieties, your suspicions and so on, the more you’re going to create and perpetuate that world. But this is something you can do that will literally create the new world. The responsibility of the Explorer Race is not only to explore, but to create. Suppose you’re out there in generations to come, exploring the planets. Suppose you find some planet that is going through something that is destroying the civilization. Maybe the planet is overvolcanic. Maybe there are too many earthquakes. Maybe the planet itself would like to be rescued, to say nothing of the civilizations on the surface. You, as the Explorer Race, Creator apprentice, will then hold a picture of how you would like that planet to look. You will talk to the citizens: “What did your civilization look like? How do you want it to look?” They will describe it to you and show you pictures, and you will hold that picture between your hands, place it over your solar plexus and aim it toward that planet. Or by that time you may be using other techniques, one of which basically involves pointing your hands in a certain manner. Or maybe you will direct it from your third eye. But most likely you will use your solar plexus, because that is the Creator area for physical reality. And you will be able to help calm the planet, calm the inner turmoil within the planet, bring the planet itself love, balance and benevolence, and help to rebuild the surface civilization and cities with these visions that go beyond thought and become manifested as physical reality. This is the destiny of the Explorer Race — not only to explore, but to create. Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

January 23, 1996

Introduction to ETs and the Explorer Race The purpose of this book that you are holding in your hands is to guide you toward acceptance of the differences among you all, as well as acceptance of the wide variety of life that the universe has in store for you. It is ironic that the Zeta beings, of whom Joopah is a portion, regard you as their past lives but you have not yet come to terms with their appearance. If we could have you change for a moment your attitude about who’s an ET and who isn’t, then imagine that all the animals and insects, the butterflies, birds, deer, fish, all these beings on your Earth right now, are from other planets — which, as a matter of fact, they are — and that on their planets they have their own cultures and perhaps appear differently. Now imagine for a moment that the ETs have arrived in a flying saucer and landed, proverbially, on the White House lawn. But nobody comes out of the ship. Security guards, the press, maybe the President are all there to say, “Well, who’s here?” Nothing happens. And the people don’t know what to do. They wait for a while as the beings inside the craft are projecting goodwill and telepathic resonance and so on. Nothing happens, and the beings inside the ship realize, “Wait a minute — these people don’t understand telepathy. How are we going to communicate with them?” So they have a discussion onboard and they say, “We’ll have to invite them aboard, because we surely could not go out there.” So they open the door just a little bit, with a “bzzzz,” and someone comes up the stairs and peeps in — possibly someone with security, possibly a person from the State Department, maybe a diplomat — and walks inside the ship. Of course, it’s unusual. Its inner corridors and everything tend to be somewhat circular by the nature of the shape of the vehicle. They walk in a little bit farther; it’s kind of damp and humid in there — not what you would expect if you were expecting a vehicle crammed with electronics, but the electronics are not apparent. So this diplomat looks around the ship, and suddenly, over against a far wall there is a low hum. A panel slides away, and the diplomat finds himself or herself looking at what is basically a fish tank, with fish swimming around in there. The diplomat thinks, “Oh, these ETs are trying to show something in common — that they carry pets just like Earth people have pets.” But suddenly, because he’s within the insulated environs of the ship, he hears a voice in his head. It says, “What pets? We’re the ETs.” I mention this to you because in order for you to appreciate the appearance of ETs — and granted, many of them look very much like you, but they don’t all — you need to begin to accept as equals what you call animals. Just because you don’t understand their language and their ways of being and their attitudes, this kind of thing is proof that they are from someplace else; they are not from your culture. Begin to consider what you call animals — especially insects like ants; ants are some of the most advanced creatures on your planet. If you can begin to consider them as extraterrestrials who are just visiting here, serving you as you evolve toward being the Explorer Race, then you will truly begin to appreciate that ETs might very well look very different. Now, the chances of your meeting an ant three stories tall are zero. Granted, they are a little bit larger on their home planet, but by “larger” I mean maybe only two or three inches long. But they have no need for great size, because on their home planet they do not have the wealth of resources you have here. They can’t be too big, otherwise there wouldn’t be enough to go around. I want you to understand that the next leap you really have to make is accepting ETs for how they look, because nobody — and many of you reading this know this — likes to be rejected just because of the way they look. So practice with each other, learn how to accept each other and to be curious

about each other’s differences, and in this way you will be preparing truly to meet your ET friends. Zoosh through Robert Shapiro


The Explorer Race Is Ready Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, August 10, 1987 This planet was populated by 144,000 original visitors. It doesn’t make any difference what you call them — souls, beings, people, entities or anything else. Those 144,000 came from an area of the universe that you refer to as Sirius. Since then there have been other stimulations from other planetary sources. It is as though your race, the human race in all its variations, has been on a clock that has allowed you to experience all the variations and ramifications of both positivity and negativity, meaning comfort and discomfort. This clock is now coming to strike the hour, and that striking will mean alignment. Some of your scientists have noticed that the Earth seems to wobble somewhat on its axis. Well, I can assure you that over the next few years this wobbling will begin to align itself. And since you are a portion of Earth, even though you can trace your roots “back there,” we would say that you will be coming into alignment as well. For Earth does not stand apart from you; all of your physical body and some portions of your soul, which is in your body as well as elsewhere, are made up of Earth stuff. It will not be possible for the corpuscles of your body, for instance, to decide not to align: “Well, the rest of the body can get into alignment if it wants, but not the corpuscles, we’re going to take time off.” You, in an expanded sense, are the corpuscles of the Earth body. You will have an opportunity to come into alignment with Earth, and you have chosen — being descendants of the 144,000 — to do it now. Why now? Because the cosmic clock as well as the grounded Earth clock are coming into a state of alignment. There was a choice made by those who originally came here to seed this planet with what has turned into you, to allow the human race to have all the possibilities that could be experienced on this planet. This means all the comforts and all the discomforts that could be felt in any person anywhere. If you do not choose to experience a comfort or discomfort, you may read about it, hear about it, know about it or see it. The choice has been made to brew up a recipe, in a sense, and you are the cookies that are coming out of the oven. It is that simple. Why have you chosen, as souls in harmony with Earth and the All, to be here? What is ascension? It is allowing you to come into your true value. Your race, the human race, has been created to be a group of explorers. Babies are curious, all right? To find out what is natural to any human being, look at babies. Certain emotions, certain feelings and certain experiences are natural; they are felt and demonstrated. So this is a time when you can begin to express your curiosity about everything in a way that will be more comfortable and connected to the All. You might say that the Earth is like a yo-yo: The All has been playing with it, up and down, up and down. In a sense, now the yo-yo is going to come and join the hand. Instead of seeming separated from the All, or whatever name you wish to call it — God, Goddess, All That Is — now Earth becomes a finger. A promotion, you might say. So in that sense Earth will be allowed to join in the game and doesn’t have to be the ball anymore.

The Value of Struggle and Discomfort

Why is this experience occurring to your Earth now? It is so you can do what needs to be done in the universe, so you can explore, so you can be curious and so you can bring your curiosity to other races. Many races that exist in the universe have developed an infrastructure that seeks to perfect from within, but they have lost their interest in going elsewhere and blending with all the beings of the universe. The only way that type of being — you — could be produced is through struggle. The experience of struggle, foreign though it may be to most of the rest of the universe, has created what is sitting here now. I will not say that struggle is good and that you should go for more struggle; I will say, however, that you are the combined effort of these emotions of discomfort and comfort. You naturally seek comfort, some of you in one way, some in another. But in order to bring your gift to the universe and the galactic beings of beyond, it will be necessary to have a lust for life, and that comes about through the experience of cherishing life, which comes from having a given period of life. You are born, and you die, yes? Of course, your soul continues — there is never, never a break with that. And your soul is essentially your personality, but it’s devoid of discomfort. This is why when you meet someone you’ve never met before, they seem familiar — maybe you met in a past life or something. The reason they seem familiar is because as a personality they had so much impact on you in the past life that you recognize that personality. The personality is more than what is said, how it’s said or the motions of the body; it is the energy of the body, the soul, the aura that glows from within and without and mingles with the Earth. You recognize it immediately: “I know you from somewhere. Who are you?” Understand this: You have been created; many of your books refer to it. You have been created not against your will but as a dynamic instrument of being who would want to survive, who would appreciate life and enjoy all of its variables. You could say, “If I had it my way, I’d be rich with a house on a hill.” Perhaps some of you might say, “If I had my way I’d be out on the open road. I don’t need a house; I’m happy with what I’ve got on my back. I’m happy just to go places and see new things.” And perhaps some of you might say, “I don’t even need to go anywhere. I can lie here in my bed and imagine, and that’s enough for me.” Do you understand? All of the variables of humanity — everything in between and everything that can be imagined — have occurred here so you would appreciate life. Now I must reveal to you that the purpose of discomfort has been to create within you a desire to live. Why? Because often on other planets there is no desire to be in the body. You could say, “Well, Zoosh, these other planets I’ve heard about, read about, dreamed of, imagined and seen in my mind’s eye seem to have a very high level of civilization, often overlaid with spirituality. And they’re so smart. How do they get here from there? They seem to do so many things so much better than we do here.” And I say to you, this may be so on the surface, but let’s get below that. Below the surface are many races of beings who have lost their will to live physically. While you are physical beings, surely you are spiritual beings as well. Why are you in bodies? You are in bodies so you can experience physical life and assist other civilizations — in time physically — but for now spiritually and mentally and emotionally by being strong and by experiencing physical life by choice rather than by being sentenced to it. Many of you have said over the years, “Can’t I just go back? They left me here. When’s the next bus coming? I want to go back right now.” I say to all you souls, you 144,000 and all the descendants: You volunteered to come here. You volunteered to come so you could create a hybrid civilization that would go elsewhere and bring its strength to infuse that strength into other civilizations that have begun to feel that physical life is of less value than spiritual life. I want you to recognize how you also

sometimes consider that that might be so; and yet here you are in a physical body. So ascension is about coming into joy in the physical body, appreciating your physical body, appreciating physical life and allowing many of the past discomforts of physical life to drop away. It is unnecessary to extend a great deal of discomfort — you have finally “got” it: Your race figured out that it really doesn’t need to have that discomfort and could be really happy if it just kind of went away. You’ve got enough history. Anybody can go anywhere and find out that discomfort has existed in myriad ways, and in things you don’t like to talk about in polite or even impolite company. That’s because you need to want to live. How often do you hear about some fellow, some physical being, who suffered some grievous accident or some horrible injury, lived through it, made something of himself, and went on to tell everyone that he can do it too and not to give up. When you see that, what do you always feel, without regard to civilization, without regard to who you are? Every human being feels a little uplifted by that because of your heritage. Your physical body has inherited that. Spirit sings in your physical body because you know that’s why you came here — to survive through hardship so that you could become a race that could exist anywhere under the harshest of conditions. And I assure you that on most planets with civilizations, the conditions are not as harsh as the extremes that are experienced here. If one of you can live at sixty degrees below zero and another one of you can live at a hundred and twenty above, then you are all colored by that experience because it is in your genetic coding. If any of you do live at those extremes, it is to purify and strengthen the genetic code of the human being. You hear about UFOs and visitors from other planets and their hanging around. What do they want from you? Mostly they want to see how you’re coming along. Why are people taken aboard the ships and examined and talked to, whether you remember it or not? Because they want to see how you’re coming along. They want to check the genetic code. They want to see if the “soup” is ready. Some of these individuals who do this taking aboard are from civilizations that currently exist; some are from your future. Some of these beings are, in fact, your future selves in an incarnation that may not always look just like you. They are your future selves coming back to see how the race is getting along. “Are they ready yet?”

You’re Ready Now The clock rings now; you’re ready. That does not mean that the sky is going to be filled with UFOs and you will have space aliens living next door. It means that the universe as you know it, as you can imagine it and beyond your imagination, exists as a siren song. You look at the stars — everyone looks at the stars — and you say, “I wish I could go there. I want to go there. I want to be there. What’s up there? Is anybody looking at us right now?”

It is purposeful, this curiosity you have. You are ready. Space aliens are sitting in front of me right now. I assure you that your race did not develop naturally on this planet. You were seeded here. There isn’t anybody in this room right now or anyone else running around the surface of the planet who is in a variation of a human body that wasn’t seeded here. Your souls as well as your physical matter include, simply stated, the energy of elsewhere. It was a soul choice to come here, to create, in a sense, the messengers that will go out and bring back the lust for life to other civilizations. Those in other dimensions have, to some degree, not judgment as you understand it, but a variation of disdain that you might experience as a lack of interest about physical life. This physical life you are living is not some lowly thing. It is not easy; and that is purposeful, so that you will become what you are. How do other civilizations get here? They fly through dimensions. Do they fly through space and time? They fly through time, in a sense. A ship will be somewhere; it will come interdimensionally. You do not do that yet in ships, but in your sleep you do that all the time. You do not do it using ships yet because the soup you are is not ready yet. So you will have experiences in the coming years of more contact with your future and current fellows from other planets. You will become gradually aware that the reason there is no physical evidence for a missing link on this planet is because there never was a missing link. There was a civilization of sorts on this planet when the 144,000 arrived in their vehicle, and it was through the union of the 144,000 with those beings that you eventually resulted. It is true that civilizations have come and gone on the surface of this planet, but enough has happened so you can begin to become who you are now, in this life. You have been developed not only to visit other planets but to alter the energy of this planet so

that it can slightly increase in vibration to the fourth dimension, so you can make more conscious motion through space and time at that dimension, and so that the universe does not feel the tug of disharmony at its sleeve. The tug has been there on purpose, though, so that the universe can come into balance. It is not just you who are coming into balance; it is the universe coming into balance through the civilizations on other planets who have lost their interest in physical life, saying, “Well, it’s so slow. There is discomfort there; who wants such a thing? Physical life seems boring. So much can be done on the spirit level.” That is why many of these civilizations are on the wane. They’re dying out, and the universe, in its great knowledge — knowledge beyond your imagination — knows that any time any portion of life or civilization dies out, even though it will be repeated in a later variation, will never be repeated exactly. So there is loss, in a sense, speaking in time, and the universe does not really see that that is necessary. Why lose a civilization? Where are the Greeks? Where are the Egyptians? Where are the people who built the great pyramids, and so on? Where did the Acropolis come from and why aren’t those civilizations still with you? They died out — a loss, in a sense, a loss of knowledge, a loss of experience — because there are no books telling you how to whip together the Acropolis written by the original people who did it. There is no book called The Do-It-Yourself Pyramid by those who actually did it themselves. Of course, this stimulates your curiosity and this is good. It also helps you to want to know and will create for you the true desire to share information. How often is it that one or many of you will discover some startling new insight and want to take it home to a friend and say, “Have I discovered something today!” When your curiosity is satiated, then you go out and share the information, whatever it might be. Understand that it is not so much what you say or discover; it is the desire within you to do it that is so important. I can assure you that many of these civilizations that come visiting have waning amounts of that desire. They have some or they wouldn’t be here in the first place. They wouldn’t get here at all if they didn’t feel some connection to you. All of the civilizations that come here have been involved in the seeding process on this planet.

Negativity and Compassion So-called positivity and negativity are not “good” and “bad”; they are the necessary ingredients that got you here. So I’ll ask you to drop a little of your judgment about those discomforts, even the ones you’ve heard about and wouldn’t care to experience. Because discomforts sure did get you here as a race and as individuals in your now bodies. Some of you could give everybody a real thrill with the discomforts you’ve experienced in your life. They would bring a few tears. Why tears? It is because you have compassion as a race. You have basic emotions that you all share. Though they may be covered up from time to time, they are there. And even the toughest, roughest human being will shed a tear at one time or another in their lives, struggling to choke them back. Why compassion? So you won’t wander out there and bring miscellaneous destruction to other planets, but instead want to know, to share, to be with them and to help. You rediscover yourself, and so you are ready; it’s time to serve the soup! And those beings who float around in their UFOs? You can’t see them most of the time — sometimes you can — but they are here to celebrate. Be willing to laugh at the experiences you’ve had and laugh with yourself and with others; and while you’re laughing, allow it to be compassionate. After all, if you saw a suffering child or animal, you would feel compassionate and you would do something. You have suffered. It was your choice on the soul level to come here to do that. You have suffered, every one of you. All of you

experience some suffering in your life so you will not lose touch with the human being. It is so you will remember why you came here and then celebrate the release of suffering. I will not say that heaven on Earth will be formed immediately, but you will begin a process toward heaven, which I will call Terra. The reimaging of you living on the planet Terra in this space at a quicker dimension — that is heaven on Earth. It is the reimaging of that — you, there. It’s there now; you are going to join it. So the Second Coming, which is predicted throughout all religions, regardless of how it is couched in words or innuendo, is about the coming home of all of you and the alignment of your soul/spirit selves with your God-selves consciously. It’s not about somebody coming here to save you. I’m not saying that people should drop their religions or beliefs; I am saying personalize them. Do not stop believing in a greater God or All That Is, if that is comfortable for you. But be aware that you are a portion of it. You are not separated from it, although the experience of separation has been a reality for you in this civilization’s history, as well as in your individual lives to some extent. It has been a reality so you would want this stuff — so that you could see the distinction between that which is uncomfortable and that which is comfortable and go for the comfort, set your sights on that, and align your desires with that which is desirable. There have been messages in the past that have said, “Well, you’re going to be saved soon.” Those messages were not false. Their interpretation may not be exactly what you will experience now. Why are these religious documents always written in code? They are always written in code in this civilization so that some would know and would be ready to lead. In a sense, they were like little flags. You can read any of your biblical tomes, and after you read them you will have one big experience — you will have questions. The purpose of those books is to pique your curiosity, which is like everybody else’s here. Deciphering the codes is the goal of the present. Often you will work on something difficult, and when you understand it, it is almost like “so what?” because the experience of deciphering was so much of the fun. Why is this? Because you are curious. You were created here by yourselves with the All-God That Is so that you would enjoy the experience of getting from A to B, not necessarily being thrilled by B. It is the getting there that counts. You will have plenty of opportunities in the future to grow beyond what you have been. In the past much of this growth was rather difficult. It won’t be so hard in the future because what’s falling away is a resistance. It is not a completion like, “Let’s go home; the play’s over.” It means act one is completed. Act two is going to be a lot easier because you will be able to use all of you — the experience of separation will be on the wane. You will be able to use all of you: your emotions, your spirit, your mind and your bodies aligned, working together as one unit consciously by your choice. It is part of the bargain when you come here to give up your absolute knowledge of who you are in totality so that you can have the joy of discovery throughout your years. Why do babies laugh and enjoy life? Why do they smile even before they can see out of their eyes? Why do so-called senile adults do the same thing? Because they experience the joy of discovery. They come in with that joy, they get a little bit confused, then they rediscover it again. That’s what life is all about — to enjoy and to experience as much as you can of what it has to offer so you can be distilled, as it were, into the finest you that you came here to appreciate.

The Return of Joy and Self-Approval So recognize that the emotions that you feel you’ve been denied will to some extent be coming to

Earth as a felt experience now. You will be giving yourself these things because your need for approval will begin to drop away. You will notice that historically and even politically it has been gradually happening. Certain groups have come out of hiding, saying, “It’s okay to be who we are, and we don’t care what anybody thinks.” I can assure you, my friends, that even if you don’t like that, you’re going to see more of it. These people are gradually going to give themselves the approval they have sought from others. A lot of what’s falling away is judgment, especially self-judgment. That’s where you’re going. Just think how it would be if you didn’t have to live up to somebody else’s restricted ideas of what the world is. Now, I’m not talking about becoming criminals and saying, “This is great, I’ll go down the street blasting away with my Tommy gun.” That kind of behavior has occurred because those folks didn’t get what they needed. They didn’t get approval; they didn’t get the appreciation as children, maybe, for being who they are. Maybe they even allowed themselves to be created in discomforting lives such as that so they could serve others’ needs for discomfort. I’d like you to consider that. The criminal pool, as I like to say, is no different from a typing pool. When someone needs to have discomfort, there better darn well be someone there to provide that discomfort or it’s not going to happen — and you’re not going to be distilled to become the amazing people who you are now. As that need for discomfort begins to fall away, the people who have chosen to be criminals in this life will not need to be criminals anymore. They can go on and do other things. They can have the fun that other people have and they won’t need to be burglars or safecrackers. Maybe they’ll have some memories about it, but they won’t need to be criminals because no one will need to have their house burglarized to have that discomfort. This will come about to a great extent in most of your lifetimes. This is your reward. You saw it go the other way, as you judge it. Now you’re going to see it come back. You’re going to discover who you are consciously in this lifetime between the moments of babyhood and so-called senility, meaning rediscovery of the multidimensional self — that’s how I define senility. Maybe if you can have differentiation, then you won’t need judgment or incrimination, approval or disapproval. Differentiation does not necessarily mean judgment as it has in the past, but a feeling of your own harmonic vibrations and allowing yourself to be attracted to others of an equal and supportive harmonic vibration. If you can allow yourself to be attracted to those you are going to vibrate best with, then you’re going to be able to let go of all those emotions of the past because you’re going to be able to begin to trust your physical body.

Appreciating Your Body and Emotions You’re going to begin to appreciate and approve of your physical body, not as it could be but as it is, for your physical body constantly gives you messages from your emotions. And your emotions not only interact with your physical world and the past as you’ve experienced it in this life, but — if you can differentiate — they’re going to tell you about the harmonics in your physical self that exist right now. Your emotions are going to help you to know that if you’re listening to a radio station, which you all are, in a sense — maybe you’re 106 on the FM dial — you’re going to know another 106 by the way your body feels and gives you its messages. In the past it hasn’t felt safe to allow the emotions to speak to your physical body because the trust wasn’t there. Why? Because someone told you at one time or another, maybe many times, “Think before you speak, my dear, or you will surely make a fool of yourself.” You may respond to some discomfort of your past or to some inspiration from your soul requesting you to say something, almost like an answer to a question that another person hasn’t asked. And instead of questioning that, you

will begin to say things that don’t necessarily follow what has been said. In a sense, that is what channeling is all about. That is what psychic experiences are all about. That is what inspiration, which is from your soul, is all about. It isn’t extrapolated or distilled only from the mind. The total you comes to you and initiates the experience. It communicates immediately and directly to your physical body through your emotions. Your inspiration comes from your soul straight into the emotions, into the physical body, and the last one to find out about it is your mind. Your mind screams at you everything you’ve ever known or heard through your life — approval, disapproval and all that stuff. But now things are changing. You may not have to come up against things anymore. Maybe now you’ll notice the gaps and spaces that you haven’t seen before. Maybe now you’ll come up against something and it won’t feel so hard or so difficult. Maybe you’ll see the doors and you’ll go through them and say, “Wait a minute. Maybe this isn’t the only way to do it. Dad told me years ago that it had to be done like this, and if it wasn’t done like this it was wrong.” Or maybe you don’t even remember Dad telling you that. Maybe you’re used to denying yourself those things that you really want; it seems so harmless. Maybe you compensate by occasionally giving yourself outbursts of anger that seem to come from nowhere to release that denial, that cork in the bottle that says, “I don’t understand.” Maybe you release that old disapproval. Maybe Dad was a fine person but didn’t understand the cork on the bottle, didn’t understand who you were. Maybe Dad — or Mom — didn’t know, for example, that you are unique and could do things differently from him. That doesn’t make him a bad person. It just means those were the times, and they were there to distill you into the person you are now. You no longer need to figure out what Dad said twenty or thirty or fifty years ago that often causes you to do the things you really don’t want to do and seems to cause you to march to the beat of a drum that was never intended for your unique self. Maybe you wear a white suit and a red tie on a day when it looks like it’s going to rain. Maybe you get wet. Maybe you say, “So what!” Maybe it doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore. Maybe the rain feels good to you. Maybe you think it’s pretty funny the way you look — kind of disheveled. Maybe that’s all right. Maybe you don’t need so much approval from others. Instead of remembering all of the details of your childhood and how you got to be who you are, maybe you can allow those emotions to not be so important — the ones that say, “You must be … because we’ve always been …”; or “in order to get my approval, you will have to be …”

The time has arrived. The clock rings the bell that says, “That’s all over now.” And you will notice these days, as you cast your eyes about at the babies that are being born, that they look kind of sparkly and seem to show talents and abilities that give you a certain thrill and excitement. You say, “I wish my folks had let me be that unique. But I guess I can let go of my judgment and anger at my folks for doing what they did to me and begin to realize that what they did was with me so that I could come to this magic moment called Harmonic Convergence.” Harmonic. You all have a unique vibration. You all interact best with other individuals who are within the range of that vibration. No vibration is exactly the same between individuals, including past and future lives. You have the soul connection, yes, but the vibration may be a little different. Maybe you used to be a man, maybe you used to be a woman, maybe you were a different race and so on. It won’t be exactly the same, but you’ll have a range of that vibration where you will get the most out of the experience with that individual.

Trust and Appreciation Maybe you’ll meet someone somewhere innocuously, innocently — in the supermarket, as I like to say — and you’ll get a feeling for that person. You’ll look at them and smile and they’ll smile back at you, and it will feel genuine. Maybe your eyes will lock and you’ll feel a friend. Maybe you won’t be so quick to say, “But that’s not how friends are supposed to happen.” Maybe you won’t have to disapprove so much of the idea of meeting someone and interchanging ideas and experiences with them just like that — telling them your life story, as many of you who’ve ridden on a bus or a plane have noticed. You’ll have experiences with someone sitting next to you. You will tell them your life story; they’ll tell you their life story. You will tell life stories all over the place. And it will feel kind of safe. Why? Because you have a pretty good idea that you’ll never see this person again, and who

are they going to tell? Probably people you don’t even know. Understand that it’s a time when that experience — the plane, train, bus experience — will be more in your life. The future is going to bring trust that’s generated from within because you physical beings are beginning to trust your physical bodies, to trust that your emotions can hear from your spirit the stimulations that apply to your unique vibrations. They might be completely different from those of your friends or neighbors or compadres who live down the street or in the next country, and that’s okay. It’s about self-appreciation. I assure you, my friends, once you begin to really appreciate who you are, it will be oh so easy to receive that appreciation from others about who you are, and oh so easy to give that appreciation to others about who they are. We’re talking about the falling off, in a sense, of the old shell that said, “I’m not safe. And I’m going to do whatever it takes to keep you away from me, because I’m frightened of this world. After all, when I was born, the first thing that happened was that some complete stranger hit me on the backside and said, ‘Welcome to planet Earth.’ So I found out right away that Earth wasn’t a safe place, and it’s been one thing after another since then.” What’s going on for you now is getting over that experience. The doctor didn’t slap you on the bottom because he or she took one look at you and said, “Ugh,” but for what they felt at the time was a real good reason: to wake you up and see if there’s anything going on in there. And in your near future, as well as in the present in some of your areas of the world right now, all birthing is changing. Birthing’s going to be a lot easier. It’s going to seem more natural because it will involve you with the elements of the Earth rather than take you away from them. You will be with people who are in your harmonic vibration, people who will be consciously experiencing the emotions that would be just right for you to feel, people who will be helping you with attracting the feminine principle as well as projecting the masculine principle. People and maybe even what you might call animals will be there who will feel good to you, and no one else will be allowed. So it will be easier because it won’t just be cheering crowds; it will be people you would seek to be with at all times and appreciate being with at a time like that. And you know, when you’re not up against it and struggling, things are so much easier. Even the so-called built-in struggles for the human race will gradually begin to be built out. Some of you who are aware of water birthing: pay attention. It is the coming wave; it is occurring now. Why is the ocean made up of a saline solution — the same stuff you are — in its natural state? Because it calls you and asks you to come home at the time of bringing in new life. So the future will bring, among other things, birthing in the ocean. And there will be spaces created for mothers so that they can feel safe. The people they want to be there, as well as those who need to be there, will all be in the ocean. And the baby will come out continuing to do what it’s been doing inside Mom for nine months — swimming right out, expecting to be in a saline environment. If you allow your oceans to become who they are rather than trying to fashion them into garbage dumps and other things, Mother Ocean will return to being that welcoming place for new life.

Allowance That’s one of the things that will happen in the future, which you will all live to see, without exception. It’s happening right now in some places, and the idea is beginning to spread. Other things will come about as well. And they will be all aligned with the harmonic that says, “I’m okay just for being.” People will be allowed to be who they are, and that is all you can do. You allow, or you wouldn’t be here. Allowance is not something you have to learn. You wouldn’t be here on Earth in this fabulous

experiment called the human race if you didn’t have allowance. I can assure those who have never been here that you’re out there somewhere living in your culture, living what your culture wants you to do and getting ready to meet an Earth person some day face to face. Oh boy, the amazing Earth people you’ve been hearing so much about in your folklore and literature! Get ready to meet them; they’re on the way; they’re just about ready. And when the time is just right, I can assure you that you won’t travel sitting on these long tubes that have rocket engines pushing you away somewhere. You’ll be sitting in vehicles that use the power of attraction, the feminine principle, to pull you somewhere. The others will use the power of projection, the equalizing energy, to greet you when you get there so you won’t crash through the planet. It won’t do you much good if you get there in little pieces. You’ll use attraction and projection equally, which is balance — masculine and feminine in balance. As you come into more balance yourself, your future vehicles will be experiencing balanced energy as well.

You haven’t had those vehicles here in this culture yet on this planet because you haven’t been ready. But now you are, and you will see discoveries in science coming out. You will think, perhaps, “Why didn’t that come out years ago? We could have gotten to the Moon so much faster.” But you’ll catch yourself and say, “Maybe we weren’t ready. Maybe now is the time.” How often have you heard from your channels, from entities, from your spirit’s inspiration, “Now is the time”? This means that time is now, in every moment. You will begin to appreciate the significance of that so much more in the future of these lives as you notice life. Instead of passing by in a blur, when you notice life in the now, when you’re in the moment of life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, you miss nothing.

You appreciate artists because they show you pictures or objects in a way that you hadn’t considered before. Artists miss nothing. They see the details. You are beginning to see the details of your life unfold before you. And your harmonic time now will be the alignment of your own harmonic with the harmonic of the universe — all of you, your Earth, your solar system and everywhere becoming one consciously. Not just knowing it, not just trusting it, but really feeling it, really doing it — that is applied knowledge. For you might know something, you might think about it, you might consider it, but if you do not follow up on it and do it physically, it is not real knowledge. You get up one morning and you appreciate the sunrise. You don’t look down; you look up, because you know that that sunrise is going to be up there. That is applied knowledge.


The Genetic Experiment on Earth Zoosh and Joopah New York City, October 1987 All right. I [Zoosh] will be the master of ceremonies tonight of your time, and I will at some point introduce Joopah, who will tell you a little bit about himself. It is important tonight that you begin to understand that the reason for your survival on this planet may have less to do with the comforts than the discomforts. Recognize that you human beings as a species did not naturally evolve here. You were seeded here, not specifically as you look now, but very much like it. Most of the different socalled races were seeded from different corners of the universe, but this was accomplished in a relatively short span of time. Many years ago — and really beyond the measurement of years into what could simply be called dimensions ago — there was a need by the universe for a place where ideas that had not moved elsewhere could be experimented on. Thus it would be necessary to have a planet that would be capable of instant manifestation — so instantaneous, in fact, that manifesting would not have to be a conscious act. In that way the structural, social and biological engineers who manipulate environments were called to this little corner of the galaxy you now occupy.

The First Terra There was at that time another planet that you would recognize from a distance as being different from this one, occupying this space that you now occupy on your planet Earth. The atmosphere and the continental distribution on the planet were a little different; the color would be green rather than the predominant blue you know now. The continents would appear at a distance as a little more golden in color than the darker shades one sees from space when approaching Earth. That planet we can for our convenience refer to as Terra. It existed then at a slightly higher or quicker dimension. “Dimension” in this case refers to a place rather than a state of advancement, so when I say higher I don’t mean better; I mean a place that was a little different. But that space is the same space Earth now occupies. However, Earth as you know it did not then exist, even though in this dimension there were the makings of a planetary body (bodies exist as needed in other dimensions). However, your ancestors were in a higher dimension, and Earth did not exist to them. So it was pondered what to do about the situation — whether to keep the planet Terra as an instantly manifesting planet where all could be created, given the biological and sociological soup that might be tossed in, or whether to create a planet at a slower vibration. It was considered at length, and it was decided that Terra, at its vibration, would not be slow enough for those individuals manifesting themselves on the planet that would come to be called Earth, and that they would not be able to understand their lessons and their experiences because of their slower, denser vibration as a resource planet for the fifth dimension. So it was considered that this slower third-dimensional vibration would be used to manifest Earth. Working with the Light, the God Structure, the One — whatever you wish to call it — was then a manifestation of Earth, what you might call a photocopy of Terra at a slower vibration. Terra really is a planet that is slightly different in composition. If you were to experience it in this dimension, it is something you could not get your hands on, something you could not really touch, because the spaces

between the molecules are farther apart and the motion of the molecules is so fast that you would not really be able, in your dimension, to grasp it. So it was necessary to have something a little slower, a little more solid. As a result, what was created through the manipulation of biogenetic energies was the planet you now reside on. Though it looked a little different at that time, it was essentially the same in the shape of its continents; and its atmosphere was something perceived from a distance as blue. It was also necessary to have it be a very active planet that could be perceived from a different dimension as unstable. It is not really unstable; it just had to be alive as you understand life, wherein birth and death and change were so commonplace that that type of event would not be considered unusual. Earth and those who would live upon it would be beings that would have a given span of life and would have eruptions from the physical bodies of themselves as well as eruptions from the Earth. There would be a form of mirror image so that the beings who occupied the planet would be able to feel that they had a direct heritage of this planet. These social engineers, working with a species closer to Terra who could also transfer their energies to Earth, began to create what you now know as the human being. These Terrans are beings who now live beneath the Earth but not below the crust. As many of you know, there are beings and whole civilizations living inside this planet at higher dimensions, but I do not refer to them at this time. I refer rather to what you might refer to scientifically as the missing link, and in this case I am not referring to the so-called Abominable Snowman, Yeti and all those other names. I am referring to a being and a race of beings that combines both sexes, can reproduce itself, and is quite tall and somewhat hairy — not as hairy as the big guys that roam around on the surface from time to time, though they be shy. Thus, what occurred was an evolution, a change. The creation of an Earth hybrid race was needed. The Terrans transferred their bodies to this slower dimension and became denser, and it was perceived that their bodies were very strong, powerful, durable and could withstand a great deal of onslaught. It was considered necessary to have a race of beings populate this planet for whom danger would be a threat. (I know this is controversial, but I am nothing if not controversial.) The beings who came here on the ship — their number, naturally, 144,000 — would actually integrate their soul consciousness, their ego structure and their desires into this planet, and would re-create themselves through the natural physical acts and through genetic stimulation and social engineering. They would become an Earth race, human beings in different variations to test which types are more durable and to provide certain variations in certain geographic areas — all part of the experiment. A hybridized Earth race would be thus created. You are that result, but not of a casual creation. They didn’t drop you off and say, “Well, have fun, see you later.” It has been a very gradual experiment. Now, I want to bring out the fact that this all evolved from the Terran influence of those beings who were genetically volunteering unconsciously — and even consciously, since the Terran beings who manifested here were in total telepathic touch with themselves, their race and the universe, for that matter. I want to point out that the 144,000 as well as the Terrans volunteered. Thus no soul that ever incarnates on this planet now, in the past or in the future, can trace its roots back to anything other than that 144,000. You may say, “But, Zoosh, there’s a lot more than 144,000 people on this planet.” I would reply, “That’s fine. But for every tree that you see there are many branches, many leaves and many seedlings. So you can look at the 144,000 as being the tree trunks, the tap roots, if you would; and the branches would be branches of the soul-trees that expanded in order to create as many variations as possible within the human beings developed on this planet.

Curiosity and Struggle It was perceived by the universe that the problem in the universe was that there was not sufficient curiosity, not sufficient desire within the various planetary races to explore other planets, to connect with other races, and to find what worked on an intercultural level. So it was believed necessary to create a race of human beings that would be both curious and fragile. Looking around at the animal kingdom, one is reminded of their natural defense systems. Some of them are downright durable; they have shells to hide in and so on. You may say to yourself, “Well, seems like I’m pretty thin-skinned. I have to worry about the cold. I have to worry about the heat. I have to worry about lots of little built-in natural dangers, to say nothing of those created by the societies we live in.” And I will say, “That’s all part of the design.” In order to create a race of beings that would have an entire race consciousness directed toward survivability in harsh conditions and a desire to explore nature, to be curious, to always want to go beyond to see what could be done, it was necessary to create a series of conditions that would bring out the best in a race of people to force those characteristics. Very often, even now, an individual will be born with or develop a condition that will force him or her to bring out other skills. How often have you heard about blind people having very acute hearing? If someone has an experience and they go blind within a lifetime, they will not immediately have acute hearing, but they might — and frequently do — develop it. This is an example of struggle bringing out the finest. The winemaker will often tell you that the vine that must struggle for an existence will make the best wine. You will find analogies over and over of such a creation. You may say to me, “But Zoosh, why would souls want to go through this thing? If this has in fact happened, why are we here now when we know that the planet is going through this gradual change to a higher dimension? Why would we want to be here and still be struggling?” I would say to you that in the original concept of this planet, it was not perceived necessary to make conditions so harsh that survivability would be a matter of life and death on a moment-tomoment basis beyond the initial experience of real difficulty — a basic survivability in extreme situations, with no tools to speak of. It was perceived that the challenge of living here would have certain built-in limits. It was not taken into account, as any good mathematician can tell you, that the factors of increase of conditions or energies would have everything to do with the increased population and that fragmentation of souls through the soul tree would tend to intensify it. So as the populations of any one area or all areas became larger and more condensed, there was necessarily more of a fight for survival, and as a result a little bit too much of so-called negative energy. So the human being as a race — and you are all, believe it or not, volunteers on the soul level — has been purposefully created in an environment in which struggle is built in so that you could bring out the best in yourselves. Now, I am not advocating this; I am not suggesting that you make your life tougher. I am not suggesting that you begin an exercise program that aims itself toward pain so that you can have gain. What I am saying is that the reason things have gone along as they have in the past, with major conflicts and so on, is so that the qualities that the human being as a race consciousness would have at this given intersection — which began with the Harmonic Convergence, the motion of your planet toward its higher dimensional identity — would be the strongest and the most valuable and would be distilled like a highly prized wine into the race consciousness of the human being. Thus you are all curious; you have basic survival instincts; and the bottom line is that you want to know whether you will pursue these interests, such as you here in this room or a scientist in a laboratory who looks at microbes and tries to get the greatest magnification for examination. This

planet is about scrutiny. It is about experiencing things at a very slow rate so that every aspect can be scrutinized and the most gotten out of it as a result. Understand that many cultures on other planets have gotten to the point where they are involved primarily in establishing and perfecting (according to their own arbitrary set of standards) some form of technological, cultural, spiritual, emotional or physical expression of their consciousness — the “race consciousness,” we would say. On this planet there is not so much of that. There might be that on a fragmented level when you get caught up in your nationalistic and so-called racial causes, but you are all of one race, and the reason you look a little different is to create different degrees of adaptability for different conditions, almost like a gene pool of curious survivors. So it is the race consciousness of the human being that will necessarily force you to find the answer. This is on purpose.

Earth: Planet of the Seekers You have really become the seekers, and this planet is known throughout the universe as the Planet of Seekers. It is well-known. It was intended that you go to the stars, that you bring with you primarily the energy of curiosity, so that other cultures on other planets would eventually experience and understand the value of curiosity on more than an intellectual level — on an emotional level, in fact. So while you have a concern about pollution and going to other planets and polluting them with socalled debris and negative reality, in fact these conditions are really necessary to bring out some of your traits. Now, the universe protects itself a little bit. There has not been the mass colonization of your solar system by cultures on this planet. There has been a little bit — outposts on the Moon, a little bit on Mars — but not much else. Nothing that would make a big difference, no real intercultural exchanges going on on a mass level that would affect the evolutionary change or attitudes of the person in the street. Only a few individuals really know about those outposts, so there is not really a change in mass consciousness as a result. However, there is a change happening, an alteration of vibration and frequency toward the socalled fourth dimension that will necessarily mean that what is beneath the surface — the subconscious mind — must be purged. Certain elements of your consciousness cannot really be brought into the higher-dimensional versions of yourself that you will experience at your so-called fourth dimension. This way you can expand your mind without having to discipline it. You will be able to move your subconscious into your conscious mind and experience an expanded power of the usage of your mind. You will learn that emotions are your friends, whether they appear as negative or positive in your judgment. Because of the race consciousness of Earth — meaning your desire to perfect something, anything — there is necessarily a need to experience a total expression of self. So recognize that this is not only implied in your creation, but necessary. I give you this overview so that you will really begin to see that what Joopah says later has a very specific origin. Joopah will not go back as far as I have to explain the overview. I give you the overview on an intellectual level so that you can see why what was done had to be done, primarily to alter the future. The result of not having emotionality on some planets as you express it, even in its extremes; and not having physicality as you express it, even in its extremes; and not having mentality and even spirituality, has created on more than one planet and more than one culture a structure that turns in on itself and does not really perpetuate itself beyond its own arbitrary goals of perfection, as they call it. They reach a stagnant position and do not know where to go after that; thus the race consciousness of that planet has no real world to live in at their dimension anymore.

Whole races and cultures have been lost from the universe — of course, nothing is ever lost, but they have been lost for a time — because of a lack of understanding of the value of things that on the surface might appear to be uncomfortable, disquieting, negative or whatever you wish to call them. It has been necessary then to create a planet on which there was a mixture of positivity and negativity so that the so-called negativity could accentuate the positive and the so-called positivity could influence the negative — a blending, as it were, of so-called polarities. Joopah will discuss this from his own perspective as one of your future selves because the 144,000 eventually wound up condensing themselves, in large part, in the region that Joopah occupies in the star system you refer to as Zeta Reticuli. This future version of a race-conscious human being will explain in detail what they have done and why they have interacted with you as they have — why you seem to be used at their will; why they come down and pick you up just like you were a hot dog, take you in, seem to pour mustard and ketchup on you, put you over the broiler and zip you back out as though you were some thing rather than some person. They will explain that. There is good reason for it, if not an excuse. These people are really your future selves, and they did not understand mentally the idea of emotion, though they are beginning to learn it. Any questions so far on what I have said? Is there an intergalactic confederation that is watching the Zetas as they interact with us, or can they just come and go as they please? Understand that the experiment on Earth, of which you are the result, has happened as a result of the Network, Confederation, whatever you wish to call it, of planets knowing that something was necessary. From the Zeta point of view, though they would not understand the feeling of the emotion or even the thought of a desperate act, they thought, “What else can we do? We have tried everything else and something must change.” They could not introduce negativity just bang! into their planet — not even on a subtle level — because, not having been exposed to that energy for so long, it makes them literally sick. It would be impossible for them to live with their race or any members of their race again. Because of thousands of years and even dimensions of inbreeding, many of these races, especially the ones of Reticuli influence, do not understand that the emotions that they do feel are so consistent that they no longer feel like emotions but like a state of being. In large part this state is calm and peace, seen by many Eastern religions and sects as being the goal. We will see in time how much of their history of the past and the recent past, including the Eastern religious influence and the Western thirst for technology, has led in one probable future to this Zeta Reticuli culture that will speak to you. They are, in fact, a version of the future selves of everyone in this room tonight, because all of you can trace yourselves back at some point to the 144,000. There is no “select elect” of the 144,000. It is not a small group of people on this planet. Everyone at some point can trace his or her soul structure back to that. Everyone who is on this planet now can do that; you’re here now, so you can do that. Joopah will go into that at some depth. I am Grandpa Zoosh telling you what it’s going to be about here and giving you an overview. I might talk to you again later, but I think we’ll let Joopah come in. Joopah has undergone a change through Robert in recent times. He used to be rather cut-anddried about things, but he is now evolving and might be experienced a little differently. So I will say goodbye for now. We’ll let Joopah come in to explain on a more personal level who you are, who they are, why their future as they are living it must be altered and what you have to do with it. So I’ll say goodbye for now. •••

All right, Joopah here. I thank Zoosh for setting me up. Now to give you my point of view. Our race, the Reticulan race and races of our influence, has been identified — in the past, at least — as being the short little guys with the big heads and the big eyes. I currently occupy a body, however, that has a head kind of in between your size and the guys with the big heads. My eyes are not quite as big as theirs, for I am, in fact, a hybrid just like your race, which was described by Zoosh as being a hybrid of the beings who came here and settled and created their number into your number, influencing you. Some of them, for example, concentrating on the darker races, were allegedly a creation of Sirius and the cetacean group in which Sirius is strongly involved. Dolphins and whales are also beings from Sirius who owe a certain allegiance. They have pledged to be here on Earth and carry humankind’s history from the beginning to the present until you are ready to receive their messages. They begin to give that now to the young ones as well as to some channels. But the real work will be with the young ones. Sirius has been involved in the beginning of the seeding of this planet in the creation of the darker-skinned races. The areas of the Pleiades and Andromeda have been involved in the creation of lighter-skinned races. Zeta Reticuli has not actually been involved on the seeding level, but it has been involved in this monitored experiment. They have been the scientific observers due to the fact that their way of being could allow them to be relatively objective even under conditions that were uncomfortable. The Pleiadians, for example, due to their constitution and makeup, could not really take someone on board and do some of the scientific tests that have been necessary to check up on the progress of the genetic experiment. This is because of their inability to directly experience fear from others and their inability, whether personal or technical, to screen it out completely.

The Zetas So the Zeta Reticuli race was chosen to be in charge of the scientific side of things because they are a highly technically involved and evolved species. This was considered the wisest decision because it was necessary for the Zeta beings to see how their past planetary choice — to eliminate emotions, to perfect technology, and to evolve themselves as a mass mind in order to create one group experience or single-mind race consciousness — could lead to the end of their race as they knew it while almost at the zenith of their civilization. These beings were recognized by the Council, by the Confederation — whatever you wish to call it — as being the ones for whom it was most important to see the genetic experiment through from the beginning so that they would realize how their decisions had created their inevitable destruction. Destruction in this case does not mean by trauma or by tragedy or anything like that; it simply means the cessation of existence due to their lack of ability to re-create themselves. The Zeta beings, the short ones, continue to re-create themselves largely through cloning. Their bodies, as they experience them in their dimension, are largely made up of compressed white light or what they would call plasma, even though there is some biological tissue within the heads. But it is not liquid plasma; it is more like light plasma, and it is highly condensed. They have created what they believe to be the most advanced body for serving their needs, you understand. So in order to allow the maximum number of beings to be incarnated, they chose to have a body that did not require a lot of biological nutrition; to take food in, to have eliminations and so on was not really required. Thus they have created a body that is short and can allow many more to incarnate, as it were. This has also created the misapprehension in many who have seen them that they are robotic because of their apparently ungainly and occasionally stiff, almost automatonlike motions.

Because of their mass consciousness, they believe that this is efficient, and efficiency to them is much more important than individuality. Individuality is almost unknown. It is somewhat understood as a concept, but it is not part of their experience. For right now I will say that the Council thought it was best that the Zeta beings be the scientists so they would be required to see the genetic experiment. In the beginning the Zeta beings did not really understand what they had to gain from this, because at the beginning of the genetic experiment they were still able to reproduce themselves. But at your now point in time, and for the last 150 to 200 years, the beings that they reproduced through cloning have had a much shorter life span, and those who have been reproduced by semibiological means have not survived at all. So there has been great stress, if you can call it that, in their experience, more like a low-keyed sense of urgency to do something. As a race consciousness they were advised by the Council that the genetic experiment on Earth in which they were taking part was happening in their past lives. They now understand that the 144,000 who evolved into you will evolve on a soul level into them. They now perceive you differently; they recognize that they have something to gain here. In the beginning they were not involved in any genetic interaction. They were the overseers. They tested your body’s cells. They would do the standard thing that is often reported by those of you who have had or read about contacts. They would alter the energy in an area so that they could move in their energy field at their own dimension. Then they would get out and get close enough to the Earth individual so that he or she could be brought into the ship.

The person would then have a genetic scraping. This is not uncomfortable. You could run a wooden paddle over your arm and that would be like a genetic scraping. It doesn’t require a lot of cells. Ofttimes an examination of the reproductive system would be involved. This would be explored without any qualms, in all areas of the body. The male or the female would be explored in that way, but there were not really a lot of what you’d call major invasions. Feeling and seeking, essentially on a scientific level, was what was going on.

Well, about 150 to 175 years ago, they realized their real reason for being involved with you was to alter the course of their destiny. It became abundantly clear to them that they could not alter it in their current time, but that they had to alter it right here, right now, in their past lives. When they understood you were their past lives, they changed the entire course of their experiment, with the approval of the Network. The Network, after all, was simply waiting for the Zetas to “get” it, and once they did they would be given a free hand, because then they became personally involved. As an aside, I might add that it was thought there would be an increased level of personal involvement that would perhaps be felt by the Earth contactee. On a given ship ofttimes there would be one (usually no more) Zeta being who would be your overseer, who would come over and, if you were in discomfort, would wave his hand over your third eye and crown chakra and so on and the discomfort would go away. They would be almost like a friend — as much as those people can be friendly. Ofttimes in repeated contacts the Earth contactee would come to recognize this individual by his energy or by his concern for them. Naturally, these particular beings would have been the Earth person’s future life, and they could easily recognize their own past life by the familiarity of its energy. The soul, while it moves differently in different planets and so on, will essentially have a recognizable energy pattern. Were you to go back in a meditation or even physically to a past life, you would recognize very easily the energy of your previous incarnation because it would feel familiar. It would feel like home. These beings then began to recognize the need to alter their birthing idea. They recognized that Earth did not have a lack of population problem — quite the opposite; there was an exploding population. They thought to themselves, “We don’t need an exploding population, but we do need a continuing population, and right now we have a decreasing population. What can we do to change that?” They asked for permission, and it was given. Then began the second phase of the genetic experiment. The first phase of the experiment was to create on this planet the most powerfully curious and survival-conscious individual, among other traits. To create not a breeding stock but an individual who was of a versatile nature. The first phase in your development had involved other planetary cultures as well — Sirius, Pleiades, Andromeda, Orion and so on. There will be and have been other interactions, but for tonight we talk about the Zeta Reticulans because they are the future you. So then it was understood that a change must take place. Things became more personal. Since they were of a cloning state of mind and since their knowledge of genetics (from your current level of understanding) was almost a perfected science — something that was very easy to do through their technology — it was natural (since technology was their idea of a goal for perfection) for them to perceive that the obvious thing to do was to create not a race of human beings on Zeta Reticulum but another hybrid, by working with their past lives and obtaining permission at the soul level, which was granted. After all, these Earth beings were already hybrids and the idea of adding another hybrid to that soul consciousness was not considered to be any affront to the human-being race consciousness. The Council said, “All right, that’s part of the reason you’re here.” So it was begun. In this case, to be specific, there was removal of sperm as well as the removal of ova, or eggs, from human beings. Recognize that these human beings did not always feel like this was something they were volunteering to do. “Take my sperm! Take my ova, please!” Not that. The permission was something that happened on the unconscious soul level. So it did not feel okay. This change you are going through and that has been signaled by your Harmonic Convergence really announces the raising of the consciousness. The subconscious, as Zoosh has mentioned, is

moving into your conscious mind, which is why you sometimes have extreme experiences. But it will allow you to expand your mind and your subconscious so that it will be a little more accessible. Of course, as you move to the fifth dimension, then the unconscious moves into the space occupied by your consciousness and you have access on a larger level. But that’s another story. For now, the change is from subconscious to conscious, so the individuals taken aboard did not really know that they had given permission. Your unconscious is just what is described: not conscious — you’re not aware of it. You’re aware of it when your body sleeps, of course, because you’re in your soul, but that is kept from you in this life so you can have the joy of discovery and the curiosity that is enhanced by scrutiny. You choose to discover and rediscover so you might define and redefine your life here. Thus when an individual would be taken aboard, they would very often be frightened. It would be uncommon were they not frightened. So fear was a factor. As a result, the Zeta beings had to use a very strong electronic field to protect them from this fear. Their initial contacts with you and their exposure to your fear, even at a subtle level, let them know rather immediately that they could not tolerate exposure to that fear energy, that it would be as destructive as being blasted with atomic radiation at full force. They might survive for a little while, but not long, and they would certainly not be able to mingle with their family and those they were familiar with. So they began to crank up the juice on the field a little bit so that it would protect them from feeling your fear. As a result, your bodies (those who were taken on board the ship) were encapsulated more. There was that sense, then, of being out of touch with one’s captors, as they appeared to be. The communications seemed to be one way — they would say, “Do this, do that,” or they would perhaps even say, “We’re now going to do this or that” — or, even worse, they would just be doing this and that. If you wanted someone to talk to, perhaps the one that had become your “friend” would come over and say, “Everything will be all right,” and would touch your forehead. Things felt better, but they didn’t feel all right, you understand. So that was the beginning, though somewhat hobbled due to the Zetas’ lack of understanding of what they were doing. They knew they had to create a secondary hybrid — that being of the future Zeta race — with their own past-life human being. This resulted eventually in what I now am, a being that would look not too far afield from yourselves, but definitely different. If I were to walk down the street I’d get noticed every time, no matter what. The purpose, though, was to experience the best of both, to have a link between the civilizations so that the Zetas could have a greater understanding of the advantages of emotions and the advantages — yes, advantages — of discomforts and what they might necessarily give you, by helping you to recreate your life so that you might in time begin to understand them better. For in truth, that energy field they encapsulated you in literally cut off communication by a level of 90 percent. As you know, most communication is energetic. It is an exchange on an energy level and on the emotional level, since emotions are essentially that electrical stuff that connects the soul or the inspirational self with the physical self and literally conducts the energy of communication between individuals. Since that was cut off and you were encapsulated in your own energy field and then surrounded with their energy fields so they could be near you, then the only communication that could happen would be on their level, meaning intellectual. Thus they would not have any understanding of your experiences on the emotional/physical level as you understood them. They did not actually think of you as being a lesser being, but they did not think of you as being an evolved being, either. This could be thought to be prejudice because they had defined you, classified you, put you in a box with a label, so to speak. This is not surprising, since

they are your future selves based on a past probability. I say “past” meaning pre-Harmonic Convergence, actually pre-1982, for things started to change around 1982 to build toward the Harmonic Convergence clock. The Zetas are beginning to change, since enough changes have been put into place to allow for some change in their current time. However, the communications were never very good, and you will read about this now in some popular books describing various individuals’ contact with these beings as something that left a lot to be desired on the level of communications; for fear would often come up, and the field would be intensified so that nothing could leak through and affect the Zeta beings. As a result, the individual would actually be encapsulated in their own fear, and fear can radiate just like energy and communication radiate. You might walk into a room and feel someone’s energy as an emotion without their even turning around. You have a feeling, a little discomfort, “Oh, they might be angry.” Well, it’s like that. You wouldn’t be able to project that energy, so you would be locked in an energy field of fear. Thus the fear would be bumped up perhaps to terror, unreasonable terror, because under the circumstances you might actually feel afraid but are not in fact terrified. But you feel terrified because your fear energy has no place to go. Contactees, as they have come to be known, would ask the obvious question: “Why don’t you tell me what you’re doing? I’m afraid.” And the Zeta beings would say, “What’s ‘afraid’?” To them, life is a mental complex; it is thoughts, instructions, rearrangements, specifics, technologies: “What is this? How do we use it? We put it here. All right, we understand that” — but with no frame of reference for “afraid,” no ability to say, “Oh yes, we understand fear; we can do a lot to help you feel better.” They had no frame of reference due to the fact that they had, at an early stage of their development, decided that emotions were too much trouble, caused too much conflict, caused too much stress, and so chose to steer a course of events that would allow their race to eliminate emotions, having believed that they had in their present eliminated them. However, they are altering that belief now as a result of the development of the hybridized race and greater communications between our species — “our” meaning your species and the parent race of Zeta beings. They again see things differently. What occurs to the Zetas now is a dawning that fear is a thing as well as an idea. They have studied what fear is from the way you behave and the way you act. But not having a personal identification for it, since their emotions now fall under the heading of what you experience as common peace, they know nothing about fear. They do not even think they are experiencing emotions, but you would experience what they are feeling on an energy level as calm and peace. They do not have, as you understand it, curiosity. Rather, they have an intellectual desire to create perfection as they see it. There is a need for increased communication. As a result of their race dying out, their lack of ability to reproduce themselves and the fact that bodies could be reproduced in large part technologically, they could see that the mind did not have a desire to continue to live due to its belief that perfection had been attained. They saw that it would not be sufficient for them to continue to study you by themselves. It was necessary to create someone, some being who could carry on their race consciousness and still have a will to live, as they perceive it, a lust for life. They do not exactly understand what lust means, but in their mind it is a desire to live for no apparent reason, a desire to stay in a physical body and live without knowing that life exists beyond the body, and so on. As you know, a human being will do a great deal to stay in the body, even under extreme circumstances of bodily discomfort. So their understanding of lust for life is more akin to that.

Need for a Zeta-Human Hybrid So they required a bridge race that they could speak to that would understand their concepts and that would equally understand the Earth being, someone with whom they could telepathically and energetically exchange without the need of protective devices. It had to be something that was done right away so that the bridge race would inherit their race consciousness. Should the experiment not come to fruition before their race died out, they would at least have this bridge race. And if the increased knowledge passed on to the hybrid race — of which I am a portion — could help them to understand more quickly what was going on, there might be a possibility to perpetuate their race as well. This was the sense of urgency that they experienced as stress. If stress were an entire body, stress to them would be like the mere tip of your finger, but it would be the outer limits of what they could experience in their makeup. They clearly understand the need to have increased communication with you. They also clearly understand that you as a species are really them, although this was not very clear to them in the beginning. Oh, they understood it on a mental level, but now they are beginning to grasp it on a felt emotional/physical level, as much as they can experience that energy. They are beginning to see that they can go back into their past and alter it; that it may not be necessary for their future to occur as it has, and that if they make a change on a very careful level, maybe their race consciousness can develop in a different way and have a certain amount of emotions that are creative and fulfilling, retaining their mental power as well as their spiritual and their form of physicality. So it is their intention now to alter their past lives so that they might create a different future for those past lives, which they would experience as their present. The race consciousness, then, of the Zeta beings and your own consciousness as a human being are now in somewhat of an equilibrium. Even though they know more of what is going on, they know what is going on from their perspective. They do not necessarily know what is going on from your perspective, and since they want to know, that’s where I come in. I am the result of about 175 years of trying to perfect a stable physical body that could not only be biologically created as you are, but could also be cloned — not as an alternative that would replace the biological, but simply in case it was necessary to populate the planet due to the exhaustion of the Zeta species, so that we could create a culture. I, for example, have been not exactly cloned, but I have had some cloned elements in me. I am the first of the species who has a sufficient personality and a sufficiently efficient body to be able to interact reasonably well with human beings as well as with the parent race, the traditional Zeta beings. It is, then, my intent to interact with you as well. They will still need some time to understand why the Great Unknown, as they would perceive it, would create the lack of perpetuation of their race. They still need to learn the lesson that the alteration of consciousness can be done through unfoldment, and that the elimination of that unfoldment, simply because it is perceived of as being inefficient (meaning emotions, judged by the mind in this case), is not allowed to continue forever. Any single being or any race or culture of beings who would choose to create and perpetuate itself would do so for the ultimate examination and experience of as many aspects as could be created of their own consciousness on a planetary level and on an individual or mass level. In order to create that unfolding experience, all aspects of life that you know and experience, as well as a few others, would necessarily be required to continue this reproduction. There is one aspect in this case — the emotional self — that was stifled. But the emotional self — the emotional body, as you understand it — is the electrical stuff that conducts the spirit energy directly into the physical body. If the emotional energy is squashed, it reduces the amount of energy directly transferred from the spirit into the

physical self and makes it necessary for the physical self to operate at a very low or inefficient standard. Now, the Zeta beings created an efficient technological society and a highly advanced mental society, but their physical body was not strong, powerful or efficient due to its technological structure. Thus they experienced, as a race, a separation of spirit from day-to-day consciousness. They would perceive, then, their spiritual selves to be a separate planetary version of themselves they could tap into, but not while doing other tasks. It required their absolute concentration to be in touch with their spirit selves. In this case we are talking about beings who needed to access greater levels of themselves by seemingly having to go backward and pick up where they’d left off, reincorporating emotions, albeit at a somewhat slow and reduced rate, in order to get the most out of life. Having found the point of view where emotional energy is available to them, they are increasing the emotional energy in their race experience as fast as they can. But it will take time, and the race now is on to see whether their race, as they exist, can be perpetuated without the need of having to transfer their entire race consciousness over to a hybrid race such as I am. This is a good place to pause. I will take questions upon the subject matter as it has come up so far.

Human Evolution When you talked about the evolution of man, what did they look like? The initial evolution of humankind was the blending of the beings who came from other planetary areas and the Terrans, who had transferred their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental selves to Earth. This created some variations of what you would call hairy, tall, short and stocky, but not so much of the primitive humankind; these so-called Stone Age beings came later. Evolution was not as it is believed — that is, a basically hairy and undistinguished, in terms of being subtle, race gradually through some unknown means developing into something else. You might as well say that because of its high evolutionary status, a dog suddenly turns into a cat. So-called primitive humankind was developed later in an experiment during a period when your planet was opened to free experimentation by sociological and biological engineers. This was a very short time, but it was perceived for a while that it was necessary to have new ideas come in that the Council may not have thought of themselves. You might say it was a free-form, experimental time, but it did not last long. It can be clocked, measured in terms of years, only because your science believes that years are fixed. But it is more than that; it was an interdimensional experience, so while it might seem to last from 7 to 14 million years depending upon how you measure time, it was really not that long in terms of real experience. I will say, then, that some of the original 144,000 beings were somewhat tall and had some slight body hair — more than you have now. This was perceived as being insufficient, because these beings were a cross between those who came here. These beings were somewhat similar to you in appearance but had features that were more delicate, more refined, in the sense that it was not necessary for them to have a great deal of defensive measures; they had technological means to protect themselves. It was necessary to have a being who would be relatively vulnerable, but not so fragile as to shatter if it fell down. So it took a while to get the format and structure down. It was also deemed to be absolutely essential, due to the climate of this planet (the extreme temperatures and so on), that different variations, albeit slight, would be created on the physical level to adapt them to these different climates. It was understood in the beginning that beings would

eventually move around on the planet, but in the beginning they wanted to see the effect of the climate and the advantage of having beings who were created for a particular climate. It was recognized that the genetic beings who would turn into you over the years and dimensions would be going to many different planets that would have extreme weather conditions — extreme cold, extreme heat, perhaps rain all the time, perhaps snow and so on — and that any one planet could handle only so many conditions. But they had created a vision of a sufficiently wide range of weather conditions so you might be able to experience much of what you will later find in the initial exploration of your solar system. So it took time to develop the beings who you now recognize as variations of your species.

The Hybrid Race If there have been Zeta-human hybrids, do they have a body now that is similar to ours? Oh, yes. Yes indeed. It is not unusual. You understand that there are also variations of human beings. But to get a basic average of Zeta hybrid bodies, I would say that they average around 5’4” to 5’6”. The known biological difference is that they have about six to eight feet less intestine than you have, due to their diet having evolved into something that does not require their physical bodies to work as much to absorb food as your body does. They would likely have a slight alteration in their endocrine system, since their range of emotions, as they experience it, is not as extreme as yours. They might have some slight difference of appearance along the side of their head that would be considered an anomaly or even a damaged child on this planet, though there is no damage; it is purposeful. I would say that is the main noticeable difference. Their lung capacity would be perhaps a little less. Do the hybrids have hands with three fingers like the Zetas, or … We have four digits and a stump. We do not have a thumb, per se; we have four digits. We have digits that are a little longer than this one, almost equal in size, but the stump, as it were, would be a form of thumb that would be about half the length of yours and come to a point. We do not have fingernails, per se, but a rudimentary fingernail. Yes, we have feet. We would appear quite human; it would not take a lot to disguise us. We could really just put on gloves and a plastic mask and go out on Halloween and be accepted as one of the neighborhood kids, albeit a big one. We might not get much candy because we might be too big. We’re about in the 5’6” to occasionally 5’8” range. You said you require a plastic mask on your face. Would your face have the same features that ours do? No. The eyes are fairly large and wrap around, but they are not huge compared to the parent race. The parent race’s head would be quite large, extraordinarily large for their size, and their eyes would be more like this [gestures], understand? Our eyes are smaller but still wrap around. What about the rest of your face and features? Nose? We have a nose that is somewhat similar to your own. There might be a little more pronounced cheekbone and a little heavier bone structure in this area than most of you have. Other than that, there is very little hair to speak of — little tufts, you might say, and usually sparse at that. Sometimes it is simply removed or not noticeable, somewhat smoother up here. The contours of the head might have a defined groove here, but it would not be something that is unpleasant to look at. It would seem to be bone structure and definition of bone structure. The body is essentially similar in appearance on the exterior. The interior is another matter. Do you have a mouth? Yes, we have a mouth. We do not have too much in the way of teeth. We have a small mouth, but

it is one with lips and is defined. It would appear to you as a mouth. How long would it take you to travel to your planet from here? Most of the distance is covered in about as much time as it would take you to do that [snaps fingers]. The rest of the few hours of time would be involved in navigating through solar systems and gravitational pulls so that we could get to a relatively open area of space to do that [snaps fingers]. Of course, we can travel in our bodies, but we choose to travel in vehicles. What is our government’s role in these abductions? Since the government perceives itself to be in this case largely your protector, they have not felt empowered in any way to protect you from these contacts; rather, the reverse. They feel absolutely and completely helpless. How would you feel about your government if it were to throw its hands up in the air, as it were, and the president came on the TV and stated, “Citizens of the United States, I must report to you tonight that you are being invaded right now by a group of aliens who might very well take you aboard their spaceships and do strange and terrible things to you. We have absolutely no ability to protect you in any way.” Their perspective is that all hell would break loose. So they perceive that this stonewalling is to the benefit of the human beings. And, you understand, this is a worldwide government experience. I refer to this because it is not that they are the bad guys, even though it would appear so. It is that they genuinely believe that denying something’s existence will protect the larger portion of the population and lull it into a sense of complacency by its belief that something does not exist. They think if you can use that technique, sometimes referred to as the “big lie,” people can be lulled into a sense of complacency. It is believed that this sense of complacency is to the advantage of order — not law and order — being perceived of as a valuable tool in the regulation of human beings. Order has won out as a motivation. Will the hybrid race ever be living on the planet Earth? When I say living on the planet Earth, I will say that in time, especially as Earth joins more of the energy of its fourth-dimensional self, there will be more direct contact on a physical level. Right now in time there will be experiences published, but for now the contacts are taking place with the hybrids on the dream level — a level that is real, but you call it dreams. There will be more experience of the hybrids being seen on ships by those who have physical contact, and there will be the feeling that the hybrid is an interpreter, a go-between. There will be a feeling of warmth felt from the hybrid and returned by the human being. So that sense of contact will increase. As far as our actual living here on the planet — moving in next door, as it were, with the wife and kiddies — I would say that is not in the immediate future. Can hybrids procreate, or are they still cloning? We’re not quite yet at the level of procreation because our sexual reproductive systems have not yet come totally online, as it were, and this is not surprising, since our parent race does not know what to do with the thing. So we are waiting for them to figure out that this is a value and not simply a strange and bizarre ritual conducted by human beings. When they figure that out, and they’re getting there, then we’ll be able to do it, just like you. Though we may not experience this in the same way, there will be the opportunity of it. Joopah, are you familiar with the book by Budd Hopkins called Intruders? He talked about women who were abducted and became pregnant, and then three months later the Zetas took the fetus, and it was raised on the ship. Some have even been up on the ship again and have seen the children, who are very fragile and wise. Do you know of any? This was perceived of for a while as being advantageous. You understand that these

pregnancies, as you would perceive them, were what you would call on your now planet something where a woman would have artificial insemination. It was done on an insemination level, and the woman would actually be carrying a Zeta-human hybrid. It was perceived in the beginning, especially in the recent times, as a step just before the step that has created myself, and that this might be a valuable tool to allow the fetus to experience the mother’s emotions so it would have a greater grasp of what emotions are. When it was taken back out of the mother and allowed to develop, but at a sped-up level within the laboratory, becoming what you would call a baby, the fetus would have a greater understanding of emotions and still not have a serious sense of separation from the mother. It was believed that this might be advantageous to teach the parent race what emotions are. So for some time this has been going on as a sub-experiment. Was this good?

There have been some advantages due to the fact that those children were able to have a greater sense of philosophical knowledge, or an Earth-transplanted knowledge, within their psyches due to the experience within the mother. However, because this was essentially a biological birth, not a cloning of these children, they have been very frail due to the incomplete nature of the biological hybridization. It is now perceived that the eventual hybrid will be the bridge, but these beings will be involved much more devoutly with the Zeta parent race to help to explain to them the complexities of the human psyche and the involvement of the emotions. Of course, the emotional knowledge they have would not have anything to do with the parent Zeta race. It was believed that they could be interpreters, as it were. This experiment is not a particularly widespread one, but it is one that is valuable and important. It is also likely that this race of beings you have referred to, this particular race of hybrids, is likely to create a manifesto almost as a group of philosophers in any given time in your societies might create a philosophy, what they refer to as a religion or a way of living. It is likely these hybrids might create a manifesto of life that could be applied as a creation of a form or order of how the parent race can best treat the hybrids and how the hybrids can best treat the parent race and so on.

Almost a documentation process, almost a constitution for the interracial confrontations — not clashing confrontations, but awarenesses, the interracial awareness adjustments. So these beings have a very important role to play, and it has been believed also of value to bring some of the mothers up to the ships when these beings that you have referred to have become a little bit too much of the Zeta being as a result of their almost total exposure to the Zetas and practically none to the human beings. It has been necessary, then, to bring some of the mothers up and to simply expose the child’s energy to the original biological mother so that the biological being could again draw from the mother’s energy and exchange a cyclic energy between them. Most often the mothers will, just by the exchange of energy, instantly recognize that this was someone they carried for a while, almost as a hibernation, like a cave would hold a sleeping bear, and that they had made a contribution. You must understand that the Zeta beings do not feel that anyone is being abducted or kidnapped. They do feel that these Earth people have given permission on the unconscious soul level, so they do not perceive that anything is going on that could be wrong as you understand it. However, this group of beings is likely to be the one to explain to the Zetas what would be perceived of as proper behavior and what would be improper to the human being in a way that the Zetas could understand it. They are very intelligent and can communicate telepathically as well as through stunted verbal patterns. This is the present status of that situation. How is one selected? They have given permission on the soul level, they are past lives of the Zeta beings and they are desirous of this contact to expand their lives. So, as the soul might refer to it, it is largely karmic. Do the Zetas have a recorded history? They do not really have language as you understand it, in terms of script and text. We can create this, but it is not our primary mode of communication. Speaking for the parent race and including the hybrids, since we are connected to that, we have a mass consciousness that is available to us at all times, so there is no great need to have written records and documents. However, our language and knowledge can be interpreted by sign or a structured language in a written form, but more through touch and energy. We can write down a form of language, and also by physical motion. Some have stated that the language of energy can best be experienced by forming a Zeta design that you might call a language — by a form like this — and that the motion of this energy done physically can create a greater sense of connection to the parent race. You will find in some cultures that hand motions and dance are more pronounced, and when those hand motions seem to have very specific patterns but no specific meanings, then we are dealing with the Zeta and other languages that are of great value when motion is involved. So you’re only fifty-three miles away from here? Sixty-three. Is it possible for one of us to go? Go? Why go when we can come? The energy will come down later and you will be encouraged to experience it, but I will not make promises. We can’t go to the ship? I’m not saying that. I’m just saying I will not make promises. Understand that your governments make attempts to keep us away. They do not inform you of those attempts, but they do. Most of the high-energy laser experimentation (which is almost totally valueless for this purpose), as well as the plasmic-generated energy devices (which also have very little effect) have been developed as weapons. The microwave transmissions, the ultrasonic transmissions and the post-radionics are all

somewhat effective. So we have to be a little more careful than we once were. That’s why most of the contact experiences will happen in areas where microwave transmissions and background radiations are at a low level, or in areas that are fairly deserted or very earthy in nature — trees, forests, grass and so on. The moisture of the area does allow conductivity to occur in the solidification of the ship into your dimension. A form of electricity is created and the moisture of the area is supportive of that electricity. Do you use magnetic attraction to operate your ships? I would not say that. That is really rudimentary, so rudimentary ships are still using a form of attracting magnetic pulses. It is, in our most recent designs, something that essentially uses the compression and expansion of light energy. This is the simplest. Always the intention is to simplify technology so that it can be reproduced with little effort. The magnetic attracting devices you refer to were a couple of steps back. Are there any other races working with the hybrids besides the Zeta beings? Of course, there is the Council. We are aware of their overseership. The Andromedans are involved there to some extent, and the Arcturians who are the consultants to the Andromedans. But we do not have a direct connection with them at this time. The Council, as far as you experience it, is more of an Andromedan “experience right now” philosophy. So we will receive some knowledge and training and energy from that area. Do the races intermix, and is there a free exchange of information between the different galactic … ? Oh, yes indeed. I can assure you the experiment that’s going on here is the most scrutinized experiment going on in this corner of the universe. That is why at any given moment there are so many ships in the sky, even though you do not always see them. Very often what you perceive as hallucinations are ships moving in and out of dimensions that will sometimes leave a trace in the sky. All of the rest of you extraterrestrials have this intermingling of information, but our government, our world, tries to keep you away. Officialese makes that effort. But there is also a certain amount of under-the-table negotiation. Most high-powered governments have a government behind the government. Those individuals are very well aware of us and we have face-to-face conversations on a regular basis. It is their intent and desire to bring your planet’s culture along slowly into the knowledge of our existence. Since we recognize that they have a greater knowledge of the structure of negative energy and that the need exists for the balance of positive energy as well as feminine and masculine energy, we will defer in large part to their opinions regarding the gradual unfoldment of our presence. It was the original suggestion of the shadow government, as they are sometimes called, that our existence be revealed largely through drama and the idea of us as the enemy. It was perceived by them, even with the knowledge they have — which is considerable, due to our and others’ sharing, time travelers and so on — that humankind really reaches peace through war with individuals. And it is their belief (and thus will give them their power) that humankind will come to peace with us if it believes that there is some form of clash or conflict that is necessary or going on. So the idea, then, is to create the illusion of a clash or confrontation so that the “battle for space” (not real) will be eventually “won” (not real), and then peace could take place. And then, having control of the situation, Earth could then spread its culture to the space races who so desperately need it. So, having a certain amount of humor toward this approach, we have given them a lot of what they want because even though it would seem to create a great deal of stress, we are really not

allowed to interfere in the actual experience of your individual unfoldments, your karmic patterns and so on — what you came here to learn. We are not really allowed to interfere. We can add this: We can bring more to you, but only if you have chosen to create that in your individual experience. We cannot step in and say, “Now it’s going to be our way.” We’re not allowed to do that, so we don’t. And we see the inevitable wisdom in that point of view. I don’t have to tell you that, as any good cook knows, if you rush the recipe it may not turn out the way you planned. Let’s go on and back to Zoosh for a time. •••

Experiencing Energies Projected from ET Vessels All right, Zoosh speaking. I thank Joopah for his patient explanations and fleshing out the stories. I will say that due to the cooperation of several vessels, not just small 26-foot to 32-foot pilot ships but several really large vessels, you will be quite close — within 12 vertical miles. It will be possible for those of you who feel comfortable with it to experience energies at a more powerful level. That will bring to you some recollections that you need to experience. Now, know this: You need only take that energy that feels comfortable for you and be assured that your souls will not encourage you to take anything other than that. Each one of you might feel a greater or lesser degree of the energy, and your soul will always inevitably regulate that flow. You will experience what is right for you when it is right for you. Understand, then, that there will be a few ships cooperating in this venture. There will be a very large vehicle that hangs around (I do not like to use the term) in this area from Sirius that has come to be known from time to time as the V. It will be the “V,” though that is not its real name, but has been discovered as a pattern of V-shaped lines. That ten-mile-long vehicle, which of course cannot be seen, will be centered directly above this room, since there are two individuals in this room now who have had direct physical experience on that vehicle. It is to their benefit to check you out and see how you are doing. Others of you will find that it can be useful to experience that energy. There will be three other vehicles, one from Zeta Reticuli, one from Orion and one from Pleiades, that will form a triangle around that vehicle as best they can, allowing for its shape. They will form a triangle around the center of it. Then I will ask you all when that energy is present to simply relax into it and not feel the need for excessive mental stimulation. I may drone on about this or that, but it is really unnecessary for you to listen to me. I will be in large part instructing your emotional-energy bodies or speaking from time to time to your minds, which like to think they’re in this experience. I will encourage you not to get too involved in that. Largely, this is an experience to feel a sense of home. Many of you feel that you’ve been abandoned here: “Take me home; you left me here.” This is to remind you of the energy of home. After we do that we’ll take a few personal questions that you might feel are associated with contact you might have had with off-planet beings, or personal questions that are directly related to this topic. So I will ask those of you who wish to participate to simply get into a comfortable position and take your shoes off, if you would. Take off any electronic watches that you might have or other devices. You don’t have to take off all your jewelry; let’s not get too complicated. Your mechanical watch you can keep on. We’ll not have any first- or second-class citizens on this voyage. Everybody rides on the same back. Now, in a moment when I say “when,” I will ask you to feel as much of the energy as you can

comfortably feel, and I will talk you into it — not persuade you, but talk you easily into the energy.

Feeling a Sense of Home — Being a Dolphin “When.” Let’s take on as much of the energy that you feel you can. This energy of home that you will all feel a little differently is designed to remind you of your purpose here on a deep, nonthought level. It is designed to bring you to a level that we refer to as soul-level activation in the physical. You don’t have to think about it. All will take place without thought. Just relax. If you can, see the ship or imagine its insides; allow yourself to imagine, but do not think. Do not structure the experience. Feel only the energy and allow it as best you can. Now allow the focus of your energies to know that we will be here for a time. Many of us are called during sleeping hours onto the ships, right? Indeed yes, since that is the time when you can more easily converse with and interchange with these beings, due to the fact that the belief system of the ego structure assembled from your Earth experience in this incarnation does not pose such a restriction to communication. Is there anything you can tell us, Zoosh, that would make our communicating with them easier for both of us? Oh, thank you! I get to give you the old Zoosh exercise. You have heard this before. If you want to be more prepared to be open to communications from beings who are really different from you, practice it by picking out two or three individuals in a group that is relatively benign, a group of likeminded individuals, and surveying that group. You don’t have to do it all in one night. Pick out someone who is absolutely the least likely individual who you would ever approach under any circumstances, and strike up a conversation with him or her. Do what you can to make it a peaceful conversation — that is to say, allow him his beliefs, no matter how much they fly in the face of your own, without feeling the need to either agree with him or convince him that you are right and he is wrong. Should the people who have been on this ship have any special function or try to do something? Pay attention to the sea and its influence, because this vehicle from Sirius is largely involved in communications with dolphins and whales (otherwise known as cetaceans). Pay attention to your feelings about dolphins and whales, and if you have the opportunity to be with them or just be near the sea, allow that experience for yourself. If you can even imagine the feeling of dolphins and whales, fine. Be close to them, feel them; allow your energy, your imagination of their energy, to feel being a dolphin should you see one in captivity somewhere, or imagine them in your mind. Allow yourself to pretend to be inside them, because although they appear to be as fishes in the sea, they are really your parent race of the Sirians who came here disguised as these undercover agents cleverly disguised as fishes. But really they are the parent race and the founding fathers of the Sirian race. So be near the sea, if possible, and be near the dolphins and whales.


The Great Experiment: Earth Humanity Zoosh, Joopah and Osiris Sedona, Arizona, October 13, 1987 Zoosh speaking. In this day and age your alignment with space — as you understand it — or with beings who are from someplace else — as you like to say — is most constructively involved in your life if you perceive them as actors. If you do perceive them, allow them to be equals — not anybody better or greater than yourself, but simply other actors on the stage of life. If you want them to be allwise and wonderful, powerful and creative, if you want them to be sweet and gentle, if you want them to be anything, they will be what you want and need them to be in any given moment. Recognize that in your interaction with any individual actor in life, such as yourselves — you are all actors in life — you will experience from that actor or individual just exactly what you need. You might experience challenge; you might experience “so what;” you might experience an emotion that equals “Yech! I can live without him or her!” Or you might feel an attraction, almost as though someone reached into your heart and said, “Hey, you, come here.” You might experience many things. But one thing you must be aware of and alert to at all times: You will experience a desire to be saved, guided or led by someone or something that is on the inside track while you are struggling around on the outside track, to use the athletic term. If you’re on the outside track all the time, you’re running a longer race than the person on the inside track. You don’t have to go too far in your society to hear the words, “Well, she’s got an in” or “He got in because he knew somebody. It’s who you know, that’s how you get in.” So I am suggesting that in order to see how you fit in, you must see beings from elsewhere as total equals. Do not confuse yourself with dilemmas and obvious conscious confrontations, such as “Zoosh or Charlie — pick any names — seems to know some things that I have momentarily forgotten.” As you will notice, when the truth resonates within you — a truth that you can feel — then I’m not telling you anything that you don’t know. I’m only reminding you of what you already know. If it does not resonate within you, then you can say, “Well, so what! I could have gotten that out of the encyclopedia.” It is important for you to have this equal partnership. When you are building a house and putting up a wall that has been formed on the ground, if one side is doing all the pushing, it’s hard to raise the wall. You’ve got to be equal.

Technology Is Not a Measure of Advancement Allow for the fact that beings here from other planets may well be more technologically advanced, as you perceive it — though it is not possible to be more advanced technologically, since it is merely the development and completion of an idea — but they might never have integrated emotion into their lives. In the case of some of these so-called “advanced” beings, maybe they couldn’t get as far in technology as they would have liked because emotions got in the way. Maybe they decided — in the case of the Zeta Reticuli beings, and they know this — that emotions were causing a lot of disturbance, that emotions weren’t efficient and that if they could genetically purify the species, then it would be easier to build bigger and better spaceships. Many beings from Zeta Reticuli are in your skies all the time. They have been here since the

beginning of the creation of the human race as you now experience it. You didn’t naturally evolve here. You are the result of an experiment, although not from any inbreeding with them; you are not the result of that. They would like to have what you have, but they don’t know what it is. It is important for you to recognize that so-called technological advancement is not a measurement of a so-called advanced civilization. That idea has to be dropped. Technology is like anything else. Maybe you want to explore the idea of growing roses and you grow a rose garden. You say, “I’ll start out with A and end with Z. I’ll grow every rose I’ve ever heard of until I’ve completed that cycle.” After you’ve grown the Z rose, you then go to your neighbors, give out announcements, put ads in the papers and say, “I’m now the most technologically advanced rose-grower in the history of the world.” This joke is to point out that there is a tendency in the so-called Western world — of which you are a part, or you wouldn’t be here — culturally, politically, historically, to look at some countries that do not have indoor plumbing, for example, as being a little backward. Maybe some people find that rubbing urine on the body is purifying. You think to yourself philosophically, “Oh, that’s all right if they want to do that.” If you were confronted with that in your own yard, then you might say, “That’s all right if you want to do that in your yard.” Being philosophical is one thing, but the practical experience in front of you is quite another. What I am suggesting is that it is vital for you to understand that technological experience means nothing. It is the exploration of roses from A to Z. At some point that Zeta Reticuli example — of a civilization that is technologically and spiritually advanced but emotionally dwarfed — discovered that emotions are vital because they are the juice of creativity, not in the sense of technological perfection but because they are the juice, the guts, as it were, of the creative energy. So they are now working to create their species in a way that lasts — because they don’t understand love.

