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Day 1 - June 6 Read Genesis 45:1-11. Did you know that Joseph was only 17 when he had his first dreams? Did you realize he had become the second most powerful person in the world by the age of 30? Though God showed him through his dreams that he would be used by him, he surely could not have imagined being in the position he was in. In his position, Joseph had the ability to save many people, something he recognized was God’s plan all along (v.7-8). Lord, I cannot begin to imagine the ways in which God will use me. Please prepare me, especially for tough times ahead. Prayer Focus: Pray for the Nation of Canada, led by Prime

Minister, Stephen Harper.

Day 2 - June 7 Read Exodus 2:1-10. Do you think Miriam, Moses’ big sister, was playing a crucial role in God’s plan to save his people? God used Miriam to protect Moses, which led to him being brought up in Pharaoh's palace. Moses had been saved and was educated in the ways of the palace - something that would be important decades later. Miriam may have felt as though her part was insignificant, but God's plan depended on it. When we think of how God might use us, we need to be ready to do anything he asks of us, no matter how small. Lord, I do not always see how I fit into your plans, but I know that you have a purpose for me. Prayer Focus: Pray for the Johnson Family (Jason, Karla, Tori, Tess, and Annie) who are serving on the mission field in Canada.

Day 3 - June 8 Read Deuteronomy 34:1-12. This account of Moses' death mentions Joshua, his successor. Prior to this point, Joshua was described as Moses' "young assistant" (Ex. 33:11; Num. 11:28). Now he was the big dog! Could you imagine what it would be like to follow after Moses, a spiritual hero? Joshua knew that God was with him and he had been prepared well for what is to come. This is what God said to Joshua as he began: "Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." Thank you that I know I can rely on your promise to be with me wherever I go. Prayer Focus: Pray for the province of Saskatchewan, led by Lieutenant Governor Vaughn Solomon Schofield. Day 4 - June 9 Read Joshua 6:22-25 Jericho was crucial to the Hebrew's invasion of the promised land. It guarded the way into the south of the land and dominated the surrounding area. The Israelites would always be vulnerable unless it was destroyed. Joshua had sent two young men (v23) to be spies in the city. Based on past experiences, Joshua was prepared to send young men to carry out this critical task. He knew that age does not prevent you from doing significant things for God. Thank you Lord that you accept me for who I am, not who I will become in the future. Prayer Focus: Pray for the First Nations People living throughout Canada.

Day 5 - June 10 Read 1 Samuel 3:1-21 Samuel was a small child when his mother bought him to Eli. He was only just a boy when God spoke directly to him. He was ready to listen as soon as he was aware it was God speaking. The message God gave him was not going to be easy for him to deliver but he did what God asked of him. God can speak to us in unexpected ways as well as in ways we are expecting, we have to be ready to listen and do what is asked of us. Lord, I thank you that you speak to me in many ways - through your Word, your Spirit and your people. Make me ready to listen and obey when you do speak. Prayer Focus: Ask God to prepare you spiritually to lead others to him. Day 6 - June 11 Read 1 Samuel 17:20-50 David, the young boy who trusted in God, defeated Goliath, the enormous soldier who did not. This story reminds us that faith in God is the most significant attribute we can have. At this point in time, God has already chosen David to be the next king of Israel (ch 16). Though he was the youngest of Jesse's sons, God saw past his young age to his courage and maturity. What do you think God may be preparing for you to do in the future? What qualities might he see in you that he can use then? Lord, thank you that you are not just preparing me for the future; but that you also want me to use the gifts you have given me in your service now. Prayer Focus: Pray for specific assignment on this trip. Ask God to use you as he sees fit.

Day 7 - June 12 Read Job 32:1-10 Job had it all, and then had it all taken away from him. His friends words of comfort were unhelpful and unwise. Elihu was a young man but he was so angry with Job's other friends that he felt he could no longer keep quiet. His words in verses 6-9 ring true today as much as they did then. It took a young man, who showed wisdom and maturity beyond his years, to get it right. It took courage for him to speak up, but his words show that he was right. Don’t be afraid to speak up with humility and passion when you feel people have it all wrong about God. Please give me the courage and integrity to speak up on your behalf, knowing that you will help me say what is on your heart. Prayer Focus: Pray for an open doors during the customs and immigration process as we enter into Canada and return home. Day 8 - June 13 Read Psalm 71:1-18 Amidst the troubles in his life, the psalmist is encouraged by his relationship with and trust in God that began for him as a young boy and has lasted into old age. Your relationship with God now matters! Not only for the present but as the foundation for your future. The psalmist went through tough times, but he knew he would be secure in the present and future because God had been with him in the past. Lord, even in a short space of time I can look back at times when you were faithful to me. I know you were with me then, so help me to rely on you today and tomorrow. Prayer Focus: Pray for your roommate. Ask God to use their past as an encouragement to them today and in the future.

