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Ahhh! 6 Ways to Get Better WorkLife Balance -Admin


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If You Want to Change Your Results, You Have to Change Your Thinking First -Tony Jeary

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3 Things I’m Doing to Find My Own Definition of Success -Mary Sauer


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Positive Thinking -Zig Ziglar

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Daniela M. Gutierrez An Asset to Your Real Estate Transaction Written by H. K. Wilson


enerations of families in Redlands and throughout Southern California have trusted Perrie Mundy and the Perrie Mundy Realty Group with their most precious financial investment — their home. In 2018, Perrie expanded her ability

to deliver comprehensive real estate services by opening Assett Escrow, a non-independent broker escrow company. Consistent with her practice of seeking excellence in all things real estate, Perrie sought out some of the industry’s finest talent to help carry out her vision. As a result, she chose Daniela Gutierrez to help design the foundations of Assett Escrow and continue on as one of the company’s escrow officers. Daniela’s interest in real estate began in high school, where she enrolled in a career program that introduced her to the industry. She started her professional journey working as a mortgage loan processor, then as a real estate transaction coordinator, finally moving to escrow in 2005. Once in the escrow environment, Daniela quickly realized she had found her niche. She says, “This is what I’ve chosen to do since I was very young, and I see myself in this career for many years.” Daniela’s love of numbers, rigorous attention to detail and outstanding communication skills contribute to her reputation as a trusted partner in a real estate transaction. Her enthusiasm for helping all parties achieve a successful closing is evident in the way she engages with people and in the results she creates. “To me, it’s very exciting to deal with the day in, day out details of a transaction. In escrow, we have a unique opportunity to see both the buyer’s and seller’s side of things, and I enjoy being of service to both parties. I actually enjoy paperwork and making sure everything is in place so the transaction can close on time. ”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Where many people shy from challenges, Daniela is eager to work with her team to craft solutions. “I get very excited when I see liens or something that is troubling someone’s life. Most transactions are very smooth, but some require extra care. The most challenging transactions we do are usually land deals. In any transaction, I am committed to finding an answer and creating a happy result at the end.” With more than a decade of experience in escrow, Daniela has the knowledge to foresee and resolve issues quickly. “It’s important to everyone involved to have a fast response and address concerns in a timely manner. I usually know what is needed ahead of time and request it even before it becomes a condition on the lender side or agent side. We coordinate to make sure if lenders know there will be an issue of delay, we can tackle it early and all get to the closing date on time.” Daniela puts the principals in a transaction at ease by always being available to help with their concerns. “Buyers and sellers like being able to speak with a live person and get answers to their questions. They can call me anytime and I will answer or get back to them right away.”

Daniela spends most of her time outside of real estate with her 5-year-old daughter. “Weekends are precious to me. She’s my hobby at this point. We are very active going to hiking trails, the beach, the lake — whatever activities get her outside.” Over the course of her career, Daniela has overseen successful closings of escrow in commercial, investor, land and residential home transactions. She says that working at Assett Escrow, where her primary focus is on personal real estate transactions, is her favorite part of her career so far. “I love helping people get through this transition as smoothly as possible. I want them to know that I am here as a problem solver, and they are in good hands.” Daniela M. Gutierrez Escrow Officer Assett Escrow A Non-Independent Broker Escrow Company 214 E. Olive Ave. Redlands, CA 92373 Tel: 909.266.0232 Email: Daniela@Asset-Escrow.Com

As an affiliate of the Perrie Mundy Realty Group, Daniela says she appreciates being part of an award-winning real estate organization where she is well-supported professionally and respected for her expertise. “This is an environment where there is already a lot of pressure, and it’s nice to be backed up by people who are professional and knowledgeable. Everybody here is doing what they’re supposed to do for the best interests of clients, and it feels good to be part of it.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

