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18 OCTOBER 2013

Dear Friend, We live in extraordinary times. Social, economic, political and the natural spheres of life are groaning & shaking. These extraordinary times require extraordinary measures! What can be more extraordinary then to call on the Lord God Almighty in prayer! The Bride Christ Needs it! The lost in the nations need it! We on a personal level need it! A move of God to challenge the growing influence of the enemy is the only thing that can intervene. We are blessed to know that even when the enemy comes in like a flood; the Spirit of the Lord will always be 1 million steps ahead, raising the standard of the Kingdom. Let us call on God today for His supernatural intervention. Happy Praying. PRAYER REQUESTS FOR INDIVIDUAL MINISTRIES Mission - Asia 2000, Pray for: 1. Yvonne & Gretna Conradie that God would protect them and show His favour over them. They have also asked us to pray for their burden for the Philippines, particularly in provinces with a greater Muslim presence. They want to see more Good News activity among the Muslim peoples. 2. Christians in the area’s affected by earthquakes and other natural elements – so that people will be challenged in their hearts to turn to Jesus. 3. God’s provision for the many workers they support. Currently several mission workers in Cambodia and China have struggled to meet financial needs this month. 4. Mission work in Cambodia, as they have experienced heaving flooding where the waters have risen over 1.2 meters high. 5. Open doors into schools as well as the existing discipleship programs that are currently running in schools thanks to Gretna Conradie faithfulness. 6. Wisdom for Yvonne as she continually leads the work & finding a successor to carry her responsibilities which are vast. Colours of Day - India, Pray for: 1. Give thanks to God for keeping Raj and Louise Ambati safe during the devastating cyclone… Ask that God would use this time of devastation as a means to share about Jesus who has the power to calm the storms. 2. Increased support for Raj and Louise as they should not stand alone while at the “warfront” of the mission field. Ask that God will embolden them with His power, provision and favour. Ask that many will come to know Jesus!

Christ for Romania (CFR). Pray for: 1. A mighty working by God here in Romania to save the lost and build His church. 2. God's provision and care for our family. We're very grateful for what we have. God is so kind to us. Especially as this cold weather has arrived (it's currently 39 Fahrenheit) it would be a huge blessing for us to have a car. Please pray with us for God to provide this and the other things that go with having one. 3. Praise God our family is in fairly good health. Last year we were sick for about 9 month (basically the whole school year). Teaching small children really exposes us to lots of sickness. Please pray with us that God would have mercy on us this year and give us all good health. EAR2HEAR CARE – YEAR END OUTRACHES. Pray for: 1. God’s provision with humanitarian aid and open doors to share the Gospel from November to December 2013 with the under-privileged and marginalised of RSA’s society. 2. Volunteers to help. 3. Interested businesses and companies willing to get involved. 4. God to work out a strategy for this outreach. Bana Ba Kgosi Drop In Centre. Pray for The Creative day 19 October 2013: 1. A Breakthrough for the Gospel and healing for the children. 2. The possible sponsors from Nelson Mandela Children’s fund who will attend. 3. Assistance in the form of resources, volunteers and teachers. 4. Messages that they will inspire the children to look beyond their circumstances and find the help that Jesus promises to those who love Him! Vessels of Mercy. Pray for: 1. Yvonne Oosthuizen and the difficult circumstances she faces which have not yet resolved themselves. 2. Assistance financially so that her ministry can continue unaffected. 3. Opportunities for her to share the Gospel.