Zetas, Watchers of the Experimental Stew They have been here since the beginning to watch over the experiment here on Earth, the experiment of folding in equal batches of what you now call positivity and negativity, or what I like to call comfort and discomfort. This is the experiment that folds in equal batches and says, “What can we create here? We’ve got this species of being here that developed on this planet called Yeti or Bigfoot. We see them now and then. Those are the original Earth beings. Sometimes you see them running around a little bit, but not much; they’re shy. They live underground, for the most part. “Folding in this stuff, we’ve got to have strength. How can we be certain that they’ll be strong? Well, they have a pretty hostile environment here, big wild critters running around. So we’ll help them to be strong by creating an environment that is safe enough but that they must be able to survive when things get warm. We know they’re going to be strong, because the ones that can’t run fast enough will be somebody’s dinner. So we’re going to bring them along slowly. “We’re going to mix in equal batches of Orion beings, Pleiadian beings, beings from Sirius. We’re going to make a little stew here. We’re going to bring in the mind of Orion. We’re going to bring in the joy and childlike sense of discovery and song of Pleiades. We’re going to bring in other things. We’re going to bring in many things that can be applied. “We’re going to bring in our friends from Zeta Reticuli, the finest technicians known in the universe, to watch over the experience and tell us how the stew is coming. They are here. They like to serve, they say.” But the great God entity says the real reason they’re here to report back to the Network how you’re coming along is because they need to discover what they left behind to achieve technological

perfection. Oh, they have spirituality; they have an understanding of that, but to them it is a separate thing. That is why some beings here on this planet have spirituality that is separated. They might go to church on Sunday, but they practice life as they want during the week, you understand. Nothing exists here without having existed someplace else. The idea of America being the melting pot? Well, I can assure you that that is an outgrowth of the idea of Earth being the melting pot of the genetic experiment to create a powerful race of beings called the human being — that which wants to know. That’s where Earth is.

Human Curiosity The human being — that which wants to know. Have you ever met a child who is full of life and isn’t curious? The human being wants to know, is born with the desire to know, wants to know everything. When? Now, not tomorrow. It doesn’t understand tomorrow, only integration into the now. Spirituality is now, and it intersects with the material plane right here, now. Now is always now, and the material plane is always as it is, moving through its development. The human race is in its teenage years, in a sense. What do teenagers want to do? They want to get out of the house and explore. Can’t wait to get out and join the Navy. “Maybe I’ll go join a theater group and travel around. I want to see what’s out there in the world, what’s across the river, what’s on the other side of the big pond.” You want to know. You have been created so that you will want to know. The great adventure in the future is, of course, space exploration, and the tantalizing element is these critters who are flying around in the spaceships. Who are they? Have they got two arms, two heads? How many heads have they got? Two legs? One leg? You want to know. Curiosity is an emotion that is unknown on Zeta Reticuli. Now, I’m not picking on Zeta Reticuli, just putting them on notice, in a sense. They know this now. They’ve gradually begun to come around to the idea and knowledge in the last fifty years or so that something is missing from their civilization — the juice that bonds life. Plants can be created on the ethereal plane out of thin air, so to speak, but not plants that need water and live in harmony with all elements, not plants that will in time die and gradually become soil in which other plants will grow. In other words, etheric plants are not cyclic life that feeds other life. You have come from life cycles of other galaxies or star systems. However, those galaxies are from your dimension. I can assure you that those galaxies have other dimensions just as Earth has its dimension now. You are like the child’s toy that is a ball on a rubber string that you can bounce and snap. You are at a certain point in your destiny, which didn’t start here and will not end here. It is necessary for you to grasp that you are here out of your soul’s choice , and your soul manifests itself in the stuff of Earth. There isn’t anybody sitting in this room now who isn’t created physically out of Earth. Yet nobody here originally developed on Earth, for your souls all owe their origin to other places. You came here for the Earth experiment to create the Explorer Race (“I want to know”) so that you would have a lust for life, so that you would go out into space bringing that lust for life — the desire to get to the top of the mountain — not willing to say “this far and no farther” but to go all the way. You will bring that lust for life back to areas that live interdimensionally, such as Zeta Reticuli, and that need to be reminded energetically why you have something they need — these great, powerful and knowledgeable beings who can build craft that can fly from their galaxy to yours in a couple of hours — most of the distance is traveled in an instant — who travel in spirit light. How can

that be?

Emotions, the Fuel of Creation In their quest to develop the highest spiritual, physical and technological society with a blending of matter and spirit, the Zeta Reticuli forgot that even though emotion can be tricky stuff that can maybe mess up the works now and then, it is the power, the fuel of creation. It takes a lot of men to build a machine; it takes a lot of them to get the oil out of the ground for fuel. But did they go into the ground and create that oil? No. They got it out, they refined it, they put it into the machine and it runs the machine, but they didn’t make the oil. The “oil” is emotion, heat, pressure — it is many things. It is desire. It is important for you to recognize that the key to your power lies in the physical manifestation of your emotions while you are aware of spirit and while you have thought included. It is balanced. No one has ever manifested on this planet without spirit, physical body, mind and emotions. You come here with all four to use them all, so that when you become the Explorer Race and go out and meet those funny people who look and act different and who seem to be so technologically and at times spiritually advanced, you can give them something they need. They know this, and that is why they are so interested in your progress. And there’s always this: You manifest here. You have lives on other planets and you mentally understand somewhat the idea of all your lives happening at the same time when you take yourself out of the context of time. And you don’t necessarily have to have all your lives as an Earth person. Maybe almost everyone here on Earth has a probable future life on Zeta Reticuli — the planet that forgot how to laugh and still does not understand why they should, what’s in it for them. Because with laughter goes tears, and tears are oh so inefficient. It stops everything when you cry. You can’t cry comfortably and do your work, not if you get into it all the way and have a good cry. That’s inefficient, you see. You can’t build taller and better buildings when you’re blubbering all over. The stuff that bonds life together, then, is energy that is charged with a desire to live. Your scientists are familiar with the idea of positive and negative ions and so on. They’re just now beginning to discover those tiny little particles that they think don’t have any charge, but in reality can adapt to any available charge. They are the catalytic energy that brings together the positive and negative ions to form matter, which eventually becomes you and everything else. So in a sense, the energy of those unknown funny little particles is the energy of the desire to live. “I want to be. I want to be human. I want to be a tree. I want to be a dolphin. How do they live? What do they know? I don’t want to just study dolphins, I want to be one. I want to be a human being — what are they?”

The Equality of Human-ET Interchange It could be that many of the Zeta Reticuli beings who are studying you in your probable reality (“But Zoosh, this feels physical to me!” — of course, because you are in it; and their reality also feels very physical to them) are in many senses your future selves reaching back to you for help. They help you and you help them equally, this being a world that is positively and negatively charged, where those charges are brought together with the power and energy of the creative force — emotion. It could be that you help each other.

It could be that those future selves are coming back here to recapture what they left behind so that their race does not have to come to an end — for it is now dying, and they know this. They had been locked into the idea that it is because they had not developed strong enough physical bodies. (“If only our bodies can be stronger. How can we create that?”) They, like your scientists, have tried to find the meaning of life by looking with higher and higher magnification. They have concluded that the molecular structure that bonds their physical bodies together has become indifferent to the idea of holding the atomic structure together. There is a loosening of the electron field within their bodies, almost as though the electrons — or the atoms, the cells, the molecules based on them — no longer have a will or desire to live; they do not have your lust for life, joy of discovery, appreciation for the smell of the flowers and your reaction to it. Not just the smell of the flowers — diagnosing the chemical elements that cause that odor to penetrate your sinus cavities — but your emotional-physical reaction to the smell. That is why they are here. They know this now. They didn’t know this in the beginning. They thought they were performing a service to the Network. “How can we be of service?” Now they know why they are here. It is important for you to understand this because there is a tendency, especially in the Western world, to perceive one way of life as being better than another. It is important to perceive the reality of the so-called space brothers and sisters and space “its.” (They’re not all brothers and sisters, I can assure you; some of them are its.) They are here also for themselves. It just so happens that what’s going on on this planet will allow the resolution of future and past ideas you could call mistakes — not because they were “oops!” but because they were dead-end courses of action that could only lead to an ending such as the exploration of technology without the inclusion of all the portions of you — spirit, mind, body, emotions. What is going on, then, is a balanced interchange between you and extraterrestrials. There are many beings here from many different planets and galaxies, because as the Earth experiment evolves it is going to be possible to allow past dead-end experiments to be balanced and moved beyond.

Earth is the crux, the precise place where the energy is balanced. It is going to be possible for the race, for example, on Zeta Reticuli who are so many millions of years in the future that they are really in another dimension from you right now, their species, their race consciousness, to not die out. Even though a large portion of their physical, systemic life is almost pseudomechanical, there is still consciousness. It is not going to be necessary for them to die out because they will allow their bodies to become more biological once they understand that the process of life is constant cyclic action — meaning that which flows through and blesses all that it touches.

Violence, Anger and the Will to Live That could be said about life. You could say to me, “But Zoosh, what about violence?” And I would reply that there is a reason for experiencing violence on this planet. Why? Well, if you had a desire to learn a particular course of action on the Pleiades, for example, where there isn’t a whole lot of violence — how much? almost none — it would take you many lifetimes to find out, maybe nineteen to twenty. Maybe your spirit guides you and says, “Two lives from now it is going to be absolutely necessary for you to understand the idea of the creative force of energy,” and you say to yourself from your soul to your larger spirit, “Well, I don’t know whether I’m going to have a complete understanding of that.” They reply, “Have I got a place for you, a place where energy can be created and uncreated in a moment, where entire civilizations can be created and uncreated like that!” [Snaps fingers.] Your civilization was created just as it says in the Bible. Your biblical tome is an allusion — not illusion — to the way things happened. When your species was created on this planet it was through a larger force. Many of the beings who were involved, especially from the galactic region Sirius, are even now similar to yourselves. So the energy involved in that creative power was designed to create within you a desire to be, to scream for life, saying, “I want to live!” and not meekly let life parade by you. If a neighbor asks, “What?” say, “I WANT TO LIVE!” not [in a tiny voice] “I want to live.” The desire here is to create life in all of its possibilities, in all of its beauty, in all of its ugliness. Because what is ugly to one may be beautiful to another. Maybe some civilizations existing even today consider violence to be beautiful. And now that the world is smaller and you know about them and they know about you, then since you’re coming together, maybe you have to throw all of that into a blender, shake it up and reach some kind of understanding so that the drink doesn’t poison and kill all of you. Maybe that’s why the communications experience now is changing. People on the other side of the world have said, “Americans are from the devil!” — all Americans, you understand, not this American or that American, but all Americans — and you know this is not so. Even though you might allow that some Americans might be bad, you are still willing to allow, in your very magnanimous attitudes, that some Americans, especially yourselves, are okay. Well, it is the same all over. It is time to get beyond a narrow, limited view of life. There has been a great desire by your source races to explore this planet. Many excuses have been brought forth: “We will bring our way of life to them. We will improve their lives. We will find things there that will be good for us” and so on. But the real reason was to bring you all together, sit you down at one table (so to speak) and see if you could feed each other as well as feed yourselves. You’ve done a pretty good job. You haven’t finished blowing yourselves up, and it doesn’t appear that you will this time. You have certainly risen and fallen here before many times and temporarily finished it. But you can’t keep a good race down, as you might like to say.

This preamble is just to remind you that in order to fulfill your purpose on this planet, it is absolutely necessary that you allow yourself to be emotional as well as mental, that you be spiritual as well as physical, that you allow all parts of you to be present with you as they are, not as they “should” be. That group of individuals on the other side of the world who thinks that all Americans are bad and should be eliminated obviously doesn’t understand how wonderful you are. Also recognize that it is necessary to allow your emotions when you are angry as well as when you are happy. Otherwise you will not understand the creative power that is behind life here on this planet. We might hear from a few other beings, someone from Zeta Reticuli, and end up with someone who has some connections here to Earth talking to you about what you can do for yourselves here on this planet, how you can best align your energy to Earth and how you can be all of you without saying, “All Americans are bad; all emotions are bad.” Let it stew around in you. I know when you’re being emotional, and I’d like you to do more of it. It is good. Keep it up. ••• Joopah speaking. My origin is Zeta Reticuli. My friend and advisor Zoosh has spoken to you of our quest for the knowledge of the energy you humans refer to as emotion. We have studied this for some time and have come to realize that in order to experience emotion, we must increase our physical interactions with human beings as a species. We have therefore over the past five or six hundred years had more open communications with human beings as a race. We have, at our convenience, established communication with many members of your Earth race and have even reached out to some of your governing bodies. It has been difficult to reach out to the governing bodies because they come and go so quickly and have no lasting effect or guidance. They do not, in a sense, represent any form of Earth’s philosophical approach to life. So our attempts to speak to Earth beings through the governments have been put away for now. It is more comfortable for us to speak and communicate directly with an Earth being individually. So I will simply ask, do you have any questions about Zeta Reticuli, why we are here and who we might be to you? What life span do you have? We live for several hundred of your years because our bodies are efficiently created to form a perpetuating energy system in its own right. It is unnecessary for us to eat or even partake of liquid, as our physical bodies are nurtured on what is a more genetically evolved machine — almost. Our systems will thereby function smoothly for two to three hundred years, depending on the form and function in which we participate in this life. If it is our purpose to lead some group, we will live for perhaps three hundred years. If it is our purpose to follow, we will live for perhaps two hundred years. Are you saying that your bodies do not have any organs? As you would understand it, they do not have separate organs. They are made up of a physicalized plasmic form of motion. That is the best way I can describe it to you. If you were to condense light — and you have done so in the form of the primitive laser — and encapsulate that light into a body, it would live indefinitely. So we tap that condensed light energy and exist on it for as long as our existence is deemed necessary. Do you have any kind of sexual intercourse at all? We do not do so for our own perpetuation of the species, nor do we do so for fun as you might

do here. We have that experience only when we are involved in breeding experiments in an attempt to achieve a level of physicality to adapt our species to a more physical environment. Right now it is necessary for us to create a physical shield of energy around us when we have contact with you. This shield creates a severe limit in our communications, for what we wish to understand from you is something that is expressed energetically — emotion. Even though it has physical and mental attributes, it is primarily an energy. Yet because we are affected so severely by any outburst from you of what you call discomfort, we find it necessary to create an energetic field stimulated by a mechanical device around our physical bodies. That shield does not allow us to truly feel your communication but rather to simply hear it, which is not sufficient. In order to have any true contact with physical beings, we must create a hybridization of our physical bodies that can interact with you on a more physical level without the need to create this plasmic shield. As you human beings communicate with one another, your primary means of communication is through what you feel from another person rather than what you hear. Then your mind interacts on the level of thought and seems to give you permission to like or not like something. But primarily the physical reaction is stimulated by your emotional-energy interaction on the auric level. We do not allow that interaction with our species because were we to be lanced, so to speak, with some energy of discomfort, it would cause immediate death or isolation from the others of our species. We do not have any system built into our now physical bodies that will protect us from any incompatible energy.

Need for Zeta Reticuli Hybrids How can you thoroughly study our emotions? We cannot. This is why it is necessary for us to create a form of body into which we can manifest our consciousness. Then we can have a greater understanding of who the human being is. So we have been involved in the experiment of hybridizing your bodies and our bodies for some time with a group of volunteers. Sometimes the volunteers on your planet do not remember that they volunteered for this, but all who are working with us have given us their conscious or unconscious permission at the soul level. Sometimes people will not remember that permission was given, because they are in their conscious — or separated — state on your world. When you are experiencing your body consciously, you are somewhat separated from your all-knowing knowledge, and that knowledge will then not be present to remind you that you have given your permission. So it is necessary for us to create a different form of body so that we can interact with you on a more compatible level. How many hybrids are now on Earth? They are not on Earth. They live with us. If the scientist wants to study what is being created, it is rather difficult to study what is being created if that “what” is interacting with beings that are unlike itself. Therefore they live with us so that we can study them and so that they can, by living their lives, demonstrate to us what can be. Are they born on your ships? They are born on the ships or on our planet. Do you know of and/or interact with the angel hierarchy? We are aware of your understanding of this energetic level to which you ascribe good and evil. Some people consider that some angels are not good and some are good. This is a current separation. Are you aware of the infinity of the soul? All souls are infinite. Are you aware of other dimensions that are in contact with emotion?

We are aware, but mental awareness is not sufficient. We are not experientially aware. In Earth terms what would your existence, your vibration, be dimensionally — a fifth- or sixthdimensional level? Eighth. You do not really understand that frequency is not an outward hierarchy, that frequency simply is. And of course there is also pulse. Pulse and frequency are not the same. Pulse is much closer to what you refer to as hierarchy. Frequency is that which exists within a pulse.

Contact with the U.S. Government Did the United States government come into contact with your race through experiments fortyfour years ago? Yes. And before that, in the 1890s, there was contact. Did the experiments with what you call primitive radar invisibility establish contact between your race and our scientists? As I said, the original contact was in the 1890s, but as far as what is known to you, there was some contact in the forties. Have you shared technology with the United States government? To some extent, as is often the case when even you might go to some other culture and bring along a gift or item that you feel demonstrates something friendly. Is it propulsion you speak of? Not so much propulsion as the method of traveling. There was some explanation of how ions can move through space and time without loss — no drainage. Atomic theory has been around for a time. There was an idea originally in atomic theory of the wasting away or dying off of energy, or entropy, within the atomic cycle. We explained that this was unnecessary. How do you feel about love? You are asking me to be something I am not. You are asking, “How do you feel?” Understand that if I could tell you how I felt, I would not be sitting here talking. Why not? Understand clearly that I am here to learn how to feel emotionally. Are you among those beings who take up contactees to examine their bodies, or is that some other race? We are among those. Are you still doing this? Yes. We have never taken anyone without their permission, ever. And they rarely remember what we speak about. Apparently they remember pain and suffering. We do not fully understand pain and suffering; this is something we are learning. It has been explained to us by those who have greater knowledge than us on a practical level what this pain and suffering is. And we are trying to understand by creating a hybridization of our species so that we will have a cousin species, you might say. Right now there is no species about which we can say, “Ah yes, they are like Uncle Charlie,” you understand. We do not have a direct correlation of species with which we can have direct communication that we can understand. So there is a communications gap. Are you in communication with the Altekkians of the Pleiadian system? What’s in a name? We are in communication with all. We are not disconnected from spirit. The idea of love is something that we understand on a universal level. We do not understand very much

the idea of hate, nor do we understand very much the idea of individualized love. Let me clarify that. We are aware of all beings whose goal is to achieve the highest purpose of all species. We are not much in contact with beings who are simply involved in troublemaking, to use your term.

Zeta Reproduction and Race Consciousness Are you androgynous beings? Yes. Do you reproduce by thought? No. We have technical means. Are you speaking of cloning? Yes, as you would understand it. It is not so much genetic cloning as a form of cloning that is like pressurizing carbon to make a diamond, which becomes this energetic substance of greater mass than the original substance. So it is more a technological and linear thought pattern. Well, as we have parts of our beingness on other planets and other systems of worlds, you must also. Indeed. Then through one or the other wouldn’t you be able to experience emotion and … Understand that our consciousness is more of a race consciousness. We do not have what you experience as individual consciousness. What one of us knows, we all know simultaneously because of the nature of our species, whereas in your species, even though unconsciously you are aware of all things, on the conscious level one person might know one thing and another not. We do not have that. So it’s kind of redundant to have individualization. If we were all together on the same planet, yes, but we are throughout the universe performing service as we can. Do you see this race bringing more of the unconscious material into consciousness in this time period? Oh, yes. That is part of why we have always been here, to perceive the experiment: Earth Human Being.

The Process of Earth Human Being Can you tell us more about this process? Well, of course, the idea is to bring up that which is not known and create an alignment through the use of that which is experienced all the time. Since you experience your mind, your body and your emotions all the time, then with the guiding light of spirit, what will be brought up is all that you have never found a logical placement for or never put in place emotionally or never understood how to deal with physically or never integrated spiritually. When you bring up your unconscious — in spiritual terms, your soul self — and allow it to be your day-to-day self, you necessarily bring up the residual stuff that you have placed under your conscious mind — your subconscious — to bridge that gap. We are aware that you are involved in clearing your subconscious mind now so that the clear path of the unconscious or soul-self might be consciously tapped during your conscious, day-to-day life. Very often these days you will have these emotional outbursts. We are ’round about in the skies, and especially with those we feel a connection to, we will tap into your physical self. Sometimes we will be present in the form of tones. You might hear us toning in, tuning the crystal frequency within

your pulse. And we will then extrapolate as much as we can from the way your physical body reacts in an emotional cycle so we can understand the effect of your emotions on your physical self. Do the Zetas have the ability to channel as do human beings channeling interdimensional contacts? It is unnecessary for us to have a separation to do that. We can utilize a form of communication device or simply be involved in a group meditation that we do. We do things in groups. We can be involved in a group meditation to achieve a quicker pulse within our current bodies and have that pulse gradually merge into our bodies, thus receiving all knowledge in that moment that we need to know. We do not need to know everything everywhere. We will have only that knowledge we need to know in connection with our evolution. So we will utilize that. We also have the ability to tie into your soul bodies through the use of a device, a machine to create a greater communication. We create that knowingness in your thought at the subconscious and unconscious level so that you will ofttimes have, when you meet us, a sense of familiarity even though you might be frightened at our appearance. You will sense a vague familiarity because you will, at the unconscious level and sometimes at the subconscious level, remember who we are from the future or from the past in accordance with other lives you have lived or will live. That knowledge can be tapped unconsciously, so we simply reach in and tap that energy of your future or past self and allow that energy to be reflected in us so that you can see us as something other than some monsters, some strange-looking people. We then allow you to experience our race consciousness in that moment, and there will usually be less fear. We notice that less fear is felt about us when we share our soul-selves with you. In that moment when we allow that soul energy to be within you as we probe your unconscious, we also allow our race spirit to be within you so that you can see the familiar in us as well as the dissimilar. This allows a greater sense of communication and peace. Are we being probed right now? It is possible, yes. We usually do this through the use of a higher-pulse crystal that is involved in your pineal gland and sometimes one involved with the hypothalamus. We key into your brain-wave pattern in order to understand how your brain waves receive emotions. We have yet to achieve a complete understanding of how your emotions speak through your physical body because of our difficulty in communicating physically. But that will come.

There are no lasting positive or negative effects from this? None at all, because you have given permission on the soul level to be born with the seed crystal within your physical self that will act as a tuning fork to allow us to get in touch with you. That is why

sometimes when we are around and need to be directly connected to your emotional self through your physical self, as extrapolated through your brain-wave pattern, you will sometimes hear a tone. The crystal functions as a tuning fork to achieve communication from our pulse to your pulse. Is a good timing coming up for a worldwide media release that will key in a more pervasive consciousness? Not yet. That would be interference if we were to create an externalized vision. I mean from someone here on this planet. There are many people who are working on this right now. It will be necessary for you all to achieve total and complete harmony individually, to recognize your harmony on a race level. When you are willing to see yourself and everyone on this planet as Earth citizens — not when you have achieved the total knowledge and feeling of it — and understand that you have a specific Earth race consciousness, then it will be easier for us to assist in the magic moments that create breakthroughs. Right now it is necessary for us to stand back and let your chips fall where they may. Do you have an animal kingdom? Not as you know it. Have you in the past or at present contacted any members of the hierarchy of Earth to cooperate in what’s going on, like Jesus Sananda? Understand that these beings exist as energy in every one of you. We do not have to reach out for some other individual. There is no disconnection. Anything that has ever existed on this planet exists within every one of you, because this planet and all that is on it, all that is around it, all that is near it, all that is inside it, is made up of a single-cell organism called Earth. And you are a portion of Earth. So it is unnecessary for us to speak to some externalized idea of entity when all of you entities are colored with this Earth-entity ray. You said that sometimes on a soul level we allow ourselves to be familiar with you. Are our souls on the same vibration? Are they compatible when they meet? There is a similarity at the unconscious soul level. Some will recognize, as I have stated, a past or future life. Some have never nor will ever manifest as one of us, so there is less likelihood of our communicating with them at any level. When a cellular memory of the future, the past or even perhaps the present awakens in someone, we can have a degree of soul communion in our conversations. When you said that you neither smile nor experience humor, is that because humor passes through the emotional body? Yes. We are learning to understand the value of humor. You know, it isn’t as though these emotions were shut in the closet years ago. It is as though in truth they were shut in the closet dimensions ago. And dimensional shifts take millions or billions of years, depending on what is comfortable to you. But each dimension is unique. We have made dimensional shifts since we parted from our emotions. When speaking through a channel, I can also access some of their energy, so I am learning even now as I do this. Perhaps more Zetas might experience the channeling process to do some quick learning? Yes, because it allows us to experience the idea of emotion — not completely, but a taste, you might say. We are still technologically protected by a device that does not allow total immersion in your energy, but a degree of trust builds up between the channel and the being channeled that will in time allow a greater exchange. Many of our species are willing to speak this way through those who are willing to allow it. But it will take time, your Earth time, to establish a sufficient exchange of

energies for trust to be there. Some of you, however, have had ongoing contacts with members of our species since you were small children. Those might find it easier to channel one of us. Also, one who is particularly active mentally and who finds great comfort in mentality might feel a greater sense of comfort in experiencing the Zeta being, since our primary focus has been mentality and the physical creations possible from mentality. I once briefly channeled a being named Lela. I never did know where he was from. He had a very alien feeling. Is that one of yours? It is not. You will find that our names do not sound with the “L” sound. That sound is somewhat rare for a continuum name. That would be more of a devic sound; that specific case was the deva of another galaxy. What galaxy? One difficult to pronounce, Tck-ahkt-[click]-sung — not one that falls trippingly from your tongue. How much individuality do you have in your appearance, since it is a cloning process? There is very little individuality that is perceived, except that some of us are six to eight inches taller than others. Certain beings living within the Zeta Reticuli influence might have bodies that look a little different. Perhaps their heads are a little smaller than ours. Perhaps they have almost human forms of bodies. When I say “living within the Zeta Reticuli influence,” I am referring to the groups of planets that have been interchanging with us for many, many eons — for lack of a better term — and these beings have allowed a certain amount of hybridization of species. In those cases you might see more of what you would refer to as individuality even in garment. Do you sleep? Not as you understand it. We have a form of meditation, as you might call it, or a centeredness within the race consciousness for some moments during a 24-hour period, which we do not consider a day. Do you have particular work that you personally do? It is part of my job to oversee a certain group of human beings in their development and from time to time check on their species’ evolution as well as guide them toward greater connection to their soul life. It is not that the Zeta being is not a soul-like being; it is that we have chosen to express our soul-like beings on a more unified mass level. So I encourage some of my charges, so to speak, to be more of a unifying energy. Are the Chinese race or the races that seem to manifest as a group soul or consciousness part of your group expression? The Chinese race, which has really evolved from the Mongolian race, owes its heritage to those people who live inside the planet and not so much to those who come from afar. There are many races and individuals who live inside your planet. There is a group variously referred to as the Founders, the Speakers or the Tellers who live inside your planet. It is these beings who are involved, who have been involved and who will be involved in the racial structure or outer appearance of the possible physical manifestation of the human being on this planet. The Founders are also the guiding light of energy and God light that helps connect your race to races from other planets. Do you have children on your planet, or do you manifest as an adult? We have not found it necessary in the past to have children — as you understand it — because we can create a body in its perfected or eventual form, as we would refer to it. However, we are

experimenting with the idea of children; that has much to do with your race. But you would create them in the same way, as a cloning process? No. The children we are now involved in creating are being created biologically, although there is some aspect of mechanical experimentation, because we are attempting to duplicate the highest possible expression of our race culture within a seedling person. Your name reminds me of the name Hoova, which is an entity who communicated with Andrija Puharich. Is there any relationship? Do you know who this being is? It was supposed to be some kind of a mechanical or computer-type being holding the consciousness of an ancient being or group. That being is more clearly associated with the Earth energy sometimes referred to as Jehovah. That has to do with the Hebrew race? As I recall, Hoova had told Puharich that it was more or less like our present computer. In the sense of being an entity that exists in data, this is so. Jehovah was at one time an encapsulated person from the Sirius galaxy and came here in a large ship. But that’s another story. This being, as much as I can tell, is a form of the data register Jehovah. Jehovah is not a god, but a person. Jehovah, you understand, is no longer in a physical body and is now an energy that transmits a different vibration.

Cattle Mutilations: Sirian-Gifted Instruments Used by Humans Concerning the thousands of cattle mutilations that have been going on during the past five or so years: the incisions removing the organs are far beyond human technology. It is not. It is from this planet. Who? Beings on the surface of the planet? It is from this planet. One of the forms of communication — a toy, as it were — was given, unfortunately, to a government as a tool to be used for medical purposes. It had been deemed by races who visited here that your surgical implements were causing damage to the physical body and that your surgeons — and also patients — would like the alteration or removal of organs from time to time. This form of surgery could be done much more efficiently and without damaging the physical body if one could make a cleavage along molecular structures rather than on the organ itself. Therefore this implement was given to a certain government on this planet. However, those implements fell into the hands of those who would use them to extract certain organs, from which certain toxins are created. Couldn’t they do that more easily in a less obvious and less strange way? It is advantageous for them to do it in this way. What is the advantage? The advantage is to create a sense of invasion as well as a sense of disempowerment. If one believes that there is some great power swooping down from above to damage creatures as well as some individuals, then there is great fear. Can you say what government? I will say simply that the original tool was handed down in innocence by some beings from the Sirius system and that there is a particular government using a particular form of transportation that is an idea of a pilotless craft, a vehicle that moves soundlessly. All UFOs are not from out there; there are a few who are from here. Fortunately, those vehicles cannot go beyond your atmosphere. Since there are so many in this country, my guess is that if it did not originate with this

government, it certainly is by now part of their tools. The only motive that is apparent for generating such fear would be that people would ask for a more totalitarian system. People have sought for some time now to escape the responsibilities of freedom. That will be my cryptic answer. It is not my intent to make anybody out to be the bad guy, nor is it really my intent to point skyward for what are earthly pursuits. If some governments had not imposed their will on individuals, this country would not have had its special beginnings. Thus what seems negative produced something quite positive. My question does not arise from trying to point out the bad guys but to understand what new forces of tension between positive and negative can produce a new insight, a new consciousness. It looks to me as though there are a large number of people wanting the freedom of peace now. Does it look that way to you? What is peace? A new relationship between human beings, one without a need for superiority and control — harmony. Thank you. It is harmony. Since on this planet there exists the potential for clashes and violence and communication that goes beyond comfort, it is possible to have discomfort involved in this cycle of harmony. So one might have, in a sense, disharmony and harmony. One might also have discomfort and comfort. And yet since the energy of Earth at this time is involved in polarities, it is still possible to say that the system is balanced by disharmony. When you disincorporate, what happens to you? We understand that we will rejoin our total soul entity in the oneness that you refer to as God and that we refer to simply as life everlasting. Then you don’t continue to reincarnate back onto your planet? We could, but we do not usually do so. It is our desire to experience as much as possible. The equality of life between us, on the rather nebulous level of what’s going on, is that we do not remember beyond our race consciousness memory. We do not remember previous lives. We can access them, but we do not consciously remember them all the time. Can you choose to incarnate into planet Earth to experience what you did not experience before? Indeed. It is now our intent, however, to allow our race consciousness as a unit to be filled with the desire to expand physically as well as what we have experienced mentally and spiritually. We would like to create a form of life on levels we have not yet pursued. So it is our intent to experiment with different forms of bodies and cultures to see if it is possible to experience more “lust for life” — as brother Zoosh says — as a Zeta being. ••• Very well. Osiris speaking now. If you have any questions of a more personal nature, perhaps about the subject matter tonight or anything else, you may center into the energy of those questions. You may ask the questions with the energy and emotion that you might feel when receiving the desired knowledge. I have a great fear of nonphysical beings coming around me at night when I’m sleeping. How can I protect myself? The reason you sometimes wake up, feel anxious about going to sleep or wake up startled and then become a little frightened is because it is difficult for you to understand that your physical body

has internalized some emotional discomforts and created a feeling of nervousness that leads to anticipating that discomfort. There are a number of things you can do. First, I suggest that you tone for yourself before you go to sleep. Vocalize up and down and feel the location of that tone in your physical self. Experiment to find the tone that is most comfortable for you. It is unnecessary to say anything; just find the most comfortable tone and record up to 40 or 45 minutes of that tone. If you can, go to sleep with that sound. You may tone along with the recording or simply listen to it. For any individual, the most comfortable tone will be attuned to the pitch that equalizes the balance of your soul’s energy within your physical body. You will find through experiment that this tone will help you. It is necessary to soothe your physical body because those nerves are creating within you a heightened awareness that makes it difficult for your personality to depart on its mission. Second, express, or discharge, the unaddressed emotional energy that is being internalized by the physical body. Allow that emotion to be felt. Emotion does not consider that saying words is an expression; the physical body must move as a direct form of communication with the emotional body. When that takes place, then the emotional body and physical body will feel as though the energy is being addressed. When there is that addressing, it will be easier to have the sleep time. And it will be easier to allow the devic energy of Earth to be present.

Earth Devic Energy A new energy wishes to speak through you that is more closely attuned to the Earth devic energy. Since all energies of the Earth are colored by the energies that have passed by there, the emotional and then physicalized residuals of those emotions within your physical body will often demand to be heard before you begin to channel the devic Earth energy, which is, as I stated, involved in paradoxes and comforts and discomforts. You can choose to channel or receive the energy of Earth spirit. It can be valuable in time to channel the devic Earth, the spirit of Earth. Earth has devas for each of the plant and animal kingdoms and so on, as well as some forms of devas for minerals and metals, those that occur naturally and other forms of existence. Yet there is a universal devic energy. It can be valuable for you to attune yourself to the blue-light universal devic Earth energy and be aware of the color and tonation of blue. If you are willing, I will act as a link and you can receive the Earth devic energy through the bottoms of your feet. If you will, aim your feet toward me for a moment. The rest of you can experience as much of this as you like. [Long pause for this energy transmission.] Let yourself be not so much the pillar of the community, but when you are in those alone times, when no one can see you, allow yourself to simply be silly and childish. If you allow a few temper tantrums, you will find that the physical body will feel as though you are willing to allow it to be what it is without judgment. The sadness you feel will gradually fall away as soon as you allow the tears. It will not be easy, but once they begin it will help the process. You do not justify why you are sad, you simply understand that it is present. Realize that to allow the material manifestation of what you want, it is necessary to be more materially and emotionally present on Earth. Material manifestation is an act of materiality, not an act of spirituality. So simply allow — be more emotional. It will help. When you manifest on this planet, you often bring with you a desire as a baby to be spirit in flesh, in form. It takes time for you — many times, many lives — to understand that spirit must use the forms of expression that are here, as well as the etheric moment in which all can be manifested. This

is an expansion of knowledge as well as an expansion of the practice of knowledge.


ETs Talk to Contactees Zoosh, Joopah, Assan and Sigma Sedona, Arizona, October 27, 1987 All right. Zoosh speaking for a while, by way of introduction. These days your life follows the bend of the river. Sometimes the river flows in predictable ways. At other times when there is lots of water that needs to move quickly, it cuts a new path. So it is with your lives now. You will at times need to cut through the underbrush so that you can proceed clearly and smoothly with your life. The days of taking the long way around might just be coming to a comfortable close. It is not that you’re being urged to move beyond a comfortable speed, but the long way around will no longer be the comfortable way it has been in the past.

Time to Take a Quicker Way As an analogy, your government will often take the long way around just to make certain that no stone is left unturned. Now it may be necessary to take the quick way and give the stones the power of their own choice whether to follow or remain behind. These are times when you will have the opportunity to perceive a vision and be drawn inexorably toward it, sometimes at such blinding speed that you will not be able to extrapolate or calculate the steps you took to get there. The Universe, God, All That Is — whatever you wish to call it — will be attuned more clearly with you. This is not to suggest that it has not been attuned with you before, but the purging that you have all been doing over the past few years has cleaned away enough of the debris of consciousness that the attunement to the ever-present energy of the universe is more easily attained. It is less necessary to have that energy struggle up through all of your chakras in order to align itself totally with you. Now it is easier for you to simply be present with it. So you will find, then, that if you clearly envision a goal and map out its possible consequences — the responsibilities as well as the joys and pleasures — it will be easier for you to paint the picture and simply allow the hand of an unseen artist to place you in it. It will no longer seem so important to understand every step that got you there, even though it has seemed important in the past. Now that time is falling away. Since you have shown some interest in how other beings from other planets and other cultures from other associations influence this change, we will now explore a little more how you came to be who you are now and why it has seemed like such a struggle to get here. Your race, the human race, is a hybrid like that created by a farmer who gradually works with the crops to bring forth a highly efficient, plentiful type of wheat able to grow in a wide range of temperatures and perhaps even produce two crops in a season, should the season be long enough. You are like that. You have been led down the merry path of time that will create you to be a fine wine, so to speak. Some of the finest wines will take a while to come of age, and you have done so as a group. It has been necessary to show you on this planet all of the possibilities of physical life when the ideas of comfort and discomfort were included. Thus you have had the opportunity to experience as a race all aspects of comfort, all aspects of discomfort and all aspects of those mixtures of comfort and discomfort. Why? So that wherever you went as a race in your explorations of your universe, there

would be no surprises, no totally foreign idea or experience. In your imagination, you have speculated about what beings and planets and cultures look like, how they would feel and so on. The fact that you have the imagination to explore these possibilities protects you from extreme surprise. Anything you can imagine has been experienced by at least one, if not many, members of your human race in some timescape of some incarnation. All possibilities have been experienced in all of their subtleties, and the reason you are now moving forward is that there are no ideas yet to be experienced that would keep you from that move. You now can utilize the tools of the etheric between lives and out of the body during dreamtime and so on. You will be able to manifest instantly whatever you choose to experience. In the past you have not had a great deal of recollection of this experience; it has not been necessary. Now the distance is narrower between dreamtime and waketime as well as between the between-life experience of the alignment with soul and the conscious experience of day-to-day life. Thus you have the possibility of engaging in a more instantaneous communication with all portions of yourself. There will be times when you will have a vivid recollection, and you might not be able to discern whether it was an actual — as you understand it — physical experience or a vivid daydream or nightdream. Times like this are not intended to confuse or complicate your life, but to allow you to see the value and reality of those dimensions in your daily life as a conscious, day-to-day experience. When you are in those other realities, this conscious experience is ofttimes but a dream to that reality. But there is no longer a reason to perceive much separation. The advantage of this is that in your conscious time — being awake, living — you will be able to utilize the power of instantaneous manifestation that exists in the dreamtime or between-life experience. This is what I have referred to before as the invisible artist placing you in the picture of what you want.

Use All Your Senses to Manifest In the past, entities and friends have suggested that you be clear about what you want and map out the details. The advantage of that is to use all of your senses to clearly sense what you would like to experience. This is very important for you now. If there is something missing in your life, rather than trying to reconstruct your life using the tools you have learned so far, begin to allow yourself to use the instantaneous mapping facilities of your unconscious self. See, taste, smell, imagine what it would be like to experience that desired thing rather than trying to slowly build it up stick by stick, log by log. I’m not saying to ignore the latter method; I am saying you should recognize the equality of the methods, for now they are both equal and sometimes the speedier method is easier. The repercussions and responsibilities of using this speedier method, however, are that you might not remember all of the steps that got you to your goal. For those of you who need to remember every step, this might be a stretch, a challenge. For those of you who prefer to experience the easy way, you will still have to acknowledge the power of the slow way, for it allows you to examine the details and to experience fully every aspect of life. So without further ado, I will stand aside and let various other entities of an intergalactic nature come through and contribute their repertoire of magic tricks, so to speak. They do not have great magical powers, but they do not perceive you as anyone other than fellow magicians. So I will stand aside and we will see what we will see. ••• Very well. Joopah here from the Zeta Reticuli influence, as we like to say. Your current planet

— and I say that specifically in its now version — is going through the final stages of its preparation before you, as a planetary race, join the races of other planets. You are a member in good standing already, but in a sense you are a secret member. It is not a secret to any of the other members, only to you, since to afford the best usage of the Network you must be consciously awake enough to perceive the equality of all human beings and of all life on this planet. Your now stage of awakeness moves beyond the semi-elemental stage of alertness. Elemental alertness simply means being aware of your surroundings consciously at all moments — not occasional heightened consciousness, but sharp consciousness at all times. The purpose of the veil that has separated you from being consciously aware of entities equal to you who are from other planetary influences has been not to interfere with the experiment of the creation: the human being.

Earth Experiment Needed Your Veiling Your own scientists would never dream of allowing someone to come into a laboratory where highly experimental research was going on, since they might inadvertently bring in a microorganism that would upset the results. That is why you have been veiled. You have been kept within your own infrastructure so that you would not be upset or follow patterns of other civilizations due to admiration or some other emotional trait. You have specifically been protected. But this veil is like a one-way mirror that those standing behind can see out of; it allows others to see you. Even though you might find discomfort in the thought that you are being observed, it is all done with your unconscious permission. Not one of you who has ever manifested on this planet has done so without giving total, conscious soul permission between lives that said, “Very well, I will participate in the experiment Earth Human Being so that I can become that hybrid end product, the Explorer Race.”

So I simply say to you tonight, welcome. As the veil lifts, no longer will those on the other side have a one-way glass. You will very soon be able to see out, as though the glass were tipped slightly. Even now many more of you see the vehicles, sometimes thinking they are falling stars. To this I would say: If there are so many falling stars, where are they all? Why aren’t you walking around on nothing but falling stars, allowing for time? Most of those so-called falling stars are vehicles. I can assure you there is not enough space rubbish to create that many falling stars. Simply be alert now to the idea that the veil lifts, and as it does, know that your equality is neither more nor less. You are simply more alert to your own life. I have been seeing bright lights around Venus recently. Any comment? As you are aware, it is common practice when creating an optical illusion to park vehicles aligned with a given planet, galaxy or solar system. Some of these vehicles are in a form that allows them to appear closer than they actually are. Within a given range of optical clarity that is

interdimensional and beyond the idea of distance — going through dimensions does not require mileage so much as the ability to alter matter — the lights are not so much moving around Venus as around this large vehicle. They are simply smaller vehicles entering, exiting and reentering through interdimensional windows into the space that vehicle occupies. Joopah, in what way and for what purpose are you interrelating with humanity at this time? This is a rather involved question, but we are in our final stages of preparedness: observing mankind and, as Zoosh likes to say, testing the soup to see if it is ready. We are not supervisors who check your names and say you are ready to pass. Because our race is technologically oriented, we are perceived to be the best available race — availability is a key factor — for observing your differences over time. Our vehicles move through time as well as space. It is possible to sequentially monitor the actual progress of the evolution of your physical matter moment to moment — the physical body of the human being from the beginning of your measurable time in this dimension to the present. We gradually make more accurate predictions about the possible future manifestation of your physical self. We are, then, just about at the point where we can make predictions that are so accurate as to have a variable that is considerably less than one ten-thousandth of a point. When that margin is met, it will be possible to say that human beings are now ready to come into a more complete and total sense of who they are. What we are now involved in primarily is the testing of various individuals who have given their permission before this life and who have worked with us in previous lives and have had, in a sense, litmus lives, to use the chemical analogy. They’ve had lives over the full run of the interdimensional time sequence that has brought this planetary body to this now state of evolution. The lives of various individuals are checked from time to time, because no one life can make a radical change — a departure, a growth cycle, a motion forward — that does not affect previous lives as well. So our primary job now is to check the current state of the life that now exists in any chain of lives or sequential life pattern to see how much their past lives are affected in their physical bodies. It is not only that this planet is moving inexorably toward the higher-dimensional expression of itself, but that the past is also altering: time is changing. As the past, mathematically speaking, catches up with the future — being now — so it will be possible for you individuals to understand the ramifications of time-space travel and be able to do it without tools or objects to bring you from place to place. Imagination is present within your physical selves so that you can imagine doing this, but the actual experience of doing this is something that is still just out of your grasp. So we are waiting to see in those individuals who have the chain of “litmus lives” — the total color change of the paper — that you can have lives that are on a par with each other. The dense body of the human being is gradually changing. This can be felt during times of meditation as well as times of heightened physical alignment with all elements of Earth. Those who take hikes and who feel a sense of upliftment in the body — the emotional upliftment, the spiritual upliftment, the mental sharpness of the experience — will feel your auric energy spreading out farther from your physical self. This auric energy is what you are growing into. Your body has the ability, as does all physical matter, to expand itself in a real as well as a subtle-energy sense. Right now you experience the physical version of yourself ending at your skin. In the future you can make that connection through the auric self by allowing your physical body to expand to the point where your auric self has enough physical matter that you can feel things much more clearly. You will be able to literally feel the contours of an object, say, 6 to 12 feet from you. You would move your

hand this way and extend your auric field, using the power of your “image-ination” to extrapolate through your mind, your imagination, your heightened physical senses, the actual contours of this object. You will sense whether it feels right to you, whether it is compatible with your harmonic energy and soul. You are just about at the point where everyone will be able to do that as well as those who have practiced these things. When you are able to be present in all of your senses consciously using sight, sound, smell and so on within the auric field, you will be able to experience a truer meaning of the idea of time-space travel. This is coming very soon, because as your planet realigns with what you perceive to be the fourth dimension — merely an expanded version of itself — the idea of time travel will seem natural, needing no enhancement by some vehicle. Right now we are observing your progress toward the larger version of you. The question can be perceived broadly, but I have answered it narrowly because you have given me the opportunity to explain what we are doing. If you had asked, “What have you been doing?” we would have been here a little longer. There are those of us who are beginning to experience these things you are talking about right now. Is that right? Yes indeed! And that is part of the importance of really paying attention at all times. Being conscious all the time? Yes, and this also means being consciously alert within the physical body. Daydreaming that removes you from the physical body can better be experienced in the quiet moments in the home. It is most important to not escape from the physical body while you are doing physical things, as some of you have wanted to do, because it is possible now to have that heightened awareness, alertness and spiritually energized experience by simply going to the grocery store in your physical body. Subtlety has been something that many of you have had difficulty in dealing with. The reason for this is obvious. Perhaps someone is standing 12 to 14 feet away from you and they are very angry. If you are wide open to energies, you might feel their anger and become confused about who you are, whether those are your issues and so on. Now it will be possible to have a subtle sense of discerning. You can experience a harmonic energy of your own. You can be involved in a broadcast-rebound effect very much like your radar, which is an energy that is essentially a focused beam thrown toward something and bounced back. You do not have to consciously do this; you can simply be into and aligned with your own energy essence by being more alert to your energy field, being more attuned and practicing its subtleties. You can do this in the quiet of your own home should you care to. You could perceive some object across the room, reach out with your eyes closed, and attempt to actually feel that object by using the aura or energy effect bounced back from your hand. You know what that touched object feels like, but you can actually feel it from a distance. Many of you will think that this is imagination, but it is really possible, by experiencing the energy bouncing back, to feel the subtle contours and physical makeup of this object. I request that you do this because it is necessary now to trust that you will be protected from experiencing energies that are not tuned with your harmonic.

Your Personal Energy Harmonic Imagine that you each have a specific energy that is your harmonic, like a tuning fork. One stroke will produce a true and precise sound. You could say that the sound is precise; yet if it were magnified

under an electron microscope, it actually has a broad range. There are multiple tones that make it up, and if we keep examining this tone, we will find these multiple tones. That is an idea of your harmonic. There is a broad range of tones that seem to create one tone or one energy that makes up every one of you. Anything you choose to experience can be experienced. But if you are consciously within your physical self, it will take an effort, because some of you have been very sensitive, having experienced things that were uncomfortable to you. If you are willing to allow yourself to be more in your physical body, to have an energy in your ordinary day-to-day world that is involved with strength and a sense of your own identity as an emotion, to be in those emotions aligned in your physical body, then you may in time practice what it feels like to have the heightened sense of spiritual energy within you. This is the meditation experience that most of you have done at length, making it possible for you to avoid experiencing any form of harmonic energy that is not attuned to that exact moment’s emotional, physical and spiritual status in your physical body. It is possible to broadcast who you are in that moment — strength, spiritual alignment, whatever you are feeling — and to experience the reflection off of all that is around you without having to absorb anything outside your frequency range. By practicing these exercises and taking advantage of the experiences that come to you more consciously, you will heighten your alertness to your own powers. This will guide you inexorably toward your future self, which we, in many senses, represent. Question? Have I come into direct contact with Zeta Reticuli people in this lifetime?

As children, most of you in this room have had some contact with us. Now, the reason I say “most of you” is that there are a few who have had contact with other races. It is important for you to recognize that the experience of contact with beings from other star systems is not anywhere near as rare as is suggested. Most of you as children have had, of course, guides and so on. Many of you have had “invisible” playmates — invisible only to the adults near you. Very often we allow our playful nature — which we do have — to be with you as companions until about the age of two. Some of you who have animals about the house, especially cats, might notice that they have an attunement, a harmonic that allows them to “see” sound; this is why some cats respond to types of music. Cats can see the sound trail left by our motion. When we choose to be invisible to your conscious eye, we still

leave a sound trail, which a cat’s gaze will follow in almost a cut-out pattern, a shadow of our sound trail, although it is light. I’m having trouble making this connection; I’m feeling, but I’m not sure. Are you the “little doctors” I have known? Understand that I am a representative, yes? The little doctors, as they are so euphemistically called, have a purpose. We have our own lessons. We do not have any great understanding of the purpose of emotion, so we can be around children because we can be our playful selves. Yet to be our playful selves, we must be more of our spirit selves. For us the spirit is not a direct connection but a slight variation, such as examining a statue from from the side as compared to the front. It is a variation of self. A part of what we are doing in our exposure to the human race is to see how emotions can be useful. When you have at times felt almost a sense of detachment from us when we were present with you, it was because we did not understand the harmonic of emotional energy. It has been necessary for us to use a technological means to shut out all forms of human emotion from our physical selves, since our physical selves as we have created them have no immunological or defense system as yours do. Were we to be exposed directly, without any form of protection, to a human being who was angry or even experiencing some form of confusion, we would become that. We have no protection from that. So the leaders of our race consciousness have deemed that we cannot have direct physical contact with the human being without having direct protection. Now, the reason I bring this up is because there were times when you have felt that we were not as compassionate as we could have been. This is because our communication is greatly hampered when we use this instrument to protect ourselves. This is why it is such a joy — if I may use that word in a way that I understand it — to speak through a channel or medium. In this way we learn as well and do not have to use our tools of protection. So, yes, our race is that race you refer to. I will say that I have also felt love from you at times, and that’s very important to me. Good. I’ve recently met many people who have also had contact. I’ve been processing a lot of the fear, and I assume fear is used as a way to control or to keep us at a distance so that we don’t jeopardize you? It is not. We understand that you create your own fear. We cannot in any way create your fear, nor can we directly uncreate your fear by doing anything that will expose us to the energy of that fear. So even though we may touch you, there is always a thin energy barrier between us. That is why no matter how close we come, there is no direct contact yet. We do not use fear since we do not have fear. But we do not know how to communicate more directly with you to soothe your fear and still survive the experience. What are the jolts of energy that many of us have experienced? I experience them at any time throughout the day. There is no time pattern for these jolts. When you allow these so-called jolts, are they pleasant? Yes. That is when you become less protective of self and allow more of yourself to come through, your interdimensional self. I do not like to say higher self because you will create gradations of that value. But I will say that when those energies are felt, they are more often the experience of the total you and the alignment of spirit into physical. When you become more of yourself and feel safe to be that in public, it will be possible to feel that consciously without being distracted by it. Right now it is a distraction, because that energy will draw your attention sometimes away from what you are

doing. When it becomes less rare it will no longer be something that distracts, but will amplify your attentive abilities toward what you are doing in the present. I have had as an adult two experiences sighting UFOs, but I have no recollection of any contact as a child. Can you tell me if there has been any? The contact has primarily been with Orion. There has and always will be some intermingling of racial cultures on all ships. This is why at times people will remember seeing individuals who looked startlingly different on any given ship from the majority of individuals. When certain beings seem able to work better together, it is because they are frequenting the same vehicle, perhaps specializing in certain roles. So you have seen us. You have been assisted by us. There have primarily been contacts, however, with the Orion influence. Now I will stand aside and allow another to speak. ••• I am Assan from the Orion system. Our group has worked with the interbreeding of the human race to bring it to the highest capacity that is desirable mentally and to align those mental powers with the physical body. We have had a history not unlike your own. There has been, however, an evolution beyond the current cultural and political development of your current Earth planet. We have had a checkered past, as you might say, having had our wars and conflicts. We have had some planets — not many — within our galactic systems where we have experienced variations of discomfort. But this was in the distant past.

Orion’s Role We were chosen by the Network to come here and participate in the experiments for the creation of the human being because of our past, not in spite of it. It was believed that our genetic-memory energies would influence your energies, not only to give you the desire for excitement but also to give you a degree of choice and the value of peace as compared to war. Since there has been the energy of excitement present, it has also given you the feeling for the value of adventure, which sometimes expresses itself as war. This will change. As you become a smaller planet through your tools of communication and your means of travel, it is more directly obvious to you how when one person or country suffers, the entire organism, planet Earth, experiences discomfort. As you become aware of the shrinking planet, you will no longer feel the need to perpetuate the sense of separation that has identified this planet in the past. Orion’s purpose has been to create connective responses between the mental self and the physical self so that there could be a direct alignment with the idea of putting thought into action. This was perceived necessary by the Network from the beginning, since your race must be propelled by its imagination. And although imagination is stimulated by the All Spirit-Being, it is primarily a function of the mind. Hence we were chosen, since it is only through our imaginations that we moved past our slower-dimensional warlike experience into our now light, higher-dimensional selves. We were chosen primarily because we knew of our past and would not treat you as lesser beings and because we know that it is possible to come from discomfort and difficulty into comfort. It was perceived that we would treat you as equals instead of treating you as the experimentees with ourselves the experimenters. So it has been our task with many of you. When the Zeta scientists were present, it was our task to work in such close alignment with many of you that our energies were directly connected to your

own energies during a period of alignment to spirit/soul that was particularly present in many of you during the ages of seven-and-a-half to eleven-and-a-half, sometimes overlapping to twelve-and-ahalf. This period of openness in the spirit personality, as reflected through the physical and mentalemotional personality, has allowed many of you to integrate the actual Orion energy into your physical makeup and become more than your previous soul-self.

Soul-Braids and Imagination

Some cases were a braidlike effect involving the inclusion of the soul personalities of others in

your own spirit or soul personality within your physical body. This does not refer to the walk-in idea as discussed by others wherein one energy steps out and another steps in. (The walk-in energy takes place only when a specific soul-self has chosen to depart the physical body.) Rather, it includes another energy so that you can have simultaneous spirits living within you as a combined soul rather than a replaced soul. It is also possible to have the braidlike soul effect within a single physical, conscious self, and then one or more portions might step out. The purpose of the Orion portion is to prepare you for a task later in life when it will become necessary to have a more universal point of view and when a sharp mental consciousness is specifically needed above any other skills that, for example, might be more balanced or attuned to the emotional than the physical. Some of you have had more contact with us because it was necessary for you to develop a broader mind concept. And it was also necessary for you to become aware of the futility of repetitive historical sequences wherein the planet is destroyed by war and then forgets its past, rebuilds itself and seems to think as a planetary consciousness that rebuilding is a beginning, not a continuance. Those who have had contact with us over the many years in this life have usually had contact in other lives. It has been necessary to have this contact in this life so that those who have had the contact would be able to mentally, physically and emotionally image spiritual imaginations. The mind has its imaginations, and spirit has its imaginations as well. Sometimes it is necessary to be able to move beyond the measured ability of the mental imagination and experience the imagination that is tied to another cultural species. When this is done, you will have dreams or images or illusions of things moving together and being experienced interdimensionally for which you have no direct correlation in your conscious lives. This is often the influence when it occurs in the imagination of the Orion connection. Do the selves of this braided soul create different personalities, different perspectives of looking at things at different times? Is there a conscious memory of the two? It is a consequence sometimes of the braided personality that the individual will seem to reflect at times a distinctly different personality from other times. It is not necessary to have this split personality, as you have said. But it is possible for people who are experiencing the Orion influence to have more than one distinct personality. If they are allowed to have more than one distinct personality, then they can simply become broader beings. They can have, in a sense, more than one life in one body. If, on the other hand, that is stifled or they do not feel safe to demonstrate those personality differences, then the life is frequently unfulfilled. I have the memory of being in a laboratory. I think those who were there must be the Zeta Reticuli. I also remember a sort of shadowy teacher who comes out of a kind of reflected light. Is that one from Orion? Not really. This is more of a direct guide that you might refer to as the oversoul, or the portion of you that eases your way through experiences for which there is no direct earthbound explanation. It is shadowy in the sense that the interdimensional aspect of that beingness does not have a directly physical consciousness. If you as your conscious self were to look at that energy, it would be difficult to see any portion of it directly. However, you have had fleeting glimpses of what that energy looks like when you saw it out of the corner of your eye. This type of visualizing process — out of the corner of the eye — usually happens when an individual, physically speaking, is not looking for something and does not screen what they are looking at through a belief system. This is why some of you will occasionally see things out of the corner of your eye, turn to look at it, then screen what you see through your conscious belief systems

and not see it. But when something is seen moving back here and your attention is over there, then you are not challenged with the limited concepts of the mind. I’m confused. What is missing in your life associated with that experience? I will answer: peace of mind. What will it take for you to feel peace of mind about that? All I can think of this moment is acceptance. If you are willing to understand that these experiences are done for you and with you and never under any circumstances to you, then even though there might not seem to be a conscious permission during the experiences, you will begin to feel the greater umbrella of permission that takes place interdimensionally for your total life experience. This is not just a mental concept. It is primarily an emotional experience of permission. So you have homework if you would choose to do it: Remember an occasion in which you asked somebody else, a human being, for permission to do something — and when it was granted, how elated you felt. Remember that and practice that feeling of elation associated with permission. The purpose of this practice will allow you to become consciously aware of how your physical body feels during that experience. You will notice that should there be future experiences that go beyond what would normally be expected in day-to-day Earth life, even though there might be confusion in the mind, there will be the physical experience of the elation of permission someplace in your physical body. That is so you won’t feel as though something is being done to you and so you can feel that you are a conscious participant in the experiment rather than a lab rat. It is important for you to know, even though there may not be a mental permission, that there is a physical-emotional feeling of permission that comes in from another source to you. Practice this; it will give you some peace.

Exercises to Initiate ET Interactions Some of us would like to have closer contact with extraterrestrials. I, for one, see living entities. I’m aware of them a lot. It’s rather frustrating for me. I would like to have more of a physical experience of sitting down around the coffee table and having a conversation. What can we do on a conscious, physical level to initiate a closer interaction with people who resemble us in appearance or with whom we can be comfortable, like the Pleiadians? Thank you for your question. It allows me to give you all homework that will be challenging but fruitful. No matter where you live, seek out individuals for whom you take an immediate dislike when you see them. Or look for individuals with whom you feel uncomfortable. Spend as much time as you can with these individuals to seek peace with them and allow them to be. You will know that you are allowing them to be when you can see these individuals without an energy of judgment or conflict within you. This is what you can do in order to achieve face-to-face conscious conversations at will, meaning when it is desired, not just when it happens. You will need to have less judgment and internal conflicts with your own fellow beings. Make a conscious effort to love your fellow human beings by allowing them to be who they are even though their behavior may seem self-destructive to you, even though their behavior may seem to alienate you. Allow them to be by noticing how you emotionally react to them. When you have people who cause you to feel uncomfortable, learn how to allow them to be by finding the right words to speak to yourself and to them so that they will know that you accept them as they are, not as you would like them to be.

Dolphins of the Future I assume that Orions know of the species dolphin from Sirius? Yes. Do you understand what’s happening with them now — why they’re getting the respiratory and bacterial diseases? What’s the message that they’re trying to give us in doing that, in sacrificing their lives?

As you understand it, yogically speaking, your world is constantly being interchanged from matter to matter through the body. If the dolphin species were aligned with a religious cultural experience, it would be most closely aligned to the identity yogi. When the experience of a life cycle draws to a close for a given species such as dolphin, the manifestation of dolphin on this planet will cease to exist as you move through your dimensions. And dolphin as a species will take a new form in the future of your planet, as it has a land form as well as a sea form. The sea form and the land form are not dissimilar. It will be perceived as an accelerated evolution, creating almost a form of walking dolphin. Needless to say, this species cannot exist on the land until you have complete comfort with each other, which is why the exercise given before was prompted by the question, prearranged in dream state. The dolphin species must seem to be more humanlike in its susceptibilities. As the species dolphin interacts more with the human being now, there is a necessary blending of consciousness. As more of you channel dolphins, as more of you perceive dolphins as the symbol of love, as more of you become aligned with dolphin energy, then the dolphins give you their gift equally. They take upon themselves some of your discomforts, humanizing this species you recognize as dolphins. At times it is necessary to allow groups of dolphins to discharge the discomfort of human energy that is present within the species dolphin. All dolphins are connected consciously and unconsciously as species dolphin. So at times, then, the body will purge itself, just as you might have a disease and it runs through a full cycle within your given self — as during the flu, when you discharge certain fluids from the body. When the body dolphin as a species consciousness must discharge certain elements of discomfort energy, it allows certain members of the species to die out. In this way, the rest of the species is strengthened and can continue to give and receive in relative safety. It is a way, of balancing the energy within the species and allowing a continued energetic exchange between the human being and species dolphin in a way that the species dolphin can continue.

The Pineal Gland Converts Thought to Matter Because Orion is associated with the mental energy, what specific mental things are you working with? Manifestation or … Since it is primarily our purpose to work with the mind as it is associated with the body, it is our purpose to help you physicalize what you think as well as what you can imagine. It has been our task to help you create the physical organs within your body that help you to move energies of thought as well as stimulations of inspiration from soul into imagination, converting it to thought and moving it into your physical consciousness. We will continue to perfect your pineal gland, for you do not have a great deal of understanding of what it does.

Its primary function is to convert thought into a physicalized manifestation in your individualized experience of your physical world. This happens for you on an unconscious level now. But if you are willing to become more consciously aware of this gland, to explore the area of your body that it is near and to believe that it has this ability, you can begin to use it almost as an auxiliary circuit to the brain. The pineal gland is more closely associated with the brain than any other portion of your body. Its function is to take what you think, what you believe, as well as what you are afraid of — since that is available on this planet as a teaching tool — and offer you the option of experiencing it physically. So as you learn to become more conscious of your thoughts — this also means, of course, your subconscious — the pineal gland can work with you in a more favorable way. Are there any exercises that you can give to assist us in working with the pineal gland and connecting it more directly with the brain? It is not so much for you to alter the experiment as it goes. It is useful for you to become more aware of the pineal gland. This can be done by looking at an anatomical picture or becoming aware of the location of the pineal gland. Its exterior looks can be useful to you in imaging it. It is not possible for you to use your imagination without exercising the pineal gland. Therefore I would say: Touch with your fingers the area around and about where that pineal gland is, as close as you can. Primarily, imagine yourself taking a journey through it. Align your own energies in it. Be more consciously aware of its presence. Listen for its tone, and simply know that it is not for you to speed up anything right now. Because it is also necessary, you know, for conditions in your world to change a little bit more for that pineal gland to begin to do what it can do. Right now it is operating at only about half its capacity. If it were operating at full capacity, you would be manifesting things instantaneously regardless of whether they were good for you — comfortable or uncomfortable. It has been necessary to place something like a mitigating clause that

presents you with the opportunity of experiencing a comfort or a discomfort but does not drop you into the midst of it. Until there are more comforts within the physical self, do not seek so much to accelerate its function. If you are simply aware of the pineal gland and can imagine yourself feeling it from the inside out, imagine it pulsing; then you will be using it while you are imagining its function. If you are willing to use your imagination more, that will put you into greater contact with the gland. What about the pituitary and the hypothalamus? Are there ways that we can work with those? You can use similar methods. In the case of the hypothalamus, you can begin to radiate heat between your fingers like this, not actually touching. Don’t concentrate on radiating light. (You do that whether you see it or not.) See if you can consciously radiate heat from one finger to another. Feel it. This will help. If you can do these things, gradually move your hands closer and farther apart, concentrating on radiating heat. This will stimulate the glands.

War and the Immune System Since you’ve dealt with the issues of war and peace, can you comment on the conflict that is taking place in the Middle East now? I will say that this is part of the plan, because you human beings very often find it necessary to respond to the squeaky wheel. If you give yourself the illusion of peace, you sometimes become complacent. It is necessary for you to understand that there must be an active, ongoing experience of choosing peace within your individual self. I will tell you that there are many, many people within this country and the world who do not know about the activities there at all, who have no conscious stimulation of the energies. So I am suggesting that if you do not allow so much the ideas of drama and excitement of others, if you do not concentrate so much on others’ opinions as expressed through the element of the news, it can be useful as a tool to center more within your own peace and equality. It is vitally important for you in your evolution to go beyond the need for an immune system, which is primarily a defensive system created to get you through the warlike period. As you are moving out of the immune system, it is necessary for you to be able to choose peace within you as a conscious thought, thus creating the opportunities brought to you by the pineal gland to choose peaceful experiences. Recognize that this question is but the tip of the iceberg, which suggests that your immune system is beginning to fall away as an absolute need. Therefore, dramatic events in the Middle East are often brought forth to you to test your actual decision-making process, which says that the immune system unconsciously, on the soul level, is no longer needed. When you no longer need defenses but can feel totally safe and unified within the physical-matter shell of your body, you will not need either the expression of disease or the analogy of what is experienced in drama — war. Every once in a while, I get a glimpse of beings I call super watchers. To me they’re like a crystal/silicon life form, and they seem to have newly come here. They seem separate from all other life forms. Am I fairly accurate? They are, we will say, elementals combining toward a physicalized specimen that does not exist yet, almost as though they are the catalyst that brings two things together. But the two things are not yet present. The energy you refer to is almost an etheric energy that is forming for which there is no conscious need yet. But there is an ongoing unconscious need, and that need is coming up to the subconscious and will gradually penetrate the conscious. As it gradually penetrates the conscious, you will eventually have a more physicalized version of that. Now I will stand aside and we will hear briefly from a Pleiadian energy who will send greetings.

••• Very well. My name is Sigma. I am the partner of P’taah, who has spoken to Robert at length. However, since P’taah’s energy is at the very least enthusiastic and Robert has asked for a subtler, softer energy, I will fill in for him this evening. I am what you refer to as a feminine being. My source is the Pleiades. You may ask one or two brief questions if you choose. I was taken to a Pleiadian songfest involving a choir, a crowd of people and refreshment. What is the significance of this? Understand that the body consciousness seeks significance when actually this is primarily an experience of celebration. When you experience those celebrations on the mothership, it is to stimulate your knowingness as to your choice of career, friends, lovers and so on — to stimulate you into knowing that the more universal appeal is in effect here, as well as your conscious choice. Many experience the choirlike effect. The Pleiades, as it is currently experienced in my world, is some place that is primarily happy. We do not experience discomfort as you know it, though we do have a slightly denser variation of this in which some discomfort is experienced. It is not on your dimension, however, and those beings are not in any sense of the word in contact with you, though some might say so. Your experience of this choirlike effect was to stimulate the Pleiadian total structure within yourself, primarily to help you bring forth creative efforts associated with the potentials of this planet. This is why, when you have visions or experiences, you sometimes have difficulty interpreting them with Earth instruments. So it might be necessary for you to re-create the idea of instruments here and begin to utilize crystals and color to create a tonal structure that others might experience as something they feel more than hear. This will allow you to move beyond the range of consciously perceived sound. You are being stimulated, then, to create almost a machine with few moving parts that will help people to move beyond the limited range of sound they now experience and to redefine sound as that which is felt. When you were experiencing that choir, you were very aware of how you felt. It was a heightened sensitivity that was physical almost to the point of being uncomfortable, because you are not used to using those portions of yourself. As you move through your life, you might be able to help others expand their idea of sound. Now your energy will become more all-encompassing in your lives. You will begin to feel more of what can be done as an actual physical experience. You will begin to feel your senses stretching beyond what can be measured into the unmeasurable. Your imaginative abilities, which go beyond your senses, will gradually become something you can experience. Allow yourselves the possibility that these imaginations are realities. I will say good night for all concerned.


Becoming One with Your Future Self Zoosh and Joopah Sedona, Arizona, August 21, 1988 Well, all right. Zoosh speaking. Now, understand that it is in the nature of the extraterrestrial connection that you be involved. It was suggested that there is a Pleiadean and Zeta Reticuli connection here, and that is true since Pleiades is, in a sense, your past and Zeta Reticuli is, in many senses, your future. You souls that were deposited here on this planet in order to create the race you now call the human race — which I would call the Explorer Race — were synthesized out of what was already here and what was brought here. You were not created in a laboratory, but the way any normal race would be — through contact. In the beginning of this planet, there were a few individuals brought together who said, “How are we going to do this thing?” Some people said, “It can best be done if there is polarity,” and others said, “No, we know that polarity does not work; it is a rudimentary form of energy. It does not allow the high-speed transit of any vehicle from place to place; only magnetic energy does that.” And the argument raged on. The powers that be obviously believed that polarity was correct even then in that meeting. Making a long story a little less long, the individuals who chose to break off from that original discussion went to the Pleiades, developing their race there. The others stayed here and got into polarity, separation and struggle. “Why?” you might ask. “Why would anybody want to do that?” It was designed that you as a species would become distilled through struggle. “But Zoosh,” you might say to me, “that doesn’t sound very nice.” In reality, it has created a very powerful species, this human race. You might say to me, “But Zoosh, we don’t seem so powerful all the time.” I will say this: You have something that many other individuals do not have on other planets. You have the will to survive in your physical bodies. Many other civilizations do not have this. It is true also that they are more connected to their spirit-selves and recognize that any transition from body to spirit back to body is not involved in any loss, as you might define it in the idea of death. However, you are literally designed to believe that there is loss in death so that you will struggle to live. You as a species can survive in the harshest cold and the most extreme heat. You know what to do in those conditions. Your body can live on a variety of foods; some of them would not be considered consumable by other species, and yet when your body commands, you eat what you must. This has all been created to make out of you a powerful, curious group of individuals who will necessarily want to spread, not religion, but simply the value of being a human being. If you doubt this, look at any mother or father with his or her child. The parent will want to introduce that child to the joys and pleasures of being a human being as well as counsel that child when it discovers, as it inevitably will, the difficulties of being a human. You have been created over the years to be this powerful, curious group so that you would go out into space, as you inevitably will, not to pollute — you think you will, but you will not — but to bring the will to survive, the will to live, to these other species who have become complacent in their method of life. Many species of other beings — not all, but many — have developed an infrastructure that seeks to expand on some one idea, something that will create the best of that idea. On Zeta Reticuli it is the best of technology; on the Pleiades it is the best of peace at any price, peace with 1

loss. You could say to me, “But Zoosh, everything I hear about the Pleiades would make me want to live there. I’ll go right now. When are you coming to get me?” I will say this: You are in fact here not against your will, certainly not against your soul’s will, although it might feel from time to time that you would much rather be elsewhere. You are here to evolve your soul beyond the complacency it gets into when you are in the land of heaven, as you might recognize it in the Pleiades or Arcturus or some other places where there is little conflict, where even the word translated into their language would not be understood. You are here so you can have the growth that is available on this planet. You can experience in one week on this planet more growth than people on the Pleiades will experience in their lifetime. So you might say that the Pleiades right now is like R&R — rest and relaxation, peace, calm, joy, fun. Nothing wrong with that. But you enjoy your peace, calm, joy, fun here much more because of your experiences of their opposite. Here you have the pleasure of extremes. You could say to me, “But Zoosh, I can think of plenty of extremes I do not care to experience.” And I will say that is fine, and I can completely understand that. But I will also say that it has been your willingness to experience them that has created more growth for your souls in this and other lifetimes on this planet than you will ever experience up there where you want to go. “Take me home; you left me here.” Understand that it isn’t like that . You weren’t left here jumping and screaming when the bus departed. You were really deposited here by your soul’s permission. You know this.

The Zeta Connection: Our Future Selves So what is the Zeta connection? These individuals represent your future selves in soul incarnate. They have developed a highly refined technological society, so refined that their bodies are to some extent a version of technology. They are cloned, of course, in order to weed out undesirable characteristics, as they might say. But now they understand — oh yes, now they know who you are. Years ago, when they came to this planet and picked people up and examined them and so on, it was a scientific experiment. You were an unusual race: how strange, how marvelous — although marvelous is not an emotion to them. It is plain curiosity — that is how they would experience marvelous.

But now the tables have turned. They now know, due to their recent phase shift, just who you are, and those who are picked up in the future will find that they are treated with much greater respect, no longer simply the object of inspection but equals. There is always one on the ship who can contact the individuals who were picked up and give them peace when they are afraid. Why? Very simply because they are their future selves! Now, the Zetas have understood this in only a rudimentary fashion in the past. They have understood that some individuals were able to calm the human; it wouldn’t be everyone, just certain ones. They had no idea why. Now they know, and now there is a new equality from their point of view; now there is a new respect. After all, if they were to make a mistake with one of you, maybe they would no longer be there — and some surely would not! Regardless how the body is produced, if the soul incarnates within a body and is prevented from proceeding along its path with that body — even if the body is a machine — that soul will depart that body and the individual will simply cease to exist. So yes, they have much more respect for you now.

Simultaneous Lives Necessary for Phase Shift How has this come about? In the journeys of soul travel it has been necessary for you to explore realities on a vertical level so your souls could accommodate the maximum amount of information. For the entire universe to have a phase shift, it would be necessary to concentrate this soul experience in more than one life. Otherwise it would be like trying to program a computer with all the knowledge that was ever absorbed anywhere in an hour. It could not be done. Even using a universal light technique, it could not be done. It would take longer than horizontal time. Thus you have all these lives operating at once. Most of you are familiar with this idea. Outside the context of time, they operate simultaneously so that the soul, which is connected to the womb, can prepare for this shift to the so-called fourth density, which is simply a quicker experience of self. What happens to the third density? Does it go away? Is it uncreated? From your soul’s point of view, it remains, but you go on. Since all souls on this planet have been created from the original 144,000 referred to in some of your documents, it really makes no difference. This planet will

continue to be a place of material manifestation for souls to examine life slowly in this density so that lessons can be learned and understood simultaneously. If you experience it slowly enough, you can learn and understand it in one life! So you will go on. You are braided, you 144,000, and you are all descendants. You are braided to the past, from your point of view, and to the future as well. But the past and the future is not a line — it is a circle. The purpose of life is simply to be who you are; and the larger purpose, since you are a portion of the One, is to experience who you are in all of its infinite varieties. Since the One is itself infinite, it places a concentration of energy in various projects so that it might feel who you are in its infinite varieties separately.

The Pleasures of Separation, the Importance of Integration You say to me, “But Zoosh, how can the One be separate?” It really cannot, but it can enjoy the pleasures of separation as it concentrates its attention and focus on any one area at the moment. The integration of this information is less important than the integration of your own soul self and energy. The purpose of this introductory conversation is to prepare you with sufficient background information so that you can ask questions intelligently and reasonably, understanding the basis of the reality of the Pleiadean and the Zeta Reticuli connection here on this planet. Tell us more about the phase shift. The phase shift is universal. Because your planet will be changing to its quicker density, the phase shift is important from your point of view. Your universe — meaning everything that you are, everything that you can see and everything that you can imagine — will also change. When you have an astounding idea, an inspiration that changes your life, you never look at life the same again. As you artists out there who are trained in your craft know, once you study something and understand the lights and shadows and highlights and so on, you never look at physical life again the same way. All you need to know right now is simply that as a result of this phase shift, which is in transit now and will be for the next 23 years or so [to 2011], your consciousness will expand sufficiently that what you experience between lives can be experienced in embodiment. This means that you can have physical life and soul life in one body. How can I understand the difference in feeling between third and fourth density? As a simple example, go to a swimming pool or any body of water and put your arm in it. Swish your arm through it and say, “This is third density.” Take it out, swish your arm through the air and say, “This is fourth density.” It is referred to as density simply because it is thicker. It takes longer to swish your arm through the water than it does through the air. The reality of it is that you simply expand, and the spaces in your molecules become less apparent. Fourth density is here right now; it’s just that your perception of it is not always clear. But as you begin moving back and forth between them as you are doing now, you will begin to see things out of the corner of your eye. You will see perhaps shadow motions, shadows of fourth density — this will create a temporary boom for the eye doctors! Eventually, medical science will wonder what it all means: Is it a new disease, or is it time to marry technology with philosophy? But I will leave that to them. It is best understood simply by experiencing different densities of matter. Let’s keep it simple.

Earth As an Axis to Shift the Universe Where did the beings come from who colonized Earth and evidently at the same time the Pleiades? What planets, what areas?

To alter your statement, the Pleiades was already colonized at that time. The idea was that the universe needed to shift, so how could that shift best be made? There were a couple of planets here and there on which discomfort was felt to the extreme. There were no planets on which discomfort — what you call negative, a word I do not use — was balanced with comfort in a balance of polarities. It was decided that a gateway would be needed. In order to move the universe, there would need to be a point where all energy that existed everywhere else could be combined sufficiently to create an axis to move the universe, almost like a rotating knob. The Pleiades was already colonized, as was everything else. Certainly Earth was colonized, for there were beings here already. It was a planet that had been enhanced to create immediately what one might experience etherically. On the etheric level, if you want something, it is there like that! [snaps fingers] because your thought takes form — thought forms. But to create that physically, you would have to have a slower world, one that is microcosmic as well as macrocosmic. Thus it would be necessary to create what would feel like a separated world and protect the people from finding out that they are macrocosmic, a portion of something greater, to allow the civilizations to develop. Of course, there has been rising and falling. To answer your restructured question, I will say that the cultures that founded you are Pleiades, Orion, Andromeda, Arcturus (in receding order) and a couple of others that are influences — and, of course, Sirius. I do not mention it directly because Sirius provided the seed souls. The souls who were provided — the 144,000 — had all been exposed to discomfort on an odd little planet where discomfort is known and comfort is not really understood — but that will be taken care of in time. It would not have been possible to create a polarized planet — since the polarity of discomfort is so rare in the universe — without having souls who had been exposed to it and felt that it was normal. Thus the seeding of Earth was largely with souls from Sirius who felt that discomfort was normal. Zoosh, did you say that we are all descendants of the 144,000 souls? Yes, like the strain of any crop might be developed from one original seed, you are all descendants of those souls. The number 144,000 has been disseminated rather widely in your world so that it could act as a key number to always attach you to where you’ve been. When you’re attached to where you’ve been, since it is a circle, your soul, or subconscious and unconscious, will have a little nudge toward where you’re going — and that’s what keeps you going. ••• All right, Joopah here, from Zeta Reticuli. I would answer questions from the basis of your future. I will not, however, tell you what’s going to happen tomorrow. I will give an overview of who we are to you. As stated by Zoosh, we are a linear future self of your soul chain. We do not look too much like you. We range in height from about 4 feet to about 4 feet, 5 inches or 4 feet, 6 inches. As a result, our vehicles are sometimes rather low-ceilinged; you might have to bend over. We have in the past strived toward creating what some of your individuals have perceived as an emotionless society, but in fact it is not really emotionless; the emotions of calm and peace are present in our one mind. What one of us discovers, we all know instantaneously as a one-mind race. We are those beings you have come to identify as those with the big eyes. We do not experience your reality directly. When we are here, we enshroud ourselves in our own energy. We sometimes are seen to float or bounce or do things that might not be associated with physical reality, due to the need to protect ourselves from polarity and the energy of separation. As you know, any species of life, when subjected to a hostile environment, is affected by it; therefore, if we dropped our technological

guard for a moment or two, we would never ever be able to return to our species. It has been necessary for us to create this reality so that we could experience to the absolute limits our development of the mental power. When you look back on your society, you will see in recent years how mental power has been espoused as the most saving grace. Our reality is a future projection of that idealized virtue. However, it has created a limited society. We do not experience emotions as you understand them; that is, we do not experience the volatility of emotions. Rather, we experience this universal calm and peace. This is not a discipline. Through the generations, the actual ability to generate emotions has been cloned out of us. As a result, we are somewhat — as you might perceive it — limited in our ability to access the emotional body. As a civilization we did not recognize the fallacy of creating this as a goal. We looked on the emotional body at the beginning of the formation of our society as that which has created strife, albeit it also creates love and enjoyment and pleasure. Our perception in the beginning was that the polarity balance system was too extreme for us. We did not wish to have violence and polarity and separation even if that meant we could also have great joy and ecstasy. It was decided that by extrapolating from your most recent past — and I am drawing a direct line, since we are your linear future selves — the mental power that was expanded and disciplined into the race would eliminate any need for destructive emotionality. Now we are a little clearer as a society about the limitations of that goal. That goal, of course, has created less of a connection in us with our God-selves. Inspiration coming in from the God-self enters the emotional/electrical field of the body. It is conducted from there to the physical body and then to the mind. We know this now. As a result, in our re-creation of ourselves as a species, there has been a gradual lessening of the window of emotionality, or electricity. Since the masculine version of emotionality is electrical and the feminine version is magnetic, we had created, even with our expanded mental powers, a situation for physical bodies in which the electrical reproductive system was greatly strictured. As a result, even though we experienced the masculine version of energy as mental power, the ability to perpetuate our race has dwindled due to the lack of physical activity. So it is that our race is dying out gradually. Thus we needed to create a change in the past. We looked at the possibility of altering the entire structure of our race to continue. But it had taken so very long to create what we had attempted to perfect, as we understood it, that it would not be possible in the remaining time to change our race using the same system. Nor would it be possible to simply expose ourselves to emotionality. We had discovered in contacting your species that your emotions were so powerful that they affected us like the experience of a disease — as an invasion. This is why it has been necessary for us to limit the interaction between us to a mental experience. Because most communication is energetic, the result was that we had to eliminate the energetic communication to protect us from your emotional energy. Our communications have been so poor on a face-to-face level because only our telepathic or mental communication would be received by you. And since much of what you communicate to your world is through feeling, we did not receive it, nor were we able to. So when you would gesture and feel a strong need, such as to be touched or to have us explain what we were doing with you, we did not understand your request. You are our direct past, as we understood it, and we did not know how to explain to you what we assumed you understood. Nor did we understand why you become frightened or happy or any of that. We did not understand “frightened,” because it is less of a word than it is a feeling, so this has been the gap in the past between us. To preserve our race, we could not experience your emotionality and you could not communicate with us without emotionality. Thus there has been a problem.

