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IBM •000-019 IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition V3.8 Implementation

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Questions & Answers: 10

Question: 1 In a customer network with the NOC network, three private address spaces behind static Network Address Translation gateways, and four overlapping VPN address spaces, how many installations are required? A. 1 B. 2 C. 5 D. 8

Answer: C

Question: 2 Which three databases are supported for storing the topology database within IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition? (Choose three.) A. DB2 8.2 B. Oracle 10g C. MySQL 4.0 D. MySQL 5.0 E. MSSQL 2000 F. PostgreSQL 8.3

Answer: A, B, D

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Question: 3 What is indicated by NmosManagedStatus value of 2 within an OMNIbus event record? A. Managed B. Inoperative C. User unmanaged D. System unmanaged

Answer: D

Question: 4 What is the correct line to add to to add a device menu item? A. = <menu-id> B. = <menu-id> C. = <menu-id> D. = <menu-id>

Answer: A

Question: 5 Which script is used to create the Netcool Common Information Model database for Oracle? A. create B. create C. create_oracle_database.sql D. create _database_oracle.sql

Answer: C

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Question: 6 Which item is used to add the ExtraInfo? m_IfDescr topology attribute to the IfDescr OMNIbus event field? A. @IfDescr = ' m_IfDescr' B. @IfDescr = " &ExtraInfo? m_IfDescr" C. IfDescr = "eval(text, ' ExtraInfo? m_IfDescr')" D. IfDescr = "eval(text, ' &ExtraInfo? m_IfDescr')"

Answer: D

Question: 7 Which three items can be defined when creating a new poll policy in the Poll Policy Editor? (Choose three.) A. Interval B. Severity C. Event ID D. Poll Timeout E. Poll Enabled F. Poller Instance

Answer: A, E, F

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Question: 8 What does the 'ncp_df_collector' command do? A. enables IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition to communicate with the collectors using XMLRPC B. retrieves local neighbor and entity and associates address data for each of the devices on the collector C. retrieves basic information about the devices on the collector, including sysObjectId, sysDescr, and naming data D. reads the collector host seeds from a Seed table in the collectorFinder database, then queries the collectors specified in this table to get a list of devices managed by the EMS associated with each collector

Answer: D

Question: 9 How is regularly automated rediscovery of Network Address Translation (NAT) Gateways controlled? A. via NATTimer.stch B. via FullDiscovery.stch C. via RefreshSubnets.stch D. via NATGatewayRetProcessing.stch

Answer: A

Question: 10 Which definition of a DbEntityDetails.cfg dbModel.entityDetails table will associate a new attribute customerName to Netcool Common Information Model entities in IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition? A. customerName = "eval(' ExtraInfo?m_CustomerName')" B. customerName = "eval(text, ' ExtraInfo?m_CustomerName')" C. customerName= "eval('LOOKUP(`ExtraInfo?m_CustomerName)')" D. customerName = "LOOKUP(text, ' ExtraInfo?m_CustomerName')"

Answer: B

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IBM â&#x20AC;˘000-019 IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition V3.8 Implementation

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