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Cover Story Chelsea Roger Executive Agent of the Month For Chelsea Roger, Realtor® and leader of the SeaCliff Team at Coldwell Banker Realty in Huntington Beach, real estate is synonymous with family and community.

21 Featured Professionals

08 Lila Mechekak THE AGENCY 4 Executive Agent Magazine

12 Craig Lawrence loanDepot®


July, 2022







Fred Arrias Successful Realtor® Profile -Linda Brakeall -Steve Cook


16 3 Ways to Get Better at Dealing with Change -Tony Jearyro -Steve Cook


06 Why Successful Habits Breed Success -Jim Rohno -Steve Cook

14 Seven Steps To Achieving Your Dream -Chris Widenere a Pro -Steve Cook

30 Recognizing Potential -Zig Ziglaring Like a Pro -Steve Cook


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3 Ways to Get Better at Dealing with Change


Executive Agent Magazine


e all know that nothing lasts forever. It’s a fact of life that has guided the evolution of our society since the dawn of time.

Without change, there is no innovation, creativity or incentive for improvement. Improvement means moving forward. It means making life better. It doesn’t just occur on the macro level, across time and civilization. It happens to all of us in our individual lives, too. And how we react to change determines our results. The fact is, life is going to throw you some curveballs from time to time, whether you like it or not. Fear of the unknown can be a major factor in resisting change. Even in the best of circumstances and even when change is invited, it can often be scary. I would bet that if you examine your past and look at all the ways life has changed up to this point, things often turn out for the better. I call it fortunate happenstance. Do you see how, when you look in retrospect, things have lined up just right? You have every reason to think that way about the future, too. You might not know where you’ll end up, but if your mindset is right, you can trust that your direction is positive. When we learn to manage our mindset, focusing on the potential positive outcomes, we often make the most out of each circumstance surrounding change. When we look at some of life’s common changes and dissect them to see if we can take some of the fear and apprehension out of the unknowns, we are better equipped to deal with the new circumstances. One of the biggest situations I’ve found that people worry about in their lives is the change that happens in a family when their first baby is on the way. Even with the excitement of the great news, many couples are very apprehensive about the fact that things will change and never again be the same.

baby arrives, but they are by and large good changes. Sure, you might miss out on some sleep for a while; but once you hold that tiny miracle in your hands, you wonder how you ever survived without them. Like building a family, some changes are just evidence that your life is moving forward to a new stage—a stage full of new adventures and experiences. So why does change scare you? It could be because you haven’t properly shaped your thinking. Here are a few pointers for managing a proper mindset: 1. Ask for help. A key factor in dealing with change is asking for help. Examine your family, your friends and your team, and determine those people who would be best equipped to help you with your current life changes. I believe that when you do, you will find that there are a lot of people who care about you and are willing to help you figure out how to respond to the changes. 2. Reframe your perspective. I recently lost my father, and I was having a hard time dealing with the loss as we were very, very close. I reframed my thinking and determined that I was now the patriarch of the family and was in charge of the legacy moving forward. Sometimes change is hard, but we can always reframe our perspective. 3. Look for positives. Life changes are often out of your control. Don’t fight them, but do find healthy ways to deal with these situations. How you deal with change will set you apart from those around you. Tony Jeary is an author, executive coach and presentation strategist. Jeary has published more than three dozen books about making presentations and strategic effectiveness. He coaches the world’s top executives from companies such as Wal-Mart, Ford, New York Life and Texaco.

Well, it is 100% true. So many things change once a Executive Agent Magazine




Written by H. K. Wilson

Lila Mechekak


ealtor® Lila Mechekak brings a global perspective to her vibrant real estate practice at The Agency in Corona del Mar. As a member of the award-winning Los Angeles-based Grauman Rosenfeld Group, Lila enjoys helping people from all over the world find their ideal home in Orange County. Born in Algeria, Lila grew up traveling the world. Her father is a notable engineer in the energy sector, affording her and her family the opportunity to live in various countries. Their journey eventually brought them to California, and as Lila developed her own career, she took inspiration from her father’s extraordinary path to success in his field. She says, “My dad has an amazing story. He grew up dirt poor in the Atlas Mountains and was an awesome student. He was selected by the President of Algeria for a full-ride scholarship anywhere in the U.S. He chose USC, and he earned his bachelor’s, master’s and an Engineer’s Degree (equivalent to a PhD). I grew up with the knowledge that if he can make it from the hills of Algeria, I can do anything. Because of his job, I’ve been fortunate to travel the world, and it has shaped who I am as a person. After being exposed to so much, I have multiple languages and an appreciation for world cultures. The experience was priceless.” Lila is the perfect guide for people seeking a home in diverse Orange County. Her ability to speak English, Berber, Spanish, French and North African Arabic, combined with her immersion in multinational cultures, allows her to connect with her clients in a genuine way. “I care immensely about my clients,” Lila says. “I don’t ever think of the commission. My focus is on my clients and how I can best represent them. Number one, I want them to feel I listen, I care and I understand their situation. People can get focused on a house, but it’s not really Executive Agent Magazine

