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Getting Angry Doesn’t Benefit Anyone -Anne Bachrach


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Laughter -Zig Ziglar

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Fulfilling a Universal Dream Written by Haley Freeman


oren Finsen and his family relocated from chilly Denmark to sunny California in 2008. They had visited the U.S. before, and were eager to return when Soren’s wife, Anne, a pastor, was invited to lead the Danish Lutheran Church in Yorba Linda. That adventure opened new opportunities for the whole family. Soren was a teacher in Denmark, and during his

family began the arduous process of applying for green cards and adjusting to a new way of life. It was also the time of the Great Recession, and Soren juggled three different jobs to provide for his family and put money aside for his dream of becoming a real estate professional. He persisted, and by 2011, he was a licensed agent working with a large company. It wasn’t easy. There were few people brave enough to become new agents during that down market, and little industry support for recent licensees. But true to his optimistic nature, Soren saw the situation as a blessing in disguise. “The market was slow, but it gave me time to learn my trade,” Soren says. “I got to know other agents and learned what I could from them.” In time, Soren joined Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, California Properties, where he has continued to thrive as a professional. The company’s global name recognition and reputation for superior real estate representation was a perfect fit for Soren’s international presence and insistence upon professional excellence. “I get many fantastic things from my association with Berkshire Hathaway, and so do my clients. I personally like Warren Buffett; I think he’s an interesting character. When he talks, everybody listens.”

previous stay in America, he had developed an interest in becoming a Realtor®. Once back on U.S. soil, he and his

That authority combined with Soren’s commitment to expert and caring service have contributed to his ever-increasing real estate success. Helping both buyers and sellers throughout Orange County and the regions beyond, Soren draws on his skill as a teacher to educate clients about the real estate process and guide them through a successful transaction. “One of the things I like about my job is there are many similarities to teaching. I enjoy answering questions and educating people about what to expect as we go along. I also like to be of help in solving a problem and creative in coming up with the best solution. There’s always a challenge to overcome in real estate, but that’s one of the fun parts of the job. That’s where my stubbornness comes in as an asset.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

While real estate is serious business, Soren likes to keep things lighthearted. “It doesn’t hurt if whatever you do in life, you can have fun doing it. It’s easy to get caught up in the complications. You have to remember to stop for a moment and smell the roses.” Soren’s clients give him high praise for the quality of both his character and representation. One described him as “a pleasant, honest man that you can trust completely.” Another said: “Soren is the most dedicated and hardworking real estate agent you could ever wish for. You can absolutely trust that he will look out for your interests and follow through on the details.”

and culture, so he teaches Danish at the church two times per week. You’re not likely to meet a nicer guy, or one more dedicated to helping people achieve the American Dream. As Soren reflects on attitudes toward home ownership globally, he says, “I think it’s a universal dream to own a home. It’s the best way to create wealth in a family that they can build upon. That dream is not as attainable in other places as it is here, and helping people fulfill that dream is something I enjoy tremendously.”

Soren’s friendly nature and integrity in transacting business have also earned him the respect of his colleagues. “I think it’s one of our obligations to go out and meet other agents. In doing so, they get to know you and, hopefully, like you. When you make an offer, you’re in a good position if people know you already.” Life for Soren and his family revolves around their church and the community of people who worship there. “These are people who opened their arms to say hello to us when we first came here,” Soren says. “Now it’s our duty to open our arms for them. We can’t go home and close the door. This is our way of life, and it is our privilege, too.” Soren is passionate about preserving the Danish language ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Soren Finsen Berkshire Hathaway Home Services 22601 Old Canal Road Yorba Linda, CA 92887 Tel: 714-423-3824 Email: sorenhomes@gmail.com Web: www.sorenfinsen.com CalBRE # 01906106




aughter is a great stress reducer. If you have never read Norman Cousins’s account of his experience of self-healing as described in Anatomy of an Illness, I encourage you to do so. When diagnosed with an incurable illness, he brought a movie projector into his hospital room and watched reel after reel of old classic comedy movies, laughing himself into hysterics. He found he could relieve his otherwise significant pain on a consistent basis through laughter. That practice, along with some other novel therapies, resulted in his healing. He left his prestigious journalistic career and taught on the faculty of a major medical school about the power of the mind and emotions in healing the body of disease. Next to love, laughter has been described as the secondmost powerful emotion we can express. It has been said that laughter is like internal jogging—it stimulates the respiratory system, oxygenates the body, relaxes tense muscles, and releases pleasure-producing chemicals in the brain. You cannot laugh and be mad, laugh and be tense, laugh and be stressed. Laughter is low-calorie, caffeinefree, and has no salt, preservatives, or additives. It’s 100 percent natural and one size fits all.

gious—once it starts little can be done to stop it. Laughter never felt bad, committed a crime, started a war or broke up a relationship. Laughter is shared by the giver and the receiver. Laughter costs nothing and its non-taxable. Laughter is a trend-setter. If we can find ways to laugh first thing in the morning, it may in fact set the trend for the rest of the day. Let me close by telling you the most important use of laughter I have ever discovered: The ability to laugh at ourselves. I stopped taking myself too seriously years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. Don’t get me wrong—I’m still serious about what I do. But not so serious that I can’t be the first one to laugh when I mess up (which happens all too often—it’s why I spend so much time laughing!). When you’re the first person to laugh at yourself, you leave little room for others to laugh at you. Zig Ziglar is a beloved author and America’s motivator. He is the author of 25 books and offers training and consulting to organizations all across the globe. To learn more about Zig and his business visit his website at www. ziglar.com

Laughter is truly God’s gift to humankind. You can get high on laughter but never overdose. Laughter is conta-


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Glenn Hemry A Question of Trust Written by Haley Freeman

lenn Hemry believes that when someone is seeking a home loan, he should create an environment where his client can feel comfortable to ask any question.


it is. It’s always okay to ask questions. It’s even okay to ask the same question twice. I always let them know there are no dumb questions and the only dumb question is the one not asked!”

