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Cover Story Mike & Sean Shahbazi Executive Agents of the Month After a distinguished first career as a naval aviator, Mike Shahbazi retired from military service with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Looking for a new profession to support his family, he walked into a real estate office and told the broker, “I’d love to work in this office, but I don’t know anything about real estate.

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July, 2021


4 Ways to Declutter Your Mind -John AddisonLike a Pro -Steve Cook





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The Thinker Leadership Style -Dr. Tony Alessandraa Pro -Steve Cook




3 Ways to Build Your Executive Presence -Simon T. Bailey Like a Pro -Steve Cook

12 Patterns Of Buying -Linda Brakeallke a Pro -Steve Cook

22 Work / Life Balance - Have It All -Matt De La Cruzng Like a Pro -Steve Cook

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It’s Healthy To Be Happy -Zig Ziglaratating Like a Pro -Steve Cook


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4 Ways to Declutter Your Mind


n our world today, it’s easier than ever to be unfocused. So many people are attracted to their distractions, staring at their phones and allowing crazy stuff to fly into their brains in a steady stream of clutter. If you really, truly want to achieve your biggest goals, it’s so important that you work hard on decluttering your mind. Here are four ways to do that. 1. Focus. What you focus on grows. That is an absolute fact. So do a real inventory. Be aware of what’s going on inside your brain. People today are trying their absolute best to be aware of what they eat—probably more so than at any point in my lifetime. They want organic choices and they want healthy food. But at the same time, they’re allowing so much junk into their minds. Look at something going into your mind the same way you look at something going into your stomach. What are you spending your time on? Are you spending all day staring at the news, feeling like the world’s going to hell in a handbasket? Do you follow 87 million people on Twitter so that every second you’re digesting random thoughts from some crazy stranger? Be careful what you’re allowing into your brain. Focus on what you’re inputting. 2. Tune out the noise. Just as important as what you listen to is what you don’t listen to. Look at all the things coming your way and ask yourself, Is this really doing anything for me or making my life better? If the answer is no, then stop getting it. Don’t let it into your brain. Being quiet is incredibly important. I believe everybody needs quiet time—meditation time, reading time, prayer time. Everybody needs a sanctuary, a place they can go to just be quiet, be still and just be. To think about what you’re thinking about. To ask yourself, What can I tune out? 3. Control your activities. Everyone is busy, but are they getting anything done? What are you spending your time on?


Executive Agent Magazine

Don’t mistake activity for progress. It’s easy to be busy. It’s easy to be overwhelmed. It’s easy to have people pull you in too many different directions. But the question is this: Are those things moving you toward a worthy, longterm goal? You need to look at where you want to get to, what it is you want to accomplish, what you want to do in your life. Then you need to be honest about whether your activity and actions are congruent with reaching that thing. If they’re not, make a change. Spend time on the activities that will help your overall progress and growth. 4. Keep it simple. I heard Nick Saban, the head football coach at the University of Alabama, speak one time, and he said the one thing he constantly asks himself is, What’s the most important thing right now for the continued success of my program? And is that what I’m doing? He checks in daily with himself to make sure he’s not wasting time on things that have nothing to do with what’s important now. Keep it simple and focused. You must eliminate silly distractions, anything that pulls you from that main thing. To me, the most successful people are the most focused on singular, straightforward goals. They are the people who are very good at rising above the noise and getting clear in their head about what it is they want to accomplish. They don’t allow life and all its noise to overwhelm them. They don’t let negative, frustrated, whiny people control how they think. They focus on keeping the main thing the main thing. With these steps, you’ll start to get rid of that clutter in your mind that’s keeping you from getting where you want to go. You can get there. But you’re in charge of how you do it. John Addison is the Leadership Editor for SUCCESS and the author of Real Leadership: 9 Simple Practices for Leading and Living with Purpose, a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-seller. Renowned for his insight and wisdom on leadership, personal development and success, John is a sought-after speaker and motivator. Read more on his blog, and follow John on Facebook and Twitter.

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Written by H. K. Wilson

Kathryn Fitzwater


athryn Fitzwater has been a veterinarian for 37 years and a licensed Realtor® for nearly 15 years. What do these two seemingly disparate fields have in common? “A house is an emotional investment, and so is a pet,” she says. “What brings them together is helping someone make the most of that very emotional investment.” An Indiana transplant to Albuquerque, Kathryn grew up in a close-knit family with two brothers and two sisters. After earning her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from Washington and Oregon State Universities, she reestablished herself in Southern California. Making investments in real estate ultimately prompted her to obtain her professional license so she could help other people make sound decisions when buying or selling a home. At Monarch Realty Group, Kathryn enjoys working in an affirmative environment with strong leadership. “I like the family appeal at Monarch, and my manager, Leah Friedline, is a very positive person. She keeps us on top of things with continuing education and is always there to support us through a transaction. I like being in a place where I can keep learning and raise the level of service for my clients.” Kathryn has established strong working relationships with a whole community of professional partners who contribute to her success. “I have a really good team working with me. My loan officer is Jim Thiel at Finance of America. Even if someone already has a loan officer, I recommend they talk to Jim. He makes people feel at ease with the process, and he can help get them ready if they don’t qualify. When you have a good team behind you, it makes everything go smoothly.” A compassionate person who is motivated by helping others, Kathryn says both of her professions have taught her the importance of communication. “Being a good listener is important in both of my careers. People need