about the house. There is always a much deeper story. Understanding that and the client helps me to make sure they get what they need.” An extraordinary communicator, Lila is known for always being available and swift to respond. “I can’t let a text or email go by without a response. I want my clients to feel they can communicate with me even at 11:00 at night.”

Your Guide on the Journey Home Lila is building her business with the long term in mind. “Someone once said to me when I was new that the best advice they could give me is, ‘If you take care of your clients, your clients will take care of you.’ When I got into this industry, I wanted my business to be all referral based. I’ve never done any marketing. I really love everyone I’ve worked with, and they have all become an important part of my life. One client that I put in a house is going to be my maid of honor.”

She was wonderful to work with. Her response time to all my questions was always quick, and there was no question left without an answer. Her attentiveness to my and my family’s needs was incredible, and she has been an amazing resource for me and my family.”

Client referrals and rave reviews are Lila’s reward for her caring and professional approach to real estate.

Among Lila’s greatest gifts is her insight into what makes each person uniquely human. She uses this skill to help people achieve their best life by honoring what they value most in the place they call home. “I really care about people,” she says, “and I want to help them make decisions that will contribute to their longterm happiness.”

One past client stated: “If I could rate Lila higher than five stars, I would. The level of service she provided to us and the skill she displayed throughout the process made a tricky coast-to-coast move far easier and less stressful than expected. Lila was attentive to our many unique needs and was a calm, steady hand on the wheel throughout our house hunting experience. We trust her implicitly and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in Orange County. It is a privilege to write a review for her.” Another described her experience with Lila this way: “Lila Mechekak is very dedicated, honest, professional, but also extremely friendly and (a) real people person.

Outside of her real estate practice, music is a big part of Lila’s life, and she loves to sing. She also enjoys cooking and baking for her family and friends.

Lila Mechekak THE AGENCY 3426 E. Coast Hwy. Corona del Mar, CA 92625 Tel: 949.981.4443 Email: Lila.Mechekak@theagencyre.com Web: TheAgencyRE.com DRE # 02066929

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1,500 + FAMILIES

WHO WE ARE Established in 2011, the USA Homeownership Foundation, Inc. DBA Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP), is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to increasing sustainable homeownership, financial-literacy education, VA loan awareness, and economic opportunity for the active-military and veteran communities.




WHO CAN JOIN? Any individual regardless if you have served or not. VAREP and its members represent and work within all sectors of the real estate, housing and financial services industries... WE WANT YOU!

OUR FIVE POINT PLAN 1. Homeownership Advocacy – Advocate nationally to develop programs that reduce barriers to homeownership in the military and veteran communities. 2. Community Outreach – Foster responsible homeownership in the military and veteran communities by providing housing education and counseling services. 3. Professional Membership – Provide a place where real estate and financial service professionals can share ideas, get educated, and be empowered to better serve the real estate needs of service members, veterans, and their families. 4. Veteran Job Creation – Provide employment opportunities through posting on our military and veteran job board. We are also working on creating awareness among companies to include veteran-owned businesses in their supplier diversity program. 5. Affordable Housing – Provide affordable home buying opportunities for veterans and service members who have gone through VAREP’s homeownership education counseling services.




Written by H. K. Wilson

Craig Lawrence revealed that Craig was even better suited to sales. He received a promotion and eventually spent three years as a sales manager at the company’s facility in L.A. — the largest freight terminal in the United States. While there, he earned the title of “Manager of the Year.” But there was a big downside to his success, and that was the 3-hour commute he was making from his home in Victorville to his job in L.A. When Craig decided it was time for a change, he interviewed with a mortgage company. “The gentleman I interviewed with ended up being my mentor for more than a decade,” Craig says. “Since I had already been in sales with a national corporation and had corporate sales training for four years, I figured it would be a fairly easy transition. I made the leap, and I have been in the mortgage industry ever since.”


oan Consultant Craig Lawrence has a favorite saying, “Together, we create abundance.”

