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Enrichment Diary Dates

Year 7: Speeding up Date


Period 6 Enrichment

Wednesday 2nd November


How fast do you need to go to leave the earth? Design and create a model spaceship that will assist your departure from planet Earth.

Tuesday 8th November


Why does time slow down as we speed up?

Wednesday 23rd November

Writer’s workshop – join us to create a fast paced poetic masterpiece Performing How can film impact you? - A 2 in 1 movie review Arts and session! Geography Do actions really speak louder than words? You will review samples of melodrama and silent movies and write a theatrical review for the website. Hollywood myth or reality Are disaster movies just an exaggerated Hollywood myth or is it becoming a reality for the future of the planet. You decide…

Wednesday 30th November

Wednesday 7th December

French and Maths


Bag your bargain! It will be a race against time to see who can grab the best value bargains in the quickest time before someone else snaps them up! ‘Ready, Steady, Cook!’ Join us in Food and compete against other students to complete practical’s within one hour.

Enrichment Diary Dates

Year 8: Pyrotechnics Date


Period 6 Enrichment

Wednesday 9th November


Lord of the Rings online project challenge!

Tuesday 22nd November


Come along to Humanities Club evening for help with your online project. What is freedom?


You will walk in the footsteps of a person in East Berlin. Investigate why you would have wanted to risk everything to cross the Berlin Wall to live life in the west Why do things explode?

Wednesday 30th November Wednesday 14th December

Wednesday 30th November


English and Music

The Mathematics department invites you to create the best party in town for bonfire night! Use your problem solving and newly acquired algebra skills to ensure your guests will be well entertained! Create a Trailer! English and Music will be present during ICT club to ensure that you are supported in creating a trailer for the movie of ‘War Horse’.

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