A loan consultant at imortgage with nearly two decades in the industry, Glenn still remembers his own experience as a first-time homebuyer. “When I bought my first home, I was afraid to ask questions,” he says. “My best friend’s dad owned a mortgage company, and he pushed the papers in front of me, and I just signed. I had no idea what I was signing; I just did it. Fortunately for me, I knew I was dealing with someone I could trust to take care of me, and he did. But to this day, when I represent a borrower, I tell them that story. I know what it feels like to be sitting on their side of the table, and I never want them to sign anything without knowing what

Glenn went on to learn the mortgage business from his friend’s father. He began as a loan processor and was required to perfect that job before he could move on to originating loans. “All these years later, I’m so appreciative of that. I can put a good loan file together to this day, and in our business, that’s so important. If you provide a file to an underwriter that has holes in it, they feel they shouldn’t approve the loan. I’ve gotten a lot of loans done that other lenders couldn’t because I take the time to paint a different picture with a fine brush to make sure the underwriter understands the borrower. When I tell an agent a file will close, my word is as good as gold.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


After spending many years of his career in big banking, Glenn is ecstatic about working with direct lender imortgage, where the focus is 100 percent on providing home loans with unrivaled customer service, and where the company’s drive to innovate makes it far more agile than the competition. “We don’t do bank accounts and car loans; all we do is mortgages. About 80 percent of our business is home purchases, and our model is set up to get buyers into homes. We take a make-sense approach to loans, and we can make changes quickly here. When a customer has their home packed in a moving van, we know we have to do what we can to get them into their home on time.” A leader in transforming the way home loans are done, imortgage has developed a people-centric workplace that brings out the best in its employees, freeing them to provide the industry’s best customer service. One of the unique markers of the culture is its policy of hiring families. Glenn’s wife, Brenda Hemry, is branch manager in the Irvine office where he works, and their daughter, Lexie, is a production assistant there. “We love it that we can all work together here. We’re in constant communication, and we get things done efficiently. I think agents and clients respond well to the idea of working with families.” Being part of a progressive company means there are always new opportunities for growth, a factor that keeps business fresh for industry veterans like Glenn. Seeing a need to develop young talent in the mortgage industry, imortgage recently launched a training program designed to help young professionals get started on the right foot. As a manager, Brenda spearheaded the idea, and Glenn eagerly volunteered to mentor a new loan specialist on his team, John Kim. “Building a team is something I’ve always wanted to do, and this has been a great opportunity. John and I work well together, and I am able to show him how to do business the right way as he develops his own production. It’s been good for me in terms of getting back to basics and making sure I’m doing the little things that make a real difference. I really believe in building relationships, and as I’m teaching John to do things like write a thank you card with a real stamp on it, it reminds me of what’s important. Karla Garcia is my production assistant, and she makes sure everything in the pipeline is moving forward so I can be out in the field. Our team is flourishing.”

Glenn is committed to educating his clients and taking the time to answer their questions. There is only one time when asking a question signifies a problem. “If a client or Realtor® is calling us to ask what’s going on with their loan, we’ve failed. We do weekly calls to clients and agents, even if there’s nothing to report. When a Realtor® sends me a client, I want them to trust that I’ve got this. I want them to focus on getting the next one.” Glenn Hemry imortgage 2855 Michelle Drive, Suite 190 Irvine, CA 92606 Tel: 714-371-8782 – 949-346-3431 Email: Glenn.Hemry@imortgage.com Web: www.imortgage.com/glenn.hemry NMLS ID 451075

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

imortgage is licensed by the CA Department of Business Oversight, CRMLA 4131040. NMLS ID 174457. Equal Housing Opportunity. All rights reserved. 2017.


Once In A Lifetime


subscriber recently wrote to me and asked me to consider this common phrase – Once in a Lifetime.

“Isn’t every moment of our lives, once in a lifetime?” he asked. Touché! Indeed, he is correct. Every moment of our lives is the last chance we get to live that moment. What happens though is that we figure we will be able to live another moment in the same way we are passing on right now. Time becomes a commodity that we trade… and the riskiest commodity of all – futures! We pass on this moment for the option to live it in the future. The problem is that there is no guarantee of the future… Take some time this week to think about the Once in a Lifetime opportunities you are passing up each day: The opportunity to play with your children or grandchildren.

The opportunity to take that dream trip you have thought of for years. Live for today my friends. Make today the best day that you can. Be aware of every moment and how it is the last time you will be able to make the decision on how to spend it. Today is your once in a lifetime opportunity to live your dreams, love your family, and make a difference. As the marketing profession would put it: Don’t miss this Once in a Lifetime Opportunity! Chris Widener is the President of Made For Success. He teaches leaders how to become Extraordinary Leaders. Chris’ speaking and consulting services have challenged the best to become optimists, to pursue excellence relentlessly, and to dream big dreams. Copyright© 2007, Chris Widener. All rights reserved. For information about Chris’ speaking and consulting services, contact the FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@ FrogPond.com; http://www.FrogPond.com

The opportunity to love your spouse. The opportunity to take that business risk.


