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Content What to Do If You Don’t Feel Motivated -John Addisoniating Like a Pro -Steve Cook

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Fred Arrias

The Power of Positive Talking -Simon T. Baileyotiating Like a Pro -Steve Cook

Wanna Sell More? Polish That Sales Presentation! -Linda Brakeallegotiating Like a Pro -Steve Cook

Successful Selling...What Does It Really Take? -Bill BrooksNegotiating Like a Pro -Steve Cook

How to Go From Making a Living to Designing a Life -Jim Rohn egotiating Like a Pro -Steve Cook

Do These 4 Things to Become a Morning Person -Aditi Shrikantotiating Like a Pro -Steve Cook

Little Things -Zig ZiglarNegotiating Like a Pro -Steve Cook





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Leah & Don Friedline Executive Agents of the Month For the past 20 years, Leah Friedline has displayed these famous words by Zig Ziglar in her email signature: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.�

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Professional Profiles

Kamla Generette The Monarch Realty Group Realtor® Kamla Generette is a tenacious advocate of the American Dream. Raised by a hardworking single mother who spoke limited English, Kamla remembers living with her mom and brother in a cramped one-bedroom apartment.

08 Jim Thiel Finance of America Mortgage When some people come up against a challenge, it takes them a while to regroup. Not Jim Thiel. Take, for instance, his former incarnation as an entrepreneur. From the ground up, Jim built a successful business helping pay phone customers change long-distance carriers, long before mobile technology became common.

14 Haley Wilson A Glimpse of the Writing Life In the new work-at-home culture, life hasn’t changed much for Executive Agent Magazine feature writer Haley (H. K.) Wilson. Her mornings still begin with coffee and journal writing, followed by phone interviews and writing sessions. While some say they can’t wait to get back to the office, she enjoys the rhythm of the writing life.

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Successful Selling...What Does It Really Take?


t has often been said that sales is the hardest easy work you could ever do. It has also been said that High Point is the Furniture Capital of the World. The second statement is true. The first is false. Sales is, perhaps, the most demanding and difficult profession in the world. The problem? It looks easy. And this is particularly true when you observe a real pro - a top performer in action. Go watch a struggling salesperson and you’ll see just how difficult the sales profession can really be. The problem is that sales is a profession to which many are called and woefully few succeed. And I mean really succeed. I don’t mean just making a living. I mean making a meaningful, fulfilling life. A life of financial freedom, independence, balance and prosperity. The sales profession can provide you all of that and a lot more. But in order to allow it to do all these things for you, you must bring a lot to the table. Unfortunately, there are lots of errors, mistakes in training and erroneous assumptions that sales is an easy-to-do thing. Nothing could be less true. Let’s take a look at a list of 25 skills and a second list of 25 attributes required for sales success. Scan the list and check off those you have (a) mastered; (b) are working on; (c) need to work on, or (d) haven’t even given much thought to or about:

Skills Listening; Questioning; Goal Setting; Time Management; Planning; Scheduling; Prospecting; Dealing With Objections; Computer Knowledge; Proposal Writing; Group Presentation Skills; Negotiation; Effective Presentation; Audio-Visual Use; Persuasion; Finalizing Transaction; Consensus Building; Dress, Style and Image; Telephone Skills; Organization; Rapport Building; NonVerbal Communication; Strategy; Account Development; Networking.


Attributes Self-Starting Capacity; Handling Rejection; Physical Stamina; Emotional Stability; Ability to Focus; Tenacity; Empathy; Goal Directedness; Handling Stress; Dealing With Ambiguity; Balance; Rebounding From Setbacks; Self-Esteem; Positive Expectation; Loyalty; Thinking On Your Feet; Resiliency; Self-Renewal; Self-Awareness; Problem Solving; Self Discipline; Results Orientation; Compartmentalization; Emotional Maturity; Flexibility. As you look at these fifty skills and attributes are you surprised that sales is such a demanding profession? Whoever said that it’s the “hardest easy work you could ever do” was obviously comparing it to pure physical labor. Have you ever felt the fatigue that sets in after lots of rejection, refusal and emotional upheaval? How about the fatigue of fourteen hour days, marathon meetings, lots of airplane (or auto) travel, lunches, dinners, events, trade shows, early mornings and late nights? Yes, sales is a great profession. A demanding profession. A rewarding profession. But it is also, perhaps, the most misunderstood profession of all. These fifty skills and attributes are really only the beginning. We haven’t even discussed product knowledge, customer or marketplace know-how, emerging technology or all the rest. Let’s hold those for another day. We both have enough to work on right now. Bill Brooks, CSP, CPAE, CMC, CPCM former CEO of a $300,000,000 corporation and two-time sales award winner from an international sales force of 8,000, Bill has real-world expertise. Bill has spoken or consulted in over 300 different industries while being engaged by at least 150 clients an astonishing six times each. Copyright© 2000-2001, Bill Brooks. All rights reserved. For information about how to bring Bill to your next meeting or convention, contact the Frog Pond Group at 800-704-FROG (3764) or email susie@frogpondgroup. com;