Day 9 - June 14 Read Jeremiah 1:4-10 Jeremiah was called by God to speak the truth in a time of defeat for Israel. His message was not too popular and he suffered persecution because of it. Jeremiah was a young man when God first called him to speak on his behalf. His age was not important to God and God wanted to reassure him of this. Age does not matter. God had called him and promised to be with him - that is what matters!. That promise of God's presence is true for you too. Lord, please don't let others use my age as an excuse to keep me from serving you, and don't let me use that excuse either. Prayer Focus: Pray for Mrs. Loraine, a first nation women of great influence, who God has reached through Jason’s ministry. Day 10 - June 15 Read Luke 1:26-38 The birth of Jesus brought many surprises: born in a stable, not a palace; visited first by simple country folk rather than the religious elite; born to a virgin. One of the most surprising things of all - Mary was a young girl. It is possible that she was as young as 12 (at most she was 'only' a teenager) when the angel told her than God had chosen her to be the mother to Jesus! While we don't want to give Mary the honor that belongs to her son, Jesus, do not overlook the fact that God chose a young person to have the most honored role for a mortal human in human history. Help me to be more aware that the Holy Spirit is upon me and the power of the Most High overshadows me. Prayer Focus: Ask God to use Scarborough Baptist Church in the community of Prince Albert to spread the gospel message.

Day 11 - June 16 Read Matthew 18:1-6 Jesus' disciples were interested in status and power. They wanted to know who was the most important among them. Jesus responded by showing them a young child and said we should all be like one of them in our relationship with God. Jesus valued and honored children for their simple trust, their loving acceptance, and their humble willingness to be dependent on their parents. Why don’t we accept God like that? Help me to place value on the things you value, to be dependent on you and accept you without question. Prayer Focus: Pray for the Rosthern Youth Farm and all who will serve throughout the week with the campers who will be there. Day 12 - June 17 Read 1 Timothy 4:1-16 Timothy was a young pastor of a church. Paul, his mentor, wrote to him to give him some guidance in this task. His advice included that he should not "let anyone look down on you because you are young." Sometimes those who are older can treat those younger than themselves as inferior. Paul attitude was not that way. He saw the gifts and call God had placed on Timothy's life. He encouraged Timothy to "set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity." The young can lead the old. Help me to lead others to you by my example. Prayer Focus: Pray for the One Arrow Reservation and their leader, Chief Kirk Matchap. Ask God to use our team to open doors for the gospel message to be shared at this location.

Day 13 - June 18 Read Joel 2:28-29 Peter quoted these verses in Acts 2 on the day of Pentecost. In these verses we see that God does not set any boundaries on who he wants to use: age, gender, position in society. None of those things matter. He will use you, if you are open to him. That is what matters! Lord, speak to me. Lord, speak through me. Lord, use me - for your glory. Prayer Focus: Pray for the village of Saint Louis and its leader, Mayor Les Rancourt. Ask God to use Jason and his family to minister to the families that live here. Day 14 - June 19 Read John 4:1-26 Is there really anything significant about asking for a drink of water? It is a simple thing, isn’t it? This act expresses a need and asks for someone else's help in meeting that need. Jesus used this action to break through barriers of his day. He was a Jewish male, a rabbi, and he was speaking to a Samaritan woman. Those barriers didn’t matter to him. What mattered was he was able to meet her spiritual need. Jesus, you can still meet people's spiritual needs, but you need me to start the conversations. Give me the opportunities and the courage to take them. Prayer Focus: Pray for the town of Duck Lake and its leader, Mayor Denis Poirier, and for the Beardy’s and Okemasis Reservation and its chief, Remonda Gardipy. Ask God to continue to spread his gospel to this area through Jason and his church.

Day 15 - June 20 Read Luke 8:19-21 Jesus' mother and brothers wanted to see him; they wanted to speak with him. Jesus extended the definition of his family to include "those who hear God's word and put it into practice." Would you define a Christian, a little Christ, this way? Does this definition define your life? He wants to include as many as possible in his family. Lord, it is amazing to think that I am part of your family. Help me to hear what your Word says and put it into practice. Prayer Focus: Pray for the city of Saskatoon and Don Atchison, their mayor. Day 16 - June 21 Read Matthew 9:9-13 Have you ever eaten a meal? Jesus was doing the same and there was nothing extraordinary about that. But what was unexpected to many of his day was he was eating with people who were viewed as the worst in society. A rabbi should have nothing to do with them so the devout Jew thought. But they had it all wrong. Jesus explained that they had things upside down. These are the people who most need to hear the good news. Where do you think Jesus would be today, with them or with the popular people? Show me the parts of my life that you want to turn upside down. Give me your love for those who are rejected and neglected. Prayer Focus: Pray that God would allow you to fully embrace the culture of the people of Canada and the First Nations people. Specifically, ask God to help you to overcome your preferences and to eat foods unique to the people.