3 Things I’m Doing to Find My Own Definition of Success Written by Mary Sauer


or as long as I can remember, I have been a fairly ambitious person. As a young child, I kept journals filled with ideas about what my future should look like. From dream jobs to where I would live, I’ve always had a good idea about what I wanted to accomplish in the years that followed. As I’ve grown older, starting a family and a career, I’ve experienced something I didn’t expect—I’m tired of chasing success. Here’s the problem, for a couple years now, it has felt like I am always falling short. I’ve been frustrated that I’m always a couple steps behind where I expected I would be at any given moment. More maddening, perhaps, is that it’s been a while since I felt I was truly giving my all to accomplishing what I set out to do. There’s this version of myself, characterized by avoidance and self-sabotage, that has been winning out more often than I care to admit. It wasn’t until recently that I realized what was motivating my resistance to moving forward. Was it just that I suddenly got lazy? I don’t think so. Instead, I believe the underlying issue is that I’ve adopted a version of success that’s a poor fit. Finding our own definition of success is important to living a fulfilled life. I think for a lot of millennials, it has been more difficult to connect with what success means because of the amount of outside opinions we’re exposed to at any given time. In an age of business coaches, gurus and


social media influencers, it feels harder than ever to decide for yourself what a life well-lived looks like. For me, this realization meant coming to terms with the fact that I was no longer emotionally connected with the success I was working so hard to achieve. It was a lightbulb moment for me, to step back and see that I had adopted another person’s definition of success, down to an income goal and work lifestyle they shared online, and it fit like a shoe three sizes too big. Correcting this mistake by redefining my version of success hasn’t been an overnight change, but there a few things I’ve learned that have helped me break free of the pressure to model my success after that of others. 1. I’m taking a break from the noise. I think that career coaching has a time and place for professionals, but it isn’t for me at this specific point in my life. Involving myself in masterminds and courses has taught me a lot, but it has also created a lot of pressure to set goals for success that match up with the status quo. So, at least for now, I’m taking a break from all the noise. I unenrolled from one course, left a few networking groups and simply stopped logging into another course I plan to finish once my mind is in a better place. I even went as far as unfollowing some influencers on social media, because I found I was really sensitive to talk of income goals and lifestyle achievements and the pressure to keep up.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

2. I’m practicing self-awareness. Gladys Rodriguez, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist, advises that self-awareness plays an important role in creating an individualized definition of success. “Start connecting with your feelings,” she says. “Practice breathing deeply and in silence to connect with that inner voice that will tell you what you need and what you want.” For me, this has practically looked like spending a lot of the time I was investing in coaching and mastermind groups on reflection. I’ve done a lot of journaling, exploring my desires for the future. This intense time of self-awareness has allowed me to connect with a more holistic view of success. While I was once fairly committed to a singular goal of achievement as a writer, I’ve become more aware of how important it is to define success for all areas of my life—including my family life, my health and having fun. 3. I’m celebrating how far I’ve come. Lastly, and most importantly, it became clear that the habit I had developed of constantly sizing myself up against the success of others had to stop.

that has found detrimental effects of using social media as a benchmark for determining your own success. Instead, I’m trying to replace these thoughts of comparison with small celebrations of how far I’ve come. In the past, I haven’t done a great job at making a big deal about my achievements simply because they felt like nothing more than small steps in the grand scheme of things. Now? I’m sharing with friends, writing it down in my journal, or treating myself to a glass of wine when I’ve reached a new milestone in my personal and professional life. “Instead of looking for what you don’t have or what you are missing, begin noticing the steps you have taken to achieve what you have, the talents you have cultivated, the milestones you have achieved,” says Rodriguez. “Nothing is too small.” Ultimately, this time of redefining success has been an exercise in being more present in my life, instead of spending too much time worrying about the future of my career or wondering what I could have done differently in the past. It’s been a refreshing chance to slow down and acknowledge that, at this moment, I’m experiencing success that it isn’t a milestone in the distant future.

