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AUGUST PRAYER SESSIONS Please stand together in prayer as we seek God’s face and trust Him for supernatural help and deliverance. Daily we pray for the points in each box. When and where you pray is completely up to you!

01 AUGUST 2013 - Thursday The True universal Church, made up of living, Spiritual sons and daughters of God- Pray for:  Love for each other & Unity in Jesus Christ;  Hearts for the Gospel, poor, broken, captive, orphans & widows;  A desire for the Holy Spirit, discernment & preparation of the Bride of Christ in the last days.

02 AUGUST 2013 - Friday

03 AUGUST 2013 - Saturday

The Unreached People Groups in Countries, Cities, Towns, Villages, Communities and the individual - Pray for:  The Gospel in all languages to be shared;  People without access to the to the Gospel, to have revelations of Jesus Christ through dreams and interventions of the Holy Spirit;

Missionaries, ministry teams, Church leaders, volunteers, workers - Pray for:  Wisdom, insight, strength, vision, and renewal for all who work in God’s Harvest fields;  Love, compassion, gentleness and kindness to reside in the hearts of leaders who work with God’s sheep.

04 AUGUST 2013 - Sunday

05 AUGUST 2013 - Monday

More people involved in intimate pray (communication) & making requests before God - Pray for:  Prayer teams at Churches, work, schools, universities, hospitals, state offices, corporate institutions & military;  Existing organisations focused on prayer: The Prayer Network, Jericho Walls Intl, Prayer without Borders;

World Leaders - Pray for:  Repentance in the hearts of the men and women that Govern our countries, provinces & municipal areas;  For Salvation, godliness and justice to rule in the governments of the world.  War-torn nations (Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Eritrea, Afganistan, Georgia)

06 AUGUST 2013 - Tuesday

07 AUGUST 2013 - Wednesday

Evangelism among other Faith Groups Pray for:  Opportunities for sharing with people of other Faiths, Learning to listen the Holy Spirit to say the right things;  Reach out in love and with the right attitude;  Hear people’s needs, in order to better answer deep heart issues;

Cheerful Givers - Pray for:  Christians who will give towards sharing of the Gospel, Bible translations & printing, missions, and not for building lavish Christian empires;  Cheerful giving out of the abundance of the heart;  Christians living out the “Sermon on the Mount” (See Matthew 5: 1–16)

Thank you for standing in prayer with us! Join us as we pray again during week 2 for this month’s prayer sessions. Visit: or email:

August prayer sessions 2013 week 1  

Week 1 of 31 days if intercession...