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9325 Kaschube, Santee, CA 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1,759 Sq. Ft.

Neighborhood-Exclusive Pre-Party and Open House Saturday, Aug. 30 | 11 A.M.-12 P.M. Public Open House Saturday, Aug. 30 | 12 P.M.-2 P.M. Join Us On Saturday And Tour This Beautiful Home! For financing information on this home, please call Jeremy Patterson.

If I can be of any assistance in purchasing this home, please call today.

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Dawn Lee-Schlieder 619 988 4911 619 562 6800 866 534 1707 01951950 dawn@richardelias.com www.RichardElias.com

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Listen While You Work


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Power by Embracing Enthusiasm

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Using Your Time

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Phana Par

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Phana Par ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Written by Shannon Hartsoe

We have a loan for every home... simple as that.®


rowing up in a third-world country, Phana Par never imagined the opportunities that awaited her in America. While her parents and two older siblings worked the rice fields in her native Vietnam, Phana stayed at home to care for her three younger siblings. Only a child herself, Phana quickly learned the value of hard work as her family fled Vietnam and made their way to the United States through Cambodia and Thailand where Phana began earning extra money for them by selling vegetables. By the time the family made it to North America, Phana had set her sights on becoming a doctor. “Children were especially vulnerable to sickness and disease because of the poverty we experienced, but my father had some basic medical knowledge and because of that, we were kept fairly safe,” she recalls. “Watching him care for us, and for others, I knew that there was nothing I wanted more than to help.” She entered the University of California at Santa Barbara as a pre-med student, eventually earning her bachelor’s degree in biological science with an emphasis on microbiology and a minor in chemistry. But her last year in school, while volunteering at a hospital, Phana decided that the health care industry was not for her. The rigid schedule, and the constant time spent indoors, left her less than enthused. Switching gears, Phana decided to go into lending. At first it was supposed to be temporary, until she could decide what she wanted to do. But lucky for her clients, Phana had found her calling. “I quickly discovered that there are more ways to help others than through medicine,” she says. “I am a strong believer in treating others the same way I want to be treated. It’s the things I do for my clients that demonstrate my genuine desire to provide them with a peace of mind. I’m committed to providing an ‘over-the-top’ experience for them so they feel comfortable coming back to me and referring their friends and family members.”

That dedication to exceptional customer service experience was born, in part, by what she witnessed as a vendor in the refugee camps. “No one was interested in customer service,” she explains. “There it was all about getting something for the lowest price. But that’s where I learned I was good at sales, and once I transitioned into mortgage lending, I made it my mission to provide my clients with the best service possible.”

With a gift for analyzing, combined with a strong work ethic, Phana helps her clients integrate their mortgage loan with their overall long and short term financial and investment goals. “They come to me for help achieving the American dream of homeownership,” she says. “But a healthy lending strategy should also help empower people to better their lives. I love educating my clients on the many benefits to homeownership, refinancing or creating an investment portfolio.” She is well-versed in assisting her clients with their short-term financial and investment goals and their payments including equity, cash flow, and tax objectives, through the mortgage lending process. She’s also dedicated to continuing education and is a member of the Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors®. Working with Phana, clients receive the benefit of her impressive knowledge base as well as her personal philosophy of business, which includes transparency, honesty and extremely professional approach to business. “Many times, this is an opportunity that may not come again,” she says of her clients’ mortgage lending needs. “They deserve to have someone in their corner who cares as much about the transaction as they do.” The coming year looks especially bright for Phana and her team. As her business grows, she looks forward to adding two assistants to help her provide the level of care her clients have grown accustomed to. “I love being out in the trenches, meeting with my associates or past clients,” she says. “With the addition of more team members, I will be able to do that more often as well as spend more time with my family, while still helping my clients achieve their goals.” In her spare time, Phana enjoys spending time with her two-year-old daughter, Phena and one-year-old son Phenix. “I’m grateful for an industry that allows me to do what I love, while giving me the freedom to spend time with my family. These days won’t come again, and I take advantage of every second I have with them.” Phana Par imortgage 891 Kuhn Dr., Ste. 100 Chula Vista, CA 91914 Tel: (619) 947-0930 Email: Phana.Par@imortgage.com Web: imortgage.com/Phana.Par NMLS ID 568769