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Written by H. K. Wilson

Kamla Generette A Tenacious Advocate of the American Dream From her career working in the insurance sector, to her ownership of a Puerto Rican-themed coffee bar, to her work as a school district health assistant, Kamla’s great passion has always been connecting with people and making sure they are taken care of. While going through a long recovery after a knee replacement, Kamla began praying for a new opportunity. “I was praying one night, and my phone dinged. I got a coupon for a real estate class. I knew a little bit about real estate through a friend of mine, and I decided I was going to try it. I went to the first class just out of the hospital, and I was walking with a cane. I didn’t have a lot of confidence, but I told myself if I didn’t do it, I would always wonder if I could have.” As it turns out, Kamla did very well in class and was one of only four students to pass the test on the first try. “Sometimes you have to overcome that voice that other people have put in your head and have faith in yourself.”


ealtor® Kamla Generette is a tenacious advocate of the American Dream. Raised by a hardworking single mother who spoke limited English, Kamla remembers living with her mom and brother in a cramped one-bedroom apartment. “My father had a home,” she says, “so I grew up both ways. I know how much freedom you have in a house and how much better it is to have your own room, a back yard and a built-in savings account. I genuinely care about people and that they are going to be able to get a home of their own.”

Kamla’s kind heart and persevering spirit have been great assets in her real estate career. Her success came quickly, as people recognized her strong work ethic and dedication to client service. At real estate boutique The Monarch Realty Group, Kamla says the atmosphere is like working with family. “Leah Friedline, one of the owners, is amazing. She is a good friend and always there for you. She always has the time no matter how busy she is. We all help each other here — it’s like home.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Transparency is another hallmark of Kamla’s service. “The main thing when I meet a client, is I listen to them. If there is something I feel I can’t do, I’m honest with them and tell them. I won’t take a listing just to take it. I always set realistic expectations about what the home is worth and what it will take to sell it.” Kamla especially enjoys working with first-time homebuyers, and she will do whatever it takes to help them accomplish their dream. “When I get a first-time buyer who thinks they can’t purchase a home, I ask where they work and if they’d mind driving. There are affordable homes out there. A client I put into a home last year in the Moreno Valley worked for a UC school in L.A., and they were able to transfer to Riverside. The home they bought is amazing. There is no way they could have afforded it where they started. I’m willing to do the work to help people find a solution.” Clients know that Kamla truly has their best interests at heart. They often comment that she is easy to talk to and a good listener who does her best to respond to their needs. On Christmas morning in 2019, Kamla received these heartfelt words of gratitude from a family she had helped to purchase their first home the year before: “I just wanted to thank you again for all of the help and support that you gave us during our search and purchase process. You were so very helpful and attentive. Your Craigslist ad, quite literally, changed our lives. I sometimes wonder where we would be right now if I had skipped over your ad, as I was searching for apartment rentals on Craigslist that day. This time last year, we knew that we were ready to move from our apartment in Rowland Heights, but we just assumed that we would be moving into another rental. On Christmas morning this year, I could not

help but think about how unlikely and improbable it was for me to consider owning our own place last year. But as I sat in the living room and had the opportunity to watch our kids run down the stairs on this past Christmas morning to find their stockings hanging over the fireplace and their presents waiting under the tree, I was overcome with emotion. I thank God for you and all that you did for us. Please know that I am grateful to you in ways that I could never completely express.” “This note reminded me why I’m in the business — to help people,” Kamla says. “Customer service has been my background from the time I was 15. I want people to know I care and will do whatever I can to help them get into a home. If you want something in life, you gotta keep trying for it until it works out. The only time you fail is when you give up.” Kamla Generette The Monarch Realty Group 23276 S. Pointe Dr., Ste. 115 Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Tel: 626-665-2340 Email: Web: DRE #01943925

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Do These 4 Things to Become a Morning Person


’ve never been one to wake up early. Even on Christmas morning, I was the child who dragged her feet to the tree, rubbing her eyes as we opened presents. However, it has become an undisputable fact that waking up early makes you a happier, more successful person. According to Harvard Business Review, “a higher percentage of the morning people agreed with statements that indicate proactivity, such as ‘I spend time identifying long-range goals for myself’ and ‘I feel in charge of making things happen.’” Like most night owls, I’ve always dismissed these findings, because they challenge my comfortable routine. But as a young adult trying to build better habits, I figured I would try to transform myself into an early bird. So for the past 30 days, I’ve been waking up earlier and incorporating some self-care habits into my routine. Although I can’t say that I’ve reached complete early bird status, I can say that my mornings are much more productive and enjoyable. Read on to see how you, too, can start making the most of the wee morning hours.

2. Ease yourself into your desired wake-up time. Do not start this process by setting your alarm two hours earlier than usual and expect to get up—because you won’t. Gradually adjust your bedtime and wake-up time so the change doesn’t feel unnatural. Every day, for the first 24 days, I set my bedtime and wake-up alarms 5 minutes earlier than I did the day before. By day 24, I was falling asleep at 10 p.m. and waking up at 6 a.m. For me, getting to bed on time was the harder of the two, but once I put into place a bedtime routine that didn’t include binge-watching Netflix, waking up became much easier. You can take it even slower than I did. Try setting your alarm just 1 minute earlier each day until you reach your goal wake-up time. Although this takes longer, it also carries a higher probability of sticking with your early bird goals. Note: None of these tips will help you if you’re a persistent snoozer. Use some willpower and get your feet on the floor after the first alarm.

