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HOW TO PRAY WHILE WE WORK Zhitomir, Ukraine — July 4 – July 20, 2013 “We can do more than pray—but until we pray, we cannot do more!” This team and the person who asked you to pray are counting on you to pray daily for effective evangelism through this mission team in Zhitomir. It will be an unusual ministry since most MGI teams work in churches. This team is helping a new church that does not have a building, so we will rent a secondary school, hold opening and closing sessions in the school auditorium, and teach in classrooms. Working in a school takes an extra measure of wisdom and spiritual grace. When you pray for us – remember that Ukraine is 8 hours ahead of Central Standard Time. So, when you go to bed – we will be beginning the next day of ministry. Please pray for us at bedtime and again the next morning. We believe God hears your prayers and that the success of this evangelism is greatly increased by your prayers. We cannot do this alone. We depend on you to pray for the specific details listed on the schedule below.

July 4, Thursday

Travel Day. We fly from our home cities and all night to Europe. Pray for on-time flights and correct transfer of bags. Many team members will meet for the first time. Pray that a team spirit and a sense of single focus will quickly emerge.

July 5, Friday

Allison, Kyle, Michael, and Jan are coming in by train from an event in Donetsk. Brad and Lory, Stephanie, Meagan, Wenna, Kimberly, Nate and Allegra, Linda, James, David and Sarah, Grant, and Sharon are coming in on a van from Kiev Borispol Airport. We will all move into a wonderful mission house where we will sleep and eat breakfast for the next two weeks. Pray for living and eating situation adjustments to be made quickly and easily. Ask God to give us joy and unity.

July 6, Saturday

We will have all day registration at School #16 where the event will be held. We will register students from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. We expect an overwhelming number of students to register. Many speak little English. Pray for an atmosphere of anticipation and trust. Pray for clear weather. July temperatures are normally from 80 to 90 degrees. Pray for us as we work without air conditioning.

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The church sponsoring this evangelism event is a new church that meets in a culture hall. Most members are young people who really want to reach their city with the message of Christ. Pray that our team will become part of the church family. Pray for the presence and power of the Holy Spirit as we worship today.

July 7, Sunday

Afternoon registration from 2 - 5 p.m.: Ask God to bring empty, searching people to register for the event. July 8 - 12, Monday-Friday

We will teach four separate two-hour English classes every day. We will work from devotional time at 7 a.m. until the end of the evening class at 9 p.m. before going to bed around 11 p.m. Ask God to give us supernatural rest and energy.


Ask God to give us immediate love for and rapport with the students. Some classes will be huge. Ask God to give the teachers His authority and help them give each student individual attention like Jesus gave.


Pray that the lessons will be interesting and effective. Pray that the students will start to enjoy class and never miss a day. Pray that we will have wisdom to know how to reach out to those students who are skeptical, with the love of Christ.


Pray for a real bond of trust to begin between students and teachers. We need God’s special hand of blessing as we begin to share Christ’s love. Pray for Lory, Linda, James, Nate, David, and Sarah, who are first time MGI teachers.


Music and singing become a vital part of the event. Ask God to create joy, freedom, and a sense of wholesome pleasure as we teach “Mighty to Save” and “I Will Follow You” today.


Classes continue each day. We will begin to share our love for Jesus with our students. Pray for confidence and discernment. Ask God to give us strength and health to finish the week.

July 13, Saturday

Morning will be free for personal time and rest. The preparation for the coming week begins with evangelism in view. Afternoon – time to see this beautiful city, and then come back to the mission house for supper to write personal notes in the New Testaments that we will give the students on Monday. Ask God to give us joy as we work. How To Pray While We Work (page 2 of 4)

Morning worship with the church at the Culture Hall. Please pray that God will renew us. Ask God to give every one of us a clean heart and love and patience with each other as we begin evangelism. Ask for perfect unity.

July 14, Sunday

Evangelism begins this evening in Zhitomir in the Culture Hall where the church meets. During the time that you are in Bible study and church in America this morning, pray for God to work in our students’ lives. Pray that they will listen with all of their hearts to the message. July 15 - 17, Monday -Wednesday

Classes continue each day with a clear, bold evangelistic sermon at the end of each class time. Pray that Evangelist Michael Gott will speak with anointing. Pray that our interpreter will be strong physically and spiritually. Pray that God will use every word that they both speak.


Focus on praying for health and stamina for the entire team. Ask God for the presence of Christ in each class gathering. Ask God to give each teacher compassion and discernment.


When classes are large, building a bridge of friendship into the life of each student is the special challenge. Ask God to use us. Today, Michael will explain that Christ took our/their place on the cross! Pray for broken, repentant hearts.


July 18, Thursday

Renew your passion to pray for the English language evangelism event. Pray that the students in all four sessions will listen with their hearts, and that they will turn to Christ in life-changing faith. Pray that the Holy Spirit will fill the school. Final day – graduation and the opportunity for students to register their commitments to Christ on decision cards. We say farewell to the students. Decision cards are processed, and follow-up sessions begin immediately. This young church will take as many of our students to camp for a week as possible. They will bring the first group home and take another group. There will also be follow-up sessions that begin in September. This young church fully intends to share Christ’s love with every man, woman, boy, and girl in the city. They emphasize Bible study and worship. Ask God to bless their bold witness.

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July 19, Friday

Allison, Sharon, Larry, Sonia, Michael, Jan, Ksusha, and Igor will travel by van all night to Lviv to begin another evangelism event there on Saturday. Brad and Lory, Stephanie, Meagan, Kimberly, Wenna, Nate and Allegra, Kyle, Linda, James, Grant, and David and Sarah will all go to Kiev for a final night. Pray for safe travel for all of these weary people. Ask God to renew their bodies and spirits as they travel.

July 20-24, Saturday-Wednesday

Saturday they will take early morning flights from Kiev airport through Europe westward for arrival in home cities. Meet your friends who were on the team. Thank God for the victories and hear the supernatural results of your prayer support. God honors prayer, and you had a part in every victory! Pray again for the church members who will follow-up the students who said yes to Christ and those who said no. Pray that the seeds that were planted will grow in every heart and life. Ask God to give the follow-up team perseverance and favor. Pray that God and God alone will be praised for the increase. Pray for Michael and Jan Gott and their international evangelistic ministry. Pray for health and strength, supernatural finances, and invitations to places of greatest opportunity. Pray about going with us in September. We need more workers in the field.

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Prayer Guide - Zhitomir, Ukraine  
Prayer Guide - Zhitomir, Ukraine