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Empowering Your Agents: Negotiation -Rich Casto


Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Making Mistakes -Craig Impelman

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How to Solve Any Problem That Gets in Your Way -Jim Rohn


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Choose to Enjoy Life! -RVM

Is Technology On The Web Just Another Poorly Planned Open House?

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Going Above and Beyond for Each and Every Client Written by Haley Freeman


ealtor® Casey Gordon is continuing a tradition of best-in-class service begun decades ago by his legendary father, Buddy Gordon. As the steward of the Gordon legacy for a new generation, Casey promises to go above and beyond for each and every client. Casey had the gift of learning the nuances of real estate

under his father’s mentorship, and he still remembers his first day on the job. “He had this huge corner office, and he shut the door and said, ‘I’m going to tell you this once. The only important thing in real estate is your client. Put your client first, above yourself and everything else, and the rest takes care of itself.’ That has been the philosophy of my business ever since.”

Casey Gordon

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Like his father and grandfather before him, Casey first made his mark as a professional baseball player. His innate qualities of drive and perseverance helped him overcome obstacles and excel as an athlete from an early age. “I was never the biggest, strongest or fastest, but I was a good athlete. I learned that there were certain things in life I can’t control, but my work ethic was something I could control. I always had to work twice as hard to compete, but it taught me there are no limits to what I can do.” These character traits are an asset in Casey’s real estate practice at Rodeo Realty Fine Estates, where he is providing elite service to clients at every price point. “Clients deserve the best when they are buying or selling their greatest asset, and they have every right to expect it. I go above and beyond to create the ‘wow’ factor in everything we do, from our marketing to our customer service. When you’re selling a luxury brand, everything needs to be top of the line, so we do top-dollar advertising across print and social media. We are also putting ourselves ahead of the curve in video marketing. We don’t do brochures, we do luxury presentation books. Whether someone is buying a condo or a multi-million dollar property, we go above and beyond for everyone.”

wife, Amanda, as “the most amazing woman I know. I’m beyond in love with her.” And their son, Henry, is soon to become a big brother to baby number two. The extended family all live nearby, making time together a daily event. “Every waking second I get to be with my family is my heaven,” Casey says. Joined by his assistant, Brittani van der Meulen, Casey is building a winning team of like-minded agents with the goal of expanding the Gordon real estate legacy and helping more families become homeowners. “I recruit on character more than anything else. I like the service we provide and the way we do business. I want agents who are on the same page. I can train them to do the rest.” Casey is an inspiring leader, but he is also a team player. “Where I’m weak, I bring in someone who is strong, so our clients always get the best.” He also strives for constant self-improvement. “As an athlete, I learned to never compete with anybody else; learn from them. I never stop learning, and my competition is with myself. Today, I always want to exceed what I did yesterday.”

When challenges arise, Casey takes a different view than most. “I don’t run away from problems, I run to them, because that’s where I get to show my worth. I love what I do, and I love being someone’s advocate and helping them get what they want. For so many years, my passion was for baseball. When I discovered my passion for real estate, I determined to give it all I have.” Casey’s upbeat personality and zest for life charges every transaction with excitement. His energy rubs off on his clients and is reflected in their enthusiastic fivestar reviews with comments like, “the best Realtor® I’ve ever worked with - an absolute rock star,” and, “A man who not only knows his business but keeps his promises. Tireless; knowledgeable; conscientious - we simply can’t come up with enough positive adjectives! Five stars all around (make it six).” Casey’s greatest passion is his family. He describes his ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Casey Gordon Rodeo Realty 100 N. Westlake Blvd. Westlake Village, CA 91362 Tel: 805-750-9804 Email: Web: CalBRE # 01880153

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Making Mistakes


n the book How to Be Like Coach Wooden by Pat Williams, Coach Wooden described why he was occasionally bothered if his players didn’t make enough mistakes in practice: “I wanted my players to be active, I wanted them doing things and initiating. I didn’t want them worrying about mistakes. Mistakes made while expanding boundaries are what I wanted. If we weren’t making mistakes, we weren’t far enough out on the edge. If we weren’t pushing against the walls of our capabilities, we weren’t practicing properly. The time to cut down on turnovers is during games, not during practice.” In his book Wooden on Leadership with Steve Jamison, Coach described how this attitude applies to leadership and business: “A basketball team that won’t risk mistakes will not outscore opponents. The same is true for any organization. Fouls, errors and mistakes are part of the competitive process in sports, business and elsewhere. Don’t live in fear of making a mistake. “In sports, action often must be taken instantaneously to capitalize on an opportunity. In every organization, time is of the essence when opportunity knocks. “Hesitancy, indecisiveness, vacillation and fear of failure are not characteristics I associate with good leadership. “A leader must have Initiative—the courage to make decisions, to act, and the willingness and strength to risk failure and take a stand even when it goes against the opinion of others.” “Mistakes come from doing, but so does success.” –Coach John Wooden *** Coach Wooden believed that the person who is afraid to risk failure seldom has to face success, and that the only real failure is the failure to act when action is required.