to feel they are working with someone they can trust and who can communicate with them.” As a scientist, Kathryn is also highly analytical, meticulous about contracts and an excellent negotiator. If there is a downside to having a scientific mind, she says it’s that “I’m overly analytical and tend to overthink things. My favorite quote is from Tina Fey: ‘You can’t be that kid standing at the top of the waterslide, overthinking it. You have to go down the chute.’ Sometimes, I just have to jump.”

Finding the Comfort of Home Kathryn says she is most inspired by working with first-time homebuyers. “I like seeing people happy with their purchase — especially when they didn’t think they could buy. They are always surprised when I can help them find a solution to their problems and find them a place. Even if it’s not their forever home, it’s the first step in the door to becoming a homeowner. It’s exciting to be part of the process with them.” Pets are often an important consideration when someone is buying a home. Kathryn is ready to help her clients find the right home for themselves and their pets. “One client wanted a cat room, and we found them a place where they could build onto the house so the cats could go outside in a caged environment.” Kathryn has been married for 33 years and has a son who is an occupational therapist for children with special needs. “He’s one of my mentors. He’s such a good person who knows what he wants and loves challenges. I aspire to be like him.” Kathryn is a world traveler. Her last trip was to South Africa. “As an animal person, I went on several safaris. It was really a learning experience. Costa Rica is another one of my favorite places with lots of interesting animals.” Kathryn continues to work in veterinary medicine. A client who sold a home in San Juan Capistrano and bought another in Dana Point with Kathryn’s help said this about the experience: “She was patient and helped me by photographing houses so I could remember their features. She presented me with options that she learned

about and was present for inspections when I had to work. She enabled me to close escrow on both houses within two days, and I have been very happy with my sale as well as my purchase.” Kathryn is a caring professional who has dedicated her entire career to making people and their pets feel comforted and at home. She is also a woman of action. “When I take a listing, I give my clients a 15-point plan that includes how often I will communicate with them and what they can expect. It’s important to have a plan and know someone will follow through once we get started. Whether someone is buying or selling, I’m there to help negotiate any bumps in the road and bring the transaction to finality. My job is to eliminate the stresses that can come with this emotional event that is often the biggest financial accomplishment of someone’s life. I want my clients to be at ease and trust me to complete the process.” Kathryn Fitzwater Monarch Realty Group Tel: 949.690.8092 Email: Web: KathrynFitzwaterRealtorBRE01796676 DRE #01796676

It’s Healthy To Be Happy


wisest man who ever lived, who observed that “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” There’s no question but that a cheerful spirit does wonders for your health.

Psychologists and physicians have long known that happy, cheerful people enjoy better health. It goes back several thousand years to Solomon, the

The question is, what’s the best way to be happy? For a long time it’s been my conviction that others can give you pleasure, but the only way you’re going to be happy is to do things for other people. Forest Tennant, M.D., says that serotonin, which is the “feel-good” neurotransmitter, normally hits the system full force at about ten o’clock in the morning.

he dictionary says that happiness is the “agreeable sensations which spring from the enjoyment of good. That state of being in which desires are gratified by the enjoyment of pleasure without pain.” Happiness is “positive pleasure or an excitement of agreeable sensations.” Mark Twain said that most of us are “about as happy as we make up our minds to be.”

10 Executive Agent Magazine

However, we can “jump-start” the flow of serotonin by doing something really nice for someone else. It doesn’t have to be “earth-shattering.” A simple, sincere phone call to someone you know will do wonders for you and them. Just let them know you were thinking of them and wanted them to know how much you appreciate who they are and what they do. Tell them how much their friendship means to you, how you admire them and that you just want them to know how you feel. It’s amazing how good you will feel about yourself when you pay a sincere compli-

ment to encourage someone else. Think about it and pick up that telephone to encourage someone else with no thought of benefit to yourself and I will SEE YOU AT THE TOP. Zig Ziglar is a beloved author and America’s motivator. He is the author of 25 books and offers training and consulting to organizations all across the globe. To learn more about Zig and his business visit his website at

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3 Ways to Build Your Executive Presence

12 Executive Agent Magazine


hat is the difference between an executive who takes hold of a room and one who doesn’t? Presence.