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Getting just a mortgage is so last year.

That’s why we’re gifting your clients a fabulous perk when they finance their home purchase with Kinecta. We’ve partnered with Househappy to offer traxplus.

Traxplus is a convenient web app that puts your clients’ home information at their fingertips and makes maintenance easy:

ž Includes an in-person initial data collection by a home data collection specialist ž Automated service reminders ž A dedicated home services concierge & more!

Free traxplus1 for your clients! $99 value

Once they’ve funded their Kinecta mortgage we’ll gift them the traxplus1 service.

Let’s elevate your clients’ home buying experience. Erik Jenner, NMLS# 38025 Manager Mortgage Loan Sales direct: 949.253.5337 | cell: 949.293.1237 Erik.Jenner@kinecta.org www.kinecta.org/ejenner Visit www.kinecta.org/househappy to learn more.

All loans are subject to credit approval. NMLS #407870. Intended for mortgage professionals only and not for consumer use. Househappytrax and Househappytraxplus home services are made available through a partnership with Househappy. Househappy is not affiliated with Kinecta or its affiliates. All costs and fees associated with the services offered through Househappy are the responsibility of the user. Kinecta reserves the right to modify or cancel these offers at any time. 1 Kinecta will cover the cost of the traxplus service (valued at $99.00) for Kinecta members who finance their home purchase with a Kinecta mortgage in the state of California. Eligible mortgage applications must be submitted on or after 1/1/2017. If eligible and upon consent, qualified borrowers will be enrolled in traxplus upon completion of a home purchase transaction. Additional costs and fees, such as renewal fees, are the responsibility of the user. 15721-02/17




Written By Haley Freeman Lisa Renee Photography, Inc.

Deborah Kantor


f you’re a new real estate professional looking to build your business on the right foundation, or a seasoned agent looking for fresh motivation, Deborah

Kantor is ready to share her methods that have repeatedly opened the doors to sales success.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Opening Doors to Your Success Deborah came by her talent for sales honestly. Raised in New England by a father who made his living selling siding and roofing, she grew up observing his well-designed business systems, self-discipline and flair for connecting with people. At 13 years old, she asked to begin babysitting, and he suggested that she go to work for him getting leads instead. He offered her a 10 percent commission on any contract she landed. That was big money for a young teenager. She adopted the pseudonym Debbie Bright and began fearlessly cold-calling homeowners – and with lucrative results. To this day, she can still recite the sales script she used. “At 13, I learned everything I needed to know about closing a deal on the first phone call. I got him a tremendous amount of leads, and I was making all kinds of money.” Deborah’s first official career was in staffing, and from that company’s principal she learned more sales wisdom. “My first professional mentor’s method was simple. He didn’t advertise. He never did mailings. We didn’t have email or the other technologies that people today get lazy and rely upon. I’ve learned it’s the ABC basics that make people successful in real estate or any other kind of sales; calls to connect, client visits and getting eye-to-eye with everyone.” Deborah eventually parlayed those early lessons into a series of successful business experiences, including a triumphant stint in real estate. “We moved a great deal for my husband’s career while raising two daughters. We had eight homes in 20-plus years, and I was never happy about the service we received from our Realtors®. We finally relocated to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where I decided to get my real estate license. I started out with a big brand and did seven buyer transactions my first year with no training and no listing opportunities. I realized I loved the business, but I needed to go someplace where I could learn to do it well. I joined the largest, local, non-franchised, regional firm in Cape Cod and spent the rest of my career there.” By her third year, Deborah was the top individual performer among the company’s 100 agents, and steadily in the top 10 percent of the 2,500 licensed agents on Cape Cod. Many wanted to know how she had achieved such a feat. She went to the owner of the company and suggested creating a sales training program, not just for new agents, but for everyone. She told him, “This is a sales organization. Industrywide, Realtors® don’t realize they’re in sales, and there is an enormous functional deficit when someone doesn’t understand that from the first moment of

contact, by voice or by handshake, there is a closing process that has begun.” Convinced, he gave Deborah a sizeable budget and the authority to put a training program in motion. At the end of two years, the result was that the average agent had increased sales by a staggering 108 percent. The highest increase was 240 percent by two agents with 15 years of industry experience. “I also worked with managers,” she says. “Most companies don’t provide training for their managers, which is another big mistake. Their customers are on the floor generating sales. They need to fully understand how to hire the right talent and then give them what they need to succeed so they’ll keep producing.” Today, Deborah is providing individual real estate professionals, sales managers and teams with training designed to help them master the fundamentals of sales, resulting in higher closing ratios and client retention that go hand-in-hand with white glove service. By focusing on the Four Rs: Rapport, Retention, Referrals and Reviews, Deborah can help turn an average agent into a sales superstar. While many of the industry’s training organizations offer a one-size-fits-all solution dispensed by coaches who may not have walked the talk, Deborah offers something different. “I make every client a customized project. I look at what’s working and what isn’t, whether it’s an individual or a group, and then help them tweak what they do well, come up with fresh ideas and work better within their space. I look at how people interact, how their time is used and how they can offer more to the customer.” From 13-year-old sales Phenom to seasoned sales guru, Deborah has proven that she can open doors to success. “I’m a girl with sales in my DNA. I’ve learned that it’s so important to build a rapport with people, to understand why they’re talking to you in the first place, and what they’re looking to achieve. Sales is not a bad word. If you’re the right person to satisfy and accommodate those needs with integrity, then you’re providing a necessary service. Paying it forward is my passion. I find so much joy in seeing people succeed.” Deborah Kantor Real Estate Sales Trainer Kantor Sales Training Tel: 844-526-8671 Email: KantorSalesTraining@gmail.com Web: www.KantorSalesTraining.com Toll Free: 844-KANTOR1 (844-526-8671)