1. Create a night routine. The most important part of waking up early is going to bed the correct way. This doesn’t mean simply turning in earlier. It means making a schedule that will convert waking up from a groggy bore to an exciting and efficient part of your day. The night before, I like to prepare breakfast as much as possible. For example, if I knew I was going to eat a veggie omelet, I would chop the vegetables and store them in the fridge overnight. This minimizes the amount of thinking you have to put into cooking breakfast, and will most likely lead to a healthier first meal, instead of grabbing a granola bar on your way out the door.

3. Don’t scroll. Most likely your alarm is on your phone, and once your phone is in your hand, there is a temptation to check social media or email. Avoid this. Sitting in bed for an hour scrolling through your phone defeats the purpose of waking up early in the first place.

It’s also important to set goals for yourself before you sleep. According to author and productivity consultant Helene Segura, making a list of three things you want to accomplish the next day is called “mind liberation” and can help you sleep better and wake up more focused. I like to make my goals more about house chores and hobbies rather than work. Some of the things that made my list were dropping off laundry, reading an article I bookmarked a month ago and shopping for upcoming birthdays and holidays.

4. Work out. This might seem farfetched for some who barely have time to put on pants in the morning, but working out in the morning is the No. 1 way to start your day on a positive note.

Also remember, the definition of routine is “a sequence of actions regularly followed,” meaning don’t change it up. I like to make breakfast, make my list and then watch one, 30-minute episode of a show before sleeping. Routines help train your body to know when it’s time to shut down, which makes falling asleep easier. 12

It also helped me frame my mornings as a self-care routine, and looking at the perfectly filtered lives of my peers before I’ve even brushed my teeth didn’t exactly make me want to leap out of bed and take on the day. Make this morning time about you and not what else is going on in the world.

I didn’t go to the gym but instead made my exercise more leisurely. I only added it into my routine after the first 20 days, but once I started, I would alternate between walks in my neighborhood park and low-intensity yoga. Morning exercise has proven to kickstart your metabolism and ensure you get a workout in before the busy day swallows your schedule. Whatever your goal is, start small. Take it day by day and don’t get frustrated when you aren’t progressing as quickly as you’d like. -Aditi Shrikant

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

ExecutiveAgent Magazine





Jim Thiel Mortgage Advisor Written by H. K. Wilson


hen some people come up against a challenge, it takes them a while to regroup. Not Jim Thiel. Take, for instance, his former incarnation as an entrepreneur. From the ground up, Jim built a successful business helping pay phone customers change long-distance carriers, long before mobile technology became common. So successful was his company that he was able to quit college to focus on building his team – at one point employing more than 150 people. When the market began to shift in favor of cellular technology, Jim had the foresight to change gears and change them quickly. He started another company, helping people find and manage investment opportunities. Then the winds of change shifted again and the economy faltered. “But I guess you could say I have an eye for opportunity,” he says with a laugh. “I had a neighbor who was in the mortgage industry and he offered me a position in his company.” Without missing a beat, and with no prior real estate experience, Jim hit the ground running. He spent time cultivating relationships with local real estate agents and learning the ropes of his new career. Four years later, Jim was managing a branch with 100 loan officers working for him. As in his previous endeavors, Jim was a natural. “I’d say the single most important thing when it comes to success is to do what you say and say what you mean,” he says. “I believe in putting my clients’ needs above the sale and always going above and beyond to get things done.”

To Jim, “above and beyond” means being there for his clients whether it’s first thing in the morning, on weekends or late at night. “My clients’ concerns don’t keep 9-5 hours, so neither do I,” he says. “If they have a question, I am here for them whenever they need an answer.”

“Do What You Say And Say What You Mean” ExecutiveAgent Magazine

He also prides himself on an impeccable attention to detail and the ability to distill complex concepts into easy to understand systems. “I love to educate my clients on the process,” he says. “Some loan officers don’t take the time to clarify why a rate is what it is, or how to anticipate problems with a file and figure out the outcome. I’ve found that giving my clients basic knowledge about the loan process helps them know what to expect – they know the details of loan-tovalue, what the income needs to be so that when we start on the process, the expectations are clearly defined and there are no surprises.” “No surprises” means satisfied clients and satisfied clients means referrals. Today, Jim is one of the most successful loan officers with Finance of America Mortgage in Irvine and the surrounding area. His ability to create loan solutions for nearly every mortgage need have made him a favorite with Realtors® and homebuyers alike. “I’m definitely not shy,” he says. “I don’t get frustrated by challenges – instead, I thrive on finding creative solutions to help develop a win-win situation for everyone.” He also doesn’t believe in wasting time, which is one reason he chose Finance of America Mortgage. “The bigger mortgage operations and loan departments at major banks leave much to be desired where customer service and flexibility are concerned,” he says. “Working with Finance of America Mortgage is like driving a finely-tuned sports car rather than a bus. It’s a luxury process – we take care of our customers and can get things done much faster than other places can.” With competitive rates, in-house underwriting and processing departments and continuous support, Jim believes that Finance of America Mortgage is far superior to other companies out there. And, as he builds his team, Jim is