“When great communication ability collides with an authentic leader who has genuine heart for constituents and the organization’s collective aspirations,” says Ron Crossland, vice chair of Bluepoint Leadership, “we have individuals who have the potential to move from good to elite.” I recently visited with one of those elite leaders—Paula Costa Bravo of The Hershey Company—because I was curious to find out how she navigated the dicey waters of the corporate world as someone relatively new in a leadership role. I asked her how she was surviving since her company’s recent layoffs. She looked at me, and, without missing a beat, said, “It’s all about mastering the intangibles and establishing an executive presence.” During times of uncertainty, executives must transfer security and confidence to their direct reports, other departments, peers and customers, she said. Bravo went on to share three critical intangibles she’s learned—not in business school, but in the trenches: 1. Command the room. When you enter a room, what is your posture? Your shoulders should be erect, not slouched. Your pace should be swift but not hurried. These subtle adjustments send a micro-message that what is about to transpire in this meeting is important. Eye contact and a simple greeting are central to setting the tone for the meeting. And, when appropriate, an authentic smile loosens the tension in the room and invites everyone to relax as you proceed with business.

I remember years ago when one of my sisters told me, “Simon, you can always judge a woman by her black pumps.” She told me that if the heel is scraped and the shoes look run-down, it speaks volumes about how much a woman cares about herself and maybe even how she runs her business. The same goes for men. This isn’t a new idea. If you haven’t already, check out John T. Malloy’s classic, Dress for Success, to get familiar with proper dress code. Do you think how you dress impacts your attitude or approach to work? It, at the very least, does make a difference in how you are perceived. 3. Content flows from a congruent spirit. When you master the intangibles, you discover the secret sauce: that success is about 60 percent presence, 20 percent visual and 20 percent content. She said presence is the most believable—right, wrong or indifferent. But this doesn’t mean that you can slack off in preparing substantive content. Bottom line, a congruent spirit seeks to serve and give instead of force-feeding a message. Executive presence is a daily choice. It doesn’t matter if you are a team leader, individual contributor, selfemployed or in transition. Just remember to think about how you are showing up every day. The intangibles create the foundation that establishes the brilliant difference you can make. Simon T. Bailey is an international speaker, writer and personal transformation strategist. He is the author of Shift Your Brilliance: Harness the Power of You, Inc., and Be the SPARK: Five Platinum Service Principles for Creating Customers for Life. When he’s not working, he enjoys rooting for the Buffalo Bills (his hometown team).

2. Visual appearance speaks loud and clear. Have you ever seen someone who always appears frumpy and disheveled? Someone who is smart and has a good work ethic, but always looks like a “hot mess”?

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ELEVATE YOUR CLOSING GAME. Elite Escrow Services for the Executive Agent

Complimentary Agent Wired Commissions at closings Complimentary Seller notary signing service SSAE SOC Certified to safeguard your clients information Cyber Insurance Policy Electronic document signing for a faster closing experience The only Escrow Company trained directly by the FBI on wire fraud and cyber theft Multi-lingual teams 12 office locations in 5 major counties

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Our Construction-to-Permanent loans are easier on their budget. If your client’s heart is set on a remodel, a tear-down, or totally new construction, talk to us first. Kinecta’s Construction-to-Permanent loan is an all-in-one option that saves them time, money, and hassle. • Our credit union status lets us offer lower rates than most national banks. • The loan amount is determined by a single appraisal of the future value of the post-construction home. • As a locally based lender with portfolio underwriting, you both get answers fast. • Plus, they can borrow up to $4 million with an up-front rate lock. Contact one of our mortgage loan consultants today, and give your clients a better financing experience. Joe McGreevy Mortgage Loan Consultant cell: 714.396.1619 efax: 310.536.3621 NMLS# 66072

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Banks are for profit. Kinecta is for your client.

Information in this advertisement is intended for Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals only and not intended for consumer use as defined by Section 1026.2 of Regulation Z, which implements the Truth-In-Lending Act.