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The Service Boomerang


emember the expression, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” They want to know if you are willing to give of yourself, to serve their needs and wants. They’re not interested in your title, your college degrees, or how much money you have. First, they want to know if you care about them as a person, if you care about helping them solve their problems. Then your knowledge and experience become important. When you are considering the idea and process of giving “good service”, ask yourself, “What would I want if I were dealing with me?” That really brings it home. When you think of service in personal terms you feel the accountability involved. It becomes a personal responsibility, not just a nice idea or phrase. That kind of thinking turns into a philosophy about the service concept. And, that is where you find the real benefit, in both receiving and giving excellent service.


We have intelligence quotients and personality quotients. If there were a service quotient, an SQ, how would you score? How would your organization score? It is a very powerful concept to build a life, a career or an organization on the knowledge that good service always boomerangs. Sheila Murray Bethel is a best selling author, television personality and globally acclaimed professional speaker. Sheila’s expertise is Change, Leadership, and Personal Excellence. She is the author of the bestselling book, Making A Difference: 12 Qualities That Make You a Leader, host of the new Public Television Specials, “Making A Difference”, and business woman. Copyright© 2003, Sheila Murray Bethel. All rights reserved. For information about Sheila’s Leadership Seminars and Workshops, contact the Frog Pond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@frogpond.com; http://www.frogpond.com.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Written By Sheila Murray Bethel

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Cover Story

EDWARD ENGLEHART Executive Agent of the Month

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Written by Haley Freeman - Photography by Ian Wiant


manager, doing research and scouting potential investment opportunities. His talent and passion for the business soon emerged, and it wasn’t long before he obtained his license and set out on his own path.

Edward was first introduced to a career in real estate by family friends who were also real estate investors. As a young man, he began working with them as a project

He came out strong and had Hall of Fame qualifications his first full year in real estate. Then, with the market crash, came some hard lessons. But Edward didn’t give up. He took those lessons and became a stronger, more versatile professional, who endured to become the seasoned, savvy Realtor® he is today. “I never got used to having it easy,” he says. “I learned how to work hard and develop the systems and relationships that make business sustainable over time.”

dward Englehart knows Orange County from the hills to the sand. He grew up in Huntington Beach, with its sun-drenched beaches, world-class surf spots and distinctive SoCal vibe. For the past decade, he has resided in beautiful North Orange County, where the nearby mountains give way to quiet suburban enclaves perfect for raising a family. It is here that he has built a fine reputation as one of the area’s premier real estate professionals, one whose insistence upon excellence has resulted in dreams coming true for countless area home owners.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

At First Team, Edward tapped into the power of Orange County’s number one selling brand and its superior marketing support to build his business and, ultimately, to become a thriving professional. His consistency has resulted in five consecutive years as a Hall of Famer and a large

community of highly satisfied repeat and referral clients who won’t go anywhere else for real estate representation. This year, Edward has begun building a powerhouse team focused on serving more people and providing them with “the complete client experience.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Insisting Upon Excellence In the increasingly tech-driven real estate environment, Edward guides clients with first-hand market information that is not readily available online. He knows property values, making him well-qualified to advise sellers about setting their listing price, and buyers about how much to offer for a property. In addition, Edward has experience managing renovation costs, as well as a list of trusted vendors he can confidently recommend to his clients. “From 2012 to 2014, I worked with a couple investment firms and did over 20 flips for them. I learned a lot about doing it right, and we didn’t lose money on a single one of them. I had a good instinct for running comps and figuring the value of the property, and also the rough costs of remodeling. That experience adds value because I can answer a lot of questions about the rehab costs on a fixerupper, versus having to call a contractor every time I show a house.” Edward’s marketing of homes for sale is second to none, and he spares no expense when it comes to making

the best possible impression on potential buyers. “I offer premium service with professional photography and an array of marketing media. I don’t just slap it on the MLS and wait to see what happens. Besides doing lots of ads on online platforms, I still use print marketing, which has been very effective for me. I do every door direct mail marketing around my listings because I’ve found that neighbors are a good source of referrals to family and friends who are looking to move into the area. I have sold many homes this way for top dollar.” Diligent and patient, Edward is skilled at adapting to each client’s particular needs and expectations. “My job is to take good care of people and put them first above making a sale. It’s the way I was raised. By being transparent, honest and treating people right, I hope to keep them as a client for life. Whether their reason for moving is a positive or negative one, I want to get them through the experience positively and effectively.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Edward’s insistence upon excellent service is paying off in terms of client satisfaction and retention. One buyer said: “Edward helped us buy our dream home in North Orange County. He represented the seller and the buyer. Was great at communications and in keeping us updated every step of the way in the buying process. He also had great recommendations during the process, and after escrow closed, he was still very helpful finding us different services in the area. It’s been a year already and we still keep in touch. I can’t think of a nicer, harder working, and professional Realtor®!” Another shared: “Edward was an amazing Realtor®! He was great at making sure all our questions were answered throughout the whole moving process, informative, and worked really hard to make sure everything was a smooth process! He was very good at communicating with us and with escrow and the other Realtors®. He made our moving process a great experience! Thank you, Edward, for being so attentive, trustworthy, and hardworking! We