careful to recruit others who are as passionate about customer service as he is. But to Jim, one of the most important things about Finance of America Mortgage is the culture. “I’ve been some places where loan officers were stressed out and in a bad mood, and that doesn’t translate into a happy experience for the customers,” he states. “Here everyone seems genuinely glad to be here and we enjoy our jobs. Being in a positive frame of mind is good for everyone.” Even though Jim loves his work, he also tries to maintain a balance life. He and his wife Tiffani have three sons, ages 26, 21 and 17. The family loves spending time on the beach at one of their two investment properties – one in the mountains of California and one on the beach in Mexico. “That’s where we go to unwind,” he says. “There’s nothing like spending time away to help me relax and come back refreshed and ready to help others.” Jim Thiel Finance of America Mortgage 320 Commerce, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92602 Tel: 949-521-0039 Email: Web: NMLS ID 907893

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WHO WE ARE Established in 2011, the USA Homeownership Foundation, Inc. DBA Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP), is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to increasing sustainable homeownership, financial-literacy education, VA loan awareness, and economic opportunity for the active-military and veteran communities.




WHO CAN JOIN? Any individual regardless if you have served or not. VAREP and its members represent and work within all sectors of the real estate, housing and financial services industries... WE WANT YOU!

1. Homeownership Advocacy – Advocate nationally to develop programs that reduce barriers to homeownership in the military and veteran communities. 2. Community Outreach – Foster responsible homeownership in the military and veteran communities by providing housing education and counseling services. 3. Professional Membership – Provide a place where real estate and financial service  professionals can share ideas, get educated, and be empowered to better serve the real estate needs of service members, veterans, and their families. 4. Veteran Job Creation – Provide employment opportunities through posting on our military and veteran job board. We are also working on creating awareness among companies to include veteran-owned businesses in their supplier diversity program. 5. Affordable Housing – Provide affordable home buying opportunities for veterans and service members who have gone through VAREP’s homeownership education counseling services. | w w w .VAR EP. n e t | 951-444-7363 VAREP IS A 501.C.3 NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION AND YOUR CONTRIBUTION IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE. USA HOMEOWNERSHIP DBA VETERANS ASSOCIATION OF REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS TAX ID: 45-2458485



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gentleman I know quite well had an interesting experience recently. His wife was recuperating at home from surgery and maintaining a light schedule. She could move about but getting up and down and bending were particularly painful. A couple of days after she came home from the hospital he was up early in the morning and went downstairs for a cup of coffee. His favorite cup was in the dishwasher and as he retrieved it he noticed that the dishwasher was full of clean dishes. Remembering that his wife was recuperating, he unloaded the dishwasher which only took about five minutes. After finishing his coffee he went back to the bedroom to get ready for work and left before his wife went to the kitchen. That evening when he returned home she gave him a big hug and thanked him profusely for what he had done. She said, “Honey, I cried when I realized I would not have to bend over all of those times and lift those dishes out.” He had made a simple gesture, but it spoke volumes to his wife. It indicated that he genuinely cared for her, her comfort and well-being. It was not monumental but isn’t it true that the “little things” make the big difference in life? Think about it. If your watch is slow by just four minutes, that’s not much - unless you’ve been warned that if you’re even one minute late ever again you will be fired. Then four minutes make a big difference. The message is simple but clear: Be sensitive to the needs of others and remember the “little things” in life because they make big differences. Take that approach to life and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP! Zig Ziglar is a beloved author and America’s motivator. He is the author of 25 books and offers training and consulting to organizations all across the globe. To learn more about Zig and his business visit his website at

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How to Go From Making a Living to Designing a Life


fter having struggled for so long, it took a shift in attitude for my family and me when success started to happen. When I started making a little extra money at age 25, my mentor Earl Shoaff taught me to also let it serve as a new inspiration for lifestyle. It’s about changing your life as well as changing your skills and earning more money. It’s best to invest some of that early money in lifestyle. Go to the movies. Go to a fancy dinner. Take two vacations instead of one. Think of exciting lifestyle changes. Don’t miss anything. Just do some little extra things so this new commitment to earning more and becoming more inspires you, your family. With that little extra money, work at creating a lifestyle, designing a life—social friendships, church, community, country, all those things that make a composite of our overall life. Start furnishing that with new vigor, vitality, money, whatever it takes to expand your life into what I call the good life.

spirituality are all of more consequence. But in the beginning, when the rewards of your hard work begin paying off, make sure and treat yourself and those closest to you to a new world of lifestyle and celebrations. Jim Rohn knows the secrets of success - in business and in life. He has devoted his life to a study of the fundamentals of human behavior and personal motivation that affect professional performance. He can awaken the unlimited power of achievement within you! Reproduced with permission from the Jim Rohn Weekly E-zine. Copyright© 2006, Jim Rohn. All right reserved. For information about Jim’s keynote presentations and seminars, contact the FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email

Get excited about changing things. One discipline leads to another. One change leads to another. And when you feel good about yourself and start to make the turn to do something you’ve never done before, it starts to work. And then you get excited about changing other areas of your life as well. Now, after you have made your fortune, the money and extravagance might not seem as big a deal. And fortunately you can then create even more powerful opportunities, opportunities for benevolence, philanthropy and giving. I’m certainly not saying to focus only on external pleasures and rewards. Your relationships, health and