As a mortgage loan advisor with more than 20 years of industry experience, Craig has brought those words to life by helping hundreds of families create abundance through home ownership. A SoCal native, Craig entered the Air Force right out of high school and served as a canine handler. “It was impactful for me at 18 years old to be searching planes and buildings for bombs. It makes you grow up really fast, and it propelled me to have a desire for rules and guidelines.” After completing his military service, Craig went on to college and began working for trucking giant Roadway (now YRC). While his talent for efficiency and leadership made him an excellent supervisor, an aptitude test Executive Agent Magazine

Along the way, Craig has co-founded a mortgage company, been a mortgage branch manager and worked one-on-one with countless homebuyers. He says that his years as a branch manager helped him to hone his skills and develop systems that he continues to use in his practice today. “It was a major turning point in my career. When I became a branch manager, I started working with high-producing real estate agents and transforming skills I didn’t have previously. I had to create systems that ensured everyone’s success, and it worked out well.” Craig experienced a second mortgage milestone when he decided he was ready to leave management and return to what he loves best — helping people become homeowners. He began working with a loan product aimed at assisting low to moderate-income buyers, and he discovered a renewed passion for his chosen career. “At that time, the mortgage industry exploded. I took my systems and solidified them so I could handle a volume of clients. I was pre-qualifying about 20 people a day, and many were credit challenged. It allowed me to really hone my communication skills. Handling that kind of volume makes you a better loan officer, and it encourages growth in ways you don’t expect. I became more compassionate and empathetic toward people as I was able to help them fix issues to become eligible for housing. I developed a real passion for those skillsets and the difference I was able to make for families.”

Creating Abundance Through Home Ownership In 2022, Craig joined loanDepot in Ontario, where he has access to a portfolio of more than 400 loan products. He chose loanDepot for what he describes as its “complete digital efficiency.” He continues, “In a digital world, everybody goes online first. Our Mello Home platform allows us to cultivate those digital leads and refer them to the best real estate agents who are partners on our platform. loanDepot’s system is completely proprietary and setting the pace for innovation in the industry. It offers tons of efficiencies and automation to benefit real estate agents and borrowers — it really is the next evolution of the mortgage industry. With interest rates and costs going up, those digital efficiencies help to lower costs, and that savings is passed on to the consumer.”

them have the same success we do. Having the opportunity to work for somebody is something I take very seriously. Whatever challenges you’re facing, I’m going to face it with you. Together, we create abundance, and your abundance is just as important as my abundance.” Craig Lawrence loanDepot® 3281 E. Guasti Road, Suite 550 Ontario, CA 91761 Tel: 760.912.1516 – 909.830.5041 Email: craiglawrence@loandepot.com Web: https://www.loandepot.com/craiglawrence NMLS ID 244032

With a focus on first-time buyers and USDA and CalHFA loan products, Craig brings knowledge, patience and compassion to helping people achieve home ownership. His clients’ five-star reviews demonstrate his commitment to their success. “Craig was amazing! We were first time home buyers that had no clue about mortgages, escrow, etc. He walked us through every step of the way. He made us feel comfortable in a stressful situation and handled the process professionally. Without question, we will use Craig again and recommend him to our friends and family.” “Craig did a great job closing a difficult loan. He worked with us to show us how to rebuild our credit score, how to clear up some inaccurate information, and was readily available through the entire process. I have recommended him to others and will definitely use him again if the need should arrive. Craig is an awesome loan officer.” For Craig, his wife Caroline and their two children, Kennedy and Nicholas, are the most important priorities in his life. “I want my family to have success, so that’s how I feel about other people’s families. I want to help Rates, terms, and availability of programs are subject to change without notice. loanDepot.com, LLC NMLS ID 174457. Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act CRMLA 4131040.

Executive Agent Magazine

Why Successful Habits Breed Success


hen you are doing all that you can possibly do, and you are successful at reaching your expectations, keep doing it. Success is one of the best forms of motivation. Psychologists call this positive reinforcement. We all know about positive reinforcement. That’s how we train our dogs. That how we teach our kids. When you bring home a new puppy and try to teach him not to mess in the house, what do you do? You reward him for going outside or for scratching at the door. When you’re trying to get your toddler out of the diaper stage, what do you do? You reward him with special presents. You make him feel special for learning something new. When you’re trying to get your older kids to crack the books and study, what do you do? You reward them when they get good grades. You teach them that the skills they are developing now will have positive effects on their lives later. And you do that by rewarding them now. This is positive reinforcement: Learning that there are rewards for doing something good, something worthwhile, something of value. The greater the value, the greater the reward. The better you do, the better your reward. A bigger paycheck, a better house, financial freedom—it’s all a reward system. There are two major benefits of positive reinforcement: 1. Positive reinforcement builds good habits. If the habits you’re practicing are increasing your success, keep doing them. Your success is reaffirming that these habits are good. Your success tells you that you need to keep doing what you are doing. By reviewing the habits that lead you to success, you reinforce them. You give them staying power. Here’s the other side. By reviewing your habits, you might find out that some of them are inhibiting your success. You might find out that what you’re doing every day is bad for you. Or you might realize that you’ve stopped practicing some very good habits. Somebody says, “Well, I’ve just