Now we recognize the need to expand our emotionality, and there simply is not time. There is only one course of action that can be taken. From our point of view, we had to alter the past so that our reality would not come to pass as it did. This does not suggest that we had power over you, for we simply did not know how to do it — interference is not allowed and justly so. Kindness is not simply a matter of magnitude. It is also a practical reality, for if one interferes with any race, especially one that is in the past or a different time zone, who knows what might be changed in the past or future? That is the practical reality of that rule. So we were thunderstruck. We did not know what to do. Gradually, working with those who guide us, we became aware that in order to experience an alteration of our present and be allowed to alter our past, we must become aware of who we are in association with who you are. We really did not understand that there was any great connection. (I am referring to our recent past. We understand now, but we really did not understand this before.) We started to get a glimmering about 140 years ago of your time, and then we really started to come here. We understand it now quite well. What is going on, then, is that in order for your species not to move into another self-destructive cycle — as you have risen and fallen here many times — the value you place on changing your present had to equal the value we place on changing our past. We had to wait for that window. Thus we did not perceive that window, nor did we need to perceive it and understand who you really are to us until very recently. As always, what you need to know you will know when you need to know it. This is a universal law. So now we understand who you are. Equally, you are beginning to understand who we are and the dilemma we face. Fortunately, it is no longer simply for us to try to make these changes. It is now understood by enough of you on this planet who you are. It is also a motivation on your planet to change your past because of the discomfort associated with it. And the only way you can change your past is to change your present. Now you see that we have something in common. It is your desire to change your past in order to create soul balance, thereby eliminating the crushing violence of the past, allowing yourself to redensify in a quicker version of yourself, which you refer to as the fourth dimension. We had to wait for that window where you desired sufficiently to change your past that you could allow a change of focus in your present. And when that window opened, we also could change our past. Joopah, because yours is a one-mind race, how does the individual experience individuality? There is no individual as you understand it. There is an individual body, as you might perceive it, but we all look rather the same. If there weren’t a slight differentiation in your color, you would look rather the same to us, too — but that is really my joke! We look really quite the same due to the nature of our rebirth cycle of cloning. So I would say that the individual and the concept of individual has been largely eliminated from our society. Zoosh spoke earlier about an individual on a craft who would be the future self of the abductee and thus would have a strong connection and an ability to calm that person. If we’re incarnated into your one-mind race, would we become part of your race rather than an individual? But you have the ability to have a separate life, as you understand it. It is, of course, easy to calm yourself — since the soul energy that passes between the calmer and the calmee is really from the exact same soul incarnated in a different being. It is of comfort. It is allowed that two different species connect this way. I’m assuming that time is infinite, which I have always thought was the truth. Why were you limited in your ability to change your race without coming back and effecting a change in our present?

In order for you to effect a change in your present, from the universal point of view, it was essential that we have that limitation. Otherwise we would not have been motivated to seek a way. Needless to say, any race that has ever existed still exists in what you might say is the gene pool of consciousness of the universe. So even if our race had no longer been embodied, it would have been possible to reembody it. Yet when one builds up a culture elaborately — painstakingly, you might say — it would not benefit the one mind of that race to see it all disappear. It would not make us happy to see our race eliminated. Even with our one mind, we like to pursue our scientific research and exploration. Yes, we still do explore. But the limit necessary to create motivation for us was put there to allow the universe to spin and change. The advantage of this limit is what truly confronts us now. Understand that it has been our objective to move beyond the limits of mentality for time so long that you cannot measure it because it is interdimensional. So at the core of our desire to perfect mentality — as expressed through technology and the blending into one conscious mind — was the idea to move beyond limits. Our discovery that there is an advantage in limits shakes the core of our approach to life. It literally forces us to see the advantage of polarity. What is it in third-dimensional humanity that needs to be changed that will change your future? Your change in motivation, and this can be done only through the soul desire to bring one’s culture, the human culture, Earth culture, into balance with the feminine energy. Since that decision has been made in a recent window you have gone through as a race, we are allowed to experience this. Your window, which you refer to as the Harmonic Convergence, is simply the total soul agreement in that moment to change your motivation, to bring the largely out-of-balance masculine into more alignment with the feminine, meaning spirit and emotion. Much of what you do on this planet has been a limiting of the gift of spirit and emotion as a practical, day-to-day experience. In many, many races, things that are spiritual and emotional are frowned on as weakness. As the feminine is addressed in its value, so we can address the value of polarity. 1 The Coucil of Nine. The story came out on April 1, 1990 and appears in Chapter 28.


ET Interaction with Humanity Joopah, introduced by Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, September 18, 1988 Zoosh speaking. Now, it is in the nature of this particular valley [Sedona, Arizona] that change is instigated by the energies and their compatibility with those individuals who show up. The energies are changing; there is now some lateral motion of the energy as well as the vertical. This motion will insist, as you might expect, that those who have been leading rather vertical lives, not too wellgrounded, will necessarily have to become a little bit more grounded. At the same time there are visitors here from afar, as you well know. The Zeta Reticuli visitors have paid a call recently in a rather grand way. So without further ado, I will simply stand aside and allow Joopah from Zeta Reticuli to talk a little bit to you about what they’ve been doing here recently and what’s to be done yet. •••

Recent Zeta Returning Visit All right, Joopah speaking. It has been necessary for our group that works in the Northern Hemisphere of your world to be more active in this area lately. There has been some serious misadjustment of the energy in this area due to some innocent but tampering influence. There have been some experiments by sound and vibration engineers to attempt to uncover the mysteries of the energy vibrations here that have inadvertently caused some problem in the tuning of devices that are implanted here. Therefore, about two-and-a-half to three days ago of your time, it was necessary for us to come in and retune those devices. Since it was necessary, those of you with whom we are in more direct contact were also paid a visit. You might say two birds with one stone — as you would say, humor. (Joopah makes a joke.) So the visitation, rather than coming the way you expected by ships in the sky, came a different way. Since this area is well-observed by those who observe your skies on this planet, it was necessary to approach from a different angle. Rather than simply move through time as we do, the best way to protect the devices and their location — rather than have a light come from the sky with essentially a big arrow saying, “This is where they are” — we came up through the Earth. This is easily done if it is done in an altered dimension. And since our vehicles can travel in that dimension, it was necessary to come from underground, as you understand it. There are several crystalline devices here that are in either pyramid shapes or a shape that you would recognize as a form of tuning fork, though there is no fork part; it is simply a long, broad beam. These devices are buried from three to five miles below the surface, and their transitional energy impetus was altered. This type of device is vital for the reimaging of your planet that is going on now, and it has a subduty as a navigational instrument. The navigational aspect of the devices was out of whack, as you would say. It is the navigational aspect that allows us to find this area, but it is an instrument that also allows your planet to alter its orbit slightly. So you can see that any discomfort in that structure could create a serious problem. There are also several devices that are used to deflect, we shall say, rogue bodies of stone that might intersect with your planet. These were also off-tune, so we worked on them. While we were

here, then, since we were coming up from underground, we used that method to visit those of you whom we visit regularly. Some of you may notice some slight physical evidence of that as well as some perhaps odd memories. Is your work in association with the planetary confederation? Understanding that there are different names, yes. In the beginning, of course, we thought we were just helping out, as you might help out in your field of expertise. Now we have a different attitude, because we are clear that many of you are our direct past lives. As a result, you have taken on rather a more personal meaning to us than someone who is simply the object of study, as it were. You must understand that since our race is scientific and technological at its core, for us to approach anyone, including one of our own, we have a scientific and technological intellectual approach. So I do not mean to sound as if I am patronizing. When you rearrange these devices now, will they be retampered with, or there is no knowledge that you have rearranged them? You understand that the tampering was unintentional. We put a grid around these devices so that, should the unintentional radiation of sound into the rock take place again, these devices will not be knocked off their focus. These are extremely low frequency (ELF) waves that they’re fooling with? Not exactly. They are beginning to use a combination of pulse and sound that would be perhaps described as totally different; but generally speaking, you could say that. There is also some energy being used along the idea of radiant heat and cold. When that is applied to sound waves, the scientists will begin to have a much greater understanding of what can be accomplished with these waves. Right now there is less understanding due to the rather singular approach.

Changes in Earth’s Rotation and Water Distribution Can you discuss how these devices are altering the orbit of the Earth and how that is changing, and what the ultimate attempted change is? In order for you to achieve what you now refer to as your fourth-dimensional status, it is necessary for the Earth’s orbit to speed up slightly. It is not so much an alteration in the path, but in the motion of the planet — that is, turning on its axis and moving through its orbit just a little bit faster, not a great deal. It could be measured very carefully over five to ten years using timing instruments and laser devices, and soon it will be done. Speeding up the Earth’s rotation is also an attempt to control somewhat the wobble that has been going on for some time, caused largely by internal explosions over time. These explosions were essentially caused by civilizations playing with things that go boom [underground nuclear testing]. When something goes boom, it has a very slight effect, you know, on the magnetic axis. Enough of these booms can have a cumulative effect. This has happened in past civilizations that have risen and fallen, and your legacy is a small wobble as your civilization has risen. Now you are adding to it. So to some extent the speeding up of the axial rotation even slightly will tend to stabilize the planet through a gyroscopic effect. Will we experience the flip of the poles? Physically? Physically or the Earth itself.

As you understand the polarization or the repolarization of the magnetic energy, what you will experience is a different motivation. This pole effect is happening right now. You are in a cycle in which that is changing. That is why your motivations and issues are up — the masculine and feminine, of course, since polar opposites are analogous with masculine and feminine. The feminine issues are up, as it were. So you might say that this polar shift is taking place right now. It will happen very gradually, since if there were a sudden shift the planet would simply fall apart. I might add that the polar shift is not something that is vital for your specific change in life. It is rather that the polar shift is something that occurs because you are willing to change. So it is more an effect of what you do rather than your being affected by what it does. This will take some time. Can you comment about the weather anomalies we’ve been experiencing? I think you’re probably expert at that. What can we expect, and can we help? To some extent this largely has to do with playing around with scientific things — bombs and so on. Mother Earth is necessarily having to alter her energy field in order to compensate. She will make some effort to do so in ways that are compatible with all of those who live on the surface. However, it is natural for Mother Earth to utilize water, since cleansing — washing, you might say — is a natural thing. Mother Earth also uses water to wash herself. Because of the alterations due to moving liquids up and down from below the surface to the surface and the tampering with the natural breathing apparatus of Mother Earth, it has been necessary for her to create more water. And when more water is needed, it must be removed from the water bank otherwise known as the polar-ice area. Thus it has been necessary for a slight heating up on the planet’s surface. It will take some time, but eventually the polar icecap as you now know it will be greatly reduced and the sea level will be very slightly increased. This, of course, will create much more rain, and much more tropical air will move into areas once known to be more temperate zones. As a result of Mother Earth using her washing effect, the coastal areas of all of the continents will be somewhat altered. It will be some time before this occurs; it will not happen suddenly. But there will be a gradual decrease in the water banks so that Mother Earth can wash herself. This is what to look for. This is why you will find things such as fires that Mother Earth will start herself by lightning in order to create less area where natural cooling is going on. Trees and vegetation necessarily act as a cooling device. So Mother Earth herself is involved in some of this. There will also be some storms you will see from time to time that will be out of the ordinary. Because of the need to have more of the feminine influence, the Southern Hemisphere will seem to move up somewhat toward the Northern Hemisphere. This will largely be an effect that is felt by slightly increased humidity in southern areas of the Northern Hemisphere as well as storms developing in areas where they have not been known to develop. So you can expect more rain, more lightning, and an increase in the water level. However, this

will also have some auxiliary effects that could be advantageous. For areas that have been much too dry for their own good, the earthquake potential will be reduced. Since these areas will be much more saturated on a deeper level of the mineral zone, there will be some lubrication effect. Therefore the great big earthquake that has been feared on the West Coast of this continent will be greatly delayed and perhaps eliminated, due to the fact that perhaps instead of needing a sudden chiropractic adjustment, Mother Earth will do it more easily by a gradual motion, or creep, as it is referred to geologically. This creep effect will also assist. There may be, however, some displacement of population. What about the ozone layer? Is that part of the heating effect? That is part of the heating effect because it allows for more of the sun’s heating rays to come in. They are, in fact, coming in at the specific area where they are needed — the polar regions. But there’s talk about the radiation being a danger to humanity. There is in fact some danger, and people who live in the extreme Northern Hemisphere will probably in time begin to wear broad-brimmed hats. There is less danger for those who live below the extreme northern and southern zones. It is the areas of polar icecap that will become a bit more hazardous. The gamma radiation will have some effect. We’ve heard a lot about the various causes ascribed to this ozone problem. From your understanding, what began this cycle? One could say that there are chemical cycles that are involved here because of mankind’s involvement. However, Mother Earth does have the ability to simply increase the strength of the ozone layer to compensate for that. She has done that largely over many years. However, now it is necessary to increase the liquidity. So I would say that while one can draw a direct correlation between chemical pollution and ozone depletion, the effect is largely one volunteered by Mother Earth herself. The polluting effect of all of these experiments and a lack of understanding of the oneness of all life here has created this necessity as well.

Zeta Contacts with Humans What’s your intent or purpose in contacting individuals? We have a different idea of that now, but I’m told now it is to perceive how the shift that you are involved in is going to assist us. As your future lives, we have a vested interest in whatever you do. Now, we do not tamper with what you do, but since our culture has found itself in a rather precarious position, we are not only interested but enthusiastic — insofar as we can attain that level of emotion — about this change you have embarked on to alter your dimension, but that in effect is really an alteration of how you experience yourself. The reason we contact individuals is that a future life is involved in the crew that contacts these people, and we believe that in a more direct physical contact, we make it possible for the future lives — ourselves — to experience perhaps a little bit more of the vital life energy that you all have here and take for granted. We do not have that in the same way, and that is why our race is dying out. So it is necessary for us, as a future version of you, to understand what is going on. That is our approach — to understand, to solve the mysteries and so on. In order, then, for us to work on solving those mysteries we must understand the problem. And the problem, so to speak, is ours, not yours. That problem is that the future of the souls who had begun elsewhere and evolved into Earth karma eventually wound up in our own attempt to do away with the emotional self, believing that even though it had gifts to offer, the other aspect of it made for conflict and so on. Now we can see the advantage of having an emotional self that is present and consciously

involved in its own pursuits. This is the link that makes for re-creation of the self — that is, the successful birth. We clone; however, that spark of emotion controlled at the level of calm and peace is not sufficient for life to desire to stay in one body for some time. In order to understand this better, we have a member of our group contact an individual who is a direct past life, and during those contacts it is possible for that particular individual of our group to power down the technological device we use to protect ourselves from your auric emanations. We cannot receive your auric emanations directly, but we can allow them to come closer to our auric emanations when we are dealing with a direct past life. In this way it is possible to almost absorb a little bit of your energy. While we cannot do that directly, we can come a little bit closer to understanding the vital life force that you emanate through your auric field. It is necessary so that we can slowly move toward a motivation to allow the change in our future. As you change your present, our present, of course, changes as well. Yet there must be allowance and agreement. For our part, we have chosen this method of working with our mutual souls to direct our motivation. That is the overview. Isn’t it valuable to the Zeta to communicate with us as you do through Robert, because as you learn from interacting with us, the whole learns too? It is a reminder and it can be beneficial, since you will ofttimes make decisions of allowance based on your intellectual input. Yes. We do, but don’t you, Joopah, learn from us in this interaction, and then doesn’t that transmit back to the group mind also? Yes. We understand your motivations, and that helps us to attempt to grasp how ours are similar. At times they are. Not always, but at times. Did you say that you have altered your motives and your way of dealing with humanity? We have heard so much about the abductions and things that have happened during those abductions; could you speak to that a little? I will say that as a child walks through an anthill without a great deal of regard for the life forms who are valuable there, so we — and perhaps I’m being a little too strict with our race — did not truly respect the valuable contribution of the human being in the early contacts. You must understand that we cannot interfere; we can only operate at a level of our own understanding. So while I would not compare our race to a child who casually strolls through an anthill, I would say that we did not fully appreciate who you were, not only on a personal level but on a pivotal reference level. You might say that several years ago we were much drier [humorless] than we are now. We do not exactly have the Johnny Carson Show yet, but we do have a greater appreciation for the value of humor and the effect that it causes within the integrating aspect of the emotional body. So in years gone by, we were considerably less emotional than we are now. You would not find us to be specifically emotional now, but you would also not find us to be opposed to emotionality. So in the beginning we were less aware spiritually of the evolution and the pivotal role of this planet’s involvement in the change in the known universe. So I would say that some of the early contacts were a little more scientific than they needed to be. But you must also remember that we have always had to protect ourselves technologically with devices. In this way your energy was not transmitted to us at all. Since most communication is energetic, we have received only your conscious and subconscious thoughts. Now, here’s one for you: The mass of us are not able to differentiate between your subconscious and your conscious thoughts. This is the refinement of our contact with you, which has largely developed due to your having a neighbor here who is your direct linear future — that is, one of your

future selves. The future self comes as close as possible to being able to differentiate between your subconscious and your conscious thoughts. This has largely made it possible for us to have almost intelligent communication with you sometimes. This is why at times people will report in their contacts that they will have a brief moment of what seems almost like a conversation. There is a phasing effect in and out of the subconscious as thought.

The Shift in Your Subconscious As a result of your fourth-dimensional shift, the subconscious mind is moving up. That is, what was down is up and what was up is down. Thus what has been perfected is no longer the stress in life; your mental, conscious mind is no longer the main focus you need to work on. But the subconscious mind needs to be worked on, and that is dredged up by you quite a bit, not just in interactions with us but in your daily lives, so that you might be able to deal with those issues that have been hidden from you. As a result, there is a purging effect. This is done on purpose so that your conscious mind can expand in the fourth-dimensional aspect of itself and utilize the space used before by your subconscious. That is how that will work. However, understand that since the subconscious mind is up now, you are even more emotional and more likely to have fear reactions than you would ordinarily have. This is how you can have a conflict wherein you would consciously look forward to having contact with us, but since the conscious mind is no longer the great power and the subconscious mind is up, when you do have those contacts the fight/flight reaction is much more powerful. The subconscious is much more powerful than the conscious mind, so you have difficulty in focusing into your conscious mind due to the physical interactions between us — the invaded feeling when someone touches you who didn’t say please. We do not understand “please.” You understand that that is not an aspect of our society. This touching type of contact is more familiar to us; when we do a group meditation, we are all touching. It is typical. We do not make a differentiation. We are one body in that sense. Even though we are individuals, we are one; we do not differentiate the idea of individuals. As a result, subconsciously speaking, you feel much more invaded when we touch you than we would if you touched us, even though when we touch you, you naturally touch us, even though this protective technological device creates an energetic interface between us and you. This is why sometimes, in some of your stories about these experiences, some people will feel reassured by touch and others will feel very frightened by it. It depends on how involved you are in your conscious mind compared to your subconscious mind. So there are complications that are at the same time opportunities for growth. There are always complications in our communication with you. I started reading about these so-called abductions, and it occurs to me that the people who were selected somehow contracted this abduction on a soul level. Could you comment on that? Also, aren’t we already connected on a soul level, or would “soul” be an applicable concept to you in terms of how we connect on a higher level? Indeed we are, of course. Understand that spiritually speaking, we have almost a separate place where we consciously express our spiritual selves. But of course we do have spirit in us, as all beings do, and we are absolutely united. As far as the individuals who choose on a soul level to contact us or to be contacted, I shall say that almost without exception, these beings have future selves with us. So it is a soul-level contract. In a sense, you might say that you in your present time are reaching forward into the future to help us in our present time. And since you will have an incarnation there as well, you yourselves have a vested interest to see that our civilization can experience comfort and be saved, as it were. Although nothing

is ever lost, it is our desire to perpetuate our civilization physically — in our sense of physics. So the soul-level contract occurs as a result of a direct linear connection. You say that you have improved in humor. Have you gotten very close to learning how to laugh yet? I’ve been working with Robert to appreciate the value of smiling and can almost do it, but laughter as yet escapes me. I learn slowly, but I will learn. Can you see the analogy between the planet using water to cleanse and humor in the new age — such as it is; hopefully there’ll be more of it — also a means of cleansing and dealing with the subconscious coming forward? Is this an appropriate analogy? Yes. I would say that an ability to — and I am certainly no expert in this area — allow for the frailties of oneself experienced as humor on this planet seems to be much more beneficial in integrating the emotional body as a portion of life. Our own emotional bodies are with us, but we have been somewhat confused by thinking we were more involved in our mental bodies due to the fact that the emotions we have bred ourselves to experience are calm and peace. Yet they are emotions. So let’s say that humor does appear to be vital in order to perpetuate a lust for life and a desire to survive. And since you are, of course, the Explorer Race, your desire to survive is vital for the universe as well as for yourself. How do you express joy, if you have any? We express it as a unit body, so to speak — as one being. When we have a group meditation or a ritualistic experience, we do it to essentially renew our oath for living, and we experience the joy in the union of us all. Can you say a little about how long you are incarnated in your bodies in terms of our time? Is it a hundred years or a thousand years? Do you retain your memories? Do you rejuvenate? Some time ago a Zeta scientist achieved what was felt to be the perfect body, and all of us since then have been cloned from that body. This is why it is so easy to interact with each other’s energies. You know that different souls incarnate into different lives, so although we have the same body to incarnate into, we are in fact different souls. However, it is our choice to be involved with each other in a expanded mental way as well. So when one of us makes a discovery due to some scientific or intellectual research, we will all have the knowledge at the same time, giving us a group mind, as you have said. This we have discovered to be very efficient. Of course, it does rule out the experience you have of the joy of discovery on an individual level. But that has not been our path so far. I would say that our incarnation depends less on the duration of the physical body than on an arbitrary period we might choose to experience that particular physical body. Since there is no definite advantage to being reborn in another physical body, we will on the soul level pick a time. We would say that perhaps 275 years allows us to achieve a degree of perfection of experience as a member of our race that we find to be compatible. So in the interaction with humans when they are physically inspected, cloning material is taken from the physical body of humans? Not for direct use in our race.

The Zeta-Human Hybrid You’re hybridizing the race, is that not correct? Yes, for a hybrid race but not for us specifically. There is an attempt to hybridize a race, as you know, between us and the human being so that there can be a go-between race that can understand and

appreciate both the human being and us — a translator, you might say. This was our intent. And this race in its nucleic form has already been invented. Since it is a future life form from your point of view, whether it exists now or in the future makes no difference. But from our actual interaction in our time sequence, we have created several prototype models from whom we will begin to clone sufficient species so that they might develop their own idea of culture. We are not going to instruct them as much as we would instruct one of our own on a way of living. We will encourage them to be much more involved in contact with you than one of us might be. They will be able to contact you directly, as we cannot, without the need for an energy field to protect them. As a result, they will be able to contact us as well. They will be first cousins to both of us. Will we be in the fourth dimension before we can interrelate with them? Since we are traveling through time, of course, they can interrelate with you right now. Some of them have begun having contacts. They look a little different from us. For one thing, they are taller, generally five feet to five feet, one inch tall. Their heads are not as large as ours. They have two arms, two legs, a head, and so on — a typical humanoid. They have the very large eyes that we have, but they are proportionately not quite as large. Since we are very short compared to you, our eyes are proportionately larger. Their eyes are not as big proportionately, but they are still quite large, dominant features. Since the eyes in our race have everything to do with the mental power and its transmission of energy — as it does in your race, but you have not yet remembered that — then having the tools of these eyes is necessary for us as a way to alter not only our perception of our world but to assist others to alter their perception of us. They are not only receivers but broadcasters of information. In this hybrid race, is each race one prototype or is there a mixture?

There were several experiments in the beginning that did not seem to be sufficiently balanced between both races. So in our typical style we created one that we felt was just right and then cloned that one. There are now, from our time perspective, about 100,000 of these beings in existence. Since they can travel in time, the number is arbitrary for you since it is all in the future from your point of view. But right now we are experiencing roughly 100,000 of them. They have been given their own planet to develop their own culture. And although they have the knowledge and most of the mental power that we have, they actually have a more organic body. Our bodies, roughly from the neck down, are not what you call organic; they are more plasmic even though they have a surface and appear to be humanoid — two arms, two legs and a head. Their bodies are much more organic, though it is a hybridized form that does not involve itself much in the idea of breakdown over time. So

their form is a highly efficient, organic receptacle, and it is much more organic than ours. Are they between you and us in dimensional reality? As we are third and eighth, are they fifth? I’d say that they are mobile between the dimensions. They would not experience the pulse of the third dimension in its entirety. They can travel much more easily in dimensions. This is why they do not have to use the protective devices that we use in your dimension. They are a little more efficiently created. We did not create our civilization to travel in dimensions; we created it to live in other dimensions. Do they reproduce organically? They do not. At this time that capability has not been applied to the physical body. We are still deciding, with them as equals, whether this will be something that they choose to experiment with. We have created some beings in the past in the initial experiments that did have aspects of the ability to organically reproduce. But we were dissatisfied with the results. Most of the offspring were extremely frail, and due to our lack of experience and expertise in working with organic matter, we were not of much help in assisting them to become more sturdy. But as more of the hybrids interact with them, we will understand better how to assist them. We are not encouraging the hybrids to use any other means of reproducing than cloning until we understand the reproductive idea better. They are likely to develop that as a science first and then re-create themselves to perhaps experiment with it first. What comes to mind is seeing rows and rows of people that look the same. Do you have diversity within the population of clones? No way — if you’ve seen one of us, you’ve seen them all! Have any Zetas ever crashed and been in custody of any Earth government or military installations? Yes. Understand that crashes and cessation of life is a soul-level decision. Due to the older versions of the ships we used, there have been some that were inadvertently affected by magnetic fluxes. Some of the older ships used a rudimentary form of radiated ion energy that is involved in a magnetic creation. The really ancient ships used some versions of atomic energy — these ships were not affected. But the early ion-magnetic ships were occasionally affected by sudden solar or magnetic flares — magnetic flares happen — so that the navigational instruments were affected and the ship crashed. Some of the bodies are preserved here on this planet, but there are no live ones. There were some survivors initially, and had we been allowed to rescue our people, we would have been able to give them a form of life, though they would not have been able to reintegrate entirely in our civilization due to their exposure to you. But they would have perhaps been happier with us. However, our requests, which were made directly to governmental bodies, were not honored so we do not have those individuals back. Understanding what they must do, they allowed their lives to come to an end. It was not what you call a suicide, but by allowing those human beings who would interact with them to touch them and so on — and due to the nature of your energy fields we cannot tolerate too much of that — they had a cessation of life. The bodies are preserved in some areas. In the United States? There are some here. There are some in France and there is a body in the Soviet Union. There is also a portion of a body in Italy. During the time they were in custody, was there interaction between humanity and the Zetas? Yes. There was a brief interaction. Thus many government leaders know positively that you are real?

Yes, although that is not a widely shared secret. As far as being discussed openly, it is a handful of individuals.

The Earth-Pleiades Connection Why did so many of us choose to come here from the Pleiades? You were born there? [Smiles.] Many individuals who believe they have a soul connection on Pleiades are naturally here due to the fact that the Pleiades are direct ancestors, you might say, in the sense that your forefathers and their forefathers are the same beings. So you might say that you are directly related. It has been said that the Pleiades is your past and Zeta Reticuli your future. But it is equally true to say that it is a parallel existence. In order to appreciate the value of Earth life, many beings here have a more direct connection with Zeta Reticuli, and many have a more direct connection with Pleiades; Earth is the middle point. It is as though there are three points on a triangle, and the balance of that triangle is jeopardized without any one of the other points. To have the complete experience and become whole and complete in the understanding of different aspects and expressions, one must have the Pleiadian, Earth and Zeta Reticulan experiences. It is like a family. Will the clones require any fuel or food to subsist? Perhaps we can be of benefit to them. What things should we look out for to protect them? Understand that they will be innocent. They will require some subsistence, yes. Unlike ourselves — we do not eat, as you understand it — they will require something to consume. Being more connected with us from their perspective at present, they are not likely to have the variable foods that you have available. So they will be thrilled — since they will have the potential of being thrilled — to have food that looks good and tastes good and smells good, since what they will receive from us is essentially a mishmash of vitamins and minerals and leaves a great deal to be desired as cuisine. So if they approach you and ask, you might be able to offer suggestions about basic foods. It is more likely that they will pay visits to farms and interrelate with the farmers. They will have a certain agricultural interest due to the fact that in farming on this planet, cloning and hybridization have been going on for many years. These particular hybrids that we have created will find their most natural counterparts here in farmers and individuals in agriculture, and they are much more likely to suggest techniques of hybridization to farmers and interact with those individuals. So those who might have farms or know people on farms can expect to see them first.

The Hybrid Explorer Race You made a comment earlier that we are known as a race of explorers. Can you elaborate a little on that? Your bodies have been created over the years as hybrids as well. The original species of Earthbeing bears about as much resemblance to you as we do. You are a hybrid that has not been involved with us genetically. You were largely hybridized from the original Earth species through contacts primarily with Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades. There was some mixture from Andromeda, Arcturus, Sagittarius and a few others. There is a need in this universe of yours to have a civilization that will bring the simple traits of enthusiasm and extroversion to other cultures. These cultures, like our own, have been long inbred with a goal toward internal perfection. Despite our contact with other races and species, our primary goal is to achieve a specific goal for ourselves. So there needs to be an Explorer Race that will with enthusiasm explore the galaxies as a child might explore a toy store for the first time. That race will necessarily have to be survivable under

extreme conditions. Your race has been created to not only be able to tolerate extreme cold and heat, but have the desire and willingness to do so. Many races would simply die out if exposed to the type of extremes that you have here. But you are born with a will to live, as are most species on this planet. It is a lust for life, as we have come to call it. So you have been created — understand that this is a three-hour answer condensed somewhat — to propel yourselves out into the universe and bring your lust for life to civilizations that have become too involved in their own infrastructure. What is your concept of the Creator? It is the energy of creation. We do not specifically refer to this as an individual, whereas many civilizations on your planet might deify someone or something, in the case of cultures that might consider aspects of nature deities. We stand in awe before the ability to create that is beyond what we can create, and accept our creation as the unfoldment. We do not perceive a sacred God separated from ourselves, but we do acknowledge that One, for lack of a better term in your language. We have some difficulty with the rather precise aspect of your language. Since this is a philosophical question, preciseness is actually a problem. I would say that the energy of the Creator is something we identify with much more than the idea of God. It is, in other words, an answer that is nonverbal; we identify energetically. I will attempt to bring through some energy of what we identify in our experience with the Creator. A moment — I can bring to you only a small amount. A moment — there is some resistance. I can bring through only a subtle aspect. We believe in the unfoldment. Anything else? I’ve been curious about more direct contact with these brothers. Will we be seeing more? As you might know, you are being prepared now through your visual and media groups to accept not only your enthusiasm but to confront your fears as well. This is a vital human trait, curiosity. And it is through curiosity that you are being prepared. Do not expect the proverbial spaceship on the White House lawn — or in Red Square, either. You are being prepared. So you can expect to see a little more of us in some ten to fifteen years.


The ET in You: Physical Body Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, February 12, 1989 To lay out the specifics, I would like to say that you have certain aspects physically and mentally, plus others, that are associated with various specific origins beyond this planet. For starters I would like to say that your unconscious mind, sometimes referred to as the collective unconscious, would be the precursor to what has been referred to before as the one-mind experience on Zeta Reticuli. The beings on that planet, who are about 3 to 3½ feet tall, are sometimes casually referred to as the Grays — a reference to a past civilization in that particular area of the galaxy. These beings have a one-mind experience. They experience themselves mentally as a unit. You, as a collective unconscious, are not in touch with your unconscious mind. This unconscious mind is directly related to your soul personality, which is related to the Creator — and this aspect of you is directly related to the Zeta Reticulans. It is not, however, a result of their influence here. It is a precursor, because as they now know on Zeta Reticuli, and I have known for some time, you are their past lives. This does not mean that you will physically evolve into them. It means that you on Earth will, on a soul level, as a soul unit, evolve into their culture at a certain point in time. Not permanently, but you will be there for a time. The collective unconscious experience that you now have is the forebear in that sense; in time it will turn into a collective consciousness. That is what they experience.

There are other aspects that belong to other planetary groups. The primitive brain — physiologically speaking, the deeper portions of the brain — relates to Sirius and that part of the galaxy. It also relates to an element associated with the oceans — the cetaceans. If any physiologist is present, you may know that there are some basic rudimentary similarities between the primitive brain of the human being and the dolphin, for example. There are other aspects from other places. There are the thymus and the pituitary, powerfully associated with Andromeda and Orion, respectively. You must understand that you are a cultured race, that your race is not natural to this planet. You are somewhat of a mixed bag of races from other planetary groups and galaxies. One might even say that you find yourself here in these bodies for a very specific purpose.

Now, the skeletal structure of your body is related to the galaxy from afar in the Crab Nebula. I have not referred to this before because it was not necessary, but the beings who influenced your skeletal structure have exoskeletons, protective shell-like structures on the outside of their bodies. They were curious to see what internal skeletons would be like. So it was their influence that created your inner skeleton. Realize, of course, that all has been created by the Creator, whatever you wish to call him/her/it. However, there is always a degree of free will in creativity associated with influence. There are very specific origins of your physical being. And spirits — that is, your individual souls — have origins as well. Many of you have origins on Orion or the Pleiades. You might ask me, “Zoosh, what part of the body is oriented specifically to the Pleiades?” I would answer, “Many parts,” but for our discussion tonight — the skin. The skin is almost precisely the same on Earth as the Pleiades and, as many of you know, many — but not all — Pleiadian individuals look very similar to Earth individuals. Although a physical examination by a well-trained physician would reveal them to be not of Earth origin, they could pass a casual inspection as being born and raised here. The extraterrestrial component, then, in each and every one of you is quite thorough. The original Earth beings here did not look like you. They had two arms, two legs, a head and a body, but that’s about as far as it went. One might say that they had the basic structures of a humanoid, but that too is about as far as it goes. They were absolutely telepathic and were also involved in the creation of this planet as you now know it. They also coded the exact formula for returning this Earth into its pristine condition, as it existed before there was any trace of pollution. This is why some of them still exist underground, so that when the Earth human being — as you have been developed — moves on to other areas, other dimensions, perhaps, for most of you, there will be a source here to re-create on Earth the condition that existed before any pollution, hence making it habitable for other experiences. Any questions? Is there any connection between the pituitary being the master control and the idea of control in the Orion constellation? How astute. I will say that in the Orion constellation, which has been the subject of a great deal of speculation, this past culture went through a rise and fall much like your own has and was highly involved in the idea of control. Recognize that in nature as you know it, as well as in other areas of this universe, control is always and only an aspect of humankind, regardless of what form humankind might take.

In perfect nature the only form of existence is chaos, with the exception of a refined sense of species. Thus perfect reality is chaos in a perfect world of nature. Anything else is control. So I would say, yes, there is a direct correlation with the heritage from the Orion consciousness, which occupies, to a greater or lesser extent, the frontal or temporal lobes of the brain. This gives it

considerable influence in your conscious mind — which is necessary, evolutionarily speaking, for the unfulfilled aspects of the Orion legacy to be resolved here on a soul level. Whereas the Zetas are the future expression of your collective souls, the Orions are one stop on the recent past for many of you as a collective experience. So there is some form of soul balance going on there. You mentioned that we are here for a specific purpose. Can you elaborate? The human being is here to be developed by your own freewill experience into a race that will be curious, that will not resist the idea of a struggle for the pursuit of perfection or what is desired. The human being has been created to be an explorer — what normal child isn’t curious and doesn’t want to explore every nook and cranny of whatever’s available? This is a natural genetic tendency within the human being as you have been created. The intention was that when the capabilities arose for sufficient spiritual and conscious evolution, you would be the finest space explorers in existence. It was absolutely vital that this take place in order to save many races in space that have begun to develop a sense of internal perfection. That is to say, rather than seeking outward and ever looking outward as you might to explore all nooks and crannies, they have attempted to perfect their race by going within. As a result, many wrong turns have been made in terms of right and wrong and free choice. Many choices have been made that will turn those races into nonexistent species simply because of their lack of contact with other species and consequent lack of feedback to know what is required. In this way it will be your job to be the eternal explorers, bringing contact with civilizations and exchanging gossip, one might say, with other races to stimulate their curiosity. Many of these races have developed a very specific focus for their curiosity. As a result, it is expressed only in the continual perfection of what they are. This needs to be changed. Your pugnacious attitude — that is to say, an attitude that has brought about colonization not only on yourselves but within your own political groups — suggests that you have the answers, regardless of who you are, what civilization you represent, or what political or religious philosophy you hold. Now, you might say this has caused a considerable amount of consternation and strife on this planet. However, it will cause what is needed in space — controversy — and it will require a certain amount of stirring the pot in other planetary influences for them to react in a way that will bring them back into the flow of life. This is why you have been created. In other words, by our past experiences in all these areas, we’ll recognize by our own experience how to react when we get out there as an explorer race. Yes, because your natural tendency, your basic desires, will have totally prepared you for what you must do. Now, there will be many who will say, “Oh, you should not influence the cultures of other planets. What about the noninterference policy?” Understand that this will not apply so much to you. There has been a considerable amount of noninterference policy for you — that is to say, you have been protected from certain influences that would create a culture on this planet similar to the type of culture that you are intended to influence. It has been desirable to keep you separated, to keep you away from those influences so that you would not find an aspect of expression like those other cultures and simply disappear down the long corridor that says, “Oh, well, we’ll develop technology or a philosophy,” and that would be that. There needed to be a group that would be curious because they consciously really do not know. Thus a great deal of information has been kept from you on purpose so that you would have a burning desire to know. You mentioned civilizations we are going to interact with who had “gone inside” and didn’t have the curiosity we have to interact with other civilizations. Somehow that confuses me, because I’ve always heard that all the answers are inside, and as a race we seem to be going

more inside. Do we go inside in order to explore outside, or how does that work? We are referring here to racial complexes who have attempted to perfect themselves not through inner seeking but by remaining within their own confines or influence. Perhaps other planets have a certain form of their culture. They wish contact only with elements of their own species or their own influence, attempting to perfect their civilization through some focus on an idea they choose to express only in that civilization, rather than reach for some form of versatility such as this civilization. Are these other planets in the third dimension, fourth dimension, fifth? They will be wherever you are in that moment. As you have the capability, albeit somewhat limited now, to experience your version of the third dimension, there will still be some thirddimensional exploration in your solar system, where you may find some residuals of other civilizations — that is, forms of relics. But it is also possible that as everyone begins to experience more of their psychic selves, you will be able to contact the residual soul essence — in this instance, from the original culture of Mars. There are some beings still present on Mars — living underground, as is often the case, where it is easy to remain undetected. The opportunities for you to explore are boundless, and they are likely to be wherever you are in any dimension at any moment. You said various portions of our bodies are connected to various portions of the galactic map. Did you mean that strictly in a vibrational sense, or in the sense that we were surgically donated parts and that we are an invention, so to speak, or a conglomerate? If someone working in genetics wished to create an example of something, one might say that you were cloned. But that is too rudimentary a term. You were allowed to develop through the evolutionary process of interaction with your own planetary extremes of temperature and weather into a desirable version of these organs and limbs from other particular points on the map of colonies in space. It is not so much that you were stitched together, as you say, but your analogy, your joke along those lines, is not so poor. One might say that you were sewn up into a model version of a human being, because certain models were created and considered to be desirable. However, in the beginning it was foreseen that through tempering — via Earth’s climate and the stresses and strains of life, be they primitive or civilized — the body and what it might do was going to change. It was then perceived that it would be necessary to allow these organs to either be working on a full-time basis or have a sense of rest. For example, one might say that a portion of your gut [the appendix] that was often removed by zealous surgeons many years ago, had the original purpose of emergency waste elimination, not acting like the rest of the gut process, but eliminating toxins from the body that, were they to lodge permanently within the gut, could create a shortened lifespan. So you might say it was an emergency ejection system that would act by seeping through the tissues of the body and having a direct connection with the surface. This is no longer the case, because it has been found that by exposing the human body to the stresses and strains and allowing the stronger to survive disease and other changes to the physical structure, a stronger human being was created. Thus this organ was originally involved in the human body, but from the evolutionary process of lack of need, it was simply allowed to shrink to its present size. You mention the term galaxy quite a bit. Are you referring to a solar system, the Milky Way, or something outside? I understand the confusion. When I refer to these star systems, I often say “galaxy” because of the interdimensional nature of these particular bodies. From my point of view I do not see them as being only third dimensional. I see all of their aspects as well as all of their possibilities and even their

probabilities, so I refer to them as galaxies. I know this sounds confusing, but that is my point of view. Certain astronomers claim to have found a face on Venus identical to the face on Mars. Any comment? Understand that these types of aerial phenomena, of which your own planet has several as well, are usually designed to indicate either who has been there, as in the cases of Mars and Venus, or who has visited, as in the case of this planet. It is almost as though someone came along and, in graffiti terminology, signed the wall to indicate that he or she had been there. It is all too real on this planet [Mars] that, using a form of condensed laser, a signature was cut into it in several places to show who had been here and so on. One might say that that type of individual, pictured more popularly in the available reference material on Mars, had been on Venus as well. Does the hypothalamus gland relate to any other constellations, and what is its purpose in the human body? The hypothalamus is involved in the Dog Star, Sirius. Recognize that there is a great deal of influence in your physical structure from Sirius. This Sirian influence you mention is directly related to the idea that the original vehicle that came here to culture the human being from what was available did come from Sirius and is still near this planet monitoring the experiment. So I would say that it is Sirian. Its actual purpose is to conduct, physically speaking, a form of energy between the emotional body, the auric field and the endocrine system of the body into a physical communication level. So it functions as a connection between the body’s energy field and the physical body itself. This is actually how you communicate, and any arguments or disruptions in communication that occur are simply because your mind is not in as effective touch with your physical body as your emotional/energy body is. The mind is in conflict with what is really going on, so sometimes arguments will develop as a result.

Underground Beings and the Hollow Earth The original beings on the planet that you said are now in the center of the Earth — is this the “hollow Earth,” and are they the only ones living there? Many beings live there. I did not actually say they were in the center of the Earth. They are under ground — that is, not on the surface. In the actual center of the Earth at a much higher dimension there are, loosely speaking, the founders of this particular galactic region. The Founders function at what you would refer to as about the seventh dimension. They do not have bodies per se, so they do not need to have a hollow Earth. Understand that the idea of a hollow Earth is simply a way of physically projecting the idea of a space that is necessary to live in when you are spatial. But if one is at a quicker dimension, a faster pulse, you do not need to have the same type of space. What could appear to you to be dense could be space to another. They exist at this dimension, simply being, in order to allow this planet to remain intact even though sufficient stresses and strains have been placed on it to rip it asunder many times. So they will simply be and exist in order to radiate this balancing energy. That’s very interesting, because up to now we have been told that the Space Command has been holding the planet together. We’ve never heard about these beings. You’ve heard me refer to the “Space Request” before? I must say that the Space Request has not had its total conscious structure revealed. What did Admiral Byrd go into when he flew 1,200 miles beyond the North Pole into a strange, warm land? This experience relates to the Bermuda Triangle effect, although it was a round trip; many times

people simply go away and do not come back. This was another dimensional aspect of Earth. The quicker dimension of Earth as you will experience it as souls — the fourth-dimensional aspect — is a warm planet. The surface is not particularly pockmarked with structures but is considerably green and well-forested. So you might say he flew into the future and back. May we think of the north and south magnetic poles as energy vortexes where certain people could access alternate dimensions because of the strong magnetic fields? Yes, and you might also say that the icecaps in large part cover actual physical access points where instruments could be used to heighten that experience. You could say that Mother Earth puts a door over these things since they are not needed right now. That is not to say they are not desired, but they are not needed, and would perhaps be disrupted as a result. Yes, these access points do act in that function. What about the Watchers in the Book of Enoch, the original Watchers of the human race? Which star did they come from? This book has been coded — placed within a certain order and structured to be an instrument. This book is more an instrument than a story. It is designed to have sufficient mystery to encourage the reader to read it over and over again. It is an activation tool and has considerably more power when it is physically touched than when it is actually consciously understood. I will say only that the Watchers were on the vehicle that originally came here to create the human race as we know it, although they did not originate from Sirius. I will not say exactly where they are from because when you totally understand this book, it will no longer function as an instrument of change. I suggest you touch it more. I do not wish to be coy — I am suggesting only that it has a form and function, and that form and function will be completely altered when you understand it.

Earth Changes, Evacuation I notice a lot of changes happening on the Earth. I wonder if you could speak about what’s happening in this time frame. In large part the big change that you will see over the next few years is the change in the frequency and the opportunity to experience moisture. The polar icecaps, as referred to before, are beginning to recede. This is not to give you access so much [to other dimensions referred to], but to stimulate a greater need that Mother Earth has to cleanse herself. It is quite clear to her, consciously speaking — for she has a totally conscious mind, as you understand it, has no unconscious or subconscious — that she must clean herself up. She is quite clear that you are not willing to do this as a race. I understand that some of you will try to do what you can as individuals, but as a human race, as Earth beings, you are not yet prepared to clean up after yourselves. This is largely because you do not totally understand the wholistic concept of All. For example, right now in this room you share a collective unconscious. When you need to know something about yourself, where do you go to find out? Somebody else, maybe everyone, knows this trait in you but you don’t see it; you are unconscious of it, for it is part of your unconscious or even your subconscious. So you go to someone else to find out. They can tell you what is going on with you, although you are not directly related to your own unconscious mind at this time. So I will simply say then that the major change will be water. There will be a gradual pull-back in the icecaps. Mother Earth will wash herself a little bit. There will be in some places considerably more rain and moisture, and Mother Earth will perhaps require more desert to do what she can to heat herself up a little more on the surface so she can melt the icecaps. This is the real reason there are

those holes in the ozone layer — to allow more of the Sun’s rays to come in and act on the icecaps. I know the ozone layer grows thin elsewhere, and this is contributed to by the pollution factor. But the fact that Mother Earth has allowed these holes to occur at her magnetic poles is simply to encourage the melting of some ice. There will then be more rain. There will also be, as a side benefit, the lubrication of fault zones. Since the water table will rise over the next ten to fifteen years, some fault zones will have considerably more water circulating around and through them. This will lubricate them sufficiently so that they will not have to make sudden motions, and it will have the effect even deep underground of what geologists refer to as creep. That is, they will be able to move slowly as a more lubricated mass. This will actually benefit humankind and work in Mother Earth’s favor as well. How common are evacuations of certain people by spaceships prior to disasters such as earthquakes and nuclear disasters? This is not going to happen now. This was a possibility of the past — even as recently as 1982 it could have happened here. But by 1982 there was sufficient energy produced in the unconscious mind or soul structure of all human beings occupying Earth by the desire to leap beyond the growth limit of the souls of the past, which had terminated several planets. In past cultures existing in the same space, there was an evacuation of certain types of individuals so that they might observe what happened as a result of their folly to the planet they had lived on. This is an important key for you to understand. They were not saved. They were lifted off the planet to be witnesses to what they had created, so that they would go very deeply into what was necessary to do when they continued their lives on Earth in other bodies. Then they would be motivated to reproduce the exact same events so that they could make different choices and not proceed along the same evolutionary lines that led to previous terminations. The change taking place now is that the soul-level structures of all beings have decided that they must move beyond the terminating point of previous physical cultures. As a result, there will be no liftoff at this time nor in the immediate future because it is distinctly possible that you will make the shift to that fourth dimension on a conscious level — not necessarily everyone in this room, but in a reincarnational physical level — and not need that liftoff. You say that they were lifted off so they could observe and bring that imprinted message back down into another reincarnation. In any given reincarnation there is always the amnesia phenomenon, having to relearn what your mission is. Am I correct that there is not necessarily a timetable for this evolutionary process? Absolutely, since growth can occur in now time, vertical time. It is possible that one might now create growth in a past life; that is the idea of soul balance. I prefer to refer to this as soul balance rather than karma because the attitude that has developed over the years is that karma is absolute. So, yes, it is something that is purposely not remembered, but it is in the genetic personality key — that is, the bridge between the soul and the inspiration of the Creator through the soul. The growth, or balancing, that was projected to be made in this life was not placed into the conscious mind. If your life were too simple and easy, there would not be the opportunity to grow through struggle. As you know, the opportunity to grow through struggle has been created on this planet so that you would become the very best you could in the framework that has been created.

ET Power Broker Connection I have a question about the families who control this planet and their connection with the ETs,

the negative ETs — the power brokers of the planet, political and financial. We heard last week that there were ninety-five families who are connected with thirty-five extraterrestrial civilizations. Would you care to comment on that? You will find that Zoosh does not care to cast blame. I see you all as a specific organism. If one portion were removed it would not be possible for you to develop into what is required, but into a mutated version. So I do not see these individuals as the enemy. I see them rather as a portion of the old order who, according to their understanding of their knowledge of the evolution of Earth and the desired future, would attempt to control certain outcomes politically, economically and socially on this planet so that there could be a created form of access to you on this planet by some of these extraterrestrial cultures in ways that would not serve you directly. Now, I do not mean to suggest in any way that the Illuminati, White Brotherhood, whatever you wish to call it, is somehow negative. I will say that much of their knowledge is rooted within a core of a prediction for the future based on an evolution of this planet and its culture that was aligned and associated with a past probability. That is, it is not aligned with the future that you have begun to develop as a collective soul unconscious, which will take you to that fourth-dimensional aspect of self. So rather than make them into the enemy, I will simply say that they are still involved in the transition that will help them to catch up. I have another question about the power brokers and the ETs. Was that part of the original plan to provide resistance, or did that get a little bit out of hand at some point? What a nice way to frame the question! When there is resistance, physically speaking, it is necessary to mount a counterforce to overcome the resistance, as you all know. This necessarily brings out the best physical attributes of physical strength and courage. So this was part of the design to develop you as a race — and yes, the groups were absolutely, totally involved, and they were told that. They also were told that it was essential for them to continue their pursuits in the face of all evidence to the contrary. This is why you might find them now seeming to act in ways that would disrupt your obvious evolution. However, it is necessary for them to continue offering an alternative future up to the final moments of that decision to change. For as they offer that alternative future, it allows not only the possibility of a single soul choosing that alternative but also for that alternative to take place. Even though on a collective unconscious level you have made the choice to move into that fourth-dimensional Terra-type world — the green planet — there will remain even until the last possible moment the opportunity to move into your old choice, the one that had been made time and time again, which evolved eventually into termination points. This visible alternative is essential so that the soul will have the absolute freedom of choice to move beyond that old lesson. Thank you for saying that nature may have to realign herself somewhat. I’ve never instinctively felt that the doomsayers were correct about the total destruction of the planet. I’m less secure in my feelings about what the political and social ramifications are in the future. What is required here is a complete change of consciousness. The power brokers hold pretty firmly on to things, and people in general seem to want to maintain those philosophies. Now, this change of consciousness that is required — how radical will the social and cultural consequences be? We were first talking about the world order, which has been attempted several times in a more negative, controlling manner. The unconscious — or soul-level — agreement structure, such as the current one, to move into this quicker dimensional version of yourselves, needs to be made into a more conscious experience. On the evolutionary level you refer to the idea of sufficiently cleaning out your subconscious so that it can be accessed as a part of the conscious mind and so that unconscious

collective decisions can be made consciously. Those are the mechanics. How does that play out, you asked, in the political/social structures? There will be considerable upheaval along the lines of the experienced competition. The idea of competing to achieve the highest has been useful in stimulating your race to develop the highest standard of physical and even emotional mobility as well as some mental flexibility, but there is a certain degree of disruption in the planet’s being able to produce what you need in an ever-increasing amount. What is needed is some form of social order that will allow for more cooperation. I am not suggesting the idea of socialism or communism, but something along the lines of a planet-wide cooperative. This allows for individual pursuit of goals but does not necessarily create an idea of doing without. So there will necessarily be an average form of socialized structure along the lines of a co-op. This is going to be a gradual development. I do not see at this time or in your near future major upheavals of governmental bodies on a worldwide power network. There will, however, continue to be evolution toward a sense of human commonality. Even now in the Mideast with all of its struggles and strife there is the beginning of seeing eye to eye across civilizations. There is the beginning of seeing that those individuals who have been lifelong enemies are equals and have rights, too. So this is a spark of light within the mass of discomforts. Over the next twenty to thirty years you will begin to see the forms of government that have developed up to this time and who share their experience in the United Nations begin to work on a more cooperative level. This is not along the lines of political allies but of creating allies where there were once enemies to work toward a common goal, which in this case is survival. Of course, since there will be considerable weather changes over the next few years, it will be necessary for humankind to come together in its favorite way — crisis — to work together toward a common goal. The outcome of this will be more of an understanding of how others view things and perhaps an appreciation of culture. Much cultural conflict has occurred in the past because few people have traveled and been able to see other cultures. With the creation of this particular country, the United States, you do not have to travel too far to be involved in other cultures. The United States is actually a microcosmic experiment on this experimental world. The resulting climax of this experiment will be to show the world the possibilities of working together toward some common goal, even though there is a certain amount of conflict and strife. During the next twenty to thirty years, while there will be some new countries born and some old countries joining with others, similar to the way the economic and financial structures are now changing, there will not be a sudden jump aboard the bandwagon creating a total world order. But you are working toward it in steps.

Cells and the Subconscious There’s so much available for each of us to facilitate our own evolution. Is there a specific direction we can each go to facilitate ourselves individually?

Eventually, of course, there are opportunities. The emotional structure of your cells is largely in contact with your subconscious. The subconscious needs to express itself, but it does not express itself simply. It is a child and is designed to be a child. It would be useful, in order to clear your subconscious and allow it to come up and join your conscious mind and support its expansion to allow yourselves a little subconscious play. Children, when they act out, will frequently play in ways that are emotional. When they hurt themselves, they scream. When they want something they can’t have, they yell. When they see something funny, they laugh out loud. So it can be useful for you — as a means to expand your consciousness, especially mentally — to allow yourself a few moments from time to time to act as if you were a child, using a three-yearold as the best model. The three-year-old child is acclimatizing him- or herself to your cultures while still somewhat connected to the soul’s inspirational level. This is useful. Choosing to do this might be useful, because the emotions represented on Earth now are largely a residual of that Orion empire that did not really come to a natural completion. So it would be useful simply to express your emotions as a form of meditation and willingly allow them to be present in your day-to-day communications. In this way you will access some aspects of your unconscious. The more you can access that, the more likely you will become aware, through dreams and inspirations, of your soul’s purpose here on Earth. I am currently reading a book from a social memory complex called Ra —The Ra Material, or The Law of One. It refers to 65 million people on the planet now who are called wanderers. Would you comment on that? In reference again to the idea of Orion, sometimes these are misidentified as walk-ins. This particular reference is to the idea of the empire that came to a sudden and abrupt ending in almost the same way as the empire of Atlantis ended abruptly by accident. In Atlantis someone pushed the wrong button, and — whoops! — sorry, no more Atlantis. The souls that had engaged themselves in that particular Orion empire did not have a chance to complete what otherwise would have been completed naturally. So rather than call them wanderers, I would call them explorers. “Wanderers” sounds a little like doom and gloom. “Explorers” sounds a little more like fun. I had a first extraterrestrial experience, and the next day when someone asked me what its name

was, I had the full conscious experience of this supposed ET coming out of me as if it were a dimension of myself I had not been previously conscious of. It brings up a question about abductees and ETs: Are we to some degree in another dimension investigating ourselves to see how we work? This is a point-of-view question. Those of you who have studied Egyptian cultures, as well as the temples and the priesthood and so on, might know that it is possible to look in certain reflecting pools and see possible futures. It is equally possible, from a future perspective, to look back and create literally an entire world. From a philosopher’s point of view, maybe you’re just living out somebody’s dream. Recognize that from this point of view it is certainly possible. From a Zeta’s point of view, the frame of reference is that they want you and encourage you in your decision to move into this higher-dimensional aspect of yourselves so that you will not again create the terminal point of the evolution of soul. While there might be a terminal point for the evolution of experience on this planet, there is another terminal point beyond which souls do not go until they get certain lessons. Any idea of control, even if it seems to point to some desirable outcome, does not work universally within the natural flow of life. So the Zetas can encourage but they cannot really influence. They would like for you to make those changes so that your souls, as they evolve into them, would not become a dying race because of decisions made in their past. Is the fourth dimension we’re going to on this planet or on a different one? It occupies the same spatial reference and is there now. The reincarnated selves that you will all be will not really know that you ever left them, because your souls incarnated on that green planet before. We are talking about this planet as it existed before the present planet. The beings who you were would seem to go directly from the Terra of old to the Terra of the future. It will be as though you had been asleep and dreaming for only five minutes while the entire Earth evolution took place. So when you reincarnate on that planet, which is in the same space-time reference, it will seem as though you were never anywhere. But within the collective unconscious — which by that time will be considerably more conscious — there will be the memory of this strange dream. And the strange dream, of course, is your lifetime. So we’ll say yes, that space is actually occupied now and equally occupied at different dimensional versions of itself, including denser dimensional versions, always offering those opportunities. The infinite means just that. You can go any way you want. Would you comment on the ninth chakra as it relates to higher dimensions of ourselves or possibly to an extraterrestrial concept? You are referring to the developing chakras, and I will simply say that, related to the ETs, we refer to a futuristic aspect of desired probability. We would say that from your point of view the ninth chakra would be related for now — understand that tonal vibrational structures relate to different places at different times — to Arcturus, which is involved in change and is always involved in change. This chakra could be used negatively, but it is a struggle to do so. It is related to the Arcturean impetus for change and is involved in the re-creation of the auric field to bring the auric and energy-emanating field of your bodies into greater alignment with that fourth-dimensional aspect. Thus in time, as the body expands — though you will not notice it, since everything in your frame of reference will expand as well — there will be a balance within the energy field so that the solidification occurring within your present energy field to accept the expanded physicality will take place smoothly without any degree of dramatic tension that could take place on other levels. What about the eighth chakra, while we’re on the subject?

The eighth chakra is less of an extraterrestrial evolution and more of a support system designed by the Creator to ease that transition already referred to, and it is much more involved in color. The present material-mastery color on this planet is perceived as gold. That eighth chakra is going to align and combine that material-mastery color with silver, which puts you into greater communication with the future as well as the past, referring to the extraterrestrial civilizations who have contributed to your physical as well as auric, or electrical-magnetic, makeup. In other words, we go through expansion of the atomic structure? Also expanding your relation to your atomic structure. Right now the idea of quarks mystifies and fascinates atomic scientists. One might say that these quark particles, which seem to have intelligence and move through space and time, are much more directly related to the future development of the atomic structure. At present atomic structure is seen as something predictable and, within certain limits, movable and changeable. But in order for atomic structure to adapt to the future, it will need to be considerably more flexible and more personalized. As a result, the quark that is now the mystery that leads you toward the future will be a greater aspect of future development along atomic lines. It is time for you to understand that the lives you are living on a day-to-day level can be altered only if you will accept the responsibility and begin to appreciate the idealness of your physicality. Physicality is not a burden, though it may often seem burdensome. It is a possibility. You can learn lessons physically much faster and much better than you can ever learn them on a spirit level. Spirit, on an individual soul level, has a specific focus, a goal, something it wants to learn or relearn. Yet since it is eternal, it might just use all that it is offered to learn it. But when you experience an encapsulated time period in which there is only so long for a soul to learn those lessons, you will

learn them. You will have the plodding efficiency of the day-to-day reality in which to learn them. Appreciate the fact that your souls are learning much more on this physical plane in a much shorter period of experience than they can ever learn on the soul level alone. And that, my friends, goes beyond any idea of extraterrestrial influence. It can only relate directly to the Creator.

Your ET Chromosomes

As science shows you, the normal number of chromosomes is forty-six, so it doesn’t take a scientific wizard to know that there are forty-six portions of you from elsewhere — for most of you — that make up the human being. The interesting thing is that there is not a single portion of a chromosome from Earth within your chromosomes. Everyone who is born here, with few exceptions, and has forty-six chromosomes is living in a foreign place, genetically speaking. So the basis for inner anxiety is not only because the portions of you that come from elsewhere are clamoring for attention, but also because those portions all have other agendas. Every chromosome has certain functions, and those functions are all related to a place. I’ve said that the bulk of you is energy from Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades. But I’ve always added, “and a smattering of other things.” That “smattering” makes up the rest of those chromosomes. Every one of you has at least forty-six points of origin. Sometimes those chromosomes are almost asleep in that they are not doing as much as other chromosomes, or they have a great deal more they could do. I’ve talked at times about what I call soul-braiding, where an energy coming into a person’s body has a connection with some other point in the universe. It has to do with another life of your own, of your soul, which is associated with your oversoul, or your main soul energy. It becomes a permanent part of your soul and thereby brings with it not only skills, interests, desires, wishes, hopes and dreams, but also unresolved lessons that it hopes to resolve when it joins its friend soul on Earth. So where does it go? Specifically, it finds its native chromosome and sometimes amplifies the energy of that chromosome, affecting all the others. This is why, when there is a soul-braid involved with you that goes into the chromosome and amplifies it, it is sometimes physically demonstrable in terms of increased activities and abilities. For instance, something that was very difficult for you to do before that braid came in suddenly becomes easier; it’s actually an effect of genetic change. If you can focus your maximum amount of attention toward where your tail might be, you would feel it, because you have the genetic energy of these beings in your chromosomes. You have at least

nine chromosomal influences from beings on other planets who have a form of tail! Tails really do affect the life of a being; they are not only tools for communication — antennas, as some have stated — but they actually form a greater portion of consciousness. It is difficult for the human being to be fully grounded because the tail allows for that so much. I can assure you that by the time you evolve your understanding of time and space into the fifth dimension, you will all have your tails back.


UFOs and Abductions Zoosh, Joopah and Tsengey Sedona, Arizona, February 19, 1989 All right, Zoosh speaking. UFOs and abductions — what is this all about? Understand that the word “abductions” does not allow for the reality that the soul always gives permission for whatever takes place in a life. Even though some things might not always be fun or delightful, the soul’s purpose in its journeys is to understand a particular issue or many different issues from as many points of view as possible. The soul gives permission to learn. When anybody is abducted or taken someplace without their conscious permission, there is always the unconscious permission. The idea of abductions goes back a very long way. It has historical ramifications way beyond the idea of UFOs, but we will stay within the UFO parameter. My perception is that the Earth person is the direct result of a genetic experiment on Earth to create a being who is both curious and willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve knowledge, regardless of the struggle or ease, and who is also willing to take risks in order to teach that knowledge. This situation was brought about because there is a need in the universe to have at least one group of beings who, like gypsies, would go from planet to planet, bringing with them information about what’s going on on the other planets and who have a specific need to learn and to share what they know — the Explorer Race. This is needed in the universe because there are many planetary civilizations that have attempted to create a perfected race without having a great deal of interaction with their neighbors or others within their own solar systems. Thus there often needs to be more communication.

An Overview of the Earth Experiment The term “abductions” can be changed to “contacts.” Contacts between beings from other planets and this planet have been common from the beginning of your species. Your species was created from the race of beings — not the so-called Bigfoot or Abominable Snowman — that existed millions of years ago on this planet in a slightly different characterization. This race of beings, which could be referred to as the Andazi, were quite tall, rather well-furred — body hair, you understand — and were extremely connected to All That Is. They were fully telepathic, absolutely balanced and totally allowing. It was that allowance and willingness to give up their civilization to allow a contribution of their genetic structure — along with that of the Pleiadian, Orion, Andromedan, Sirian and a few other civilizations — that created what is now represented as the Earth human being. It has been necessary, in order to create this race with the full cooperation of your soul, the Creator and all concerned, to check up on the experiment over the years. As is the case in growth and evolution, you are ever evolving in your state of consciousness toward a greater understanding of who you are in your totality as well as in this individual life. Civilizations on other planets are experiencing very much the same thing. They are evolving in their understanding of who they are and who they are in relationship to others. So in the beginning, many of these “abductions,” as they are called, were carried out from the point of view of civilizations that you might say had an attitude about Earth people, including an

attitude about the Andazi. The Andazi were apparently not very technologically advanced, and the beings who originally came here from Sirius to begin the experiment — which was, from their point of view, an attempt to improve qualities for the beings on this planet — did not understand the advanced degree of the civilization of the Andazi, because they were not sufficiently advanced enough themselves to realize who they were dealing with. You see, the Andazi were beyond needing instrumentality or technology to create comfort for themselves. So I would say that there has been an evolution in consciousness within the genetic experimenters as well as the subjects of the experiment, of whom you are examples. Over the years many different races from different planets have checked up on you. They often check up on reincarnated versions of those who were originally involved in some of these experiments — not a single line traced directly back on a soul or genetic level but on soul trees. You might say that those original beings who came here from Sirius — who happened to number 144,000 — would have implanted genetically and on a soul level much of their karma, as well as their genetic needs and their specific unfulfilled desires, into the karma of the human being. Therefore much of what they had not accomplished in their lives — from Sirius and Andromeda and Orion and all these places — has been perpetuated through your own fulfillment, needs, desires, possibilities and talents. Through the years, then, these beings have picked you up and checked on you. You inherit different things from different civilizations. The Sirius race was somewhat warlike because the planet they escaped from was more negative than the world you live on now, and as a result they had warlike tendencies that you have inherited. However, they also had qualities that you would admire as well; for example, Sirians would think nothing of laying down their lives for their friends. We are talking about a race of beings who are somewhat warlike, but also courageous and somewhat self-sacrificing for the greater good of all. You might recognize those traits as something to be admired here. There are also other civilizations that have had an influence. Orion, for example, had an unfulfilled planetary destiny. Beings from Orion settled on a group of three small planets where your asteroid belt now exists. These beings had an evolutionary process of continually doing the same thing — their civilization went out to a certain point and no further. They would blow up a planet and then would have to reincarnate elsewhere. Some of them escaped in a group, came to this planet and worked their consciousness and karma into the genetic mainstream, which included their need to create conflict situations that could be resolved only through absolute and total cooperation by everyone. You are now confronted with the same crisis, not as a war situation but as a pollution and atmospheric crisis that is becoming apparent to everyone on this planet. It can be resolved only by absolute and total world cooperation. To some extent this is a legacy from the Orion need to bring their karmic pattern to a satisfactory conclusion. Another civilization that is involved in your traceable roots is the Pleiades. These individuals have had a source somewhat parallel to your own: Their forefathers and your forefathers are the same. The Founders of this particular area of the galaxy, who still live on various locations — including inside this Earth at about the eighth to ninth dimension — pulse out considerable energy. These Founders were the creators of the Pleiadians and Earth beings and others in large part through their thoughts and energetic workings. They were not directly related to what you understand to be the Creator — that is, they were not God, but they have capabilities that far exceed the idea of technology. They helped to create the idea of Pleiadian races, and they also helped to create other races. Those who moved to the Pleiades from an original source did not want to experience any idea of negativity, discomfort, separation or polarization. However, those who stayed here on the soul

level and occupied planet Earth welcomed others, such as those from Sirius, to come here and conduct their activities, believing that polarity and separation had possibilities that could be integrated into a positive world and thereby create excitement, enthusiasm and so on to stimulate their races’ development. Now, I’m giving you an overview, as you can see. The Pleiadians have had little experience with the idea of polarization, separation and even drama, and they would be somewhat interested to have you exchange with them when they feel you are ready so that they can experience your memories of drama without having to experience it themselves. They could not stand the emotional and physical effect on their bodies, but they can experience your memories. Through a form of memory transfer they can learn, without having to have lived your lives, what could influence the development of their culture in a positive way. The most notable other civilization would perhaps be from Andromeda, this being the seat of thought for your immediate area of the universe. It has contributed largely to your thinking style and aptitude. There have, as stated, been many beings who have picked you up. Very often people on this planet are picked up by Zeta Reticulans. There is absolutely no genetic connection between you and the Zeta beings. These beings were the scientists in this part of the universe and perceive themselves as technicians. They will pursue or be involved in any technological experiment that catches their interest and that they could assist with. Your association with them is on a soul line. Rather than being your past lives, you, from their point of view, are their past lives. That is, the Zeta beings, as they now exist in many years and dimensions into the future, are your soul’s future lives. As the Zetas have begun to realize that, they have changed their entire point of view about who you are in relation to them. That is the overview.

The Zeta Reticulans Now, one of you might experience being picked up by these Zeta beings. I mention this because these are the contacts that are the most controversial right now. The Zeta beings are the short beings who have large eyes, big heads and a strange pallor to their skin — somewhat grayish or chalky. They have a tremendous intelligence that cannot be measured by your IQ tests, but if you used IQ values you could say that their IQ ranges from 300 to 500. They can process tremendous amounts of information through their minds in an instant, very much like a large computer. These beings experience themselves, their civilization and their culture on a one-mind level. What one of them knows, they will all know in time due to the interactive experience of their single mental capacity. Although they have the advantage of that knowledge transfer, the disadvantage is that since they have largely a single-minded motivation, they are sometimes very slow to understand that the things they are doing and processes they’re involved in could benefit by the increase of some totally different point of view. This is not to suggest that they are rigid and stubborn, but rather that they are very focused in their own culture, although perhaps not entirely on a level of beneficial creativeness for themselves. Their problem in recent years has been the dying out of their civilization in vertical time. They would very much like to have someone to pass it on to. They know now that the reason their civilization is dying out is their attempt to divorce themselves from their emotional bodies, which they perceived to cause much of the strife in the past, thereby creating a greater dominance of the mental self and a goal of technological pursuit that could constantly stimulate their minds toward the creation of technology. I would say that they have created a tremendous technology that has gone so far as to be

genetically based. They have come to realize that it is their emotional bodies that act as the electrical conduit from their soul-selves to their physical experience of themselves. Because they have narrowed their emphasis on their emotional selves, they have greatly cut down on their direct energetic transfer of inspiration from the soul’s energy to their physical presence. Naturally, they are having a considerable difficulty in incarnating and reincarnating, since there is a tendency for souls to wish to pursue a balanced lifestyle — balanced between mental, physical, emotional and spiritual — rather than a stunted lifestyle, too mental and not emotional enough. When these beings have picked you up, they have been very scientific in their approach. They have not often been fully cognizant of your emotional needs, since their own emotional growth was so stunted, due to the emphasis placed on the elimination of the emotional body. As a result, when one of you who was taken aboard a ship would have an emotional crisis, due to their ignorance of their own emotional bodies, they would literally not understand. You might ask, “How can such a technologically and mentally advanced civilization be so narrow in their understanding?” It is simply this: They are telepathic and do not communicate verbally. Though they can make a sound, they have evolved to a point where they are no longer using the spoken word. The complication occurs when they receive communication from you. There has been no complication in the other direction. You have been able to receive their communications because your energetic selves — your emotional and physical interactions with your spiritual and etheric selves — are very powerful and pronounced. So you are actually more sensitive in your communication skills than they are. You can receive everything they have to say even though it does not always make sense to you. The real problem has been the fact that they have a very poor ability to differentiate between your subconscious and your conscious thoughts. This has caused an extreme difficulty for them. When they induce a hypnotic state in you in order to take you aboard the ship, they use their eyes as well as a degree of technological support to induce this state, but they also have to screen their very large eyes with their inner lids since they are extremely light-sensitive.

The side effect of that — which they have only recently realized — is that the deep pools of their black eyes seem to bring your subconscious to the surface. This is why many of you have the experience of wanting, wishing and hoping to meet these beings from other planets — if for no other reason than so you can know they exist and tell your friends about them. But when you actually meet these particular beings from Zeta Reticuli — they are not terrifying looking, just different — the effect of their eyes is to bring your subconscious to the surface. And since they do not themselves experience a subconscious mind — they have only a conscious mind and an unconscious, soul-level mind — they do not know what they’re dealing with. When a person’s subconscious comes up, you will not simply react to the Zeta beings, but you will experience everything that has ever gone on emotionally in your subconscious, including the ideas of love, hate, fear and so on. Because you have suppressed a great deal of fear in your lifetimes and placed it into your subconscious, you have to deal especially with fear. Even the slightest feeling of fear in you will be amplified a hundred times, due simply to the increased presence of your subconscious. So while on one level you might wish and hope to communicate with these beings and express it telepathically — and they pick up your thoughts — at the same moment you could be having a subconscious thought you’re not even aware of that is screaming for these people to get away from

you and leave you alone. They cannot differentiate at all. So although they can communicate more directly to you because of your openness and abilities and energetics of existence, due to their limits they cannot fully grasp the differentiation between your feelings and your thoughts. This has created a tremendous problem in the past. Now that they are aware of it, they have done what they can do. They cannot directly change their civilization or drop their psychological shields because, having disciplined themselves so long not to be under the influence of emotions, they cannot tolerate the energy of Earth people. The actual energetics of emotion would buffet them too much and cause them such discomfort as to prevent future interactions with their own race.

The Hybrid Race What they have done, therefore, through the use of the so-called abductions, is go back in time. They had to go back in time in any event, to see your civilization in the past as well as now. They have begun to use some of the genetic samples gathered from human beings over the many years of their contact, as well as get contributions from certain volunteers — from their point of view, they feel that since your souls and their souls are directly in a karmic and interrelated past life/future life experience, they have your permission — in an attempt to create, not a direct cross between you and them, but a bridge race that can communicate to them and to you equally — a secondary race. They have, over the years of time and space and now within the context of time, created about 40,000 of these beings primarily through the use of cloning, since this is their number one format for re-creation. But there has also been an attempt to create actual biological births, since many times they did not understand why you had so many powers from their point of view. They have begun to believe that direct biological birth might have some bearing on an individual’s desire to survive. And since it is their intention to create survivability in their race, they wish to breed in that factor, or what your race outstandingly possesses: a lust for life. What has taken place, then, is this exchange of genetic experiences to create this secondary race. The secondary race has attributes of both races: the knowledge of the parent race, the Zeta Reticuli, and also the knowledge of the other race — you. These beings will be able to communicate more directly with you because they will have a degree of an emotional body. They will not be as emotional as you, but they will be considerably more emotional than the parent race. Thus they will not need any technological protection from your emotional body. They look a little different: The parent race is three to three-and-a-half feet tall at most, but the secondary race is about five feet to five feet, four inches tall. The head will not be as proportionately large as that of the parent race, and although the eyes will still be quite large, they will be smaller than those of the Zetas. These beings will eventually begin to contact your race, and there has been some minimal contact up to this time. They will largely act as ambassadors between the two races and improve communications considerably. From the Zetas’ point of view, the creation of the secondary race has been the reason for the abductions.

Abductions by Other ET Races There are other people who are involved in what you refer to as abductions, but what is going on here is often the experience of wishing and wanting to find out more about you. Sometimes people will be abducted onto Pleiadian ships; these experiences, though, will be much more pleasurable. You will often have an experience of play. Sometimes they use tone and light to create teaching games, because

this is the orientation of their own educational system. The idea of tone, or song, and color in an embodied form — color that moves, that can exist as its own entity and that can influence as an almost solid substance is very inspiring and delightful indeed — can act as a way of bridging your races. This is what they will do for you. The Pleiadians’ object is to be able to observe your wide range of emotions. They also must protect themselves somewhat if you emanate an emotion of discomfort, but they can be fully exposed to you when your emotions are calm, peaceful, happy or joyful. So they are perhaps better off than the Zeta beings. They look very much like you, with only minor differences — around the area of the skull, the ear receptors are somewhat different, and the gut is about seven feet shorter because they don’t have to digest some of the things you’ve had to digest simply to survive, plus a few other minor differences. The beings from Andromeda will often be seen in lightships. Pleiadian ships are often seen as solid or glowing with a sky-blue or pink color; the Zeta craft are most often red-orange; and the Orion ships are usually blue-green. The Andromeda lightships, if visible at all, are seen as a compressed form of white light. These beings are extremely advanced, dimensionally speaking, fully balanced, and the thrust of their race is to create justice. They have on their planetary influences the seat of thought, where different races are encouraged to see how their thoughts work toward helping them evolve to their life purposes as well as to see how they are similar. So they sometimes check up on you. You seldom experience being taken aboard their ships, but every once in a while some of you will experience it, even if taken physically, in the form of your lightbodies. Their vehicles, which often appear as flat disks of pure white light, simply act as transfer zones or time-space windows; thus you can experience any planetary phenomena over which they have an influence in their own area of culture and galactic origins. As far as Orion is concerned, there are two different influences. To some extent there is the old Orion influence, which has largely infiltrated into your karmic pattern and motivation and no longer exists outwardly. There is the now Orion, which is very positive and very much involved in light, color, sound, music and somewhat theatrical expressions. They are in appearance — unlike the beings from Andromeda who are lightbeings — quite varied, with a wide range of representation. Some of them are quite humanoid; others, although they have two arms and two legs, have heads shaped like a softened valentine heart. Some are no more than four to four-and-a-half feet tall and others range between eight and nine feet tall and have very long limbs. A very high evolution of their souls is integrated into their day-to-day reality. Orions pick you up not to check on the effects of the Orion past and the karmic tie but to see how you are overcoming it; not to see how it progresses but to see how you are throwing it off — what has been processed and what has been shed due to that processing. Historically they have kept track of your progress from their point of view. They do not do the genetic tests and so on that the Zeta beings do. If anything, they might attach a comfortable device to your head and transfer the emotional and mental memories of your life into their computer banks or into one of their individuals who acts as a link to a data storage unit. The Sirius influence is a different situation. There has been an odd form of bleed-through. There are dimensional beings from Sirius who are from the planetary location that the original beings are from. This Sirius planet is somewhat more negative than your own: They do not appreciate or experience any idea of positivity, but they are wonderful warriors and have many of the attributes on the most positive level of a good warrior — so as not to misunderstand them. They also have

tremendous fear. They are actually somewhere between the second and third dimension in their experience of life. Due to the anomalous window experience that has developed so that they might be prepared to make the shift that you are all making now to the next dimensional expression of yourselves from the third to the fourth dimension, they are preparing to make a shift from the second to the third dimension. They are preparing to integrate the idea of positivity into their world so they can reach a greater sense of balance. Thus this bleed-through has to take place for them so they can prepare themselves for this new experience. To some extent they are acting as interferers, for their experience of life does not include an understanding of how their soul structure fits into their-day-to-day life. They are not religious and do not consciously believe in any idea of the Creator. This is not to suggest they are soulless or evil, but that they are unevolved — not even as evolved as your race is or has been these many thousands of years. So they must be, if not pitied, at least understood in their own light. They believe that if this shift takes place for their civilization from the second to the third dimension, they will simply cease to exist. If they do not have an understanding of themselves as spiritual as well as physical beings, you can see how any idea of a change that would totally revolutionize their experience of themselves could be perceived as an obliteration of their race. This is their approach to the universal change. Of course, as your planet changes from the third to the fourth dimension, all other aspects of your galaxy and imagined world, as well as the real world, will change as well. The negative Sirians are desperately frightened about this, and although they are quite certain they can do nothing to prevent it, they are doing their darndest to slow down the process. There is practically nothing they can do to slow it down, but this does not prevent them from fighting in a lost cause. This is an aspect of their behavior that might be considered positive by some on your planet. You can see that even though they are warriors, they are also exhibiting some positive traits, although they do not recognize them as such. These beings are here and act to some extent as corrupters. They are the ones who are involved in and influencing directly, or indirectly through others, the so-called cattle mutilations. They’re also involved in subversive attempts to make the Zeta beings scapegoats for activities they are not directly involved in. They are attempting to blame certain activities on the Zeta beings when they themselves — these particular Sirians of the second- to third-dimension orientation — are involved more directly. As a hint, at this northern New Mexico locality [Dulce] where there is an underground Zeta Reticuli base, there is also a nearer-to-the-surface base of these Sirian beings where they are attempting to create on a rather grand scale the idea that the Zeta beings’ real purpose in their genetic experiment is to make a human race of slaves. You might say that there is a grandiose idea of subversion going on here. It is not reaching the public to any great extent, but it has percolated out a little bit. I must comment on the other Sirian beings who are at a very highly evolved state. They would usually not pick anybody up because their evolution has been so extended that they are not fully embodied anymore. I am not suggesting that there are no Sirians who are embodied, but that those who are directly associated with the Earth are the direct soul lineage of those 144,000 beings who came on that first ship to initiate the social engineering experiments that began the creation of the human race. Through time and over millions of years, through their contract with Earth karma and Earth’s auric field, those beings have evolved into what is now experienced by many as the angelic kingdom. They are directly associated with Earth’s auric field and will be involved with Earth for time immemorial. So they will act to some extent as protectors, guardians in a direct alliance between the Creator and Mother Earth herself.

Billy Meier Contacts Can you give us any information about the Billy Meier contacts with the Pleiadians in Switzerland? For the most part, these contacts are genuine. There has been some information that has purposely been given out to cloud the actual reality of these contacts. The contacts have become somewhat more clandestine in recent years, due to a realization by some individuals close to Meier such that Meier feels, on a soul level, a sense of concern for his own safety and has created some dramas. The Pleiadians on their part have recognized that Meier has an Earth karma. He has a purpose for being on Earth and a need to learn some lessons, so they have to some extent backed away from face-to-face, physical contact with him. This is not to say they are not concerned about him — for they are influencing him away from this planet — but rather that they are concerned that the contacts they have made allow Meier to create on a soul level, and manifest physically, dramas that might involve them and him in ways that are not beneficial to him. They have needed to pull away in any event, due to the increase in emotional energy not only of Mother Earth, but of you as direct representatives of Mother Earth on the physical-emotional plane. Your activity has become more emotional. Mother Earth is changing to create for herself a greater sense of harmony, and you must, as her representatives, change as well. So they have had to physically back away. However, they are still in telepathic contact with Meier and are continuing to give him information for himself and his archives. In time the Meier archives will be translated very carefully. Some languages can be easily translated, such as German, but in the translation into English there is a lot of nuance lost. I would suggest to those who can read German to read them in that language; the contacts are real.

