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Big Picture:

Will Sierra Leone have a sustainable future? • WHAT: Understand and describe different categories of sustainability. • HOW: By using research to decide whether Sierra Leone will have a sustainable future. • WHY: So I can suggest possible ways to further secure the sustainability of Sierra Leone.


Can you solve the problem? • For each scenario suggest a way to solve it without harming people, the future or the environment. • 1. Cars are releasing too much pollution through CO2 but we need cars for transport. • 2. We need paper for education but too many trees are being killed to get it. • 3. HIV and AIDS is a killer disease. It can be prevented through the use of contraception but not everyone in the world has free contraception. • 4. Extension: My own scenario to test others with!


What is sustainability? sustainability • The ways you suggested to solve these problems were most likely to be sustainable. sustainable

• Sustainability means: Meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations. • In other words, we need to look after our world today to make sure its as good- if not better, for generations after us to enjoy!



Will Sierra Leone be sustainable in the future? Before the MDGs Sierra Leone did not have a sustainable future.

• Your task today is to investigate whether the millennium development goals have given this poor world country a chance to have a sustainable future- on the long term!

Demonstrate: Will Sierra Leone have a sustainable future?

• We will read through the case study booklet together. Tasks: • 1. Take 3 colours to shade in all the ways Sierra Leone is becoming: • A. Environmentally sustainable (improving nature) • B. Socially sustainable (helping people) • C Economically sustainable. (increasing wealth) • 2. Which type of sustainability do you think needs more work? • 3. Come up with a way to improve the category of sustainability (remember the green thinking hat!) you suggested for number 2. Design a poster to promote your idea.

MDG4 – Child Health Photo Aubrey Wade/Oxfam Photo Aubrey Wade/Oxfam

MDG5 – Maternal Health

Photo Aubrey Wade/Oxfam

MDG6 – combat diseases

Photo Aubrey Wade/Oxfam

MDG7 – Environmental Sustainability

Oxfam water facility project

Photo John McLaverty/Oxfam

Joining up the MDGs for the whole community

Photo John McLaverty/Oxfam

Reflect: So…Will Sierra Leone be

sustainable in the future?

• You have spent 2 lessons investigating management in Sierra Leone. It is now time to conclude your findings!

• Overall, I think that Sierra Leone will/ will not have a sustainable future because…

Homework: Where else have the MDG worked and how? • Research homework: • Sierra Leone is not the only country that has been helped by the MDG’s. • Research another country that has been impacted to produce an information poster/prezi/ powerpoint about what has been done. • Presentations can be brief (concise) but NO copying and pasting allowed!

• • You can email your work to me…

lesson 4, mdgs, tgaw  

lesson 4, mdgs, tgaw