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ExecutiveAgent Magazine


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Leah & Don Executive Agents of the Month

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Leah & Don Friedline Finding True North on the Journey Home Written by H. K. Wilson - Photography by Michelle Fairless


or the past 20 years, Leah Friedline has displayed these famous words by Zig Ziglar in her email signature: “You can have everything in life you

want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” “I live by this motto,” she says. “It’s something I’ve always believed in.” If positivity is a super power, then Leah is Super Woman. To her, challenges are opportunities to become a better person and professional. As the CEO and founder of real estate boutique The Monarch Realty Group, she leads from the front, sharing her decades of real estate expertise via training, support and tried-and-true business systems. For Leah, real estate is a family enterprise. She is joined by her husband Don Friedline, also a licensed agent, and their daughter Lynette Knight, the team’s transaction coordinator. Leah and Don previously owned a full-service real estate, mortgage and escrow company. After taking a sabbatical from ownership, but still active as a producing Branch Manager, they opened The Monarch Realty Group in 2016. Leah describes Don as a “quiet, laid-back person” who has a gift for connecting with people and empathizing with their circumstances. “He’s a problem-solver. He’s great at overseeing inspections because he’s detailed and analytical.” Clients aren’t the only ones who rely on his even temperament and measured insights. “Our agents, and agents outside, respect Don and take his advice when it comes to decisions they need help with.” Lynette works diligently behind the scenes to make transactions close seamlessly. “Lynette was 18 when she first got her license and helped run escrow, show properties and package loans. She’s so good at what she does, and we’ve been called ‘The Dream Team.’ We have 2 wonderful granddaughters from her too, ages 5 and 3. She is the backbone of our business and another instrument for keeping deals on track.”

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When the pandemic struck and California issued a stay-athome mandate, Leah led with confidence. She reached out to her team members and immediately made arrangements to continue the team’s regular training sessions remotely. “I also have a Friday ‘water cooler’ just to touch base and see how everybody is doing. When the lockdown hit, everyone was confused and scared. I wanted to make sure everyone’s mindset is still focused on what we need to do. I didn’t want to pause. I’ve been working hard not to just help myself but our group and even agents from outside who pop in. I have an open door for anyone who wants to join our trainings. I’m happy to be a foster home for them.” The regular coaching Leah receives from the Mike Ferry organization constantly recharges the energy she brings to her clients and colleagues. “Through the Mike Ferry network, we can help with relocations and can refer clients internationally. I love the collaboration with top producers, and I love the culture because we’re all sharing and help

one another. For a culture to be successful, it has to have integrity, and everyone has to support each other.” Leah and Don are always seeking ethical and compassionate professionals who are willing to learn and grow with their team. “If you want to join us, you have to be coachable, open-minded and have a positive attitude. Our goal is to help build someone’s business. It’s nice if they’ve been in the business for three to five years, but we will still take new agents with the right mindset.” This duo’s real estate practice is forward-looking, with a goal of helping families build a legacy through home ownership. Don says, “We help clients build generational wealth by buying their house and then re-investing later, and growing a real estate portfolio. We are now helping the second generation of many families we’ve helped and are looking forward to the third generation.” ExecutiveAgent Magazine

“We’re big supports of helping clients and their children when it’s time for them to own,” Leah adds. “We love helping every generation build their dreams of homeownership, we love it when it’s time for the move-up, and we are there for them when it’s time to move down. At the end of day, it’s always about the client and never about us. We want them to leave knowing they had the best service and were cared for. We really do care about them and their next transition.”

way: “Leah’s dedication and passion are unsurpassed. Not only is she our Realtor® forever, she is now a family friend for life!” Leah’s personal compass is guided by her desire to help others. “When you follow your true north, you can never go wrong. Every morning I wake up and think, who can I help today? I want to look back on my life and know that’s what I did for clients and for agents. I want to see them have the best life possible.”

One client summed up his experience with Leah this ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Leah Friedline and Don Friedline The Monarch Realty Group 23276 South Pointe, Suite 115, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Tel: 949-328-7137 - Email: Web: - DRE #01731479 / #01504940 ExecutiveAgent Magazine

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IDYLLIC, ONE-OF-A-KIND! NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA Welcome to 520 Santa Ana Avenue, an idyllic, one-of-a-kind property that epitomizes luxury and is located just minutes from the beach! Thoughtfully designed by famed architect Eric Mossman, this gorgeous main home and spacious guest house span approximately 6,000 square feet and boast a total of 8 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The self-contained guest house is ideal for hosting guests or for use as an income property. In the primary residence, the sprawling chef’s kitchen and great room are adjacent to a sun-drenched courtyard, allowing for seamless indoor-outdoor entertaining. A spacious master suite features his and her closets, his and her vanity sinks, and an elegant fireplace. Additionally, there is a charming in-law suite/second master suite, inside the main residence with a private entrance. The 4 bedroom guest house was added to the home in 2014 and is complete with its own open-concept kitchen and living room, a private laundry room and a quiet office space. Crisp white woodwork plays against warm mahogany hardwood flooring throughout both residences. This custom estate is overflowing with natural light and ocean breezes that percolate through every window. The superb location provides freeway access in about 5 minutes plus a short distance to award-winning schools, restaurants, shops, parks and of course, the beach! $5,000,000 ExecutiveAgent Magazine

PRESENTED BY JOJO ROMEO Whether she’s selling real estate, creating harmonious homes through feng shui and staging, or starring on Bravo’s TV show “Real Estate Wars,” JoJo Romeo is always inspired…and inspiring. A charismatic and compassionate entrepreneur who cares deeply about her clients, her family, her work and her community, JoJo’s love for all of her endeavors shines through and is the secret to her success.