Cattle Mutilations Can you tell us why cattle are mutilated and parts of their bodies taken? Those beings who are involved in that are, to some extent, Earth beings. I do not wish to comment greatly on that due to their desire to remain anonymous or at least be veiled from the knowledge of the general public. I will say, however, that the initial instrumentation involved in assisting these Earth beings to pursue these studies was provided by the negative Sirians, though they themselves did not invent it. I would also suggest that the other Sirians are highly evolved. And there are animal species who are very high beings themselves, such as the whales and dolphins who are derived from that particular area of the galaxy. The particular parts of the animals’ bodies that are being removed is not so much about a pursuit of the DNA — since that is understood — as it is the creation of a synthetic hormone that can alter the physical mass of any given body, including animal bodies, to re-create it into other forms. I am purposefully speaking somewhat obliquely. Many years ago a woman was abducted by a UFO. The beings had a calf on board, which they were mutilating, and she scolded them. They indicated that their masters were humans who looked like us. Can you explain this? This is a direct reference to the idea of the negative Sirians. These Sirians, while they do not in their normal bodies look that much like you, are humanoids and they have similarities to you. In an adapted form of Earth body that they can wear, they look very much like you. You notice that the beings said that they appeared to be like you. They did not, from their frame of reference, see a great

deal of difference. The particular beings operating that vehicle did not fully grasp the difference on a soul level, due to their inability to understand emotions or even appreciate them as having value. That that is why their discernment was so limited. I might also say that the beings on that particular vehicle who appeared to look somewhat like the Zeta Reticuli beings were in fact a form of that crossbreed created by the Sirians, who used some of the genetic structure of the Zeta beings through direct access to genetic coding files as well as samples of Zeta tissue remains. These particular beings were somewhat cynical because of their evolutionary process, which is extremely limited. There have been, at times, references to the Zeta Reticuli past. In their past — not the level from which Joopah speaks — there have been wars and extremely cynical civilizations, though these specific beings were not from those. Are some Zeta beings giving information to the top echelons of government in exchange for being allowed to conduct mutilation experiments? This is absolutely untrue! Understand that the reference you are using here is an example of the Sirian attempt to create a subversive sense of blame toward these Zeta beings. I will say to the source of your information that while 80 percent of these particular documents [the Dulce Papers] are true, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. About 20 percent of the alterations have been made so that certain parties who would prefer to be anonymous can continue to be so. The actual biological facility that was graphically detailed in that document actually exists, although what is going on there was somewhat distorted. There are Zeta beings who are involved in some information transfer, and the scientific community in this particular case operates with a direct clearance from some elements of the government of the United States. I might mention that there is another Zeta being who is engaged in a similar activity in the Soviet Union, although the information gathered there is of a slightly different nature. There is also another Zeta being in a European country recognized at this time as a world influence, if not a dominant power. There are a couple of others. The so-called attempt to corrupt the human race and to spread the idea of a world of slaves is a subversive attempt to make the Zeta beings look like monsters.

The Negative Sirians Is the purpose of the second-dimensional Sirians to create a slave race? No. Their purpose is to disrupt? Yes, their motivation is to disrupt. Their purpose is to survive, and from their point of view survival can take place only if the pivotal point in the universe in this space and time — which is Earth and its karmic evolvement to the fourth dimension — can be delayed in that motion as much as possible. But you have begun that motion to your fourth-dimensional experience already. As a result, even they are changing. They are now in some communication on a slightly more open level with intelligences that can assist them in their own change. Even though they resist those communications, they are experiencing them in their dream states. In the past their dreams have been nightmarish; now some dreams are happy and positive. So they are experiencing the anxiety associated with the totally unknown, and they have real, major anxieties and fears because of them. They are being influenced already to a degree at the unconscious level and there is some hesitant contact going on with those who might advise them, including myself and others. So they are beginning to change in spite of themselves. But understand that their motivation in these subversive activities is simple survival. Do these second-dimensional Sirians have space travel of their own?

They do have what might be considered rudimentary space travel from the point of view of other ETs. From your point of view it would be quite advanced. The primary motive power of their ships is a form of atomic energy, which is perhaps the most rudimentary form of interstellar transportation. They cannot make huge leaps in space and time. They are now accessing that window in space and time that will bring them into your now, or whatever now you and your souls occupy in this incarnation on your planet. There is a very narrow range they can come to from their point of origin. They cannot travel in great space and time to your distant future or distant past to be involved in corruptions. They are able to access you only so that they can learn and become prepared for what they might expect in their own evolutionary process. Their ability to travel in space has been given to them by certain beings with the full realization and cooperation of the Creator so that they could simply come here from where they are. It is understood that they do cause some discomforts; however, on a soul level you have all agreed. And after all, one must respect the fact that even the most incorrigible child is worth saving. Is there a difference in appearance between the Sirians and the Zeta beings? There is a striking difference in their actual appearance; however, there has been some attempt to create, through the use of some rudimentary forms of genetic engineering, an appearance somewhat like the Zeta beings. They don’t exactly act like the Zetas and are programmed to be, we shall say, pesky. Recognize that they are not all-powerful, these beings from this rather dense aspect of the Sirian galaxy, as I call it. Their technological abilities are very carefully controlled by those in charge of the creation of this portion of the universe. However, it is almost as though the incorrigible child is sometimes given the weapon of his own destruction so that he can learn from his mistakes. Since you yourselves have the experience of negativity, albeit not to the extent they do, you can see how if you touch something hot, you learn not to do that again. They have been given the weapons of their own destruction so they can learn how not to use them. Which of these groups are you related to or do you interact with? I interact with them all in an advisory capacity, but I’m not directly related to any of them. Wherever energy can be, I can be, and I am not embodied or encapsulated in a limited framework of life, such as a physical form. I would perhaps consider the idea that the higher-dimensional aspects of Alpha Centauri would be a homeland to me, since Alpha Centauri is directly involved as a portal from the Creator. One might say that the stuff of life spews through Alpha Centauri.

Ashtar There are many people channeling the Ashtar Command. Can you tell us anything about that? Does it exist? I’ve said this in the past and I will say it again, without any intention of offending anyone who is involved in the pleasure of reading and experiencing this material or even in contact with Ashtar. Ashtar, as a being, is a child not only in his evolution but also as an existence personality, evolutionarily speaking. This is ofttimes the reason why the material from Ashtar that comes through individuals is coming from the point of view of an adventurer. It is fun, it is exciting, it is something that any child could appreciate in the universe as well as on this planet.

One must remember that this does not mean that Ashtar is to be dismissed. Ashtar is involved on this planet with your emotional understanding, so he is karmically tied to this planet. He is evolving as your emotional ego structure. His aspect of emotionality is directly related to the ego structure; the ego structure itself is an aspect not only of mentality but also of emotionality, and emotionality relates to physicality. This is why so often the Ashtar material will be exciting and inspire or instigate emotion. Recognize that it is an attempt to evolve itself in these contacts. Ashtar is a beloved being associated with Earth, and the immediate outcome of his next step of evolution will be to combine his energy with what is now referred to as the angelic and devic kingdom on this planet. So his function is necessary; he is providing a valuable service. It is also important to remember that this service is one that is for children as well as adults. Up to this time the Ashtar material has largely been consumed by adults. It was really always and only intended to be consumed by children. It is, from your Earth perspective, a child’s view of the universe. In time, when the real purpose of Ashtar’s relationship to the human being is understood, there will perhaps be the Ashtar TV show and the Ashtar movie series, which was originally intended by Ashtar himself as well as others to create a make-believe world — and I’m not saying that what Ashtar says is not true — to prepare the children to be the next founders on a soul level of your society as it evolves. The energy as well as the purpose of Ashtar is very benign indeed. It is to be complimented and, perhaps in time, appreciated for what it is. Is there any validity to the idea of an evacuation of this planet or a lift-off? For the sake of clarity, I will say that although that was planned in the past as a potential and it has been done many times before, it is really your soul’s desire on a universal basis to have a different ending to create the zenith of this new culture. Rather than have someone come in, lift you off and take you to the fourth dimension, you are attempting to create an actual biological, genetic, spiritual, ethereal motion in karma as well as in soul. You want to make that motion yourself — it could actually be measured at a distance from your planet, from the solar system’s point of view — rather than have others come in and lift you off. The last time it really existed as a potential was in early 1982. The intention now is not to do this so that your souls can have the opportunity to create a different ending to the culmination of this civilization. When people are taken aboard a craft, they report seeing not only these little gray chaps with the gray eyes, but regular-looking human beings, frequently in blue uniforms, who seem to be working with the aliens. Can you explain this?

To some extent we are talking about your own race, but this particular race exists at a future version of yourselves. The most advanced vehicles that enter your space — not the most advanced vehicles, period — travel through time as well as space, and the idea of retrieving someone from the future to come and assist in this experience is very easily done, technologically speaking. Thus some of these beings would be future Earth-selves.

Many of them would be from 2,500 to 2,600, at which time — when you have a dimensional shift you can’t really put a year on it — much of the work that is being done now have culminated. These future Earth-selves are coming back to check on their past lives, from their point of view, to see how things are getting along. What is difficult for them is remaining passive and objective, because their normal personalities are nothing like that at all. So the suits they wear are somewhat protective devices to keep them from being as normally emotional as they would otherwise be. At that stage of your evolution, the emotional body as well as the spiritual self have come to the level that is really intended for you, and it is much more evolved and integrated in your reality on a very positive level. These particular suits, appearing rather like jumpsuits, act to screen some of their input so they do not become emotional and radiate an energy that would confuse their hosts on that vehicle. There are also a few other beings who are not from the future. They are from evolved cycles of other planets and look very much like human beings. They would look sufficiently human to pass for one on the street, provided they wore a mild form of disguise. These beings might also be present

from time to time.

••• Joopah speaking, from Zeta Reticuli origin. Do you have any questions about the interactions of Zeta Reticuli from my dimensional point of view, which would be far in your soul’s future? You say “far in the future”; can you give us some sort of idea in our Earth years how far in the future? Perhaps I can. Recognizing that our light-year is actually a measurement of distance, I will use light-years, since it is a time in the future as well as a time in space, and if one travels far enough, space and time both curve. Let us simply say that we are about three to four million years, in terms of light-years, in the future of your now time. In my immediate experience of civilization and culture, we are now experiencing life around the seventh to eighth dimension. We are also shifting. So it would be about that, but it does not really directly relate to years. Thank you. I get the idea. Are your experiments and data collection successful so far? Yes. “Successful” meaning achievement, yes. We have achieved a greater understanding of who you are. In our new understanding — with the help of Zoosh and others, including the Creator and our other advisors — we now understand who we are. This is quite a startling experience for us, for we never understood that there was a direct relationship between us. Our initial experience of this genetic experiment was that we were involved simply because we are such experts in this field. It was quite a surprise to us that there would be such a direct connection between us. But I can see how

the Creator would have involved us this way. And I can also understand why the Creator did not tell us, since the Creator would prefer that we find out for ourselves. Philosophy is a little new to me, but I can understand it from that point of view. What have you found out about us? We have been involved with you since before you existed; we have found out everything.

Picking the Contactee: Genetic and Soul Lines When you contact people of this planet, what is the method you use to pick the contactee? How do you find the person? We use a form of genetic ranging device. Sometimes a version of our culture will use crystal coding keys to find a particular individual. This is a more physical aspect of how we find you. You could understand this as a form of homing device that operates at an interdimensional level and synthesizes and syncopates itself to your brain-wave rhythm, which is unique to each individual, sending out a signal that can be picked up by a brain-wave receiver. This is a particular device that has sometimes been referred to as a nodule [implant] found or placed in various individuals. We have found that to be somewhat impractical, because now we realize the discomfort involved in the placing of this in your bodies. We do not have discomfort if such devices are placed in us, so it took us some time to understand why you resisted these things. I must apologize. This has taken place due to our ignorance, in the sense of not having a frame of reference for the idea of discomfort. We now use a device that is involved as a genetic-code key. This essentially creates a genetic heritage. That is, when we first contact an individual — from your point of view, millions of years ago — we remove a genetic sample without discomfort, perhaps from the epithelial layers of the skin. Then we keep a linear genetic account of the evolution of that particular DNA as it evolves. We use that particular version of human being when we check up on later lives. Although I do not wish to make you sound as if you were white rats, it is not off the mark to say that this is what is done in laboratories, but we do not pick you up by your tails and mistreat you in such ways. We have needed to understand how the evolutionary process has taken place in the development of your race. One can do this scientifically only by having a thoroughly analyzed sample and then seeing what changes occur during the process of life and evolutionary direction and so on. Can I clarify that last statement a bit more? All right. You’ve taken DNA samples in the far-distant past and then continued to check that particular DNA as it evolved through marriages and the evolution on this planet. Is that correct? Yes. So the people who are now contacted are chosen genetically, because of the past experiments? Yes, as well as others, in the sense that any experiment would have an experimental group and also a control group as a comparison. The other group that is primarily involved is the soul group. Those who were contacted in the past might have branched off, genetically speaking, from that particular line and developed along different soul structures. This is another one of our groups, and this is why very often we will have a frame of reference along soul lines. For example, when we contact a particular individual and bring him aboard the ship, in the past when there has been some discomfort for that individual, there has always been one member of our crew who could step forward and, through the placement of a hand directly over or near the third-eye

region, calm that individual’s discomfort. We never understood why until recently. It was because that particular individual is a direct future soul incarnation of the individual on the table. This is an extrapolation, this idea of soul transit. Because we now understand that we are the future expression of your soul-selves, we have another point of reference to track souls. As any mapmaker knows, you need as many frames of reference as possible in order to outline boundaries. With this new frame of reference, we have been able to track the souls more clearly.

The Second-Generation Hybrid Race Zoosh spoke a bit about this hybrid between your race and ours. Which, if any, of our past civilizations have related directly to that? It is difficult to say how long it has been taking place. In terms of the time that we ourselves have been working on the development of this race, I would say it has been perhaps a few hundred of your years. The direct contact between this particular species and your own really did not start even on the most limited of bases until perhaps thirty to forty years ago and then only in an extremely limited way with the direct evolutionary soul beings. There has as yet been no direct contact between this particular race — the second generation — and those we track genetically. But there has been some contact with those we track on the soul level to see how the soul connection can be curved to accept them. In a sense, we are attempting to alter the past by creating these beings. Because they will be able to communicate more directly with you and you will be able to relate to them much more easily, the communication will be tremendously improved. They will also, as a result of your contact with them in the coming years, create and support your own desires to evolve to a greater capacity than you now express yourselves to be. It will encourage your transit from the third to the fourth dimension and beyond. While we cannot directly interfere with your society, we must do something to preserve our race, since our race, on a level of actual incarnation, is beginning to die out. We have made this attempt to influence indirectly by the creation of this secondary race, which is biologically as well as soully influenced by both groups. There has been little contact between them and you, but there has been some. The uniforms — as you call our apparel — would be a little different. Their skin texture is quite smooth, much like your own, although perhaps a little more durable. To touch the skin it would feel perhaps like the nose of a dog — a little bumpy, but smooth in general — not wet, though. A joke for Joopah, that’s amazing! I would say that I just recently attempted to learn humor. I am still struggling with that. Their skin color is black, not like the dark races on this planet, but actually the color black. They, as indicated, are about five feet to five feet, five inches tall. They wear a black uniform with either gold or silver — depending upon their rank or job — metallic spots toward the mid-abdomen and then going to black. If any of you find these beings familiar, perhaps this is the reason. They have different articulations — you say fingers, yes? They have five digits, as you do. Their thumb is longer, so they are able to manipulate better. They do not have hair, just as we do not, nor do they have eyebrows or eyelashes. We did not see any reason to create that since they are not subjected to extremes of temperatures. Is this sufficient? Yes. Are these related to the beings in Inner Earth? They are not directly related. Of course, these beings, sometimes called the Founders, are the origin of almost every form of intelligent — and even what you perceive to be nonintelligent — life in this area of the universe. So they are related, but they are not first cousins. These beings that you are describing with the black uniforms and so forth, might one of them

come through on a psychic or telepathic level? I wonder because I had an experience just a few days ago where I telepathically or psychically picked up a being who resembled the description you gave. It is possible, you understand, and indicates that the contacts are taking place along the soul line between the Zetas and your civilization. Thank you. This person gave the impression of being like an ambassador or a public relations person, which seemed to fit what you were saying. Yes. Thank you. Anything else? [No responses.] Then I will say that I will bid you — what does Zoosh say? — adieu. He likes to use the French sometimes. I will say farewell for tonight. Thank you for your cooperation and your interest. We will see if one of the second generation will speak briefly to you, and then perhaps Zoosh will have a closing statement. ••• Well, good evening. I am known as Tsengey [tsen-gay]. How would you spell this? I would say T-s-e-n-g-e-y is good. I am of that second-generation race. I have been created to act as a liaison between the parent race and your race, to be not only an ambassador but also to gather social and cultural information so that the parent race can learn how better to interact with your race, your culture. They are beings who do not have the best of table manners. Their ability to be involved in intersocietal social gatherings would be extremely limited indeed, since they have attempted to create the best of their own rather than to create direct contact with others. So they struggle somewhat with these social graces. We have perhaps been given more of the ability of social graces, since our direct purpose is to gather cultural-social information from you initially as our tryout experience and then go out into the galaxies with you and with others, acting as a universal interpreter for you. It appears likely that within the next few hundreds of years, we will work together in our space explorations, for there will be many situations in which you will need our assistance not only as an interpreter but to help prevent the type of mistake that the parent race made with your civilization. Perhaps I will take a quick question. Are you some of those we contact more out-of-the-body than physically? What a fine question! Yes. You more often contact us in your sleep state or your astralprojection state than by direct contact. We have had direct contact in the past thirty or forty of your years with only about a thousand people on the surface of this planet, so it is rather uncommon. However, there are those who have us in their recollections. To broaden the horizon of who we are, we are quite interested in the arts. We are artistically expressive, and it is our intent to create a civilization devoted to the homogeneity of arts and the expression of art and art forms in all cultures and civilizations. We will make this our theme for the development of our race. Now I will bid you a fond good evening, and we will have a closing statement from the advisor Zoosh. ••• Zoosh speaking. Understand that your civilization is involved in a tremendous leap. It is a leap not only of evolution on a soul level, but it is a leap of faith that must take place before that evolution is evolved. Recognize in your immediate cultural surroundings the upswing of interest in religion and religion’s direct cousin, philosophy. This renewed interest has been created by the energy of inspiration, which is the direct transit of energy from oversoul to soul, which owes its origin to the

Creator God, the One Mind, whatever you wish to call it. That upswing of faith is a direct manifestation of the faith that is needed in order to commit to this change from the third to the fourth dimension. Recognize also that these abductions will become more benign in the coming years as the races involved begin to realize who they are to you. The Zetas are already beginning and — as indicated by Joopah, who is in this rather higher-dimensional aspect — they will also begin to instruct the lowerdimensional aspects of the Zetas from the past about who they are to you. This will take some little time. They can relate to Joopah and others of that dimension and they will be slow to respond, but they have already begun. There will also be some delay with the negative Sirians, but they have begun their own evolutionary process almost in spite of themselves. Those so-called negative Sirians will get some assistance from the cetaceans, dolphins and whales, who will act to some extent as interpreters between the negative, second-dimensional aspect of the Sirians and the more positive aspect of the Sirians existing in the now time frame who are representative of the true Sirian experience. Thus the contacts will become more benign, although there will be a brief period of drama in reaction to the negative contacts of the past, because it is through drama that your cultures achieve the highest levels of success in becoming the best that you can be. This is what you have done in the past, and you’re not yet ready to give up on these dramas. You always rise to the occasion. So I will say, expect in time that the abductions, as they are called, will become much more cooperative as individuals on your planet begin to realize that they are actually choosing to be involved and how by consciously re-creating their motivations, they will become involved with beings who are much more cooperative. As a result, the more negative beings and even the ones who are cynical will not be experienced, because you will not choose or allow it to be so. Recognize that many of you will live to see this take place as well as hear about it on your news broadcasts. In time a major power will come forth and state clearly for all to hear in the press that they not only believe that beings from other planets exist, but that there is interaction now between those beings and the citizens of Earth. To some extent other governments will chime in and say, “Yes, and it is negative.” Other governments will chime in and say, “No, it is positive,” and so on. And there will be an argument, but there will be a conscious acknowledgement. You will all live to see that. Your lives are changing not only in time but in your relationship to time. Since your whole time perspective is changing, your evolutionary process is greatly accelerated. This is why you can experience so much in a given life now. Many of you will be uncomfortable with the extreme acceleration. You will feel that perhaps too much is being demanded of you. A lesson that you had months to get through in the past will now take days to get through. But since time is being collapsed and you are moving interdimensionally as a planetary experience, you are now able to accomplish the lessons of ten physical lives in this one. So your souls are gaining more karmically useful information than they have ever gotten before in any unit of time. It is for you to know now and ever understand that the lives you are living now, even though they are not always comfortable, are given as a gift. Do not wait for the rewards of afterlife. Appreciate the reward that you are being given now. This gift of life right now in this moment has everything to do with the great reward that comes in the hereafter. This is really the hereafter.


The ET in You: Emotion and Thought Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, March 12, 1989 What portions of the human race, and yourselves as individuals, might at any given moment be related to some derivation from elsewhere? As a quick overview, much of the negative — in terms of anger, strife and disagreement — would be related to Orion and Sirius. The positive or joyful relates to many other civilizations, certainly the Pleiades and the present Orion (the Orion negative influence was a passing thing). The negative Sirian influence comes only from a very small — less than a decimal point percentage — aspect of the star system Sirius. Almost everything else in Sirius — and Orion, for that matter — is totally positive. The idea of negativity in general is rather unusual. This is why there is so much interest in your planet, since this Earth experiment to integrate the most useful portions of the socalled polarized negative energy is proceeding well. It wasn’t much of a success on the negative Sirian planet or in the distant past on Orion. This is the first time there has been any real success, and that is because you are all geared toward becoming a specific idea as a people. The idea you are geared for is the Explorer Race. Show me a good explorer who isn’t curious and who doesn’t have the ability to survive under extreme and unpredictable conditions. You have all been over these years genetically trained, if portions of your genetic makeup could be trained, to become this Explorer Race. So understand your purpose first. Some joyous emotions would, of course, be related to the Pleiades. Just as your city here has a sister city elsewhere, you have a sister civilization, and that is reflected in Pleiadian culture. Your forefathers and their forefathers were the same beings. It is just that they were not required and did not choose to participate in the experiment of which you are the result. Thus as souls they are not as evolved as you. Keep this in mind. I hear over and over again how evolved the beings are from other planets, how high they are. Of course, they might appear to be that to you, since they have never gone to school where they have had to deal with what you have since you were born. So of course they are happy. Of course they are easygoing. Of course they’re jolly, because they don’t know experientially what you’ve had to deal with. They can study and understand as best they can, and those who have been highly trained may have the opportunity to walk among you for a little bit of time — very little — weeks, maybe. Those who have stayed for months usually regret it! Appreciate what you are and understand that the system cranks up the pressure on you to encourage you to become as much as you can within a given life. Most of you will learn more in this single life than you could ever learn in any life on the Pleiades, happy place that it is. This is because the opportunity of conflict — the influence of so-called negative energy that is included in your makeup — the energy of conflict, has helped you to become the survivors you are. There is no other race on other planets, I can assure you, that can exist in extreme cold and extreme heat, to say nothing of being able to watch the nightly news and survive! Any other civilization, when exposed to the news, would experience a form of apoplexy that would require months, if not years, to recover from. Simply appreciate what you are. I must say this to you so that you do not become overly enamored and look up to the stars rather than down to the Earth to appreciate who you are. How often I have heard, “Zoosh, tell me, what planet am I from? What star system?” Understand that at any given

moment, according to your thoughts and emotions, you might be from any of a choice of systems. This is why some of you will be told at one time that you are from one place and, surprisingly, years later after you have gone through some changes, you are suddenly from someplace else! What happened? Recognize that your motivations, your creativity, your inspiration, your challenges and your conflicts have everything to do with where you are from on a thought and emotional level. Of course, on the physical level, which was covered last time, you have no control — it is a given. The idea of conflict resolution was created on planet Earth. There is no need for many forms of conflict resolution elsewhere because all is “nicey-nicey” in most places. There is no conflict resolution on the sole surviving negative planet, that Sirian planet with almost negligible influence in your dimension. The whole idea of conflict resolution, even though it might be temporary on a continental or political basis, is very often permanent in your own individual lives — and it was developed right here on this planet! Think about that. What a contribution! Why do you think there are so many visitors from other planets hanging around this planet? They can’t get too close because they don’t know how to deal with the negative energy, but they are hanging around just the same to discover and find out about the amazing miracle that has happened here. In the past in other places, the course of study was “conflict is negative; it is not possible to make it positive in its own right, since it is a polarized current,” using the analogy of electricity. You have shown them all that it is possible. But in order to have conflict resolution you must first have conflict. The power of the ofttimes-put-down negativity is not within the negative or “evil” force itself. The power is in the transmutation, and that requires the balance of the masculine and feminine. You will often hear, “Negative energy is bad.” Look toward the Native Americans and other cultures who trace their roots back to the beginning of Earth, and discover that feminine is negative, not that negative is “bad.” The cultures of the West believe that negative is bad because they hold the mental and physical on such a high plane that there is no possibility for the feminine/emotional/spiritual to equalize or balance it. So it suddenly appeared that negativity is bad. Just recognize this past and give it some credence. You don’t have to think about it too much.

The Heritage of Thought What portions of your thoughts are directly related to Orion, for example? Conflict and the need for resolution. You on this planet inherited karma in the sense of unresolved lessons that everybody was hoping could be resolved here. You inherited it from all of those who seeded or were involved in your creation, including the Creator itself. The karma inherited from Orion was simply the inability to find the middle ground between polarities — in other words, the idea of choosing sides, of being on one side or the other. And on that past negative Orion they had a difficult time: If you were on side A, for example, you continued to reincarnate within that karmic field on either side A or side B. If you were in between — perhaps a peacemaker — you were not listened to, because peace was never understood as a process. How much you have contributed here! Appreciate yourselves. Recognize that there were needs — leftovers, you might say, scraped off the plate onto planet Earth, karmically speaking — that created these needs so that your world, as well as all the rest of the universe, could experientially make its shift. I can assure you that when you shift to the fourth dimension, everybody else goes up, too. They are just waiting for these needs to be resolved, and one of them is to find a place for negative energy. So here you are, finding a place to use it positively. Oh, yes, it is happening here, so recognize that. You have inherited from the negative Sirians as well, although those who are still around from

that negative planet, using the standard connotation for the term “negative,” do not influence you. But those who originally escaped from Sirius and began the population here, beginning the genetic experiment on Earth, did come from that negative place — so, off the plate and on to you, karmically speaking. Recognize that it is essential for you to appreciate yourselves.

The Subconscious Although you have inherited thoughts from a wide level, the idea of subconscious is fairly rare. The subconscious is not experienced by many of the so-called advanced races, because they are utilizing the unconscious as the direct connection to the soul and their conscious mind, which is a combination of the conscious and subconscious. So there is no body mechanism that is shielded from that. I refer to the subconscious as a body mechanism here, since it speaks to the body first and only residually speaks to the mind. Recognize that the subconscious has been magnified on this planet. It was in existence on that past Orion but was not fully appreciated. It is in existence in the negative Sirius culture, but it is not fully utilized; they do not really recognize that it is there. As for the development of psychoanalysis, one might say that it is a residual effect of the need left over from the Orion karma to find a way to experience all portions of the mind and bring them into full exposure so that they can be utilized and put to good use. Thus the subconscious is essentially a residual effect of the need from Orion. One might say that your subconscious is Orion-related. Thoughts — for example, those related to hate — are also related directly to those unresolved dilemmas, Orion and Sirius. I do not wish to be overly simple, but this is the reality. There have been other planets in distant galaxies where there was some attempt to create a place for negativity to find its way into usefulness. Most were failures. Originally, speaking outside of the context of time, there were seven planets dealing with negativity, counting your own. They didn’t work out; five of them blew themselves apart and, not surprisingly, one [in Sirius] is still struggling and has not been able to blow itself apart simply because it is between the second and third dimensions and is sufficiently dense to be able to take a lot more beating than your planet can. The destruction of that density has not been possible, even though they have been enthusiastically trying! They are doing the best they can with what they have. But it has all worked out rather nicely here on Earth. You might ask, “Zoosh, how about changing the subject to happiness and joy?” Well, to some extent this is related to the Pleiades and the now Orion and Andromeda, as well as a few others, most of which are minor aspects. Happiness and joy come from a little bit of the now Orion and the bulk of Sirius, triangularly speaking. The main body of Sirius’s happiness and joy funneled through the dolphins to you is their direct relationship, dolphins being Sirian beings. Referring to them as animals is laughable but understandable, since in order for you to become what you are you must feel that you are the dominant species here on this planet. I can assure you that it is amusing many other places, since dolphins as a species are so highly evolved they are beyond the evolutionary range of most other races that are involved in a transfer of ideas here. This would include Zeta Reticuli, the Pleiades, as well as those mentioned before. One might say that the dolphins are your friendly overseers. They also are living in a world in which there is conflict.

Being Fully Realized

I would like to point out something as a direct example of other planetary aspects. You will often hear about dolphins leading schools of fish to the fishermen. In the process they are captured and often killed, and you feel badly about that, most likely. You also wonder why they don’t escape when it is possible. The dolphins do not attempt to save their fellow dolphins, either. This is because they are fully realized beings, and fully realized beings will allow. Think about it for a moment. While it may sound wonderful, think how wonderful it might feel if robbers were breaking down your door and the people you were with were fully realized beings — and you weren’t. Maybe you couldn’t protect yourself all by yourself. If they would just lift one finger to help you, you would be all right. But they don’t, you see, because they are fully realized beings and they will allow. Recognize how you admire the trait of bravery: An old man sits on the shore and hears a cry for help, swims out and holds a child above the waves until others can get there to save the child — a brave act, a wonderful thing. You admire it. A fully realized being would not do that. What you want is not always what you receive, since to be who you must be it is essential that you do not become fully realized here. I can assure you that when those [earliest] beings came here initially to conduct the genetic experiment, those who were living here were already fully realized. So understand that there are many factors in your creation. This is not a criticism; it is simply clear that you do not always understand the valuable attributes of what could be referred to as negative energy. Maybe a soldier jumps on a hand grenade and saves all of his buddies. A fully realized being would not do that. Remember: You have valuable portions of you. So do not just look at Sirius and Orion and say, “Bad! Bad! How could they do that to us?” Recognize that it would be uncommon in that past civilization on Orion, as well as the current civilization of the so-called negative Sirian beings, for one of them to sacrifice his or her life to save the “other troops.” A fully realized being wouldn’t do that. So I give you this overview and encourage you to ask about thoughts. Spread the idea of thought out a bit, thoughts and emotions — questions about thoughts and emotions and where they come from, extraterrestrially speaking. All right, questions to the topic. Is negative energy from Lucifer, Satan or both? Understand that Lucifer was someone, a person; he was embodied. He came to Earth with that original Sirian crowd. He didn’t really want to participate in their genetic experiment because he felt that that crowd was trying to get the people on the planet to be beholden to them in some way. They would look after them only as long as the people would treat them with a degree of reverence. Lucifer didn’t like that. His way was to give the people tools. Nobody on the ship from Sirius understood that those beings they were attempting to save were fully realized. They looked rather prehistoric — they

were very tall, fully furred and very hairy. And they lived in the countryside — no tall buildings to show as a result of their civilization, no art works, nothing. So of course these individuals who came on the ship confused themselves. Since their civilization and all civilizations they were exposed to expressed their highest interests in some form of creation, they assumed that those beings they found here — who could go by the name of Andazi — were simply backward, primitive. They would “save” them. Lucifer thought he would break away from the rest of them and give these people tools. He was slightly mistaken, since he did not know that these people were beyond the need for any tools. So recognize the source of Lucifer. I will not dispute you when you suggest that Lucifer is confused with the energy of so-called Satan. The energy of Satan and the devil, which is ascribed to the idea of evil, is simply a result of the construct that had to take place here on Earth so that you would have motivation to get past that. In other words, it is the idea of evil that is the heart of conflict. A little joke. Recognize that it is the heart, albeit the black heart, of conflict. So I would say, to answer your question, that it depends how you look at it, because the inheritance of the Luciferian energy was to create what amounts to the dominance of the mind and the body over the emotions and the spirit. Thus one might say that Lucifer was masculine. Now of course, he no longer exists embodied, but he has become somewhat associated with the energy that is the polarized version of the angelic kingdom — in that sense, the dark angel. This is how I choose to answer that question: The energy of Lucifer is from the negative Sirian influence. If I understand you correctly, you said that our emotions come from having had lives on other planets. Is that correct? That is an oversimplification. The negative emotions are a result of residual karmic influence from Orion and Sirius as well as the leftover residual experience of the attempt to induce negativity on five other planets. The inherited karmic influence of these unresolved difficulties, referred to as Orion and Sirius, goes with the territory when incarnating on this planet. Therefore, it is an oversimplification to say that the negative emotions are strictly a result of your past lives. The positive emotions and the meld between the negative and the positive are a portion of Earth life and a portion of the Creator, a portion of the divine. And positive emotions would be that which conducts the soul inspiration into the body, the mind and the rest of your world. Recently there seem to have been numerous waves of negative energy, or enough negativity that the light seems to be in real contrast with the shadow. It’s showing up in me and a lot of people emotionally — wanting to give up, wanting to go ahead, not understanding what’s going on. Can you tell us anything about that? Thank you. Good question. That negative energy is specifically related to an increased pressure by that Sirian influence in an attempt to slow down your process toward the fourth dimension. You understand that it is not simply because they are the bad guys. Since they do not have any direct conscious knowledge and understanding of their souls, they think that all religion is foolishness. The only thing they find to be real is the material — what they can touch, smell, feel or taste. What can be proved is real to them. Anything that must be imagined or is a result of faith is foolish to them. So for them the shift that is taking place between the second and third dimensions — and yours is from the third to the fourth — feels to them like death. Their experience of afterlife/heaven does not exist in their consciousness even though it exists in reality when they die. They feel that they are fighting for their very lives and the survival of their race by attempting to slow down the shift in the universe. So when they attempt to broadcast negative energies through certain subversive activities to

slow you down, they feel they are fighting for their lives. They do not understand that when they shift from the second to the third dimension they will continue. Rather than thinking of them solely as the enemy, understand that they are much, much more occluded from realizing who they are than you are. By comparison it would be as though you spent your entire life in a box. The Zetas — are they our logic, our analysis, our neocortex? Understand that the Zeta represents a future you, so in that sense it is a future you on the soul level. Your logical aspect relates back largely to the Orions, both the negative and the now Orions. It also relates directly to Andromeda, which considers itself to be the seat of thought. From the Andromedan point of view, logic equals justice. Thus they too are somewhat limited. It is a little difficult for you to grasp the idea that you are, on a soul level, the leaders of many lives in the galaxies. It is as though you are the adults and they are the children. The Zetas here do not have a past genetic influence on your physical bodies as they now exist on this plane. Rather, you will contribute to them — it is the other way around.

Specific Emotions Where is anger from? Anger is directly related to Orion. Look toward the idea that when you are angry how quick you are to justify your position. Logic and anger go together! Someone would say, “Anger is not logical.” In the demonstrated emotion it could be said to be feminine, since the emotional body and the spiritual body are the feminine traits. However, on the level of justification, it is very masculine. Logic and anger were married on the negative aspect of Orion. Where does the nature of a perfected master come from? This idea of mastery is directly associated not only with the One but with the idea of Arcturus. Arcturus is involved, from its point of view, as the initiator of all change; and as anyone knows who has ever mastered anything, including a skill, that skill cannot be exercised on Earth without change. Compassion? Compassion relates to the three-cornered hat: Orion, the Pleiades and Andromeda. Recognize that negative and positive aspects go together here to create you. You are a homogenization. Where do the thoughts of a Creator come from? Such a question! The thoughts of a Creator come from inside all of you, and all of you everywhere — because there is no disconnection. You are all a direct aspect of the Creator right now. Never forget this! Where did hope and optimism come from? This is another example of balance. Hope and optimism come from the negative Orion past and the positive Orion now, as well as the Pleiades, who are eternally optimistic, having no reason to be anything else. Hope is a balanced energy of knowing that there is something to be concerned about and still being optimistic in the belief that it is possible to go well — the bridging of the gap of the Orion dilemma. Hope did not exist before this planet Earth — another contribution you have made. In the past there was only discomfort, sadness and inability to resolve certain things. They were there, and over here was the desired experience. Hope is a marriage of past conflicts with the knowledge that now there is a tool available to deal with those conflicts. This is the legacy you will leave. Many of these emotions and thoughts are a direct legacy that the entire universe will inherit because of you. We thank those who have chosen to come and incarnate here on this planet. What’s the origin of guilt?

Guilt — the unresolved effort to create a form of absolute harmony, related to the now Orions. Even though they do not experience guilt in their positive worlds, they experience a very minor version of it on almost an unconscious level, because as a star system they were unable to work out the karmic influence of the Orion past. They had to pass it on to another star system. So guilt — not in its full-blown state that you have here, but on a subtle level, the initiation of that emotion — is associated with the now Orions. Where does the thought of faith in a Creator come from? This idea of faith in the Everlasting comes from the entire universe. It is not associated with any one place, nor did it have any great sense of beginning and end. It is eternal. The experience of faith, though it might be directed toward a religious figure, goes beyond hope. Faith is an unconditional belief in that which is not possible to prove. As a result, it comes from everywhere. One can even relate it to the negative Sirians and the negative Orions. Even they have faith of sorts. Where does the emotion of fear come from, and what is the best way to resolve it? Fear comes from the Creator. Because the Creator can think about conflict, he/she/it must also think about resolution. But how does the Creator think? Through you; you are the Creator’s brains; you are its ability to work things out. The Creator is sufficient unto itself but if the Creator is going to have extensions, which it does infinitely, it must allow those extensions to be their own creators in every way within any given system. So it comes from the Creator, of course. The idea of physical pain? I will deal with emotional pain instead, to stay on the topic. The idea of pain experienced mentally as well as physically or emotionally would relate back — in addition to the Creator — to the idea of the Orion inheritance. You expect me to say elsewhere. Understand that you are unique in that nowhere in the entire universe — that which you can see and that which you can imagine — is there a place such as this Earth. You are unique. So you relate back to Orion, to the entire star system of Orion. There is not quite as much joy there as there is on the star system of the Pleiades, simply because of the residual effect of the unresolved negativity that is being resolved here. They do not have pain in the now Orion, but they know what it is intellectually. In the Pleiades they do not know what it is intellectually. The subconscious process was initiated on planets that experimented with negative energy. Was there an intensification of this veiling process on the Earth after Maldek and Mars? Maldek was the planet where these Orion beings fled to get away from the wars, but they managed to re-create them on Maldek and blew up the planet. They also managed to find three other planets in what is now the space occupied by the asteroid belt (one guess how it became the asteroid belt!) and they landed there, only to blow that area up as well. Those who are astrologers, be alert to this, because those planets can be tracked by homing in — and some astronomers have done this — on the magnetic fields in the asteroid belt. Yes, as you say, that resulted from the Orion flight. What was the purpose of the further veiling of the subconscious? Why did this happen? So that you could discover who you are through struggle! You have become who you are as a result of struggle, not in spite of it. Understand that the subconscious speaks directly to the physical body, and you interpret that as pain — disease, even. If you knew that the subconscious speaks to your physical body and that by ignoring it you will in time create pain and disease, then you would no longer suffer. You might say, “That seems very harsh. Why must we suffer? Aren’t we being punished for something?” You are not. On the soul level you are all volunteers to find a use for this negative energy so that the universe can move on. Understand that the Creator had a thought called negativity or discomfort. Once the

Creator has a thought, there must be found a place to express it. If it is not expressed in a way that can be integrated, then everything will wait until it can. So this is how important you are — oh, very important! And if you knew what the subconscious was trying to say to you physically, you would not have the advantage of discomfort. This is why. Wonderful question. You souls need to appreciate who you are due to the fact that the universe cannot go on about its business without what you’re doing here. Even if things do not work out 100 percent smoothly, you will have donated many, many things to the universe that equal the motion upward. You have succeeded in that, and this is why you are going onward and upward. It is not because some great hand from the sky is reaching down to save all of you. You, as portions of the Creator, are completing the Creator’s business here. It is because there has been sufficient completion that the motion is onward and upward for everyone. So, thank you.

Expression vs. Denial If conflict resolution is our job here, could you give us an example of how we might resolve a problem like a negative emotion? Should we just experience it, express it, or is there some other advice you could give? Express it the best you can without necessarily acting on all that the emotion would like you to do in the moment. The energy of emotion, as always, is immediately felt by the physical body, which wishes to induce immediate action. So if you must act, see if you can trace that emotion to the area in your physical body where you can feel it most — and move that area. Why do you suppose the many ancient peoples are known for dance? Even today people enjoy themselves in dancing, except that there is more going on than enjoyment. There is also an expression of the physical/emotional self together. The physical/emotional self is balanced, since it is the masculine and the feminine. So the best thing that you can do to allow that energy is to be physical. For example, if you feel angry, it is okay — with me, at least — for you to pick up something and throw it as long as it isn’t at your wife or kid. Pick up a pillow, fling it across the room and yell something — if you are alone, especially. If not, then go outside somewhere and find someplace to jump up and down. Get angry; don’t deny it! It is in the denial that there is a lack of resolution. Even so, that lack of resolution will be temporary because you will have plenty of opportunity to deal with it later, since it will find its way into the subconscious. From there it will immediately be recycled into the body in some form. When you force the emotion to make that circuitous trip back into the body, then into the subconscious and back into the body again, it is no longer clear what that discomfort is all about. So when you are feeling some negative discomfort — jealousy, for example — see if you can find some way to express it. Be verbal — out loud — very important! Understand that I’m not suggesting that you accuse your friend or lover of some indiscretion. It might be better to understand that the emotion is not rational. It is physical more than anything. So take time to go for a walk; or if you can’t, if you’re at work, take time for a break to go to the restroom where you can jump up and down with the fan on so no one will know what you’re doing. Do something physically expressive of this emotion. It will not totally resolve it, but you will then be able to move on to the mental process of discussing it, if that is what’s needed. Once you have expelled that energy somewhat through the physical body, it will then be a little more accessible to deal with gradually. On this planet there are different levels of evolution, which I understand is so on all planets, including Sirius, Orion and so on. My sense is that we’ve come from Source and we’ve lived on

many different planets, including Earth. If it’s true that mentally we have been highly involved with thought forms (psychokinetic energy, manifestation, transmutation, etc.) from other planets, how effective is it to use them now to clear emotions, such as invoking St. Germaine and using the violet flame or golden flame or swirling light? Does this knowledge come from other places we’ve been associated with, and how effective is it? Thank you. Good question. If these things are used to deny that emotion, then it is simply coming from Orion. If these examples are used to include that emotion, to allow it to express itself without judgment (Sirius and Orion); if these things are used on the integrated level, then they are fine. Jump up and down, let the physical energy express those discomforts and then ask for these supports. But if it used in denial, then it will come back to you. Recognize that using the spirit and the emotions with the physical and the thoughts is balance — the feminine and the masculine together. But if one denies, it will not be lasting. How far can we take this kind of energy and transmutation to the root of the emotion and clear it so we don’t have to keep recycling it or ourselves on the karmic wheel? If you go nowhere and do nothing in your entire life, you will be able to take it pretty far. But if you are living in the normal flow of life, you cannot ever get a total handle on it until you develop a total and complete sense of humor. That sense of humor will have to encompass everything! It will not simply be selective — this is funny and that isn’t; that’s pretty serious. Consider how often socalled wise ones — in the past referred to as gurus — are extremely humorous. They will find everything funny, even that which is not necessarily funny, because they have begun to realize at their stage in life that humor allows the stimulation of the spirit, the full experience of emotion. The relation of the humorous idea mentally with the experience of physical laughter is the most totally balanced experience of life — laughter. Do not attempt to cure emotion. Your cure is an illusion. The constant experience of these things — that is life. Laugh, and it will feel all right. The challenge is to be able to laugh at things that are not necessarily funny — unless you consider the soul’s evolutionary path and what is being done funny. This may not be the most satisfactory answer, but it is the answer from my point of view. Why do we seem to be able to pick up someone else’s anger, and where does this come from? The idea of community anger would again come from Orion in the sense of heritage. You might say that on this planet there have been feuds where families are born into a feuding side, and the anger is passed down to them. They are inheriting transgressions that have occurred so long ago nobody can even remember the details. This is the Orion inheritance, being born onto one side or another. The experience of stimulated anger, or the mob experience, is again related to Orion. It might not be fun, but the idea of resolving it is essentially one that is inherited here. You have resolved it to some extent, since people experience free will. So to some extent you will have a choice. If anger is expressed and some people get angry and some people do not, that is because of free will. I cannot discourage anger, understanding as I do what you have come here to do. I could say, “Oh well, do this and experience sickness, and do that and be involved with spirit” — and this is possible. But understand that even though it is unpleasant, I am not going to encourage you to avoid that which you came here to resolve. Work it out yourself. The key to working it out is the knowledge that you have free will. You can choose to express your anger publicly or privately, giving it its full range emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. The stimulation, the inheritance — spiritual, yes — as you give it its full rein, you will work out privately. Or you may choose unconsciously to have an angry outburst in front of others. Maybe you are stimulating them. Some people feel that anger is bad, especially people who have been children. Anybody here

been a child? You were told almost exclusively that anger is bad. So very often you will look for community opportunities to be angry and then immediately do something together. What about disasters like big fires? People will get angry and upset and then pitch in together and do something. They will do something physical. Sometimes anger will stimulate something that is necessary. For certain it will stimulate conflict and immediately give you the opportunity for resolution. When you experience emotions and thoughts, especially in arguments, which are a part of life, see if you can remember just a little where this comes from as an experience. And know that what you are attempting to do from the larger point of view is to work out these unresolved dilemmas so that everybody can go on. So don’t curse conflict. You are really benefiting so many so well from anger and conflict. You are doing most of your homework here! We’re basically in the third dimension, playing back and forth at that level. As we move into the fourth dimension, we’re accelerating into another level of emotionality and sensing and feeling and thinking, everything having to do with the physical, even the male-female balance. What is it going to look like in our relation to the planetary system? It will be a change associated with the United Nations effect. Not only will these planets, where there was an attempt to induce negative energy, be represented, but they will be re-created in their balanced state. Your legacy will be to uncreate the past, in a sense. These planets that blew up will be re-created with the souls that existed on them at the moment of their departure, physically speaking. There will be the inheritance by you from the Sirian and Orion past. All that you are doing here, in the context of the subject, will allow these discomforts of the past to be resolved. Will the Christ admonition to turn the other cheek prevail in the fourth and fifth dimensions? It will not, because it will not be necessary. Unconditional allowance will not be to turn the other cheek, because for one thing, the initial blow will either not come, or if it does you will continue to take it on the same cheek! Because there is total allowance. Are you saying that all of Sirius is only in the third dimension? No. One planet is totally negative; that is their only experience. Of course, there is some other influence, but they are not aware of it. Only now are they beginning to have some positive dreams — it scares them to pieces! They have no idea what that is. It really terrifies them. The rest of Sirius as a star system is totally positive. We as a species are readying for an evolutionary jump. It’s said that we’ve been using only 8 to 10 percent of our brains. I understand there was a shutdown when Maldek was blown up, and we created what is known as a helmet, or gray matter. Prior to that we had open communication with the Creator. Is this so, and how do we trigger … ? One at a time. This has already been stated. It was indicated that you have inherited this unresolved dilemma that, by way of Orion through Maldek, is simply the inheritance of the unresolved abilities there. Is that gray matter the so-called helmet that was created and is now dissolving so that we can openly communicate with the Creator source? There is no problem with the tissue; it is only in the interpretation of what the tissue does. The idea of thought occurs here as well as here [gestures to the head and then to the solar plexus]. The electrical impulses that stimulate the physical body through the nervous system occur physically and can be derived from there. But thought is everywhere, all around you, in your auric field — and it has not disappeared. It is simply in its expansive mode whenever you are willing to call on it. But to some extent you are distracted 99 percent of the time so that you will do what you came here to do.

Are you saying that thought is another term for Creator? Certainly, in the sense that it is a link to the Creator. Emotions, thought, spirit, physicality — all are links to the Creator, since the Creator is working it out through you. Not because the Creator can’t go work it out, but because the Creator can work it out: It is working it out through you. The thoughts, the emotions we have access to — how do we connect to them? Are they in the DNA from the genetic experiment? Are they in the reincarnational soul body? Are they in the etheric web of the planet? Is that how it works? It was programmed into you as a choice by the Creator as well as by the unresolved dilemmas of those earlier souls, so that you would have the opportunity to experience what had been impossible to achieve since the beginning of time as well as the beginning of no-time, since we are discussing the Creator. No one had ever achieved on the soul level or as the extension of the Creator what you have achieved since this planet was begun. So it is within your genetic code. The inherited physical cellular consciousness does function to some extent on the level of strife, using the example of invasive proteins and viruses in the physical body and the antibodies and so on. So one might say that the idea of strife is built into the cellular structures. Yes, it is an inheritance. If the dolphins are realized beings on this planet, they are not subject to the limited thoughts and emotions we have, correct? They have a different connection?

They appear as the dolphin shape on this planet because that allows them to have a good time and be out of the public eye most of the time, water being a good hiding place. They inherited the rules of how things are done here. While they are not restricted to doing things the way you do, they live within that system. Are they souls extruded into the dolphin body in the way that we are souls projected into bodies here? Are they a group soul or individualized? In the larger sense, they are a group soul, but so are you. They are fully realized; they know

everything. Are there humans who were dolphins? That memory comes about as a result of the original humanoid forms here creating and transmitting a link of energy to bring the dolphin beings here. As a result, there was a melding of the humanoid and dolphin energy, a mingling of your energies. To some extent you as human beings hold within you a portion of the dolphin consciousness, just as they hold within them a portion of the human consciousness. This is a physical description. I would not say that a human being has been a dolphin in that shape, but it is possible that a human being has been the dolphin consciousness on the Sirian star system as they really appear. They do not look like dolphins there; they look like other individuals. They are fully lightbeings as they would appear in that dimension. They can appear in any form, any shape, anything they like. Some of you have been this — and certainly you will all be this. Thank you very much for your participation. I want to remind you of your true task here. Even though dissension is such a challenge — and I really appreciate what you are contributing — know that it has everything to do with the saving of your planet and the galaxy and the universe from a lack of mobility. So reidentify conflict with change. Without change, conflict could not become resolution, moving all things. You are doing all right.


The Sirian Inheritors of Third-Dimensional Earth Zoosh et al. Sedona, Arizona, April 9, 1989 Robert: I’ve been channeling information about this particular group of Sirians for about eight years now. What’s new about it is that tonight, if all goes well, Zoosh will act as a link to separate me from this particular Sirian I’ll be channeling, who goes by the name of B’zal. At least that’s the name I receive. B’zal’s not a real nice person, to put it mildly, but you’ve got to remember that’s from our point of view. He’s a warrior, and what he holds dear we may not consider too valuable; it’s a different credo. We have to give him a little slack because he doesn’t have all the things available to him that we have — not just materially but spiritually, especially. You’re not going to hear his exact words. Unfortunately, I get to hear his exact words. Zoosh will censor it, but a lot of what comes through is attitude. That will come through to you only a little bit, but Zoosh might make comments on it. I have to have a certain respect for my comfort zone. These [negative Sirian] entities who are embodied — we’re not talking about spirits here — are really supernegative, and I don’t intend to channel this being for any length of time. I will be exposed to more of his energy than you will — this is by way of saying that this is an experiment. I’ve channeled this being two other times through Zoosh — who acts as a link to protect everybody — in a very controlled situation. It should go all right. Since I don’t want to become recognized as the guy who says all these bad things about Sirius, I asked that at the end, if I have the energy and am still comfortable, to hear from someone more positive from Sirius. After all, Sirius is a big star system and it’s mostly positive. It has only this one little planet that’s negative. •••

Background of Negative Sirian–Earth Contacts Zoosh speaking. The topic, “The Corrupters: Insidious Influence from Sirius,” has been chosen somewhat humorously so that you can appreciate the value you place on drama as a growth medium. Understand that drama here is very efficient to produce the growth you have all chosen as souls incarnate on Earth. So without further ado, I will begin some comments on these beings, who could be loosely referred to as the second-dimensional negative beings from the Sirius star system. I will give a short recapitulation for those who have not heard what I have had to say in the past. These beings are in a transformation from their experience of the second dimension into what is equivalent to your present experience of the third dimension. These beings, however, do not experience as you do any forms of polarity; at least they do not practice it. Their experience of their world is almost totally what you would judge as negative. They do have some traits that you have utilized and consider to be admirable, such as courage and an ability to withstand extreme discomfort when it is for the good of all. Thus we cannot look at them as being totally negative. They can be extremely courageous, regardless of their motivation. These beings are, from my point of view, largely responsible for a great deal of the corruption

on this planet through the experience of both the government and the populace at large with so-called negative space entities. Extraterrestrial contacts with Earth people, especially on the etheric level, are 95 percent positive, so we’re not talking about an influence that is widespread or dominant, only minor. Most contacts are benign almost to the point of being boring or very positive. We are talking tonight about a small segment of extraterrestrial contacts. More and more information will come up soon from both unofficial and official sources. There will be a gradual lifting of the official policy of denial of the UFO experience because of the strained relationships the United States and other governments are having with this small faction of beings who attempt to corrupt your government. Understand that their motivation for this corruption is their belief that the transition you are going through from the third to the fourth dimension, and what they are experiencing as the second to the third, does not simply mean that they will become more. Their idea of “more” is more possessions or more power. They do not understand “more” from a spiritual perspective. They do not appreciate spiritual concepts whatsoever, meaning they do not have spiritual experiences as you would understand them. These beings believe that the shift from the second to the third dimension means that they will die and their home planet will cease to exist. So from their point of view they are fighting for their lives and for the perpetuation of all that they know. It is vital that you understand this, because when you hear about things that they have done and will do, it is important that you realize they are not doing it solely because they are evil. They are doing it because they believe that the shift that you and the rest of your known-in-experience universe are making is actually an attack on them. They perceive that it is an attempt to destroy them. Understand that they are suspicious all of the time, not just some of the time. This is what you’re dealing with here. These individuals have been involved in a rather sneaky way, you might say, with the United States government for a time. The government innocently — you may not consider this term to apply to the government, but it really does in this case — entered into some agreements with these beings, believing that the technology transfer would assist not only militarily — let us not be so judgmental about your government — but would also assist medically and help to revolutionize the field of medicine. It was believed that this technology transfer was worth the agreement. It was this agreement that allowed this particular faction to set up operations on this planet and have some contact with Earth people. This was considered at the time to be a diplomatic coup because the government was already aware that there were many contacts going on, and they had had some minor contact with other beings. But they had never been able to develop such a formal process of diplomatic relations with any group. They felt at the time that it would give them a bridge into the galactic community, so their mistake was innocent. They did not realize that these beings intended to work in opposition not only to Earth and its evolution, but in opposition to the United States government and its aim to support and protect its citizens. Now, I’m not suggesting that this is some alien conspiracy directed at the United States. What I am suggesting, however, is that it is on the level of conspiracy. These beings from Sirius might consider that a good trait, especially if they win as a result. The idea of conspiracy was something that governments experienced worldwide. Other governments, I can assure you — quite a few others — have had a little bit of technical assistance, although not quite as much as the United States, because not as many governments were as willing to cooperate on such a level. The Soviet Union, for example, has also cooperated, but as it turned out — lucky for them, you might say — not to the level that the United States government was willing to commit. The Sirians had

their motivations for being in this part of the world, since they felt that the birthplace of the change at this point in time would be largely supported by this influential country. This is not to suggest that the birth of the new age is here only. But they felt that the support of this influential country could make it a worldwide phenomenon.

The MIBs, the Vietnam War and Cattle Mutilations What we’re talking about, then, is an unprecedented situation that developed for government officials. There has been influence by these beings, who have sometimes been seen around and about as the socalled MIBs, or Men in Black. These beings can slightly alter their appearance to look rather like human beings. They would not pass a physical, however. There has been an attempt to control certain members of the government, but I will not give names, for their protection. Certain top military officials have been coerced into restructuring their goals and objectives, and certain political officials have been coerced as well. An example is the Vietnam war, in which that action was prolonged about six or seven years simply because of the influence of these individuals. They knew that a prolonged war would drain the United States not only of its good feelings for each other — its citizens, you understand — but also of economic wealth. To some extent they were successful, unfortunately. This has had an inadvertent benefit: It has forced you to look at the idea of becoming a member of the world community on an economic level — a world economic order — much sooner than you had expected. So in a sense it has worked in your favor. These influences coerced certain top generals as well as people — not at the presidential level, but certain senators and certain staff — to perpetuate this conflict. There are now strains upon these people as well. How would we recognize them? Actually, there would be no apparent way to detect the Men in Black. I might mention that the Men in Black also have certain Orion influences, to make an allowance here. It is a cross-reference, but that would be more associated with the Orion past. It would be very difficult for you to recognize the Sirians with clothes on. With clothes off there is a displacement of what you refer to as the bellybutton as well as certain other aspects of the surface anatomy such as the location of nipples — a little off, a little different, not quite the same. Also, body hair is not always apparent. Some other features I will not mention. There are secrets yet. Are they trying to influence anyone besides high government officials? They see no advantage in that. They will attempt to influence only those they perceive to be in influential positions. Thus they might attempt to coerce business people in certain circles, but they are largely prevented from doing that. I would say that most of their attempts are along the lines of government. So basically the CIA and some of those top officials proliferating the different wars in the world for profit — you say that there is a connection there? No, I would not say that. There is a tendency to believe that these people are more influential than they really are. I might also add, in the case of the particular governmental group you mentioned, that they are much more involved in the plan than you understand — the plan being that overview of the “table of contents” for the development of the Explorer Race to be tempered in the heat of battle to make the best of you. In a sense, those behind that particular agency who have real influence are aware of the plan. This is not to make them little angels, but to give another, broader point of view of their role. Are the Men in Black involved in subliminal programming through our popular media?

No, I cannot say that they have that influence, although they have been blamed for it. Generally speaking, subliminal programming is produced by people who have a more economic interest. “I crave to buy that product!” is not always a craving; it might be induced. I would say that the influence is a little more innocent. I cannot give them credit for it, though they would love to have it. The Sirians are not as great an influence as before, since there is a little more protection due to the increased religious, philosophical and spiritual/New Age revolution. Because people are allowing their lightselves to come through, these beings are less influential. It is not because they do not have souls; they simply do not believe in the concept. It is because the energy associated with the light (the soul, the God-self or God) is like poison to them. Although they have certain other weaknesses, that particular energy will be felt by them as a direct attack, and they have almost no defense against it. I do not say this to give you arms and armament, but to suggest that as you work toward balancing yourselves, coming into a greater sense of your own spirit applied in your daily life, you will be doing the best for yourselves and also be contributing to your planet’s safety. These beings are largely involved in what has been referred to as cattle mutilations. As is true for many races from other planets, there is a tremendous influence and interest in the field of genetics. But they are fighting for their lives, and they are hoping to create a species. You see, they simply don’t understand that they are going to survive the shift from the second to third dimension, so they are attempting to create a species that will survive that shift through the “void,” as they perceive it. That is why they are involved in what is referred to loosely as negative genetic experimentation. Most of this takes place without any great influence on the world population. But there is some influence, and because it will surface in increasingly dramatic ways in the coming months, it is best that some of you be prepared. Your idea that all off-planet beings are space brothers and sisters here to help you will be assaulted by these accusations. It would be advantageous if you were open to the possibility that these accusations are not totally false. This is the reason for this talk; I know it is not all fun and games to hear it. It is my intention to expose you to some information, to peel off a layer and look at it as it is. The negative Sirians are involved in these cattle mutilations because of their desire to create a species that can perpetuate itself in the harshest of conditions. They perceive the void — which would be the third dimension — as being a harsher condition than they are in now, which of course is incorrect; the condition they are in now is much worse than it would be in third dimension, of course. So they are removing organs from certain creatures in an attempt to create a being with an ability to put up with certain extremes. These Sirians are beings who can already endure a considerable amount of extreme conditions, but there are some things they cannot tolerate. Although they can tolerate a considerable amount of cold, they cannot tolerate a great amount of heat — they are heatshy, you might say. So they are interested in certain beings — cattle — they believe to be durable. They are using cattle as a source of a synthetic extract manufactured from certain organs to create a hormone to support life in these stressful (to them) heat conditions. Some of you have heard that they have a base in northern New Mexico. I can say that this base stretches beyond New Mexico somewhat into California. It has a tunnel that even infringes somewhat on northern Arizona. You will find that Native American areas, reservations, have been infringed on quite a bit by this particular base. If you talk intimately with some elders, they will tell you of their problems. These beings have been preying to some extent on people on these reservations. Are their bases all alike? Are they underground, aboveground, camouflaged? For the most part they are underground, though they might have some small structure aboveground. That aboveground facility will rarely have one of them in it, though you might find

equipment. Do the different bases communicate with each other and do they exchange ideas? Yes. Do they have bases in other countries? Yes, they do. They have a large one in Finland, although there is no cooperation whatsoever by the surface powers that be. They have bases there nevertheless. I saw material that talked about these beings having direct access to military bases in this area you’re talking about. Is that true? Yes, correct. Do they go in and out, or do they stay underground, under the base? Generally they go in and out underground, but also even from the surface if they choose. Your government is extremely disturbed by that. This is why they began to unofficially leak information about their presence. Have they been a major force involved in the production and proliferation of our atomic weapons and the underground sites that are all over Nevada for underground testing? Are they behind any of that, or is this basically our own? I cannot give them credit for that. You might say that they supported it, but they have no influence. That is simply a result of your government’s desire not to be caught with their pants down, as they say. Their influence is not that widespread, but it has certainly effected some changes here. Again I remind you that this is only one-tenth of one percent of the contacts between you and beings from space. The negative Sirians have been stealing, shall I say, people from the planet and extracting certain products from them to use in their genetic work in an attempt to create a more powerful and durable being. They really do not need this, but they do not know this. That influence in northern New Mexico, northern Arizona, Nevada and California is spreading somewhat and encroaching some, they hope, on Utah. It is spreading because of their desperate need to control you. Their attitude is that they own you, even though, of course, they do not. Their perception is that since beings from Sirius were among the original seeders of this planet, they somehow have been blessed with an ownership certificate. Ludicrous as it may seem, it is their point of view. Thus these Sirians are involved in genetic experiments, as has been reported by a particular individual recently. It is not the beings from Zeta Reticuli — that idea is completely mistaken. There is, however, some cooperation from some of the more primitive Zeta Reticuli beings. That is, there is some support there, but these primitive Zeta Reticulans are from the past. Zeta Reticuli has evolved even in your now time beyond influences of corruption. But since they have evolved over a considerably longer time than you and are continuing to evolve, they have some splinter groups from their past who are somewhat allied with these negative Sirians. So when you later hear about these events, know that we and others are not discussing the Zeta beings you have come to know and be familiar with and whose assistance you appreciate — certainly not Joopah. So you can basically say that anybody who has disappeared or any of the cattle mutilations are attributable to these beings? Not everyone who has disappeared. Anyone who has been stolen or taken off? Anyone who has been taken against their will has been taken like this. Some people have chosen to go to other planets to live. They have desired that sufficiently in the past to make it happen. But in

cases where people have been taken against their will and abused, these negative Sirians are involved. All the children who are disappearing — does this have any connection with this activity? I would like to say, to simply set your mind clear in the sense of feeling good about this, that that is the case, but I am sorry to say that it is more locally created, meaning from an insidious group on Earth. I’m sorry to say that a particular group — I do not wish to sound judgmental here — is involved in practices of power, as they see it, that would create a different order on this planet. That was pretty diplomatic! Yes, but we would like to know what you mean. You mean like satanic groups? All right. Everyone who has the power of the light and protects himself or herself and is connected strongly in that way — would you say those people wouldn’t have any power over them? None whatsoever! And this is why, regardless of whether you are experiencing more of your soul or whether you are in religious fervor, you are untouchable. Could you go more into how animals have the ability to allow and we don’t? In the case of the animal kingdom, a prime example of a fully realized being, without exception, would be the buffalo. Hunters from the past, when conservationists among hunters and others were less effective, would sometimes shoot standing buffalo from a distance. One would fall and die — big boom! The buffalo knew something was going on — they weren’t deaf — but they did not run away. A fully realized being is absolutely, totally allowing. It may not mean saving someone else; more likely it is absolute allowance. That is a good example. Why do we in the third dimension have the concept of allowing, but very few are living it? Is there something we should know about that? To digress here as we are, I would simply say that if you were fully realized, you would not be very good explorers of the galaxy. You are the Explorer Race. You have been created to be just that so you could bring your curiosity and your problem-solving techniques, among other things, to other racial planetary groups so they might become more broad-minded and inclusive in their structures of other possibilities. In other words, you have been created to be somewhat interplanetary gypsies. It is more likely that you’re going to be motivated to do that if you are not allowing. So even though you might work toward being allowing — and that is a worthy thing to do — if you are all-allowing, you wouldn’t be interested in going anywhere. You would be very happy where you were at any given moment. And there would not be a single structure on the surface of the planet. You might say that a Garden of Eden would exist. However, many of you, though you might say, “Oh, how wonderful!” would find that rather boring. There is one more influence on your list — painting false pictures of Earth’s otherworldly friends. This refers to their involving the somewhat-less-civilized Zeta Reticulans in their projects by asking for their scientific help. And since Zeta Reticuli has been committed to scientific pursuits since long before your own planet existed, it is true of even the more primitive species of Zeta beings in the past — primitive in terms of sensitivity, as they virtually cannot refuse to cooperate in anything scientifically based. The Sirians have involved these Zetas to create a front, what sometimes is referred to as a patsy. That is what I refer to when I say they make it look as if Zetas are involved in this corrupting genetic experience in the underground base. The Sirians suggest that the Zeta beings, with their somewhat innocent cooperation, are in charge of the whole thing and that they are there working for the Zetas. It is the other way around.

Is it possible that these Men in Black will change their minds as they discover that their efforts are largely unnecessary? They will in time come around. I have mentioned recently that right now they are being, from their point of view, assaulted at night with good dreams, happy dreams. They have never experienced this. To them a good dream would be like a nightmare to you. They are now dreaming of sitting by the pond and fishing, so to speak, having a good time somewhere. In other words, they are essentially receiving experiences of their future on the dream level. They do not know or recognize this, but they are interpreting this as a way to influence them. This has terrorized them to a great degree. They believe that this is really the beginning of the assault on their civilization. You must remember that they are completely polarized, from your point of view, and would consider it this way. However, since it is now upon them, as it were, they will in time be influenced. There are those among their civilization who are open to the possibility that this type of dreaming may not be evil or an attempt to corrupt them. So there are those who are open-minded, but they are afraid to speak up, since anyone who does not follow the official line would invite — not having prisons, you understand — having his head chopped off. No second chance — that’s it! So even though there has been some positive influence on these beings, they are extremely fearful of bringing it up. But in time it will help, you see. Eventually they will discover their efforts unnecessary, absolutely yes, since they are shifting into the third dimension whether they like it or not. On the soul level, of course, there is permission. But since they do not recognize the soul, then there is no real mental cognizance. However, in time they will come around.

Dimensions I have a little problem with my mental construct here. The second dimension to me is the animal kingdom and the third is human. Can you clarify that? The animal kingdom is the same as you — in the third dimension. There is a tendency to believe that the animal kingdom is somehow different. On the spiritual level it is considerably more advanced than you, because they allow. To even understand the concept of allowing is a bit of a struggle for you. The second dimension — for our purpose of reference, even though it would not necessarily apply you were in the second dimension — is not negative. It is just that these beings happen to be in the second dimension and are negative. It is strictly situational.

What is the second dimension? You are standing in front of three doors; one of them is labeled

“second dimension,” another “third dimension” and the third door is labeled “fourth dimension.” Below those labels are other words. Below the second-dimension label it says “George”; below the third it says “Kathy”; and below the fourth it says “Arnold.” You make your choice between Kathy, George and Arnold as to where you’re going to live. But that is the only difference. It is a place where you can have certain choices. It is a pulse; it is, technologically speaking, an opportunity to experience or focus different portions of possibilities of your soul’s representation of life. So when we refer to the second dimension I am not referring to a negative place. I am simply talking about a place where these beings reside. Is it more dense or does it have a slower vibration? How is it different? The second dimension does allow more scrutiny; in a sense it is slower. This does not mean that it’s less spiritual; it’s only this particular planet [home of the negative Sirians] having one kind of experience. There is more of a swing to the slowness, where you can scrutinize things within this range. You can have a slow experience of something so that you can look at it very closely, or you can speed things up and have a more intense experience — within three days, for example. In the second dimension they can slow things down a little more, but they cannot speed things up as much as you can. There is a range of possibilities. How many people are on this planet [from Sirius]? No more than, say, 40 or 50 million at any given time, which by your standards is really not a lot. Do they have spacecraft, metal spacecraft?

They have a form of what you could refer to sometime in the future as rudimentary space travel. Their ships are largely atomic-powered, which allows them to travel at just under the speed of light, but no faster. In order to travel at the speed of light and beyond, it is necessary to adjust to the fact that you are light. There are certain concepts you have to be able to accept, but since they don’t accept these concepts, they are necessarily limited — fortunately. Also, to travel, they must sacrifice: Those who come here cannot return simply because of the time it takes to travel. The speed of light might seem quick, but it really isn’t when you consider the distance a light-year represents — look it up. Although they can travel in vehicles, these vehicles are rudimentary. The technology has been shared with them somewhat by others. They did not really invent the technology, but to some extent they captured and reproduced it. Do they have lifespans like ours? They do not live as long. Generally speaking, a person around forty-nine to fifty would be considered old, quite aged. Fifty-five is the absolute outer limit of life expectation. Dying of old age is considered something to be ashamed of on that planet. If you have not died in battle, you are considered less-than. So they’re cloning beings right here on the Earth? They are attempting to do this. They do have some abilities in genetics technology. They have asked for this past-Zeta assistance and they are receiving it, so there is some influence. Fortunately, the past-Zeta beings do not have the higher level of successful reproduction along the lines of genetics

that the future ones do who are mostly involved in contacts here. But the Sirians do have some ability, and they are attempting to clone beings that look rather like Earth beings. If you were to be in one of their bases, you might see what appears to be Earth beings floating in tanks that are forms of life support, isolating the body from certain influences. I would say that their goal is to create beings along the lines of the way they look — their genetic expression of physicality — as well as like an Earth being who could pass a medical inspection, with the goal of replacing certain individuals. Is this reproduction a continuation of the species on a physical or a mental level? Physical. So they’ve come into our third dimension, but they don’t even realize that they’ve changed dimensions? Finally. Thank you. This is the astute question of the night. You are right. They do not realize it. They do not grasp it because they attempt to stay within their own energy fields within their compounds and their ships. They do not grasp the idea that they simply cannot be here interacting with people without being third dimensional. Thank you. Do they have to find a window to come through?

They have a window — one. This is part of the reason that they cannot return home easily. The window is more of an entrance; it is not an exit. It can be used as an exit, but it is a struggle. It is easier to come here than to leave. You might ask why your souls have allowed this, because these beings cannot move forward easily into the third dimension without some assistance from you. Also, they cannot relate in any way with other beings except some type of being that knows, understands and respects them to some degree, if only by acknowledging their power. Humans respect the idea of negative energy — you all respect the fact that your toe hurts when you stub it. You know that that is truth. So in a sense you are tied to them with a proverbial Gordian knot. Since only you can assist them, physically speaking, that is why they are here. Did they know when they came that they couldn’t go back? Oh, yes, they understand that this is a sacrifice for their cause. Are they reproducing on this planet? They are, naturally, since they wish to continue. When they go through the death process on this planet, are those souls choosing to reincarnate on this planet or do they go back home?

You must remember that they are not conscious in that sense; they do not consider that they have souls. But within the framework of your question I will say that their souls will, by and large, choose to reincarnate wherever they go. That is to say, it will not be a soul dedication to continue the Earth experience. No, I will not say that there is an across-the-board decision. Could what we are learning tonight — these two-dimensional people coming here and, without knowing it, accessing the third dimension — be related to our being in the third dimension and working in the spiritual to access the fourth dimension? Yes; what necessitates the move from your third to your fourth dimension, in which you are already involved, is the same force that necessitates their move from the second to the third. Your universe is constantly in motion; it is flexing, one might say. And since the flex went all the way out to one point, it is now flexing back the other way in order to expand. It expands by motion, physically speaking — that is the best it can be described in mental terms. Yes, this motion necessitates the move you suggested. What kind of technology did we gain in this cooperation? There was a considerable acceleration in the rocketry program, but there was mostly an acceleration in genetics, which was brought about more by the dupes — the Zeta beings from the past. I am calling them dupes because they are being blamed in a lot of ways, and they have really become involved a little beyond their capacity to extricate themselves. Most genetics technology was received from the Zetas. There was also some information given along the lines of magnetic waveform theory that has largely influenced the revolution in electronic warfare and electronic means to explore the galaxy as you understand it and your solar system and Sun. Loosely speaking, most of the information that was given supported physics. When you say space exploration, is this the information that helped build the technology to get to the Moon and Mars? I will say more of Mars, but there has been some support along those lines, yes. What year did it start? In the late fifties — on a formal basis, you understand, the agreements and so on. If these beings don’t believe they survive after death and if they can’t go back to their planet, what do they think they’re doing? They can’t take these cloned bodies back to their planet. No, but they can ship them back, in a sense. It is a struggle, you understand, for them to get things back through that window, as I have stated, but it can be done. It is just that in order to do it, there have to be certain sacrifices in terms of the ground forces. To send something back they have to utilize the energy that they might otherwise use for their life-support systems and their other projects. So you might say that they do it sparingly. What did they feel they came here to do? To stop their annihilation. To stop everyone on the Earth from going into the fourth dimension? Yes, this is their goal. Of course, it is not possible. It is not even possible for them to slow it down, which they have not done. It is possible for them to create confusion, but everything they create will only benefit you in the long run, since the emotions they will create, even if they are fully revealed, will be emotions that you all have on the subconscious level that need to be purged. Once the emotions are conscious, you have all the processes, all the steps and all the support in place to release them. So everything they are doing here is actually benefiting you in the long run. And since Earth is a “clinic” with stress and conflicts, the Network allowed this to take place.

So what is their perception of their progress? How do they feel about it? They fear that they are fighting for a losing cause, but they would never admit it. From their point of view they will fight to the last man. So they’re already in the second generation that came here in the fifties? Yes, they have some who are second generation. Will our acceleration toward the fourth dimension bring the Sirians to an altered state of consciousness in which they will realize themselves a little more? The Sirians will begin to have what I can only refer to as daydreams. They will experience what they would regard as momentary lapses of consciousness in which they will experience what you might call pleasant fantasies. This will shake them up more. In some sense, yes, they will continue to evolve. How many of them are there? Perhaps three to four thousand. What is their power, that our entire government has to go along with them? They have weapons sources — I must be circumspect — that are believed by the powers that be on this planet to be absolutely dominating. In other words, the government believes that it is looking down the barrel of a very big gun. Can they be reasoned with and maybe talked out of their aggressive mode? No. Your experience of them would be as if they were psychotic, but they are not. It is a force, an energy. It does not acknowledge opposing points of view. Reason would be of little use at this stage. How does communication happen? Are they telepathic? Do they speak English? They speak their own language. They are aware of the English language and they have a slightly bulky — by other planetary standards — translating device. They are not conscious of being telepathic. Of course, all souls are telepathic, but as a practiced part of their civilization, no, they are not. Are these beings related to the religious notion of Lucifer? In a sense, yes. But they are not related to it as satanists, as you might call them, in the sense of an allegiance along the lines of philosophy or religion. No, satanists would still be considered somewhat frivolous from their point of view. But they do not find this being as he is portrayed here on this planet unworthy. They would simply not elevate this being to be anything more than they are. This is how they can feel that there is, from their point of view, some hope for you! Now let us move on. B’zal will answer questions directly. He will, through my link, be able to hear your questions. You, on the other hand, will hear the answer I provide. This is for your protection. In some cases it will be his direct answer, and in other cases it will be something that I have slightly altered for your protection. I act as this link only for your and Robert’s protection. It is not that he will attempt to do anything, for he is sleeping. We contact him in his dream state because he is a being who is open to other possibilities. The name B’zal is not his real name. It is a name given to protect his identity, since we would not wish him to be harmed in any way as a result of this link. All right, I am in touch. You may ask a few questions. I have increased my energy a bit to protect you. Questions to B’zal. •••

Interrogation of a Negative Sirian B’zal, is everything that you and your race are desiring from us negative from our perspective and positive from your perspective? B’zal relayed by Zoosh: He laughs and states, “Yes, that you would see it that way.” He considers your race to be greatly inferior to his own because of your belief in the unknown and your respect for the unprovable. B’zal, what are your daily duties? What is it that you do while you’re here? “It is my job,” he says, “to provoke the outer perimeters of human defenses. It is my job to be annoying to the human being so I will, with the assistance of our drones, occasionally pick up but mostly harass individuals who are not near a large, populated center. Our intention has been,” he says, “to create mass fear and hysteria with these harassments. However, it has not worked, since your subconscious seems to be the receiver of these experiences and few people ever talk about them. But it is my assignment and I continue with it.” Where do you fit into the hierarchy of the group that is here? Are you like a sergeant or a general? “I am a follower. We do not have rank and file as you,” he says. “But I would say that there are three levels: I am at the first level and there is a second and third above me. I am what your military would refer to as a soldier.” How many soldiers are there in relationship to the levels above you? What proportions and so forth? “Mostly 80–90 percent at my level and just a few above. It may be 7 or 8 percent at the next level and 1 to 2 percent at the highest level.” The ones at the highest level: Do you follow them out of respect or out of fear? He does not understand this term, respect. He does understand the idea of fear. He says, “I do what I am told.” Understand that you are asking a question that is a little difficult for him to incorporate, since it deals with a word having to do with admiration. This is not a word in their language. So it is dominance/subservience? Yes, quite. If you are able to experience respect and certain emotions like that, can you also experience love and truth? Well, of course. He would say, “I experience truth in the sense that we are right and you are wrong. Love is a silly human concept.” This is his point of view. Do you have a family life at all? Reproductive type of groupings? “We,” he says, “reproduce according to the wishes of the state. We balance our population and keep it within a certain range that our systems can support, but we do not have an ongoing relationship unless it is deemed valuable to the development of our abilities.” Do you have particular other beings who you might call close comrades, some closer to you than others — friends? “Friends” is not a word he knows. He would say that he would look up to those who had achieved a high level of action in battle. Those would be the ones he would emulate. But there is no such thing as practiced friendship. Why do you open this link with us at this time? “It is not my choosing. If I were awake, I would fight it with all of my strength. It seems that

some portion of me,” he says, “has made itself available to this intrusive energy. It is not my choosing.” Now, I will, as Zoosh, suggest to you that it is with the cooperation of his soul. But he would consider a direct contact with his soul to be an invasion as well. This is how they are. Do you have any pleasure, any joy? “Not as you would experience that weakness, but we feel invigorated in victory.” But this isn’t a victory kind of situation. There’s no battle; there’s no conflict; there’s sort of an ongoing harassment. “There is battle for us. If we were not restricted by other planets, we would have destroyed you long ago.” Who is restricting you? “The Network, as they call themselves.” How do you understand what they have said? “They want to destroy us,” he says. What would be the advantage of your destroying us, in your terms? “To save ourselves, since it is you who attempt to force us into obliteration.” As Zoosh I will have to explain his inability to speak on this subject. They do not see that this is some universal change from the second to the third dimension. They blame it on Earth. They believe it is something you are doing to them. They do not perceive the bigger picture, so his attitude is, as he has stated, that if you can be annihilated, they will be safe. There are many third-dimensional planets with humans. How do they know about Earth? How did they know we were here? “A link was opened up — a window, as it were — that seemed to have been something over which we had no control. One day it was not there and the next day it was. And we were informed that we could venture beyond the realm of our planet into realms where we had not ventured before. So of course we followed, since we felt that,” he says, “we might find new areas to conquer.” It is very brave of you to come here and face a whole planet with its many people. How can you accomplish this? “A single one of our soldiers, if left to his own resources, could conquer any planet. It is only because we are greatly restricted in our abilities that we are struggling here.” And as Zoosh, I must say that he believes in his abilities perhaps beyond their actual application. Perhaps it would be best to terminate this soon. One more question. Is this ability through use of atomic weapons or mind power? “You ask the divulgence of the weapons system. I will not divulge the system, but it could reduce this planet to something that looks like your Moon. It is not mental; it is physical. However, we have only one circumstance in which we can use it and I will not divulge that.” ••• All right, it would be best to go back, and I will talk a little bit. This is Zoosh speaking again, your friendly deejay. We have said goodnight to B’zal, and he will continue fitfully to have good dreams, much to his anxiety. He is considering that the risk level is extremely grave to allow even this at this stage of his life. In this state it is really very heroic.

An Overview It seems that the Federation — he called it the Network — has said they can come here and do such-and-such but cannot do other things and has threatened them with their lives or something? What is the process of that? The Network is clear that in order for these people to make a move from the second to the third dimension, it will be necessary, even though they will be kicking and screaming, for them to be exposed to the only other planet that has a degree of negative energy that has achieved the balance you have with it. They must be exposed to another way of experiencing negativity. It is true that there is one other planet in existence now that has a very minor degree of negativity, but that is not a place where they would feel welcome. Here they feel welcome because they feel that conflict is possible here. So to the degree that conflict is possible here, they can access this space. As a result, they will be able to make a move consciously only as they are exposed to you over a period of time. So your souls have committed to this discomfort, which you will experience somewhat as sacrifice, in order to bring along what could be loosely referred to as the black sheep. There is no inference here that the idea of black is negative. Within the upper echelons of these people, they have been told that they cannot use whatever atomic bombs they have or they will be destroyed themselves. Are they operating under a threat? Atomic bombs are not their weapon, but they are informed that under only one circumstance can they use their weapons, and if they attempt to use them in other ways they will simply not work. But they have this one circumstance that does exist, which I cannot disclose at this time. Since your government officials are aware of this circumstance and how possible that circumstance is, especially from their point of view, they take no chances. It is well that they feel that way. So our government knows that they are capable of and possibly would destroy the planet? You might say that your government knows they are capable and that they would, if they could, destroy the planet in a second, absolutely unhesitatingly, if there were no constraints on them. Then our government must also know about the constraint? They are aware that what they are concerned about isn’t happening for some reason. And they are aware of the Network’s influence to prevent it, but they are also concerned that since these beings are present here — and have not been in the recent past — that something must have changed to allow them to be here. They are concerned that the ever-increasing appearance of these beings, since they are coming here a little bit more and getting to be larger in numbers, may change something else in the future. So they are being prudent, you might say. So it wasn’t just one ship. You say that over a period of time they keep coming? Yes. So this window is open continuously. It is open now. Were they fed the idea from some other agency that Earth was the culprit causing this whole thing? Absolutely not. This is their own observation. So Star Wars is more of a concern between the two civilizations rather than the nations of this globe? In the sense that it is an attempt by the United States to defend the planet, yes. Not from our fellow Earth beings as much as the negative ETs? This is considered to be a side benefit thrown in by way of being able to sell the program to

Congress, but the overall point of view is that it may have some ability as a planetary defense system. Have there been negotiations at any time, in particular this last season, between the Network and our government? Not what I would call negotiations, but contact, yes. The contact level has not reached what one could refer to as diplomatic proportions. There has been some exchange, but it is not on a regular or predictable basis. With high-level people? Yes. There has not been a reproducible or predictable pattern of exchange of people. There has been some exchange. Could you tell us what attitude our government generally has to these exchanges? The Network is very open to that. But your government officials are extremely apprehensive — prudently so, I might say. Has the MIB presence hastened rapprochement between the United States and the Soviet Union? It seems peace is breaking out at different levels, and I’m wondering if that is to protect our planet. I would say that the apparent conflict between this government and the Soviet Union is not what it seems. In the overview of those on this planet who are familiar with the plan, it is to some extent a dance. But for those who are not familiar with the plan in an operational capacity, meaning in a position to make a difference on the applied level, many of them believe that the Russians are the enemy. In the larger picture it is known that this is not the case. Back in the forties there was some interest and information coming from Sirius that was on a much higher plane. Can we touch on some of the events coming from that same area? Let us just for fun, then, allow a being to come in from Sirius briefly to share a more positive idea and energy of this star group that is almost totally squeaky clean in terms of being positive. In a moment that being will be here. I will say, goodnight. ••• My name is Kadar. I speak briefly to you to say greetings and to inform you that we are aware of this rather unsightly planet that is referring to itself as a portion of Sirius. From our point of view and our frame of reference, we do not claim them to be our own, but we must acknowledge that they are, even within their dimension, located within our system. We are sad to see that this is the case, but we must acknowledge it to be so. Mostly I simply say greetings tonight and blend my energy into your group so that you will not really consider that all Sirians are bad guys. I’ll say goodnight.