“Stop looking at social media to determine what you are supposed to do, when, or what success means,” advises Rodriguez, pointing out that there is plenty of research

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Danielle Ocker-Rivas Helping Your Family Make The Right Move Written by H. K. Wilson

Continuing a legacy of service through real estate, this team’s slogan is “Let Our Family Help Your Family Make the Next Move.” Danielle embraces her heritage with pride and gives her all to ensuring that her clients’ expectations of service are fully realized. “Our clients are building their wealth with us, and we need to be trustworthy, accountable and honest. All that is based on communication and strong listening skills. We want people to know we are really invested in them and their future, and that we’re here to help them build wealth continuously through ongoing generations.”

onnection, caring and community have long been a way of life for Danielle Ocker-Rivas, Realtor® at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties and member of Team Karen and Debbie.

Danielle describes Karen as the “face and rainmaker” of the team and Debbie as the “negotiator and problem solver.” She says, “Clients see us as a united front in terms of getting the job done with the best outcome. Together, we have a lot of knowledge, and in addition to our communication and attention to detail, I feel our greatest strengths come back to serving. It’s about pausing and listening, seeing what clients really need. We take the time to slow down a bit and build a relationship. That’s what sets us apart from our peers.”

Growing up in Upland, volunteerism was a family tradition. Danielle earned her bachelor’s degree in fashion and marketing from Woodbury University, and parlayed her skills into a successful first career in customer relationship management with Penske, Nordstrom and Target. After relocating to Orange County, Danielle decided to join her mother, Karen Ocker, and Karen’s longtime business partner, Debbie Browne, in real estate. This was a perfect forum for Danielle to express her deeply rooted care for people alongside her considerable marketing and client service abilities.

With 65 years of combined real estate experience, this team of professionals holds the prestigious Residential Real Estate Council (RCC) designation, one that requires rigorous training and is only held by three percent of Realtors® nationwide. Through their network of other CRS Realtors® and the outstanding professionals at Berkshire Hathaway, this team is able to serve clients wherever they go, connecting them with well-qualified agents in other states who have the same level of expertise. This is important, since many of their clients are relocating outside of California or purchasing second homes elsewhere.


ExecutiveAgent Magazine

“Our client base is made up of a lot of baby boomers, so we’re helping them transition into their next homes, their parents’ homes, and many of their children are buying their first homes. We love being part of that multigenerational experience, and as a multigenerational team, we have the perspective to understand exactly what they are experiencing at each of their milestones.” A client who recently sold her home with Danielle expressed her feelings about the experience on Zillow. She wrote: “Danielle was extremely professional, eager to help, timely and prompt, and in all ways made the sale of our first home seamless and stress-free. She was always available and quick to respond to our many questions. Additionally, she assisted in helping find our new home and in all ways made a big life event seem easy. We would highly recommend her services to anyone!” Community service remains an important part of Danielle’s life outside of real estate, as well. She is an enthusiastic supporter of Women Helping Women (WHW), an organization that assists clients who are returning to the workforce with wardrobe selection, computer classes, and work placement. Danielle’s grandfather started the vol-

unteer fire department in his home town on Long Island, and she has several family members who are first responders. In keeping with that tradition, she and her husband, Erick, are members of their local Certified Emergency Response Team (CERT) and are neighborhood captains ready to jump into action during a disaster. Danielle and her team think of real estate as something greater than just business as usual. Working with them is an invitation to belong to a special community. “No matter who you are, once you work with us, you become part of our family. We stand by that. All of our vendors are also familyrun businesses. We enjoy the people we work with, and to us family is forever.” Danielle Ocker-Rivas Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties 10750 Civic Center Dr. Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 Tel: 909.908.2445 Email: Web: DRE # 01961052

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Ahhh! 6 Ways to Get Better Work-Life Balance

1. Manage yourself. Sufficiently managing oneself can be challenging, particularly in getting proper sleep, exercise and nutrition. Self-management is the recognition that effectively using the spaces in our lives is vital. Energy and time are finite resources. Be the captain of your own ship: No one is coming to steer for you.

4. Manage change. In our fast-paced world, change is virtually the only constant. Continually adopting new habits and adapting old ones is vital to a successful career and a happy home life, so that the volume and rate of change does not overwhelm or defeat you.