Tayt Ianni Sr. Mortgage Loan Consultant ph: 310.727.9119 cell: 949.689.8639 NMLS# 310914

Work / Life Balance Having it all There are a many people that don’t believe that you can have both a successful career and successful life without sacrificing one or the other, this is simply not true. We all have the capabilities and the time to have abundance in our lives. The only way to do that is to plan it. Work / life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) and “lifestyle” (spiritual / meditation, family, health, social, mental and financial). Related, though broader, terms include “lifestyle calm balance” and “lifestyle choices”. Life is supposed to be in harmony that brings joy, happiness and fulfillment not destruction, destruction is stress, frustration, guilt or regret. If you were to look at each area of your life as a glass ball, except your career; which should be seen as a rubber ball and that you were trying to juggle all 7 at once. If you happen to drop your family, health or even spiritual ball they would break. If you dropped your career / job ball it would bounce back, in other words there are some things that you just cannot afford to drop. I have some ideas that may help remember no one gets more than 24hrs a day! plan and use it wisely. 5 keys for better Work / Life Balance: 1. Build downtime in your day - schedule time for family and friends. Date night with spouse significant other. 2. Drop unnecessary activities that drain your time and energy - time you spend surfing the web, social media sites, personal calls and checking your bank accounts. 3. Rethink your to do list - grocery shopping once a week, dry cleaners have them dropped off and picked up, hire a gardening service to do the yard work. 4. Get moving - get up early and get your workout done first thing, it will kick start your metabolism and give you the energy to get through the day. 5. Relaxation goes a long way - set a goal to leave the office 1 hour early once a week. plan on some one on one time with your children. Plan a 20-30 minute power nap daily, plan a 3 day weekend get away with your partner or just good old fashion communication. - Matt De La Cruz Founder / CEO

16 Executive Agent Magazine

Executive Agent Magazine 17



Written by H. K. Wilson




stablished in 2005, Escrow Options Group. Inc. is an independent, full-service escrow firm committed to operational excellence and customer satisfaction. Under the leadership of President Tara Johnson, the company has grown to 12 branch offices across five counties. Among its diverse team of 20-plus escrow officers and 70 employees, 9 languages are spoken. No matter where your business takes you, Escrow Options Group has a team nearby that is poised to close your real estate transaction with professionalism and precision. But what makes Escrow Options Group a Southern California industry leader is more than its 800-plus years of collective experience and world-class service. It is the extraordinary team of professionals who share an ethos

defined by uncompromising ethical standards and the promise to serve each client as an individual. During a pandemic and record-breaking year, VP of Marketing and Business Development Bernadette Kerkes says the team has maintained its customer service levels and preserved the outstanding customer experience the company is known for. “With this volume, we are fortunate to have the team we do. We’ve gained a lot of new clientele, and everyone has adjusted to maintain superior customer service. There is a lot of buzz about us in the market. I feel like it is a result of perfecting our craft while maintaining relationships. We don’t treat people like they are just another transaction. They are more than just clients to us.”

Escrow Options Group, Inc. Where Escrow Equals Excellence “We are busier than ever,” Tara adds. “A year ago, we could not have seen how the market would turn and blow up like it did. It’s been a challenge, but we’ve been able

officers that they have their teams behind them,” Tara continues. “That allows the personal touch to come from the escrow officers themselves. They communicate personally with every client on every transaction. It’s not an assembly line operation. Our clients have access to their escrow officer and open communication, whether they are the buyer, seller or Realtor®.” Escrow Options Group’s three top-producing escrow officers shared their perspectives on what makes the company extraordinary.

to find talent to support us. Our escrow officers have adapted to this market to keep up with the amount of files. Process flow is so important. Everyone here is doing a phenomenal job — it’s amazing and exciting to see!” Teamwork is not just a byword at Escrow Options Group. Mutual respect and common goals galvanize this team for success. “It’s really important for our escrow

We set the bar for Escrow excellence by offering you more than just traditional escrow services. Adding value to you and your clients’ escrow experience is our goal. That’s why we offer so much more to you and your clients, at no extra charge. Megan Priebe, branch manager and escrow officer in Mission Viejo, has 20 years of industry experience. She says she is motivated by working in a friendly environment where her accomplishments and contributions are acknowledged, which frees her to serve customers with a smile on her face. “It’s as easy as happy escrow officer/ employee, happy clients! I love being a part of helping individuals with the biggest financial investment they will make and making it seamless for them. To help make the experience enjoyable and not stressful is always a goal.” Colleen Patino-Mackey is an escrow officer in Irvine South. She appreciates an environment of constant learning and improvement, enhanced by collegial relationships. She says, “I feel that Escrow Options Group is successful at recognizing the hard work of its team members and valuing each individual for what they bring to the team. I crave perfection in every aspect of my life. Escrow

Options Group recognizes my desire to be my best and ventures to know how they can help me achieve that — making sure that I have the support needed via personnel, equipment and procedures to ensure that I can truly offer the best that is out there.” Shastin Angel is an escrow officer and the branch manager in Huntington Beach. What stands out to her about the company’s culture is “feeling that we are all a family, knowing at anytime I can count on my immediate circle to help.” When asked what she loves most about her job, she said, “The best part for me is the next adventures that either the sellers or buyers are taking. To get to know the sellers and know the life they’ve had in the home and hearing about ‘what’s next’ is just so amazing. Then to have the new owners and hear the excitement they have for this new home and the plans to make it theirs — it’s most rewarding to know I got to be a part of that story!”