JoJo Romeo DRE # 01878195 & ASSOCIATES 949.350.9363 Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty

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PENTHOUSE 2, 1050 S. GRAND AVE. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Custom built from an empty shell by Brown Design Group and featured in Luxe interior design magazine, this stunning Ten50 penthouse boasts nearly 30ft ceilings, a prodigious amount of private outdoor space, and absolutely no expense spared in every stick of custom built-ins & cabinetry within and every fixture throughout. Floor-toceiling glass at the north and west exposures of the home afford views of the downtown skyline that are nothing short of incredible. $4,950,000

Eileen Rivera DRE # 01208517 Zak Kuczynski DRE # 01966508 Tel: 562.989.1997 The RIVERA GROUP

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515 Tustin Ave NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA Centrally located in the exclusive Newport Heights neighborhood this strikingly beautiful new construction offers the finest in finishes, floor-plan and seamless indoor-to-outdoor living. 5 ensuite bedrooms and over 4000 square feet make up this contemporary farmhouse masterpiece, while a completely separate 400 square feet casita is situated perfectly above the garage for in-laws or a home office. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to live the ideal beach lifestyle. $3,888,000

Gio Helou DRE # 02068352 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage 310-866-9410 direct

Lisa Helou

DRE # 00624164

949-566-3345 direct

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BEACH CHIC, OCEANFRONT LAGUNA BEACH, CALIFORNIA Spectacular one of a kind “beach chic� oceanfront, this rarely available corner unit offers mesmerizing west facing views of Catalina Island year around, golden sunsets up the Northern coast and waves as they roll into the big white sandy beach below. From the moment you enter the front door, you will love the expanded, open floor plan for great entertaining space. This is the largest square footage plan easily convertible to a 3 bedroom if needed. This serene and tranquil retreat is ideal for those looking to relax and unwind with the beauty of the sea. The spacious master suite has a private balcony to take in the awe inspiring views. This prestigious community maintains beautiful grounds, new pool and sparkling spa, clubhouse, billiards room, gym, storage unit, ocean view BBQ and private gated walkway to the beach where you can watch the world class skimboarders glide across the waves. This property also includes the only single garage in the complex. AC has been approved by the HOA for those interested. Endless and unforgettable ocean views abound in this seaside getaway where you can put your toes in the sand and escape from it all. $2,799,500 ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Shauna Covington DRE # 00991380

949.412.8088 direct Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices CA Properties PREMIER RANKINGS & AWARDS Shauna Covington was recently named one of the leading real estate professionals in the entire country, placing among the top one-half of 1 percent of more than 1,100,000 Realtors nationwide. Chairman’s Circle Diamond from 2009 -2019 ExecutiveAgent Magazine

WOW. California Dreamin’!! LAGUNA BEACH, CALIFORNIA Steps to Crescent Bay and fabulous views of the Pacific Ocean await you! This charmingly exquisite home has had both units renovated. The remodeled kitchen with island bar and breakfast nook is perfect for whipping up absolutely anything you want to enjoy while also enjoying the expansive views...! Stainless steel everything! >> gas cooktop, stove, fridge, dishwasher, microwave and sink. Many windows throughout giving you easy access to the cool ocean breezes. The kitchen flows into a large living room with a lovely fireplace...perfectly cozy! The deck spans the entire length of the home with sliding glass door access from living room and both bedrooms. Each unit has its own laundry with full-size washer/dryer, central air and heat and 1-car garage. There is a common patio area with succulents which is perfect for relaxing in at the end of a long, hard day! Just a short distance to famous Laguna restaurants, shops, and recreation, including Shaw’s Cove. $2,750,000

Richard Gayle DRE # 01210908 Broker/Owner 714.724.9077 cell The Real Estate Marketplace ExecutiveAgent Magazine

LaStancia. Even the name evokes a sense of style that California calls its own. Located at two prestigious communities in central Riverside, Capital Pacific Homes is proud to present dramatic luxury estate residences on large home sites, many of which command panoramic city light, mountain, and valley views. Sincerely envisioned and designed by award winning architects, LaStancia offers homeowners spacious single story living in beautifully embellished Santa Barbara and Monterey style residences. Ranging from 3683 to 4160 square feet, up to 6 bedrooms and 4 car garages, imagine the impression of a courtyard or porch arrival, and the generous comfort of indoor/outdoor living with rear yard loggias off of great rooms and master suites. Feel the authenticity of wood beams, iron, and tile enhancements. Choose from a number of design configurations, such as fully self-contained junior or in-law suites, or expansive spa-like master baths. LaStancia, off of Van Buren in the Woodcrest community of Riverside, will greet homeowners with stunning stone entry monuments creating an air of exclusivity, while LaStancia at Bradley will not go unnoticed as a destiny location in the prominent enclave of Alessandro Heights. From $900,000 - $1,000,000

