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Name: Speeding Up: Independent learning

Connect: Have you done everything you need to complete your project successfully? Objectives met

Check list

I have introduced my project with an informative title page I have listed a variety of adjectives to describe disaster movies to form my word bank for my final report I have completed my evaluation table to separate the reality from the myth in disaster movies I have researched the scientific argument on the end of the world by creating a fact file of key arguments I have used my research to write a fluent report which answers the project question; 2012- Hollywood myth or reality using the key terms on the template? Activate: How will I get my GCSE grade for my project today? Lets read the GCSE grade descriptor for this project!

Make a prediction!- What GCSE grade do you think you’ve got? I think my project has achieved grade ________

Demonstrate: Rate your mate!

Listen to the project presentations to complete the i-markbook spread sheet! You will need to use the grade descriptions to decide what grade you think your class mate has reached. Your teacher will be marking each project too so you can compare how close you were next lesson!

Presenters name

What grade?

What parts of the project went well?

What could they do to improve?

STEP 1: Go back to your initial gcse grade prediction-now you’re familiar with the mark scheme has your prediction stayed the same? If its changed write your new prediction here………..(If it’s the same leave blank)

The aim of completing this project was to equip you with the independent learning skills you will need at gcse. This is a real question from a GCSE exam sat my year 11 students in 2007. Homework: Give this question a go at home. Then turn your mat upside down to look at the answer. How many points would you give your answer out of 4? _________/4 Give your learning mat back to your teacher- independent learning merits available!

STEP 2: Complete the feedback survey! Has this project helped strength your independent learning skills? Can you explain why/why not? ____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ What did you enjoy about this project? ____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Did you attend period 6 to watch 2012?



Did you use tgi space to support you?



Is there anything you haven’t enjoyed about this project? If so what and can you explain why? ____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Would you rather smaller pieces of individual homework or fewer but larger projects in future? Why? ____________________________________________________

speeding up, learning mat, assessment, geo  

speeding up, learning mat, assessment, geo

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