The True Nature of the Grays Joopah and Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, May 28, 1989 All right, Joopah speaking. I will discuss briefly the idea of the “Grays,” as they have been loosely referred to. I know that on your planet it has become a fad to refer to individuals by their appearance, so I understand the usage of the term Grays. In reference to this term, we are talking not only about beings from Zeta Reticuli, but also some beings who have been manufactured or cloned by certain individuals to appear to be Zeta Reticulans. But for now I will discuss only my race. From where I am now in the future — as you might call it — I can look back and see how my race has progressed. Right now we are confronted with a difficulty in our survival, as we perceive it — though now I understand that we will survive but no longer be embodied. Our internal bodies in our dimension are almost entirely plasmic. However, in your dimension we are ofttimes defined by something that is less of our body than it is of the shield that we use. In this sense, I attempt to explain the effect that you refer to as gray. In interdimensional transit our physical selves, or individual encapsulated selves, will ofttimes wear a protective suit that keeps us from merging with your dimension. We also use a certain amount of protective air that prevents us from interacting directly with you or your dimension. It creates somewhat of a shield, and to some extent adds to the gray color in our actual environment. As we experience it, our skin is more of a beige. My race as it now exists is largely focused in thought and expresses itself in technology based less in instrumentality than in the use of plasmic energy. However, in the distant past my race has had many splinter groups, some of which are interacting with you right now. The Zeta race has long been able to travel in time, so we integrate and mingle with our own race in different time sequences. You can imagine that. In order to do this, our race would have to be nonviolent at the very least because of changes in the structure of the culture. We are, largely speaking, nonviolent, although in the distant past there was some conflict. It is possible for me to go into the past of my race — which from your point of view of time would also be your distant past — and communicate with these individuals. I will do that, but I am very, very careful not to change anything, even their minds, since what they think will have everything to do with what they will do. Even the slightest change could alter things radically in the future. So I am circumspect. On their part, they can travel to where we are now in time, but they rarely do that since our existence is one that is not as action-based, because we do less interacting with each other or with others than they do. I refer to these beings in the distant past whom you refer to as the Grays, simply because it is these beings who are largely interacting with you now. You will see many different beings who have a variation of Zeta appearance: large eyes, small bodies, large craniums, grayish, beige or whitish skin, thin (if any) mouth and an unusual appearance, relating to a lack of apparent emotionality. There is an absolute cultural element in my race, which is — believe it or not — service. But as we have gone on in our development, we have gradually begun to realize that service must be applied to ourselves as well as others. This desire to serve has had what you might refer to as negative results. In the beginning — especially referring to the Grays with whom you sometimes interact — the

willingness to serve created interactions between the ancient Zetas and other cultures. This led to scientific cooperation in experiments with the human race for which they — Zetas of the past — sometimes are blamed because they are front men for others. Although I start off tonight, you will hear from Zoosh soon, since he, as one of our teachers, has a better understanding of this. I simply expose you to the energy so you will realize that I am attempting to apologize for my ancestors. Ofttimes they have interacted with you and your race as if they did not care about the consequences of the examinations that took place aboard ships or elsewhere. That is because they do not understand care in terms of individuals, although they understand it in terms of mass units. Since we have one mind, we are able to assimilate a great deal of individual information, but we as individuals are not easily able to change our minds without the entire group changing their minds, and this takes some time. Many different splinter groups — since we are involved in genetic research — of the Zeta race are interacting with you now. They are involved in various experiments with you that are designed along the lines of the genetic experiment on Earth. They are also supporting the original individuals who blended their constitutions and their cultures with those they found here on this planet in order to create what is now known as the conglomerate human race, since to some extent you have different features. You as a race, however, did not originate on this planet, and are really much more of a crosssection of racial attributes associated with extraterrestrial sources. The soul energy in all of you is somewhat anchored on this planet, but the energy that is primarily involved in your manifestation is associated with Sirius, Orion, and to a lesser extent, the Pleiades. To my understanding, there is some influence from Andromeda, but it is of a minor degree. We as a species are not involved in your actual appearance. We serve as scientists — cultural advisors, in a sense — and will as a unit choose to cooperate with any scientific experiment anywhere in the universe. I now understand, of course, that this can lead to problems. If one is exclusively scientifically based, one might make a mistake and work with life forms that one cannot communicate with directly. You can understand this, since your scientists are working in large part with animals; but you assume that because animals do not readily speak the languages of this planet, they are lesser life forms. I do not wish to suggest that my race considers your race to be a lesser life form, but since there is a lack of communication, in the past we have assumed that your life form on this planet was in a formative state. This interaction has been the result. I would like to say that much of what has been blamed on the Grays they have not actually done. The major offense would fall under the heading of acting as a support and being the scientific interactors with you. Since we are so different from you, it is difficult for you to assume that we care about you. We now understand that you are our past lives on the soul level. This is a recent understanding, and now that we understand this we have taken a somewhat more personal attitude toward you. But there is in my race this difficulty of the slowness to change. For a time you will have to bear the ponderously slow attitude of the Grays at their stage of understanding who you are. At my stage, we understand and have integrated it. I will be back later. For now I will simply say that Zoosh requested me to come in first to throw a little of my energy into the group so that you might feel it and so that those with whom we are interacting now and might not know it would recognize the energy. All right, I will step aside and let Zoosh carry on. •••

All right, Zoosh speaking. There has been some confusion on the part of the Grays, as indicated by Joopah, in realizing who you are — realize, meaning think, feel, do. There has not been a true understanding of who you are. As a result, a focus of energy has necessarily been created that would not allow them to perform the deeds with you that could wake them up. There has been a tendency by you who have been involved in metaphysical and New Age awarenesses to assume that you are all asleep and that you are waking up. Well, I can assure you that what is needed for you to wake up — and there is already some degree of waking up — is very minor compared to many other races from other planets who seem to be so spiritually evolved. Their actual spiritual evolution might not be as much as your own, in that they have, in the case of the Grays, devoted a great deal of their attention to their mentality rather than their spiritual and emotional integration as an interactive element of their growth. Very often the Zetas attempt to grow only in terms of expanding their knowledge. Those of you who have elevated the mental body to be something far superior to any other element of life on this Earth, thus separating you from the so-called “lower” animal kingdom, will recognize this idea. I do not wish to mock you. I understand that this idea has taken root but is now beginning to fade.

Earth School for ETs Recognize that these groups from other planets have much more to learn from you than you have to learn from them. It is why in conversations between Earth people and Zetas, there is often somewhat of a minuscule exchange in terms of what is actually told or exchanged on their part about who they are, where they are from, why they are here, what they are all about, where they’ve been and so on compared to what you provide to them. This is because they are the students — it is true! Ofttimes they will say to Earth people, “Well, you are here on Earth, and it is a school.” The impression left in many who have had that contact is that the school is for you. The school is much less for you than it is for them. They are just now beginning to wake up to the idea that the school is in fact for them, and that they are really in kindergarten in a lot of ways because they have not integrated on a practical, interactive level into their day-to-day life a lot of emotional and physical interactive experience. Without a physical lesson, a lesson might take a long time to learn. For example, if you touch something hot when you are a baby, you learn it right away — “Don’t do that; it’s not good for you!” How would you learn that if you didn’t have the opportunity to have the physical interaction with that hot thing? You would be attempting to learn the abstract idea that too much heat can cause discomfort. It might take your whole life to discuss it philosophically and still know nothing compared to touching that hot plate and getting burned briefly. Understand that what you know, what you learn in your day-to-day life, is ofttimes superior in terms of practical applicability to all of the technological devices placed end to end and wrapped around the Golden Gate Bridge several thousand times. Recognize that the true value of knowledge is in how it is applied rather than how it is stored as a record. The Grays are gradually understanding that they are directly associated with you. This school has been in session for them for many years: It dates from the origin of mankind, at which time they cooperated as scientific advisors and provided scientific assistance. It has taken millions of years, as you understand it, in the scope of mankind’s development, plus dimensional shifts that go beyond years, to get as far as they are — knowing that you are somehow associated with them on a spiritual level. In the far-flung future the Zeta culture understands more, but the actual beings who are now interacting with you most of the time have only this vague sense of relationship. It is curious to them, but they do not know what it really means. So the challenge for you is to begin to change not only how you think about these people, but

your perspective as you interact with them. Remember that they are here to learn from you, and they are now beginning to get a glimmer of this. They do not know how to ask questions, whereas you absolutely have to learn how to ask questions simply to survive on this planet! You need to learn how to make demands as a baby to survive, and as a child you learn how to ask for what you want even if you don’t get it. They don’t have that. They have, as you say, cradle-to-the-grave care. As a result, they simply do not know how to ask. This is why their questions will appear to be, as you say, lame-brained. In UFO contact literature, the questions are often very vague, very strange, and sometimes replete with such curiosities as “What is yellow?” — a classic question. How would you describe what yellow is, especially if they take you up on their ship but there is no yellow around? Since they do not understand how to ask the question, they are not beaming up university professors or even kindergarten teachers with Dick and Jane books and color wheels. I am not here to bash the Zetas, but I need to help you understand that your new level of responsibility on this planet as interactive universal citizens is to teach as well as to learn. Never forget that, because Zetas very rarely have the opportunity to learn what you can learn in five minutes. It is unlikely that a single Zeta will have the opportunity to learn in a single lifetime — whether it is 275 years or 800 or 900 years, depending on their point of evolution or cultural existence on the time or dimensional scale — what you can learn in five minutes just by interacting with your environment or other people. That does not mean that they do not have a great deal of wisdom and knowledge, but it may not necessarily be applicable here. Some Grays who interact with you are, in fact, the past of the Zetas and a few are from the farflung future. But the ones who get the blame for so-called cattle mutilations and the idea of so-called people mutilations — which is not really something Zetas are doing — are being wonderful patsies. The ones who are involved in the cattle stuff are the true patsies. Now I will say a little bit about them.

Negative Sirian Corrupters and the Men in Black I have not said this too much in the past because it has not been time. Because it is time now, I will simply say that these individuals have been created by a group from Sirius who are attempting to corrupt your civilization. Now, most planets in Sirius are just fine; they are happy with life and so on. But there is one little planet that is attempting to corrupt your civilization, and they are, by way of doing so, creating an experimental being that looks like the Zetas. As you say, “looks like, walks like, talks like” — but they don’t talk and they are not in fact really Zetas. They are designed to appear to be Zeta. How can you differentiate them? It is difficult. But they are usually not extremely short; they are usually four-and-a-half to five feet tall, for example. They are not violent; they are docile, in the sense that they are likely to do what they are told by those they work with. They were cloned largely out of Zeta material, but with certain other genetic structures thrown in so that they would look something like a cross between a human being and a Zeta. This is to suggest, of course, that they are crossbreeding human beings or utilizing human parts to create these beings in an attempt to confuse and confound you. I am doing that somewhat as well here tonight, scattering myself around. I will simply say that they will be confounded by their attempt to manipulate your race as they discover who they are, and their relationship to you has everything to do with it. Tonight was largely created for questions and answers rather than a lecture about the Grays and who they are. I will hang around for a while, and Joopah will come back pretty soon. Any questions? What about the Men in Black? Are they in any way related to the Grays?

Not really, even though there is a slight relationship because the Men in Black have a twofold origin. Some are from the Sirian negative group and are somewhat cloned — that is, a cloned variation of an Earth person. They are cloned by techniques somewhat used on this planet but largely on other planets. They are created to look very much like Earth people. They support efforts to corrupt and control this planet, which relates directly to that negative planet in Sirius. And because they are also oriented to the Grays, they are a portion of the support associated with the corruption. They are not as involved with humankind as they once have been. There have been some alterations of the energy field of this planet that have made it less accessible for them. This was not from anything done outside the planet, but from the magnetic flux and change of the Southern Hemisphere coming into a greater alignment and balance. This is an ongoing process and has necessarily created a little more magnetic energy here, which they find some difficulty in dealing with. There is another aspect of the so-called Men in Black that has to do with the forms of Grays cloned by the Sirians to create a being to associate with the Men in Black. They are sometimes seen with them and are reported to appear like a disguised Zeta — if one can imagine Zetas being able to disguise themselves in public. They are usually seen in this manner only by certain select individuals, not everybody. There have been curious stories circulating about these individuals who appear somewhat Zeta-like, wearing big floppy hats and turned-up collars and so on. These beings are not in circulation to any great extent. But the Men in Black are agents who attempt to corrupt here. Do the Grays have a post in Dulce, New Mexico, near the Colorado border? Yes, they are there. One level is a Zeta base; another level is associated with the Grays. These individuals are involved in a network of tunnels that spreads throughout the areas associated with tribal reservations — a portion of southern Colorado, northern Arizona, somewhat into Utah, and with branches reaching into Nevada. There is also a little bit of influence in northeastern Texas.

The Zetas’ True Origin What is the origin of the Zeta Reticuli? Are they indigenous to the Reticulum star system? I understand your attempt to clarify. It is a large question. They are in fact associated with that system, but the culture has spread so far beyond that system that there has been a need to establish a remote base for their creation. Even though they are associated with that star system, they did not originate there. There’s the rub. They have become known to that area, but their origination is really — no big surprise — associated with a group of planets that once occupied this space! They find it easy to travel into this space because the dimensional phases they travel through in time take them straight into the past. So they come into this space, traveling through a loop that goes into the past that is associated with their home. Their actual origin in the distant past goes beyond the point where they had wars and so on. Their actual origin is on what could be referred to by its shape as a disc-shaped planet, a rhomboid shape, rounded off. They were created on that planetoid loosely referred to as a vehicle, but so large as to be incomprehensible by the term “vehicle.” It is difficult to put years on it, but to understand how long ago that creation took place, one might simply say 500 billion years ago. This, of course, is just a frame of reference in terms of the interdimensionality. From what type of life form did they evolve? They were created in an attempt to establish a basic form of life from which many different types of physical-extension beings, one might say, could develop. (No one has really asked these questions before. It is always nice to have new questions.) Their life form is associated with so many different life forms that one might say that in the actual physical life forms between the second and the seventh dimensions, the Zeta life form as it now appears is a source of all life. In the origin of their species,

they might not necessarily look as they do now. But the standard of reference would be the very large eyes, the telepathic communication, the predominance of the mental power and the absolute desire to seek knowledge at whatever the cost.

The Founders They were manufactured, one might say, with these basic ingredients by a race of beings sometimes referred to as the Founders. From their position of reality, the Founders attempted to synthesize basic forms of life from which all other forms could spring. This is an interesting question, in that it creates possibilities for answers to bizarre circumstances reported by many individuals. That is, many individuals have had experiences associated with Zeta beings in which they are taken to some huge insectlike being who emanates a powerful sensation of love similar to that associated with the afterdeath experience — absolute, total, unconditional love — and is ofttimes a feeling of absolute, committed mother energy. We are talking about the origin of all species on this planet. This being who would seem to be insectlike — I know this will be a little difficult for you to swallow — is actually the mother, in a sense, of your species. The Founders, though they are life forms now, were in those days attempting to create different dimensional aspects of their own lives, to create root forms of life that could, by interactions with other root forms, create the variety that creates different forms and appearances of life. The result? The Founders in certain dimensions look like those beings. They understand who you are completely, and unconditional love is what they feel for you. I say this now because it is important for you to realize that even on this planet some, not all, in the insect kingdom, though they might not necessarily interact with you very much, really have a tremendous sense of unconditional love toward human beings. If you are all alone in a room with one of them, you might actually even feel it. That is a hint. Pretty interesting question, that one. Would cockroaches be one of those? No, though you might feel fond of one from time to time. What about a cricket? This is much closer. The cricket, grasshopper, praying mantis — this type of life form is very similar to how the Founders look within certain dimensions. The Founders are the source of not only your existence but the existence of all life in physical or individual bodies or individual personalities. The idea of God is a frame of reference here. I would not say that the Founders are God, but that they are associated with that idea. Could you tell me where the Founders exist now and how many there are? How many is a little difficult to describe. Since they are not necessarily encapsulated in body form and can be one or many, they hang out in the center of your planet as you experience it in terms of space. However, in terms of the origin of species, they actually hang out on the planet that once existed here in the far-flung past. They do not often encapsulate in number, but if they choose to, it could vary anywhere between 4 and 400 or even 40,000 on occasion. But they would not be encapsulated in bodies as you would understand it. They would be like small circles of light or some such thing. They would find the circle, allowing for its infinity, to be the most comfortable expression as a symbol of who they are. If you sometimes see little circles of light out of the corner of your eye — they are very bright — it is not them directly; but if they are moving about and cause you to feel unusually happy, it is ofttimes them in some form. Being in their presence will cause not only the sensation of unconditional love but incredibly good cheer. Can you make a distinction between the Grays and Zeta Reticuli?

Yes, in the sense that there is now a shift in focus in the universe. It has been referred to by many others as a bend. The universe, as you understand it at this dimension, is just about ready to take a new flex. As a result, all life forms that have ever been created as individual forms are now just about ready to change completely. Thus the Grays are beginning to establish their own individual life form apart from the Zetas. What the Zetas now perceive as their past — which is in fact true from their point of view and even from the overview as it exists now — will establish a new overview as a result of the expansion in consciousness. As a result, in the new world that is coming — a new universe, in fact, to move it beyond your immediate sense of identity — the Grays will become something apart from the Zetas. The Zetas will not remember them as being part of their past.

Changing Past and Future Does this have to do with entropy, going to greater disorder? It is a good term, that. It is suggestive of reorder rather than disorder. But reorder might appear to be chaos in the beginning. This, of course, relates to the biblical prophecy. So that is what is happening at this time?

That is what is happening: Those of you who are living through these next twenty to thirty years will look back in time on your own life, and many of you will have some difficulty in remembering your early years. What might occur is an odd juxtaposition, since the past as well as the future is being changed because of your choice to move from the third to the fourth dimension. The actual memories of your past will change because the past will change. Everything is literally in change, so what you might remember as an experience will alter, since the past is being uncreated and realigned. This is happening not only in terms of memory but in all ways. As a result, the Zeta Reticuli race is becoming more than one. A mother, in birthing a child, gives birth to an extension of herself, in a sense — she divides, one might say, and becomes two. The second one, the child, has a life of its own, although originating in many respects as the mother. This is a riddle for those of you who really think about life. Is this true in all dimensions? All. No exceptions. This is how the Creator keeps from getting bored. Imagine for a moment that you knew everything and felt everything. Life, while it could be infinite, would never be unexpected.

The Creator does not experience the unexpected, but whether you can believe it or not, the Creator desires to experience the unexpected, so the Creator has let go, in a sense. As a result, life forms are seeking their own level, and all levels within life forms are seeking their own levels. Has anyone ever thought that perhaps the Creator might be a mad scientist? I will say that many have thought so. Well, I will not ruffle anyone’s feathers — maybe a “glad scientist.” There was a slow start tonight for a reason. Right now there is an energy shift — notice it now. It is an electrical-energy shift. Can you describe the function, purpose and nature of this energy? It is an electrical energy more than magnetic. As a result, it has — without intending to — created a slight drain or interference. The purpose of this energy, which is approximately one thousand feet below this immediate area, is to create water resources for about fifty to sixty years in the future. There will be a little more rainfall in about five years or so. The intent in the far-flung future is for this area to be more of a lagoon. There will be some lakes and streams that do not exist here now to support forms of wildlife associated with the sea. The session has evolved to the somewhat related idea of the basic race, the formative race, the Founders, and that is all right.

A Treaty with the U.S. Is our government aware of the presence and intent of the Grays and Zetas? They are, we shall say, rather nervously aware. They experienced what they thought was the diplomatic coup of the century a few years ago. The United States created a secret treaty — not understanding that this was a worldwide phenomenon — with this species of beings, assuming that there were would be certain secret exchanges of information. There was an allowance built in for the other planetary beings to pick up and examine — that was the sole intent, as far as your government understood — some few human beings, not a lot. Their reluctance to give in to that idea of access was tempered by the thought of the genetic and scientific information they would get. You might say that cooler heads did not prevail at that time due to the stars-in-the-eyes experience of the science advisors of those times, who felt that the bulk of the information given in exchange for this access would make up for any slight inconvenience to other people. It is never an inconvenience when it is happening to others. Even though the Grays did not really require cooperation from your government, your government could have made it much more difficult simply by using technologies developed for other purposes. For instance, radar and sonar, if directed in a certain way, could greatly disrupt the flight of certain vehicles — only certain ones. Only recently has the government discovered that it has been caught somewhat with its pants down, and has realized that it is in over its head. This is why there is more information out and about now from government and pseudogovernment-related sources to, we shall say, prepare the public for the idea of what has been happening for some years. It is a little embarrassing, since the government has had a policy of official denial, to admit forthrightly that, “We were just joking, we didn’t mean it, we knew it was real all along.” Of course, they cannot say that without creating grievous embarrassment at the very least. There is a benign allowance toward the idea of letting this information out to create a public sympathy in the direction of — from their point of view — getting rid of these people. They do not fully appreciate who these people are, but they do know that they are not what they said they were. There is some confusion on the part of government authorities about who the Grays are, and there is absolutely no real understanding why some of them who are more future-oriented — from the future in higher

dimensions — are really so benign and pleasant to commune with, while others from the past — though they do not realize that — can be almost like talking to a tree, having no apparent clear form of communication. This has created real problems. So I would say that the government is becoming uneasy in the treaty and is attempting to find a back door. Do the people who have interaction with the Zeta Reticuli receive a benefit from it, or is it totally one-sided? Understand that no one is contacted by these people without a form of soul permission. As any event happens in your life, there is a form of permission so that you might evolve as your individual self and so on. You recognize that. So there is a degree of interaction on the level that goes beyond the simple victimization that one might say is an abductee experience. There has not yet been a full recognition on the part of the abductees, for example, of their role in educating those who might take them on these voyages for these examinations. This is why I am attempting to put out the idea that there is a little responsibility here that is not recognized. Of course, that responsibility has not been brought to the fore where these people can identify it and understand that their presence is desired as well as commanded. There is some confusion there. I would say, however, that the experience for a contactee will — somewhat as a side effect — invariably bring out or enhance certain psychic or spiritual abilities. This is why certain individuals, when they have experiences associated with energy sensitivities, sometimes experience increased psychic ability.

Underground Tunnels Who is responsible for the tunnels that you mentioned around Nevada, Arizona, Utah? The Grays? They are. There has been a network of tunnels underneath this planet for many years, using technology that is not very commonplace on the surface. It is really a type of highly condensed laser that can be focused within a specific range as one might broadcast a radio signal. It is a sound/laser broadcast on a certain frequency that creates a depth. It can penetrate rock, for example. Utilizing certain ultrasonic reverberations within the rock, it will go around streams of water instead of going through, even though it can be done interdimensionally. Those who are responsible are many individuals, somewhat the Grays, somewhat the Sirians — and at a much deeper level from the surface of the planet, somewhat the Founders. For what purpose are these tunnels? To create a degree of interaction as a potential between different races. There are many different races living inside this planet at different dimensions. And there are even some races living at your dimension or very close to your dimension with which you could have a form of interaction from time to time. The tunnels are to create accessibility from the inside to the surface as well as laterally. They are not designed to create any form of invasion. It is simply a form of transit. What about the perceived separation between the Grays, ourselves, Sirius, yourself? Why is there a perceived degree of separation? Well, of course we are all one. This is a reality. Yet why does a cell in your finger not suddenly decide that it is going to be a neuron in your brain? Since the body of the Creator has different cells designed to do different things, any one cell or soul might necessarily desire a different form of expression. Is this what you are asking? Close enough. How would you then get closer?

I am just wondering why the different compartments? Why the different missions and things? For the same reason that no two paintings are exactly the same — for the fun of it or the experience of it or the variety of it. Because life explodes from the inside out while it is imploding. Really, just for the experience and the opportunity. In order to grow the most, on this plane especially, one must necessarily experience resistance, so sometimes a little resistance helps you to grow. Since your race excels through struggle, sometimes you need variety in the available forms of struggle so that you can bring out these shining qualities in yourselves that would not be needed without those forms of struggle or stress. It is all part of growing. Was that laser technology something that was shared with our government, and are they using it now for their own underground installations without the knowledge of the general populace? Some of the information was shared with the government — however, not the ultrasonics. Your government has developed that largely on its own through other contacts and records as well as inspiration. A form of plasmic energy involved with nuclear thermodynamics was shared with the government for the purpose of creating energy devices as small as the head of a pin that could support a city’s electrical needs. Your government did not choose to explore that, even though certain elements in the government know about it. That has not been explored, perhaps because of political involvements and intrigues. But there has also been a need for your society to move slowly and bring up various forms of conflict so that you could resolve not only your own karma — in the sense of experience rather than burden — but express and resolve the karma of Orion and act as an activator to other planetary groups such as Zeta Reticuli, the Pleiades and this so-called negative planet from Sirius. As a space race — in the sense of exploring other planets and other cultures — you are their activator as well. You have not really perceived yet your true purpose. Basically, you are the Explorer Race, and it is destined that you activate other races into an expansion of what they perceive to be their purposes. Is there some advice you can give us or a technique that can activate individuals to their full potential now? In terms of energy, you have been activated. What you can do with it and what you can experience would best be done physically and emotionally and creatively. Do something over the next three days that is both physical and emotional and artistic or creative. And put your heart and soul into it, even if it is only for thirty seconds. Do something that would be artistically creative, whether you consider yourself to be an artist or not. Put your passion into it! Lust for life, yes? This is what I recommend, because there has been an assumption by your society for too long that some people are artists and some people are bookkeepers. But you are all equally passionate. Be passionate, how’s that? I do not give you great and uplifting light techniques because I feel you have a desire to rush the process. Rather, I suggest that you become more of what you are rather than less. Are these Grays and the starships that are here associated with the White Brotherhood? I have a different idea of the White Brotherhood. From its benign characteristics, the White Brotherhood, though it is a highly structured lineage, is associated. The White Brotherhood, as you understand it, is fully aware of the plan not only for this planet but for the immediate star system. That is naturally an association, since there is an allowance, but I would not say that they are working together — although I will not say that they are working in opposition, either. This is a comment equally for the White Brotherhood and for the Grays. The White Brotherhood would like to structure a bit too much for its own good, though its intentions are pure, one might say. What is the purpose of the Grays in abducting someone who is unaware of the experiment? They believe, of course, that they have permission to do so. They have been asked before you

were created, by those who came here to create the human race, to be technologically involved — asked not by the Creator, but by those involved in the genetic evolution and creation of the human race. So they feel not only that they have permission from the boss — those who form the human race — but that on some level there is a degree of soul permission or they wouldn’t be here. You must recognize that they do not recognize individuality apart from the group, so that if one person enthusiastically seeks involvement with them, then they assume it is the same for all. In the beginning there was a considerable amount of enthusiasm — regardless of the lack of it now — so they still feel there is purpose for them to be here. They generally feel a sense of benign acknowledgment for their presence and are ofttimes bewildered — or as close as they can come to that — by the lack of cooperation from someone they pick up. They invariably state that they do have permission even though it may not be conscious permission from that individual’s point of view. This is their perception. You described the patsies as somewhat of a cloned race and in the process of beginning to awaken to the fact that they really are patsies. Is there anything we can do to assist? Will our own awakening process do that? The more you wake up to your true purpose and do not simply assume that you are here to be saved by the space brothers, the more you will realize that you are also the space brothers. These individuals can be assisted by you because you are, from their point of view, their future lives. Your souls have traveled an evolved path. That is, at one time your souls evolved — or swam, one might say — through the Grays and have swum again through that civilization as a unit in the far-flung future development of Zeta Reticuli. So even though there is this connection, the best thing you can do is recognize that there is a soul connection between you. And as you accept your equality and also your responsibility to equalize the pressure between your soul units, there is a blending. To the degree that you are willing to accept that you can help them, they will perhaps begin to learn how to ask for help. When one does not know — and you can all identify with this — that you are ignorant about something or someone or some idea or some experience, you don’t know what you are missing. These people do not know the joy of having a question answered in a way that is accessible to them, that they can use, that they can apply in their lives. As a result, they do not know how to ask a question. They need to be taught not only the value of asking a question, but the value of applying the answer beyond being put into a nice vault marked “knowledge.” So you are saying that someone somewhere could attract the Grays because of their wish to make a connection? It could be on the subconscious or unconscious level, yes. Right. So at that level they make the contact. But how do you avoid being one of those random people getting picked up by them? I do not perceive that there is “random.” Is it on purpose? Always. You as a race, you understand, are being tempered not to eliminate the weak but to empower them. Sometimes the weak are portions of you that are simply not exercised. These days you are exercising your emotions in order to allow them to expand so they can be a greater conduit for the spiritual inspiration that will inspire physical acts of alignment and balance. Recognize that as individuals are picked up by these people, although there will be stresses in their lives, they will also have an accelerated opportunity to expand. The challenge for them always will be to treat these beings as equals or, as one might treat children, to treat them with a degree of parental attitude, encouraging them. It is a little difficult to do this in some circumstances, but

encourage them to interact with you more. Zetas are ignorant of their own fear. Ofttimes you will hear even from Joopah and other Zeta beings that they do not experience fear. They do not even know what it is! They do not understand why a contactee is yelling and screaming. Yet why are they not willing to touch you — even allowing for the protection around their fully encapsulated body, the shield that protects them from your energy but would not cause you any discomfort? Why are they not willing to do that more? They are afraid. They do not recognize their own fear because it is so integrated into the emotion that they call “common peace.” (I tell tales on Joopah out of school, yes?) They do not recognize that it is what they might refer to as shyness. And shyness even in that reference is a form of fear. One might say that these beings are so shy that they do not always interact with you. Encourage them to interact with you more on the so-called physical level. To those of you who are having contact, I can assure you that 99 percent of the time — maybe a little more than that — it is because they have something to learn from you and 100 percent of the time it is not what they think it is! They think it is because they are checking up on you, the genetic experiment on Earth, and that they are the scientists who are monitoring it. It isn’t that. They have something to learn from you on a level of communication they do not know how to access. That level of communication is physically applied knowledge. As you hear these ideas, let them percolate around, go into your dreams. Many of you are interacting in the dream state right now with them; some of you are interacting on the subconscious level; a couple of you remember some experiences that will seem dreamlike but are not in fact a dream. As a result, begin to encourage more contact and know that no one is picked up at random; no one who is even experimented on is a victim, even though it will seem like that. Never assume that these people have powers greater than yours.

When you begin to remember who you are — not only in spirit but in deed, in action — you will begin to command energies within you that are both magnetic and electrical — that are, for example, of the gold light, the energy of material manifestation itself on this planet. If this energy is simply felt inside you and broadcast around a room or broadcast before you go to sleep, the residual effect is felt and will remain within the physical space for some time. As a result, they will feel it and wonder. The key to communicating with these people is the gold light, because they will feel it. They feel light as a presence, even though it feels like thought and meditation to you. This is largely due to the interaction between your light and the device that protects them. It will stimulate them. Begin to use this as a tool. If they are fearing you or if you can tell they are frightened, you might use red light to

calm them — or orange. Picture it inside you. If you wish to assist them to understand Earth, use any color range. Gold, however, will help you to feel more in charge.

Becoming One To draw the evening to a close without keeping you after school too long, I will say that in order for you to understand your true relationship to these species, you will need to understand your responsibility not only to each other as each other’s teachers, but also to these beings. They are here to learn, and you are their teachers. Even though it appears to be the other way around, that is not the case. This is why the Pleiadians have to some extent pulled back, since they are just beginning to learn that the same is true for them, much to their concern. So you are coming into your own not so much as a superior being, since that is not the purpose, but in terms of your responsibility to yourself as you learn that you are all one on this planet. You will learn that as you express oneness on this planet and elsewhere, one can literally become one in application.


The ET in You: Spirit Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, June 11, 1989 There are some unresolved issues associated with Orion and the Pleiades that you have inherited. The issues are not only some of the karma [lessons] from these star groups, but also a responsibility to activate current generations from those star groups, in the case of the Pleiades, whose individuals have been interacting with you for some time. Your responsibility, only recently perceived by them, is to show them the opportunities for growth created by polarity. Heretofore Pleiadians have felt that the polarity on your planet was simply a hindrance to growth, since it created structures of resistance. Only recently have they fully realized how their lack of willingness to experience resistance, such as you have in your daily lives, has created for them a somewhat narrow existence. This has been discussed in other sessions. Now we will discuss primarily what portions of your spirit you might find associated with other planetary groups. Of course, anybody on this planet might find that the other planets in your solar system have some spiritual influence. Planets are not born in the way that solar systems are born. Planets, spewing forth from the mass-unconscious desire of the Creator, come forth in a set almost as your fingers come forth in a set with your hands. As a result, some of the spiritual influences that have been studied somewhat by astrologers make up all of you. The astrologer understands that regardless of whether you were born a Leo or a Taurus, you have all of those aspects in you, those star groups and those planets (Neptune, Saturn’s influence and so on). So understand that the astrological element of the study of influences in daily lives has a spiritual nature as well.

Soul-Braiding There is something else that must be discussed directly. It is the idea of soul-braiding that I refer to. Soul-braiding is something that is relatively new in your existence. Many of you understand the term “walk-in,” but soul-braiding is different. A walk-in would be a replacement soul, someone who enters the physical body after the other soul has already decided to depart. Nobody’s kicked out. But soul-braiding — now that is a different matter. You are moving from the third-dimensional to the fourth-dimensional frequency so that you can experience more without necessarily losing any of the growth potential of this planet. You are doing so as a blessing, not as a further challenge. In order to ease this shift, many of you have needed skills and talents that are only latent. That is, many individuals might have certain skills from previous lives available to them within the context of their larger soul, or the portion that unites all of their lives. However, in the now experience of life, any individual on this planet — which can hold comfortably only a finite number of individuals — might have the opportunity to experience the lessons of four to ten lives in one life, due to the tremendous capacity for experiential growth. What that means for the soul is that it is possible that many of you might experience aspects of other portions of your soul; it’s not so rare as it once was. Other lives, often in other galaxies and sometimes other dimensions, will join the soul that originally came into your body. This takes place largely to increase your ability, broaden your range of experience and increase your responsibility.

Those other souls are not able to manifest here or be born here due to the finite amount of time during the shift from the third to the fourth dimension. They will have the opportunity, from their point of view, to manifest within those of you here who allow it, give you their skills, and also request that the lessons that they need to learn might be accommodated by you. Thus we have a twofold experience. On one hand, you will receive abilities from them that will be heightened, though they be latent in you to begin with. They will take the form initially of new interests and a level of talent in those interests that may not have preceded your current experience. You will also suddenly have lessons that, while they were again latent, might be a heightened sense of experience. Things that you have never really planned to do in this life — maybe considered or thought about — will suddenly seem almost like an obsession. Some of you, perhaps many of you, would not necessarily give the physical or emotional impetus to a thought when the energy comes in. The allegiance to that new portion of soul that has joined your soul by braiding into it creates a responsibility. Again, it is another portion of you, not an alien — not something totally external to you, but something that is a manifested life of yours in the future, in the past, in the present, in other dimensions and in other star systems. What you must do is consider performing and fulfilling that latent thought or that level of responsibility to allow that new soul aspect its experience. Most often it will be something that was already a functional portion of your lesson. That is, it will be related to something that you came here to do, so it will not be like suddenly inheriting a whole mess of new homework you have to do, that — plop! — falls out of the sky onto you to do. Not like that. Instead, things that you had planned or intended to do some other time or when you are eighty years old will suddenly seem like they must be done now. You will suddenly feel a sense of urgency to do something that seemed to be on the back burner. When you actually do it, you find it easy to release. For example, you may have some new experience within a current relationship or a former one, and after having had this new experience, you will have this reaction: “Oh, well, isn’t that interesting? I wouldn’t have thought it was like that. All right, I’m going on with my life.” In other words, when you have an experience like that — acting on something that was really a thought or a dream perhaps before that — then you will know you have fulfilled a latent experience in this life out of the sense of urgency from the lessons of the soul aspect that has braided into your soul. One soul in one body might have a certain “tonal range,” so that when you meet somebody for the first time whom you feel you’ve known before and there is no clear-cut reason for the feeling of knowing them, you are responding on the physical level to a tone or a vibration. You may say, “I like that person’s vibrations.” An individual soul has a range of vibration — on a scale, we would say — that will expand when the new soul comes in, joins and marries the original soul that was there. This means that there is more of you present, that you have more possibilities, more potentials, more experiences, more talents and more pleasures; and while I will not say you will have more discomforts, you will have a sense of expediency to get through the discomforts much faster than you might have before. Previously you might have said, “That’s the way my life is; I can’t do anything about it.” The new part that comes into you will not have that sense of giving up. It will not have that sense of resignation. No, it will have a sense of “Oh well, we have some problem. Let’s get right through it!” In other words, it will add to your level of commitment even though it may bring some lesson of its own associated with your lessons. So if you suddenly feel inspired, it does not necessarily mean that you are suddenly inheriting new souls braiding into your own soul, but it could be the case.

Multiple Soul-Braids Now, it is also possible to have more than one soul-braid. The soul-braid idea can involve anywhere from one additional soul at this point in time up to thirty-five aspects coming into you. This does not mean that you will be confused; they will not ever come in more than one at a time. You will not suddenly wake up one morning and say, “Who am I?” That is not going to happen, so don’t worry about that.

You will also have time to adjust. You might find that to be an experience that continues to repeat, if your life requires you to be ever more and more for yourself and others. You will feel expanded. You will sometimes feel a little nervous. When you are feeling a little nervous while you are expanding, the obvious suggestion is a little more exercise, a little more physical and emotional interaction. This will dissipate this energy. That is the only slightly uncomfortable thing that might occur, but you will have all the tools to take care of that. So I will simply say that while we discussed in previous talks about the where and what of the ET in you, I present to you now the practical, and that is the soul-braiding idea.

It is possible, yes, to invite the experience. This is how: Should you feel that your life is stuck, that you have things you want to do and things aren’t going the way you would like them to go, you can just say out loud, especially before you go to sleep or in a meditation, “I would like more of my soul to join me now.” That is all. Keep it simple — nothing too challenging. Go to sleep, go into your meditation and picture support coming to you in the form of an expanded soul energy. I am not saying you must do this, but if you desire to do this, it will essentially broadcast an invitation. If you really mean it emotionally, physically — if all of you is united in that decision — it will broadcast an energy into the full ray of your soul and other lives that are also stuck. Perhaps they would like more fulfillment or more expression and make a portion of their energy available to you. Now, you can say to me, “But Zoosh! If they are previous lives, present lives, future lives or other-dimensional lives, they must have the same soul!” And I will say that is true, but that soul relates back to the One; it relates back to the Creator eventually through various levels and so on. Each manifestation of your soul self will have its own portion, and in other lives very often those entities or portions of you may be living unfulfilling lives, not because they are stuck or resigned in the sense of your life here, but perhaps they are living what you might call a dull life on the Pleiades or in the Andromeda system where they wake up in the morning and know exactly what is going to happen — a wonderful time, never any misery, always expecting happy smiles from the neighbors, taking space journeys, discovering new things, always smiling and always laughing. It sounds good, but it can get dull. On the soul level these lives might desire a little adventure. Yet they are manifesting in a world they cannot leave. They will not terminate their lives to send their full focus to you, for if you would experience the absolute total focus, you would feel like a stranger in a strange land, suddenly inheriting a Pleiadian consciousness within you, not quite knowing where to put it. They will, however, send in the sense of an unfulfilled aspect — which is likely unconscious to them — where it is needed. In this case, for example, the unfulfilled aspect desires adventure and stimulation and so on. Perhaps while you have your adventures and your stimulations you will also discover that you suddenly have a whole artistic side that you never knew you had. Since the Pleiades are largely involved in the graceful, artistic expression of all things, you might suddenly discover much to your amazement that although you have drawn stick figures at best in grade school, you can suddenly without much trouble draw a tree that darn near looks like a tree! And with a little practice, you are soon drawing leaves that come pretty close to looking like leaves. Where did this come from? Ofttimes it comes from the stimulation of other portions of your soul that joined you. So soul-braiding is an important idea. Many of you will experience it in other ways. That is to say, you might wake up some morning and feel fine, but as the day goes on, the week goes on, the month goes on, you find that what used to be important to you before is no longer so important. You had very important political principles, for example, about something that should be done on the other side of the world, and the people who are supposed to be doing it aren’t doing it. You share that idea with others, although of course you understand that maybe that attitude is restricting you just a little bit. Just for the sake of our example here — Zoosh is not promoting Republican or Democratic causes tonight, to say nothing of our Green Party — maybe you suddenly begin to lose a little bit of interest in things over which you don’t have much control. Oh, you still desire that things would change, and maybe you would write a few letters to people who are in a position to have some influence. But it becomes less important. Now, I don’t want to suggest to you that this example is a rigid, across-the-board situation. It is

just an example, and you will find that some of your old interests are no longer really important. Maybe when you mow the lawn, for example, you no longer trim the edge so precisely that it would take a magnifying glass to detect a difference in the height of the blades of grass. You might just zip down there with the trimmer and say, “Well, that’s good enough. It looks good from a distance, and that is good enough. I have other things to do,” and go on with your life. Maybe you find that the people at the office may be in your life in some other way. The companionship of some of the people who you don’t really like too much but you are used to seeing every day seems to be a little less important. You feel like you want to meet new people, stimulating people, people who you like, people who like you, people who are fun to be with and so on. Maybe many changes take place where you feel like you are shedding a skin, shedding some old portion of you, and you feel invigorated about life, moving forward in your life. You are not going back to something from a previous life, but moving forward with the support of that other portion of your soul that will always give you a little more impetus, a little encouragement, a “let’s go forward into life.” Your soul wants to discover, wants you to touch things. You may find yourself inadvertently touching things that you hadn’t really seen for the past twenty-five years. Suddenly you find yourself touching fabric on the chair, for instance, or absentmindedly rubbing your hand across your own arm! Your own arm, for Pete’s sake — as you might say — has been with you for many years, so what is so new about that? Yet you find yourself exploring your arm as an artist or sculptor might do in order to explore the actual context of the arm and the hand within the space that surrounds it, for example.

Easing into Fourth-Dimensional Expression Understand that all of these types of changes that many of you might notice in your life now — which is why I wax on about it — are a stimulating change to encourage you to ease your way into a fourthdimensional expression of self. It is a support system for you now that will not only relieve some of the pressure of resignation and help to move you beyond stuckness, but it will also provide skills, talents, abilities and persons of imagination that are needed on this planet now. As I’ve stated in the past, almost all of the jobs and careers that will be needed by the year 2012 have yet to be invented. Many of you will still be around then and will need to have a special support system to inspire you — don’t forget, the soul provides inspiration — and to stimulate your imagination to create those jobs, careers, inventions, music, art and so on. So understand then that the level of stimulation from the extraterrestrial and the extradimensional has been heightened, increased. You will notice this in your life through these changes in interests when the changes become manifestly apparent. It won’t be like saying, “Oh, I’ve been wearing blue jeans for the past week; maybe I’ll wear white pants.” Not that, but something a little more extreme: “I’ve been wearing blue jeans for the past week; now maybe I want to wear red pants with a red shirt and a red scarf and a red ribbon in my hair. All I need is a siren and people will think I am a fire engine!” Radical change. Sudden, unexpected changes in your friends or in you that your friends notice might have some association with this soul-braiding idea. Earth, as you know, is going through a rebirth cycle of its own, and as occupants of Earth you must do the same — rather, you have the opportunity to do the same! It is as though the Earth said, “Well, you signed on for one ride, but lucky you, you get to have two rides in one! And since I am changing, expanding, becoming more than my previous self, you have the opportunity to do the same.” So you can not only combine the experience of many lives in one here, since life here is so filled with choices, but you can even have more than one life in one body while having a better time doing it. So understand that the change for you now — the new stimulation, the new sense of awareness

— is going to be this flowering of your day-to-day life, this actual expansion that is felt on a physical and emotional level, going far beyond thought. In the past many of you have been actually slowed down by thought in the sense that you spent a lot of time in your imagination daydreaming: “Oh, wouldn’t it be wonderful if …” I am not saying that imagination is not a good thing, for as those of you know who hear me more than once, imagination is a wonderful thing. It is not, however, a replacement for life. It is a support to life. It will support many things that you might wish to do and begin to do, but it is not life in the physical sense, the experiential sense. No. These new soul impetuses that you will have in you will often stimulate so many things that sometimes you will even feel that something new seems to have a physical residence in you: “It feels like there is some new energy, some warmth, some comfort in me and it feels good.” Many of you now discuss the idea of implants. You think that implants from the ETs will ofttimes support you, give you extra talents and extra abilities. Sometimes they do. Most of the time — 95 percent of the time — these soul implants, while they might seem to localize themselves due to some recent discomfort in a specific area, the discomfort is almost always the vestigial remains of that portion of you we labeled resignation to what has been. The resignation has settled in some portion of your body and you need to work it out. Maybe it is in your hand; maybe you need to say, “Well, hand, I like you, but you know, you are hurting me,” and exercise it, pet it, heat it up and kiss it. Give actual support to that area. You might find that energy dissipating a bit after throwing the energy into space a little, as one might shake off water after a bath. Know that a soul implant is not done by “aliens”; a soul implant happens as a result of you and the Creator making a decision to allow it. I want you to think about that for a while.

“Dear Visitors: I’ve left samples of everything you need on the table. Please don’t wake me. Love, Harold.”

Understand the glamour — I do not chide you — of “I have been contacted by UFOs and ETs and I know, because they stuck something in me. They left me with something as well, and it felt real good after they left. I want them to come back.” I will not say you are not having this experience, because extraterrestrial encounters have greatly increased. That is another story we’ll get to next time. But very often the soul implant takes place in you and will sometimes give you memories. Yes, not only will you shed old portions of your now life, but you will sometimes inherit memories, pictures, of the other soul’s life. Maybe the implant is having — as given in the example — a life on the Pleiades and you will suddenly, for no apparent reason, have a face, a ship, a landscape or a building pop into your head that is clearly not of Earth but of some amazing place. Where does this come from? Is it a UFO recollection? Sometimes. At other times it might be memories from that other life. Understand that we are talking about a form of marriage here. When the soul braids in, it doesn’t stand here next to your other soul; it is a melding.

Now, once in a great while, only infrequently, you will call forth perhaps a portion of a soul to come into you that comes from a place where drama exists or has existed — maybe the past of the Earth or of some other civilization. And you might see in those flashes something a little unpleasant. But that unpleasant thing cannot possibly have happened on Earth as it is now, since you clearly recognize that the landscape or the beings and so on are not associated with this planet. And you think, “Where on Earth did I see that? It must have been in a movie, but I don’t remember going to any scary space movies. I don’t understand that.” Well, understand that you may be dealing with a memory from another soul. How do you deal with that? Well, if it is pleasant and wonderful, it adds to your imagination; you see this landscape and you think, “Oh, I can create that,” and maybe you get artistic and do it. Or maybe you see something not so nice. Well, if you are in the movie business, that’s wonderful; it is something to add to your repertoire of special effects. If not, then you must do something to assist that new soul in residence to dissipate that memory. That new soul does not understand that the dissipation of energy can be done physically, because chances are that it is living in a less physical environment than the one you are in. So if you have a flash that cannot possibly be associated with this world, and you can’t recall it was any sci-fi movie, then think, “Well, even if it isn’t, I’ll just try out the old Zoosh idea, because maybe it will help.” Shake. Shake it off a little bit. Shake it off as one might brush off a little excess something. But do something physical, all right? You don’t have to suddenly jump up and have a strange shaky dance, but shake it off. Some physical gesture. Because it will help not only to alter the energy but to educate that new soul of the potential to express in this physical life you are living even though it was not born into it originally. I am talking about your responsibility to your soul. I am in fact speaking about the education of your own soul. This has come up for some of you recently — how to educate your own soul. You educate your own soul by aligning it with that which it is somewhat unaccustomed to doing. When these new aspects join you, be more physical. Do something physical. Maybe you make sounds, maybe you make music, maybe you do something physical and emotional, or maybe you go out and have a good time. At the end of the night if you are aware of this new presence within you, you ask, “Did you have a good time?” Something like that, but make sure it’s always out loud. If you are in front of other people, you can kind of whisper it — we don’t want to find you in the loony bin the next time we see you. But do something physical and emotional, because you have that golden opportunity that comes along so rarely — to educate your soul while you are in your body. I cannot tell you how rare this is, such a golden opportunity. Normally you are used to your soul providing inspiration, but now you can provide inspiration for those extraterrestrial elements of your soul that are joining you. Some of you may have been born with a soul that is largely extraterrestrial, and you will know that because you spend half your time looking up at the skies as a youngster. But that is another story. Learn to accept the responsibility of educating your own soul. You don’t have to educate it mentally; it can deal with that. Just deal with the physical and the emotional. This is something new for the soul. It is, well, experiencing excitement perhaps for the first time. And within that range of excitement it is excited about being excited! So learn to allow yourself a little bit more latitude in emotionality and physicality these days. As Mother Earth becomes more physical — a little more rain in some places, a little more heat in some places, expressing herself with her elements as she always does — your elements support yourself and Mother Earth and what she must do as well. How are we integrating our soul-braiding with our lives right now?

You are doing just fine, allowing for the stresses of the planet and the pulls that you necessarily experience, and not always understanding or being clear as to whether you are being pulled toward a dream associated with your recent past or whether it is something new in which you would be going forward fully supported by all aspects of you. It is sometimes difficult for you because as some new element of you comes and joins you, you might still have all of the wishes, hopes and dreams that you’ve had all of your life. And you might find that you are in the process of gradually shedding that which no longer fits you, at the same time having new dreams and inspirations to support your lifetime. In the present, however, you might find yourself caught up in some enterprise, some experience, a relationship between you and someone, or something in which you are giving your all and it doesn’t seem to be really happening. It’s possible that you don’t have enough of you there to do it, or it might also be possible that it is something to do by yourself and not associated with many others. You might be attempting to fulfill a dream, a wish or a hope you have had all your life but are now in the process of shedding. It could be a situation where you are doing something you really enjoy doing, but it doesn’t seem to be supported — maybe you need to do it in a slightly different way. You might need to hold a different image of yourself. For example, someone athletically oriented might find him- or herself to suddenly be moving beyond the mere fantasy of a show-business potential into the reality of something that will fulfill the dreams of others and also be fun. Get it? Entertainment. So I will simply say this: Do not assume that since you have not been trained in some profession that the new soul, the new energy — the more that is encompassing you now and growing within you to support you — does not have capabilities. You might find that you can draw leaves, but this does not mean that you should not take and benefit from art lessons. You might respond to art lessons now differently than you did in days gone by. It won’t be just staring at the paper while all those around you are creating works that your eyes may see hanging in the Louvre at any moment. You might not feel quite as intimidated. Be aware of dreams that fill you with inspiration but have been hung on hooks that read “hopes.” Sometimes hopes are a little bit uninspiring, because when they are no longer inspired dreams and imaginative possibilities because there is a little bit of resignation attached to them, they become merely hopes, sometimes desperate hopes. Give yourself a little encouragement. If you have some dream, maybe there will be enough of the new portions of you present to “go for it,” as you say. Give yourself a chance. It might not be an award winner, but you can find some context in which to do it. Give yourself a chance, especially physically and emotionally, to express these things in your actual life. If things do not seem to feel supported, they might be tied to a dream or a hope of the past. As your life goes on, if it continues to not be supportive and seems to actually be getting less support, it might in fact be associated with the past. Pay attention. Referring to the soul group or the humanity who came through the white hole into Orion and ended up here, what was our experience before coming through that opening into an experience of polarity? Spirit origin before that? Yes. In terms of time, it’s a little difficult to track. I will simply say that you — 144,000 of whom all are a portion on this planet, meaning in that family tree — have not always been together. That is to say, there are times when you have been together for a form of mutually shared experience, mutually shared lessons to prepare you for this present time on your planet, so that you could fulfill a mutual destiny that would also support your mutual lessons. That is enough of that word “lessons,” yes? So I

will simply say that before that time you were in many different places, not in one place at the same time. There were simply certain sequences in time as one might create a line, a bouncing line like this [gestures], in which at certain points you were all together. This, of course, is not taking into account the fact that you are all one, but you understand what I am suggesting here — that there were certain moments you were together that would prepare you for the culminating experience going on here now. This culminating experience will prepare you for yet another down the road that will be different. In other words, the answer depends on who you are. As a soul merge continues to braid into each one of us, is there a memory factor that comes with that, such as seeing your future self? This has already been answered somewhat. Understand that memories are in this case possibly associated with the future, the present or the past. That life being lived in some cases is outside the context of time; if it is in a different dimension or if it is from the future or the past, it matters not. It is conceivable that if that shared energy is coming from a future version of you in some far-off galaxy, you might in fact be seeing future memories. It is not likely within the context of one single life here on Earth that you might experience a portion of your future self of this life coming to join you in the sense of soul-braid. You would perhaps obtain future memories in some other context, but not in this form. In the process of the soul-braid, say you have these parts of yourself coming in, and each one is of a distinct energy: One wants to dance, one wants to experience Buddha and sit and meditate, one wants to get into the intellect, and one wants to teach. Are you saying that the best thing to do is not to sit with that but to move through it, do what that energy is asking so that there is no hesitation? A moment. Understand that any aspect of you that would come in would be somewhat supportive of what you are now doing in this life. For example, in a given life there is lavender. For the sake of our example, maybe lavender is F#. In any event, the other aspects that come in will also fall within the range of F# or lavender, only in different colors, different hues, different tones that would be supportive. What you can do to support those different hues or tones is, first, be physical and emotional, since Mother Earth herself is doing that, and you must always remember that things happen in a united fashion. There is not the separate spiritual, emotional and physical — they are all together, everything happening at once in a united way. So you must do what those lives do not necessarily know; very often they will not have the experience of physicality as you have it. So be that. Do not ever assume that one will want to sit and meditate in a corner while the other one wants to have its name in lights and be dancing on the stage. This is somewhat diametrically opposed. This will not take place. Is it a probability that a soul-braiding will have a preliminary period where the energy comes to you and there might be a telepathic connection? This is possible. Also there might be an energetic connection. There are other possibilities within energetic or telepathic connections, of course, but for the sake of our example tonight it is possible that this could happen gradually. There might be a feeling-out process. It is possible there might even be a sense of telepathic communion of some sort. It is possible it would be slow instead of quick. There are many different ways one might find where a little slower step might be easier. This is possible, yes. Considering the scenario of a hypothetical Pleiadian wanting to experience the drama of Earth,

could we assume that a portion of our soul might want to experience the peace and beauty of the Pleiades civilization? As you have done. Obviously, if a portion of you on the Pleiades, for example, should suddenly stop by to join you, you have had, are having or will have a life on the Pleiades. Of course, you have a big advantage over them: You can have moments of peace and pleasure, music and song, and much of what they have, if not the mass of their technological possibilities — much, certainly, on a level of mood and energy. But they cannot have what you have. That’s why they would want to come here sometimes, you see. You have a much wider range of expression here than they do. If you wish to experience peace and pleasure and happiness, you don’t have to go to the Pleiades to do that. You don’t even have to credit the Pleiadian side of you. You might just say, “I am experiencing the wonderful, peaceful surroundings of a forest on Earth as an Earth person.” No shame in being an Earth person! I kid with you, all right? What would be the percentage of people on the planet that might experience this phenomenon of soul-braiding? Is it very tiny? Thank you. The reason I mention it now is that the statistics are increasing rapidly. I will simply say that even in the forties, to use a time sequence, this would have happened so infinitesimally rarely that we are not discussing a number worth mentioning. By the time the fifties rolled around, however, and it appeared as if Earth would not make any sudden leap to join the universal community, it was deemed beneficial by all concerned to provide this level of support. Then this experience started in one-half of one percent of the individuals at any given time. In the sixties and seventies it picked up to about 2 to 3 percent. In the early part of the eighties, it reached the magic 5 percent. Now it picks up almost by the year. As you accelerated into your Harmonic Convergence, it was picking up a percentage point just about every year. The reason I mention it now, bringing forth and making such a big issue about it, is that it will pick up now at the rate of 1½ to 2 percent (depending on the rate of acceleration within any given time period) every few months or so until there will be 100 percent opportunity, if not experience — 100 percent opportunity every moment for every single person to have this experience! It must be mentioned that in certain groups associated with desires for power beyond their own needs, those individuals might desire to bring into themselves an energy that will amplify their perceived abilities to be powerful, maybe to be more in control — not referring to what we have been talking about tonight. I do not make a big issue of this, but I bring it up because now in your country and others there is a very small percentage of individuals who want to create a religion that supports the idea of control by manipulation and power. I am not referring to you versus them — none of that. I do not get caught up in such things. But I am referring to some individuals who do not see clearly. They might inadvertently, through their rituals, when the percentage goes to 100 percent opportunity to receive portions of soul, draw to them some portion of their soul that is manifested in a place that is very negative. Now, any soul that has manifested on this Earth at this time when you are all involved in the project to go to the fourth dimension, regardless of how it expresses itself consciously in the physical and emotional life pattern, will not tolerate that negative influence for long, because it knows why you are here. But for a brief time these individuals might experience confusion. They will think they want to have more power and so on, and instead of feeling more powerful they will feel more confused. Do not assume I refer to any of you. I refer only to that briefly fleeting experience of the satanic religions, all right? These individuals — I only mention it because it is in your news — will experience within

the next three to five years a greater level of confusion. By the time your year 2000 comes along, if they’re still involved in any aspect of this experience, they will be so confused that they will have to drop it. What I am suggesting is that this type of religion will necessarily create a self-defeating lifestyle. I mention this only because the thought may run fleetingly through your minds: “What about the other side?” since you are living in a polarized world. I mention it only in passing. Can you say what the possible percentage point at this moment is, where we are now? The opportunity for soul-braid exists now at about 14 percent. By this time next month, it will already be 18 percent. It will increase at an increasing rate, you see. Might we not assume that it may be best to go directly to our own highest self and let it help us filter who we allow in so that we don’t perhaps attract that more negative side of ourselves? You don’t understand, my friend. It is not possible to attract that unless you desire it. Some individuals in their confusion may desire that. If you desire it, you will know, and you will not be necessarily striving for that. This cannot happen accidentally to anyone. Do not be concerned that there is an invasive element. Never. It will only happen to those actually pursuing what is undeniably a form of satanic practice, which is extremely rare in terms of actual practice in your civilization. We mention it because it is often in the news these days and in the future maybe a little more. Do not become overly alarmed. The cure, one might say, is necessarily in the sampling, all right? Do not be concerned. More people are finding themselves sleeping more lately, at times uncontrollably. I know we are working with the Earth’s energies. Could that also be due to the soul-braiding? Yes, that is an aspect of that. If it happens once in a great while, probably not. If it happens with a change of geographic location, probably not. If it happens unexpectedly on and off for a given amount of time, it is a good possibility — unless, of course, you have been staying up late watching television. For my first thirty-one years I lived life a certain way, but now there seems to have been an expansion where I no longer have attachments to certain family members or certain ways of doing things. There is now a new opening that says, “Oh, okay, I don’t need to do it that way anymore. I can do it this way.” As you say, there is a shift in vision like going up a few more stairs in a stairway, and seeing further out to the valley below, yes. In the awakening that you are now experiencing toward this much larger idea of self, you will have the opportunity to experience not only more of you due to this increased soul power, but you may also have the opportunity to experience more of who you are physically, emotionally and mentally. The soul provides the inspiration for all aspects of your life, but it does not provide physical love. Oh, it provides the inspiration to do that, but you must provide that physically. It does not provide the actual experience of a good game of tennis or a nice leisurely walk down by the river or a pleasant game of bridge — none of that. It might inspire you to do that, but your physical body, your emotional body and your mental body must cooperate in being involved to do, commit and provide the experience. No one portion of you is any greater than another. Can you imagine even for a moment how frustrated your soul would be if it were braided with all these wonderful opportunities and abilities, yet didn’t have a physical body to carry them out? Talk about frustration! The physical self is an instrument of the Creator as much as the soul self is. It is the Creator’s desire to live physically. The Creator wants to stretch. The Creator experiences stretching through

you. Know that all aspects of you are equal not only in the eyes of the Creator, but in the eyes of all life. Let it all be equal in your eyes.


UFO Encounters in Sedona Zoosh and Joopah Sedona, Arizona, July 16, 1989 Robert Shapiro’s Comments on Joopah’s Transition Here are some new developments. Joopah up and died on me! His body came to an end and he is in a transition. It used to be that when I channeled him I would always get a picture of him sitting at this instrument-control panel inside this craft. Then for several weeks I wasn’t getting that picture, and I was kind of upset about it. I didn’t know what it meant. I would get a dark space picture with stars floating along or some other nebulous picture. I didn’t know what to make of that. Finally, he did a session with my business partner, who asked what that was all about, and Joopah said that his body had come to an end and that he was in his transition state to his next body. He said he would be into that body in about four weeks of our time. He mentioned that as a result, he is going through changes, becoming broader in what he comments on and what he can do. He said that the planet where he has been living is in a transition from the sixth to the seventh dimension, just as we are in a transition. He said that he now understands the reason that their race was, from their point of view, dying out. They can clone bodies very easily, but they had to wait for a soul to enter the body. For a period of time, they would wait reverently for the soul to enter, and they could actually measure the change energetically. But it wasn’t happening, and that is what had caused them all this grief — they probably wouldn’t call it grief, but concern. In any event, he now understands what is going on. Some of them are going to make the shift to the seventh dimension, but the bulk of the population is going to make the leap to the ninth dimension. What was happening is that the bodies they had been cloning are not the bodies the new souls want to enter. So he is going to be given a ninth-dimensional body, which will emanate light, he says. He is still unclear about what it will look like, but it will look much like the bodies they have. The eyes, I think, will be a little more swept back and a little narrower, not so big. In any event, he says that he is experiencing different things now. He understands that the body he will be given will be like a demonstration body. Normally, he would just go on and be in the ninthdimensional version of that planet in the far-flung future, but in order to show the population — since they are primarily so technological — he is going to go back in time in his ninth-dimensional body to where he was before so the people will be able to see it, and then they can begin creating bodies like that. Souls will then enter those bodies, and they will make a technological shift to the ninth dimension in sort of a gradual wave. He is going to go back and be an example. In any event, he’s been having these strange — for him — experiences. He’s been sort of experiencing forms of emotions, and he talked about it recently. It was really moving. He was experiencing the wonder of looking forward to his ninth-dimensional body. In that moment it dawned on him that he was feeling the emotion of looking forward to something, and it was pretty amazing. So we might or might not hear from him tonight, I don’t know. I thought I’d bring you up to date on that. Will he be able to communicate through you when he comes into his next body? Yes. My impression is that his personality will be altered. I think he is going to be more cheerful. Maybe his jokes will be a little funnier.

What about Joopah II? Will he not come back, or will he be a different version of Joopah? Yeah. I am now clear that there was a transition state where there was a being who was the transitional being. I don’t know how to describe it, but there was this secondary being. In any event, I think I might have thought that Joopah of the ninth dimension was Joopah II. Or maybe that was the being who was the cross or hybrid between human beings and Zetas. He explained at length that their original attempt to make a hybrid between human beings and the Zetas wasn’t working. All these failed experiments happened primarily because of their desire to attain the durability of the human being — and there is a large amount. In the beginning they were just using about 20 or 30 percent Zeta because they wanted largely the human being. But it was a disaster. Now they have created this being — I’ve seen it in my mind’s eye. They are really beautiful; they are about 51 percent Zeta and 49 percent human. They are a lot more human-looking and are taller. They are very graceful-looking. They are just different. He describes them as a kind of modern-art version of a human being. ••• Good evening. Joopah speaking. I will begin by saying, speaking for my people, there has been less activity from Zeta Reticuli in this immediate area. We have been called elsewhere. However, other groups are now involved here much more. Among them are Andromeda and several from the farthest reaches of the galaxy for which you have not developed names. Perhaps they are free to name themselves. Nevertheless, there is a great deal more activity here than there was, even though the Zeta clan is involved elsewhere. However, we have some assistance programs associated with other groups — that is, on the Andromeda ships they often have one or two of us to assist them. Perhaps the biggest change here in terms of the vehicles is that they are fewer but much larger. In the past there have been many small vehicles in this immediate area. Now there are perhaps three or four quite large, dominant vehicles. They hail from various places in your universe, but for the most part they are from areas familiar in your study of the stars.

The Sirian Water Vehicle There is one vehicle from Sirius, but not anything to be concerned about. It is filled with beings associated with the development of the Sirian water people here. To be specific, many of you know that dolphins and other sea creatures hail originally from Sirius. These beings have a source; that is, on their home planets they do not appear as they do here. It is just that mankind is here not only to resolve their own soul lessons but also to act as a clearing house to resolve lessons from many of the nearby star systems and planets that have been unable to work them out for themselves. What you have come to call karma is really the inherited lessons from others who have been unable to deal with them. The Sirian vessel here is really the source of these water creatures. On their planets they are beings who have much the same stature as yourselves, a body that is more humanoid. On this planet, of course, they must take these various shapes that you have come to refer to as animals so that they will not in any way conflict with the idea that mankind is the dominant species. This vehicle, which I will describe for your edification, is one that would seem to you to be wet. It is damp inside almost all the time, with pools of water. Their water is a little different from your water — more akin to what your scientists call heavy water. It is filled with life forms. The people who occupy it might, from your point of view, “swim” from place to place. It is, in a sense, an ocean

in the sky. Yet they are humanoids — two arms, two legs and a head — some of whom in variations could pass for human. There are many other beings living in this star system of Sirius, but I mention this one to clarify the idea of the so-called animals here who are really derived from this source being. I will make my joke and simply say to those of you who do some underwater snorkeling in the ocean that if someone snorkels on by and doesn’t have a lot of gear and seems to be breathing underwater, they might not be from around here! They are here primarily to make a final study of your oceans in the current change your planet is developing. Mother Earth is getting prepared to expunge much of the discomforts, to clean herself, so there is a last-minute check on the status of the oceans. Studying the lakes and the rivers is the secondary check to be done, since they are already here. This is going on now by other vehicles elsewhere. You might wonder why a water vehicle is parked above this area. “Parked” is the term, because it is never very far from here. (Of course, it is sufficiently high to not pose a threat to navigation.) It is also usually invisible, only occasionally allowing portions of itself to be seen when those portions can appear to be stars. They have a vehicle about ten miles long. Sometimes, just for fun — which is their way, since they are amusing — they will allow a light that is quite bright from where they are but, depending upon your point of view, can really only be seen from underneath. As you know, these vehicles have the ability to create what would appear to be optical illusions, but they are quite real. They will sometimes, just to be funny, allow this light to move along the underside of the vehicle, creating what briefly appears to be a satellite moving across space. Allowing for certain distances, if you see something that moves from one side of the sky to the other, it is a satellite. But if you see an object briefly that moves rather slowly like a satellite and then disappears — remember that they have the ability to alter optics — it might be them kidding around. This is almost a breach of the intention to remain anonymous, you see. It is so cleverly done that the Network allows them to get away with it, since it really causes no harm. It looks very much like a satellite, but of course it will appear for only a short duration. I mention that simply because some of you might see it, if you have not already done so. It is, in fact, here. The vehicles are involved in the future work that will develop here. This area, as stated several times before by Zoosh and others, will in time be a water area. To even the casual observer, this area has been a water area once upon a time, but is developing. For people who have a home in the hills, there is no immediate reason to build a boat dock in front of your yard, since this will take quite a bit of time.

Earth Cleansing The beginning work is being done in synchronistic activity with Mother Earth, who prepares herself for this cleansing. The cleansing operation will happen somewhat interdimensionally, with the assistance of devices that can neutralize many forms of polluting substances that would take many, many years to break down. I must say, however, that the radioactive pollution will generally not be altered. You must understand that you are in transition from one aspect of this planet to another. When that transition is sufficiently completed, you will not really experience that radiation, but you will, unfortunately, leave it behind for those who inherit the third-dimensional aspect of this planet known as Earth. However, because they have been experiencing negative energy for so long, when they come here and experience any positive energy at all, it will be quite a wonderful thing. So even though the planet will be mildly radioactive and have outbursts of radioactivity from time to time, their bodies

are a little more durable and will be able to tolerate that condition, unlike your own. Therefore, although there is some assistance from extraterrestrial sources to help Mother Earth in her cleansing, there is also a certain amount of interference as well. I mention this about this Sirian vessel because there has been so much talk in the past about this negative planet from Sirius and its connections to you. I want to remind you gently that for the most part that planet is the exception, you see. Other beings — the source of dolphins, whales and so on, the source beings — are present. If you feel this energy, which is possible, that will be why. Why is the planet going to be radioactive? There is a great deal of radioactive waste material that has been somewhat thoughtlessly disposed of, in many cases in the oceans. You will hear about it from time to time, but due to the nature of the military and political necessity to have secrets, most of the radioactive dumping that has been done has had to be kept secret because of its association with secret projects. As a result, those who have dumped this material were unable to command the resources to move this waste material to a more permanent and safer burial ground. That would have drawn too much attention. So they did the best they could by utilizing some ships at sea. But sometimes their best is not enough. They are also functioning, of course, within the limits of the technology you have now. But within a few years — especially forty years from now — there will be major leakage of radiation into various bodies of water as well as bursts of it on land and serious contamination of the ground water. As a result, the planet will be somewhat more radioactive. However, these Sirians, who will inherit the third-dimensional aspect of this planet Earth while you shift toward Terra, have a greater tolerance of radioactivity. It will not be as much of a problem for them as it is for you. You will be transitioning, you see, to the planet Terra, and although you are not going anywhere, you will be experiencing an increase in the vibratory rate. You will feel and have the effects of perhaps no more than half of the experience, because you will have moved sufficiently from this frequency pulse that is Earth by that time. You have already moved, so there is already some detachment from the bulk of the experience. Since the inheritors of what you have come to call this Earth have not only a greater tolerance for radioactivity but also have more of it on their planet, it is not deemed to be a negative, but perhaps even a plus. You see, not only do their vehicles sometimes use atomic power to run on, but they are more casual about the emanation of these energies since their bodies are so sturdy. They are not particularly affected — unless, of course, one of them fell into a pool of plutonium, in which case they would probably be affected. But they are much more durable physically than yourselves. So radioactivity is not perceived to be a negative. This is not to suggest that individuals who are operating nuclear power plants should suddenly assume it is their patriotic duty to leave the planet in the best possible condition for the inheritors by dumping radioactive waste directly into the land and the streams. However, simply due to the breakdown of substances and the decomposition of the containers, it will leak out eventually. But that will be all right. Was the bombing of Hiroshima the inception of radioactive pollution on planet Earth? No, it was not. It had happened many times before that. Many civilizations existed here before.

The Testing of Earth’s Hybrid Technology Last Tuesday night about 8:40 I went out into the yard. There was an object that came in from the northeast and made an arc to the southwest, returning in the direction it came. It seemed very large and it seemed to glow, but there was a period when its lights were flashing in an PM

erratic pattern. Studying it further, it looked like lights were reflected off points on its surface. As it turned back toward the northeast, it made no noise, but there were two high-speed interceptor planes pursuing it. I’ve never seen anything quite like that before. Can you shed any light on it? This type of experience will become more common. You are somewhat in a flight zone for the testing of what will in time be called Earth’s flying saucers. A very gentle relationship is being developed between certain forces on Earth and beings from elsewhere. This particular vehicle has been here before and will be back. It will ofttimes disguise itself as a plane. Sometimes it will make no noise, since it has that capability, but it also has the capability of sounding suspiciously like a plane. What you have here is a test vehicle with more than one motive source. This is not a false sighting, but a sighting of the presence of space technology within an Earth vehicle. Your government has recently stated that it will begin public testing of this so-called “stealth bomber.” That is a cover, because they are really beginning to test their new vehicles, which look much like what you call flying saucers. Contrary to some people’s opinions, this is not an intentional cover-up to say, “See, this is what flying saucers really are,” although some people will pass that information about. In reality, this is the beginning of public contact; it is your government’s way to prepare the citizens to accept the idea that there are civilizations elsewhere. I do not wish to seem as though I or other members of my race are breaking faith with government officials with whom I have been in contact, but government officials have felt that it would be of value to release this information through unofficial sources. You might say that from the governmental point of view — allowing for my GS rating — I am simply an unofficial source. So I will simply say you have seen a vehicle that could simply be called hybrid technology. In the last few weeks there have been a number of people suffering from chills and fever. Are there any particular influences? This is not associated with that extraterrestrial source. It is a little more associated with adjustments to the frequency intensity involved in Mother Earth’s work. I might say, as an aside, that there is a supportive effort from extraterrestrials to calm the energy. I do not want to leave you with the impression that extraterrestrials are interfering with what Mother Earth does, but in order to cleanse herself, she must intensify various sounds that are primarily ultrasonic. However, these sounds have deleterious effects on the surface population. It is not possible to totally rid these sounds from the surface, because they must be there so that Mother Earth can do what she does to cleanse herself. But there is some attempt by extraterrestrial sources to nullify the sound sufficiently so that people will not have more than discomfort. Good question.

Current Human Changes How will the space people contact the star people on the Earth plane if they have not done so already? This is ongoing. There will not be any sudden broadcast over television. However, not to treat your question too lightly, I will say that Zoosh has referred to the fact that souls from other places in your reincarnational cycle who are associated with other planetary systems have begun braiding into your own souls. That is to give you the support that you need to get through these times as well as the skills and the aptitudes you were not born with. In the future there will not only be more of that, but also more of the walk-in replacement energies. Since some prophecies have stated that Armageddon was going to happen, I can say now that many, many souls will be replaced by the so-called walk-in

experience wherein the souls themselves depart to the future to be trained for living on Terra. Contact now is being shifted from the focus of waking people up to allowing them to continue the activities for which they originally came. Many souls are experiencing, from their extraterrestrial source, this wake-up signal, but it is not always understood to be you in your bodies. Many of you in this room as well as many on this planet have, on the soul level, come here to learn the value of unhappiness. This is not to suggest that unhappiness is wonderful, but that the original intention of unhappiness was to act as a subtle tool to urge change. Change has gone on at a snail’s pace in other areas of the galaxy, and the original intention of so-called negative energy was to stimulate change so that one would not have to live ten lives in the Pleiades, for example, to accomplish the growth that takes place in five minutes here. Souls have begun to learn that unhappiness at the level of 2 percent can accelerate growth without causing discomfort. When you are living at the fourth dimension — as you understand it — on the planet Terra, you will have the opportunity to have no more subconscious, so your energies will be much more receptive to subtle messages. You experience the subtle messages now, but due to the distraction of major discomfort and other things necessary to function on this planet, there has been difficulty in hearing and feeling the subtle messages. The subtle messages of that 2 percent of unhappiness in the future on Terra — yes, there will be some unhappiness in the fourth dimension as a spice — will be felt more as frustration. And when that gentle frustration is felt, you’ll have the immediate knowledge — no longer confusion, the subconscious and all of this — of what is to be done and you will act on it. As a result, unhappiness and the original purpose of negativity will be one. The lessons — sought for so many years that it is impossible to mention a number — have been achieved on this planet in this society now. The souls who came here to experience it have learned the value of unhappiness. Their departure, somewhat through the walk-in status and through the normal cycle of passing on and being born, is the source of the original idea of biblical prophecy of Armageddon. What was perceived to be death, what was perceived to be the yellow from the north, will be golden light associated with the birth and the death and the completion of the lesson. The souls will return to the higher-dimensional aspect of Earth known as Terra, prepared to not only manifest with the gold light — the material-mastery color — but to achieve the purpose of the human being, which is to be the Explorer Race. They will bring to citizens of other civilizations not only that tiny level of discomfort, but also the motivation it takes to grow so that those civilizations will no longer stagnate. Contact will be made with the starseeds through the act of completion as well as through accelerated soul-braiding. You have accomplished something on this Earth that has never been accomplished in the history of existence. This is the reason for living — to create total change. It is, according to my understanding now, the opportunity for the Creator to grow. Think for a moment what that means! The being who is All That Is can grow! Imagine, if you can, how life will change when the Creator grows! Ponder that for a moment.

The Dolphin Connection, the Role of Sound I had heard a couple of years ago about there having been in very ancient times a dolphin temple here. I think it was exactly a year ago today when I felt I had to be in this particular place near the Chapel at dawn, which I was. Earlier this year I was up there again with a friend, and we had an experience of a dolphin being — not in a dolphin body — who took us into this rock, into a place that looked like a temple. Can you tell me anything about that? As stated at the beginning of this evening, the vehicle that is the source of that energy you have

indicated — dolphin — is not only conveniently parked above this area, but it of course requires a corresponding underground circuitry. As you know, underneath the planet there is a considerable amount of underground activity, and underneath this particular locale there is more activity than under many other places. There are windows, one might say — portals is another word — to enter these quicker-dimensional areas. Depending on your frame of being and your cultural reality, you will perceive, if given the gift of entrance, different sights inside. Your experience of the temple had to do with the natural arc of your soul’s experience through this planet. In a sense, what you were seeing was not something of the present, but more associated with the past. Since this area is going to be underwater in time, it will become a treasure house of reverential or sacred objects of the ocean. These objects will be utilized to condition, harmonize or tone the aspects of this planet that will move from the third dimension to the fourth dimension. Now, I have stated that this planet will, as Earth, remain here. But to some extent, Mother Earth as you have known her will also evolve, so she will have the pleasure of the evolution much as your souls will have. As a result, there needs to be a transition team, and part of the transitional team will be having to re-create the past. This planet and the souls upon it are associated with your own here and elsewhere on the planet since it started out being Terra, and you are simply rejoining its original starting point. So what is being experienced is the reimaging of what was. When you saw that temple, you were actually viewing the ideal that will be created; but it was associated primarily with the past. I have received some information that the dolphins would be leaving the planet over the next five to seven years, their work being done. Can you speak a little on that? Briefly, you might notice in the news that the dolphins are leaving in increasing numbers. You might ask yourself why these beings are being destroyed who are actually involved in assisting those who are destroying them. One might say that this is one way of departure. Much of the dolphin energy will depart in this fashion. It will not be liftoff, but termination. What are the tones that go on in the ears of many of us. Is this some type of contact?