Experience The Best Escrow Option

With the pandemic, information security has become more of a concern than ever before. Escrow Options Group is SSAE certified and SOC compliant. It is the only escrow company whose escrow officers are trained annually by the FBI about cyber threats and wire fraud. “Even before the pandemic, one of our main priorities was to ensure information and funds in escrow are secure,” Bernadette says. Escrow Options Group’s escrow officers and their support teams are present every day to help Realtors® do what they do best — sell real estate. “We want you, the agent, and your client to feel heard and safe to proceed,” Colleen says. “We have the procedures and certifications in place to protect your client, and we have the personnel to ensure that your client can have the information they desire. Whether this is their first transaction, 100th transaction, or anywhere in between — we will do all that we can to ensure that the process is seamless. And last, but not least, we have a team that enjoys what we do and where we do it.” Escrow Options Group, Inc. 9901 Irvine Center Drive Irvine, CA 92618 Tel: 714-348-4718 Web: DFP#: 9632271

Patterns Of Buying


here are four common types of buyers out there in buyerland:

1. The Impulse Buyer - sees it & buys it. 2. The Investigator - researches, studies, thinks and buys. 3. The Fooler - researches (for maybe a year) and then one day walks in and buys. Looks like The Impulse Buyer. 4. The Never Buyer-investigates, agitates, & procrastinates. (Every salesperson’s nightmare!) How do you identify who buys how? Ask questions. You might ask the prospect directly or you might ask an assistant if the opportunity arises. “I noticed you just got a new phone system. How did that happen?” OR . . . “How did you buy your last car (or computer)?” With just a little prompting, people will tell you how they decided they need new phones: • They got out the yellow pages, made three calls, listened to three presentations the next day and had the system in place the following Friday. (Style #1) • They subscribed to Consumer Reports, called every company that made phones, poured over the literature that was sent, listened to 73 presentations, did more research, created a task force, mulled it over, presented 3 options to the president and a year from day one got the phones installed. ( Style #2)

22 Executive Agent Magazine

• Did some of the B activities, then one day called and had the phones installed the following week. (style #3) • Decided 4 years ago they needed new phones and are still having weekly meetings about it. (Style #4) Once you know the buying pattern you can tailor your presentation and your expectations to that buying style. The reason so many salespeople - in real estate, mortgages or widgets - get frustrated is because they expect faster decisions. Many people cannot make fast decisions. Morgan Carter, the Chicago PR guru, says: “Frustration is a function of expectations.” If your expectations are appropriate, your frustration is diminished. Lower frustration means more energy and that equals more sales. Investigate those buying patterns! Linda Brakeall, GRI, CRB, is a nationally recognized expert in sales and marketing for Realtors® and Mortgage industry. She has been speaking professionally speaking, training and consulting since 1992. © 2008, Linda Brakeall. All rights reserved. For information about Linda, contact the FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@;

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Know of a Realtor doing amazing things? NOMINATE them to be our next ®

Executive Agent of the Month


Mike & Sean

Shahbazi Executive Agents of the Month


Written by H. K. Wilson - Photography by Ian Wiant


ealtor® Mike Shahbazi enjoyed a distinguished first career as a naval aviator for the Imperial Iranian Navy. Since Iran was an ally of the United States, Mike received his elite training with the U.S. Navy in Pensacola, Florida. After the Shah of Iran was overthrown, Mike, a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy, and his family became political refuges. Making their way out of Iran and ultimately to California, Mike found himself looking for a new profession to support

his family. He walked into a real estate office and told the broker, “I’d love to work in this office, but I don’t know anything about real estate. Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it immediately.” Mike did exactly as he promised, and during his first week as a licensed agent, he sold three homes. Four months later, he was offered a management position. That was the beginning of a successful and rewarding journey to a profession that has become a family legacy.