Shine Real Estate Sales & Marketing Team

Jason Watson DRE # 01202249 Pete Krebs DRE # 01498223

Jason: 714.609.1600 Pete: 951.733.7915 ExecutiveAgent Magazine




Haley Wilson


n the new work-at-home culture, life hasn’t changed much for Executive Agent Magazine feature writer Haley (H. K.) Wilson. Her mornings still begin with coffee and journal writing, followed by phone interviews and writing sessions. While some say they can’t wait to get back to the office, she enjoys the rhythm of the writing life. If you had asked her at 10 years old what she wanted to be when she grew up, Haley would have told you that she wanted to be a writer. Born in Ohio and raised in the Southwest, she grew up enchanted by the region’s open spaces and national parks. Those early experiences coaxed her sense of adventure and inspired her creativity. Haley had several vocations prior to taking up the pen, including occupations in the legal and real estate sectors and tenure as an experiential event designer. According to Haley, she is happy that it took her awhile to achieve her childhood ambition, as each of those experiences broadened her perspective and enriched her storytelling voice. Haley is the author of thousands of published articles on business, social and environmental topics. She has been writing feature articles for Executive Agent Magazine since 2013. In addition to her journalistic contributions, Haley is a freelance copywriter and editor. She is also hard at work on her first novel, a psychospiritual thriller that explores the connection between the disappearance of an indigenous American tribe, the burning of an historic amusement park, the murder of a famous American author and the dark forces behind the evolution of a master race. When asked to recall her most memorable magazine

interview, Haley said, “A few years ago, I was asked to interview former Vice President Walter Mondale. I don’t usually get nervous before talking with influential people, however, I will admit that I was feeling a bit uneasy when I made that phone call. As it turned out, Mr. Mondale was one of the most gracious individuals I have ever had the privilege of interviewing. He immediately put me at ease. At the end of our discussion, I shared with him how much his presidential bid in 1984, with Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate, made a difference for me as a woman. I was a young teen at the time, and seeing a woman in the running for the second highest office in our country signaled to me that anything was possible in my own life. He was so humble in his response and thanked me for telling him. He said he has been surprised by the number of women my age who have shared the same sentiment with him, and that he considers it one of the greatest accomplishments of his career to have helped blaze the trail for women’s equality in our country.”

A Glimpse of the Writing Life ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Haley has some advice for professionals who are sitting for an interview. “People often express to me that they feel very intimidated by the interview process — even highly successful individuals who spend a lot of time in front of a courtroom or dealing with the media. My initial advice is to relax and be yourself. You want people to get to know the real you, and that person probably won’t come through if you’re too concerned about self-editing your responses. Next, to give yourself more freedom of expression, you can ask to review the article before it is published. For many publications, this is already a standard practice, and others will accommodate you upon request. Also, remember to tell your interviewer that you are going ‘off the record’ if you share something that you don’t want to see in print. My best articles are the result of the best interviews, those in which people are willing to be authentic and really share themselves and their ‘why.’” In this time of COVID-19, Haley says it is more important than ever for professionals to communicate a thoughtful, polished brand message. She encourages companies to give extra attention to their digital presence, which may be their only opportunity to demonstrate competence and initiate rapport with customers. “It is well worth the investment to hire a professional to write your bio and web content. A fresh, third-party perspective and articulate voice can go a long way in setting you apart from your competitors.”

Reading books and writing occupy much of Haley’s time, but she also has a great passion for travel, architecture and design. “One of my favorite things about traveling is the opportunity to experience culture and history through art and architecture. New Orleans is at the top of my list for its rich living history. It totally inspires me as a writer and makes me want to plant myself in an open-air cafe, order endless beignets and coffee, and lose myself in a good plot.” Haley’s favorite literary character is Katie Scarlett O’Hara. “She’s sassy, smart and a survivor — and she looks good doing it.” For Haley, writing is a calling rather than an occupation. She strives to bring compassion, creativity and candor to her work. “I feel fortunate to work with a number of reputable publications, like Executive Agent Magazine, that give a voice to professionals of high regard. These publications provide a platform for industry leaders to inspire and influence by sharing their personal journeys, professional ethos and contributions to their communities. Through my work, I meet many extraordinary people, and I feel lucky to collaborate with them to tell their stories.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Wanna Sell More? Polish That Sales Presentation!


ales people ( in general ) hate to prepare presentations. They say: “I don’t want to sound canned!” “How can I do a standard presentation? The customers are all different!” While all of that is very true, it is also true that the top 20% of all salespeople (the ones who are making 80% of all the sales!) USE prepared presentations! They know a secret the average salesperson doesn’t know. You can’t perfect an ad lib! We all have perfected certain little pieces of our presentations; good illustrations, funny or touching stories. What if your whole presentation was that good? How much would you be selling this month? Start to develop a system today: Gather all your promotional pieces, brochures, trade articles and statistics in one file. Keep a pile of index cards with you and every time you have a good idea, remember a good story or think of a new way of explaining the features and benefits of your product, write it down! One idea per card.