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Using Your Time


’m frequently asked how I can be so productive in the business world and still have time for my personal and family life. The answer is that during my frequent travels I am an absolute “workaholic.” When I get home I am then free to do things with my family and enjoy my personal life. As I write this, I’m returning from a speaking engagement in Memphis. On the flight to Memphis I spent the entire time planning the presentation I was going to make. While there I was busy but still managed to read for an hour before bed. On the return trip I wrote notes for articles. I started dictating this article before I left Dallas and later gave it to my Executive Assistant, Laurie Magers. On the way home I stopped by my office, picked up my mail and headed home to take my wife to lunch. After lunch my son and I, along with a friend, played 18 holes of golf. After the golf game my wife and I had a long, quiet dinner, during which she had my undivided attention. I give you these details to emphasize the fact that concentrating on my profession (job) when I’m away from my family enables me to focus on my family when I’m with them. This approach allows me to be more effective in both areas. It will do the same thing for you. Roger Staubach told me that he made his best grades at Annapolis during football season. His time was so limited because of football that he quickly learned to utilize every moment and focus on the task at hand to reach his objectives and to maintain his standing at Annapolis. Buy this approach and I will SEE YOU AT THE TOP! Zig Ziglar is a beloved author and America’s motivator. He is the author of 25 books and offers training and consulting to organizations all across the globe. To learn more about Zig and his business visit his website at www.ziglar.com


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Written by Zig Ziglar

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Create Your Past...


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By Chris Widener


oday is the day to create your past! Umm, Chris, don’t you mean today is the day to create your future?” No, I mean exactly what I said. Today is the day to create your past. Let me explain. I did not say today is the day to relive your past. That would mean sitting around thinking about the things that have already happened and things that you can do nothing about. You cannot change them. They are done. They need to be let go. “Okay, I am confused. What do you mean then?” I am talking about creating your past! You see, most people talk about creating their future, and in a way, that is what I am talking about here. You see, Tomorrow is in your future. But two days from now, Tomorrow will be your past. It will be your yesterday. So, every day that we live is both our present, but also what will be our past tomorrow. For example, many people lament their past. They say, “Oh I wish I would had done such and such.” Or “I was such a failure. I did this and that and it was so bad.” What they fail to realize is that they should stop reliving their past - their yesterdays - and start creating the past they will relive tomorrow. So, if you sit around and moan today about your past, then tomorrow you will look back at today and say, “Yesterday was such a waste. I blew another day.” But if, instead, you work your tail off today and accomplish something, then tomorrow you will look back at your immediate past - your literal yesterday - and you will say, “Boy, I really accomplished something!” And if you string enough of those together, pretty soon your past will be looking pretty good. And a pretty good past will propel you to a pretty good present, which will in turn be the platform for a pretty good future. So what can you do to create an incredible “past?” Live for today! Do not relive yesterday. Do everything you can today to make it an incredible day. Whatever you would like to look back on tomorrow and see as your accomplishment, do today. Understand that just as your current past took time to develop, your future past will too. So you have a few years of bad past behind you. Who cares? Do the right thing every day and you will one day look back and see that you have a great past developing.

Some may say I am arguing semantics. I am not. This is one of the mysteries of living in time and space. Our future, given enough time, will actually become our past. So no matter what our past is currently, we can change it because each day we live, we see our past grow. What we do today literally creates our past! That is a powerful concept when we grab a hold of it! So, do you find yourself focusing on your past? If so, take the time today - show the will power and discipline - to create a day that tomorrow you will look back on and be proud of! You can literally create tomorrow’s past and make it everything that you want it to be. Someday you will get to the end of your life and you will have only the past to look at. The beauty of this concept is that if we are proactive, we can do things today that will guarantee that on that day our past is everything that we want it to be! Chris Widener is the President of Made For Success. He teaches leaders how to become Extraordinary Leaders. Chris’ speaking and consulting services have challenged the best to become optimists, to pursue excellence relentlessly, and to dream big dreams. Copyright© 2007, Chris Widener. All rights reserved. For information about Chris’ speaking and consulting services, contact the FrogPond at 800.704. FROG(3764) or email susie@FrogPond.com; http://www. FrogPond.com

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You Have the POWER to CHOOSE…


