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21 August 2013—Wednesday GOOD NEWS HEARTS Pray for: • Annelize Fourie and Ronelle Roux who are continually reaching out to schools. • Special wisdom in working with children with special needs (hearing impaired, sight impaired and mentally impaired children). • Doors to open and new schools. • Volunteers to assist. • Resources and finances to carry out their mandate. VALUABLE TO JESUS CAMPAIGN Pray for: • The rural pastors trained in Gauteng, South Africa—that they will carry the project in their Communities. • Open doors at new schools to take the project. • Community involvement through prayer, support, making hearts and dolls, training, raising presenters. • Following up of the children and adolescents. • Finances for this project. • Salvation of many children out of the snatches of Satan, Abuse, pornography and trafficking.

22 August 2013—Thursday JCRIEGNS MEDIA MINISTRY Pray for: • The team who are working hard to be a light and influence in the media world. A team who will have vision, inspiration and dedication working on their side with Leading from the Holy Spirit. • Wisdom and understanding. • The magazine they publish monthly called CLAY! • Outreach opportunities and a spirit of creativity to reach young people in a media soaked society. 23 August 2013—Friday KHARE GUDE (LET US LEARN) Pray for: • Poppy Meso and team. • New students. • Open doors for the Gospel and discipleship. • Establishing of Organic groups throughout Saulsville! MEN & FAITH MINISTRY Pray for: • This ministry to be established • New Leadership Needed: for men who will be raised to take this responsibility. • Effective opportunities for outreach to men raising leaders in the home.



Pray for: Pray for: • The Van Biljon family—that their • A pastor and his family in Venda organization and farm would whose daughter needs inner continue being a light to the healing after being a victim of a farming community in the Wilger horrid crime. River Valley! • The many pastors sponsored by • Open doors for the campsite to Lighthouse Ministries Intl over the be fully used for the Glory of years, for the Churches estabGod. lished by them. • Open doors for the Gospel! • The Church in Winterveld. 25 August 2013—Sunday 27 August 2013—Tuesday PALM TREE LEADERSHIP FORUM UPBUILDING Pray for: • This new organization: for open Pray for: doors and God’s favour among • A new teaching / resource minthe youth; and open doors in istry. Government and Churches! • The resources that they will have • Leadership: to make good decian impact upon Christians sions! world-wide. JC WORDPOWER (Market place Ministry) Pray for: • Rusermie Roussouw and team who are dedicated to reaching Christians in the market place and corporate environments. • Their merchandising initiatives that they have come up with for the purpose of bringing the Gospel to white collar and blue collar workers. • Volunteers and help for the team to cope with work load.

August prayer sessions 2013 week4  
August prayer sessions 2013 week4  

Week 4's prayer requests!