Beyond having a medical reference, when they are fleeting it is assumed that it is a way of localizing you — keeping tabs on you and knowing where you are. That is one aspect. But your physical body acts similar to what Mother Earth does with herself. Sometimes it is slightly uncomfortable, but it is temporary. It is a way of toning — to create the double entendre — the physical self with its higher-aspect, fourth-dimensional Terra self. Outside the context of time, you all exist right now on Terra in your idealized bodies that would be responding to 2 percent discomfort, having no subconscious minds. So you would actually look a little different. Not to threaten beauty operators and those who sell wrinkle-free cream, but wrinkles will be a thing of the past. Deterioration of the physical body will no longer happen as at present. When the body ages, it will tend to age more from within than externally. This is a hint of things to come. So there is need from time to time to strike a tone, one might say, to assist in the developing of that transition. This would not need to be done, you understand, if the individual body were not going to experience some elements of a fourth-dimensional, actual felt experience. This is an experience somewhat like alternating current, which pulses essentially on, off, on, off — yet is experienced as being on all the time. You’re actually pulsing very much like alternating current between the third and fourth dimensions. Therefore, even though you do not experience all that you will experience of the fourth dimension, you also do not experience all that you have experienced of the third dimension. One might say that you are re-creating the idealized past on this planet at its highest sources through the use of this tonation that many will hear but all will feel. Only some people actually hear it, depending largely on whether you have had physical contact. This tone is designed to create and stimulate the past, which is a halfway point. At the beginning of civilization on this planet, as it densified from the fourth to the third dimension, there was still a great deal of openness to the rhythms of nature. That openness has been lost, largely at the advent of the idea that the mental properties of the mind were the most superior and

capable portion of the human being to deal with life as it is. The subtle energies, or the feminine principle, were discarded many years ago in favor of the mind and the body working together to create external reality. In time came the belief that external reality was the primary factor that created personal reality; it was the root of people believing, as you do now, that your external reality is the source of the conditions and experiences of your day-to-day life. Whereas the actual source is a balance of the two — primarily the internal reality, which is experienced through the subtle energies of the feminine self, the emotions and the spiritual inspiration. What is going on is a sufficient quantity of change so that you can have a halfway-house experience as you move into and are harmonized into the fourthdimensional reality. What is this energy that is in my house, and how was it put there? Is it an entry into another dimension? It has reflections in the community. You are referring to what amounts to a tunnel, almost a crack in time. It was there, of course, before the structure was built. The structure is not so much a monument to present architecture as to that of the distant past, emulating a structure that flows with nature rather than conquers it. This crack in time will move about somewhat, sometimes giving the impression that it is someone rather than something. This will also have effects in the community. It is not exactly extraterrestrial, but it is balanced from extraterrestrial sources so that it does not become a problem. It creates windows through which you will have occasional bizarre or abnormal experiences. It will also cause this area to be seeded with an energy that allows it to be much more magnetic and electrical than it might normally be. The soil structure, the iron content, largely has to do with the doorway this represents. It is somewhat involved, of course, with the interdimensional experience, and it is tempered largely through the use of Inner Earth and extraterrestrial balancing techniques. Can we presume that the more positively polarized ETs will tend to not reveal themselves, respecting the code of noninterference; and conversely, the more negatively polarized might tend to intervene more in third dimension? I will simply say that regardless of the beings’ positive or negative status — referring to the actual statement of the question — the intent to reveal might or might not be allowed. If there is a negative desire to intervene, there will be no more permission than there is for the positive. It is more likely in your civilization for the squeaky wheel to get the grease, yes? That which is unpleasant or uncomfortable will receive much more attention than that which is pleasurable. How often might this occur in a simple relationship, where one might sometimes feel that the relationship is all wrong when there is only a brief moment of discomfort? Is there a particular place in this area that is a primary portal or connection point for extraterrestrials? I will point you in the direction and let you find it on your own. Up in Oak Creek Canyon, past the place where people playfully slide in the water, you will feel an energy from your right. Find the spot. That is all you get! Very often in Sedona I see cloud-craft; that’s what I think they are. They always have a specific swirled shape; sometimes they are very large, sometimes very small. I want to understand what I am really seeing. Is it a being, a consciousness, a craft? There is, of course, a natural cloud phenomenon of this type, but when the cloud is unmistakably shaped like what you call a flying saucer and it just sits there acting very uncloudlike, it is very often just what it appears to be. When this goes on, it is somewhat borderline interference that the Network

allows, since this type of cloud does exist. It is somewhat like the humorous Andromeda experience — a simple case of allowing oneself to be seen when one could be mistaken for something else. Yes, there are beings onboard and these are vehicles, but only when they look quite obviously like that. Are they from a particular planet? Very often they are from Arcturus. This is not a planet but a star system. However, I see no reason to use the names of these planets, because most of the time they are unpronounceable in your language. It might take a different aperture than a mouth to pronounce it. I will leave it to your imagination what that aperture might be like! I’m curious about a project called Operation Indigo, which happened June 29. It was a concerted effort on the part of many people to establish contact with extraterrestrials. Do you know whether or not they responded to any of these people participating? There has been some response. There are other projects, some of them stimulated by youthful individuals. There is some contact going on with all of these situations. In many cases the contact is not always felt, since it happens largely through the subtle energies of inspiration and also in dreams, which could be easily ignored. So yes, there has been some contact as a result. Several of these projects are under way now and will gradually begin to receive notice in the legitimate press. In the beginning, it will be perceived as a humorous phenomenon, but really those days are almost gone. It will now be perceived as a mass phenomenon for which there is no apparent explanation by those who feel it is their job to explain human behavior in a predictable fashion. The days of explaining human behavior in a way that could be proved with reproducible results have come and gone. Some will linger, but the social sciences will be rewritten over the next few decades. My father is one of the experimenters with what is called the electronic voice phenomenon, which uses tape recorders to pick up messages that make sense. He is now using the television screen to get pictures. He has some real interesting contacts with extraterrestrials, but it is kind of confusing. Can you speak on this phenomenon, on trying to use technology to make contact? The confusion here is largely with the technology, because you must analyze with the tools at hand. A great deal of what is going on now is the seeding of enigmas — that which cannot be explained but seems to happen more and more often. The purpose of this is to stimulate new technology. Also, the experiments are largely done — aside from this particular one — by those who are pursuing them for the pleasure of doing it. So scientific individuals, whether they be full-time scientists or not, are pursuing things for their pleasure. Some of this will percolate out into the community at large right away and some will not. It is designed to be an enigma. Playing it backwards might not help, all right? But the level of technology is primarily the difficulty. If the experimenters are willing to utilize sensitive individuals to fill in the blanks as well as attempt to interpret the data on a functional basis, it might be possible to get some direction. The intent of these enigmas is to encourage you to move beyond the mind into more fruitful areas. Is the primary purpose of Bell Rock an energizing point for UFOs in this area? That is not the primary purpose. That is the secondary purpose; a left/right turn signal on a car is like that. It is not the primary purpose of the vehicle to flash that light, but the flashing light on the car does allow it to tell others where it is going and, in a sense, where it has been. So one might say that the navigational beam produced at various times of the day, especially the evening, by this particular rock (as it is referred to) has an auxiliary or ancillary purpose. In the process of reading the book Communion, I had some very deep and profound emotions. If

contact was made when I was a small child, what was its purpose? This is quite personal, but I will simply say that the intention was to allow the physical being — yourself — to develop into someone it would not have developed into otherwise. So it was benign. The beings pictured on the cover of the book are only pictured in part. There was a considerable amount of artistic license taken, with the approval of the author. But from the eyes up, that is pretty close to what they look like. Do the extraterrestrials have contact with us on a telepathic basis? Sometimes I get the feeling that they are actually teaching us to have one mind. Yes, telepathy; yes, energetic, and this is why you need to develop beyond mental. You need to return to your full capacity. Their intention is to contact you more on the energetic or subtle-energy level, since much, much greater communication can develop that way. Mental telepathic communication, while it is not useless, is almost useless. It is about 10 percent communication and 90 percent nothing, because some individuals need to protect their energy fields from yours. You want to experience the contact or communication rationally; however, the rational mind is perhaps the slowest way of achieving anything. The desire is to contact you energetically, and this is beginning in some ways. I will say, however, that the intent is to ease you toward a greater understanding of your abilities. Are the extraterrestrials showing us in some way to think and to feel through a group mind? Excuse me a moment. I am required elsewhere. A moment … ••• All right. Zoosh here. My friend Joopah is called away to activities elsewhere. Zetas are largely involved in a technological rush project having to do with the internal access of the Earth — nothing to be concerned about. I will field your questions. They are not really trying to encourage you to have one mind, even though initially, in the past, they were. The understanding by those in a position to influence you now is that that is a reality all the time. Since you will be moving past the subconscious into expanded consciousness when you have more opportunity to experience what you have come to call the unconscious — in other words, the one-mind experience of the source of all information and experience — it is deemed unnecessary to train you for what you are in fact becoming.

Local Sightings One night, while sitting at Bell Rock, I saw above it what I thought a city of lights would look like, a massive group of lights. People have indicated that there is a city above this city. This is true on an interdimensional level, but what you were experiencing was something that was a gift, a vision for one individual. This was in fact a vehicle. It is difficult to grasp that they can be so big, but they can. You will know it is a vehicle when there seems to be a distortion in the fabric of space, a ripple effect. This was a vehicle that you were allowed to see. In August 1982, a friend and I went up Airport Road; I wanted to show her Sedona in the evening. This UFO came out of the southeast, went across 89A and behind Old Grayback [Capitol Butte]. It had no lights and looked like a cup turned over on a saucer, and it was a luminous pinkish-gray apparition. She looked at me and I looked at her. We saw the same thing, but we could never discuss it. Was that something that we manifested, or was it a true …

It was real. I might add that the source was Zeta Reticuli. There is a reason for not having discussed it. It was not the first time both of you had seen that. It was, speaking allegorically, as if you had some friends over on a Sunday afternoon and they said good-bye and hugged you at the door, then walked down the street to their car. They couldn’t park too close to the house, you see, because the people across the street were having a wedding. When you asked them to come over, many cars were parked there. You were sitting on the porch, and a few minutes later your friends got to their car, drove by your house and waved in a friendly fashion. I will not say that the exact sequence was so immediate, but I will say that the allegory is appropriate. Joopah said something interesting. He said that there would be walk-outs from our thirddimensional selves as we went into the fourth dimension and into Terra. The walk-ins, I seem to understand, were from B’zal’s negative Sirian planet. Do I understand correctly? Not walk-ins to your bodies. Can you explain what I don’t understand? Dear, oh dear. The total overlay in your consciousness at the moment is that, as you move from the third to the fourth dimension and experience elements of Earth in transition to Terra, these negative Sirians will move from the second to the third dimension and gradually experience elements of Earth. But the motion is fixed; as you move, so do they. There is never direct contact. There is only the little bit of contact that you are experiencing right now, which is by way of giving them some feelings they need to have in order to wake up. You are helping to wake up another race of people at the same time you are requesting to be awakened by others. It is always microcosmic experiences of the macrocosm. Souls who are walking in now will be slightly more accelerated versions of those who have been present. About a year and a half ago, I saw this craft. It was shaped like a boomerang and was bright orange. Could you tell me where it was from? This was a very opportune sighting. Normally, this color is broadcast by the Zeta beings, but there is a craft referred to as the V. Of course, because of your particular locale and the energies and the optical effects of the area, you saw this vehicle as not being as big as it actually is. But it was the original vehicle that came here to create the human race on the genetic level from Sirius. It was available for sighting by several people — sighted by a few, but not many. So be prepared over the next few months. You will experience a radical alteration in your energies. Now, many of you will be experiencing strange symptoms. Do not become alarmed that these symptoms are involved in some major discomfort. What is occurring is that, with these new soul-braids as well as the walk-in experience, you will have a more full-bodied experience. Part of the reason you have been under some stress and strain over the past few years and experiencing levels of discomfort, then vacations from discomfort and again levels of discomfort, is to stretch you and help you grow and become more than you have been. These have prepared you somewhat for this now experience. But there will still be some levels of discomfort associated with what healers and other medical technicians sometimes refer to as a healing crisis. Do not be shy about getting medical assistance, but in most cases the symptoms will be fleeting. The new energies will so accelerate your physical self as to necessarily begin stirring up the last bastion of subconscious physical areas of holding, which is, in many cases, in the lower abdomen. This part of the body might feel at times a little odd. Do not become overly alarmed. Do what it takes to achieve comfort, utilizing whatever facilities are available, but know that it is stirring up the pot so that you can release your subconscious discomforts through the natural process of the physical body. It is part of the change. Do not become overly upset; just keep the pink stuff on the shelf and feel free to

pop a little now and then. That will help. But there will be a minor sense of purging. It will help you feel more comfortable in the future and will prepare you to be much happier receptacles of your new energies.


Joopah, in Transit, Gives an Overview and Helpful Tools Joopah Las Vegas, Nevada, July 26, 1989 All right. Joopah speaking. I will explain who I am just a little bit. I am a being from a star system known as Zeta Reticuli to your science community. It is a portion of the constellation sometimes referred to as the Southern Cross, which can be seen most easily from the Southern Hemisphere of this planet. My consciousness, as I understand it, is several millions of years into your future and beyond the measurement of time, since it is at a different dimension. But I give the framework of years because you are now living in a time-space continuum and that is your framework for understanding change. I will say that I have recently been in a body of Zeta Reticuli origin, which would have appeared to be about three to three-and-a-half feet tall. It was humanoid, in the sense of two arms, two legs, a head and a body. In our dimension, the interworkings of the body would have been largely cosmic, as you would understand it — light energy sufficiently compressed to have a form of solidity to us. However, were we to appear in this room in that dimension, you would not readily see us unless you could see subtle energies, which many people can. The mass consciousness, however, that I am now a portion of, has gone beyond that recent incarnation, which ended at what you would understand to be 275 years of existence. I am now in a transition to my new body. My old one existed in a swing or a change in position from the sixth to the seventh dimension, in which my home planet existed. My new body will be ninth-dimensional. It will emanate and live on light — that is, transference of light energy within and without. I will appear rather similar to what I looked like before except for this emanation of light, which will alter its color according to my mood. I still have not fully grasped my new embodiment, since I have never been in a body like this before. According to my understanding, my new body will emanate white and gold light in its normal state. Whenever I experience a great happiness, a great enthusiasm, a great joy, a great love, the color will change to reflect those actual feelings. In this way I will be more prepared to contact individuals who have an artistic or a childlike temperament, for I will be entertaining simply by being, and that is really new to me. My previous lives have prepared me for an expanded mental consciousness. My civilization, as I have recently experienced it in my last body, has a one-mind experience; that is, whatever one of us would know we would all know; and equally, whatever we all know, all of us know to be the truth. While it appears to have a great advantage, mentally speaking, it has also, as I see from my now perspective, necessarily slowed growth because it created assumed truths that would last rather a long time and have the effect of a mental juggernaut in which there is such a tide moving in a specific direction that other points of view might not be readily assimilated. Not to say that it was a stubbornness, but just that individuality — as you experience your own free will — was not really a major experience. Nor was it desired, since the intention and purpose of the race was to perfect from within the highest development of mental consciousness as expressed through scientific technology.

The beings from Zeta Reticuli who experience contact with you on this planet usually have that as a goal. Many of the beings you contact now and who contact you come from all different times in Zeta Reticuli’s development. The ones from your future — as you understand your point in time — will be kinder, gentler, more appreciative of who you are, because the dawn of the understanding of who you are to us is moving back in time. Beings from my time in that recent embodiment have come to understand who you really are to us. At the beginning of the human race, we were asked by certain scientists and engineers to help create the human being — not the soul, certainly, but the body of the human being. We were asked to consult and scientifically monitor those bodies. We were simply encouraged to participate at that level then. And we were enthusiastic about it, because monitoring the development of an entirely new species was something new and enjoyable. Not that the human species was new in the sense of humanoid, for the humanoid appearance — two arms, two legs, a head, a body — is established in this part of the universe. But this race would be created for the soul purpose — S-O-U-L — of bringing its dynamic sensibility, mentally speaking, and its creative consciousness, emotionally speaking, out to the galaxies and beyond to stimulate other races to become more than they have been. It seemed like a wonderful scientific adventure to us. So we now understand, from my most recent past life — as you understand it, which is still millions of years in your future — that you are our past lives on a soul level! Well, well, well! This has been quite a revelation. We now see that our involvement was stimulated not only by our enthusiasm for the project, but also by guidance from our teachers and from the Creator, as we understand our relationship with the Creator. We now see the Creator’s larger purpose: that we would learn to understand more about who we are in our time through our devotion to the genetic experiment on Earth, of which you are all right now a result. And we have learned this, since it was our job to monitor the biological and mental functionings of the human being to see if the experiment had reached its zenith. We have seen your race become interplanetary on more than one occasion — that is, civilizations prior to your own have utilized much more refined machines to travel to other planets. But these civilizations have not lasted. Their own internal conflicts caused them to fall and disappear from the face of the Earth. However, your civilization has achieved a level of very careful balance that has led us to believe that you will survive; due to our understanding of history, we believe that this civilization will survive. You must remember that all histories are based on probabilities. From a philosophical point of view, you could say that we are your probable future, and yet since the word “probable” is introduced, one must always allow for free will. Nothing is rigidly set in concrete. It is conceivable that some minor change or swing in the motion or direction of your society would simply re-create our now. That is to say, we would expect to exist, but we might experience our civilization differently. In more recent times when I was embodied, we had this major concern that our civilization was dying out. We have for many, many years cloned our offspring; we have not had the type of biological reproduction that you have. We have had scientific re-creation. However, in alignment with the Creator, we would wait a respectful amount of time after the body was cloned to allow the soul to enter. The item of great concern in recent times was that after the body was cloned, we would wait for the soul to enter, but it did not. This happened over and over again, and there was great concern in our civilization that our race was dying out due to some unknown cause beyond our vast resources of technology and science. And in our contacts with other races we communicate with, no one knew or

understood, so we began to believe that our race was dying out. As a result, we had to turn to our resources. This is before we understood that you are our past life. We had to turn to what we had. We could not ask for your advice directly, since your energy and our own is incompatible, as we have recently experienced it, necessitating the use of a technological device that keeps a shield around us so that we do not experience your energy. This has caused complications, of course — a serious breakdown in communications. We are able to communicate with you only mentally and we have recently discovered, much to our shock, that most of your communication — according to our teachers, as they have advised us about you — is about 90-95 percent emotional, energetic, and that words or thoughts comprise only a very small portion of your actual communication. You can understand this, of course, because you have arguments from time to time with individuals when you speak one point of view on the thought level and the other individual does not hear you. Instead they hear what you are feeling and react to your feelings more than to what you are saying. You think now that they are reacting to their own feelings, but it is not really that so much: their feelings are triggered by your feelings, and this is why arguments take place.

A Zeta-Human Hybrid In any event, there is great concern in my civilization that we would not survive. So we have asked for permission from the Network, and it was granted, to clone a hybrid between our race and your own. At the time we thought it unusual that our request was granted. We thought the probability for it being granted was no more than half of 1 percent, so we were quite amazed. We now understand that the highest sources of the Network consulted with the Creator, and the Creator urged this form of union between us, because the Creator knew that you are our past lives on a soul line and that this type of contact between us would create further bonding. So we have developed, then, a race of beings who are a cross between us. There were several experiments that did not work very well. But we have managed to develop a race that we believed would do several things: First, if our race died out, they could carry on with our knowledge; we would have someone to whom we could leave our knowledge, our purpose, our aims and our philosophies. Second, we would also have as an immediate reward a race that could communicate with you, for they are 49 percent you and 51 percent us, with a smattering of other races as spices, since they would have certain skills and abilities that our race and your race do not have to that degree. The race we have created looks like a cross between us. That is to say, they have large eyes like those of my own race, but they are not as large and are swept back, rather streamlined-looking. They are considerably taller than our average height, ranging now about five feet, five inches, which is probably close to the mean. They are very emotional. I now speak to you with my now understanding of emotion because I am becoming more emotional! But my race has not been known for being emotional; it is known for being unemotional. So this group of beings was created — the hybrid between us — to be emotional so that they could interact with you directly without need for a technological device to protect against energetic contact. They are artistic, creative and somewhat — by our standards greatly, but by your standards somewhat — flamboyant. They now wear a uniform, which is all black except that the artistic ones have gold flecks and the scientific ones have silver flecks through the midsection. In time, through contact with your race, they will become very enamored with the different colors of clothing that you wear and will likely

alter their appearance, perhaps keeping that uniform but adding accessories such as you have now — red scarves and so on, perhaps even hats. That would be rather startling for us; nevertheless, they are quite attractive in a streamlined way. You might find them surprising-looking. But yet they are not that different from human beings. However, as it turns out, they will not be needed for their original purpose. That is, they will not be needed to carry on for our civilization, but they will be a wonderful go-between — ambassadors, in a sense. They will be able to communicate easily with both you and us. So it turns out that the secondary intention will be the primary result. As it turns out, from my now point of view I see that the souls did not enter the bodies we had cloned because they were waiting for the new body that I will have. At first we did not understand it; we seemed to be shifting from the sixth to the seventh dimension, but in reality we were shifting — though some will shift to the seventh — directly from the sixth to the ninth dimension. So of course the technology was not on-line to create this ninth-dimensional body. I have been given the unique opportunity to rejoin my race directly following my death. Thus they will not experience any time loss. I am speaking to you in this odd little bubble of time, you see, that really involves about six weeks of your time. I’m into the fourth week by now; there are only about two weeks left. At the point of the actual death of my body, my new body will appear alongside it within about ten seconds. My friends, who are there for the ceremony of my death, will be somewhat startled by this emanating golden light, and since we have a one-mind experience, they will be treated to something entirely new. This will be an advantage, since knowledge, once it is fully appreciated, will assimilate quickly into my race in that time sequence. They will think that they’re seeing some afterlife experience, but I will quickly explain to them that the body I am exhibiting is the prototype for their race. They will then, on a scientific level, quickly learn to clone it and will find that the new souls, which had been reluctant to enter the bodies they had been cloning, will readily enter this new body. So I’m being sent back to seed my race with this new understanding of who we will be in their future, from their point of view. The reason there has been some considerable misunderstanding between my race and yours — which the hybrid race will hopefully help to smooth over — is that we did not know who you are. The great veil lifted to reveal our dilemma as more an example of shortsightedness than a true dilemma. All of these revelations and so on that I have recently had are what one might refer to as a time-zone knowledge. We do have one mind in my race, but the time-zone knowledge is very slowly spreading back in time in my race. As a result, many of the beings you will meet from different times in Zeta Reticuli still do not understand who you are. If I am to go back to instruct them and help them, they will be slow to grasp it because of the juggernaut effect of this wonderful, great brain. It is very powerful and has a great deal of knowledge, a great deal of ability, but it is sometimes slow to change its mind. As a result, you will have contact for some time yet with Zeta beings who are still somewhat cold in appearance. But equally, you will have contact with other Zeta beings who will show themselves to be light beings — very knowledgeable, warm, intelligent, sometimes even witty — which is for me something new, but I am working at it.

New Self-Identity for Both Races So what is going on for you now is a radical shift in consciousness about who you are. This is going

on for me also. Thus we have much more in common than we have in differences. Now, I have given this rather long talk about who we are to give you an overview and to provide a little better understanding of who I am. It can also empower you and give you tools you can utilize that will support your growth and help you feel a little more youthful and enthusiastic about life and a little less cynical, which you might become as a result of living in these times. All right, I will take questions now. How do I fit into the scheme from your perspective? In the large view, since it is a large question, you are one of our past lives. My friend, you are part of the grand plan just like everyone is. But if you want me to tell you exactly what you are going to do in the future, I cannot do that without necessarily altering what you will do in the future as a result of that knowledge. It is not possible for you not to alter it, you see, because of your subconscious. The subconscious mind in the human being is now being cleared, coming up to the surface and shedding not only its dilemmas, but also providing the gift of the expansion of the conscious mind. As a result, since the subconscious mind is in radical change, it would not be possible for me to tell you what you are going to do in the future without the subconscious mind — which is involved in the arc of change — affecting it. What do I need to do spiritually to grow and to enhance my consciousness? What should I do and where can I go spiritually? Inward, rather than finding the greatest guru on the mountaintop — euphemistically speaking, of course. It would be of value to simply appreciate your own value. Nowadays the Earth Mother you are living on here is appreciating her own value by being more physical — doing things, moving herself, altering her poles somewhat, melting the polar icecaps a little bit but not enough to alarm you by raising water levels enough to create serious problems. She is becoming more physical and is doing what she can to clean up her own act, as you say, on the level of pollution. Use the Earth Mother as an analogy. Be a little more physical; be a little more emotional, even though some have accused you of being too emotional. Now is the time to allow yourself to be a little more emotional. Where power and alignment with spirit is concerned, nowadays it would be directly aligned with emotionality. So the development of emotionality would be of great advantage to anyone choosing to come into greater focus with their spirit lives. So I would simply suggest that when you feel emotional, allow that emotion to display itself, and begin to identify those physical objects around you — people, places, things — as something that stimulate emotion within you. For example, a beautiful scene might cause you to feel warm, wonderful; perhaps a traffic jam might cause you to become excited, nervous, agitated. Allow those emotions to become present as best you can within the framework of your social community and express them as emotions. Even though sometimes you are alone in a vehicle and something annoying happens, be willing and allow yourself to express those emotions. You don’t have to yell at someone else, but if you yell about the frustration of being stuck in a traffic jam, for example, it is advantageous now because the emotional body needs to be expressed as it is, not as you would like it to be. Thus it is not a time for control; it is a time for expression. The key to spiritual and material mastery right now is to unlock the secrets of the emotional body, and the power of the emotional body is in allowing it to be itself, to express itself emotionally through the physical body, which is its friend. The emotional body and the physical body do not really trust the mental body. The mental body’s

purpose and original intention was simply to interpret the difference in visual and other sensory stimuli so that one would not, for instance, put a hand in a fire and leave it there. One might consider this to be a natural physical reaction, but the mind is actually involved in that. So I would say, be a little more spontaneous in ways that are expressive. And when you feel something humorous, laugh out loud. It is all right. It gives people permission to do that.

Technique to Expand Perceptions For you specifically to be able to feel the guides that are present around you, you will need to expand your sensitive perception a bit. Pick out a favorite geographical object — a mountain or something off in the distance. And when you are looking at it, concentrate not on the mountain but on the space between your eyes and the mountain to see what you might see. Don’t question anything. Make certain that there is nothing — no trees, no houses — between your eyes and the point on the mountain you are looking at. If you see ripples or flashes or dots, accept it no matter how strange or hallucinatory it might seem. It is time now to develop your subtle abilities more. If I understand what you are all about, it’s that you know a lot of things that we should already know, part of what is called the collective consciousness. Is it correct to say that we should already know what you know? No. I know you are having the joy of discovering it. To say that you should know it would suggest that there is an assumption of superiority on my part. I do not make that assumption just because I’m in the future — from your point in time — and can see clearly what might happen in several different probabilities. I’m not reinforcing the idea that you come into a preparatory state of being conscious of the collective consciousness. In point of fact, the reason that my race exists is largely due to a desire that is being developed on this planet right now to develop that consciousness of the collective consciousness, as you understand it. There is an understandable confusion on your part. The desire for a total awareness of collective consciousness has also somewhat stimulated a desire to not have as many emotions, and this creates a great deal of confusion in communication. Thus I do not support the idea of “should.” If two people meet in a casual manner, like I did with the person next to me, is there a connection in the past that can be used in the future? How do we know? How can we guide our behavior to help each other? Thank you. Good question. Well thought out. Precise. I will say that you will know that something along the lines of this meeting has been preordained by the feelings, especially associated with the idea that you have never met, perhaps, or never really noticed each other in this way and suddenly you have this strong feeling, an affinity that is accompanied by energy. You will know that something is going on, perhaps associated with a destiny once begun by past-life associations designed to be fulfilled in this life. Now, I am not saying that you must fulfill that destiny, but that the best thing you can do to support that form of growth is to explore each other’s lives as much as possible. Of course, friendships naturally develop, and the natural tendency is to talk much about what you have done. It is of value to do this to see parallels as well as opposites. If you are intimates at that time — I’m not saying do or don’t — perhaps you can take the opportunity to explore each other’s hands to notice the feeling engendered within yourselves as you are exploring the hand. That is, to develop another point

of contact beyond thought, beyond recollection, to develop the point of contact that is both physical and emotional and see if your emotions are in any way aligned with each other. Use as many of your tools as possible. Also, when you are together, perhaps driving or being driven from place to place by another, comment on your feelings about things you see to observe if there is any alignment there. You will discover in time that your previous lives together have been associated largely with groups that were involved in sweeping events when you had little time to explore your personal relationship or commonalities. Now you have the opportunity for an intimate tête-a-tête or experience. I encourage you to develop enough of a friendship so that you can discover your similarities as well as your opposing points of view.

Vertical Time and Visits from Future Lives I frequently experience what is referred to as déjà vu, experiences that I am positive I have been through before, yet I couldn’t have because the people are new to me. I’m wondering what caused that feeling. This is an experience of vertical time, a gift of the coming clearing of the subconscious. That is, as the subconscious is cleared and no longer stands as a barrier or an unavailable repository of knowledge and experience that has been learned, it adds its data-storage capacity to the conscious mind. This will develop at varying rates for different individuals. You are also experiencing an associated gift that allows you to key into memories associated with other lives, including ones from the future along the line of probabilities. This is why you also sometimes have the experience of meeting people you have never really met, and they recognize you or you recognize them. Can you give me any information about the knocking in the middle of the night when nobody is at the door, waking me up out of a sound sleep, or footsteps I hear approaching my bed when nobody’s there? This generally wakes me up. Ah, but they are there. Since you’re experiencing vertical time, you are experiencing sensitivities and subtleties associated with interdimensional perception. That is, you are hearing and feeling things that are there but may not be visually apparent. Now, some people will experience the subtle bodies visually, but it is also possible to sense them — that is, to feel slight pressure changes or a harmonic that is a tonal change or an actual sound experience. You are being contacted by certain individuals from other dimensions, naturally — your future lives coming back to see how you are doing and whether they can assist you in any way. They are not aware at this time of your perceptions of them. They would prefer that you could appreciate them more in terms of color and tone. If you would perhaps be more involved with musical instruments, have them about. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, just something simple. Then when you hear those sounds, pick up some simple little instrument, even a harmonica, and see if you can play a tone that uses your emotions when you hear these sounds. The tone will, in many senses, balance the harmonic. The individuals who are present for you from time to time are from a place where color, sound and tone are more appreciated than they are here. To hear a pleasant tone might be appreciated by them as an attempt by you to communicate, in which case it might be less necessary for you to hear only those sounds. As they say, the ball is in your court to make a sound they can hear, and a musical sound is more likely to be something that they can hear. It will be possible for you to communicate with these beings — future lives — through tone. Let the tones that you make be the most pleasing possible tones to yourself. Not recorded music; it must

be something you make yourself so that there is actual physical-emotional interaction with the instrument. It can be, as indicated, something simple and inexpensive, something that you have about. I suggest you use this initially, as it can ease the experience somewhat. Again, remember that even recording your own making of tones will not work. It must be something that is done “live,” as they say. My intention here, of course, is not so much to alter the experience as to give you an opportunity to expand the experience into something that is more pleasurable for both you and them, to find a common language, which I believe will be pleasurable sound.

Using Fear As a Tool So I don’t need to be afraid? It really instills a lot of fear in me when this happens. This is because of your old programming in this life. But I do not perceive any need for fear. If the fear is present, though, I will give you a little extra-credit homework, as Zoosh might say. That is, when you do not hear the sounds but can tap into the memory of the fear, then I suggest that you lie down someplace and honor the fear. Understand that the fear is not something I encourage you to only experience, for fear is a tool, a guide. It can be used for you as well as be experienced at an unpleasant level. So use it for yourself; do not make it a stranger. You can actually love your fear and let it support you by guiding you more clearly and opening up new levels of inspiration from the Creator. As you show that you respect your fear, it can stand aside and let you receive more inspiration from the Creator — God, as you understand it. When recalling a time when you felt afraid, just hug yourself closely, go into the fear and say out loud how afraid you are. Become the fear — briefly. You don’t have to do this for hours, even minutes, just briefly. And then relax into a state of as much calm and peace as you can engender. Allow the fear to be experienced as it is, rather than suppressed, subverted and altered to the point where it goes into your subconscious and reemerges later in your life to create confusion. We want to clear this confusion for you. This is something that you can do, and the purpose of these discussions that we have, aside from activating your energies, is to give you tools you can use yourself and that are cheap and easy, so that you might be more inclined to do it. Go into your fear briefly, experience it, locate the points in your body where you feel it most. After you come out of this meditation and you feel calm and peaceful, touch those points of your body, reassure them as one might pat or reassure a child who has fallen down and hurt itself. Reassure them and say out loud, “There, there. It will be all right. I do care about you. I do love you.” Please be willing to do this, because your physical body communicates physically and emotionally, and the purpose of this emotional exercise is to stimulate not only acceptance of your emotional body but to honor and respect it for the wonderful tool that it is.

Your Fear’s Polar Opposite I’ve been working toward an inner peace, an inner harmony, and I’m having a very, very difficult time with that. I’m trying to relate to God or a higher power as I see it, and I want to

get any insights or clues about how to deal with that. It’s almost a fear at times. The advantage of fear is that it invariably leads you to what you are the most frightened of. And when you can identify what you are most afraid of, you will know that the true and most beneficial lesson for you will be the polar opposite of that fear. That is the gift behind the fear. If you are willing to practice that as an exercise, it will help you. What do you find in your life that is of the most beauty? Peace and quiet. Nature. All right. Then in moments of quiet contemplation while out in nature, be clear in your understanding that nature is God and is not only peaceful and quiet, but also often violent, since sometimes the quickest path to change is sudden, and suddenness in nature is not often beauty. Beauty in nature, for example, might be a beautiful sunset or a beautiful sunrise, which takes time, whereas a bolt of lightning, which might be immensely beautiful in the moment, might also cause a forest fire. You understand? Learn to accept the unpredictability and the paradoxical existence of God. This will allow you to not only appreciate your own value, but in time to develop a larger safety zone for yourself. Right now this planet does not feel safe to you, so it is necessary to assist yourself emotionally, since that is where your power lies. To create safety for you, learn that almost everything you were disciplined against not being in your childhood happens to be your strong points. What you were told not to be is what you really are, and being it will develop your power.

So utilize your imagination. Utilize “let’s pretend” as a source of power. Again, look about in nature while you are out; imagine yourself as a warrior, and if no one is within eavesdropping distance, then be the warrior. Imagine yourself as Joan of Arc at the head of the troops. Make physical motions identified with the warrior. If you want to update that and be the female Rambo, that is all right. But it is necessary for you to play “let’s pretend” to invigorate your physical body not only with feelings of the warrior wisdom, but also to engender feelings of safety through strength. If you’re willing to do this, when you play the warrior in imagination, concentrate on the warrior’s great strength and the courage drawn from the emotional strength. This will help on this planet. Material mastery is derived largely from not only feeling safe upon this planet due to your strength and wisdom, but from embracing this planet as it is, without being attached to changing it into something that it isn’t. This planet functions as a material-manifesting zone. All that is thought, imagined, felt or experienced can be manifested here in some form. Since you are living in a

polarized world with positivity and negativity, as you understand it — or comfort and discomfort, in reality — you will have the opportunity to manifest your fears as well as your strengths. So the best tools you can use to sharpen your strength are your emotions, the imagination that is your mind’s link to the emotion and your physical body, which is your physical link to spirit through the emotions. When spirit excites you with inspiration, the inspiration passes directly into your emotional body, into your physical body, and then into your mental body, which, if it is to act on it, must stimulate itself through its imagination. The physical body and the emotional body are absolutely and always mature. The spiritual body has some learning to do, and the mental body has the greatest amount of learning to do of all. As a species, you are here largely to evolve the mental body, not only of the individual but of all mankind. The mental body is immature and perceives itself to be, due to its own self-education, superior to the physical and emotional bodies. But the reasons the physical and emotional bodies can communicate with each other instantaneously — not only telepathically but through nuance and gesture — is not because of thought but because of energetic exchange. In your current state of development, the physical and emotional bodies have reached the zenith of what they are able to do within this dimension. So it is actually quite the opposite of what appears. The mind has the most learning to do — to gain respect and appreciation for the other aspects of yourself, physically and emotionally. Because of the paradoxical civilization you are living in, you are trained out of a belief in your imagination in an attempt to negate it.

Imagination The imagination is the saving grace that spirit provides for your mind. Your mind, then, in its finest moments is imaginative. Why is it that the children naturally play “let’s pretend”? It is because at the very youngest ages they are less tainted with the responsibilities of adulthood, and they know and respond naturally to the whims of imagination, knowing on the greater spiritual level that imagination is the key to mental development. It is a matter of regaining what you are naturally born with. I encourage you to utilize the teachers around you. Notice children more, especially the very young ones. Notice that when they are playing, they do not question or analyze. They are spontaneous. Utilize your imagination and all that it can do for you and with you, not to replace your life but to accent and strengthen it. Use your imagination to pretend to be the warrior or the great mother or the great lover so that you can feel emotions associated with these things. In this way you give yourself, all by yourself, the emotions that you wish brought to you by others from your point of view of the external world. Begin to create these imagineering exercises to reengineer your life from the inside out. Since the lack of imagination might be caused by not feeling loved, what could be a good exercise to develop imagination? Looking back, my lack of imagination has played a negative part in my life. How do I regain it? Develop a little homework for yourself. Incorporate a little more spontaneity. I understand that you have come to rely on the analytical aspects of your mind to separate that which is of value and that which is not. But if you are playing at this exercise and if it does not have any far-reaching impact on other aspects of your life, then I suggest that you do not overanalyze it. Let it be something in which your mind sits in the audience, in which your body and emotions are involved, and in which your spirit somewhat directs not only through inspiration but your mind’s level of spirituality, which is imagination.

An Exercise for Imagination Put yourself into space, surrounded by certain childlike toys. I’m not trying to make a fool of you, but understand that it is necessary to stimulate your imagination on the level of childhood. Therefore I encourage you to have simple things around, like a ball, maybe blocks and other simple toys, cars that you push. As you observe them, go immediately to the ones that you are visually attracted to, because children are involved in their senses. What do things smell like? What do they taste like? Babies often put things in their mouths; they are exploring something with all of their senses, and they are exploring their senses at the same time to see what they can do. Allow yourself to go to the toy you find the most attractive. Utilize all of your senses. Examine them not as a scientist but as a child. You might be playing with one thing while you are sticking another to the side of your face to see what it feels like. The spontaneity here is what you wish to develop. The purpose of the exercise is to encourage you to begin to develop not only spontaneity but the feminine side of yourself — all beings have a masculine and a feminine — which utilizes the power of attraction. So as you might be attracted to someone or something beautiful, allow yourself in this exercise, which is to support greater imagination, to be attracted to the prettiest toys and to feel them, to knock them against each other a little bit to see what they sound like, or if you feel safe, to taste them a little bit and to play with them absent-mindedly. Or just bounce them off the walls to see what happens, if you are in a place where that is permitted. The exercise is easy. It is simple. It is cheap. It is effective. And it creates for you a compartmentalized period of time in which it is not necessary for your conscious mind to rationalize the value of it.

A Tool for Decision-Making

I’m interested in two choices, both involving all kinds of aspects from personal relations to work, one in my country of origin and the other in this country. What would be the right way to go — to stay with what I can get here or go back and develop what I already have there? In order to utilize all of your abilities, first I would suggest that you remain in residence within yourself and your own feelings when weighing these two possibilities. In this country you are dealing largely with the unknown, and in your former country you are dealing with the known. Remember for a moment what it feels like back there, all right? Go into your feelings as they are interpreted in your physical body — not in your thought. Right now, thought is a little cloudy for many people. But as you use your physical self, you might be able to incorporate a greater sense of knowledge through that secondary tool. Remember, to the best of your ability, what it’s like back there. Notice how you feel in your physical body. What part of you feels one way versus another way? Go into your physical self so you can notice how you feel. Now, I know there is some excitement about this new country, but excitement is a scattered energy, so I will ask you to use your imagination and feel into what could be — and even what is — in this country, and notice how your physical body feels, again from the inside out. Choosing the old way is the home, the homeland. You will likely follow a path of recognition. You will see somewhat clearly what could be, but you will gradually experience a little more as you go along. You might become recognized there for things. In this country, it is more likely that you will be somewhat invisible for a time, able to absorb from the background what this country is all about. I do not wish to tell you what you should do, since that is an authoritarian position. But I will say, as gently as possible, that if you wish for security you will go home, to the homeland. If you wish to have an adventure that might lead to empowerment, you will stay here. All in all, depending on your true desires, the homeland might not allow the total you. The new land might demand the total you. Thus you will find life here more challenging, even though on the surface you would seem to have some freedoms that you do not experience in the old country. But those challenges will necessarily cause you to develop and utilize latent talents and abilities that you do not identify as your own. That is, you might have to ask spirit and the Creator to provide you with more of your soul’s energy in your now experience so that you can be many, many things rather than what you have been. So I lay it out for you as gently as possible to make your own clear choice. Remember, the feelings you have associated with your now life might cause you to be confused, sometimes due to pulls here versus pulls there. Either way you choose, you will find peace and happiness of a sort; here peace and happiness might take a little longer, but the rewards will also be greater. Your lives, as they are now developing, are becoming on the surface increasingly more complicated because of the choices you have. You are being offered, my friends, so many choices, so many directions. Understand that sometimes they will seem seductive. That is, they will look and feel so good on the surface, but then after you become involved in them, you see that they have a downside as well. Recognize that it is only normal for any child or an adult with new experiences of childhood — an adult child, you understand — to explore new experiences with all sides of you. You are coming into a time when you will have more of you present. That is, you’re expanding your abilities. The perceptions of your senses are expanding. This is the true meaning of extrasensory perception. As a result, you might begin to have some experiences that you have had previously and experience them completely differently — a whole new idea, a whole new realization, a whole new feeling. Never assume these days that just because you have tried something and it didn’t work —

always a disappointment — or didn’t turn out the way you would have liked, that you’re not going to try it again. Nowadays you are expanding so much, but you do not see it because others around you are expanding equally. Give yourself the opportunity to be more, to do more, to act more, to have more fun and to utilize all of your abilities. This is a great adventure you are on now, and sometimes it will be like a roller coaster, with ups and downs. But it is a great adventure. Thus many individuals from other planets are here to observe all of this because of its uniqueness in the universe. Yet you are here. You are qualified for this life, and it is now time, with dedication and earnestness, to learn to apply consciously what you have learned. It is not a time so much of the education of the unconscious, but the application of the development and expansion of the conscious in all of its aspects: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. It is a wonderful time to be alive, even though there will be times of great fear. There will also be times of great reward. Use the strengths that you came with. Use your emotional body. Use your physical body. Use your spiritual body with your imagination and your mind. Use your mental body. Use all that you came here with, and you will find that your life will be easier. You have all come with those tools — body, mind, spirit and emotions. Use them all as equals. Judge none better than the others, and with practice you will develop not only material and spiritual mastery, but the true balance and harmony that you all seek.


Answering Questions in Las Vegas Joopah Las Vegas, Nevada, July 7, 1989 and excerpts from The Jerry Pippin Show, Las Vegas, Nevada, August 24, 1989 All right, Joopah speaking. Joopah, at another time you spoke about magnetic poles on the Earth being closed off. Did I get that right? Yes. Temporarily closed, yes. Did Mother Earth close those off? Mother Earth allowed them to be closed off. She does, by her actions, cover the poles with ice, for the most part. However, she has always allowed windows in time — you might say in space, but truly in time. This creates a level of access to those poles because they radiate through the center of the Earth. The closing became a necessity due to a breach in the security system that was for the most part inadvertent. There have been times in the past when certain Earth individuals were allowed to see into or go into the access point beneath those poles. Those access points are essentially interdimensional. That is, one might be flying (or conceivably walking) over the pole, and if one is in a proper frame of mind, spirit and body, it is possible to see the other-dimensional aspects of this planet as well as variations of this planet. Most often the individual would not achieve access to those areas. However, recently one individual — not a malevolent person but an individual whose energy was, shall we say, misplaced — achieved a level of access into those areas and was able to retrieve, primarily through observation, some factual information that would potentially allow his race an advantage in the future. Of course, nothing is accidental, but it would have been preferable for that not to have taken place. As a result, through a coding device the interdimensional window on both ends was sealed to disallow access by even the highest embodied sources. In any event, beings who are not encapsulated in bodies — and lightbeings who are — have access now, but this is not deemed irresponsible.

Time Travel The individual who had access is actually from the future, but only slightly from the future, and this individual is actually an Earth person. You see, in the not-too-distant future a rudimentary time travel will be experimented with. The experiments will be risky; some individuals will simply disappear into folds of time only to reappear at some other place or space, but some individuals will be able to return and understand many things. The individual who gained access was a member of a ruling political party, so you might say that coming back in time has given him some advantage in understanding the future. From your vantage point, can you see future events for Earth? From my vantage point, they would be past events. Understand that I am so far in the future that it is impossible to give a truly accurate representation in terms of years. If you refer to the immediate

future, I have some understanding, since my job title remains architectural historian. Thus the history of time and the events that have occurred in it are my specialty. However, to prevent “diseventing,” there is only a certain amount that can be revealed to you. That is, if too much is revealed about the future, the future might be altered. We are lightbeings, and we are supposed to be progressing to lighten ourselves and to become more transparent so that we can evolve. Do you have any breathing techniques or any information that will accelerate that process? When you say “transparent,” I would prefer to say “expanded.” You might not notice any actual change in your apparent density while you are centered in your physical self, but when you are involved in meditation, that is another matter.

Expansion Exercise As for breathing cycles, I would suggest that you find a favorite tree or plant and breathe with it by centering your consciousness within it and breathing in and out of its consciousness: On the exhale, blow your consciousness into the tree and observe as much of that tree’s existence as possible. Then on the inhale, breathe as much of that tree into you as you can readily absorb.

Trees and their consciousness have the total history of mankind’s future on several probable levels. They might not have the exact picture, but since they need to be informed so that they can cycle their growth appropriately, a certain amount of the future has been revealed to tree consciousness. Understand that any form of life that helps to sustain other forms of life might necessarily receive some of this understanding. We’ve heard so much about California and possible quakes and so forth; is that still a possibility? Some Earth motion is possible. I do not perceive a catastrophic quake in your likely lifetime. In time, yes. But by the time the catastrophic quake occurs, it may be that the population on the soul level that has been occupying this planet will have shifted to the higher-dimensional aspect of the planet, which is much more in balance. You are now all working toward that balance to become compatible with it. It is possible, though, that there will be some quakes, but I do not perceive a major disaster. Are we working toward the fourth dimension, or fourth density, and is the planet also doing so? Or is the planet going to stay in the third density while we go into the fourth? So that you can have a frame of reference, you are working toward the fourth density and so is the planet. It is natural, since as you examine your world, any philosopher or scientist could say that

everything is everything else in either micro- or macrocosm. It is a simultaneity of action. However, Earth as a reality will remain in the third dimension, and the fourth-dimensional version of this planet will be an experiential phenomenon as it manifests. It is, of course, manifested now; but experientially to you all, it is more likely to be referred to as Terra. So while Earth is evolving itself on the fourth dimension, it is already evolved. In terms of particle physics, the particles are being sped up, not with the intention of causing destruction, but with the intention of causing wave-form magnetics that will create expansion if it happens at a certain speed and pulse. There is no need for explosion, but rather expansion. What density are you? I am in transit myself. I am now not encapsulated. My self, which was in transit recently from the sixth to the seventh, is now no longer encapsulated. In about four-and-a-half or five weeks of your time I will be encapsulated again in a ninth-density body. I am, as you say, between lives. What is the total number of dimensions? There is no limit that I am aware of. Limits are sometimes stated in order to help you to place yourself in the universe. But according to all of my teachers, I have never heard of anyone providing an arbitrary limit according to their experience. You still need teachers? Everyone does. In a sense, the Creator experiences teachers when the Creator can enjoy forgetting. I see no advantage to knowing everything. Where is the enjoyment, the unfolding? Where would be the expansion? Why exist? Don’t black holes contract, so that after you expand enough, then you contract?

Theoretically, according to your present particle physics, that would be true. But black holes are dimensional doorways that have a layer of third-dimensional analytical behavior attached to them as a result of direct observation from any dimension — in your case, the third transiting to the fourth. So while it might appear that that is what black holes are, black holes are primarily doorways. Rephrase the question. I think what she means is that since black holes have a property of expansion and contraction,

do we also have that capacity? Could we go on to say that as you are going into the ninth density, you could theoretically choose perhaps to go into a lower density at will? According to your frame of reference, theoretically, yes. But that is not my job. My job is also to be an example, and as I understand it, my next example will be this ninth-density body, which will emanate light. The purpose is to show my race where it is headed so that it can see for itself that what has been perceived as the death of my race is simply change that has not been understood. Is the best thing for us third-dimensional beings to just go with whatever is happening, to relax and let third-density life bring us to the end of the road? Would that be the best way to approach it? If you assume that you chose this — which is so, according to my understanding — it seems valuable to experience it to the maximum — which would mean, according to nature in this realm, to let go and flow, although this can often seem adventurous from your perception. It is the reality of your life, in any event. Sometimes when you maintain the illusion of hanging on, it will create a more brittle change. Then life changes suddenly, not gently, ofttimes with some level of drama. In other words, the planet is always in motion, and you as direct extensions are in motion as well. Those areas of the planet that experience earthquakes will ofttimes experience and attract people who might have some difficulty in letting go. As a result, they have most of the time little reminders of the disadvantage of not letting go, not flowing. Many times members of your populations who live near rivers will perhaps find it easier, if they live close enough, to let go and flow. If they do not learn to do this on a positive, nurturing level, the river will give them examples that are sometimes more dramatic and flow their things away. In this way, this planet is a constant school. There is never a single moment when you are not learning or relearning something. As a result, the level of intensity here is beyond that of any dimension that exceeds it in your mind. That is, the maximum growth available to your souls as you have cycled through this time of Earth has been this third density. You will have less opportunity and more time to access it on the fourth — and again, expansively, on the fifth and so on. While one can perceive the All much more magnanimously from quicker-plus dimensions and experience many aspects of self that are not experienced on this plane, one never learns as much. This form of life you are living here now is a great reward even though it is sometimes very difficult. The reward is constant teaching and education and study. Whatever you have learned even in this one life in this place, you will have eternity to examine over and over again in other densities where stimulation is much, much less. In and beyond time you will long for the spontaneity and unexpected turn of events of this place. Learn to enjoy. Let go and flow, for in this reality you have the greatest potential to experience grace. Are you saying that emotion is the primary factor we have that other densities don’t have? Other densities may have emotion. You have polarity. You have struggle. You have stress. You have distraction. You have, in other words, all of the potentials to create the finest you that you can simply due to the possibilities to do the opposite. As a result, this level of stress, sometimes referred to metallurgically as tempering, can create a very fine and appreciated edge. I must make a personal aside. As I find myself between lives here, I am becoming somewhat more open to understanding many things that were elusive to me in my last life. I no longer feel the restrictions of one-mind. One-mind in my civilization offered a great deal of information, but it was a narrow band — primarily intellectual knowledge. In my now state of being, I have been granted some level of potential to achieve a new level of grace that I have yet to experience. It is not exactly struggle as you experience it, but I must learn new techniques of absorption.

Right now I am everything. As a result, I am you and other things that are unknown to me. I’m able to absorb feelings, but without a physical body to reflect it, there is nowhere for them to go and no way to be dissipated. Nevertheless, this level of absorption is new for me. I am greatly thankful for this. I am expectant that my ninth-dimensional body will allow me to understand myself and you better. I am looking forward to the experience, and to be able to even say that, I can tell that I have grown, since looking forward is truly an emotion as well as a thought. We will have a birthday party for you. Thank you. Is it your civilization that is getting a lot of negative attention about abductions and cattle mutilations? We have received less notoriety about cattle mutilations. We have not done this at all. I must say that not only in my time but in the past, some of my race who also contact you have been less than gentle with you. But never purposely brutal, never — even quite unsophisticated groups who are so far in Zeta’s past that they would greatly precede your own time. No, this type of press has been stimulated by other beings who would, through what might be referred to as counterespionage techniques, cast us in a shadow that we do not represent to create what amounts to disguise on their part. I would say, however, that many of my species are still in emotional ignorance, not understanding or appreciating the value of this great gift. As a result, there is still a tremendous level of misunderstanding, even though in my time there is great respect for your race. There is still misunderstanding about who you are and who we are in association to you. In my recent time, there has been the knowledge that has spread through the onemind, even though the one-mind of my race thinks of it now as theory. Many are beginning to conclude the factual potential that you are our past lives. The more this absorbs into the one-mind, the more likely it is that being intrigued with you will greatly accelerate into becoming much more dedicated to your well-being. Which might mean that my race, from that recent time in which I was embodied, will then be able to make the decisions that are necessary to integrate greater forms of expressive emotion. This will take many, many lifetimes. But an alternative race has been created by us that looks somewhat like us and somewhat like you, and it will act as an interpreter and be a great assistance to us. This race will be more accessible to you. This will take place in a gradual unfolding over the next forty years or so. We have designed these individuals to appeal to you on the level of attractiveness. We have perhaps overly based it on this quality, in my now point of view, but the actual appearance of these beings has stressed design from your museums of modern art at various places around the planet. As a result, these beings are somewhat streamlined-looking — elegant, perhaps, even though they are different. They are certainly exotic and do not look quite as strange as we must appear to you. You will find that your media recognition for the body I have recently been in — the Zeta type — will continue to receive a certain amount of applied disinformation and misinformation, much of which is understandable due to the confusions in communication. Technological devices that we must use to protect ourselves in communicating with you will not be necessary for them, since they have a high level of tolerance to your emotional energy and can adapt themselves to speak with us without emotion so that we can appreciate their company. They are designed to be gentle ambassadors between us, you see. In time these individuals will gradually be more appreciated by your race. With the fresh start of this race in their connections with you, I feel that you will find them sufficiently appealing that you will want to know more about them. And since they are just getting started, they will, of course, want to know about you, since they are part you.

They are part us, of course, but they are also part you. Are these the Essassani? They are one of the groups. There is another, sometimes referred to as the Fawns.

Are the Fawns the crossbreeds, when they were taking our eggs and crossbreeding your race with our race? This is a large question. Many aborted experiments were established during certain attempts to create blends between us. Many of these offspring were too frail to sustain a civilization of their own, so they will be supported for their lifetimes by us. They could not possibly survive on this planet, but they can have a life of sorts with us when treated very gently. The beings I have recently referred to, the Fawns, are the most successful experiment. •••

Excerpts from The Jerry Pippin Show All right. Joopah speaking. Well, I will say to the listeners that at this time on your planet there is an awakening taking place. The awakening has to do not only with the individual goals that you all have set, both consciously and at the soul level, but also with your destiny. Your destiny is to be the Explorer Race — that is, individuals who go out from your planet to other planets to help beings who, like my own race, have become so involved in our own goals that we have become rather cut off from what the sparkling personalities such as Earth people might have to offer. Understand that there are many races everywhere, many of which look rather like yourself. As a result, you will find your adventure in space in the coming years to be most enjoyable. To expand the idea of the beings that you have come to know of as the Grays, for those of you out there who are familiar with this topic, I will say that the Grays are not always from Zeta Reticuli. My own race, for example, actually has beige-colored skin. We have rather large eyes and an unusually large cranium, or that portion of the head that surrounds the brain. It is unusually large in accordance with the rest of our head due to the fact of the intellectual power that we must possess. We are of one mind in my culture, and as a one-mind we need to have a connection on the brain-tissue level that allows us to be in focus with all of our species at any given time.

About Joopah I myself am about three-and-a-half feet tall and would be easily recognizable on your planet as not a

normal Earth person. However, I have been on your planet from time to time, and even though you would not necessarily ever see me, I have, through remote-viewing devices on various vehicles, seen many of you conduct your lives. I am not spying, but I am curious. You are actually from the Zeta Reticuli star system, is that correct? That is correct. How long does someone live in that star system? Well, in my last life, for example, I lived about 275 years. Although in my now life, having changed dimensions, I will be in this new form for about 10,000 years. Then you are not in an Earth dimension with three dimensions like we are? No. I am not in a dimension where wear and tear takes place. So there are several other dimensions that we are not even aware of, is that correct? Well, yes. There are quite a few that even I am not aware of, of course. I have my limits. But I will say that according to my understanding of dimensions, my now self is in the ninth dimension. It is a little difficult to explain what this means in practical terms, but I will say by way of interpretation that it would mean that I am several million years into the future from your point of view. Which is why, in my job as an architectural historian, I have some knowledge about what you might do in the future. I know that you might feel funny sometimes because I do not tell you precisely what you can expect, but it is important that I do not deflect you from your natural creativity. How long does it take a spaceship from the star system Zeta Reticuli to reach here? Allowing for the method of travel that my race uses in this dimension, it would take about as long as it takes to snap your finger and thumb together. For some of the older cultures of my race, it might take perhaps a few hours, but most of that time would be in negotiating various forms of maneuvering around the planets in your solar system. But it would not have to take any more than just a few seconds. You understand that the travel is taking place in time rather than in space, as this way is the easiest. Human beings have reported seeing spaceships and flying saucers and things. What colors would your spaceships be? They glow with a red-orange color. Perhaps some of you might have seen that. There are other ships that might display different colors. For example, some ships from Orion might be blue-green, and some from the Pleiades might flash various-colored lights, ofttimes blue. We are doing this show as Voyager reaches the outermost planet of its mission [Neptune]. I want to ask you: If you are from the future, what happens to our space exploration here, the United States, Earth? Will it continue? It will continue for some time. There will be, from my perception at this point in time, a little gap in time before you get to a form of propulsion that will be less exhaustive of natural resources on your planet. Perhaps a better way would be to use the principle of attraction. That, however, will take some time. I will say that a form of fusion energy that is being worked on even now by some of your governments is likely to be involved in generating the light energy, a form of plasma light energy, that will transport the first vehicles without the use of the fuels you have been using. You are saying that you, Joopah, are one of the little gray men with the big eyes. Is that correct? Well, I would prefer to say that I am one of the beige men with the big eyes, because in point of fact, there is some confusion here. Sometimes there are some beings who look somewhat like us who are gray in color. But sometimes I or others like me might appear to be gray because of a technological device that we use to allow us to image ourselves in your dimension. This device is a

form of energy that moves electrons and neutrons around and so on and creates a form of electrical barrier. As a result, it makes us look gray. Those who are the Grays who have come to be known for doing misdeeds are not my race. Where are they from? They are from a very small planet in a star system called Sirius, which has mostly very likeminded, pleasant beings. But these beings from one planet in Sirius are involved in — well, how can I say? — some serious misdeeds on this planet that are not in your best interests. Are they a danger to us? I cannot say that they are a real threat. But I can say, speaking diplomatically, that some individuals on this planet perceive them to be a real threat. They are allowed, you see, by the Network of Planets, one might say, to interact with you only just so much. They might claim to be a much greater threat than they really are. Abductions have been alleged. Are they really going on? Abductions are in fact going on, yes. Are you a party to that? Well, I will say that we are involved, but we do not involve ourselves with harmful abductions. We will sometimes take people aboard, and we always trade with them. In a sense, we always show them things about your world and give them a great deal of education. It is true that in the past — meaning in the forties and the fifties and somewhat in the sixties — we were involved in the medical examinations. But we do not do abductions of a sort that are destructive. We recognize that you are our past lives. As a result, we do not wish to damage you. Can you explain anything about cattle mutilations? What is the deal there?

I will explain that the beings involved in those mutilations are attempting to synthesize, by use of various body parts from the animals referred to, and create a clone of Earth people that would be under their control. Now, I realize that sounds rather ominous, but I must tell you that these beings from Sirius have some serious problems in being involved in your immediate society due to the extremes of weather here. They are very sensitive to heat, so they are attempting to create a clone that looks like Earth people and that will be possible to integrate into your society but be under their power. What these beings do not realize, of course, is that even a clone, when it is created, will have a form of soul enter it from the Creator. And if not immediately, then eventually it will create its own destiny and be under no one’s authority other than the Creator, of course. So I will say that their

attempts to synthesize a being that can act as a corrupter will come to no good end. I must also say, in all honesty, that some of the mutilations are being done by individuals on this planet who have rather different interests.

The Network of Planets I hear some terms that I am not really familiar with. Evidently there is a group of extraterrestrials called the Network? What is that? The Network is rather like your own networks on this planet — that is to say, groups of planets, even complete star systems, that are considered to be in some way related to Earth. In some cases it might be that genetic material from those places such as Orion and Sirius and Pleiades and so on were used by the Creator to create the human race. But it also includes the idea that there are even beings from other places who have no direct connection here who have a very benign and gentle attitude toward Earth and are involved in protecting Earth. You see, very often it is stated that Earth is a school, a place designed for people to come and learn the most advanced forms of education. It is not a place where people are sent to be punished or where they must move onward and upward. It is only the most advanced and cooperative students who are allowed to manifest here. So the Network of Planets not only helps to protect Earth from extreme forms of invasion, but also it protects the rest of the galaxy from radiations from Earth. I’d like to get back to the spaceships themselves. From reports by people who see them and swear this is true, they can make a right angle at literally thousands of miles per hour. How is this possible? You must remember that we are not talking about vehicles that are being pushed. Your vehicles are propelled — that is to say, pushed from place to place. Our vehicles are attracted, or pulled, from place to place not only through time but in this case, through space — as referred to by your rightangle turns. When you are being pulled, it is possible to be pulled without experiencing g-forces. That is, when the beings aboard the vehicles allow themselves to show this type of maneuver, they as well as the ship have to do so consciously. In a sense, they become the ship and the ship becomes them. I realize that this sounds rather vague, but it is almost a religious experience, as you say. We have a call. Hello, you are on the air. Caller: I’d like to ask the entity if he is familiar with the human known here on Earth as Jesus Christ. Do you know, was there a Christ and was he truly the son of the Creator? Thank you very much. Yes, certainly. And this being is respected widely throughout the universe. You must remember that on this planet you receive versions from time to time of the Creator — gifts from the Creator, one might say — to help show you the paths that you could follow. Jesus was sent here to create an example. You must know that, since he was, in his manifestation on this planet, beyond the physical laws that you must follow. He could be in many places at once in different bodies. And he has imagined himself on other planets as well. So I can assure you that he is known and widely respected everywhere I have gone. Can you give us maybe a closing message to the people of Las Vegas? Thank you. I will say this: In this now time on this world you are living in, you will be experiencing many extremes. You must know that what is going on has little to do with other people. It has much more to do with the energies of the future, which are unfolding even now. You are transiting from your third to your fourth dimension and you are surrounded, albeit somewhat invisibly, by your future selves on that fourth dimension. They are here to help you; sometimes you might feel their

energies. Know that they will support and love you, as does the Creator. We have time to take one more phone call. Caller: I was wondering how common it is for the space aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system to utilize robots when they come down here to Earth. Many beings from various points do utilize automated life forms like you do when you use a form of robotic vehicle on your Moon and in hazardous nuclear areas, for example. Beings who have not been here very much consider it to be hazardous territory, the unknown. Yes, robots are considered to be a form of cautionary device. Thank you very much.


Coming of Age in the Fourth Dimension Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, September 11, 1989 There is a gradual shift into this other aspect of your reality, which is in fact already in the formative state. Portions of you are already locked into the fourth dimension and are acting as mariners, throwing life vests to yourselves here in this transitional stage to pull you forward. This is not a condition of being propelled from the third to the fourth but of being attracted. This is why it is being painted as an attractive place. Pause for a moment to consider the connotation there: It is being painted as an attractive place. Any of you who have ever encouraged a child or even a friend to do something difficult have been known at times to say, “Well, if you can just cross that last mile, everything will be really wonderful, because the grass is so much greener over here.” I am suggesting this to you because it is important for you to realize that over the next few years, and actually for a time now, the fourth dimension as it relates to you all has been painted as being everything from the ultimate in fulfillment to heaven on Earth. While I am not saying that any of that is untrue, there is a definite sugar-coating reminiscent of bribery going on. What is really going to happen when you are there is that you will feel, if you could remember this situation you are living in now, a great lessening of stress. In other words, you would become much more of your natural selves. There will be some stress, not a lot, but in sufficient quantity to act on whatever issues are up for you. Here the stress factors go both ways. While you might feel decisive about acting on something, there is a force of resistance to act on it. There will be less resistance there, so a degree of polarity confrontation must exist to get you there. As you move through the next few years, it won’t all be fun and games, but it will be progressive. It will be rather like the marathon runner’s experience: After a considerable amount of training — and you have all been training all your lives — in the beginning the race goes along smoothly according to the plan, and you are running down the road. But at some point you begin to get tired. Now, maybe the first fifteen miles go all right, because you are really well-trained; you had a good program and good coaches. After fifteen miles you start to get a little tired — yet you have to keep pushing on. Maybe you hit a wall, maybe you hit two walls, as they say in runner’s language, but you’ve got to push on through. It is very much like that. It won’t be all fun and games getting there, but it won’t be horrible torture, either. Not everyone will go at the same speed. You must not have any judgment of yourself or others, because the speed will have everything to do with what your soul has done up to this point in time. You are moving beyond linear time in this sequence of events. As a result, it will be necessary to allow yourself the expulsion of matter attached to your soul. I bring this up because some of you will feel a little down from time to time, almost weighted unexpectedly. Most of the time it will have almost nothing to do with your environment, including those you are around. It may have much more to do with the accumulative effect through linear time of what your soul has picked up. At some point your soul might perceive that your physical self can handle a little more, so it will give you a little more of the stuff for you to process out. This is a great intersection you are in now. And you have, even though it may not be apparent to

you, much more power and energy than you have ever had before. You can say to me, “But Zoosh! I don’t feel all that much more energetic. As a matter of a fact, sometimes I feel downright exhausted.” Well, picture, if you would, our mythological runner running down the road. The farther down the road he or she gets, some impish little soul person somewhere is dropping another rock into the backpack saying, “Ah, you can take a little more.” What is going on is not so much for you to carry the weight, but for the weight to be processed — the weight of the past, your resolution of conflicts, disappointments and so on that have occurred in linear time along the way to this point in time. Also, to be somewhat academic, since probable futures are a reality and are attached to the present and all the presents that preceded this, then there were also other potential misfortunes that could have occurred, yet will not. As a result, that energy must be processed by you as well. It is very important these days that you consider what you discuss, what you talk about, whom you perceive to be the good guys, whom you perceive to be the bad guys and what you might consider to be a reality. It is more important these days that there is some effort made to stay focused in the absolute present. It is almost like I am advising you to disregard what has occurred before this. You are moving ever so steadily through different phases of reality.

The Uncreation of History Much of what has occurred before this, historically speaking, is being uncreated even now as I speak. This is why there will be the strange phenomenon nowadays — outrageously so to many people — of people claiming that certain historical, provable facts from the past never happened. On the surface it will seem outrageous and silly, something other than it is. I am not here to defend people who might do that. But it is a bizarre example of the phase shifts that you are going through. There really is an uncreation of the past going on! What I am suggesting here is that there are old probable attachments to futures. These are old realities from the past. If you can imagine solid lines to the past and dotted lines to the future from those past events, then you can see what you are dealing with. The probable futures based on the historical facts of the past are being gradually erased. As a result, you now have dotted lines to the future. See this as a curve, if you would. Almost an ellipse.

Recognize that what is going on is, on a practical level, strange phenomena. I will give you a direct example. You might find — and this has been experienced by some of you here — that the most bizarre experiences will occur. You might find that you briefly, for no apparent reason, forget who you are. Specifically, you might have to think when someone asks you what your name is. I know this might sound strange. You might have to think what your wife’s or husband’s name is, even though you’ve lived together for twenty-five years. And if you think about it, you will remember the name, of course. But you might become alarmed because of that experience.

I am here to reassure you that you are not losing your minds. This will happen to some of you. It might go even further. Perhaps you will forget how to do something that is basic, like forgetting how to scratch your head when it itches. It might be something that silly; but then the memory will come right back and you will do it. This is re-creating reality. So there is not going to be a predictable future based on the past. Those days are gone. What I am referring to by “coming of age in the fourth dimension” is that you are right now coming of age in the fourth dimension. Even though we could give you a hypothetical example of what it would be like to grow up in the fourth dimension, what you could use now is this information. It is as though the amusing hand of the Creator has leaned down from time to time and simply touched that magic eraser to direct lines of past reality and blotted out a spot here or there, or smudged it so that it is not as clear as it once was. I dwell on this because it is an experience you will have. You will find this bizarre situation taking place. Do not be alarmed. Onward. I will say this, then: In your now focus of the fourth-dimensional reality, it has been, as indicated earlier, somewhat sugar-coated to get you there. Now it will be a whole lot better, as you understand “better” to be. There will be times when you will say, “Can’t I rethink this whole thing? Is it possible to renegotiate the contract, maybe change the terms? You can even cut my salary! I am not asking for a raise!” You have already developed a sufficient momentum so that you are experiencing a juggernaut effect going into the possible. It is not possible to reverse the process. There is total soul commitment by all of you. There will be these odd experiences. Simply know that when you have these strange sequences, it is all right.

Manifesting More Easily in Fourth the Dimension Is it easier to manifest in the fourth dimension than in the third? It will be somewhat easier to manifest simply because the motivation to do so will be present, and the action that will take place will take place as a result of a lack of resistance. For example, there will be less assumption that there is a scarcity of resources. There will be more support from your fellow beings to create what you want to create. As a result, it will be easier to manifest many things, even things that are, we shall say, spiritual goals. It will be perhaps possible to have your heart’s desire for what you wish to do spiritually, and yet you will need to take certain physical and mental and emotional actions to have it. It will not simply be a case of thinking of something, and — poof! — it is present. There will need to be much more of a dance of life present. And yet, it will be possible. As indicated in earlier sessions, since the subconscious mind will no longer be a real factor, what is inspired on the level of the soul — or, psychologically speaking, on the level of the individual’s unconscious mind — will be acted on with the expanded conscious mind as a result of the fact that the subconscious will no longer be required. There will be more energy for the conscious mind, and there will be almost no barrier between the impetus from the soul and the awareness of the stimulation toward action. Right now when you have an impulse that comes in from the soul level — or the level of the Creator, if you like — there is almost immediate analysis and argument in your head as to its value. That will not exist. It is more likely that that impetus will reach you and there will be an immediate feeling, physically and emotionally, of warmth, perhaps a sensation of light; and then there will be an action on your part. For those of you who might feel that the action or the inspiration goes beyond possibilities, there

might be a little dragging of the feet, but not a lot. Then, onward. In that sense I say that the dragging of the feet, the reluctance, would be only that. There would be the vestiges of what you now refer to as negative energy, or energy of resistance, which will only be there to act as a stimulus. Returning to the runner, when he hits the wall, as they say, he has become totally exhausted and yet he breaks through the wall and goes on. That is the true desire for negative energy — to be a challenge; but in the fourth dimension it will be less of a challenge. There will be less total exhaustion. The feeling of victory for having completed the race will be in your life in every moment.

The Subconscious Mind Going back to that subconscious, will it no longer exist? It will no longer exist, that is true. And thank you for bringing up that point. In reality, as anyone who has studied psychological things knows, all of the input that you have ever had in your life resides, of course, in your unconscious, but it is sourceable to some extent in your subconscious. And consider how many human beings and souls have lived here — that is a lot of subconscious! A lot of it is energetically involved in the planet right now, and the planet is doing what it must to blow off that energy. This is why to some extent there will be these bizarre realities. There will even be anomalies associated with the past. I bring this up, even though I will talk more about this later: There will be strange and bizarre happenings in context with some extraterrestrials who might believe that they have some right of occupation here. I will not go into this to a great extent in this talk about the fourth dimension, but I will say that this is an element of the past that is being resolved. There will be that type of bizarre behavior as well as, for example, new understanding of unexplainable events like the dinosaurs. Where did they go? How did they disappear? What happened? This will be explained. It will become clear that the dinosaurs who have apparently lived on this planet have actually lived on this planet in the second dimension. The residue of their energy here is not a reality that is taking place in what you now occupy as Earth. So in a sense they are just as much relics — like the dinosaur age — of the future as of the past, because they are of a totally different harmonic. In any event, enigmas such as this will become much more apparent as you shift more into other realities, when there is evidence in your life every day, and evidence in the life of people who are in a position of influence every day, of some strange new psychological disorder, as it will be mislabeled at first. It is really not that. So the fourth dimension is a good place to be, and the path to get there is a better place to be because you will be, over the next few years, uncreating almost every vestige of negative energy that has occurred in the past.

In order to get to the space where there is, say, only 2 percent negativity acting as a motivating factor, it will be necessary to do something. I am not going to tell you that the magical good witch is going to come along and go presto-chango! with her magic wand, and all of the negativity from the past is simply going to go away and everybody is going to live happily ever after. Not that. You have literally been creating yourselves to be the model of change. That is to say, you are now a model of a dynamic transformer. Everyone who is alive now and will be alive tomorrow and so on has been created to be a dynamic transformer. Does it not astonish you when you hear about people who can live under extremely stressful conditions successfully? I can assure you that for every single individual on this Earth, even people

who are living in so-called luxurious conditions, surviving the stress that is happening on this planet is a pretty amazing thing — simply existing in this energy. The reason you can do so is because you have been created to be dynamic transformers; you must be because you are uncreating the past. Imagine, if you will, all of these strings and ropes going to the past. You must literally live little bits and pieces of that — just bits and pieces, not the whole thing. Sometimes it’s just in conflict in your mind — stress, back and forth, resistance and so on. Uncreate it. So even now you are throwing off chains to the past, and when they are thrown off by many people, the past is uncreated. This is how it happens.

A State of Consciousness This morning I thought that the fourth dimension, rather than being a place or a thing, was more of a state of mind or a state of compassion. Is the fourth dimension moving into the balance of our heart chakra? Thank you, yes. There is, we shall say, physical evidence presenting itself as what you might feel when centered into that area of your body. It is possible now, you see; it is as though someone has reached toward you from the future and given you the fourth-dimensional tea bag that you can dip into your cup and have a little taste of. In that sense, you are correct. It is a state of mind, a state of emotion and a state of body. It is a state of all of these things: body, mind, spirit and emotions. So it is a transitory state that you are in now. Yes, it is what you have indicated.

The influence is of value for you because it will lead you on, you see. And the most important thing is that you will feel that you can do it. Imagine, if you would, beings coming here from other planets, looking at you in wonder, saying, “How can they live there?” You must understand that is not a judgmental question; it is said with admiration. Understand that in order for most beings from other planets to even walk around on the surface of this planet with the tensions and energies and so on, they must use total protective devices. In the past some of them might have said, “Well, your energies are so extreme that we cannot expose ourselves to you.” But in reality they are now learning, and they are learning from you much more now than you are learning from them. They are discovering that you

don’t need any protective gear and they do. That is the bottom line. So what does that say about them? This is important to remember, because in time where you are going is not a level that they occupy. What will have been gained? You are going to a level where when you go to other worlds (provided they are sufficiently supportive — oxygen, you understand), you will not need any protective suits. You will not need any technological devices to protect you from the energies of the inhabitants. None of that! You are being created as a hybrid race of beings who can tolerate the most extreme conditions and do so not out of any sense of struggle and misery, but out of a sense of adventure for the highest purposes, the adventure of life. That is why you are dealing with your own life, and you are literally transforming the past and transforming probable futures of negative energy from the past. All of this is why you are so admired, why so many people come here on anthropological visits from other planets — to look at you and wonder and say, “How can they do it?” So understand that. You will say, “Maybe I don’t want to live on the Pleiades after all. The hot stuff is happening here!” Concerning the drug situation now, is it because people cannot stand the vibratory rate of the fourth dimension? Not exactly. There is a stress situation now in the transition from the third to the fourth dimension that forces people in some cases to dull their senses and in other cases to amplify their senses. This has largely to do, again, with the strings to the past. It is as though you all now are under incredible pressure. As an analogy, the pressure it takes to change carbon to a diamond is nothing compared to the psychic pressure that you are under now. There is a stress level that has never existed before. But there is a strength that has never existed before, either. So the reason people might be more desirous of this form of alteration of consciousness is to alleviate this stress level. The original purpose of these medicinal plants was to offer, by their consumption, a vision of an alternate reality so that that vision could be presented to others. Certain individuals would sample these experiences and then interpret what they had seen or felt to other individuals to improve life for the tribe. But in a society where alienation is a reality for all of you aliens — to make a pun — here on this planet, then it is not so common to share experiences anymore. But that is another whole topic. The drug issue has much more to do with the past than with the present. In Atlantean times drugs were a way of life, but they led, to some extent, to its downfall. Atlantis came to an end — although you know there are no accidents — as an inadvertent motion by somebody whose senses were dulled. It was as if you had an instrument that could make worlds disappear and you were a little stoned that day, and you said, “Oops! Pulled the wrong switch! There goes the world!” That is pretty much what happened. So you are really kind of processing that from the past now. Drug use has not, unfortunately, reached its zenith yet. It will reach its zenith of extremities in about 1992. At that point it will have peaked as an experience that is considered desirable, for there might be sufficient other alternatives as well as zealot-like experiences to discourage it. As is often the case in your now polarized world, things will go to an extreme, then they will be pulled back artificially to the other extreme and eventually find a balance.

Life in the Fourth Dimension Now, what is life like in the fourth dimension? I will say this: Your souls exist in that fourth dimension and they are reaching back to help you, pulling you forward. They are not judging you in any way. Rather, they are sending you love, which is why, as per the question before, there is

sometimes this rather unexpected opening of the heart chakra for some of you, a feeling of love from nowhere. You didn’t do anything for it, you didn’t say anything; maybe you weren’t even with anybody. Maybe you were in some unexpected place doing something unexpected. Boom! All of a sudden your heart chakra opens and you feel a sense of love overcoming you, having nothing whatsoever to do with anybody else. But it is happening. This is some of the good stuff filtering down, you see. At these moments, when there is no real apparent explanation for it in your environment, it will almost always be your future self from the fourth dimension in a sense reaching back to you to give you a little pat on the back, a little encouragement. I mention that because that will also happen more often these days. Encoded in that encouragement is an energy that will continue to give you more strength. Right now, because you are dynamic transformers and because you are sufficiently locked into the fourth dimension, the gold-light aspect as well as blue-light aspect will give you more strength than you have ever had and you will be able to utilize it more. You know you have an auric field. One of the aspects of the fourth dimension is that you will expand — literally — physically. However, since everything is expanding at precisely the same rate, you will not actually observe the expansion. That is to say, you will not suddenly wake up one morning and be nine feet tall while the rest of the house remains the same. Everything will expand at the same rate. However, when this fourth-dimensional aspect reaches back to you — in a sense, your future selves — it is giving you energy for that expansion. But it is also seeding an energy that will allow the filling in of your auric field — the densifying, as you might say, of your auric field. Now, even though it is not readily apparent and not even measurable, since your measuring devices are also increasing in size, if someone could stand back from this planet from the perception of another dimension, they would notice that this planet and its world — including everything that you see, taste, touch, smell, experience and interact with — has expanded already to about twice its former size. However, it is not apparent to you. Why should it be? There is no physical evidence of that expansion. But two apparent aspects are more stress and more strength. People who come from other dimensions can now find you more easily. Think about it. You are a bigger target, not a little blip anymore. As you know, you are not perhaps the biggest planet anywhere, but you have other things going for you. Many times I’ve had a feeling that my body has gotten huge. If I put my attention to different parts of my body, it seems to have expanded a lot. Is that the expansion you are speaking of? Yes, that would be an example of paying attention and noticing it. It is present quite often, but with the stresses, strains and distractions of life one might not notice it. However, in a quiet moment ofttimes experienced in a meditation or before or after sleep when the body is somewhat at rest, it is possible to notice this. It is a feeling of being big. This is rather that feeling, yes. Some information suggests that souls who embrace the negative more than the positive will not go to the same fourth dimension that the positive souls go to, that there is another planet or another space for that. Thank you for the question. While that is an option, few will take it. After all, if somebody said, “You can go to heaven or hell. Where do you want to go?” I don’t have to tell you what most people would say. There are individuals who will seem to embrace negativity in the future. As a matter of a fact, some will even make it into the papers and you will say, “How could they have done that?” Recognize that you are all now dynamic transformers. I am not going to put some up on a pedestal and say, “Oh, they are better.” None of that. But I will say that they are transforming the

past and sometimes they will do things that are associated with the past, even in cultures, sociologically speaking, subcultures — not meaning less than but simply a bracket of a culture. They will do things that seem bizarre, strange or ritualistic. And yet they are acting out the past through the transformational energy. Understand that while many people — not just some — might exhibit tendencies of being extremely negative, there is no Old Man Death coming to chop your head off and say, “You chose the wrong door, buddy. You are going to the other place.” Recognize that I am not giving excuses for the behavior, but what I am saying is that they have taken on more so that others do not have to take on as much. All right? The fourth dimension will be quite an unusual experience, you know. Imagine, if you would, an individual who has been raised in a country where products are not a factor, and they have dropped into this world. How strange for them. Or imagine yourself going to a country where you don’t know the language; you don’t know how to talk to people. Other worlds are so strange and unusual that it is difficult for you to utilize the information and experience you have accumulated in that life to learn how to get along. Well, you are all doing that. You will not be able to tap only the past. Remember, the past is being uncreated! Almost all of the negative past is being uncreated, and much of the positive past will not be accessible to you, either. The strings that go to the past are polarized. Thus as you move away from those strings, you may not readily be able to access the past. You will find yourself very much on the rainbow bridge now. It is light, but you may not see it or feel it. You may have experiences of fright because you will not have solid footing under you. Mentally speaking, of course, this would be a challenge. You may not be able to utilize the knowledge that you’ve accumulated from your life’s experience because your situation will be sufficiently forward so that you will have to learn new ways. So recognize that that is going on for all of you. You are becoming strangers in a strange land. And yet the strange land is really home. You are reorienting yourself to home. You have been so long on this path that many of you have forgotten who you really are. Yet you are waking up. That is part of the wake-up procedure.

The Dream of Reality Imagine the opposite: When you wake up from a pleasant dream, there is sometimes a feeling of being a little let down. What you are doing in your now reality is rather the opposite; it is putting things back the way they were. It is as though the director says, “All right, you can stop saying those lines now. Wake up!” And you are saying, “But wait! I thought this was reality.” And he says, “No, no, the dream is the reality. Come off the stage and be back here.” That is why for years you have been hearing words like “you live in the world of illusion” and so on. In reality, the world of illusion that you live in is not the real thing but the dream. So when you wake up in the morning, you are waking up into a dream. Even I may be part of a dream. As you experience me in this room, I am a dream. In the fourth dimension you will experience me much more functionally; you will feel me as well as hear me. All will do that. Some of you do so now. Will we still have the dream state? Yes, but it will be different. Thank you — good question. The dreams that you have now when you wake up in the morning are not always clear; you perhaps spend some time saying, “I wonder what that was all about.” In the fourth dimension it will be clear, because the dreams will directly

relate to your life; though you might interact with people who are not in your life, you will be there. There will be a direct string. Ofttimes you will utilize the dream power to uncreate the past. Imagine yourself to be in the fourth dimension now. As indicated, your future selves are reaching back to you to give you energy, love, help and assistance, and to pull you forward. Imagine yourself to be those future selves for a moment. They are dreaming this reality! You are their dream. They are consciously uncreating the past. You are it.

So even now your fourth-dimensional selves reach back and touch you in your hearts to pull you forward; know that although they are erasing the past behind you, you get to go forward. You are not going to be erased. Dreams will be different. Dreams will be conscious creative experiences.

The Change of Memory Does this whole thing have to do with the fact that I have trouble accessing words and remembering? I notice this happens with other people. I will simply say that apparent loss of memory is in reality a change of memory. You are literally experiencing the transition from the third to the fourth dimension in memory as well. Therefore, sometimes you will not be able to access what you know to be reality — your memory. You will sometimes not be able to access your own name or the name of a friend or loved one. Sometimes when you go to think of the name of a friend, another name will be present. Then your little voice will say, “Wait! That is not their name,” and you will think of the name you know them as now. If another name is present, that is the name you will know them by in the future. But the past has not yet progressed sufficiently. Your future self reaches back to you in the present and reaches a little further, helping the Creator to reach the past, you see. The change of impetus by way of the change of idea, the change of memory of the present, is taking place first. When you have to rack your brain to remember the past, it is because you are almost accessing the rewritten past. In time you will no longer have blank spots in the past where the tape has been erased in a spotty way, but you will begin to remember a past that did not happen as you now understand the past to be. But it will have happened because the past is being rewritten. So absence of memory now has much more to do with re-creation of the past. The change of memory in case of the past will take a little longer yet. Some of you might begin to remember things, however, that “didn’t happen.” And some of you might also have the experience of forgetting things that did. That is all right. That is part of the program. You are not going nuts.