In Wooden On Leadership, Coach described this basic principle: “I told our team many times: ‘Be quick, but don’t hurry.’ By that, I meant to make a decision, take action, decide what you’re going to do and do it. “Failure to act is often the biggest failure of all. Initiate quickly but not carelessly or in a hurried manner that makes a miscue more likely. I applied this same advice to my own actions. Do not be afraid of mistakes, even of failure.” In his book Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations On and Off The Court with Steve Jamison, Coach described his approach when decisions didn’t work out: “You can always look back and see where you might have done something differently, changed this or that. If you can learn something, fine, but never second-guess yourself. It’s wasted effort. If I put a substitution in during a game at UCLA and he immediately makes a mistake, was my decision wrong? Absolutely not. “It just didn’t work out. That was the decision I made based on past experience and without emotionalism. I made it with reason, but it just didn’t work out. Things don’t always work out. It’s also true in life. Does worrying about it, complaining about it, change it? Nope, it just wastes your time.” Focus on preparation; take action and no selfrecrimination when the results aren’t to your satisfaction. “If we allow the fear of failure to keep us from acting, we will never reach our full potential.” –Coach John Wooden As Coach Wooden’s grandson-in-law, Craig Impelman had the opportunity to learn Coach’s teachings firsthand and wrote about those lessons for his site, www. He is a motivational speaker and the author of Wooden’s Wisdom, a weekly “e-coaching module” that is distributed to companies nationally.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

“If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes.” –Coach John Wooden ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Did You Know You Can Create Miracles?


id you know that you can create miracles? Yes, that’s right. You can create miracles. In fact, our main purpose on this planet is to create miracles. Keep in mind that sometimes a miracle is nothing more than a shift in perception. It’s looking at something where at one point seems absolutely impossible to achieve, then with a shift in the way that you’re thinking, that impossibility suddenly becomes very possible. All miracles start with a single thought… and idea. Stay with me here and allow me to make my point. Besides being dead, what do Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and the Wright Brothers have in common? All three were inventors. Well, there was a moment in time where the light bulb, the telephone and a flying machine were just seed possibilities in the minds of the inventors. But the more attention and intention they gave to those thoughts, the more similar thoughts—or “likethoughts”—came into play. And the more like-thoughts that came in to play, the stronger their vibration to the Law of Attraction was, and so on and so on. Eventually, those small insignificant thoughts multiplied and evolved into powerful beliefs. And those beliefs eventually led to taking action, which played out into their experience and the Universal Law delivered wonderful circumstances, conditions and people to work in their favor, and their desires began to manifest. Were they confronted with challenges and doubts along the way? Absolutely! But they kept forging ahead. Until one day, behold, on all three accounts, a miracle took place. What once seemed impossible, even ridiculed and laughed at by the great majority, became a miraculous


happening for all to witness and praise. And all three, like all other inventions, discoveries, works of art, business endeavors and dreams that come true, theirs started with one simple thought—a simple shift in perception. A seed possibility. That, my friend, is how miracles happen. Here’s my point. Thoughts are the first step for all things to be. If you believe it hard enough and work hard enough, it will become reality. Not only does the above statement rhyme, but it is also a fact. Our greatest gift is the power of thought. And I don’t mean just the ability to decide between a salad and a sandwich for lunch. I’m talking about the ability to change your environment with your mind! It is the foundation of free will. Thoughts are pure energy that can take you to the highest of highs, or the lowest of lows. Each and every one of us has the power to shift our way of thinking to transform our lives from failure to success, from unhappiness to fulfillment and from lack to abundance. You didn’t think you were that powerful, did you? Well, you are! We all are! It’s just that most of us don’t know it. People are more in control of their lives than they think. Steve Rizzo is a personal development expert, comedian and author known as the Attitude Adjuster. Steve worked as a comedian, sharing the stage with Jerry Seinfeld, Rodney Dangerfield and Ellen DeGeneres, among many others, before becoming a motivational speaker and author. He has been inducted into the National Speakers Association’s Speakers Hall of Fame. Visit his website at

