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Cambodia Results Sihanoukville, Cambodia 2013

Port Statistics More than 3,000 Christian books were sold Over 30,000 Gospel tracts were given to visitors.

NEW Pre-Ship training group I joined the ship with.

Total Visitors 32,198 Conference Attendance 1,564 Books Sold 9,145

Market in Cambodia

A few days before departure from Cambodia I received the good news that I am working in the BOOK FAIR department on the ship. Adjusting to the ship and my new home ,new people has been challenging at time, sometimes working till midnight 12pm -1am restocking the books and preparing for the next day, after seeing thousands of people everyday has been challenging to keep smiling the following day, but I find strength in Gods presence .... I've also had days of great joy and excitement know God is with me and remains faithful........

THAILAND Bangkok Next we departed for Bangkok, about 24 hours journey away with the ship, my first voyage WOW its an exciting Experience, but also interesting and will take some time to get use to the movements and different sounds when sleeping and ( SAILING )....... PRAY for THAILAND “The Land of Smiles� a) The political upheaval of 2006-2008 revealed deep fault lines among various political parties, the military and the royalty. Protests brought the country to a standstill. b) The violent insurgency in the southern areas near Malaysia has claimed thousands of lives. It is a result of some discrimination against the predominantly Malay Muslim minority and the radicalization of the same.

PRAY for THAILAND The extensive sex trade, focused in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Hat Yai, is profoundly embedded in Thai society. Millions derive income from this “industry”. Estimates – none of which can be verified – range up to 2.8 million who engage in sex work. Some claim 10% of all tourist money is spent on the sex industry. PRAY FOR - The girls involved, Those who profit from the trade,

Many wonderful things has happened in Thailand, I met 2 ladies and took them on a tour around the ship and asked if they go to a church in Bangkok they replied no, their Buddhist so I told them more about Jesus Christ in depth and I will remain to be in contact with them- we can pray for God to be at work in their hearts...

I work 5 days a week and one day that's focused on connecting with the people or outreach and one off day to rest, but everyday working in the BOOK Fair I have the opportunity to reach people for Jesus... On one of my C DAYS ( connect days ) we help finish a building project, it was in a poor rural community area, the (house) of the family had burned down and a missionary was helping to rebuild a proper house that the family could call home.... Our help was greatly appreciated, but the true missionary in the story is not me but the faithful man and his wife that has been working with the people and family for months now, I could see the scars and marks on the man of how hard work and endless commitment motivated by love moved his heart to follow Jesus in helping the family... On another C DAY, we were ask to go to a bible college and speak to the students, we made some good friends and they came to visit the ship the following day, but what really encouraged me was the Overseer, Leader of the college as he told us how at a young age he practiced Buddhism and at the age of 16 he became very ill and could not walk and stayed in hospital for one year, during that time God started working in his life, the hospital was a missionary hospital, he recalls how the missionaries treated him with kindness and cared for him, he started reading the bible and God healed him, but the real change happed when he had to pay a large amount for all the medical fees that he would never be able to repay, to his surprise one of the missionaries came to him and told him he can go the price has been paid for him, he experienced the LOVE and power of God in a real way....... The story still goes on, going back to his family he tried to help them understand about Gods great love and desire to see his family come to Jesus the only Way, for many years he prayed and prayed and nothing happed, until 10 years later his youngest brother came to faith and went back home to tell the family, God did a great work and his whole family came to faith....

Thailand very large crowd of visitors to the ship....

WHATS NEXT The ship will departure from Bangkok to our next country HONG KONG, once there for the first few weeks the ship will be open for the public, but will remain there for some time undergoing repair work, during the repair work I will be sent with 3 other people on challenge teamPrayer requests: mission trip for ONE month to Myanmar, •That God will help me to keep its a country next to Thailand.Please pray with my focus on His plan me for the mission trip. •God’s protection and guidance wherever I may go.

I would just like to thank all of those who have been praying for me and remaining committed to the Kingdom of God. I really appreciate all the support....

Praise Points -For the thousands of people I met, and visited the ship.

-God is the God of the living and not the died.... For the people who came to faith in Jesus.

Volunteers helped us from Bangkok

•For God to strengthen me, and give me constant hope, and to remain in God’s love. •For the people’s salvation and that they will be discipled. •For God to be at work in the hearts and lives of the broken and lost. • For healing and restoration of individuals and families through Jesus Christ. •God’s provision financially.



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Simeon totius (om) march news 2013  
Simeon totius (om) march news 2013  

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