Why Join the

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Matt McGinnis ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Dedicated, Experienced, Focused Written by Shannon Hartsoe


ot all mentors are colleagues, friends or family members. When Matt McGinnis’ bank account descended to just a few dollars above zero early in his real estate career, he didn’t care who that mentor would be. He desperately needed someone or something to help him hit restart. He found just that in Brian Buffini’s “100 Days to Greatness” program, which provides tools for increasing your business while living a balanced life. “When I was new to the business in 2011, I utilized the ‘spray-and-pray’ methods. I tried cold-calling, doorknocking, open houses, mailers, ect. with very little success,” Matt recalls. “The Brian Buffini program saved my business. Therefore I would consider Brian Buffini and his programs as a mentor. I believe when you take care of your clients and provide them with value, you become their trusted real estate advisor. My goal is to do such a great job that my client’s are comfortable and confident referring me to their family and friends.” Matt’s successful career path has landed him at Century 21 Award in San Diego, where he is Branch Manager of their 115 office as well as a Realtor®. Matt believes “maintaining success is a constant journey.” One that is built in part by consistently putting his clients’ needs ahead of his own. Matt also credits his success to the hardworking, welltrained people at Century 21 Award, including Vice President Sara Jackson. He also credits Joel Berman at Greenpath Funding, calling him a key component to running his sales business. Childhood Lessons Matt’s business acumen was evident early in his life. When he was 8 years old, Matt started mowing lawns for some money to spend on baseball cards and summertime essentials. That little entrepreneurial project grew into a landscaping business with his father. “Each day I get one step closer to success,” he says. Education is a key part in the journey of success. These steps include recently passing his broker’s exam, which was “no walk in the park.” He also has a bachelor’s degree in communication from California State University at San Marcos. “I think establishing a foundation on a strong work ethic at an early age has translated well into my Real Estate Career. I try to relate to my clients as much as possible so they don’t feel like they are being SOLD. The old

adage of treating others the way I would like to be treated is something I try to practice every day,” he says. “The rollercoaster of a transaction can be scary for our clients. It’s our job as Realtors® to stay the course and make that journey as smooth as possible and to have a few laughs along the way.” Matt is especially happy to be a part of the renowned Century 21 brand. The Award franchise has 14 offices in Southern California and a network of close to 1,000 agents. That, says Matt, makes Century 21 “synonymous with real estate.” “The office is more like a family. We have phenomenal agents here at Century 21 Award and that group has helped our office achieve back-to-back 30 percent increases,” Matt says. “I truly believe I have some of the best agents in the industry.” To relieve the pressure of leading a highprofile real estate office, in his spare time Matt likes to hang out with friends and return home to visit his family in Washington State. He’s also active on various local sports teams “that will allow a 30-plus year old to relive his glory days,” he says with a laugh. Just Getting Started Matt notes that he is only in year three of a 20-year career plan. His goal is to retire before age 50, when he hopes to own enough rental properties that will produce enough passive income to allow him to dial back the sales side and do real estate strictly dedicated to friends and family. “To reach this goal I will help as many families I possibly can achieve the dream of homeownership,” he says. “I believe if I can stay focused and continue to work hard at helping others achieve their dreams, wants and desires, in the end I will have accomplished success.” Matt McGinnis Century 21 Award 9934 Mercy Road San Diego, CA 92129 Phone: (619) 549-3106 Email: MMcGinnis@century21award.com www.century21award.com/agents/mattmcginnis www.trulia.com/profile/mattmcginnis CalBRE # 01884435

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Listen While You Work


believe that the earning potential for a salesperson is directly linked to the quality of his or her active listening skills. To listen closely and reply well is the highest perfection we are able to attain in the art of selling. An ancient Chinese proverb reminds us; “To listen well, is as powerful a means of influence as to talk well.” While everyone can benefit from this sage advice, these words of wisdom are particularly appropriate for professional salespeople. No sales rep has ever listened himself out of a sale. Would you consider yourself to be a good listener? How would your customers, business associates, friends, and family members rate your listening ability? Their feedback just might surprise you, because most people believe they’re much better listeners than they truly are. Poor listeners frequently confuse the physical act of hearing with the emotional art of listening. While hearing is a function of biology, active listening skills must be acquired and developed. In the selling process, when you talk you merely provide information, but when you genuinely listen you show respect, create trust, and develop rapport. Unfortunately, our educational system places great emphasis on speaking and writing, but not on the important skill of active listening. For example, I have a good friend with a PhD who speaks three languages fluently, but can’t listen worth a hoot. The good news is that it is never too late to begin working on improving your active listening skills… from the kitchen table to the sales table. Active listening is making a conscious effort to hear your customer’s words as well as to try and understand the total message being sent, both verbally and nonverbally. It requires you to listen not only with your ears, but also with your eyes. It’s important to monitor your customer’s body language gestures and look for congruency between his or her words, posture, movement, and tone of voice. Are you able to stay focused on your customer or does your mind wander? By giving your customer your full and undivided attention, you’re not only showing respect, but you’re also laying a foundation of trust and building rapport. Discipline your mind and put aside distracting thoughts. Each time you catch your mind starting to wander, “grab it” and immediately refocus your attention back to your customer. The best salespeople have a tendency to listen like a homicide detective and ask great probing questions to gain understanding and promote conversation. They don’t make assumptions, they summarize and seek clarity. An occasional question or comment to recap what has been said


