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395 South Van Ness #200 San Francisco, California 94103




Bachelor of Architecture, May 2013 California College of the Arts San Francisco/Oakland, CA

GPA: 3.8

Study Abroad, August 2011-January 2012 Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen, Denmark

EMPLOYMENT / EXPERIENCE Public Architecture, San Francisco, CA: September 2012 - May 2013 Architecture Nonprofit Intern Associate in The 1% program: social media, correspondance Transcribing & editing interviews for PubArch blog Assisting coordination for design forums & events

California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA: September 2010 - May 2013 (in)Form: Architecture Student Council, Student Representative and President Enacting mentoring program between upper & lower level architecture students Working with Dr. Ila Berman, Head of CCA Architecture, to foster conversation within department Supporting student run publication of CCA architecture student work

Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA: May 2012 - September 2012 International Design Competition Intern Building & authoring initial project guidelines & proposal lagistics Fielding & organizing firm proposals & preparing them for review Facilitating final deliberation disscussion between architects, landscape architects & historians of San Francsico

California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA: August 2008 - May 2013 Student Affairs Assistant Performing duties of an administrative assistant supporting a staff of 15 Fielding phone calls, greeting visitors & assisting in large-scale event planning Streamlining file organization & documentation system for department

Kellogg + Associates Architecture/Urban Planning, Santa Rosa, CA: November 2006 - August 2008 Design Intern Working with prinipal & project managers to create presentation materials, renderings & construction drawings Assisting on RFP, RFQ & RFI responseses & archiving Creating & maintaining digital archiving system

Por t f oli o

SKILLS Adobe Creative Suite AutoCAD Rhinoseros SketchUp

Revit 3DS Max Grasshopper, Firefly VRay

CNC Router LaserCAMM 3D Printing Traditional Shop

EXHIBITIONS/INSTALLATIONS Ambition to Grow -Collaboration with RASA at ggggallery (Month long installation) Copenhagen, DK Composite Territories- Collaboration with CITA at ggggallery (Month long installation) Copenhagen, DK Body In Spectacle- Collaboration with CCA at Mission Cultural Center (Two month long installation) San Francisco, CA


Alpha Rho Chi Leadership Service Award, 2013 Architecture History/Theory Award, 2013 Jury Prize Nominee for Architecture Studio I, 2009

S O U TH PA RK RESIDE N CE Studio I, Fall 2009 Professors: M. Donohue/R. Ruiz

This studio focused on the small scale urban environment. This project is a residence/studio/ gallery in San Francisco’s South Park neighborhood. The project is derived from a study of framing: framing of the sky by the buildings, framing of the windows on their facades, and the framing of the buildings by the trees on the street. By overlaying the different framing specific programming and organization strategies apparent due to the fluctuation in space.

Site Study: Framing - Buildings/Sky, Windows/Facade, Trees/Buildings


Axonometric, without skin system


S U TRO BAT HS CONSE R VA N CY Studio II, Spring 2010 Professors: M. Hitchinson/B. Price

This studio focused on topographically intricate sites and different strategies for building in these conditions. The project is a Nature Conservancy located on the historic site of San Francisco’s Sutro Baths. This Project looks at the space above and between built planes as well at the site below and how each space relates to one another through materiality while providing differing experiences.

Entry Elevation

Section Perspective

C H E LSE A HOT EL Studio III, Fall 20010 Professors: M. El Kafif/K. Bieg

The focus of this studio was studing of the urban environment. This project is a hotel in the heart of New York City’s Chelsea disstrict and is connected to Diller Scofidio + Renfro’s Highline project. The project investigates the relationship between public and private spaces and how they can interact both visually and acoustically. It begins to question the experience of staying in a hotel in a busy urban environment by allowing the public to occupy a path that runs through the building adjacent to private circulation and spaces. The public path connects multiple public gathering spaces located on different floors of the hotel.

20th Street

11 th

Av e

nu e

19th Street



Galleries Businesses



Restaurant/Bars nu



11 th

Av e

Construction Recreational

19th 18th

Punched Window




e nu Ave 22nd







t e







Curtain Wall





Other (Window) Store Front Window Brick




Glass Other (Material)



9th 17th




Site Study Diagram

Final Model E


Fifth Floor Plan

Hightline Elevation FIFTH FLOOR

S E NSO RIUM:DIGITA L I SM Adv. Stuido, Fall 2012 Professor: J.K. Johnson In collaboration with C. Baas

The Sensorium studio focused on creating a new way of living in future Los Angeles, utilizing new technologies and robotics that are currently being developed. The project is an experimental design creating an entirely new living situation where every human necessity is provided by technology. After looking into Superstudio’s Continuous Monument and Rem Koolhaas’ thesis Exodus or Voluntary Prisoners of Architecture, we developed the modern day experiment we called Digital ism. The project is a darpa funded development by progressive scientists in search of a new way of living that enhances the human experience in a digital realm. Digitalism is a way of living that requires one to surrender their physical connection to outside world.

Interior Living Space

Exterior “Play” Space

T H E NUVEM SCHOOL Adv. Stuido, Spring 2013 Professors: P. Anderson/M. Soto In collaboration with M. Guillory

The Nuvem School was designed to be easily deployable for people in need of schooling facilities in the equatorial region of the world. The current site is in the Bijagos Islands off the cost of Guinnea-Bissau, Africa in a small town with limited construction resources. All the elements of the school can easily be pre-fabricated in any location around the world and shipped to the site, where it can be installed with minimal resources. The foundations lightly touch down on the site forming a new elevated ground with light weight tensile structures on top, which protect the inhabitants, while keeping an open dialogue between the interior and exterior. Native African trees, Baobab and Acacia, provide a secondary structure which aid in protection from the elements as well as shade to form new outdoor gathering spaces. The tensile structures aid in the Reggio Emilia education philosophy as the third teacher, providing a space that relates to nature as well as creates an open dialogue about simple construction techniques.

Gathering Space, outside Library and Clinic

Final Model

Gathering Space, between classroom modules

BO DY IN SP ECTACLE Spring 2012 Professor: S. Vivanco In collaboration with C. Baas, K. VanKleave, H. Vanho, V. Nieto This is an in progress project being done by a group of students from California College of the Arts working with a nonprofit organization called Out Of Site. The organization provides a place for public high school students in San Francisco to investigate the world of visual and performing arts in a free, safe, challenging environment. This semester we are working on creating a float for the Carnival Parade in the Mission District of San Francisco. Carnival is a rich cultural experience where the students will not only have a hand in creating the float, but also to participate in the parade itself, either by joining the dance crew of Sambaxe or the youth drumming core Loco Bloco.

Intallation in Public Square

Elements from CNC Router

Installation Process

In the San Francisco Carnival Parade