Day 17 - June 22 Read John 6:1-15 When Jesus fed the five thousand it was a significant event. It began with a young boy who was prepared to give Jesus what he had. Do you think his disciples or the young boy knew what Jesus was about to do? Probably not. Jesus saw the gift that the boy had made and knew that he could multiply those five loaves and two small fish to feed far more than five thousand people. May I never be afraid to offer you what I have, as when you take hold of apparently insignificant gifts that are offered to you, miracles happen. Prayer Focus: Ask God to go ahead of us as we go to each of our Camp Locations (Duck Lake, Saint Louis, and One Arrow). Day 18 - June 23 Read Matthew 17:24-27 Does anyone like paying taxes? Probably not, but it is something most of us do in some form or other. It may be sales tax or it may be income tax. The two-drachma tax was a tax that Jews had to pay for the upkeep of the temple. Jesus said he did not have to pay this tax since it was his father’s house. Many times he confronted the authorities, but this time he decided to pay the tax. It was not the time to stir things up. There are times when it is right to confront injustice and prejudice, and there are times when it is not appropriate. May God give me the wisdom to discern his timing and the strength of character to act when he tells me to. Prayer Focus: Pray for officials and leadership our group or the Johnson Family may encounter in Canada. Pray for open arms.

Day 19 - June 24 Read Matthew 20:20-28 Parents want the best for their children. They want to see them make the most of their life and to grow up and excel. In this passage we see a mother ask Jesus if he could save the best places in heaven for her boys. The other disciples were upset. The problem was they all had the wrong idea about status and importance. In God's kingdom, greatness is seen in humility and service, not in apparent importance and status. Do you want to be great in God's kingdom, or in your own? Your kingdom come, your will be done in my life as it is in heaven. Prayer Focus: Pray for the students and faculty of the Rosthern Junior College where our group will be staying. Day 20 - June 25 Read Matthew 21:1-11 What was significant about this donkey ride? The significance of this journey was the place he was going. Jesus was fulfilling the prophecy from Zechariah about a new sort of king for God's people - one whose kingdom was about peace on earth not rule by power. The crowds entering Jerusalem for the religious festival would have been aware of this prophecy. This would explain their excitement. The kingdom of God is where God rules. What sort of king is he to you? Jesus, rule in my life, and take control of the things about which I am ashamed. Prayer Focus: Pray for the children and their families in each of the communities we will go into throughout this trip. Ask God to bless them through our service and Jason’s ministry.

Day 21 - June 26 Read Luke 5:1-11 Has anyone ever asked you to borrow something? Simon and Andrew were not using their boat; they were washing their nets, when Jesus asked to use it. Do you think they had any idea about how this would change their lives? Jesus showed them that he was someone special with his miraculous fishing technique. Simon knew he was in the presence of someone special. Jesus can make a significant difference to your livelihood if you are prepared to let him. How would you react if he did? Use everything about me - the things that are important to me and the things I don't think you could ever use. May I be prepared to do the unexpected and expect the impossible with you. Prayer Focus: Pray for conversations you will have on this trip. Day 22 - June 27 Read Luke 4:1-4 Are you surprised Jesus was hungry after forty days fasting in the desert? He was fully human like you, and he experienced hunger, too! It is not surprising that the devil attacked him at this point. Jesus was tempted to use his power for his own needs instead of achieving God's purposes. His knowledge of God's Word helped him to resist and overcome this temptation. Don't allow me to give in when I am tempted. Remind me of your Word when I feel weak. Prayer Focus: Ask God to help you overcome language barriers that may exist between you and the people you come in contact with.

Day 23 - June 28 Read Luke 11:1-12 Rabbis would teach their followers a sample prayer that they could use. John the Baptist had apparently done the same. Jesus also gave his disciples a prayer and a pattern that could shape their prayers. God is glad to answer our prayers. Sometimes we make prayer too complicated. Other times we do not pray because we do not see the power prayer can have. Lord, teach me to pray. Prayer Focus: Pray for the town of Rosthern and their mayor, Dennis Helmuth. Pray for the Johnson Family and their continued influence and favor in this community where they live. Day 24 - June 29 Read Luke 12:54-56 Throughout history people have been observing the sky and making weather predictions. In Jesus’ day in Palestine they were able to predict whether it was going to rain or not depending on the wind. Just like looking to the sky and wind to understand and predict the weather, Jesus wanted the people to look at Him and see that He is God's Chosen One. He is not asking us to try and predict his return or to focus great energy on matching world events to the book of Revelation. He wants us to look at our surroundings and try to see Him at work. What is He doing in your life? Show me what you are doing in my life, and what you are planning. Help me to see you for who you really are. Prayer Focus: Pray for Pastor Gerry Wortman and his family. Ask for God’s continued use of them to reach the First Nations.