will definitely use you for all of our real estate needs in the future.” Edward and his wife, Lynne, were married in 2010 and live in the Yorba Linda community with their little girl, Nicole. They are an active family, taking their motor home for road trips in winter months and enjoying their getaway property boating in Lake Havasu during the summer season. “I loved every minute of growing up in Huntington,” Edward says, “but this is also an amazing community to be a part of, with award-winning schools and great neighborhoods. We love raising our family here.” By always insisting upon excellence, Edward is proving his worth as a professional. He is respected by his colleagues and trusted by his clients for always delivering unsurpassed service wherever he goes in Orange County.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Edward Englehart First Team Real Estate, 18180 Yorba Linda Blvd., #501 Yorba Linda, CA 92886 - Tel: 714-658-5060 Email: Edward@edwardenglehart.com - Web: www.edwardenglehart.com CalBRE # 01724951 ExecutiveAgent Magazine


The “Secret” Site


onder why you haven’t had any inquiries on your new web site? You are not alone. Many agents feel that having a web site is a waste of time because they have felt and seen no value in it yet. The reason for this is that they haven’t done their job in promoting it-they have a “secret” web site! A Realtor® asked my audience at one of my recent seminars if anyone in the audience has had a good response to their web site. Before I would let anyone respond I asked the Realtor® a few questions and that was all I needed to do to make the entire room see that having a web site on the Internet is just the first step. The rest is up to you. Just like any good marketing program, you must advertise. Most of your inquiries will come from your local area, but if you don’t tell them about it, your money for the site is wasted. Make sure that you list your web site in every advertisement that has your name; that includes the company ads. This is your chance to not only sell one listing, but also others. Advertise your web site on your business cards. Do you know that the general public expects you to have a web site? When you hand your card to someone, they immediately have the impression that you are “up with technology” just by the fact that you have a web site. A psychological plus! Advertise your web site on your voice mail. When people are leaving you a message and they hear that they can see all your latest listings on www.yourname.com, they just might go there to see what is new; this includes other real estate agents.

if they drive by a home that appeals to them. And, just think there may be another on your site that they want to see as well. Advertise on all your marketing pieces-property brochures and flyers, postcards, open house invitations, etc. Everywhere that you put your name, put your web address. The more people that see it, the more will log on. Remember to put your web address on every single advertisement; that includes the Chamber listing, your stationery (both letterhead and envelopes), magazine ads, organization directories, etc. From this point on your web address is part of your name and telephone number. Register your site with as many search engines on the Web as possible. There are several companies who will do this for you. Patti Brotherton is President of PAB Performance Partners. Patti’s company was formed to reach a broader base of agents, managers and companies to help them in any way possible to do more business, to improve their business, to help them balance their business and generally improve the quality of their professional life. Patti believes in individualized marketing programs, including graphic design, as well as business systems that have proven to work in many different market places. Copyright© 2000, Patti Brotherton. All rights reserved. For additional information about Patti’s presentations and company services, please call the Frog Pond Group at 800.704.FROG (3764) or email susie@frogpondgroup.com; http://www.frogpondgroup. com.

Advertise your web site on your for sale sign. We all know that the public wants to have as much information about a property as possible. They will log on to your site


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Written by Haley Freeman

Melanie Geist On the Ground Floor of the American Dream


hen Melanie Geist’s daughter was 5 years old, her kindergarten class had a job fair. Each student had to talk about what their parents did for a living. “At 5, she really didn’t understand what I did,” Melanie recalls, “but when she got up, she said I made people’s dreams come true. And I do! I get to be on the

ground floor of the American Dream every day.” After 25 years on the ground floor, Melanie still brings passion and wonder to her work as a loan consultant. An Orange County native, she gave up her waitressing job in college to take a position as a receptionist for a mortgage company, and she found her calling.

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Melanie’s diverse industry experience spans the lending world from mortgage brokers to big banks. When she interviewed at New American Funding five years ago, she knew she was home. “Owners Rick and Patty are personal friends of mine. In fact, my first home loan was done by Patty. Now that I’m working with them, I can’t imagine working for anyone else. They have such a commitment to the industry, including both consumers and employees, and they take great care of people. It’s not just numbers to them. They work tirelessly to make the industry better for everyone. I’m proud to be part of an organization like that.” While she concedes there is little variation in what lenders have to offer in terms of loans and pricing, Melanie emphasizes that service is the big differentiator. “It’s how we treat the consumer and service the loan in the end that really sets us apart. We want the experience with New American Funding from beginning to end to be exceptional. It’s why we service most of our loans now.” That same commitment to service extends to Melanie’s real estate partners. New American Funding’s marketing platform is unprecedented in the industry, with co-branded messaging and materials that are disseminated throughout the transaction and for up to seven years post-closing. “We want to create a team between the agent and loan officer,” Melanie explains. “We’re in this together. I want them to know I value our business relationship and the work they do.” In her many years on the ground floor of the American Dream, Melanie has had the pleasure of seeing generations grow up and create family wealth through real estate. She is an important member of a large community who continue to rely upon her when they need a home loan. “Many of the jumbo loans I’m doing now come from that first-time homebuyer who started out as a low-income borrower. I’ve helped them several times over the years and gone on to do loans for their children. When past clients keep coming back, it’s a huge compliment.”