Mike in the cockpit with his eldest son Shane

Mike was joined in real estate by his son, Sean Shahbazi, over 10 years ago. Together, this father-son duo brings more than 50 years of combined real estate experience to every transaction. Today, the Shahbazi name is synonymous with integrity and service in Orange County and beyond. Their consistent delivery of service excellence has resulted in a practice driven almost entirely by referrals. With a focus on doing the right thing, the Shahbazi Team delivers an uncompromising standard of client care from the first contact to long after the close of escrow. “When we are working with a family that is going to buy real estate, we know it is the most important investment of their life,” Mike says. “We take care of them like they are our family. We look after every dollar, every dime. We are truthful and follow the rule of law, and make sure our clients are protected in their contracts. Being honest and straightforward earns their business forever.” Mike and Sean love what they do, and it shows. They

share a friendly, easy-going temperament that puts buyers and sellers at ease and diffuses the stress that often accompanies the real estate process. Although their personalities are much alike, their multigenerational perspectives bring a whole range of skills and the ability to relate to people of diverse backgrounds. “My dad wears a suit every day, and many of our clients like his old-school, white-glove style of service,” Sean says. “I appreciate Sean as a partner,” says Mike. “As a father and son, we are in sync, and we do everything our clients need. Our combined expertise brings the best result for our clients.” Mike and Sean are supported in delivering outstanding service by a full-time assistant who has worked with them for more than 20 years. “She’s like family to us,” Sean says, “and she is an important part of our success.”

The Shahbazi Team

Over the years, the Shahbazis have built positive working relationships with other industry professionals, which helps to ensure that their clients’ transactions run smoothly. Sean comments, “Other agents are very happy when they see our name on a listing. We are known for having a good rapport and being easy to work with. Having a good reputation in the community with other brokers and agents is very important. They know they will have a good experience working with us.” First Team Real Estate Regional Manager Terry Karges said this about the Shahbazi Team: “I’ve had the honor to work alongside both Mike and Sean Shahbazi for several years, and I’m thankful for every minute of it. They are some of the classiest, professional agents in our business. The father-son team’s stellar reputation precedes them

as they are beloved throughout Orange County, with both the agent population and their clients/fans. Their relentless focus on exceeding client expectations shows in the repeat and referral business they have built up over the years.” He continued, “One of the unique things that has always stood out to me is their love and commitment to their family. The Shahbazi’s are more than great agents, they are great family men who lead by example. We are the lucky beneficiaries because they treat everyone in our office like family too. Mike is the first one to reach out to both new and seasoned agents with expert advice, encouragement and even a salute. From successful Navy pilot to top producing agents, the Shahbazi’s have done it all and it’s because of agents like them that First Team Real Estate is the number one brokerage in Southern California.”

Sean delivering fresh roses to their clients for their annual mothers day event

Outside of real estate, the Shahbazi family loves spending time outdoors camping, hiking and fishing. Both of Mike’s sons have followed in his professional footsteps. His oldest son, Shane, is a commercial airline pilot. He says it is a special joy to share his life’s passions with his boys. Mike recently became a grandfather for the first time. “Every time I see that baby boy, I love him more,” he says. Helping others is the driving force behind the Shahbazi Team, whether they are contributing to the success of their colleagues or helping clients achieve their real estate dreams. “We love to help people,” Mike says. “I have learned that in life, with one hand we give help, and

from the other hand we receive help. That’s our mentality when we serve the public.” Mike Shahbazi & Sean Shahbazi First Team Real Estate 8028 E. Santa Ana Canyon Rd. Anaheim Hills, CA 92808 Tel: 714.928.4951 Email: Web: DRE # 00986527 / 01352551

The Shahbazi Team


Mike at Pensacola Naval Air Station in 1974

Private Tahitian Island of Motu Tane Just 10 minutes from the main island of Bora Bora, the private island of Motu Tane encompasses approximately 10 acres of sandy beach, tropical foliage and coconut groves all set against a mountainous backdrop. Owned by cosmetics mogul François Nars, Motu Tane consists of traditional thatched-roof Polynesian huts or “fares”, with 22 separate structures. Enjoy 2 luxurious suites comprised of 2,500 square feet, each with a sunken lava bathtub, shower and dressing area, as well as panoramic views onto the garden, the beach, and the main island. Find 9 beach bungalows and 2 suites to accommodate up to 20 guests, a library with museum-quality Polynesian art and artifacts, a photography studio, a chef’s dream kitchen and 2 staff quarters. The great room, encompassing about 2,500 square feet, is perfect for casual gatherings or formal entertaining with an adjacent dining area offering a hidden wet bar and 2 extra large custom-made tables for up to 36 people, all surrounded by the garden. Designed by Christian Liaigre, the rooms feature custom-crafted furniture made from rare tropical wood and natural fabrics, and most bungalows have motorized screens which can bring the outside in and can offer shelter in case of excessive winds or tropical rains. $39,000,000

