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Big Picture: Why is there a demand for energy? • WHAT: Identify the causes of a rising demand for energy • HOW: By using diamond 9 to rank the possible impacts of this • WHY: So I can evaluate possible issues the energy crisis could cause for the future

Connect: What’s the problem? • •

• Watch the following video clips- why is there a demand for energy? Complete the mind map with figures to support

The energy crisis

Activate: Analyse the following images- can they help you increase your ideas on your mind map? Share your responses with a partner

Demonstrate: What are the different impacts of a rising demand for energy? • Task A: Study map D on page 286 of your AQA textbook which shows the predicted impacts of global warming. • Which do you think is the most worrying impact? • Work in pairs to complete your diamond 9 diagram. Remember you must be prepared to justify your decision!

Diamond 9: Predicted impacts of global warming.

Key: Long term impacts = Short term impacts =

Reminder of key terms: • Global warming: Rising emissions of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and methane) are causing an increase in global climate • Renewable: Resources that can be used again e.g. solar power, hydroelectric power • Non- renewable: Resources that will eventually run out i.e. fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas)

So…what is the biggest issue? I think the most significant issue is…. This is because……………………… ……………………………………………. Key words: sustainability, global warming, crisis, energy, renewable, non-renewable, resources

Is the energy crisis a long term or short term issue? Long term: Effects that occur over a period of time. There might not be immediate evidence that this is happening (secondary impacts) Short term: The effect that happen instantly. There is immediate evidence (primary impact)

• TASK B: Now return to your diamond 9. Colour code long term and short term impacts. • TASK C: Do you notice a trend? Complete the following sentences:

My diamond 9 shows that the energy crisis has more short/long term impacts. Possible ways to reduce some of these impacts could be….

Reflect: How do YOU contribute to the global energy crisis? • Nominate someone in your group to discover how much energy they use.. Complete this quiz! • ionnaires/show/1/1/1

• Are you surprised by the result? Why? Why not?

Homework: What is your carbon footprint? Use tgi space to take the following quiz to find out how much carbon you burn. • • •

Evidence of completion: Your carbon footprint score: 3 ways you could reduce your carbon footprint.

Present your work as you wish!

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