2. Manage your time. Time management is enhanced by creating appropriate goals and discerning what is both important and urgent.

5. Manage technology. Technology has always been with us, since the first walking stick, spear, flint and wheel. Often you have no choice but to keep up with the technological “Joneses”; still, you rule technology—don’t let it rule you.

3. Manage your stress. More people, more noise and more distractions require each of us to become more adept at maintaining tranquility. Multitasking increases our stress, while focusing on one thing at a time decreases stress.

6. Manage leisure. Leisure management acknowledges the importance of rest and relaxation. Time off is a vital component of maintaining balance.


ExecutiveAgent Magazine

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The 2019 State of Hispanic Wealth Report found that Latinos have experienced four consecutive years of homeownership growth, three straight years of income growth, and the lowest poverty rate since estimates were first published by the U.S. Census Bureau in 1972. Share the stats and download the report today!

Download the report at





1,500 + FAMILIES

WHO WE ARE Established in 2011, the USA Homeownership Foundation, Inc. DBA Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP), is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to increasing sustainable homeownership, financial-literacy education, VA loan awareness, and economic opportunity for the active-military and veteran communities.



UPCOMING LOCAL VAREP EVENT VAREP Orange County - Golf Tournament September 14, 2018 Tustin Ranch Golf Course 12442 Tustin Ranch Rd, Tustin, CA 92782


WHO CAN JOIN? Any individual regardless if you have served or not. VAREP and its members represent and work within all sectors of the real estate, housing and financial services industries... WE WANT YOU!

VAREP San Bernardino - Veterans Housing Summit Saturday · September 22, 2018 Check In 8:00AM Event 9:00AM - 2:00PM Ontario Chamber Of Commerce Education Training Room 3200 Inland Empire Blvd., Ste 130 Ontario, CA 91764 VAREP San Diego - Golf Tournament September 26, 2018 Riverwalk Golf Club 1150 Fashion Valley Road · San Diego CA 92108 View the full VAREP Events Calendar at: | w w w .VAR EP. n e t | 951-444-7363 VAREP IS A 501.C.3 NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION AND YOUR CONTRIBUTION IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE. USA HOMEOWNERSHIP DBA VETERANS ASSOCIATION OF REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS TAX ID: 45-2458485


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Cover Story

Saul Silva Executive Agent of the Month

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Saul Silva Written by H. K. Wilson - Ian Wiant Photographer


enito Juárez, who was president of Mexico in the 1860s, is famous for saying, “Among individuals, as among nations, respect for rights of others is peace.” Treating others with respect and putting their interests first are the drivers behind the client-first service philosophy practiced by Saul Silva and his real estate partners at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Realty in Riverside. Together with his sister, Nila Silva, and their friend, Araceli Alcatraz, Saul is bringing best-in-class real estate representation to families in the Inland Empire and beyond. Born in Oaxaca, Mexico, Saul resettled in the U.S. in

the late ‘80s. A family member eventually introduced him to a career in real estate, and he quickly found that it was his professional calling. When the real estate market crashed in 2007, Saul rose to the challenge by turning his focus to distressed properties. “I took classes on how to do bank-owned properties, and I got accounts with all the big banks, including Countrywide, Chase, Wells Fargo and PennyMac. I got so busy, I asked Nila to come on board with me and help me manage the files.” Nila joined Saul in 2008 as a transaction coordinator, and she went on to obtain her own real estate license in 2008. “I worked hard my whole life, so working hard in real estate was easy for me,” Nila says. “I love helping people find the homes of their dreams.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

As the market changed again, Saul and Nila adapted with it, always ready to respond to their clients’ needs. “Our job is to listen to their needs,” Saul explains. “As much as we can, we provide all the information so they can make an informed decision, especially first-time buyers. They tell us they are happy and grateful for our

service and how we guide them. We hold a lot of open houses, and we meet a lot of people who say they want to rent because they don’t think they can buy a house. Once we start talking, some of them realize they are able to buy. It is very gratifying to make someone’s dream of owning a home come true.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Putting Clients First By helping families become homeowners, Saul and his team are also helping them create long term wealth. “I worked with a client in 2009 that was afraid to buy their first house. After they did, they had good credit, so I said, ‘Why not buy investment properties?’ They recently sold those 4 properties and made a half million dollars in profit. I was excited to be a part of that success.”