The Creator Reprogramming the Subconscious Computer

Since the subconscious is like a computer, can someone mess it up — like a computer virus? Can they program things that will destroy information? Is that what is being done? Not exactly — rather the opposite. What is being done is that the programming from the past that has been, we shall say, tainted with lots of other stuff, is being uncreated. In a sense, it is as though a computer programmer has stepped in to say, “How can we fix this hard disk? It is loaded with all kinds of strange information that we don’t even need anymore that will be totally useless in the future. We have to clear off this disk so we can have room to store data relevant to us now.” It is as though the Creator, acting as the computer program, is cleaning up the past. If a dishonest programmer ever got in there … In the past, on this planet there have been programmers who had less than honorable intentions, but they are not associated with the future as you will come to know it. That is being corrected now. The Creator is doing the correcting, of course. Who is the Creator? All That Is! God! It is just energy, isn’t it? Energy is just as good a word. But it is the source of energy. I refer to it as the Creator — that energy that is seemingly coming from someplace, if you can trace the place, and it could be traced in your galaxy at the microcosmic level. The energy that creates planets, stars and so on is coming from someplace. Do you know where it is coming from? Yes. It comes, as best as can be said in your language, from the ultimate, totally unabridged level of creativity. Unabridged means beyond your wildest dreams or imagination. It is coming from the Source. Your experience of that is creative energy. You might be overwhelmed in terms of artistic impulse, for example. You suddenly must rush to the canvas, and creativity flies out of you from nowhere. That is your version of the Creator. I say “the Creator” because it allows you to interpret in any way that you choose. Yes, I am aware of the Creator. Are there those who are going through a fifth-dimensional experience on this planet? Not really. In terms of the human race, no. There is no advantage. After all, if someone said you could go and be in the biggest adventure that ever happened, or you could go and join the fifth dimension — some big deal compared to the biggest adventure! You’ve been trained and honed and polished and created for this magical moment. Who is going to say never mind? As far as the human race is concerned, everybody is on this big boat together. Is there a probable time span when we can access the fourth dimension? How often I hear this question! Stated differently, it cannot be related in terms of time. It can be

related in terms of consciousness. You can use landmarks other than space-time. You will feel the fourth dimension. When you are living your life on a daily basis with all of your chakras wide open without any suffering from the slings and arrows of life, and all those around you are experiencing life the same way, it will be the fourth dimension. But to give you a landmark idea, when all of your chakras are wide open, your body will feel warm and you will no longer need clothing to protect you from the cold. I am not saying that you are all going back to the Garden of Eden, sans fig leaves, but I am saying that you won’t need a lot of the “stuff” that you’ve come to believe you need. A lot of the externalized aspect of taking care of yourself will be unnecessary. So you will begin to feel your heart chakra opening and unexpectedly staying open for a time. Maybe you work at keeping it open when you are not injured as a result, as is normal. The true power of openness in the heart chakra is the power of vulnerability, or the power of the feminine energy, which does not allow you to be injured because the flow is in total balance. It is equalized with its actuality. That will be the physical evidence of the fourth dimension, experientially speaking. When you have experiences of having all of your chakras open and the energy running through your body, that will be a preview of coming attractions. People in the past have worked toward that and have had moments of it. However, I am not going to say that a monk or a yogi living on a mountaintop has actually achieved the fourth dimension that you are going for. It is one thing to live on a mountaintop and totally another to live in the stressful city. They stand as examples for what can be done, yet they must all come into the cities and the realities that you live in now to show what can be done and to seed the energy of that. Will we sometimes experience a collapse of time when we will suddenly manifest our desire much quicker? Yes. You may go someplace, for example, and not have time to get there as scheduled, yet you will arrive on schedule or earlier than could be expected — something physically impossible — yet you will do so. That is a preview of coming attractions. As we erase the past, what will the emotional body be experiencing in the fourth dimension? Thank you. Another good question. It will experience the feeling of being truly loved and appreciated. Right now messages that come to you through the emotional body, as screened through the subconscious, may not be acted on right away. These messages come from your soul. The emotional body is primarily an electrical conduit that passes energy from your soul self into your physical self. You may either act on it or not. In the fourth dimension you will generally act on it almost immediately. So the experience of the emotional self will be that of feeling appreciated. It will no longer have to be screened through the subconscious, so the effect of the message will be almost instantaneous for most people. But that 2% negative energy will be there to give you just enough of the old adventure to keep you interested in life. It will work better, since it will not be coming through the veil of the subconscious. You are now coming of age in the transitional period to the fourth dimension and are experiencing some fourth-dimensional aspects as discussed. There are, of course, the trailing wires to the third dimension, but they must be there so that you can uncreate that which has been an overreaction to the “computer programmers” who didn’t have your best interests at heart. So simply recognize that as dynamic transformer energies, if even one of you were to be taken to a planet that is forming and dipped into that planet like a teabag, that planet would accelerate, because the purpose of the dynamic transformer is not only to transform energies in the present, but also the past. As such, you are even now walking crystal amplifiers.


The True Purpose of Negative Energy Zoosh Las Vegas, Nevada, September 17, 1989 All right, now. This is the time when the true colors of all individuals will come to the surface. There is a ribbon that goes back in time to the beginning of the idea to incorporate negative energy into the framework of humankind. This ribbon is colored and influenced by all of your souls and traces back to the origin of creation itself. The nature of your true colors corresponds directly to that which you have yet to do as a soul. That is to say, this life that you are living now — and for some of you, the next one to follow — will literally resolve all that has been unresolved in every single life that you have lived since creation!

The Requirement for Pressure The resolution of previously unresolvable challenges requires an element that was not always present in those lives — pressure. Many of you know that time is speeding up, that space is speeding up and that you are moving rapidly toward the next dimensional expression of humanity. Heat and pressure are also occurring, as in the tempering of any fine steel blade. Even the Earth reflects this idea by heating up and creating pressure zones where pressure can be released either through what the Earth does or, more likely, through what the souls do as they inhabit your physical selves. To live during this time is the greatest blessing that has ever been given to any of your souls. What is occurring here on this planet now has never, ever, in the history of eternity been done before: a collapsing of time to allow the population to stay alive during the dimensional shift. Needless to say, in order to alter things that have been unalterable in the past, it is necessary to do something new. The Creator had to stretch. Can you imagine the Creator — the all-powerful being who knows everything before and after it happens and all ramifications of it — discovering that there was room to stretch, and re-creating itself? In order to create a unique reality, that is essential. You are direct reflections of the Creator; each personality, each soul is a portion of the Creator. Each of you can stretch now, and you may have to follow urges that are overwhelmed by feelings of duty. The urges might be very subtle indeed, gentle, but they will move you in time. You are as souls choosing to seed the energy of the termination of negative acts. And like all seeds of value, it will require nurturing and gentle kindness. You will have to water that seedling frequently, with absolute forgiveness and allowance. You might say, “But Zoosh! This is something God can do … but humankind?” Because you are reflections of the Creator, it is your responsibility — not just you in this room, but all individuals — to directly reflect the Creator more than you have in the past. By that I mean to become more allowing, not cursing that which does harm in its confusion but illuminating it with allowance tempered with love, appreciation and humor. I do not refer to the perpetrator of negative acts but to the energy the perpetrator taps into. Those of you who take these times too seriously might discover that you will leave your most powerful aid behind. Laughter without a doubt is your most powerful right arm these days. In the future, have a sense of humor about your own odd predicaments that will come up from time to time.

Don’t take yourselves too seriously. Know that you are all shedding the old idea of yourselves in order to embrace the new idea. You will require a sense of humor to appreciate some of the illusions and even delusions of what you have perceived to be your life up to this time. So whatever has been misunderstood, unresolved and too big to handle in the past, wherever your souls have been on this planet, on other planets and other universes, is literally being resolved in the next few years! Can you imagine? There will be problems resolved every day by you as individuals and by others on this planet who have absolutely no correlation to life here. You will experience those very often as humorous incidents. Laugh them off, all right? Because they will, through the energy of laughter, convert and release the old anxieties and old attachments. The energy that perpetrators of negative acts tap into and that taps into them has more to do with an old, old power and energy that came here to be resolved — the power of negative energy itself. The force of negativity, which has many names, came here to be resolved, and you as souls — all who have ever been on this planet — volunteered to allow that. I can assure you that this type of allowance requires a direct reflection of the Creator, because true mastery is absolute allowance. I am not trying to put you up on a platform and say that you are so wonderful. What I am saying is: Do not forget for a moment who you really are. Do not assume that you are some little spirit struggling up a ladder to graduate to the fourth dimension. It is not that at all, I can assure you. You think you are moving onward and upward into the fourth dimension. You are already graduating, in a sense. The fourth dimension is not onward and upward on the soul level — it is a reward for a job well done! It is a transitional state to get you back in touch with who you really are. Your souls will cycle through there for a time until they are ready to gradually return, step by step, to your true nature: a direct reflection of the Creator that is beyond numerical dimension.

I can assure you that what you have been in the past on other planets in other more extreme situations — yes, more extreme — has been the true test of spirit and the true challenge of soul. You are not moving on to some higher dimension in which you will learn more and be more; you are simply returning from whence you have been. This is graduate school, not some dimensional aspect where you were before you started this ride, as it were. This is the true stretching. This is the true

place of soul growth. And in order to qualify to be here on this planet now — to go through this incredible, unique situation of living souls in physical bodies on a planet going into the fourth dimension and remaining alive during that change — I can assure you that all who are on the planet right now, no exceptions, had to do some major qualifying. It is without a doubt the greatest gift you have ever received, albeit with the negative trappings, because negative energy will be 100 percent resolved here. The true purpose of negative energy is to create a spice for life. When you are in the fourth dimension, you will still experience — well, some have said sweetness and life, heaven on Earth — the next level of the resolution of negative energy. This means that unlike your experience now — which ranges at the moment from 50 to 55 percent negative energy, out of balance — it will be only 2 percent. It seems like a reward; it is. In time, as you go back up and revolve out of your major learning cycle, it will gradually lessen. The purpose of negative energy in reality is to stimulate change and growth that has not been possible before, not since before this tremendous trip that goes beyond measuring in terms of years — the trip through the first, second and now the third dimension. All of this trip will be resolved soon. The entire experience, you see, is designed to release. I can assure you that negative energy will act as a spice in the fourth dimension. It will encourage you; that is its intent. So that when you have a slightly uncomfortable feeling, something you would now hardly classify as stress, in the fourth dimension it will be quite open, wide open — no more subconscious mind, although there will be an unconscious mind — straight to the conscious mind. Your physical and emotional bodies will feel much more appreciated. You will be using these tools that you are training to use even now. When you feel the slightest discomfort, it will feel like a minor annoyance. That is how far negative energy will go. But you will act on it right away. The true intention is for you to become the problem-solving race.

Humanity: God’s Unresolved Issues In the past I have called you the Explorer Race. That is true in the short run. But in the long run and in the bigger picture, you will become known in time as the arm of God that stretches beyond the boundaries of God. You are here as God’s unresolved issues, you see. Yes, even God, the Creator, has unresolved issues. The Creator knows that negative energy exists for a reason, and yet to become its true self, the Creator had to create extensions of itself — souls, aspects that were sufficiently separated from the Creator — so that it could, through all of your experience and all of your lives, share and connect with a life to have brief moments, brief experiences of forgetting who it was. The only way for the Creator to expand and stretch and become more than it has been is to forget! Why do you think you as souls, as energies, forget who you are when you come here? So that the Creator can experience that forgetfulness through you. You are the problem-solving race. You have chosen to allow it, being the arm of God, so that you would cut yourself off from the total knowledge of who you are; thus you would have to resolve problems as they came up in stressful situations. Stress, as you know, has been continually increasing. The reason it has been increasing is so that you would have to resolve it. I can assure you, my friends, that on other planets where there is no stress, life is just sweet and joyful. I like to use the Pleiades as an example, to kid with them, since they once thought that you were going to imitate them. They now understand that it is the other way around, and they are reeling somewhat from that. But if you had a life on the Pleiades, a higher-dimensional life, maybe you would live 800, 900 years in terms of their time. You would take that entire 800 or 900 years to resolve one

little bitty lesson. You resolve more on this planet on a daily basis in two minutes than most Pleiadians do in their entire lifetime — specifically because you do not remember who you are! When you remember who you are, you can tap great resources beyond you. You can analyze; you can vocalize; you can use information and energy that goes far beyond what you are. And you can spend your entire life doing that to explore one little bitty thing. But if you don’t remember who you are, then you must use only a little bit of who you are in terms of your now experience, and as you go through the change you must increase your levels of inspiration to do what must be done.

The Experience of Unconditional Love and Allowance So understand that the more frequent spiritual experiences and inspiration you are having have to do with the return. I can assure you that although there is no competition, you as individual facets or souls were elated at the idea of coming here. Between lives you remember this. Your true nature is a portion of the Creator, which you might feel somewhat visually as plasmic energy. It will be a barrier, in a sense, a screen, a veil you pass through that is loaded with unconditional love. Unconditional love allows you to be totally who you are. In other words, unconditional love is absolute allowance as you pass through that veil after death, as you understand death. That unconditional love allows you to drop all pretense, and you become exactly who you really are with joy, love and the greatest forgiveness you have ever known for yourself. That is how you recycle yourselves. But now that condition will begin on this planet, not just between lives — that is easy. The real challenge is to have allowance, unconditional love, while you are embodied; therefore, there will be more energy from the Creator to stimulate this. It will be very, very confusing for you all on this planet in the future and for most of you in the beginning. You will find that regardless of the justification to be angry at people, in the not-too-distant future you will not be able to hold that anger, because you will become more and more like the Creator. I’d like to give an example of fully realized beings. Many of you say sometimes that you want to become fully realized in this life. Here is an example: Two fully realized beings are walking through the forest. Someone comes along from some other dimension and points a gun at one of the beings. The realized beings stare; they have the greatest powers that you can imagine — they could melt the gun in a moment. The intruder shoots — bang! One of the fully realized beings, for the sake of our example, falls over dead. That is it! There was no effort by one to protect the other. You as individuals would not do that. If you were with somebody, you would react one way or another. Some of you might put space between you and the gun-wielder. Others, especially if you really cared about that person, would sacrifice your life to save your partner without a moment’s hesitation. You might say to yourself that that is the true nature of the ultimate service. And I will say to you, that act did not exist in creation before this planet , because that is a natural example of the stimulation of negative energy.

Polarity: Choices Tonight you get the primer on what negative energy really is. Negative energy is polarity; that is really all it is. It is choice, it is option. That is its true nature. The Creator could immediately see the value of it. Yet when that choice and option and polarity are given, the extreme will take place. And when the extreme takes place, and you pass through it and out the other side into the fourth dimension, you will have resolved the problem. That is what you are doing now. You are resolving, literally, the difficulties with negative

energy, which is sometimes called Satan or the devil. I do not desire to embody it, but it is a force. It is really a force for value, but like many other things, if abused and overused, it will be very destructive. So I am not sitting here and saying, “Negative energy is wonderful!” But now you must know why it is here. It is not just a burden. It is not your punishment. It is your opportunity to resolve the previously unresolvable, with the goal of literally re-creating life. I can assure you that when you have totally accomplished it — and it will be totally accomplished within a short time — it will be something uniquely new that has never been done before. As a result, it can be shared with all individuals. You will do so, of course, by being the Explorer Race, going out to other planets and offering choices in philosophy and opportunity.

So you know now what negative energy really is. Know that various extraterrestrial beings who have sometimes been called negative beings from the Sirius star system really are more of yourselves from the past. They are second-dimensional beings. This is not to suggest that the second dimension is negative; it just happens that that is where you used to be. The only way they can move into the third dimension — the only way — is by being in contact with you as you move into the fourth dimension. So you are thrust into situations that will demand that you resolve negative energy. For you to live and be involved in these times, simply to exist now, is to alter literally all that has ever existed before in the most positive way. I am not saying to go out and be negative and throw a brick through a window. I am saying recognize negative energy when it comes up, and recognize that extreme versions of many things can be destructive or negative. Even love that is well-intended can become destructive if it is overdone in certain ways. You all know about that. Negative energy is being resolved even as I speak. You as souls have cooperated and will literally prepare all life in the coming days beyond this time and give by your hard work a new tool that can be used to create a new level of existence. Some of you may have heard from other channelings many years ago that the universe is flexing — in, out, in, out. It does that because it is preparing to re-create itself. The contingency factor is that once negative energy reaches its true level

and you get past the extremes, then all that has been unresolved can move forward.

As you know, you cannot take the old into the future. That which needs to be resolved must be resolved. But that which is old and also beautiful, that can be taken — oh, yes indeed! So know now what is being done. Learn to forgive. Learn to laugh. Learn to appreciate. And find the change in your own hearts as being more than you might have ever expected. The time is coming when all travail will be over and you will literally create heaven on Earth while you are alive, embodied! What a wondrous thing! Consider that for a moment. Could you tell us what is on the dark side of the Moon? Well, the other side! You want to know about the pyramid stuff? There is a long-established base on the other side of the Moon that was created by ETs. And who were those ETs? Why, they were yourselves when you came here on the first loop! You established a way station, you see, as you looped into this planet and into this galaxy. Oh, yes! You established something that would pump up the pressure. There is something on the other side of the Moon that looks a lot like a crystal when you scrape it away like a good archaeologist would. It sure looks like a crystal, even though some of them might look like pyramids. Some of them look a lot like a crystal that focuses energy, that pumps you up, as the big boys say. It pumps you up and encourages a little pressure. You know how you all are; even though you say you’d like to get away from stress, you will, by creating polarities in your own mind and emotions, pump that stress up. You unconsciously use stress as a tool for growth. That crystal ray, which is sent right through the Moon through that enigmatic smiling face (now you know why it is smiling; it knows something you don’t know), focuses that energy right here. You put it there, and when you enter that crystal structure, some of you — certainly some of your children as explorers in the future — will remember, because inside the structure it is not possible to forget anything. But the minute you walk out of the structure, the memory is gone. Just to be impish, you certainly had a sense of humor when you installed it. Any information that is transcribed, fed into a computer data bank while you are in there, poof! It is gone like it was never there, out of the memory as well as the hard copy, as you say, the minute you leave. The noninterference idea ran deep when you put that there. But it was a gift, you know, to those who entered. Now, some of you who might wish to do a meditation might want to glance at the Moon

and memorize that face. Don’t stare at it too much; just glance at it. Right around the area where you could imagine the upper lip to be, imagine yourself going deep into the bowels of that asteroid. While you are in there, you might just hear a little tone or feel a little energy or sense a color — different aspects of the same thing. Enjoy it. And be stimulated to remember during that meditation a little bit more of who you are, which in the full aspect of it will very likely disappear when the meditation is over. But it might leave you with a little gift. Can you tell us why we create so much stress for ourselves to get to this point of realizing who we are? If you had 900 years to resolve whether you should cut your fingernails, you would take it. But you knew as souls that you would have only a little bit of time. Because everything is moving into that fourth-dimensional aspect at the same time, you cannot see a comparison to the past and you think that the hour your watch measures is the same as it has been. You think that an hour is still an hour. Since everything is changing, an hour is only a minute and a half compared to what it was just forty years ago! You need stress because time grows short, and you must use the tools that are available. “Got to do it! This is it! Big chance! Make the grade!” That is why you need it for now. So it might seem like stress and struggle, but that stress will hone the blade that reaches toward the future, cutting a finer and finer edge so that you can pass into the next world to come.


We Must Embrace the Zetas Joopah and Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, October 15, 1989 Good evening. Joopah speaking from the ninth-dimensional aspect. I am now fully conceived in my ninth-dimensional body, which radiates an energy physically compatible with your own. The energy being radiated is not unlike your own in its pure state. It has a quality that actually unifies us — a similarity, so to speak. That similarity is the golden light, which is the universal mastery energy of creation.

The Soul’s Imminent Breach of Contract with God The subject tonight is about Zeta Reticuli and you, and exactly why we must embrace each other. There are people living on this planet now who, by their very civilization, have the seeds of our destruction in it. Their civilization, although austere in many ways, has an underlying sense of struggle and emotional strangulation beneath the surface. Their eventual explosion into emotionality, which occurs on an individual level as well as on a societal level at some point in your future, will give rise in their society to the desire to do what they have had a propensity to do — control their emotions — but to go beyond a social form of control in an effort to medically control the emotions. That is how it will begin. And when that begins, there will be the first gesture taken toward the soul’s manifestation of its breach of contract with God. God, or the Universal One, has created all life to have certain elements. You are given opportunities to work with some elements more than others, and the opportunities are there for your own choosing. That is, you might choose to think more than feel; yet the feelings will be present, though you may not choose to be aware of them. The change, then, by today’s societies is to move beyond the limits of technology. As you have created it, technology has been the seed of our destruction. In my culture there has been an inevitable desire to create the finest technological replication of ourselves. I have stated for some time in various forms of myself that we do not create ourselves as you do: We clone. I would also state that if we had to create ourselves as you do, we would be unable to do so, for we do not have the physical properties of biological duplication as you do. The reason we don’t is because we have had a desire to improve on technology to the point where it can improve on itself without our assistance. In other words, we desired to create a society in which the mind and technology become one, and our bodies are largely a result. Not only that, but we also created the challenge of a reduced connection to the Great Spirit, or God. We are up against it now, as you say. I have not been created in this ninth-dimensional body by my technological society. No, my recent body in my society has ceased to exist. The ninth dimension of myself was created by the Creator of all things. I have been placed back into my society in the ninth-dimensional version of myself to offer an opportunity to my society to begin again. The greatest difference between my ninthdimensional body and the bodies of my fellow beings in our civilization now is that I have the ability to reproduce myself without technological means. I do not need another one of my culture to do it; I can do it on not exactly a biogenetic scale, but on what would be closer to an etheric-biological level.

That is, I can produce the etheric self as well as the biological self. This is important to note, since you largely do this yourself, though you state through various religions and so on that the soul is provided by the Creator. I understand that is true with myself as well, since the Creator has created me without technological means.

Needed: A Fond Memory of What Was This is revolutionary: My society needs to turn from technology, and your society needs to know that this rush pell-mell toward technology as the savior is really a false god. As you know, your technology has produced many miracles that would be called great joys, certainly, by those who have been saved medically, physically and so on by technological means. But you might look at your planet. It is almost beyond repair in its pollution; your weather will show you this in the next few years. It is becoming increasingly unpredictable due to the Earth’s need to purge the effects of pollution. Our souls are your souls — exactly the same. You are not genetically connected with us, but on the soul level you are. To reach a level of understanding about technology that will allow you to perceive the value of Earth as a place of joy and a place of nature, due to the nature of your society you need to develop a fond memory of what was. I am not predicting dire gloom and doom, but I am suggesting that in terms of nature, what was is leaving. Many of your animal species are leaving now. Their genes will become dormant and remain in the planet’s genetic makeup to be revived again at some point in the future when they can exist without pollution and without civilizations such as your own that do not understand their role in the whole system here.

There are other things that are leaving as well — plants, certainly aspects of Earth. You know the ozone-layer business. I will not insult your intelligence by going into that, but there are aspects of the aura of Mother Earth that also have holes in them. You cannot exist with a permanent hole in your auric field without inevitably developing a disease — as you would call it — directly associated with those holes. Because Mother Earth has holes in her aura, she must repair them in order to perpetuate herself. Since Earth will survive the coming years, the repairs must be radical. Mother Earth will do what she must.

You have the opportunity to change all this and make it different by not only what you think but what you do. It is so very important what you do in your daily life, how you perceive yourself. If you can, simply allow yourself to become what you desire to be and give up some of the habits that reassure you that the human race is of less value. That is all. It is necessary to become somewhat naive, as you might call it: to have faith that you can get through this and to develop appreciation for your fellow human beings. And if I might write out my prescription: Wean yourself from the news. The news as it is now set up, regardless of its justification to exist, is perhaps the chief cause of internal destruction on this planet. On the soul and spiritual level, it creates an atmosphere of defeatism. Even though it is well-intended, it is working against you. However, it can exist; I do not intend to discourage its existence. I do ask you to begin to wean yourself from it. Watch less on TV. Read less in the newspapers. Have fewer discussions with each other about things that you read that are negative about human beings. Those of you who pray, do so with hope rather than with dread.

Current Mass Decisions Profoundly Affect the Future That is my opening statement. I make it somewhat dramatic to underline the word “must.” With Zeta Reticuli we have achieved a high level of technology, yes, but it was necessitated by the soul decision that your societies — one in particular — will make due to the extremes of conditions that will exist here on this planet. Mother Earth, of course, must create those extremes in her auric field. She must fire up her boilers, in a sense, to survive. And you might feel that not only as a slight increase in warmth in summer seasons, but also in an increase in emotional passion. Of course, you know that there are many forms of passion. The decisions made in the coming years — since you are now in a time period when decisions are made en masse — will absolutely affect the future. Since you are shifting dimensions, this time slot will create your souls’ future expressions. You are in a time period when any mass decision made subconsciously, unconsciously and consciously by people on this planet will inevitably create your future expression. It cannot be stopped, your shift into the fourth dimension. No, it cannot be stopped. However, you might find that as your souls choose to explore the technology that will be abandoned on this planet, an offshoot of yourselves will go on to explore it in the form of the Zeta Reticuli race. It is true that the Zeta Reticuli race has predated you, but you must understand that souls do not travel in linear time, and they will seek to finish everything that they have begun. I encourage you to not abandon the forms of nature that are about you and to live in this whole system so that when some of you go on to create the Zeta Reticuli system, you bring with you a willingness to allow nature as well as technology to take their course. The Zeta Reticuli civilization is a monument to evolutionary technology. The system runs itself as we exist on our planet. An example: If there arises any need within our civilization for any product, our technology does not require even the push of a button, since it responds along the lines of the mental brain-wave activity of the civilization to produce what we need — not simply automatically, but in a way that we have it. It functions in terms of time and space and interdimensional aspects — this can all be produced by technology. If we need something, some material object, our technology will create a ripple in time which will create that object so that the need never arises! While this is advantageous technologically and materially, it cannot be done on a soul level. We have a vacuum there. Only you can do this. You literally have our lives in your hands. Because even though our society will continue on the ninth-dimensional aspect of itself, it now appears certain that the society that existed on the seventh-dimensional aspect, in which I lived most recently, will be

utterly and completely obliterated. I am in the ninth-dimensional body so that my fellow beings can see where they will be going. Now, recognize that they are not going to the eighth dimension. In order to survive on the eighth dimension, there must be a full and total embracing of the natural order — nature, as you understand it. Since the society that lives on the seventh dimension of Zeta Reticuli does not understand the natural order because they are largely a product of technology — even though there are some biological materials still within the brain — they cannot do that. They are simply unable, so that door to the eighth dimension is closed to them. Most will go to the ninth dimension, and it is a fine place to be. You still might be able to open that door, since any embracing of nature that you can do will include an embracing of the essence of mankind.

The Breakdown of Normal Information Systems This will be hard for you to do in the coming days. It will absolutely, positively require faith. It cannot be done in any way, shape or form by looking for justifiable results based on the facts — in other words, by any scientific or research data collected as the result of your normal information systems. Most of you use the news as your normal information systems and will have every justifiable reason to lose faith in humanity through that informational system in the coming years. So I am suggesting that you develop faith in the human being’s ability to rise above the obvious. I say “the obvious” because the news and world events will cause you to believe that goodwill has left the human race. But I can assure you that if you do not use these sources of information and instead begin to use your own feelings — even going into some small town to observe the interactions of people who are not overwhelmed by the technological crush of larger cities — you will see that, contrary to the rumors and reports that will abound, goodwill among mankind has not died. I am encouraging you to do this. It is not a major homework lesson, but it is something I encourage you to do because it is essential. I might also add that there will be continuing annoyances in the form of technological breakdowns in your society. You’ll find that those technologies you have come to depend on will begin to break down — such as public utilities, including the telephone system. You might say this has something to do with human beings, but I will say that even though that can be proven, it really has to do with the Creator chiding you and showing you that you have become somewhat a slave to your own technology rather than the other way around and that the only way for you to see what you have done is to have to learn how to communicate and contact each other with less technology. Thus the technological problems will occur in established technologies that you have come to depend on. This is necessary. It is really a primer, in a sense. In several senses you are being primed to change, and at the same time you are using a primer as children might use: Basic Earth Education I. You need other people to survive. You could say, “Well, people can survive out in the wilderness on their own.” It is true that you can do that physically, even mentally and spiritually to some extent. But emotionally you have moments of great song and enjoyment with each other, although not so much by yourself. Quality of life is a factor here. You are here with all these people on this planet to learn to appreciate each other in your diversity, not to create a sameness out of a necessity to reduce chaos. Remember that the flip side of chaos is creativity and uniqueness. It is a very, very, narrow realm between the two. Sometimes you suppress creativity under the guise of suppressing chaos. As any good scientist knows, nature operates in what appears to the casual observer to be a most chaotic fashion. Yet if you simply understand the rules of the game, you can see that chaos is necessary to the act of creation and that a

society that seems to be out of control might actually be creating a new form of society.

The Zeta Role For you to know how we must change, I have stated what you must begin to do for us. But it is also important for you to know what we must do, since by our actions we can ease the burden and pressure on you. Because you must make a cosmic leap in faith, we must also begin to make our leap. My civilization, as I understand it now, is really a civilization that has created a form of technological god. The elements in your society that cause an individual to believe in the Creator or the God force might be like a physician who witnesses childbirth and knows that mankind could never create such an organism on its own with the creativity involved in the inception of such an idea. Things like this challenge your philosophers. My society does not have that reinforcement wherein you shake your head and say, “There must be a Creator of all things because I cannot explain this thing that is happening.” That idea does not occur in our society on Zeta Reticuli, since we can point to a technological or mental cause or explanation for everything in our society. This is why, from my current understanding, the Creator has urged us to be in contact with your society from its beginning, so that even though we did not have that mystery in our society, we could see how another society uses it. We have been exposed to you since you have begun, and there has been a sufficient accumulation of knowledge during that time for us to appreciate that what you have, even with all of its challenges and difficulties, is worth having. Understand that the value of life is life itself. But as you move away from spontaneous life and creativity with a desire to create the ultimately ordered society — which is what we have — you remove yourself from any possibility of experiencing the true natural order. As a result, what we must do in order to make it easier for you to have the leap of faith I have requested you to work toward is experience technological breakdowns so that my society’s god of technology fails them. Because time is moving on for us and members of the society of the seventh dimension of Zeta Reticuli are dying out and not being reproduced, the Creator has seen to it that we are confronted with the fallibility of technology. Technology is unable to change it because it must be changed on the soul level. It took at least a thousand years for us to have a glimmer of understanding of this in our time frame.

You must understand our technology: If we needed a material object, our technology would create a ripple in time so that we didn’t need it. We had it before we felt a need for it. We had come to perceive our physical bodies as material objects in our dimension. That removes us slightly, you see, from the Creator. So it became necessary for the Creator, as I understand it now, to create a problem that our technology could not solve. So our civilization was forced to look beyond a technological solution for our problem [a dying race] for so many millennia that I cannot even mention — the numbers are too ridiculous. We had to look beyond the answer that was natural to us. What we perceived to be the natural order was technology, you see, albeit thought technology, and it became the technological god, which failed us. The only thing we could do is look to the past to discover why.

Joopah’s Role for Zetas and How It Helps Humans We must make a change to ease you, and that change must be on the spiritual level. My body was created by the Creator — God, you understand — something that is technologically impossible on the seventh-dimensional aspect of Zeta Reticuli. I have been placed on the seventh-dimensional aspect to be a teacher who can be a peer to them, one they can understand. My body radiates light, and the radiation of that light stimulates spiritual-philosophical enlightenment. As a result, there is a natural desire to have more of it. Those who come in contact with my body want more and are left with a little bit of it themselves just through the contact. The only way we can have more is to reach beyond technology, and we’re beginning to do it. It might not be enough to save us, but it might be enough to create an easing of your need to create order above all else. I state to you quite clearly now that you will all have a desire to create order in your society above all else very soon. You will soon have experiences in your government where you will feel that its moral foundation and structure has gone mad, and you will desire order at any cost. So when each and every one of you in this room now have that desire for order, remember that out of chaos comes a new order. In your case it will be an appreciation for the natural order of nature and Earth that was set up specifically and ideally just for you as you exist in your physical and spiritual selves. It is that simple. Do not fear great misery in the future. Simply know that what you have come to depend on might not be as reliable as it once was. But what you know to be true — goodwill in mankind and womankind for each other — will remain, contrary to the reports you receive. Learn to have faith in goodwill, for that will be your salvation. Which society is about to suppress their emotions in a way that will cause a problem? Recognize that I am not criticizing this society. But in the not-too-distant future, Japan will be involved in a crisis [the subway poison-gassing in 1995] that will cause them to examine their method of expressing their emotions. In several years they will make this effort, due to the availability of the tools to medically suppress emotions, though it will not be called that. It will be praised as a new method of suppressing rage. I will say that even though rage does have a lot of serious consequences, it is also very often the final element of frustration that precedes some form of magnificent creativity, as any inventor would know. Their seemingly innocent genetic manipulation will lead to a wide variety of influence in the emotional body. There has been for some time an effort by science to regulate the emotional self. It has been done with all good intent, with the clear desire to eliminate what is destructive in the human being but not to eliminate the constructive aspect of emotionality. However, it is like a fine and intricate creation:

When you tinker with it, even though you are attempting to fine-tune it, sometimes you inadvertently throw a wrench in the works. This wrench might see its beginning in Japan.

Creativity Needed for the Cosmic Leap If they don’t do it, will that have an effect on you, since you are our future? Yes. It is uncertain at this time if there is any way to prevent it, since it will be perceived to be a scientific breakthrough of such great magnitude that it will be, in the words of the time, “so desperately needed now” that the creators will likely receive the Nobel prize. I’m not suggesting worldwide chaos, but through the eyes of some people it will seem to be chaos. When you were children, you or your parents assumed that the philosophy of the teenagers of the time was chaotic, right? So recognize that chaos is in the eye of the beholder. That assumption of chaos will possibly block an aspect of creativity that is needed to make the cosmic leap. It will not block the change to the fourth dimension, but it might limit the way it will be resolved. But it will not help us.

How can we help? What can we do? Disseminate the information? Yes, that is all, really — disseminate the information. Simply know that genetics, while it seems to be a wonderful tool — and you will see, all of you, that in the next ten years almost everything will be affected by it — it also carries the potential of being a false god. Something that looks wonderful on the surface, but by the time you’re fully committed to it, you discover its horrible side effect: the gradual eroding away of the belief that you really can do things considered impossible [dealing with rage]. As you all know, and certainly as every athlete knows, impossible-to-break records are continually broken.

Applications of the Genetic Discovery How will this be applied to mankind? In what way? How would it work? How would they use it? In schools or in hospitals? It would be applied as you indicate, through the use of the idea that technology is the ultimate savior, though the idea will not be stated clearly like that. I’m not suggesting that a religion or philosophy will develop with the machine as its fountainhead. Rather, I suggest that you will be surrounded with stimuli through the news and other information-disseminating sources that will heap continual praise on what will be called the new science of genetics. It will be assumed that nothing that was perceived to be a limit is a limit anymore, thanks to genetics. Of course, it will be very helpful in disease; this is what it was really intended for, to assist the body in developing strength, to assist the body in developing stronger organs and so on, rather than to eliminate organisms. In your society you’re surrounded with organisms all the time, but it is through your ability to be unaffected

by these organisms that you are not affected. The real purpose of genetics is to simply allow you to develop stronger organs and systems so that you can become more durable — not to create a germfree society so that you necessarily become less durable. You were created to be survivors; that is the nature of your race. Are you suggesting that at some point technology can become ungodly or somehow the opposite of God? Of course, philosophically speaking, that is impossible, since all was created by the Creator. What I am suggesting is that the Creator is, in a sense, thinking out loud by allowing technology. One can almost imagine the Creator saying, “I wonder what would happen if …” I cannot say that technology in its own right could ever be ungodly or that anything that is ever created could be ungodly. What I am suggesting is that it could be perceived to be greater than anything the Creator could do. One must take that further: It could be perceived on the individual level to be greater than any individual’s aspect of the Creator — specifically, his or her ability to create or beat the odds or do the impossible. All of these things your society is known for. That is what I mean by a false god. Instead of adding to your strength, it will sap it, stifle creativity, make you believe that all of your needs can be provided by the great god technology. How many of the Zetas have moved into ninth-dimensional bodies now? Three. How are you treated by your race? Do they understand fully what you’re doing? Not fully. But it is most interesting in that they clearly are experiencing something … I cannot really say individually, but those who are in my proximity experience what can only be described as a rush of emotion. It is a feeling of warmth and upliftment that any one of you who has a spiritual experience might understand. It is a warmth and upliftment they have not felt on a physical level before. As a result, there is clearly a new experience going on. But this type of experience will require a great deal of time to be developed into what you call the hundredth-monkey syndrome. Will you reproduce yourself as an example for them? Yes. That is why there are two others. Yet that is enough for now.

Passion: Your Greatest Achievement You spoke of having many different kinds of passion. Could you elaborate more on the various kinds of passion? Of course, that would take a lot of time. As much as I understand, there is the passion that leads to embrace, that is, drawing toward oneself. And there is the passion that is the result of pushing away — protection, essentially. I would say that even though there is, as you say, the downside to passion, the upside has been precisely what your civilization has been created for. This is so that you would be urged to feel, by way of various examples, that the apparent limits that exist around you do not have to limit your imagination or some one outstanding moment. One outstanding moment, for example, might be the passion necessary to break the runner’s four-minute mile. That is now common, yes? But before that time it was considered impossible. That type of passion has its value, yes? It is this type of passion that is generated by many imaginations as well as a desire to do what others have not done. That is really the greatest achievement of your civilization. Now, I’m not saying that you have achieved or created passion in its own right, because it was given to you. But you have survived it! Other civilizations have not done so. When I compliment you, very often it is because of your ability to survive. You were created to be survivors. You were

created to bring that survivability and that lust for life to other civilizations that had given up, for various reasons, on their own ability to do the same, inspiring them to develop aspects of themselves they have given up on. Passion and your ability to survive it is right now your crowning glory. I will say that — what do they say in the hospital? — you are doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances. And the circumstances will alter themselves somewhat in the future. Again, do not become overly alarmed by what you see in your information services. Alarm and agitation are in the air. It is necessary. There is a sense of urgency. Mother Earth herself is urgently changing herself for her own comfort, so you will all feel her sense of urgency and her desire to make quick repairs. Mother Earth desires to re-create her natural order; that is why you will have the desire to create order. In your societies it will seem to be the most necessary thing. But you will achieve the best order for you if you observe nature and emulate it in its most beautiful ways rather than perfect only the aspects of nature perceived in films of the eagle grasping its prey. Remember that the eagle not only grasps it prey, but it provides insight and wisdom to the natural world that is available to all of you. And I will say good evening. ••• Well, all right. Zoosh here. Any questions? I will comment on my friend Joopah. It is a bit of a struggle for him to function in the channeling mode right now, since while he was sending this line of information and energy through Robert, he was fully surrounded by his own citizens. He speaks to you now from his planet, you see, not from his ship. He is no longer involved in the Earth exercise wherein he had plenty of time to do many things. His extracurricular activities don’t exist now; he is full time in the curriculum. As a result he is developing a relatively new skill of doing many, many things at once. It will take a little time for him to be able to speak at length. All right, a question.

Animals Are Aspects of Mankind’s Potential He said that we didn’t understand the role of animals. What is your perception as to the role of animals on this planet? In large part they each represent a certain aspect of your own potentials, abilities, or that which exists. The eagle, as mentioned by Joopah, would have to do with your ability to see over the mountain. Using your imagination, the eagle represents power and has been shown on many seals because of its ability to zoom in on its prey and devastate it. That is how the eagle survives. But it is not only that; the eagle always wants to move beyond and see the next canyon. Those of you who observe eagles will notice that they don’t tend to hang around the same place all the time. They will perhaps stop for a moment and have a new brood, but then they will move on. They are the pioneers, the explorers. They always need to know what’s on the other side of the mountain. So eagles represent the wisdom of imagination that stimulates the desire to follow through. Eagles and other animals all represent certain aspects of mankind’s potential. They also represent certain aspects of mankind’s inability to see himself or herself as a true representative of nature. That is, they have a downside, something you can criticize. Certainly if you have ever been on the receiving end of an army that used an eagle as its symbol, you might well feel that the eagle is not something that you would want to embrace. Does Joopah’s work on the ninth dimension make him a kind of Zeta Christ? I would not go that far. I can understand that you might have that feeling, but after all, he is not evolved that far, for starters. You might say that he is in training, but it will take some time. The

analogy does not exactly fit, you see, since the idea of a savior is not what is being sought there. It is not exactly true, but he certainly has aspects that are similar. Aren’t the genetics that the Zetas are doing with the Earth beings now the basis of the development of the ninth-dimensional body? Or what is that relationship? Not really. That is a separate situation in which there was a desperate attempt by the Zeta culture to create a secondary species. That is, since they perceive their own species dying out, they felt it was essential to create a species that would largely represent them but would be durable. They felt it was essential, and since you were their past lives — in terms of soul, though they didn’t understand that until recently — they felt they had permission. After all, the Creator had told them to be involved with you from the beginning, so they felt they had permission to create a hybrid between the human being and the Zeta Reticuli race, which would have the secondary advantage of being able to communicate not only with the Zeta race but also with the human race more as an equal. You might have a mixed marriage in which the child learns the languages and cultures of both individuals and could get along to a degree in either culture; it is a similar situation in this case. The primary motive of the creation of this secondary hybrid species would be to carry on with the information and energy of the originating race, since the Zetas would possibly die out in their seventh dimension. This secondary race will carry on, not necessarily their work, but the inheritance of all the information that was gleaned by the Zetas over these many years as well as their philosophy — and, of course, a desire to find the answers to the questions that were unanswered by the Zeta race. So it is not exactly the same thing, no. He said that the Creator created his body. How do you perceive the Creator in the ninth dimension? Exactly the same as you would perceive it in this dimension, but in the ninth dimension it is more of a feeling. That is, it is not so abridged by the many voices. For example, there are many voices in Earth culture that point to what or who is the Creator. Who is God? What is God specifically? There is no competition at the ninth dimension for the specifics of God. Because the idea “God” — or the Creator, as it is more universally called — is a feeling, something that is felt. You hear from time to time from people who have had a momentary death, some type of accident where they have died for a few minutes and then have come back remembering the contact with the Creator through the feeling of an overwhelming, unconditional love. That feeling of unconditional love is how you would physically relate to a passage of energy through the self. You can feel it now, but it is a subtle energy, and you are very distracted in your society. You also could do this if you eliminate some of your distractions. One of the distractions is obviously the desire to feel the support from others that what you believe to be true is true. That is an underlying distraction, and that is also, paradoxically speaking, what drives you to your many varieties of experience.

The Status of the Hybrids Has the physiognomy of the hybrids been pretty regular? How have they been developing? They are autonomous now. They do not need the parent race — as they perceive the Zetas — to exist. They have developed their own civilization sufficiently and are currently developing their own technology. They have inherited, of course, vehicles for travel as well as the technological belief system of the Zetas to some extent. But since they contain about 49 percent humanity plus sprinklings of other things, they have the desire to emotionalize technology. As a result, while your society might be confronted with the need to move beyond emotion, they are moving toward it. Since they find it desirable, inevitably they will totally and completely alter the technology of the Zetas to become

something that is more involved with the Creator in the sense of spontaneity. They might just be the ones who develop space vehicles that look like birds and natural forms of life. What dimension are they? Could we interact with them at this point if they were to visit? They were created to be flexible. They can exist comfortably in many dimensions. Their natural existence would be — since everything is shifting now — somewhere between the fifth and the sixth. But they can actually exist with minimal technological support in your dimension. Have they come here? Only briefly to isolated areas, simply to test that it can be done. Are they interested in their one natural parent on this planet? Their Adam and Eve is not one. If we were to speak of natural parents, we would have to say three natural parents. Since the technology and the genetic structure of the Zetas was involved — a technological genetic, you understand — as well as the masculine and the feminine aspect of the Earth being, we are talking about three parents. So yes, they are interested. Were the Zetas involved in the alien landing in Russia last week [Vorozhnev]? Or was that a government public-relations thing? It was not a public-relations event and the Zetas were not involved. That has to do with a civilization that has been on this planet and underneath the surface for some time. Going back to this hybrid race, does it have a name? It has a name, yes. I do not wish to sound coy, but I will not state it at this time. I will state it soon, all right? The inevitable “soon.” Would you comment on the relationship between the government and the Zetas? I have done so at length before, but briefly I will say that the government of the United States has made what it perceives to be a treaty with the Zetas, but it has actually made a treaty with a group of individuals that have very cleverly disguised themselves to look like the Zetas. That is the problem they are dealing with right now. They actually have, however, a working understanding with the Zetas, but the treaty is with someone else. It is a long subject, my friend. I will say, kindly refer to other tapes. What is your perception of how we can best aid the situation that Joopah talked about? He gave us a list of several things we can do — have faith and wean ourselves from the news and so on. What would your answer be? I would say that it is all right to have your understanding of realism. That is, it is all right to lock the doors at night before you go to sleep. Certainly, do whatever helps you to feel safe. But learn how to differentiate between what represents safety to you and what is actually a way of keeping the world away from you. You will all need each other in the coming years. Learn how to develop a way to allow yourself to work with and be with others regardless of what or who you think they might be. There will be plenty of opportunities to develop suspicions about individuals you have always trusted, because the rumor that human beings are being cloned and spread across the face of the Earth will move beyond rumor in the coming years and be supported by some justifiable evidence. You might have cause for moments to consider, “Well, is he really my husband?” So learn to develop ways to differentiate between the two.


Roswell, ETs and the Shadow Government Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, October 17, 1989 What can you tell us about the Roswell incident? Is what has been reported accurate? What caused the alien craft to crash, and of what race were the beings onboard? The beings onboard were from Sirius — not negative Sirians — and the vehicle crashed simply to create an enigma on this Earth, seen from a larger perspective. They experienced magnetic radiation from nearby radar experiments. At that time [July 1947] radar work was going on near the military base, and a lot of magnetic and electrical energy was being broadcast. The military did not realize radar’s potential as a weapons technology, since they were looking in a different direction. The effect might be described as a magnetic or electrical storm, but it was not deliberate; it was something they were doing on their own for their own purposes. They had no idea it would destroy life anywhere; one might say that it was an accident. But it created an enigma. They were reported to be four feet tall. Please describe them. They are known to look similar to the Zetas. There was another crash near that time in which the beings were three to three-and-a-half feet tall, but were rather like humans. These were also from Sirius. So there are different life forms from Sirius? Oh, many different life forms, just like in your own constellation [solar system]. After all, variety is the spice of life! What is the bigger picture concerning a crashed disk in Aztec, New Mexico, in 1948? It was reported that human body parts were found onboard. Is this accurate? I would say they were not human body parts, but that the individuals who were in that ship — there were more than one race of beings present — had those spare parts available. I am not going to pump up the idea that there are aliens living below the surface who are raising human beings for food. Allowing for the nature of medicine and genetics, finding spare parts in a medical lab would not be considered unusual. It was a medical ship. But they said everything else was incinerated. Why weren’t these parts incinerated? The ship had a self-destruct mechanism onboard, as they often do. But again — enigma. It is necessary to give human beings enigmas, you know, because otherwise you become complacent. When do we get out of that game? Never, hopefully, since you are the Explorer Race. It is not your future destiny to know it all. As a race, physically speaking, what would be the advantage? You were not created to know it all; you were created to want to know it all. Quite a difference. If you want to know it all, you will never stop looking; you will go to the farthest ends of the universe in search of knowledge. Your real destiny will be fulfilled by the ground that you cover rather than by what you find. It is the job of the Explorer Race to touch other races and stimulate them so that they will move out of their complacency and find other goals to perfect rather than the ones they have already perfected over and over. The universe is quite stagnant in many places and needs to be stimulated. That is where you come in! What can you tell us about EBE? What race was he, and what role did he play in the whole

extraterrestrial scenario? You are referring to the terminology “extraterrestrial biological entity”? Yes, the one they called EBE, the one they captured. I will call him, rather, an “enigmatic” biological entity. It was his job to fulfill that enigma. After all, if one finds bodies or residual effects of life, one is going to be startled, amazed and intrigued. But if one finds someone who is alive, then one has to look very deeply within one’s soul and say, “Maybe what I’ve believed all along really isn’t so.” After all, it is one thing to see a smashed butterfly on the windshield and quite another to see one flying by in all of its glory. It is also one thing to hear someone speak French on a record and quite another to have them meet you and speak French to you. Understand that there are levels of enigma that must be stimulated. I am putting forth this idea so that you will realize how vital it is that you be stimulated with the unexplainable so that those who would state unequivocally that something is not true must move off their position when confronted with the reality. The most important thing that this enigmatic biological entity had to do was survive, because many people, in their desperate need to believe that extraterrestrial intelligence was not real, would want to destroy it. And the best way to stay alive was to allow itself to be captured by those who would want to keep it alive at all costs. After all, if EBE was running around on Main Street, somebody would probably pull out the old rifle and level him. So he was caught by scientists, taken to a base and talked to, right? As best they could, yes. They are reluctant to use telepaths, though they sometimes do. It is said there was a colonel who was a telepath. Yes. It was difficult for the colonel, but he did it because otherwise it would necessarily compromise his position. Needless to say, his military career was not enhanced by the communication; telepaths are not considered to be valuable. But they are now. They are only within the context of their profession, but they are generally considered a threat. After all, when one lives in a world where secrecy and top secrecy and cosmic secrecy is a factor, the idea of having telepaths running around is pretty scary. Did he communicate with EBE? Did he get information that was or was not accurate? It was accurate as far as it went — that is the factor to remember. It would be like a parent talking to a child. The parent might tell the child a story, as in the case of Bible stories, which are told very simply. Yet as one gets older one realizes how complicated the Bible really is. So in a sense, what he was told was the simple story. When EBE’s life was in danger, Earth broadcast a message into space trying to save his life. Why was it not responded to? Was it ever received? It was responded to. It was requested that the individual be returned. And? He was not. So there was no further communication. There was, but it was not heeded. There was a request. Can you comment on the role the media is playing in the public dissemination of information about the UFO and extraterrestrial situation? Most reporters feel they are doing a job, but at the upper levels — those who work behind the

press, that is, those who are involved with the order — it is recognized that the dissemination of information by the press or by word of mouth and gossip is a system. It is necessary to go slowly. In order to disseminate the information in a way that is less threatening, it is necessary to use humor. So you will very often find that those who report news of UFOs, even if they’ve seen them themselves, will be somewhat jocular — not necessarily the eyewitnesses, but the reporters. This is essential so that people do not panic. That is a real threat. I am not talking about individuals who feel that other life forms are welcome; I am talking about individuals who feel that they want their lives to be predictable and are involved in religions, philosophies or political groups that tend to create predictability. What happens when predictability is thrown to the winds and they have nothing they can grasp and say is true? That is why the concern about panic is real. But after forty years? It is no less real today than it was then. The only change is that during this time, movies and books have been produced. There is so-called science fiction as well as trial-balloon factual movies such as UFOs Are Real and so on. But you are saying that it has not really sunk into the subconscious of humanity yet. It might be totally in the unconscious and might have sunk into the subconscious — but then, is humanity respectful of the subconscious, or is it simply reactive with it? Reactive. But you’d think it would be there as sort of an inner knowing after all this time. It can be an inner knowing, but it could also in some cases — perhaps many cases — be an inner dread. It is necessary to treat the subject with the same reverence as one treats a religion, because there are many religions that would be utterly destroyed in their own concept of themselves if this knowledge gets out. That is why the Order is careful. There are ways to do it. After all, if you are going to give people an injection that will save them, it is rather useless to give them one that will kill the disease but destroy their body. Or scare them to death before the injection has time to work. That is why inoculation has become popular in medicine. That gives them a little bit of the experience, yes? That is why so many people have had contact experiences. Do you understand the significance of what I am saying? Many, many people have had contact experiences, because they are being “inoculated,” gradually given the experience. Almost everyone, if they were to be hypnotized, would remember something having to do with a UFO contact. It is not rare; I have stated that. What is rare is that people remember it. Do you mean almost everyone on the planet? Almost everyone on the planet has been inoculated — that is, given some element of the experience. Are they programmed to remember at a certain time? It is not necessary to remember. The main thing that is necessary is to not panic when the revelations begin to occur. Who are the Grays? What are the different subgroups of the Gray race, and what is their origin? Many people refer to the Zetas as the Grays, so it depends on what you mean by the Grays. Some of the Zetas look rather gray in their appearance because of various electronic devices, in addition to some having a skin color that approaches a grayish pallor. In these contacts they talk about the large-nosed Grays. What is that? In my experience, there are no Zeta beings that have noses. If they are talking about beings who have noses, they are not from Zeta Reticuli! Some of this is disinformation, and some is a reference to a variation from negative-Sirian cloning escapades. There have been occasional forays into creating

slightly larger nostrils for Zetas in their attempts to crossbreed humans and Zetas, but they have been failures. It has been said that everyone who has been abducted has been implanted. Which races use implants? There are no less than forty-nine races in your twentieth century. They all use implants, every one of them. And the purpose of these implants? To stimulate some function within the body. In the old days they were used by unsophisticated groups to track people. They were unable to use an individual’s specific energy imprint gathered by the analysis of their auric energy field, which is called field-tracking, so they used what you would call homing devices. The devices are now used mainly to stimulate certain activities within the brain or nervous system.


The Order: Its Origin and Resolution Hotep and Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, November 12, 1989 All right. This is Hotep speaking. You are not, perhaps, familiar with me, but I speak to you as one of the former individuals who helped to form and stimulate the creation of the New Dawn. I speak to you before Zoosh so that you can understand the nature of the time sequence. You have been told many times that you are turning time inside out in order to go into your fourth dimension. Understand that this is a return to normalcy. Time, as you might understand it, has been turned inside out in order for you to go back. You are right now living in your own past. It has been necessary for you to do this so that you could uncreate certain errors that resulted in difficult futures that you and your many soul paths have found to be not your preference. So you have decided to put things back the way they were. I am speaking to you from what you would perceive as your future, and in many senses I am a portion of your future selves. Realize that the “hat” has been inside out so that you could clean the liner, and when you pop things back, it will look like a hat again. This is important for you to understand, since you are in the final phase of this creation of New Dawn. The subject will be discussed further [in the next chapter], but I open for Zoosh tonight so that you will appreciate the value of this existence, which is your retracing your steps to eradicate ongoing errors of the future. You have heard of civilizations long ago and far away that evolved into difficult and challenging situations. You have inherited many of these challenges that were unresolvable elsewhere. So appreciate who you are. I will say good evening. ••• All right, Zoosh speaking. A little word of explanation. Hotep lives, as he says, in the time that exists before time. He was speaking to you from his point of view in the future, but since time is like a cone, the future can equally be the past. You physicists out there might understand this, but I will not beguile you with too many riddles tonight. Let us begin with the Order. This is sometimes referred to as “the Old Order.” These individuals are ofttimes cursed today for the way they are seen to be running the world. They feel the responsibility and the burden of this responsibility. However, they must, from their point of view, do as they do. It is like a torch that has been passed on to them. There are few of these people all over the world, really very few who are actually involved in the Order — no more than fifty direct participants. The interesting thing about the Order is that it is equally divided between men and women; it is not a male-dominated situation. This is the reason they have been able to be somewhat invisible and hard to find, since in the past the tendency has been to look for powerful people in male bodies exclusively. The tide changes, and balance will recur in your current political structures as it has in the Order. Now, the origin of the Order was to create a body of individuals who would adjudicate —judge and oversee — the carrying out of the plan. There have never been more than fifty. It is necessary for

anyone who passes on within the Order to pass on the torch. It is not passed exclusively through families, as would appear to be the case in some social situations; if you look at history closely, you will see that while some families seem to remain wealthy and powerful for a time, it is only for a time. If it were in families, it would be easy to find the individuals who are in the Order. I might add that those in the Order are not always wealthy; sometimes they have other duties. So how did it all get started? In the beginning it was deemed necessary by the Founders and others to create a plan for this planet and its relationship to your universe. That plan would have options as it went along. It would have times in which the hat could be reversed so that it could be popped back into shape to look like what it is. But they would always remain just that — options. There have been civilizations, of course, that have risen and fallen. These were options, possibilities to pop the hat back into place. At present the hat appears quite like it will be popped back into place. In order to make these options available, the astrological balance must be in place, and it was perceived necessary for certain individuals to be in place on Earth in influential positions in society or in positions within a spiritual or even mental discipline that would allow them to guide and influence many thoughts, many ideas and many political futures. This is not to suggest control exclusively, but one must remember that the Founders are not only individuals of great wisdom, but they are also the reservoir of the karma that you’ve inherited. So they are wise, yes — but they are also the key that unlocked the door that allows that karma to be lived out, to exist here on this planet. You must remember that this planet and the population on it — yourselves — have been created to clean up the old stuff so that the hat could be popped back into shape and life could go on. You are a clearing-house. You have always been designed to be a clearing-house. Recognize that those who originally trained the Order — the original teachers of the original Fifty — were the Founders. So we are talking about a direct line of discipline from the Creators, according to the way the original Fifty would have perceived it. Oh, it was clear to the Fifty that the Founders were not God, since the Founders would not claim to be God. However, to the Fifty, the Founders would seem pretty close, not only because of their abilities but also because of their love and wisdom and the way the original Fifty felt cherished and appreciated. The training took place underground in the area of the Great Pyramid. Those skills sometimes ascribed to the Great Pyramid and its priest and priestess class — which has largely disappeared without a trace, so it seems — were the result of the original Fifty passing on some of what they knew. The original Fifty were trained equally in spiritual, mental, physical and emotional manifestation processes. In other words, they were trained to be spiritual and material masters. If one is a spiritual and material master, one can pass on that skill, though it takes considerable time. When the skill is passed on to another, the desirable period of training is about twenty to twenty-five years. Thus one does not suddenly find that one has inherited being one of the Order and have to carry on — you find out early. The reason for this apparently divine — in the sense of the Founders’ connection to the creation of the planet — institution of the Order is to motivate largely behind the scenes. You would be surprised at how many of the individuals in the Order are not wealthy. None of them, absolutely none, has ever been or is now in any way famous. It is their job to remain obscure, so sometimes their obscurity is layered. That is to say, you would not even notice them in a group of three or four individuals; they would be that anonymous. They have been trained to look anonymous as well as act anonymous. Recognize that the purpose of the Order is a little different from what you might have perceived. Their training has led to an ability to manipulate light energy, to form solids out of what is apparently

etheric. They can, as you might say, do magic — not sleight-of-hand, but the real thing. They are all trained to perform each other’s duties, should it be necessary. There have been many times when they have been called into action, but it is usually to influence others — not negatively, but to inspire others. Some of them function largely on the mental plane and do nothing but radiate thought that stimulates imagination. You have noticed that a particular creative idea will seem to spring up all over at one time. It is largely the work of the Order. This is not to suggest that the Creator is not behind this, for the Creator is behind the Order. You must understand that I am explaining to you the function of the way things work. You might say to me, “But Zoosh! Isn’t it true that the Order is dragging its feet now and acting in a way that prevents moving forward into easier times?” In a sense, they are. They will change soon; the energies that you feel now, as well as in recent times, have to do with the Order changing. It is hard to believe that only fifty people could do this, but they are expanded in their abilities. When they shift their energy, the planet shifts as well. I am not trying to create these people to be some kind of gods, for that is not true at all. They are 100 percent servers. Ofttimes their occupations are a version of that. I will not reveal who they are, so do not ask.

The Passing of the Order The Order’s job has largely been completed; thus it is necessary for them to cease to exist in the form they have been in. That is to say, it is time for them to pass their skills on to you. This is why the energy of this place [Sedona] and others like it is utterly stimulated in these times with manifestation, powers and stimulants heretofore unknown. The Order is passing it on. This time they are not passing the torch on to other members of the Order. There will be no more torches passed on — this is it. They will now pass on etherically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally all that they have been. This began on a subtle level about a year and a half after the Harmonic Convergence [February 1989]. It is proceeding now at an accelerated rate and will continue to accelerate for another couple of years. This creates a pressure-cooker situation for all of you. It is as though you woke up one day and suddenly had ten times the energy you used to have, but you didn’t know how to use it. It is changing the magnetic and electrical structures of everything here. It is changing the laws of physics; the laws of electromagnetism and thermodynamics will have to become myths rather than laws. The old law that says matter cannot be uncreated will have to fall by the wayside, because the entire purpose for your existence is to uncreate matter (otherwise you wouldn’t be here) — that is, matter in terms of what has existed before that needs to be resolved and eliminated as if it never existed. The Order’s job has begun to resolve. It is true that they have not received what they believe to be the final resolution of the plan. They have not received, in that sense, the scepter that touches them and says, “You have achieved all that has been intended.” But they have recently been informed by the Founders, within the last thirty-six hours of your time, about what they must do. That is the reason there have been such extraordinary happenings. I don’t want to suggest that they have total control over your lives, but as you come into the spiritual and material mastery that you all are on other planes, can you imagine what it would be like if you were still as polarized as you are now? So this is why so much purging is going on now. This is why there seem to be bizarre ups and downs. It is, you must understand, written in the plan, in the old plan, that your souls would eventually evolve into rather emotionless beings — the Zeta beings. The new version of the plan, the new branch, the new possibility that is catching on now and is locked into place, will allow the Zeta

beings to laugh, to have fun, to be happy, to be at peace and to be silly. Some people have been privileged to see silly Zetas jumping around, acting funny on rare occasions just to seed the idea. The purpose is to give you an awakening that cannot be avoided. In the past, as you know, many opportunities have come and gone. There have been times when you could do things, and times when you could just turn your back on those kinds of opportunities, feeling somewhat threatened by the responsibility. Those days are gone. You cannot turn your back anymore. The time of the sleep has simply gone. The Order is also gone, in the sense of how it structures things. Zoosh, are the Trilateral Commission and the Illuminati under these people in the Order, or is this a totally different idea? The Trilateralists are essentially in the origination of that idea. Not so much those who would practice and who would be figureheads, but the stimulators of that idea would trace back to the Illuminati, yes. The Illuminati really trace back to the White Brotherhood. I will define the White Brotherhood as a little different than you have defined it. I do not refer to the spiritual movement of the White Brotherhood but to a splinter group of the Order who perceived that the Order was attempting to interfere in the free will of humankind. As such, the White Brotherhood has found it necessary to arm humankind against — from their perception — the interference and control of the Order. In that sense they have, somewhat on purpose but largely inadvertently, contributed to the polarization on this planet even though they originally perceived, and still do to some extent, that their intent was to save humankind from control. I would answer your question that way. Are those of the Order consciously aware of who they are and what their role is, or is this knowledge an awareness that they have on a soul level? Absolutely conscious — it is not unconscious. They are, in fact, right now walking, talking, living, and breathing spiritual and material masters, and they know it. We know Sai Baba can dematerialize things. I am trying to ascertain if that is what you are talking about, people who can perform miracles that we can’t do ourselves. That particular individual does so only because his followers find it necessary. He does not do so for his pleasure. I would also say that this type of thing would not come under what I would refer to as “spiritual mastery.” I can assure you, the individual whom you refer to would not refer to it as spiritual mastery either, but allows — as do other individuals like this individual — others to refer to it as mastery. I am not trying to say that this individual is wrong or a lesser being. I am trying to say that this individual, as he has existed, knows what real spiritual mastery is, and he also knows what must be done in order to create an example. Real spiritual mastery would include an ability to emanate an energy that would allow other people to activate that same energy in themselves in about as much time as it takes to [snaps his fingers]. That is spiritual mastery. I answer this because the individual who you mentioned, in all the years he’s been of service, knows this very well. That is what he really has been known to do. The physical manifestations are not part of what I would refer to as spiritual mastery. Inasmuch as you said that the Order is undergoing somewhat of a change in terms of a new plan, is it also possible that the members of the Trilateral Commission might also be in line for new ideas, a new assessment or a new understanding of what their role has been? These individuals believe what they are practicing, and many of them feel that it is a worthwhile ideal that they are working toward. I am not here to criticize it either, for that matter. I will say that if you believe it is desirable that they change, then you must understand right away why you are here. Even though it seems that you are here to work toward fulfillment and happiness, in reality you are all

here to resolve the errors, discomforts, challenges and karma — as you call it — from before . Civilizations you perceive to be very advanced technologically and spiritually, such as those in the Pleiades you may admire, exist largely because you exist. How could they possibly create a civilization that does not have any discomfort unless somebody else was carrying the ball? From my point of view, a civilization from the Pleiades where there is no discomfort largely represents irresponsibility. It does not represent a high degree of spiritual manifestation, but a lack of willingness to resolve the Pleiadian karma, which exists. You’ve inherited Pleiadian karma. Things have not always been so nicey-nicey in the Pleiades. They blew up a planet; they had some negative energy, and they said, “We’re never going to experience that negativity again. We are going to banish it!” They decided they were going to be nicey-nicey. Well, that is wonderful, but somebody had to resolve it. Voila! Here you are. Even though on the surface the purpose of your existence appears to be to work toward spiritual and material mastery and to find happiness and fulfillment, the reality may not be that pretty. Your real purpose is to resolve all this other stuff so that civilizations like the Pleiades — nicey-nicey — can be uncreated but not eliminated, and allowed to be in balance. I have stated in the past that it is necessary for you to have about 2 percent negative energy — discomfort, as you understand it — in the fourth dimension because at that level it will act largely as an impetus to move you forward, help you to make decisions. I am not here to attack the Pleiades; I am simply saying that it is necessary for them to have this 2 percent discomfort as well. Right now 2 percent discomfort would simply kill them. It would be a major demotion, whereas 2 percent discomfort and 98 percent comfort for you would be like a promotion. They are going to have to retrace their steps, you see. You are way out here, and they are going to have to retrace their steps. They are not going down a few dimensions to do that, but they will have to find a way, and a way will be provided. I mention all of this simply because it is necessary for you to realize, by the way this question was stated, that it is not a situation here where the Illuminati are going to wake up and realize the error of their ways. The Illuminati, as well as the Founders, the Order and the Creators of the New Dawn — not the White Brotherhood — all recognize that your planet has evolved precisely the way it has evolved because it is a clearing-house for other planets, other star systems and even other dimensions, and that it has been essential that everything that has occurred occur. It is true that when you go to the fourth dimension it will be largely uncreated, cease to exist, never have happened — and your souls will not be stunted by it. Rather, it will be a promotion. But if you think that the Illuminati and these others are acting in your disservice, you must understand the plan. The plan was created so that there would be a place to resolve the difficult challenges from other places, and only those individuals who had achieved the highest level of spiritual and material mastery would be allowed to manifest on that planet. It is not what you have thought; it is not that you are struggling upward. You had to sort of struggle downward, in a sense, to get here — that is, by way of saying that you had to forget who you are. And yet who you are is still encoded on the unconscious level, which creates doorways so that you can tap that resource should it be necessary and timely within the evolution of your universe. So the Order, intractable as they may seem to be, and the Illuminati, as rough as they may seem to be in terms of the question, exist within the defined purpose of the divine creation. Why do you suppose that on the back of your one-dollar bill you have that pyramid with the God’s eye at the top? Really, it is because the God’s eye, the Creator, has created all that you are experiencing. It is not just that God allowed humankind to create negative energy, but that God as the Creator has created it so that there would be a place to resolve the unresolvable.

So in other words, you are saying that the Fifty were instilled with all the powers of manifestation and awareness of all those things. If I am hearing you correctly, they are relaying all this not by passing the torch but by actually connecting into all of us so we can use that energy and power. Let me redefine that a little bit there at the end. It is not just so that you can use it, because that sounds like an option. It is not optional. It is required. This is the reawakening. I have stated that you have forgotten who you are in order to come here to resolve this stuff. You wouldn’t just do it like that [snaps fingers]. People have done it like that in the past by making decisions and saying, “Oh, we just won’t experience negativity” and thus created nicey-nicey civilizations. That stuff is floating around and needs to be resolved — everything must be resolved.

The Reawakening This is the reawakening. That which you are, you are now beginning to remember. The energy is overwhelming to some extent because your physical body is not sufficiently into its own true frequency. That is, the etheric aspect of you is not at the same frequency or pulse as your physical body, so your physical body must rush, in a sense, to expand itself and become more than it has been. It must reordain the material of materialization, rewrite the DNA codes. You must activate the tiniest aspect of every nucleus, every atom and every portion of atomic structure within you so that it recalls who it is. In other words, you must use all of your body consciously. In the past you were allowed to suck in the energy of your auric field when you were frightened or upset. Those who could perceive auras would not have been able to see a lot. Now you must use all of your bodies, so your auric fields must be utilized consciously by you. Homework:

Allow your energy to radiate out at some point during your meditation or walk. Attempt to feel contours at a distance by using your imagination, which is the bridge between spiritual and material mastery, which is yourself. Imagination is the bridge between who you really are and what you think you are. Feel at a distance that which you cannot physically feel — that is your homework, if you will try it. It is essential to begin to do these things. You might also attempt, if you see a creature — not another human being, as it is too soon for that for most of you — to feel what it is feeling when it is flying, walking or swimming. See if you can feel the physical feelings in your body of a fish, for example — not just what it is thinking or sensing, but as it swims through the water see if you can feel that muscle moving in your body.

Is there a timetable for this reawakening? Largely it will be seeded, and the irresistible force of it will take place over the next two-and-ahalf to three years. It has already begun. It has been predicted that in the next few years it will be somewhat intense, and I will add my rubber stamp to that! But it will also have an upside. Many of you will begin to be able to do things so naturally that they will be easy, a snap — abilities of spiritual and material mastery. Things you want, things you want to create — opportunities and spiritual manifestations — will seem easy. Perhaps you will now be interested in a sample lesson that a member of the Order might have received in the old days when the pyramid was accessible and not switched off — although it always has a certain trickle charge running through.

A Day in the Life of a Novice of the Order Let’s say that you are all apprentice members of the Order, and you have decided to swear off any personal aggrandizement and have chosen to dedicate yourselves unswervingly to the creation of an entirely new race of people who could not only consciously create their own reality, but equally uncreate their own reality and everything in between on the physical level. Since you have sworn to these things and given your word, you are taken into what is now referred to as the King’s Chamber. However, it is the underground opposite and equal portion of that pyramid — which, as many of you know, has an etheric double underneath it.

You are taken into the area and you stand — or float, one might say — in front of a wall that is denser than your own body. Then you sound out loud tones to feel certain vibrations in portions of your body. Through gestures you make as a dance, through specific thoughts you have in your head, through specific emotions — through the combination of these — you are shown how to pass into that wall and become a portion of it so that your physical body will cease to be physical anymore. The entire structure of your physicality passes into that etheric-double version on the underground level of the Great Pyramid. You then have access to the entire tonal structure of the pyramid, both under ground and above ground, and are able to have all knowledge and to communicate it at certain levels. Then you recognize that your number one job is to teach the budding priests and priestesses who are learning at their level in the solid pyramid above the surface. You speak to them from the wall of the King’s Chamber, which has come to be known as a very resonant area; even today people say they sometimes hear voices there. Your job is to remain 100 percent focused in certain thoughts, certain emotions, certain tones and

certain physical vibrations in order to remain in that harmonic and pass on information, because you have become a light, tonal conduit of information. It is not as if you had to think and speak to the people in the chambers above you in the physical pyramid. You have to focus so totally on these thoughts, emotions and so on that you become a conduit of this knowledge. So the gift is in the giving, in that sense. As you become one with the entire pyramid and your personality is focused with the energy that is equal and compatible to your specific personality, that information and energy is passed to the students on the physical level above. That is a day in the life of a novice member of the Order. Even today those who are of the Order have had these experiences. You can say to me, “Well, Zoosh! It sounds to me like this would be something they would experience etherically.” Yet in order to be allowed to access the portion of the pyramid that exists at a quicker dimension beneath the other one, they would have to be able to come up to that dimension — or return, in a sense, to that dimension. Did these fifty souls who started the Order come back again and again through reincarnation? Or is it a new group of souls every time? They are not the same souls. It is necessary to continue to remix the mixture, yes? It is not the same group. Sometimes you will have a repetition, but largely speaking they are different souls. This way, people who manifest here have different opportunities. No, they are not the same souls. Did they receive their training on the inner planes before incarnation? Yes, that is so. They receive, in a sense, less than you do. They must remember quickly who they are, so they do not have the privileges that you have. It is a little odd to think that not being spiritual masters and not being material masters is a privilege, but this gives you opportunities for experiences that do not exist elsewhere. The Fifty do not receive this privilege. They are born remembering who they are, with a quiet admonition to not reveal it in ways that others could perceive. Now, it might surprise you to hear that there have been members of the Order in so-called madhouses and insane asylums, who have allowed themselves to be placed there simply because their work would not be interfered with in any way. Sometimes it would greatly enhance their ability to do their work, since people in such institutions over the years have had a little more latitude in how they can express themselves, even though their living conditions are not something to be desired. I mention this because it is important for you to remember that these people are not what you would like to refer to as exalted. For the most part they are really rather ordinary looking. What would happen if there was no Order? Could we still have a human civilization without that particular spiritual connection? It would not be the same. These people function as a conduit that allows you to have the foundation of the plan. What I am discussing here in terms of the Order is essentially the mechanics of the plan. All energy that is manifested here must be manifested within the bodies of the prototype race, a human being, as you understand it — the race of beings that you are. Thus it is necessary for those energies to be attuned only through those bodies. So the mechanics of it are a form of what you might call a step-up or step-down in terms of the transformation process. That is, if an energy frequency must be stepped down, then it must be stepped down through a human body.

The Illusion of Hierarchy and Ascension What about the Hierarchy? How does what we have always called the Hierarchy relate to these beings?

The Order understands the illusion of the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy as you understand it is a reality only insofar as it serves this planet. It is necessary to have the illusion of the Hierarchy so that you could perceive, at least in the past, that you were working toward spiritual and material mastery. In that sense, the model of a hierarchy has been helpful, and it has been supported and supplanted by your civilizations and cultures, which have created other hierarchical models to struggle upward and to feel that there is a constant ethic going on here, and that hard work and application will allow you to become this exalted thing, which is, amusingly enough, rather the opposite in fact. It has been hard work and application that has allowed you to become forgetful of who you are. Only the ultimate application allows that. It is, oddly, easy to be a spiritual and material master. It is very easy. Think about it: If you were a spiritual or material master, there would be no struggle to have what you want. It would be easy; there would be no challenge. None! Zero! What a dull life! You would know everything and have everything. How many of you, I wonder, could stand that for more than a couple of weeks? You would have a lot of fun like a kid in a candy store for a couple of weeks, and then that would be about it. No, you have achieved your best level by forgetting. So the Hierarchy has been a model that has stimulated you to apply yourself, but it has not really been necessary in its own right beyond the boundaries of Earth. What about when a member of the Order dies. Does he then ascend? “Ascend” is a hierarchical term. We will say rather that they are promoted to being, in their next life if they choose, one of you. They are allowed to forget so that they can have the bountiful experience of being a human. That is a promotion! I continue to hold that mirror up to you because it is such a strange thought for you! Recognize this: If you knew everything, had everything, you would very quickly be bored. I am not talking about being rich and buying everything. Even if you could buy everything, there are still some things you could not have — you could not disappear, and you could not change into a pink elephant. But if you are a spiritual and material master, you can do anything. It gets pretty boring after a while! Obviously, you wouldn’t live and die or have a body that wears out or gets injured and has to be repaired in various ways — none of that. So what is it that they are passing on to us that we are working on? A partial knowing, or full knowledge? It is necessary now. Much of what has needed to be done in terms of resolution of karma and so on has been done. It is necessary now to spring the hat back into shape. So what they are passing on to you is essentially an energy that is of yourself. It is essentially the energy of the so-called death experience, or deep levels of meditation — very deep, the deepest. It is essentially the energy that is felt at death — unconditional love, overwhelming, unconditional love; a feeling of all earthly cares being shed; a feeling of 100 percent belonging; a feeling of the One; and a feeling of the ultimate pleasure. That is the energy that is used to remind you of who you are. Now, you might ask, “Why are so many negative things going on? Why are people doing so many negative things when they are being anointed with this great energy?” Understand that you have been fractionalized, in a sense. It is as though you are of different tribes. You are given many privileges to come here and be a human being. You can follow a spiritual path, you can follow a material path, you can choose to work for society, you can choose to work against society, and so on and so on. The reason there is so much discomfort now is not only because of resistance, but because the days of discomfort are coming to an end. While the light, love and spiritual mastery are being intensified, you

are being rushed, in a sense, hurried along down the corridor to become who you are. Equally, those who have come here to experience some negative resolution are also being rushed down that same corridor. So you will see some extreme, sudden and brief negative situations. That is the thing you must remember. Many things now will be of short duration — not all things, but many things. This is why the feeling that will ultimately help you now more than anything will be flexibility.

The Breaking Point Can you expand on why there is a rush? This has to do somewhat with physical laws. If something is sped up to the point of change, it has a breaking point — that point at which it ceases to be what it was and takes on the properties of what it is becoming. The next few years are essentially that breaking point. It is such a total and complete focus, this breaking point, that it is not possible to allow for life as it is has been. It must be. You are being forced — and you have created this for yourself — to change into what you normally are, at least more of that. You are not being allowed to do so in the usual, comfortable way — referring to the actual transition of death, not the method by which you come to die. That transition is the usual, comfortable way. In order to actually make the universe change, in order to allow for the total and complete ending and the resolution of all karma, you must make this transit through the use of spiritual and material mastery; that is, you must do so while you are alive. As a result, it is expedient for you to do everything intensely. You spoke some time ago about the activation of the crystals by the people of the Inner Earth and the changes that would take place in consciousness on the surface. Is this the same thing we are talking about now? Yes. That is simply another way to put it. Thank you. Is the breaking point the fourth dimension? No. It is the gate to the fourth dimension. In that sense, atomically speaking, if you speed atoms up sufficiently there would be a flash point. That point which occurs just before the flash point — fusion rather than fission — is the gate, the breaking point. It is the transition of one form of energy into another. The fourth dimension is not the breaking point. This that you are in right now is the breaking point. I’d like to tell you it will get easier. The next several years will be intense, but there will be intense gifts as well. There will not be a lot of time for closing your eyes to things and saying, “Well, I’d like to disappear for a while now. I’ll go down to Bermuda for a few weeks and cool my heels!” You might be able to go to Bermuda, but relaxation might not take the form it has in the past. This is not a threat, all right? It is a promise, in the sense that you are being allowed to remember who you are while you are alive. Understand that in the creation of this planet no one who is in this type of life form that you are now has done that. Either you come here with that agreement to remember who you are, or you remember as you are transitioning in death, as you call it. It is as though those of you who came here — even though on one level you knew this would take place — were told that someone had rewritten your contract and didn’t bother to ask you for your signature or even your initials. They said, “Well, we changed the rules. Voila! This is what you are going to do. Don’t bother to argue. That’s it!” Why did the rules change? So that you could have the breaking point and make the transition while you are alive. You might ask, “Why do that? Why do so while we are alive?” Because it will be during the breaking point that the final aspects of unresolvable karma are resolved; this is largely in the breaking point of fusion and fission. Various planets in your universe were blown up during a period of time when negative energy

was not resolved on those planets, even though there was the intent. That will be the change. During this breaking point those planets that were exploded — which is more an example of fission — will allow themselves, through your resolution of their unresolvable karma, to become imploded again and fused. They will be re-created in a new way. What would be the difference between experiencing what you were describing and ascension? It is not so different. But the reason I do not like to encourage your idea of ascension is that it falls back on the hierarchical model that suggests that you are going up from here. It is not up so much as it is sideways. Recognize that walking up stairs requires a little effort for all of you, but it requires much less effort to move to the side. It is necessary for you to realize that you have taken great effort to climb down this rope to get to where you are. That took all the effort! Going back up is essentially easy, like someone is pulling you. I say “to the side,” for even though I am splitting hairs with you, I want to nudge you away from the idea of hierarchy, because that will create, even subconsciously, the idea that struggle is inherent. Now, the awakening — is that going to be pulling in the other parts of ourselves that are expressing in different dimensions and so forth? Is that what the awakening really means — becoming totally aware of who we are? In the sense that you will become aware of those other parts of you, yes, but not necessarily pulling them in. It will be an awareness that is equal to the after-death experience of the total awakeness and knowledge of All That Is — again, splitting hairs. Are the Fifty distributed among the various races on the planet?

Of course — all. No exceptions. One might say, “But, Zoosh! There might be more than fifty races!” I will say, all right, within certain gradations, but no one is left out. Recognize that the reality of the situation is that the Order is changing. They are resolving by dissolving. They are slow to change, but now they are doing it. To some extent, having been trained for millions of years — in the sense of having a legacy that goes back millions of years — and having inherited that, with the preponderance of the evidence supporting the fact that you are standing somewhat at the apex of the pyramid and feeling God’s eyes resting on your shoulders, one might consider that there is a certain amount of responsibility there. I will simply say that I want to give the Order credit where credit is due, whereas in the past I have chided them a little bit for being slow to disseminate that energy. But they are doing so now.

The White Brotherhood and Polarity Does the so-called antichrist model have a part to play in this? Now you are getting into the White Brotherhood. The White Brotherhood has become, we shall say, the mixture that has created this model by inadvertently creating polarity. Polarity has been

necessary to create stress and so on, so that you would have challenges, opportunities, disappointments, rewards and so on. But the White Brotherhood has again inadvertently accelerated, maybe a little too much so, so that the breaking point is a situation in which you have to rush. If things had proceeded along the path at the earlier speed, and if there hadn’t been a sudden acceleration — which has been necessary — things would have just exploded and that would have been it! You would have had to start all over again. The antichrist is a sort of accidental creation by the White Brotherhood, who in all honesty would never have done so on purpose. It is an odd thing, this, because it is as though — this is an appropriate example — scientists were searching for a cure for a disease with the most heroic of applications and meanwhile inadvertently created another disease by their activities. It is like that. It is as though this group of individuals has been heroically working toward a cause that would support and assist humankind, but all the while inadvertently creating other challenges that have led to the repeated rise and fall of humankind in the past. More about that later. How do the rich men who own the planet fit into this? Are they devotees or disciples of the Order? What connection do they have? Later in the book I will indicate that some of them are largely involved — if they are involved in this way — in the White Brotherhood, which will find that the end of their search will be as the Creators of the New Dawn. So rather than being involved in a salvation experience, they will discover that by balancing their spiritual mastery with their material mastery and using the power of attraction and the power of projection, they will become themselves. A teaser for next time. How long ago did the Order become established here? You spoke, I believe, about thirddimensional bodies. It is not clear even from esoteric history at what point that occurred. Since before thought occurred on a linear basis. This is why it is not clear. If you are using a computer program to analyze data that does not fit into that program, the computer will give up. It is like trying to analyze a three-dimensional model with a two-dimensional program. It is not possible to explain it in terms that would be understandable beyond that point. Sometimes it is referred to as primordial time. But I would say before linear thought. What are the dynamics of the Order? Did they volunteer on the inner planes? Are they ordered to volunteer? Are they selected? This has been stated. It is preordained, in a sense. They are essentially given some of the keys to the tablets of knowledge that have various traceable roots to the Founders. So for that life, that is how the energetic will balance. They travel on the soul level through the Founders and then into their physical mothers and remain in contact with the Founders consciously during their lives, including their incubation within the mother. Because they have only one life in the Order, do they forget that they were in it? They forget on the conscious Earth level. They do not necessarily forget in other forms. Was that just an isolated incident of evolution, and before or after they might be ordinary human beings? If a human being could be referred to as ordinary! Yes, it is a service, you understand, in which they are not allowed to be ordinary. So in that sense, it is a sacrifice. Again, I grind away on this point. Is the Order transmitting information through channeled literature or individuals at this time? Largely what they are doing is utilizing energy to stimulate other levels of channeling. So it is not likely that you would be reading what they have to say, but it is possible that you may be feeling them energetically from time to time and through channels or through your own inspirations.