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Cover Story

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Written by Haley Freeman - Photography by Ian Wiant


eet Rod Watson, Director of the Watson Group Sports and Entertainment Real Estate Division at Keller Williams Hollywood Hills. A former college and professional athlete, Rod is enjoying a second prosperous career in real estate and connecting extraordinary people with extraordinary lifestyles. Rod was raised by a single mother in a tough Houston neighborhood where poverty and violence were daily realities. He took refuge in sports, and went on to play college basketball, eventually playing professionally overseas and returning to the U.S. to coach at the college level. Along the way, Rod benefitted from many coaches and mentors who taught him the rewards of hard work and self-discipline, qualities that helped Rod both to win and

create winners on the court. Rod’s entrepreneurial drive and natural aptitude for business inspired him to purchase a Carleton Sheets real estate investment program. He bought his first property in Texas with a strong desire to build sustainable wealth and control his own financial future. He obtained his real estate license, and when the market crumbled in the mid-2000s, Rod began helping distressed homeowners to either stay in their homes or protect their credit through short sales. “I built my brand around servicing that niche group and developed relationships with two major banks, Bank of America and Chase. Finally, Bank of America offered me a chance to head up their cooperative short sale department in California, so my family and I moved here in 2011.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Photography by Richard Gaisie

After he helped a friend and professional sports figure with a difficult real estate transaction, Rod saw a new opportunity in real estate. “I did some research and realized that this was an underrepresented niche. A lot of times, professional athletes don’t receive the high level of service they should because most people aren’t familiar with that market. As a former player, I understood their needs and concerns, and I realized I was in a unique position to help.” With a mindset of service, Rod began reaching out to his large professional network, people who already knew his work ethic and were ready to trust his expertise. By focusing on relationships rather than transactions, Rod quickly established a new real estate niche representing professional athletes and entertainers. His insight into the unique lives his clients lead helps him serve them with sensitivity and discretion. He understands that successful people like to work with others who are the best at what they do, and he is constantly renewing his market

knowledge to keep pace with changes that will affect his clients’ financial interests. Above all, Rod and his two team members, Sheree and Armad, come to business with the utmost ethics and integrity, seeking solutions to their clients’ needs that are crafted with their best interests in mind. “I’ve learned that the whole process revolves around asking the right questions, listening to what people need, and then doing what you say you’re going to do. Providing the highest level of service is our core philosophy, making sure our clients needs are met and they are protected throughout the process. We keep people informed during and after a transaction, and we stay engaged and keep providing whatever service they need. I was a smaller guy and always had to work harder to compete as an athlete. I learned to overcome that objection early in life, and it helps me overcome objections in this career. When you serve people to your fullest ability, they remember that. It is the foundation of success in my career and what keeps people coming back.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Connecting Extraordinary People With Extraordinary Lifestyles Moochie Norris, former NBA player for the Houston Rockets, said: “Rodrick is a class act. He is a man of his word. He goes above and beyond for his clients. I was in a bind trying to sell my large property at the last minute and find a new one at the same time. I just remember the call from him saying, ‘Don’t worry about it. I got it covered.’ And when the time came, he got it done.” Rod has remained in the media spotlight with the publication of his book, “The Secret of Wealthy Sellers,” and through his production of two popular radio shows on 1700 AM ESPN. He is set to release his new real estate course, “Rookie to Pro Rod Watson Play Book to Building a 6 Figure Brand in Real Estate” in July 2018. Rod also invests in all kinds of media to generate buzz around his clients’ properties for sale. He makes sure homes are

red carpet ready and then launches a strategic campaign of photography, videography, internet and social media advertising designed to capture the right buyer. “We focus on telling that property’s story. It’s more than how many bedrooms or square feet it has. We tailor the story so that it is attractive to the niche market of buyers who are looking to live in that particular area or in a home with those features. We act like a media agency at all times and make sure we show up in all the right places.” In LA’s highly competitive market, Rod is also skilled at selling off-market properties - those that have previously been poorly marketed or wrongly priced, as well as highend properties whose sellers demand privacy. Clients also benefit from Rod’s robust network of qualified contacts who are ready and able to purchase on his recommendation.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Rod is also keen on providing opportunities to other former athletes who are interested in transitioning to new careers in real estate. “I have a lot of friends who have struggled after leaving professional sports. They weren’t prepared for life after that. What many don’t realize is that they have a database of some of the most influential and wealthy people on the planet. They have a head start in a real estate career if they can deepen those relationships with people who already know and respect them. Keller Williams is number one in the industry for training and empowering agents to have successful careers. By aligning myself with this brand, I have the tools to teach people how to build a business so they can have success in the longterm.” Rod and his wife, Laura, have three daughters: Renecia, Halana and Fatima. They worked together as a real estate team in Texas, and Rod says that Laura continues to be his greatest support in pursuing his dreams. “She is my life partner in everything. She provides vision and insight in everything I do, and I owe her my thanks for the sacrifices she makes to take care of our daughters. We are building a