communicates that you understand the message. Until this is done, your customer will resist your input. If you would like to improve your sales effectiveness, consider incorporating the following active listening tips into your sales presentation. 1. Face your customer and give him or her your complete and undivided attetion. 2. Show your attentiveness through your body language by sitting up straight, maintaining good eye contact, uncrossing your legs, unfolding your arms, and leaning forward slightly. 3. Minimize distractions by turning off your cell phone. 4. Respond appropriately to show that you understand by nodding your head in agreement. 5. Encourage your customer to give you more information by using open-ended questions such as “How did you feel when that happened?” 6. Keep an open mind and don’t jump to any conclusion or make assumptions. Wait until your customer has finished speaking before deciding that you disagree. 7. Don’t interrupt your customer when he or she is speaking. 8. Ask questions for clarification and periodically summarize comments. Paraphrase your customer’s key statements to make sure you didn’t misunderstand his or her point of view. Start with: “So if I’m hearing you correctly, you’re saying…” Where communication is poor, mistakes increase, relationships breakdown, and opportunities to make the sale are missed! If you want to enhance your professional image, strengthen relationships, and dramatically improve your sales effectiveness, I encourage you to listen while you work. “I only wish I could find an institute that teaches people how to listen. Business people need to listen at least as much as they need to talk. Too many people fail to realize that real communication goes in both directions.” - Lee Iacocca John Boe presents a wide variety of motivational and sales-oriented keynote/breakout session/seminar programs for sales meetings and conventions. When you book John for your next sales meeting or convention, you get a nationally recognized author, sales trainer and business motivational speaker with an impeccable track record in the meeting industry. Copyright 2007, John Boe International. All rights reserved. For additional information, contact the FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@FrogPond.com; http://www.FrogPond.com.

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Written By John Boe ExecutiveAgent Magazine


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Cover Story

Kim Ward Executive Agent of the Month

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Kim Ward Written by Haley Freeman - Ian Wiant Photographer

no idea what I was doing with that first transaction,” she said. “I learned the process as I went along. This is a different business model than a regular transaction – these are people who must sell a house. They are also grieving the loss of a loved one, not just a house. I can nurture people and make things easier on them at the same time that I am helping them with their real estate needs.” In 2004, Kim opened Horizon Real Estate, where she has built a traditional real estate business while perfecting her process for helping clients with properties in probate or a trust. In her first year, Kim assisted 10 probate clients. Today, this niche accounts for approximately 80% of her business.


im Ward is the visionary broker-owner of Horizon Real Estate, an innovative San Diego real estate firm that has grown to service a unique industry


With good humor, Kim remembers her humble beginnings as a mom reentering the work force. “My own mother had been a real estate broker for 30 years, so when I was ready to go to work, real estate seemed like the right choice,” she said. “I went to an adult education center that had night classes, and I paid $35 for the real estate class. They had a book they wanted us to buy, but every dollar mattered since we were a one-income family. It turned out that I found a real estate book that I could use for the class for 50 cents at a garage sale. I have to laugh about that now.” Kim started out working for Century 21 Award, where she helped clients to buy and sell homes in the traditional market. While there, she met an attorney and assisted his client with a property in probate. That one transaction was a milestone in Kim’s professional life. “I really had

