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Join the EAO for a varied calendar of scientific events during 2012 Submit an abstract for Copenhagen 2012 One of the goals of the EAO is to enable clinicians and scientists to network with each other and share information. Every year, hundreds of abstracts are submitted for the poster presentations at the association’s annual scientific meeting. In 2011, a record 512 abstracts were submitted, of which 453 were accepted. Abstracts for the 2012 scientific meeting can be submitted online now by visiting The deadline for submission is 1 March. Submitting an abstract is an excellent way to contribute to the evidence-base that supports implant dentistry internationally. The Abstract Committee also selects a small number of abstracts for oral presentation. Two prestigious prizes are awarded following the oral presentation session – one for basic research and one for clinical research. Another group of abstracts is selected for ‘short oral communications’, enabling the authors to present their work to delegates.

2012 will be a busy year for the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO), with a range of important scientific events taking place. These begin with the third EAO Consensus Conference in Zurich in February, and conclude with the 20th Anniversary Scientific Meeting in Copenhagen in October. EAO events provide valuable opportunities for professionals to expand their knowledge and develop their practice. You are warmly invited to participate. The third EAO Consensus Conference will take place in February, and the results from this meeting will be published in a special supplement of Clinical Oral Implants Research later in the year. There will also be a presentation on the main conclusions and clinical recommendations at the EAO’s Congress in Copenhagen in October. The Consensus Conference is by invitation only for leading scientists and clinicians in the field. However, preparations are well underway for the 2012 Congress, which is open to both EAO members and non-members (members qualify for a significant discount on the registration fee). For the first time this year, the Congress will feature two interactive sessions that will discuss cases published on the EAO website before the meeting. The four-day Congress will bring together an unrivalled faculty of speakers and feature a very varied range of presentations to select from. It will also include poster presentations, along with two research competitions. Additional information, including details of how to submit abstracts, will be published over the coming months. Please visit for the latest information.

Zurich 2012: themes and participants

Countdown to the EAO’s third Consensus Conference

The 2012 consensus conference will be chaired by Christoph Hämmerle (Switzerland), Marc Quirynen (Belgium) and Björn Klinge (Sweden). The four main subjects being discussed (with the details of their chair in brackets) are:

The EAO’s third Consensus Conference will take place in Zurich, Switzerland from 15–18 February. During the conference, experts in implant dentistry from across the world will discuss a range of key topics. Four themes have been selected, and within each of these, four sub-themes will be debated. Following the conference, the findings will be published in a supplement of Clinical Oral Implants Research and also presented at the EAO’s Congress in Copenhagen in October.

What is a consensus conference?

• •

Implant survival and complications (TBC) Peri-implant tissue destruction (Björn Klinge, Sweden) Computer-aided implant therapy and soft and hard tissue aspects (Alberto Sicilia, Spain) Reconstructions on implants (Klaus Gotfredsen, Denmark)

Details of the sixteen sub-themes can be found by visiting

A consensus conference brings together experts in a particular field to discuss a range of pre-agreed subjects. Before the conference, a literature review is carried out to identify relevant scientific papers that relate to each subject. These are circulated to the participants so they can prepare for the conference. The subjects are then debated with the aim of reaching a consensus (agreement) on research evidence and best practice in that field.

Why are they necessary? Dental practice is underpinned by evidence-based research into the safety and efficacy of different procedures. However, the quality or quantity of evidence available is often not optimal. Sometimes the sample size is too small, or the procedure is too new for long-term evidence of its efficacy to have been gathered. By bringing experts together to examine the evidence-base, a consensus can generally be reached, providing guidance for the wider scientific and dental community on which procedures are appropriate for a particular patient.

What makes the EAO’s consensus conferences unique? The EAO is unique in accepting no sponsorship whatsoever for its consensus conferences. The cost of organising the conferences is borne solely by the Association, and the only remit is to produce the best evidence-based guidance in an unbiased environment. As such, the papers generated by these conferences have particular value to the scientific community.