Day 25 - June 30 Read John 2:1-11 Weddings have happened all over the world, including in First Century Israel. For the Jews, the wedding meal was the high point of the whole event. Failing to provide sufficient wine for the event would mean public humiliation for the groom. Jesus turning water to wine was not insignificant. But in the context of his mission to save the world, sorting out someone's mistake seems rather trivial. However, Jesus is interested in the details of our lives as well as the big things. Celebrating God, help me to live life in all its fullness. Thank you that you do not consider any part of my life to be insignificant, and that you can transform even my failure. Prayer Focus: Pray for all who will be at Scarborough Baptist Church next Sunday for worship. Day 26 - July 1 Read Mark 5:24-33 Have you ever been in a large crowd that is on the move? You are carried along by the flow of the crowd. You bump into other people, and they bump into you. This type of crowd bumped into Jesus and his disciples, but Jesus noticed when someone touched his cloak. The difference with this touch was that it was accompanied by faith. Although we don't have miraculous powers, as believers we are filled with the Spirit of Christ. As I 'bump' into people throughout my daily life make me aware that some will have needs that they want you to meet, and that you may use me to meet those needs. Prayer Focus: Pray for all who will attend Concert at Youth Farm next Monday.

Day 27 - July 2 Read Luke 9:46-50 Earlier we saw how Matthew records this event when we looked at greatness and humility. Luke points out that the disciples were also confused about who was allowed to do things in Jesus' name They thought they had exclusive rights to use his name. Jesus' name carries authority with it. If we act in Jesus' name, it means that we are doing it on his behalf. What are you doing on his behalf? What does he want you to do? Lord, I am reassured by your promises that you will be with me and will equip me to do the things you ask me to do. Prayer Focus: Pray for all who will attend the Block Party next Tuesday at One Arrow. Day 28 - July 3 Read John 13:1-17 If you walk around all day in sandals or bare feet, your feet are filthy and probably do not smell too good by the end of the day. There was a tradition in Jewish culture that dinner guests would have their feet washed. It was a job usually reserved for slaves and servants. What is unusual here is that Jesus, the guest of honor, did this menial task. His act of washing his disciples' feet reminds us that we are called to serve. The fact that he washed the feet of both his betrayer and one who would disown him shows us that we are called to serve everyone. Show me whose feet you would have me wash, and let me never be too proud to serve others. Prayer Focus: Pray for all who will attend Block Party next Wednesday at Saint Louis. Ask God’s protection over those driving the equipment to Canada, they will begin their travel today.

Day 29 - July 4 Read Luke 2:22-42 Jesus went through rites of passage like any other Jewish boy. He was presented at the temple, and twelve years later was able to join in the pilgrimage to the temple, after his Bar mitzvah. Jesus used these routine events to point to his identity. Possibly the most significant verses in this chapter are verse 40 and verse 52. Jesus grew physically, emotionally and in intelligence, but most significantly "the grace of God was upon him" and he grew "in favor with God..." Lord, may I know your grace upon me and grow in favor with you. Prayer Focus: Pray for all who will attend Block Party next Thursday at Duck Lake. Day 30 - July 5 Read John 21:1-14 John tells us that there were 153 fish. John was well aware of Jesus’ unusual fishing technique. By the time the rest of the disciples had followed Peter to the shore, they saw that Jesus had already prepared breakfast. This simple act of hospitality was profound. Jesus knew his friends would be hungry after a night of fishing and cooked a meal for them. What is significant is that this was the third time he had appeared to his disciples, confirming to them that he really had been resurrected. Jesus, may I see you in thoughtful acts of kindness, find you waiting for me wherever I go, and never forget that you are the Risen One. Prayer Focus: Pray for the iGo Mission Team. Ask God to Ask for health and safety for all.

prepare all going on trip.

Day 31- July 6 Read Psalm 139. Every Christian starts at the same place. Every missionary starts at the same place, too. Do you remember your starting place? Maybe it was when you were much younger; maybe it was not too long ago. It is that time when you realized the story of Jesus was not fiction but was real. You experienced his love personally. You understood you were a sinner and that God sent Jesus to save you. Do you remember how that felt? Be thankful for your starting place, but don’t set up camp. Now go out and be used by God to help others find that same starting point. Thank You God for meeting me at that starting point. Help me to share the love you show me first with others who are searching to find it too! Prayer Focus: Ask God to be over all aspects of our travel. Pray that group would arrive safely and prepared to minister on the mission field.

Parts adapted from: Thirty Days of Prayerful Preparation, written by Nick Lear and published by the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Not Just - A Student Devotional Guide, published by International World Changers.

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