14 Executive Agent Magazine

gotten out of a bad habit of taking my daily walk around the block.” Well, I guess you’ll just have to get in the habit of being sick later on. Somebody says, “Well, I used to read books all the time; I’ve just gotten out of the habit.” Then change it. Get back your disciplines. If you’ve “just gotten out of the habit,” just get back into the habit. It’s called discipline. 2. Positive reinforcement creates the energy to fuel additional achievement. It gives you the drive to do more, to not only keep on doing what’s right, but to do more of what’s right. The knowledge that what you’re doing is paying off creates more energy to keep going. How easy is it to get up in the morning when you know you’re not doing all that it takes? It’s not very easy at all! You can just lie there, awake, thinking, Oh, what’s a few more minutes in bed. It won’t matter much anyway. Wrong! It does matter. It will matter. How easy is it to get up in the morning when you’re anxious to make progress toward your dreams? It’s a whole different story. When you’re resting to renew your reserves, it’s much different than resting to avoid your day. When you’re psyched up and excited about life, when you’re excited about what you’ve planned to accomplish for the day, it’s amazing how you’ll wake up long before the alarm clock tries to startle you awake. Your successes fuel your ambition. Your successes give you extra energy. Your successes pave the way for more successes. It’s the snowball effect. When you achieve one success, you’re excited to meet another… and another… and another. Pretty soon, the disciplines that were so difficult in the beginning—the disciplines that got you going—are now part of your philosophy. And they keep you going. - Jim Rohn

Executive Agent Magazine 15

Successful Realtor® Profile

16 Executive Agent Magazine


’ve been involved in a number of studies that tried to figure out why top agents are top agents. Do they have a common educational background? No. Good ones have high school diplomas, masters and doctorates. No correlation.

Similar previous careers? No. One of the best agents I know used to teach baton twirling. I doubt if I could find a lot of those if I tried! I’ve had waiters, teachers, high powered executives and stay-at-home Moms who were all very successful. Common interests? No. Other than eating, (which we Realtor-types seem to do exceptional well) the interests are widely diverse. After 13 years in real estate sales and management, I’ve only found a few constants.

1. Successful agents treat the real estate business as a business. They actually have a business plan and a budget. They understand that you have to spend money to make money. They know how many sales they need to make the income they require and then they figure how they’ll get from here to there. They plan in advance and execute the plan. 2. They actually work when they work and play when they play and take a day or two off every week. (just like a “real job!”) 3.

They have fun and enjoy selling real estate but know that it won’t be forever.

4. They buy a lot of real estate for investment when they see good deals because they know that no one gets rich selling the stuff. You get rich owning it! Financial independence gives one a lot of freedom, autonomy and a certain air of confidence that smells like success. . . . And people like to do business with successful people so they do more business! Linda Brakeall, GRI, CRB, is a nationally recognized expert in sales and marketing for Realtors® and Mortgage industry. She has been speaking professionally speaking, training and consulting since 1992. © 2008, Linda Brakeall. All rights reserved. For information about Linda, contact the FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@FrogPond.com; http://www.FrogPond.com.

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PWR goes beyond the basics of providing MLS access and Supra Key support – we provide our members with ONE-OF-A-KIND services that help them become better REALTORS® FLEXIBLE WAYS TO PAY SOME OF THE LOWEST DUES AROUND

Monthly & quarterly installments plans through ezPay (PWR’s online bill pay)


RED (Rapid Ethics Delivery) for fast & easy conflict resolution (exclusively at PWR)


The area’s only Triple Crown & President’s Cup Award Recipient presented by the National Association of REALTORS®

THE BIGGEST SELECTION OF FREE REAL ESTATE CLASSES Learn to be more productive, professional, & profitable!


Proceeds from the Golf and Wine Tasting events fund our PWR Charity Foundation grants and programs


PWR is the only association with an in-house Call Center to provide prompt, individualized service


The largest REALTOR® store in the area for all your real estate needs


Direct access to REALTOR® Tools (Matrix MLS, RPR, & PWReports)


More than any other local associations in the state of California


Your personal liaison to help you better leverage PWR’s benefits


Top 35 Sales Agents & Teams of 2020

EXPERIENCED CONNECTED & ESTABLISHED It's good to know people who know.