Kha re Gude “Let us Learn” DAWN CERONIO’S

Music Ministry Please pray for the ministries and organisations which have had a few quiet months or difficult months due to specific reasons, Pray: 1. That God would open doors for new opportunities in the areas of specialty they focus on. 2. For God’s provision and blessing upon the leaders, teams and people reached through them! 3. Renewed vision, zeal, energy, vigour for the Kingdom work they have been involved with

THE PRAYER NETWORK. Pray for: 1. A growth in prayer partners. God, answers prayer, and He is the only reason that keeps the ministries running successfully. Hence prayer is the most essential part of ministry. 2. That God would send a responsible person who can take over the vital job of managing THE PRAYER NETWORK and all levels – it is not one that pays either. This person must be full of the Holy Spirit, sensitive to the leading of God and focused on their relationship with Jesus Christ and the Word of God. They must also be excellent prayer warriors / intercessors (it’s their calling) and their people skills must be above standard. They should also be able to rally people to pray, encourage prayer teams and groups in all spheres – and have a heart for prayer ministry. Refilwe Orphan Care. Pray for: 1. Evelyn and team which work hard to feed 200 children daily. 2. Open doors with Department of social development and other sponsors for financing (including Regular food and clothing donations) 3. Extra-curricular activities that will educate and broaden opportunities for the children when they grow. 4. Opportunities for the Gospel and discipleship. 5. A new ministry liaison in Pretoria who can regularly follow-up with Refilwe. EAR2HEAR MINISTRIES 1. Projects in conjunction with the ministries and organisations, please pray for: a. Health Care Fellowship (RSA): Compassionate Care booklet, brochure and Website for RSA chapter. b. Tuks Mission Society: Website and consultations c. Good News Hearts: Website and Newsletter. d. JC Wordpower: Website, brochure and resource catalogues 2. Gospels of John in Basic English – a new project which we wish to use to bring the Good News to the many countries of Africa. More than 1 billion people live in Africa. Many cannot read. Those who can read mostly in English and not in their local mother tongue, please pray for: a. Assistance and funding for such an ambitious project. b. Multiple, Christian owned printing businesses to coordinate a bulk printing effort. c. Storage solutions, transport and distribution solutions. d. All people of God who will take these Gospels and share the Good News with as many people as they can! e. Salvation of the lost. That they may come to know King Jesus! 3. Magazine: The Refreshing – which comes out in the first week of November, please pray for: a. The editor, that God would equip her with supernatural ability and stamina for the task. b. God’s favour with our printing needs.

c. A positive response to the content with life change and eternal results. d. The magazine will be distributed and shared far and wide electronically and as hardcopies. e. Salvation of the lost. That they may come to know King Jesus! 4. BIBLES, BIBLES AND BIBLES – please pray that God would open doors for us: a. We need, new testament outreach bibles in multiple languages (new and second hand); b. Full new and old testament bibles in multiple languages (new and second hand); c. Audio bibles (in multiple languages) and solar players. THE EAR2HEAR NETWORK 1. Please pray for greater synergy, communication, involvement among the partnering ministries and organisations – in other words UNITY. 2. Open doors for us to network and link with Churches. 3. New ministries, please pray for them as they prepare to join with us a ministry partners:  Bambalela Trust (Kimberley)  Tuks Missions Society (Pretoria) Good News Hearts. Pray for: 1. Annelize Fourie & Ronelle Roux. 2. The work they do among children of special needs and elderly. 3. The facilitation they do for Valuable to Jesus training and mobilization in Gauteng & their support Child Evangelism Fellowship’s work in the greater Pretoria area through the Good News Clubs. 4. Volunteers, supporters, God’s provision and open doors in Churches and Schools in the moot area – especially open doors at Pretoria Boys High. Other Prayer matters Christians in Persecuted countries. Pray for: 1. Added Faith, comfort and strength for 300 million persecuted Christians around the world. Christians to retain their testimony no matter the pressure. 2. Humanitarian help from other believers around the world. Bringing Bibles and Christian resources into restricted areas. Those bringing the resources and bibles for safety. 3. Salvation of persecutors and their governments. Especially Bhutan, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, America, Britain, China. There are more than 40 countries where Christians are persecuted. DISCLAIMER... This is totally voluntary. It is not a forced practice to follow. Yet we appreciate the prayers of Christians for God's work. Students writing Tests, the sickly and elderly should be aware of the health difficulties of fasting; but please pray with us even if you don’t fast. Please note - this is a general list of prayer requests we cannot list everything, we will be here till the year 2018 if we tried.

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PRAY & FAST FRIDAY 2013 10 18  

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