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Emily Anness

After showing a video of an OB dancer making a mistake, the dancer watches and reacts to how they feel about it now, and in the moment it happened. Mistakes are part of any learning process, so how does a professional view/use them to their advantage?

Audience: young adults/professionals exploring or entering a new stage of life (college, new job, job applications), young dancers trying to advance in their careers Voice/Tone: relatable and genuine Act 1: The mistake Content (15-20 secs): A previous video of the dancer making a mistake on stage A Roll: The video with dancer’s name and date in corner, filter to add a throwback-feel B Roll: N/A Act 2: The response Content (15-20 seconds): The dancer’s initial response to watching the clip, and then responding with how they felt in the moment the mistake was made (the negative feelings: disappointment, embarrassment, anger). Then, the dancer begins to transition into the theme of the lesson. A Roll: Close up of dancer speaking, sitting in the OB studio


Emily Anness

B Roll: The dancer in slow motion practicing in the OB studio Act 3: The lesson Content (5-10) seconds: Despite the negative feelings in the moment of making a mistake, the dancer ends on a takeaway statement/rhetorical question that frames making mistakes as positive, necessary, natural, and/or unavoidable learning opportunities. A Roll: The mistake being made in the original video in slow motion B Roll: The dancer recreating the moment of the mistake in the OB studio present day, in slow motion. Audio: The dancer speaking in the interview

Seth Godin on dancing with the fear of failure:

Alternative ideas •

If I wasn’t a ballerina today, I’d be a _______.

Attempting some of the hardest ballet moves

Follow up with STEPS participants who continued classes w/ OB or got scholarship to continue


Dancers watching/responding to childhood dance videos

Recreating childhood dance videos

Dancer/parent class

Dancer/friend that’s not a dancer class

Ballet mentality

Emily Anness

o Overcoming stage freight o Overcoming failures/mistakes on stage (serious, or funny #EpicFail) o Stereotypes: expectation vs. reality o What I wish people knew o Confidence in ballet translating into every-day life •

Behind the scenes with costume design/set and prop design/makeup o How they got to where they are/advice for people interested in their field

For aspiring ballerinas: advice, tips, inspiration

Kids responding to ballet performance

Dancers in public spaces/around Orlando

Tips/Life hacks o From Set/Prop design o From Makeup artist o From Costume design o For general public/people wanting to learn the trade as well


Emily Anness

Video inspiration: Mentality of Ballet: •

Australian Ballet: Men on Pointe

Beauty on and off stage

Being vulnerable in a performance

Creative thinking process:

Being in the moment

Community/impact based: •

Inspiring young dancers through program:

Football players go to the ballet:

Getting kids to give their thoughts on the performance

Advice to young dancers: •

Importance of daily classes:

Injury prevention and rehab:


Technique tips:

Pointe shoe prep:

Turnout tips:

Emily Anness

BTS of other departments: •

Australian Ballet: Dressing the dancer

BTS with props and stage crew:

Dancer-focused: •

NYCB dancers watching childhood videos

Daddy-daughter ballet class

Daddy-daughter ballet class goes viral on news

Sergei Polunin dancing to Take Me to Church by Hozier

Ballet duo dancing to Let It Go by James Bay

Sia Elastic Heart music video


Sia Elastic Chandelier music video

Emily Anness

Dancers inspiring others/dancing in public spaces:

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