Along the way, Kim learned how to identify and communicate with these unique clients in a process that involves establishing trust with the executor or administrator as well as the attorney handling the estate. “I have learned how to access public records information to identify the parties, and I make contact with each of them,” she said. “When I contact an executor or administrator, I start by offering them my help. I never tell people that this is something they can’t do themselves. I also try to offer things that I know are of value to the attorneys and get my name in front of them. This is a delicate situation, and it is especially important to be very respectful and polite to people.” In 2008, Kim became a member of By Referral Only, which expanded her vision of what she could accomplish with her niche business model. “I have to give credit to Joe Stumpf for helping me to start looking at this on a bigger level. I had a private coaching session with him in 2009 where he called this “the big opportunity.” He opened my mind to how I could present it to attorneys. The greatest growth of this model has been in the last five years.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Tapping Into Inspired Momentum Now, another entrepreneurial opportunity has arisen out of Kim’s industry focus. Many of her colleagues have asked her to teach them how to do business in this exclusive market. In answer, Kim is launching a new training site called ProbateBiz.com. “This past year my business partner Sue Carter and I have been passionately working on a training program for real estate agents,” she said. “I am frequently approached about how others can build a predictable and successful business through probate. I started thinking about a way that I could share what I do. This web-based training will teach people everything I have learned in the last 10 years, including how to find the clients, how to treat people and how to talk to attorneys.” As Kim has honed her craft, she has developed a systematized approach that is both teachable and easily replicated. This is the same system that she and her team

use every day to ensure that clients receive seamless, consistent service. “By helping people through this process in a systematized way, we make sure that they are comfortable and can go on with their lives. People pay a lot of money when selling a house and it is very important that they receive the best customer service. During our initial consultation we promise the client that they will hear from us every Tuesday with an update, no matter what. Our process helps to keep us on track and deliver on those promises.” Kim emphasizes that even with her system, she would not be able to handle such a high volume of clients without her team. “I can’t give enough credit to the team that works beside me. Without Laura, Tammye and Valerie, I couldn’t possibly help as many clients feel comfortable throughout the process.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Technology also plays a big part in Kim’s service delivery. “I use a CRM that I have tweaked for my business,” she said. “With the system in place, it can be run by my assistant, Laura, and other members of our team. The system has a process for each step in the customer cycle, from prospecting to follow-up to managing the transaction. This way, everyone who works with us has the same experience, because the system is in place telling each one of us what we need to do. When something comes up that is not part of the system, it is an opportunity to refine and be better prepared the next time. It is a process that we are constantly improving.” Kim is no stranger to the use of video marketing, and you can view a number of her videos on YouTube. “It’s hard to learn how to do video,” she said. When I go back and look at my first videos, I laugh at myself. In the beginning, my husband and I built our own teleprompter. Now we have invested in professional equipment and the people to run it. I just have to show up and be the talent and read the script.” This year, Kim and her husband Dave are looking forward to celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. They have four adult children, one of whom recently married. Dave is a contractor, and over the years he and Kim have

purchased and renovated many properties. At one recent acquisition, a fourplex in North Park, Kim has set up her office. “Our passion for real estate and helping people to grow wealth is shown in our own portfolio,” she said. “We own nine rental doors and our own home. We love to tackle the challenges of renovating houses and making the ugly beautiful.” Through ProbateBiz.com, Kim will share with other real estate professionals the processes she relies on for success. “This is a robust training,” she said. “I wish I would have had something like this when I started out. The training is designed to teach information in short bursts for busy professionals. You can choose a subject and then view a video training module. It may be 5 minutes or 25 minutes, depending on the subject. We will likely be developing accompanying webinars and teleconferences in the future.” Growing her team and training others to be successful along with her has inspired incredible momentum for Kim and her career in real estate. “I wake up every day with wonder and passion, ready to embrace all the amazing opportunities out there.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Kim Ward Horizon Real Estate 4167 Idaho Street San Diego, CA 92104 Tel: 619-933-2304 KimWard@horizonrealestate.net www.yourrealestateanswers.com CalBRE # 01218310

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Power by Embracing Enthusiasm


ou can do anything if you have enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes rise to the stars. With it, there is accomplishment. Without it there are only alibis.