legacy that our daughters can benefit from when they are adults.” Grateful for his own opportunity to experience the American Dream, Rod is passionate about paying it forward to others. He is an ardent supporter of community who gives generously of his time and resources to numerous causes. And he is committed to the success of his team members and their clients who are building financial security through real estate. “It is such a privilege to live in this country and be able to live the way we want to and own our own businesses. Everything is attainable in this country. I grew up in a drug-infested community, and I learned how fragile life is. I know the American Dream is priceless, and you can attain it even if you start at zero. The purpose I live for every day is to help everyone I meet to live their best life.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

ROD WATSON Keller Williams Hollywood Hills 9000 Sunset Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90069 Tel: San Diego 619-512-9120 - Los Angeles 323-596-7461 Email: Web: - CalBRE # 01891044 ExecutiveAgent Magazine



ell you guys, It’s happening again. We’ve got a new spider web for real estate buyers and sellers. You know, one more to add to our long list of up-time, open houses, non-solicited personal referrals and walk-ins. There will be many that will argue with me that all of the above mentioned lead generations have been profitable one time or another, but one thing is true with all of the above and that is they require a decision of the client to interact with you and not visa versa. These are all methods called passive prospecting or passive lead generation. Basically you build your web and you wait for your client. In fact, the new vernacular is to make your web site sticky! For 25 years I have tried to add value to every client-agent relationship. Whether the lead was pro-actively obtained or passively obtained. I have found that the dividing line between top producers and low producing real estate agent is usually that the low producers depend on a passive form of lead generation without good interaction skills and have no pro-active methods to obtain leads. I am worried that the web will become just another poorly planned open house. I believe it is the brokers’ and managers’ responsibility to hold their real estate agents at a much higher competence level. They must make sure that there is a business plan in place to effect the client’s lives for the better not just order takers. Remember there are web sites much bigger than any of us will hope to be that are going to be professional order takers. What we must learn as we have in the past, is we must turn our passive lead generation activities into client pleasing activities and supplement the business with more pro-active activities. We have taken the open house and shaken it up over the last few years. My students have learned how to:

• We have added additional advertising sponsored by affiliated lenders so that more people will be able to find the open houses. • We have had multiple open houses in the usual time of 12:00-3:00 so that each open house is shorter but more people will be able to see different homes. • Lastly, we have implemented follow-up campaigns including thank-you notes and search systems supplied to the potential buyers. This takes the usual passive open house and turns it into a pro-active prospecting client pleasing and helpful activity. We are doing the same with the Internet. No longer should a real estate agent be encouraged to have a web site that does not pro-actively change the client’s life. It’s no longer good enough to build your web site, have pretty pictures and have your listings on there and hope that someone will contact you. It is time that we built complete business plans around our web sites. For instance, maybe have a section on absentee owners. The real estate agent would call and write to absentee owners and direct them to the web site for copies of rental applications and other services supplied to people who own real estate in the real estate agent’s town but do not live there. Or maybe a section on alternative agent compensation programs that will educate the clientele on different ways that they can pay for a real estate agent’s services. The bottom line is the days of waiting for an incoming phone call from an ad, a walk-in, or someone at an open house is over. The Internet and a real estate agent’s personal web site should not be just more of the same. Let’s build ancillary services around these contact points and fill them with value.

• Notify all of the clients surrounding the open house, including the agent’s database so they will all be excited about the open house.


ExecutiveAgent Magazine

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Choose to Enjoy Life!


e have a choice to make our life interesting and exciting, or we have a choice to get into the mundane of life. When we get into the mundane of life, life escapes us, to be gone… never to return. Very few of us actually take it up as a challenge to enjoy life and to make it exciting. Most of us just slip through life. We drive through life as if we are driving on a highway without choosing to go left or right. We just keep going where the road is going, and at the end, we arrive at a destination that we may not have decided to reach. But because we did choose to go where we want to go, we have reached and arrived somewhere else.


