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Sahar’s connections in multiple countries, ongoing international travel and facility for languages are all tremendous assets when representing clients from overseas. She is a fluent speaker of English, Farsi and Swedish. “Working with international clients is a big part of my practice. I know people in different countries, and they refer me when someone they know is moving here. It helps people trust me when I can speak their language and understand their culture.” Maintaining ties to her rich cultural background is something Sahar also shares with her two children. “We only speak Farsi at home because I want my kids to know it. They also want to learn Swedish.”

Society for Children with Cancer. “When I sell more, I am able to help more. My kids are very aware. They know that every time I sell something, we have to give a portion back to the community.” Sahar’s glowing optimism and authentic connection to the people she meets make her an ideal guide for a successful journey home. “Almost every time I give the key to clients, I cry with them when I see how excited they are. I love seeing people happy and free in the feeling of owning their own home, and I’m super happy to be a part of it. I see it as a journey, and we all work together to get there.”

According to Sahar, her “Big Why” in real estate is twofold: her family and the opportunity to help others. She sets aside 5 percent of every sale for the purpose of helping children in need around the globe, and she has long been a volunteer and fundraiser for the International ExecutiveAgent Magazine

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