How are the participants selected? For a consensus conference to be effective, the most relevant group of participants must be selected. The forthcoming conference has three scientific chairs who are supported by a scientific committee of nine people. They select the participants and may also take part in the discussions themselves. Although the EAO’s consensus conferences are by invitation only, the conclusions they reach are disseminated through Clinical Oral Implants Research and at the EAO’s annual scientific meetings.

Left to right: Björn Klinge, Christoph Hämmerle, Marc Quirynen.

EAO Consensus Conference 2012

Copenhagen 2012: celebrating two decades of scientific research The EAO’s 20th Anniversary Scientific Meeting will take place in Copenhagen from 10–13 October 2012. The theme this year is ‘20 years. What have we learned?’ The Congress will provide a valuable opportunity to reflect on the huge advances that have taken place in implant dentistry since the EAO was founded, along with the opportunities these have created. It will also explore the risks and responsibilities that all practitioners must be aware of when considering treatment options.

Plenary sessions

Professor Søren Schou, the EAO’s President, is the Scientific Chairman for Copenhagen 2012, which is being held in collaboration with four Scandinavian dental societies. Professor Schou will be supported by a Scientific Committee and Congress Committee made up of an experienced panel of internationally renowned scientists.

–– Aesthetic complications –– An update on treatment of patients with congenitally missing teeth –– Third EAO Consensus Conference: main conclusions and clinical recommendations –– Implants, masticatory function, and parafunctions –– Medical diseases and implants

The following list of plenary and parallel sessions provides a very brief insight into what delegates can expect to hear about. A wide range of additional presentations have also been timetabled. Visit for more details.

EAO President Professor Søren Schou

–– Implant loss and biologic complications: an interactive session –– Human factors and errors in implant dentistry –– Revolutionary ideas worth spreading according to the EAO Junior Committee –– Future perspectives of implant dentistry

Parallel sessions

Certificate in Implant-based Therapy: applications now open Participate in the only Europe-wide standardised assessment of implant-based therapy The EAO’s Certificate in Implant-based Therapy provides a Europe-wide benchmark for assessing knowledge and skills in implant-based therapy. The certification scheme is now entering its third year and you can apply online by visiting The first part of the certification process involves submitting six case studies that meet the qualifying guidelines. Once your case presentations have been acknowledged and accepted, you will be invited to sit the examination at the EAO’s scientific meeting in Copenhagen in October 2012.

What are the benefits of certification? Candidates who successfully complete the certification programme will be able to demonstrate to both patients and regulatory authorities that they are competent to perform basic implant treatments. The certificate may also prove beneficial in settling disputes or disagreements.

Who can apply for certification? Certification is open to any dentist worldwide, providing they fulfil the entry requirements. Candidates do not need to be members of the EAO.

When can I take the examination? The 2012 examination will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, during the EAO’s scientific meeting in October.

What does the examination involve? The first part is a multiple-choice test. Candidates who complete this successfully will then take an oral examination. During the oral examination, candidates will be asked about their six case presentations. Their theoretical knowledge will also be evaluated.

Above: Dr Atef Ismail from Cairo, Egypt, being presented with his Certificate in Implant-based Therapy by EAO President Professor Søren Schou.

Certification is open to any dentist worldwide who fulfils the entry requirements. You do not need to be a member of the EAO. Membership benefits Join the EAO now and enjoy a range of benefits! EAO members receive a substantial discount on registration fees to the Annual Congress. Other benefits include a free subscription to the online monthly edition of Clinical Oral Implants Research (12 issues per year) and significantly reduced hard copy subscriptions for Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research, Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Journal of Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry, Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, and Oral Surgery. Members also receive EAO News twice a year, a membership directory, access to a members only area on the website and access to a wide network of colleagues from around the world. For more information on membership, please contact: The EAO Secretariat, Ms Irina Mansurova, 287 Avenue Louise, 4th floor, 1050 Brussels, Belgium, tel +32 (0)2 643 20 49, fax +32 (0)2 645 26 71,,

EAO Advertorial Jan 2012  

Advertorial for COIR Jan 2012

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