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Big Picture: What are the different hazards resulting from tectonic activity?

• Know what some of the hazards of tectonic activity are.

• Be able to use a range of geographical terms to describe these hazards. • Identify how tectonic hazards can be split up into local and global impacts.

Connect: Imagine you are living in Italy but have to leave because the volcano has been erupting.

What has happened? How do you feel? What do you do? Write down your response to this situation.

Activate: Mount Vesuvius Eruption: 1944 Watch the clip from 1944 Mount Vesuvius eruption. As you watch it consider: Do you think the same would happen today? • p?id=11874

What are the key terms for today’s lesson?

• Local impacts: These are any of the impacts that only effect the immediate area. People and places in other countries are not effected by these.

• Global impacts: These are any of the impacts that effect people and places on a larger scale. What happens in one country has a ‘knock on’ effect to other countries.

Please write these important definitions into your books.

Demonstrate: Fox thinking task Research Task: • Read and analyse the information resources in groups. • As a group put the information into the correct category using your ‘fox thinking tool’ sheet.

Plenary: What are the

hazards of tectonic activity?

Elect one person from your group to be the speaker‌ Choose one of the hazards you have learnt about today to tell the rest of the class. Build upon your fox thinking maps by sharing ideas.

Pompeii: 79 AD

Homework • Research what happened in Pompeii.

restless earth, 7  

restless earth, 7