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DISCLAIMER... This is totally voluntary. It is not a practice to follow. Yet we appreciate the prayers of Christians for God's work. Students writing Tests, the sickly and elderly should be aware of the health difficulties of fasting; but please pray with us even if you don’t fast. Please note - this is a general list of prayer requests we cannot list everything, we will be here till the year 2018 if we tried.

FRIDAY PRAY AND FAST 26 OCTOBER 2012 IMMEDIATE NEEDS: YEAR END PROJECTS Every year a number of organizations who network with THE EAR2HEAR NETWORK have end of years projects for the purpose of blessing communities with the Good News and with good gifts of food, clothing and toys. Please pray for the following outreaches that God would provide volunteers, financial assistance and resources so they may fulfill their project mandates. The projects include. EAR2HEAR CARE – Mercy House Women’s shelter – day of blessing for 30 women – Refilwe Orphanage – Children’s celebration 250 children + Jesus film for children – Khari Gude Adult Literacy program – Food parcels 50 elderly adults in Saulsville OPENMIND − Street Ministry Food parcels collected during 2012 year ending. When funding is at an all time low at the beginning of a new year (2013), parcels are provided to homeless men and their families. BANA BA KGOSI – CHILDRENS DAY Because of the number of Children involved the organizations splits the Children’s day into four separate parties. – Party 1 will be held 17 November 2012 for 280 children group 1 – Party 2 will be held 24 November 2012 for 280 children group 2 – Party 3 will be held 30 November 2012 for 120 children for preschools – Party 4 will be held 30 November 2012 for 78 for Sunday schools THE REFRESHING ISSUE #7 – THE NEW ISSUE FOR THE SECOND HALF OF THE YEAR DUE IN NOVEMBER 2012. THEME: Take up your cross and follow Jesus! - Pray and ask God that we place the correct content, which will build the body of Christ and inspire people into Kingdom service! - Pray for the Editor, Leandri Van der Elst – that God will inspire her creativity (as He has always done!) - Pray for financing & donations to allow us to make printed copies in colour, black & white. - Pray that the magazine will be read by many and have opportunity to go places.

IMMEDIATE NEEDS FOR MINISTRIES AND MISSIONS: GENERAL PRAYER REQUEST FOR ALL NETWORKING MINISTRIES & MISSIONS – please pray for finances! These faithful and great organizations have all seen a dip in support due to the “world-wide” economic problems. Despite the reality, let us pray for God’s supernatural provision, and pray that the servants of these organizations would be patient, waiting for the rain and blessing of God ☺ QODESH FAMILY CAMPING GROUNDS – Please pray for this Christian place run by the KINGDOM VISION MINISTRY. They are coming into the Holiday period and will see a greater influx of people. Please pray for ministry opportunities for the Leadership and pray for the blessing of God over everything done there. COLOURS OF DAY MINISTRY WITH RAJ and LOUISE AMBATI in India who are working together as partners in THE EAR2HEAR NETWORK – they are praying, evangelizing and reaching out to the poor, elderly, orphans and outcasts of Indian society. They are in need of God’s provision and protection as the province they work in oppresses Christian practices. Please pray for this beautiful couple! MISSION: ASIA 2000 – Please pray for Ely Sebiano who has been very ill and suffers a number of complications with her health. Ely is the mission coordinator for the Philippines and is a highly valued member of the organization. Her contributions to the work in Asia are vital to daily operations. Ask God for full recovery! Please Pray for HABAKKUK2 and for the leadership Dawid DeWit that God might truly bring great Glory and breakthrough for them in their essential ministry. Pray for the Outreach into Congo and Uganda, for finances, resources and help for the newly planted Church! Please pray for HEART2HEART which is preparing their Baby Ministry focus. The Baby Ministry deals with ministering to Mothers and Soon to be mothers and even to unborn Children. EAR2HEAR MINISTRIES & THE EAR2HEAR NETWORK AS A WHOLE – Pray as we begin the process of official registration. For wisdom and direction from the Lord. Pray that the network grow and resources and volunteers would grow in kind! PRAY for love to prevail and Unity to flow as we are one with Jesus Christ. Pray for volunteers and labourers for the harvest/missions! We also need resources and constant volunteering. Please also pray that God would continue to supply our ministerial needs and financial needs. Finally pray for the leadership and for those who are already working diligently. Please pray for more intercessors who desire to reach God in the quiet place and communicate and stand with us in prayer.

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