Melanie is in the business of changing lives, and she never tires of the thrill of helping someone achieve the American Dream, especially when they thought it was out of reach. Recently, she helped a single mom who is a nurse at Long Beach Memorial. “She was renting, and the landlord decided to sell her house. Sure enough, she was able to buy that house herself. Her teenaged daughter was so cute, and afterward, she brought me a thank you gift. She said when she grows up, she wants to do what I do. It was such a neat moment. There are so many good tears in my career.” Sometimes, it’s a refinance that makes the difference. “I love putting people on the path for financial freedom.” Her career on the ground floor of the American Dream has also been life-changing for Melanie, who is a single mother of three. It has given her the opportunity to provide well for her family and the freedom to enjoy life with them. “We love to travel, explore culture in Long Beach and enjoy our local beaches. This is a great community to be a part of. Life is precious, and time waits for nobody. I try to live by Tony Robbins’ advice and make it happen.” Melanie brings that upbeat, seize-the-day spirit to helping people buy a home with minimum worry and maximum happiness. She really does make people’s dreams come true! Melanie Geist Loan Consultant New American Funding 6621 E. PCH, Suite 160 Long Beach, CA 90803 Tel: 562-477-5923 Email: melanie.geist@nafinc.com Web: www.newamericanagent.com/melaniegeist NMLS ID 485989

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Boost Your Business -- Become an Advisor


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he joke goes like this: A friend at school tells little Johnny all adults are hiding at least one dark secret and to blackmail them just say, “I know the whole truth.” So Johnny goes home and tells his mother, “I know the whole truth.” His mother hands him $20 and says, “Just don’t tell your father.” Pleased, little Johnny greets his dad coming home from work with, “I know the whole truth.” The father gives him $40 and says, “Please don’t tell your mother.” The next day on the way to school he tries it on the mailman, “I know the whole truth.” The mailman drops the mail, opens his arms and says, “Then come give your daddy a great big hug!” Knowing the truth can really shake things up! True in life and especially true in today’s real estate industry. And knowing your facts now has never been more important for brokers and agents because buyers and sellers come armed with loads of information. The days of showering sellers with stacks of information have gone the way of the dinosaur. That means if you want to make a good living in real estate, you must kick it up a notch and know more facts than you’ve ever known before. In short, you need to become an advisor. The dictionary defines advisor simply as “an expert who gives advice.” And that’s exactly what buyers and sellers need today -- an agent who can interpret information for them and guide them through the buying and selling process. They need an agent who’s confident and who expects success, and eagerly tells the truth like it is. So what is the difference between an agent and an advisor? Agents just want to list a home and hope it sells. Advisors help their clients lead the market, not follow the market. They do that by knowing their market inside and out.

Advisors also put a premium on understanding the motivation of their clients. One of the questions we pose on what we call our Seller Information Sheet (feel free to visit our site for a copy of this at http://www. corcorancoaching.com/BrokerAgent.php) is why are you selling? When you learn the answer to that question, realize what you have is the client’s hot button and react accordingly. Advisors are inquisitive because they know they must understand where potential clients are in the process. When you understand that along with understanding their motivation, you’re on your way to being a great advisor. And start promoting yourself as an advisor. Consumers aren’t stupid, they know the real estate game has changed just like you do; they know they need advising when they reach the right point in buying or selling. So look over your marketing materials – your brand – and determine if you’re coming across as an advisor and as someone who stands out from the crowd. As an expert. And please take a minute to read an article that gets more in depth at the job of an advisor titled “Tough Listing Is Tough Love”. The article covers some of the key traits of advisors: confident, optimistic, visionary, motivated, informed and many more. To me, it all comes down to a mindset. You must adopt the mindset that you are an expert and make a commitment to work hard every day to make yourself better at your job. Know your facts. Or, like Johnny, know the whole truth! Best of luck to you! Bob Corcoran is a nationally recognized speaker who is founder and president of Corcoran Consulting Inc. (CorcoranCoaching.com), an international consulting and coaching company that specializes in performance coaching and the implementation of sound business systems into the broker’s or agent’s existing practice. © 2008, Bob Corcoran. All rights reserved. For information contact FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@FrogPond.com; http://www.FrogPond.com.

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Success Borne of Excellence Written by Haley Freeman


hen describing her experience working with award-winning Realtor® Tina Maraj, one client said, “The first word that comes to mind is excellence.” Tina has been perfecting her craft for almost three decades, and it certainly shows in her unrivaled industry knowledge and the extraordinary way in which she represents the interests of buyers and sellers in North Orange County and beyond.

school. She was only 19 years old and by far the youngest of her colleagues at Century 21, but her fiery determination to serve with excellence gave her an early edge on the competition. “I took real estate very seriously as a career,” Tina recalls. “I realized people rely on Realtors® to give them a sense of what to do during a very critical time. I had seen my parents go through the process of buying a home after coming in from a different state. They went through a few agents before they met a good one who walked them through the details. I took what I learned from that experience and decided that I wanted to be a Realtor® who was offering more.” In time, Tina came to realize there was more opportunity for her as an ethnic young woman in Orange County real estate than in law, and she changed her major from pre-law to public relations at California State University, Fullerton. She became highly active in the California Association of Realtors® and developed fresh strategies for marketing herself in her local community. Tina’s creativity and tenacity soon paid off and have continued to sustain her throughout her successful real estate journey. “I still remember the address of my first listing. Last year, I sold that property for the fourth time in my career.” Always striving for excellence, Tina eventually attended her first Mike Ferry seminar, and was inspired to join RE/ MAX North Orange County and Broker Ron Holborn. “Mike Ferry taught me that to be successful in real estate, I needed to run a business, not just sell homes. I knew RE/ MAX was where all the successful people in real estate congregated, so I joined them. RE/MAX allowed me to build my brand the way I wanted to build it.”

