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Dear Praying friends: Many mainstream Churches will be celebrating Pentecost in a few days’ time. Almost 2000 years ago a promise passed down to us by the prophets of old; was fulfilled. The Holy Spirit visited the reborn people of God and it brought unexpected results! These same reborn Christians became empowered to turn the world upside down – or should we say the right side up. Within months thousands upon thousands came to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Within a few years the Good News of Jesus had travelled around the entire ancient world. It has been told to us in scripture that God’s Holy Spirit is like a river… ever filling those who are willing to open their hearts to Him. If ever we needed the Holy Spirit as the Bride of Christ it is now. If ever the world needed a bold witness it is now. If ever we needed the world to be turned the right side up… it is now. So, we pray, come Holy Spirit, sweet dove of God – fill our hearts and our lives. As Jesus promised, and He cannot lie; so we may be your witnesses in our homes, communities, cities, nations and to the ends of the earth. Amen.

PRAYER REQUESTS EAR2HEAR MINISTRIES RESOURCES  HOPE BOX o Please pray for the Lord’s help and provision so we can increase our quota of Boxes. There are many requests coming in for Hope Boxes and currently we cannot meet those requests. Please pray for a miracle.

 BIBLES o Our Bible supply has diminished significantly. While we are able to supply multimedia Bibles in many languages, we are struggling to procure enough printed Bibles to meet demand. Please pray for more Bibles.  TRACTS o Our allotment of Gospels of John tracts in 14 languages is still stuck in Ireland. Please pray for the delivery of these tracts. o EAR2HEAR plans to print its own English Gospel of Mark and Gospel of John tracts on a large scale. Please pray that the Lord would open doors for us to accomplish this.  THE REFRESHING MAGAZINE o Please praise God with us for the successful publishing of our annual magazine. Pray that the magazine will reach many more people now as we share it with those who want to know more about the Kingdom. Currently more than 12000 people have been reached with the magazine.  DVDs & CDs o We are currently producing a new interface for our leaders DVDs. Please pray that we get this done. Each language we are making use of will have its own interface and there are over 100 languages. o Please pray for the provision and productions of DVDs and CDs. We have hundreds of discs to produce before the end of June 2018 and for unexplained reasons, our fully functional duplicator refuses to work properly at critical times. DISCIPLESHIP  ORGANIC GROUPS o Please pray for the ongoing growth of our Organic Groups. Pray that the Lord would help us to grow this network effectively. This includes venues, leaders and people who will work effectively with us. Pray for current Organic groups to flourish at this time.  BUILDING BLOCKS o We need to host our next Building Blocks short workshop soon. However we need your prayers so that we can secure the venue, speakers and delegates who are hungry for the truth to grow thereby. o We are developing a number of teachings/workshops with regards to Kingdom living, Leadership, evangelism and Sonship. Please pray for the completion thereof.  VOLUNTEER DEVELOPMENT o We are hoping to rebuild our volunteer base - by equipping people for Kingdom work in their communities. Please pray the Lord would send us willing, faithful people for the Harvest.  EXHIBITIONS o Tuks Missions Week (July 2018) - EAR2HEAR is planning to exhibit at this event. We are hoping to have an impact on many young lives. Please pray the Lord give us an effective strategy and provision for exhibiting as it is very expensive.

o FEBA Radio Exhibition (June 2018) - EAR2HEAR is planning to exhibit at this event. We were invited with very short notice so we need to make quick work of the preparations. Please pray for this as we are completely unprepared for this. Please pray the Lord give us an effective strategy and provision for exhibiting as it is very expensive. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT  CONFERENCES & SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS o Ignite Africa Conference 2018 - EAR2HEAR will be providing various resources for this conference. Please pray resources will arrive at the right place and time. o Missions Conference in Mabopane with Ps Isaac Modise. EAR2HEAR will be providing various resources for this conference. We will also be speaking at this event. o Palm Tree Leadership Forum – EAR2HEAR will be speaking at the launch of their branch near Brits / Pretoria.  NEW CONTACTS o Joy Unspeakable - EAR2HEAR has come in contact with this leadership camp a few times and we are looking to the Lord to lead us forward and show us where to go with them. Our meeting with them is more than coincidental. o Other Leadership Forums - EAR2HEAR has been invited to address various leaders’ forums in Pretoria. Please pray for the doors to be opened to us by the Lord. Please pray for more opportunities with leaders this year.

EAR2HEAR NETWORK  ECO-MINISTRY o Please pray for Mike and Natasha Lotter, along with their family as they reach the unreached peoples in game farms and wild life sanctuaries. Pray for the many disciples that have come to know Christ. Pray that these disciples would multiply.  TUKS MISSIONS SOCIETY o Pray for the TUKS MISSIONS WEEK which is held each year at the end of July. This is an important event for students to hear about the mission world and it inspires them to find their calling.  PALM TREE LEADERSHIP FORUM o Please pray for Johanna Bopape and team. This organisation is expanding to reach more leaders throughout South Africa. The second branch will be launched at the beginning of June. Please pray for the event that we might find favour with the Lord, so that they might effectively reach all the leaders in the areas of the branches.  COLOURS OF DAY INDIA o Please pray for Raj and Louise Ambati as they face very difficult circumstances in India. They are in constant danger and persecution is on their doorstep! They need provision to help fellow Christians in the area who are suffering for their

faith as new disciples. They need wisdom, protection and power from the Holy Spirit to continue the work they are doing. o Please pray for South African missionaries who are meant to join them in June / July 2018.

EAR2HEAR CARE  DRUG REHABILITATION o Please pray with us as we are building up contacts for drug rehabilitation. Currently we have started discussion with 2 significant groups who do amazing work with people. We long to see addictions healed in Jesus name.  VALUABLE TO JESUS o We praise God for a successful outreach to 1800 students in May. o Please pray for more open doors at schools. o Pray for more training opportunities to take Valuable to Jesus to the nations. Currently, people have been trained from several other nations in East Africa and Europe.  REFILWE ORPHAN CARE o We are very concerned for our friends at Refilwe Orphan Care. They are struggling to get their feet off the ground and need your prayers. Please also pray for EAR2HEAR that we can intervene in the right way, with the right contacts and resources. The situation is very grim.  JUDITH MAHLANGU o We are happy for our relationship with Judith. She is such a blessing to her community and EAR2HEAR. Please pray for her as the Lord establishes her. We are always happy to work with people such as her as she has an amazing testimony! Pray for open doors for Judith to work even closer with us.  WINTER PROJECTS o Please pray for the provision of clothes, foods and blankets that we can share with needy families. 2018 is proving to be a tough year economically, and it is also going to be a very cold year.

EAR2HEAR PRAY  PRAYER SUPPORT o For more than a decade we have had the privilege of praying together with some of the most amazing prayer warriors. Without their faithful prayers, it would have been so much more challenging for us to do the work we do. o Please pray for more people to join with us in prayer, as faithful, committed, prayer partners. Thank you for your love and prayer support for us; Happy Praying!

EAR2HEAR: Friday Pray & fast 18 may 2018  

Official Prayer list for EAR2HEAR PRAY

EAR2HEAR: Friday Pray & fast 18 may 2018  

Official Prayer list for EAR2HEAR PRAY