Stop! Don’t just drive through the highway of life, but think who are you? What do you want? Where you want to go? If you keep going where you are going, will you get to where you actually want to go? When you get to where you were going, will you be happy? These questions must always be on the top of our minds , and they must decide the direction and where we are going. RVM is a ‘Positivelife’ philosopher, an Author, Speaker, Poet, Singer, Philanthropist and Motivator.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

ExecutiveAgent Magazine





Written by Haley Freeman

tion is truly my reputation,” he says. “People don’t choose me for the logo on my business card. They choose me for the value I bring. My reputation is something only I can control.” As a young entrepreneur, John’s high energy and willingness to work harder than the competition aren’t the only attributes that have earned his clients’ business. He has also applied himself to becoming an industry expert, with the knowledge to answer questions and guide both first-time and seasoned buyers and sellers through a profitable real estate transaction.


former LA Golden Gloves competitor and personal trainer, John Crispo was inspired by a friend’s father to begin a career in real estate. John’s self-discipline and work ethic were honed by years in the ring as a wrestler and boxer, making real estate a natural fit. Turning his competitive drive from sports to business, he quickly acquired an accountability partner, a seasoned agent who could help him learn the ropes and advance quickly in the profession. Today, John is building his personal real estate brand at one of Orange County’s leading boutique agencies, EHM Real Estate. Working with a boutique firm puts John and his brand front and center with his clients. “My reputa-

John is a Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) certified by the National Association of REALTORS®. This designation qualifies him to analyze home values from varying perspectives and advise sellers about how to price homes profitably and buyers about how to make appropriate and competitive offers. “My knowledge in this area helps me set realistic expectations for my clients and make them more comfortable with the process. I can have honest conversations with sellers about the true market value of their home based on a detailed analysis, a conversation that can be difficult if they have an uninformed view of the market.” Because of John’s strategic advice, homes consistently sell quickly and above asking price. “My last listing sold in three days for $10,000 over asking. We had 10 offers the first day.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Serving With Care, Commitment and Trust

John is also a leader among his peers, serving the Orange County Association of Realtors® as both an ethics advocate and member of the grievance committee. “I have a great interest in real estate law, and what I love most is helping people. Professional ethics have always been huge to me, and I base everything in my business on treating others the way I want to be treated. As an ethics advocate, I coach other Realtors® as to how their actions fit with our industry regulations and code of ethics. In my role on the grievance committee, I get to help agents who have grievances with each other, as well as members of the public who have grievances against Realtors®. Serving the industry this way is a great way to make sure I’m not violating any of the rules myself.”

called genuine is one of the greatest compliments I receive, because I don’t have to be anyone else. I can just be myself, and I really care about people.” John approaches real estate with the same philosophy he had when he competed in the ring: you get out of it what you put into it. He promises to serve all of his clients with care, commitment and trust. “You can’t enter a transaction half-hearted and expect to win. I’m here to go the distance with my clients and help them achieve their goal.”

John brings further value to consumers via his House 2 Home (H2H) Podcast, where he and Michelle Gorden of Alta Realty offer informative, fun and uncensored talk on timely real estate topics. “I like podcasts because they are an informal but informative medium, where I can give people a realistic tone of what’s going on in the industry. It’s nice that people can listen at their own pace. Leveraging social media is a must in the current business environment. It lets people know that you know what you’re doing, while seeing you beyond business as just a normal person. I’m not here to be Mr. Perfect.” His authenticity is one of the qualities John’s clients most appreciate about him. “I feel like being

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

John Crispo EHM Real Estate 31991 Dove Canyon Dr. Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679 Tel: 714.721.9815 Email: Web: CalBRE # 01917048


ExecutiveAgent Magazine

How to Solve Any Problem That Gets in Your Way


ou know the importance of applying discipline and effort to overcome any problem that stands in your way. But some problems call for more than steely determination—they require you to step back and apply some mental power. If you’re faced with a roadblock like this, put it all down on paper. When you write a problem down on paper, you take the emotion out of it. With the emotion gone, you can look at the roadblock objectively. You can figure out what you did right. You can figure out what you did wrong. You can figure out how to change it. Here’s what you do: Pick a problem out of your head and pull out a piece of paper. Draw a line down the middle of the paper. On the left-hand side, jot down the problem in detail. We’ve got so much going on in our heads that it may just be difficult to isolate this particular problem. Just state it the best you can. On the other side of this paper, you’re going to write some solutions. There are three questions to ask yourself to generate those solutions, to solve almost any problem. The first question you need to consider is this: What can I do? You don’t want to go any further than that if you can solve the problem yourself. Start jotting down any options that come to mind. Lay out the alternatives. Then begin analyzing them. “Let’s see, number three… no, that one would take too long. I haven’t got that much time. OK. Number two? Not sure. OK. Let’s look at number one. Maybe the one I thought of first is my best one.” If that doesn’t seem to work, here’s the second problemsolving question: What could I read? Maybe there’s a book on your problem. Somebody may have spent a lifetime trying to figure out this problem. You could receive