Blair Newman The Van Leeuwen Team #1 TEAM of 2020

#1 AGENT of 202o

The Sisters

Neri Group

The Right Team

Eduardo Morales

Lisa Papazian Stolt

Ravinder Sood

Kristina Fruneaux

Micaela Solis

Sean Lee

Nall & Rojo Real Estate

Marc Schwartz

Ying Ying Zhang

Edmead Team

The Brummett Tony Lopez Group

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EB Group

Mother & Son Sonia Arias Real Estate

Mark Henderson

The Apples Team

JoAnna Nassar

The LeGris Team

Juan Morales

Jose Rodriguez

Josephine Velasco

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Jane Li

Maria Ellen Cupino

The Begley Team

Michelle Arredondo

Ada Simpfenderfer

Marjorie Tyson

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Executive Agent of the Month




Written by H. K. Wilson - Photography by Ian Wiant

or Chelsea Roger, Realtor® and leader of the SeaCliff Team at Coldwell Banker Realty in Huntington Beach, real estate is synonymous with family and community. Daughter of legendary local agent and founder of the SeaCliff brand, Sukie Fee, Chelsea is carrying her mother’s legacy forward while serving the next generation of area residents.

Executive Agent Magazine

Chelsea grew up surrounded by an extended family of real estate professionals, and she says she never thought about doing anything else with her career. As a result, her real estate knowledge far exceeds her years, and she brings the ideal blend of old-school client service and modern methods to her practice.

In 2018, Chelsea and Sukie made the decision to merge their boutique brand with Coldwell Banker Realty, maintaining their prominent status in the community while picking up new resources to expand client service. “I have a whole team and staff, and a great support system with Coldwell Banker. It feels like a family still — everything in this business has always been about family for me. There is no line between family and work.” As a lifelong resident of the SeaCliff community in Huntington Beach, Chelsea is truly a local expert. It is no exaggeration to say that she knows every house on every street. “As a kid, I rode my bike through this community and went to the same schools my kids go to now. I’ve

lived in this area forever and experienced all of it. I’ve sold a lot of homes just by telling stories about what I did here as a kid. I think it gives people a picture in their heads of what their lifestyle here could be. Sellers feel comfortable knowing I can talk about all of the amazing things that go with living in this community, and buyers are able to imagine their families here.” In addition to her unrivaled market knowledge, clients choose Chelsea for the assurance that they will always be well taken care of. “I take a personal approach to real estate. I have a team, but my clients are always dealing directly with me. My team supports me so I can be there for my clients.” Executive Agent Magazine

Continuing a Legacy of Local Service

Chelsea maintains the same high-touch, high integrity service begun by her mother decades ago, while bringing her own unique attributes to every transaction. “My mother was never about money — it was always about the relationship, the connection with people, and being of service. We all want to feel we’re part of something that is important to people. That’s where I try to go with things. I think being present to yourself is important too. When you feel that connection to people, it’s not about selling anything, it’s about helping them. Helping people in real estate also means being ready to evolve with the way the world is going. For sure, that means using

Executive Agent Magazine

technology. The way people communicate is so different now. At the same time, I try to never lose sight of the way I was raised in this business and as a human.” Chelsea’s numerous five-star client reviews reveal the scope of her professionalism and care. A recent seller expressed: “I want to thank Chelsea and her team for having the expertise and determination to close a very difficult sale, all handled with grace and calmness by Chelsea. My wife and I appreciate the professionalism and foresight that Chelsea exhibited. Thank you again.”

A buyer stated: “Chelsea was an absolute pleasure to deal with on my recent house purchase. She’s not only extremely knowledgeable about the market, she’s totally on top of everything when it’s comes to buying/selling a house. From financing options, comps, handyman, inspectors, to GCs (general contractors). She does this all with a great attitude and tremendous personal touch. I’d recommend Chelsea to anyone considering buying or selling. You’ll be glad to meet her!” Chelsea and her husband, Sean Roger, live in the area with their two children, Shea and Johnny. Sean is a contractor who often assists Chelsea and her clients with home improvement projects. Chelsea is an enthusiastic supporter of local schools, and she often participates in

charity golf tournaments at the Huntington Club (formerly SeaCliff Country Club) as well as SeaCliff summer parties and events. Don’t be surprised if you run into Chelsea at Core Power in Huntington Beach, where she attends yoga classes several times a week. “I live here, I grew up here, and I think I’m more invested here in keeping the values and sense of community than most agents,” Chelsea says. “It’s not a numbers game for me — it’s about relationships with the people who are my neighbors.”

