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Coldy SoCk’S And the three killer dogS

one greAt dAy in the Summer holidAyS At o’bottom world Coldy SoCkS wAS out for A Adventure to find All AnimAlS in the world inCluding Cute deArS And fierCe CArnivorouS doggieS And All viCiouS CreAtureS.

AS She found A beAutiful houSe in the foreSt She wondered whAt wAS inSide thiS glAmorouS houSe. AutomAtiCAlly the door opened .Suddenly the floor boArd CreAked She wAS very nervouS She SAw there wAS 3 bowlS on the tAble So She went to See whAt wAS inSide juSt AS She wAS wAlking up to it her tummy StArted to rumble She looked in the bowl And She SAw Some porridge with red dye And Ate A bit beCAuSe She wAS So hungry but She

did not enjoy it So She took A Spoon full of the medium porridge but She thought it wAS too red So She took A Spoon full of the SmAll porridge And She loved it And SCoffed it All down in one mouthful.

She felt So SiCk So She hAd to hAve A Sit down So She looked Around And She Spotted three ChAirS one SmAll one medium And one giAnt ChAir AS She ApproAChed the firSt giAnt ChAir She thought it wAS to

rAgged And She jumped on to the SeCond medium ChAir She thought it wAS to itChy So She leAped onto the third SmAll ChAir She loved it but robin hood wAS At tArget prACtiCe thAt dAy And Shot through the window And deStroyed the leg of the ChAir SnAp She hAd SuCh A fright She thought it wAS her giAnt boozhAme’S.

juSt then She felt reAlly SiCk And tired So She

Shuffled up StAirS to Sleep And found three bedS one SmAll one medium And one gigAntiC So She SAt on the big one but it wAS So SCrAtChy So She leAped to the SeCond medium bed but it wAS too hArd So She looked At the lASt SmAll one And She wAS So tired She done A huge leAp And lAnded in the lASt bed She loved And She went StrAit to Sleep. hourS lAter She wAS Still Sleeping then She heArd A Creek So She juSt ignored the StrAnge noiSe

And went bACk to Sleep Suddenly the door opened. And She SAw thAt there wAS Some doggieS. So She CAme to Stroke them And they SnArled So She jumped bACk And StArted to do Some kArAte moveS. but AS She wAS doing So She fell bACkwArdS And She never even notiCed there wAS A window behind her. Coldy SoCkS CrACked her neCk And died And She did not live hAppily ever After. but the doggieS did. eventuAlly the bAby dog

got hiS SCholArShip And mummy dog got A job AS A floriSt. dAddy dog got A job AS A lumberjACk.

the end

coldy sock's and the three killer dogs  

funny and intresting and a bit short

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