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APP DESIGNER There’s an App for that! It seems that there is a mobile App for just about everything, and if there is not, then there soon will be. Apps are big business and are not just made by big corporations, small teams and individuals are producing Apps. Even children are getting in on the action. More Toast!, Summly and Bubble Ball were all designed by children, and some were written by them too.

KNOWING YOUR MARKET Does your app solve a unique problem? Before the light bulb was invented, somebody had to shout out “Man, reading by candlelight sucks!” Figure out what sucks, and how your app can make the life of its user more comfortable.

The ICT Challenge Your task is to come up with an idea for an App for

You can design you App on paper or you can build a

Tudor Grange Academy.

prototype to show us what it would look like.

Does the app serve a specific niche? Find

What type of App do you

There will be Period 6

a niche with ardent fans and create an app that caters to a specific audience.

think we need? How will it help students or staff?

opportunities to learn how to develop prototypes to

Does it make people laugh? This is a no-

How would it make someone’s life better?

show how your App would look and work. These will

brainer. If you can come up with something funny, you are definitely on the right track and your idea may be the golden one.

run all half term on Thursdays in L11.

Are you building a better wheel? Are there existing successful apps that lack significant feature enhancements? Don’t be satisfied with just copying what is already out there. Make something better. Will the app be highly interactive? Let’s face it, most of us have the attention span of a flea. Successful games and utilities engage the user by requiring action! You can design you app in PowerPoint and even make a prototype that looks like its working.

More Toast! is a game developed by a child and his dad. The idea is simple. Just butter as many slices