Executive Agent Magazine

Chelsea Roger – SeaCliff Team Coldwell Banker Realty 19440 Goldenwest Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 Tel: 714.356.3338 Email: seacliffhb@aol.com - Web: https://seacliffteam.com DRE # 01416035

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. -Aesop

28 Executive Agent Magazine

Executive Agent Magazine 29

Seven Steps To Achieving Your Dream an achievement be broken down into steps? Well, it is not always that clean and easy, but I do know that those who achieve great things usually go through much of the same process, with many of the items listed below as part of that process. So if you have been struggling with achievement, look through the following and internalize the thoughts presented. Then begin to apply them. You will be on the road to achieving your dream! 1) Dream it Everything begins in the heart and mind. Every great achievement began in the mind of one person. They dared to dream, to believe that it was possible. Take some time to allow yourself to ask “What if?” Think big. Do not let negative thinking discourage you. You want to be a “dreamer.” Dream of the possibilities for yourself, your family, and for others. If you had a dream that you let grow cold, re-ignite the dream! Fan the flames. Life is too short to let it go. (Also, check out my article “Dare to Dream Again,” Which has been read by close to a million people in the last 4 months alone. You can see it at the website.) 2) Believe it Yes, your dream needs to be big. It needs to be something that is seemingly beyond your capabilities. But it also must be believable. You must be able to say that if certain things take place, if others help, if you work hard enough, though it is a big dream, it can still be done. Good example: A person with no college education can dream that he will build a 50 million-dollar a year company. That is big, but believable. Bad example: That a 90 year-old woman with arthritis will someday run a marathon in under 3 hours. It is big alright, but also impossible. She should instead focus on building a 50 million-dollar a year business! And she better get a move on! 3) See it The great achievers have a habit. They “see” things. They picture themselves walking around their CEO office in their new 25 million-dollar corporate headquarters, even while they are sitting on a folding chair in their garage “headquarters.” Great free-throw shooters in the NBA picture the ball going through the basket. PGA golfers picture the ball going straight down the fairway. World-class speakers picture themselves speaking with energy and emotion. All of this grooms the mind to control the body to carry out the dream. Tell it 4) One reason many dreams never go anywhere is because the dreamer keeps it all to himself. It is a quiet dream that only lives inside of his mind. The one who wants to achieve their dream must tell that dream to many people. One reason: As we continually say it, we begin to believe it more and more. If we are talking about it then it must be possible. Another reason: It holds us accountable. When we have told others, it spurs us on to actually do it so we do not look foolish.


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5) Plan it Every dream must take the form of a plan. The old saying that you “get what you plan for” is so true. Your dream will not just happen. You need to sit down, on a regular basis, and plan out your strategy for achieving the dream. Think through all of the details. Break the whole plan down into small, workable parts. Then set a time frame for accomplishing each task on your “dream plan.” 6) Work it Boy, wouldn’t life be grand if we could quit before this one! Unfortunately the successful are usually the hardest workers. While the rest of the world is sitting on their couch watching re-runs of Gilligan’s Island, achievers are working on their goal - achieving their dream. I have an equation that I work with: Your short-term tasks, multiplied by time, equal your long-term accomplishments. If you work on it each day, eventually you will achieve your dream. War and Peace was written, in longhand, page by page. 7) Enjoy it When you have reached your goal and you are living your dream, be sure to enjoy it. In fact, enjoy the trip too. Give yourself some rewards along the way. Give yourself a huge reward when you get there. Help others enjoy it. Be gracious and generous. Use your dream to better others. Then go back to number 1. And dream a little bigger this time! Chris Widener is the President of Made For Success. He teaches leaders how to become Extraordinary Leaders. Chris’ speaking and consulting services have challenged the best to become optimists, to pursue excellence relentlessly, and to dream big dreams. Copyright© 2007, Chris Widener. All rights reserved. For information about Chris’ speaking and consulting services, contact the FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@FrogPond.com; http://www.FrogPond. com.

