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Sophie Munns is enamoured by seeds. Her arts prac�ce is a series of encounters in bio-cultural diversity that has taken her on a journey across countries to places like the Kew Gardens Millennium Seedbank in West Sussex and the Cairns Botanic Gardens in far north Queensland, Australia. taking up residencies in Universi�es and public garden studios to conduc�ng workshops in schools and opening pop-up spaces, Sophie has made a record number of moves, 36 in fact. Irrespec�ve of locale or country, the con�nuity in Sophie’s prac�ce is the homage she pays to the humble seed. Sophie views all her ac�vi�es as rich in opportunity for cross-pollina�on with individuals and ventures around seeds, plant science and community. It all started in her childhood on the Clarence River where Sophie would collect black bean seed pods, a species valued by Indigenous cultures. From 2004 onwards these started to manifest in her pain�ngs and by 2005 she was being drawn into the realm of climate change and food security, as explained by Sophie – “Large scale paradigm shi�s were drawing my a�en�on. A mysterious seedpod mo�f, seemingly unconnected to things that ma�ered, was oddly compelling but a mute symbol in pain�ngs coming from my studio at that �me.” In 2007, when Sophie relocated from a coal city to the sunnier climes of the sub-tropics, she excitedly discovered that “pods fell from trees everywhere one walked and long-persistent ques�ons graduated into the idea of an allencompassing response exploring seeds”.

Sophie’s Brisbane Studio today.

Living in her new city of Brisbane, Sophie a�ended volunteering sessions at the Seed Lab set up by the Millennium Seedbank Program at Brisbane Botanic Gardens. From this, she formulated a project ‘Homage to the Seed’ and was later selected for the 2010 Brisbane Botanic Gardens Ar�st-in-Residence Program. Sophie also explains how her “modest book published about the Mt Coot-tha residency” was sent to Kew’s Seed facility which resulted in an October, 2011 Residency there. Eco-Fashion Rising


eARTh emag Issue 3 Eco-Fashion Rising February 2014  

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