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What is VisionTV? We are Canada's multi-faith and multicultural broadcaster. VisionTV presents inspirational, insightful and original programming that celebrates diversity and promotes understanding among people of different faiths and cultures. VisionTV has a mandate to provide: “balanced programming focused upon the varied religious practices and beliefs of Canadians … programming related to, inspired by or arising from spirituality including related moral or ethical issues.” (Decision CRTC 1994-655, pg. 1 & 3) VisionTV is part of the ZoomerMedia, Television Division that also includes One: the Body, Mind & Spirit channel (, Joytv 10 ( that serves the Vancouver, Victoria and Fraser Valley regions, and Joytv 11 ( serves the Winnipeg area. Who watches VisionTV? VisionTV is available as a “basic” service on cable and satellite, and can be seen in 10 million households across Canada. VisionTV ranks among the country's top 25 specialty channels in audience awareness, attracting over two million viewers each week. What kinds of programs air on VisionTV? About half of the VisionTV programming schedule is produced and presented by approximately 75 faith groups, including Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus. This programming ranges from the Joel Osteen and Daily Mass to Reflections on Islam, Reflections of Hinduism, Visions of Punjab and Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis. A number of these shows are available exclusively on VisionTV. About 50% of the schedule is comprised of dramas, comedies, documentaries, music, information and current affairs programs - presented, produced, co-produced and acquired by VisionTV. The schedule covers a wide range of programs in many different genres that explore spirituality, morality and cultural diversity. These include: • •

Current Affairs programs such as IdeaCity, The Standard, Randall Mark: Perspectives, and The Search with Rafe Mair. Insightful documentaries such as The Naked Archeologist, Driven by Vision, Twist of Faith, Five Roads to Freedom, Ralph Benmergui: My Israel, I Prophesy: The Future Revealed and Supernatural Investigator. Lifestyle Programming has come to VisionTV, with inventive shows such as Divine Restoration , Prenup Challenge , and Gospel Challenge.

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Engaging family-friendly shows such as The Waltons, Emily of New Moon, Black Stallion and Due South. Classic and contemporary feature films, from The Last Temptation of Christ, and Black Robe, to Mississippi Burning. British Comedies such as East Enders, Doc Martin, Absolutely Fabulous and Keeping Up Appearances. Event programming, including coverage of the Pope's Christmas and Easter Masses, special broadcasts for Black History Month, Holocaust Education Week and major religious holidays such as Pentecost, Rosh Hashanah, Ramadan and Diwali.

Sixty-five percent of programming in the overall schedule and 50% of programming in prime-time is Canadian. What are VisionTV’s major accomplishments? Supporting Canadian independent production: VisionTV funding has made possible such award-winning documentaries as: • • •

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Science of the Soul (recipient of the Gold Award from Health Science Communications Association and the 2010 Wilbur Award), Driven by Vision (Gemini Award winner: Best Direction in a Documentary Series). The Fires That Burn: The Life and Work of Sister Elaine MacInnes (Gemini Awards, Best Biography Documentary Program and Wilbur Awards Best Documentary in the Television Category), Lost Gods (World Fest, Houston International Film Festival Gold Award History & Archaeology Category), The Corporation , Scared Sacred (recipient of the Best Documentary Award at the 2004 Whistler Film Festival) , Talk Mogadishu (recipient of the Silver Chris Award as overall best entry in the Social Issues division for 2004), Cosmic Current (recipient of the Canada Award at the 2004 Gemini Awards) and Call it Karma (recipient of the Best Adventure Film Award at the 2004 Whistler Film Festival).

Developing innovative new programming: The winning productions of VisionTV's Cultural Diversity Drama Competition (Kink in My Hair, St. Jamestown and Hotel Babylon ). Winning prestigious industry awards: The network has received numerous honours, including three Gabriel certificates, the Canadian Women in Communications Employer of the Year citation and an Award of Honour from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation. Our talented in-house production team has twice earned Gemini Awards for its work on current affairs programming.

VisionTV facts  
VisionTV facts  

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