The next step is to actually say it out loud into a tape recorder and then listen to it. Would you buy your product if you heard that presentation? What else needs to be included? Read ads, listen to the info-mercials (they are MASTERS at selling!) Keep refining and polishing that presentation till you are happy and proud of it and it does the job! When you are finally comfortable with your presentation, (which DOES change every time but the elements are always the same) you will be free to concentrate on the prospect and turn him into a client! Remember: Powerful Presentations Produce Powerful Results! Linda Brakeall is the author of Unlocking The Secrets of Successful Women in Business, and has trained 36,000 people in 27 states in sales, marketing, presentations, and communications since 1992. She has authored 99 magazine articles on sales, marketing, selecting salespeople, managing sales teams and communications. You can find out more about Linda and what she can do for you at

When you have dumped your brain on the cards, arrange them logically and you are on your way to a dynamite prepared presentation that will give you consistently wonderful results!


ExecutiveAgent Magazine

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


What to Do If You Don’t Feel Motivated


ExecutiveAgent Magazine


want to talk to you today about what you need to do when you don’t feel motivated. You know, one of those days where you wake up, and you go:

is competitive. Life is competitive. Everybody doesn’t get a trophy. That’s not how it works. It’s all about your ability to get up and get moving.

“I’m just going to lay here in bed.” “I don’t feel like doing anything.” “I just don’t feel like I want to be effective today.” I’m telling you, it’s those days that separate people who accomplish things from people who don’t.

I tell people all the time, I believe one of the greatest success traits you can have is to get your tail out of bed early and get moving—even if it’s just to get up and read and get your mind right for the day. So you’ve got to get up early, show up early.

When you wake up in the morning, the birds are chirping, you feel great, you feel like taking on the world… those are the days you know anyone can go get after it. But when it’s raining and you don’t feel good, those are the days that you have to find the energy to attack the day. That separates you from the other people.

I always believed in Vince Lombardi time. On time is 15 minutes early for an appointment. Get there, get after it, attack the day, make things happen. Most people wait for things to happen, but winners make things happen. -John Addison

Look, I hate to say it, but winning and succeeding ExecutiveAgent Magazine


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The Power of Positive Talking


e’ve known about the power of positive thinking for quite some time now. And although it’s incredibly important, the real magic happens when you allow that thinking to change your behavior. You can think about becoming a millionaire, but until you launch and scale a business, it can’t happen. That’s because the missing link between thinking and doing is talking. Positive talking is the next level of positive thinking. Until you speak your aspirational thoughts aloud, they will never manifest. Years ago, I wanted to move from Atlanta to Orlando to marry a woman I was dating. At the time, I was working in hospitality. I couldn’t find a job and my company was on a hiring freeze, so they couldn’t transfer me to Orlando. I decided to start thinking positive thoughts. I began telling myself, I am going to move to Orlando and marry this girl. Then, I took it a step further. On a visit to Orlando, I walked through a new hotel that was still under construction at the time. I began talking to the walls. “I’m going to move to Orlando,” I said. “And I’m going to work in this hotel.” I also told my thenfiancée (now wife) that we would be getting married on October 17 of the following year. I had no idea if I’d be in Orlando by then, but I was using positive talking to propel myself in the right direction.


I went back to Atlanta. One day, I was on a phone call with a senior vice president of the company. He said, “I understand someone has been blocking your move to Orlando. I wanted to let you know we’re going to create a position for you in Orlando.” My last day in Atlanta was on October 9. I started the new job at the hotel that had been under construction on October 12. And I got married on October 17. This was all made possible because of the power of positive talking—not just positive thinking. Positive talking is simple: After you think your positive thought, you have to say it out loud. Then, you have to slowly recalibrate your thinking so that speaking your positive thoughts aloud becomes second nature. By speaking your aspirations, goals and dreams aloud, you’re holding yourself accountable for finding a way to make them a reality. Simon T. Bailey is an international speaker, writer and personal transformation strategist. He is the author of Shift Your Brilliance: Harness the Power of You, Inc., and Be the SPARK: Five Platinum Service Principles for Creating Customers for Life. When he’s not working, he enjoys rooting for the Buffalo Bills (his hometown team).

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Our bone marrow transplant reunion is now standing room only. Each year, City of Hope invites bone marrow transplant recipients and their families to attend the “Celebration of Life” event. It’s a joyous time during which survivors of blood cancers such as lymphoma, leukemia and myeloma embrace their health, their life and each other. It began more than 35 years ago when City of Hope created what is now one of the largest and most successful bone marrow transplant programs in the world. In fact, we’ve completed over 11,000 transplants and, according to national reports, our outcomes are among the best in the nation. The goal of curing cancer isn’t just something we work at. It’s what we live for. If you have cancer, make us your first call. Or ask your doctor for a referral. We accept most insurance. 800-826-HOPE

COH-0726_BMT_Hem_fp_4c_ExecAgt.indd 1

WE LIVE TO CURE CANCER. Science saving lives.

11/25/13 6:02 PM









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