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Seacliff on the Greens 6271 Turnberry Circle, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 Extremely light and bright home with over 3500 square feet of living space featuring 4 bedrooms, and 3.5 bathrooms, The home has been completely remodeled featuring top-of-the-line upgrades and finishes. Entertainer’s backyard with a built-in BBQ, pool, spa, and dining area that backs to a lush greenbelt! Listed at $3,599,000

Chelsea Roger DRE # 01416035 Coldwell Banker Realty Tel: 714.536.5377 SeacliffHB@aol.com http://seacliffteam.com 32 Executive Agent Magazine

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Premier Location in South Huntington Beach 9092 Regatta Drive, Huntington Beach, CA Welcome to this beautiful home in one of the premier locations of South Huntington Beach; Fashion Shores. This South Hampton floor plan features wonderful highlights, such as hardwood & tile flooring throughout the main floor, a custom dry sauna, an expanded bonus room, a pebble tech pool & spa, and a two-car garage with a workshop just to name a few. French doors open to a gorgeous sunroom that has an oversized wet bar with plenty of extra cabinet space. The stunning bbq grill cabana is an entertainer’s delight that will inspire your culinary flair as your guests sit at the counter height bar or lounge around the built-in gas fire pit, waiting for chow time. The primary en-suite enjoys French glass doors that open to a private balcony where you can bask in the sun and enjoy the fresh salty air. Located in the highly-rated Huntington Beach Unified School district, within a mile of the beach, and extremely close to the pier, Main St, and Pacific City. Experience the bliss of coastal living in one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Huntington Beach.

Offered at: $1,799,000

The Presley Group First Team Real Estate Tel: 714.737.0380 Team@Presley-Group.com www.Presley-Group.com DRE # 01928351 34 Executive Agent Magazine

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S pa n i s h O c e a n V i e w V i l l a 35511 Del Rey, Dana Point, CA

Luxurious ocean view Spanish Villa designed by renowned architect, Jon Eric Christner. Upon entering through the front gates, you’ll step into a lush courtyard with green space. Sitting on a 12,600-foot private lot with sparkling pool and spa, it’s the ultimate home for family or entertaining. Boasting 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, the thoughtful floor plan features a staircase at each end of the home and includes cathedral ceilings and an abundance of windows that make this home light and bright. www.35511DelRey.com Price Available Upon Request

Shauna Covington DRE # 00991380 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

949.412.8088 direct shauna@shaunacovington.com http://shaunacovington.com 36 Executive Agent Magazine

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Designer Masterpiece in Naples 5742 e Lucia Walk, Long Beach, CA Don’t miss this opportunity to see this fully remodeled home in Naples. This 3 bed 3 bath incredible Naples home is what Naples living is all about. 5 outdoor living areas! Yes, you read that correctly five ! No expense was spared creating this masterpiece. This description will not do it justice nor will the photos or videos. This beauty needs to be seem in person to appreciate the amazing details executed by the builder and design team. Offered at: $2,410,000

Andy Dane Carter

DRE # 01907002

Andy Dane Carter Team

Tel: 562.397.1373

Realty Source Inc. andycarterrealty@gmail.com www.andydanecarter.com Executive Agent Magazine 39

Chris Cortazzo DRE #01190363 COMPASS Tel: 310.457.3995 chris@chriscortazzo.com www.chriscortazzo.com 40 Executive Agent Magazine


Resort-St yle Getaway 22407 Carbon Mesa Road, Malibu, CA Resort-style recreational amenities, gorgeous design, and sensational views make this very private remarkable estate both a perfect getaway and a picturesque setting for inspired indoor-outdoor entertaining. On a gated promontory of more than two manicured acres on two parcels, the home’s retractable glass walls open onto patios, pool, golf course, vineyard, and views that take in a panorama of ocean, islands, and coastline from Point Dume and the Malibu Pier to Palos Verdes. 5 bed | 5 bath Offered at $14,995,000

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This spectacular residence, newly built with no expense spared, showcases an extraordinary architectural design and

stunning finishes. Sited on a private drive off Sunset Plaza of only 4 homes, it offers seclusion and privacy. Soaring ceilings and walls of glass look out to breathtaking panoramic downtown views. The main entry level is a showstopper with an expansive great room featuring floor to ceiling Fleetwood doors opening to a beautiful outdoor deck, infinity pool and spa overlooking the commanding city vistas. A chef’s eat in kitchen features custom cabinetry with Bosch Black Series appliances, Silestone countertops, and a remarkable center island with seating. Two unique fireplaces in the living room and master suite are finished with Italian tile. The expansive master suite boasts an impressive master bath with oversized shower, tub and his and her closets. Offering 6 total bedrooms and 5.5 baths in approximately 4,650 square feet, including a spectacular office with oversized balcony. The lower level includes a massage room, gym and charming home theater. Custom wood features are artistically incorporated into exterior and interior spaces and there is striking LED lighting throughout. The property also features a grassy side yard for dogs, multiple cameras, and full security system. The prime location is a short 4 minutes above the restaurants and shopping on the famed Sunset Strip and nearby Beverly Hills. Offered at $8,995,000