Born to East Indian parents in New York, Tina attended Troy High School in Fullerton after her father’s employer, Westinghouse, transferred him to Southern California. “My parents picked Fullerton because it was a college town. They wanted me to be a lawyer, and I grew up with that ambition.” As Tina began her pre-law education, she also obtained her real estate license to support herself through law

Tina has boldly embraced every new iteration of technology as she has built a brand that is widely recognized and respected throughout Orange County. She was one of the first Realtors® to advertise on the industry’s original, successful home search site; was one of the first to blog on the industry’s premier blogging platform; and was one of the few who were eager to utilize social media right from its inception. Throughout her career, she has remained both adaptable and responsive, always willing to change with new innovations in technology, trends in the market, and the needs of buyers and sellers in her community.

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Tina’s husband, Randy Tovar, is now her partner in both life and real estate. Together, the duo makes a strong and organic team, jointly committed to exceeding client expectations and nurturing lifelong relationships. Both longtime residents and homeowners in North Orange County, they know the people, culture and lifestyle choices of Fullerton and its surrounding communities intimately. They are also prominent leaders in numerous organizations that make these cities such wonderful places to live and work. “Randy is an ambassador chair for the Placentia Chamber of Commerce, and I’m on the executive board for the North Orange County Chamber of Commerce. I’m also on the board for the Placentia Founders Society that manages the upkeep for the historic Bradford House. We support the Boys & Girls Club, the Joya Scholars and other organizations that contribute to the quality of education and the way our business tax dollars are spent in the community. We care about the quality of life here where our clients are establishing their families and making a long-term investment in real estate.”

Looking back on her successful career, Tina is certain she has chosen the right path. “It has enriched my life to meet so many different types of people and develop relationships that we’ve continued over many years. I’m so passionate about making sure that when I hand the keys to a client, they are completely happy with the choice they’ve made.”

Their deep roots in the community and established reputation for honorable business dealings give Tina and Randy the advantage in everything from advising their clients about which contractors to choose for home improvements to negotiating the most favorable contract terms. They are certified as probate specialists and also assist clients with property leasing and management. ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Tina Maraj RE/MAX North Orange County 1441 Brea Blvd. Fullerton, CA 92835 Tel: 714-403-7901 Email: TinaMaraj@gmail.com Web: www.TinaMaraj.com CalBRE # 01045442




Jason Cazarez Opening the Door to the American Dream

Written by Haley Freeman


ason Cazarez’ special passion for the American Dream emerged early in his life. He was raised by his mom in Palm Springs, surrounded by cousins who possessed all the trappings of the nuclear family. “They had the mom, the dad and the dog – that white picket fence upbringing we all strive for. I was fascinated by what goes on behind those doors, and as I grew up, I thought a lot about the idea of home ownership and what goes into the American Dream.”

“It was my first time living on my own, and I did a lot of learning about myself and life in general. I fell in love with the architecture ‘across the pond.’ There’s so much meaning and symbolism behind it. I also came to understand that in the European countries, the priority of owning a home is not as important as it is here. In fact, property rights in general are a whole lot different.” Armed with a new perspective and a general business education, Jason returned to the U.S. to begin his professional journey. In time, he met Keith Watts, broker/owner of Watts Team Real Estate in Aliso Viejo, and reignited his passion for the American Dream. He began working as an office assistant, and with Keith’s mentoring, Jason has flourished to become a skilled and knowledgeable real estate professional in his own right.

That analysis was stretched further when Jason studied abroad at the Regent’s American College in London.

“I was lucky to meet Keith and have the opportunity to pursue a career in real estate and do something I’m really passionate about. Helping people find a home is about so much more than just buying property. A home is the place where values are instilled in your children, and where a family begins to build wealth. It’s so gratifying when someone trusts you to help them with the biggest investment of their lifetime.”

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Watts Team Real Estate is a local boutique agency focused on the exchange of homes in Aliso Viejo. Everyone on the Watts Team lives in the area and has an insider’s perspective on the community’s neighborhoods, schools and unique assets. They are the resident experts in this distinctive enclave that mixes a sunny SoCal vibe with that of small town Americana. “Being small and local are our biggest advantages over the competition,” Jason explains. “Instead of being tied down by office policies and quotas, we have the flexibility to solve challenges and help our clients in ways that larger companies would never consider. When a problem arises, we inherit that problem and get in front of it to minimize the stress for the client. We consider ourselves our clients’ biggest advocate.” First-time buyers are Jason’s favorite to work with, because it allows him to “really experience the highs and lows of a transaction. First-time buyers are 100 percent emotionally invested, and I feel blessed to be a part of something so significant to a young family.” Jason’s compassion, integrity and conscientious representation are greatly appreciated by his clients, who describe him with expressions like: “Thorough and professional from start to finish, easy going but responsive and quick to problem solve.”

ical conditioning, it’s also about creating a system and holding yourself accountable for it. It translates directly to real estate and every other aspect of life.” Having lived an ocean away, Jason has great appreciation for the extraordinary opportunity we have as Americans to acquire our own little corner of the American Dream. “We’re so fortunate to live here where the weather is beautiful and we have access to so many different landscapes. I can’t think of anything more fulfilling than opening the door to this life-changing experience.”

