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Hypothyroidism: Radiation Treatments Or Diet? Hypothyroidism Is More Common And Easier To Treat Than Hyperthyroidism

Sufficient amounts of iodine in the bloodstream, primarily provided through proper diet, are essential for establishing a healthy thyroid and treating hypothyroidism. Foods high in iodine are sea vegetables, seaweed, dulse, kelp, Irish Moss (a sea vegetable also known as carrageen), salmon, dark molasses, watercress, sardines, eggs, oatmeal (the less processed the better), potato with skin, garlic, radish and horse radish. Organic products are superior, with vegetables from the sea being the premier iodine sources. Iodine is best assimilated when accompanied by a complete complex of B vitamins. Have you seen any of the above foods, with the possible exception of salmon or possibly eggs, listed in the latest fad diet? Have you ever wondered why so many health gurus are sickly or die at an early age? Teenaged girls often exhibit the temperamental behavior indicative of thyroid imbalance. Symptoms often disappear after passing through puberty. If they suffer from hypothyroidism, the condition can continue throughout life. Women are more influenced by imbalances in hormones than men and thyroid imbalances will likely show up during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. You can self-test for hypothyroidism. Shake a thermometer down and place it next to your bed where it can be easily reached first thing in the morning. Before doing anything else, and with as little movement as possible, place the thermometer in the armpit. Leave it there while lying quietly in bed for 15 minutes, any movement can upset your temperature reading. Keep a log of the readings for 5 to 7 days and average the readings. An average below 97.6 is an indicator of low thyroid function. Another thyroid test taken from Qi Gong is to pinch the nail of the ring finger on the left hand between the thumb and index finger of the right. Hold for one minute and then place the left hand over the thyroid. If there is a feeling of slight warming, the thyroid is balanced. A feeling of uncomfortable heat indicates an overactive condition and the lack of any change or a feeling of coolness is indicative of an under-active condition. Foods that stimulate thyroid function include molasses, egg yolks, parsley, apricots, dates, kelp, dulse, garlic, seafood, radishes and prunes. Eating radishes is a specific in Russia for treatment of hypothyroidism. People who suffer from hyperthyroidism should avoid the above foods. Things to avoid include processed and refined foods, sugar, white flour, alcohol, chlorine and fluoride, sulfa drugs and antihistamines. Chlorine and fluorine, including that found in toothpaste and tap water, are closely related to iodine and inhibit iodine uptake by the thyroid and reduce thyroid hormone production. See my article on hyperthyroidism for other avoidance foods. Hypothyroidism is much more easily treated than hyperthyroidism.

Ref: Folk Remedies, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) And Health Options From Around The World.

Hypothyroidism_ Radiation Treatments Or Diet_  

avoid include processed and refined foods, sugar, white flour, alcohol, chlorine and fluoride, sulfa

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