Enthusiasm is rarely a topic that comes to mind when we think of success. And yet, without it life becomes mundane and the spark we wish to ignite in others fizzles away without the desired result. Embracing enthusiasm is important because it replaces fear and worry. When I was in my early 40s I experience what many call a mid-life crisis. Prior to this dark, short chapter in my lie, I was accustomed to making many and huge decisions. I spiraled downward into a period of depression in which I could not decide on the color of my socks each morning. The catalyst for my turn-around was the new project I tepidly decided to take on. Early in the process, enthusiasm was a quality I forced on myself. I pretended I had it until it finally showed up. It showed up because (I think), as others became excited about my dream, their excitement spilled over to me and replaced pretending enthusiasm with the real thing. I grew into a bona fide, honest cheerleader for finding success in very today. That was the end of bad days for me. Now there are good days and, better yet, great days! And an interesting thing happened: my enthusiasm and excitement became contagious. Others reflected my newly refashioned positive mindset. The spark I sought to ignite became a forest fire from which many lives were positively impacted. Here’s my advice to you if you want to enjoy success and are having a tough time getting excited: Fake enthusiasm until it becomes real (no, you will not be a phony).


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Surround yourself with positive people (don’t listen to negative talk). Think about how you can help others less fortunate than you (gets the focus off you and on someone else - which is a great thing for your well being). Learn how to give yourself and some of your money to others (if you refuse to give, then the things you own and the money you possess OWNS you). Norman Vincent Peale states, “Often enthusiasm is the bridge between poverty and prosperity.” I know, from personal experience, he’s right. He also wrote: “Enthusiasm releases the drive to carry you over obstacles and adds significance to all you do.” Now it’s up to you. What will you do with this information? File it away in some dark corner, or get excited about your dreams and go for them? It’s your choice. Now, go make it an enthusiastically great day. Don Loyd has been involved in real estate in some form for more than 38 years. He has written several books on the subjects of real estate, business, goal setting, and personal development. He writes a weekly column, and has served as a co-host for a financial services radio show. For more information, go to http://www.RealCashFlow.net.

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Written by Shannon Hartsoe

Adriana and Juan began investing in real estate, and after a bad experience with an unscrupulous Realtor®, the couple decided to get their real estate licenses and manage their own transactions. Always looking to the future, Adriana eventually obtained her broker’s license, as well. Inspired by their parents’ example, Adriana’s son, John, and his sisters all earned professional degrees. Today, John is a licensed attorney who found his true passion in real estate.


he Case family demonstrates what is possible when the highest ethical standards and professionalism are blended with a desire to better one’s self and community. Adriana and her husband, Juan, emigrated from Mexico with their young family in 1989. Adriana took English language classes and was encouraged by her teacher to enroll in college. She did so, and although it took her ten years to finish junior college while raising her four children, she went on to complete a bachelor’s degree. Adriana became an ESL teacher, sharing her experience and encouraging others to seize their part of the American dream.

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In 2010, the Case family decided to combine their unique talents and by 2012, they formed their own boutique real estate company, Duomo Realty. They opened their doors during turbulent times, when many homeowners in the North San Diego market were reeling from a combination of diminishing home values and predatory loans. “Being Hispanic, we knew that we could really help people,” John says.

If we treat them honestly, we know the client will come back when the time is right.”

“Here in the north part of the county, people were hit tremendously hard by the real estate crash, and so many were displaced. Many signed contracts that should never have been done. Some in the industry were preying on people’s ignorance and were just looking out for themselves. We began negotiating with the banks, or helping people to rent their properties while riding out the wave. Having a legal understanding of the ramifications and being able to speak Spanish helped us to offer a level of service right from the beginning that other companies can’t. As an attorney, I am often able to get to people on the phone and resolve issues in a way that saves our clients time and money.”

The family further demonstrates a commitment to their shared values by giving back to the community. They have developed a series of free seminars to help educate people about basic financial principles and self-betterment. They also offer assistance with resume writing and job interview skills, as well as youth mentorship. “Our community outreach has put things into perspective for us about how fortunate we are. We are motivated to achieve more so that we can give more.”

Adriana and John have cultivated a hands-on business run on the same core values they have always lived by as a family. “I wanted to build a company with my own philosophy and high standards – never give up, always be honest, always be there for the client and take responsibility if you make a mistake. Karma is at the heart of it – every time you help someone because you genuinely care and want them to get ahead in life, then they are grateful and give back to you. Seeing the result then motivates you to continue what you’re doing,” Adriana says.

Adriana’s years as a teacher translate well to her role as a Realtor®. “We are often counselors or advisors. We teach clients step-by-step what they need to do to have a house. People must understand that their decision will have repercussions in many other areas of their lives.”