When Saul and Nila met Araceli in 2016, they immediately recognized a kindred spirit, and they asked her to become part of the team. Araceli began her industry career nearly 20 years ago in mortgage lending. She soon found that real estate was her real love. “This business is very rewarding for me. I tell all my clients it’s about more than just selling them a home, it’s about being part of a dream. I helped a client buy their first home, and recently, they bought their dream home. I literally saw them kneel down at the foot of the stairwell giving God thanks. They were so elated and happy and crying. Being a part of that makes me realize how important our jobs really are.” The team made the move to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and the Perrie Mundy Realty Group in 2018. Araceli says, “We just got back from a convention in Las Vegas where the theme was ‘All In.’ To me, that’s who this company is and who they are helping us to be as professionals, especially the people at this particular branch. They are all in for us, providing us with all the resources we need to provide our customers with the best results. They care, and they show it. They put their words to work, and it inspires me to be a better agent and be all in too.” Clients benefit from having not one but three skilled and experienced agents who are equally dedicated to helping them through a successful transaction. Saul is a licensed broker, and each member of the team has a unique set of talents that make the client experience extraordinary. Living by the Golden Rule means this team goes the extra mile during a transaction, whether they are staging a home for sale, helping with a move, or zealously negotiating the details that protect their clients’ interests.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

weekend after listing the home and on the following Monday (only a week after listing) we had 5 offers on the home. Thank you Saul to you and your team for exceeding our expectations and making the sale of our home such a pleasant experience!” The team is also passionate about being of service to the community. “The number of homeless is a big problem now in California, and it carries a heavy weight on our hearts,” Araceli says. “We sometimes cook and do other things to help. This is something we believe in and care about.”

Sellers appreciate the team’s strategic approach to listing a property. “We have an eye for the best feature of a house, and we accentuate it and make it the star,” Araceli explains. “We’re not afraid of working hard and doing everything it takes to get the highest price for the home. Most of our listings sell in just a few days after the first open house.”

The respect, consideration and integrity that Saul and his team display in dealing with their clients and other professionals are the foundations for the longterm relationships they create with the families they meet in real estate. “We want people to remember that we are real estate agents, but we are also friends they can trust,” Saul says. “We are available even after the close of a transaction, and we want to keep that connection for years to come.” Araceli sums up, “This is more than a career or what we do to earn a living. It’s a lifestyle, and it’s everything to us.”

One recent seller told his story in his five-star service review. “I have done several real estate transactions over the last 20 years, and I was truly amazed by Saul’s preparedness, professionalism and friendliness. I decided to sell my home through Saul’s team and I couldn’t have made a better decision. The process of selling the home was excellent from the coordination of taking of the home photos, scheduling appointments to show the home, the open house and the escrow process. Saul’s team coordinated and held a very successful open house on the first ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Saul Silva Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Realty 6349 Riverside Ave. Riverside, CA 92506 Tel: 951.660.3018 Email: Web: DRE #01488277

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITHOUT THE HASSLE There’s a reason why more top originators choose loanDepot over other companies. We provide originators at all volume levels with ultimate support to grow their business exponentially. By taking advantage of our dedicated support teams and world-class technology, you can say goodbye to grunt work and take charge of your day. We provide our originators with talented and highly trained operations professionals coupled with a transparent loan process: LOAN SPECIALIST




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Non-licensed, collects documents from borrowers

Inside sales assistance.

Verification of documentation and reaching out to borrowers on questions about the file.

