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Feedstock Analysis for Anaerobic Digestion Opening the gate to new feedstock sources - Biogas Potential & Co-Digestion opportunities Security of feedstock is a key factor in the operation and profitability of an anaerobic digestion plant. Identification, assessment and securing sustainable feedstock’s is essential to the long term success of an anaerobic digestion plant. Demand for renewable energy and the changes in waste management have introduced new waste streams into the anaerobic digestion marketplace. Success is in the understanding and management of how these can be utilised. Feedstocks are more usually agricultural or sewage derived, now the opportunity exists to process waste from a diverse range of agricultural, industrial and municipal waste activities. To benefit from these additional feedstock, operators require an understanding of:

Interpretation of all these variables can be done by E and J Solutions to ensure that biogas production can be done as cheaply and consistently as possible.

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With an understanding of the above key factors, a healthy diet can be formulated to suit the client’s plant, this returning predictable operation, the opportunity to expand on the sources of feedstock available and maximising biogas production.

Laboratory Biogas Potential & Co-Digestion Trials Working with clients to understand their requirements, testing can be undertaken on feedstock’s to provide data to assist in both the design and operation of their plant. Testing can be performed to assess initial biogas yield (generally a 5 day test) and extended to provide a complete profile of biogas production (generally 30-60 days). Biogas production is continuously monitored, results being provided on a regular basis so that clients can determine if the feedstock will be suited operationally to their requirements and giving the opportunity to adjust feedstock blends at any time during the trial period.

Digestate Tests Agricultural Benefit Analysis can be undertake of digestate, and together with our Soil Analysis we are able to provide bespoke field by field plans for the return of your digestate to land.

Examples of potential tests

A full range of analysis is always available

Feedstock analysis leaflet  
Feedstock analysis leaflet  

Craven Grain Storage The Airfield Shobdon Leominster Herefordshire HR6 9NR 01568 708925 E & J Solutions L...