32 Executive Agent Magazine

Bob Hurwitz DRE # 00526195

Tel: 310.477.8865

Executive Agent Magazine 33

34 Executive Agent Magazine

Chris Cortazzo DRE # 01190363

Tel: 310.457.3995

Casa di Pietra is a spectacular two-story beachfront villa with ocean, coastline, & island views and a gently sloping terraced path to beach. Private/gated down a long driveway, this architectural masterpiece with rough-hewn stone exterior by architect Doug Burdge, AIA, offers a gorgeous interior with vanishing glass walls that create a seamless indoor-outdoor space for entertaining. The main level offers an ocean view great room with double-height living room area with FP, dining area, ultra-sleek kitchen, billiard’s room, home theatre, & two en-suite bedrooms. A floating stairway ascends to a landing bridge that separates two ocean-view master suites, each with FP, deck, & spa-inspired baths, plus an add’l en-suite bedroom. A 2,500sf rooftop terrace with FP & fire pit sitting areas is ideal for cocktails, dining, & stargazing. The resort-style backyard includes a pool/spa, outdoor kitchen with BBQ & pizza oven, dining area, & grassy lawns. Ample guest parking & collector’s garage. 4 Bed, 4 Bath, 32852 PCH, Malibu, Ca. $24,500,000 Executive Agent Magazine 35

Tuscan-Style Oceanfront 675 Cliff Drive, Laguna Beach, CA

Recently remodeled and sitting right on the sand in Fisherman’s Cove, 675 Cliff Drive is a rare light Tuscan-style oceanfront property. Offering the very best of beachside living, you will find waves washing ashore, world-class dining, incredible art galleries and shopping. The spacious & meticulously-maintained property boasts multiple levels, five bedrooms, four and a half baths, open living spaces including a separated cabana-style studio. Embrace the ultimate indoor-outdoor coastal lifestyle in this oceanfront masterpiece, while enjoying a location that continues to rank as one of Orange County’s most desirable places to live. Price: $9,500,000

John Stanaland DRE # 01223768 Tel: 949.689.9047 The John Stanaland Group

36 Executive Agent Magazine

Executive Agent Magazine 37

Bali Retreat Aruba is a unique vacation home inspired by South East Asia, featuring a resort-style pool amidst giant boulders, a cave, Buddha statues protruding from an imposing rock wall with waterfalls cascading into the heated indoor lap pool, private cinema, yoga pavilion, and a beach volleyball court. IG & FB: @baliretreataruba Paraguana 7, Noord, Aruba

40 Executive Agent Magazine

De Luz Community of Temecula 42505 El Calamar Rd, Temecula, CA 92590

Located in the De Luz community of Temecula surrounded by Oak Trees, Groves, and a rare quiet blue line creek that runs year round. The private abode lives on apprx 10 acres with dozens of avocado trees and a family fruit orchard. The orchard groves behind the house are young tango fruit and have the potential to flourish in this soil. The main floor beholds the separated formal dining room, Master bedroom, two bedrooms, and two baths. The upstairs features two bedrooms, one game room with full bar, and a bonus room. Kitchen includes stainless steel appliances. The living room encompasses a floor to ceiling brick fireplace and flows out to a covered patio overlooking peaceful lush surroundings. Second pad toward the top of the property and a large stamped concrete entry. Endless Pool with under water treadmill over $70K upgrade. Room to expand the groves for future ventures. A great investment property for short term rentals. Offered at $1,195,000

Josh Reef

DRE #01950745

Douglas Elliman Real Estate Tel: 310.728.9228 150 El Camino Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. 310.595.3888 © 2021 Douglas elliman real estate. All material presented herein is intended for information purposes only. While, this information is believed to be correct, it is represented subject to errors, omissions, changes or withdrawal without notice. All property information, including, but not limited to square footage, room count, number of bedrooms and the school district in property listings should be verified by your own attorney, architect or zoning expert. Equal housing opportunity.

Executive Agent Magazine 41

42 Executive Agent Magazine

Custom Hillside ESTATE 2615 E. Wildwood Ranch Rd, Glendora, CA

The epitome of Luxury only begins to define this Expansive Custom Hillside Estate. This tranquil and very custom home is situated on a picturesque acreage enjoying complete privacy. A prepped lot is cleared and has versatile usage and would be perfect for the horse enthusiast looking to add Horse Stables, Corral or RV Garage. This unique home was carefully constructed to show many period details including ornate millwork, stained glass windows and plastered walls and molding throughout. No detail was overlooked as traditional architraves, skirting boards and picture rails add warmth to the interior. Discover craftsmanship so rare and detailed. Every beam was hand carved taking months to complete. Gorgeous formal Study showcases solid hand carved timber with a smooth gloss finish. The exposed timber beams throughout draw attention up. Classic design is prominently featured, including decorative ceilings, polished timber floors, ornate fireplaces and mantles, traditional architraves and skirting boards. Master Retreat comes complete with ensuite, spacious walk-through closet and French doors opening to the private balcony. Relax in the comfort of your open-plan interior living spaces, or step outside to your very own private garden terrace. An atrium courtyard enhances the serenity of the environment and a great retreat from the summer heat. Embrace absolute bliss as you cool off in the pool with spa and waterfall. Encompassed in lush mature landscaping that perfectly blends natural elements and beauty. Find your perfect home in this well-kept, old world atmosphere grand period estate. Offerred at: $2,890,000