I will give you an aside here. There will be times in which you will feel somewhat confused. You will feel as though you are nervous and trembly inside. Aside from when you are cold, this has to do with the speeding-up of the molecular structure within the physical body. I mention this because there will be times when you are warm and you will still feel like you are shaking from the inside out. This is part of the stepping up process, all right? Do not become overly alarmed even if there should be some temporary physical side effects. The body will eliminate some toxins during this time as well — a little practical “Uncle Zoosh” advice. Let me wind down this evening’s talk. Recognize that I have not given you a great deal of knowledge about the Order because naturally, if I were to give you chapter and verse in detail, they would not be that hard to pick out. I will say this, and this is the outer limit of how far I can go: They would all be recognizable by one factor — their eyes. Not so much the way they would look on a level of persona, but the way they would look sometimes in some situations. Recognize that for their own safety, they have been given the right and the privilege to be able to alter their form physically. So when you asked the question about the races, they can conceivably change from male to female, from race to race, from nationality to nationality should it be necessary to preserve their anonymity. In this way all of the races and all of their variations do participate. Next we will get into the nitty-gritty and talk about the White Brotherhood and a little bit about the Creators of the New Dawn.


The White Brotherhood, Illuminati, New Dawn and Shadow Government Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, November 13, 1989 Now comes now the time of the irony of the White Brotherhood, in which a truly heroic calling has inadvertently created a greater degree of polarity. The White Brotherhood came about at the inception of the idea of technology, a considerable amount of time ago. Certain individuals perceived that although harmony was beneficial, there was no true challenge — nothing to live for, nothing to surmount — and thus they felt that the Order was too well-ordered. The true harmony, which was the original intention for this planet, was modified to create a nurturing zone to develop the Explorer Race, of which you are all a portion. With that modification came a little dissatisfaction with the Garden of Eden concept. So there came a need, one might say, not only for challenge — necessitating struggle, which would support the idea of polarity — but for a time when people felt that they could do it better than Mother Earth did it. Because, you know, Mother Earth, while providing for all your needs, will not always provide for them instantaneously. That is, if you need a root or an herb to cure a particular disease, it may not be growing where you are standing. Thus the simplest form of technology began to be developed by way of storing, drying and treating those roots, herbs, barks and so on that would in time be classified to cure certain ailments. A natural outgrowth of this form of natural medication gradually became the idea of having tools to carve out one’s living and working space. Without giving an entire history of the development of civilization here, I would say that the White Brotherhood might be said to be extrapolated from the origin of technology, which was in existence at the time of the Order. So the White Brotherhood — a group of people, not as precise a number as the Order — began to develop almost as a club, a group of individuals intended to support technology and all that it can do, as well as provide “cures” for humankind’s needs. It was an organization that was designed around heroic intentions. I am not trying to make them out to be the good guys or the bad guys; I’m just suggesting their intent. What has inevitably happened, however, is that in the search for instantaneous cures — for example, using the medical analogy — there has been a gradual growing away from what Mother Nature would provide in her own good time and place, and toward having the quickest and most expedient method of medical application, which always has certain downsides. This is not to indict the medical profession, because many a heroic moment has been spent in the operating theater, but to suggest that there are other ways of doing things. Sometimes the quickest way is the best way, but not always. The White Brotherhood was developed with this idea in mind. It has, however, led to a certain amount of speeding up in polarity, an intensification of polarity simply due to the original vision they had, which was humankind’s need to control their own world, to make that world fit humankind and work for them. This might necessitate digging up a mountainside, running a highway through it, and ultimately all of what you see in terms of technology and civilization, yes? It has in large part

improved your life, but, as you know, it has a downside. I bring this up because some people might feel that I am getting ready to attack the White Brotherhood, but I am really not. Although their intentions were grand and what they have achieved is both good and not so good, their intentions must be brought out. Over many years the idea of the White Brotherhood has evolved into being a spiritual aspect as well as a practical aspect. However, as a result of the polarity of the White Brotherhood, there has been a factor that cannot be ignored: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That is a statement that came out of the mouth of an individual influenced by the White Brotherhood on the inspirational level, the spiritual level. Never could a truer word be said about the White Brotherhood. So unfortunately, whenever the White Brotherhood does anything to perform some deed that is deemed beneficial, there will necessarily always be some downside associated with that deed. Due to the technological nature of the White Brotherhood’s perception that tools make the world better, there has been created an attracting principle. That attracting principle allows a wider range of spiritual practices than has always been helpful. Since the White Brotherhood perceives that it is necessary to control humankind’s world, it has gradually over the years evolved into the idea to simply control humankind and humankind’s world. This was not originally intended; however, it has come about as a result of the gradual increase in population on this planet. Of course, it has been a rise and fall, but I will talk about your populations and civilizations now, since that is what is relevant to you. As a result of this control factor, and as a result of the more freeform spirituality practiced, at rare times there were individuals involved in the White Brotherhood who have occasionally used questionable practices. I am talking about calling for power from any source available, rather than differentiating between sources. This comes about through the belief in the need and the value of what the White Brotherhood has to offer and how it must offer it. I bring this up initially as a loose overview. You will ask questions a little later. This is as good a point as any to bring up the Illuminati.

The Illuminati The Illuminati is a group that has grown — again we have a constant progression — out of the White Brotherhood. They are, you might say, twice removed or even thrice removed from the Order, depending on your point of view. Many of their spiritual practices are based on the Order, and some practices associated with their ways of living are also based on the Order. However, they are involved in the mainstream of life, and as such might be associated with wealth more often than the common citizen. They are only loosely associated with the White Brotherhood, which is almost more of an idea than it is a group, and there are those who are of that group. I do not refer to the spiritual organization that calls itself the White Brotherhood in its practice now — this is something different. I am talking about that which has existed beyond millions of years. The Illuminati is that element that has infused itself into government and corporate circles and is essentially the political and social drapings of the shadow government. But I will get to the shadow government later. There is still more. The Creators of the New Dawn is essentially a group that is in the future. However, you are now beginning to feel the vibrations and the energy of the Creators of the New Dawn, and you, as iron filings, in a sense, are reacting to the magnetic energy of the Creators of the New Dawn, and as a result are influenced by it. We will let that be answered more in time. In the case of the shadow government, you have here a group of individuals who compose many

different groups, not the Order. The Order is involved in the basic motion of civilization on this planet. The shadow government will draw some of its roots from the Illuminati and some of its spiritual roots from the White Brotherhood. They perceive largely that they have inherited a cup of responsibility, and it is their responsibility to move governments in certain ways. Do not assume that they are in it purely for the money and the power. They actually perceive a sense of responsibility here, which is why they have managed to maintain a certain amount of power, though it is fleeting. In large part, the shadow government is not the group that manipulates the strings over millennia, but that group of individuals who essentially pull the strings from the background. Are there symbols we can associate with the Order, the White Brotherhood and the Creators of the New Dawn? The six-pointed star would be associated with the Order, taking it out of any religious context, because it is essentially a view of an object from a particular perspective.

As for the circle, we are talking about the Order and the symbol of creation itself.

The cross precedes Christianity, and though it is comfortably associated with the highest elements of the White Brotherhood and has been inherited by Christianity, it predates civilization on this planet. This is why from time to time in the more esoteric UFO reports, people occasionally

report seeing the symbol of the cross. This is not ofttimes given credence in official UFO journals, since people who report seeing this insignia associated with ships or uniforms are assumed to be having a dream or illusion.

In reality, the cross has to do with a civilization that predates the Earth, but largely inherited the conceptual Golden Cities that, we shall say, had their physical expression through the earliest days and the most exalted attempt of civilization by Atlantis. I still associate them with the Golden Cities that reside above various power points on this planet at what is considered to be the etheric energy level. The cross has not really received the attention that would normally be given to a symbol because it is assumed to be associated with Christianity. But it is very old. Does the New Dawn have a symbol associated with it? The New Dawn, if it had any symbol at all, might have a spiral.

Is the White Brotherhood you speak of the theosophical teachings most of us know about? I don’t quite follow you on this. I refer to the White Brotherhood now as the inception of the idea — one might say a splinter group of the Order — that the Order did not actually blend into society, but worked behind the power structures deeply rooted in civilizations here — that is, the force that moves life. However, the White

Brotherhood felt that there was room for another level, a group that would induce and promote certain aspects of social civilization — the structure of technology, order and so on. That which you have been weaned on, in terms of your understanding of the White Brotherhood, would not exactly be what I am referring to. Your understanding of the White Brotherhood would perhaps be more associated with something akin to the angelic kingdom. I would mention, without getting overly involved on the personal level, that the White Brotherhood’s purpose has been to create a workable paradigm — more specifically, a working model — that would allow humankind (at least this was the initial intent) to find a level of power and control within their own society and to achieve it individually as well as on a societal level. It was perceived by the White Brotherhood that since the number in the Order was so small, most people would never belong to it within a given life. That is, you could not work toward belonging, as the Order is a preordained situation. So it was believed that the White Brotherhood could, if they worked toward it, create various fraternal organizations by which humankind could ease into a certain level of predictability. Some of these organizations might be referred to as the Rosicrucians or, to have a more socially involved situation, the Shriners and so on. These groups would tap into the highest levels of what the White Brotherhood has to offer and work toward their benefit. Your understanding of the White Brotherhood is very close to what I am talking about. The White Brotherhood is physical? They are not in another dimension but are here? There is an other-dimensional aspect of the White Brotherhood only insofar as those who have dedicated their lives to the White Brotherhood and have moved on to spirit have — only in some cases — made an oath that they would energetically remain within the sphere or realm of Earth’s power and energy. As such they have become somewhat guiding lights on the spiritual level of the White Brotherhood. There is a certain level of spirituality that one might refer to as the White Brotherhood. However, there has been a little flaw in their original plan. As you work now toward becoming all that you are — remembering all that you are and becoming more of your feminine selves, more of your spiritual selves, more of your emotional selves and so on — the original intent of the White Brotherhood no longer fits as well as it once did. The idea of technology will take a new form: it will go back to its original roots, become more crystalline in nature, gradually have fewer moving parts and so on. Technology will eventually become more feminine, more energetic; that is, it will gradually be replaced by the abilities of the subtle-energy bodies of all individuals interacting with energy bodies around and associated with this planet. As a result, through this feminization process, there will in time gradually be less and less machinery. The White Brotherhood has thus begun to reach the point of having outlived its usefulness. Unless it changes its method of expressing itself, it will have to begin to feminize itself, as it is largely based on masculine ideas and ideals. As a result, it will necessarily have to involve itself with more feminine ideas and ideals in order to be with you in a way that supports you through the next few years. If it does not, then it will simply cease to exist, as there will be no place for it within the practical, livable day-to-day philosophies. Which group was responsible for laying the framework for the establishment of this country? Some of it, on the influence level, would have been the New Dawn, but there were other involvements. There was some Rosicrucian involvement, some Illuminati involvement and even a little White Brotherhood involvement. There was a lot of involvement from the Order.

What group would you say that Jesus the Christ belonged to, and also the higher aspects known as Sananda and St. Germaine? I would not wish to refer to Sananda as being the higher aspect of Jesus. One must remember that Jesus arrived fully realized. Although he chose to live life as a human being, he did not deny his full realization. I would say that Jesus belongs to the Order, in a sense, as a member of what one might refer to as the originators of the Order, which could be understood as a portion of the Creator. Of course, he appears as a human being quite often — at least once a day — somewhere on your planet. There were supposedly thirty-five avatars. Were they also connected with the Order? I will isolate Jesus as being a mainstay. I will not really connect these other individuals. It has not been so long since Jesus was here physically. I would say that he is more associated with the Order due to the functions of the Order in terms of what he does. I cannot say more than that. What is Sananda in reference to Jesus? How do you perceive it? I perceive it as another way to see him who is called Jesus. But it would be like an alias. I do not perceive it as a separate, higher version, because if I did that then I would be giving credence and credit to hierarchy. I would see it as another aspect of that self. You were saying that the Order never goes public, but Jesus did. Only in an aspect of himself. He did not go public as Sananda; he went public as the human aspect. He didn’t come forth and say, “I am God; praise me.” He came forward to say, “You are all gods and you can do what I can do. Watch me!” That is what he really said, and other things associated with all levels of humanity. While he was here he tried everything that was available then. He didn’t just do what was laid out in the Bible; if one had the life story of this individual, it would be a long book indeed. A large story exists; various fragments here and there have been published in some places, but the original biography will not be published for a little time yet, due to what must be done on this planet. How does he fit in with the Space Confederation, and how does that fit in with the overall picture of all these organizations? I would prefer to say that he is an advisor. Of the confederation? Of everything. He is an advisor, as there are many. That is where you get the avatars. They are also advisors. He is an advisor — no greater or less than any of the others. Can you speak on where Sanat Kumara fits in with all these groups? All right. I will say that this individual would be like a first cousin. Again, no greater than, no less than. This is very important, because there has been a tendency, especially in so-called new-age circles, to create levels of wisdom. But I will tell you this: Wisdom is only as good as it is applicable. Beyond its application, it isn’t wisdom anymore. It is just ideas. What about the whole process, then, of initiation? Does that have legitimacy? Yes. Specify that which you want to know. You are saying that hierarchy itself doesn’t have validity … I am not saying it does not have validity, because any idea that is applied and practiced by any group of individuals has validity. I am saying that it does not exist in reality, but it is a useful model to give people — the human race, yes? — the abilities and desires to overcome any hurdle to get what they want so that they will strive beyond the point of struggle to become the race that goes out into the universe and shows everybody what can be done against all odds — ergo, the Explorer Race. So I do not suggest that it is not valid. I think you might rephrase your question.

We certainly acknowledge that we are all equal. On the other hand, when we think about the initiation process and the development of our spirituality or the expansion of our essence, levels seem to exist. I am having trouble relating the two. If one states that there are levels, one might say there are levels of difficulty within any challenge, just as there are levels of reward within the achievement zone — such as the key to the executive washroom, yes? Nevertheless, the idea of levels is built into your society. I am helping you, as it were, to differentiate between what you are living in now and what you will be living in, because you have been living in a society that is very densely layered. You are surrounded with levels and separations and shelves that are higher or lower than others and so on. In other words, you are 100 percent supported by and with the idea of levels and the practice of that idea. What I am saying is that you will not be experiencing as much of levels and separation in the fourth-dimensional aspect that you are becoming, even though you will begin to explore the outer planets before you are aware of being fourth dimensional. Is that where the spiral comes in, then — the symbol of the New Dawn? It does not mean levels, but it is a oneness continuing upward. To me, that is what hierarchy is — simply moving always in that direction.

Moving in that direction, yes. But what if I told you that the spiral was not going this way [upward] but this way [sideways]? That is an interesting factor. It depends on your perspective — whether one states that as you work toward good you reach “higher” levels of being. It depends entirely on your perception. If you were given the choice of being spiritual and at the same time absolutely immobile with nothing ever to do — or do something interesting that would necessarily incorporate a certain amount of discomfort in your lives and the lives of others, after a certain amount of time you might just do the latter. I bring up that point because that is essentially what your society is doing simply to survive! To go about your daily life, you might necessarily bring a certain level of discomfort to others, minor in some cases and major in other cases. It is not possible to survive in your technological world without doing that to some extent. I want to return to the symbol of the spiral. The answer to your question is yes, but let’s turn the spiral so that it is lateral. That way we don’t necessarily disenfranchise the idea of evil, because the intention of evil, as stated before, was to be discomfort, not evil — only enough discomfort to give you the impetus to do something, to move, to make a decision, but not to inspire you to devour the world.

Sananda has been called the commander-in-chief of the Ashtar Command. Could you explain more about that relationship? I’d rather not. However, I would say that Jesus — I will not separate the two — is involved as an advisor to all life on your planet as it exists now, within the Christian world as well as within any aspect of the technological world as it interconnects with the rest of society. Christianity is a religion that allows a certain greater interaction with technology. All right, I’ll give it to you: Is Sananda the “head guy” of the Ashtar Command? No more or less than any other, all right? I will say that Ashtar himself might necessarily want to wear the badge of the cross. As indicated before, the cross goes way back in time and represents the etheric Golden Cities. Ashtar does not originate there. He may wish to use the golden cross as a symbol, though he has not quite come forth to say that just yet; this might have more to do with the fact that Ashtar’s original intentions, goals and means are all aimed toward the younger set. When your society allows children their own philosophy, Ashtar is going to be first in line because he is ready, and that is because he is a child. What would you expect? If someone is going to justify the value of what they are offering, they are likely to choose a symbol that is revered on this planet. Do not assume that I am saying this by way of attacking Ashtar. I am not. As stated on earlier occasions, I value Ashtar, but I recognize his youth in terms of experience. The beings who we normally associate with the spiritual hierarchy like Kuthumi, Maitreya, Lord Michael, El Morya and St. Germaine — are they more closely associated with the New Dawn? I would say that I am nothing if not controversial! With the exception of Michael, they are more associated with the White Brotherhood. Do not assume that means a negative! It does not mean that. Remember, the White Brotherhood’s spiritual guidance is inclined to be that which somewhat judges humankind’s endeavors and encourages humankind to do the very best that they possibly can. Meanwhile, as a branch of the idea to get humankind to do the best they can, there might be some elements of control — possibly disguised as guidance — in the message. Michael would be more associated with the New Dawn. We would separate them out, all right? Uncle Mike is elected. I like to call these people “Uncle Mike” and “Grandpa” this or “Grandma” that because it is an equalizer. You won’t catch me calling them “Lord” this or “Master” that because that is a guaranteed separator. In their quiet moments, that is how they refer to themselves — believe it! Uncle Mike puts his feet on the table like everyone else in the etheric council meetings.

The New Dawn How did the New Dawn originate? The New Dawn originated, naturally, before anything originated. When the inception of the creation of humanity came forth, you were all, before any incarnation, necessarily at a level of the New Dawn. You were at the point then to which you are now beginning to return. Out of the context of time, let’s just say that you were here in the Land of the Gold, and that is where you are going — to the Land of the Gold. So one might say that it developed as a necessary imaging from the idea of the need to find a way to incorporate negative energy that would work with people rather than against them. And voila! Here you are! — the high muckety-mucks of negative energy will be considered greatly promoted by having your negative energy reduced to only 2 percent. So the New Dawn, then, originated there. To elaborate on your question, I would say that the Creators of the New Dawn — actual individuals really having linear connections to the Order — have almost everything to do with the original 144,000. There is that number again. All of you who

have ever lived on this planet, will ever live and have lived in the past, are associated in one way or another with that 144,000. You are cousins, uncles, aunts, sisters and brothers of them, obviously. So the Creators of the New Dawn would essentially be the 144,000. Rather than ask, “Which one of us is becoming a Creator of the New Dawn?” know you are all that. It is strictly a level where you might take a line, fractionalize it out to many multiples of lines and then bring it back into the original line. You have all become all of these different lines of progress. But they gradually come back into that point of focus, which is that breaking point discussed before — which you are in now. The Creators of the New Dawn exist after the breaking point, pulling invisible strings to get you there. In Lemuria, in the Order of the Golden Dawn, was that the beginning that is now returning? In a sense, yes, because Lemuria, having preceded Atlantis, had considerably more to do with the Golden Cities and operated at a level that was at a greater frequency than Atlantis, in terms of its ability to pass through different dimensions. The Atlantean energy has a certain densification associated with it. Because the Lemurian energy was a little more associated with the Golden Cities, it would have its influence in the New Dawn — but beyond the New Dawn. Because after all, the dawn is dawn in its own right, no more than that. When the sun comes out to shine and offer its benefits, then I will drop Lemuria in there. As you are moving to the fourth dimension, Lemuria might be more associated with the fifth and sixth, and since it is associated closely, it will be there. It is likely in the fourth dimension that you will have a little more of the Atlantean experience, at least in the origination of it. Now you will go through some of the “dark” days of Atlantis, but you will perhaps find Lemuria waiting in time. Would it be possible to have a human civilization that was cooperative and inspired but wasn’t guided or manipulated by these spiritual orders that you are talking about? What would happen if we did it on our own without this other influence? You are already doing it, you know, because you allow the mass reality. However, I am not talking about something that is an ironclad necessity. I am talking about the mechanics. One might ask if you did not have bones or ligaments or muscles in your hand, would it be possible to move your fingers? I could say it would be conceivable, but it is infinitely easier to have all of these tissues and bones so that you can perform that function without having to become a spiritual and material master. I would say that it is certainly possible, but it is the mechanics, you understand, not any more than that. I understand what you are saying, because it is one of the original questions that would have created the White Brotherhood. “Why do we need anybody to act as a driving and guiding force behind us? Why can’t we work toward controlling things on our own?” So you see, paradoxically speaking — and paradox has everything to do with the White Brotherhood — your question is involved with that original idea, because it strives naturally toward a better life. Yet by doing so it might actually create some complications that it wishes to go beyond; it might remove some structures that are beneficial to the entire organism. So an offshoot of the brotherhood, or some other group, actually wanted spiritual interventionists to cease their intervention. You mean, as far as the motivation behind the White Brotherhood? Or that there is a splinter group from the brotherhood that recognizes some of the negativity that accrued from their intervention. I cannot really say that. I have perhaps not made something clear. Your society exists as a way to bring a previously untenable negative energy situation into the fold — that is to say, to find a way to bring negative energy in so it can function as a part of civilization. Therefore, even though the White

Brotherhood has inadvertently accelerated a certain amount of negative energy, that is not necessarily something that I am condemning. Not to sound harsh here, but it has been necessary to have more negative energy than you need so that when you inherited this 2 percent in the fourth dimension, it would not feel like it was a punishment but a reward. It is that simple. The White Brotherhood seems to go through physical lives, and then into the fourth dimension. Is that why we have some in the fourth dimension and some in the third, some physical and some spirit? And all of the New Dawn is in spirit, in the fourth dimension? Your question suggests that what does not exist in the now is not physical. If you were living in a different time, it would be physical. So if I were to say yes or no to your question, I would be acknowledging that those who live in the future are in spirit. But those who live in the future may very well be in a form of flesh or solidity. You have never talked at this depth about these subjects before. Does the fact that you are talking about it now have something to do with your saying yesterday that thirty-six hours ago the Order got this new direction? Voila! Yes! In light of what is spoken about by many of your sources of information, whether it be a friend or another entity or any person with ideas and knowledge, it has everything to do with the timing. It is almost as if there is a little alarm bell that goes off when everything is just right. So yes, it has everything to do with that. I do not wish to sound patronizing; that is not my intent. But it is as though you can be trusted to know these things now without overreacting in some way that would necessitate some great internal conflict.

The Atlantis Abortion Recognize that all other civilizations that have preceded you have not really gotten as far as you have toward the fourth dimension. They have had chances, but they’ve always aborted the motion toward the fourth dimension at some point when they were entrusted with information they had known at other levels but could not handle in their society at that time — even in Atlantis, which you like to think of as being so advanced, certainly technologically, and in the beginning spiritually as well. The original intent of putting a little negative energy into place was all supposed to be resolved in Atlantis. That is why when people put it together and the individuals decided it was something that could be done — including the Creator, though I do not choose to speak for the Creator — the idea was for it to be all over with rather quickly. But it was aborted. The original idea then was that people would be trusted with more of the knowledge of themselves, but as they became aware of who they were, they were more involved in the life they were living and did not wish to turn toward their original goal, which was to bring along a little bit of negative energy, go to the fourth dimension, and use it as an impetus to make decisions. But they were more interested in factionalism and involvements in various polarities, and simply aborted their civilization. Now you have reached a level that other civilizations have not reached. You know that you are the information society, certainly in the Western world. In certain countries such as your own where ideas are more freely discussed with less control, you have achieved a certain level of self-trust. That is to say, individuals allow themselves to be exposed to ideas that may not necessarily be their own, without a great degree of self-condemnation. The real key here is not about discussing or advocating or criticizing ideas you don’t agree with to other individuals. The key is that as you expose yourself to a wider range of ideas, you do not feel threatened by them. You have achieved the present level of commitment to the fourth dimension because most people, when exposed to ideas beyond those they

talk about with others, are not so threatened by them that they feel panic. Can you tell us if everyone on the planet fits into these groups? I would not wish to say that you are the White Brotherhood and you are the Order, and so on, because that again creates levels and tribes. I would say that most people are not really involved in these groups, but they might very well be influenced by the ideas, practices, philosophies, disciplines and so on of these groups. Most of you in the Western technological world are involved in the White Brotherhood in some way or another. That does not mean that you are members per se, just as most of you are not of the Illuminati. What role does the Inner Earth civilization play in our moving into the fourth dimension and our levels of conscious awakening? As one proceeds farther down below the Earth surface, the Founders, who occupy the core, are helping simply by being who they are and radiating their energy. But as one moves around other areas, one might say that the original principle applied to the Founders is equal in force. However, to ascribe to these individuals allegiance to or association with the Order and the White Brotherhood may not necessarily apply. In the case of the civilizations that have trained the Order, they have by their very existence created the offspring — though it was not their intent — of the White Brotherhood and the Illuminati and so on. I would prefer to say there has been perhaps some influence by the Founders, rather than the Inner Earth beings, because one must remember that those who live within the Earth, be they physical or even humanoid, have their own lives, and many of them live at the fourth dimension or greater. So an answer to your question about the role of Inner Earth beings is: simply by being who they are and radiating their energy. I know that Lord Michael was involved in the Orion constellation and evidently came here with us. Were Jesus and any of the members of the Order or the White Brotherhood previously involved with us before we came to Earth? Yes. It is part of the spiral, yes? In different forms. Again I remind you that it was a struggle for you all to get here to this densification. The struggle was to get here. It is not a struggle to get up as you understand it — to expand, to become more. The struggle is to densify, to take a large quantity of matter and squish it down into something denser. So you are involved. I’d rather say that you were involved then. If you were to take the 144,000 and trace it back to its point of origin, before the Creator, you would find that you are all figments of the same imagination. Is there some karma involved with those who are what we call Hierarchy or the White Brotherhood? Do they have something to help us here? They are dedicated rather than karmically involved. They feel that they can be of assistance and that their spiritual energy, while occupied elsewhere, is present here to be used and utilized as the populations of this planet, as well as the planet’s auric field, would see fit. That is my way of dodging the law of karma! Getting back to the timing, you said that in the preceding thirty-six hours there began a new direction. Does that have anything to do with what we have been hearing for some time about this week’s new energies? I think they were talking about time warp. What can you tell us about that? I don’t really wish to refer to it as a time warp. I would rather call it a quickening of pulse, which is why some of you are experiencing a certain amount of internal physiological quirks going on.

I would say the question is a little vague. To give you a literal answer, I would say, yes, and what else do you want to know? Yes, it is related. What do you wish to know about its relation? Is there something useful that we can focus on to assist us to integrate these energies? Yes. Focus on a direct line of energy between you and the core of the Earth. Imagine wherever you go that there is a direct line of golden light between your physical self — you might use the center of your own axis to create an invisible golden axis between you — and those beings in the core. It would be easier to think of it as a golden ribbon without attempting to focus on what they are doing. So the Founders themselves are allowing us to increase our access to them? They are, in a sense, radiating at a level you can feel more, which has just as much to do with your own return to your natural being state — your natural return to who you are — as it has to do with them radiating at a greater level. As you return to your natural state, you can essentially filter out some of the static in your ability to receive their radiations. It is as though the radio station has been dim and it has been hard to make out all the messages, but as you tune the dial a little bit better, it is a little more understandable.

The Shadow Government In terms of the shadow government, it seems like there is so much deception right now that there will have to be a big bursting open of some of these secrets. Is there a probable future you see in terms of revealing what is going on with our shadow government? I will say that as people are ready to allow for past mistakes in government and other circles of power by individuals who are imperfect, and in the spirit of forgiveness accept that these mistakes were made, there will be more revelations. This is largely what is going on now in East Germany, politically speaking. The surface elements of government are admitting to their frailty as human beings, and they are not being taken out to the square and strung up for all to see. Oh, there is criticism, but it is not criticism with a bang in the back of the head. I would like to think it will not come to that. To answer your question somewhat indirectly, I will say that as you can allow human beings to be human, and allow for the fact that they have made decisions that did not always benefit the greatest number with the greatest happiness, then more revelations will be made. Those newspapers that market the grist that they mill will not show a marked decrease in circulation in the coming days! How does the shadow government connect to the White Brotherhood and to the Illuminati? You feel, in a sense, as if they are the enforcement arm of the Illuminati. I will not trace them to the White Brotherhood. I will trace them to the Illuminati, because the Illuminati, in its highest aspect, is the spiritual aspect that has a certain spiritual philosophy. It has, we shall say, a belief in destiny at its core. The shadow government, though not all its elements, would be of the Illuminati and would necessarily use some of the practices and give lip service to it, if not actual dedication. The actual Illuminati are not trying to corrupt humankind ruthlessly. I will not give any philosophy singular credit for doing that. The Illuminati are physical now? Yes. But they channel and look up to and receive guidance from the White Brotherhood?

Yes. Then down from them is what we call the shadow government, the men who own the planet. You mean across from them. All right. But taking direction from, or is there a connection? There is a connection, but it is a loose affiliation, you might say. The shadow government is essentially the economic and political forces that manipulate the element of the government that is exposed. Now, the assumption is that this might refer to corporate theaters of power, but I will say this: the idea of corporation is an idea that is traceable to the highest levels of the White Brotherhood. Incorporation and all of these levels of corporate identity have actually somewhat broken down the power of the shadow government, because there was a certain level of predictability before, when there had been businesses passed down through the generations that were still involved with certain families. But in corporations there is more of a spreading around of the power, a certain unpredictability as to who might be in control at any given moment. As a result, the corporation has perhaps more spiritual than negative associations. Then who decided to colonize Mars and the Moon as a safety place for themselves if the Earth should not survive? Was that the Illuminati or the shadow government? I do not wish to separate them too much, but I will refer to that more as “anybody who can afford to get there,” which might essentially allow for the enforcement arm of the Illuminati as well as those in the Illuminati who would choose to remove themselves. Recognize that some elements of the Illuminati do understand the spiritual aspect of humankind and do not fear death. Only those who fear death would even choose such an idea. Is there a link between the New Dawn and the intergalactic Federation? No greater than, no less than, all right? If you are referring to the Network, also called the Galactic Federation, it is and it isn’t. The Federation, the Network, would largely be something that has a core of spirituality, yes, but it is more of a political and social structure than anything else. So I would say that it might be connected along political and social lines, but it does not need to be connected along spiritual lines, if you understand what we mean. To anticipate the question, as you uncreate certain events on this planet and create others, certain levels of destruction that have taken place in the past will be uncreated, and various planets as well as other elements of civilization will re-form themselves with their populations intact. You said previously that the White Brotherhood inadvertently created the antichrist. Can you amplify that, and how will we experience that in the coming days? I had hoped to dodge that bullet, but here it is: I will say that there is a tendency for you to remember these ideas more than my statements of the White Brotherhood’s heroic intent — and their contribution has been largely heroic. Since polarity is a factor built into your society, and since the initial intent of the White Brotherhood was to create a greater level of control, predictability and comfort in the lives of human beings, this necessarily promoted a degree of polarity. This is due to the fact that Earth time, in terms of its natural element, is not always timed to supermarket time — going to market and getting what you want right then. Rephrase that question just a little bit. What is going to happen in the next few years as a result of what they inadvertently did? How is it going to affect us practically? That is better. Their creation of the antichrist was not a thought. It was a reaction, because it was a polarity. If you are going to have a North Pole, you are going to have a South Pole. That would be a polarity. So you might say that there was a need for a force to oppose. If you are carving away a cliff with a wooden club, it will take a long time. But if you have a sharp tool, it will take less time.

In that sense, that level of challenge will necessitate the creation of a tool or an idea or a practice that can surmount that challenge. So those tools require challenges that would stimulate their creation. One would say that if you are going to practice a spirituality that revolves around control and predictability to improve humankind’s condition, you are necessarily going to have to have a challenge that would seek to create discomfort for humankind. So inadvertently, because of the need to have challenge, the White Brotherhood accidentally created the dark side of spirituality simply to give the light side something to rise above and vanquish. In a sense, the dark knight was created so the white knight could reign with all true power and forces of light energy.

If you were going to have total equality in ideas, it is necessary to have a so-called dark side, something that proposes that power is desirable no matter what the cost. What you can do about it is be aware of the costs versus the benefits of power and utilize powers both spiritual and practical on the basis of their benefits and the acknowledgment of their costs, all right? Acknowledge and talk about them; that’s all you can do for now — the basic Zoosh accounting rule of power. Why does it have to be this way? Because the negative energy, in terms of its religious practice, uses tools. Without discussing it at any great length, while it does not need to use tools, it will use even symbols as tools. As such it is a representation of technology. That is all. Technology is the White Brotherhood on the soul-spirit level. You understand that Jesus, as the New Testament states, made loaves and fishes, although not with tools, just with energy. But the White Brotherhood, not seeing Jesus-like attributes in people, felt that people must have their own form of making loaves and fishes. Thus tools would be called for. Are you saying it would always be something once removed from just manifesting the tools themselves? Yes, it is once removed. It is the acceptance of the idea of using externals instead of internals. As a historical application, one might say that certain Native American tribes and other native people here in the early days on this planet believed themselves to be seeded here in such a way that they would occupy bodies like the ones that will follow your own. The Earth would be allowed to react to those bodies and provide them with the nourishment and the nurturing that any planet must do. Thus a civilization that was not technological in the early days had what it needed by simply gathering food and resources. It was simply available. There would be only a very slight aspect of using tools, if one could refer to the hands as tools

or the feet to get you there, but that would really be splitting a hair. This would be more akin to a physical manifestation of instant spiritual manifestation. Planting a crop rather than gathering what is available would be using technical applications. That is an example of “once removed.”

So it is kind of a vertical rather than a horizontal idea of “I Am”? And the cross would be the integration point of both? The point on the cross at which both bars meet would be the integration. Exactly. Repeat what you said. It is the most important idea of this conversation. Well, I just kept seeing the White Brotherhood as a vertical idea of “I Am,” and a lot of other ideas being horizontal, like the Association of Worlds. The essence here: Instead of the idea that spiritual is “up,” which many of you assume, that which applies technology goes downward is the triangle pointing downward. That which feeds Earth, that which nurtures Earth, that which uses the civilizations and the challenges presented to the civilizations, that which uses the idea of the Explorer Race — all that coming down to you — is the vertical line. The spiritual, then, is the horizontal line, that which represents the continuum. The cross is the

symbol of the Golden Cities, the highest achievement of humankind and from which humankind is derived. The point where those two motions meet is the level of ultimate manifestation. That is about enough for this session. Recognize that in your world there have always been various factions. Sometimes those factions will distract you. Other times those factions will support, nourish, nurture and guide you. Yet this is necessary so that you would utilize free will as it has been granted by the Creator. The Creator has free will and so do you. In the Creator’s ultimate wisdom, it has made you mirror images of itself. As a result, although you would have various factions, religions, philosophies, ideas, vocations and so on to attract or repel you, the very fact that you allow these things to happen forms the foundation for forgiveness and embracing that which is different. You thus build a foundation for the ultimate allowance: spiritual mastery and material mastery. That is the ultimate application of allowance in the physical world.


The Challenge of Risking Intimacy Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, January 9, 1990 The levels of intimacy that have been practiced on this planet are perhaps working best within the animal and plant kingdoms. Therefore I would encourage anyone and everyone who reads or hears this material to come into a greater observance of any of those kingdoms that are available to them. One might also observe babies, since the minute they can move, they explore and examine in every way possible. Human beings are born curious. Human beings were intended to be curious so that they would seek out the jobs and duties prescribed for them and fulfill the tasks necessary for them. Curiosity will support intimacy if it is not stifled. But much intimacy is stifled in the early days of childhood even for babies, due to the morals, mores, thoughts, prejudices and so on of the parents, adults, children and societies those babies are exposed to. It is immediately channeled into sometimes greatly stifled methods of expression or into specific expressions. So all of you grownup babies out there — whom you all are, as far as I know, which suggests you have come equipped with the tool of curiosity to establish any and all forms of intimacy — be aware that you are naturally intimate beings. With the thought in mind that intimacy is a natural, inbred portion of who you are, learning intimacy is merely reexperiencing something that comes naturally to you. Intimacy is a natural outgrowth or partner of curiosity. A child explores the full realm of its body, or anything or anyone else, to see what it’s all about. This is a level of intimacy that many of you are interested in, since it suggests a source of much dissatisfaction in relationships and about oneself. Needless to say, many of the restrictive elements within your own consciousness about intimacy relate directly to the restrictions put on you as babies or young children. What you are doing is getting back to the Source. If we can identify you, and what you came here with as a child, as a gift from the Source from which you all derive, then we could say that intimacy is simply an outgrowth of the Source. You are given tools to support that, curiosity being one of the main ones.

Making Natural Connections I would encourage you to go out in nature or be with animals, or with some cooperative friends who have read and understood this material, to hearken back to your childhood. If that is not desirable, then imagine being a child in an ideal world. You may do this as a meditation — or a visualization, if that is easier — or, even better, go out in the physical world and touch and smell things and make sounds with them. Use all of your senses as you explore your material world. This will support intimacy, because it is a natural fulfillment of curiosity that normally comes with human beings in childhood. This is what I encourage you to do as homework: Be intimate with the leaf of a tree — touch it lightly to see what it really feels like, allow the full range of your sensitivity to go to work, feel the tiny little hairs on some leaves, smell it to see what it smells like, use all of your senses that feel safe and reasonable to use. This will help you to understand intimacy. Then choose any portion of your

body and use one hand or the other to explore it, running your hands over it. If it is, for example, one of your knees, see if you can smell anything different about it. Rap it lightly if that’s comfortable. In other words, explore it as a child would. Babies lying in cribs will check out their toes and poke their fingers under their arms, exploring these new tools of the body they find themselves in. I recommend that you do this so you can take the next step in intimacy. For those of you who are in relationships or who have good friends, do so with another person with some element of their bodies they feel comfortable about. I suggest that you begin in a nonsexual mode simply to get used to the childlike aspects of curiosity that all human beings have. If those of you who are coupled wish to pursue this in a more sexual mode, go ahead. But make sure it is all right with both parties and that your curiosity has a level of fun built into it. As you will see, the minute something becomes uncomfortable it is not fun to explore anymore and it will stop. So give yourself a child’s level of comfort in these explorations to begin with so you can understand what you can do now with intimacies. It is important for you to realize that you do not need expensive toys and gadgets for intimacy to play some role in your life. Any questions?

Curiosity and Secrets As Stimulating Challenges What is the relationship between intimacy and keeping secrets? Well, secrets are a valuable tool for those who wish to have exclusive knowledge or wish to hide knowledge. Intimacy as a tool of curiosity has a negative counterpart — restrictions associated with mores, acculturation and socialization, tribal or otherwise, that will allow curiosity within certain ranges and not within others. Secrets can also sometimes be levels of initiation. One might say that secrets could sometimes be positive when they stimulate the mind to discover what is not known and create alternatives to what could be known. So secrets are not necessarily bad. It is possible that the advantage of secrets is absolutely and literally built into your civilization. Children, even if they are exposed to the wisest of parents and societies, are immediately exposed to secrets, because even the wisest people in the wisest societies will not know everything there is to know about their environment. What will drive you on is curiosity, because all of you want to know everything. Some of you only want to know everything about your immediate environment, but many of you want to know everything there is to know about everything. So although secrets have a negative effect within familiar relationships, by and large they are at present built rigidly into your system so that you will have a driving desire to uncover them. When you look out into the sky as a child and see those pinpoints of light you refer to as stars, how many among you have not wondered what they are, or whether anybody is living out there? Who has not wanted to go out for a closer look? One might say that the stars are secrets, because they stimulate your curiosity. Secrets perform a function: they entice you to find out. Sometimes there are elements built into your societies — disease, for example. People might devote their entire lives to solve a riddle that will open a Pandora’s box: on the one hand, getting the information that resolves that disease, but on the other hand, stimulating other challenges, problems or even other diseases. Secrets to drive you onward are built into your system. You are saying that there are really two kinds of secrets. One has to do with unknowns, mysteries, and the other is about information that you don’t want anyone else to know. How does the second part relate to intimacy? It seems like intimacy and curiosity would expand indefinitely unless something stopped it. I think that’s where secrets come in, hiding things from others.

Well, of course. Levels of initiation have always been built into your society, so as far as you can, pursue initiation into the realms of knowledge not only as a tribute to your curiosity but to your desire to satisfy your curiosity. It also comes from your need to solve those riddles or secrets based on your society’s need for that information to survive. You are suggesting that secrets are a way to stop or stunt growth, as they sometimes are within the intimate relationships of family, for example. Since life is a circle and you always wind up where you begin in one form or another to complete the circle of life, even within that family that secret will in time be rigorously pursued and resolved in some way. So secrets are not necessarily a negative factor. As indicated, they are rigidly built into the system. One such secret is why a child cannot touch his or her body — because Mom or Dad says so. Touching that part of the body then becomes a secret act, and there is constantly the curiosity to explore it secretly, define its limits and boundaries — or justify the secret. In justifying it you invariably create barriers to intimacy. It seems to me that intimacy and secrets go hand in hand, referring to the forbidden things. If a child wants to explore his or her own body and is told it’s not a good thing to do, it becomes a source of fear. The child may pursue his or her own curiosity, but with a sense of danger, meaning “bad things will happen to me if I do this.” Isn’t that the risk — that someone will disapprove of your curiosity? That is a risk. But of course it is also possible that risks have to do with reactions to your action. One of them, of course, will be “someone will find out.” Another one might simply be a reaction to what you do specifically. A negative reaction? Yes. Or judged negative.

The Challenge of Danger

So that the risk implies a danger or bad outcome. Let’s say two people are in a loving relationship. They may meet experiences of the past “when I got into these areas, danger emerged” — danger in the form of someone disapproving, someone judging or someone withdrawing. So when we look at the limits we set on ourselves to being intimate, being curious, exploratory, then we may encounter these memories. Is that right? Yes, of course. Danger not only restricts, but it also challenges. In challenge lies the total purpose of life as you know it. Your species on this planet, supported by the example of animal and plant life, lives for challenge. Even individuals who might not consider themselves particularly brave have the idea of danger built in. It is possible to have a desire that on the surface is very harmless and not the least bit destructive to oneself or anyone else but that would be better to pursue in private because of the danger of discovery by someone who would disapprove. Thus the element of danger that accompanies curiosity and challenge actually works for you. This makes it sound like I am supporting the idea of secrets, and in a sense, I am. Your society finds it difficult to have intimacy largely because of its restrictions. Yet the restrictions built into your society stimulate, and will continue to stimulate, levels of intimacy that do not exist in societies elsewhere. What I am working toward here is that intimacy existing in certain societies on other planets that have evolved differently has reached certain levels that tend to stagnate. That is, there is a certain willingness to be intimate physically, if that is their expression of life, but a level of intimacy that is lazy, in a sense. Since there is no challenge to intimacy, they take it for granted. You know that if there are no challenges, if all hills are five feet tall, then it is likely that people will walk around the hills rather than over the top. On your world hills are more than ten feet tall and mountains are thousands of feet high. People risk life and limb to climb to the top of those mountains not only to see if they can do it, but to see what’s up there under those clouds. The idea of danger and secrets works for you in many ways. You will do things that are literally death-defying just to satisfy your curiosity and untangle the webs that wrap around secrets.

Substitutes and Alternatives I wonder why people in a good relationship keep secrets from each other. One of them might want to do something but hide it because he fears the other’s disapproval. Thus the intimacy, defined by the willingness to express yourself freely, is limited by that person’s fear, which often exists in the absence of knowing how the partner will react. Not limited, but rechanneled. Perhaps one of the partners in a relationship would like to explore some aspect of a relationship with someone else. She does not do that because (a) she does not want her partner to leave her as a result; (b) she does not want to be disapproved of; or (c) she wants to avoid a fight and so on. But in your society there are other options. Perhaps people explore that type of “unexplorable” intimacy with some other tools — fantasy and imagination, for example — making up stories about what they would do. Maybe they create dreams wherein they are given inspirations and stimulations that will support them in pursuing avenues within that relationship, or even other stories and fantasies that will resolve it. It is also possible that they will find a substitute for that unexplorable aspect of behavior within the coupling — perhaps becoming very intimate with their automobile, which they begin to wax fervently. In other words, they will find a way to express that suppressed desire with someone or

something else, imaginary or real. Now, I’m not suggesting that it’s all right to perform criminal acts; do not extrapolate to that length. But people will find a way to have these experiences. You could say, “But Zoosh, wouldn’t it be better within the light of what you are saying to pursue the fulfillment of all curiosities?” I could say, “Yes, but in your society of variety and potentials and restrictions, that will necessitate alternative solutions, and perhaps the real goal of these restrictions is alternatives.” What has not developed in other societies on other planets are alternatives. Since there has been freedom to explore all levels of intimacy and all levels of curiosity, there has been no need to develop substitutes or alternatives. Yet within your society there is a need, hence the creation of substitutes and alternatives. Here is a simple example. Perhaps people are on diets and do not wish to eat sugar, yet they want to have sweet coffee. Chemical sweeteners are made, and those who wish have that alternative. Recognize how potentially positive that can be. Or perhaps an individual might not find the normal coupling of men and women to be satisfactory and may couple man to man or woman to woman. This would be largely disapproved of in most of your societies on the planet. However, it is available if one wishes to take risks and experience danger and adventure. Understand that creating alternatives and substitutes is one of the reasons you are here, and secrets allow you to develop those alternatives. There’s a new term, “the family secret,” currently used in treating dysfunctional or codependent families whose main problem is an inability to express or expose themselves or risk intimacy. The secret cannot be openly or honestly discussed. This keeps people from being able to have healthy relationships in which they feel they can truly express themselves. Are you stating the positive side? I am stating that this planet is largely a place where problems and challenges that have been unresolved on other planetary systems are being worked out. In the past when individuals have been allowed to willfully pursue any and all desires without any restrictions whatsoever, there have been considerable abuses of power. Civilizations have risen and fallen on this planet. Some have fallen so far as to be utterly unknown, that is, where no historical relics are left to trace them. So the idea of secrets and restrictions to create alternatives is another way to experiment or refine the human race so that excesses, which have gone so far in the past as to literally obliterate a civilization, will not occur anymore. Now, you could say to me, “But Zoosh, what about the oil spills and all of the fish and birds that are killed and so on?” And I will say, “Yes, but we’re not seeing an oil spill that starts at the top of the planet and spreads down the sides, covering all forms of life on it and smothering everything. You are seeing destruction that happens within a specific area that will stimulate alternatives, solutions.” It will stimulate people’s desire to expose those problems, such as journalists do, and to dig into the secrets of any company and find out what has occurred in the past and work toward resolutions and alternatives that will require new levels of intimacy between individuals. People will have to come forward and be vulnerable. One level of intimacy is to be open and allow yourself to seek new levels of trust within yourself so you can risk speaking about such things, whether they be oil spills or family secrets. The very existence of the present movement to pursue the resolution of addictions and dysfunctions, the fact that it is public and that so many people can identify with some element of it, indicates that secrets stimulate solutions, whether they be alternative, fantasied or imaginary, and positive or negative, since polarity is built into your planet. I am not necessarily supporting negative solutions, but sometimes an element of discomfort will bring forth beauty or useful alternatives. One might even say that explanations and rationalizations of dysfunction, for example, are themselves

alternatives right now to the actual solutions. Explanations are sometimes alternatives. All apparent barriers to intimacy actually support intimacy at a new level, whether it is intellectual, spiritual, emotional or physical. Emotional intimacy is a level unto itself because it is hidden from the individual. You might be born and be raised by wolves in the woods, as in your stories, and not be aware of your emotional self. You might be aware of sensing, since you were raised by wolves, but not necessarily be aware of the impact of emotion on the physical self’s drives and mental attitudes. Yet the emotional self is a portion of the electrical conductivity within the body. I am willing to state unequivocally that all electricity — electricity being an actual substance — is the substance of emotionality and that the electrical synapses within the brain itself are an example of emotionality. And inspiration coming from the soul, for example, must be carried out by the physical self and its conduit in your physical body, which is the electrical element of your emotional self. There is more to the emotional body than electricity, but all electricity — whether it lights cities or stimulates synaptic reactions in the brain based on inspirations of one level or another of known truths — is emotional. All of it has to do with stimulations toward intimacy. So the fact that the movement to explore dysfunction exists suggests that people are seeking alternatives and solutions. It seems that there are two opposing drives among humans. One is to get closer and closer, the other to separate. You describe keeping secrets as a useful thing in terms of the planetary goal and you urge us to be curious and to explore. It looks like we find alternatives to get around blockages. But blockage can also be a barrier to unity between two people or among several people. This is true, but built into your question is, of course, the assumption that unity is desirable. Since unity has been created and is an absolute given elsewhere in the universe, it has been somewhat blocked on this planet so that you could create those alternatives. Thus you have a desire to create what exists elsewhere. Here you have a built-in factor of disharmony, which is within the cycle of harmony, so secrets and blockages to intimacy would necessarily be part of your society. Even though it appears to be a dichotomy, it is, paradoxically, a union.

You Are the Problem Solvers In one planetary system I heard about, they are at a stage of such intimacy that they communicate only by telepathy. Anyone can tune in if they wish to be in touch with everyone else in this civilization. Is this an example of the unity that you’re talking about? That would be a typical example of the natural harmonic unity that exists elsewhere. On this planet, however, you are created for the simple purpose of becoming problem-solvers. If you were to take typical Earth challenges such as shyness — the result of various restrictions — and secrecy to the planet of harmony you refer to, the chances of resolving shyness there would be so difficult that it would never take place. One might say, “But Zoosh! Since the people are not shy and since they would give absolute permission by their example of intimacy, why would a person who is shy not get over that shyness?” Well, they might reach new levels of intimacy, but they would still have the driving forces of the restrictions that created that shyness to begin with. They might also have a tendency to spread it around a little bit, and simply spreading it — the tendency to be shy — around would create an unresolvable problem on that planet. You do not yet have interplanetary travel or any apparent faceto-face contact with ETs because you have the ability to be very convincing as a people and because

they do not have an ability to argue effectively. In other words, they might believe what you have to say, apply it to their civilizations, then take home this problem and be unable to resolve it, thus creating a permanent problem. In our anger and our threats against one another, we are dangerous to those who are loving … it’s like a virus. When we moved over the planet, we brought our germs with us and millions died in different times and places. Yes, in the sense that there would not be anything built into the extraterrestrial societies to resolve such problems. Shyness is a challenge to intimacy. Yes, this is a challenge. Intimacy — in terms of simple exploration, of built-in levels in babyhood, of even the day-to-day conversation between adults — can be challenged, breached. A fence can be created, but fences can also be mended. Any level of variations in conversation, intimate or otherwise, take place that simply cannot take place elsewhere on this planet. How many people have had the experience — sometimes a challenge, sometimes not knowing what to do with it, sometimes simply an amusing experience on a plane, train or bus — of sitting down next to someone who is offensive to you in some way, causing you to move to another seat? Or had a situation in which you told this complete stranger things about yourself that you have never told anyone, or only your most intimate confessors? This is an experience unique to this planet. Let us say that people do not have all they wish in the excitement of sexual union with their mates and dream that they could have experiences they do not see possible with their partners. Perhaps they begin to talk about their sexual fantasies to someone sitting next to them on a bus, with no intention whatsoever of doing anything about it. They discuss and share — it could be two men or two women or a man and a woman — their sexual fantasies. Just discussing it with another person takes it beyond the level of a fantasied alternative into a communicated alternative. They might discover an apparent lack of disapproval from the other person, since the other person is a complete stranger. (You’ll never see each other again, so why not?) Perhaps the alternative is explored even further. These possibilities exist on this planet only because you have secrets and because intimacy is restricted. If intimacy were not restricted, you would not have curiosity, alternatives, fantasies and so on. Something is not clear. Originally I got the impression that curiosity is built in, then restrictions come up, and then curiosity presses around the restrictions and finds new alternatives. But what you just said sounded like without the restrictions there would be no curiosity. Not exactly, but they are in a form of harmony. On this planet you have polarities, positive and negative, comfort and discomfort, like and dislike, and so on. In your society paradoxes must occur because you have a polarized world. After all, magnets have two poles, not just one. On this world opposites not only exist, but they attract and repel, taking all forms. Apparent dichotomies or restrictions are necessary to reach resolutions. So intimacy must be accompanied by restrictions and secrets, as your question suggests, to exist at all. Your planet stands number one in problem solving. There is nothing that exists on this planet that does not have forces of opposition, so you have problems that must be solved. In other words, curiosity must be opposed by secrets in order to pose a challenge or a threat to intimacy. It’s not that you’re trying to get over secrets. It’s that secrets must be present, and they will always be present to some extent. You might say to yourself, “But Zoosh, I thought we were moving on to the fourth dimension where all would be revealed and we would live happily ever after.” But in reality the fourth

dimension will simply be an aspect of life in which more of your natural tools will be available to explore deeper levels of problem solving.

The Rewards of Having Problems: Working at the Creator Level Zoosh, on the planet of harmony where people experience unity through telepathy, are you saying that one mind is not intimacy? No, I am not saying that. What I am saying is that level of intimacy is not desirable on this planet at this time because there is no innate problem there — none. If you want somebody to understand something you are thinking or feeling, they’ve got it right away. Where’s the problem in that? It works very smoothly. But if it works very smoothly, it doesn’t belong here. One might ask, “How could you possibly wish to live on a planet where problems are required?” Yet one might also ask why people continue their education by going on and getting PhDs and MDs even though they are increasingly difficult. One might answer, “For the rewards offered.” That is the key. Why does one wish to experience a life on Earth where problems are not simply challenges and restrictions of society, but are built into every level of existence? Because of the rewards. What you learn in every single life on Earth will apply on some level within your souls to other planets that will help them resolve the unresolvable existing there, because they have no tools for resolution and there are no challenges to create those tools. So you are in PhD programs here. You are really beyond PhD or MD. You are not working and struggling to get to some idea of harmony. Oh no; harmony is natural. It is the flow. It is the Source. And yet disharmony exists within harmony at the level of the Creator, or the All That Is. How can that be carried out on Earth where one must have physical life? One must have struggle so that a challenge is built in. In other words, one must have a way to very slowly examine portions of the struggle — challenge, resolution, alternatives, intimacy, curiosity and so on. And by examining it in the slowness of third-dimensional physicality, one can create solutions in an abundance of varieties that are impossible to create elsewhere due to the harmony of life. Since the Source lives in harmony with disharmony on this planet, what you are doing on this planet is closer to the Source than a planet that lives only in harmony. They have got a ways to go to achieve intimacy with the Source, which is being carried out on a practical level through all of the struggles here on Earth to emulate the Source. They’re in kindergarten by comparison to what goes on here on Earth. Living in this world and experiencing conflicts, blockages and frustration, I can say, “That doesn’t feel good and I don’t like it.” But from your point of view I can say, “Yes, I’m living in this world with blockages and opportunities to find solutions. How interesting that I get to be in this world with its frustrations, pains, disappointments, happiness and so on.” I find a very optimistic note in this business of living in an apparently frustrating world with no visible solutions. Good. I’m glad that you feel that way, because the purpose of this discussion today is to explore who you are as a planet, to give you the background and pertinent history of how you have arrived here, and to help you to see that you are not struggling toward intimacy out of some hellish negative realm where you are scraping the bottom of the barrel. It is to help you see that you are attempting to emulate the Creator, who lives in harmony with disharmony, and see how it is possible to create that harmony on a practical day-to-day level in the physical expression of humanity. Is the intimacy we have with our spiritual self or our God-self reflected in the relationships we

have with other individuals? Absolutely. You relate to anything, whether it be some stranger or a person you desire to get closer and closer to, because the Source always seeks itself. When you relate to others you increase the level of intimacy while also involving yourself in the struggle that always seeks to resolve itself and win. Depending on its point of view, struggle always seeks to win. Intimacy plays a part in that, but it plays a part in both sides. If disharmony is built into this world, as I state, then intimacy never exists without its equal and opposite, which is, for today’s purpose, secretive restriction. So yes, it is built in. So within the secretive restriction between myself and my higher self, or myself and God, there is a desire to increase intimacy between my personality and my God-self. But there’s also a built-in restriction for me … There is a lot that you don’t see at this time. Since the Source, or God, is made up of both harmony and disharmony and lives in harmony with disharmony, an apparent paradoxical situation, your higher self, being slightly more familiar consciously with the Source, must learn to live with disharmony in a harmonious situation. Your desire to become more intimate with your higher self necessitates a desire to learn how to live in harmony with disharmony. Let me give an example. You all know friends who you think are kind of spacy. They live on Earth, but you are not certain whether their feet are touching the ground or whether they are lightly gliding around the world on their toes. However, they cannot do this without creating problems and challenges and other disharmonies in their lives. Perhaps some important practical aspect of their life is not working as a result. Because their heads are so firmly in the clouds, their career or intimate relationship is not working out. So they are struggling in some other way. In other words, it is not possible to pursue a more intimate relationship with God or the Source through the element of the higher self without pursuing a more intimate relationship with disharmony. Paradox is built into the system so that you will always be seeking new ways and alternatives to resolve what is apparently unresolvable. The way to live in harmony with disharmony is to accept its existence and allow for the fact that you will always be seeking alternatives and that you will never find one alternative that will resolve all disharmony. Let’s take planting a garden. If I worked in total harmony, I wouldn’t have to wait for the plants to grow. If I wanted a radish, there would be a radish. The disharmony now is that I have to wait. Is that a good example? Yes. Not only do you have to wait, but you might have to fight it out with the insect and animal worlds to get even a portion of that radish. So the element of time is part of the disharmony? Yes. It is disharmony, but it is also about alternatives. Maybe rabbits are invading your radish patch and you need time to observe that it is rabbits and to think about what to do. Time gives you the opportunity to explore and scrutinize and develop alternatives — in other words, solutions. And there will always be varying solutions. One solution would be to wait there with your pop gun and pop the rabbits when you see them. Or you might wish to do something a little less aggressive, maybe put a wire screen around your radish patch. But if your problem is gophers or some underground creature, then to isolate your radish patch you would have to raise your garden up in a box and underlay it with wire or use a greenhouse. There are many possibilities, because where there is a natural pursuit toward harmony, there is built-in resolution.

Earth: The Ultimate Expression of Source

This planet has given to the universe the ultimate expression of the Source. Your wars, your struggles to survive in the worst possible conditions, even your desires to create a world order, may have little to do with harmony, because order is not necessarily harmony; it is just predictability. Within all of that there is still a willingness and an allowance built in to live with disharmony as a fact of life. You as a species must learn to live with what does not always feel agreeable. You do not have to disapprove of your self-disapproval. Life is paradoxical, and yet built into the paradox of pursuing intimacy — since that is the subject matter — is the secret, the restriction, the challenge, the possibility of many alternatives of expression, search or even restriction. Intimacy has a polar opposite, a downside or negative side, which is the attempt to restrict intimacy or be intimate in situations that won’t work out. Committing a crime would involve a level of intimacy wherein you might spend forty years becoming intimate with block walls and iron bars. Even in that disharmony you must find a way to come to terms with it and conduct a life within it. Your planet lives and exists within these paradoxes because its sole purpose is to resolve the mysteries of God on a practical level. When I say resolve, I mean live as God lives — living with the disharmony, unconditionally allowing it, unconditionally loving it and unconditionally embracing it for the variety it offers to life. I can tell you that on no other planet has this ever been as close to resolution in terms of allowance as it is on this planet as it exists now. So you are really doing something quite extraordinary here. You are offering other worlds hope because what they have tried and failed at in one way or another is beginning to occur here. What might seem to you in your day-to-day life as cynicism — people simply assuming that things are going to be rough — will erupt into amusement at paradoxical situations and the allowance for discomfort to be a part of life. Other worlds now have hope that they can grow.

New Hope for Growth in the Universe Growth is almost unknown elsewhere because in absolute and total harmony outside of the scope of the Creator, growth is almost nonexistent because there is no need for it. Growth occurs when there is a desire to live more comfortably — in other words, more harmoniously — and return to what is believed to be the Source. When you are joining physical life through your mother, you feel rather harmonious. You identify with the idea that living inside your mother even in the worst situations, since you are really protected from a great deal, is an element of the Source. And yet there are elements built into your mother, depending on what she does or what happens to or with her, that might challenge that sanctity. So the Source is not always that which is in perfect harmony. How else could your figures of wisdom, your gods and so on, be nonjudgmental of that which seems to be in disharmony? The Christian religion and Jesus might be a rather striking example of that. And since the Western world in which many of you live now is highly influenced by the religion and culture of Christianity, you might wish to look toward the fact that Jesus did not judge those with whom he lived. He might have attempted to improve and change their lifestyles, but he did not judge them. He did not say, “You are bad,” ever. Yet he recognized the disharmony. I am not preaching at you to become Christians. I am simply saying to pay attention to your societies and what you hold dear. Recognize that what you pursue is very often paradoxically what restricts your growth. I’m not saying to stop pursuing harmony; I am saying that the disharmony is very often what makes life worth living because it absolutely and necessarily stimulates alternatives. Anything else?

You have stated a point of view that is very interesting and optimistic. “Don’t worry about worrying. Don’t suffer about suffering.” Thank you very much. It has been my intention in this dialogue with you to give a historical perspective on the so-called problem of intimacy and its source.


Influences of the Zodiac Zoosh Sedona, Arizona, January 14, 1990 You as a race — the Explorer Race, human beings — have been for some time stitching your way, as it were, through the signs of the zodiac in order to learn the lessons that those signs have to offer. Any good astrologer will tell you that as a being you will do just that. As a planetary body you also do that, and as a universe or galaxy you do that as well, though the signs are different in expanded units. Right now is the time of strengthening purpose and character — a time in which you will have the opportunity to choose your path and to perceive its value. The true value of the path is how it affects those around you and how it leaves the world when you depart it. Understand that the nature of your work here will now begin. What you have been doing up till now is training, preparing and awakening. Now you will begin, in Earth terms, your final destiny as a race, as a people, and as individuals. Even little children will begin doing things in a new way. For now you are beginning as a society to see, by both positive and negative example, the value of the human being and the desirability of contributing the human being to the universe as a gift. Many of you have seen what humans have wrought, albeit ofttimes through the eyes of others in the form of the news or stories you have heard second- or thirdhand. You’ve also seen what others can do of value around you.

Completing the Sagittarius and Capricorn Cycles To appreciate the full value that the zodiac contributes, you must begin to look beyond your own sign. It is true that the sign of the zodiac under which you were born will continue to affect you, but certain signs will be much more powerfully involved in the world body politic as well as the evolution of the human being. Look toward Sagittarius and Capricorn as the cycles that are yet to be completed. There will be struggles with the ego and great temptations. Those of you who have been working for many years toward a specific goal will suddenly be tainted by the trappings associated with the goal’s rewards. But they will be fleeting. You will also be blinded by the illusion of the old path toward Spirit and decline material goods for what they can do to comfort and feed you. Recognize that the fasting, the rags and the ashes need not be involved in your immediate life. Now is the time to accept the full responsibility of your actions for yourself and others and move through Sagittarius and Capricorn as a people, becoming acquainted with the value they offer. As you mature in the Explorer Race, you will discover not only your own personal destinies, but other races from other planets. You are in the final stages of the brewing of the human race. Even now, as you complete this century, you are being prepared for contact with extraterrestrials, which many of you desire. You have much to offer them, much more than they have to offer you. For after all, technological benefits, while they are pleasurable for a time, do not have the lasting impact of the song of the soul. Your souls have evolved through many reincarnational cycles, so you have a great deal of wisdom to impart to the children of space. Most races from elsewhere are like children awaiting your arrival like Christmas. You are the

gifts under the trees, bringing wisdom and knowledge. You are living and fulfilling much of what they were unable to complete. There are many families; the Bible refers to tribes. As many basic tribes as there are in the Bible, so there are signs in the zodiac, some of which have not been fully discovered or appreciated yet, but they will. Those races who are rooted in those signs have already received the benefits of your experience and the knowledge you have gained by the reincarnational cycles on this planet. The tribes rooted in Sagittarius and Capricorn still await the benefits you have to offer. Sometimes the civilizations do not even know they are rooted in those signs. For example, Orion as a constellation and all of its civilizations — past, present and future — are related to Sagittarius; and the Pleiades, Andromeda and Zeta Reticuli to Capricorn. All of the races you are having contact with are rooted in either Sagittarius or Capricorn. These ETs have yet to see the resolutions of their difficulties, so they are chomping at the bit to see what you will do in the next ten years, not to speak of the next millennium. In the next ten to fifteen years, astrologers will gradually become aware of other planets and their cycles. The ephemeris will be rewritten to include three extra chapters of speculative numbers. They will not be totally speculative, but there will be gaps and spaces missing, so there will have to be extrapolations done by some of the more powerful computers. Some of these figures already exist but are not in common usage. They are used by what you call the power brokers. Astrology, which seems to some an amusing experience and to others a science that still lacks all of its tools, will be revolutionized in the next few years. Be prepared to see astrology take its place as the true science it is. If you knew all it had to offer, if you knew all of the signs and had absolute mathematical understanding of their exact alignment, you would have all knowledge. But if you had all there is to know, you would never have anything else to discover. Why the withholding of the knowledge of all of the bodies that move around this planet? It is due to the limits of your technology as well as the repression of the knowledge that has existed in the ancient past by various powers that be. Even this withholding of knowledge strengthens you as a race because you must make cyclical mistakes, as you would call it. You might say, “But Zoosh, then we are doomed to repeat wars and conflicts.” That does not really have much to do with zodiacal influences, but with the resolution of unsolvable extraterrestrial problems in those universes and galaxies. (As an aside, why do we refer to galaxies as universes? Because those galaxies frequently relate directly to a root sign, a tribe associated with the Bible or a sign associated with the zodiac. Thus they are freestanding universes in themselves and have an entire episodic lifestyle and series of lessons that could be understood quite well by reading those signs.)

The Missing Signs and Planets Of course, there are other extraterrestrial races associated with the signs you have yet to rediscover. You are not in contact with them because as a race you have long ago completed the resolution of their difficulties. There is no reason whatsoever for them to have any contact with you. Their problems are over, their difficulties resolved. They know who they are and they have no leftover karma — nothing to do but sit back and watch, wait and see what happens out of simple curiosity. That is why those are the signs you do not know about, that have been withheld from you (planets or gravitational bodies, in some cases). You’ve resolved it, so there is no need to know about it. It also creates the opportunity to rediscover your natural abilities. Every one of those signs of the zodiac that you don’t know about relates to your innate abilities as a human being. When you are born, you all have innate talents. You will, in your lifetime, discover

that what is easy for you might not be so easy for others, and what is easy for others might be a struggle for you. You can learn it, but you might have to apply yourself. So you see, the tools are built into your lifetime to allow you to struggle toward understanding those more difficult talents and applying yourself a little to see if you can exercise them or not. But you are gifted with the talents that come easily to you.

In the future, as you become more of yourselves in the fourth dimension, you will begin to rediscover those signs. Even now the leading astrological researchers are beginning to speculate on those signs and even plot their courses and chart the behavior of what they know about some of those signs. The asteroid belt used to be a trinary planetary body — three small planets that moved around relatively close to each other with a minimum of gravitational pull that did not interfere with each other’s orbits. They moved around in a fairly lazy, somewhat erratic orbit. The planets were occupied inside, not on the surface. Due to various struggles and the resolutions of various extraterrestrial karmic patterns, they were blown up and have become the asteroid belt. But they can still be charted because there are certain areas within that asteroid belt that are more gravitationally active than other areas. Those gravitational zones can be predicted mathematically, and in time astrologers will ascribe more traits to the asteroid belt than I’ve already described. What are some of the lessons, traits and attributes that we should know about Sagittarius as it affects the Explorer Race? You are in the tail end of power as control; you have experienced negative power, the

domination of one belief system over another. As you expand into the more feminine heart energy, you will begin to see new ideas, religions and philosophies that are heart-oriented, more involved in loving energy, emerging. You will see the traits of Sagittarius, both the positive and the negative, take place in the human race, the innate power coming forth, while at the same time always feeling a tug on the sleeve to distract you to become involved in pathways that do not lead to any great benefit for the individual, aside from fleeting moments of pleasure. What is going on now in Europe is a sweeping world movement. You have noticed unexpected activity from your political centers, which have predicted that these things would take place. When these things were initiated by the Russian bear, it was as if a door were thrown open for many peoples at the same time a karmic door was closed; entire races of people in other planetary civilizations were freed. Their karmic lessons were resolved on Earth because one man [Gorbachev] acted from the heart on his own in the face of all opposition. How many times are you told your religious stories about how the actions of one person can make such a difference? Now, I’m not raising this man Gorbachev above all others. I’m saying that he acts through the heart while displaying strength, and just that simple act of faith [a new parliament], regardless of how it turns out, completed lessons for tribes associated with Capricorn — billions of people. They were freed because one man acted. The nature of your evolution as you know it through the cycle of the astrological signs has everything to do with the brewing and flavoring of the Explorer Race. You know, of course, that you have been seeded here from many sources. There are certain primary sources such as Orion and the Pleiades, Andromeda, and Sirius, yet there are other sprinklings. They are now only sprinklings because other races existed here before you had already resolved those signs you no longer know about. You were created to resolve modern problems — modern meaning that which encompasses the life of the human race. Prior races, or those that have gone underground for various reasons, existed to resolve other issues, and they have done so. You don’t have to do everything, you see. Can you describe the mechanism whereby celestial bodies actually impinge on our consciousness? Is there a physics of how they actually guide us? In terms of math, not so easily, because your mathematical system is slightly deficient symbolically. Only the fourth-dimensional perspective will give the mathematical symbols that allow you to compute the past, the present and the future as an applied physics. The physics applied is that which you can experience by your activities of the moment. All symbols that are curved, as well as those which are in motion, will help you find the new symbols. On the level of particle physics, anything that is deflectable is of no value. But particles that exhibit characteristics that suggest (under current observational methods) they have passed through something solid will allow you to begin to use what I call implosion physics — that which is turned inside out. Leading physicists will begin to explore and lay down the mathematical framework that allows time travel, since that is really the only practical way to get around the universe. It is not a time of triangles and squares, so use images and symbols that are rounded, that have depth and that are in motion, since you are coming into the time of feminine energy. Many new mathematical frameworks will accommodate motion; in other words, they will be alive, largely organic in their frame of reference. This is the physics of life. It is not in stasis; it has to be moving. Explore it, play around with it. Much of this new physics will be discovered by those who are not considered scientists. Much of its application will be ignored until certain theories are put forth in circles by people who do not have a lot of letters after their names. So don’t be intimidated by those who do. What I have just said was something of an aside, but it was important. If you must have a

zodiacal reference, look toward Sagittarius and its organics. It will be in the substance of the emotional body, which you have now misidentified as electricity. The substance of electricity is compressed emotion. It is life. It is there that you will discover the new physics. Are we to understand that among what we know as twelve zodiacal houses the only two left to resolve are Sagittarius and Capricorn? Yes.

The End of Zodiacal Influence (Undoing Negative Energy As Harmful) Will we resolve them? They’re being resolved now. You are moving into the fourth dimension, and you will later be locked into it — a lock, you understand, not just a trailing in. You will know when you’re locked into the fourth dimension because you won’t remember the third. That will take place lifetimes from now, after you close the entire cycle of the need for this planet as a home for the Explorer Race and get back to that point on Terra where you started. Then you can do things a little differently so that things will turn out differently. What will we remember? We’ll just wake up one morning without a memory? You might not, but a reincarnational version of you will no longer have the need for the information, you see. If you do not have the need, it will cease to exist. However, your souls will have learned as a result. The information will be accessible in energy, because by that time you will be doing things on the basis of impetus from the 2% negative energy you will take with you into the fourth dimension to prevent you from dragging your feet. “Oh, I can do that next lifetime.” That’s what people think in civilizations where there is no negative energy: “Oh, I can do that next lifetime. I’ve got 300 years to do that.” The 2% negative energy that will give you the impetus is only slightly annoying, not really even that. You will do things. Souls will have the knowledge and by that time appreciate the value of that 2% negative energy. You will need to be doing things on the basis of an energetic response. You’ll no longer ponder, “Well, should I or shouldn’t I?” You will feel something to do, then you will do. In other words, you will be in more of a conscious interactive relationship with your soul. Your souls are learning how to do something they’ve never done before in this reincarnational cycle of Earth. They were created by the Creator to undo standard negative energy as humankind’s downfall. Humankind will just walk away from negative energy, and they will be fine. But souls must learn to make a freestanding decision, and when they make that decision they will have to do so by seeming to fly in the face of what the Creator is telling you now — that 2% negative energy may be all right for a time because it acts as a spur (which was the original intention of the Creator). The Creator purposely did not give souls that information; they were to learn to make decisions based on their own observation. That demands growth. You all understand that; you’re Earth people. Never assume that your souls and your oversouls have some great and powerful knowledge you are aspiring to as a little, lowly being. They have their lessons too, and ofttimes those lessons have to do with why you repeat things over and over again — because your souls don’t understand the value of what you are doing. Are there people in our government who are perhaps briefed astrologically to make choices? All individuals who understand the value of any predictive science will want to have that information. They may not go public with it, although one recently has [a book about the Reagans]. That recent one is a little bit more forthcoming than others, a little more honest — they are beyond the

stigma of public judgment. Yes, people in government are always briefed. Those of you who know anything about economics know that economics can be predicted, but not with certainty. So why is it different from astrology, which can be a source of predictions without certainty just like other sources? Of course, those who follow predictions may not get that information from official sources. I’m suggesting there is a department within certain intelligence agencies that provides that information. The most specific information provided is a result of the compilation of ancient information that has been gathered, garnered and guarded. As a result, some of the predictions are 98 percent accurate. That information is coveted and hoarded and does not work its way into the system.

An Enigmatic Planet What particular ancient planets are they using in these accurate predictions? One is the asteroid belt. This can be predicted now with a certain amount of specific data retrieved from various NASA programs. I will give a few names: Pluto, obviously, aside from the asteroid belt. One planet would be referred to as Vega and there is another one specifically given by way of being an enigma. You will notice that I previously referred to “certain gravitational bodies,” which was by way of hedging the bet. There is a gravitational body — not a real planet — that has existed from the beginning of the solar system, being involved in its creation. It is synthetic, though it is as large as a planet. It is a little bit smaller than Earth, but not much. Can you imagine a device constructed by embodied beings (needless to say, not one nail at a time)? Many have the abilities to do this, and the Founders are their children. These beings act as a terminal does for a computer that correlates, receives and discharges all information on a given subject. In other words, anything and everything — whether it be thought, physical, emotional, the electrical bonding of life, the stuff of life, or whatever has ever passed to or from the solar system — goes through them, in a manner of speaking. They’re out there. I won’t give you a name, otherwise it would be less of an enigma; but I will say that it has a zodiacal reference in ancient mythology. That’s all I will say. You talked about this as being like a computer terminal. Do they also store the data that their race is learning as we go through our stuff? They’re not keeping track of anything. Others do that. They act as a focusing point — that which projects and receives, that which provides. I was told that all of the data from the experiment that’s going on on Earth has been gathered and it was time that the experiment be dismantled because the data was being integrated into a computer. Later I was told the integration was complete and the data was stored in the bones of every human on Earth. What does that mean? In terms of your analogy to a computer, all portions of the computer are microcosms of the macrocosm. It was always there, but it is only needed at certain times. The residual knowledge of these planetary bodies and all the races that exist everywhere is encoded into the electrical stuff of your body. You sometimes refer to that as imagination, or make-believe. You use only certain aspects of it. Some things you imagine, tell stories or fantasize about — that is directly inspirational. Most of what has ever been fantasized or even imagined has, in one form or another, made an appearance here. That information you received was correct as far as it goes, but it does not refer to that body known as the enigma. Did the Adonai have anything to do with it?

The name you mention has a symbolic reference within certain alphabets, and if those alphabets are traced back to known alphabets, one can discover, through the use of the most ancient available enigmatic texts such as stone carvings, the symbol of the enigmatic body referred to. Tell us more about this symbol. If there is a symbol to represent this object, it would not only be in motion but would be constantly turning inside out. Is this enigmatic planet associated with Zecharia Sitchin’s twelfth planet, and if not, can you tell us what the term of the orbit is? It does not orbit. It remains stationary. However, it creates a gravitational energy that goes around, offering a charted and predictable body that will be identified in time as a black hole, but it is not that. Can you say where the people are from who built it? They are from before time, and before time was before space. So their point of origin is at the hub of creation rather than a specific geographical or mathematical reference. Are they the Elohim? No.

Earth in Transformational Space As the Earth is part of the solar system, which looks out at the twelve houses of the zodiac rotating around Polaris, the Milky Way galaxy in turn goes around a larger zodiac. Are we experiencing those larger lessons? To some extent on a very minor level they will be felt, but largely it is residual. When things move around the universe, there is a residual effect from what has occurred in this space before. What has occurred before in the space that Earth occupies is a series of transformational planetary bodies. This Earth, this geomagnetic object, has not always been in this galaxy. You identify it as a portion of what you refer to as the Milky Way, but Earth is a unique body not unlike the enigmatic body referred to before, in that although it is in motion and can be physically studied in motion, its actual environment — meaning that space that occupies its orbit as well as a certain area of spatial reference beyond the focal aspects of time as you know it — is the transformational space. So the transformational planets that have occupied this space and that still occupy this space within the framework of vertical time, or “now” in your own concept of dimensionality, are here as well. And sometimes they’re in other galaxies. As you say, there is motion, and beyond time as you understand it there are other galaxies in this space. Yet the essence of that which is represented by Earth, the transformational planet, will still be here. So even though you might move into the fourth dimension, Earth as you understand it in motion within this galaxy will in other representative versions of itself be in motion in other galaxies. And by that interaction it receives a certain amount of energy from previous lessons learned and lessons that will be learned. But it is not a major effect. Are you saying that the Earth has, in effect, parallel selves and future selves just like we as energies do? Yes. All bodies do. Even thought, which may be extrapolated from an original idea, could be referred to in that framework. What are the planetary influences on Inner Earth? Inner Earth is not always associated karmically with what goes on on the surface, since it occurs in some cases in a slightly different dimension. It is marching to the beat of a different drummer. It is 1

not involved so much in the resolution of extraterrestrial karma as in the creation of the seedbed or the area of nurturance that allows the lessons of those who live on the surface. It is as though a gardener is preparing a raised bed of mulch and so on for the flowers that will be planted in the spring. In that sense those who are in Inner Earth are working on the future to prepare a nourishing mulch. We have a saying that the stars incline, not compel. You seem to be saying that the stars compel, not incline. Yes, the reason the saying is “incline” is so that people will be encouraged to believe in free will — which is obviously a reality. Still, they only incline now because all of the equation is not present. It is not a compelling force in terms of the full equation because in terms of the organic mathematics referred to before, the idea of that which compels is still not always predictable, since it is caught up in the human cycle. So even with the full equation present, it is not compelling; it just allows more of the self to be directed toward a specific purpose. So although it sounds like I’m saying, “You will do this!” speaking in electrical bolts from a mountaintop as a wrathful god, I am in fact saying that as you become aware of your own abilities and of these other aspects in time and space, you will see how they encourage rather than compel. Can you talk a bit about the emotional body and how it relates to moving into the fourth dimension? For now I prefer to say that the emotional body is the stuff that dreams are made of — literally. It is most easily measurable and felt when identified as the plasmic substance of electricity. Electricity is alive, as stated. Your emotional body, then, while not specifically a synaptic energy that jumps from one cell to another in the brain, is an aspect of that energy. The emotional body acts as a gobetween for the physical self, which is in action to learn lessons, and the soul self. It connects the two. The lessons learned are bidirectional. The soul learns and the personality learns. You could say to me, “But Zoosh, isn’t the personality the essence of the soul?” I would say yes, but there is a physical personality that also gets to learn and is not always in full comprehension with the soul. It’s a big subject.

Capricorn and Sagittarius Lessons You talked about Sagittarius, but could you give us an overview about the lessons of Capricorn as it relates to the Explorer Race? That which the Explorer Race is working out, as far as Capricorn goes, is the elusive element in your true understanding of what you want. Often people will say, “I want this,” and in the next moment want something else. This relates to the idea that the conscious mind is in motion and is easily bored. The element that could be loosely related to Capricorn is the desire to be involved in many things, and not always be focused in one area. It has to do with the human being’s almost compelling need to be involved in many, many things. Sometimes it will seem like a scattered energy, yet the human being has the capacity to be involved in many, many things. Capricorn energies are being resolved now. It is just about complete, and within the next forty or fifty years will no longer really be an influence on the social soup that creates Earth and its citizens. You are entering into a focal point much more powerfully associated with the lessons of Sagittarius. Capricorn is about 95 percent resolved, but Sagittarius — ah, there’s the rub; there is about 75 percent of that to go yet. It need not take such a long time because of its explosiveness. In the past it has been the energy that has brought civilizations to an end because of its power, sometimes so unfocused or distracted that Sagittarius is unable to recognize what is important and what is not.

Did you say that Sagittarius is influencing Orion past, present and future? I actually said that the Orion civilizations can be traced back to the astrological origin of Sagittarius. We refer to this time as the Age of Aquarius, but you’re referring to it as the Age of Sagittarius. Not really. I’m referring to the lessons. It would behoove you to read a little bit about Sagittarius only so you might perceive it as a world politic. It is not so much that each and every one of you will be experiencing on an individual level all of the aspects and the known elements associated with Sagittarius; it is a world sequence of events. As indicated before, civilizations have bogged down and have ceased to exist due to the inner struggles associated with the Sagittarian symbol — its power — but also its ability to be distracted and sometimes miss an important engagement, as one might say. Sagittarius is an association that creates and divides and is involved in the evolutionary soup of creating humankind. Is there a way, by looking at the signs, to learn what our last life was or our next life will be? For example, if you’re Aries in one life, are you Taurus in the next? You can utilize the diagrammatic aspects of a chart. A chart is laid out in a certain way for everyone, but everyone has his or her own aspects, although the planetary bodies are in a specific area. Make it a three-dimensional chart — in other words, a globe or sphere. You might recognize specific patterns. Trains, for example, if perceived in a sphere, would go from one point to another, passing through the sphere. I would recommend that experimental astrologers begin to make threedimensional models. You might find an absolutely predictable method by doing that — not just theoretical, but absolutely predictable. I will not take away from the glory of those who do so, thus I do not like to give hints on direction. I do not like to say “follow me,” but rather “why don’t you try this?” As you ease through your charts, as you ease through the unexpected in the next few years, there will be sudden, unexpected possibilities and gifts in your life, things that seem to fall out of the trees, as it were, and land gracefully in your arms, saying, “Here I am.” Learn to differentiate between what is a true gift of the moment that will give you lasting pleasure and what is a seductive call to pathways of delay. In doing so you will devote your perspective to the body politic of Sagittarius. 1 When I refer to these star systems, I often say “galaxy” because of the interdimensional nature of these particular bodies. From my point of view, I do not see them as being only third dimensional. I see all of their aspects as well as all their possibilities and even their probabilities, so I refer to them as galaxies [February 12, 1989: see Chapter 7].