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Custom Home With Trufflery 1916 Sunset Plaza Dr., Los Angeles, Ca 90069

Bob Hurwitz DRE # 00526195 Tel: 310.477.8865 Bob@thehjc.com www.thehjc.com/agent/bob-hurwitz Executive Agent Magazine 43

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Mountain and Ocean View Oasis 15955 Running Deer Trl, Poway, CA A luxurious and custom-built private estate awaits you in the heart of Poway. The perfect combination of mountain and ocean views surrounds you at every turn. Resort-style beach walk-in pool with a large slide and spa with waterfalls, a two-story playground with double slides and a full basketball court make this home perfect for all your entertainment needs! This private oasis offers you 6,583 square feet of living space tastefully arranged with an open floor plan. Dream kitchen with ample storage space, a game room, living room, and dining room are the perfect duo of refinement and exclusiveness making this home every bit of the oasis it is. Large bedrooms with walk-in closets and private bathrooms are located on the bottom floor for convivence. Welcome home, where your story begins. Offered at $2,599,000

Galina Shekhtman DRE # 01412893 COMPASS Tel: 858.717.2619 galaagent@gmail.com www.sell-buy-invest.com Executive Agent Magazine 45

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Direct Views Into Petco Park! 427 9th Ave, Unit 1102, San Diego, CA Immaculate and sought-after 11th floor, south facing residence with unobstructed DIRECT VIEWS INTO PETCO PARK! This high end remodeled fully furnished 2-bedroom 2 bath features: Designer cabinetry, Quartz waterfall countertops, subway tile backsplash, plank flooring, abundance of windows, primary bedroom walk-in closet, updated bathrooms & 2 underground parking spaces! Private covered balcony perfect to watch the games and views of the whole baseball diamond, city & water views! Located in the heart of East Village, amenities include a fitness center, community room & an outdoor deck with more views of Petco Park & the Downtown skyline. Walk to restaurants, bars, retail shops & entertainment! A MUST SEE! Listed at $1,039,000

Melissa Goldstein Tucci Broker/Realtor Broker #01380034 COLDWELL BANKER Direct: (619) 787-6852 Email: Sold@MelissaTucci.com www.MelissaTucci.com


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New York businessman dropped a dollar into the cup of a man selling pencils and hurriedly stepped aboard the subway train. On second thought, he stepped back off the train, walked over to the beggar and took several pencils from the cup. Apologetically, he explained that in his haste he had neglected to pick up his pencils and hoped the man wouldn’t be upset with him. “After all,” he said, “you are a businessman just like myself. You have merchandise to sell and it’s fairly priced.” Then he caught the next train. At a social function a few months later, a neatlydressed salesman stepped up to the businessman and introduced himself. “You probably don’t remember me and I don’t know your name, but I will never forget you. You are the man who gave me back my self-respect. I was a “beggar” selling pencils until you came along and told me I was a businessman.” 48 Executive Agent Magazine

A wise man said, “A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.” How do you see others? The greatest good we can do for anyone is not to share our wealth with them, but rather to reveal their own wealth to them. It’s astonishing how much talent and ability rests inside a human being. Just as the first step to success is knowing your own potential, the second step is knowing the potential of others. Fortunately, as we recognize our own ability, it’s easy to recognize the ability of others. Once we see it, we can help them discover it for themselves. Zig Ziglar is a beloved author and America’s motivator. He is the author of 25 books and offers training and consulting to organizations all across the globe. To learn more about Zig and his business visit his website at www.ziglar.com

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Our bone marrow transplant reunion is now standing room only. Each year, City of Hope invites bone marrow transplant recipients and their families to attend the “Celebration of Life” event. It’s a joyous time during which survivors of blood cancers such as lymphoma, leukemia and myeloma embrace their health, their life and each other. It began more than 35 years ago when City of Hope created what is now one of the largest and most successful bone marrow transplant programs in the world. In fact, we’ve completed over 11,000 transplants and, according to national reports, our outcomes are among the best in the nation. The goal of curing cancer isn’t just something we work at. It’s what we live for. If you have cancer, make us your first call. Or ask your doctor for a referral. We accept most insurance. 800-826-HOPE

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WE LIVE TO CURE CANCER. Science saving lives. cityofhope.org/bmt

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Join engaging entrepreneurs, business leaders, professional athletes, politicians and industry influencers. NAHREP at L’ATTITUDE is more than an event, it’s a movement. E A R LY B I R D R E G I S T R AT I O N E N D S S U N D AY , J U LY 31 , 2 0 2 2

Members: $399 Non-Members: $549


Members: $499 Non-Members: $649


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