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Big Picture: How can I successfully answer a GCSE Question to do with population decrease? decrease • What: Understanding the level mark scheme at GCSE. • How: By applying the level mark scheme to answer a GCSE question. • Why: So I can peer assess my GCSE question using the GCSE marking criteria.

Today is your common assessment! Write onto your piece of paper as many key geographical terms as you know about population

Connect: How are answers marked at GCSE? GCSE • Point marking – a mark is given for each specific point made, usually worth 4 or less marks e.g. ‘Give 3 reasons for…..’ Do you feel comfortable using point marking?

…increasingly examiners will now use LEVEL marking. Activate: What is level marking? • Level marking – an overall level is given for the depth of the answer as a whole. Level 1 – Basic and simple statements Level 2 – clear answers, some detail Level 3 – detailed, supporting evidence given/used.

What level do you think you’re working at?

How to achieve Level 3… 3 • Answers don’t have to be perfect to gain all the points or Level 3 • Write something – have a go – you aren’t marked down for a wrong answer ! • Don’t give the examiner a choice of answer – the first one is the one that will be marked

Use of stimulus material • The question will usually ask you to use the stimulus material. • The stimulus material can be a picture, picture figures, diagram, graph or text • Do lift information or copy the text without doing something with it • Add your own knowledge to the information shown in the stimulus material

Reaching higher levels “Why do countries of the poor world have growing populations?” Use the ‘So What ?’ approach

“Why do countries of the poor world have growing populations?” • ‘ There are no family planning programmes in place’ (Level 1) – So What ?

• ‘There are no family planning programmes in place so people lack the education to use contraception …..’(Level 2) – So What?

…So What ? • ‘There are no family planning programmes in place so people lack the education to use contraception. Poor government funding to promote family planning means that means that birth rates tend to be high.’(Level 3) Do you think you could do this?

Now it’s your turn… • This is a 6 mark question. • You will have 10 minutes to complete it in exam conditions. • Use the mark scheme and write on the sheet. Good Luck!

Exam Question

What messages might this cartoon communicate about the effects of an ageing population in the richer world? (6 marks) For this question you need to write down 3 messages and explain each one.

How did you get on? • Colour code your response • Key geographical terms/ case studies • Explanation eg. This will mean that… • 3 key messages identified

REFLECTION PEER ASSESSMENT Use the mark scheme below to peer mark someone else's answers.

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