the instant benefit of this person’s advice if you take the time to look. Maybe it’s concisely written somewhere. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. If you do your homework, you just may find the solution. Start taking notes on what you’re reading. Book number one: This guy’s crazy. Book number two: This guy’s too shallow. Book number three: This guy’s got some interesting things to say about this problem. If that still doesn’t work, then ask question number three: Who could I ask? What should you have ready when you ask somebody to help you? You’ve got your notes to show them. You say, “You know, I’ve tried my best to figure it out myself, and it has left me short. Here are some of the books I’ve read. Here are my notes. I’ve researched this material, and I’m still confused. Could you possibly help me?” You can’t believe how willing people will be to help you if they know that you’re willing to help yourself. I promise you, if you try these ideas and ask these questions when you’ve got a problem, you’ll be able to solve just about anything that gets in your way. Jim Rohn knows the secrets of success - in business and in life. He has devoted his life to a study of the fundamentals of human behavior and personal motivation that affect professional performance. He can awaken the unlimited power of achievement within you! Reproduced with permission from the Jim Rohn Weekly E-zine. Copyright© 2006, Jim Rohn. All right reserved. For information about Jim’s keynote presentations and seminars, contact the FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@,

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Empowering Your Agents:



reat recruiters are great coaches. They have a great sense of the business and pass that knowledge to their agents. This will be the first of a series of articles that address critical areas that agents need coaching in. It is called The Empowerment Series. One of the most crucial skills sellers’ want from their agent is the ability to negotiate. Most agents have no strategy. No strategy means it is not addressed in the listing presentation. This makes the agent vulnerable to discounting agents.

also commend them for making the offer on (my sellers’) home. “I want to enroll the other agent. We want to make this a win-win situation. Most agents negotiate win-lose or they have no negotiating strategy at all. Did the other agents explain their specific negotiating strategy? Wouldn’t you agree that this is the most important part of getting you the highest price?” “Ok, back to this offer. I will let the agent know that we will get back to them promptly.”

Below is actual dialogue that is based on principle: “Mr. and Mrs. Seller, the most critical piece in the process of getting your home sold is the negotiation. Let me specifically detail how I will negotiate an offer on your home.” “When we receive an offer I will immediately call the buyer’s agent and thank them for their hard work. Commend them for a job well done, recognizing the fact that it takes a lot of hard work to find the right home for buyers and also to go through the contract process. I will 32

“No matter what the offer looks like, even if it is way too low of a price, we do not have to get upset. The reason? We don’t have to sell it for that price!” “At that point, I will show you a snapshot of the market, both houses sold and those currently in competition with you. Then we will come up with a counter offer price. At that time, I will gather all the evidence possible that proves that your counter offer makes your house the best house at that price in the entire area. I will attach this evidence (comparables) to the counter offer.”

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“I will put a cover letter on the counter offer, covering a few items: 1. Thanking the buyers for their offer. 2. Letting them know their agent is working hard for them and has earned my respect. 3. Letting them know that our counter offer, based on the evidence attached, makes the property the best house in the area for this price. And to please review the offer with their agent. 4. Telling them that the sellers (you guys) are very thankful for the offer and want to insure that all parties are pleased with the contract and want to create a win-win.”

value you should bring to your agents. Provide that kind of value and you will stop recruiting, and start attracting. Rich Casto is Founder of Rich Casto & Company, The Real Estate Coaches, The Leading Management and Recruiting Solutions Experts. © 2008, Rich Casto. All rights reserved. For information contact FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email;

“Mr. and Mrs. Seller, wouldn’t you agree this is by far the best way to get the highest price for your home? Did the other agents demonstrate their skill and understanding in negotiation? Would you agree the ability to negotiate could get you 2, 3, 4 or 5% more for your home? So, you may be getting a listing fee discount of 1%, but it may cost you much more on what you actually receive from selling your home.” If you want your agents to have more value in the listing presentation coach them to be more skillful. That is the ExecutiveAgent Magazine


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