Carl Capitano

DRE # 01078792

COMPASS 303 3rd Street # 200 Huntington Beach, CA 92648 Tel: 714.625.8767

Executive Agent Magazine 43

44 Executive Agent Magazine

Panoramic Ocean & Catalina Views LAGUNA BEACH, CALIFORNIA

Designed by Mark Singer, an award winning architect recognized for his contemporary design with timeless qualities this custom home is located in the heart of Laguna Village! Breathtaking panoramic ocean and Catalina views, this 3,048 square foot home features a bright, open concept floor plan with high vaulted ceilings and natural infused lighting. A rare find with 5 bedrooms and a main floor with 2 ensuite bedrooms. The larger main floor bedroom could be enjoyed as a secondary master suite with a comfortable deck to gaze in the evenings at the romantic sunsets. Upgrades throughout include hardwood flooring, custom lighting and remodeled kitchen and baths. The lower level includes 2 generous ensuite bedrooms, baths and master suite with French doors leading to the private outdoor gardens. This is the best of coastal living and an amazing opportunity, minutes from downtown and Laguna’s sandy coves and beaches. Virtual Tour: Offered at $3,195,000

Shauna Covington DRE # 00991380 Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

949.412.8088 direct Executive Agent Magazine 45

46 Executive Agent Magazine

Waterfront Access Point Loma Home 747 Rosecrans St. San Diego, CA 92106 One of San Diego’s extremely rare elite waterfront homes with direct access to the San Diego Bay, this nearly 4,000 sqft executive residence boasts jaw-dropping crystal-clear daytime ocean views and sparkling city skyline lights as a backdrop at night. Situated in seclusion on Yacht Basin, live the San Diego lifestyle! RECENTLY SOLD $2,842,100

Patrick Kappel

DRE # 02017034

Kappel Realty Group, Compass 655 W Broadway, #1650 San Diego, CA 92101

Tel: 858.699.6817 Executive Agent Magazine 47

The Thinker Leadership Style


f You’re a Thinker...Your high standards are a twoedged sword. Your employees are inspired by your quest for excellence, but often they feel frustrated because they can never quite seem to please you.

valued. By learning to best respond to their interests and concerns, their strengths and weaknesses, you can get the most from your people as well as leave them more satisfied.

One of the best things you can do is lessen and soften your criticisms spoken or unspoken. You can seem so stern sometimes!

Dr. Tony Alessandra, CSP, CPAE has authored 13 books, recorded over 50 audio and video programs, and delivered over 2,000 keynote speeches since 1976. Copyright© 1999, Tony Alessandra. All rights reserved. This article has been adapted from Dr. Alessandra’s book, The Platinum Rule (Warner Books, 1996). Dr. Tony Alessandra is recognized by Meetings and Conventions Magazine as... “one of America’s most electrifying speakers.” For information about Tony’s keynote presentations, please call The Frog Pond Group at 800704-FROG (3764) or email;

Ease up on your need to control. Walk around and spend more time with the troops, chatting up people at the water cooler or in the lunchroom. Wake up to the fact that you can have high standards without requiring perfection in each instance. That’ll take a load off your shoulders--and off your employees, too. Whatever your style, being adaptable can help you to build bridges to your employees and make them feel

48 Executive Agent Magazine

Executive Agent Magazine 49

Growth, mentorship and culture matter, and NAHREP has allowed me to be a voice in my community while still succeeding in the industry. No other organization provides you with a platform to excel in your professional or personal life as NAHREP does.”  O L I V I A C H AV E Z , S A N F E R N A N D O C H A P T E R

KEY PLATINUM BENEFITS UNIVERSAL MEMBERSHIP Entrance to any NAHREP national, regional or chapter events at the discounted member rate, particularly popular with members in concentrated markets. EXCLUSIVE REFERRALS Access to the NAHREP Platinum Referral Group, a special referral network for the best-connected people in Hispanic real estate. N A H R E P 10 O N L I N E C O U R S E Complimentary access to the 3-part NAHREP 10 online course, covering the wealth disciplines, principles of financial management, and public speaking skills. ACCESS TO THE LEADERSHIP ACADEMY Eligibility to register and attend NAHREP’s exclusive leadership training, and become a part of an elite group of professionals. P R I V AT E N E T W O R K I N G O P P O R T U N I T I E S Admission to private receptions at all NAHREP National events. I N D U ST R Y D I S R U P T I N G C O N T E N T Key workshops, educational sessions, and webinars presented by industry leaders.










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