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AIMS & OBJECTIVES To prepare men and women for full-time Christian service in various realms of the ministry; and to develop leaders for the church, providing the most flexible environment for training. To provide opportunities for students to acquire skills for critical thought, scholarly research, and the integration of knowledge, which will aid continued independent and creative research. To teach sound doctrine through proper interpretation of the Scriptures, governed by grammatical, historical and contextual hermeneutics, and in a manner consistent with the apostles and the Old Testament prophets. To be a catalyst to bring unity in the body of Christ by providing a common place where people from all different evangelical backgrounds can come together for study and research. To create awareness about unreached people groups and prepare students to go into the world as Christ has instructed, thereby fulfilling the Great Commission.



1. ADVANCED DIPLOMA OF MINISTERIAL TRAINING (Adv. Dip.): The programme is designed to prepare students for full-time ministry. Designed as a supplement course for EAPTC School of Mission programme, this Word-packed course will be most meaningful to those who already have some ministry experience and find themselves in need of further professional and theological training for a sound doctrinal balance in their ministry. One can complete the course by covering 18 helpful subjects namely: Church History, Systematic Theology I, II, III, Pentateuch, Mission & Evangelism, Christian Education, Bible Study & Interpretation, New Testament Survey, Historical Books, Gospel, Preaching, Personal Spiritual Life, Old Testament Survey, Romans, Church Ministry & Administration & Education, Pastoral Ministry and Discipleship. Upto a total of 54 credit hours may be earned through this course. However, Advanced Diploma of Ministerial Training, which will be issued upon completion of this course, is a mere recognition of completing an additional training which supplements the EAPTCSM programme, and the credit hours earned in the course are not necessarily intended to meet all the accreditation criteria of other institutions, although many schools may acknowledge its values.

EAPTC Bible School is a correspondent member of Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA) and also holds an affiliation with Evangelical Glory Mission Fellowship (EGMF) Kenya while the college remains interdenominational in its public and doctrinal standing.

To demonstrate leadership and co-operation with others at home, in the community, and within the local church and related organisations.

Admission Requirements

To prepare men and women to have an informed appreciation of human cultural heritage and become responsible citizens who respect authority and make positive contributions to the society.

Passed Form 4 or its equivalent

Graduated the EAPTC School of Mission or its equivalent with the final mark of C or above

Must be comprehensive of the lessons Duration of Course A three term course, including an extended research and practical training at home 2. MISSIONARY CANDIDATE TRAINING: This is an extra training programme for those who are called for overseas missionary work. It is specifically designed for the missionary candidates in the Third World and covers A-Z of the world missions.

TUITION Registration Fee (non-refundable): 500 Kshs. for Adv. Dip. course Consult the office for Missionary course. Tuition: 10,800 Kshs. (per term) for Adv. Dip. course Consult the office for Missionary course. * Above figures are as of 2009 and are subject to change anytime. Be sure to consult the office for the current figures.

WE BELIEVE That the Bible is the inspired Word of God. That the Godhead eternally exists in the three persons of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That the Church consists of all persons regenerated by the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ and is entitled to a fellowship between Her members. That Jesus Christ is the Saviour and all who believe in Him can be saved. That Jesus Christ is the healer of the body and mind, and all who walk in obedience to Him can claim divine healing for their bodies and minds. In the personal return of Jesus Christ to set up His throne as King. That every believer on the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour should produce the fruit of the Spirit as found in Galatians 5:22. That God has given various ministries: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers for the edifying of the Body of Christ. In the eternal conscious bliss of all true believers in Christ and in the eternal conscious punishment in the lake of fire for all Christ rejecters.

FACULTY Qualified and experienced faculty, from both Kenya and abroad, organise the classwork. Their goal is to motivate and charge each student to face a variety of challenges on the ministry field, in the church and in their social environment. A healthy teacher-student relationship is maintained. Faculty members are available for students who desire counseling and prayer to enable them to grow in their spiritual life. Experienced leaders manage different areas of the institution, such as the library, prayer meetings and practicum. TEACHING FACULTY Pastor Christopher Makani, Dip. of Bib. Studies, Adv. Dip. of Min. Training, Th.M. Bishop Edward Ouma, Cert. in Pastoral Min., B.Th. (Cand.) * Pastor Esther J. Odogi, Dip. in Bib. & Theo., B.Th. Pastor Eunice J. Lee, B.A. (Biblical Studies), M.Rel.Ed. Rev. James M. Kamau, Dip. in Pastoral Min. Rev. Joseph A. Mboya, Dip. in Bib. Studies, B.Th. * Pastor Nicholas C. Alalia, Dip. of Bib. Studies, Adv. Dip. of Min. Training, B.Th. Rev. Paul S.R. Lee, B.A. (Pastoral Min.) M.A.Rel. D.Phil. (Cand.) Rev. Susan S. Bongo, Dip. of Bib. Studies, Adv. Dip. of Min. Training, M.A. (Cand.) And more.

CONTACT US To ensure your admission into the Bible School courses, send this form or registration form available at school with your registration fee to: EAPTC Bible School c/o King’s Kids in Africa P.O. Box 4871-00200 Nairobi, Kenya Tel. (254-20) 2019041

ADJUNCT FACULTY Rev. Lucas Chirimi, B.Th, M.A.Rel.


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* Visiting faculty member(s)

Training men and women to become devout followers of Christ and to fulfill the Great Commission

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Evangelical Alliance for Preacher Training & Commission Bible School, founded in suburban Nairobi, the gateway to Africa, in 2003, is a missioncentered school designed to train godly, skilled leaders for the Church. The Bible school is conveniently situated in upperMatasia, off Ngong-Kiserian Road, 5.5 km from Ngong town and 4.5 km from Kiserian town.

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