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What is THE EAR2HEAR NETWORK? The network is a non-denominational structure managed by EAR2HEAR MINISTRIES. We are organized as an organic grouping of missions, ministries, churches, individuals, cell groups and businesses. The network friends / partners work tirelessly to share the love of Jesus with the purpose of impacting their families, their communities and their world! Our MAIN FOCUS is to share the Good News while at the same time we demonstrate Christ-like love in practical ways to the world. We work together, to improve our ability to reach people and to preach the Gospel. On our own we can impact the world, but we have limitations. With our resources pulled together we have a greater capacity to complete our mandate. The formation of the ear2hear Network has been exciting and formidable. Our team at EAR2HEAR MINISTRIES never imagined that it would have come so far! We strive, according to Ephesians 4 verse 3, to do our best to preserve the unity and love which Jesus gives. We believe that this unity which He gives is possible for all who have Him in their hearts and we wish to apply every effort to see it maintained. The other, more long-term unity which is spoken of in verse 13 of the same chapter, namely that “…we all come into the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God…” is something we look forward to in the future (in this life or the life to come) Today we divide our Network operations into 6 main categories namely: RESOURCES Our heart’s desire is to provide as many resources to needy Christians; especially young Christians and Christians of poorer communities. We also love to publish Bible studies and other materials to build Christians up in their most Holy Faith. We

will assist other mission groups and ministries partnering with us to improve their image and multimedia profile. The Refreshing is our official semiannual MAGAZINE. Here we report back on all network operations taking place. MINISTRIES & MISSIONS Missionaries and ministries often struggle endlessly with little or no resources, limited contacts and poor exposure. The Network is a great platform to change all those problems often experienced by these very hardworking organizations. Our desire is to help share the burden where we can. We work on a barter system of skills. We try to keep things as free as possible within the network. CELL GROUPS / ORGANIC GROUPS A network of cells groups / home groups / small house churches that have a vision for Jesus and His Kingdom. This has become an important for us as a Network. These small groups getting together are about love, intimate fellowship, discipleship and evangelism. We openly support the concept of OPEN SHARING and encourage this concept because of its biblical application. EVENTS The Network not only advertises and supports its partner’s events; but also hosts several events and conferences of its own during the year. CHURCHES Churches can also enjoy the opportunity of working within the Network. A network is a great outlet for Church members to get involved in the wider world community. BUSINESSES We strongly believe that Christians should support one another in business. We are slowly building a Christian business directory for that very purpose.

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