One thing is certain. We have the ideal combination of product, people, pricing and process, allowing our originators to grow their purchase business with ease. Ontario Branch 3281 E Guasti Rd Ste 550 Ontario, CA 91761 Riverside Branch 21804 Cactus Ave Ste 102 Riverside, CA 92518 Temecula Branch 41607 Margarita Rd Ste 101 Temecula, CA 92591 San Juan Capistrano Branch 30448 Rancho Viejo Rd Ste 250 San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Richard Hedrick NMLS# 1059650 Branch Manager

3281 E Guasti Road, Suite 550 Ontario, CA 91761

(909) 912-7835 office (714) 400-2753 cell, LLC NMLS ID 174457. Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act CRMLA 4131040. (040119 189501)

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If You Want to Change Your Results, You Have to Change Your Thinking First


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y team and I constantly ask ourselves, “How do we make the biggest impact on helping our clients get the results they want faster?” The powerful answer is for us to help change people’s limited thinking or help them adjust their standards or habits to support their goals. So we encourage clients to nurture thought-provoking relationships and opportunities, thus creating more thought-provoking results. Big returns come from thinking smart. Here’s a simple assessment that will trigger thought and action. Rate yourself 1 to 10 on each question below (1 is low; 10 is high). Then take a few minutes to write down what actions you want to change in response to your answers. 1. How is my life working out?

4. How’s my health (weight, overall wellness, selfesteem, stress levels, etc.)? 5. How effectively am I feeding my mind? (How many books have I read in the last six months? What do I wish to become? Am I studying productively?) 6. How do I rate my lifestyle (my satisfaction with activities such as travel, exploring, attending fun events, etc.)? 7. Where is my income in comparison to where I want it to be? 8. How often do I give back to others? 9. How is my goal-setting? How satisfied am I with how my goals have manifested in my life?

2. How’s my daily attitude; how happy am I? Written by Tony Jeary 3. How are my relationships with my family, friends, co-workers, coaches and mentors?

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Membership requirements apply. NMLS (Nationwide Mortgage Lending Service) ID: 407870. Information in this flyer is intended for Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals only and not intended for consumer use as defined by Section 1026.2 of Regulation Z, which implements the Truth-In-Lending Act. Any expressed underwriting guidelines are subject to change without notice and are subject to Kinecta Federal Credit Union guidelines and all applicable federal and state rules and regulations. 1 Minimum credit line is $20,000. Maximum credit line is $500,000. 10-year draw period followed by a 20-year repayment period. Homeowner’s property insurance is required. Flood insurance may be required. Credit line together with any other mortgage(s) cannot exceed 85% of the property value on 1-unit owner-occupied properties. Non-owner occupied properties are not eligible. Line of credit requests over $250,000 require appraisal. Applicable appraisal fees may vary and range between $450-$650. Consult your tax advisor regarding deductibility of interest and charges. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. All loans are subject to credit approval. 23023SB-04/19

What Makes a Leader? Written by Travis Bradberry


hat makes someone a leader?

It’s such a simple question, and yet it continues to vex some of the best thinkers in business. We’ve written several books on leadership, and yet it’s a rare thing to actually pause to define leadership. Let’s start with what leadership is not… Leadership has nothing to do with seniority or one’s position in the hierarchy of a company. Too many talk about a company’s leadership referring to the senior most executives in the organization. They are just that, senior executives. Leadership doesn’t automatically happen when you reach a certain pay grade. Hopefully you find it there, but there are no guarantees.

Leadership isn’t management. This is the big one. Leadership and management are not synonymous. You have 15 people in your downline and P&L responsibility? Good for you, hopefully you are a good manager. Good management is needed. Managers need to plan, measure, monitor, coordinate, solve, hire, fire and so many other things. Managers spend most of their time managing things. Leaders lead people. So, again, what makes a leader? Let’s see how some of the most respected business thinkers of our time define leadership, and let’s consider what’s wrong with their definitions…

Leadership has nothing to do with titles. Similar to the point above, just because you have a C-level title doesn’t automatically make you a “leader.” We often stress the fact that you don’t need a title to lead. You can be a leader in your workplace, your neighborhood or your family, all without having a title. Leadership has nothing to do with personal attributes. Say the word “leader” and most people think of a domineering, take-charge, charismatic individual. People often think of icons from history like General 30

Patton or President Lincoln. But leadership isn’t an adjective. We don’t need to be extroverted or charismatic to practice leadership. And those with charisma don’t automatically lead.

