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Resources for the love of God, the love of people and the love of the Gospel!

Jesus is the head of this Ministry. We are a small group volunteers longing to see people in a relationship with Jesus. We come from various backgrounds and we often have differing beliefs. Yet in all our differences the team of volunteers all have one thing in common:

We have a passionate love for God and love for people and the Gospel! This maxim is the core of who we are and what we do. The love for Jesus Christ and our fellow man compels us to labour and lay our lives down for others. We long to see the Kingdom of Heaven grow with people.

People are the treasure of heaven! And Jesus is our Treasure Keeper... So what does EAR2HEAR MINISTRIES do? We are a ministry that strives to provide people with truthful and affordable discipleship resources. Whether it is a Bible, Bible studies, Discipleship courses or Magazines and booklets. We also assist new or struggling ministries by providing them with resources and opportunities to market themselves in a very dynamic world. We are in the very long process of registering as an NGO with tax exemption status. We are also managing THE EAR2HEAR NETWORK - a network started by our ministry. Our role in the network is to provide resources, develop marketing strategies for our partners, create web sites, and encourage networking opportunities. We do not own or run the partner ministries. We believe in keeping every ministry as an independent unit. We maintain our relationships by offering our help to partnering ministries in any way possible. Partnering with us does not cost a fee; however it does require involvement and contribution of services. This contribution is based on: abilities, networking contacts and skills of the partnering ministries, churches, cell groups, organizations, businesses and individuals. How We Work! We do not actively solicit money from sponsors. Everything we try to do is for free. We do however accept donations and offerings gratefully. We also like to give our resources at cost with little or no markup. Networking partners get major resource subsidies from us. In some cases networking organizations/individuals receive subsidies of 100% after due consideration, prayer and consultation with them. If you have further questions please contact us.

WHAT IS NETWORKING Networking provides Ministries, Churches, missionaries, cell groups, events coordinators, businesses and individuals the opportunities to effectively work together for the purpose of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many people and organizations struggle day-in and day-out to accomplish the visionary task that God has laid out for them. Not because God doesn’t want us to succeed but rather because God desires that we recognize the importance of working together .It is important to recognize our strengths and weaknesses; by doing this we find area’s that others can assist in greater work, more effectively. The Body of Christ is made up of many parts - but they are all one. If one part is missing the body is operates at a less than efficient way. Our desire is to see a more optimal Spiritual service that would see people crossing and being interconnected on all levels. THE EA2HEAR NETWORK is cross-racial, cross-cultural, crossgenerational and non-denominational. This serves to reinforce the idea that God finds diversity beautiful and he blesses it! Since inception we have seen these concepts above become a reality for us and others. Many thousands of people have been reached and loved. And for as long as God keeps doors open we will continue to work together and grow as a network.

WHAT IS EVANGELISM Evangelism is at the heart of what we do at EAR2HEAR MINISTRIES. It is what we call the THIRD major commandment that Jesus gave His disciples. (Some may also call it the “Great Commission”). Evangelism is not the same as proselytism (force conversions). Evangelism is also not the same as evangelization (Christianizing / “Churching”) the world. Evangelism is being a light to the world – a witness to our families, communities, our country and to the nations. Evangelism is when a Christian, under God’s clear leading, shares the Good News (the Gospel) with people they meet in every day life. This may include sharing about Jesus; and sharing about your own experience of God’s grace (also called your testimony) among other things. There are others, such as missionaries and evangelists that purposefully meet people for evangelism sake. Our desire is to see that evangelism be taken up by all members of the Body of Christ (the Church of Jesus) and not just by evangelists and missionaries. Remember we are the sheep - and in the Church it is sheep that produce sheep. Our experience points out again and again, that we cannot expect the Church leadership to produce sheep!

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