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Essential Tips When Developing Your Fitness Plan

How many calories should I eat a day

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If you are into sports, it is imperative for you to remain fit so that you can perform optimally in your various sporting activities. In order to stay fit, you have to follow the right diet and exercise program. Taking the right quantity and quality of food will guarantee that you will have sufficient energy and nutrients to replenish the energy you expend from working out or playing sports. A balanced exercise plan will also enhance your endurance, strength, agility, and resilience to repetitive stress injuries.

When developing your personal fitness program, you have to get evaluate your fitness level beforehand. This includes but not limited to your body mass index, waist circumference, and cardiac rate. These factors will serve as your benchmark so you can keep track of your progress. When coming up with your exercise program, you need to establish specific and realistic objectives.

It is suggested that you spend 300 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic

How many calories should I eat a day

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workout in a week, or 150 minutes if you wish to do more vigorous routines. Going to the gym to do resistance training at least twice a week will also help you achieve your fitness goals faster. It would be to your benefit to include different activities so you won’t get bored with the program. Avoid overdoing your exercise routines as well as this can only prevent you from achieving your fitness goals the soonest.

Working out without adhering to the right diet will not help you achieve your targets. Being mindful of the amount of calories you take in will assist you in attaining your fitness goals. The first step in creating your diet plan is to answer this question: how many calories should I eat a day? You can't find one number that applies to all individuals though. In fact, how many calories should I eat daily is not the same as your caloric requirements. The reason for this is that our metabolism and energy expenditure patterns are also different.

While scouring the Web for the answer on how many calories should I eat a day, you probably came across a number of health and fitness websites.

How many calories should I eat a day

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These calculators will take into account your BMI, activity level, and fitness objective to figure out the amount of calories you need to consume.

However, you should not stop at simply asking "how many calories should I eat daily." You also need to be familiar of which foodstuffs to eat more of, and which ones to eliminate in your diet. Dieticians are one in saying that you need to introduce more fiber in your diet by taking in fruits, veggies, and whole grains, and avoid those that have high glycemic index or prepared with saturated oils.

How many calories should I eat a day

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Pointers When Creating Your Personal Diet And Exercise Program