Peter Drucker: “The only definition of a leader is someone who has followers.” Really? This instance of tautology is so simplistic as to be dangerous. A new Army captain is put in the command of 200 soldiers. He never leaves his room or utters a word to the men and women in his unit. Perhaps routine orders are given through a subordinate. By default, his troops have to “follow” orders, but is the captain really a leader? Commander yes, leader no. Drucker is of course a brilliant thinker, but his definition is too simple.

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Warren Bennis: “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” Every spring you have a vision for a garden, and with lots of work carrots, and tomatoes become a reality. Are you a leader? No, you’re a gardener. Bennis’ definition seems to have forgotten “others.” Bill Gates: “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” This definition includes “others” and empowerment is a good thing. But to what end? We’ve seen many empowered “others” in life, from rioting hooligans to Google workers who were so misaligned with the rest of the company they found themselves unemployed. Gates’ definition lacks goals and vision. John Maxwell: “Leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.” We like minimalism but this reduction is too much. A robber with a gun has “influence” over his victim. A manager has the power to fire team members, which provides a lot of influence. But does this influence make a robber or a manager a leader? Maxwell’s definition omits the source of influence.

Notice the key elements of this definition: • Leadership stems from social influence, not authority or power. • Leadership requires others, and that implies they don’t need to be “direct reports.” • No mention of personality traits, attributes or even a title; there are many styles, many paths to effective leadership. • It includes a greater good, not influence with no intended outcome. Leadership is a mindset in action. So don’t wait for the title. Leadership isn’t something that anyone can give you—you have to earn it and claim it for yourself. Dr. Travis Bradberry is the award-winning co-author of the #1 best-selling book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, and the co-founder of TalentSmart, the world’s leading provider of emotional intelligence tests and training, serving more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies. His best-selling books have been translated into 25 languages and are available in more than 150 countries. Dr. Bradberry is a top LinkedIn Influencer and he has written for, or been covered by, Newsweek, BusinessWeek, Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Harvard Business Review.

So what is leadership? DEFINITION: Leadership is a process of social influence which maximizes the efforts of others toward the achievement of a greater good.

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Positive Thinking


ust what can positive thinking do? To be candid, some people have given positive thinking a bad name. I can’t stand to hear some gung-ho individual say that with positive thinking you can just do “anything.” If you think about that one for a moment, you recognize the absurdity of it. As a ridiculous example, I’m a positive thinker, but I could never slam-dunk a basketball or perform major surgery - or even minor surgery - on anyone and expect that person to survive. Nate Newton, the 300-plus pound lineman for the Dallas Cowboys is positive, optimistic and outgoing but he’d be a complete failure as a jockey or a ballet dancer. It’s safe to say that positive thinking won’t let you do “anything.” However, it is even safer to say that positive thinking will let you do “everything” better than negative thinking will. Positive thinking will let you use the ability which you have, and that is awesome. It works this way. You can walk into a dark room, flip on the switch and immediately the room is lighted. Flipping the switch did not generate the electricity; it released the electricity which

had been stored. Positive thinking works that way - it releases the abilities which you have. The student who hasn’t studied and prepared for the test won’t be helped by “thinking positively.” However, positive thinking will help the student who has studied and prepared by “releasing” the stored knowledge when the questions are asked. To express it in a different way, knowledge breeds confidence; confidence breeds enthusiasm; and enthusiasm is an important key to being and doing more with your life. Buy the positive approach to life and I will SEE YOU AT THE TOP! Zig Ziglar is a beloved author and America’s motivator. He is the author of 25 books and offers training and consulting to organizations all across the globe. To learn more about Zig and his business visit his website at www.

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