Another stated: “Jason Cazarez went above and beyond any service we have ever received in all of our years of real estate dealings. I highly recommend him for his ability to handle every detail of a real estate transaction. His attention to the requests and needs of a buyer or seller allow me to give him five stars in every aspect of his work. Do not hesitate to sign with this young gentleman.” Jason and his wife make the most of life in Aliso Viejo, enjoying everything from the local hiking trails to beach sunsets. In his free time, Jason also volunteers teaching Jiu-jitsu to kids. “I get joy out of helping to instill confidence, coordination and self-discipline through martial arts. I’ve been training for 10 years. It’s more than phys-

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Jason Cazarez Watts Team Real Estate 22912 Pacific Park Dr., Suite 200 Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 Tel: 949-813-1686 Email: jc@wattsteamhomes.com Web: www.wattsteamhomes.com CalBRE # 01887153


Getting Angry Doesn’t Benefit Anyone


verybody gets angry sometimes, and as an old green friend once said, “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” Most people are not “likable” when they are upset, because anger is a strong and defensive emotion, one that is defined as “an aroused state toward someone or something perceived to be the source of an aversive event.” When we sense that someone else is angry this immediately creates uneasy feelings, since we do not wish to be the source of that agitation. Of course, anger is not merely directed towards other people; often times, places, things, situations and other intangible properties can be a source of great anger. Some people are angry with their government or the politics that permeate their office of work. Some people are angry with lawmakers, while others are angry at how the criminal element appears to prosper at times. There are plenty of things in this world that can make us angry at any given moment in time.

who are known to be constantly angry are also the ones that have problems with their heart or with high blood pressure. Why is anger linked to heart disease? It has been observed that anger actually reduces the capacity of the heart to pump blood. Over an extended period of time, this can wear down the heart muscles and cause medical problems.

A 1976 film entitled Network had a famous scene that involved a newscaster telling his audience that it was okay to “get mad.” In fact, he encouraged his viewers to get mad and to yell their frustrations outside the living room window. This illustrates a good point. When you are angry, it’s never a good idea to bottle up that strong emotion inside. This could lead to festering resentment over a period of time, and in the end, could cause an ordinarily calm person to become filled with rage. On the other hand, you don’t really want to take your anger out on others as that typically doesn’t produce the result you want.

If you feel that someone or something is becoming distressing or even injurious to you, the first reaction is to get angry. As stated, do not deny yourself the right to become angry. You have the right to become angry with a person that has done you wrong, especially if he or she has shown no remorse over their actions. What is important though is that you are able to make peace with that person, to forgive them and to forgive yourself. Why should you forgive someone that has offended you?

The Harmful Effects of Being Angry Allowing yourself to become angry doesn’t necessarily solve problems. In fact, it’s no coincidence that people 36

While it is best to express your anger, constantly becoming agitated can be very unhealthy. Recurring anger has also been linked to chest pains, headaches, migraines, stroke, kidney failure, obesity, skin wrinkles and ulcers. Sometimes we can avoid these negative and unhealthy reactions if we choose not to let some things anger us anymore. We can choose to not get angry or we can choose to get angry. Which is really better for you?

There are many reasons to forgive, on a moral basis, as well as on a personal level. You must be willing to forgive others and yourself for your own actions, because this will make your life more enjoyable. Life is too short to become obsessed with vengeance and deep-rooted animosity.

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You could liken the idea of “never forgiving” to letting someone repeatedly stab you in the back with a knife. It hurts when someone betrays your confidence, like a sharp stab. However, when you cling to those painful memories every day, you are just reinserting the knife into that sensitive wound. Whether or not you choose to resume the relationship with the offender is up to you; but it is imperative that you forgive that person at least in the sense of letting go of that heavy ball of negativity that is slowly developing in your heart. Anger Management in Your Personal and Professional Life Not only must you learn to control your anger in view of your own health, you will also be expected to exercise proper anger management appropriately by your friends and professional colleagues. This can be tricky, because if you are prone to temper tantrums or impulsive behavior, you will be perceived as an unstable personality. If you are known for having a bad temper at work, don’t expect to get a lot of opportunities for advancement. The more responsibility you are given the more maturity you are expected to show. On the other hand, if you handle anger so well that you don’t even express your feelings, you may be perceived as a bit of a push over. Basically, you have to give people what they want to see. If you are interested in appearing assertive and responsible, then try not to let others slight you without a discussion. This doesn’t require that you be “mad”, but you can certainly share your opinion on the matter.

perceive you is all a part of learning anger management. If you want to control your anger in healthy ways and progress in your career, then begin today to choose to react differently to situations that normally would have made you angry. Make different choices and keep yourself as healthy as possible. Learn to control your anger and choose to handle situations in a new and more positive manner. Anne M. Bachrach is known as The Accountability Coach™. She has 23 years of experience training and coaching. The objective is to do more business in less time through maximizing people’s true potential, and ultimately leading them to an even better quality of life. Anne is the author of the book, Excuses Don’t Count; Results Rule!, and Live Life with No Regrets; How the Choices We Make Impact Our Lives. Go to www.AccountabilityCoach.com and get the FREE special report on Keys to Working Less, Making More Money, and Having a More Balanced Life. Join the FREE Silver Inner Circle Membership today and receive 10% off on all products and services in addition to having access to assessments and resources to help you achieve your goals so you can experience a more balanced and successful life (http://www.accountabilitycoach. com/coaching-store/inner-circle-store/). © 2012, Anne Bachrach. All rights reserved. For more information about this article or author, contact Susie@FrogPond.com. For the most current local Housing Trends, go to http://www. HousingTrendseNewsletter.com.

Balancing your anger, as well understanding how others ExecutiveAgent Magazine


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