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Selection Guide for Dampers Type

Application Fire Smoke

Life Safety Dampers

Heavy Duty Smoke

Combination Fire Smoke

Ceiling Radiation Commercial


Heavy Duty / Industrial Manual Balancing Insulated / Thermally Broken


Binder Tab

FD/DFD Series FDR/DFDR Series OFD/ODFD Series SMD Series SMDR Series

Life Safety Damper Products

HSD Series

Life Safety Damper Products and Heavy Duty / Industrial

FSD Series FSDR Series CFSD Series OFSD Series GFSD Series CRD Series VCD Series VCDR Series VCDRM Series HCD Series HCDR Series MBD Series MBDR Series ICD Series

Air Measuring

IAQ Series

Access Doors

Access Doors

HAD / CAD / RAD Series

Pressure Relief Doors

Pressure Relief Doors

Heavy Duty / Industrial

PRAD / VRAD Series EM-10 & EM-30 Series ES-10 & ES-30 Series WD-100 & WD-300 Series EM-40 Series ES-40 Series WD-200 & WD-400 Series WDR Series SSWDR Series HB Series

Heavy Duty / Industrial Pressure

HPR Series


BR Series IMO-310 SSIMO-310 IMO-311 SSIMO-311 SEDFD Series SEDFDR Series SEFSD Series SEFSDR Series SESMD Series SESMDR-501 Series



Intake Round

Relief Dampers

Fire Marine Combination Fire Smoke Fire Combination Fire Smoke Smoke Barometric

SEBR Series

Commercial Control

SEVCD Series

Heavy Duty / Industrial Control

SEHCD Series SEHCDR Series

Heavy Duty / Industrial Backdraft

SEHB Series

Tunnel Transit

Heavy Duty / Industrial

HTD Series


Heavy Duty / Industrial

HBTR Series

Severe Environment

Life Safety Damper Products

Control & Manual Balancing Heavy Duty / Industrial

Control & Manual Balancing

Access Doors


Heavy Duty / Industrial and Backdraft Backdraft Marine Products

Life Safety Damper Products and Severe Environment Severe Environment and Backdraft Control & Manual Balancing and Severe Environment Severe Environment and Heavy Duty / Industrial Severe Environment and Heavy Duty / Industrial and Backdraft Tunnel Transit Bubble-Tight

Selection Guide for Louvers Type Florida Product Approved and Miami-Dade Qualified Wind-Driven Rain


Drainable Blade

Drainable Head

Non-Drainable Recessed Mullion








Florida Product Approved

AFJ-601X, ESD-435X, ESD-635X, EHH-501X, EVH-602X

Miami-Dade Qualified

ESD-603D, ESD-603D/HCD-240, ESS-501D, ESD-635D, ESD-635D/VCD-40, EHH-601D, EHH-601D/VCD-40, EVH-602D/VCD-40, SDLE, EHH-601PD, ESD-635PD

Vertical Blade

EVH-201, EVH-401, EVH-602, EVH-801

Horizontal Blade

EHH-201, EHH-401, EHH-501, EHH-601, EHH-701


SES-202, SES-401

Drainable Head

SEH-202, SEH-401

Drainable Blade and Head

SED-202, SED-401, SED-501

Vertical Blade

SEV-401, SEV-501

Drainable Blade

ESD-202, ESD-403, ESD-435, ESD-603, ESD-635

Dual Drainable Blade

EDD-401, EDD-601, EHM-601

J Blade

EDJ-202, EDJ-401, EDJ-601, EDJ-430

K Blade

EDK-430, EDK-402, EDK-602

Intake / Discharge


J Blade

ESJ-202, ESJ-401, ESJ-602

K Blade

ESK-402, ESK-602

J Blade

ESJ-401RM, ESJ-602RM

K Blade

ESK-402RM, ESK-602RM

Concealed Blade Linkage

EAD-401, EAD-601, EAH-401, EAH-690

Concealed Blade Linkage and Concealed Actuator

EADC-401, EADC-601

Exposed Linkage

ECD-401, ECD-601

Concealed Blade Linkage

EAC-401, EAC-601, EACN-601

Airfoil Blade


Concealed Blade Linkage and Concealed Actuator

EACC-401, EACC-601


GCE-202, GCE-402, GCI-202, GCI-402


ESU-150S, ESU-130S

Narrow Profile Frame

ESU-130, ESU-150, ESF-145, ESJ-150

J Blade

AFJ-601, AFJ-801, AFJ-120

Airfoil Blade


Chevron Blade


Stationary Non-Drainable Blade

FSJ-402, FSJ-602

Stationary Drainable Blade

FDS-402, FDS-602

Adjustable Non-Drainable Blade

FAJ-402, FAJ-602

Adjustable Drainable Blade

FAD-402, FAD-602, FAD-635

Contact your local Greenheck Representative for a complete library of Greenheck Product Binders: Roof Mounted Fans and Gravity Ventilators Inline, Ceiling and Sidewall Fans Utility, Centrifugal and Radial Blowers Kitchen Ventilation Systems Dampers and Louvers Energy Recovery, Make-Up Air, Air Handlers, Fan Coils, Underfloor Fans, Coils Vektor™ Laboratory Exhaust Systems

Selection Guide for Dampers and Louvers — November 2009 Copyright © 2009 Greenheck Fan Corporation PO Box 410, Schofield, WI 54476-0410 • Phone: 715.359.6171

Greenheck Louver Damper Selection Guide  

Guide for Greenheck Louver and Damper Selection

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