“In 1989, we were immigrants with no schooling. Over twenty-five years later, our family owns our own company, my parents are real estate investors, my sisters and I all have a professional degree, and my younger brother is graduating this June with a double major and considering going after his professional degree. It all started with an idea to move to a different country and make a life. We want to help people by instilling belief in themselves. Improving one’s life is a powerful thing, and the benefits touch those around us.”

“Knowing that you are doing the right thing and also have a business that is growing is a double reward.” John continues, “Our core values are based on honesty and education. We try to listen to our clients, learn what their goals are and then help them to meet their goals. Sometimes that means we turn away deals because it is in the client’s better interests to do a loan modification or restructure their finances and wait to buy or sell a home.

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‘Helping People Find Their Dream’ Adriana & John Case Duomo Realty 11440 W. Bernardo Ct., Ste. 300 San Diego, CA 92127 Tel: 858.472.7059 Email: DuomoRealty@gmail.com Web: www.DuomoRealEstate.com CalBRE # 01917296


The Easiest Way to Get Real Estate Leads


ll good deals start with good marketing. And if you’re not marketing for good deals, you’re not going to be doing any. That means you won’t be making any money and your competition will be soaking up the opportunities in your market area. Just declaring to your friends and family that you are a real estate investor is not enough. You must get the word out to let everyone know that you are buying real estate and that anyone interested in selling his property should call you. Here’s the catch. You aren’t going to tell the entire world. You’re only going to tell the people that want to meet you. These are your targets. Rule #1: All good marketing starts with a clear target. This means that you define who you are trying to reach. For example, I want to buy properties from owners


that are debt free because they like to offer me seller financing. Therefore, I target owners in my market area who own their properties free and clear, particularly in communities that I want to invest in. Now that you’ve defined your target, it’s time to move to crafting your message for reaching out to them. Rule #2: All good marketing starts with a good messaging. Have you ever wondered why retailers ask you to sign up for their discount cards? They track all of your purchases and gather mountains of market intelligence about your buying habits so they can make smarter decisions when buying inventory and pricing programs. You must also understand your audience. What matters to your sellers? How will you provide a meaningful experience for them when they sell their building to you?

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Once you’ve identified your target and crafted your messaging, now you’ll have to implement a system for communicating your message to your audience. You may hear that signs, letters, or email are the best systems to use to broadcast your message. Guess what? You need to do them all. Rule #3: All good marketing thrives on multiple systems. You must simultaneously work multiple systems to bring your message to your target audience because no one system will consistently fill your pipeline--it will vary from month to month. That’s why you need a calling system, mailing system, internet marketing system, print advertising system, etc. You must be firing on all cylinders at all times to keep your lead pipeline full. Here’s where most people fail: they don’t measure their results. Rule #4: What gets measured gets managed. What gets managed gets funded. This an old saying my father (a veteran HP executive) tells me and it rings true today. If you don’t know where your leads are coming from and why, you’ll miss the opportunity to fine tune your systems to make them perform at maximum capacity for you. Then you’ll start to wonder whether the investment is worthwhile or not. And when you do measure and manage,

you’ll have a steady flow of leads that will turn into opportunities for you to do deals, over and over again. In a nutshell, if you aren’t marketing, you’re missing the lifeblood of your business. You must start marketing today. Make sure you follow the 4 rules listed above because without them, you may as well be throwing money out the window while driving down the highway hoping for something to happen. It’s not going to and all you’ll have at the end of the day are no leads, no deals, and an empty bank account. Jeremy Cyrier, CCIM trains people who invest their own money in commercial real estate at http://www. CommercialRealEstateInvestingEducation.com. For a free report on residential vs. commercial real estate investing, visit: http://commercialrealestateinvestingeducation.com/ residential-vs-commercial-property-investment-report.

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A Partnership

Rooted in Success

Kinecta Federal Credit Union’s mortgage professionals are committed to making the financing experience simple and seamless for you and your clients. We support local Realtors by building personal relationships • Join us in presenting free workshops for first-time home buyers • Loan Consultants answer questions about financing options at your Open Houses • Highlight your prime properties on our Facebook House of the Week feature What your clients can expect • Pre-approvals to help save time when shopping for the right property • Fast, priority turn times for all purchases • Our Purchase Guarantee – we close on time or we pay1 • Competitive rates, flexible terms and low fees

With 75 years in the financial services industry, Kinecta understands the dynamic needs of today’s borrowers. We also are committed to building stronger communities through our network of employee volunteers. Partnering for success starts with all of us, and we look forward to partnering with you.

