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Big Picture: How was the Japanese tsunami different to the Asian tsunami? Today you will… •Describe the impacts of the disaster in Japan to form a case study. •Analyse resources to research the details of what happened •Compare the Japanese and Asian tsunami disasters

Connect: Watch the news report. Write down 3 facts you learn about the biggest news story at the moment.

• Extension: Can you think of more than 5?

This is a 2 in 1 disaster! • There was one of the biggest earthquakes ever recorded. • It measured 8.9 on the Richter scale.

The earthquake triggered a tsunami.

Activate: What Causes a Tsunami?

What are the different impacts? • You are going to writing and presenting your own news report about the disaster in Japan. • The following impacts will help you make a well informed news report.

• On the 11th March 2011 a huge scale earthquake hit Japan. • The death toll continues to rise. • Wednesday morning the death toll was 3,800 people.

Whirlpools could be seen off the coast of several cities, catching boats in their drag.

Damage to gas pipes and electricity lines meant that many fires broke out.

The earthquake swept through this car park and engulfed buildings.

Light planes and vehicles are amongst the debris (rubble).

Burst water pipes meant that water swept through towns.

The water swept houses away.

The earthquake triggered a tsunami which swept across the Pacific Ocean.

Thousands who live near this nuclear energy plant have been evacuated.

People had to evacuate swaying buildings in Tokyo- Japan’s capital city.

Japan lies on the ‘Ring of Fire.’ This means they are prone to earthquakes. People know what to do in times of disaster because they practise earthquake drills here.

The capital city was evacuated. With all trains cancelled people had to find their way home via other means.

The disaster was caused by a ‘mega thrust’ quake- this is when one tectonic plate pushes below another.

It is believed to be the 5th most powerful quake to hit planet earth in the past 100 years.

Thousands are confirmed dead and tens of thousands are still missing.

Your Challenge! • You are the journalists! • You will work in groups to write a news report about the disaster. • Everyone MUST provide ideas. • Failure to work as a news TEAM will mean that your report will be rejected and not go to print! • You will be ASSESSED on TEAM WORK and COMMUNICATION skills.

Demonstrate: How will my report be good enough to access above a C grade? • For A*-B at GCSE you must show you know the causes, impacts and responses to any case study • You must also show that you know the difference between long term and short term factors Can you demonstrate this in your own

Demonstrate: How can I write my own news report? Use the 5 w’s! Who?


What? When? How? • Use the information cards to give you exact information.

Homework: • Complete your case study report • Can you access your own research and not just the resources your teacher has given you?

japan, restless earth, tgaw  
japan, restless earth, tgaw  

japan, restless earth, tgaw