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Human Hazards Independent learning Project In your project you will.. •Create your own campaign to protect the environment against human hazards. •Explain how your campaign works. •Submit your project to achieve my common assessment grade

Connect: Unscramble the key terms you may need when designing your campaign. • • • • • • • •

ronmentenvi itrlte agdame llutipoon yclerec kblac agb grene bga Extension: What do these words mean?

Activate: How will I be assessed? • You will design your own campaign to encourage people care more for the environment. • Work through each section of the blank template to complete the task in as much detail as you can. • Use the marking check list to make sure you reach the highest GCSE level you possibly can!

Demonstrate: What resources do I need? • Collect the resources from your teacher. • You can also access TGI space (geography>key stage 3> independent learning> alive and kicking) to gain access to all the information you need to complete a successful project!

Useful Websites • • •

• Environment • Litter • Sustainability • Pollution • Future • Management • Recycle • Damage • Habitats

Reflect: Have I achieved the BEST grade I can? • Refer to your mark scheme and use the checklist to see what grade you have achieved up to‌

Can you aim higher?

If you need extra help on any section make sure you see your humanities teacher!

alive and kicking, year 7, keep britain green, tgaw  

alive and kicking, year 7, keep britain green, tgaw

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