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Connect: How many problems can you spot?

Did you spot any of these impacts?      

Debris Environmental Hazards- sewers burst = health hazard Cost of repair Cars stranded Loss of business Homes destroyed- who will pay?

 GCSE C+: Can you decide whether your impacts

are social (people), economic (£) or environmental (nature)?

Colour code each to show you know how to identify the difference

Big Picture: How will this unit help me at GCSE?

 What: Complete a GCSE question for my common

assessment  How: By using descriptors to self assess progress

using level marking  Why: So I can set targets based on GCSE

geography grade descriptors

At GCSE geography you will study the unit ‘Water on the Land.’

Consider: How many of the key themes will you take from this unit to help you achieve next year?

Activate: How can I answer a GCSE Question for water on the land?

5 mark question

How could I achieve all 5 marks?

Demonstrate: Now its your turn!

4 mark question

How long do I have?  In the exam you’d only have 5

minutes to answer this!  Today as it’s your first try you have 10 minutes!  Good Luck!

Reflect: What is my common assessment grade?

 Swap your answer with a partner  Use the mark scheme to decide what grade they got  Complete the feedback sheet

How did you get on grade wise?  A= 5 and carried out independent research to find

 

 

out how people responded to Bocastle floods in 2004 B= 4 C= 3 D= 2 E= 1 F= 0

How do you feel about your CA grade?

 Draw a weather symbol to represent your 

  

feelings E.g sun = happy, rain = disappointed Explain your weather! I have drawn this symbol because… To improve next time I know I need to…

lesson 6, floods, tgaw  

lesson 6, floods, tgaw

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