Contact us today! Erik Jenner, NMLS# 38025

Mgr. Mortgage Loan Sales direct: 949.253.5337 • fax: 949.293.1237 Erik.Jenner@kinecta.org www.kinecta.org/ejenner

Not-for-profit | Member-owned | Est. 1940 All loans are subject to credit approval. Guidelines are available upon request. NMLS # 407870. Intended for mortgage professionals only and not for consumer use. 1) Visit www.kinecta.org/Smart_Move for $500 closing cost and 21-Day loan closing guarantee restrictions. 17047-01/15


How To Be Street Smart On And Off The Street


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thief looks at two houses on a street -- both are large and well kept, so he is assuming there are great steals in both houses. Both are dark and empty -- all the neighbors are at a block party down at the end of the street. Both houses are exactly the same -- except that the house on the right has an alarm system, and the house on the left does not. Which house do you think this thief is going to go for? Same thing for muggers. Do you think a mugger is going to go after someone walking confidently, paying attention to her surroundings, aware of where she is going? Maybe, but he’d more likely go for the person shuffling along; wearing heels so high they’re hard to walk in, let alone run in; distracted on a cell phone; scanning a map worriedly. Call it awareness; call it survival skills; call it Street Smarts. Whatever you call it -- have it! Street Smarts is not just for keeping you safe --it is an essential business tool. Street Smarts-borne skepticism will allow you to negotiate will ease and skill. For example, once I was in negotiations for a project with a publishing company about my royalties. From conversations with colleagues, I knew that 3% was an accepted target, so that is what I went in expecting. I could tell right away that these guys were people I could joke around with, so my first offer was 50% -- which made the publishing guys look at each other, speechless, before they started laughing. So, they countered me at 10%! I guess they thought I was serious. So, I paused, moved my head back, and squinted, really considering their offer. “Hmmmm, is that fair?” I asked. After much deliberation and some hesitation, which made them feel better that they were playing hardball, I accepted their offer. I walked out of that office ecstatic. I got 10% royalties just because I was able to use my Street Smarts to analyze the situation and interpret the best way to approach it. “In any pursuit in life there is a formal knowledge base and an informal knowledge base. The formal knowledge is what you are told. It is what you get in the manual when you start a job. It is what you get in the course work in college. Informal knowledge is everything they do not bother to tell you. Moreover, usually that is the stuff that

makes the most difference. It is the stuff they cannot say and would not say if they could. That is why we call it tacit knowledge.. It is what you learn from your environment. You might say it’s the unwritten rules of life.” According to Dr. Robert Sternberg of Yale, this informal knowledge, or Street Smarts, is a far better predictor of managerial success than academic performance. He even said a very high I.Q. could be a detriment to managerial success. “I don’t think Street Smarts has anything to do with big cities or small cities,” Sternberg said. “It’s no longer a negative term that conjures up images of street gangs or con artists. There is no denying that street smarts has its roots in the impoverished areas of inner cities, places in which people had to develop certain abilities just to survive physically; but just as blues singers are no longer slaves, street smart people are no longer just city-dwellers. They are born, raised, live, and work in all types of environments. “So how do you learn to be street smart? One of the critical things is just your attitude. You must have an attitude that this is something that matters -- something you can use to your advantage. So a big part of learning is motivational. It is almost a prerequisite for developing it. Then you have to seek out the information from other people, from your environment, and from within yourself. The first is done by observing Street-Smart people and asking questions of mentors. The second is done by paying attention, both inwardly and outwardly. You have to let the knowledge you already have come out-and we all have more than we might give ourselves credit for.” Above all, it takes experience, constantly adjusting your attitude to make the most of every situation. Dr. Tony Alessandra, CSP, CPAE has authored 13 books, recorded over 50 audio and video programs, and delivered over 2,000 keynote speeches since 1976. Dr. Tony Alessandra is recognized by Meetings and Conventions Magazine as... “one of America’s most electrifying speakers.” Copyright© 2006, Tony Alessandra. All right reserved. For information about Tony’s keynote presentations, contact the FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@FrogPond.com ; http://www.FrogPond. com

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